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Game Transcripts for The Rahnguard Region

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 2:50 am    Post subject: Game Transcripts for The Rahnguard Region Reply with quote

[18:05] <Savant> **********/ At Attention /**********
[18:05] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:05] * Savant changes topic to '(/|/) The Black Talons (/|/) Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2100 EST. (/|/) Bullets are Cheap in Session'
[18:05] <Joanna> ::attn::
[18:05] <Ardelmos> ::attn, and stuff::
[18:05] <Savant> oop! forgot to change the title in there. Whoops
[18:06] <Tychon> ::attn::
[18:06] * Retrieving #BT05 modes...
[18:06] <Jared> ::attn::
[18:06] * Beriadoc has joined #bt05
[18:07] <Savant> we're a smidgen behind, but for those of you who are new, I do prefer that people give me an :attn:: before the game starts so that I know you're here
[18:08] <Jared> ::slautes::
[18:08] <Savant> that works well ^_-
[18:08] <Savant> if it were spelled properly at least
[18:08] <Savant> anyways. Since we're behind I'm going to feed you the briefing right now and then you can throw questions at me
[18:08] <Savant> Briefing
[18:08] <Savant> The 5th Black Talon is en-route to the Karaq Wastes, in specific the prosperous Rahnguard region. Despite the ravages of the Interpolar war, this region is classically known for being well defended and economically powerful for a badlands region.
[18:08] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:09] <Savant> However, a spike in raider activity has raised the eye of the Talons. Suspicions have arisen as to whether the surge in banditry has been sponsored by Earth. Talon 05 has been sent in and is en route to Peresalona to determine just that.
[18:09] <Savant> Please Acknowledge when ready
[18:09] <Joanna> ack
[18:09] <Ardelmos> Briefed
[18:09] <Birkin> ack
[18:09] <Gabriel> ack
[18:09] <Jared> ack
[18:09] <Tychon> ack
[18:10] <Savant> any questions?
[18:10] <Tychon> ::raises::
[18:10] <Savant> Tychon?
[18:10] <Tychon> How much of an introduction are we assuming Tychon has had at this point, if we're already en route?
[18:10] <Savant> Tychon has known these guys for about, oh, five hours now.
[18:10] <Jared> Earther SPY!
[18:11] <Savant> you're on an aircraft heading to Peresalona, if that's cool with alla y'alls
[18:11] <Craig> no thats you jared:)
[18:11] * Jared thinks everyone could be an Earth spy. Wink
[18:11] <Joanna> I'm just alone for the hippity-hop ride
[18:11] <Jared> ::raises::
[18:11] <Savant> you were picked up from a Paxton facility not far from NPR by Captain Olim Peresalona and are nearly there. Jared?
[18:12] <Jared> we are NOT in Gears at this time, correct?
[18:12] <Tychon> Airplane.
[18:12] <Savant> I don't know, you tell me. They have Goliath transport aircraft, tehy can carry all of your gears easily. Do you want your Gears?
[18:12] <Gabriel> No Gears.
[18:12] <Savant> didn't think so ^_- the Captain hath spoken.
[18:12] * dakabn has joined #bt05
[18:12] <Savant> what *are* you taking with you?
[18:12] <Gabriel> Weapons limited to two sidearm-size weapons, the largest of which can be a machine pistol.
[18:13] <Ardelmos> Two? Can I have three?
[18:13] <Ardelmos> Pleeeeeeease. Wink
[18:13] <Craig> the R25 for me:)
[18:13] <Gabriel> Gabriel's taking his sidearm and concealed pistol, both carried normally, plus two of the Riley concealable concussion grenades.
[18:13] <Gabriel> The R25 is not a sidearm.
[18:13] <Savant> you guys can discuss your personal sidearms and other equipment in #LemOS (Our OOC channel, for the observers); I'd like you guys to list your equipment in the forums.
[18:13] <Savant> Oh, did I mention that we have forums now? we have forums.
[18:13] <Jared> whatever weapons the experienced players think I need
[18:13] <Craig> i know, i'll just have the standard talon pistols:)
[18:13] <Gabriel>
[18:13] <Gabriel> ^-- Sidearms or smaller.
[18:14] <Craig> the 9mm
[18:14] <Savant> cool. Get it together on the forum please, in the Discussion forum
[18:14] <Savant> anyways. Other questions?
[18:14] <Gabriel> "Roland, how many weapons you plannin' on bringin', anyway? You've only got the two arms."
[18:15] <Ardelmos> Heh
[18:15] <Gabriel> Wink
[18:15] <Savant> I'd like to give McC a bit ole shout-out for his recent work with the forum and chardb and wiki and such. Way to get me off my ass, dude ^_-
[18:15] <Joanna> Sidearms include grenades?
[18:15] <Ardelmos> Yes, but the third is more intimidating and will likely difuse a situation without requiring the other two. Wink
[18:15] <Savant> ask your Captain
[18:15] <Gabriel> Riley concealable only, and keep them at a minimum.
[18:15] <Ardelmos> Yay McC!
[18:15] <Tychon> ::tips hat:: My pleasure, guys.
[18:15] <Gabriel> They're equivalent to the concussion grenades, but 7m radius instead of 9m.
[18:15] <Craig> ya did good boy ::pats ryan on the head:: Smile
[18:16] <Joanna> Huh, we don't have smoke grenades?
[18:16] <Savant> anyways. Let's move the equipment discussion to #LemOS
[18:16] * Cody has joined #bt05
[18:17] <Savant> any other questions?
[18:17] <Jared> ::raises::
[18:17] <Savant> Jared?
[18:17] <Jared> What's a nubian?
[18:17] <Savant> D:
[18:18] <Ardelmos> That's my line.
[18:18] <Jared> oh
[18:18] <Savant> that's my cue to start I think
[18:18] <Jared> oops
[18:18] <Savant> **********/ Game Start /**********
[18:18] <Ardelmos> ::is reclined in his chair with his chin buried in his chest, duster gathered around his form and his light flak suit with his face covered by a wide-brimmed hat::
[18:18] <Jared> ::sits away from the other Talons, his arms folded across his chest, his eyes hard and darting::
[18:19] <Savant> The 5th Black Talon is currently in the hold of a wide-bellied Goliath transport plane. It's louder than the average transport plane, and the hold is full of crates and boxes. There's a bench that runs along both sides of the wall, however, a hammock made of webbing and cloth
[18:19] <Tychon> ::sits, slightly reclined, in one of the plane's seats, stealing occasional glances towards the cockpit, amid looking across the other faces -- still very unfamiliar -- around him::
[18:19] <Joanna> ::is trying to spend her time reading Terra Novan history, though this environment is hardly conducive to learning::
[18:19] <Tychon> << replace chair with "portion of the bench" Wink >>
[18:20] <Ardelmos> ::stirs slightly, making a snorting and coughing sound as something catches in his throat::
[18:20] <Jared> ::watches the new guy - "Tychon" - especially closely::
[18:20] <Savant> The plane shudders and banks to one side, pulling on all of the occupants. Outside the morning sunlight streams in through the portholes
[18:20] <Craig> ::sits on the deck of the cargobay propped up against some crates trying to have a snooze despite the roaring of the goliath's engines::
[18:21] <Ardelmos> ::coughs, not seeming to shift despite the banking of the plane::
[18:21] <Tychon> ::feels the scrutiny coming from the XO -- the Earther -- and turns his eyes towards him, smiling openly and offering a relaxed salute::
[18:21] <Joanna> ::the reader goes flying out of her hands when the plane banks, as she wasn't expecting it to::
[18:22] <Joanna> ::looks at it as it ends up on the other side of the plane... she's honestly tempted to just leave it there::
[18:22] <Jared> ::curls his lips into a frown, his eyes narrowing::
[18:22] <Gabriel> ::sits toward the back, reading the last of the briefing information on Peresalona on a data glove display, dressed in a concealed light flak vest under a thin rip-stop synthetic shirt, jacket, and slacks::
[18:22] <Savant> The Captain - one Olim Peresalona - hadn't spoken more than a few words to the Talons, but he was proving to be quite a pilot. The flight was smooth and comfortable despite passing through a badlands storm. It's clear outside now, however, affording a magnificent view of the sun-baked Karaq Wastes outside
[18:22] <Craig> ::tips over from the gforce of the bank and gumbles::
[18:22] <Craig> <<grumbles>>
[18:23] <Gabriel> ::finishes the material and turns the gloves off, then stands up:: All right, people, listen up.
[18:23] <Birkin> ::exhales as he looks forward, staying relatively silent waiting for the flight to be over with, turning his attention to the new CO::
[18:23] <Joanna> :Surprisedf course, now that the CO's talking, there's no point in getting the reader::
[18:23] <Tychon> ::turns his attention from the XO to the CO as his voice calls out, eyebrows going up with curiosity::
[18:23] <Jared> ::glances to Tynes::
[18:24] <Joanna> ::turns her attention to him::
[18:24] <Gabriel> ::reaches up to brace himself with one hand on the many crossbars over head:: This is strictly a meet and greet. We're here for two purposes. First purpose: determine if a higher-than-average number of weapons is flowing through this place.
[18:24] <Craig> ::straightens himself up and looks over at the new captain::
[18:25] <Gabriel> I'm leading that team. Roland, Birkin, Joanna, you're with me. We'll meet with the leader of the Peresalona Air Service, Nalda Peresalona, then probably do a bit of scouting around along those lines.
[18:26] <Jared> ::shifts a bit in his seat::
[18:26] <Gabriel> Second purpose: determine how many caravans have been hit, where they're coming from, what they're carrying. Master Sergeant Donovan, that one's yours with the rest. Scout around the commercial areas, see what you can turn up. Look at news feeds, talk to merchants.
[18:27] <Ardelmos> ::still hasn't shifted from his position in the hammock, but the brim of his hat appears to have come up a little as Tynes spoke::
[18:27] <Gabriel> I don't expect any trouble here, but stay alert. This place is the gateway to the entire region, so you can bet that there's one or more people keeping an eye on new arrivals. Stay watchful and vigilant at all times, watch each other's backs.
[18:27] <Tychon> ::nods slightly, more to himself than anything, as he files away the instructions for the group he's been attached to::
[18:28] <Gabriel> And keep in mind, these people are *friendlies*. Anyone pulls a weapon better understand that they will be doing the paperwork on it, and I assure you that paperwork will be extensive.
[18:28] <Gabriel> Questions.
[18:28] * Jared is now known as Aggie|AFK
[18:28] <Joanna> ::listens, then she sees something that scares her::
[18:28] <Craig> ::stands up and happens to notice a shipping label on the crate he was against reads paxton arms:: doesn't suprise me much
[18:29] <Joanna> Um, yes, I have one... ::points in front of her:: Is that a bomb?
[18:29] <Gabriel> <<Team shuffle! Team 1: Gabriel, Birkin, Craig. Team 2: Roland, Joanna, Tychon.>>
[18:29] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Probably. Other questions.
[18:29] <Savant> The plane shudders slightly as it begins a descent, forcing everyone's stomach into their throats
[18:30] <Birkin> ::shudders:: Paperwork...
[18:30] <Gabriel> Very well. Get your game faces on, people. ::sits back down and starts strapping himself in::
[18:30] <Joanna> ::winces:: Seriously. Tell me that thing isn't armed.
[18:31] <Ardelmos> ::the brim of his hat lowers slightly as Tynes finishes speaking and sits down, the descent of the plane disturbing his innards for a moment::
[18:31] <Tychon> ::starts strapping himself in as well, eyeing Joanna with a mixed expression that is largely dominated by perplexed amusement::
[18:31] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::Almost an afterthought:: +com+ We're descending. Strap in if you aren't already.
[18:32] <Craig> ::makes his way to the bench and straps in::
[18:32] <Joanna> ::hasn't unstrapped at all since she's been on::
[18:32] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::Almost an afterthought:: +com+ We're descending. Strap in if you aren't already.
[18:32] <Savant> ((fixed!))
[18:33] <Craig> ((very subtle:)))
[18:33] <Gabriel> ::strips off the field glove and tucks it into a nearby backpack, then zips his jacket half-way up::
[18:33] <Joanna> ::closes her eyes and hopes that Paxton Arms demolition charge in front of her isn't armed::
[18:34] <Savant> The plane shakes a little more as the ground rushes up to meet it and the wind coming off of the Eastern Desert howls past, rattling the aircraft's skin. Before too long, however, there's a soft bump, and then another, as the wheels touch ground
[18:34] <Tychon> ::allows his eyes to defocus as he tunes himself into the feel of the bumps and subharmonic noises the plane is making::
[18:36] <Tychon> ::smirks, noting the tell-tale signs of a vehicle well-cared for and in good hands::
[18:36] <Ardelmos> ::grunts a little as his hammock sways with the bump of the landing::
[18:36] <Joanna> ::mutters, sincerely wishing the book hadn't flown over that bomb so she wouldn't have noticed it::
[18:36] <Gabriel> ::once the plane is on the taxiway, unstraps and gets to his feet, checking his weapon belt and sidearm in an unconscious maneuver::
[18:36] <Savant> The Goliath begins to slow in a smooth manner, and finally the noisy engines cease their howl as something clamps noisily onto the front of the plane
[18:37] <Joanna> ::opens her eyes and unstraps herself... just as that loud CLAMP occurs::
[18:37] <Craig> ::feels at the plane comes to a stop and then unstraps himself::
[18:37] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> +com+ ::Brusquely:: Welcome to Peresalona. Don't mind the cargo tenders. I'll be back there in a moment.
