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Game Transcripts for "Friends of Enemies, Enemies of Fr

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:24 pm    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "Friends of Enemies, Enemies of Fr Reply with quote

* Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies in Session'
* Savant sets mode: +oo Ardelmos Craig
<Gabriel> ::attn::
<Detro> ::attn::
<Ardelmos> ::attn and stuff::
<Thierry> :Attn:
<Craig> ::attn::
<Savant> good evening all. New keyboard. Let's see if it helps any, or if i've got some sort of weird neurological damage
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<Detro> New Keyboard Very Muchu!
<Thierry> Heh. I got one of the "real" ergos now Col Smile
<Birkin> ::attn::
<Savant> let me brief you
<Savant> 2Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies
<Savant> 2 11 Summer TN, 0930h - Morning
<Savant> 2 0.25 AU Outward of the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belts, 115 degrees antispinward of Indra
<Savant> 2 -271 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity. It's frickin space.
<Savant> Talon 05 has entered the Loki system, leaving the wreckage of two millenia of human endeavour in their wake. The sundered but victorious Terranovan fleet that did the job has made its rendezvous with Pathfinder and the Talons have split up to seek their fortune and Earth's ruin amongst the asteroids.
<Savant> Four days have passed since then, and the suspense of the CEF pursuit has finally dropped off. Patrol ships and drones harried the Talons for a good two and a half days of nerve-wracking hide-and-go-seek with nuclear missiles.
<Savant> Now is the time to recollect and begin to take the first steps into the system; time has come to do the dangerous work which Terra Nova has called upon you to do. Find your route to the CEF's destruction, else they find that route to you.
<Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
<Gabriel> ack
<Detro> ack
<Ardelmos> ack
<Thierry> Ack
<Birkin> ack
<Craig> ack
<Savant> and i'm ready for questions
* McC is now known as Tychon
<Gabriel> None here.
<Detro> ::raises::
<Savant> Detro
<Detro> Will I ever get the last word in any conversation in game? Smile
<Tychon> ack
<Savant> questionable. Stop dying bgefore you get the last word in. Next? ^_-
<Craig> lol
<Detro> ::raises::
<Savant> Detro? ^_-
<Detro> Will I ever get the last word in any conversation in game before the bot kills me? Smile
<Mem> b(ack)
<Savant> unlikely ^_-
<Savant> okay, that's it?
<Detro> Hmm. ::makes notes to plant logic bomb in Lemon::
<Savant> let's begin, then
<Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
<Gabriel> ::floats into the vehicle bay, coming from the foredeck, obviously looking for someone::
<Craig> ::in the vehicle bay doing followups on the gears making sure he didn't miss anything during repairs::
<Detro> ::is working out on the treadmill::
<Thierry> ::Is strapped in his couch making notes in his journal::
<Tychon> ::is, unsurprisingly, snuggled up against Nike, recalibrating the targeting matrix for the umpteenth time::
<Savant> The Fury's been out of "stealth mode" for a little while now. Lights are on and the ship is back to normal, for the most part. You don't have to worry about being slung into your acceleration seat at least.
<Ardelmos> ::hangs half-in, half-out of Erinyes; using a mini-suction device to clean out all of the dirt which PIC had managed to spill all over the cockpit -- he was going to have to find a way to keep the soil in the plants, it seemed::
<Birkin> ::ponders his latest mash idea, having closed the and resealed the large footlocker in his small storage area, unable to properly brew outside of gravity... at least for now... simply content to look at the device and decide what all was going to happen when they did make landfall and he was able to work on his new ideas::
<Mem> ::floats in his bunk, staring at several lines of programming displaying on his computer's monitor::
<Gabriel> ::pivots on two axes to point his feet at one of the walls, then pushes off with a twist into the vehicle bay proper:: Anyone seen Senior Ranger Craig?
<Savant> There's no gravity, no privacy, no room to move. Every available bin and container is being used to store food and supplies. It's.. homey.
<Detro> ::has been chuffing away the miles... no sense getting out of shape, and perhaps he could even improve his fitness::
<Tychon> ::isn't sure if Tynes can see him, but gestures towards Craig's last known location anyway::
<Craig> ::is in front of Dash and JJ, the 2 gears that required the most work, Dash pretty had to be completely rebuit from the waist down::
<Thierry> ::Pockets the PDA he keeps his journal on and unstraps himself and starts floating his way towards the vehicle bay to spend some quality time with his gear::
<Gabriel> ::spots Craig and uses one hand on a support brace to arc his vector toward JJ::
<Ardelmos> ::finishes collecting the stray bits he can find and carefully opens the storage container on the vacuum, trying to scoop and wedge the soil back into the respective pots::
<Detro> ::resistance straps pull him down just enough so he can run as if in gravity::
<Thierry> ::Makes his way to Wren and starts to carefully pull himself into her cockpit.::
<Birkin> ::rubs his hands together as he floats about thinking up of delicious new drinks to create, or even downright steal::
<Gabriel> ::catches JJ's wrist, then uses it to give himself a slow boost toward where Craig is floating:: Senior Ranger, I have a thought.
<Craig> ::looks up from his PDA checklist to tynes:: sir?
<Thierry> ::When he opens the cockpit he realizes that it has been reconfigured entirely for Craig and he forgot to put things back where Thierry had them.::
<Mem> ::grumbles and rubs his eyes, glancing down the narrow corridor outside for traffic::
<Detro> ::slows down on the treadmill, gradually reducing it to a stop::
<Thierry> ::Starts grumbling as he almost obsessively adjusts everything in the cockpit back the way it was::
<Gabriel> We're going to be spending a lot of time in space, and it occurs to me that Pathfinder's treadmill is not going to be sufficient to maintain an adequate level of fitness.
<Ardelmos> ::having done so, closes up the storage container for the vacuum and pushes himself out of the cockpit, lazily pulling himself down by the handholds to the 'floor' of the bay, and using the handholds there to move over to a workbench::
<Gabriel> I'd like you to see about establishing us a proper weight-training and zero-G gymnastics facility. We've got that automated machine shop and a large quantity of armor plating.
<Gabriel> I think it should be possible to built a device that could give proper zero-G resistance.
<Savant> Everything seems ... peaceful. Quiet. Those of you who are new to space, it's slightly different from training. There was anticipation and worry of "making the grade". Now? Now that's gone. Now it's just a brief exhalation before the work begins in earnest, but it's more relaxing for certain.
<Detro> ::carefully soaks up any persperation -- last thing they need is sweat flying around::
<Craig> ::thinks a moment:: something like that would probably require springs or some elastic materials
<Thierry> ::Straps himself into the seat and powers things up to start getting his systems properly reconfigured while mumbling to Wren:: Next time don't let him monkey with everything
<Tychon> ::frowns, not liking the accuracy figures from the calibration diagnostic and attempts to re-calibrate again::
<Ardelmos> ::sticks his feet in the restraining straps in front of the workbench and slides a toolbox that's magnetically stuck on the metal top of the table over in front of him, opening it up and placing the vacuum back inside of it::
<Detro> ::grabs a ration pack and heads for the vehicle bay::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::floats in from the piloting compartment, PDA and stylus in hand. She looks as if she hasn't slept in two days - likely because she hasn't slept in three. It's been a harrying ride, evading the CEF::
<Mem> ::stretches haphazardly, having to reach for a wall suddenly to keep from spinning out of control::
<Birkin> ::moves into the vehicle bay, where everyone seems to be doing something or another spying Roland off at work bench and decides that's actually a good idea, finding one of the other unoccupied work benches he taps it in some sort of "claiming" manner, before he jets off towards one of the small armories off to the side::
<Mem> Aidee, Aggie. ::steadies himself::
<Ardelmos> ::wonders whether they brought any plain old saran wrap with them and slides his PDA out of his toolbelt to take a look through the inventory listing::
<Detro> ::floats down the vehicle bay until arriving in front of JJ::
<Gabriel> ::nods:: I believe we have any number of things in cargo that should suffice. Smart glue, if nothing else, can be made suitably elastic and can be programmed for various resistance.
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::grins tiredly at Mem:: We've lost'em, we're sure of it now. They're heading into the belt proper, they don't realize we haven't gone in yet.
<Mem> That means we'll be striking again soon.
<Detro> ::wraps the towel over his shoulder, securing both ends with velcro so it won't float off::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::nods:: Macedon's got us some fun data, if you want it. ::gently sends the PDA spiralling towards Mem::
<Thierry> ::Takes several deep breaths trying to keep himself calm. Despite his earlier conversation with Tynes he was still full of doubt. Having lost two straight paiteints did that to you
<Craig> ::nods back:: shoudn't be too difficult to set up some elastic straps in a corner, get some hand and foot holds down for when doing various exercises.... ::thinks again, getting an image in his head:: yeah, i think it can work
<Mem> ::snatches the PDA and looks at it, then flips it right-side up::
<Gabriel> Excellent, Senior Ranger, thank you. Pull in whomever you need to get started on the project. How are repairs coming?
<Mem> This is "fun"?
<Detro> ::overhears Tynes:: He's got my help if he wants it. Treadmill's free for the next person, by the way.
<Mem> ::glances "up" at Aggie::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::sums it up as Mem looks:: A few hits that could be ice mining ships. Two hits that are definately CEF cruisers. Two more that are definately Sleipnirs moving through the belt.
<Ardelmos> ::locates what he needs and then pushes off from the deck, sending himself up and forward towards the cargo hold::
<Craig> ::hands tynes the PDA he was using:: the repairs are done, just finished up a checklist, tychon and mem were a big help
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<Birkin> ::mutters softly to himself as he looks through the small armory, looking for something in paticular before he grins to himself and reaches in, pulling out a BIL that they captured recently and making off with it and a small power pack, taking off back to his work bench::
<Mem> ::puts a finger up to his lips, then taps it a couple of times:: These are okay, I guess. I still want a shot at the brass. Guess that's still a bit off.
<Detro> Ah, good. You put the old NNet back in it?
<Gabriel> ::accepts the PDA and flips through it, nodding at Detro:: Your first volunteer, Senior Sergeant.
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> The brass out here? Oh, we know where that is. Indra. Take a look at all the EM pouring out of that. We screened out the planet's emissions so you can see it better.
<Ardelmos> ::disappears into the cargo bay, slowly squeezing himself through the rows of storage bins towards the one marked in his PDA::
<Detro> ::shrugs:: Volunteering out of necessity, sir. I'd like to get to know the gear a bit before I'm in combat with him.
<Mem> Mmm. Now that's something I could spend a lot of time enjoying looking through... ::scrolls through pages on the PDA::
<Craig> ::turns to detro:: the NNet survived pretty much unscathed, the chunk of beam just missed it when it pierced the crew compartment
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Shrugs as she makes her way to the hygiene compartment:: I'm sure Macedon will give you a feed if you want it.
<Mem> I'll write up a script to start sorting through it all. Yeah... ::reads:: that's a lot of EM>
<Thierry> ::Finishes re-fine-tuning Wren, figuring it was better to do it now then when they were under fire, and then unstraps himself and starts floating arond Wren looking her over::
<Mem> ::nods as Aggie drifts off:: Thanks.
<Detro> I know -- I was the one who pulled the NNet out and shelved it so it'd be out of the way while repairs were made.
<Craig> ::chuckles a bit:: i think the captain meant you were volunteering to help me built some excersise equipment from scratch
<Gabriel> ::smiles slightly:: Yes, to both. ::hands the PDA back::
<Detro> Ah. ::hrms:: Could give it a shot. I've tinkered a little bit in my spare time, but mostly jury-rigged repairs in the jungle.
<Ardelmos> ::reaches the specific crate and slides open one of the access hatches along the side, the interior lighting up with an LED so he can view the contents::
<Birkin> ::straps the BIL onto the table before attaching himself as well, keeping it disconnected as he begins to stare at the device, stroking his chin as if in deep deep thought:: (w) Four linked together eh...
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Waves back to Mem and disappears into the small compartment::
<Tychon> ::nods, slightly more satisfied with the calibration now, and calls up the subroutines for movement actuation
<Gabriel> One other project: I'd like you and Sergent Birkin to draw one of the BILs from cargo and see if you can tie it to a Gear fire control system.
<Thierry> ::Starts floating his way back up to the main deck and back to his couch::
<Gabriel> I'm mostly interested in whether the BIL would retain its range and accuracy when slaved to a Novan fire control system. It could be quite an advantage to have a Gear-mounted long-range anti-infantry weapon.
<Gabriel> If you can do that, see if the BIL can be powered by a Dark-series Gear superconducting battery. I believe the answer should be yes, but confirm it.
<Ardelmos> ::pulls a roll of plastic wrap out of the dim interior of the container, then slides closed the access door and begins shuffling back down the narrow corridor between storage units::
<Craig> ::looks back at tynes and grins:: ahh now you give me an easy job ::chuckles then gives a more serious look:: aye sir
<Mem> ::starts looking through the preliminary EM intercepts on the PDA, wondering what sorts of things he could try to access and dig up::
<Detro> ::thinking about it, drifts over to what junk parts they have::
<Thierry> ::Settles back into his couch, straps himself in, and starts going through the articles they'd found on the GREL::
<Gabriel> ::nods:: As before, get anyone involved that you need to make it happen. Thank you, Senior Sergeant.
<Gabriel> <<Senior Ranger, even.>>
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ All hands, prepare for maneuvering burn in five minutes. Secure anything loose. It's just a gentle nudge this time, everyone.
<Ardelmos> ::soars into the vehicle bay from the cargo bay, cutting cleanly through the air and back towards Erinyes:: Comin' through.
<Tychon> ::frowns as Jeremi's notice comes down and secures the various tools he's using, himself clutching closer to Nike::
<Detro> ::picks up a loose PDA on the workbench and makes for the acceleration cots::
<Ardelmos> ::grabs ahold of a handheld as he reaches his gear and swings into the cockpit, settling himself down in the acceleration chair::
<Gabriel> ::pushes himself off, using JJ as a springboard and floats back toward the foredeck::
<Craig> ::picks up his gear and makes for swifty, hopping into the cockpit and straping in for the burn::
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Burn in one minute.
<Birkin> ::grunts, securing his items as quickly as he can before he pushes himself off the table, and back towards the seats::
<Mem> ::reaches over and blindly closes his computer and pushes it up against the wall to secure it, then pushes up against a wall, still reading the PDA::
<Detro> ::reaches the couch and straps in, then starts making notes on the PDA::
<Ardelmos> ::half-buckles himself in, and quickly begins laying pieces of plastic wrap over the top of the pots in the cockpit, bracketing the plant stems::
<Gabriel> ::reaches the foredeck, then grasps one of the couches to reorient himself to what's going to become the new "up", glancing over at Mem:: Anything of interest, Lieutenant?
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Maneuvering burn in s-five. ::pause:: Maneuvering burn for fifteen seconds.
<Thierry> ::Reads the reports on the improvements that were being contemplated to the GREL and says to noone inparticular:: Fascinating
<Savant> The Fury lists to one side very gently. Those in their couches can barely feel it. Those hanging onto walls feel the gentle tug pulling against them.
<Birkin> oh manuevering burn ::braces himself against the wall nearby::
<Gabriel> ::waits for his feet to settle against the wall, then stretches his legs a bit using the feeble resistance::
<Savant> And then it's over, almost as soon as it begins. Gravity disappears once again.
<Mem> Looks like I may have to do a bit of sifting, captain. Indra EM signals. ::looks over at Tynes:: Maybe find some encyrpted communications, beacons, codes. It'll take a while, though.
<Detro> Hmm. I suppose I overreacted to that. ::loosens the straps::
<Ardelmos> ::grunts to himself slightly and checks to make sure no soil has come loose and floating around the cabin again, the continues to cover up the the top of the pots where he's able::
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Burn complete. ETA to Gee-Bob, two days thirty hours plus two five minutes.
<Craig> ::unstraps and hops out of swifty and floats back to the workbench::
<Craig> ::to noone in particular:: gee, bob, this flight sure is long. ::chuckles::
<Mem> ::lets go of the wall as the burn finishes::
<Thierry> I'll never get used to that. We never value gravity until we don't have it
<Gabriel> ::lets himself drift away from the wall:: Our next move is to scout out ice-mining operations. I'd like to know how the process works. If you can pick out an individual ice-mining ship that isn't guarded, let me know.
<Gabriel> I might want to make contact with it.
<Detro> ::hrms:: Some spare webbing... some sort of spinning thing...
<Tychon> ::satisfied that the ship is quite done moving, he returns to work::
<Ardelmos> ::unbuckles and swings himself up and out of Erinyes and back down to the workbench, satisfied that the soil should remain reasonably put from now on::
<Savant> With the outer boundary of the Blessed asteroid belt approaching, now is the best time to make decisions on where to go and what to do. One can see the entire Loki system from here, quite easily. They can get to any of those points with a small nudge from here, too.
<Thierry> ::Unstraps himself and tries to manuver himself into a position to get a view out the window::
<Mem> ::nods to Tynes:: I'll take an inventory on what we can see of the mining operations and pick one out.
<Craig> ::goes to detro:: we'll need some smart glue worked into several elastic straps, and something for hand and foot holds
<Gabriel> Thank you, Lieutenant. Once you've done so, give the appropriate vectors to Aggie. I'm going to want to either watch the process from start to finish, or -- if we can identify a friendly Liberati ship -- have the process explained to me.
<Ardelmos> ::opens the toolbox and tosses the plastic wrap inside, then closes the top again -- he lightly dusts his hands in a more psychological motion than anything::
<Birkin> ::moves back to his work bench, looking over the BIL and its connection cable::
<Detro> Eh, I don't think elastic is going to have the drawing power you want. If it's to be like a weight machine, it'll have to put up a good amount of resistance.
<Thierry> ::Pulls himself to a monitor and brings up an exterior view, cycling through the possibilities to get the most...scenic one::
<Mem> ::nods again:: Do we have any idea what might distinguish a Liberati ship from the others?
<Gabriel> ::shakes his head:: See what's in the files. I'm sure another Talon has been through here by now.
<Craig> ::shakes head:: weight means nothing in a weightless environment, an elastic band give the same resistance on zero gee as it does in gravity
<Savant> Thierry is rewarded. The camera focusing on Indra paints a pretty picture indeed. The planet is a massive yellow supergiant, full of hydrogen and helium and sulphuric acid clouds. The radiation corona is shown about it in a bright blue hue, punctured in places by the flickering white dots of artificial radiation sources.
<Gabriel> From what I read, though, most of the ships will be crewed by Liberati. The ships are leased by corporate interests in Caprice.
<Thierry> ::Turns his head slightly when he hears Mem and Gabe talking, though he tries not to pay attention too much. This was officer stuff and as much as the TDF brass wanted to make him one, he wasn't one yet.
<Mem> ::nods:: All right. I'll find out what we know and what we don't.
<Craig> ::floats off to the storage bay where the smart glue is kept and brings back a case::
<Detro> ::as Craig returns:: I know that, which is why I was thinking more along the lines of using centrifugal force. Get the weight spinning, and use elastic to put resistance on the spinning part.
<Gabriel> Didn't Talon 05 place a number of sensor packages in the outer belt?
<Gabriel> Might be worth while to rendezvous with one and pick up what it recorded.
<Mem> ::makes a note on the PDA::
<Gabriel> They've been out here a cycle or more, I believe. Their solar panels could probably use a good dusting. ::grins::
<Thierry> ::Chuckles a bit at Gabe's comment::
<Birkin> ::blinks at the BIL:: Fucking earther tech. ::looks at it a few more times before begining to get rather fustrated::
<Mem> Sounds like a job for Trembles. ::clears his throat:: I think I'll try filtering through comm traffic, see if I hear any Liberati accents. I don't recall there being any way to distinguish the ships from the outside.
<Gabriel> Well, remember to check the files. No sense in reinventing the wheel here. It's entirely possible that another Talon has made contact with a friendly out here.
<Thierry> ::Shoots his head back to Mem's:: I'm a doctor, not a maid.
<Craig> ::thinks as he works with the smart glue:: could put together a pedal machine also
<Detro> ::nods:: I've seen something similar in an exercise bike at the Red Lions gym.
<Mem> Yeah. Definitely. ::takes more notes on the PDA, glancing over at the Badlander:: We'll see about that. ::smirks::
<Tychon> ::nods, happy with the actuator calibration, and slips himself out of Nike's embrace, gently pushing himself toward the door::
<Ardelmos> ::cleans up the workbench, organizing the magnetically linked tools and items into one of the corners, then glances around the workbay for a moment before pushing off and heading for the common/briefing room::
<Savant> 5Nike> ::The Gear's head turns to watch Tychon leave the bay::
<Birkin> Wait... ::manages to cobble something together this time looking at the talon battery for a moment:: hmm
<Thierry> ::Grumbles in fact his response was downright pissed off::
<Tychon> ::waves to the Gear as he leaves and sets about looking for his teammates::
<Savant> 5Nike> ::Stares at the airlock door a moment before shutting down to standby::
<Gabriel> Thank you, Lieutenant. ::pushes off, continuing further forward toward the command deck::
<Birkin> ::pulls the Talon battery off, wishing he had more experiance in electronics, wondering if that Riverian was nearby::
<Mem> Sir. ::spins slowly back to his computer console::
<Craig> ::tests the straps for their resistance and nods satisfied:: these will do nicely
<Thierry> ::His attempts to calm himself weren't working very well and seemingly out of nowhere he slammed his fist down on his console and then floated back to his couch::
<Ardelmos> ::floats into the room and grabs a handhold to swing into an acceleration couch, buckling himself in and withdrawing his PDA -- he flipped through a couple of documents before settling one concerning common ballistics trajectories in recorded firefights::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Emerges from the hygiene compartment, still looking as if she hadn't slept in a few days but at least clean::
<Tychon> ::enters the room with the others and offers a casual wave to whoever happens to be looking -- takes a moment to assess the topic at hand::
<Gabriel> ::catches himself on a hand-hold behind the pilot's couch:: How we doing, Corporal?
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Waves at Tychon briefly:: Like the ride?
<Detro> ::nods at Craig:: Now you just have to figure out what to attach them to.
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Is still strapped in and ready for a hard burn, but seems relaxed, since there's little to do. He gives Tynes a great big grin over his shoulder:: Duckie-boo, Cap. She flies just like a Golly. We're doing just fine.
<Birkin> ::hears Craig's voice in the background and snaps his head over to him:: Hmm. ::takes off towards the Senior Ranger::
<Thierry> ::Looks around for someone to talk to, but doesn't know who would actually want to hear what he had to say right now::
<Gabriel> ::can't help but smile at the younger man's enthusiasm:: Rather more than Badlands tempests out there, Corporal. Keep us out of trouble.
<Gabriel> I've ordered Lieutenant Gage to pinpoint us a couple of possible landing points. The first will be a series of asteroids where BT05 previously left some sensor clusters. I want to pick up the output. The second will be a friendly ice-miner, if we can identify one.
<Craig> ::turns to detro:: alright, you could probably finish this off, i'd like two straps mounted to the wall and two straps to the floor, set up some fixed holds along with them, boot clamps for the feet and handles to grab onto when doing various stretches
<Birkin> Hey Craig! ::calls out as he gets closer and closer to him and the newbie from 09:: I got something I need your help on.
<Craig> ::adds:: oh yeah these should be near the treadmill
<Ardelmos> ::studies the data in the PDA carefully -- some of it was old hand, Roland having seen such data in his own conflicts -- some of it was new, but it made sense considering the situations the data was coming from. He was starting to see the patterns::
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Oh, you bet, sir. And it's really not that different. You can ride the wave of a nuke kinda like you can ride a wind, turns out. ::grins again:: I'm waiting for a new waypoint at this point, sir. We're on a nice easy path to gee-bob, right now.
<Detro> ::nods:: Yessir.
<Craig> ::turns towards the voice:: whatsup boomer?
<Gabriel> ::grasps Peresalona on the shoulder:: Long way from home, Corporal, but we're happy to have you along. Stay sharp.
<Thierry> I need to get over this...I need to get over this
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::nods:: Glad to be on for the ride, Sir.
<Detro> ::heads over to the equipment locker and finds a welder, then looks around for a few simple washers::
<Birkin> ::he motions at the Talon battery he has in his hand:: I got this thing rigged up to a BIL just fine. However the problem is that the battery doesnt like to give out such low levels of voltage. You have a better grasp on that kinda stuff I was wondering if you could figure out how to get it to stop being so touchy, without shorting itself out with the extra juice.
<Gabriel> ::nods, has one look out the windows, then pushes off from a swimmer's crouch, heading aft::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Has pulled out a sleeping bag and is busy pinning it to the wall near her locker::
<Mem> ::glances down the corridor at Aggie:: Sleep well.
<Craig> ::nods chuckling:: another job for resistance, just need to set up a circuit to regulate the energy flow, where are you set up right now?
<Detro> ::also grabs a fire-retardant cloth, to drape around the area he's working... he bundles all of this up to within a few feet of hte treadmill::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::grins at Mem:: Keep it down kids.
<Thierry> ::Without thinking:: Get some earplugs
<Gabriel> ::re-enters the foredeck::
<Birkin> ::motions his thumb over at the nearby work table:: Over there... Say.. Have you noticed Lt Gage lately? he seems kinda... Off.
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Got some, thanks. ::Pause:: You snore.
<Detro> ::eyes the wall, then, taking about 5 washers, carefully places them against the wall... then pulls his hand back so they won't move::
<Gabriel> ::catches sight of Roland in a couch and uses the right hand wall to change course toward him::
<Gabriel> Senior Sergeant, borrow you in he vehicle bay for a bit?
<Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself quietly as he sifts through page after page of data, rotating the PDA occasionally when a diagram catches his attention and he wants to expand it horizontally::
<Thierry> ::In a rather annoyed voice, equally without thinking:: Hard not to the way you drive
<Craig> ::nods and starts towards the table, frowning a bit:: well his hometown was attacked, i can certainly understand how he'd be feeling about that
<Detro> ::moves blanket so that any sparks won't go flying far::
<Ardelmos> ::looks up from the PDA at Tynes without lifting his head -- pauses ever so briefly, then slips the stylus into its holding slot and replaces it in his belt:: Sure thing, Captain. ::unbuckles::
<Mem> ::starts several searches on his computer at once, not wanting to stare at the screen anymore today::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::unzips her sleeping bag and crawls in:: Those bruises on your ass saved your life, kiddo.
<Gabriel> ::floats by Roland's couch, maintaining a course toward the vehicle bay::
<Birkin> ::shakes his head:: Nah I can understand that but I dont think its that kind of emotions. ::looks down a little bit then around before leaning in:: I think maybe that Earther Spy gave him something... not of this world if you get my drift.
<Ardelmos> ::pulls himself up and over the back of the acceleration couch, launching himself steadily behind Tynes towards the bay::
<Thierry> ::Grumbles and then works on some random report on his PDA::
<Gabriel> ::uses the comfortable bulk of Deacon to slow himself to a halt, then turns to face the approaching Senior Sergeant::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::puts on her communication earmuffs and an eyemask, and is soon fast asleep::
<Ardelmos> ::extends his arm forwards and absorbs the impact against Deacon alongside Tynes, grabbing a handhold and swinging his feet down to the deck::
<Detro> ::puts on the welding goggles and with a few spurts, has the washers firmly hooked up to the bulkhead... he moves at a good pace through the remaining anchor points::
<Craig> ::forwns:: i wouldn't want to think anything like that, and i don't think it'd be a good idea to mention this to anyone else, except the captain, don't want any rumors running wild around here
<Gabriel> Senior Sergeant, I'm thinking about shuffling the teams a bit, and creating a dedicated recon element. It would be you, Sous-Sergent Takira, and Private Knight. It would continue to be Red team, and you would continue to be fire team leader for Red.
<Gabriel> Have any objections to that?
<Birkin> Ohh I think we should do the right thing and inform the doctor of it. We wouldn't want little Earther bugs running around would we? I don't even think we have the shampoo to hit them with.
<Birkin> Wouldn't want Crotchrot to infect the women here now would we?
<Detro> ::observes his handiwork and makes sure no sparks got out to start a fire::
<Ardelmos> Not as long as those two know how to stay out of sight and not shoot until I tell'm to, no.
<Thierry> ::Tries to find a comfortable position, though he couldn't find one nor focus. He really, really needed to get this out of his system. However none of his usual techniques would work up here::
* Birkin is now known as Prescot
<Craig> ::shakes head, not wanting to joke about this:: i'll pass your concern on to tynes, i'm sure he'll have a better idea of how to deal with it, for now i'll work on that batter
<Gabriel> ::nods:: Both of them are pick-ups from BT09. Private Knight is sniper-trained like yourself and his Gear carries ECM electronics. He was BT09's electronic interference. Sous-Sergent Takira was BT09's scout. I think they'd be able to hold their own.
<Craig> <<battery>>
<Ardelmos> ::nods shortly:: Then I've got no problem with it.
<Craig> ::grabs a nearby tech rig and some assorted circuits and components and begins working on a voltage regulator::
<Detro> ::hooks up the cross-wise straps... he'll put the pulley weights behind them later::
<Gabriel> ::nods:: Good. Sous-Sergent Takira commented on your... enthusiasm as it pertains to the CEF's super-soldiers.
<Detro> ::collects the welding rig and such and moves it back down into the equipment locker::
<Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Pretty view on camera seven right now. Looks like the changing of the guard at the big station.
<Mem> ::sighs a bit, sprawled out and floating, he reaches and tunes in to camera seven::
<Thierry> ::Grunts and flips over::
<Gabriel> ::swings one of the vehicle bay screens toward him to have a look at the camera seven output::
<Ardelmos> ::a beat:: No kidding. ::glances across the vehicle bay:: Well, I wouldn't want to let him down now that he's got such high expectations.
<Detro> ::rummages around until he finds some chunks of metal flat enough but bulky that have a corner or edge to connect the straps to::
<Savant> Gabriel gets the blue and yellow starburst that is Indra, zoomed in tight into a cluster near one of the closer moons. Blue radiation bathes the scene, but the white hot image of several facilities orbit. Nearby smaller hotspots are moving about in a slow-motion ballet.
<Gabriel> ::somewhat absently:: I set him straight. There have been times I would have given my left arm for a half-dozen more of you, Senior Sergeant. Of course, there have been times that I've wished you were a fraction less single-minded. What did you do during the recent liberty period?
<Ardelmos> ::a beat:: Spent some time in Fort Hentry.
<Savant> Labels show up quickly. A flock of Io class destroyers are flocking about a massive battleship and a pair of cruisers that begin to fall in-system towards Caprice.
<Detro> ::also rustles up some simple pulleys... gathering them up he trundles them over to the treadmill::
<Ardelmos> <<James, Fort James>>
<Savant> Coming to replace them is a similar contingent. Several carriers travel along with, and the stations apparently have a permanent garrison of destroyers and fighters, which are out on patrol during the changeover.
<Tychon> ::watches the display with an abstract curiosity -- the warships weren't warships to him; they carried none of the emotional significance that they might for someone else::
<Thierry> ::Looks interested for a minute as he sees the Earther warships and then grunts and goes back to being miserable::
<Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Got one. Isolated ice miner near our flight plan. He's tugging an asteroid.
<Gabriel> ::watches:: Wonder how badly their sensors are fried, that close to the gas giant. There's got to be intense radiation in there. ::tabs the com:: +com+ Sous-Sergent Macedon, can you estimate rad level at the garrison?
<Detro> ::goes through the elaborate process of rigging the system up::
<Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ About three, five rpm, depending on where you are in orbit. It's pretty harsh.
<Detro> ::finishes it up, then checks over the work::
<Gabriel> +com+ Interesting. Thank you, Sous-Sergent. ::closes the comm:: Odd place to put a garrison.
<Gabriel> In any case, Senior Sergeant, I wanted to make you aware that it's being talked about. You're the senior NCO on the team. As I said, I ended the discussion. But you'll have to keep in mind that you're a role model for these men and women, whether you realize it or not.
<Thierry> ::Tries to think up something to do as a distraction::
<Craig> ::finishes the last solders and hooks it up to the battery and a multimeter to test::
<Mem> ::sniffs idly while watching the monitor, imagining a sudden nuclear detonation in the middle of the distant fleet::
<Ardelmos> ::another beat:: Of course, Captain. ::the thought of the utter insanity of him of all people being put forward as a role model briefly flickered over his mind::
<Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::to Mem:: +com+ Got a target for you, Lieutenant. Yea or nay. Feed's at your terminal.
<Mem> ::presses a button:: +com+ A target for the mining thing, you mean?
<Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ That's right sir. I assume the Captain's briefed you?
<Mem> +com+ Yeah. Didn't think we'd be doing it this soon, though. Feed it through.
<Ardelmos> ::briefly considers whether he's going to outright start telling people to not look up to him as something to aspire to, or just...discourage them::
<Gabriel> ::grins:: That doesn't mean I want you to gather around the campfire with GREL and sing songs with the men. But keep in mind that some of them -- particularly the younger ones -- are going to look up to you... possibly even emulate you.
<Mem> ::rubs his eyes again and takes a look as the information comes in::
<Gabriel> You might have survived jumping onto a hovertank in full view of a fire team of CEF battle frames, but you're probably the only person on the team that could have. I'd just as soon not have the rest trying that sort of... ::hesitates:: maneuver.
<Savant> Mem's terminal shows an innocent enough scene. It's a little ice miner ship, a long length of strut with fat engines and fuel tanks on one end and a living compartment on the other. It's towing a dusky asteroid five or ten kilometers behind it.
<Ardelmos> ::the image of a campfire fueled by GREL flickers over his mind as Tynes speaks, and the image didn't seem terribly out of place to him, so he wondered why Tynes had mentioned it. Then again, he probably just heard the Captain wrong::
<Detro> ::putting his feet in the floor straps, he tries pulling on the handles overhead::
<Mem> +com+ What's the window of opportunity on this target?
<Savant> The camera shows remarkable detail - this is closer, and there's no background to obscure the visual spectrum. The ship's a mottled grey with the word TANZIAR emblazoned on the side with black paint. There are also a few colourful, albeit chipped, stripes along the side of the hull.
<Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ We've got about a fourty hour window to intercept while keeping our albedo low enough to evade detection. Lots of time.
<Ardelmos> I will...make a concerted effort to make sure that the men don't attempt anything...too rash, Captain.
<Gabriel> Thank you, Senior Sergeant. I'd appreciate that. That's all.
<Craig> ::satisfied by the results, hooks the new system up to the BIL and looks around for somewhere to testfire it::
<Mem> +com+ All right. Monitor it, I'll get back to you shortly.
<Gabriel> Actually... that's not all.
<Gabriel> Out of curiosity... where exactly did you get the idea that was a solid military tactic?
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::softly - very softly - Aggie snores as she sleeps pinned on the side wall of the compartment::
<Gabriel> It struck me as pure insanity at the time. Something some nutcase in Khayr ad-Din would do during a Gear racing expedition.
<Gabriel> <<*exhibition>>
<Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Acknowledged, Lieutenant.
<Mem> ::stares at the image of the ship for several moments::
<Ardelmos> ::was turning to head back to the briefing area, but catches a handhold at the last minute and stops himself, and just looks at Tynes for a moment as he mentions Khayr, giving him a moment to see if he makes the connection::
<Thierry> ::Stares at his monitor trying to find peace in the stars...or somewhere::
<Savant> The ship hangs in space as Mem watches it. Its engines are burning full, leaving white hot helium plasma painting one side of the image in white.
<Detro> ::though the movement isn't as smooth as he'd like, it'll have to do::
<Ardelmos> Let's just say that when it comes to dealing with hovertanks, maybe I shouldn't be trying to emulate one of my former superiors.
<Craig> ::finds a thick enough chunk of armor plate leftover from the repairs and sets it up as a target::
<Gabriel> I see... it occurs to me that I've never reviewed the actual visual records of Talon 05 in combat. I contented myself with reading Commandant Gotah's after-action reports.
<Detro> ::secures the pulleys::
<Detro> ::looks satisfied at the job well done::
<Ardelmos> ::smirks slightly:: Well, should we find ourselves in Gomorrah, I'm sure you'll be able to purchase first-hand copies of that particular encounter.
<Mem> ::thinks about the word for several minutes, biting on his knuckle::
<Tychon> ::silently pushes himself out of the room, back down towards the vehicle bay::
<Craig> ::aims the BIL at the target and presses the trigger::
<Gabriel> I see. Well, I'll keep it in mind as an available tactic, should the opportuntiy present itself.
<Mem> ::reaches over to the comm:: +com+ Tynes, from Gage. I think I have a target for us.
<Gabriel> Let's just hope that we're never that desperate, shall we? We're here to destroy or delay CEF operations... not entertain the crowd. ::chuckles::
<Savant> Craig's BIL doesn't make any noise or kick at all, but it does paint a thin line across the bay, which stabs right through the amrour plate he's set up. The wall behind it flashes bright orange-red briefly as the wall behind erodes into carbon
<Tychon> ::returns to the vehicle bay, gently pushing his way back towards Nike -- the sudden light from the BIL catches his eye::
<Gabriel> ::taps the com again:: +com+ Thank you, Lieutenant. If you're confident of the target, ask Corporal Peresalona to alter course at his leisure.
<Craig> ::looks through the hold in the chunk of plating and a small scorched crater in the wall:: good thing thats not an exterior bulkhead...
<Thierry> ::Punches up something to read, and in this case its not a figure of speach, Theirry's pretty much pounding the console
<Mem> +com+ I'm confident ... that there is a Highlander word on the side of the ship.
<Detro> ::cleans up the rest of the debris from construction, and seeks out Craig in the vehicle bay::
<Ardelmos> Very true, Captain.
<Craig> ::double checks the set up to see if the regulator took the flow safely::
<Savant> 5Nike> ::looks at the bright flash - the Gear even shifts slightly in its harness::
<Detro> ::floating across the bay:: Sir? I've finished rigging up the exercise system. It's not pretty, but I'm sure it'll hold out long enough.
<Gabriel> +com+ As I understand it, Liberati vehicles are... colorful. Does that apply here?
<Tychon> ::blinks, moving over to Craig:: That was...fairly close. ::smiles, though the worry in his voice isn't hard to make out::
<Mem> +com+ yes, sir. Ordering the course change.
<Gabriel> ::nods at Roland:: Thank you, Senior Sergeant. That will really be all this time. ::grins::
<Mem> +com+ Thank you, captain.
<Craig> ::nods and smiles::very nice job Jack ::turns as both detro and tychon speak:: whoa hey, don't sneak up like that
<Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Lieutenant. Carry on.
<Ardelmos> ::smirks again, nods, and pushes off of Deacon and back towards the briefing/common room.
<Ardelmos> ::
<Detro> Sorry sir.
<Thierry> ::If they were on the ground now, Thierry would probably find a wall and pound some tennis balls against it, his usual technique for times like this. Hard to do that in Zero-G::
<Gabriel> ::shuts down the comm and glances up at the big Gear with a smile, then pushes off himself, back toward the foredeck::
<Tychon> Sorry about that, sir. Just surprised to see the weapons fire.
<Thierry> ::Figures Mem is as good as anyone to talk to about what's been bothering him so he turns in the Lieutennant's direction.:: Sir, you have a moment?
<Savant> 5Deacon> ::It's on standby right now, but the nearby omnicam is active. The Gear remains stoically in place, however, as Tynes and Roland push off::
<Mem> +com+ ::to the cockpit:: Corporal, el-tee, set a course for that ship when you can. Alert me when we are fifteen minutes from ECM and comm range.
<Craig> ::chuckles a bit:: well the captain will be please to know we can mount these BIL's to our gears, didn't seem to loose any power in the conversion either ::motions to the peice of armor plate with the hole through it::
<Thierry> ::Mutters:: Guess not
<Tychon> ::nods:: The more the merrier. ::grins::
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ ::A pause:: Okay, sir. Gimme a bit of time to plot a path.
<Mem> ::gestures for Thierry to wait a moment::
<Mem> +com+ No hurry, corporal. Make it a safe trip.
<Craig> ::to Detro:: how did you do installing those straps?
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ roger.
<Detro> ::shrugs:: Had to come away from that place with something after all we lost. And the straps should be set. It's rough, but I'm sure they'll hold up long enough.
<Gabriel> ::arrives in the foredeck, overhearing Mem:: Did you let him know that we should try to remain unobserved?
<Mem> ::releases his hold on the comm button and glances at Thierry, then at Tynes:: I figured that was assumed. Not exactly smart to pilot across the system with everyone seeing you.
<Thierry> ::Figures this is going to be another long officer chat so he unstraps himself and starts floating towards the galley to make himslef a of tea::
<Tychon> ::glances to Detro:: Straps?
<Detro> ::nods at Tychon:: New exercise equipment.
<Gabriel> ::nods:: By this ship in particular. When we contact them, it's going to be with a recon drone, not Pathfinder.
<Ardelmos> ::straps himself back into an acceleration couch and pulls his PDA back out::
<Tychon> Ah! Excellent.
<Gabriel> I don't want this bird calling all hell down on us from the garrison if they're true believers.
<Mem> ::nods to Tynes:: Then I'll make sure it's clear we get within deployment range of recon drone and stay shady.
<Detro> Yup. Should give a little more variety to thinks.
<Detro> ::to Craig:: Anything else you needed me for, sir?
<Thierry> ::Starts fiddling with the bulb thingies and his tea more thing he wasn't going to adapt to easily::
<Craig> ::shakes head:: unless you want to keep working on more exercise equipment, i have nothing else, thanks for the help though
<Tychon> ::glances back at the tidy hole Craig put in the scrap armor, pondering the implications of it::
<Detro> ::nods:: Right. ::heads up towards the acceleration cots::
<Thierry> ::Finishes making his bulb of tea and then tethers himself to the nearest conveinent point and starts the brown beverage::
<Detro> ::arrives on the deck and looks around::
<Craig> ::to tychon:: oh and thanks for assisting with repairs too, with Dash and JJ especially
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Prepare for maneuvering burn in five. Just a gentle nudge, everyone.
<Tychon> ::smiles:: My pleasure.
<Detro> ::grunts:: Good timing I guess. ::drifts over to a cot and straps in::
<Thierry> ::Gets a nice grip in preperation for the burn
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ We're following that with a five minute pause and then a five-five-five fusion burn. You'll want to be in your buckets for that.
<Mem> ::relays the specific movement orders regarding the recon drone to the cockpit::
<Thierry> ::Grunts, unhooks his tether, and starts making his way back to his couch::
<Craig> ::hear's jeremi's announcement and starts gathering up all the loose parts and putting the tech rig back into it's compartment::well guess we'll beed to strap in for that now
<Craig> <<need>>
<Thierry> ::Straps himself in and looks as if he's even more annoyed now...the tea didn't help::
<Gabriel> ::has a seat in his own couch::
<Tychon> ::helps Craig gather the tools and then sidles over to Nike to secure himself::
<Detro> ::cinches up the straps:: So, any new developments behind this change?
<Craig> ::nods to tychon again and pushes off towards swifty, straping into the cockpit again::
<Thierry> ::Stifles the sarcastic comment he was about to make
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Maneuvering burn in s-five. ::pause:: Fifteen second maneuvering burn.
<Savant> Once again, Pathfinder lists slightly, this time to allow the main fusion engines to accelerate in the proper vector
<Savant> And once again, the world stops moving, and zero-gravity reasserts itself.
<Mem> ::to Detro:: Tanziar. Ever come across that word in your class with Pulciano?
<Gabriel> ::pulls up the sensor feed from the target and has a look at it for himself::
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Five minutes to five-five-five fusion burn. Secure your work and get in your buckets.
<Gabriel> Tanziar? I spent most of my time on Highlands learning verbs and basic phrases.
<Detro> ::impressed that Mem knows he took classes... he mulls it over a bit:: Tanziar... hmm. I want to say "Lucky Traveller", but it's a bit of an awkward translation.
<Gabriel> ::nods:: Good omen. ::sets the straps around himself::
<Mem> ::stares at Detro, wondering where he came up with something so specific, then shakes it off and turns his attention to fastening his area down::
<Savant> Gabriel gets an almost identical view as Mem did. It's an ugly ship, a long spar with massive engines on one side and a relatively small bubble of life on the front. It's got a long tow cable held out on a spar with which it is bullying an asteroid into a different orbit
<Detro> :Smile: Pathfinder and Lucky Traveller. A good omen indeed.
<Savant> There are brightly coloured stripes on its otherwise mottled hull - the camera is tight enough to reveal that the stripes are in fact multicoloured knotwork painted on the hull
<Gabriel> +com+ Corporal Peresalona, align our approach toward the stern, using the asteroid they're towing as cover. We'll make actual contact with a recon drone. Don't give away our position to the target.
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ I was figuring about that, Sir. They won't see us comin'.
<Thierry> ::Stifles another comment::
<Gabriel> +com+ Very good, Corporal.
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Thirty seconds to five-five-five fusion burn. Everyone in their seats.
<Thierry> ::To noone in particular:: I'll be most pleased when we're back on solid ground...most pleased
<Tychon> ::is about to release Nike when he hears the new burn notice and instead decides to crawl into the gear this time::
<Mem> ::grins a bit, checking his straps and then getting as comfortable as possible, relaxing before the burn::
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +come+ Five-five-five fusion burn in s-five. ::pause:: Five fusion burn.
<Ardelmos> ::sets his PDA back into his belt, and braces::
<Savant> There's a gentle push that quickly builds, and continues to build, and continues still, until it forces the air from your lungs and makes your head throb
<Thierry> ::Quickly squeezes the last of his tea before the burn::
<Gabriel> ::relaxes into the couch, letting his body find its own preferred equillibrium point::
<Detro> ::simply closes his eyes and relaxes... he lets his mind wander to the jungles back home::
<Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::There's a bit of a giddy giggle from the pilot's comaprtment as Jeremi unleashes the full force of two bottled suns::
<Tychon> ::quickly scrambles into the gear, but then finds himself completely pinned inside the cockpit under the acceleration forces::
<Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
<Mem> ::attn::
<Gabriel> ::attn::
<Ardelmos> ::attn::
<Savant> that's about enough for the night I think. We have a distination, and we've done some much needed roleplaying.
<Detro> ::attn::
<Thierry> ::ATTN:: Well that was fun...we didn't get shot at
<Savant> Next week we'll jog to the Tanziar and you can blow it up or whatever it is you're deciding on ^_-
<Detro> No, we have a distillery AND a destination. :Very Happy:
<Savant> heh
<Savant> questions or comments?
<Thierry> Thierry still has some things to get off his chest, a good log/aftershim topic if anyone's interested Smile
<Savant> I of course encourage aftersimming
<Savant> but i think it's time to queue up for the dole.
<Thierry> XP!
<Savant> start with two. Generally nice job all. Quiet, but that was sort of the point ^_-
<Savant> accomplish any vital objectives? Find out any major information?
<Detro> I made an exercise machine! ^_^
<Savant> hoorays!
<Thierry> Hmm...vital...not sure
<Tychon> ...I don't think that counts, Dennis. Wink
<Detro> I identified a ship name! (I think) ^_^
<Detro> Craig nearly blasted a hole through the side of the ship! ^_^
<Savant> also hoorays!
<Thierry> Found out Craig doesn't leave someones gear the way he found it!
<Savant> no combat this time around. Did you operate as a team?
<Detro> Yup
<Tychon> We didn't -not- operate as a team... Wink
<Gabriel> Much as is possible given our situation. There was no major mutiny. Wink
<Ardelmos> Roland got lectured and didn't outright kill Tynes. Wink
<Savant> hard to say either way today. I'll give it to you for not getting on each others cases ^_-
<Thierry> ::Points to Thierry's 11 MM pressed to Tynes' head:: Oops, sorry Smile
<Craig> i did not nearly blow a hole through the side of the ship, it was an interior wall:)
<Detro> Craig nearly damaged the structural integrity of the ship! ^_^
<Savant> three for today, then. I'll make it four if you can tell me something you'd like to learn about a major NPC. Like, a direction i should bge developing them in. If anything at all. IF you don't like or care about the NPC's, then tell me about a recurring NPC you'd like to see.
