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Operation Sahara Debriefing

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:33 am    Post subject: Operation Sahara Debriefing Reply with quote

When we next pick up the game, BT05 will have conducted a few more raids on mining ships - four in total, including the one which we've already roleplayed. I figured that they wouldn't at all be challenging, so we're just going to jog through it all and get to more interesting stuff.

Next game will take place on a small Liberati asteroid-station with - you guessed it - the al Bansen family. You'll be given some fresh intel and have the chance to stretch your legs after being in that cramped Fury for a few weeks.

Here's what you've managed to salvage from your raids:

24 BILs
30 BIL power packs
4 BIL charging consoles

8 9mm pistols
12 clips for above pistols
120 rounds for above pistols

2 Handheld drug-sniffer sensors
2 bottles of "interrogation doses" - 20 capsules total
3 Handheld x-ray scanners

3 bottles of various liquor, opened
1 bottle of whisky, unopened
Small collection of magazines from Earth (Allied Europe)
1 antique watch, clockwork (made in Italia)

You also have crew rosters for three Urchin class frigates and one Deil, as well as several sets of (sequential, expired) IFF codes that are apparently used between the Sleipnir and their mother craft. All sorts of personal effects as well, from the officers.

We'll be picking up 13 days from current time.

Any questions? Post'em here.
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