[18:37] <Ardelmos> ::suddenly shifts to the left, then the right before swinging out of the hammock using his gained momentum -- his boots thump onto the ground and his duster flusters for a moment before settling down again::
[18:37] <Tychon> ::unstraps himself and rises as the clamping noise shudders through the fuselage, awkwardly checking the sidearm concealed within his jacket, before looking to Tynes::
[18:38] <Birkin> ::begins to unstrap himself as he begins to stand up::
[18:38] <Ardelmos> ::for a moment, someone who was paying very close attention might spot the pair of machine pistols strapped to his body beneath the duster, but he's arranged them in such a manner that it's very hard to notice even with the duster open::
[18:38] <Joanna> ::hangs back -- as usual, it's not her place to lead here, so she finds herself waiting for, then following Roland. Carefully at least.::
[18:39] <Savant> The rear hatch of the aircraft opens all at once, flooding the room in sunlight. A pair of worker Gears stomp their way inside to begin unloading. One of the crewmen, visible through the glass dome of his loading Gear, smiles and waves at the group
[18:39] <Ardelmos> ::gives the crate Joanna's gaze has been fixated on a good slap with an open palm as he walks by it::
[18:39] <Joanna> ::jumps at Roland's actions::
[18:40] <Gabriel> ::gives the worker a nod, then hooks his backpack over one shoulder, indicating the others should wait::
[18:40] <Craig> ::grabs his duster from the crate he was leaning against earlier and puts it on to cover his flak jacket, 9mm pistol and knife::
[18:40] <Tychon> ::grins at the crewman before Roland's actions draw is attention::
[18:40] <Joanna> ::mutters incoherently, scratching her nose::
[18:40] <Ardelmos> ::reaches up and grabs the top of his hat, lifting it slightly at the loader as Tynes heads heads for the Gear::
[18:40] <Birkin> ::spies the CO's motion and leans against the side of the plane::
[18:41] <Savant> A few moments later the hatch to the cockpit opens, and in walks a middle-aged short, stocky and balding man. He's wearing the blue dyed flight jacket that the Peresalonans all wear, along with a headphone / microphone set.
[18:41] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> Everyone's still back here?
[18:41] <Craig> ::walks by joanna smirking:: you should know better, transporting unarmed explosives is much safer ::continues on::
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::nods at Olim:: Indeed, Captain. Thanks for the ride.
[18:42] <Gabriel> The three of us ::indicates himself, Birkin, and Craig:: will be meeting with Ms. Peresalona. Will you be able to provide us transport?
[18:43] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::Grunts some sort of noncommital reply to Tynes and gestures to the back hatch where the cargo is being unloaded:: I'll bring you to her. And the others? ::Gestures to the others::
[18:43] <Joanna> ::mutters at Craig in Mandanese:: Kwai jui kai.
[18:44] <Gabriel> If it's permitted, I'd like them to visit the business district. As you know, we're looking into rover activity. Can't do that without seeing the impact it has on your business, and how to get it back up to normal if it's down.
[18:45] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> Hmh. Sure. You'll want to go through the main gate and then up to the second tier. It's the public tier.
[18:46] <Gabriel> ::nods and glances at Roland:: Check in in 90 minutes, Senior Sergeant.
[18:46] <Tychon> ::watches the exchange between Olim and Tynes, and then turns his attention to Ardelmos::
[18:46] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::Olim nods, shoves his hands into his pockets, and begins to walk down the ramp, leaving his co-pilot to finish the post-flight checklist::
[18:47] <Ardelmos> ::nods back, the brim of his hat exaggerating his movement so his head moved almost imperceptibly::
[18:47] <Gabriel> ::indicates Birkin and Craig should follow him, then follows himself::
[18:48] <Birkin> ::catches the CO's motion and falls in behind, looking around as if taking in the sites a little bit, but still keeping a sharp eye out::
[18:48] <Joanna> ::waits for Roland to move out::
[18:48] <Craig> ::nods to gabriel and birkin and heads out::
[18:48] <Ardelmos> ::pauses for a moment, letting Tynes lead his two charges down the ramp and out on to the tarmac before throwing a glance over his shoulder at Joanna and Tychon for a brief moment before turning and heading out himself::
[18:49] <Tychon> ::glances at Joanna and then follows after Roland::
[18:49] <Savant> Outside, white ultralight gliders skirt this way and that around the tall antennae of a cement and steel spire, bristling with communication fins and sensor blisters. It is all quite new and either washed or painted white, with no sign of weathering. Aircraft crowd around the rows of terminal gates.
[18:49] <Joanna> ::finds herself taking up the rear -- all the better to keep an eye on the new guy in their group::
[18:50] <Ardelmos> ::locates the main gate quickly given the opennes of the tarmac and eyes the taxi-ways and movement of the ultralights as he walks steadily towards it, not looking back to ensure the other two are following::
[18:50] <Tychon> ::looks at the sparkling white electronics and vehicles littered about, a twinge of glee touching his face as he adjusts the sitting of his sunglasses::
[18:51] <Savant> The tower is very tall, but small in comparison with normal oasis towers - just small enough to hold a factory and several hangars at the base; above that are habitation and commerce levels with windows with armoured shutters. The place looks more like the command tower of a (large) landship than a settlement.
[18:51] <Savant> Rows of terraces turn the long valley into steps. The terrace on both sides just below the top of the ridge is long runway strips, those lower are bright green and yellow with waterroot plants and hardy elohar ferns. Workers move to and fro with small hang gliders and parafoils as easily as others might ride a bike or drive a truck.
[18:52] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::Leads Tynes and his two followers to a smaller side gate for personnel, beside the hangars::
[18:52] <Craig> ::looks around:: these people must work pretty hard to keep a place like this in such good shape
[18:53] <Gabriel> ::looks about for anyone who doesn't seem to be actually waiting for someone::
[18:53] <Joanna> ::keeps following as best she can while taking in the rather extraordinary sight::
[18:53] <Tychon> ::makes sure to keep up with Ardelmos, occasionally glancing back to Joanna to see if she's still there; most of his attention is focused on the surronding machinery::
[18:53] <Savant> Roland, Joanna and Tychon are led up to an outdoor desk where several other visitors have gathereed and are gaining clearance to the tower. The process is mostly automated, allowing them quick access with little fuss.
[18:55] <Birkin> ::looks into the gate as they approach it, seeing if there's anything of interest in it::
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::continues to follow Olim, catcthing up with Birkin a bit before whispering:: Sous-Sergent, notice any weapons among the shipment that came in with us?
[18:56] <Ardelmos> ::gains entrance into the tower and proceeds inside, following the directions to the second tier -- he makes his way up and stops at the entrance, turning sideways and looking back at Joanna and Tychon as they stop beside him:: News feeds and merchants. That means a bar or pub with trideo sets, and any shopfronts that don't looked as stocked as they should. Who wants what?
[18:56] <Joanna> ::wonders just how involved the process is in screening people out::
[18:57] <Tychon> ::stops as Ardelmos does, then mulls it over before looking to Joanna:: Ladies first. ::smiles::
[18:57] <Birkin> ::nods leaning a bit towards Gabriel:: (w) Aye sir. Warrior parts mainly. Light missle packs, autocannons, actuator replacements...
[18:57] <Joanna> ::shrugs:: Bar I guess.
[18:58] <Savant> Joanna, Roland and Tychon pass throught he gate without any trouble whatsoever - the attendants smile and nod and give each of them a plastic ID card identifying them as visitors
[18:58] <Birkin> ::motions at two other Goliaths:: (w) Fuel over there sir. Some arms and munitions there. Food..
[18:58] <Gabriel> ::nods:: (w) Eyes out for Warriors, then.
[18:58] <Joanna> ::looks at her ID card:: Kinda hard to fit in with these though.
[18:58] <Craig> ::comes up alongside birkin and gabriel, nodding:Sadw) paxton sent quite a large shipment with us
[18:58] <Tychon> ::nods, then looks to Ardelmos:: I suppose I'll check out the storefronts, sir.
[18:59] <Ardelmos> Arright then. Newbie, take a stroll and find someone who looks like they might be in a bad way. Buy something, chat'm up, whatever. Find out where his goods are.
[18:59] <Tychon> << Scratch my line >>
[18:59] <Tychon> << or not -- depending how you meant that >>
[18:59] <Ardelmos> And keep your eyes out for a newspaper or something...::eyes the rest of tier the concourse from the entrance::
[18:59] <Birkin> (w) Yes sir. Even more curious because I dont see any Warriors here sir. ::turns his visual scans outwards::
[18:59] <Tychon> ::nods:: Yes sirl.
[18:59] <Gabriel> ::nods at Craig:: (w) Your job is to watch for repair parts or supplies that don't seem to fit. Lasers and turbines in particular.
[19:00] <Joanna> ::wanders off to find a pub::
[19:00] <Gabriel> (w) Anything high maintenance.
[19:00] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::Stops once they've gotten into the Hangar fully, at a table which is open to the view of the hangar itself, and can see outside:: Let me call her and see if she can talk to you right now.
[19:00] <Tychon> ::glances about the immediate vicinity for a newspaper dispenser of some kind, or even a discarded one::
[19:00] <Gabriel> ::catches up with Olim and nods:: Thank you, Captain.
[19:00] <Craig> ::nods and goes back to looking around::
[19:00] <Ardelmos> ::nods to Tychon:: Meet back here in sixty. ::starts moving, trailing Joanna while eyeing for any newspapers, warnings, or other bills posted on billboards or storefronts::
[19:01] <Tychon> ::glances at his wristwatch and mentally marks the time in his head::
[19:02] <Tychon> ::turns his attention back to his search for an erstwhile newspaper, ambling off in a direction somewhat different from the one Ardelmos and Joanna took::
[19:02] <Ardelmos> ::eyes storefronts for trideo newsfeeds as he walks in case Joanna passes an electronics store of some sort::
[19:03] <Joanna> ::continues searching for the local watering hole -- entire oasis tower aside of course::
[19:03] <Tychon> ::finds himself a newspaper box -- current, no less -- but notes with some chagrine that it's not locally published::
[19:04] <Tychon> ::shrugs, deciding a free paper can't be all bad, and extracts one, paging through it to see if there are any noteworthy details to glean::
[19:04] <Savant> Joanna soon wanders into one of the bars, called "The Airway". It's a fairly typical badlands bar, though a lot cleaner and less rough.
[19:05] <Ardelmos> ::eyes down the concourse to see where Tychon is and where he's headed, marking the location in his head before following Joanna into the bar::
[19:05] <Birkin> ::looks about the tables themselves before looking to see if he can spot Olim and who he is talking to::
[19:06] <Gabriel> ::turns to regard the aircraft on the airfield, counting up transports in particular::
[19:06] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::Hangs up a phone on the wall and returns to Gabriel and Birkin:: She's in the control tower, but she can talk. Come with me.
[19:06] <Joanna> ::grabs a spot up at the bar, glancing at the others::
[19:06] <Tychon> ::frowns, mildly surprised about the Toledo attack, but noting with some curiosity what they seemed to be after -- vehicles::
[19:06] <Gabriel> ::nods and turns to follow::
[19:07] <Birkin> ::does the same, getting Craig's attention before turning and following the Captain::
[19:07] <Tychon> ::this in mind, tucks the paper under one arm and begins strolling the concourse, eyeing various shops with a mental note to find one that appears to be struggling business-wise, or perhaps one that deals in the various materiel they seek to investigate::
[19:08] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::Leads the three to an elevator, where he inserts a key into an appropriate slot before keying up the proper floor::
[19:08] <Craig> ::turns back to gabriel:: (w) as far as turbines go, they're just your run of the mill type, rugged quality, most likely built here for their transports and air force as well as export ::stops as olim catches gabriel's attention and they start moving again:: (w) other than that, nothing too out of the ordinary
[19:08] <Joanna> ::sizes up the others in the room, whether they're shabbily dressed or looking poor in some way::
[19:08] <Ardelmos> ::grunts, glancing at the trideo screens, which happen to be playing a soccer match as opposed to any local news, while the screens at the entrance to the bar seem to be playing commercials::
[19:09] <Savant> Bartender> ::asks Joanna:: What'll ya have?