<Tychon> I have a question along those lines
<Savant> sure
<Ardelmos> I want to know how Aggie runs on 3 days without sleep. That could be useful to know. Wink
<Tychon> Will Kari's character be augmenting or replacing Jeremi?
<Detro> I want to see Roland become a father, Mem become a chaste priest, Birkin take up needlepoint, Craig become a gate scientist, and Thierry become a caveman
<Craig> NPC dennis, NPC
<Savant> Kari's character pilots a whipsnake. Jeremi pilots Pathfinder. // Ask her and find out, Roland ^_-
<Detro> I know, I'm getting to them Wink
<Thierry> Hmm, don't know enough about these NPCs , but as I think I said, I want to see Thierry find a nice caprician nurse or something...
<Thierry> ::Glares at Dennis:: Care to 'splain that mister? Smile
<Savant> I can see Jeremi being asked to pilot a whipsnake, cause he'd be really, really, REALLY good at it.
<Gabriel> Right now, they're mostly just names. Weirdly, Jeremi has more personality after three game sessions than anyone else except maybe Aggie. So, they need to show their personalities before I could give opinion on how they should be developed.
<Detro> And then we can see Aggie open up a Lemonade stand in Gomorrah, Persalona could become an escort, Gotah becomes a street dancer, and Jane becomes a stage hypnotist.
<Savant> that's just what I'm looking for. I try to not give them too much of the spotlight, really. Story's about you, not them. But i'll give them their limelight this time around.
<Detro> In all seriousness though, I agree with Ross.
* Savant writes down "boobies for Thierry." Right.
<Gabriel> ::nods:: You can take it up a notch or two. In GvE, Alain, Burl, and like characters have personalities without overshadowing the real players.
<Detro> I'm a bit surprised that Agnes hasn't seemed to have any reaction to losing Joanna.
<Savant> yeah. I'm starting to do that with the BT05 Redux. You just haven't really interacted with'em much
<Thierry> ::Sticks tounge out at Savant::
<Savant> I'm certain that Macedon's going to be fleshed out real quick-like here.
<Ardelmos> So? 4 points?
<Savant> four points. Well done.
<Ardelmos> 1 more week to FIT/INF +1....
<Savant> Agnes is very good at bottling her feelings up ^_-
<Savant> 2-=-------- Continue --------=-
<Savant> oops
<Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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[18:01] <Birkin> ::attn::
[18:01] <Viktor> ::attn::
[18:02] <Savant> hello and good evening once again to another exciting episode of The Black Talons
[18:02] <Tychon> ::general cheers::
[18:02] <Savant> before I brief you, i'll go over what's been gone over in the OOC channel recently, bios.
[18:02] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[18:02] <Savant> I'm trying to get BT05 into the Nova Horizon Sim group when some unmentioned member of said group twisted my rubber arm on the matter.
[18:03] <Savant> something to do with Sajioshi getting bonus experience or something. Anyways.
[18:03] <Savant> A requirement as a bio for every player on the roster. Not so hard to do
[18:03] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:03] <Savant> I'm holding the experience you earn in my pocket until after the bios are all completed. So write it on up, yo!
[18:03] <Savant> Detro.
[18:03] <Detro> No offense to said NHS person/peoples here, but what the hell do we need with a sim group?
[18:04] <Thierry> May I respond?
[18:04] <Savant> don't really need them. Jester was getting lonely having the only IRC sim in the group ^_- that's all
[18:04] <Thierry> Or should I defer to the Chair
[18:04] <Savant> please do, Thierry.
[18:04] <Thierry> Well, just to say, well, guess how I found GvE and therefore ended up here Smile
[18:05] <Savant> nifty
[18:05] <Detro> We're quite self-sufficient recruiting off GvE Wink
[18:05] <Savant> we have enough players, though. Any more and I'll have to start a new group. Earth special forces team ^_-
[18:05] <Detro> Sure, which is why I asked the question. Wink
[18:05] <Thierry> Besides it gives me more reasons to pressure y'all into the Galaxt
[18:05] <Savant> anyways. Briefing? Briefing.
[18:06] <Savant> Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies
[18:06] <Savant> 17 Summer TN, 1130h - Morning
[18:06] <Savant> 0.30 AU Inwardward of the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belts, 85 degrees antispinward of Indra
[18:06] <Savant> -269 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity. It's frickin space.
[18:06] <Savant> Talon 05 has entered the Loki system, leaving the wreckage of two millenia of human endeavour in their wake. The sundered but victorious Terranovan fleet that did the job has made its rendezvous with Pathfinder and the Talons have split up to seek their fortune and Earth's ruin amongst the asteroids.
[18:06] <Savant> Ten days have passed since then, and the suspense of the CEF pursuit has finally dropped off. Patrol ships and drones harried the Talons for a good two and a half days of nerve-wracking hide-and-go-seek with nuclear missiles.
[18:06] <Savant> Once the pursuit ended and calm reasserted itself, the TAlons began a search for ice-mining ships, and it only took half a day to find one - the Tanziar according to visuals. Pathfinder has since made its way up close to the ship, so far undetected, to begin a dialogue...
[18:06] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:06] <Detro> ack
[18:06] <Birkin> ack
[18:06] <Gabriel> ack
[18:06] <Ardelmos> yack
[18:06] <Mem> ack
[18:06] <Thierry> ack
[18:06] <Viktor> ack
[18:06] <Tychon> ack
[18:06] <Savant> and i'm ready for questions
[18:06] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[18:07] <Savant> Thierry
[18:07] <Thierry> Why is it two degrees warmer in space this time?
[18:07] <Knight> ::ack::
[18:07] <Savant> greater density of particulate and gaseous matter. You're within the outside edge of the belt.
[18:07] <Thierry> Groovy
[18:08] <Savant> we are beginning, I believe, with the launch of a drone from one of the two Whipsnakes. This is a good time to introduce our new player - Luke, playing Viktor.
[18:08] <Craig> ack
[18:08] <Viktor> Ahoy
[18:08] <Savant> Viktor is a whipsnake pilot.
[18:08] <Mem> Welcome.
[18:08] <Savant> anyone want to co-pilot the snake with him?
[18:08] <Viktor> Yesh. Tank you.
[18:08] <Tychon> I could.
[18:08] <Ardelmos> I'd rather not crash into an asteroid, thanks.
[18:09] <Thierry> much as I'd like to, Thierry wouldn't be a good choice
[18:09] <Tychon> As long as I'm not, y'know, too heavily relied on. Wink
[18:09] <Gabriel> Best choice would probably be someone with good IW skills.
[18:09] <Savant> any takers? Any orders, Gabriel?
[18:09] <Thierry> Mem
[18:09] <Mem> ..
[18:09] <Savant> Mem's a good choice, yeah.
[18:09] <Thierry> Thierry does have 2/1 IW and Comm though
[18:10] <Savant> i'll give you... hmmm... two minutes.
[18:10] <Mem> Where is the "dialogue" being conducted from?
[18:10] <Knight> I have decent IW and Comm as well, but if we need stealth elsewhere I may not be the best
[18:10] <Mem> Pathfinder?
[18:10] <Savant> up to you. Pathfinder can certainly do that, with the Whipsnake acting as a relay
[18:11] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Pathfinder. The general plan is to have the Whipsnake launch the drone on wire-guide, then use radio from the drone, through the wire to the Whipsnake, which will laser-comm with Pathfinder.
[18:11] <Gabriel> That way, if anything gets shot at, it should be the drone.
[18:11] <Mem> ::nods:: That's what I thought, also.
[18:11] <Detro> ...and off the receiver, nothing but net.
[18:11] <Mem> Mem's on Pathfinder, then.
[18:11] <Savant> coo'
[18:12] <Thierry> Theirry will man the sensors and comm then I suppose
[18:12] <Gabriel> Don't laugh. Transmitting by radio is the second easiest way to be detected in space, right after full-on active sensors.
[18:12] <Thierry> on the snake
[18:12] <Savant> so Vik is riding with Thierry?
[18:12] <Savant> do I have a confirm?
[18:12] <Thierry> Other way around, Vik's driving Smile
[18:12] <Mem> Sounds good to me.
[18:12] <Savant> confirmed.
[18:13] <Ardelmos> Roland has 2/2 IW and 3/2 Communications.
[18:13] <Ardelmos> Just for future reference. Wink
[18:13] <Savant> if there are no further questions, let's get this shew on the road.
[18:13] <Tychon> 2/1 IW, 2/1 Pilot Space here
[18:13] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:14] <Savant> The past few days have been quiet ones - few, small burns to change the ship's vector as Pathfinder slowly jockeys towards the much larger Tanziar.
[18:14] <Detro> ::is in JJ, jacked in on the radio, listening in, in case he needs to launch::
[18:15] <Ardelmos> ::grunts, hanging in the midst of Pathfinder's cockpit behind the piloting stations, looking out the front viewport:: I can't say that I believe that the CEF has got so much shit to waste that they'd put out an entire ice-miner as a trap in the middle of nowhere, but I suppose it can't hurt to be safe..
[18:15] <Viktor> ::Floats along through the void towards the ice miner, watching a passive sensor display intently::
[18:15] <Savant> Tanziar resolves a lot better once Pathfinder's closer. It's mostly an open framework, a long spar holding massive fuel tubes alongside the six fusion bottles that move the tug. A small compartment near the front serves as a crew comaprtment, and airlock to a docked shuttlecraft
[18:15] <Thierry> ::Thierry wasn't sure if he was more comfortable on the Fury or the Whipsnake, but someone thought he should run the second chair of the snake::
[18:15] <Mem> ::floats across to the cockpit, but stops short and takes a computer console nearby::
[18:15] <Craig> ::floats through the decks looking for the captain::
[18:15] <Gabriel> ::floats behind Roland:: We've got no idea who is piloting that ship or what weapons it might have.
[18:16] <Ardelmos> With that paintjob? Who else could it be?
[18:16] <Savant> At the moment, Tanziar is still. It rides on the intertia between itself and its cargo - a massive ice asteroid some ten kilometers behind it. The tow cable has a very slight bit of slack in the line, shwoing that Tanziar is in the middle of maneuvering for a new vector. Perhaps in a day it will be ready to burn again.
[18:16] <Mem> ::from behind Gabriel:: We'll know soon enough.
[18:16] <Knight> ::scans intently from an viewport::
[18:16] <Gabriel> A ship that was owned by the Liberati ten years ago that is currently piloted by a dozen or so GREL.
[18:16] <Gabriel> <<cycles, even>>
[18:17] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::looks up at Gabriel and Roland:: They're pretty quiet there, sir. Small bubble. Not many inside, I bet.
[18:17] <Viktor> ::Turns his head to look over at Thierry:: We are getting close. Do not think about turning anything on, without asking me first.
[18:17] <Thierry> Well, at least out here I can see the stars with my own eyes. Being cooped up with no windows was getting to me
[18:17] <Mem> ::logs in to the console and begins loading systems::
[18:17] <Mem> We've been monitoring for comm activity to and from the ship, but nothing so far.
[18:17] <Gabriel> ::nods at Macedon:: Go thermal, see what you can learn. I'm heading for the foredeck screens. ::flips end over end, then pushes himself off aft::
[18:18] <Ardelmos> ::snorts again, but doesn't immediately respond, images of GREL decompressing as they get blown out of the shit flickering across his mind's eye::
[18:18] <Thierry> No problem ::Keeps glancing over the Whipsnake's comm panel, trying to make sure he didn't push the wrong button
[18:18] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods and taps a few controls, pulling down the goggles of his helmet meanwhile.
[18:19] <Craig> ::makes it up to pathfinder cockpit and spots Tynes:: captain, do you have a moment sir?
[18:19] <Tychon> ::having informed Nike that she may be needed on quick notice, he's departed the vehicle bay and taken up occupancy in an unobtrusive corner of the foredeck, watching things unfold with a deliberately-muted sense of anticipation::
[18:19] <Gabriel> ::continues floating aft, toward the foredeck:: One, Master Sergeant. What's on your mind? ::indicates Craig should follow::
[18:19] <Detro> ::enjoys the quiet... it's almost a bit like the old days...::
[18:20] <Birkin> ::wanders into the foredeck, having been up to something just before then looking around at who else was in the area::
[18:20] <Knight> ::floats gently... wishing he was on solid ground...::
[18:20] <Mem> ::glances behind him as the captain, Craig, and Roland float by::
[18:21] <Viktor> The stars... they grow old. After many years, you won't be excited to see them so much.
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::catches the arm of the acceleration couch near the foredeck console cluster, then pulls himself into it, strapping in::
[18:21] <Thierry> ::Chuckles:: I can't wait til we're back in regular gravity
[18:22] <Gabriel> ::checks the comm laser alignment, then touches the comm panel:: +com+ Vector, you can release the drone any time you're ready.
[18:22] <Craig> ::follows tynes:: i wanted to report on those projects you gave me, the new piece of exercise equipment is complete, a little rough, but it should do the job, also i've succesfully mated the BIL to a gear battery and fire control without any noticeable loss in power or accuracy
[18:22] <Tychon> ::offers the Captain and Craig an amicable and somewhat laid-back salute as they arrive::
[18:22] <Birkin> You have a long way to wait for that Doc...
[18:22] <Detro> ::Just the inaction... sitting there... waiting to leap into action... waiting for the prey...::
[18:22] <Savant> The whipsnakes' sensor report is fairly telling - the on board computers are within a 99% confidence of remaining undetected, even under an active scan from Tanziar.
[18:22] <Mem> I have a link to the drone. Waiting for launch.
[18:22] <Viktor> +com+ Affirmative, Captain. We will launch momentarily.
[18:23] <Gabriel> ::glances over his shoulder:: Good news, Master Sergeant. I plan on trying out your exercise equipment before I sleep tonight. ::grins::
[18:23] <Ardelmos> ::reaches into an inside pocket of his jacket and pulls out a stick of gum, popping it into his mouth and starting to chew on it slowly as he not-so-patiently waits for something to happen::
[18:23] <Thierry> Lets do this thing
[18:24] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::looks up at Roland, his face obscured by the blocky, solid VR goggles:: The cab's hot. I'm guessing three or four occupants. They've got an atmosphere in there, they aren't expecting anything.
[18:25] <Viktor> ::Ensures that all the systems on his side are ready for a drone launch:: Open the launch door, and power up the drone.
[18:25] <Craig> ::smiles briefly but then goes serious again:: also theres something i need to mention to you, alone
[18:25] <Ardelmos> ::mutters quietly:: And why wouldn't they? They're just floating out in the middle of but-fuck no where towing a 10 klicks worth of ice cubs for cocktails behind'm.
[18:26] <Thierry> ::Powers up the drone and pops the launch door:: Done
[18:26] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::deadpan:: I'm pretty sure it's for drinking, sergeant major.
[18:26] <Birkin> cocktails... Hmmm ::begins thinking::
[18:27] <Gabriel> ::nods at Craig:: Understood, Master Sergeant. I'll catch up with you a bit later. ::watches the telemetry from the drone::
[18:27] <Ardelmos> ::deadpans right back:: No kidding. ::a beat:: Check the hull for any seams or panels that aren't where they shouldn't be; if they've got weapons, they're obviously hiding them.
[18:27] <Craig> ::nods:: alrighty sir, i'll be back in the vehicle bay
[18:28] <Viktor> ::Pulls up a console allowing remote control of the drone:: Communications responsive. Drone powered up and ready. You can launch at any time, Thierry.
[18:28] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods once and loks back out towards Tanziar. Like a gear, teh VR goggles provide him an unobstructed view therough Pathfinder's hull. Unlike a Gear, the same VR system is capable of incredible zoom.::
[18:28] <Detro> ::granted, it's a bit stressful, but he's used to it by now. Just a few changes::
[18:29] <Mem> ::glances at a side monitor, waiting for telemetry::
[18:29] <Thierry> ::Pushes the lauch button and watches the drone fly out::
[18:29] <Birkin> Do we know if there is much piracy on the ice miners out here?
[18:29] * LrdVampyre has joined #BT05
[18:29] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[18:30] <Thierry> +Com+ Drone's away and operating normally.
[18:30] <Savant> The small drone gently drifts out of the Whipsnakes' launch bay and begins a gentle traversal towards Tanziar, leaving a trail of cable behind it.
[18:30] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:31] <Tychon> ::takes the opportunity to speak up:: Morning, Cap.
[18:31] <Viktor> ::Intently watches the drone move towards the mining ship, his hands poised over its thruster controls, incase a small burn is needed::
[18:32] <Ardelmos> ::to Macedon again:: And while you're at it....make sure that hunk of ice is really only a hunk of ice.
[18:32] <Savant> A few minutes pass like hours as the drone drifts its way towards Tanziar
[18:32] <Craig> ::pushes off the wall and floats back down towards the vehicle bay::
[18:33] <Mem> There we go. ::watches the data from the drone come in::
[18:33] <Gabriel> ::glances over his shoulder again from watching the drone and smiles:: 'morning, Caporal. Be ready to move out on my orders. If we have to launch a Gear or three, you're part of the launch group.
[18:33] <Melissa> ::sits at a readout of the drone, watching::
[18:33] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::glances back at Roland - must look odd at ten thousand times zoom - and nods, then turns his eyes towards the asteroid behind Tanziar. A camera blister on Pathfinders's spine mimicks the motion.::
[18:33] <Tychon> ::nods:: Already told Nike to expect as much, sir. Just have to jaunt down the bay.
[18:34] <Detro> ::relaxes his breathing, keeping his hands on the controls::
[18:34] <Thierry> So, you've been up here alot I assume
[18:35] <Knight> ::floats towards vehicle bay::
[18:35] <Birkin> That's gotta be quite a haul for them. That thing is huge.
[18:35] <Gabriel> ::nods and turns back to the drone, using the recon drone telemetry to watch the ship:: You feel comfortable operating in zero-G with Nike if you have to?
[18:35] <Melissa> ::looks up from the read-out:: Sir, x-ray scans on the drone being reported
[18:35] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> Looks like ice, methane, some basic sulphites.
[18:36] <Tychon> Not 100% sir, no. But I'll make do.
[18:36] <Thierry> +COM+ I got scans on the drone.
[18:36] <Viktor> ::Notices a flash coming up from the drone, and moves his foot to the side to press down on a comm PTT switch:: +com+ The drone is being scanned with an X-Ray burst.
[18:36] <Gabriel> +com+ Mem, say hello.
[18:36] <Mem> ::to the yapping behind him:: OK, settle down, people.
[18:37] <Ardelmos> And panels?
[18:37] <Mem> ::puts the headset on, then reaches forward and presses a button on the console::
[18:37] <Detro> ::breathing increases a bit hearing the comms::
[18:37] <Gabriel> +com+ They were bound to pick it up. Let's talk to them before they decide the drone's an asteroid or something. Vector, slow the drone's approach. Make it clear it's powered.
[18:37] <Viktor> ::Without looking over:: Glad to see you on top of things, Thierry.
[18:38] <Mem> +com+ [H] Tanziar, come in.
[18:38] <Viktor> +com+ Aye, Captain. ::Fires a thruster at the tip of the drone, slowing it::
[18:38] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::Watching Tanziar intently:: No kickers. No fireworks. There's a burner heating up.
[18:38] <Knight> ::muttering:: Here's to hoping they're friendly...
[18:38] <Thierry> I'm a doctor, not a drone driver. ::Slows the drone::
[18:39] <Gabriel> +com+ Macedon, sweep the drone for some kind of laser comm unit. See if they've got one, or some other means of secret communication.
[18:39] <Gabriel> <<Sweep Tanziar, even.>>
[18:39] <Tychon> ::listens to the com chatter, alert for any words that might require him to double-time to the vehicle bay::
[18:40] <Knight> ::floats in the veh bay. Floats to Dash, and begins an external look-over::
[18:40] <Savant> There's a bit of a pause in which Tanziar does nothing but drift.
[18:41] <Melissa> ::idly returns to watching the readout on the drone, letting others control it::
[18:41] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::After a moment:: they've got a laser, looks like its their debris-sweeper. Could tune it down for communication though.
[18:42] <Savant> Dash> ::looks down at Knight as it's inspected::
[18:42] <Savant> Eventually, however, Tanziar does respond.
[18:43] <Craig> ::floats into the vehical bay and spots Knight over at Dash:: so what do you think?
[18:43] <Thierry> ::Keeps a close eye on his panel::
[18:43] <Knight> ::Turns:: That is some impressive work... I thought she'd never walk again after that firefight.
[18:43] <Savant> Tanziar> ::A male voice responds:: +com+ Who is this?
[18:44] <Ardelmos> +com+ They've got a debris-laser, but it could be dailed down for comms, Captain.
[18:44] <Craig> ::nods:: it took some doing but we got it together
[18:44] <Knight> Damm miracle...
[18:45] <Mem> ::looks back to Tynes:: Who are we?
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::looks over from his couch:: Tell them we're ravens. Ask for laser communication protocols.
[18:46] <Tychon> ::smirks at the use of the term 'ravens' as a designator::
[18:46] <Gabriel> +com+ Sous-Sergent Detro, you still in the vehicle bay?
[18:46] <Birkin> Only four of them over there? Small crew
[18:46] <Mem> ::nods and thinks a moment, then presses the console again:: +com+ We are Ravens. Request ... ::thinks:: ...laser communications protocols.
[18:46] <Mem> <<[H]>>
[18:47] <Detro> +com+ Mounted up in JJ sir.
[18:47] <Thierry> +Com+ Wide angle scan from the miner
[18:47] <Gabriel> +com+ Take an image of the closest Gear you can see. Get it ready to transmit. Gear only. No context.
[18:47] <Detro> +com+ Aye sir. ::doesn't question the odd order::
[18:47] <Thierry> +Com+ Looks like they're trying to find her mommy
[18:48] <Detro> ::unbuckles and then pops the hatch... he heads over and pulls out a vidrec from the nearest locker::
[18:48] <Savant> Tanziar> ::there is a pause:: +com+ [H] Stand by, Raven.
[18:49] <Savant> Twenty> seconds later, Tanziar's laser cannon aims towards the drone and gets a lock-on.
[18:49] <Viktor> ::Quietly:: They won't see *us*. That Pathfinder, maybe. But not us.
[18:49] <Detro> :: moves to get just one of the gears in the shot and not much else, then takes a picture of the nearest gear, then links it to the comms:: +com+ Ready sir.
[18:49] <Savant> ((oops, wrong button ^_^))
[18:49] <Savant> Twenty seconds later, Tanziar's laser cannon aims towards the drone and gets a lock-on.
[18:50] <Viktor> ::Sucks air, watching the laser canon through the drone's feed:: Not good...
[18:50] <Mem> ::looks at Tynes:: Standby, they said.
[18:50] <Thierry> +Com+ Her laser's locked on the drone
[18:50] <Tychon> ::tenses up a bit, preparing to launch himself::
[18:50] <Savant> The cannon fires a low-powered beam at the drone, which begins complaining loudly about the fact to the Whipsnake, and to Melissa.
[18:51] <Detro> ::waits for Tynes to order the transmission::
[18:51] <Gabriel> Mem, get the basics out of the way. Find out where they're bound, how long to get there, and whether we're likely to see any CEF patrols out here for the next couple of hours.
[18:51] <Viktor> ::Winces, and presses the floor comm again:: +com+ Orders, Captain? Want me to maneuver the drone?
[18:52] <Ardelmos> +com+ They don't have a laser comm, so they're using the weapon. Chill.
[18:52] <Thierry> +Com+ Seems like it, Drone's still there
[18:52] <Mem> ::nods and turns back to the console:: +com+ [H] Tanziar. Request to know... your destination, when you arrive, and if we see colonial forces out here. Over.
[18:53] <Melissa> ::smirks at the console and sends a drone a sympathy byte::
[18:54] <Gabriel> +com+ Vector, once the basics are out of the way, we're either going to them, or -- more likely -- one or two of them are coming aboard. Be prepared to pick them up and ferry them back here.
[18:54] <Detro> ::hearing nothing from Tynes, he forwards the gear image on to Mem for him to use if needed::
[18:54] <Viktor> +Com+ Roger. Standing by.
[18:54] <Gabriel> +com+ Thank you, Caporal.
[18:55] <Savant> Tanziar> ::the voice is calm, but there's a hint of edge to it:: [H] En route to Heaven Station, ETA three weeks. Expect CID customs craft in-system.
[18:55] <Tychon> ::relaxes a bit, communications seemingly established on good terms::
[18:55] <Mem> ::quickly glances at the tactical maps to his left:: Heaven Station, three weeks.
[18:55] <Birkin> Heaven Station. We know this place?
[18:55] <Gabriel> Find out when, Lieutenant. We we have some time?
[18:55] <Gabriel> Before they see these CID customs craft, I mean.
[18:56] <Thierry> ::Tweaks the drone slightly to properly transmit the improvised laser comm signal::
[18:56] <Gabriel> ::takes a deep breath to relax himself::
[18:56] <Mem> +com+ [H] Thank you. Tanziar, you know when we might see these CID craft? Soon?
[18:57] <Knight> ::floating...::Sometimes I'd rather be on the ground dodging incomming over sitting in the belly of the beast waiting to take incoming...
[18:57] <Mem> ::turns to Tynes before the reply, off-comm:: They sound like very native Highlanders to me, captain. You interested in finding out where their loyalties are?
[18:58] <Gabriel> ::nods slowly at Mem:: +com+ Flight deck, extrapolate course and speed, Tanziar. If we have a known location for this Heaven Station, correlate.
[18:58] <Ardelmos> ::continues to float in mid-air within the cockpit, monitoring the communications through the receiver in his ear and the bank of computers to his right::
[18:58] <Savant> Tanziar> +com+ [H] Raven, closest CID customs destroyer is two-fife degrees by zero-point-seven-nine from your drone, range zero-point-nine-three ay-you.
[18:59] <Mem> ::calls off as the transmission comes in::
[18:59] <Gabriel> AU, AU... ::pulls up the database to see how many kilometers that is, then relaxes::
[19:00] <Detro> ::makes his way back in to JJ and straps in::
[19:00] <Mem> ::looks back to Tynes once again::
[19:00] <Thierry> ::Tries to listen in on the conversation but hasn't a clue what anyone is saying.
[19:01] <Mem> +com+ [H] Thank you, Tanziar. Stand by.
[19:01] <Knight> ::slides into Dash's cockpit, runs some basic diagnostics::
[19:02] <Gabriel> Several hours, at any rate. Tell them that we'd like to invite two of them aboard our ship. See if they're interested.
[19:04] <Mem> +com+ [H] Tanziar. We offer two of you to come to our we may be better friends.
[19:05] <Melissa> +com+ Sir? The drone's heating can't shed off the heat fast enough
[19:05] <Mem> ::scrunches his nose after that one, not satisfied with the vocabulary::
[19:06] <Thierry> ::Gets ready to pull the drone out if the need arose::
[19:06] <Gabriel> +com+ Understood, Dekarch. Anything we can do about it? How long before it becomes critical?
[19:06] <Savant> Tanziar> +com+ [H] Stand by. ::there's a pause, in which low talking can be heard in the background. Then the voice returns.:: [H] We'll be launching our sloop. Feed us a flight plan.
[19:06] <Knight> ::pops head out of Dash, looks around for Craig::
[19:07] <Melissa> +com+ give it larger vents, sir?...I'm running diagnostics now
[19:07] <Mem> ::sighs a bit in relief:: They're sending out a shuttle. They'r requesting a flight plan.
[19:07] <Gabriel> Tell them to follow the drone. +com+ Vector, detach your wire and reel it in, then keep an eye on this sloop, discreetly.
[19:07] <Viktor> ::Watches the readouts from the drone:: Chill, he says. Not so easy, with the temperature rising like that. These systems, they weren't designed to receive a beam like that.
[19:07] <Gabriel> +com+ Dekarch, prepare to take control of the drone. Guide it back to us.
[19:07] <Craig> ::still nearby cleaning up the work bench where he got the BIL working at::
[19:07] <Melissa> +com+ 15 minutes before electronics fry...oh...right, roger that sir
[19:08] <Mem> +com+ [H] Thank you. Please follow our drone. Over.
[19:08] <Knight> ::flashes thumbs up:: Dash agrees, hell'uva job.
[19:08] <Thierry> +Com+ Ready to tranfer the wheel to Skritches
[19:08] <Viktor> ::Presses a button off to the side, releasing in the wire:: +com+ Copy, captain. We will watch them.
[19:09] <Ardelmos> ::turns and moves to push himself out of the cockpit:: Keep a sharp eye out, and make sure they don't go sending out any more signals while we hang here waiting for'm, Sergeant. ::begins moving back towards the docking port::
[19:09] <Melissa> ::takes the guidance system over and starts to guide the drone home::
[19:09] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods at Roland and then looks back out towards space::
[19:10] <Savant> The drone begins to make its way home. A short while later a small shuttlecraft detaches from Tanziar and follows the drone in.
[19:10] <Tychon> ::raises an eyebrow at the prospect of visitors::
[19:10] <Gabriel> Tychon, warm up Nike. +com+ All hands, prepare to depressurize the vehicle bay.
[19:11] <Detro> ::seals JJ up:: +com+ Want me powered up or am I playing dead?
[19:11] <Craig> ::nods back to Knight:: anytime, tychon and mem worked on her as well
[19:12] <Tychon> ::blinks, but nods quickly and pushes himself out of the foredeck and down the corridor towards his waiting gear::
[19:12] <Gabriel> +com+ Both of you will be powering up. You're our honor guard.
[19:12] <Viktor> ::Stows the cable and closes the access hatch:: Cable secured. Swing the sensors around to get a better look at that ship of theirs.
[19:12] <Knight> ::Exits Dash and makes way to clear bay::
[19:12] <Tychon> ::arrives a moment later, using Nike herself to cushion his arrival, giving the Gear's 'head' a grin as he climbs into the hatch and straps himself in::
[19:12] <Detro> ::powers up JJ for the first time::
[19:13] <Thierry> Sounds like a plan ::refocuses the sensors::
[19:13] <Craig> ::sees JJ and Nike about to head out and so he decided to exit the vehicle bay for the moment::
[19:14] <Tychon> +com+ Nike on-line, Cap.
[19:14] <Gabriel> +com+ The ship's too big to enter the vehicle bay, JJ, Nike. So you're gonna have to cycle the vehicle bay doors and let them in. See if you can figure a good way to secure their sloop.
[19:15] <Viktor> Still lots of x-rays coming from the miner. Probably trying to see where the drone is leading their shuttle to.
[19:15] <Melissa> ::brings the drone into the Pathfinder::
[19:15] <Mem> I hope they still want to come in for cawfee when they see our ship.
[19:15] <Detro> ::runs through a quick checklist once JJ's up... just to make sure there's no kinks left in the gear::
[19:17] <Gabriel> ::pushes himself out of the acceleration couch, then pushes aft toward the barracks lockers:: Concealable weapons for those who want them. Recommend tasers. It's unlikely we'll need them, but better safe.
[19:17] <Thierry> +Com+ Deacon, there's still two bodies on the miner and she's looking around. I also got a whiff of a warship
[19:17] <Tychon> +com+ Detro, why don't we grab it as it arrives, let them hop out, then secure the sloop with a cable and close the door?
[19:17] <Savant> The drone approaches Pathfinder, spinnig about to drift to a halt. The sloop follows in behind it.
[19:18] <Detro> +com+ Sounds like a plan. You take the left, I'll take the right?
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::touches his throat/ear piece:: +com+ Acknowledged, Trembles. Report range and time to intercept, if you can determine it.
[19:18] <Thierry> +Com+ Acknowledged ::Refocuses on the warship::
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::opens up his barracks locker, withdraws a taser, checks the safety, then slips it into his ankle holster and straps it on::
[19:19] <Tychon> +com+ Roger that.
[19:19] <Viktor> Warship? Where?
[19:19] <Gabriel> +com+ Dekarch, once the sloop's alongside, release the drone back to Whipsnake One. Vector, feel free to use the drone for parallax sensor readings.
[19:19] <Melissa> +com+ roger that
[19:20] <Knight> ::makes sure he has a closed door between him and the bay::
[19:20] <Tychon> ::commences venting the air from the vehicle bay::
[19:20] <Detro> ::moves up next to the door::
[19:20] <Tychon> +com+ Beginning venting of vehicle bay.
[19:20] <Mem> ::unstraps himself from the station and floats aft to welcome the guests::
[19:21] <Viktor> +com+ Copy that, Captain. Going to stay passive for now. Not give ourselves away.
[19:21] <Melissa> ::watches the process, waiting to get a signal that the sloop was in position::
[19:21] <Tychon> ::nods, satisfied that the bay is vented and opens the doors:: +com+ Opening doors.
[19:22] <Melissa> +com+ Whipsnake One...drone's all yours, over
[19:22] <Mem> ::turns into another tube, and then into the welcoming area::
[19:22] <Detro> ::waits to see what's outside before moving to secure it::
[19:23] <Tychon> ::watches the doors open, and the scene behind them::
[19:23] <Ardelmos> ::brings himself alongside the vehicle bay:: +com+ Make sure someone scans'm for weapons and explosives.
[19:24] <Savant> The bay vents out into holding tanks, and the wide doors and ramp open. Outside are the stars and the grey ceramic hull of Tanziar's sloop.
[19:24] <Viktor> ::Taps in a command to the drone, sending it up and off, to provide for better sensor triangulation::
[19:24] <Gabriel> ::pushes himself away from the barracks locker, then drifts toward the vehicle bay doors:: +com+ You heard the Senior Sergeant, JJ, Nike. Report any weapons seen on our guests.
[19:24] <Detro> +com+ Understood, sir.
[19:24] <Thierry> +Com+ Deacon, its an Io though its got something unusual on its belly. Its closing, but slow. Doesn't appear to be coming for us, just slowly opening its orbit. Just got nabbed from Helios too
[19:24] <Knight> MOment of truth... ice haulers are pissed off GRELs...
[19:24] <Detro> ::moves to begin securing the sloop::
[19:25] <Viktor> +com+ The miner ship just gave a short burn.
[19:25] <Gabriel> +com+ Acknowledged. Keep an eye on it. I need to know right away if anything is 90 minutes or less flight time to us. Keep an eye out for drones in particular.
[19:26] <Craig> ::nods to knight and sees roland had joined them::
[19:26] <Tychon> +com+ Acknowledged, Cap. ::begins jetting forward towards the sloop ever so gently, doing an inspection pass on it::
[19:26] <Thierry> +Com+ Will do Deacon
[19:26] <Melissa> ::sits at her station, watching the dispalys::
[19:27] <Ardelmos> ::clicks open the flaps on his holsters and withdraws the weapons, removing the magazine from his talon pistol and checking the chamber before reloading, then flipping open the cyclinder on his revolver and closing it, before returning the weapons to their spots::
[19:28] <Thierry> ::Keeps an eye on the Io::'d you get the attention of the talons
[19:28] <Gabriel> ::starts to ask Roland to stick to concealed weapons only, then decides having one or two people openly armed is acceptable::
[19:29] <Knight> ::feels nekid without his hand cannon::
[19:29] <Detro> ::reaches out and gets a hand on something to grab::
[19:29] <Tychon> ::signals to Detro with a wave and then grabs on to his side of the sloop, gently jetting it towards the vehicle bay::
[19:29] <Mem> ::glances over at Roland, grinning:: I hope for the hull's sake that they aren't purple.
[19:29] <Savant> Nike and JJ grab the sloop and wrestle it into place. Both can clearly see a face through a small transparent window on the front, gawking
[19:30] <Viktor> ::Risks a short look across the deck at Thierry:: Me? Many, many hours sitting in a cockpit like this, doing nothing.
[19:30] <Ardelmos> ::shrugs -- the weapons weren't rifles; he wasn't terribly concerned about piercing the hull...especially once the bullets had exploded someone's innards on the way through::
[19:31] <Thierry> Sounds like fun. Stupid mistake on my CO's party, a well kept Jag, and some luck for me
[19:32] <Savant> Before too long the sloop is in place and the airlock opens. Two tall space-suited figures float out and push towards the gaping vehicle bay, still looking about at everything.
[19:32] <Detro> ::looks for signs they're carrying weapons::
[19:32] <Knight> ::scans for weapon or things that blow up::
[19:33] <Craig> ::looks through the window into the bay watching the two visitors::
[19:34] <Viktor> His party?
[19:34] <Tychon> ::moves back from the sloop and grabs a cable with which to secure it:: +com+ Sloop's in.
[19:34] <Ardelmos> ...what the hell are those things?
[19:35] <Detro> +com+ Hang on, they've got something wierd there.
[19:35] <Thierry> <<Part, my bad>>
[19:35] <Mem> Huh? ::peeks out::
[19:35] <Savant> The two of them were clever enough to push towards a railing along the side of the bay - they grab on nearly simultaneously. It's easy to see that they're veteran spacers
[19:35] <Craig> +com+ i see it too
[19:35] <Detro> +com+ Sir, you might want to check these. ::patches his camera view in to Tynes and anyone else watching::
[19:35] <Gabriel> +com+ Report. ::spins toward the closest screen::
[19:35] <Ardelmos> They've got some sort of....I dunno. Looks like a hook with a tank and some jets on it.
[19:35] <Knight> +com+ Both are carrying some kind of tanks with a rod and hook
[19:36] <Ardelmos> ...maneuvering tool, maybe?
[19:36] <Ardelmos> ...or a grenade.
[19:36] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:36] <Gabriel> +com+ Relax, everyone. Combination MMU and ripper staff. Kind of clever, actualy.
[19:37] <Detro> +com+ Hmm, sounds about right.
[19:37] <Gabriel> ::turns back to the doors to the vehicle bay:: +com+ Once they're in, pressurize.
[19:37] <Thierry> So, what do you do when you're sitting in one of these for hours on end?
[19:38] <Craig> ::hmms a bit::
[19:38] <Melissa> ::casually moves her hand away from the activation switch for her other drones::
[19:38] <Tychon> ::secures the sloop with a nearby cable:: +com+ Sloop's secure.
[19:38] <Savant> The both of them stay still, now inside the bay, and look about. The taller of the two waves at the gaggle of Talons in their black suits
[19:39] <Craig> ::slowly raises his hand back in response::
[19:40] <Viktor> When not watching sensor readings? Read, sleep. Puzzles.
[19:40] <Detro> ::once the door's secure, he turns JJ towards their guests::
[19:40] <Thierry> Puzzles? What kind?
[19:40] <Savant> They're clearly liberati. Both have rugged, but worn looknig space suits that seem heavy enough to withstand quite a beating - it also looks like they've been needed to. Each has an assortment of tools and pockets, and both of them have a colourful ribbon tied on them somewhere. The shorter of the two has one as an armband, the taller has it tied about the waist.
[19:41] <Savant> The Fury's doors close and air begins to cycle in. After a few moments the light bar above the bay doors turns off, signifying that the air has reasserted itself.
[19:41] <Mem> ::nods as the green light comes on and enters the bay::
[19:41] <Gabriel> ::drifts in behind Mem::
[19:42] <Thierry> ::Checks on the Earth destroyer for anything new::
[19:42] <Savant> The bay lights automatically raise a little. These two are *tall*. The shorter of the two is a bit under six feet tall, the taller is closer to six and a half.
[19:42] <Ardelmos> ::drifts in third, but remains near the door::
[19:43] <Gabriel> ::waits for one of the two to take off their helmet::
[19:43] <Knight> ::stays back just outside the now open lock door::
[19:43] <Tychon> ::angles Nike around towards the visitors and watches them::
[19:44] <Viktor> ::Without looking, points a finger up at a mesh pocket on the ceiling, restraining a PC that displayed the familiar black-and-white boxes of a crossword::
[19:44] <Detro> ::looks at the scene, wondering who is going to make the first move::
[19:44] <Mem> ::floats a few feet away from the guests and offers an awkward smile::
[19:45] <Savant> Liberati> ::The shorter of the two takes off his helmet. He's a gaunt looking man, probably in his seventies (cycles). Nearly bald, and his face is reddened and speckled with freckles and wrinkes:: [H] Hello, ravens.
[19:45] <Savant> Liberati2> ::looks towards Mem::
[19:45] <Gabriel> [H] We greet you. Welcome to Pathfinder. Please be comfortable.
[19:46] <Gabriel> ::smiles, embarrassed, pretty sure he didn't say what he intended, then repeats it in Anglic:: We greet you. Welcome to Pathfinder. Please be comfortable. Please excuse me. I am only starting to learn your language. Do you speak Anglic?
[19:47] <Mem> ::glances at the other liberati, still smiling, then does a double-take at Tynes's botching of the language::
[19:47] <Thierry> Hmm, I never was much good at those.
[19:48] <Viktor> They require patience. And cunning.
[19:48] <Savant> Liberati> ::raises an eyebrow and frowns:: [H] What? No. ::Then Gabriel resupplies his line and the man tries again, in anglic - about as bad as Gabriel's Highlander:: Bad anglic. You... really Tenovani.
[19:49] <Gabriel> ::smiles and points with one hand toward the vehicle bay, full of Gears:: Lieutenant, welcome them, ask them to be comfortable, and ask if they would like water or fruit juice.
[19:50] <Mem> ::interjects:: [H] Sorry, he does not know your language. We welcome you to our ship and ask that you be comfortable. Would you like some water or juice? ::looks at the second Highlander as he says this::
[19:50] <Thierry> Part of why I'm not so good at them. Have to be able to move fast in surgery
[19:51] <Viktor> You are a surgeon? Bloody work.
[19:51] <Ardelmos> ::watches the interactions from the entrance to the vehicle bay, paying particular attention to the newcomers' arms::
[19:52] <Savant> Liberati> [H] Ok. It's hard to learn. We'll stay a little time, if it's no trouble. We have to be back for a burn in a few hours.
[19:52] <Savant> Liberati2> ::nods at Mem once::
[19:52] <Melissa> ::pulls out a PDA and begins to abesently doodle::
[19:52] <Mem> ::smiles and nods, relaxing a bit:: [H] What clan are you from?
[19:53] <Thierry> You get used to it after awhile. Worked in central clinic in Toledo during the Interpolar, just got my medical liscense. No shortage of practice then
[19:53] <Ardelmos> ::starts focusing most of his attention on the helmeted one -- the one who hasn't shown his face yet; he was...cautious::
[19:53] <Savant> Liberati> [H] Ah, sorry. I'm Jemis al Bansen. This is my daughter, Eleslie.
[19:54] <Craig> ::eyes shift between the two visitors, still wondering the identity of the second one::
[19:54] <Mem> ::nods, then smiles at Eleslie again:: [H] Come. We will all sit and have a drink.
[19:54] <Viktor> You like having your hands inside someone? Cutting on them?
[19:54] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::looks at what is presumably her father and, while the helmets are reflective, the frown is there. She reluctantly removes her helmet. The man apparently has *very* good genes.::
[19:55] <Tychon> ::relaxes a bit, these newcomers appearing friendly::
[19:55] <Savant> The two liberati nod and push off from the wall towards Mem and the other talons
[19:55] <Gabriel> ::pushes off himself, heading toward the foredeck::
[19:55] <Mem> ::gestures to the door and nods at Tynes::
[19:56] <Craig> ::eyes widen a bit at the sight of the female:: wow...
[19:56] <Knight> ::notices Craig's reaction.... thinks someone's been in the black a little too long::
[19:56] <Detro> ::decides to stay on watch, in case anyone tries to get in::
[19:57] <Thierry> Can't say I like it really, I just don't mind it so much. Though I must say the first time I did it I was queesy for a couple days
[19:57] <Savant> The liberati are extremely deft in zero gravity. They don't need to use any maneuvering units - don't seem to have any other than the little sticks hanging on their belts. Both follow the Talons through to the foredeck.
[19:58] <Mem> ::leads the way to the foredeck::
[19:58] <Gabriel> ::pulls himself toward one of the acceleration couches, then clips himself to it, floating in midair::
[19:59] <Mem> ::over his shoulder:: [H] You can see why we are cautious in approaching you.
[19:59] <Viktor> Like space, then.
[19:59] <Craig> ::follows the group in and takes a seat on one of the couches::
[19:59] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Of course. You must've just arrived through the gate.
[19:59] <Knight> ::follows the rest to the foredeck, staying behind slightly, just observing::
[19:59] <Melissa> ::glances at the new-comers and smiles warmly before going back to her pad::
[20:00] <Mem> ::swings to the side and allows the guests to enter the foredeck:: [H] Do you know the van Saars?
[20:00] <Thierry> Heh, yeah. Didn't quite puke so bad on the ride up here though
[20:00] <Ardelmos> ::follows the group, bringing up the rear, now eyeing Mem carefully::
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::follows the conversation as best he can, keeping an eye on the Liberati's reactions::
[20:00] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] ::thinks a few moments:: Camp in the Sigma Depression, yes?
[20:01] <Viktor> This is your first time?
[20:01] <Mem> [H] As I remember they spoke highly of your clan.
[20:02] <Thierry> Yeah. Still can't say I'm used to floating around. Makes operating tricky
[20:02] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Oh? I've never met a van Saar. I'm glad we've kept our good reputation.
[20:03] <Craig> ::watches the conversation trying to brush up on his highlands at the same time::
[20:03] <Gabriel> ::quietly:: General conversation, keep it light. I'll be back in a moment.
[20:03] <Gabriel> ::unclips himself from his couch and pushes off toward the barracks lockers again::
[20:04] <Knight> ::whispers:: +com+ I got something on the girl, looks like a hold out of some sort+
[20:04] <Detro> ::listens in on the comms... can't be good::
[20:04] <Viktor> Something just detached from the destroyer. Something big. ::Swings the drone around, to help get a better view::
[20:05] <Mem> ::glances at Tynes only a flicker, then back to Jemis, as he takes a couch:: [H] How is mining? ::looks around to whichever enlisted folks are nearby:: Can we get some water?
[20:05] <Knight> ::really wishes he was packin heat::
[20:05] <Thierry> ::Refocuses the sensors on the object Viktor indicated::
[20:05] <Gabriel> ::reaches his locker and opens it, and removes his trideo player and several chips::
[20:05] <Knight> +com+ can I get a confirm on the right thigh pocket, check for handgun
[20:06] <Tychon> ::prompts Nike to look at JJ, then along the length of the sloop::
[20:06] <Gabriel> ::now out of earshot:: +com+ They've never met Talons before, people. They're not sure yet we are who we say we are. Keep it easy. A gun or two is to be expected.
[20:06] <Thierry> +Com+ Pathfinder, we got something detaching from the Io, something big. Lost it passing in front of Indra. You have anything ?
[20:06] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] ::grins a bit:: come all this way for water? I thought there was lots of terra nova. You can have some, of course, but it's unrefined.
[20:06] <Viktor> +com+ Pathfinder, showing a contact off the destroyer. Burst of radiation, and it started burning off into the belt. Lost contact as it past in front of Indra. Sending you the tapes now.
[20:07] <Gabriel> ::secures the rest of the chips in the storage bag, then closes the locker, slipping most of the chips into the pockets in his BDUs, and pushes off back toward the foredeck::
[20:08] <Thierry> +Com+ Whatever was strapped to that Io is what launched off it. Trying to get a beter image of it
[20:08] <Knight> +com+ copy Captain... just something bothers me about the man bringing his daughter aboard an unkown ship... just strikes me as reckless.
[20:08] <Mem> Oh, whoops. ::grins awkwardly:: [H] I meant to have someone get *you* something to drink. ::chuckles:: But that's funny. The ones from our deserts are a little sickly, though. Tend to be grumpy. Some water might cheer them up.
