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Cutting the Thread

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 8:28 pm    Post subject: Cutting the Thread Reply with quote

I'm copying this from the GvE forum where the original is posted. Since the reasoning for it is OOC, it's only best to apply here as well.


This is an uncomfortable sort of thing for me to do - it's not the reason I stepped up as Team Leader in the slightest. I feel I've been backed into a corner, however - this can't be put off.

Mike, I'm at wit's end with you. When you first joined you were belligerant, defensive, and overly critical. Even the first game you observed, before you even were playing, you came across as attacking the game. I was surprised to see you the week after with a character - and more surprised to find you criticizing us for our interactions with you. At that point I was ready to cut you from the group, but I decided to give you a chance. We needed membership, and perhaps you would settle in.

This wasn't the case. Problems continued - again I was shocked at your outburst against the April Fools' Day game and Jesters' "thoughtlessness." This trend has continued to the present in something resembling a sine-wave. Sometimes you're better, sometimes you're worse, but it simply doesn't seem that you're going to settle in.

I've spoken with you about this several times. Jester, who shouldn't even be getting involved in this sort of thing, has spoken with you. Still, after most games I end up talking with you privately about your problems with the game, which are consistantly complaints about the GM or the players. That stems from a deeper problem. You feel disrespected from the group, as you've said several times in the past.

Admittedly, there are certainly cases where we've met you back with outright belligerence - eye for an eye, as it were. I find it hard to fault anyone doing so. You came into the game with belligerence; you set the theme. I don't know about the others, but I've given Beriadoc and you numerous second-chances. It usually takes you about a month to require another.

Last sim was the straw that broke the camel's back. I point to these lines:

[20:36] <Beriadoc> I can do one better
[20:36] <Beriadoc> I can lend her a replacement
[20:36] <Sajioshi> pleeeease do
[20:36] <Beriadoc> If he could get there
[20:37] <Beriadoc> He'll never make it
[20:37] <Kalthak> Mari can hold them off with H2H while Beri gets up
[20:37] <Sajioshi> never make it?
[20:37] <Sajioshi> sprint if you have to.
[20:37] <Kalthak> Yeah, zombies have the reflexes of a snail
[20:38] <Beriadoc> Fine, but if this gets ber killed....

Suggesting a course of action, offering something to help, then complaining that you might get hurt - and if that happens, placing the blame on us? That's not the behaviour of someone who's a team player. It's negative, it's passive-aggressive, and it injures what team unity we have.

What really got to me, however, was the way you offloaded responsibility for your characters' actions onto us. First you blamed the team and Jester for not offering suggestions for what Beriadoc should do - even though you had a very long time to decide a course of action. When I confronted you about these complaints, you changed tactics - probably realizing that you were complaining just then and there - and instead shifted blame off of the team and fully onto Jester for not slowing down. Trying to generate animosity between players and GM is a capital-B Bad thing.

Finally, however, what proves to me that you aren't playing with the team is the nearly daily doses of "...", "::glares::", and other comments you make in channel. It makes people feel bad, or gets their ire up. Then when you're confronted on it with a "What's that for?" you reply, almost every time, with "nm". You make other people feel bad or angry, and then avoid the repercussions by "dropping the issue". It's avoidant, it's passive-aggressive, and it's injuring this team.

You often say that you're just joking. I reply to this by saying that they aren't jokes, they're jibes. A jibe is meant to deride someone. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they aren't, but regardless of that they're designed to injure one's confidence. You also claim that you mis-read. I reply to this by saying that there's nothing wrong with the fact, but that doesn't absolve you of the results of your mis-reading.

Beriadoc's attitude reflects your own - just as all of our characters reflect our own attitudes. You yourself have asked me several times whether you should just quit. I'm sure that you weren't being completely serious, as I can imagine it to be more akin to you asking for help in dealing with the problems, or giving you reason to voice some heavy complaints. I don't know the motives, and they don't really matter. All I know is that this can't continue without also continuing to damage the teams' enthusiasm, the GM's enthusiasm, and now our relationship with the Evil Team.

Mike, I'm asking Jester to remove you from the GT lists and channels. We just can't take these mood swings any longer, regardless of however valid they might be. I wish it could have worked, and we tried to make it work, but it just isn't going to. Better to let the axe fall than to let it drag on longer. That'll just make people more miserable, and that's not something we want in our entertainment.

Good luck, and thanks.
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