[19:09] <Gabriel> ::follows Olim into the elevator, nodding slightly at Craig::
[19:11] <Savant> Olim Peresalona lets the door close once everyone is inside and lets the elevator head up to the top floors of the tower
[19:12] <Craig> ::is inside the elevator::
[19:13] <Joanna> ::shrugs... she remembers one of the drinks favored by a tech on base:: Black Octane. Too early for anything heavier.
[19:13] <Ardelmos> ::plops himself down beside Joanna and sets his hat carefully on the stool beside him, clearing his throat as she orders just the one drink::
[19:13] <Joanna> ::wonders just what the hell Roland's playing at... how can she talk to people when someone who looks as threatening as he does is sitting right over her shoulder?::
[19:13] <Savant> Tychon comes upon someone who's obviously a caravan trader - he's dusty, his heavy duster is dusty, and it looks as if he's never been out of the sun before now. He's seated on a small crate of boxes and counting slips of paper
[19:14] <Ardelmos> Y'gonna buy me that drink you owe me now, or at the next layover?
[19:14] <Savant> Bartender> ::Shrugs and reaches under the counter, coming out with a bottle and a chilled glass. He sets both on the counter in front of Joanna and then looks at Roland::
[19:15] <Joanna> ::coldly:: What drink? The one you spilled smashing my face in?
[19:15] <Tychon> ::makes a bit of a thing out of walking slightly passed the trader, stopping, looking back at him, then walking back to him:: Ah, excuse me...
[19:15] <Gabriel> ::conversationally:: I hadn't had a chance to ask you, Captain. Nalda is your...? Besides your boss, I mean. ::grins::
[19:16] <Ardelmos> ::grins slightly at the bartender:: Poor boss here got a little sloshed and fell into the last bar we were at. Seems I took the blame. I'll take the same.
[19:16] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::shifts gears, his tone a bit more personable:: Niece. Jandi was my brother, he ran Peresalona before the war got'im.
[19:17] <Joanna> ::says nothing as she twists the cap off and takes a swig::
[19:18] <Savant> Bartender> ::nods and takes out another Black Octane for Roland::
[19:18] <Tychon> ::eyes the crates this trader is seated on curiously::
[19:18] <Savant> Trader> ::Looks up from his mathematics at Tychon, a little startled:: ah! Er, yeah?
[19:18] <Joanna> ::shifts her attention to the trivids::
[19:19] <Gabriel> ::nods:: The Interpolar was idiocy. Thor Hutchinson preached peace, not revenge. If it matters, you have my apologies.
[19:19] <Ardelmos> ::twists off the top and pours the drink into the provided glass, lifting it up towards Joanna:: To better profit this trip, eh?
[19:19] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::nods:: It was stupid. Thank the Prophet it's done with.
[19:19] <Savant> The elevator door holding Tynes and his group stops, and opens to a busy room indeed. The view is expansive, showing the valley as well as the surrounding landscape. It's partially obscured by dozens of computers and dozens of people.
[19:19] <Tychon> ::notes the man's demeanor:: Oh, sorry to interrupt. I was just passing by and caught notice of the crate you've there with you. Something for sale?
[19:20] <Joanna> ::mumble:: Gon beh.
[19:20] <Savant> Joanna turns her head just in time to see Yassin Livingstone score a goal for the Zagazig Crusaders
[19:20] <Gabriel> ::steps off the elevator and immediately out of the way::
[19:20] <Craig> ::nods as well:: at any rate Ms Peresalona seems to be handling things well here, though i'm sure she's got the whole family supporting ::steps off the elevator::
[19:21] <Ardelmos> ::shrugs and takes a sip, turning around and leaving his back to the bartender, pressed up against the bar railing as he examines the rest of the bar::
[19:21] <Savant> Trader> ::Caught off guard a moment longer, but then snaps to:: You're looking to buy?
[19:22] <Tychon> ::shrugs:: Out seeing what's for sale. ::smiles:: Find the right deal, and it's foolish to pass it up.
[19:22] <Joanna> Good profit depends on many things.
[19:22] <Savant> Olim Peresalona> ::steps out of the elevator as well:: That's how we do it here. Everyone works together. ::across the room:: Nalda, you have company.
[19:23] <Savant> Roland finds the bar rather sparse. It's early in the day so not many people are here, just a few people suffering some jet lag and trying to unwind before a nap. A few people watch the soccer game, and a few sit by themselves or in small groups about the place
[19:23] <Ardelmos> ::lets out a little bit of a breath as Joanna takes the opening:: You'd know better than I. All I do is make sure you get there in one piece.
[19:24] <Savant> Trader> Heh! I'm looking to liquidate some stock. My buyers fell out from under me. You interested? I'll give you a good deal, I just need to get it off my hands.
[19:24] <Joanna> ::Dryly:: You have a tendancy of making one piece into lots of pieces, not the opposite.
[19:24] <Gabriel> ::offers Nalda a nod and an friendly smile when she turns:: Captain Gabriel Tynes, formerly of the Northern Guard, now CO of 5th Black Talons. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me and host my team, Ms Peresalona. ::introduces the others:: Sous-Sergeant Aaron Birkin of the Southern Republic, Senior Ranger Jack Craig of Peace River, both on my team.
[19:25] <Ardelmos> I do, don't I? ::wonders at what point she'll direct the conversation towards the bartender, as with his back to him Roland certainly wasn't the one to do it::
[19:25] <Savant> On the other side of the control room a suprisingly young woman rises from a tridoeo table showing the local airspace. She approaches Tynes and shakes his hand firmly.:: Welcome to Peresalona. We're happy to help however we can. Come sit down with me.
[19:25] <Craig> ::raises hand in greeting::
[19:26] <Tychon> Buyers fell out? Isn't that always the way of it? You think you can rely on a guy, and then he up and does you over. Worst kind of luck. ::indicates the crate of boxes with his chin:: What'd he stiff you on?
[19:26] <Joanna> ::finishes her octane:: Hey skip! ::she calls to the bartender:: 'nuther one. ::half to Roland when the bartender's near:: What a waste.
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::returns the handshake, then follows her to the table and finds a chair, sitting across from Nalda::
[19:27] <Savant> Bartender> ::turns about and fishes another drink from the cold box beneath the counter, placing it in front of Joanna::
[19:28] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::Sits down at the table with the trideo display:: What can we do for you? Your Commandant wasn't very specific.
[19:28] <Ardelmos> ::shrugs:: Couldn't be helped. And from what I've heard, we weren't the only ones.
[19:28] <Joanna> Thanks. ::looks at the bartender:: Don't suppose I'm just the only one business is bad for?
[19:29] <Savant> Trader> ::looks down at the crates:: Geological sensors. Was going to selle'm to Toledo, but they dried up on me the last minute. They're top notch, come from around where you're from, if I guess the accent right.
[19:30] <Savant> Bartender> Eh, it's been okay. New bar ::gestures to the place, which looked new:: and PAxton helped rebuild it, so we've got good ties with'em. I think we're selling'em engines now? Dunno, have to ask the tech boys. ::Shrugs:: it's okay.
[19:30] <Tychon> Toledo, huh? Think it had anything to do with that raid? ::indicates the newspaper under his arm:: Was just reading about it.
[19:30] <Birkin> ::nods, sitting down as well, staying silent and letting the CO Do most of the talking::
[19:31] <Gabriel> Ms Peresalona, I'll be brief, as I know you're very busy. The first duty of the Talons is the defense of Terranovans... all Terranovans. We've noted a marked increase in rover activity in this area, and we want to put a stop to it. Not only is that sort of thing disruptive to business, it makes all of us that much more vunerable. 2 Summer 1939 wasn't all that long ago, as I'm sure you remember.
[19:31] <Savant> Trader> I don't know. It was for their militia, they were going to do a joint mapping effort with the Norguard and then they pulled out all of a sudden. Norguard even offered to pay a bigger cut, but Toledo got cold feet for some reason.
[19:32] <Craig> ::frowns some as gabriel mentions the date his home was destroyed::
[19:32] <Joanna> Huh. I must be the rare one then. ::punches Roland in the arm:: Hear that bub? We're the unluckies.
[19:32] <Ardelmos> Someone's been feeding me lies to make me feel better, then. I'd heard there were Rover troubles hereabouts -- worse than normal.
[19:32] <Tychon> Huh. Wonder why they did that. ::frowns, then looks up:: Well, how much are these going for? ::smiles::
[19:33] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::nods soberly:: I remember. We had a flight in Peace River at the time. ::sits back a bit:: We've noticed a lot more raiders too. They're clever, they're hiding from our patrols pretty well.
[19:33] <Savant> Bartender> ::laughs:: hah! What's a rover dawg gonna do to take down a plane? Nothing, that's what he's gonna do. Everyone's using us right now. It's good.
[19:34] <Gabriel> ::leans back, nodding:: My team brings rather... specialized tracking skills to the table. Still, I had thought first to follow the money, or in this case, the parts and ammunition. You can't mount guerilla raids without ammunition in particular. There's a good possibility that some of that ammuntion is flying on your aircraft.
[19:35] <Savant> Trader> ::Stuffs his slips of paper away and pulls out a PDA, calculating a bit:: The whole lot? That's twenty Gear-portable units, fits right in the crown of the head turret. Comes with the fins and everything too. I'd sell'em to you for.. hmm.. 25 thousand marks? They're top notch Humanist, too. Real humanist, not the crap that the Republicans try to pitch as Humanist.
[19:36] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::nods:: We've been moving more arms, yes. I dont' like to, but it's good money, and we really need it right now. Did you want our manifests and flight records?
[19:36] <Joanna> ::takes a sip of her Black Octane, letting Roland answer that one::
[19:37] <Ardelmos> ::snorts:: Last trip wasn't by air, unfortunately. Learnt the error of our ways there, eh? Caravan through Rahnguard ::shakes his head:: Nasty business.
[19:37] <Craig> ::nods:: if it's not too much trouble
[19:38] <Gabriel> Any help you'd be willing to provide would be terrific, that in particular. In exchange, I'll place my team at the disposal of your air force, where we can assist. Sometimes, there's just no substitute for eyes... or laser designators... on the ground. ::smiles::
[19:38] <Savant> Bartender> Sorry to hear that. They ain't ever gonna rebuild it like they used to be.
[19:38] <Tychon> ::nods:: That's a damn fine deal. ::appears to think about it:: Tell you what. Can I take one and show my boss? I'm pretty sure it's just the thing we're looking for, but I want to get his say-so before I make any purchases.
[19:39] <Joanna> ::grunts:: Nasty business? That's if someone lives to tell the tale.
[19:40] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> Mm. Well, the raiders stay away from Peresalona - they haven't gotten brave enough to come here lately. If you wanted to sit on standby if we get a situation, so that we can drop you - you all have wings, right? ::looks at everyone, then pauses and laughs:: And I thought we were supposed to be helping you. SAny way you can help us would be great. We'll get you any info
[19:40] <Birkin> ::sorely considers adding in "Heavy Rocket Packs" but thinks the better of it::
[19:41] <Savant> Trader> ::Thinks a moment:: You leave me a thousand, or some sorta collateral, I'll let you borrow one. Or heck, just bring'im here. ::He gets up from where he sat::
[19:42] <Gabriel> ::shrugs:: You don't owe us anything, Ms Peresalona. If anything, we owe you. I have a certain latitude when it comes to this sort of thing, and I'm more than happy to exercise that latitude in helping to secure your borders, particularly if I can solve my little problem at the same time.
[19:42] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> -- We'll get you any info that you need, and whatever help you want. If you need pilots or need to go somewhere, we can get you there.
[19:42] <Tychon> ::nods:: You planning to be around for a bit longer, then? I don't want to hold you up, but having him come to you seems like the most direct way to do business. ::smiles again::
[19:43] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> We owe Paxton a lot too. If you want, I can have you on a standby and ready to drop in case there are some raiders that we need help with. Probably nothing serious for Talon pilots, but everyone in the region would appreciate it.
[19:43] <Savant> Bartender> ::Shrugs:: It's a pretty bad place to be right now. Rahnguard ain't what it used to be, and it idnd't used to be much.
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Thank you. Two things right off, then: ::ticks them off on his fingers:: who should we speak with about manifests and flight records, and can you arrange to air-drop my team at the site of the closest attack to Peresalona? I'd like to have a look at one of the sites, if the wind hasn't taken it.
[19:44] <Savant> Trader> I'll be here all afternoon. Waiting for a flight to come in.
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::as an after-thought:: Oh! I lied. Three things. I've got a couple of squads of paratrooper Gears on stand-by. Any issue with me calling them in?
[19:44] <Tychon> ::lights up:: Ah, great. Heading home, then? Or more trading to be done?