[20:08] <Gabriel> ::slips one of the chips into the trideo player, drifting back into the foredeck::
[20:08] <Ardelmos> ::patiently floats there as Mem chats up the two -- well, one -- Highlander:: +subvoc+ Gun? No, they're not packing. ::Knight mentions the daughter:: And yeah, that chick is on the sharp edge of a knife::
[20:09] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Copy, Vector. Receiving.
[20:09] <Detro> +com+ Reckless... or intuitive? Maybe he figured he was about to get blown up and decided to escape?
[20:09] <Craig> ::looks at mem, raising an eyebrow at his last comment::
[20:10] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Of course. We'd love some terranovan water.
[20:10] <Mem> ::looks to the daughter and smiles, restraining a smirk:: [H] And you? How does life aboard an ice mining ship treat a lady such as yourself?
[20:10] <Knight> +com+ Still, he'd likely reconsider if he know Mem's back history....
[20:10] <Gabriel> ::reaches his couch and clips himself back to it, getting the gist of that:: Private Knight, get some beverages, if you would. Water, Octane, a bit of fruit juice. An assortment.
[20:11] <Thierry> What do you think that was? Drone? Shuttle? Really big missile?
[20:11] <Knight> ::pushes off to comply with the captain's order::
[20:11] <Ardelmos> ::stiffens somewhat as Mem starts talking to the daughter, watching her reaction carefully::
[20:12] <Detro> +com+ No kidding. I still can't believe that rumor about him sleeping with some CEF spy was true.
[20:12] <Viktor> It is hard to say with only passive sensors, through all that radiation. ::Views the sensor data of the launch again, looking for any clues::
[20:13] <Craig> ::leans towards roland, whispering:: yep he's flirting now
[20:13] <Thierry> Hang on...we just got that new database... ::Starts poking through the data recovered from Helios::
[20:13] <Knight> ::floats back into the room with an assorment of beverages locked down to a tray::
[20:13] <Mem> ::looks up at Tynes as he drifts by, then back to the guests:: [H] The captain would like to show you a few things, I believe.
[20:14] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::She replies to Mem cooly, but civilly:: [H] It's a good life
[20:14] <Knight> Captain, your drinks.
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::starts up the trideo player, which immediately begins playing a Northern Guard Gear training lesson, the Badlands and a squad of Hunters prominently featured::
[20:15] <Gabriel> ::releases the trideo player to float, projecting the Gears in mid-air in the cabin:: Tell them it's a training video, Lieutenant. I'm think they may think we're plants of some kind.
[20:15] <Mem> ::smiles at the daughter, who didn't seem that receptive, and then gestures at the trideo::
[20:15] <Thierry> +Com+ Pathfinder, based on the data we obtained, I think they launched a Slepnir.
[20:15] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::looks over at the trideo, tearing himself away long enough to take a bulb of plain old water.:: [H] This is you?
[20:15] <Mem> ::as the captain talks to him, he translates quickly:: [H] This is a training video.
[20:16] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::Takes a bulb of juice. She doesn't seem as interested in the video, but watches anyways::
[20:17] <Knight> ::offers tray's contents to father::
[20:17] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ ::a pause:: I confirm, Trembles. Try to see if you can spot it when it finishes its occultation of Indra.
[20:17] <Detro> +com+ Now why would they have happened to do THAT... ::dryly::
[20:17] <Gabriel> ::nods thanks to Knight, taking a bulb of water for himself::
[20:18] <Craig> ::takes some octane as knight passes by::
[20:18] <Thierry> +Com+ Will do Pathfinder. ::Refocuses on the spot it was likley to emerge::
[20:18] <Tychon> ::listens to the coms silently, wondering exactly what to do::
[20:18] <Gabriel> Lieutenant, tell them that we've just arrived in the system. Tell them we'd like to learn more about what they do, how it is done.
[20:19] <Knight> ::once everyone has take a beverage or refused one, returns to kitchen to secure the tray and remaining beverages::
[20:19] <Gabriel> +com+ Flight deck, I'd like a picture of our friends transmitted to Whipsnake one, please.
[20:19] <Mem> ::nods:: [H] We just arrived here, from Terranova. We want to know more about your operation, how it works.
[20:20] <Ardelmos> ::raises his chin slightly -- his more focused observation on the daughter made it obvious...:: +subvoc+ Watch what you say 'round the daughter. She knows Anglic.
[20:20] <Gabriel> ::nods at Roland but doesn't respond::
[20:21] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] About us? Ice mining? You came all the way here to learn how to mine asteroids? ::laughs::
[20:21] <Craig> ::makes note of roland's report and continues to listen::
[20:21] <Mem> ::grins:: [H] I assure you, anything you can tell us about it is valuable.
[20:21] <Melissa> ::whistles the them to Looney Tunes as she sketches on her pad::
[20:22] <Melissa> *theme
[20:22] <Viktor> Aha, there it is. +Com+ Slepnir spotted. Headed this way. Not directly to us, but in this general direction.
[20:23] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::looks at his daughter and shrugs:: [H] We come out to the belt and scan for likely asteroids. Leash them, drag them back to Heaven, where they smelt'em down.
[20:23] <Viktor> +com+ Engines are still burning, but not hard. ETA 36 hours, approx.
[20:24] <Mem> [H} Is Heaven the main station for this kind of operation?
[20:24] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] we sell most of it to the corps, keep a bit for ourselves. Then go out again. It's pretty simple.
[20:24] <Gabriel> ::decides Mem has things under control for the moment, shuts off the trideo, leaving it floating, then pushes toward the cockpit::
[20:25] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::nods:: [H] Biggest refinery, even bigger since the keffs showed up. They opened up four new centrifuges and are taking a water tarriff. Kickin' the water back to the Terran gate with a big slingshot.
[20:25] <Mem> ::is about to look to Tynes for more talking points, but sees he's just left the room and then looks back to Jemis::
[20:25] <Melissa> ::glances at the display, looking for the mining ship and tracing a line from the slepnir to their location...::
[20:26] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::remains quiet, looking about the room instead. Her hand stays close to that hook-staff::
[20:26] <Mem> [H] Most of what you mine goes to Earth?
[20:26] <Gabriel> ::arrives in the cockpit:: Sous-Sergent Macedon, send a video pick-up of our guests to Whipsnake One and give me a text-only line to her.
[20:26] <Craig> ::frowns a bit hearing about the water going to earth::
[20:27] <Gabriel> ::swings one of the keyboards toward him and types in a text message: "Something odd about our guests, medically. Can't quite figure it out. If you can, respond text only Pathfinder."::
[20:27] <Gabriel> Send that over, will you, Sous-Sergent?
[20:27] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::looks back at Tynes:: Yessir. ::taps away on his controls, and moments later, the Whipsnake has a new picture on a screen.::
[20:27] <Gabriel> If you get a response, relay it to my ear-piece.
[20:27] <Viktor> What is this? ::Looks up at the picture::
[20:28] <Savant> Whipsnake gets a message from PAthfinder - a picture of the two tall, slim Liberati, along with Tynes' text message.
[20:28] <Thierry> ::Sees the text and the pictures and starts typing back:: "Give me a second..."
[20:28] <Gabriel> ::pushes off back toward the foredeck::
[20:28] <Thierry> ::Studies the photos to see what Tynes is talking about::
[20:29] <Melissa> +subvoc comm+ Captain, that slepnir's gonna get really close to the mining ship ::goes back to whistling another tune::
[20:30] <Gabriel> ::stops just shy of the foredeck and clips himself to the wall, listening in on the convo but not actually in the convo, waiting to hear the word over his earpiece::
[20:30] <Viktor> Medically odd? They look normal to me.
[20:31] <Thierry> ::Starts typing again:: "These people aren't natural. They've almost certainly been either engineered or genetically altered, but they are related. Reccomend an attempt to get organic sample for analysis
[20:31] <Viktor> You can tell that from just a picture?
[20:31] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::Empties the bulb of water and exhales:: [H] No, no. Ten percent, really. It's ahrd on Caprice, but we still get by.
[20:32] <Ardelmos> ::eyes start boring into both of them as he almost seems to...smell...something off:: +subvoc+ Captain...these two are....unnatural.
[20:32] <Thierry> Usually, hence why I want some DNA.
[20:32] <Mem> ::nods:: [H] Any major corporations that deal in the industry? Your biggest buyers?
[20:32] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::frowns at Roland's stare::
[20:33] <Viktor> Huh. ::Looks impressed as he returns to his sensor readings::
[20:33] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] CMS, mostly. They're stable. But we'll play the game, sell to whoever's paying highest when we get there.
[20:33] * Tychon is now known as McC
[20:34] <Thierry> Could be SLEDGEs, could be engineered agents, could have some connections in the industry. Can't know for sure.
[20:34] <Gabriel> ::waits for Macedon to relay Thierry's message, then unclips himself from the wall and pushes into the foredeck proper::
[20:34] <Craig> ::nods at jemis' respons, figures costa moira would import some of the water::
[20:34] <Mem> [H] How about the mining fleet? How many like you, from the Highlands, and how many are Earthers or foreign types?
[20:35] <Mem> ::notes Tynes reentering the room with a glance, then looks back to the Jemis::
[20:35] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +subvoc+ Captain, we have a reply. "These people aren't natural. They've almost certainly been either engineered or genetically altered, but they are related. Reccomend an attempt to get organic sample for analysis"
[20:36] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Mostly Liberati working for corporates. Most aren't lucky enough to own their own ships. No earther miners, yet. Most corporates don't have the stomach for long space hauls either. They'll do a year or two in the station, tops.
[20:36] <Gabriel> ::nods and gets moving::
[20:37] <Mem> ::nods and looks at Tynes:: He says most of the mining fleet is Liberati.
[20:39] <Gabriel> Thank you, Lieutenant. Ask if their destination is the only location were the ice is cracked.
[20:40] <Mem> ::to Tynes:: it's definitely the largest and most important. ::back to Jemis:: [H] Are there other ice smelting stations other than Heaven?
[20:40] <Melissa> ::glances over again at Jemis and clears her throat:: [H] Excuse me? This is my first time out here and I don't mean to be rude...but the way you look...very odd. Why?
[20:41] <Ardelmos> ::tilts his head ever so slightly:: +subvoc+ ...daughter's a gunslinger.
[20:41] <Savant> Both Liberati turn and blink at Melissa, flabbergasted by the question.
[20:41] <Melissa> ::blinks innocently a couple of times::
[20:41] <Mem> ::also gives Melissa a slightly offended look::
[20:41] <Craig> ::tosses a glance at melissa frowning a bit, then hears roland and hmms::
[20:41] <Knight> ::wathces their hand movements::
[20:41] <Gabriel> ::takes the opportunity while both Liberati are distracted to slip one of the hairs out of a helmet::
[20:42] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Er.. what?
[20:42] <Mem> ::huffs:: [H] Excuse my subordinate, sir, she means nothing. I think the time in space plays with the rookies' heads sometimes.
[20:43] <Knight> +com+ Concur with Roland assesment.
[20:43] <Gabriel> ::tucks the hair into the breast pocket of his BDUs::
[20:43] <Melissa> ::blushes slightly:: [H] I do not mean to offend
[20:43] <Gabriel> Tell them that she was only curious why they are so tall. Are they bred for space? How many generations?
[20:44] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Aheh. New to the black, huh? Not surprised. You don't look like spacers. Then keffs and corps might not spot it, but a Liberati can see it a klick off.
[20:44] * Cody has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:44] <Mem> [H] I think she means to ask why you are so tall. And how many generations your clan has lived in space.
[20:44] <Melissa> ::nods somewhat enthusiastically in agreement::
[20:45] <Craig> ::takes the moment to speak::[H] the van saars we met were not quite as tall
[20:45] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::somewhat quietly, and brusquely, to Melissa:: [H] You look funny to us, too.
[20:45] <Melissa> ::smirks at Eleslie:: [H] I get told that by the guys back home
[20:46] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Oh! that. Heh, I suppose you won't have need of spacers with all your water on the planet like that. It comes with the calcium hack.
[20:47] <Mem> ::glances at Tynes, muttering to him in Anglic unsure:: Calcium hack?
[20:47] <Gabriel> ::shakes his head:: Ask him what that means.
[20:47] <Mem> ::looks back to Jemis:: [H] Is that part of the refining process? Calcium hack?
[20:49] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] It's an in-vitro genefix. Keeps calcium in the bones in zeegee, along with a few other things. Height is a side effect.
[20:50] <Mem> [H] Oh, I see. [A] ::to Tynes:: It's a genetic modification so their bones stay healthy in zero-G.
[20:50] <Detro> ::continues his watch at the hatch... so far, all's well, and it probably will be::
[20:51] <Gabriel> Very well. Did you find out if this Heaven is the only place where ice can be cracked?
[20:51] <Savant> The Whipsnake sees another brief flare in its sensors. The Sleipnir is maneuvering.
[20:51] <Mem> ::nods to Tynes:: No, not the only place, but it's the largest and most important.
[20:52] <Gabriel> How much of the water goes to Caprice?
[20:52] <Mem> He said ten percent went to Earth. They keep a small amount for themselves, but the rest... well....
[20:53] <Mem> [H] So ten percent of the water goes to Earth. Does the rest go to Caprice, or are there other colonies the mining operation supplies?
[20:55] <Viktor> ::Runs a few calculations through the whipsnake's nav commputers:: +Com+ That Sleipnir is burning again. Heading right for the mining ship.
[20:55] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] ::scratches his chin:: Mm. No. When I was a boy, I saw that big fleets moving - nothing like that anymore. There's a pretty steady chain through the Atlantis gate, and Utopia gate sees traffic once in awhile.
[20:56] <Gabriel> +com+ Thank you, Vector. ::turns to Mem:: Ask them if CID customs uses a shuttle like ours, but rounded.
[20:56] <Mem> [H] Most of it goes down to Caprice though?
[20:56] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::nods::
[20:57] <Mem> ::hears Tynes and adds it immediately:: [H] Does the CID use a ship like ours, but more round?
[20:57] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::hugs herself impatiently and looks about the small chamber::
[20:57] <Gabriel> ::gives Eleslie a half-smile:: This would go faster, miss, if we could talk to bo
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[20:57] <Mem> ::hears Tynes and adds it immediately:: [H] Does the CID use a ship like ours, but more round?
[20:57] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::hugs herself impatiently and looks about the small chamber::
[20:57] <Gabriel> ::gives Eleslie a half-smile:: This would go faster, miss, if we could talk to both of you.
[20:58] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Yes. They don't usually send the destroyers around, they'll use their fancy customs shuttles. No big guns but enough to slice open a hold. They look like yours, sort of.
[20:58] <Detro> ::keeps an ear on the comms... at least if they fight now though, it's not in some corridor filled with debris::
[20:58] <Mem> ::nods to Tynes::
[20:58] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::purses her lips, but finally offers:: What do you want to know?
[20:58] <Mem> ::looks at Eleslie with a start::
[20:59] <Gabriel> She speaks Anglic, Lieutenant. It's a negotiating advantage. And as the Lieutenant said, we'd like to know about the ice-mining and refining operation.
[20:59] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] Be nice, El. They're ravens. Wee babes in the black.
[21:00] <Gabriel> [H] No, out here, you are experts. That is why we ask. ::repeats the phrase in Anglic::
[21:00] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::glances at her father, frowning, then replies:: It's pretty simple. The corps all maintain their own small refineries, but most of the ships that supply those are corp-run. The biggest free-trade port is Heaven, close to Indra. Crawling with keffs. ::quieter:: used to be a much nicer place.
[21:02] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::to Tynes:: [H] Pardon her, raven. She's edgey around strangers.
[21:02] <Gabriel> ::suddenly smiles, like the sun:: It is all right. ::repeats that in Highlander as best he can:: Will you tell us where these corp-run stations are?
[21:02] <Gabriel> I believe we can encourage the keffs to reduce their contingent on Heaven. Or we can encourage the corps to do so.
[21:04] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> Most're around Indra, where the rads are free and there's lots of fuel from the hooks. They're all orbital, with rego solar smelters that cook the ice. Then they're spun up to split the slurry, and you bleed out what you want into your tanks to go back to the rock.
[21:05] <Gabriel> Can you plot them on our charts? The CEF has launched an assault on Terra Nova. We must slow them down, spread out their ships. If we can damage some of these corp stations, the CEF will have little choice but to spread out... defend them.
[21:06] <Thierry> ::Keeps his eyes on his sensors::
[21:06] <Melissa> ::sits back and looks at the display, the mining ship and the approaching slepnir in the center::
[21:06] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::gets an expression on her face that seems to say "oh, you've been attacked? poor baby.", but it passes. She takes out a PDA and a stypus and begins to draw::
[21:07] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:07] <Mem> ::responds to Eleslie's expression with one of his own, --
[21:07] <Mem> ::attn::
[21:07] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[21:07] <Craig> ::attn::
[21:07] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[21:07] <Melissa> ::attn::
[21:07] <Thierry> :ATTN:
[21:07] <Knight> ::attn::
[21:08] <Savant> there we are. How was that?
[21:08] <Detro> ::Attn::
[21:08] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[21:08] <Gabriel> Very nice. Kept everyone involved. Smile
[21:08] <Savant> seems a touch slow in places, but these ones can be tough like that.
[21:08] <Mem> Tons of fun
[21:08] <Detro> Sorry I've been out of it tonight guys.
[21:09] <Thierry> Hence why I tried to chat up Vik
[21:09] <Ardelmos> Huzzah
[21:09] <Craig> i've been picking away at my bio at the same time
[21:09] <Savant> I suggest you guys start a thread on the forums with questions you want to ask the Liberati. They eventually invite two of you over to their ship, incidentally.
[21:09] <Savant> Or, he does. She doesn't want much to do with you.
[21:09] <Mem> Well, we all have strong types of sims. Kalthak does better with combat sims, Mem with these kinds
[21:10] <Thierry> And I've been trying to broaden Thierry's skill base so there's something he can do every week
[21:10] <Savant> I'll post their replies tot he thread, so you can do your info gathering there.
[21:11] <Savant> I also expect everyone to post questions. Not just Tynes and Mem ^_-
[21:11] <Craig> jack of all trades master of none eh thierry?
[21:11] <Savant> any questions?
[21:11] <Thierry> Nopies
[21:11] <Mem> btw, if Mem finds out about these conversations happening behind his back, there are going to be some embarassing pictures circulating around Talon headquarters when we get back to TN.
[21:11] <Gabriel> Nope, pretty straight-forward.
[21:11] * Savant grins
[21:11] <Savant> good stuff.
[21:12] <Thierry> And, well, that's what he's becoming I'm afraid Scotty
[21:12] <Savant> I'm going to dole out experience points now. However, you don't get them. I get to keep them. Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll give them to you once I have everyone's bios ^_-
[21:12] <Savant> i'll start with two. Fairly good game. Do you guys think you discovered anything vital this week? Or accomplished something important?
[21:12] <LrdVampyre> Razz
[21:12] <Mem> You'll have mine soon.
[21:12] <Mem> I have a big paper due Monday morning
[21:12] <Mem> but I'll try to get it done before then.
[21:13] <Detro> You do realize that this has erased any real desire to push for points.
[21:13] <Thierry> Yup, sure did
[21:13] <Knight> vital info yes, the location of the breakers and some hint of their gene pool history
[21:14] * Savant shrugs, if you don't want to push for points that's fine by me ^_-
[21:14] <Savant> I agree, Knight.
[21:14] <Savant> No combat this time around. Do you guys think you acted as a team?
[21:15] <Thierry> Sure did methinks.
[21:15] <LrdVampyre> i provided Tynes with a distraction
[21:15] <Gabriel> Yep. Everyone had a role tonight and did their thing. And yeah, that was great, Vampyre.
[21:15] <Gabriel> Good job there. Smile
[21:15] * Savant grins
[21:15] <Mem> Yep. Even had one of the rookies fetch some beverages.
[21:15] <Craig> we acted as we normally do in these situations
[21:15] <Mem> Wink
[21:15] <Knight> quite surprised how the team acted in concert with little pre-planning
[21:15] <Savant> yeah, that was nice to see.
[21:15] <LrdVampyre> thank you Smile
[21:16] <Mem> I agree. The Rookies should wait on us hand and foot.
[21:16] <Mem> oh wait.
[21:16] <Mem> you meant something else... Wink
[21:16] <Thierry> Very Happy
[21:17] <Savant> i will give out one REAL experience point tonight if everyone can rate for me on a scale of 1 to 3 what they're looking forward to: Combat, Getting to know the Liberati, Intrigue, Corporate Culture.
[21:17] <Thierry> You try to have Thierry get you drinks and he'll be giving you all sorts of shots.
[21:17] <Savant> Rate each one between 1 and 3.
[21:17] <Mem> 1 highest?
[21:17] <Mem> or 3?
[21:17] <Savant> 1 highest, yeah.
[21:18] <Detro> Can I give you my answer later?
[21:18] <Thierry> Combat 2, GtK Liberati: 1, Intrigue 1, Corp Culture...1.5?
[21:18] <LrdVampyre> Combat 3, Liberati 2, Intrigue 1, Copr 3
[21:18] <Ardelmos> 3 1 2 3
[21:18] <Gabriel> For me, all. I like every aspect of the game, you know that. Wink
[21:18] <Savant> yeah, Detro.
[21:18] <Mem> 2 Combat (non-traditional is a ++), 1 Corporate Culture, 2 Liberati, 1 Intrigue
[21:18] <Craig> 2 1 1 2
[21:18] <Gabriel> Right now, I'm mostly looking forward to some sneaking around. No stand-up fights for the moment.
[21:19] * LrdVampyre has quit IRC (Quit: Careful of what you wish just might get it)
[21:19] <Viktor> I'm up for everything, as well
[21:19] <Savant> sounds like intrigue and corporate culture, Gabriel
[21:19] <Mem> Yeah. That's why I put non-traditional combat... something casual and/or unique that doesn't involve just stand-up firefights
[21:19] <Knight> combt 3, lierati 1, intrigue 3, coprporate 2
[21:19] <Savant> okay. one point for realz. Four waiting in the bank.
[21:19] <Knight> ack, intrigue 1
[21:20] * Savant grins
[21:20] <Savant> intrigue it is.
[21:20] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies in Session'
[18:00] * kari is now known as Viktor
[18:00] * CavScout is now known as Knight
[18:00] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[18:00] <Detro> ::Attn::
[18:00] * Gabriel has joined #bt05
[18:00] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gabriel
[18:00] <Tychon> ::attn::
[18:00] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:00] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:00] <Knight> ATTN
[18:00] <Viktor> ::at tn::
[18:01] <Savant> hello and good evening to you all. I'll have you know I'm missing out on a gorgeous evening and a potential barbeque right now. All for you
[18:01] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:01] <Ardelmos> ::attn:
[18:01] <Savant> anyways. We're jogging ahead a few days. Everyone knows the plan that Jester outlined in the forums?
[18:02] <Ardelmos> ::mug mug mug::
[18:02] <Thierry> Yuppers
[18:02] <Savant> Any questions or comments on that? Last minute changes or reversals? Pangs of conscience?
[18:02] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:02] <Savant> Detro?
[18:02] <Tychon> Give me a pang, Vasily. One pang only, please.
[18:02] <Detro> I just wanna comment: Thanks. Smile
[18:03] <Savant> I'll give you a briefing.
[18:03] <Savant> Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies
[18:03] <Savant> 26 Summer TN, 1900h - Afternoon
[18:03] <Savant> 0.21 AU Inward of the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt, 72 degrees antispinward of Indra
[18:03] <Savant> -269 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity. It's frickin space.
[18:03] <Savant> Talon 05 has entered the Loki system and passed the first obstruction by demolishing the venerable Helios Transit Station. Their second challenge is a large one - disrupt the water supply travelling to Caprice from the belt.
[18:03] <Savant> This objective could be dangerous - threatening the water supply of Caprice is a little bit like treatening to take a steak from a starved dawg. It could get ugly.
[18:03] <Savant> However, with the potential of forcing a great deal of work onto the CEF fleets, it's simply too much of an opportunity to pass up...
[18:03] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:03] <Detro> ack
[18:03] <Gabriel> ack
[18:03] <Knight> ack
[18:03] <Thierry> ACK
[18:03] <Tychon> ack
[18:04] <Savant> and i'm ready for questions, in Ross's words.
[18:04] <Craig> ack
[18:04] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[18:04] <Savant> Gabriel
[18:05] <Gabriel> Mostly for the team: of the seven people not in Whipsnakes, is anyone violently opposed to being in a Gear or much prefer being in the safety of Pathfinder? We could use a CapCom to coordinate the three teams.
[18:05] <Thierry> I'll take that job
[18:05] * Birkin has joined #BT05
[18:05] * Savant sets mode: +o Birkin
[18:06] <Savant> we will be picking up just as you're heading out to meet your first target: "KSM Sollers Radio"
[18:06] <Gabriel> You're elected, Thierry. Knight and Roland with WS1. Tychon and Mem with WS2. Craig and Detro with Pathfinder. One HLC and one HGLC to each of the three teams, HGLCs with Roland, Tychon, and Craig.
[18:06] <Ardelmos> Zzzapzapzap
[18:07] <Gabriel> And two haywire grenades with each Gear.
[18:07] <Savant> very good
[18:07] <Gabriel> Remember, folks: don't kill anyone. Killing anyone is both bad mojo and costs us points that we'll need in the final round. Wink
[18:07] <Craig> ok
[18:08] <Savant> if this is going to be a standard formation, I recommend putting a post up in the forums about it.
[18:08] <Ardelmos> ::mutter mutter::
[18:08] <Thierry> So basically, Theirry is sitting in Pathfinder with a headset on?
[18:09] <Craig> so how do we go about defending ourselves if we can't kill anything? or do you mean just our main target we don't kill?
[18:10] <Birkin> Disable
[18:10] <Gabriel> Just the main target. The Gears are there just in case some of these ships are carrying drones or weapons.
[18:10] <Gabriel> If they are, kill drones, disable weapons.
[18:10] <Craig> ahh ok
[18:11] <Savant> any further questions?
[18:12] <Savant> seems no. Any further discussion to the OOC channel.
[18:12] <Savant> Let's rock this thang
[18:12] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:13] <Gabriel> ::undocks his Whipsnake from Pathfinder, then gives a brief thrust from the portside thrusters to clear the shuttle::
[18:13] <Savant> You have been led here with the lovely voice of Meline al Bansen still in your ear. The Sollers corporation claims this range of space, and should be full of soft targets to strike.
[18:13] <Detro> ::is mounted up in JJ already::
[18:13] <Thierry> ::Settles into his designated seatLL
[18:14] <Knight> ::straps in::
[18:14] <Ardelmos> ::is strapped firmly into his seat, hands opening and closing over Erinyes' controls as his gear half-halplessly drifts through the void behind the whipsnakes::
[18:14] <Savant> It didn't take long before you could hear and see the siren song of one particularily loud ship. You odn't know it's name, but you do happen to know that it's a radio station broadcasting for all the local miners. You've been listening to "Sollers Space Radio" for the past several hours.
[18:15] <Viktor> ::Looks over at Birkin with a toothy grin:: Okay, here we go. You ready, yes? ::Already reaching for the disembarkment switches::
[18:15] <Savant> "... that was Maxin Jericho with 'Gate Web', his newest hit single! How long has that been up on top of the charts, Hannas? Fourteen weeks? Doesn't look like anything's going to be able to de-throne Maxin. But if anyone's trying, it's The Sorority. Here's their latest, 'Trencher'. You're listening to Sollers Space Radio - The Voice of the People - and I'm Marco Magnificent..."
[18:15] <Thierry> ::Tries to tune out the ship's music:: Not my type
[18:15] <Ardelmos> ::vaguely wonders if they could have picked a more obvious ship::
[18:16] <Birkin> Is this guy for real? Yeah I'm ready. ::looks over the controls for a few seconds to orientate himself::
[18:17] <Tychon> ::hums quietly along to the tunes, enjoying them to some extent as he coasts along with the Whipsnake, occasionally glancing off towards Mem::
[18:17] <Craig> ::is strapped into Swifty waiting to be deployed::
[18:17] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::turns down a knob to decrease the broadcasts' volume for Thierry::
[18:18] <Thierry> Thanks. I'm rather selective on my music
[18:18] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods once, all business::
[18:18] <Detro> <JJ> ::doesn't mind the radio too much... he's focusing on the mission::
[18:19] <Savant> The Talons have chosen a good approach angle. The refractory nature of a debris field has hidden their burns to gain a proper trajectory, leaving them to drift towards their target undetected.
[18:20] <Savant> "Here's some news just wired straight out of the Cat's Eye News Network (Bringing you Loki one byte at a time). Ladies and gentlemen, we've just been informed that Liberty Station has been destroyed by Terranovan insurgents. I'm wiring footage out to you now, so tune in to fifteen and have a look for yourself at the video as taken by the cruiser Qiemo."
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[18:20] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jester
[18:20] <Detro> <JJ> ::fortunately, he'd annointed JJ before things got too involved::
[18:20] <Viktor> ::Runs through the startup sequence of the -snake with the deftness of countless repetition, and engages the preprogrammed flightplan, talking all the while:: He is not so bad, really. All radio jockeys have such a personality. Time honored tradition.
[18:20] * Gabriel has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Jester)))
[18:20] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:21] <Thierry> ::Pulls on his headset and focuses on the status console in front of him:: +COM+ Com check everyone
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::uses Pathfinder's sensor telemetry to do the initial programming on his right-hand glass cockpit screen::
[18:21] <Ardelmos> ::frowns slightly and waits for the next comment, wondering whether this is the right ship they should be hitting:: +com+ 5 by 5.
[18:21] <Savant> For those watching, the footage is clear and steady, though frequently disrupted by the flash of nuclear explosions. In it, the Paxton Space Services are fighting a terrible battle against superior numbers - only the element of surprise has allowed them the successes so far. The announcer's voice is present, but he's clearly no professional.
[18:22] <Birkin> ... I guess? ::shakes his head a bit:: At least we get to change his tune here in a little bit ::grins:
[18:22] <Detro> +com+ Affirmative, strong signal
[18:23] <Knight> ::mutters to himself:: I hate space drivin'....
[18:23] <Craig> +com+ i hear ya
[18:23] <Savant> "You should be able to make out the highlighted shuttles on their way to the station here... and here. These vehicles have been captured in footage previously - we're streaming out footage of an incident over the Sigma Depression from nearly a year ago, where one of these beasts was caught and destroyed by the Arclight stations and the 221st Terran Aerospace Wing."
[18:24] <Tychon> ::frowns at the footage, a little dismayed by it::
[18:24] <Viktor> Yes, it should be very interesting to today's broadcast, when he realizes just what is coming his way. Whoever decided to leave them with their comm equipment intact is doing the entire sector a favor.
[18:24] <Savant> The ship itself is visible now. It's a bulky thing, much bigger than the asteroid. The same idea- a long spar with engines on one end and a capsule on the other. The middle section of this one is full of massive holding tanks, however.
[18:24] <Thierry> ::Grins as the announcer mentions the Furies:: +Com+ Don't mean to distract anyone, but our work is being broadcast all over the sector.
[18:25] <Gabriel> ::just for fun, backtraces the radio signal::
[18:25] <Savant> "I'm fast forwarding - we'll steam the whole thing to you under the next set of songs. Here you can see the stealth shuttles escaping the station, and - make sure you're seated if you're under gee's, folks." The station, predictably, detonates as the Talons flee.
[18:27] <Savant> There are two drones along with the ship, one directly behind and one directly in front. Both are broadcasting the same signal as the radio station-ship, as well as scanning a passive scan that has yet to pick up the Talons
[18:27] <Gabriel> +com+ Target vehicle is trailing drones. Tychon, Mem, those are yours.
[18:27] <Tychon> +Com+ Aye, Captain. Ready to attack on your word.
[18:28] <Thierry> ::Pulls up the image being broadcast and sets his console to save the transmission:: +COM+ I have the drones on screen now
[18:28] <Savant> The announcer grows grave. "Friends, we have lost a piece of our heritage today, along with over one hundred and thirty fellow Capricians. I'd like to broadcast a moment of silence."
[18:28] <Birkin> One hundred and thirty? That better be shored up for propoganda. I'd hate to think we only axed that many of those guys.
[18:29] <Knight> +com+ maybe they dont count grells.
[18:29] <Tychon> ::makes his words into fact, and runs through another weapons check to ensure he is, indeed, ready to go::
[18:29] <Viktor> ::Shakes his head:: It is a shame you all had to destroy Liberty Station. All that history.
[18:29] <Thierry> ::Chuckles:: 130, ha!
[18:29] <Detro> ::ignores the radio chatter... what kind of discipline was Tynes ignoring here?::
[18:29] <Savant> The ships are getting closer now - and the leading sensor drone winks at Pathfinder
[18:29] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> We've received a ping
[18:29] <Ardelmos> ::turns the haywire grenade in Erinyes' left manipulator over in the gear's hand, starting to track the communications equipment with his laser cannon::
[18:30] <Gabriel> +com+ OK, people, steady down. Whipsnake One, I've got the radio ship. Pathfinder, take the one on the right.
[18:30] <Knight> +com+ We got anyone to jam the coms, don't want them shouting for help do we?
[18:30] <Thierry> +Com+ We've been pinged by that drone. Might want to deal with it
[18:30] <Savant> The broadcast wakes again. "We cannot allow this terrorism to continue. The Terrans came to re-unite humanity under one flag. Sollers Space Radio - all of Kalam-Sollers-Makham - stands with them, and stands with you. Appreciate well, Caprice. Appreciate well, and stand with us."
[18:30] <Birkin> We'll build a big monument for them. I don't like destroying bits of old history much myself, but if it will help keep us from being attacked anymore.
[18:30] <Viktor> +com+ All yours, Captain. Good hunting.
[18:30] <Thierry> +Com+ Understood. ::Nods to Aggie::
[18:30] <Gabriel> +com+ Mem, Knight, activate jammers and let's go to work.
[18:30] <Knight> ::scans ECM equipment::
[18:31] <Knight> ::activates ECM gear to block transmissions from target::
[18:31] <Savant> Far, far off in the distance, by thousands of kilometers, three more mining ships glitter like distant jewels. One tows an asteroid on its own, while the other two are heavy with holding tanks containing massive amounts of ice to slake Caprices' thirst
[18:31] <Viktor> Ohh, I'm not denying that it was necessary. Just a shame is all. Tragic.
[18:31] <Gabriel> Melissa> ::opens WS2's bay doors and extends the drone:: +com+ Tychon, Mem, kill the drones.
[18:31] <Gabriel> <<Melissa does the first, Gabriel does the second.>>
[18:32] <Tychon> +com+ Acknowledged. Commencing attack. ::goes!::
[18:32] <Viktor> Things are about to get very interesting on Sollers Space Radio ::reaches to turn up the volume on his comm panel::
[18:32] <Gabriel> Melissa> ::releases the missile drone::
[18:33] <Gabriel> ::shifts his controls to take control of the drone a moment after launch:: +com+ Whipsnake Two, missile running hot, straight, and normal.
[18:33] <Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself:: Moment of silence, eh? Good timing. Less to scream about.
[18:33] <Knight> ::works ECM panel::
[18:33] <Gabriel> ::begins guiding it into the engines of the mining ship::
[18:33] <Craig> ::has swifty near the bay door ready to jump out at a moment's notice::
[18:33] <Thierry> ::Looks down at his console:: +Com+ Confirmed
[18:35] <Detro> <JJ> ::keeps his eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary... maybe the transmission was a trap::
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[18:36] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:37] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> You have firing co-ordinates. Launch torpedo one, prep torpedo two.
[18:37] <Savant> PAthfinder sends a missile steaking out through space through the Talons' advance, which splashes into the engine of one of the mining ships
[18:38] <Thierry> +COM+ Direct hit
[18:39] <Tychon> ::guns in towards the trailing drone, prepping the HGLC::
[18:39] <Birkin> ::holds his fire, awaiting orders::
[18:39] <Gabriel> +com+ Whipsnake Two, release your seeker here and proceed to the next target.
[18:39] <Gabriel> <<One>>
[18:40] <Ardelmos> ::continues to float in behind the whipsnakes, beelining in directly towards the radio ship without requiring many adjustments to his course::
[18:40] <Viktor> +com+ Copy that. ::Looks to Birkin:: You have the launch?
[18:40] <Gabriel> ::goes active on sensors and is gratified to see the ship's engines are heavily damaged:: +com+ Tychon, Mem, take out those drones, proceed with the plan. No killing. Haywire grenades and laser shots as needed to disable them here.
[18:40] <Birkin> ::prepares the missle for launch, opening the door and locking in on the drone::
[18:40] <Birkin> Yup. I got it.
[18:40] <Knight> ::scans ship for weapons::
[18:41] <Savant> Immediately the tiny, stubby little lasers of the mining ships swivel and fire in automated patterns at the incoming missiles and vehicles as they reveal themselves. It seems that these weapons are mostly for minor jobs, and do little other than score paint when and if they do actually hit.
[18:41] <Viktor> ::Pulls up Mining Vessel 3 on the flight management system, and activates it as the next waypoint, firing off the thrusters to send them on their way:: And we're off...
[18:42] <Gabriel> +com+ Melissa, activate our laser cannon turret as needed to clear those guns.
[18:42] <Thierry> +Com+ ::Chuckles:: Those lasers aren't a threat
[18:42] <Ardelmos> ::fires his maneuvering thrusters briefly, swinging Erinyes' legs 'up' so that he's now 'falling' in on the mining ship instead of flying face first into it::
[18:43] <Melissa> ::scans the display:: Captain...both ships are spewing hot helium and listing. They're not going anywhere any time soon
[18:43] <Melissa> ::flips the switch to arm the laser cannons:: +com+ Lasers ready and online, sir
[18:43] <Viktor> ::Once the Whipsnake is underway, he pulls up a remote console for the seeker drone, preparing to fly it manually the rest of the way::
[18:43] <Savant> One of the mining ships - the further one towing the asteroid - is getting on the comms and screaming for help. It appears to be just outside of ECM range
[18:43] <Gabriel> :::nods:: Very well, thank you, Dekarch. Weapons at your discretion.
[18:43] <Ardelmos> ::fires his thrusters again and slows his approach -- Erinyes' legs flex as the slam into the side of the mining vessel and the magnetic couplers grasp onto the hull -- he immediately begins trudging towards the communications equipment::
[18:43] <Knight> ::burns slightly vectoring to bring Dash in from the port-side aft of vessel::
[18:44] <Birkin> ::lets the missle fly::
[18:44] <Gabriel> ::accepts the distress call as any artist accepts tribute:: +com+ All units, ignore the distress calls, say again, ignore.
[18:44] <Thierry> +COM+ Understood ::Looks down on his console to see where the nearest help is::
[18:45] <Gabriel> +com+ Whipsnake One, I'll need control of your seeker when ready.
[18:45] <Savant> Roland can see a massive communications dome in front of him. It's about five times the size of his gear, made of smooth plastic, and currently full of power as they try to overwhelm the ECM with sheer output
[18:46] <Ardelmos> ::stuffs the haywire grenade in Erinyes' manipulator into the middle of the dome of communications equipment and depresses the timer that's been installed there -- then turns his gear and starts trudging along the hull towards the sensor array::
[18:46] <Birkin> +com+ Seeker drone is away from Whipsnake One, Sir.
[18:47] <Savant> There is a brief flash of electricity upon the spine of the closer ship as Rolands' grenade goes off
[18:47] <Gabriel> +com+ Acknowledged, Whipsnake One. Melissa, release our seeker.
[18:48] <Gabriel> ::takes control of Whipsnake One's seeker and guides it toward the radio ship::
[18:48] <Birkin> ::thumbs the control of the lasers and rail guns:: Mmm. Anything else need a good talking to ::eyes the two drones and the gears nearby it in position to attack::
[18:48] <Gabriel> +com+ Mem, identify the ship's radio and leave a couple of scramblers on it.
[18:48] <Tychon> ::takes aim and unleashes a volley of fire at the trailing drone, blasting it to itty bitty shards of nothing, and then swings around for a new attack on the second drone::
[18:49] <Ardelmos> ::reaches the mass of spires that hold the sensory equipment and pulls out his second grenade, shoving Erinyes' arm into the mass of metal and again depressing the timer::
[18:49] <Gabriel> +com+ All teams, once you've disabled your targets, leave scramblers on their radios. They'll disable the radios for a few hours, long enough for us to exit the area.
[18:49] <Melissa> ::flips the control to the seeker and prepares to fire the seeker::
[18:49] <Thierry> +
[18:49] <Thierry> +Com+ Understood Captain
[18:50] <Gabriel> Dekarch, program the seekers to attack CEF profiles only, Sleipnirs and CEF heavies.
[18:50] <Thierry> +Com+ No sign of help yet sir
[18:50] <Gabriel> We'll leave them here to confound rescue efforts.
[18:50] <Craig> ::opens the bay door and hops out to go after his target::
[18:50] <Ardelmos> ::turns and trudges back up the spine of the ship for a moment, then decouples Erinyes' feet from the hull and pushes off, drifting back towards Pathfinde::
[18:50] <Detro> <JJ> ::following Craig, going for the sensors::
[18:50] <Melissa> +com+ Roger that sir, feeding information into seekers now
[18:51] <Savant> Once again, a haywire grenade goes off on the spine of the massive ship. Several laser blasts zip close to Erinyes' head.
[18:51] <Ardelmos> ::mutters:: I really ought to kill you for that.
[18:51] <Savant> Meanwhile, close behind and in space, Tychon is playing gunfighter with the drones - pegging them off like a sharpshooter shooting cans off of fenceposts.
[18:51] <Craig> ::nods as he sees JJ heading for sensors so he positions swifty to get the comunication array::
[18:52] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, go after target three. Missile tube seven, please. No nukes. JJ, Swifty, same plan.
[18:52] <Detro> +com+ Aye sir. ::lines up for his shots::
[18:52] <Tychon> ::draws a bead on the second drone and unleashes a second volley of photonic death, ripping to pieces::
[18:52] <Thierry> +COM+ Affirmitive. Aggie, if you would
[18:52] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Acknowledged, Deacon. Fire tube two.
[18:52] <Craig> <<correction, swifty goes after the engines>>
[18:52] <Savant> ((Make that seven, whoops))
[18:54] <Tychon> +com+ Two destroyed.
[18:54] <Craig> <<correction again, swifty goes to plant scramblers>>
[18:54] <Thierry> ::Grins as he looks at his console and says, mainly to himself:: Well, this is fun
[18:54] <Savant> Pathfinder lets another shot loose, streaking past the drifting radio shift and slamming into the kilometers-distant hauler. It begins to spray hot plasma out into space in a long corona
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::continues to monitor:: +com+ All teams, once your target is disabled, return to Pathfinder for reloading and transit to next target area.
[18:55] * Detro lines up on one of the sensor clusters and lets off a HLC shot
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::glances over his shoulder:: Dekarch, are the seekers programmed?
[18:55] <Thierry> +Com+ Confirmed targets are disabled. Come on back
[18:55] <Ardelmos> ::adjusts his course with his maneuvering thrusters and intercepts Pathfinder, floating carefully up and into the vehicle bay before belining for the gear weapons locker::
[18:55] <Tychon> ::hears the comm signal from Tynes and nods to himself:: Time to go home, then. ::brings Nike around and powers off toward Pathfinder::
[18:56] <Knight> ::scans target for active things that need to be deactivated::
[18:56] <Savant> Detro neatly cores the sensor cluster, burning a broad, black hole into the grey plastic and metal
[18:56] <Detro> +com+ Sensor array... neutralized.
[18:57] <Melissa> ::finishes running the known CEF signatures through the seekers' electronic brains before locking them down:: +com+ Seekers are hot and hungry....sir
[18:57] <Gabriel> Find good places to hide them, Dekarch, and we'll RTB.
[18:57] <Craig> ::comes up to the mining ship and lands near the comm array, he then takes a scrambler and secures it to the hull and activating it:: +com+ scrambler planted
[18:57] <Ardelmos> ::pulls another pair of haywire grenades out of weapons locker:: +com+ Reloading.
[18:58] <Thierry> ::Huffs as he tries to keep up with the speed of the mission:: Prophet help me
[18:58] <Tychon> ::sidles up to Pathfinder and pulls the Gear in, prompting it to wave at Roland before he himself commences to reload::
[18:59] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Open the bay, Macedon. They're coming home.
[18:59] <Craig> ::releases swifty from the ship's hull and heads back to pathfinder::
[18:59] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods and taps a control - seconds later the rear hatch begins to yawn open::
[18:59] <Melissa> ::plots their courses and sets them to hide::
[19:00] <Knight> ::continues to scan for threats::
[19:00] <Detro> <JJ> ::covers Craig on his approach and way back:: +com+ JJ, Thirsty, mission accomplished. RTB.
[19:00] <Gabriel> +com+ Whipsnake One, RTB ASAP. This isn't our only job today.
[19:00] <Thierry> +Com+ Good work guys
[19:00] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::shifting about in his seat:: C'mon, c'mon, i hate taxiing. Get in here.
[19:00] <Birkin> Sounds like we got more work ahead of us ::stretches out as best he can in the gunnery seat::
[19:01] <Knight> ::fires burn to intercept with pathfinder:: Let's move Dash.
[19:01] <Ardelmos> ::harrumphs and locks the haywire grenades into their storage position on Erinyes' quads, backing into the vehicle bay and securing the gear for burn::
[19:01] <Melissa> ::pats the console gently, smirking to herself:: Bon voyage, my little friends. Good hunting +com+ Drones are hidden and ready
[19:01] <Detro> <JJ> ::returns to the ship and secures JJ::
[19:01] <Knight> +com+ Dash on egress.
[19:01] <Viktor> +com+ Copy, coming back. ::Flips the ship over on its axis, and begins burning back towards the pathfinder::
[19:01] <Tychon> ::recharged and reloaded, snuggles Nike into a secure position for the burn and signals his readiness to the command cabin::
[19:01] <Knight> ::roatates Dash to line up with Pathfinder::
[19:01] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::looks at Thierry:: I've got an engine ping. Looks like an... urchin. Maneuvering to ... well, he's not coming right for us.
[19:02] <Gabriel> ::matches Whipsnake One's maneuver and forms up on his wing::
[19:02] <Knight> ::enters bay and locks Dash down::
[19:02] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Keep an eye on him. +Com+ Sir, Sergent Macedon has a ping from an Urchin
[19:02] <Knight> +Com+ Dash is stored and bored.
[19:03] <Savant> As the Talons retreat, their ECM blanket drops. The ships capable of communication are screaming for help.
[19:03] <Viktor> ::Notes the target coming on on them, then looks out a side window with a grin:: +com+ Looking good over there, two. Nice shooting.
[19:03] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Trembles. Pathfinder, prepare to depart the area.
[19:03] <Knight> ::snickers:: Sweet... tjeu
[19:04] <Knight> ::snikers:: Sweet, they've changed stations.
[19:04] <Thierry> +Com+ Understood. Everyone on board?
[19:04] <Gabriel> +com+ After-action report once we're aboard. Let's expedite.
[19:04] <Detro> +com+ Locked in and ready to roll.
[19:04] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, prepare to recover two Whipsnakes.
[19:04] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Ready to depart, Snake One. Flyboy's itching to go.
[19:04] <Knight> +Com+ Dash secure.
[19:05] <Viktor> ::Rubs his hands together as he prepares for a combat docking, reaching for the control levers::
[19:05] <Craig> ::gets swifty secured in the vehicle bay:: +com+ swifty secured
[19:05] <Gabriel> ::splits off from Whipsnake One and prepares to dock on the starboard side of Pathfinder::
[19:05] <Ardelmos> ::remains in Erinyes in case something unexpected happens while they recover and he needs to redeploy -- it would be better to remain in the gear during the burn anyway::
[19:05] <Savant> Pathfinder yaws to expose its belly slightly, lining up for the Whipsnakes to dock beneath its stubby wings
[19:05] <Knight> ::stretches what little he can in the cramped confines of the cheetah::
[19:05] <Birkin> ::holds on as the ship comes in for a quicker than normal docking::
[19:06] <Viktor> ::Rotates the -snake over again, burning furiously to match relative velocities with the larger ship::
[19:06] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Ready to dock. Gears- you have fourty seconds to secure yourselves.
