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Winter 2 1944

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 2:22 pm    Post subject: Winter 2 1944 Reply with quote

2 Winter TN 1944

The Karaq Wastes

Sand rippled through the cratered and rubble-strewn valley. It choked up around stands of tall yellow grasses and skirled about as dust devils through the rocks. Sand was a dominant part of the badlands, and in this valley, it seemed to know it. Still, amidst a small rocky crater, the sands piled up against a turf-coloured sandbag wall - something which didn't pay the sands their due. It worked slowly, trying to bury the offending wall for daring to block its path.

The Jan-class GREL smiled, a thin lipped and pedatory sneer beneath the macro-binoculars. He was well-hidden within the camouflaged foxhole along with a pair of Morgana snipers; the white-winged airplane that soared lazily overhead would never notice them.

"Target?" the closer Morgana asked. She looked up at the Jan with her bright cherry-red eyes, identifying her as a Circe variant - engineered and bred for deep territory "black" missions such as these. Circe 2119, he could tell. Clearly she wanted to see some action. The other Morgana, Circe 7914, seemed more patient. Both tracked the aircraft with their long rifles.

"No." The Jan answered, waving a hand slightly and crawling back more deeply into the foxhole. "No target. they haven't spotted us." He looked up through the mesh of the camouflage net and to the plane again. Again he grinned his sneer as it sailed past. Soon enough the skies would be speckled with landers once more and the colonials wouldn't be so eager to take to the air. And it was up to him and his to pave the way.
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