[19:45] <Ardelmos> ::grunts at the bartender, but doesn't respond as he finished his drink -- whatever the Rovers were doing, they weren't doing it near Personalona or to the people passing through::
[19:46] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::leans back and gestures at one of the flight officers:: Hey, can you get logistics to call up the manifests and flight logs of the past four weeks and send'em to me? Thanks. ::Then back to the group:: Mm, all of you? We can do that, I think we have a little hopper available this afternoon.
[19:46] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::shrugs:: None at all. Where are they coming from? We'll clear the flight up and put them in one of the old hangars.
[19:47] <Savant> Trader> nah, I have another two seasons before I get back home. Business is still good after the War, everyone's rebuilding. I want to make the most of it.
[19:47] <Gabriel> Sesshu.
[19:47] <Joanna> ::scratches her nose, then takes another swig::
[19:48] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::nods and writes that note down in a PDA:: Okay. Do you want a transport put aside for them, or are you going to use something of your own?
[19:49] <Ardelmos> ::turns around, setting his glass down on the bar top:: What would it take to turn the area around, y'think? What's holding back the rebuilding?
[19:49] <Tychon> ::nods:: I suppose that makes some good sense. Though, I'd be worried these days. Bunch of raider activity and all that. ::indicates the paper again:: You ever run afoul of that mess?
[19:49] <Gabriel> I'd just as soon have one of your people drop us, if that's acceptable to you. Your own aircraft will stand out quite a lot less than one of our Orcas or Dragonsharks. We can make our own way back.
[19:50] <Savant> Bartender> ::thinks a moment as he puts glasses into a dishwasher:: The rest of the region? Huh. Well, rovers are makin all sortsa trouble for Toledo and Icehaven. Whitegrass too, but the Norguard is a bit tougher for the raovers to get at. Other'n that, we'll get better as PAxton comes back online. They've always been big business here.
[19:50] <Joanna> ::stares at her drink... she'd feel more comfortable trying to lift this guy's wallet... hell, she'd feel more comfortable trying to lift ROLAND'S wallet::
[19:51] <Savant> Trader> ::Scowls:: Ugh. Caravan got hit coming out of Elyau. Our boys fought'em back, but they blew out half of a truck and killed three of us. It was senseless.
[19:51] <Tychon> Killed? ::winces:: I'm really sorry about that. Did they take anything of value, or just pop up to be cruel?
[19:52] <Joanna> ::frowns::
[19:52] <Ardelmos> ::grunts, nodding as he digs into a pocket of his duster for some marks and dumps them on the bar-top:: Yeah. Hope that happens soon. Big money there.
[19:52] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::makes another note on the PDA:: Okay, that's no problem. We do flights to San Molei and Icehaven pretty regularily. It'll fit right in. We'll have the transport and its gunships loiter above the clouds or over the horizon if you need them in a hurry.
[19:54] <Savant> Trader> ::Sits back on his crates and shrugs:: They probably thought they coudl take us, they weren't counting on those panzerfausts that Jobe was carryin'. Heh, he got two of'em real quick, he did.
[19:54] <Craig> that sounds quite resonable
[19:54] <Savant> Bartender> New Peace River'll be done soon. They'll be back.
[19:54] <Gabriel> Excellent! Thank you, Ms Peresalona. You've been nothing but helpful. With any luck at all, we'll determine where these rovers are coming out of in short order and be out of your hair. And I'll have my quartermaster speak with you on our departure about fuel costs, pilot time, and logitistical support. No sense in adding our financial disruption to the one you're already experiencing.
[19:54] <Gabriel> ::starts to stand::
[19:55] <Ardelmos> ::nods and glances at Joanna, gauging how much she's got left in her drink::
[19:56] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::Smiles:: We're happy to help, Captain. Us Terranovans are all in the same situation, after all. Thank you. ::Stands as well and extends a hand once more - to all three this time::
[19:56] <Joanna> To better times then. ::knocks back the last, then grabs some of the currency she was given from her pocket and puts it on the counter::
[19:56] <Gabriel> ::shakes Nalda's hand then steps back so that the others may do so::
[19:56] <Craig> ::waits for gabriel to shake first before doing so:: it was a pleasure meeting with you
[19:57] <Ardelmos> ::grabs the hat off of the stool beside him and puts it on, nodding a thanks to the bartender before stepping back and turning, heading for the door::
[19:57] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> You too! I hear that Jeremi is almost through the basic Talon training. He's really looking forward to flying your space shuttle.
[19:57] <Tychon> ::grins:: Nice. Downright courageous of you to stand up to 'em like that. Any idea what they were after?
[19:58] <Savant> Bartender> ::takes up the money and puts it into the till, offering Roland and Joanna a wave::
[19:58] <Joanna> ::leaves behind Roland::
[19:59] <Savant> Trader> Psh, they don't even seem to care these days. Ballsy, too ballsy. Probably saw that we were ridin low and figured they'd run their luck. Big guns on'em, too. Looks like they bought old MILICIA surplus, but newer'n I'd think. Was even a Mamba with'em.
[19:59] <Gabriel> ::supplies:: Fury. If you like, I can pull some strings. As I recall, we're looking for a backup pilot on mine. If he's half as good as your uncle, he'd be a real asset.
[20:00] <Joanna> ::to Roland once they're outside:: Owe you a drink my ass.
[20:00] <Tychon> A Mamba? Damn. Getting better equipped all the time. You worried you'll run afoul of them again?
[20:00] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::grins:: He's good, really good. I wanted him as a gunship wing captain, but ... well, he's better off with you. He'd be a real asset to you, I know it.
[20:00] <Ardelmos> ::grunts and eyes the concourse, frowning:: Peresalona seems to have escaped the worst of it. Makes sense. Rovers can't really go after air transports -- more trouble than its worth.
[20:01] <Savant> Trader> For sure. I don't want to head back to Elyau from here - they pretty much own the Eastern Desert after the polars left. Even stretching up round here I hear. Mad Dogs an' Norlights, every one of'em.
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: Consider him gainfully employed. There really is no substitute for sub-orbital... or orbital, if you can manage it. Thank you again, Ms Peresalona.
[20:02] <Joanna> ::sighs - it seems obvious to her:: They're going to cut this place off, and then once that's done, they'll swoop down and knock everything out of the sky and make this a new staging area.
[20:02] <Birkin> ::smiles slightly standing with the Captain, trying to think back if they really did need a backup pilot::
[20:03] <Ardelmos> Rahnguard certainly seems to be shaping up as the next Barrington. ::sniffs:: Seems awfully telegraphed though. C'mon. ::starts heading in the direction he last saw Tychon::
[20:03] <Tychon> ::nods slowly, in understanding comiseration:: Well, best of luck to you. I'll go find my boss and have him come back and take a look.
[20:03] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> ::Smiles and nods:: Call me if you need anything, or just grab anyone in a blue jacket.
[20:03] <Gabriel> Will do. Down the elevator and then...?
[20:04] <Joanna> ::follows, muttering:: Telegraphed?
[20:04] <Savant> Nalda Peresalona> Oh! Second floor. That's the public concourse. Unless you needed to get somewhere else...?
[20:04] <Tychon> ::offers his hand to the trader, his ready smile once again showing::
[20:05] <Savant> Trader> ::Shakes Tychon's hand readily, looking a bit more pleased than a few moments ago::
[20:05] <Tychon> ::nods to the man and is about to walk away...:: Oh, I didn't catch your name.
[20:05] <Gabriel> No, that'll do fine. ::indicates the others should follow and heads for the elevator::
[20:06] <Ardelmos> Two days worth of investigation, and it seems like the CEF is coming down on Rahnguard? Yeah. A little too telegraphed.
[20:06] <Ardelmos> ::looks between storefronts and inside as they walk::
[20:06] <Savant> Trader> Willis Shapiro. Nice to meetcha
[20:06] <Tychon> ::nods again:: Nik Tychon. I'll catch up with you, Willis. Thanks a gain.
[20:06] <Tychon> <<again>>
[20:07] <Savant> Shapiro> ::waves and settles back with his slips of paper::
[20:07] <Birkin> ::nods his head at Nalda before turning and following the Captain out to the elevator::
[20:07] <Tychon> ::makes his way back towards the direction he saw Ardelmos and Joanna head off in::
[20:08] <Gabriel> ::punches the elevator button and steps in when it arrives::
[20:08] <Joanna> ...well then that's great. We have no idea what's really going on then.
[20:08] <Savant> Tynes' team re-enters the elevator and heads back down to the Public Concourse on tier 2
[20:08] <Ardelmos> ::nods his head slightly at Tychon as they meet in the middle of the concourse:: Anything?
[20:09] <Gabriel> ::smiles placidly:: Well, that could solve a problem I've been worried about. Jeremi Peresalona.
[20:09] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow:: how so?
[20:10] <Gabriel> I'm attempting to make arrangements to have two rather unique aircraft allocated to our Talon. If I'm successful, Jeremi will be flying one of them.
[20:10] <Tychon> ::nods:: Possibly, sir. There's a caravan trader down the concourse aways whose contact dried up on him. The contact was in Toledo, which ::proffers the paper:: was just hit by raiders seeking vehicles. Turns out this trader, a Mr. Willis Shapiro, recently came from Elyau with a moderately-armed escort that fended off a raider attack. He's currently sitting on a case of geographic sensors for gears.
[20:10] <Gabriel> Always assuming that he passes his solo and final, of course. But given the tradition here, he shouldn't have any trouble. These people seem to be born to fly. ::steps out of the elevator when it arrives::
[20:11] <Joanna> Huh, wonder if we could use those.
[20:11] <Tychon> He's offering to sell them for twenty-five thousand marks. Claims them to be top-of-the-line Humanist models. If so, that's an rather respectable bargain. I informed him that we might be interested in such a purchase.
[20:11] <Tychon> <<a rather>>
[20:11] <Ardelmos> ::grabs the paper and flips through it quickly, then looks up at Tychon:: 'the fuck we want with twenty-five kay worth of Gear geographic sensors?
[20:12] <Tychon> ::frowns:: Sorry, sir. It seemed like a good way to endear him to us.
[20:12] <Joanna> Same reason a rover gang would. A reason to shoot at us?
[20:12] <Craig> ::nods:: these people definetly have a gift
[20:13] <Birkin> ::steps in next to Gabriel:: Always use more good pilots.
[20:13] <Tychon> ::glances to Joanna and nods very slightly:: If the raiders were after them, then we might be able to use them as bait to lure them into attacking us. Though, that plan probably has a flaw I don't see.
[20:13] <Ardelmos> ::grunts and hands the paper back:: S'what, one crate? I don't think that's quite enough bait.
[20:13] <Savant> Tynes, Birkin and Craig step out into the concourse. It's getting a little bit more busy - a few more aircraft have arrived. Still, they can spot the other Talons not too far off.
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::pulls his pack off his shoulder and digs inside for the other half of his comm unit and clips it to his belt::
[20:13] <Tychon> ::accepts the paper:: Twenty units total, sir. Several crates.
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::starts to make a call with it, then decides that would be superfluous and hooks the pack back over his shoulder, angling toward Roland's team::
[20:13] <Joanna> Sure does. The fact that nobody else wants to do it. Would rather sit out in the desert for days waiting.
[20:14] <Birkin> ::moves with the Captain towards the other members of the team:: that seemed to go well...
[20:14] <Craig> ::spots roland and the others and follows gabriel over::
[20:14] <Ardelmos> ::rubs his chin:: Action's not around here anyway. Rovers are too freaked out over getting bombed to shit from the air.
[20:14] <Ardelmos> Where'd you say his caravan was coming from when it was attacked?
[20:14] <Joanna> Actually, I think they'd be more worried about the artillery...
[20:14] <Tychon> Elyau, sir.
[20:16] <Joanna> <<Scratch last line>>
[20:16] <Ardelmos> S'on the eastern side of Rahnguard.
[20:16] <Gabriel> ::approaches:: ...and well south of here to boot. Did you find out where they were bound for?
[20:16] <Gabriel> ::looks from Tycho to Roland::
[20:16] * Aggie|AFK has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:18] <Joanna> Still say it's not telegraphing. It's not like they're trying to soften up the place. Just knock out one of its supply lines before nailing the other.
[20:19] <Ardelmos> ::looks at Tychon for the answer to Tynes' question::
[20:19] <Tychon> ::turns to Tynes:: Possibly, sir. There was a caravan that was hit coming from Elyau.
[20:20] <Tychon> They were bound ::proffers the paper:: for Toledo.
[20:23] <Ardelmos> Bartender says the Toledo and Icehaven areas are getting the worst of the Rovers. Whitegrass too, but Norguard's hitting them back when they try.
[20:24] <Gabriel> Interesting. One of the attack sights is in range of one of Peresalona's hoppers. We have an afternoon aboard it for this afternoon, so I suggest you gents get suited up for the desert. And I'll allow heavy weapons for that.
[20:24] <Gabriel> ::takes the papers and looks at them:: Geological sensors?