[19:07] <Gabriel> +com+ Linking up... now... now... now. ::extends his docking collar and finishes the maneuver::
[19:07] <Ardelmos> ::makes sure Erinyes' magnetic grapples are active and locked to the deck, also ensuring he's buckled in tight to hsi acceleration chair::
[19:07] <Thierry> ::Takes a moment to catch his breath, Thierry's first stint as a combat coordinator didn't go well for him::
[19:08] <Thierry> ::Straps into his seat in the command compartment::
[19:08] <Savant> There is a metal THUD as stubby fingers grab onto Whipsnake two, and seconds later, Whipsnake one. Then a groaning sound follows as the seal tightens, and everything is secure.
[19:08] <Tychon> ::watches the others enter the bay, nodding slowly as each one comes in and secures::
[19:09] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Twenty seconds. Peresalona's looking antsy, don't expect him to wait for you.
[19:09] <Thierry> +Com+ Snakes secure, hurry up people. Jermei wants to go
[19:09] <Gabriel> +com+ Don't wait. We're attached. We'll do EVA to return aboard once your maneuver is completed.
[19:09] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::notes Thiery's stressed out look and grins, nudging him with an elbow::
[19:09] <Viktor> ::With a final shudder, the snake is docked, and Viktor turns to switching the ship's systems on hot standby:: Have fun, Boomer?
[19:09] <Melissa> ::looks up at the sound of being attached to the Fury and shakes her head::
[19:10] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Whatever you say, Deacon. Conn, give me a thirty second burn.
[19:10] <Birkin> I want to shoot something.
[19:10] <Thierry> ::Grins back to Jermi:: Just fly for now.
[19:10] <Gabriel> ::settles back into the Whipsnake's command seat, tightening the straps a bit:: Bit more private than the foredeck in here, anyway.
[19:10] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::grins at the order and punches the throttle down::
[19:11] <Detro> <JJ> ::in the vehicle bay, looking at the HLC his gear carries from the safety of his cockpit:: Nice gun.
[19:11] <Melissa> Yes, sir
[19:11] <Savant> Everyone is kicked into their seats as the seals on Pathfinders two fusion bottles open.
[19:11] <Ardelmos> ::pulls back his retinal holoprojectors and unstraps his rebreather reaching into a pocket and throwing a piece of gum in his mouth to avoid grinding his teeth -- performing an assault without killing or blowing up anything was grating on his nerves::
[19:11] <Tychon> ::winces against the acceleration, though it's familiar enough by now::
[19:12] <Melissa> ::takes several deep breaths as shes thrown back against the chair, still getting accustomed to z-g motions::
[19:13] <Viktor> ::Grunts against the g-forces, keeping his head and neck straight against the indentation in his headrest::
[19:13] <Knight> ::grunts at the unexpected harhness of the burn::
[19:14] <Thierry> ::Breathes deeply as the burn puhses him into his seat
[19:15] <Birkin> (m) Here we go again...
[19:15] <Knight> ::lets out a yalp as his rib cage is pressed firmly against the seat's left arm rest::
[19:15] <Savant> And then the burn stops... there's a few more little kicks as Pathfinder changes her vector, jinking to help hide her in the debris. Then, nothing again.
[19:15] <Detro> ::grins at the maneuvering actions::
[19:15] <Thierry> +Com+ Burn complete
[19:16] <Knight> ::inspects his aching side::
[19:16] <Melissa> ::re-adjusts herself in the chair, slightly disappointed at having come to the end of the burn::
[19:16] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::looks over his screens:: They don't seem to have spotted us yet. Or they aren't telling, if they have.
[19:16] <Ardelmos> ::takes a deep breath in through his nose and bows his head, pulling off his helmet and setting it down at his feet before beginning to unbuckle from his seat::
[19:17] <Thierry> That Urchin still closing?
[19:17] <Tychon> ::exhales, the strain of bracing against a burn leaving him a bit winded::
[19:17] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Burn complete. Rad Ops says we're in the clear. It'll be some time before they're here.
[19:17] <Viktor> ::Shifts in her seat, leaning forward to run a hand over all the switches on his console, ensuring they're in the correct positions:: Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I'd decided to stay on the surface...
[19:17] <Craig> ::takes a deep breath once the acceleration stops then pulls off his helmet for the moment::
[19:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Pathfinder. Egressing Whipsnake Two. Find us another bunch of sheep and we do it again.
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::glances over his shoulder at Melissa:: Ready for a bit of an EVA? The airlock is still full of supplies. ::grins through his helmet::
[19:18] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::checks:: Yeah. Maintaining course right now. They'll be here in a few hours. Probably going to launch daughtercraft soon. I'm keeping an eye on'em.
[19:18] <Detro> ::pops the cockpit on JJ and maneuvers out into the vehicle bay::
[19:18] <Ardelmos> ::cracks Erinyes' cockpit and lets the chest open upwards, climbing out and pulling himself down Erinyes' front face towards the deck::
[19:18] <Viktor> ::Looks taken aback at that:: We launching again?
[19:18] <Melissa> ::grins and nods:: Yup
[19:18] <Knight> ::pops hatch and ever so gently pulls himself out of the cockpit::
[19:19] <Gabriel> Check seals. ::checks the seals on his suit and helmet, and shuts down all the Whipsnake systems save one APU::
[19:19] <Birkin> Probably boring. ::looks around:: We'll I'm gonna go inside. You coming?
[19:19] <Detro> ::makes his way to the couches:: We win. ::grins::
[19:19] <Thierry> ::Nods:: You're better at this then I am. +Com+ Captain, Urchin still closing. The Sous-Sergent belevies it should be launching its daughtercraft soon.
[19:19] <Knight> ::slowly climbs down side of gear, wincing each time his left arm moves::
[19:20] <Melissa> ::looks over her suit making sure all seals were tight and in place:: Seals good
[19:20] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::shrugs::
[19:20] <Viktor> I guess not.. ::Turns his head to Birkin, popping the releasing on his harness in the process:: I suppose so.
[19:20] <Knight> +com+ Doc, you free? I think I may have busted a rib on that burn.
[19:20] <Gabriel> ::opens the cockpit of the Whipsnake and undoes his seat straps, then pulls himself free of the fighter::
[19:21] <Tychon> ::watches the other get out of their gears, but decides to keep himself snuggled into Nike's cockpit, running diagnostics and analyzing the data from the attack to see what he did and what he can do better::
[19:21] <Craig> ::opens the hatch on swifty and hops down to the vehicle bay deck::
[19:21] <Melissa> ::takes a deep breath and detaches from the harness and follows Gabriel::
[19:22] <Birkin> ::releases the harnass and opens the cockpit, begining the trek in space towards the airlock to enter into the Fury::
[19:22] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:22] <Craig> ::looks over at detro:: not bad shooting there, put a nice hole in their sensors
[19:22] <Thierry> +Com+ I suppose, though you should really strap in better. Meet me on the foredeck. ::Unstraps:: I have to go patch up Private Knight. I
[19:22] <Gabriel> ::uses the Whipsnake airlock handhold to get a grip, then starts nudging himself along toward the vehicle bay personal airlock::
[19:22] <Thierry> 'll be right back
[19:23] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> We'll hold the fort down.
[19:23] <Thierry> ::Manuvers himself towards the cabin medkit::
[19:23] <Knight> ::heads to foredeck::
[19:24] <Savant> In the foredeck, Macedon has displayed an inspiring picture on the main display. The mining ships hang in space, tumbling gently while broadcasting as loud as they can for help. All thoughts of playing music are gone, apparently.
[19:24] <Melissa> ::keeps her eyes on the Fury, not daring to look out into the vastness of the vacuum around her. She makes her way, a half-pace behind the captain::
[19:24] <Detro> ::reaching the acceleration couches, he grabs a cawfee bulb:: Thanks. Like shooting water vipers back home. :Very Happy:
[19:24] <Knight> +com+ That's easy for you to say Doc all snuggled in a g-couch.
[19:24] <Ardelmos> ::propels himself across the deck and towards the common area, floating through the centre of the vehicle bay cracefully::
[19:24] <Thierry> ::Sees Knight Enter as he gets his medkit and scanners:: Just sit down, let me have a look.
[19:24] <Viktor> ::Pushes himself off the armrests and out of his chair, performing what amounted to an immelman turn as he launches towards the lock door with practiced grace::
[19:25] <Tychon> ::lets the diagnostics run as he watches the maneuvering play out, noting a slightly better vector he could've used::
[19:25] <Knight> ::points to the very sore left side of rib cage::
[19:26] <Thierry> ::Pulls out his medical scanner and scans the area to see if its broken::
[19:26] <Knight> Hurts like all get out.
[19:26] <Ardelmos> ::floats through the common room and towards the foredeck, pulling himself to a stop at the entrance to the cockpit and glancing at the screens within:: What? No more tunes?
[19:26] <Viktor> ::Outside the whipsnake cockpit, he moves much more carefully, going from handhold to avoid floating off in the wrong direction::
[19:26] <Gabriel> ::reaches the outer personal airlock door near the vehicle bay and opens the outer door::
[19:27] <Detro> To be honest though, I half wish the shot went through their hull, for that crack about us being terrorists.
[19:27] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::looks over her shoulder at Roland, grins:: Excellent show of restraint, Sergeant.
[19:27] <Thierry> Its just bruised. No worries. Let me get you some cream for that.
[19:28] <Knight> ::grunts:: Just a bruise he says...
[19:28] <Knight> Got anythig local to numb it? The next burn might aggrevate it.
[19:28] <Ardelmos> ::grumbles and turns to return to the common area:: Yeah, yeah, yeah; give me a medal. Just don't get used to it.
[19:29] <Thierry> ::Looks through the medkit and pulls out a silvery tube:: Here you do. You can rub it in yourself I assume?
[19:29] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Turns back to her console, but waves a hand at retreating Roland:: Didn't expect to.
[19:29] <Gabriel> ::waits for Melissa to enter the airlock, then closes the outer door, cycles, and opens the inner door, removing his helmet::
[19:29] <Knight> Sure can. Unless you have a nurse stashed around here.
[19:29] <Tychon> ::puts a note into Nike's battle computer subroutines about the vector optimization::
[19:30] <Melissa> ::enters the airlock and waits::
[19:30] <Gabriel> ::enters the vehicle bay::
[19:30] <Thierry> ::Chuckles:: The nurse is flying this tub, though Tynes has helped me out a couple of times
[19:30] <Knight> I think I can do it myself.
[19:30] <Melissa> ::follows the CO, feeling somewhat relaxed being inside Pathfinder::
[19:31] <Savant> The lights inside are dim, but there's atmosphere and heat enough. Pathfinder's not too worried about battle just yet.
[19:31] <Ardelmos> ::returns to the central common area and floats down to a couch, settling himself down and velcroing himself in while forcing himself to close his eyes and try to relax::
[19:31] <Detro> ::floats over to a couch, ready to strap in if needed:: One down, plenty of others to come.
[19:31] <Thierry> Let me know if it gets worse. I'll be up front.
[19:31] <Gabriel> ::finds a panel and hits shipwide:: +com+ Well done, everyone! Little chaotic, but it was our first time doing this, so that's to be expected. Debrief on the foredeck in five minutes.
[19:32] <Gabriel> ::shifts to cockpit-only:: +com+ Aggie, how long to our next set of sheep?
[19:32] <Knight> ::finds a g couch and straps in::
[19:32] <Viktor> ::Moves through the pathfinder, trying to remember his way around the unfamiliar ship::
[19:32] <Thierry> +Com+ Understood sir. Knight's a bit banged up, but he'll live
[19:32] <Craig> ::floats his way to the foredeck and straps into an empty couch and waits for tynes::
[19:32] <Tychon> ::hears the com and sighs, closing off the analysis, but instructing Nike to continue diagnostics as he pops the hatch and pushes himself toward the corridor, heading to the foredeck::
[19:32] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Hour-and-twenty, sir. Give or take five.
[19:33] <Thierry> ::Settles into his couch on the foredeck and waits for Tynes::
[19:33] <Melissa> ::makes her way up to the foredeck and nods to the other members as she finds a seat::
[19:33] <Gabriel> +com+ Understood, doctor. Let him know he only gets a wound medal if he takes a wound from enemy action. ::chuckles and closes the comm::
[19:33] <Detro> ::apparently Craig wasn't up for much conversation, so Detro lets things go on silent::
[19:33] <Savant> Nike> ::The gear's head swivels to watch Tychon leave the bay::
[19:33] <Ardelmos> ::rolls his neck and takes another deep breath, opening his eyes again -- his teeth were less active now; not mashing the gum as much as just chewing it now.
[19:33] <Gabriel> ::stows the helmet in a vehicle bay locker, checks his BDUs, and heads for the foredeck::
[19:34] <Tychon> ::floats down the corridor towards the foredeck, noting Tynes behind him and tossing off a salute/wave::
[19:35] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Departs the cockpit, floating down into the foredeck and turning to the tiny galley to find a squeezie-tube of juice::
[19:35] <Gabriel> ::reaches the foredeck, catching his cough, then neutralizes his momentum, lets go, and waits for the others to gather::
[19:35] <Viktor> ::Sticks his head up into the common area, noting life:: Aha, here we are. ::Pulls himself into the room, twisting to orientate with what appeared to be "up"::
[19:35] <Thierry> ::Nods to Tynes as he enters the foredeck:: Let me apologize for my performance in advance. Coordinating surgery is alot easier then cooridnating an attack
[19:36] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::finding what she wantes, she turns and pushes back to the doorframe to the cockpit, lingering there for the debriefing::
[19:36] <Detro> ::offers Tynes a salute::
[19:36] <Tychon> ::drops himself into a couch, looking around as his squadmates enter::
[19:36] <Gabriel> ::gives the doctor a half-smile:: There's a reason I started you on an easy one, doctor. Feel like you have a good feel for how these play out, now? We hit three ships at a time, one right after the other. ::returns Detro's salute::
[19:37] <Gabriel> That way, we're far enough away to cause a lot more havoc than we could without the Whipsnakes, but we're close enough to still be reasonably supporting of each other if it's needed.
[19:37] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Yessir. I'll do better next time sir.
[19:38] <Ardelmos> ::snaps his gum::
[19:38] <Gabriel> ::addresses the group:: Well done, everyone. Next targets are up in about an hour. Birkin, lead the detail, reload Whipsnake One. Craig, lead the detail, reload Whipsnake Two. Same loads for the Gears.
[19:38] <Craig> ::nods to tynes:: aye sir
[19:38] <Tychon> ::nods as the orders are given out::
[19:38] <Gabriel> This time, we're going to mix it up a little. The first time, we left seekers as a sort of surprise package for the rescuers.
[19:39] <Gabriel> This time, I want to do something different. Dekarch, I'd like you to activate the CEF hunter-killer. I want to use it to attack one of the ships, and more than that, I want the attacking ship to see it attacking them.
[19:39] <Gabriel> Think you can manage that?
[19:39] <Tychon> ::grins at the proposed plan::
[19:40] <Melissa> ::nods:: Aye aye sir...I'm all over that like...white on...nevermind, sir. It'll get done
[19:40] <Ardelmos> ::arches an eyebrow slightly, wondering where Tynes is going with this::
[19:40] <Gabriel> Other than that, everything's the same. One missile per target, engines and sensors only. Then the Gears move in, kill sensor drones, and drop haywire grenades on navigation and scramblers on communications.
[19:40] <Viktor> ::Frowns, wondering what a CEF hunter-killer does::
[19:41] <Thierry> Understood sir. You want me back up front helping keep an eye on that Urchin
[19:41] <Melissa> ::pulls out her PDA and hands it to Viktor with the details of Pookie on screen::
[19:41] <Gabriel> ::nods at Thierry:: Please. ::back to everyone:: No killing. We're creating cripples here, not corpses. Everyone clear on that?
[19:42] <Melissa> Aye
[19:42] <Knight> Roger ::nods::
[19:42] <Detro> Yessir.
[19:42] <Thierry> Yessir. ::Waits to be dismissed and then floats back to his seat up in the command compartment::
[19:42] <Viktor> ::Takes the device from Melissa with a "what's this?" expression, then looks down to key through it::
[19:42] <Ardelmos> ::snaps his gum again and mutters some semblance of a response::
[19:42] <Tychon> ::nods quickly, himself having no real desire to kill anybody::
[19:43] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Reload details, I want reloads complete and confirmed in a half-hour. Dismissed.
[19:43] <Viktor> ::Looks up quickly, seeing the briefing winding down, and raises his hand:: Uhh, Captain?
[19:43] <Craig> ::unstraps from the couch and nods to birkin before heading back to the vehicle bay::
[19:43] <Gabriel> ::turns:: Abrosimov? Question?
[19:44] <Viktor> Is there any chance we can get the word from command detailing which targets are for which teams sooner? Bit of confusion on that last time, I think. Slowed me down, at least.
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Good point. We'll see what we can do there.
[19:44] <Viktor> ::Smiles briefly:: Thanks.
[19:44] <Viktor> ::as an afterthought:: ... sir.
[19:44] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::nods at Gabriel and pushes into the cockpit to relay the briefing information to her team::
[19:45] <Thierry> ::Settles back in on the command deck and smiles at Jermei:: Sorry if I was a bit curt. Not used to running an assault like that
[19:45] <Knight> ::makes way to bay::
[19:46] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Eh, that's fine, Toledo. Don't let it get to you.
[19:46] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[19:46] <Melissa> ::goes down to the vehicle bay and begins to look over the hunter-killer::
[19:46] <Savant> that's included int he game. We have dice rolling to do first, however.
[19:58] <Savant> The Black Talons spend nearly a day in these raids. They continue to evade thesearch teams, doing as much damage to the mining ships they find without actually killing anyone.
[19:59] <Savant> They are successful for the most part - all of the ships are damaged, no horrific damage. Stollers Radio comes back on the air at some point, and begins broadcasting increasingly fervent calls to stomp out the "Terranovan Problem"
[20:01] <Savant> Macedon portrays a lovely image on the screens during a restful period; the Hunter-Killer drone tearing a Sleipnir to shreds. The shuttle never even saw the attack coming. The drone survived without a scratch and is patiently waiting for orders.
[20:02] <Savant> Not everything went well, however. Thierry could barely keep up with the combats as they happened, and there were some combat incidents.
[20:03] <Savant> Craig passed out briefly during one of the accelerations and strained his neck - painful, but he'll be okay.
[20:04] <Savant> Knight was not so lucky. He passed out as well, unfortunately just as Pathfinder was hitting high burn. When he woke, that bruised rib was now quite broken and he could feel a warm trickle within his chest...
[20:09] <Savant> The Doctor and Captain manage to patch him up, and he's still fit for some sort of duty, so long as he takes it easy. Tychon reports some neck strain as well, but it's nothing that he can't handle - so he says.
[20:13] <Savant> There are a few more tricks and a few more traps - Captain Tynes orders some radio chatter in Siberian to implicate Earth in these attacks, and the hunter-killer drones are left behind to sow discord and terror amongst the rescuing CEF ships.
[20:14] <Savant> All of this being done, Pathfinder nestle in nice and snug to a rocky asteroid with its eyes to the skies, watching and waiting for the pursuit.
[20:15] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[20:16] <Savant> The Talons have been waiting here for a few hours now - enough time for those interested to catch a little sleep, get something to eat, and rest
[20:16] <Gabriel> ::drifts back and forth from the cockpit to the foredeck, waiting::
[20:17] <Thierry> ::Stays somewhat nervously in his seat in the command compartment, waiting::
[20:17] <Melissa> ::is in the vehicle bay, going over 'Pookie', making sure all was as it should be then floats over to Bonaparte and gives the hull a comforting pat::
[20:17] <Ardelmos> ::floats behind the pilots seats in the Fury beside an instrument bank, carefully eyeing the passive sensor and comm data flowing into the terminal from the Fury's equipment::
[20:17] <Detro> ::idly working on his stories::
[20:17] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Is floating on one side of the foredeck, stretching like a gymnast::
[20:18] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Glances up at Roland from time to time - it's a little annoying to have someone looming over ones shoulder. Unlikely that Roland cared however::
[20:18] <Craig> ::floats along from the vehicle bay to the foredeck, holding an cold compress to the back of his neck, still feeling the effects of that last big burn::
[20:18] <Thierry> I must say I like it up here. Looking out on a monitor and doing it through a real window are hardly the same
[20:19] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::shrugs at Thierry from his station - he's been glued to that spot since this whole operation began:: I don't get to look up that much.
[20:19] <Melissa> ::after looking the Hun over, idly floats over to where the two Octopi were strapped in and gave them a once over as well before drifting to the foredeck::
[20:19] <Gabriel> ::decides not to bother those on the cockpit and heads back for the foredeck::
[20:20] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::cracks his neck... cracks his shoulders.. cracks his fingers... cracks his spine:: aaah.
[20:20] <Knight> ::tries to move as little as possible::
[20:21] <Viktor> ::Sits on a coach, manipulating a PDA with a thumb, waiting idly for something to happen::
[20:21] <Thierry> I didn't normally in my old job, its nice to get a chance ::Puts his eyes back on his status display::
[20:21] <Detro> ::writing:: "...the theft of the Sollers Diamond would be one of my greatest challenges - and triumphs. But I didn't know that then. Just that the only evidence I had was a half-eaten sandwich and a pool of blood..."
[20:21] <Craig> ::spots tynes drift into the foredeck:: sir, the gears and whipsnakes have been reloaded and are ready to go again
[20:22] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> Old job? ::doesn't look up fromh is screens - he seems to be interested in something::
[20:22] <Melissa> ::finds a chair and straps in, letting herself relax completely as she had been taught by the Protectors and napped::
[20:23] <Thierry> Was an ER doc before I joined the defense force. ::Notes Cory staring at something:: You got something there?
[20:23] <Ardelmos> ::glances at Macedon, then at the man's screen -- he wasn't seeing any on the ones he was looking at::
[20:24] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> Mm. ::nods affirmatively as he works:: Just matching it now.
[20:24] <Detro> ::hearing Craig just raises all the muscle aches he got from helping in that task... zero G or not, momentum was a bitch...::
[20:24] <Thierry> ::Nods, finger on the comm switch::
[20:25] <Gabriel> ::has a seat at one of the foredeck consoles and listens in on the chatter from the cockpit::
[20:25] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::pulls a rubber ball out of his pocket and begins to bounce it against the walls in a repetitive, almost meditative fashion::
[20:25] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::pauses and grins, then taps a control - the display in front of Aggie (and ROland) switched to show a collection of radiation trails:: Got'em.
[20:26] <Thierry> What we got Sarge
[20:26] <Thierry> +Com+ Captain, we got company
[20:26] <Ardelmos> ::narrows his eyes slightly and tries to identify the signatures based on the formation and strength::
[20:26] <Thierry> ::Looks at the signatures for himself::
[20:27] <Detro> "...the goon shoved Det up against the wall, shredder at his stomach. 'So, you wanna play games, do ya?'..."
[20:27] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::Continues working, whistling lowly:: Hoo, we've stirred up the hornet's nest. Two Urchins. Looks like I spot an Io back there too.
[20:27] <Melissa> ::blinks a couple of times and comes out of her nap and looks about the room:: Hmm
[20:27] <Detro> ::still wired up to the comms, he hears the call... puts what he was working on aside:: We mounting up?
[20:27] <Thierry> +Com+ Pair of Urchins and an Io sir. Might want to get up here
[20:28] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods:: Io's belly is half full. Likely has its Sleipnirs out on patrol. Both Deils are full-up.
[20:28] <Gabriel> +com+ I can hear you fine. Let them go by. They're not gonna commit a task group to a rescue op. That's a hunting group. They probably think Terra Nova left a destroyer behind to prey on shipping. Look for the rescue group.
[20:29] <Savant> ((Urchins. Whoops))
[20:29] <Thierry> +Com+ Understood sir.
[20:29] <Gabriel> ::overhears Macedon:: +com+ That's what we want. Find one of their patrol group.
[20:30] <Thierry> ::Pulls up the display to try to assist::
[20:30] <Viktor> ::Nods to himself, glad to hear the sane decision not to go after two frigates and a destroyer::
[20:30] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ There's nothing else local, sir. I'm betting we'll see one of these Urchins go check in on the damaged ships.
[20:30] <Gabriel> +com+ If that's the case, all the better, Sous-Sergent. We wait for them to go by, then we fall back to where they were, looking for one of their shuttles.
[20:31] <Gabriel> +com+ Sadly, we're no match for an Urchin on alert, much less a full task group.
[20:31] <Melissa> ::stretches the kinks out of her legs and shoulders while yawning, much like a cat::
[20:31] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Hey, Childs.
[20:32] <Melissa> ::looks over at Jeremi and smiles:: Yes?
[20:32] <Gabriel> +com+ Go passive if you have to up there, and if you really have to, manuever seeker three hard to get their attention.
[20:32] <Detro> ::straps himself into a nearby couch, just in case::
[20:32] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Tosses his rubber ball at her - well, near her at least:: Catch.
[20:32] <Craig> ::also gets himself strapped into a couch::
[20:33] <Gabriel> ::pulls up the display of the Urchin, though, never having reviewed its weapon load before::
[20:33] <Thierry> +Com+ Cap, I got the Slepnirs, they're headed back to the Io I think
[20:33] <Melissa> ::smirks and reaches out to grab the ball then tosses it back, unclipping herself from the chair::
[20:34] <Gabriel> +com+ In a group, or can you ID a straggler, Trembles?
[20:34] <Thierry> +Com+ Working ::Checks his display::
[20:34] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::points:: Urchin Two's maneuvering... Yup. moving into our zone. Looks like they're opening bay doors, too.
[20:34] <Ardelmos> ::rubs his chin:: They're awfully close to the others. Even if we jump it, can we take it before we get swarmed?
[20:36] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::shrugs at Roland:: I bet the kid could dodge whatever that thing's got.
[20:37] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::grins and puts the ball away::
[20:37] <Gabriel> ::listens in on the chatter from up front, and unstraps::
[20:37] <Thierry> ::Adjusts to track any launch from the Urchin::
[20:37] <Gabriel> ::pushes himself forward::
[20:37] <Detro> ::looks about to go, but figures it'll be crowded enough, and he'll be closer to the vehicle bay this way::
[20:38] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::looks back at Gabriel as he comes through the tube:: You want me to put this up on your screen back there?
[20:38] <Melissa> ::steadies herself and floats cross-legged, listening to the conversations going on::
[20:38] <Viktor> ::Looks across the room at DT:: 'Cha working on?
[20:38] <Gabriel> ::as he arrives:: No need, Sous-Sergent. We're not taking on an Urchin, not alone, and certainly not with a destroyer running backup. That ::points at the screen:: is just the thing we want the CEF doing: bunching up their ships, wasting fuel guarding the sticks.
[20:39] <Detro> ::glances a Viktor:: Oh. Nothing right now. Just wondering how we're getting out of this one.
[20:39] <Melissa> ::to no one in particular:: You know, this reminds me of those old submarine movies, where the sub is hiding and everyone has to pretty much stop breathing while the destroyers float over head...
[20:39] <Gabriel> No. We hide out here, wait, look for a Sleipnir or even a group of Sleipnirs. That's the sort of thing we want to prevent: lots of hornets buzzing around. We nuke a shuttle or two, badly disable one, and they'll think twice before launching them.
[20:39] <Viktor> ::Turns his head to the cockpit:: Haven't gotten into it, yet.
[20:39] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods as he looks back down to his boards again::
[20:40] <Ardelmos> ::looks back at Melissa:: Submarine movie?
[20:40] <Knight> ::grimaces each trime he moves::
[20:40] <Thierry> ::Starts looking at his console for a lone Slepnir::
[20:40] <Melissa> ::nods:: Yup...the SR made a couple a while back...given they have a wet navy...and some old classics from way back when
[20:40] <Gabriel> ::grins at Melissa:: In that case, Dekarch, find me a lonely little troop transport.
[20:41] <Detro> ::grins:: Still, if we were..
[20:41] <Melissa> ::purses her lips, finger infront:: Hmm, that might require a bit more work...though...
[20:41] <Ardelmos> ::would scratch his head, but it would throw him off balance and into the bulkhead::
[20:41] <Gabriel> How many Sleipnir's in that little cluster?
[20:42] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::looks over at Knight:: You want some painkillers, man? There's some good stuff in that medical ward.
[20:42] <Thierry> ::Checks:: 4 coming back to the Io, 2 popping off the urchin
[20:43] <Viktor> Were what?
[20:43] <Gabriel> Where are the two going?
[20:43] <Melissa> I wonder...we have an idea of their basic IFFs...we have a couple of drones, and all we need to do is change the wiring and source output...fake a signal and bring our prey to us...
[20:43] <Thierry> Checking ::Looks back at the console::
[20:44] <Thierry> ::Grins:: Going out to the ships we hit it looks like sir
[20:44] <Gabriel> ::nods at Melissa:: Sooner or later, I want to try to capture an Urchin, but that's something we do closer to Caprice, and right before we think about landing. I have some rather specific plans for a big heavy CEF ship if we can score one.
[20:44] <Detro> If we WERE engaged with them. But I'm sure we'd find a way out.
[20:44] <Melissa> ah..
[20:45] <Knight> I probably would Corporal if it would hurt so much moving there.
[20:45] <Gabriel> Well. That's more like it. ::turns to Aggie:: Can you put me in position to intercept those two without giving us away to the hunter group?
[20:45] <Ardelmos> ::smirks slightly to himself, knowing full well what Tynes wants to do with said captured ship::
[20:45] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Hold up. ::pushes off from the wall with a foot, towards, the medical bay::
[20:45] <Viktor> Ohh. Well, I'd hope so, yes. ::Looks at Detro a little strangely::
[20:45] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Sure can. What sort of ETA are you looking for?
[20:45] <Detro> Eh, what can I say? I like a challenge.
[20:46] <Gabriel> Farther from the big dogs, the better. I want to kill one, board the other. We'll need a little time. We need intel, more armored space suits, fuel, food.
[20:46] <Viktor> You do? Can't say I agree, this far from home. No thanks.
[20:46] <Melissa> ::stops floating as she moves back to her chair, hearing that they may be under power shortly, strapping herself in::
[20:47] <Detro> Suit yourself.
[20:47] <Thierry> Sirs, shall I summon Peresalona?
[20:47] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::nods and flips a switch on her headphones:: +com+ Attention. Burn in twenty minutes. I say again, burn in twenty minutes.
[20:48] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::returns from the medbay with a needle in hand.. he floats over to Knight's chair:: Hold'er still, now.
[20:48] <Knight> ::doesn't move::
[20:49] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Gives Knight the injection::
[20:49] <Viktor> ::Shrugs:: Nothing wrong with being impulsive. I find most gear drivers are like yourself.
[20:49] <Melissa> ::sits, smiling at the thought of those drones of hers waiting:: Hmm...wonder if I shoulda named them... ::shrugs:: oh well, they'll got out in a blaze of glory
[20:49] <Gabriel> Senior Ranger Zucco, spin up nukes in tubes one and two. I might be in the mood to use them. ::slaps Theirry on the shoulder, gives Macedon a wink, then pushes off back toward the foredeck::
[20:51] <Savant> Ranger Zucco Jim> ::nods and does so::
[20:52] <Savant> Captain Tynes returns to a sudden panic in the foredeck. Knight has just passed out and is making some sort of horrible gurgling sound
[20:52] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> guh- wh - what?
[20:52] <Melissa> ::glances over at the noise and blinks::
[20:53] <Gabr
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[20:53] <Gabriel> ::kicks off the closest wall, accelerating like a missile toward Knight:: Medic!
[20:53] <Detro> Ah, but it's not impulsive. It's more just a desire to do a little more somet... ::looks on at worry at Knight::
[20:53] <Craig> +com+ thierry, you better get your ass in here
[20:53] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> h-holy shit! ::launches over to the medical cabinet and drags a whole crate over::
[20:54] <Thierry> ::Unstraps from his chair in the cockpit before gabe calls and is already half way to Knight by the time the call comes:: OK, what did you stick him with
[20:54] <Knight> ::gurgle::
[20:54] <Ardelmos> ::looks back over his shoulder from the cockpit:: What the fuck is going on back there? What'd you do to the poor guy, Doc?
[20:54] <Thierry> ::Grabs the medical scanner:: Nothing.
[20:54] <Melissa> ::wants to go help, but her knowledge of medicine was limited to what a tank shell could do to the human body::
[20:54] <Viktor> ::Floats out of the couch a little bit, looking at Knight:: Not good---
[20:54] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> I- it was just the painkillers, honest! ::is tearing open the medical kit::
[20:54] <Gabriel> ::grabs one side of Knight, and uses their combined weight to spin 180 degrees, trying to aim either his rear end or legs at the reverse wall, shielding Knight with his own body to come to a stop as close to the forward part of the foredeck as possible::
[20:54] <Knight> ::mumbling:: No.... stop... run....
[20:55] <Gabriel> Knight! Belay that and shut up. ::holds him steady against the wall for Thierry::
[20:55] <Thierry> ::Looks Knight Over and Glares at Jermei:: I give the shots here
[20:55] <Knight> Grrrrmalrrrrgrrahhhh
[20:55] <Detro> Whatever we do, it better be fast. ::raising his voice:: How long until the next burn now?
[20:56] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> He was in *pain*, man! Look- nevermind, what do you need me to do.
[20:56] <Gabriel> ::nods at Detro:: Fast is better than slow, doctor.
[20:57] <Thierry> He's reacting to the drugs. Get him on a couch.
[20:57] <Viktor> ::Slides back closer to the wall, trying to get as far out of the way as possible, since he doesn't know the first thing about medicine::
[20:57] <Gabriel> ::nods and pushes off the wall, more gently this time, aiming for one of the couches::
[20:57] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::helps Tynes get Knight onto his acceleration couch::
[20:57] <Melissa> ::looks on, nervously, unable to assist and knowing better than to say anything::
[20:58] <Ardelmos> ::mutters and turns himself about in the cockpit, moving to the exit of the foredeck and poking his head in to see what the commotion is::
[20:58] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Oh man, oh man oh man. It's an allergic reaction. He doesn't have any allergies in his profile!
[20:58] <Knight> ::incoherent mumblings::
[20:59] <Thierry> ::Digs around for the proper drug and then injects Knight with it::
[20:59] <Thierry> Its all right Jermei. This should do the trick
[21:00] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::exhales ahrply and shakes his head, looking positively mortified::
[21:01] <Detro> Worry about it later. We've got a burn coming up.
[21:01] <Knight> ::eyes open:: argh... what in the prophets name just happened... why does my whole body hurt?
[21:02] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Oh man. Are you okay? Shit. You had an allergic reaction.
[21:02] <Thierry> Someone note that allergy in his medical profile. ::Looks at Knight as he wakes:: Bad reaction to a drug.
[21:03] <Gabriel> ::relaxes:: Well done, doctor. ::guides Knight fully into the couch::
[21:03] <Melissa> ::let's out a breath, realizing that she's been holding it for the last few seconds::
[21:03] <Thierry> Get some sleep Private, Doctor's orders. ::Glances to Jermei:: Its not your fault, I would have made the same mistke if I'd done it
[21:03] <Ardelmos> Hey guys? We've got enough trouble trying not to let the CEF kill us without killin' each other, mmmkay?
[21:04] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::grunts and nods, but doesn't seem to think so::
[21:04] <Detro> Let it go Roland, it could have happened to any of us.
[21:04] <Knight> ::drifts into fitful sleep::
[21:04] <Viktor> ::Looks a bit skeptical, and knowing who he's going to do to, if he ever needs medical help::
[21:04] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Shakes his head, watches Knight for a moment longer, then pushes off into the cockpit again::
[21:05] <Thierry> ::Follows Jermei back to the cockpit to try and calm Jermei.::
[21:05] <Gabriel> OK, people, show's over. Get into the racks and let's prepare for this burn. The preliminaries are over and we've got a battle to fight out here, maybe the first real space battle ever fought in this system.
[21:05] <Detro> ::straps back in::
[21:06] <Craig> ::gets back into his couch and straps down::
[21:06] <Viktor> ::Pushes off the ceiling, back down into a couch, and pulls the very straps towards the catch over his chest::
[21:06] <Gabriel> ::glances once more at Knight, then heads for his own couch::
[21:06] <Thierry> ::Straps into his new seat in the command deck:: Its ok Jermei. I've made that mistake many times. Wasn't so lucky a couple of them.
[21:07] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::mutters:: yeah... still...
[21:07] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:07] <Savant> aand that seems a good point to stop it
[21:08] <Savant> thank you, Mr Knight, for adding that little bit of drama at the end ^_-
[21:08] <Thierry> Keep the doc busy will ya Smile
[21:08] <Craig> don't thank knight, it's all lemon:)
[21:08] <Savant> Next week we'll deal with you guys beating the piss out of some earthers.
[21:08] <Savant> questions?
[21:08] <Knight> =0
[21:08] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[21:08] <Savant> Gabriel
[21:09] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[21:09] <Melissa> ::raises::
[21:09] <Gabriel> On behalf of the team, their CO, Capt. Gabriel Tynes, esq. would like to point out that the biography section is now full of yummy bio goodness. May we please have our XP from last week now? Wink
[21:09] <Savant> yes, you may. It was four experience points, yes? Yes. You may have four experience points. Plus more, I imagine.
[21:09] <Melissa> for some reason "yummy bio goodness" just seems so disturbing...
[21:10] <Savant> we shall get to experience in a moment
[21:10] <Savant> Thierry?
[21:10] <Thierry> To McC actually, How does one put a specialization on a skill that normally doesn't have them...say Medicine
[21:10] <Thierry> in the DB
[21:10] <Melissa> McC isn't here...
[21:10] <Savant> any skill should be able to take a specialization
[21:11] <Gabriel> Thierry, spend 5 SP points in it, then submit it, then back out, go back in, and it should have a new line for the specialty.
[21:11] <Craig> he's not here, i think he just forgot to change nicks and such
[21:11] <Thierry> Got it
[21:12] <Savant> Melissa?
[21:13] <Melissa> ::bats anime eyes at GM:: i need to discuss XP spending with you at some point cause I gots lots and am not used to spending at the end of every session
[21:13] * Savant grins
[21:13] <Savant> okay. We'll deal with that at some point before next game
[21:13] <Melissa> excellent
[21:14] <Savant> Any further questions, or would you like to see if I will give you more than those four experience points already banked?
[21:14] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[21:14] <Savant> Gabriel?
[21:14] <Gabriel> Want to talk more about that Pilot/Gunnery bunch of skills/one skill thing?
[21:14] <Savant> yeah. I've been considering it for awhile now, and I think I likeit
[21:14] <Craig> whazat?
[21:15] * Melissa is curious like a fox
[21:15] <Savant> When using a similar skill, it's a -2 to the roll and your CPX drops to 1. I will allow you to drop dice in order to ameliorate the -2 to the roll.
[21:15] <Detro> Eh. I think I like having my points in the skill instead Very Happy
[21:15] <Savant> so, you can roll the similar skill at a -2, or at a -0 with -2 dice to the skill. Or, -1 to the roll and -1 dice.
[21:16] <Melissa> cool, so i can just really focus on one gunnery and one piloting skill then...
[21:16] <Savant> so if you want, Melissa, we can have you compact your piloting and gunnery skills into one or two skills that you can then use similar skills for.
[21:16] <Savant> that's right.
[21:16] <Gabriel> So, the obvious question. Can a few of us that are spread to hell and gone like Melissa, Birkin, and Gabriel concentrate their points instead?
[21:16] <Savant> we'll try that awhile, and so long as there aren't any huge problems, we'll gow ith it.
[21:16] <Savant> yes, you can.
[21:16] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Thanks.
[21:16] <Craig> that would be good if you have at least a level 3 skill really
[21:16] <Savant> submit your changes to me, though.
[21:16] <Detro> Bah. I've invested points in multiple gunneries and piloting Razz
[21:17] <Melissa> -nods- will have something for you
[21:17] <Savant> you cna shuffle as well. Keep in mind that a similar skill is going to be weaker than actually having the skill
[21:17] <Gabriel> I'd like to compress down to one set for ground and one set for aerospace.
[21:17] <Savant> makes good sense, Gabriel
[21:17] <Detro> No thanks. I have ground gunnery at 2/2/+2 and am NOT loosing it Razz
[21:18] <Savant> up to you. I think actually having the seperate skills is a good idea, if you have points for it
[21:18] <Savant> anyways. Let's continue to experience points
[21:18] <Savant> I'll dole out two right now for it just being a fairly good game, in my opinion. Any objections to that?
[21:18] <Melissa> nope
[21:18] <Craig> nope
[21:18] <Savant> Didn't think so ^_- Gimme an example of you guys working together as a team.
[21:19] <Melissa> co-ordinated team effort on the convoy
[21:19] <Thierry> Um, lets see, teaming up on those ships
[21:19] <Savant> i think you guys handled Knight's near-death experience fairly well as a team, too ^_-
[21:19] <Gabriel> On team two, Victor flew, Birkin drone-launched, Roland shot things up, Knight ran ECM. Finely crafted machine.
[21:19] <Knight> teaming up to save my bacon
[21:19] <Savant> hee
[21:19] <Craig> we followed orders, didn't kill anything but that was our goal
[21:20] <Knight> almost killed me....
[21:20] <Knight> and I am a friendly
[21:20] <Melissa> no, you almost killed you Wink
[21:20] <Savant> Jeremi will feel bad forever, now.
[21:20] <Savant> thanks, thanks a lot.
[21:20] <Savant> ^_^
[21:20] <Craig> hehe
[21:20] <Ardelmos> I blew stuff up with grenades, not shot things. Wink
[21:20] <Savant> okay, that's three. Name some objectives you guys accomplished today.
[21:20] <Knight> Threw ice mining into a dizzy
[21:21] <Craig> we disrupted the CEF forces
[21:21] <Detro> Detro learned how to disable a sensor array with one shot. Smile
[21:21] <Melissa> put CEF on a higher alert?
[21:21] <Knight> I learned nothing is better than a G couch for burns.
[21:21] <Detro> We learned that spacer radio really sucks.
[21:21] <Detro> And accomplished knocking one station out for a bit Smile
[21:21] <Thierry> We kept the doctor busy Smile
[21:21] * Savant grins
[21:21] <Ardelmos> Put down the propaganda!
[21:21] <Viktor> Did away with a top-40 radio station
[21:21] <Craig> we caused some chaos
[21:22] <Gabriel> I don't have to say a thing here. Everyone understand the plan. Wink
[21:22] <Savant> Sollers Radio is actually sort of punk new-age stuff
[21:22] <Savant> point for objectives. That's four. I'll give you a point for a combat situation, though... well... they're mining ships. C'mon now ^_-
[21:22] * Melissa sees an image of a platoon of modreds head-banging in unison
[21:22] <Detro> ...
[21:22] <Craig> oh great, college radio survived into the 62nd century:)
[21:22] <Detro> ...
[21:23] <Detro> ::looks at Melissa:: I SO have to make an animated GIF of that now.
[21:23] <Gabriel> ::shrugs:: They had nukes. There was a chance they'd get desperate and cook one off.
[21:23] <Melissa> hehe
[21:23] <Gabriel> That's what all the Gears were for, honestly.
[21:23] <Detro> Buncha Mordreds head-banging to "Du Hast"
[21:23] <Savant> five points. I'll give you guys a sixth if you can tell me something you like about the character you find beneath you on the list. Vik, Ardemlos is beneath you on the list.
[21:24] <Detro> <Joanna> Like?
[21:24] <Detro> <Joanna> BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sucks to be you Detro.
[21:24] <Savant> you as a player, not your character ^_-
[21:24] <Viktor> Roland is crazy. Crazy people a fun, and often lead to drama. I look forward to having the chance to evoke his craziness.
[21:24] <Melissa> hmm...I don't get to see Birkin a lot, but he's good at blowing sh!t up...that's always good
[21:24] <Thierry> Lets see, I like that Tychon is a humanist with a sense of humor Smile
[21:24] <Gabriel> Knight follows orders and apparently wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful. It's a refreshing change for Gabriel to have someone with no apparent emotional problems on the team. Wink
[21:24] <Savant> hee
[21:25] <Detro> I'd point out Detro has yet to be chastised by Gabriel, which is a refreshing change.
[21:25] <Melissa> -pouts- i have no emotional least, none i'm aware of
[21:25] <Ardelmos> Craig actually does quartermaster stuff when he's asked, unlike certain bald lieutenants.
[21:25] <Savant> something you like about the character, not their relationship to your character per se ^_-
[21:25] <Savant> hee
[21:25] <Thierry> Melissa paints drones with 4000 year old cartoons...
[21:25] <Melissa> perfectly sane
[21:25] <Knight> I like Melissa's attention to detail when handling the seekers. She almost seemed to enjoy seting them up
[21:26] <Savant> Prescot likes Savant very much, i am sure. We'll have to wait to see what he thinks about Thierry, I guess ^_-
[21:26] <Detro> I like Tynes because he's going to make a great police captain in Detro's film noir detective stories. Smile
[21:26] <Gabriel> And that has what to do with Tynes, the actual guy? Wink
[21:26] <Craig> hmm detro....seems solid, unlike the previous pilot of JJ:)
[21:26] <Savant> gotta be something you think stands out about Tynes
[21:27] <Detro> 'cause Detro's story is about the Dark Claw Detective Agency... and he's lifting his co-workers to use as characters in his story.
[21:27] <Detro> Oh, that's easy. Tynes is a stand out guy. He stands out. If you put him in the middle of a plain. Then you can shoot him. Thus demonstrates the value of not being seen. Smile
[21:27] <Detro> Seriously, I'm trying, but Detro hasn't had much to do with his new CO yet.
[21:28] * Savant grins
[21:28] <Detro> He's basically sat around and taken orders from Tynes and followed them.
[21:28] <Savant> okay. Six experience points, plus four for last game, makes ten.
[21:28] <Savant> Knight is taking an extra experienice point for the flaw he's picked up today.
[21:28] <Savant> experience
[21:28] <Savant> any final questions?
[21:29] <Savant> seems like no. Well done everyone. Much fun.
[21:29] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 11:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:10] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:10] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:10] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies in Session'
[18:11] <Tychon> ::attttttttt::
[18:11] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:11] <Knight> ::att::
[18:11] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:11] <Thierry> :ATTN:
[18:11] <Savant> hello and good evening to you all once again. Welcome to another exciting installment of the Black Talons.
[18:12] <Savant> before we begin, I'd like to point out that Jester has made for us a very nice set of aliases, so if you'd like to give it a try just hassle him for the location and you can get'em installed.
[18:12] <Tychon>
[18:12] <Savant> or just look for'em there.
[18:12] <Tychon> ::cough::
[18:13] <Savant> so. I'll brief you, then take questions.
[18:13] <Savant> Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies
[18:13] <Savant> 26 Summer TN, 3230h - Night
[18:13] <Savant> 0.21 AU Inward of the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt, 72 degrees antispinward of Indra
[18:13] <Savant> -269 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity. It's frickin space.
[18:13] <Savant> Talon 05 has entered the Loki system and passed the first obstruction by demolishing the venerable Helios Transit Station. Their second challenge is a large one - disrupt the water supply travelling to Caprice from the belt.
[18:13] <Savant> This objective could be dangerous - threatening the water supply of Caprice is a little bit like treatening to take a steak from a starved dawg. It could get ugly.
