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Winter 11 1944

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 8:56 pm    Post subject: Winter 11 1944 Reply with quote

Winter 12 1944

"Message for you, sir."

Mem was caught briefly by surprise upon answering the door to his small office on-loan from Sesshu. He wasn't expecting any messages. He also wasn't expecting any messages delivered by gorgeous brunettes. The smile on her too-perfect lips was the sort that could stop a man cold. It almost worked on Mem, even.

"It came in from Baja just now, sir. I couldn't find Captain Tynes."

Mem rose from his chair and approached her, meeting her eyes - her eyes! The Gentle Spirit didn't make eyes like those for just anyone. She reacted just as he hoped, with a smile and a glance down and to the side, at the PDA she was carrying.

"I wasn't expecting you, Corporal." Mem said as he approached. She looked up again, her view half blocked by that veil of silky brown hair. How had a gorgeous creature like this come to work in the Northern Guard? And why hadn't he met her sooner?

"I'm sorry, sir, next time I'll call ahead. I hope I'm not interrupting anything..." She lifted the PDA for him to take, still smiling that bewitching smile. He took the pad from her, and their fingers touched,

"Nothing as important as this. What do you have for me?"

She leaned a little closer and her tone lowered a notch, "Just a message. Maybe more later." He smiled widely and met her eyes again, and she ducked her glance to the side once more. The ladies were perhaps Mem's most favourite skill to practice.

She released the PDA and took a step back, "I'll come back if I have anything more for you, Sir."

He grinned as he watched her leaving down the hallway. He hadn't thought the Norguard duty uniform had an ability to look cute on anyone, much less drop-dead gorgeous. There were worse things to be found wrong about, though.


There were several parts to the message - it was pretty much all text, with some pictures included. The teams at HQ had managed to put together an image of what the exoskeleton looked like before it had been demolished. All of the interesting and sensitive parts of the vehicle had been destroyed, naturally, but the reconstruction was one of dreadful proportions. Mem skimmed over the discussion notes that had been included - he was too busy thinking about the potential return of that gorgeous corporal.

Following was some attached files, photographs of the reconstructed vehicles and a few short audio clips. He went through them one at a time, quite interested again - more interesting than plain text. The thing had a pair of eyes, one on top of the other, along with what one would expect to find on an omnicam. A large backpack had air intakes, and were presumably some sort of a jump pack. Joanna had said that the Valkyries used jump packs, right? There was a shoulder mounted smoke launcher as well. He flipped through the close-ups as he stood up, thumbing through them as he found his jacket and prepared to find Tynes.

The first audio clip was the chief analyst, who had a gruff sort of a voice, "Prophet's bones, Tynes, what the hell did you find us? Get us a whole one next time, not scrap metal." Mem grinned slightly. The chief analyst was an ass, always would be.

The second clip was Gotah. He found his jacket and pulled it on as he let the thing play. "Captain, well done. You and Five are doing well. We estimate another week before things come to a head, so please keep pressing as hard as you can. Find them, draw them into the open. If there are any additional resources you need, now's the time to ask - things are being divided between the teams for this reinvasion, so get your papers in as soon as you can."

Mem smiled as he picked the PDA up again. It was nice to hear Gotah's voice again. The voice after the bit of static signalling the next audio clip made him stop cold, however, as he didn't recognize it.

"Talons. I apologize for not being able to meet you in person earlier - I'm certain that there will be ample opportunity for us to get to know one another in the future." Winds howled in the background, at times overcoming his voice in the audio clip.

"I thought I'd be a sport and let you know. We've planted another bomb. Come and get it. You've got thirty six.... no, make that twenty four hours. Maybe I'll even drop you a line about the other two some time."

"Good luck, Novans. You're gonna need it."
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