[20:24] <Gabriel> <<*sites>>
[20:24] <Tychon> <<Ah, paper is the newspaper. >>
[20:25] <Joanna> ::offers:: Might be useful.
[20:25] <Gabriel> <<delete my line about sensors, then>>
[20:25] <Gabriel> ::looks at the papers:: We'll want to triangulate these attack sites. See if we can find a central point to all of them.
[20:26] <Ardelmos> We have any intel on the gear models they're using? Would pin down the range.
[20:26] <Tychon> Also, sir, I encountered a caravan trader who has several crates of geological sensors he's looking to sell. Twenty top-of-the-line Humanist Gear models. He's looking to sell them for twenty-five thousand marks. He's the man who provided me with the Elyau caravan info. I informed him that my 'boss' and I would return to see about purchasing them if we're interested.
[20:26] <Birkin> ::looks around:: Maybe Hunters and Jagars. The parts I saw on the plane all indicated hat they could be used on those models. At the worst. Warriors.
[20:27] <Tychon> ::gestures:: Ms. Farrell suggested we might use them as bait, if the raiders are interested in them.
[20:27] <Ardelmos> Two hundred, two fifty klicks then. Five hundred out and back. Unless they're mobile, but I doubt that.
[20:27] <Joanna> Or use 'em ourselves. Dunno how sensitive they are, but if there's raiders out there, we'd hear them, right?
[20:28] <Savant> The concourse is dominated along one wall by a curve of tall windows affording an excellent view of the valley. One of their gunships is currently taxiing slowly out to one of the two runways, its engine making an idle rumble
[20:28] <Gabriel> Twenty for twenty-five grand? ::raises his eyebrows:: Indeed, buy them. He must be desperate. Joanna, go back with Private Tychon, pose as the boss. Offer twenty-two unless he marks the location where his caravan was hit, then allow yourself to be haggled up to his full price.
[20:29] <Tychon> ::frowns:: Ah...I referred to the 'boss' as male, sir. Sorry, sir.
[20:29] <Gabriel> I'll make arrangements for a currency transfer later tonight. They'll make excellent bait if need be, and assuming they aren't stolen from us, we can take them to Caprice and barter them for what we'll need from the Liberati.
[20:30] <Gabriel> They'll be worth their weight in water there, I suspect.
[20:30] <Gabriel> ::turns to Craig:: Senior Ranger Craig, you're elected boss. Go with Private Tychon.
[20:30] <Ardelmos> ::is suddenly wishing that he had brought a PDA along with him so he could plot out the area and the possible deployment ranges::
[20:30] <Tychon> There's also one more point of interest. He mentioned that the raiders he was hit by appeared to be MILICIA surplus, but newer than he would expect. He said that their raiding party included a Mamba.
[20:30] <Joanna> ::had been about to suggest the "Boss" was busy and sent her to negotiate, but the CO beats her to it::
[20:30] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow:: aye sir ::to tychon:: lead the way
[20:31] <Gabriel> ::raises eyebrows:: A Mamba? Welllll... that's certainly above rover standard, isn't it? Good work, Private.
[20:31] <Tychon> << Caporal Razz >>
[20:31] <Savant> The pilots close their hatches and strap in while someone walks about the plane, physically inspecting its weapon pods. It's carrying two massive racks of rockets under its wings, along with rows of guns along the nose and wing surfaces. Peresalona apparently takes its air defense very seriously
[20:31] <Gabriel> <<You didn't put your rank on your charsheet. Wink>> The rest of you, finish your investigations. Let's meet back here in two hours.
[20:31] <Craig> ::nods::
[20:32] <Savant> **********/ Game Pause /**********
[20:32] <Tychon> ::attn::
[20:32] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[20:32] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[20:32] <Craig> ::attn::
[20:32] <Savant> two and a half hours, not bad. Well done all! I think you made some good headway and got yourselves some interesting hooks. Any comments or questions?
[20:32] <Tychon> ::raises::
[20:32] <Gabriel> None here. Good game. Smile
[20:32] <Savant> Tychon?
[20:32] <Ardelmos> ::raises::
[20:32] <Tychon> That was, quite possibly, the most fun I've had info gathering. Smile
[20:32] <Savant> heh, I'm glad you had a good time
[20:33] <Craig> hehehe
[20:33] <Savant> Roland?
[20:33] <Ardelmos> (Mouse is a little bit nicer to deal with than some people. Wink
[20:33] <Ardelmos> When does Roland get to kill somebody?
[20:33] <Craig> lol to both
[20:33] <Savant> any time he wants to. Plenty of people around. Even some Earthers around if you're hard up.
[20:34] <Gabriel> ::looks for Jared::
[20:34] <Birkin> mmm earthers.
[20:34] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[20:34] <Savant> or do you mean kill some people legitimately?
[20:34] <Savant> Gabriel?
[20:34] <Gabriel> XP? Wink
[20:35] <Savant> let me do this all proper like, gimee a second. I'll ask you some questions and then you can determine how many you get based on those questions ^_-
[20:35] <Ardelmos> Legitimately, yes.
[20:35] <Savant> well, you just need to go find some raiders. So, as soon as you do that, go to ^_-
[20:35] <Savant> XP.
[20:35] <Savant> I will say that you all stayed in character and showed enthusuasm. There were parts where things were a little slow, though. 2 xp for that... next category...
[20:36] <Savant> everyone will get and extra 1 for moving the plot forward, 'acuse you did.
[20:36] <Savant> no combat or anything of the nature. You did all work as a team, though, so that's an extra xp. 4 total.
[20:36] <Tychon> Woo.
[20:36] <Joanna> That include LAST week? Wink
[20:37] <Savant> I will give everyone 1 extra XP if you can tell me something that you learned about your character, or your character learned about him/herself this game
[20:37] <Savant> no. I'll give you all 3 for last week.
[20:37] <Joanna> Joanna's nose itches when she gets angry at Roland. Smile
[20:37] <Gabriel> Build up e-die, you new people.
[20:37] <Savant> ha ha. Fair enough. That's amusing enough to give you an extra xp
[20:37] <Gabriel> No spending until you have 10 built up.
[20:37] <Savant> anyone else want an extra one?
[20:38] <Birkin> Birkin is a lot more formal when dealing with this new Northie CO than he was with the Gotah, the Co from the South
[20:38] <Savant> that's good to know. Sure, have a spare.
[20:38] <Tychon> Nik learned that when he has to, he's pretty good at empathizing with someone enough to coax them into giving away useful information, without any cost to himself.
[20:38] <Ardelmos> Roland needs to stop thinking so much about killing things and become more of a businessman. "25k for all of those sensors? How can I lose?!"
[20:38] <Savant> Tychon, tha's quite good. Have an experience point ^_-
[20:38] <Tychon> Wee.
[20:39] <Savant> You can have one too, Roland. I'd be amused to see him as a businessman. Though i can see him selling, uh, i dunno, assassination services, mostly.
[20:39] <Gabriel> I'm playing Gabriel as a lot more of a politician than I thought I would. Now that I see it in action, though, it fits his character.
[20:39] <Savant> also a good observation. 1 for you too
[20:40] <Gabriel> That leaves Scotty.
[20:40] <Joanna> Yeah, he's a real good GWB, which is scary.
[20:40] <Gabriel> ::nudges Scotty::
[20:40] <Tychon> [22:18:30] <Craig> brb
[20:40] <Ardelmos> Craig learnt he shouldn't drink the local water.
[20:40] <Tychon> Hehehe.
[20:40] <Craig> lol
[20:40] <Savant> doesn't he learn that every game, though?
[20:40] <Savant> heh ^_-
[20:40] <Savant> learn anything new, Craig?
[20:41] <Craig> nothing new i'm afraid, craig is craig, quiet, friendly, polite
[20:41] <Savant> fair enough. Maybe next time. I appreciate the honesty, too
[20:42] <Savant> So, there you go. If there's no other questions, I'll dismiss you
[20:42] <Savant> **********/ Game End /**********
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 3:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:01] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:01] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:01] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2100 EST. San Molei in Session'
[18:01] <Mem> ::attn::
[18:01] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:01] * Tychon has quit IRC (Killed ( (Too many invalid passwords)))
[18:01] <Savant> now i'll just change it back, i guess ^_-
[18:01] * Scotty has joined #BT05
[18:01] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Scotty
[18:01] <Joanna> ::attn::
[18:01] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[18:01] <Craig> :attn:
[18:01] * Savant sets mode: +o Birkin
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[18:02] <Savant> hello and welcome back to the 5th Black Talons. A few things before we start
[18:03] * McC is now known as Tychon
[18:03] <Savant> involving Lemon, mostly. I've loaded up pretty much everyone into the bot - if your characters weren't in the Db by yesterday I didn't get an accurate picture of them, but i'll be able to put everyone in by this weekend.
[18:04] <Savant> you can type !help to see the basic functions of the bot, which are fairly self explanatory
[18:05] <Joanna> ::taps said bot-bot, which does not respond in privmsg::
[18:05] <Savant> today, if you so desire, you may use the !skill function instead of !check.
[18:05] <Savant> all commands are in channel right now
[18:06] <Joanna> No log-in to use the bot?
[18:06] <Savant> not yet, no
[18:06] <Savant> it's keyed to your in-character nick
[18:07] <Savant> now, it's important to keep in mind that compexity isn't factored into the automatic calculations yet, so you'll have to add that in yourself.
[18:07] <Savant> it's probably also a little buggy, but i've done a few tests and it seems to work okay. If needs be, !check still works just fine
[18:12] <Savant> anyways, it's still in progress, but the basic skill functions seem to work okay, so you can use'm. It does attribute checks just fine too
[18:12] <Savant> I'm hoping we don't need the combat functions just yet ^_-
[18:12] <Savant> the !edie function works well too
[18:12] <Craig> hehe
[18:13] <Joanna> Oh, I think we'll be okay this week. No Roland Wink
[18:14] <Savant> anyway. I'll get onto the briefing.
[18:14] <Savant> San Molei
[18:14] <Savant> 02 Winter TN 1944, 2100h
[18:14] <Savant> Rahnguard Region, Karaq Wastes
[18:14] <Savant> 42 degrees Celcius, 05% humidity
[18:14] <Savant> It's a lovely day for a walk... a lovely day if you enjoy sweltering heat and burning sunlight, at least. This region of the Karaq Wastes is more of a scrub desert than dunes, but the heat is still very apparent.
[18:14] <Savant> The Talons have decided to venture to the site of the latest raider attack near Peresalona - Peresalona flight control confirms that two of their gunships aided a caravan escaping from bandits some distance along the Elyau-Peace River route...
[18:14] <Savant> Please acknowledge when ready.
[18:14] <Gabriel> Acknowledged.
[18:14] <Mem> ack
[18:14] <Tychon> ack
[18:14] <Birkin> acknowledged
[18:14] <Joanna> ack
[18:15] <Savant> questions?
[18:15] <Craig> ack
[18:15] <Tychon> ::raises::
[18:15] <Savant> Tychon?
[18:16] <Tychon> I'm a little slow on the catching up here -- are we in gears right now, or just walking about?
[18:16] <Birkin> walking
[18:16] <Savant> walking. You were dropped off nearby by Peresalona.
[18:16] <Joanna> Gee, we weren't told to parachute in?
[18:16] <Savant> Captain Tynes, maybe you'd like to brief your troops as well? ^_-
[18:17] <Gabriel> Very well. Listen up, people. Today, we are taking a pair of Dragonfly gyros supplied and piloted by PAS to the site of a recent rover attack. We'll be going in on foot, standard weapons, light or medium armor. Sous-Sergeant Birkin, support cannon.
[18:18] <Gabriel> While here, we will investigate the immediate area with the assistance of a portable sensor pod and one Ovni drone. Lieutenant Fallingstar, the pod is yours. I'll fly the Ovni. The rest of you, spread out. Look for shell casings, tracks, anything that can be used to ID the rovers.
[18:18] <Gabriel> I don't expect any trouble out here, but stay alert.
[18:19] <Gabriel> I'm done.
[18:19] <Savant> thank you. Other questions?
[18:21] <Savant> doesn't seem so.
[18:21] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:21] <Savant> The crash site is just over the next ridge. you've only been walking for about 10 minutes, but it seems like it's been half an hour. The heat really is almost too much to bear. The broken, rocky ridges of this area of the Karaq Wastes are speckled with hardy yellow grasses, small cacti and the occasional red fern.
[18:22] <Tychon> ::sweeps a hand across his brow, adjusting his sunglasses against the glare::
[18:23] <Gabriel> ::has the Ovni on loiter mode not far off, piloting it with an interface from his field dataglove, R25 carbine slung over one shoulder on a strap:: Spread out, people.
[18:23] <Joanna> ::is ROASTING::
[18:23] <Joanna> ::sweating::
[18:24] <Gabriel> Senior Ranger Craig, you and Corporal Farrell check out that gully. Sous-Sergeant Birkin, Corporal Tychon is with you. Find a place to set up your cannon, then sweep around it.