[18:13] <Savant> However, with the potential of forcing a great deal of work onto the CEF fleets, it's simply too much of an opportunity to pass up. They struck out against several ice mining fleets over the course of Summer 26, and seem to have gotten a reaction.
[18:13] <Savant> CEF customs ships have begun to make their way into the area, dispatching Sleipnir to the floundering mining vessels while the ships hunt for their prey. This leaves the Talons with a tricky proposition - disabling the Sleipnir without provoking the destroyers lurking nearby?
[18:13] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:13] * Gabriel has joined #bt05
[18:13] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gabriel
[18:13] <Detro> ack
[18:13] <Gabriel> ack
[18:14] <Thierry> ACK
[18:14] <Tychon> ack
[18:14] <Savant> and I'm ready to take some questions.
[18:14] <Knight> ack
[18:14] <Tychon> ::raises::
[18:14] <Birkin> ack
[18:14] <Savant> Tychon?
[18:14] <Tychon> Why is the map made of water?
[18:15] <Savant> because you are crash landing into Atlantis
[18:15] <Savant> also, because i'm not showing you the actual map yet
[18:15] <Tychon> Oh.
[18:15] <Savant> ^_^
[18:15] <Savant> we shall be picking up just as the Sleipnir are getting close enough to do something about.
[18:16] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[18:16] <Savant> ready to go?
[18:16] <Savant> ah, Gabriel?
[18:16] <Gabriel> Two of them, right? What distance between them?
[18:17] <Savant> let's say there's five kilometers between them.
[18:18] <Gabriel> OK, thanks.
[18:18] <Savant> anything further?
[18:18] <Thierry> Can we kill some GREL?
[18:19] <Savant> if you want to
[18:19] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:19] <Savant> The Sleipnir continue their approach - they don't seem to notice the Talons so far, instead they seem to be changing their vectors to intercept the closer of the drifting mining ships
[18:20] <Savant> Pathfinder, meanwhile, is sailing silently towards them, urged on by only an occasional burst from the engines
[18:20] <Gabriel> ::sits in Whipsnake Two's pilot couch, still docked to Pathfinder and communicating over internal net:: +com+ Macedon, give me range and intercept to the closest CEF frigate or destroyer.
[18:21] <Birkin> Lambs to the slaughter... ::cracking his knuckles in the gunner's position of Whipsnake Two::
[18:21] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ We're approaching the target. Hold tight. THey don't have much teeth, but we've never seen these customs Sleipnir before.
[18:21] <Thierry> ::Is performing final checks in Wren's cockpit::
[18:22] <Detro> ::staying off the comms and keeping his eyes peeled::
[18:22] <Knight> ::secures gear to suit and checks seals::
[18:22] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Frigate is six thousand kay, estimated intercept of fifteen minutes.
[18:24] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Sixteen minutes.
[18:24] <Savant> ((edit!))
[18:24] <Detro> ::sets the BIL aside briefly to also seal up his suit as they draw closer::
[18:24] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Frigate is sixty thousand kay, estimated intercept of one hour, twelve minutes.
[18:25] <Detro> <<Cancel that, heh>>
[18:26] <Gabriel> +com+ Whipsnake Two, undocking. Pathfinder, we will move forward to intercept and disable the forward Sleipnir. The aft Sleipnir is yours.
[18:26] <Knight> ::gets comfortable in suit::
[18:27] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Confirmed, Snake Two. Kill or disable?
[18:27] <Thierry> ::Seals up his helmet, takes a couple breaths, and prepares to launch
[18:27] <Detro> ::pulls the helmet off the rack it normall sits in:: An hour sitting around in this suit. ::grunts:: When I get back here, I'm cleaning this thing out.
[18:28] <Gabriel> ::undocks Whipsnake Two and gently touches the engines, heading forward:: +com+ Kill. Recommend missile tubes one and two, nukes dialed down to mining nuke yield. That's going to get the CEF's attention in a hurry, but with any luck, enough small nukes pop off here that they won't jump instantly. Still, the forward Sleipnir is going to react, so we have to attack our targets simultaneously, or close to.
[18:28] <Craig> ::grabs a gyroc and a grenade launcher from the weapons locker and goes to get the helmet to his spacesuit::
[18:28] <Detro> <<cancel that, restore first>>
[18:28] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ confirmed. By your lead, Captain.
[18:29] <Detro> ::sealed up, picks up the BIL again::
[18:29] <Birkin> ::straps himself in for combat maneuvers gearing up for the fight in space by giving the Whipsnake a final once over::
[18:29] <Gabriel> +com+ Viktor, undock and lead us in. Melissa, bring in the hunter-killer. We're going to need it to disable the engines. All others, get suited up and check weapons. Estimate boarding action in 15 minutes.
[18:30] <Knight> ::once more checks gear, making sure everything is strapped down and ready to go::
[18:30] <Savant> Melissa> Roger!
[18:30] <Detro> ::checks the charge on the BIL::
[18:30] <Thierry> +Com+ Loaded up and ready Deacon
[18:30] <Gabriel> ::glances over his shoulder and touches intra-Whipsnake comm:: +com+ Sergeant Birkin, I'll launch and control the Skag. You'll use railgun and laser cannon to inflict as much damage as possible first on engines, then communications, then facing weapons.
[18:31] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Pathfinder releasing docking clamps in three, two, one, loose.
[18:31] <Birkin> +com+ Yes sir Captain. Afterwords will I be allowed to carve my name in on the hull? ::smirks slightly::
[18:31] <Savant> There's a slight clanking noise as the two Whipsnakes undock from Pathfinder's belly.
[18:31] * Fraser has joined #bt05
[18:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Fraser
[18:31] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:32] <Gabriel> +com+ ::chuckles:: If you like. ::faces back forward and concentrates on slipping up on the forward Sleipnir's six::
[18:32] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> They're starting to move, they see us!
[18:32] <Detro> ::glances over in Knight's direction::
[18:32] <Tychon> ::sits in Nike, listening to the comm traffic as the imminent strike unfolds around him::
[18:33] <Knight> ::pats demo kit and gives Deto the thumbs up::
[18:33] <Detro> ::returns the thumbs up gesture::
[18:34] <Craig> ::looks over at detro and knight, nodding::
[18:35] <Savant> PAthfinder and the two Whipsnakes accelerate towards the Sleipnir, which are already beginning to take evasive actions.
[18:35] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ They're on the horn with the destroyer. Giving'em a live feed, looks like.
[18:36] <Detro> ::holds on, frowning... evasives isn't going to make this easy...::
[18:36] <Gabriel> +com+ So much for stealth. Kill the aft one. Whipsnake One, go to work.
[18:36] <Birkin> +com+ We should smile. And show them our good side.
[18:36] <Knight> ::makes sure he is strapped in to the couch painfully remember the last burns in a gear::
[18:36] <Thierry> +Com+ Or hame them
[18:36] <Gabriel> ::punches up to maximum speed, opening the weapons bay doors:: +com+ Birkin, weapons free. Melissa, get the hunter-killer to work.
[18:37] <Thierry> (edit: JAM)
[18:37] <Gabriel> ::extends the Skag::
[18:37] <Birkin> ::draw's up a good line on the front Sleipnir, using the lazer first:: +com+ Copy that. Weapons free.
[18:37] * LrdVampyre has joined #BT05
[18:37] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[18:37] <Ardelmos> ::twists his torso as he grasps a handhold alongside Pathfinder's side airlock, trying to get used to the space armor they commandeered from the GREL onboard the space station::
[18:37] <Craig> ::hears the com and frowns::sounds like this'll be a little harder than expected
[18:37] <Gabriel> Viktor> ::opens weapons by doors and extends his Skag as well::
[18:39] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:39] <Gabriel> +com+ Vector, on my mark, release Skags. Three. Two. One. Mark! ::launches the long-range missile::
[18:40] <Gabriel> Viktor> ::releases his missile on the mark::
[18:40] <Ardelmos> ::hefts the BIL in his hands as well, feeling the grip and the trigger through the gloves -- he snapped the gum in his mouth in satisfaction as the tactile sensation seemed sufficient enough that his reflexes and accuracy wouldn't be sufficient::
[18:40] <Tychon> ::almost strains to see what's going on, through the bulkhead; has to content himself with simply listening::
[18:41] <Thierry> ::Pulls up a feed on his monitors::
[18:42] <Knight> ::is content to be strapped in untill the manuevers are done::
[18:42] <Birkin> ::clears his throat, seeing his shot land through the first Sleipnir's main cabin venting it into space:: +com+ ... Will that do instead of engines sir?
[18:43] <Ardelmos> ::watches the monitor beside him as a strike from Birkin's fire begins venting atmosphere out of the Sleipnir, catching a few bodies being torn out into space:: +com+ Birkin, you mother fucker! What the hell have you left me to kill?
[18:43] <Savant> Pathfinder screams close to the aft Sleipnir and launches two streaks of light - these soon explode into massive flares of white hot light as the nuclear payload detonates. When the flare settles dwon there's nothing left of the Sleipnir
[18:43] <Gabriel> +com+ That'll do nicely. Vector, miss with Skag, miss with Skag! Angle them away! ::lets his targeting of the forward Sleipnir drift::
[18:43] <Tychon> ::grins, Roland's supposed dissatisfaction with the otherwise exceptional shot::
[18:44] <Gabriel> ::shuts down the drone's engine as soon as he's sure it'll miss:: +com+ Birkin, Melissa, fine weapons, kill communications. All others, prepare to deploy once you're clear of the radiation.
[18:44] <Birkin> +com+ Calm down old man. I'm sure there will be plenty of dead floating GREL bodies for you to kick and maim.
[18:44] <Savant> Meanwhile, Prescots' shot slams into the main body of the lead customs shuttle. The impact is disastrous for the craft - the pilots' compartment and nose blows clean out, sending several flailing bodies out into the black
[18:44] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger Deacon
[18:44] <Tychon> ::hears the command and runs Nike through preperatory checks one last time::
[18:45] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::pouts -- at least, it's the closest to pouting that he can probably sound like:: Not nearly as fun when they can't squirm.
[18:45] <Melissa> ::listens to the com chat while reading displays::
[18:45] <Thierry> ::Brings Wren to full power:: +COM+ Now now, GREL are people too.
[18:45] <Craig> ::chuckles at the conversation between birkin an roland::
[18:45] <Ardelmos> +com+ Shut your filthy mouth!
[18:46] <Detro> ::waits to deploy::
[18:46] <Birkin> +com+ He's on the same craft as you. you can go punch him you know.
[18:46] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> . . . +com+ That's that. Aft craft destroyed, lead craft disabled. PAthfinder matching vector with lead craft.
[18:47] <Birkin> ::whistles a little bit, looking for the ships weapon systems and targeting them::
[18:47] <Gabriel> +com+ Very good Pathfinder. Launch your team as soon as you can shield them from he radiation. Private Knight, I was going to ask you to blow us an entrance... but it looks a little superfluous. Senior Sergeant Ardelmos, take command of the strike team and decide on your entrance.
[18:47] <Gabriel> ::holds the platform steady for Birkin's shot::
[18:48] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Strike team, where do you want to go in?
[18:48] <Detro> ::calls up a replay on his field data glove:: +com+ Entrance yes, but with sharp edges. Don't tear suits going in.
[18:48] <Birkin> ::draws a bead on what looks like their communcations ray and lets lose with another laser shot::
[18:48] <Craig> ::looks around again:: make sure you're all sealed up
[18:49] <Craig> ::puts on his helmet and locks it in place::
[18:49] <Savant> The remaining Sleipnir falls silent as Birkin's laser scores a deep stripe into its communications array.
[18:49] <Ardelmos> +com+ Roger that, captain. Jeremi, is that ship still pressurized beyond the cargo compartment.
[18:49] <Knight> ::checks seals a third time::
[18:49] <Ardelmos> ?
[18:49] <Ardelmos> <<pilot compartment, rather>
[18:49] <Gabriel> +com+ Nice shooting, Sergent. OK, people, move out! We've got a little over an hour at most until the CEF comes to avenge their shuttles. We need food, fuel, supplies, and intel. Move it!
[18:50] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::A pause:: +com+ Nope. We've got three entrances for you - two personnel airlocks, or their cargo bay.... or I can drop you into the hole that's left of their command pit.
[18:50] <Gabriel> +com+ Nike, once you're clear, assuming no danger, please collect our Skags.
[18:50] <Birkin> ::cracks his knuckles and begins to write his callsign on the side of the now floating in space shuttle, having already prepared earlier to jump in at a moments notice::
[18:50] <Melissa> ::sends the drone on a circuit around the wounded shuttle::
[18:51] <Ardelmos> +com+ Doubt they're expecting us to come through the cockpit. Drop us there, then bring Pathfinder's cargo bay alongside theirs -- we'll start shoving stuff over.
[18:51] <Tychon> ::nods as the order comes through:: +com+ Nike here. Launching. ::makes good his word and exits the depressurized bay:: +com+ Roger, playing fetch. ::kicks in the thrusters and moves out::
[18:51] <Gabriel> ::yaws his Whipsnake back toward Pathfinder, checking his radiation sensors::
[18:51] <Thierry> +Com+ Understood
[18:51] <Birkin> ::just finishes up his makeshift grafitti as the Captain pulls the ship away::
[18:52] <Tychon> ::locks the Skags in on his sensors and makes for them quickly, rounding them up and hauling them back::
[18:52] <Ardelmos> +com+ Childs; drones go in first. Craig, you go in behind them -- I don't want to get hit in the back of the head with one of your grenades.
[18:53] <Gabriel> +com+ All teams, reading radation of 32 rads and dropping rapidly. Save exposure for an hour, if need be but recommend using Pathfinder as a shield.
[18:53] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Roger, team lead. Have fun in there.
[18:53] <Gabriel> <<*safe>>
[18:53] <Craig> ::give roland a wry grin:: +com+ if you insist
[18:54] <Detro> +com+ Let's just get this monorail moving.
[18:54] <Tychon> ::quickly jets back to Pathfinder, gingerly re-entering the vehicle bay and taking great care in setting down the pair of missiles:: +com+ Skags have been retrieved.
[18:54] <Gabriel> ::grins at Birkin's work, then moves to dock with Pathfinder:: +com+ Pathfinder, Two coming in for docking, starboard side.
[18:55] <Savant> Pathfinder yaws widely above the injured shuttle, which is still hanging motionless. Lasers zip out from the Fury to slice pieces off of the Sleipnir's engine blocks, to keep it still - like a mantis devouring its prey.
[18:55] <Melissa> +com+ Getting readings in off the damaged is down, sensors are still active. No weapon systems at all.
[18:55] <Ardelmos> +com+ Foredeck is the beach-head -- drones find whomever's not dead and puts'm down while we dump their core over to Pathfinder, then we take the cargo bay.
[18:55] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ In position.
[18:55] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Melissa. I am launching an octopus, slaving to your control.
[18:55] <Gabriel> <<Actually, scratch that. The octopus is in Whipsnake One.>>
[18:55] <Ardelmos> +com+ And if someone could find the leftovers by their heat signaturess or somethin', that'd be swell.
[18:55] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Melissa. Vector, launch your octopus.
[18:55] <Melissa> +com+ Launching Octopus
[18:56] <Savant> Vector> +com+ Launching Octopus.
[18:56] <Birkin> ::as the Whipsnake begins to dock, locks up the weapon systems on the fighter:: +com+ Whipsnake Two is now Weapons Safe
[18:57] <Tychon> ::takes up a position near Pathfinder and the damaged Sleipnir, his eyes on his sensors as they scan for any incoming opponents::
[18:57] <Thierry> +Com+ Ready to launch on your command
[18:58] <Gabriel> +com+ Melissa, hang out in Whipsnake One and drive the octopus in support of the boarding. Vector, remain undocked and watch for unfriendly drones.
[18:58] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Strike team, opening doors in three, two, one, open.
[18:58] <Knight> ::checks powerpack on BIL::
[18:58] <Detro> ::poised, ready to go::
[18:59] <Thierry> +Com+ And me sir?
[18:59] <Ardelmos> ::cycles the airlock and finds himself staring at the remnants of the cockpit, then pushes off and throws himself towards the Sleipnir:: +com+ Arright, let's do it.
[18:59] <Gabriel> ::docks Whipsnake Two and pops the canopy once he has a green light:: +com+ Orders as before, doctor. Watch for enemy drones. They'll be here long before the heavies.
[18:59] <Craig> ::heads out of the airlock as well towards the sleipnir::
[18:59] <Gabriel> +com+ Every drone you guys can kill gives us ten more minutes inside that thing.
[18:59] <Thierry> +COM+ Acknowledged
[18:59] <Savant> The airlock doors on the underside of Pathfinder open up, leaving the infantry team looking down at an expanse of space. The Sleipnir hangs just beyond that, like a second floor. There's a massive hole in the "roof" of the vehicle, enough to get inside if needs-be
[19:00] <Thierry> ::Launches Wren and manuvers into position::
[19:00] <Gabriel> ::climbs out of the cockpit and through Whipsnake Two's airlock, only recently emptied::
[19:00] <Melissa> ::maneuvers the octopus into position::
[19:01] <Knight> ::mutters:: I've got a bad feeling about this...
[19:01] <Ardelmos> ::lands in the cockpit and immediately has his BIL covering the exit into the forededck -- his eyes sweep what's left to see if there's anything remaining of the computers in the command pit::
[19:01] <Detro> +com+ Quick death. Too good for the bastards I'd say.
[19:01] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, keep an eye out for enemy drones. I'm moving to support the boarding. ::pulls himself through the airlock toward the vehicle bay doors::
[19:01] <Tychon> +com+ Nike, lead. Picking up a -lot- of drones. Range under sixty thousand klicks. Estimate intercept at one half hour. Repeat, three-zero minutes.
[19:02] <Gabriel> +com+ Acknowledge, Nike. Will you need more assistance?
[19:02] <Ardelmos> +com+ Where's my thermal sweep of this bugger?
[19:02] <Birkin> ::follows just behind the Captain, moving out into the Vehicle bay moving over to where he had stashed his gernade launcher and gyropistol, gearing himself up quickly::
[19:02] <Thierry> +Com+ Got em too sir. Locking and loading
[19:03] <Knight> ::lands on the deck, sweeping forward with the BIL::
[19:03] <Birkin> +com+ Will Mem be joining us to rape the shit out of this machine's computer core?
[19:03] <Detro> +com+ Hey, I'm no slouch myself.
[19:03] <Ardelmos> ::glances up through the hole of the cockpit, waiting the arrival of the octopus::
[19:03] <Knight> ::BIL is aimed at cockpit door::
[19:04] <Gabriel> ::waves Birkin toward the boarding, stopping near his own BIL and strapping on his field dataglove::
[19:04] <Tychon> ::frowns:: +com+ Probably. Looks like ten -- repeat one-zero -- en route.
[19:04] <Craig> ::as he drifts towards the slepnir:: +com+ if he's not, i could always give it a shot
[19:04] <Detro> ::arrives and shifts into the cockpit, getting next to Roland, remembering how the GREL set up on the station::
[19:05] <Birkin> ::gives the Captain a salute with his gernade launcher before he drops down and joins the others in the boarding action::
[19:05] <Gabriel> +com+ Understood. Mounting up in Deacon. ::switches frequencies:: +com+ Senior Sergeant, I'm going to direct the overall battle mounted in Deacon. You're in command on site.
[19:05] <Melissa> ::sends Pookie a command to help Nike with the incoming drones while moving the octopus in to support the boarding party::
[19:06] <Gabriel> +com+ I'm not particularly interested in prisoners. We need a refueling line for Pathfinder's hydrogen store, any space armor you can find, any weapons of value, and intel of any type all priorities.
[19:06] <Birkin> ::floats downward, landing a bit harder than he had anticipated though:: +com+ Damn. Looks like I really did a number on this bitch didn't I?
[19:07] <Gabriel> ::crosses the vehicle bay toward Deacon:: +com+ Aggie, once the fuel stores are secure, we're going to need Corporal Vanderhoss to run a refueling detail.
[19:07] <Birkin> ::grunts softly:: +com+ We're on a timetable here. Let's get moving.
[19:07] <Craig> +com+ ::chuckling:: yeah you did boomer
[19:07] <Ardelmos> +com+ Acknowledged. Craig -- follow me into the foredeck -- blow up anything still movnig. ::moves forward to the 'neck' linking the cockpit to the foredeck and inches his way through the narrow passage::
[19:07] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ I'll make sure it gets done.
[19:07] <Thierry> +Com+ I could use any spare medical gear you can get as well Sergent
[19:08] <Craig> ::nods to roland and pulls the grenade launcher around to the ready::
[19:08] <Gabriel> ::catches Deacon, climbs into the cockpit, and unstraps the field dataglove::
[19:09] <Savant> Roland moves forwards through the airlock tube that leads to the main chamber of the Sleipnir. Much like the Fury, the foredeck is where the crew spend their time. The airlock is ostensibly sealed.
[19:09] <Melissa> ::slips the octcopus inside the vehicle-
[19:09] <Melissa> ::
[19:09] <Gabriel> ::powers up Deacon on battery, closes the cockpit, and straps the dataglove into the slot where a Talon assault rifle would normally go::
[19:10] <Detro> +com+ Watch for anyone taking cover next to the doors.
[19:10] <Ardelmos> ::hits the cycle button on the airlock door -- not that it's necessary since the entire ship's been vented to space::
[19:11] <Gabriel> ::gets moving toward the exit:: +com+ Deacon's live. ::devotes a good portion of his helmet display to the camera feed from Melissa's octopus:: You're my eyes, Nike.
[19:11] <Thierry> ::Keeps an eye on the drones as he does a quick check on Wren's weapon's systems::
[19:11] <Savant> The airlock doesn't respond - it must've been manually jammed on the other side.
[19:11] <Craig> ::shifts over to let the drone get by him::
[19:11] <Ardelmos> ::looks back over his shoulder:: +com+ Frame charge.
[19:11] <Knight> +com+ hack or blast?
[19:11] <Melissa> +com+ I could probably rip that door open for you guys
[19:11] <Knight> +com+ on it
[19:11] <Birkin> +com+ Rip it open. Explosives create debris.
[19:12] <Ardelmos> +com+ Eh -- took care of half the guards last time we used it.
[19:12] <Knight> +com+ I am a professional.
[19:12] <Tychon> +com+ Roger, Deacon.
[19:13] <Ardelmos> +com+ Childs, the instant there's a gap, I want that squiddy in there.
[19:13] <Knight> +com+ falling back
[19:13] <Detro> ::listens to the comm chatter and stays put for now:
[19:13] <Melissa> +com+ less use of resources...just a suggestion...
[19:13] <Craig> +com+ just get it done
[19:13] <Melissa> +com+ roger that
[19:14] <Ardelmos> ::backs up a little:: +com Craig -- you're through right after it.
[19:14] <Birkin> +com+ Directs his gun at the main cabin of the airlock, having switched to the gyrogun for such close proximities::
[19:14] <Birkin> <<errr no +com+ on that>>
[19:14] <Craig> +com+right ::lifts the grenade launcher and waits::
[19:15] <Detro> ::thinks briefly, then with a little push, does a lazy somersault until his feet are on the ceiling::
[19:15] <Melissa> ::brings up the two laser cannons to the door, letting the barrels warm up::
[19:16] <Detro> ::re-orients himself to being "upside down"::
[19:17] <Thierry> ::Starts getting jittery in his seat:: +Com+ I always...have to wait
[19:17] <Knight> ::placed frame charge:: +com+ Fire in the hole ::springs fuse and steps back.
[19:17] <Tychon> +com+ Drone update. Estimate arrival in 32 minutes, mark.
[19:17] <Gabriel> ::spins up his VHAC barrels:: +com+ I suspect it'll get busy before too much longer.
[19:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Thirty minutes, more or less. ::continues watching through the squiddy's eyes::
[19:18] <Knight> ::seeks cover behind drone::
[19:18] <Savant> Knight's frame charge goes off with a flash and a vibration that passes through the walls, and after a moment the airlock door is floating as a solid plate, gently into the foredeck of the sleipnir.
[19:18] <Detro> ::moves towards the center of the room, where a piece of the ceiling looks to give him a good boost through that corridor::
[19:18] <Melissa> ::the battle arms on the drone mimic a flexing motion and then moves forward::
[19:19] <Knight> ::leans around corner, BIL aimed into foredeck::
[19:19] <Ardelmos> ::rolls his arms in a 'go go go' motion to Craig as the drone slinks forward through the new hole::
[19:19] <Craig> ::moves into the airlock after the drone and looks into the foredeck::
[19:20] <Melissa> +com+ think everything's purple...
[19:21] <Savant> Melissa and Tynes get a view of a dark room, lit by floor and ceiling lights alone. There are (fewer) chairs here, some with GREL in them. Others are huddled in behind or around their chairs, holding on. There's even a pair of smaller people near the back
[19:21] <Thierry> ::Pulls up a small image of the drone feed, to keep him occupied
[19:21] <Melissa> ::smirks:: How much more purple can it be? ::muttered to herself::
[19:22] <Craig> ::nods:: +com+ i count 6 grel looks like, 2 earthers, you sure you want me to go in first roland ::smirks::
[19:22] <Gabriel> ::nudges his steering jets until Deacon comes in contact with the long axis of Pathfinder's hull::
[19:22] <Ardelmos> +com+ Don't make me kick your ass in there ::following up behind craig::
[19:22] <Birkin> +com+ Any officers in there? Maybe we could make good use of them as a prisoner.
[19:22] <Ardelmos> +com+ Cap'n said no prisoners.
[19:25] <Thierry> ::Starts manuvering Wren into a position where he could help with the cargo transfer
[19:25] <Detro> +com+ Quit yammering and move in - we're nothing but sitting targets here.
[19:27] <Craig> ::moves into the foredeck and fires a grenade of at the group huddled in the corner::
[19:27] <Knight> ::moves in behind Roland, taking up a positon covering the 'south' door.
[19:28] <Gabriel> ::watches the others appear:: +com+ Watch your spacing, people.
[19:29] <Ardelmos> ::shoves Knight with a hand, and he's within his reach::
[19:29] <Savant> Lasers begin slapping out, sporadically, at the Talons as they come into the chamber.
[19:29] <Knight> +com+Contact
[19:30] <Savant> Craig's grenade goes off with a flash and a spray of shrapnel that coats the room. The three bodies in the corner slam into the walls nearby and drift, unmoving
[19:31] <Ardelmos> ::sees a laser weapon begin to track his position, and immediately snaps his own BIL down upon the moving GREL and depresses the trigger::
[19:31] <Thierry> ::Watches the drone's feed with one eye and keeps looking back in the direction of those drones
[19:32] <Savant> This GREL moves, twisting back behind his acceleration couch as he sees Rolands' gun snap towards him. Rolands' BIL burns right through the couch - he's fairly sure - but he can't see the results of his attack.
[19:33] <Detro> ::shoves off, coming on along the ceiling, which should give him a better line of attack -- though risking being hit as he has no cover::
[19:34] <Birkin> ::spies one of the GREL close to him and pulls up with his pistol and lets fly with a well aimed shot::
[19:35] <Savant> Birkin shoots the GREL right in the forehead, but isn't rewarded by flailing, or much at all. It's just a body.
[19:36] <Birkin> +com+ I have an idea. Keep that last human alive for a little bit so long as he or she doesnt try to kill us.
[19:36] <Detro> ::spies the nearest GREL and levels the BIL at it, shooting::
[19:37] <Ardelmos> +com+ No time to babysit. Kill. Everybody.
[19:37] <Melissa> ::points a cannon at another GREL and fires::
[19:37] <Savant> Outside, PAthfinder gently maneuvers to come along where Tychon has pulled himself, turning so that the Fury's cargo bay is close to the Sleipnir's.
[19:37] <Birkin> +com+ With your permission sir. I think we can get him to deliever us intel faster than we did, since we seemed to enjoy holding our cocks in our hands.
[19:37] <Tychon> ::arrives near the Sleipnir cargo bay:: +com+ Should I just rip this hatch off, or should I wait until our team gets there and opens it from within, Decon?
[19:37] <Savant> Detro's shot zips right through the throat of the Mordred, who flails backwards, clutching his throat while his blood evaporates into space
[19:38] <Ardelmos> +com+ Look at his uniform; he's a customs officer, not a CEF officer. He don't know shit about shit.
[19:38] <Gabriel> ::rides Pathfinder to its new position:: +com+ Permission to cut the bay open. Small hole first, evacuate the air.
[19:38] <Gabriel> +com+ Boarding team, be advised we're going to cut open the cargo bay.
[19:38] <Gabriel> +com+ Trembles, be ready.
[19:38] <Detro> ::searches for his next target as the BIL charges::
[19:38] <Birkin> ::sighs into his helmet:: +com+ Copy that.
[19:38] <Tychon> +com+ Acknowledged.
[19:39] <Thierry> +Com+ Already on my way
[19:39] <Gabriel> ::checks Deacon's machine guns:: +com+ Pathfinder, stand by on portside HMGs to support.
[19:39] <Savant> The Octopus scrambles forwards and starts firing it's massive cannons at the GREL in front of it - the Moredred pulls itself tight down behind its' disintegrating cover
[19:42] <Savant> The Octopuses' guns tear apart the chair, the GREL, and the floor beneath it - likely lancing laser beams out into space as well
[19:42] <Tychon> ::makes a small incision in the door, allowing the air to escape before removing the door completely::
[19:46] <Savant> Tychon makes short work of the cargo door - he actually just cuts through the latches holding the door closed, and can then sloooowly haul the plate open.
[19:46] <Tychon> ::nods, satisfied with his work:: +com+ Cargo bay vented and cargo door open, Deacon.
[19:46] <Ardelmos> ::tracks his BIL over to the one GREL body that hasn't been shot to pieces, and depresses the trigger a second time::
[19:47] <Birkin> ::draws his pistol up to GREL 3 and depresses the trigger::
[19:47] <Thierry> +Com+ Sir, do you really have to shoot every GREL you see?
[19:48] <Birkin> <<make that CID Agent>>
[19:48] <Savant> Roland's shot pierces right through the chestplate of the GREL, through the heart, he kicks backwards and spins in the air for a few moments before he grows still
[19:49] <Gabriel> ::looks through the newly opened door::
[19:49] <Ardelmos> ::watches his laser bore through the light armor of the GREL, his mouth a sickly grin as the abomination's heart is liquified, then vapourized under the intensity of the beam:: +com+ Childs, get that Octopus into the right compartment and see what's there. Knight, take the left. Craig -- get that cargo bay door open.
[19:49] <Craig> +com+ well these grel seem to think it's ok to shoot at ever terranovan they see....::watches roland take out the last one:: it seems to balance out
[19:50] <Craig> ::nods to roland and looks for an intact console to work with::
[19:51] <Thierry> +COM+ I'm sure they don't shoot at dead people. And we got the door ourselves thanks
[19:51] <Ardelmos> +com+ Takira, grab these guys' weapons and bundle'm up for transport back to Pathfinder. ::starts looking for a computer terminal::
[19:51] <Melissa> +com+ Roger that Senior Sergeant
[19:51] <Savant> Meanwhile, Birkin dispatches the last living person in the compartment - aside from the Talons. The CID agent has little opportunity to do mroe than raise his hands halfway before he is killed
[19:51] <Detro> +com+ ::watching Roland:: Sir, shouldn't we secure the rest of the ship first?
[19:52] <Gabriel> +com+ Nice work, boarding team. Stay sharp. Could be more of them in there. ::checks the clock on drone arrival::
[19:52] <Gabriel> ::takes point into the cargo bay::
[19:52] <Ardelmos> +com+ If you start hearing shooting, then you can stop.
[19:53] <Detro> +com+ How would I hear shooting in vacuum? And we'd better keep our eyes peeled for timers.
[19:53] <Melissa> ::walks the drone along the hallway::
[19:53] <Detro> ::follows along with the drone on the ceiling::
[19:54] <Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself as he floats over to the computer terminal and attempts to access it, pulling his PDA out of a pocket of the armor::
[19:54] <Savant> Knight moves through to the broad airlock locker on the left of the ship. There are rows of lockers, for spacesuits, as well as a rack of tanks for oxygen and MMU fuel.
[19:54] <Craig> ::follows birking into the airlock between the foredeck and the cargo bay::
[19:54] <Ardelmos> +com+ Priorities are space armor and weaponry -- Birkin, Craig, see if you can find a fuel hookup in the cargo bay.
[19:54] <Savant> On the other side of the ship, Detro and the Drone find a similar scene. Both chambers have a hatch leading to an airlock proper, and both have another door in the side wall
[19:55] <Detro> ::heads back into the main room after a quick once-over::
[19:55] <Craig> +com+ roger that roland ::to birkin:: cycle us through boomer
[19:55] <Ardelmos> +com+ Pathfinder, I need a scan on the port and starboard compartments for biologicals or thermal signatures.
[19:56] <Gabriel> ::swings Deacon's big gun this way and that, looking around the cargo bay::
[19:56] <Birkin> ::activates the airlock::
[19:56] <Savant> Tychon manages to pull the cargo bay open with Deacon's help. It's actually fairly empty - they weren't in the business of filling their bays with the goods of the miners. That happens at the refinery stations. There are large comaprtments lining the walls for holding consumables, and rows of dirable tanks for volatiles.
[19:56] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, way to the hydrogen stores is secure. Get a refueling team over here.
[19:57] <Tychon> ::has a look inside, a little disappointed, but not overly so::
[19:57] <Detro> ::back in the main room, looks for anything the data glove could tap into::
[19:57] <Ardelmos> ::plugs his PDA into the computer terminal and activates the wireless link back to Pathfinder:: +com+ Mem, here's your in for the computer -- hack the shit out of it, if you don't mind.
[19:58] <Craig> ::waits for the light to turn green then heads into the cargobay, noting that tynes and thierry have already made their way in::
[19:58] <Birkin> +com+ Someone stole my thunder ::shakes fist at Tychon:: +com+ What do you need us for in the Cargo bay, we have myself and Craig here.
[19:59] <Tychon> ::prompts Nike to glance at Deacon, looking for an answer to Birkin's question::
[20:00] <Gabriel> Mem> ::finally reaches the foredeck after a leisurely stroll and after missing the battle entirely, plugs himself happily into the computer::
[20:01] <Detro> ::Seeing Roland ahead of him, he drifts towards the front, where the flight deck was::
[20:02] <Savant> Birkin and Craig head through a small airlock chamber into the rear bay, where they spot Nike and Deacon amidst the containers.
[20:02] <Craig> ::looks at the containers::
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::gives Birkin and Craig a jaunty wave, then heads back outside::
[20:02] <Ardelmos> ::leaves his PDA there alongside, plugged into the computer, then drifts into the compartment beside him where Knight went and starts opening lockers, looking for suits of space armor::
[20:02] <Detro> ::turns and surveys the room... he begins checking bodies, gathering up useful stuff::
[20:03] <Thierry> +Com+ What's the plan now Deacon
[20:03] <Savant> Meanwhile, Knight has entered what appears to be a hygiene and excersize room. It's small and cramped - especially when thinking of the fact that it would normally be full of Mordred.
[20:03] <Gabriel> +com+ We hold the fort and kill a few drones until the boarding team has scoured this boat. Nike, time to first drone contact?
[20:04] <Savant> On the other side of the shuttle, the Octopus has clambered its way into a small kitchen area. To the back is a pair of "state rooms", small offices and living chambers.
[20:04] <Tychon> +com+ Looks like twenty minutes, Deacon
[20:04] <Ardelmos> ::peeks through the door as he continues opening and closing lockers -- seeing Knight in the exercize/medbay:: +com+ See if you can find any meds the doc could use.
[20:04] <Melissa> +com+ I've got offices and stuff up here if someone wants to take a look for usefull stuff on computers
[20:06] <Birkin> ::begins to inspect the items on the walls, looking for what one is food and what one is fuel::
[20:06] <Gabriel> Mem> +com+ Downloading their data store now. ::links to isolated portable mainframe and starts dumping data from the Sleipnir into it::
[20:07] <Melissa> ::has the octopus carefully move about the kitchen, looking for what might be useful things like rations and whatnots::
[20:07] <Detro> ::finishes going through the bodies:: +com+ Secured six Bravo India Limas and eight pop-guns.
[20:07] <Craig> ::finds what looks like fueling gear at the back of the cargobay:: +com+ found the fuel hookup, how are we going to do this?
[20:08] <Melissa> ::the two manipulator hands clap silently together then grab the "officers mess" box:: Hehe...I think I've got dessert
[20:08] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't find anything particularly useful in the lockers, so starts helping Knight gather up the various boxes of medical supplies which Thierry would find useful from the medbay::
[20:08] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder's sending a team that will see to the refueling, Master Sergeant. Be ready to assist them. Also, check stores for spare parts.
[20:08] <Savant> Ranger Zucco Jim> ::Comes floating out of Pathfinder's airlock with Jeremi:: +Com+ Let's get this boat fuelled and get out of here!
[20:09] <Detro> ::relays the weapons back to the cargo bay, then heads up to see what the drone has gotten into now::
[20:09] <Craig> +com+ roger that ::starts looking through the compartments nearby::
[20:10] <Detro> :Surprisedn his way, he stops by the CID agent to see if the agent has a salvagable uniform or anything else useful on him::
[20:10] <Knight> +com+ This area looks clean, not seeing anything worth hauling back.
[20:10] <Melissa> +com+ Gentlemen and Ladies...I could use a hand going through the state rooms and officer quarters over here...unless you want this mechanical nightmare crashing stuff. Oh, and I did happen upon the officer's food...
[20:10] <Knight> +com+ On my way
[20:10] <Thierry> ::Breathes deeply::
[20:10] <Knight> :make way towards officer quarters:
[20:11] <Melissa> ::upon entering, the octopus is waving it's battle arms in a "hey, over here...OVER HERE" kind of fashion::
[20:12] <Knight> ::moves to area and starts rumaging:
[20:12] <Savant> Zucco and Peresalona begin the refuelling process, which feels like it's taking far too long.
[20:13] <Melissa> ::holds the crate possessively to its body and moves to one side, watching::
[20:13] <Ardelmos> ::ferries the medical supplies out of the medbay and into the cargo bay:: +com+ Tychon, stay still. ::opens up Nike's cargo compartment and begins loading it up with the supplies::
[20:14] <Craig> +com+ got some food and water stowed in here, compressed oxygen, and sleipnir parts, what would you like to take back captain?
[20:14] <Detro> ::grabs the tags off the bodies, since there's no uniforms, and heads off to help gather up spare spacesuits as well::
[20:14] <Gabriel> +com+ Check the parts, see if they can be adapted to Pathfinder.
[20:14] <Gabriel> +com+ If they can, all of it. We need spare parts, too.
[20:14] <Craig> +com+ right
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::heads back for Pathfinder for a cargo pallet::
[20:14] <Tychon> ::complies with Roland's order, not allowing a single actuator to move::
[20:15] <Ardelmos> ::slams the cargo comaprtment closed as he finishes loading the gear up, then pats the leg loudly and pushes back::
[20:16] <Savant> Nike> ::Looks warily down at Roland as the GEar is knocked harshly on the greave::
[20:16] <Gabriel> ::returns with a magnetized cargo pallet::
[20:16] <Detro> +com+ How much time left?
[20:16] <Gabriel> +com+ Nike, time.
[20:16] <Melissa> ::the octopus pulls itself out of the hold and back into the main area:: +com+ Captain? Should I send the Octopus across to Pathfinder now?
[20:17] <Tychon> +com+ Fifteen minutes now, Deacon.
[20:17] <Gabriel> Mem> ::pushes away from the foredeck computer and heads for the officer's computer::
[20:17] <Detro> ::sets an alarm on his data glove, then joins Knight in rummaging::
[20:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Yes, please, Melissa. Then stand by on the hunter-killer for probable drone-sweeping duty.
[20:17] <Ardelmos> ::floats through the cargo bay and back into the foredeck:: +com+ What've we got left in here? ::moves over to the computer to retrieve his PDA now that Mem is on-scene::
[20:17] <Thierry> +Com+ Ready if the need arises
[20:17] <Knight> +com+ Not much here, got a PDA with what looks like some data files, some medals and ribbons and some basic luxery items.
[20:17] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::watches the refuelling gauge anxiously:: hee hee... drink up babe, you're gonna need it...
[20:18] <Melissa> +com+ Roger that ::sends the drone out through the cargo bay to the Fury, the battle arms waving to everyone as it goes by::
[20:18] <Detro> ::seeing Knight has things in hand here, he heads back to the flight deck::
[20:19] <Gabriel> Mem> ::decides that there isn't much left to be done here:: +com+ Heading back to Pathfinder. ::pushes away toward the cargo bay::
[20:19] <Craig> ::opens a few crates of sleipnir parts and examines a few, nodding in satisfaction:: +com+ captain, the parts here are almost identical to fury spec, with some minor reworking we'll be able to use these for pathfinder
[20:20] <Gabriel> ::nods, starts grabbing crates and loading them on the cargo pallet::
[20:20] <Ardelmos> ::grunts:: +com+ Bring anything we can sell on Caprice.
[20:20] <Savant> Ranger Zucco Jim> +com+ Pathfinder's refuelled, sir! We're returning.
[20:20] <Melissa> ::once on Pathfinder, the octopus finds someone and holds out the crate to them, battle arms folded behind its head::
[20:20] <Birkin> ::grunts moving back down towards the Pathfinder, pushing off of the walls to go fast as he can manage::
[20:20] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Ranger. Fast work, and well done. All teams, stand by for return to Pathfinder.
[20:21] <Ardelmos> ::looks around the foredeck one last time for anything immediately apparent as being useful or out of place::
[20:21] <Knight> ::gathers up the items, heads back to foredeck::
[20:21] <Tychon> ::frowns:: +com+ Deacon...I'm picking up a new wave of drones. Something different this time.
[20:21] <Tychon> +com+ I'm reading five, and they're larger than the first batch.
[20:22] <Gabriel> ::nods inside Deacon:: +com+ Hunter-killers. Keep a close eye on those, Nike.
[20:22] <Savant> Zucco and Peresalona return to Pathfinder, virtually alongside the Octopus.
[20:22] <Gabriel> ::finishes loading the cargo pallet with the supplies Craig identified and starts pushing it toward Pathfinder's cargo bay::
[20:22] <Tychon> +com+ Will do. ::keeps a track on them as everyone withdraws from the Sleipnir::
[20:22] <Detro> ::Reaching the cockpit, gives it a final once-over::
[20:23] <Melissa> ::once the crate is taken, the octopus moves into its holding spot and then powers down as she switches to active control of the hunter-killer::
[20:23] <Ardelmos> +com+ Alright folks, time to go. Cargo-bay to cargo-bay.
[20:24] <Detro> +com+ Roger that. ::turns and heads for the cargo bay::
[20:24] <Craig> ::looks about for a moment before shoving off and heading back to the fury::
[20:24] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Everyone back in your buckets! I want to be gone before those drones get here if we can manage it.
[20:25] <Knight> ::enters the furry::
[20:25] <Birkin> ::passes back into the fury, making his way towards the bucket seats::
[20:25] <Thierry> ::Settles Wren back into Pathfinder, locks her down, and heads for his couch::
[20:25] <Tychon> ::stays behind while the others return to Pathfinder, intent on being the last one inside::
[20:25] <Ardelmos> ::leaves the foredeck and passes through the cargo bay, pausing at the end of the ramp to double-check his position before launching himself across the gap between the two shuttles::
[20:26] <Gabriel> +com+ Whipsnake One, go for docking. All teams, let's head back to Pathfinder.
[20:26] <Detro> ::is a few meters behind Roland::
[20:26] <Gabriel> ::turns Deacon about and hits thrusters back toward the vehicle bay::
[20:26] <Craig> ::reaches the fury cargobay and cycles through, then heads to the foredeck and straps into the acceleration couch::
[20:26] <Melissa> ::sends the hunter-killer towards the Fury, holding off from docking till everyone else has docked and boarded first::
[20:27] <Gabriel> ::catches hold of Pathfinder and comes back aboard, stowing the cargo pallet with Deacon's big arms::
[20:27] <Thierry> ::Starts manuvering his way back to his couch::
[20:28] <Savant> The Fury twists slightly as it turns towards a new vector. In the command pit, Jeremi scrambles back into his chair and takes the reins once more
[20:28] <Detro> ::launched across into Pathfinder, and is moving for the couch::
[20:28] <Ardelmos> ::reaches Pathfinder cleanly and immediately begins making his way to a locker to take off the bulky suit, in the event he needed to get into Erinyes::
[20:28] <Tychon> ::once he's sure that everyone is clear, jaunts back to Pathfinder::
[20:28] <Gabriel> +com+ Everyone slave in a laser cannon. This might be close.
[20:28] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Thirty seconds, everyone! Strap in fast!
[20:29] <Melissa> ::docks the Hunter-killer and powers it down::
[20:29] <Knight> ::straps into a g-couch::
[20:29] <Birkin> ::straps himself into the zero G couch and braces for the burn::
[20:29] <Gabriel> Viktor> ::finishes docking Whipsnake One along Pathfinder's axis of flight::
[20:29] <Thierry> ::Straps in as he brings up a gun as the cap said::
[20:29] <Savant> Everyone can see the blazing glare of the incoming drones as they streak towards Pathfinder. They close quickly - it's apparent that Pathfinder isn't going to be able to get away without being slapped by these things at least once.
[20:30] <Ardelmos> ::peels off the space armor down to his BDU and moves as fast as he can over to Erinyes, pulling himself up and into the cockpit, pulling on his helmet and slaving into a laser as he buckles in::
[20:30] <Gabriel> ::locks Deacon into place, pulls his straps tight, then slaves his Gear fire control to a SLC::
[20:30] <Detro> ::already half in the couch, there's no time to get to JJ, so he slaves a laser cannon to his data glove::
[20:30] <Gabriel> +com+ Tynes is aboard, but unable to get to a couch. I'll ride it out in Deacon.
[20:30] <Tychon> ::locks down Nike into place and triggers the vehicle bay to close:: +com+ We're all in.
[20:31] <Melissa> ::secures the straps and readies her display:: Hmm...this reminds me of an old arcade game...
[20:31] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Here we go!
[20:31] <Savant> Pathfinder once again kicks everyone in the gut as it leaps into activitiy
[20:33] <Knight> ::grunts::
[20:34] <Thierry> ::Tries to focus as he's kicked back in his seat::
[20:34] <Detro> ::shoots, hoping for the lucky shot::
[20:35] <Savant> Just as Pathfinder really starts to get going, that flare of light roars by overhead
[20:37] <Birkin> ::takes aim with one of the SLC canons, and lets lose at the first drone coming up on the Pathfinder::
[20:38] <Craig> ::fires off a shot at the drones as the close in::
[20:38] <Savant> Despite being outnumbered PAthfinder can put out a disgusting amount of firepower - a veritable hail of lasers and chain guns storm out at the drones - three of them disintegrate almost immediately. The remainder waste no time in making their reply.
[20:38] <Ardelmos> ::tracks the SLC as best he can, but Erinyes is set up in the bay perpindicular to the vector of acceleration, so he's thrown about and his aim is off::
[20:38] <Gabriel> ::takes the best shot he can, despite Jeremi's jinking and the fact he's being bounced around Deacon's fortunately roomy cockpit::
[20:40] <Melissa> ::watches the action on the screen, taking shots when she can::
[20:41] <Savant> The Fury is bombarded - everyone can feel the hair on their necks rise. There's a muttered curse fromt he cockpit, but Pathfinder keeps going - quickly turning to move perpindicularily to the flight path of the drones.
[20:42] <Tychon> ::braces against the impact, frowning and hoping it wasn't too bad::
[20:42] <Savant> After a few millisecond or so the tremendous speed of the drones takes them well out of weapons range of Pathfinder.
[20:42] <Melissa> ::winces as the ship is lanced by return fire::
[20:43] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ They're gonna take at least fifteen minutes before they're at us again, plenty of time to find a spot to lie low.
