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19 Spring 1944

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 6:02 am    Post subject: 19 Spring 1944 Reply with quote

The recorded video feed was statickey and rough as it was burning through several layers of encryption and interference. However, the face of Sous-Commandant Blia of the 7th Talons was clearly visible. Behind her was the cramped but orderly confines of a liberati caravan trailer, shaking from movement. The Van Saars were on the move.

"Commandant Gotah. The sky is dark on Caprice today. We got a glimpse of the TO&E for the third gateway, and it isn't pretty. You're looking at two daks and six redjackets, minimum." She meant, of course, that there were two drone-carriers and six destroyers.

She was getting older - a bit over fourty cycles at this point - but Blia was anything but worn down. she had a fiery energy about her that even bled through the grainy camera image. "Found something interesting for you, though. Helios Transit Station is playing host to a Gallot Caprice facility. We've found records of massive shipments of computing supplies - looks like a research station. Could be gate research, given the location."

"Things are well. We've conducted the strike you've asked - why you asked us to hit that launch facility is still beyond me - and the Van Saars have been excellent; very helpful." She looked to one side, raised a hand and said a few words away from the microphone, and then finished. "We'll be in the Sigma Depression again in two weeks, and will re-transmit then. Timecode Bethany-Bethany-Dorothea-Swanscombe. Out."

The screen went black.
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