[18:24] <Tychon> ::gazes skyward, though not directly into the sun, and then returns his gaze to the terrain, eyes darting about to locate...something unusual::
[18:24] <Savant> According to the map given by Peresalona, the combat site was contained mostly in the next valley. There's certainly nothing in *this* valley except for the wind and scrub.
[18:24] <Gabriel> Remember, you might have to dig a bit. The wind blows the sand from here to Sesshu and back.
[18:25] <Joanna> ::now knows why the others were looking at her as if she were crazy... she doesn't wait for Craig but starts wandering off towards the gully -- maybe there's some shade there.
[18:25] <Mem> ::groans, the heat getting to him--he was more accustomed to the chill of Lyonesse::
[18:25] <Birkin> ::exhales looking around a bit, his anti-gear rifle in his arms with his SMG on his back, looking around for anything out of the ordinary:: Aye sir ::motions at Tychon and over towards a nearby hill::
[18:25] <Craig> ::nods to gabriel and swings his R25 forward, then nods to joanna and starts over::
[18:26] <Joanna> ::practically tripping over her own feet::
[18:27] <Savant> Overcoming the ridge, the wreck is visible. There are in fact some damaged and disabled Gears here - three in total. There are also some trucks and several pits made by explosives going off.
[18:28] <Joanna> ::raspy voice:: Should write to Earth... tell them... not worth coming here... trying to take over... for THIS...
[18:28] <Craig> ::takes a few steps then a deep breath, in through the mouth, out through the nose, before taking a few more steps::
[18:28] <Gabriel> ::sends the Ovni up a bit higher to get an overall view of the wreckage::
[18:28] <Tychon> ::nods to Birkin and makes his way over to it, an eye on the now-revealed wrecks::
[18:29] <Joanna> ::clambers into the gully::
[18:29] <Mem> ::climbs over the ridge with his pack, looking off into the distance at the wreck, then wiping the sweat off his brow to avoid it dripping into his eyes::
[18:30] <Savant> The thin sands of the region are trying vainly to bury the remains, but there isn't enough sand around here just yet. Due to the high winds and the proximity of the Eastern Desert, however, that's likely just a seasonal thing.
[18:31] <Craig> ::reaches the gully and starts looking around
[18:31] <Craig> ::
[18:31] <Joanna> ::glances about at what she can see here::
[18:31] <Gabriel> ::gets the Ovni busy cataloguing and photographing the major portions of the wreckage, looking for anything that seems out of place::
[18:32] <Birkin> ::walks along the ridge for a little bit before finding a good spot to set up and begins to pull his bipod legs out:: See anything? Cept for sand and wreckage? ::finishes setting the gun up and looks around his eyes on the sky first and then the ground::
[18:32] <Tychon> ::squints his eyes, scrutinizing the area while simultaneously trying to block out the glare that his sunglasses are woefully unprepared to handle::
[18:33] <Joanna> I see... I will spend... a week... in front of... a fan... ::forces herself to stop panting so badly and continues looking around::
[18:34] <Mem> ::near Gabriel, pulls the pack from his back and sets it on the ground, and begins setting up the sensors pod::
[18:35] <Craig> ::turns to joanna:: i must be outta shape, i used to live out here!
[18:35] <Savant> The Talons are sharp-eyed today. They almost immediately see that the place has been scavenged - panels of the Gears have been removed, the trucks have been lifted up to remove engines and other worthwhile parts from the ruined chassis.
[18:35] <Mem> ::deploys the sensor pod and begins taking readings::
[18:36] <Gabriel> ::flies the Ovni down to have a closer look at the Gears, starting to walk in that direction himself::
[18:36] <Joanna> ::grunts appreciatively:: Doing what.... stuff like scavenging? Like this? ::Gestures at the wreck of something... twisted metal, but it's clearly been cut off something to get to something else::
[18:37] <Birkin> Vultures have been out in force here. Gonna have a hard time telling what was the after fight scavengers and what was done during the fight.
[18:37] <Savant> It is noteworthy that there are a few pits that are too big to have been filled in so far, and one of the Gears looks like a nearly-new Jaguar. The two others (hunters) are old and worn, however.
[18:38] <Tychon> ::idly wonders if the two pits were created by the cannon mentioned by his mercantile friend::
[18:38] <Mem> Whoa.
[18:38] <Gabriel> ::changes course and heads for the Jaguar, calling back over his shoulder:: Lieutenant Fallingstar, check for life readings. I'd just as soon not get jumped by anything out here.
[18:38] <Mem> Captain.
[18:38] <Mem> Yeah, you must be reading my mind.
[18:38] <Gabriel> ::stops and turns to look at Mem::
[18:38] <Gabriel> Oh?
[18:38] <Mem> ::without gesturing:: 2-5-0 meters.
[18:38] <Mem> Two men.
[18:39] <Craig> ::shakes head:: peace river is in the middle of the wastes here, did alot of patrols with the defense force
[18:39] <Birkin> ::looks around, out towards the back of the ground the Talon's were facing, hoping not to get jumped by someone looking in on them::
[18:39] <Gabriel> ::gets Joanna's and Craig's attention, then twirls his finger in the "rally on me" signal, then turns and gives Birkin and Tychon the "hold your position" signal::
[18:40] <Joanna> ::clops her way over, hoping this doesn't mean someone's actually out there that they're going to have to fight.
[18:40] * Fraser has joined #bt05
[18:40] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Fraser
[18:40] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:40] <Gabriel> ::swings the Ovni behind the Jaguar carcass, then sets it to "hover"::
[18:40] <Mem> ::watches the men on the sensors, getting a better look::
[18:41] <Craig> ::takes another breath and trudges back to gabriel's position::
[18:41] <Birkin> ::gets down on the ground with his bipod weapon, looking around a lot more sharp now:: Get down Corporal. If theres something out there I'd prefer not to get spotted right away.
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::swings his dataglove out of the way, then swings his R25 up, going into a crouch and finding some cover for himself::
[18:43] <Joanna> ::glances at a hole on her by:: Someone was swinging... ::pant:: for the fences out here.
[18:43] <Joanna> ::nearly trips over a piece of metal that was just starting to be buried by what little sand is about:: Ri shao gou shi bing!
[18:43] <Gabriel> ::waves for Roland to join Birkin and Tychon on the ridge covering their position, then hand-signals Joanna and Craig to find some cover::
[18:43] <Tychon> ::nods, and mentions very quietly to Birkin:: I could be mistaken, but the two holes look like they might be from the Panzerfausts Mr. Shapiro mentioned being used.
[18:44] <Craig> ::sees gabriel get in a defensive position and does the same, finding a rock outcropping and hiding behind it::
[18:44] <Mem> ::to Gabriel, again without gesturing:: North.
[18:44] <Mem> Just watching. One has a rifle.
[18:44] <Joanna> ::gratefully flops down on the ground near a rock and sets up her field of view to the northeast::
[18:45] <Ardelmos> ::moves carefully amongst the rocks and crags using shadow as cover as he moves around the convoy attack sight towards the position of Birkin and Tychon::
[18:45] <Savant> They're visible now - two of them crouched down on the edge of a ridge, overlooking the valley some distance off
[18:46] <Ardelmos> <+subvoc+> Don't suppose I'd be so lucky as to have to pop those two... ::as he transitions, watching the two from the ridge across the valley::
[18:46] <Gabriel> ::nods and gets on his military comm:: +com+ I'm going to go chat with them. Senior Sergeant Ardelmos, cover me. Your discretion as to from where. Everyone else, resume your investigation.
[18:46] <Savant> One of them stands up and shouts something that's lost in the wind
[18:46] <Gabriel> ::swings his rifle back over his shoulder, then steps out from cover and starts walking toward the men::
[18:47] <Ardelmos> <+subvoc+> ::clicks his mic twice, then looks around for an appropriately shaded spot where his form won't break the horizon and he'll be more or less invisible to the two men Tynes is going to meet::
[18:47] <Joanna> ::grunts, the sand and dust at ground level as bad as the heat... she takes her time getting to her feet::
[18:48] <Ardelmos> ::finds a nice little spot and rolls into it, snapping the bipod attached to his Dartand down and resting it on a rock outcropping while slamming the butt of the rifle hard into his shoulder and looking through the scope::
[18:48] <Gabriel> ::swings his dataglove back into position, then leaves the Ovni on hover behind the Jaguar for now::
[18:48] <Tychon> ::glances to Birkin, nodding, and begins resuming investigating as per Tynes' orders::
[18:48] <Ardelmos> <m> Now, what've we got here? ::adjusts the scope for the range and windage as he looks downrange at the two targets::
[18:49] <Birkin> ::looks down at the holes for half a moment:: Probably right. ::shrugs, standing up and looking around the ground for any shell casings and things that he could identify with::
[18:51] <Tychon> ::crawls around the gears a bit, eventually getting into their cockpits...only to find practically nothing of value:: Hm.
[18:51] <Craig> ::stumbles a bit as he stands back up, pulling out a canteen and taking a drink before resuming the investigation::
[18:51] <Mem> ::watches the captain walk off and blinks, but continues to do the sensor sweep::
[18:51] <Joanna> ::grunts as she hefts herself up to check on the state of one of the gun's ammo feeds, to see if anything's left::
[18:51] <Gabriel> ::holds his hands at about a 45 degree angle relative to his body as he approaches::
[18:52] <Ardelmos> <+subvoc+> Decked out like badlanders -- goggles, breathers, dusters and desert suits. Got some bags with'm, but can't tell of what. Looks like they've been out here a while, based on how covered their clothing is.
[18:52] <Craig> ::trudges over to the wreckage of one of the trucks and starts poking around::
[18:52] <Joanna> ::grunts, shouting:: Hey! ::normal voice:: What kind of scavengers don't grab ammo?
[18:52] <Tychon> ::glances towards Joanna:: Hm? Found something?
[18:53] <Gabriel> ::coughs once by way of acknowledgement and continues to approach the men::
[18:53] <Savant> The two badlanders have spread out a little bit as well. The one with the rifle remains off to one side - not threatening but with his weapon ready. The other has his hands up as well, but seems irritable
[18:53] <Ardelmos> ::grumbles as the two spread out, tracking the one with his rifle while occasionally looking up from the scope to note the location of the apparently unarmed one::
[18:53] <Savant> Badlander> We find first! You want, you buy!
[18:54] <Mem> ::sits back on the ground as the sensor sweep continues, watching the scene in the distance with interest::
[18:54] <Joanna> ::coughs, her throat dry:: Yeah. ::reaches into the open ammo bin and pulls out a band of LAC shells:: More than a few rounds here, and it looks like they left the light rockets behind.
[18:54] <Joanna> ::points at the gear's hand, which still clutches something:: Looks like this guy went down before he could use that panzerfaust.
[18:54] <Tychon> ::glances out towards the meeting between Tynes and the newcomers, then back:: Not necessarily. ::offers a grin::
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::nods at the speaker in greetings:: Evening. And no worries, friend. We're not here for the supplies. ::holds one hand on his chest:: Nance Jameson, Peresalona Air Service. Just looking into what happened. Were you here when they were hit?
[18:56] <Craig> ::shrugs:: nothing left of any use on these trucks, whoever attacked did a good number on them
[18:57] <Joanna> I guess I can understand leaving behind weapons and ammo that don't do much damage, but a panzerfaust?
[18:57] <Ardelmos> ::would throw a piece of gum into his mouth if his helmet didn't permit it -- these two weren't immediately threatening, but they'd like try to take Tynes down fast if they felt he had something they wanted.
[18:57] <Ardelmos> ::
[18:57] <Mem> ::checks on the status of the sweep by leaning forward and looking at the console::
[18:58] <Savant> Badlander> We find this morning, it's ours! Didn't see, not here then.
[18:58] <Birkin> ::frowns, looking around some more, not liking this being exposed in the middle of the goddamn desert::
[18:59] <Savant> The rifle-holding badlander looks up into the sky warily once Tynes mentions the Peresalona Air Service
[18:59] <Gabriel> ::nods:: I might be interested in buying, if you found anything really nice?
[19:00] <Tychon> ::frowns:: Panzerfaust ammo left over? Hmm.
[19:00] <Ardelmos> ::retains his steady aim on the badlander with the rifle, keeping the reticule in his scope squarely planted in his chest::
[19:00] <Savant> Badlander> ::eyes Tynes critically a moment:: What you like to buy?
[19:01] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: What do you have for sale? I'm always interested in lasers, good communication sets, or miniaturized gear. ::lowers his hands slowly::
[19:02] <Savant> Badlander> We have a lot of thing, parts for your planes, good radios. New Chat-8! Neural net too.
[19:02] <Birkin> ::looks around a few more times, frowning:: Whoever did this was good. Not us good, but still. They were good. The Jaguar. Check that thing out, see if its still got a NNet in it! I think it was the enemies.