[20:44] <Gabriel> +com+ Well done, Aggie. Let me know when those still mounted can move to couches.
[20:44] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:44] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[20:44] <Craig> ::attn::
[20:44] <Detro> ::attn::
[20:44] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[20:45] <Melissa> ::attn::
[20:45] <Savant> there we go. Not so bad. a little scattered, but I'll blame the cops on that one.
[20:45] <Birkin> ::attn::
[20:45] <Tychon> ::attn::
[20:45] <Tychon> SWATted.
[20:45] <Savant> questions?
[20:45] <Thierry> I also had my focus elsewhere
[20:45] <Detro> ::raises::
[20:45] <Savant> Detro?
[20:45] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[20:45] <Detro> Did they tow the truck?
[20:45] <Savant> haven't gone to check yet
[20:45] <Ardelmos> Heh
[20:45] <Savant> Gabriel?
[20:46] <Gabriel> Actually, my questions are technical. They'll wait until you dismiss.
[20:46] <Savant> ok
[20:46] <Savant> alright then! I suppose that we can get on with some serious experience pointing then
[20:46] <Savant> since everyone has bios and all that.
[20:46] <Tychon> srsly
[20:46] <Savant> let's do that now. I'll start out with two, since I like to start out with two.
[20:46] <Birkin> zwei
[20:47] <Savant> would you say that you accomplished a major objective today? Tell me what things you accomplished today, and why you feel they're worthy of an experience point
[20:47] <Ardelmos> Yar
[20:47] <Birkin> we took down two Slepinir ships
[20:47] <Detro> We started the Black Talon Combat Salvage Company Smile
[20:47] <Thierry> Yup, those things
[20:47] <Birkin> we refueled the Fury
[20:47] <Knight> we raided our target,got some gear and more importanly fuel.
[20:47] <Ardelmos> (a) refueled pathfinder (b) got lots of drugs (c) blew up one ship and eviscerated a second (d) killed purples
[20:47] <Gabriel> Gathered a new set of IFF codes, CID procedures, and other intel, refueled Pathfinder, and taught the CEF that they can't send their little shuttles out unguarded if they want to keep them.
[20:47] <Tychon> We managed to take out a CEF rescue ship, showing the CEF that they're not messing with some joe-blows. The message we sent with today's objective alone is a pretty big one.
[20:47] <Melissa> discovered what an octi does to a grel
[20:48] <Ardelmos> Oh, and picked up enough BILs to go around.
[20:48] <Savant> heh, alright. That's wroth another one. Three.
[20:48] <Detro> Yup, true
[20:48] <Savant> Give me some examples of you guys working together as a team here
[20:48] <Birkin> good. I want a BIL.
[20:48] <Detro> Securing that center room. Definitely teamwork.
[20:48] <Birkin> The initial strike on the Slepinirs
[20:48] <Birkin> we both waited until we were ready
[20:48] <Birkin> then BAM
[20:48] <Ardelmos> Getting all of the above stuff done in 30 in-game minutes. Wink
[20:48] <Gabriel> The whole sim. Everyone had a role, everyone played it like clockwork. Take the ground, consolidate, support, get out. Hit and fade to the max.
[20:48] <Craig> we got 6 more BILs so there should be plenty for us now
[20:49] <Savant> I do have to say, you guys are getting *good* at co-ordination.
[20:49] <Thierry> Well, Thierry was kinda out of it
[20:49] <Tychon> Tychon sliced the cargo doors neatly off for everyone to easily GTFO when the time came.
[20:49] <Savant> so Thierry doesn't deserve the XP, is what you're saying? ^_-
[20:49] <Gabriel> I expected the drones to show up toward the unloading.
[20:49] <Gabriel> Or at least a couple of them. That's why Thierry, Tychon, and Tynes were outside.
[20:49] <Birkin> were those Hunter Killer Drones?
[20:50] <Savant> the frigate was an hour away, and vectoring away. How could the drones get there so quickly? And yes, they were hunter killers.
[20:50] <Thierry> GM Perogative?
[20:50] <Gabriel> ::shrugs:: I figured they'd send a few throw-aways on max burn.
[20:50] <Savant> anyways, you certainly get a +1 for teamwork. That's 4 total. +1 for a combat situation is 5.
[20:50] <Detro> Hidden base? Wink
[20:51] <Birkin> That's why. Those things were -insane- when it comes to burn abilities
[20:51] <Gabriel> No, he's telling me that they couldn't have arrived quicker. I was thinking some missile drones would arrive going a hundred hexes a turn. Wink
[20:51] <Gabriel> If it had been me, I would have done that. Wink
[20:51] <Savant> nah, they wanted to try to injure you, then trail you with the follow-up wave of sensor drones.
[20:52] <Savant> that's next game though ^_-
[20:52] <Gabriel> Heh.
[20:52] <Ardelmos> ::smirks::
[20:52] <Savant> five points. I shall give you another one if you can tell me something about Gomorrah that you look forward to.
[20:52] <Melissa> hmm...maybe i can add to my collection
[20:52] <Detro> No HEA checks! Smile
[20:52] <Melissa> seeing it for the first time
[20:52] <Thierry> Um, getting there would be nice Smile
[20:53] <Savant> something about the actual place, not just the fact that it's gravity again ^_-
[20:53] <Knight> something without out burns.
[20:53] <Detro> The chance that maybe this time we'll get ourselves some of them mini-walkers Wink
[20:53] <Gabriel> Gabriel doing a Jack Ryan from Clear And Present Danger: walking into a corporate boardroom and handing over a business card that says "Capt. Gabriel Tynes. Black Talons. Terra Nova." With a BT logo in the corner. Wink
[20:53] <Gabriel> "Would you take a company check?"
[20:53] <Knight> <--- Looks forward to not being smashed into chair or other pointed objects
[20:53] <Tychon> Hm....I'm looking forward to seeing the reprocussions of our mission in person. See if we're really making a difference.
[20:53] <Birkin> blowing up something in Paladin Lots
[20:53] <Savant> nice, awesome. You should get business cards.
[20:54] <Ardelmos> <--- killing people in the dark with a sniper rifle
[20:54] <Savant> hee
[20:54] <Thierry> I can't think of anything that hasn't been mentioned. I don't know enought about the place to make an intellegent comment
[20:54] <Savant> ::makes note to have a GREL throw a chair at Knight, just for kicks::
[20:54] <Gabriel> I brought a couple of jet packs if Roland wants to practice Personal Flight Device.
[20:54] <Craig> surviving gommorah a second time:)
[20:54] <Knight> =0
[20:54] <Gabriel> A jetpack on Caprice = win.
[20:54] <Savant> something that you would look forward to doing in a big city, Thierry
[20:55] <Gabriel> Boba Fett + gun-kata + sniper rifle. Wink
[20:55] <Melissa> oh...getting my hands on Caprician mech tech
[20:55] <Thierry> That's still not giving me much to work with
[20:55] <Melissa> i've got earth tech, tn tech...need to get all the tech...
[20:55] <Savant> corporate culture.
[20:55] <Gabriel> He's asking if there's any down and dirty urban sim things you want to do.
[20:55] <Savant> Caprice has some mighty fine tech.
[20:55] <Ardelmos> Heh
[20:55] <Detro> Get the gangs on our side.
[20:55] <Savant> gangs! cool, gangs are fun.
[20:56] <Savant> i was disappointed you didn't look into those last time you were in Gomorrah
[20:56] <Melissa> heh...setup shop as a cyber-doc....
[20:56] <Detro> I'd hoped you hadn't thought I'd forgotten about them, considering they were fighting in the mini mechs. Wink
[20:56] <Thierry> Uh...
[20:56] <Knight> <-- looks forward to cold beer and hot women.
[20:56] <Gabriel> We weren't set up at all to be Gomorran-friendly. We're much better set up this time.
[20:56] <Gabriel> -n+h
[20:56] <Savant> awesome. BRothel for Knight
[20:57] <Craig> lol
[20:57] <Detro> You were actually. Jana had forgery and business IIRC
[20:57] <Thierry> Guess the best thing I can think of is meeting non-whore caprician women
[20:57] <Savant> hee hee. they do exist!
[20:57] <Knight> man doc is soooooo uptight
[20:57] <Ardelmos> <-- looks forward to the lamentations of the CEF women.
[20:57] <Tychon> "I don't see as we should be involved in other people's bus--" "They're whores." "--I'm in."
[20:57] <Savant> anyways. That's six.
[20:57] <Savant> well done all!
[20:57] <Tychon> Woot.
[20:57] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 4:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies in Session'
[18:00] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:00] <Birkin> ::attn::
[18:00] <Knight> ::attn::
[18:00] <Tychon> ::attttttttttttn::
[18:00] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:01] <Thierry> :ATTN:
[18:01] <Savant> hello and good evening once again to the Black Talons. I'll be your host.
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[18:01] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:02] <Detro> Yes, I'll start off with the potato skins, then the 12 oz steak, medium...
[18:02] <Detro> Oh. Sorry. Wrong place.
[18:02] <Savant> we're going to have ourselves a nice peaceful little game. You can find out as much or as little information as you like today
[18:02] <Savant> i expect to be run off my feet playing NPCs, but that's okay ^_-
[18:02] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:02] <Savant> briefing? Briefing.
[18:02] <Savant> Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies
[18:02] <Savant> 39 Summer TN, 1400h - Late Morning
[18:02] <Savant> The Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt, 43 degrees antispinward of Indra
[18:02] <Savant> -271 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity. It's frickin space.
[18:02] <Savant> Part one of the operation within the Loki system is complete - over the course of the last three weeks the mining operations within this area of the Belt have really felt the sting of Black Talon predation. While mining operations have certainly not halted, tehy are being conducted with great amounts of caution.
[18:02] <Savant> A few days ago, Sous-sergent Macedon reported good news. Mining ships at Liberty station are apparently waiting for CEF escort before heading out into the belts. and large fleet movements are beginning to sweep up the Third and Eighth Fleets - some even coming out of dock at Monolith station to pick up the slack.
[18:02] <Savant> The Talons have stumbled upon a Liberati freehold, an enclave for free miners to meet and relax away from Corporate influence - an analogue to the caravans on the surface of the planet. Tanziar, as well, has turned up again along with a half dozen other ships.
[18:02] <Savant> With little in the way of hard intelligence on the corporate mining facilities (or CEF installations), the station has proven to be an excellent place to stop and stretch your legs, and speak to the locals about what obstacles you now face...
[18:02] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:02] <Thierry> surre
[18:03] <Thierry> Ackkers
[18:03] <Detro> ack
[18:03] <Knight> axk
[18:03] <Craig> ackky
[18:04] <Gabriel> ack
[18:04] <Tychon> ack
[18:04] <Savant> ask your questions, if you dare.
[18:04] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:04] <Savant> Detro
[18:04] <Detro> Do I dare?
[18:04] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[18:04] <Detro> (It's a question. ^_^)
[18:04] <Detro> But seriously...
[18:05] <Detro> What's the charge for hiding out here? I mean, a dock fee, or trading things...
[18:05] <Savant> no charge. Gabriel already took care of that earlier, apparently
[18:05] <Savant> Thierry?
[18:07] <Thierry> Still completely no gravity here or is there at least...something
[18:07] <Savant> Zero gee. It's actually a mined-out asteroid.
[18:07] <Savant> they have a very extensive gym, though
[18:07] <Craig> hehe
[18:08] <Craig> it aint xanadu but it'll do:)
[18:08] <Savant> much smaller i'm afraid ^_-
[18:08] <Thierry> Well, I mean, a dsecent size asteroid would have...something
[18:08] <Thierry> kk
[18:08] <Savant> it's small enough, and made mostly of silicates - so it has a negligible gravitational field.
[18:08] <Savant> any other questions?
[18:09] <Thierry> nada
[18:09] <Savant> Mr Tynes, is this a liberty leave or are your soldiers required to remain on duty?
[18:09] <Detro> <Joanna> Liberty! Liberty! <Detro> Quiet. You are not here.
[18:09] <Gabriel> Liberty for all hands, save one-in-three watches at the sensors.
[18:10] <Savant> Macedon offers to take the first shift.
[18:10] <Gabriel> ::nods::
[18:10] <Savant> anyways. If there are no further questions, we shall begin.
[18:10] <Thierry> Hmm...actually...
[18:10] <Thierry> na
[18:10] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:12] <Craig> ::in the vehicle bay making sure everything is secured before leaving the fury::
[18:12] <Gabriel> ::floats through the last lock into the asteroid proper, a large duffel strapped to his back::
[18:12] <Tychon> ::floats through the asteroidal corridors, the rumbling in his stomach informing his destination decision::
[18:12] <Savant> The station doesn't really have a name - everyone seems to call it Casca, "the House." It's basically a series of decorated and smoothed mining tunnels, with rooms dug into the raw quartz rock.
[18:12] <Thierry> ::Floats around looking for the Gym::
[18:13] <Mem> ::closes the locker on Pathfinder after fetching a small pack to take with him to the station::
[18:13] <Savant> Upon entering the airlock, the Talons are immediately assaulted by the smells and sights of the Liberati. It's crowded and a bit dark, but colour fills the eyes. The walls in this room are a striking golden colour, embossed and painted with literally millions of decorative asteroids in every colour of the rainbow. Someone's adding some more, even now.
[18:14] <Detro> ::Detro slips on his data glove and follows behind the others::
[18:14] <Gabriel> ::glances around appreciatively, and grabs a nearby handhold, looking around for Jemis al Bansen::
[18:14] <Birkin> ::carries a small bag himself, probably with something inside of it, but he isn't showing it off whatever it is::
[18:14] <Knight> ::pulls his duster tight and follows::
[18:15] <Thierry> ::Pulls together what he might need as well as his custom pistol and his poncho and follows along
[18:15] <Savant> The large chamber, filled with dozens of drifting, talking, laughing Liberati, is dominated by a lighting post in the centre of the cyllindrical room. It glows like a tiny shrouded sun, not quite bright enough to be annoying but enough to fill the room proper. Secondary lights along the walls fill in the shadows.
[18:15] <Craig> ::nods in satisfaction then heads out into the station::
[18:15] <Knight> ::pats the revolver under the shoulder for comfort::
[18:15] <Thierry> Wow...color...
[18:15] <Savant> As soon as the Talons enter, they immediately notice that eyes turn to them, and conversations start - obviously about them.
[18:16] <Tychon> ::takes note of the sudden change in conversational timbre; it's a little hard to 'become inconspicuous' in a situation like this, so he does the only sensible thing -- he ignores it::
[18:16] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::Jemis is floating close to the wall beside a handhold strap, talking with two other men in an animated fashion. It seems to be a debate.::
[18:17] <Gabriel> <q> Mingle. ::finds his target and pushes off gently from an opposite wall, giving anyone who wants one a look::
[18:18] <Mem> ::nods to a Pathfinder crewmember as he disembarks:: Keep 'er safe.
[18:18] <Thierry> ::Floats off in the same general direction of Gabe::
[18:18] <Detro> ::breaks off onto the right flank, looking for anything that might be a sign of gambling::
[18:18] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::notices GAbriel heading towards him and waves him over - he's still talking in Highlands, but the intent is obvious.::
[18:18] <Craig> ::looks around for a moment before spotting the other and catching up to them::
[18:18] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::nods at Mem:: You don't need to tell me twice. Go have fun. And look out for earther girls this time.
[18:19] <Gabriel> ::flips end-over-end, a swimmer's maneuver, then arrests his momentum near the three Liberati, unslinging his duffel once the maneuver is complete::
[18:19] <Tychon> ::floats over towards a mixed group of Liberati, trying to look as open and friendly as possible; he doesn't speak up immediately, instead merely listening and waiting to be acknowledged::
[18:19] <Mem> ::gives Aggie a brief stare, then chuckles and heads through the airlocks, rolling his eyes when he's got his back turned::
[18:20] <Birkin> ::moves out into the asteroid/Liberati hideout proper, looking around a bit wondering what there was to do here::
[18:20] <Knight> ::follows the captain staying a good 5m back,just observing the area:
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::starts with a nice basic greeting memorized earlier in Highlands, feeling one of the pockets in his BDU for his translation PDA in case he needs it::
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::sizes up the other two men::
[18:21] <Detro> ::seeing nothing, observes the flow of traffic briefly::
[18:21] <Savant> Tychon finds a small knot of Liberati that are talking amongst themselves in a rather lazy fashion. A young man notes the Talons' approach and immediately seems to do a double take.
[18:21] <Thierry> ::Looks around for the Al-Bansen girls while keeping an ear towards the cap'n
[18:22] <Savant> Liberati> [H] Holy sh- a raven, here?
[18:22] <Tychon> ::not entirely sure how to take the initial reaction, so he just smiles, offering a somewhat meek wave::
[18:23] <Craig> ::follows along behind tychon::i think they recognize who we are
[18:23] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::grins at Gabriel, and waves trailing Knight and Thierry - his daughters are in a cluster nearby:: [H] Hello, hello! Lady luck is with you all today!
[18:23] <Thierry> ::Nods to Jemis and waves to the girls
[18:23] <Knight> ::give the tip of an unworn hat::
[18:25] <Birkin> ::note's the presence of the women here, then remembers how he used to tease Doc about having Talon Command frown on bringing home a child through the gate, begins to look for a bar of sorts, and perhaps a bit of serving alcohol::
[18:25] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::waves back at Thierry, then turns to the other two, saying something furtively to them::
[18:25] <Gabriel> ::tries out the Highlands he's been studying for the last two weeks:: [H] Jemis, my friend! ::grasps the man's shoulder:: Your advice was very wise. Our victories are yours, or at least they are if your ice is getting good prices.
[18:26] <Mem> ::floats into the larger chamber finally, looking around::
[18:26] <Thierry> ::Pushes over towards the girls:: Something wrong?
[18:26] <Savant> Birkin and Thierry both cast their eyes towards the doors. There's only one set, and it's a heavy set of doors indeed - a secondary airlock in case of a breach, despite how deep in the rock this area is. The doors stand open and a wide red corridor becons.
[18:27] <Mem> ::gives an awkward smile to a nearby Liberati, and continues floating into the room::
[18:27] <Detro> ::once he's watched the flow and go, he moves to join it::
[18:27] <Tychon> ::looks over his shoulder to Craig:: As in, us specifically? Or just our...ah...affiliation?
[18:27] <Savant> Liberati> ::A woman nudges him and says something, and the man talking ot Tychon switches to Anglic:: Raven! You -are- a rave- er, a Terranovan?
[18:28] <Craig> ::nods to the man speaking in rough anglic the smiles:: affilliation
[18:28] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> ::puts his hand on Gabriel's shoulder as well:: [H] We made more than we deserve on our last stop at Liberty. The Keffs are furious - they're like trench pigs at the trough, fighting each other.
[18:29] <Detro> ::does his best to avoid standing out::
[18:29] <Birkin> ::leans over to Thierry:: (vqq) Tell em you're a doctor, you might get a marriage proposal or two
[18:29] <Tychon> ::turns back to the Liberati man, smiling, he speaks slowly but not insultingly so:: Ah, yes, I am. Pleasure to meet you. ::proffers his hand::
[18:29] <Thierry> ::Grins to Birkin::
[18:30] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> [H] Ah! Doctor! Ha ha, hello again! How was your flight?
[18:30] <Mem> ::floats up to Tynes and braces himself on a nearby object--he nods respectfully to Jemis:: [H] Greetings.
[18:31] <Thierry> ::Gives a look that suggested he didn't understand what the girl said:: I thought you spoke some Anglic...
[18:32] <Detro> ::keeps his eyes up and his ears open, looking for card games::
[18:32] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::To Thierry:: She doesn't speak Anglic very well, raven. Sorry.
[18:32] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::glares at Eleslie:: El! ::then, to Theirry:: Only little. But I learn.
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[18:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[18:33] <Gabriel> ::smiles happily:: Then all is well. I have brought you more gifts. ::passes over the duffel:: Medical supplies, hull patches, some Terranovan core samplers, and two keff space guns, if you want them. Introduce me to your friends, I beg you.
[18:34] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:34] <Birkin> We all have to learn. Not I or him. ::points at Theirry:: Are good at Highland.
[18:34] <Thierry> ::Nods:: We can learn from each other then. What did you say? My Highlands is limited to a couple classes
[18:34] <Craig> ::decides to work on his highlands::[H] it's good to meet you too sir, how is life on the station?
[18:35] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> oh! I say, "hello" and "is your travel good"
[18:35] <Gabriel> << [H] >>
[18:35] <Knight> ::looks for nearby wall to lean up against while still in ear-shot of the captain::
[18:35] <Detro> ::keeps pace with those moving about::
[18:36] <Savant> Liberati> ::Shakes Tychon's hand enthusiastically:: Very good, very good. I'm Ghelan!
[18:36] <Thierry> Ah. Quite well. Still getting used to being out here for so long
[18:36] <Birkin> ::lets Thierry learn a few things, maybe even become a man, continues his search, knowing that in a permenant settlement like this there -has- to be something around here brewing... It's human nature::
[18:36] <Mem> ::becomes quickly uninterested in the conversation between Jemis and Gabriel and floats away again, looking for something to do, maybe somewhere to get a drink::
[18:36] <Melissa> ::hangs at the back of the group, looking at everything::
[18:37] <Savant> Jemis al Bansen> [H] We can talk business later, friend! Meet Boraine, the master of this station and a head of the clan. ::gestures to the man beside him, who nods::
[18:37] <Tychon> ::grins:: Pleasure, Ghelan. I'm Nik. This here is Jack. ::gestures to Craig::
[18:37] <Craig> ::nods::
[18:38] <Savant> Detro travels down a red corridor - red on all sides, with doors on all sides when applicable. Some are open, most are closed. What's striking, however, is the artwork. IT appears to be the history of the clan, written on the walls - this part being the early history, initial colonization of the belt. Small, ancient craft fly amoungst colourful asteroids and comets.
[18:39] <Detro> ::his eye can't help but be drawn to the artwork... wonders what Melissa would make of this::
[18:40] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::squeezes Theirry's bicep:: Ha, you need the hack, yes? It helps a lot. They do at Liberty if you want it.
[18:40] <Gabriel> ::nods a greeting at Boraine:: [H] My compliments on your house, and my thanks for its shelter. I hope we are not intruding.
[18:40] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Welcome! Why do you come here? It's you that makes the keffs so angry now?
[18:41] <Thierry> I'm sure it does though I plan to be in a well soon...I hope
[18:41] <Detro> ::follows the history down the wall::
[18:41] <Melissa> ::every once in a while, she pauses in looking and listening to scribble something on the pda in hand::
[18:42] <Mem> ::looks for a map or signage or something that tells him where to go::
[18:42] <Birkin> ::floats/moves down the hallway, a ways behind Destro:: Hmm. I see this style isnt just a Caprice thing ::looks over the history::
[18:42] <Tychon> ::allows his grin to grow a little broader:: Probably. I think we're mostly looking to get a sense of the area, though. Feel out the impact of our actions. That sort of thing.
[18:42] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::nods again:: [H] You are welcome in our house, Captain of the ravens. Our homes are yours.
[18:43] <Thierry> So, it looks like we stirred up the nest quite well. How have you fared since we last met
[18:43] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> You want back in the well? I don't understand this. ::She does a lazy midair summersault:: why?
[18:44] <Thierry> <<Strike that last>>
[18:44] <Craig> ::smiles a bit:: our captain hoped to keep the keffs occupied so they couldn't attack terranova again, and at the same time give your miners more business
[18:44] <Detro> ::glances at Birkin:: What, no-one ever told you?
[18:44] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Oh, you make a *lot* of trouble. ::grins at Tychon and Craig:: A *lot*. The keff are very angry.
[18:44] <Thierry> As much fun as it is to be out here, well, I guess I've grown used to gravity.
[18:45] <Tychon> ::smirks:: Not too much trouble for you, I hope.
[18:45] <Mem> ::looks for a map or signage or something that tells him where to go::
[18:45] <Savant> Before too long, both Birkin and Detro come to an open door, leading into another red room. From this one is coming some absolutely delicious smells - something spicy, and the unmistakeable odour of fresh vegetables. There are voices too, talking in a lively manner.
[18:45] <Birkin> Told me what?
[18:45] <Gabriel> [H] But I was interrupting your conversation. I will leave you to speak, if you like. I merely wished to say hello to Jemis.
[18:46] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> Bah! Gravity! ::waves her hands dismissively:: Only good for slingshots.
[18:47] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::Rolls her eyes::
[18:47] <Detro> ::he shrugged, then corrected after the move changed his vector slightly, catching a handhold near the door:: Last time your group was 'down there'?
[18:47] <Melissa> Gravity is good for a whole host of things...but zee-g...has great potential too
[18:47] <Detro> Didn't see any of these down there?
[18:47] <Mem> ::wanders down a corridor in hopes of finding a place to eat::
[18:48] <Thierry> ::Chuckles:: Sometimes it can be a pain, but it has its uses.
[18:48] <Thierry> So, how have things been for you since we started stirring up troubles
[18:48] <Melissa> ::shrugs and stretches out slightly:: I was thinking of more...physical applications myself ::smirks and goes back to sketching::
[18:49] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Not too much trouble. Soon, though. Keffs are moving all their ships now, up from Monolith.
[18:49] <Birkin> We saw a drawing of the Battle of Baja. Done in the same artist style.
[18:50] <Detro> ::nods:: More of the same.
[18:50] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> [H] Ask if you or yours have any needs, Captain. You're all welcome here.
[18:50] <Mem> ::catches up with Birkin and mutters something, then grins as he comes within earshot:: Find some food?
[18:50] <Craig> ::looks around at the other liberati before turning back to ghelan:: some of your people see uneasy about us being here
[18:50] <Craig> <<seem>>
[18:51] <Tychon> ::tries to pick up on the current in the room, sensing a bit of unease:: Ah. Our apologies, then. We are hoping that our actions make things better for you while making it harder for them.
[18:52] <Gabriel> [H] Thank you. We will not stay long. We do not wish to bring our danger to your house.
[18:52] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> Oh, good! We brought the asteroid back to Liberty, and got a *lot* of money. Good trade because of you! ::punches Thierry cheerfully on the shoulder:: And the medicine, it's very good.
[18:52] <Birkin> ::motions at the door in front of him as he opens it slightly, peeking in to make sure he wasn't barging in on someone's home::
[18:53] <Detro> ::inhales the armoa:: Smells good after all those rations...
[18:53] <Savant> Birkin, Mem and Detro peer in on a kitchen - rows of what appear to be pressure cookers are mounted in one wall, and another wall is dominated by cupboards, likely a pantry. There's a metal table and some chairs here - on one wall - and about ten people as well. One of'em is tinkering with a guitar-like instrument
[18:54] <Melissa> ::puts the pda into one of the many cargo pockets on her uniform and smiles at her hosts::
[18:54] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::nods [H] We'll keep you secret as long as you're here.
[18:54] <Thierry> ::Smiles:: We aim to please. Hopefully buisness will stay good. I must say I find it fascinationg a whole colony depends on getting its water from space. Back home we had big lakes...been a long time since I saw any, but they are quite pretty
[18:54] <Mem> ::looks for some sort of label on the door or near it to indicate what the room was for::
[18:55] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::he seems a touch crestfallen at Craig's admission, and Tychon's statement, but follows up eagerly enough:: Don't worry. Some think of the Trent accords and they worry. But in a war, you have to fight with everything.
[18:57] <Detro> ::quietly, to Mem:: What are you looking for, just go in.
[18:57] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::grins broadly - she's a pretty face with a very nice smile and wavy brown hair:: Lakes! Oh, wow, all of water! I've seen pictures and videos, but it must be so amazing to have water like this!
[18:57] <Detro> ::heads into the room, grinning::
[18:58] <Gabriel> ::decides after a moment's thought to be fairly direct:: [H] Have we given offense? You are troubled, and we are the reason. We are only now learning your ways.
[18:58] <Savant> Detro, Birkin and Mem enter the kitchen area, and the mood changes as the others notice them. Two people actually seem to go sour and leave past the Talons, staring icy daggers at them. The others frown at the lack of courtesy of their friends.
[18:58] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow:: trent accords?
[18:58] <Birkin> Hmm. Mem, can you talk to them. Find out what we just did wrong?
[18:58] <Thierry> ::Nods to Melanie:: When I was young I lived near the shore. Went swimming in the lake down by my aunt's house all the time. Was quite relaxing. Was a pity we had to move to the desert
[18:59] <Mem> Er, um.
[18:59] <Detro> ::arches eyebrows:: [H] Something I say?
[18:59] <Mem> ::watches the women leave, then turns to the ones who remain, scratching his head:: [H] So sorry to barge in!
[18:59] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::Pauses briefly and exhales... he pushes closer to Gabriel, speaking in a quieter tone:: [H] There are many among the Liberati who see the Trent Sector accords as inviolate - it's a terrible sin to breach them.
[19:00] <Savant> Cook> ::she's an older woman, white haired, but tall and thin like most of the others here:: Don't mind them, ravens. Come in! You're welcome here.
[19:01] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Er, yes, the Trent accords. You don't know them?
[19:01] <Melissa> ::an eyebrow perks up at Thierry's mention of living by water, but lets it go. Not everyone who lived in the Badlands grew up in the Badlands::
[19:01] <Craig> ::shakes head frowning:: sorry, first time i heard mention of them
[19:01] <Mem> ::smiles and nods to Birkin and Detro::
[19:02] <Detro> ::arches eyebrows, amused:: Why is it that we can hide ourselves from the CEF, yet we walk into a room here...
[19:02] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> Swimming! Oh, I'd be so scared. They say it's like zee, but -shudder- all the water!
[19:03] <Birkin> Ah thank you ::smiles and enters into the room, looking around and taking in the sights and smells:: Mmm. A welcome change to see wonderful colors and delicious smells ::motions at the food and briefly back at the mural outside::
[19:03] <Tychon> ::nods to Craig, affirming his own ignorance as to the meaning of Trent Accords, and looks back to Ghelan::
[19:04] <Savant> Cook> ::grins:: Oh, it's just a little dinner. You're staying for dinner, aren't you? We've made enough.
[19:04] <Thierry> Its something you have to get used to. Most kids are scared of it at first, myself included. It took me several days to build up the courage.
[19:04] <Gabriel> [H] I know a little bit about what happened at Trent Sector. Something about a worker's strike, which the corps put down. What were the Accords?
[19:04] <Mem> [H] If you'll have us... we will certainly stay.
[19:05] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> It's an old, old law, of water and the rights of the free man. From a long time ago, before the Keffs.
[19:05] <Mem> ::looks at the other people in the room::
[19:05] <Birkin> I'm sure it will be excellent. And a much welcome change from the ration's we've been eating a long time ago.
[19:06] <Tychon> ::looks curious:: I does it factor in to our presence and activities? Or, I guess, how does what we're doing affect how it impacts you all?
[19:07] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::Takes Gabriel's arm by the shoulder and pushes the both of them down towards the red corridor:: After the earthers left and the Concordat fell, there were many problems. Corporations paid less and less, work became ahrder and harder. The Liberati took the brunt of their punishment. This climaxed in the Trent sector of the pole on Caprice, where hundreds of Liberati wer
[19:07] <Tychon> <<of Liberati wer...>>
[19:08] <Savant> ((Were murdered for demanding water at fair prices.))
[19:09] <Detro> Better rations than starving. But a good, home cooked meal beats either.
[19:09] <Savant> Cook> ::smiles wider:: Better than a ration bar, I hope. The stew's just made from odds and scraps, though. I hope you don't mind. You must be used to much better on Terra Nova. Is it true that you have more food and water than you know what to do with there?
[19:09] <Craig> ::tries to piece together a theory:: i think the keffs might do something to keep your people from profiting from our actions against the corporate miners?
[19:09] <Gabriel> ::allows himself to be directed toward the corridor, giving Jemis a parting gesture, then indicating Boraine should go on::
[19:10] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> I'd never. A waste, here. But if I came to Terra Nova, after the war? That'd be nice. . . ah, but it's in a well, too. ::grins:: Sometimes the hack isn't so good.
[19:10] <Craig> <<rephrase::tries to piece together a theory:: your people might be afraid the keffs might do something to keep your people from profiting from our actions against the corporate miners?
[19:11] <Mem> ::shifts uncomfortably and glances at Birkin::
[19:11] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::to Craig:: Oh, no, not that. ::then, to both:: It's not from the prices, that's fine. But a free man is entitled to water for fair work. Attacking water is a terrible sin, from the Accords.
[19:11] <Thierry> Well, we might be able to figure something out. Genetics is one of my hobbies.
[19:12] <Tychon> ::grimaces:: Oh.
[19:12] <Birkin> We could certainly grow more than we know what to do with. I'm afraid I don't know much about the specifics of farms or our food production. My father was a mechanic and my mother a nurse...
[19:13] <Detro> ::snorts:: When the CEF doesn't try to take it.
[19:13] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::He stops at a scene along the red wall - a white-surfaced Caprice, showing water boiling out into the thin air of the planet as tanks are torn asunder.:: [H] The riots that followed nearly destroyed Gomorrah, and strangled the water supply as tribes and corporates alike tried to take as much as they could, to protect their own. Finally, a peace was signed, but only aft
[19:13] <Tychon> ::mulls that over for a moment:: But you said the Accords were before the CEF arrived? Did they sign them too? Seems to me that the CEF would be a group that violates the 'free man is entitled to water' part of the Accords.
[19:14] <Gabriel> << but only aft >>
[19:14] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::grins at Thierry:: Oh? I like genetics too.
[19:14] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::rolls her eyes again and pushes off to go talk with her father.::
[19:15] <Savant> ((But only after much death and much destruction.))
[19:15] <Thierry> ::Smiles:: Its hard to find someone that shares that interest that I enjoy talking to.
[19:15] <Melissa> ::shrugs and decides to let Thierry and Meline talk 'genetics' and heads off in a random direction::
[19:16] <Savant> Cook> Ah, that's too bad. It must be nice, to grow it form the ground like you do. I've seen pictures, your planet is beautiful. My grandparents went there, once.
[19:16] <Gabriel> Boraine> So, the Accords were an agreement between the Liberati and the corporates?
[19:16] <Gabriel> << [H] >>
[19:17] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::grins weakly:: don't worry. This is *different*. It's to get rid of the keffs!
[19:18] <Tychon> ::smiles, though it's more of a sympathetic grimace:: I don't know that necessarily puts anybody at ease about it, though.
[19:19] <Tychon> <<that that, rather>>
[19:20] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::nods:: [H] It set down the rights of free men - to have access to water, food, air - all he need do is work to obtain it. Threatening the source or reserve of one of these things is one of the greatest crimes a Caprician can commit.
[19:21] <Gabriel> [H] And the one part in ten that the keffs take of the water. This is bought? Jemis told me it was taken, shipped away to Earth.
[19:21] <Detro> ::pulls himself into something of a seat:: Yes, but what you do here is amazing, how you survive. You have the short end of the stick... but... well... you took it. And that's what matters. Took it, doing good with it.
[19:21] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> The Keffs signed, yes. They promise to not take the water. ::shrugs:: They do anyways.
[19:22] <Thierry> ::Looks to Mel:: Is there somewhere we could get something to eat. I'm starving
[19:22] <Birkin> It is a small Gate web I suppose ::smiles slightly:: What are you cooking here?
[19:22] <Mem> ::tries to peek over at the food being prepared, how it is being done in zero G::
[19:23] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::nods:: They take a share, but they don't threaten the supply - they work for their water like anyone else. Perhaps it's sold at an unfair price, but the price of the water isn't int he accords, only that there is realistic access available to all.
[19:23] <Tychon> ::nods:: Perhaps it may help to look at it from a longevity perspective. What we're doing will interrupt the water for a little while, in a small capacity. But in the long-term, the goal is to get rid of the CEF imperialism, and restore some autonomy. In other words, more water for everyone.
[19:23] <Savant> Cook> ::laughs:: Ha ha, short end of the stick! I like this saying you have. Oh, it's not so bad. Maybe it's harder, but it's free. No one rules us here.
[19:24] <Tychon> ::feels rather silly, knowing that this Liberati probably already understands everything he's offering as a "suggestion":: Sorry if that seems a little, um, patronizing.
[19:24] <Gabriel> [H] They work for their water? All I see is keff shuttles and heavy ships, moving this way, moving that, inspecting and harrassing.
[19:25] <Savant> Mem spies the food being cooked through a glass plate in the cooker. It looks rich and apparently has tomatoes and some sort of beans. It's impossible to tell otherwise. The cook reaches up and gives the pot a shake to stir the contents
[19:26] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::glances at a few of his friends, who are leaving - apparently not liking the conversation. But he sticks it out, still eager:: That's how a lot of us see it. We've lived in harder times. A lot of people look at the rich times we have now and want them to stay. The keffs buy their love, eh?
[19:26] <Detro> ::nods:: Which means we need to keep it that way. Damn Earthers.
[19:27] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::grins wider:: I think I have something. Come with me?
[19:28] <Thierry> ::Nods and smiles:: Your anglic is better then you think. ::Gestures ahead towards the door:: Lead the way.
[19:28] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::shrugs:: They call this work. And they *do* build new refining drums, and bring their old ships from the Sol system here to mine. They *have* given to us.
[19:29] <Savant> Cook::> Oh, it's not so bad. Corporations, Keffs - always someone trying to rule us. But they never can. We just move. That's how to do it. ::shakes a finger at Detro:: How you should, too.
[19:29] <Tychon> ::grins, trying to match Ghelan's eagerness:: Only way they can get it. ::pauses as the others leave:: I'm sorry. We appear to have offended your friends. ::looks a little like a kicked puppy::
[19:30] <Mem> Move from Terranova?
[19:30] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::pulls Thierry by the hand towards the corridor:: You're better. You speak other languages on Terra Nova?
[19:30] <Gabriel> [H] You want them to stay, then?
[19:30] <Detro> ::chuckles at Mem:: She meant stay on the move, one step ahead of the CEF.
[19:31] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::huffs a breath:: Don't bother. They only worry about right now. The times made them soft.
[19:31] <Thierry> ::Allows himself to be lead on:: Oui madame. Where I grew up they speak Universal French. There are others too
[19:32] <Tychon> ::hums thoughtfully for a moment, watching the others depart, then back to Ghelan:: How do things look from a business point of view, with all the activity?
[19:33] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:35] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Me? No. A lot would rather the Keffs leave. But some of the younger ones, they like the money and the water. They don't remember a time before the keff propaganda. They don't remember their freedom as well.
[19:36] <Savant> Cook> ::Nods at Detro:: Yes, that. But you know that, don't you? You're ravens. ::smiles and checks the pot again, then waves a hand at one of the others:: [H] Close up the door and get the bread. It's done.
[19:37] <Mem> ::turns his attention to the food and gives it a yearning had been a few weeks::
[19:37] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> Me? No. A lot would rather the Keffs leave. But some of the younger ones, they like the money and the water. They don't remember a time before the keff propaganda. They don't remember their freedom as well.
[19:38] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::claps her hands together:: oohoohoo, talk some french.
[19:39] <Savant> The liberati in the kitchen close up the "doors", a double-seal of cloth, as the two older women open the pots and take bread from ovens. The bread is unleavened but smells delicious, and the stew smells better than anything you've ever smelled.
[19:39] <Gabriel> ::exhales, and says quietly:: [H] And their parents tell them about harder times, and those seem much worse than now. They must, or the younger ones would not know the difference. The parents do the keff's work for them.
[19:40] <Thierry> ::Grins and obliges the young lady:: Les étoiles sont très belles mais pas aussi beau que vous
[19:41] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::shrugs at Gabriel:: [H] Parents always tell their children about the hard times. It's what parents *do*. No, it's not so much that as the keffs - the CID. They're very smart. They do very good work.
[19:41] <Mem> ::stares at the food::
[19:42] <Savant> The meal is served into little plastic spheres, eachw ith a small slot in one side. They're handed about casually, though not a tiny bit is spilled. Bread is likewise passed about - the Talons are served first.
[19:43] <Craig> ::frowns at the mention of propaganda::they seem intent on making us look like the bad guys here, we're only trying to defend our home
[19:43] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::giggles as she grabs his hand again - to stop him from drifting away and get him going down the proper side corridor.:: What's this mean?
[19:44] <Mem> ::takes the food and sighs, smiling in relief at the cook:: Thank you. Very very much.
[19:44] <Thierry> The stars are very beautiful, but not as beautiful as you ::smiles widely as he floats along with the caprician::
[19:44] <Detro> ::grins, but holds back from eating until the other Liberati present are served::
[19:44] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::shrugs at Tychon:: Business? Good, very good. We sell for a good price. There's too much water these days, it doesnt' sell for so much ever since the keffs pay part of new refineries.
[19:45] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> It's what the keffs -do-. They lie every time! You know this, raven. They attack your planet, they hold mine hostage!
[19:46] <Gabriel> [H] I will tell you why we do this thing: we must make the keffs stop, spread out, defend themselves. They have attacked my planet, bombed our cities, killed three millions. Three millions. If we do not make them defend here, they will attack us again, bomb us again.
[19:46] <Tychon> ::nods:: It's why we're here. Get 'em out and keep 'em gone, y'know? ::grins:: Or at least really screw up their ops before we get killed.
[19:46] <Savant> Cook> ::to Mem:: You haven't eaten in days? ::smiles:: Eat, eat, don't wait on us. Our food is yours.
[19:47] <Gabriel> [H] When they have spread out, we will find something they cannot afford to lose, and we will attack it. We must slow them down. They do not care to enslave us. They only want to kill all of us, take our planet, bring their billions to our lands.
[19:47] <Craig> ::cringes at tychon's last comment:: i'd prefer to stay alive though
[19:48] <Mem> Not like this, we haven't.
[19:48] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::laughs and goes red-faced briefly, but replies:: It's because you've been on a ship alone for a month, with only stars to look at!
[19:49] <Thierry> ::Is flustered a bit but recovers:: I mean it. I
[19:49] <Gabriel> [H] If the... ::stops for a moment, remembering a particular word:: If the Jund do not approve of what we do, I am sorry, but we must do it anyway. But I am reasonable. If you see ways I can slow them down, ways I can attack them with my small force, without hurting Liberati, I will do so.
[19:50] <Detro> ::chuckles::
[19:50] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::sighs and nods:: [H] I know - Tynes? Tynes. I know what they do to your planet, we saw the ships go to the gate. It's not me you must convince. It's the young ones. The CID is clever. They'll turn this to their advantage.
[19:50] <Thierry> I've known many young women on Terra Nova, you are perhaps the most beautiful woman I've ment
[19:52] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::pauses at a sealed cloth airlock-door - a yellow light softly glows behind it - and turns to face Theirry.::
[19:52] <Gabriel> [H] I would hear your suggestions. If Liberati cannot see that their water feeds the keffs, makes them stronger... if the Liberati cannot teach their children that every ship that leaves this place does so to kill children and families... then what hope may I keep for me and mine?
[19:52] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::grins:: Do you have room for more in your ship? Your Fury, it is?
[19:53] <Thierry> ::Looks romantically into Mel's eyes::
[19:54] <Savant> Cook> ::takes a bowl of her own:: Well, good! Have as much as you like, ravens. Oroch, play a song for our friends! ::waves at the guy with the guitar::
[19:54] <Tychon> ::looks at Ghelan curiously:: More room? For what?
[19:54] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow::
[19:55] <Detro> ::seeing the others have been served, digs into the food himself... after the first few mouthfuls, he pauses:: Shouldn't one of us fetch the others?
[19:56] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::bows his head forward slightly:: [[They don't see the things the keffs do, the CID covers that very, very well. If you want to prove to the youth of Caprice how evil the Keffs are, break that spell. But you face a monster - the CID has beaten even Hakkar into submission.
[19:56] <Mem> ::takes a moment while eating to watch the guy with the guitar he hadn't noticed before::
[19:57] <Gabriel> [H] Where does the CID operate from, out here? Do they come in your house? How do the young ones hear the message?
[19:57] <Savant> In the kitchen dinner is served, and a few other Liberati come in through the doorsways, careful to seal it behind them again. A few people pull themselves onto the table on the wall, buckle into the chairs, and pull out osme magnetic dice, talking animatedly
[19:57] <Detro> ::Arches his eyebrow seeing the magnetic dice::
[19:58] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::quieter:: There are some in al Bansen who want to join the ravens, to help. We have some ships, some supplies,a nd we know this place best, more than the keffs or the corps. We can help you.
[19:59] <Tychon> ::both his eyebrows go up:: Wow. That's...a big offer. ::glances back at Craig:: Not something either of us can authorize, though. We'd have to talk to the Cap.
[19:59] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::Meline loses herself in Thierry's eyes for a few long moments, and the two lean closer, and closer yet.... until she puts a hand up and touches her fingers to his lips, and chuckles while popping the seal on the door behind her::
[20:01] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> [H] Their spies aren't very good, yet. But some Liberati are collaborators - none I know of in al Bansen, but other clans, certainly. Ours is too small. The CID has infected the corporations, the trenchers, even the liberati on the surface are bent by them. They have influence everywhere.
[20:01] <Thierry> ::Wasn't expecting to get a kiss so soon:: I understand. ::Waits and then floats in beghind Mel::
[20:01] <Craig> ::blinks at the suggestion the shrugs to tychon:: we've had liberati aid before with the van saars, i don't see any issue with accepting help from the al Bansen...::turns to ghelan:: but yeah we'll have to ask the captain, i can't garantee a favorable response
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::nods:: [H] Out here. How is the message sent. How is it received. Some in your own house ::points toward the main chamber:: look at me and see a destroyer.
[20:02] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::nods vigorously at Craig and Tychon:: My friends and I, we have a small ship, but it has big tanks, and we've got three mining charges saved up that the keffs haven't found, the old high-yield ones from before they showed up.
[20:04] <Savant> Other groups start heading to the kitchen - everyone in the station is now aware that it's time to eat. They filter down the red corridors in ones and twos, the din of their conversation coalescing near dinner
[20:04] <Mem> ::with a free moment between gulps, he spots the cook:: Thank you, it is very good.
[20:04] <Savant> Cook> ::grins:: Oh, it's nothing. Just odds and ends.
[20:05] <Tychon> ::gestures towards the kitchen:: Maybe we can continue our chat over some food?
[20:05] <Detro> ::finishes his meal, waiting for the others to show up::
[20:05] <Craig> ::looks at tychon and nods:: maybe we can catch the captain as well
[20:06] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::leads Thierry into - well, this isn't a kitchen, for sure. Looks like a private room. Her own. It's decorated with a pastoral scene along the walls, and smells vaguely of flowers. She heads to a refridgerated compartment along the wall.::
[20:07] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> oh! Of course. Come, come. ::gestures for Craig and Tychon to follow him to the kitchen::
[20:08] <Tychon> ::follows eagerly; he was intrigued by the conversation, but his stomach had been growling since he came aboard::
[20:09] <Thierry> ::Takes in the scenery:: Very pretty in here. Did you paint all this?
[20:09] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> [H] They influence corporate policies, and they have tight controls on the news networks. More, many companies are given incentives to help. They play companies against one another, and always come out on top.They twist the news and twist the truth until no one knows what's actually true any longer.
[20:10] <Craig> ::follows as well, his stomach having just started responding to the mention of food::
[20:11] <Detro> ::spots Eleslie in the mess hall... he watches her for a bit, then looks down at his data glove and starts writing::
[20:11] <Mem> ::looks to the door as more people enter, looking for familiar faces::
[20:11] <Savant> By the time that Craig and Tychon reach the kitchen (along with the remainder of the al Bansens) it's a crowd. An animated dice game is going on, and the walls are literally lined with people, all talking and chatting. These people apparently have little sense of privacy or personal space.
[20:11] <Melissa> ::finally wanders into the kitchen/mess hall, but remains quiet::
[20:12] <Tychon> ::half-grins and half-gapes at the spectacle of it all, but keeps an eye on Ghelan, hoping that the other will lead him to food::
[20:12] <Craig> ::looks around at all the people:: looks like we're just in time for the dinner rush
[20:12] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ah, no, it's someone who has it before me. Very nice! I wish I could paint like this. ::Surfaces from the refrigerator with some sort of a dense pastry and a tube of fruit juice::
[20:12] <Mem> ::grins as he spots the younger crowd coming in, and after a moment starts to wonder just how much of these people were immediate family to each other::
[20:13] <Savant> The round bowls are pressed into Craig and Tychon's hands - it smells absolutely delicious, and sets your mouths watering immediately.
[20:14] <Tychon> ::takes in the aroma, savoring it, and looks around to take a cue as to what others are doing for utensils...or lack thereof::
[20:14] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Its nice to see a little color again. Pathfinder is a fine ship but wasn't exactly designed for asthetics. I do try and keep some color in Wren though.
[20:14] <Gabriel> [H] Thank you, Boraine. You have given me much to think about.
[20:15] <Detro> ::writing:: //The minute she walked in, I knew I was in trouble. She carried herself knowing what she wanted, and that she had come to me meant someone had probably said 'no' one too many times...//
[20:15] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> Who's Wren?
[20:15] <Craig> ::takes a sniff::mmm smells as good a mom's cooking
[20:16] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::nods:: [H] Before you leave, I'll give you a list of safe people to talk to if you go to Liberty station. Be careful there - it's very corporate, and the keffs make a permanent base of it.
[20:16] <Thierry> Wren is my Gear, the machine
[20:16] <Thierry> I drive in battle
[20:16] <Detro> ::switching files, he jots down a few notes about her physical appearance::
[20:17] <Gabriel> ::nods:: [H] I will take the list, but we are not going to that place. There is nothing to be done there, unless you know something that needs doing.
[20:18] <Savant> For those of you who have been to Caprice before, the spacer Liberati are very similar - cheerful, and with an unmatched zeal for life that's apparent in everything they do. They dress in snug clothing, however, and move only in small motions - wild movements are dangerous in a weightless environment. Even their children have mastered this.
[20:19] <Detro> ::closes his notes and rejoins the world around him... he watches the dice games with interest::
[20:20] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> [H] The Jund has called the belt off-limits, but they keep some men there, and there are many corporations who keep an eye on the keffs also. All the information in the belt moves through Liberty.
[20:20] <Mem> ::spots Eleslie after he finishes his soup and takes a bite of bread, watching her::
[20:20] <Tychon> ::attempts to emulate those around him in the somewhat comical arm-twisting used to urge soup from the bowl::
[20:21] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::glances at Detro and his study. She frowns a little, then decidedly ignores him::
[20:21] <Mem> ::also spots Meline with Thierry::
[20:21] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::grins:: Ah! I've seen trideos! Of your alliance war. They used to sell them, no more.
[20:22] <Savant> The dice game is apparently a daily entertainment here - not much money is being passed about the table, but there's a lot of cajoling and teasing going on. It seems to be a long game - no winner has cropped up yet. Maybe the big money gets exchanged later on.
[20:22] <Mem> ::doesn't::
[20:23] <Craig> ::tilts the bowl to his mouth and sips in some soup::
[20:23] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::Notes Mem's glances and then huffs out an exasperated breath, pushing towards another area of the room to get some dinner::
[20:24] <Thierry> ::Opens one of the pouches of his BDU and pulls out a PDA:: I brought some more current stuff if you're interested. Even have one of me :: grins and Looks at the food:: Whats that?
[20:24] <Detro> ::keeps watching the game and listening... it's a pretty good way to reinforce his knowledge of the language::
[20:25] <Melissa> ::smirks, slightly amused at seeing both Detro and Mem get brushed off by Eleslie::
[20:25] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> hnn. ::grins and breaks off a piece, pushing it into his mouth with a fingertip::I like to see the one of you.
[20:26] <Thierry> ::Starts to chew and sorts through the datafile and finds the file from the battle for the Westphalia where he killed the hovertank:: Here we are. Have a look.
[20:27] <Gabriel> ::nods slowly and repeats:: [H] We will not go to this place. It would be a great risk for only a little benefit. Even if we could get there -- asking for a ride on one of your ships, perhaps -- my people would stand out.
[20:27] <Melissa> ::glances over to Eleslie and smiles warmly::
[20:30] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::she pouts slightly, but watches anyway. She immediately fixates on the landships, pointing:: Lady Luck! What's that?!
[20:31] <Tychon> ::glances at Ghelan:: How much time have you spent on Caprice? Never been there myself. Kind of curious about what it will be like.
[20:31] <Detro> ::watching the game... the magnetic dice, he realizes, are a pretty good idea::
[20:31] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::glances over at Melissa and - apparently her manners aren't terrible, because she doens't frown or turn away from the polite gesture, but nods instead::
[20:32] <Thierry> ::Smiles as he realizes what she was doing and then notices that she's interested in the Trideo:: Those are landships. The big one is the Westphalia. Pathfinder docks there when we're on Terra Nova. ::Continues to chew on the pastry:: This is good
[20:33] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> [H] Very well. You have other things to do then, I'm sure. Be carefulof the corporate stations - they have ships guarding them often. More, now, I think.
[20:34] <Melissa> ::she nodded in return and made her way over to Eleslie:: Mind if I join you?
[20:35] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Oh, I can't go in the well. Never been there. But friends have. I think the trench is too ... dirty. Crowded. And you're a slave to a corp. Not good
[20:35] <Gabriel> [H] Again, I thank you. You have given me good advice, and as I said, something to think about. Is there anything I can do for your house?
[20:36] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::she gestures to the space beside her, which is relatively free::
[20:36] <Detro> ::thinks he has a pretty good grip on the game's rules now:
[20:36] <Mem> ::watches Melissa move in and grins, shaking his head, looking back across the room for other pretties::
[20:36] <Tychon> ::nods:: Better to be out here where one's free.
[20:36] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> [H] Help free my clan and my people from these tyrants, before we forget that our freedom is the sweetest thing in life. That's all I ask.
[20:37] <Melissa> ::sits down beside Eleslie and smiles:: Hi, I'm Mel
[20:37] <Craig> ::has a little bit of trouble getting the last bit of soup out of the bowl but manages before responding:: that's pretty much the idea i got my first time down there, on the surface isn't as bad though, wide open
[20:37] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Ha! You sound like a Liberati. Your home is the same, on Terra Nova? Freedom is the highest thing?
[20:38] <Detro> ::drifts over towards the game::
[20:38] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::sidles close to Thierry - in order to see the screen - and comments:: How does it float?
[20:39] <Tychon> ::nods, having more soup:: Moreso for some than others, but overall I think most people believe that to be so.
[20:39] <Gabriel> ::grasps Boraine's shoulder and nods:: [H] We will do our best. Be well, Boraine.
[20:39] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> Eleslie. We met on your ship, I think.
[20:40] <Savant> Boraine Aurich al Bansen> ::returns the gesture, and speaks in Anglic - likely as a show of respect, the same which Tynes has been showing him:: Enjoy our hospitality, you earn it.
[20:40] <Melissa> ::nods:: Yes, but I never properly introduced myself...very rude of me.
[20:41] <Savant> The game-players open their ranks to let Detro in, though they're focusing on the game right now
[20:41] <Gabriel> ::troubled, does his end-over-end swimming flip, then pushes off slowly back toward the main chamber::
[20:41] <Thierry> ::Slowly moves to put his arm around Mel, givin her a chance to accept it or not.:: To be honest I don't really know. Really big magnets I think.
[20:41] <Craig> ::nods:: terranova has had it own moments, like you said about your past with the clans fighting each other, but when it comes to the keffs we're willing to set aside our differences
[20:42] <Detro> ::waits for the right moment to join in::
[20:42] <Savant> Meanwhile, Mem sees a sea of pretty faces. Some old, some young, some men and some women, but they all seem to have taken the calcium hack - they're all slim, tall, and good looking. Sort of creepy, but the vigor and cheer in which they live assuages that. He can spot the vaguely familiar face of Sharah al Bansen off to one side, by herself, amidst the crowd. Thierry, Tynes, and Meline are noticeably absent.
[20:43] <Gabriel> ::floats back into the main chamber from one of the red corridors::
[20:44] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> You fight -each other-? ::He seems *very* surprised by this:: Really? ... why? Comanies with different rules?
[20:44] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> Mm. Big magnets? ::She gives Thierry a sly i-don't-believe-you look::
[20:45] <Gabriel> ::pulls out his PDA and takes some notes on his conversation with Boraine before tucking it back into one of the BDU's many pockets::
[20:45] <Mem> ::turns back towards the cooking area and to the cook, passing over his finished bowl:: Thank you so much, it was delicious.
[20:45] <Savant> Tynes, meanwhile, returns to the central meeting chamber. The decorations of the room are obvious now that it's virtually deserted. It's a map of the belt, with the central colum taking the place of Loki and the different colours of asteroids showing relative distances. A gorgeous piece of art lined with stories, and useful in its own right.
[20:46] <Savant> Cook> ::grins at Mem:: We'll have dessert later.
[20:46] <Mem> ::removes himself from the straps and smiles at the cook again:: Oh, can't wait!
[20:46] <Tychon> ::shrugs:: Different nations. Different ideologies.
[20:46] <Gabriel> ::reaches one of the side walls, then pulls himself along, examining the map for anything of interest it might reveal::
[20:47] <Thierry> ::Shrugs slightly:: Something like that. I'm not an expert in such things. ::Points back to the screen:: Here, there's me and Wren dropping into the battle
[20:47] <Craig> ::nods a bit:: something like that, though instead of companies, terranova is broken up into city states, for the most part it's been a polar rivalry
[20:47] <Detro> ::looks at those playing:: Mind another player?
[20:47] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::Shakes his head a bit, still incredulous:: Little fights maybe, but - wars? Like the keff bring to you?
[20:47] <Mem> ::pushes off and follows the wall across the room, floating carefully::
[20:48] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::shrugs at Melissa:: It's okay. I was a little rude too. I'm sorry.
[20:49] <Gabriel> ::grasps the wall to examine something more closely, letting his body flip end over end, then using the strength of his arms to pull himself to a stop::
[20:49] <Savant> Gambler> ::makes space for Detro:: [H] Pull up, raven! You have any fancy terranovan money to spend? ::There are some laughs from around the table::
[20:49] <Mem> ::floats over to Sharah's position and flips over slowly, grinning at her while upside-down:: [H] Hi.
[20:50] <Melissa> ::smiles:: Apology accepted. Perhaps we can start off on a better note?
[20:50] <Craig> ::shakes head:: we've had some bad wars, but nothing compared to what the keffs bring, though i'd like to think that, as bad as the past wars were, they helped us learn how to fight the keffs when they came
[20:50] <Savant> Gabriel finds that the wall is covered in stories - tiny ships ply the golden gaps between the asteroids, with stories written indelibly upon the solid crystalline quartz with fine script. Each one is dated, as well - the one he looks at now dates to almost a hundred and fifty cycles ago
[20:51] <Detro> ::sad smile:: I did, but it is went the same way of my other things. Destroyed. Keffs got lucky.
[20:51] <Gabriel> ::now that he knows what he's seeing, looks for something dated between TN 1909 and TN 1913, pulling himself along the wall::
[20:51] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> ::She's a bit shorter than the other girls - still as tall as MEm at least - and has a bob of black hair. She looks up from the PDA she's glancing through and blinks at him once before replying somewhat awakrdly:: um, hi.
[20:52] <Mem> [H]You're one of Jemis's daughters, right? I'm Mem. ::offers his hand::
[20:52] <Tychon> ::nods agreement with Craig::
[20:52] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::sighs and lowers her head:: Yes... I'm sorry. You're finding Loki welcoming?
[20:53] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::purses his lips and nods firmly:: Terra nova makes warriors! Like the Prime Knights. You see that show - aha, of course not. I can give it to you. I have it. Good - old, but good.
[20:55] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Far more so then I thought. Your clan has been most helpful and I for one am most...greatful
[20:55] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::Watches attentively, pointing:: What are you doing here?
[20:56] <Savant> ((bah, sorry Theirry. The last line was supposed to be Eleslie, the one that got you confused. Use the more recent one))
[20:56] <Thierry> <K>
[20:56] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::to Melissa:: ::sighs and lowers her head:: Yes... I'm sorry. You're finding Loki welcoming?
[20:56] <Detro> ::pulls the flask off his hip:: There is this though. ::puts out out in front of him, letting it float:: Water, from Terra Nova, from a fountain that many feel is lucky.
[20:57] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> ::shakes Mem's hand somewhat weakly:: [H] Ah, yes, that's me. And you're Lieutenant Gage.
[20:57] <Mem> [H] Yeah. Call me Mem. ::grins, then looks at the PDA:: Whatcha workin on?
[20:58] <Melissa> ::nods:: Most welcoming. ::tilts her head to one side, looking at the other woman:: I find all of this fascinating...all the culture and history. I find your people and way of life interesting...and I find you interesting.
[20:58] <Savant> Gabriel eventually finds what he's looking for. Amidst the asteroids, lines trace - CEF ships in dense formations plying between the asteroids, and a dense block of text. It describes great terror and panic - when the CEF showed up, they destroyed any ship that got close enough tot hem, and *all* of the fleets were together then.
[20:59] <Thierry> ::Points to the Gunship:: That's one of our atmospheric craft. They're dropping me out in my gear. Its called an airdrop ::Waits for the chute to appear::That's meant to slow my fall so I don't splat on the ground. Before that, well, its kinda like the feeling you get in a burn.
[20:59] <Savant> Gambler> [H] He wants to gamble with water! ::there's a lot of laughter:: You come to the right table, raven! Terranovan water, too- a rare vintage!
[21:00] <Gabriel> ::follows this storyline along the wall, looking for anything dated after that::
[21:00] <Craig> ::chuckles a bit::i've probably seen similar shows growing up, and then there's the trideos we make while on duty, those are pretty popular out here apparently
[21:00] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ohh. Like falling in a well.
[21:00] <Detro> :Very Happy: [H] If you win it, don't use it all in one place.
[21:01] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::grins:: I've got some too, of your alliance war. But they're hard to get now.
[21:01] <Thierry> Exactly...really really far though. ::Starts rubbing Mel's back::
[21:02] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> ::looks at her PDA, then Mem:: [H] Oh, our next asteroid. I'm plotting the course. We'll be leaving in a day or two, once I'm done.
[21:03] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::purses her lips:: I don't know anything about Terra Nova or where you're from, so I can't say much. I hear it's very different.
[21:04] <Mem> ::smiles at her, then braces himself on the wall to right himself, no longer upside down in relation to Sharah:: Are you a pilot?
[21:04] <Tychon> ::continues working at the soup, content now to let Ghelan and Craig talk::
[21:04] <Craig> ::nods:: we have some more recent ones as well, one of my comrades took some during our sigma depression battles
[21:04] <Savant> Gabriel continues - it takes him long moments to find what he's looking for, as the stories are scattered throughout the room. Eventually he finds more pieces, however. Once the CEF plowed through to Caprice, the corporations surrendered unconditionally, without a battle at all. The Liberati only made one major offensive and were predictably crushed. The viewpoint of the al Bansens is skewed, telling more of the lives of their cousins on the surface than anything.
[21:04] <Melissa> I could show you some pictures of home, tell you about the places I've seen if you like?
[21:04] <Detro> ((on the....))
[21:05] <Savant> ::
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[21:05] <Savant> ::grins> and pulls Detro in, grabbing the dice and placing them in his hands::
[21:05] <Savant> ... telling more of the lives of their cousins on the surface than anything.
[21:06] <Detro> ::throws the dice, keeping the movement short like he saw the Liberati doing::
[21:07] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::grins at Thierry and sidles in closer, and points at the screen:: You do things like this a lot? Very dangerous.
[21:08] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> ::nods at Mem:: [H] Well, i make the flight plans and deal with space traffic control at Liberty.
[21:08] <Gabriel> ::keeps following the story as best he can, also interested in stuff that might exist just before the CEF arrival, thinking about what Boraine told him about harder times::
[21:08] <Savant> Gambler> ((fixing)) ::grinsand pulls Detro in, grabbing the dice and placing them in his hands::
[21:09] <Thierry> ::Continues rubbing her back:: Sure do. Oh look here come the hovertanks ::Lets the images do the talking as the single shot from his MAC downs the HT-72::
[21:10] <Mem> [H] Ah. An important job. ::gets business-related thoughts creeping into his head about Sharah possibly being an important asset in understanding future operations in the system, but blocks it out, reminding himself that he's among friends, and lovely ladies, and this is free time::
[21:10] <Savant> Gabriel works backwards along the wall, then up and to the side, following the snaky trail of dialogue. Apparently the times just before the CEF arrival were livable, but nowhere does it mention fleets of mining ships - only single ships. Apparently the fleets have grown considerably in recent years.
[21:10] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::shrugs at Melissa, but seems agreeable enough to pay attention at the very least. Maybe she's just being polite::
[21:11] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Oh - that was *you?* Oh, wow! ::he fumbles about in his pockets and pulls out a PDA:: I collect, it's great! Which is you?
[21:13] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ooohoohoo, you're *very* good with a gun.
[21:13] <Mem> [H] So... what does a talented flight controller like yourself do for fun around here? ::leans in just slightly, watching her reactions::
[21:14] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> ::Shrugs and looks down:: [H] It'snot too hard. Dad can do it too, but he works hard enough. ::a pause as Mem replies:: Aheh, not much. I'm boring. Meline's the fun one.
[21:14] <Thierry> ::Grins:: Skill with a scalpel translates better to an autocannon then one might thing ::Rubs deeper::
[21:14] <Melissa> ::smiles and pulls out a PDA and calls up a picture of her home city:: This is Thebes, where I grew up
[21:15] <Mem> [H] That's okay, I stare at computers all day.
[21:15] <Savant> Detro plays for several minutes, and by the record of the old man sitting on the side of the table, he's gathered up a rather substantial sum of points in short order. There's a lot of cajoling and more than a few ribald jokes - a lot focusing around the water that's being gambled upon.
[21:16] <Savant> Gambler> Ha! Did you come to take all our water *and* our women, terranovan?
[21:16] <Detro> ::joins in the ribbing and jibes... and for a little while, it's almost like being back on Terra Nova, with the Red Lions::
[21:17] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::looks at the PDA screen:: Very.. green. And open. ::she can't help but look longer, the idea of an open city like that being so foreign to her.::
[21:17] <Mem> ::watches Sharah, giving her a doubting look:: Come on, what do you like to do in your free time? What entertains you? ::tries to persuade her with his tone of voice::
[21:17] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::grins wider:: Oh, a surgeon too? Can you do anything else with your hands?
[21:18] <Melissa> ::she smiles and flips to a picture of the lake by Ashanti::
[21:19] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> ::looks down a bit, and is apparently getting a bit flustered from the attention she's getting as she's gone a bit red in the face. She looks down briefly, then glances up at him again:: [H] Oh, I read. I collect books. Not very exciting, espeically for a raven.
[21:19] <Craig> ::looks at the PDA a moment::ahh that looks like our first firebase attack ::points:: that would be my gear up there, taking on the hovertanks with junkman, roland and jane, birkin and gotah had just taken out the turret towers
[21:19] <Thierry> Well, I'm a pretty good tennis player but something tells me that's not what you had in mind. ::Grins and winks::
[21:20] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Lady Luck, it's you! Ha! Oh, I have ot see the Gears. You have them here? Can I?
[21:20] <Gabriel> ::continues working along the stories, looking to catch up to the present::
[21:20] <Detro> ::chuckles:: I play for fun, not for money. ::grins:: I suppose that just leaves the women...
[21:20] <Mem> [H] ::grins at her briefly averted glance, then continues:: Books can be exciting. What kind? Mystery? Historic fiction? ::grins wider:: Romance?
[21:22] <Savant> Gambler> ::everyone seems to think this is terribly funny, and a woman across the table from him throws a stylus at Detro's head to try and bounce it from his forehead:: Come and get us, raven!
[21:23] <Detro> ::grins:: Talons do their best work when ambushing. ::rolls again::
[21:24] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::Blinks, then double-takes at the sight of the Ashantite beach:: you... don't wear.. -clothes- on Terra Nova?
[21:24] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::grins wider at Theirry and turns to face him, completely forgetting about the pda:: And what is it *you* have in mind, raven?
[21:24] <Craig> ::thinks a moment:: i'd have to get the captain's permission first, of course
[21:25] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> [H] Oh, anything I can find. It's hard to get *real* books. I can't carry many on the ship, from weight, so I keep them here. I have a few hundred.
[21:25] <Melissa> ::blushes slightly and shakes her head:: Only in Ashanti...they have a rather free nature about themselves and encourage tourists to experience such openess
[21:25] <Savant> Gabriel eventually wends his way to the present day, along a spidery web of stories. He doens't have time to read it all - it would literally take weeks. But he takes some pictures, and reads what he can.
[21:26] <Thierry> Well, do you need anything else...examined perhaps ::Keeps grinning wildly::
[21:26] <Mem> ::blinks, finding himself suddenly very interested in this:: [H] A library? Here? ::tactical pause:: You know, I'd love to see it. ::he seemed genuine about it, though he may have been a little shocked at himself for it::
[21:27] <Savant> The Liberati have done well under the CEF rule, it seems. During the first few years of CEF occupation things were extremely hard, but then there was a change, a shift in protocol once the colony world was deemed "secure". And then money began to move again, and wealth spread. No golden age, for sure, but the CEF didn't inhibit the natural flow of business, and in places supported it.
[21:27] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Oh, could you? I'd like to see. Even as a boy, I've watched these. To see one - wow!
[21:28] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::blinks a few times, and shakes her head:: Weird. And they swim like that, in the water? And no one cares that it gets dirty?
[21:28] <Tychon> ::glances at Craig, wondering whether or not he thinks the Captain's really going to let a "tourist" aboard the Fury::
[21:29] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> ::smiles a small smile::[H] If you want. No one really likes all my books - they think it's a waste, and on a file is better. But I like books.
[21:29] <Melissa> There are purification plants to keep the water clean, and it is fed from the vast networks underneath the ground
[21:30] <Savant> There's a bit of a cheer, and before Detro even realizes it, the handful of gamblers are grumbling and throwing plastic chits - water chits - at him. Then they laugh, and half of them ask for the chance to win their losses back
[21:31] <Detro> ::grins:: I warned you the water was lucky.
[21:31] <Craig> ::turns to tychon:: what do you think? no garantees of course, but we could also tell tynes of ghelan's willing to aid us
[21:31] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::puts her hands on Thierry's BDU, smirking:: It's a good idea. I haven't seen a doctor in a very long time....
[21:31] <Tychon> ::shrugs, looking mournfully at his now-empty bowl of soup:: Couldn't hurt, I suppose. ::smirks and gets up, floating along with Craig::
[21:32] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:32] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[21:32] <Detro> ::attn::
[21:32] <Thierry> ::rolls off Mel:: ::ATTN ::
[21:32] <Mem> ::attn::
[21:32] <Savant> holeh crap. My NPC button is smoking ^_-
[21:32] <Craig> hehe
[21:32] <Melissa> ::attn::
[21:32] <Craig> ::attn::
[21:33] <Savant> okay! I realize I sort of cut some people off, but i think my brain's turned to oatmeal at this point.
[21:33] <Detro> :Very Happy:
[21:33] <Gabriel> Heh.
[21:33] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[21:33] <Savant> I heavily encourage completing these conversations, however. So much, in fact, taht i'm gonna make that the next log project.
[21:33] <Thierry> Oh we stopped at the perfect spot IMO for me
[21:33] <Thierry> Um. Could I have an alternative one...
[21:34] <Detro> What conversation?
[21:34] <Mem> No.
[21:34] <Savant> some relationship that your character has or is working on. If you don't want to do anything with the liberati here, feel free to explore a former one.
[21:34] <Mem> LOL
[21:34] <Savant> Theirry can do an alternate, or he can jog forward a few hours if you want. Up to you
[21:34] <Savant> I'll happily answer questions about how the NPC behaves, etc, or how they'd react to things.
[21:34] <Detro> Oh, ::air quotes:: relationships.
[21:34] <Mem> We're all just lonely sailors, trillions of miles from home.
[21:34] <Thierry> Ah, the "morning after" Smile
[21:34] <Mem> It should be a mission to take care of business when you can.
[21:35] <Savant> however you want to take it ^_-
[21:35] <Mem> lol
[21:35] <Savant> any questions or comments about the game?
[21:35] <Craig> i'm sure mem has plently of past relationships to work with:P
[21:35] <Savant> i apologize for those of you who got hung out to dry. Everyone split up on me ^_-
[21:35] <Mem> make-out session in a zero-g library sounds exotic.
[21:35] <Gabriel> Meline> ::etches a little Thierry notch in the wall next to 387 others::
[21:35] <Savant> something like that, Gabriel ^_-
[21:35] <LrdVampyre> hehe
[21:35] <Mem> rofl
[21:35] <LrdVampyre> rofl
[21:35] <Thierry> At least she's no spy Wink
[21:35] <Gabriel> I forgot to tell you. In Highlands, "Meline" means "easy".
[21:35] <Mem> Yeah... Meline is a pro, I can tell.
[21:35] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ooh, terranovan. Sounds exotic!
[21:36] <Detro> ::raises:: Relationships? So there's someone in the crowd then?
[21:36] <Mem> Mem> oooh, liberati. very exotic!
[21:36] <Mem> Mem + Meline would be bad
[21:36] <Savant> for Detro? If he's looking, then i can cook something up.We can deal with that this weekend perhaps.
[21:36] <Mem> in fact...
[21:36] <Thierry> Waaaait, you're not trying to get back at me for Ber turning down that whore in Olander
[21:36] <Mem> ::msgs Colin::
[21:36] <Savant> heh
[21:36] <Detro> Deal Smile
[21:36] <Savant> you're the one that went for the easy conquest, not me ^_-
[21:37] <Savant> okay. let's move on to experience points.
[21:37] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show.
[21:37] <Savant> three if you can tell me some of the things that you accomplished today and why they're significant.
[21:38] <Craig> "three to the foreplay go thierry go" Smile
[21:38] <Thierry> Well, Tynes got quite a bit of intel
[21:38] <Gabriel> Learned how the attacks on the ice-ships fit into the overall mode of living in the system.
[21:38] <Detro> Our characters or can it be any character?
[21:38] <Savant> anyone.
[21:39] <Thierry> Thierry learned Al-Bansen chicks are easy Smile
[21:39] <Tychon> Tychon learned about what sorts of taboos they're infringing on with their attacks, and how the Liberati and Capricians as a whole are taking that. Also learned that some Liberati want to join up with us.
[21:39] <LrdVampyre> i watched mostly so i'll pass
[21:39] <Gabriel> Significant because it gives Tynes the choice of continuing the mayhem and potentially pissing off great numbers of the Liberati, or holding off and a distinct possibility that the CEF will use the opportunity that they've stopped to bomb the crap out of TN again.
[21:39] <Savant> just Meline. She probably * should* see a doctor.
[21:40] <Thierry> Thierry would use protection...
[21:40] <Craig> craig and tychon also learned the al bansen are hiding a bunch of large nukes that gabriel might be interested in once we tell him:)
[21:40] <Savant> all very good. Point for all this, making three
[21:40] <Savant> four if you can tell me how you co-operated as a team today.
[21:40] <Detro> Lessee... we all accomplished getting good food in us, which helps out morale. And some of us accomplished other things that are going to boost morale even more.
[21:40] <Thierry> Hmm...not sure there was much teamwork
[21:41] <Tychon> Craig and Tychon worked together in interviewing Ghelan. In a more global sense, we all split up to try to learn what we could.
[21:41] <Gabriel> People followed orders. "Mingle", Gabriel said, and everyone did. Once we get back together to compare notes, we're going to have a lot of information.
[21:41] * Savant nods
[21:41] <Detro> Yup. Splitting up let us accomplish more.
[21:41] <Savant> I think that you all stuck to task. Though some of you picked some pretty specific tasks.
[21:41] <Mem> How long are we on the station?
[21:41] <Savant> this place is not exactly a singles' club. But for some, it's close ^_-
[21:41] <Savant> how long do you want to stay? A few days is likely.
[21:42] <Mem> okay.
[21:42] <Gabriel> Couple of days at most. Every day we're here we're putting the clan in danger.
[21:42] <Savant> long enough to gather the intel you need and then go again
[21:42] <Savant> Boraine will get you information about various corporate stations, if you want it. Where they are, what guards them, who uses them, etc.
[21:42] <Thierry> kk
[21:42] <Savant> that'll take the few days
[21:42] <Gabriel> ::nods:: That'd be useful, yes.
[21:42] <Savant> i'll have that info for you next game
[21:43] <Savant> Anyways, that's four experince points. I'll make it five if you can tell me some way in which you hope to develop your character over your stay on Caprice.
[21:43] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Something along those lines is our next job. Preferably something transmitting propoganda. It's time to send some alternate propoganda.
[21:43] <Savant> Ways in which you'd like them to grow as people as well as physical objectives.
[21:43] <Detro> Detro wants to have the bulk of his novel written Smile
[21:43] <Thierry> Well, would what I mentioned before game count Savant?
[21:44] <Savant> yup, for sure
[21:44] <Thierry> I'd prefer to keep that between us for now though
[21:44] <Savant> of course
[21:44] <Mem> I want to explore Mem's revenge against the CEF some more
[21:44] <Thierry> Though I do want Thierry's secret to get out
[21:44] <Mem> and whether he will stay on task, or get distracted by other less important things.
[21:44] <LrdVampyre> Mel wants to know more about life outside of TN
[21:45] <Gabriel> Gabriel's only now seeing what it would be like to be under the CEF boot, and it's scaring the crap out of him.
[21:45] <Savant> Novel. Revenge. Secret. Life outside of TN.
[21:45] <Savant> what's that translate into for how he's going to be changed by it though? How do you want him to be at the end of the caprice mission? how will he have changed?
[21:45] <Detro> Oh, and stopping the CEF or slowing them down massively of course.
[21:45] <Savant> heh
[21:46] <Mem> That's just it... I don't know where he'll be by then. But I know he'll be different. I want to let the things between now and then influence the direction I take
[21:46] <Gabriel> It's likely to make him all the more determined to stomp them flat, but we'll see how it develops him. I don't want to plan something like that. Wink
[21:47] <Savant> Detro wants to become an author. Mem wants to explore the darker side of himself and his desire for revenge. Thierry wants to do something we've discussed. Melissa wants to become more worldly and see how the other half live. Gabriel wants to give the CEF the Gears (hee, saying has a new meaning here)
[21:47] <Savant> anyone else?
[21:48] <Savant> that's only five. You five can have an extra point. Detro, Mem, Melissa, Thierry, Gabriel.
[21:48] <Savant> everyone else, four. And my thanks. A fun game, I thought
[21:48] <Mem> yeah
[21:48] <Savant> congrats to all. Talk to me during the week about the log projects if you like.
[21:48] <Tychon> Wee.
[21:48] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies in Session'
[18:00] <Detro> ::Frat-ttention::
[18:00] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:00] <Knight> "'attn::
[18:00] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:00] * Brad has joined #bt05
[18:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Brad
[18:01] * Prescot has joined #BT05
[18:01] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
[18:01] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:01] <Savant> hello and good evening to you all
[18:02] <Savant> we're down a few team members tonight. Jester, Fraser and McC will not be in attendance. Jester might be able to dance in and out for a bit, but that's about all
[18:02] <Detro> You all = you few Smile
[18:02] <Savant> as a result, we're spending this next game on the station again. Two days have passed, and you'll have the opportunity to do some investigation and discover what you can or want about Caprice.
[18:03] <Savant> There's a real wealth of opportunity here, so make the msot of it. Or just get laid again. Whateva.
[18:03] <Savant> most, even
[18:03] <Savant> Anyways. Good times. Here's a briefing for alla'y'alls.
[18:03] <Savant> Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies
[18:03] <Savant> 41 Summer TN, 2700h - Early Afternoon
[18:03] <Savant> al-Bansen stronghold in the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt, 43 degrees antispinward of Indra
[18:03] <Savant> -271 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity. It's frickin space.
[18:03] <Savant> Part one of the operation within the Loki system is complete - over the course of the last three weeks the mining operations within this area of the Belt have really felt the sting of Black Talon predation. While mining operations have certainly not halted, tehy are being conducted with great amounts of caution.
[18:03] <Savant> A few days ago, Sous-sergent Macedon reported good news. Mining ships at Liberty station are apparently waiting for CEF escort before heading out into the belts. and large fleet movements are beginning to sweep up the Third and Eighth Fleets - some even coming out of dock at Monolith station to pick up the slack.
[18:03] <Savant> The Talons have stumbled upon a Liberati freehold, an enclave for free miners to meet and relax away from Corporate influence - an analogue to the caravans on the surface of the planet. Tanziar, as well, has turned up again along with a half dozen other ships.
[18:03] <Savant> With little in the way of hard intelligence on the corporate mining facilities (or CEF installations), the station has proven to be an excellent place to stop and stretch your legs, and interact with the locals about what obstacles you now face...
[18:03] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:04] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:04] <Detro> ack
[18:04] <Thierry> er ack
[18:04] <Knight> ack
[18:04] <Brad> ack
[18:05] <Craig> ack
[18:05] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:05] <Savant> all of this being said, are you guys confident in having the game tonight while you're three men down?
[18:05] <Detro> Better than Three Doors Down. ^_^
[18:06] <Savant> i like 3 doors down
[18:06] <Mem> Uhh
[18:06] <Mem> How heavy a game are you gonna run?
[18:06] <Detro> I'd point out Mem's in command Wink
[18:06] * Savant needs a /y command
[18:06] <Craig> probably the same as last week
[18:06] <Knight> other than I cant speak the language =0
[18:06] <Savant> i'm not telling ^_-
[18:06] <Mem> No, I do expect you to answer that, actually, because I don't think I want to do anything serious with three people gone
[18:07] <Savant> there are some anglic speakers here. Knight can have gotten himself an interpreter if you want
[18:07] <Craig> eleslie speaks good anglic
[18:08] <Savant> I'm not in the practice of telling people what my games are going to be about before the session; if things get dicey for some reason then we can NPC the missing characters
[18:09] <Mem> So, then my answer is no, I'm not confident with three people down.
[18:09] <Detro> Coward.
[18:09] <Mem> Dennis will NPC all three of the missing characters, then.
[18:09] <Detro> They're off in a high level meeting. Smile
[18:09] <Detro> Strategy, planning, liasing.
[18:10] <Knight> ;p
[18:10] <Craig> if it was me, knight and thierry unable to make it i bet you wouldn't be complaining:P
[18:10] <Savant> anyone else want to put their voice on on whether they'd like to run tonight with three people down?
[18:10] <Detro> If you wanna call it, I'm okay with that. But I'd rather do something.
[18:10] <Mem> If we can do tonight's game with just us, then I don't have any problems.
[18:11] <Savant> let's do something. any questions?
[18:11] <Savant> this game's entirely up to you guys. Make of it what you will.
[18:12] <Thierry> Okie dokie
[18:13] <Savant> no questions. Let's start off the game in the large gold-coloured central room.
[18:13] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:14] <Detro> ::working on his field glove, swapping out a bad memory module... must have gotten grazed by fire at some point::
[18:14] <Thierry> ::Thierry held a handhold on one of the walls of the main room, near a corner, and simply watched::
[18:14] <Savant> The past two days have been restful. Luxurious, perhaps? It's nice to have the room to stretch and move, and a new place to explore-full of new people. Their customs are a bit odd, but at least some of the population seems eager to greet the Talons
[18:15] <Knight> ::pulled the duster a little tighter around him, and peered into the crowd::
[18:16] <Savant> There are perhaps fourty Liberati on the station at any given time - though, by the size of the atmospheric system the place could hould five times that number in the case of an emergency. Despite this the place seems a little crowded.
[18:17] <Thierry> ::Looks around the room looking for anyone interesting to talk to::
[18:17] <Craig> ::stretches his limbs as he floats into the main area, taking a look at all the people::
[18:18] <Savant> The central atrium connecting to the docking corridors is a bit of a greeting place for the Liberati it turns out. Perhaps fifteen of them are in here with the Talons, in singles and small clusters.
[18:18] <Detro> ::slips in the replacement stick and closes it up... while the glove runs through diagnostics, he eyes the damaged component::
[18:19] <Savant> One of the three al-Bansen girls is here - Sharah - and Ghelan is here as well, talking animatedly to a friend.
[18:20] <Mem> ::enters the room alongside Meline al Bansen:: [H] Well, uhh, we can talk about that later, then. ::He grins, they say goodbye to each other, then go their separate ways--Mem pushes off and sails across to a group of familiar al Bansen faces::
[18:20] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::waves at Mem cheerily and then pushes off to the wall to mingle in with a crowd of girls::
[18:21] <Detro> ::puts the wrecked component in his pocket -- waste not, want not -- then uses a piece of duct tape to patch the hole::
[18:21] <Thierry> ::Floats over towards Mem:: You have a nice night?
[18:22] <Knight> ::chuckles at Thierry::
[18:22] <Mem> ::glances at Thierry and stops himself by grabbing the wall:: Well, not particularly, unless you consider taking watch on Pathfinder "nice" when there are all sorts of lovely ... things to do here.
[18:23] <Mem> ::spots Sharah:: So many things.
[18:23] <Thierry> ::Looks at Mem and then Meline and then back to Mem:: So you didn' know?
[18:23] <Savant> The crowd here seems ambivalent, all things considered. They seem welcoming in a badlands sort of a way, but there is an undercurrent of animosity that's hard to miss. It doesn't come from everyone, but there's enough of it to be noticeable.
[18:24] <Mem> ::looks at Thierry:: What about you, Trembles, have a "nice night"? ::grins::
[18:24] <Savant> Sharah al Bansen> ::looks up at Mem briefly and smiles a small smile, then waves at him::
[18:24] <Detro> ::looks at the data glove's display and sighs in relief as the diagnostics pass -- and the bulk of his files are still there::
[18:24] <Craig> ::drifts over to the others::so. has anyone found out anything new?
[18:25] <Mem> ::waves over at Sharah, then returns his attention to his colleagues::
[18:25] <Thierry> Quite actually. Meline's a...good cook...amongst other things. Needed quite a bit of...examination. ::Grins::
[18:25] <Knight> ::to craig:: Nothing new... just seems something isn't right... some of the folks aren't taking to kind to us]
[18:25] <Birkin> ::yawns, floating about slowly, making his way over to the others::
[18:26] <Mem> ::smiles genuinely and pats Thierry on the shoulder:: Don't get attached to anything... ::looks at the other Talons:: Or anyone. Seems heartless, but I guarantee you they care about us as much as we care about them.
[18:26] <Detro> ::puts the glove on and carefully sits "up"::
[18:27] <Craig> ::to knight:: i know, some of them are afraid of what we did to the mining operations, goes back to laws made about protecting the water supply
[18:27] <Savant> The room's dominant light source in the centre of the room is at full intensity right now - like a pleasant day back home, though the light is less yellow and more white, like Loki. The lights here dim and rise according to the 24 hour time of day that the Liberati tend to follow.
[18:27] <Thierry> ::Glares at Mem:: I'll get attached to whatever I like sir ::Grins::
[18:27] <Detro> ::to Craig:: And after what I've heard you did the last time you were in this system, I do not blame them.
[18:28] <Knight> ::Thierry:: I think he means "menatly" attached. ::grins::
[18:29] <Birkin> You mean stop the Earthers from potentially killing off -everyone- in the Trench ::casts a glance at Detro::
[18:29] <Thierry> ::Shrugs::
[18:30] <Detro> No, I was referring to the rumors that he happily took narcowater.
[18:30] <Mem> ::looks at Thierry:: Well, can't say I didn't warn you. But we probably will never see these people again.
[18:30] <Thierry> And you're telling this to a Badlander?
[18:31] <Birkin> ::rubs his forehead:: Pray to god none of you mongers never make a mistake. I Guess Detro here wont be letting you forget anything.
[18:32] <Birkin> If you believe in god anyways.
[18:32] <Detro> ::shrugs:: I had no need to immortalize it. One of my instructors in training for the Talons mentioned it.
[18:32] <Knight> I think there is a story here that must be told. :smiles:
[18:32] * LrdVampyre has joined #BT05
[18:32] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[18:32] <Craig> ::shakes head::you weren't there detro...
[18:32] <Savant> Despite the tensions, your stay with the Liberati has been altogether pleasant - though some of the locals have been more forthcoming than others. The food is hot and tasty, though not quite the portions you'd want. Still, it's enough, and the fact that the food isnt' reconstituted more than makes up for it.
[18:33] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:33] <Mem> ::glances at Birkin:: What about you? Having a good time?
[18:34] <Detro> True.
[18:35] <Birkin> ::shrugs:: They don't brew anything here. It was a wash in that regard ::smirks slightly:: Although I think we should make our way out of here soon. I don't like the looks some of these people here are giving us. While they are liberati, the younger ones may have had too much CEF propoganda in them for their own good.
[18:35] <Detro> I'd tend to agree, but not on the matter of the young people... we need to get back to work.
[18:36] <Knight> We'll have to be on our toes, we may soon become worth more to some if they alert the CEF authorities.
[18:36] <Melissa> ::wandering around, Melissa looks for Eleslie::
[18:37] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::Is floating amongst a group of other Liberati, her arms crossed and looking as she normally does - bored and a little annoyed.::
[18:37] <Mem> ::to Birkin:: We won't have much choice. We've been here too long as it is.
[18:37] <Melissa> ::sees Eleslie and floats a little closer, motioning to draw her attention::
[18:38] <Craig> ::looks around:: do you think we picked up enough information here?
[18:38] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::looks up at Melissa and nods, raising a hand in a bit of a wave::
[18:39] <Thierry> ::Stays in his corner, occasionally glancing about::
[18:39] <Detro> ::shakes his head:: I don't think they'd try it. Propoganda or not, they've gotta know that when someone out here harbors people like us, they'd all be punished.
[18:39] <Melissa> ::approaching a little closer, Melissa smiles:: Umm...can I talk to you about something?
[18:40] <Knight> I hope you're right Detro.
[18:40] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::looks over to Melissa and then pushes away from the wall and towards her:: Hm?
[18:40] <Detro> I'm pretty sure I am. I went over some of the mission logs of BT05's last trip here, and the fallout on the Van Saar clan.
[18:41] <Melissa> It's kinda business related...well, more my business, but I figure you would be the best one to go to.
[18:41] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::Catches a spar to stop herself:: Okay.
[18:42] <Craig> we managed to get the van saars moved before the CEF could do anything
[18:42] <Thierry> ::Sighs a bit and then looks around to try and find something to do::
[18:43] <Melissa> Okay...well, here goes. The CEF has got to have some outposts around or some presence at the corporate refineries. I just don't know what that presence would be. I was hoping you might be able to fill me in on that?
[18:44] <Savant> One thing that the al Bansen don't have that most Terranovans are used to is sophisticated entertainment. These people don't do the video game thing, apparently; their idea of a good time is socializing. It's refreshing and calming if one gets used to it.
[18:45] <Detro> Right, but the fact is, they were going to come down pretty hard on them. ::glances around, then continues, quietly:: These people are risking the same thing, and I doubt we could relocate all of them in a pinch like the Van Saars.
[18:46] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::looks at Melissa for a few moments before pulling a PDA out of her pocket and scrolling through it:: Depends on which refinery you're looking at.
[18:47] <Thierry> ::Starts manuvering in the direction of the Liberati Nik had been talking to earlier::
[18:47] <Craig> still the van saars knew what they were getting into when they agreed to help us::leans towards the others::speaking of which, ghelan has offered to help us if the captain will allow it, he says his people have managed to hide a few high yeild nukes that could be of some use
[18:47] <Melissa> Oh? Hmm...say a mid-size refinery
[18:47] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::Ghelaine is talking to a few of his friends - they apparently have been pissing a few people off by how political their talks have become, and have been shunned form the kitchen while the cooks are working there.::
[18:48] <Detro> ::arches eyebrows:: Hmm. Could be useful, if we could rig them for remote control. Would make a nice diversion.
[18:50] <Thierry> ::Stops himself near Ghelan and tries to listen to what he's saying::
[18:50] <Birkin> ::spies Ghelan, trying his best to hear what's going on with he and his friends, hoping they havent been costing their friend any prestige::
[18:51] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::looks through her PDA for a few minutes, then replied- though still looking:: Gallot's got a string of them nearby. Most refineries are on patrol routes, and can be refuelling points for the customs ships.
[18:51] <Melissa> Ah, what about the refineries themselves...they're probably guarded quite well?
[18:52] <Savant> Ghelan has been talking politics, espousing an increasingly radical and hard-line anti-CEF position. If only there were more of his mindset. He's not exactly evangelizing, but he's upset that the clan isn't willing to do more.
[18:53] <Detro> ::to Craig:: And sorry about bringing up that old business. In that situation, I suppose it'd be easy to make a mistake like that.
[18:53] <Thierry> ::Looks up at Ghelan:: You have a point there sir.
[18:54] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> Inside? They're barely even staffed anymore. Ten people, maybe? Unless you mean the really big refineries.
[18:54] <Knight> ::ponders this new info::
[18:55] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::grins at Thierry:: Exactly! We're never going to be free of them if we don't do more - we might as well just lay down and die otherwise.
[18:56] <Thierry> All humanit will be better of without the NEC.
[18:57] <Melissa> Hmm...interesting. Here's another question for you. I know the CEF isn't going to be broadcasting on civilian channels, but they are going to have a frequency band they'd use for sensitive transmissions. Any idea what those might be?
[18:57] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::nods:: See - and these guys, they know how to *do* it. They've *done* it, back when Terra Nova was invaded. We'd be stupid not to get on the bandwagon.
[18:58] <Craig> ::shrugs::the plan had already gone sour before then, any one of us could have broke, i've made it a point not to let it happen again
[18:58] <Birkin> ::folds his arms over his chest, looking at what Thierry and Ghelan are begining to say::
[18:58] <Thierry> ::Nods, letting Ghelan take the lead::
[19:00] <Detro> ::nods:: As did Talon Command. I wasn't kidding about the training. They include that. ::smiles:: They just don't mention you by name.
[19:01] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::shrugs and corsses her arms again, floating in front of Melissa:: They tend to operate three bands up form civillian channels. The Corporates used touse that for chatter, but they've been moved for over a decade now.
[19:01] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::Shrugs:: No one here seems really willing to take that leap just yet. Well, not many. There's a few of us. And if we set a good example, there'll be more.
[19:01] <Melissa> ::smiles widely:: wonderful! err...I mean thank you very much ::still grinning::
[19:02] <Thierry> Success always rallys people to the cause
[19:04] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::Smirks:: Just lay off on the mining ships. Those are us. Hit the refineries, they're corporate.
[19:04] <Knight> True.
[19:04] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::To Thierry and Knight, and the other Talons:: So, where are we going next?
[19:04] <Birkin> There is an incredible differance between our scenarios for that. ::looks at Ghelan then at Thierry:: Intelligence. That is what we need. Rising up to die, to have the CEF clamp down on this entire sector, will acomplish nothing. It will make our job harder. Information. That is what we need, from you. Reliable information. Maybe in a cycle or two we can begin training you for something differant, for combat.
[19:05] <Thierry> ::Gets an odd look on his face:: We?
[19:05] <Melissa> ::nods:: Right-o....oh...on a completely different note, there's a picture I've been working on that I'd like your opinion on
[19:06] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Well... yeah! I mean, there's six of us, and we've got our own ship. and we know the belt better than any of you. And we're spacers.