[19:03] <Craig> ::to joanna:: might wanna hang on to that in case we need some extra firepower
[19:03] <Joanna> ::looks at Craig, then to the panzerfaust:: You want it? YOU carry it!
[19:03] <Gabriel> You have them here?
[19:04] <Joanna> ::clomps off to look at the tracks and try to decipher just what made the holes -- the caravan's guards or the attackers::
[19:05] <Gabriel> ::now that he has them talking, looks closely at the reactions of the two men... looking for guilt or anything else that seems out of place::
[19:05] <Tychon> ::tracks Joanna's direction and then calls after her:: Whatcha looking for?
[19:05] <Joanna> Well, we know this guy has a panzerfaust. ::gestures at the holes:: Those formed it. But who's were they and where were they fired from.
[19:05] <Mem> ::starts packing up the sensor pod after the sweep finishes::
[19:06] <Birkin> Jaguar pilot... ::looks down from his viewpoint:: He might have lived. Check for tracks nearby. If theres anything still here after a sandstorm.
[19:06] <Craig> ::thinks about it, but passes as he's having enough trouble carrying his own weapons under this heat::
[19:06] <Tychon> ::nods:: Mr. Shapiro said it was part of his guard that used the Panzerfaust.
[19:06] <Savant> At> the camp. You want, you come. Bring the others, too. Don't want you taking our things.
[19:06] <Savant> ((oops))
[19:07] <Savant> Badlander> At the camp. You want, you come. Bring the others, too. Don't want you taking our things.
[19:07] <Joanna> ::nods:: Sure. But you can drop a panzerfaust, or pick one up off of a downed enemy.
[19:07] <Tychon> ::nods:: Doesn't hurt to check, of course. ::smiles::
[19:07] <Mem> ::zips up the pack and returns it to his back, standing up and looking again off to the north at the captain::
[19:07] <Joanna> Just trying to figure out how the attacker attacked, that's all... ::pants:: Panzerfausts say these guys were getting up close and personal. Who knows, maybe we get lucky off the tracks, find out who it was.
[19:08] <Ardelmos> ::watches the rest of the group out of the corner of his eye, vaguely hoping someone tries to grab a piece of a equipment and set off the Badlanders so he can shoot the guy with the rifle::
[19:08] <Gabriel> ::starts adjusting his responses slightly:: We will come. But first, we need to finish looking down there. As I said, we're also interested in who did this thing. We are tracking them. Have you heard about these attacks?
[19:08] <Joanna> ::glances at the trucks, then the holes:: And I can tell you right now, those holes were made by weapons, but these tracks seem to indicate it was the people attacking who made those holes.
[19:08] <Birkin> Joanna. Get inside that Jaguar. See if it still has its net inside!
[19:10] <Tychon> ::glances to Birkin:: Checked for that already, sir.
[19:10] <Savant> Badlander> Lots of fights this season. They attack Koreshi al-Malik east of here, kill some. Take lots. We help them go back to the mountain.
[19:10] <Birkin> Not there I take it?
[19:10] <Mem> ::starts walking across the desert to the north casually, adjusting his pack as he goes::
[19:10] <Joanna> ::looks at Birkin:: And I can tell you what it could. That Hunter there ::points:: and the trucks were destroyed by the same attacker that made these holes.
[19:11] <Tychon> ::shakes his head:: Sorry, sir.
[19:11] <Gabriel> Koreshi? ::whistles:: They must be tough. I've not heard of anyone taking on Koreshi and doing very well.
[19:11] <Birkin> ::sighs rubbing his forehead:: Yes but we could get a name out of that Jaguar's NNet possibly. Espically since the pilot of the Jaguar might have lived.
[19:12] <Savant> Badlander> ::Thumps his chest - he seems to be Koreshi himself:: they take down five gear, fight off the bandits. They don't attack us again
[19:15] <Ardelmos> ::pauses from his targetting of the man with the rifle long enough to eye the rest of the area to ensure that they're not being snuck up on by other Badlanders in the area::
[19:15] <Gabriel> I see. The al-Mailik did well, then. Did the rest flee?
[19:16] <Savant> Badlander> Yes, back to the ground.
[19:16] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Close to here, or far from here?
[19:17] <Mem> ::walks up behind and to the right of Tynes, but keeps his distance as not to interrupt::
[19:17] <Savant> Badlander> ::points roughly westwards:: Twenty days
[19:17] <Joanna> ::hrms, looking at the crater:: Doesn't look like this was something caused by anything the CEF fields. This is probably a colonial weapon.
[19:17] <Birkin> ::frowns slightly:: I wonder if our friends out there have the Net. Maybe it isnt totally gone. ::looks back around behind them::
[19:18] <Savant> As Mem approaches, the rifle-bearing badlander readies his weapon again.
[19:18] <Tychon> ::clambers down from the gear he's on and moves over to Joanna, approaching the crater from the opposite direction::
[19:18] <Ardelmos> ::tightens his finger slightly on the trigger as the badlander raises his rifle at Mem, gripping the rifle a little tighter in preparation of a shot if necessary::
[19:18] <Mem> ::crosses his arms, squinting behind his shades::
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We will go to your camp, if it is permitted. This man is also of the Air Service. ::turns to Mem:: Tell the others that these men claim salvage rights. We will carry what items we can back to their camp. They have some things I may wish to buy.
[19:20] <Mem> ::glances at the Badlander with the binoculars, then nods at the captain:: Sir.
[19:22] <Craig> ::sighs as he drinks some more of his water but it's too warm:: anyone happen to bring a refridgerator unit i could crawl into for a while...or at least some ice water?
[19:22] <Joanna> ::hrms:: I wonder...
[19:23] <Savant> Badlander> ::Frowns as if he's going to tell Gabriel to keep the others from carrying anything form the site, but thinks better of it:: Yes, you all come now.
[19:23] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:23] <Gabriel> ::over his shoulder:: Get them ready to move, please.
[19:24] <Mem> ::turns and gestures for everyone to get ready to leave::
[19:24] <Savant> The two badlanders wait for the Talons to collect together
[19:24] <Gabriel> ::to the Badlander:: You are not al-Malik. May I ask who you are, and how many days to your camp?
[19:24] <Joanna> ::looks at the crater itself, carefully:: Well, that rules out my theory. This was an above ground explosion. They didn't wait for the caravan to roll over any mines.
[19:25] <Joanna> ::catches the gesture and frowns:: More walking? Ugh.
[19:25] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't move as the others gather together, maintaining his cover of the Captain::
[19:28] <Gabriel> ::waits for an answer to his question::
[19:30] <Tychon> ::looks towards Mem as he spots the gesture, nods, and begins making his way over there, keeping his eyes peeled for anything unusual::
[19:30] * dakabn has joined #BT05
[19:34] <Mem> ::watches as they head in, and turns his attention back to the conversation::
[19:37] <Savant> Badlander> We're al-Sabar. We're only an hour or two.
[19:38] <Savant> al-Sabar> You all come now.
[19:39] <Ardelmos> <+subvoc+> Not to be a party pooper or anything, Captain, but I don't think walkin' into a badlander camp in my current get-up is gonna work.
[19:40] <Tychon> ::frowns, noting some animal tracks, but nothing to indicate a clue about the raiders::
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::nods:: This is well, and we will come. ::touches his headset, nodding knowing Roland will see it:: +com+ Roland, tell your birds to find someplace to put down and hold position away from the wreckage. We'll be back before 27 hours.
[19:40] <Mem> ::breaks into a grin as he hears Roland's comment::
[19:40] <Mem> ::clears his throat and stops grinning::
[19:40] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[19:40] <Savant> going to fast forward here, if no one objects.
[19:41] <Joanna> ::raises::
[19:41] <Savant> mmmyes?
[19:41] <Joanna> Is this going to affect those of us suffering even more as time goes by?
[19:41] <Gabriel> Sure. Right before we do, Gabriel will land the Ovni behind the Jaguar and shut it down.
[19:41] <Savant> sounds fair
[19:41] <Savant> yes, yes it will.
[19:42] <Ardelmos> I missed a roll somewhere.
[19:42] <Ardelmos> Suffering?
[19:42] <Gabriel> Before you got here, everyone made a FIT roll for the 42 degree temp.
[19:43] <Savant> yeah, at the beginning of the game everyone rolled a FIT roll. You'll need to roll 2 times, then
[19:43] <Craig> a fit roll we did at the start when lemon was giving crap results:)
[19:43] <Ardelmos> So I guess I might need to do that. Wink
[19:43] <Joanna> Chuck Norris doesn't make FIT rolls. He makes YOU make them.
[19:43] <Gabriel> He might blow the second one.
[19:44] <Ardelmos> Like that.
[19:44] <Gabriel> Or... you know... not. Wink
[19:44] <Craig> hehe
[19:44] <Savant> okay, that seems to tie it all up. We'll be re-starting after about an hour and a half march through the sun
[19:45] <Savant> or an hour and a half of sitting under a rock, for some
[19:45] <Craig> in soviet karaq you don't take the heat, the heat takes you
[19:45] <Gabriel> On the way, Gabriel would like to ask a ranging question. Something on the order of "how many days travel to Peace River?"
[19:45] <Gabriel> To put that "20 days west" into context. Wink
[19:45] <Savant> the answer would be somewhere on the order of "fourty day if the water is good."
[19:46] <Gabriel> ::does the math in his head, dividing the current distance to PR by two and noting it in Gabriel's memory somewhere:: Wink
[19:46] <Savant> right ^_-
[19:46] <Craig> hehe
[19:46] <Savant> let's pick it back up
[19:46] <Savant> -=-------- Continue --------=-
[19:47] <Gabriel> ::mops his brow with a small towel from his kit, then returns it::
[19:47] <Savant> The Talons have been lead in a march across the sweltering desert, through the ravines and across the ridges, to this place - a split in the earth made by a collapsed MacAllen network tunnel.
[19:48] <Joanna> Rung tse fwo tzoo bao yo wuo muhn... ::her nasal passages are as try as the ground here now::
[19:49] <Ardelmos> ::sits under a rock outcropping half a kilometre distant from the ambush site, rifle across his lap as he thumbs through documents on his PDA::
[19:49] <Savant> The badlanders have graciously shared some water with the group, but that was half an hour ago. Now the climb is hard as the group begins their descent into the canyon. There's sounds of people beyond a bend inside of it
[19:49] <Tychon> ::blinks at the spectacle before them before making his way down, trying to set aside the discomfort he's feeling::
[19:50] <Gabriel> ::breaks out his own larger water bottle and hands it around, particularly to anyone who seems in distress::
[19:50] <Craig> ::the rest earlier hasn't done much to improve his current state but he's managing, at least he was able to get some more water into him so dehydration isn't as much of a concern::
[19:51] <Ardelmos> ::frowns, a shadow catching the corner of his eye -- he immediately stows the PDA and scrambles under better cover, eyeing for whatever it was that was approaching::
[19:52] <Savant> The lumbering, snuffing form of an Armadillo beast comes out from behind a ridge and begins sniffing around the grasses near Roland
[19:53] <Gabriel> ::passes the larger bottle of water around:: Foresight in the future, please.
[19:53] <Tychon> ::moves closer to Joanna as they descend:: Pardon my saying so, but are you...okay?
[19:53] <Gabriel> ::looks around the canyon with interest::
[19:54] <Joanna> ::something in her sinuses has cracked and she actually has a bloody nose now... she smears it away with the back of one hand:: Too.... hot...
[19:54] <Craig> ::waits for joanna to take some water before getting himself a drink:: wish i thought of bringing a larger canteen
[19:54] <Ardelmos> ::eyes the beast for a few moments, part of him wishing to interact with the animal...but doing so would give away his position if anyone else around was paying attention to the area::
[19:54] <Mem> ::adjusts his backpack::
[19:54] <Savant> The two guides lead the Talons around the bend, where a small Koreshi camp has been established. Dome shaped tents made of barnabus hides speckle the canyon floor in the shade, and several of the large riding lizards, each as big as a Gear, lounge indolently in the sunlight.
[19:55] <Mem> ::looks to be doing okay despite the heat and looks around at the team::
[19:55] <Gabriel> ::nods judiciously:: A well-situated camp, easy to defend. Compliments.
[19:55] * dakabn has left #BT05
[19:55] <Gabriel> How many Gears were there, that attacked?
[19:55] <Tychon> ::frowns at her nose, his eyes going sympathetic and concerned all at once, before he turns to Mem:: Sir, Ms. Farrell is in dire straits.
[19:55] * dak-dvd has joined #BT05
[19:55] <Savant> There are clusters of people lounging about, as well as a dozen or so guards up in the walls of the canyon, looking out into the surrounding areas. It's very well hidden and very well defended
[19:56] <Mem> ::glances at Joanna, then does a double take:: Well shit. ::goes over to Joanna:: You're looking well.