[19:06] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::raises an eyebrow::
[19:06] <Melissa> ::pulls out her pda and flips on the screen, scrolling through various sketches in different stages till she gets to the last one::
[19:07] <Thierry> Have you spoken to the captain of this?
[19:07] <Birkin> If you even get seen with us, it will link your entire clan here to the Talons. That is too great a risk.
[19:07] <Melissa> ::a drawing of the beach of Ashanti, with two octopi drones lounging on chairs, mai tais and pina coladas in hands, big sunglasses and sombreos on::
[19:07] <Melissa> ::caption along the top reads: "Taking it to Earth 1 Drone at a Time"::
[19:07] <Knight> Now that is odd...
[19:08] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> He's been busy with Boraine. Why?
[19:08] <Craig> haven't been able to get a hold of the captain for the past couple days
[19:08] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::She snorts and smirks again:: Cute.
[19:09] <Thierry> Well for one I'm sure he'd want to see your ship and hear what you might suggest as a good target for one.
[19:09] <Melissa> ::grins:: Thanks. If you want, you can have a copy
[19:09] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> sure. ::takes up her PDA again, to accept the file::
[19:10] <Detro> ::pecks at the data glove a bit::
[19:10] <Melissa> ::transfers the file over::
[19:10] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> There's a Sollers station not too far from here. They're right bastards, too. They deserve it.
[19:11] <Thierry> Why them if I might ask? This is my first time out here
[19:11] <Thierry> Aside from their questionable choice of music
[19:12] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> Cause they're in bed with the keffs. They're terrible, like rock gulls. Killing good smal businesses left and right.
[19:14] <Thierry> *Nods* I'd be sure to mention that to the captain.
[19:15] <Craig> ::frowns:: the captain would probably want to know about it's defenses and if there's anything worth taking from there, strategically speaking, he's not the type to want to blow up a target just cus they aren't well liked
[19:15] <Detro> ::is settled in nicely with the data glove, and the Liberati have given him a few ideas for a new story::
[19:16] <Thierry> Quite true. And he'd probably want to be sure your ship could make it there without drawing too much attention. Or ours for that matter
[19:16] <Knight> ::peers over at Detro:: What you work'in on?
[19:16] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::nods, looks at the PDA once more, and then puts it away::
[19:16] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:16] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> They're in bed with the keffs! we have to send a message.
[19:17] <Melissa> ::slides her pda back into its pouch and smiles::
[19:17] <Detro> New story. Not sure what I'm going to name it yet though.
[19:17] <Thierry> I'm not disagreeing with you, but Tynes is a very practical CO. He'll need to know its doable first. What do you know about that station?
[19:19] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> They've got some lasers for debris clearing, and maybe a kicker, tops. You'd wipe them out, no threat at all. It's a refinery, man.
[19:21] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Any Warships around there?
[19:21] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> OH, probably not. Might see an Urchin refuelling, but that's it. They don't like sticking around if they don't have to.
[19:23] <Thierry> Any good places to hide on the way in?
[19:23] <Craig> ::hmms a bit::i think tynes wanted to see if we could get our hands on an urchin, that could be to good opportunity if we can catch one refueling
[19:25] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::nods at Craig:: You want to capture one? Wow, oh man. ::Then to Thierry, a shrug:: There's the usual in that way. Most refineries are pretty clear nearby them.
[19:25] <Detro> ::From time to time, Detro brings his head up just slightly... he's really using the glove as a ruse to keep a watch on those around them::
[19:26] <Thierry> ::Looks to Craig:: You seen Mem around? He'd be the next best person tot tlk to
[19:26] <Thierry> <<To talk to>>
[19:26] <Mem> ::is floating about in the main room::
[19:27] <Craig> ::looks around:: he passed by not too long ago ::spots him:: over there
[19:27] <Thierry> ::Looks up to Mem:: Sir, there's someone here you should talk to.
[19:28] <Mem> ::floats over and nods:: What's up
[19:29] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::looks over at Mem, eager::
[19:30] <Thierry> This man seems eager to assist us and has a target he'd like to suggest. Since the cap is busy, thought you should talk to him.
[19:31] <Savant> Meline al Bansen> ::puts her hands in her pockets, content to float in place as she talks to Melissa:: When are you leaving?
[19:31] <Mem> ::nods to Ghelan:: [H] A target, then?
[19:32] <Melissa> I think in a day or two...the captain hasn't said, but I figure that to be about right
[19:33] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> [H] There's a Sollers refinery that's asking for it, sir.
[19:34] <Thierry> Um, don't mean to be rude but, well, could you guys keep it in Anglic
[19:34] <Savant> ((whoops, yeah, that was Eleslie, not Meline))
[19:35] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> Huh. Grounders like you all must have a hard time.
[19:36] <Mem> ::nods to Ghelan:: [H] I see. Well, we'll check it out. Why are they asking for it?
[19:36] <Melissa> ::smiled and nodded:: It is very different, yet oddly very liberating at the same time
[19:36] <Craig> ::waits for ghelan's expected response::
[19:38] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::looks at Thierry, then Mem:: Er, they're in bed with the keffs. All of KSM is. They're practically the keff's left hand.
[19:38] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> Most grounders I've met can't stand it for very long. Once the novelty wears off, they can't wait to get back on the dirt.
[19:38] <Thierry> ::Mumbles:: And they play terrible music
[19:39] <Mem> [H] But why this specific one?
[19:40] <Melissa> ::she shrugged:: I can understand...I do like the ground, but I think I could get use to this
[19:40] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> They're just closer. They've got a few. Big ones, small ones - whatever you want.
[19:41] <Thierry> [UF] You know its rude to speak a language in front of someone that you know they can't speak sir.
[19:42] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::smirks:: How long have you been in the black?
[19:44] <Knight> ::smirks at Thierry's comment::
[19:44] <Melissa> ::Scratches her head in thought:: Umm...60 days give or take
[19:44] <Melissa> a day or two
[19:46] <Savant> Eleslie al Bansen> ::She actually thinks about it for a minute, and nods:: Most people go stir crazy after thirty. Good job.
[19:46] <Craig> ::to mem:: he says there's the occassional urchin that refuels there, could be a chance to get a hold of one
[19:47] <Melissa> ::smiles:: Thank you
[19:47] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::nods::
[19:47] <Mem> ::nods:: We'll put it at the top of the list and check it out.
[19:49] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::nods again:: We can show you the best way in.
[19:49] <Thierry> That would be most appreciated
[19:50] <Savant> Ghelan Major al Bansen> ::grins::
[19:53] <Thierry> Still would need to talk to the captain, but I think he'd go for it. You agree sir?
[19:55] <Craig> ::nods:: the captain has the final say
[19:56] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[19:56] <Mem> ::attn::
[19:56] <Detro> ::attn::
[19:57] <Savant> sort of a quiet night, but that's okay. They can't all be blockbusters ^_-
[19:57] <Savant> any questions?
[19:58] <Mem> One of these al Bansens is not like the other?
[19:58] <Melissa> ::attn::
[19:58] <Melissa> and no questions here
[19:58] <Savant> seems nothing much for tonight. S'okay
[19:58] <Knight> :attn: whoops
[19:58] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[19:59] <Savant> i imagine people want some experience points though
[19:59] <Knight> I was thinking 12ish.
[19:59] * Craig is now known as Scotty
[19:59] <Scotty> lol
[19:59] <Detro> A jillion
[19:59] <Savant> i'm going ot start with a base of two tonight. People were here, people roleplayed. S'all good.
[19:59] <LrdVampyre> xp would be nice
[19:59] <Savant> Can anyone tell me some means in which you co-operated as a team?
[20:00] <Detro> I watched everyone's backs.
[20:00] <Scotty> we conversed
[20:00] <Thierry> Thierry, MEm,and Craig picking up on talking to Ghelan
[20:01] <Knight> really more banter between us
[20:01] <Scotty> yeah hehe
[20:01] <Savant> i don't really see that as teamwork so much as just talking to the people around you.. i can't really see any solid evidence of teamwork today. That's fine - not every night is a team building excersize
[20:01] <Mem> Double team...
[20:01] * Mem coughs
[20:01] <Mem> nm
[20:01] * Knight has left #BT05
[20:01] <Savant> maybe so, but that's between you two and Meline
[20:01] <Scotty> lol
[20:01] <Savant> anyways. Did you find out anything new?
[20:01] * Knight has joined #BT05
[20:02] <Mem> Not really.
[20:02] <Savant> <Savant> anyways. Did you find out anything new?
[20:02] <LrdVampyre> got CEF radio frequencies...
[20:02] <Savant> true
[20:03] <LrdVampyre> you're welcome
[20:03] <Scotty> melissa got some more info from eleslie, and well ghelan gave us a possible target
[20:03] <Savant> also true
[20:04] <Savant> i'll give you a point for it. I think you know where you're heading next
[20:04] <Savant> no combats tonight.... we're sitting at 3 points. I'll make it 4 points if you can tell me something which you like about the cahracter above you. The character-who-is-in-attendance, even.
[20:04] <Savant> it has to be a character trait
[20:05] <Mem> <Mem> I like Melissa because ...
[20:05] <Mem> <Mem> Well, she's a girl.
[20:05] <Scotty> lol
[20:06] <LrdVampyre> hehe
[20:06] <Thierry> Hrmm. Well...Craig is rather level headed
[20:06] <Scotty> when he needs to bed:)
[20:06] <Scotty> er be
[20:06] <Mem> I don't know enough about Melissa to say anything I like. She got in Eleslie's pants and Mem didn't?
[20:06] <Mem> ::shrugs::
[20:06] <Mem> Sorry.
[20:06] <Savant> heh heh
[20:07] <LrdVampyre> Melissa> I like Detro cause...he seems to be someone you can count on to watch your back
[20:07] * Scotty sets mode: +o Knight
[20:07] * Knight is now known as CavScout
[20:07] * CavScout is now known as Knight
[20:07] <Detro> ::Shrugs:: I got nothing.
[20:08] <Knight> I like Detros novel writing... is a little odd but intereting
[20:09] <Scotty> mem's a hound:)
[20:09] <Savant> sort of sparse at the end here ^_- I guess people are mostly elsewhere.
[20:09] <LrdVampyre> ah, night's above
[20:09] * Mem is now known as Brad
[20:09] <Savant> i'll give y'all four points, and my blessings.
[20:09] <LrdVampyre> Melissa> Knight's good at taking one for the team....sucking rib wound and all
[20:10] <Savant> hee
[20:10] <Scotty> +1 PER, +1 to languagehighlands Smile
[20:10] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 10:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:02] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:02] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:02] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies in Session'
[18:02] <Knight> ::attn::
[18:02] * Cody has joined #BT05
[18:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Cody
[18:02] <Ardelmos> ::attn and stuff::
[18:02] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:02] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:02] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:02] <Birkin> ::attn::
[18:03] <Tychon> ::attn::
[18:03] <Savant> good evening and welcome once again to another exciting episode of The Black Talons. I'll be your host tonight. Please say hello to our lovely guests, Cody and Kt. They're here for moral support.
[18:03] * Kt waves
[18:03] <Kt> Or immoral. Take your pick.
[18:04] <Gabriel> Welcome, Kt. Feel free to join #lemos too.
[18:04] <Craig> cody's only here for her boyfriend, don't lie to us:)
[18:04] <Savant> I encourage all of you to load up your maptools so that you can hop on in. It's a fight tonight, and I don't want to waste much time in getting into it.
[18:04] <Thierry> 35 still?
[18:04] <Savant> the red zone is your deployment area. If you'd like to deploy elsewhere i'm willing to listen, but you will need an explanation
[18:04] <Savant> yup
[18:05] <Savant> very good. Now, a briefing for alla'y'alls.
[18:05] <Savant> Enemies of Friends, Friends of Enemies
[18:05] <Savant> 11 Autumn TN, 1625h - Almost Noon
[18:05] <Savant> al-Bansen stronghold in the Greater Blessed Asteroid Belt, 43 degrees antispinward of Indra
[18:05] <Savant> -271 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity. It's frickin space.
[18:05] <Savant> The Talons have stumbled upon a Liberati freehold, an enclave for free miners to meet and relax, and apparently to sabotage the group. A pair of individuals chose to ambush and kidnap Pathfinders' flight commander, Agnes Lemnos, just as tehy were trying to leave.
[18:05] <Savant> The timing couldnt've been worse. Almost simultaneously, a nearby CEF patrol launched drones and fighters while they changed couse to intercept the Talons. Clearly you've been made.
[18:05] <Savant> Defeat the sparse vanguard and get out before the CEFs' heavy hitters show up!
[18:05] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:05] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:05] <Detro> ack, we stubbed our toe!
[18:05] <Thierry> Ackers
[18:05] <Knight> ::ack::
[18:06] <Birkin> ack
[18:06] <Gabriel> ack
[18:06] <Tychon> ack
[18:06] <Savant> if we do this in real life at some point I will have the miniatures on telescoping antennae, and we will be able to play in a true three-d fashion. Which, incidentally, is freaking awesome
[18:06] <Savant> all that being said, any questions?
[18:07] <Thierry> Nope
[18:07] <Gabriel> We seem to be missing a couple of people. Is Prescot joining us?
[18:07] <Savant> Pathfinder is hiding behind the asteroid for the moment - you will have to issue it orders for it to do anything
[18:07] <Birkin> hm?
[18:07] * Savant prods Birkin
[18:07] <Gabriel> n/m.
[18:07] <Savant> maptool?
[18:08] <Tychon> [20:09:31] <Tychon> S'the settings for the server?
[18:09] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[18:09] <Savant> Gabriel?
[18:09] <Gabriel> Can we assume that Melissa and Mem are available, in purely support roles? Maybe Melissa trying to jam the drones, and Mem just running ECM/ECCM?
[18:10] <Savant> yes
[18:10] <Gabriel> Also, may I slay Brad for ignoring me every time I tell his dumb ass to update his charsheet AND missing games?
[18:11] <Ardelmos> Didn't he say he would miss this week?
[18:11] <Gabriel> Oh look, he did a minor charsheet update. OK, I only need to half kill him.
[18:11] <Thierry> He said he'd miss last week
[18:11] <Savant> he said he'd miss the past week. I didn't hear one for this week
[18:11] <Gabriel> Ah, OK. Thanks.
[18:11] <Savant> you may tend to your team how you like ^_-
[18:11] <Craig> he was actually here on time last week i think
[18:12] <Savant> i will give you guys five minutes to talk strategy, starting now.
[18:12] <Tychon> Let them come around the asteroid and shoot them as they do?
[18:12] <Ardelmos> My plan is to shoot stuff and make it 'splode.
[18:12] <Gabriel> Fast Gears, draw fire. Slower Gears, try to stay behind cover. Knight, you've got the LLC instead of the MAC, 20 shots. Roland, you've got the HLC, also 20 shots.
[18:13] <Craig> make em count:)
[18:13] <Gabriel> Squads will be standard Red/Blue/Gold on the Character page.
[18:16] <Savant> all done, and ready to go?
[18:16] <Detro> <squelch>
[18:16] <Ardelmos> Which targets are the priorities?
[18:17] <Knight> Red teams plan?
[18:17] <Gabriel> Everything on the board is gonna have a big, mean laser cannon. But when the fighters come into range, they're priority.
[18:17] <Craig> HK's are nasty
[18:21] <Savant> okay. Any additional planning goes to the OOC channel.
[18:21] <Savant> let's kick this pig.
[18:21] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:22] <Savant> PAthfinders' furious burn away from the al BAnsen hold was hard, but short-lived - it was clear that there was no way the Talons could get away without a fight. The Talons would have to clear out this delaying force before the big ships arrived, because if that happened it would all be over
[18:23] <Gabriel> ::is strapped tightly into Deacon's cockpit, his tactical computer on-line and pulling data from Nike's sensors::
[18:23] <Birkin> Man. We really need to learn how to not fuck over our Liberati allies and their secret hidden homes. This is twice we've done that to them.
[18:23] <Thierry> ::Takes a few deep breaths still not being full comfortable fighting in space
[18:23] <Craig> ::does some last minute doublechecks of swifty before the fighting starts::
[18:23] <Savant> Jeremi has wrestled the Fury in behind a large asteroid and disgorged the Talons to fight a defense of the ship. The drones approach quickly.
[18:24] <Knight> ::taps Dash's dash, hold it together::
[18:24] <Detro> ::concentrating on the enemy, not on the idle chatter::
[18:25] <Tychon> ::peers around the asteroid behind which they're hiding, watching the encroaching attack force with increasing levels of adrenaline::
[18:25] <Gabriel> +com+ I want a staggered dispersal from behind this rock when the time comes. Erinyes, take Red south. Swifty, take Blue north.
[18:25] <Ardelmos> ::grins greedily as he hefts the HLC in Erinyes' manipulators, slipping around the opposite asteroid of the Captain's, and clicks his mic in acknowledgement::
[18:25] <Craig> +com+ roger that captain
[18:26] <Gabriel> +com+ Cerberus, you and I are fallback. Stand by heavy weapons.
[18:27] <Birkin> +com+ Roger that Captain. Keeping myself in reserves.
[18:27] <Thierry> +Com+ Acknowledged
[18:34] * LrdVampyre has joined #bt05
[18:34] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[18:34] <Knight> ::urges Dash from behind the relative safty of the astroid::
[18:36] <Gabriel> +com+ Don't bunch up out there and keep moving. Fighters are priority targets when they come into range. Until then, weapons free.
[18:36] <Gabriel> ::opens a new link to Erinyes's sensors::
[18:36] <Craig> ::swings swifty around and heads north, or what would be considered north in comparison to where ther red team was going:: +com+lets move nike, wren
[18:36] <Tychon> +com+ Acknowledged.
[18:37] <Savant> The swarm closes. They spent some time decelerating - the dark spots in the sky turned into tiny stars as they pivoted their engines towards the Talons and burned to slow to a similar velocity. Now, however, they're facing back again and prepared to fight
[18:37] <Gabriel> +com+ Detro, regroup with Blue squad on the far side of the asteroid.
[18:38] <Birkin> ::holds himself up against the asteroid, moving into position to sneak around in a moments notice if nessicary::
[18:38] <Gabriel> <<delete>>
[18:39] <Tychon> ::nurses the thrusters on Nike to power and begins moving to follow Swifty::
[18:40] <Thierry> ::Powers up to combat speed::
[18:40] <Savant> They begin to veer as a group - it's clear that the chubby wedge-shaped fighters at the rear are providing computer and communications support to the drones ahead.
[18:48] <Craig> ::nudges swifty's vector to the right a bit::
[18:49] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:50] * Kt is now known as Trixie
[18:50] <Gabriel> +com+ They're coming in awfully fast. North group, watch yourselves. ::prepares to fall back a bit::
[18:50] * Trixie is now known as Tinkerbell
[18:51] <Craig> +com+ gotcha deacon, will take a couple shots at them when they get close
[18:54] <Ardelmos> ::shifts his course slightly and begins tracking the nearest drone with the HLC, his hands steady on the controls as he swings the targetting reticule over the drone's metallic shell::
[18:55] <Thierry> +COM+ ::Breaths heavily::
[18:55] <Tychon> ::continues maneuvering -- currently still fairly tamely -- behind Swifty::
[18:56] <Gabriel> ::whistles as he watches some of the drones burn:: +com+ South group, the second group of drones has an enormous delta-vee potential.
[18:57] <Gabriel> +com+ Watch yourselves.
[18:58] <Savant> The Caprician drones - they look something like Moab bodies, each one a long box with two smaller boxes filled with missiles and rockets upon either side. The tripo swerve towards the right of the Terranovan formation with a speed that surprises them. These are spacecraft, though, designed for high burns and intense pressures.
[19:00] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:00] <Ardelmos> +com+ We'll watch out for fast moving wreckage, thank's Captain. Detro, Knight, light'm up!
[19:02] <Detro> ::blasts away with the MAC, walking fire across two of the closer drones::
[19:08] <Knight> ::aims for a drone, draws a bead and presses fire::
[19:10] <Tychon> ::notes the report of weapons fire on his sensors and smirks, watching the display evolve::
[19:11] <Savant> The Talons' weapons report across the stars, painting incandescent lines of heat. They patter into the drones, setting off a few explosions - especially the drone in the centre, which begins to spew fuel gas into space.
[19:12] <Ardelmos> ::depresses the trigger on the HLC and drills a concentrated beam of energy into the centre of the trio of drones bearing down on them before snapping his manipulator to the right and firing a second blast in on the most southern one::
[19:12] <Gabriel> ::watches the action via the scout's sensors:: +com+ Good shooting, Red squad. Stand by for jinking instructions.
[19:13] <Savant> The drones fire one missile each, at the most accurate target in their field of fire. Erinyes was dead on in his shooting, and recieves a salvo in return.
[19:17] <Ardelmos> ::throws a couple of switches to activate his RCS thrusters and throws his gear into a series of cartwheels as he continues floating forward through the inky black, the rockets flashing between flailing arms and legs::
[19:18] <Gabriel> +com+ High delta-vee maneuver on drone group one. Blue squad, prepare to move to flank.
[19:18] <Gabriel> +com+ Hustle up there, people.
[19:19] <Gabriel> +com+ Cerberus, weapons free to engage drone group one. Back up Red squad.
[19:20] <Craig> +com+ hustling sir, trembles, nike, we're going after the three closest hunters
[19:20] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ We're weapons-free at your direction, Captain.
[19:21] <Thierry> ::Draws a bead on the incoming drone and sends a MAC shot downrange at it::
[19:21] <Tychon> +com+ Roger, Swifty.
[19:21] <Gabriel> +com+ SLC fire only, Pathfinder, unless you are directly threatened. I don't want you swarmed.
[19:21] <Savant> The drone is gone before the bullet arrives. The GEars' computer isn't used to compensating for the lack of gravity or the high speeds.
[19:21] <Gabriel> Birkin> +com+ Roger.
[19:23] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::spins up his MAAC::
[19:26] <Craig> ::lines up his MAC's sniper sight on the northernmost hunter and lets a shot fly::
[19:27] <Savant> Craig hits the thing squarely, but there doesn't seem to be much damage - just a bit more mass and a bit of a velocity change into the computers' system. It compensates.
[19:28] <Gabriel> +com+ Cerberus, see if you can take out that south HK. Fire when ready.
[19:28] <Gabriel> Birkin> +com+ Moving. ::hits thrusters gently, sets the MAAC to "air target acquire, then fills space with caseless shells::
[19:33] <Ardelmos> ::throws Erinyes into another series of rapid twirls and spins, weaponry filling the space around his gear uncomfortably:: +com+ Guys, feel free to, y'know, jump in any time ::continues to barrel down on the drones...he would be in very short proximity to them shortly::
[19:33] <Savant> The hunter-killers slide in front of their heavier cousins, their weapons folding out of armoured panels and beginning to paint the sky with electricity.
[19:33] <Gabriel> ::calls out the vectors of the shots as he sees them::
[19:33] <Detro> ::twists about as well as one can in space, aided by thrusters::
[19:33] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, I need those drones jammed, spoofed, whatever you can do.
[19:34] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ On it.
[19:40] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Macedon, jam the lead drone formation. Buy them some time. Peresalona, take us sunward. Zucco, weapons free.
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::winces a bit as Red squad scatters to the winds::
[19:48] <Detro> ::blasts away with the MAC, the flanking vector he was on now taking him right down drone alley::
[19:48] <Gabriel> ::decides to make the best of it:: +com+ Sous-Sergent Takira, if you survive the next 15 seconds, try to use the asteroid ahead for cover::
[19:48] <Gabriel> << -:: +. >>
[19:48] <Savant> Detros' attacks hit home on the slightly slower, heavier Caprician drones, but to no avail - the rounds spall uselessly off of the drones' heavier nose armour.
[19:49] <Craig> ::cringes a bit:: +com+ blue team, swing around to support roland, he's probably feeling a little lonely about now
[19:50] <Thierry> +Com+ On it
[19:53] <Craig> ::comes around and sends a spray of bullets at the hunters::
[19:57] <Savant> The hunter-killer drones are battered by Craigs' attacks, but the bullets seem to do little. It appears that only intense heat and explosions will affect these things seriously
[19:58] <Craig> ::curses a bit:: +com+ follow up blue team, lets take em down!
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::voice cool:: +com+ Private Knight, concentrate fire on their fire support units. See if you can kill one.
[20:03] <Knight> ::bringing Dash up to Detro's flank, targets the two fighters and squeezes off two bursts of light::
[20:03] <Knight> !damage 1
[20:04] <Gabriel> +com+ Nice shooting, Private. Erinyes, Cerberus, they're yours.
[20:05] <Savant> The cheetah squeezes off a few rounds, and a lucky blast slices right into one cold-gas maneuvering jet and intot he machine. It spins wildly as it flies, and is having a hiard time rightings its path of travel
[20:07] <Gabriel> +com+ Cerberus, heavy rocket jack in the box, on my mark. 3...
[20:07] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Pathfinder moving to engage sunward flank
[20:08] <Thierry> ::Lines up a shot on the two nearest drones and pulls the trigger::
[20:09] <Gabriel> ::remembers what Tetsuo taught him about synchronizing fire::
[20:11] <Savant> Thierry's shots miss - that second shot nearly connects, but he can clearly see a radio broadcast coming form one of the two fighters to the drone, issuing new commands to the processor as Thierry closed to firing range.
[20:11] <Gabriel> +com+ 2...
[20:13] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ ::frantic:: I'm jamming some of them blind - they're good! Hit'em while they're blind!
[20:16] <Gabriel> +com+ 1...
[20:16] <Melissa> ::lasers lance out from the Fury at the three lead Hunter-Killers::
[20:17] <Savant> PAthfinder comes swooping around from behind the rock and begins slicing into the drones. With the tidy crossfire so created between the shuttle and the Talons, three dones are ripped apart, or lost to the wilds, or left utterly helpless.
[20:18] <Gabriel> +com+ Mark! ::hits his thrusters::
[20:18] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::hits his thrusters, popping out from behind the rock::
[20:19] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Woo hoo!
[20:20] <Melissa> ::claps excitedly as drones spin out of control and blow up:: The only thing that could make this any better is sound effects and a soundtrack
[20:20] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::opens fire with his rocket pack::
[20:20] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::targets every drone in range::
[20:21] <Savant> These are devious machines - even blind their speed and basic heuristics are enough to make them a tricky shot.
[20:22] <Savant> Finally - after disgorging enough rockets - Birkin is able to overwhelm the drones' instinctual responces and batter them to pieces.
[20:23] <Gabriel> ::mirrors Birkin's move in the other direction::
[20:24] <Gabriel> ::stands by his rockets, but emerges from shadow to find there's nothing in range but debris::
[20:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Nice shooting, Sergent!
[20:31] <Gabriel> ::switches to an open frequency:: +com+ CEF fighters, this is Terra Novan Black Talon command authority. I call upon you to surrender your persons and your vessels. You will not be harmed if you surrender.
[20:31] <Ardelmos> ::lasers the two remaining Sutekh drones as they burn to his right, but even though the weaponry appears to penetrate through the drones it doesn't seem to have any effect::
[20:31] <Gabriel> ::closes the channel, clears his throat, then tries the same message in his lousy Siberian::
[20:33] <Ardelmos> ::vaguely wonders if Tynes is telling the truth, since he hasn't expressed any interest in dealing with prisoners before::
[20:34] <Thierry> ::Grins at any notion of getting to interrogate some keffs
[20:34] <Savant> The drones ignore Roland - just like any machine, completely unconcerned with anything but its task. They unload on the two stranded Gears - this time pouring rockets out onto them in quick succession. Dash is pattered with explosions, but the relatively weak armour holds. Red lights blare at him in the cockpit.
[20:35] <Knight> ::under his breath: Keep it together Dash!::
[20:36] <Detro> ::weathers the blast and concentrates on the next targets::
[20:36] <Savant> CEF> ::The responce comes from the craft lingering to the rear of the engagement:: +com+ Terranovan insurgents. You will not escape our patrol ships. Surrender or be destroyed.
[20:37] <Gabriel> ::records the voice for further study:: +com+ Apparently, you haven't received enough instruction today. We don't start a fight whose outcome isn't predetermined. Very well. It will be a shame to kill you.
[20:38] <Gabriel> +com+ Red squad, Blue squad, eliminate hostiles then stand by for pick-up. Macedon, stand by standard anti-Sleipnir ordnance, please.
[20:38] * Tinkerbell is now known as Kt
[20:39] <Savant> Ranger Zucco Jim> +com+ Hee-Ass two missiles ready and armed.
[20:43] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::watches his sensors start to blare:: Torpedoes! Torpedoes inbound! That bitch is armed.
[20:43] <Savant> Just as the threat is voiced over the open airwaves (spacewaves?), the belly of the Sleipnir open and out streak a pair of fat missiles streaming white fire behind them
[20:43] <Gabriel> :Cool: +com+ Stand by counter-fire.
[20:44] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder or Dash, if you can jam their guidance systems, now's the time.
[20:44] <Tychon> ::continues burning around the asteroid::
[20:45] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ On it. Dash, run triangulation for me.
[20:45] <Knight> +com+_roger
[20:46] <Knight> !init
[20:51] <Detro> ::takes a crunching hit and the idiot lights start to come on::
[20:52] <Thierry> +COM+ In position to engage incoming. Permission to engage the torpedos Deacon?
[20:52] <Detro> <<Deleted>>
[20:52] <Savant> Laser blasts spatter out of the fleeing fighters as they move to escape the destruction - they zip past the slowing Sutekh drones in an attempt to use them as cover for their retreat. Both fo the gears take damage to their legs, but being in space, that hardly matters.
[20:54] <Craig> +com+ orders captain?
[20:56] <Gabriel> +com+ Red squad, stay on those fighters, drive them off. Blue squad, stand by counter-fire on those torpedoes and anything else the enemy shuttle tosses.
[20:56] <Gabriel> ::moves up to cover Pathfinder::
[20:56] <Thierry> +Com+ Affirmitive Deacon.
[20:56] <Gabriel> ::draws his sidearm::
[20:58] <Ardelmos> ::burns forward, adjusting his trajectory to bring himself more in line with the torpedoes' incoming trajectory and attempts to laser the first one -- he misses cleanly and lines up quickly to fire on the second...again he misses::
[20:58] <Savant> The two drones skip and weave, using a minimum of thrust to prove difficult targets
[21:01] <Gabriel> ::almost sights his sidearm toward the approaching torpedoes, extending the Kodiak's arm and hand::
[21:04] <Detro> ::walks his MAC across the rear of the fighters after they pass, and clips one of the already badly damaged drones for good measure::
[21:04] <Savant> The damaged drone has noting left to do - it can't even see Detro through the glare of its own engines. The machine is ripped apart without so much as an attempted dodge.
[21:06] <Gabriel> +com+ Dash, stay on the fighters. They're high priority targets.
[21:08] <Knight> ::Sends Dash into a wisting burn, spinning around to face and fire on the fleeing CEFs::
[21:10] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::follows in behind the two lighter Gears, pelting the retreating fighters with rockets::
[21:10] <Savant> the laser shots snap into to the heat trails of the fleeing Nukdae fighters. One of them takes the shot directly, which is nearly too much to bear. Secondary explosions rip through the body of the craft, but it keeps moving::
[21:12] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::continues firing rockets into the backs of the escaping keffs until they move out of range::
[21:13] <Savant> Birkins' shots fare about as well - amidst his torrent of rockets the final drone is destroyed and the fighters are badly scarred, but still flying.
[21:15] <Savant> The fighters decide that discretion is the better part of valour and allow themselves to coast out of the engagement, vectoring to rejoin the approaching military convoy
[21:16] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, that Sleipnir is your target. I'll handle your vampires. Kill the Sleipnir or drive it off, then pick us up and we'll get out of here.
[21:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Red squad, Cerberus, reassemble and rally for pick-up.
[21:17] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Confirmed, Deacon; new target, Sleipnir. Peresalona, bring us to pursuit.
[21:18] <Gabriel> +com+ All Blue squad, counter-fire on the vampires and I'll finish them off.
[21:19] <Savant> The Sleipnir can certainly see what's going on and begins to veer away from the engagement, daring the Fury to play a game of cat-and-mouse with a pack of CEF ships on the approach
[21:19] <Thierry> ::Hits his thrusters and manuvers out to engage the torpedoes
[21:25] <Savant> Meanwhile, the nuclear payload of the missiles streak through space towards their target
[21:25] <Craig> ::lets of a couple shots at the torpedos as they come into range::
[21:25] <Gabriel> ::cooly watches the missiles come in, their tracks relatively predictable on Deacon's tactical computer:: +com+ Stand by to burn away, best speed.
[21:27] <Knight> ::watches with concern as the remaining Talons fire on the approaching missiles::
[21:27] <Detro> ::too far away, concentrates on adjusting his vector to come back around for pickup::
[21:27] <Gabriel> ::releases one shot, pivots slightly, then fires a second time::
[21:28] <Gabriel> ::hits his thrusters on full in case the shots miss::
[21:28] <Thierry> ::TAkes a deep breath and fires as the torpedoes approach
[21:28] <Savant> Deacon floats nobly beside the Fury as the two missiles streak towards them both. The Gear almost seems bored as it raises its sidearm and fires - plugging each with a shot. They both explode in a (conventional) fireball which washes over the Fury and Deacon, leaving both unharmed.
[21:29] <Knight> +com+_Like fish in a barrel.
[21:29] <Gabriel> ::holsters his sidearm:: +com+ Vampires destroyed. Blue squad, rally on me. ::puts up his Gear's free hand, twirling the index finger over his head::
[21:29] <Tychon> +com+ ::double-clicks in acknowledgement::
[21:30] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, release of nuclear weapons is authorized. Burn that shuttle.
[21:30] <Thierry> +Com+ Thank the Prophet ::Starts manuvering back towards Gabe::
[21:30] <Craig> +com+ will do
[21:30] <Knight> ::begins a gentle deceleration::
[21:30] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Confirmed, releasing tubes seven and eight.
[21:30] <Detro> ::finally gets on the com:: +com+ What was that about needing 'cover'?
[21:31] <Savant> Pathfinder spins and two slimmer rocdkets slip out from her belly and begin to accelerate fast towards the Sleipnir - which then begins a frantic burn to avoid the resulting detonation of light....
[21:33] <Gabriel> +com+ Well done, everyone. Hold positions once you're rallied and stand by for pickup. ::escorts his squad back to the big asteroid::
[21:34] <Savant> ... It's not enough. The Sleipnir's just too far away from the dumb nukes for the Fury to properly compensate. The Sleipnir, however, does seem to freak out and dive away at top speed, leaving a circular corono of light in its wake amidst the expanding dust cloud.
[21:35] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::there's a lot of noise from the Fury's line, but Aggie can be heard clearly:: +com+ Sleipnir is retreating at highest speed. They can't see us as long as they burn like that. Get in and let's get out.
[21:36] <Gabriel> +com+ All squads, you heard the lady. Rendezvous on Pathfinder, expedite. We're out of here.
[21:37] <Detro> ::finally reaches the others::
[21:37] <Thierry> +Com+ Don't have to tell me twice. And strap in good mam, that fracture hasn't totally healed.
[21:37] <Tychon> ::tries to rally Nike's inexplicably sluggish controls to shuffle back towards Pathfinder::
[21:37] <Ardelmos> ::changes his burn vector to intercept the Fury's and begins to bear down on her::
[21:37] <Thierry> ::Heads back to the Fury at his best speed
[21:38] <Knight> ::brings Dash about on a vector to intercept the Fury::
[21:38] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ I know, Doc. I'm immobile form the waist up right now. Get in so I can go back to sleep.
[21:39] <Savant> Pathfinder doesn't wait long. The belly opens to admit the Gears while she's already yawing to a new vector
[21:39] <Gabriel> ::catches hold for docking and anchors, then holds out the Kodiak's massive paw to help others aboard::
[21:39] <Detro> ::gets JJ in and locks it down::
[21:40] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ I've got heat! The cruiser's launching - oh, but that's a big swarm. Get in!
[21:40] <Ardelmos> ::slips into the bay and stomps into Erinyes' holding bay, locking the gear down and ensuring he's facing the burn vector::
[21:40] <Knight> ::secures Dash abourd::
[21:40] <Gabriel> +com+ I'd say we upset them a little. Get aboard, Talons, move it.
[21:40] <Knight> ::scrambles to the nearest GCouch::
[21:40] <Thierry> ::Lands Wren in a hurry, unstrapping as she locks in, making for his couch as soon as he could::
[21:41] <Craig> ::brings swifty over and into the fury's vehicle bay::
[21:41] <Tychon> ::finally manges to get Nike to cooperate -- going home appeared to appease the NNet::
[21:41] <Gabriel> ::once he sees everyone aboard, slaps the hatch close with Deacon's hand, then rolls quickly over to his holding bay, popping the canopy as he does so::
[21:42] <Craig> ::secures swifty and hustles into the foredeck to strap in for burn::
[21:42] <Gabriel> ::undoes the straps:: Close up and lock in, Deacon, well done. ::pushes away from the cockpit toward the foredeck::
[21:42] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Oh shit, Eye-Dub boats. We have to move, *now*, before they get close enough to open up and track us. Jeremi...
[21:42] <Thierry> ::Straps in for the burn, slaving into a gun just in case
[21:42] <Ardelmos> ::climbs out and propels himself cleanly across the vehicle bay, not even having to adjust his trajectory to soar through the door and into the foredeck::
[21:42] <Savant> Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Burn in ten! hold on!
[21:43] <Knight> ::double checks that he safely strapped in to the GCouch::
[21:43] <Detro> ::hasn't gotten out of JJ yet, so stays strapped in for this::
[21:43] <Ardelmos> ::snatches the back of the couch and flips himself over it and into a seated position, rapidly grabbing straps and snapping them into place::
[21:43] <Craig> ::locks in the final buckles and gets ready to feel the burn::
[21:43] <Gabriel> ::grabs a grapple gun en passant and fires it at the closest empty couch, then accelerates at a mad pace, landing in the couch with a solid impact::
[21:43] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[21:45] <Gabriel> ::straps in::
[21:46] <Tychon> ::secures Nike into the Fury as it rockets off at ludicrous speed::
[21:46] <Knight> ::grits teeth: Why'd I leave the army for this?
[21:46] <Savant> The Fury kicks everyone back into their seats, into their Gears, or in KNights' unfortunate case, into the wall.
[21:47] <Savant> After this, a few precious moments of stillness, a little frantic movement, and then another burn. Repeat for several hours.
[21:47] <Detro> ::grunts::
[21:47] <Savant> The Black Talons escape the al Bansen hold intact. The fate of the Liberati that harboured them is very harsh indeed, but news of that will only reach them in a few days.
[21:48] <Savant> For now, back into space, where the CEF can't find them, and where thy can hunt once more.
[21:48] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:48] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[21:48] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[21:48] <Knight> ::attn::
[21:48] <Craig> ::attn::
[21:48] <Tychon> ::attn::
[21:49] <Detro> ::attn::
[21:49] <LrdVampyre> ::attn::
[21:49] <Savant> there we go! I apologize for how slow the combat went - always seems to. But we get faster the more we do, so expect more little knock-ups as you run into them.
[21:49] <Savant> Comments or questions?
[21:49] <Detro> ::raises::
[21:49] <Tychon> ::raises::
[21:49] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[21:50] <Savant> Detro?
[21:50] <Detro> Are measures going to be taken to investigate Lemon's sudden addiction to crew stunned light damages? Wink
[21:50] <Craig> hehe
[21:51] <Savant> i'm sure that'll be gone by the time you run into some Minervas.
[21:51] <Savant> Tychon?
[21:51] <Tychon> What the hell was up with my dice rolls tonight? I mean, damn. Seriously.
[21:51] <Savant> I'm sure that'll be gone by the time you run into some Valkyries.
[21:51] <Savant> Gabriel?
[21:51] <Gabriel> I think combats would go faster if we went back to squad-based activation. Not much point to us dividing into squads if we're always a gaggle going every which way.
[21:51] * Savant nods
[21:51] <Savant> with the larger group, I think that may be a good idea.
[21:51] <Savant> We'll do that next game.
[21:51] <Detro> Heh, only the recon element went gagglebout.
[21:51] * LrdVampyre has quit IRC (Quit: Careful of what you wish for cause you just might get it.)
[21:52] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[21:52] * Kt has left #BT05
[21:52] <Savant> what I may do is make it so that the squad leader for each team rolls combat sense for their team. That might work well.
[21:52] <Savant> Thierry?
[21:52] <Knight> was it gagglebut or watching are spacing?
[21:53] <Knight> our*
[21:53] <Thierry> This is a more general comment/suggestion. Would it be possible to get the general idea for the mission on the forums by like say Monday so that we can comment/evaluate whether we can take the night off to go out with our parents/ etc?
[21:53] <Tychon> ...that's a little insulting.
[21:54] <Thierry> Wasn't meant to be.
[21:54] <Savant> normally, yes. I've become super busy over the past few weeks which is constraining my time. That being said, if that's the request, then I'll do my best to do some BT05 on the weekend and have it up for you by Monday night.
[21:54] <Savant> that being said, i sort of hope that you'll show up even if you aren't thrilled by the concept; hopefully you can trust me that much
[21:54] <Thierry> Oh no, that's not it at all
[21:54] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We're now pretty much out of phase one, which was to get the CEF reacting defensively, spread them out, make them lash out. Tonight's game proved they're there.
[21:55] <Gabriel> Phase two is, now that they're thinned out some, find something worth hitting and blow it up real good.
[21:55] <Tychon> Bangarang.
[21:55] <Savant> i'll get you some stations to hit by monday
[21:56] <Savant> anyways, anything else?
[21:56] <Gabriel> Hopefully something we can board and bomb with a suitcase nuke.
[21:56] <Craig> musical suitcase nuke:P
[21:56] <Gabriel> Got time/awake enough to do the repair die rolls?
[21:56] <Detro> That looks like the one from BSG
[21:56] <Savant> sure. After the game.
[21:56] <Savant> I assume you'd like some points tonight
[21:56] <Gabriel> That'd be good, yeah. Smile
[21:56] <Craig> XP first, repairs after:)
[21:56] <Thierry> Pwease
[21:57] <Detro> And The Question
[21:57] <Knight> +6 to Burn Resistance please
[21:57] <Savant> one point for being here. One more point for being awesome. That starts us at two
[21:57] <Savant> give me some examples of teamwork that happened today.
[21:57] <Thierry> Yay!
[21:57] <Craig> ::flexes::
[21:57] <Craig> we blew up some drones
[21:57] <Thierry> Well lets see, we worked as a team to see that our ride didn't go boom
[21:58] <Gabriel> Squads stuck together and supported each other, Gabriel and Birkin stayed in reserve until they came out mirroring each other, blowing stuff up. Everyone stuck to good targets.
[21:58] <Detro> Red team worked well at getting the enemy's attention.
[21:58] <Savant> i agree with all of these statements. That's three. Give me some examples of accomplishments you achieved today.
[21:58] <Craig> blue team did good covering
[21:58] <Knight> TEAMWORK: Detro and Knight taking on the enemy.
[21:59] <Savant> Knight and Detro worked great todgether today
[21:59] <Savant> together, even
[21:59] <Detro> And Roland cowered off on his own. ::Snicker::
[21:59] <Gabriel> We pissed off the CEF something major. They've seen us, tried to kill us, failed, impotently taken their rage out on innocents.
[21:59] <Detro> (j/k)
[21:59] <Craig> accomplishments eh? well we blew up drones, and we stayed alive and escaped an even bigger nasty:)
[21:59] <Thierry> ::Looks at Craig:: Hey, we weren't bad either!
[22:00] <Savant> anything else?
[22:00] <Gabriel> We've learned the CEF do occasionally arm the Sleipnirs. It's something to keep an eye out for later. We have a new drone type to investigate. We've learned how their "strike squads" work in space.
[22:00] <Knight> I think the mauling of the CEFs was a big accomplishment, although, the price to our hots sounds horrible
[22:00] <Detro> We proved just how useful Junkman Specials are in space when snipered Smile
[22:01] <Savant> i was a bit hesitant to give this point out - this was more about you exacping death than you actively accomplishing anything - but you make good points. That's four total, then.
[22:01] <Craig> yep
[22:01] <Savant> five, combat situation. Six, high-danger combat situation.
[22:02] <Savant> I think that if PAthfinder hand't come in you would've been rather heavily mauled.
[22:02] <Thierry> Agreed in ful
[22:02] <Thierry> l
[22:02] <Savant> but hey, it's a resource you have, and it's dumb not to use what you've got. So six.
[22:02] <Gabriel> It would have been more even, but remember, Gabriel was popping out of cover right behind Pathfinder with a full load of snipered rockets.
[22:02] <Gabriel> He would have done some major damage.
[22:02] <Savant> Dennis, you remember the question you thought should be asked?
[22:03] <Detro> If I remembered anything past Monday, I would consider it a sign of recovery.
[22:03] <Savant> we'll have to save that one for later, then, cause i can't find it.
[22:03] <Savant> so, another question of the week.
[22:03] <Detro> checking now
[22:03] <Detro> "Does knowing there are Capricians fighting FOR the continued rule of the CEF change how you'll personally deal with them in the future ?"
[22:04] <Savant> for the seventh point, answer that ^_- sounds good, and a good tie-up to the story arc.
[22:04] <Thierry> IC answer I presume
[22:04] <Savant> yeah
[22:04] <Ardelmos> Roland> "Good. Bad. I'm the one with the guns."
[22:04] <Savant> Capricians meaning Liberati, I believe
[22:05] <Savant> heh
[22:05] <Knight> Not going to change Knights view to much, he has always been a little cautious about non-terra novan motivations. out here, its going to be each for their own needs.
[22:05] <Savant> awesome. That's a very typical Terranovan attitude. Us First.
[22:05] <Thierry> Thierry kinda figured that there would be Liberati on both sides of the fight just like there are the occasional Terra Novan traitors.
[22:05] <Thierry> So, no, its not going to change much in his mind
[22:05] <Savant> yeah, but will you treat them differently now that you've been actively betrayed?
[22:06] <Detro> <- It changes the nature of the fighting. It makes PR more important, and makes the CEF propoganda machine a much more high value target. If the Capricians captitulate fully to the CEF cause, it makes it almost impossible to keep the fighting off Terra Nova.
[22:06] <Gabriel> Gabriel's thought that very point over and decided it's fairly irrelevant to him. He helps the Liberati because he's been ordered to, not because of any inherent loyalty to them. His loyalty is to his own people, and at a sub-conscious level, the Liberati are just a means to that end. I'm pretty certain there's a pretty good Liberati = Badlander log in there, given Gabriel's sub-conscious attitude about Badlanders.
[22:06] <Gabriel> But it won't be written for a good long while. There's other stuff to tell about him first.
[22:06] <Savant> groovy.
[22:07] <Thierry> He'll treat them the same way he treats Southies, works with them, keeps an eye out too Smile
[22:07] <Savant> anyone else want to comment?
[22:07] <Craig> well craig's always the optimist in that he'd want to try to change their minds about it, but ultimately it comes down to whatever the situation is
[22:09] <Savant> all good answers. That's seven. And I'm going to give you an extra two as a thank you for going through the whole story arc with me. Next arc will deal with the repercussions of the first arc, and waging a real war on the CEF in space
[22:09] <Savant> it will culminate in your arrival on Caprice.
[22:10] <Craig> and about gabriel's opinion of badlanders, does that include craig or does the fact he's riveran make any difference?Smile
[22:10] <Detro> ... 35 points... Aheh. Sometime this week I'll try to do a spend Colin. It's been a month since the last one anyways. Smile
[22:10] <Ardelmos> I gotst you beat.
[22:10] <Craig> i gots 37 point
[22:11] <Savant> nine points. THank you much, everyone. Join us next week for the next story arc.
[22:11] <Savant> dis-missed!
[22:11] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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