[19:56] <Savant> Badlander> ::shrugs:: Don't know. Wasn't there. Were three there when we came.
[19:56] <Mem> ::to Tynes:: Sir?
[19:56] <Joanna> ::looks at Mem with a slightly dazed look:: Huh?
[19:57] <Tychon> ::moves to a position to support Joanna's walk:: May I help you, ma'am?
[19:57] <Joanna> ::looks as if she's about to say something, but then just nods::
[19:57] <Gabriel> Joanna, get some rest here. Nik, stay with her.
[19:58] <Tychon> ::nods:: Yes, sir. Though, excuse my saying so sir, but I think she needs some medical attention...
[19:58] <Gabriel> ::nods and follows the al-Sabar::
[19:58] <Savant> Badlander> ::looks over her shoulder at Joanna, and grunts disapprovingly:: bring her.
[19:58] <Ardelmos> ::remains under his new cover, waiting for the beast to pass by before he considers returning to his initial location::
[19:59] <Gabriel> ::stops and nods again at the al-Sabar:: If you wish, it shall be so. ::nods at Nik that she should help her:: I've a medkit in my pack. I'll see to her presently.
[19:59] <Tychon> ::nods again, and moves to help Joanna shuffle along:: Come on, Ms. Farrell. I'll help you.
[19:59] <Savant> The armadillo beast apparently is starting to take interest in the wreckage for some reason. It smells bad, perhaps, like some other creature invading its territory. It snorts and pushes at the Gear with its spiky brow.
[20:00] <Joanna> Sheh sheh... ::struggles, each step feeling like a mile::
[20:01] <Savant> Meanwhile, the guides lead you into the al-Sabar camp. A few of the locals give you odd looks, but most of them don't care much. The rifle-bearer heads off with a wave to his companion, while the first brings you all to one of the large dome tents
[20:01] <Gabriel> ::plays follow the leader, making sure the rest of his team is still following::
[20:02] <Ardelmos> ::frowns slightly -- the beast's smell was obviously far better than his own, especially with the filtration system installed on his suit -- he made a note of the piece of wreckage the beast was particularly interested in for investigation once it departed::
[20:02] <Craig> ::enters the tent and starts feeling a bit more relieved as it's not quite as hot inside::
[20:02] <Savant> Inside, the tent is dark save for a few patches that have somehow been made transluecent through the application of certain oils and greases - enough to let some light in. The room inside has no chairs or couches, but a few rugs and blankets and room for a fire in the middle.
[20:03] <Joanna> ::a good part of her is morbid over being this weak, but worse that she's become a burden to the group now... of couse, that's when she's having a lucid thought... she's just about to pass out at this point::
[20:04] <Tychon> ::guides Joanna into the shade, and tries to sit her down gracefully, but doesn't let her lay down -- that bloody nose would just drain back down her throat::
[20:04] <Savant> The ARmadillo beast begins to roll the Gear over entirely - it's strong enough to do so without too much trouble - and then begins to snort and snuffle the ground beneath
[20:04] <Ardelmos> ::adjusts the magnification on his suit helmet's visor, focusing in on the area that seems to so interest the beast::
[20:05] <Joanna> ::blinks her eyes... she's quite light-headed::
[20:05] <Gabriel> ::looks around the tent and nods his approval::
[20:05] <Tychon> ::glances around, finally fixing on Tynes:: Sorry for the intrusion sir, but can I trouble you for that medkit?
[20:06] <Savant> al-Sabar> Sit. Fool, you wear armour in the desert. I should let it eat you, but I give you this kindness now. Take it off. ::Turns to a metal chest and kneels, opening it::
[20:06] <Joanna> ::grunts as a muscle cramp starts up in a leg::
[20:07] <Savant> The beast turns its head to the Ovni drone parked beside the Jaguar and snorts at it once, but doesn't care much about it. Unfortunately, it doesn't care just enought o not care if it steps on it or not.
[20:08] <Ardelmos> Aw crap.
[20:08] <Savant> The beast lumbers on, spotting a stand of yellow grasses to chew on. It goes the few dozen meters off for dinner. However, the overturned Jaguar has revealed something shiny buried in the sands
[20:08] <Joanna> ::tries her best to take off her armor, but between the cramps, exhaustion, and lightheadedness, it's not going so well::
[20:09] <Tychon> ::spots Joanna's movements and begins to help her::
[20:09] <Ardelmos> ::mutters something about where the OVNI was left -- particuarly it being in the middle of the ambush point -- but notices the reflection of something buried underneath the jaguar::
[20:09] <Savant> Badlander> ::Comes back with a four litre container of water and a leather pouch::
[20:09] <Ardelmos> ::grabs his rifle and holds it up, training the scope in on the reflection::
[20:10] <Joanna> ::Even as the armor comes off, her face is quite pale::
[20:11] <Ardelmos> ::grunts, whatever it is being buried far too deeply -- he paused and glanced around the immediate area to check for anything else unexpected before slipping out of his hiding place and beginning to make his way through the rocky canyon towards whatever it was the beast had uncovered::
[20:11] <Gabriel> ::digs into his medical kit for a few salt packets and tosses them over to the al-Sabar::
[20:12] <Tychon> ::manages to wrest off various pieces of Joanna's armor::
[20:13] <Mem> ::watches Joanna, feeling helpless, turning back to the others::
[20:13] <Savant> Badlander> ::The badlander sets the jug down and catches the salt, nodding and muttering a thanks. He pours the salt into the jug along with some dried herbs from the beaded pouch. That done, he held up the jug to Joanna's lips:: Drink.
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::tucks the medical kit back into his pack::
[20:14] <Joanna> ::starting to feel a bit better, which is good, considering she felt almost on the edge of passing out... she does her best to drink the liquid, though it's hard to swallow with her parched throat::
[20:15] <Savant> Before too long, Joanna's feeling a little better, though weak. The badlander sets the jug into her lap and indicates that he expects her to finish it
[20:15] <Gabriel> You have my thanks.
[20:15] <Savant> Badlander> ::nods:: Be careful who you bring to the desert, Peresalona. Maybe this one's better to stay in the sky instead.
[20:16] <Joanna> ::nods gratefully, and the jug doesn't stay in her lap long::
[20:16] <Tychon> ::stays crouched next to Joanna, trying to keep her position stable and her thirst quenched::
[20:16] <Gabriel> It would seem so. ::nods::
[20:16] <Craig> ::has taken his armor off by now and been taking small sips of water now and then, and eating some food that was offered by one of the other residents of the dome::
[20:17] <Savant> The Armadillo Beast looks up from its dinner as Roland comes out from his cover
[20:17] <Ardelmos> ::slips through the rocks towards the Jaguar, making sure to keep himself visible to the beast at all times and not to get behind it::
[20:18] <Savant> Meanwhile, a few other Koreshi have come into the tent and are speaking in an animated fashion
[20:18] <Savant> ArmadilloBeast> ::snorts and returns to eating - Roland is way too small to be a concern::
[20:19] <Ardelmos> ::continues towards whatever was buried underneath the Jaguar, checking the vehicle to make sure it's stable and won't roll down on top of him before he gets too close::
[20:20] <Savant> Badlander> ::Turns from the group of Koreshi:: I am Jannisar, my tribe welcomes you, Peresalona. You fight the bandits and protect the caravan, and we honour you. You come to see what we have now?
[20:21] <Joanna> ::pauses to catch her breath, which is starting to come around to its normal pace::
[20:21] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Thank you. And yes, I will look at what you have to sell, and I thank you for the information you have already given us.
[20:22] <Joanna> ::puts a hand on Tychon and nods, speaking quietly:: Thanks.
[20:22] <Tychon> ::smiles, nodding:: Of course, ma'am. Glad to see you're feeling better.
[20:24] <Savant> Jannisar> Come. ::Turns and leaves the tent, while the others stay. It's unclear whether the rest of the Talons are to coem or not - the other Koreshi don't seem like they're trying to stop them::
[20:25] <Gabriel> ::follows Jannisar, indicating that Mem and Craig should follow him but Tychon and Joanna should remain::
[20:25] <Tychon> ::nods to Tynes, not looking particularly inclined to leave a comrade while she's in this state anyway::
[20:26] <Savant> Apparently, this Jaguar was better armed than it first appeared. Roland is staring at the shiny muzzle lens of a light gatling laser cannon that was mounted on the Jaguar's back, and was buried in the sands.
[20:26] <Mem> ::follows as ordered::
[20:26] <Joanna> ::lets herself lie a bit further back, still soaked in sweat and feeling crappy, but far more removed from death's revolving door::
[20:26] <Craig> ::stands and follows jannisar back out::
[20:26] <Ardelmos> ::frowns, walking down the barrel of the cannon and trying to determine its make and model -- this wasn't a raider weapon::
[20:27] <Savant> Jannisar leads the three Talons out to where the large barnabies are kept. It's also where the Koreshi are keeping their goods and equipment - hard to sneak into the place. A few trained dawgs growl and yip at the Talons as they approach
[20:28] <Joanna> Well... some help I am.
[20:30] <Ardelmos> ::pulls his Omnitool out of his pouch and uses the small trowel attachment to help dig away some of the sand surrounding the weapon to get a better look at it::
[20:30] <Savant> The salvaged things are immediately apparent - a few women are picking through all sorts of electronics and hardware, examining peices and sorting them. The Jaguar's head armour is hanging off of one of the barnabies, on display.
[20:31] <Gabriel> Mem, Jack, you know what we're looking for. ::hangs back a bit::
[20:32] <Joanna> ::tired-sounding:: So why didn't anyone TELL me not to wear this stuff out here?
[20:32] <Tychon> ::smirks:: Well, I didn't want to seem like I knew better than someone who's been with the organization longer than I have.
[20:33] <Tychon> << seem like I thought I >>
[20:33] <Joanna> Huh. By months at best, and never here.
[20:33] <Savant> Jannisar> ::picks up a metal box with cooling fins on the side:: You like chat-8? In the Gear, is still good. Even has serial number.
[20:34] <Mem> ::stops and looks at Tynes::
[20:35] <Craig> ::looks over the salvage and spots one of the koreshi women sitting on something of interest:: excuse me, was that Neural Net picked up at the site of the caravan attack earlier?
[20:35] <Mem> ::nods and starts perusing::
[20:35] <Tychon> ::shrugs:: Well, if you insist, ma'am, I'll endeavor to remind you not to go into the sweltering heat in armor next time. ::grins::
[20:35] <Gabriel> A Chat-8, huh? We're looking at those for our gunships. ::approaches the box and has a look::
[20:36] <Mem> ::smirks and picks up the pamphlet::
[20:36] <Ardelmos> ::continues digging away, dividing his attention between not marking up the weapon casing and eyeing the area for anyone else approaching::
[20:36] <Mem> <<scratch that>>
[20:36] <Savant> Koreshi> ::looks down at what she's sitting on and gets up, grabbing the case. She's speaking, but she apparently doesn't know Anglic::
[20:38] <Gabriel> ::examines the condition of the Chat-8, noting its serial number down on his data glove without being obvious about it::
[20:38] <Savant> The dome tent is dark, but there are some distinguishing features. The floor is raised up slightly, making the ground hollow-sounding. The tent itself is made of barnaby hide with long bone and tusk spars for the framework. Resilient and tough, but still lets the tent breathe a little. It's well sealed to keep out the sand. Otherwise, it's fairly bare.
[20:38] <Craig> ::turns to jannisar:: could you tell me what she's saying, please? ::motions to the woman with the NNet::
[20:39] <Savant> Roland digs up most of the weapon after a short while. It's sand scoured, but it's definately a gatling laser cannon. It doesn't seem terranovan also. There's no clip.
[20:40] <Savant> Jannisar> ::looks at Craig:: She say, "You like? My son find this at wreck."
[20:40] <Ardelmos> ::frowns, eyeing the weapon -- he found it odd that the Earthers hadn't returned for it, given the incriminating nature of it::
[20:40] <Ardelmos> ...shit
[20:40] <Joanna> ::glances around at where they are::
[20:40] <Ardelmos> ::begins covering it back up::
[20:40] <Joanna> Good idea.
[20:40] <Mem> ::scans through, not finding much of interest::
[20:42] <Savant> Not so much a bazaar or flea market as just an organized collection of things, it's hard to find anything useful or incriminating in the Koreshi wares
[20:42] <Craig> ::nods to jannisar then looks at the woman, pointing at his eye, then to the NNet to indicate he wanted to take a closer look at it::
[20:42] <Gabriel> ::holds up the Chat-8:: How much?
[20:42] <Savant> The woman and Jannisar exhange a few words and then she holds out the neural net for Craig to inspect
[20:42] <Ardelmos> ::re-buries the weapon underneath the sand, smoothing out the cover as best he can to hide the weapon again before retreating from the area and back to an appropriate hiding place::
[20:43] <Joanna> You know what's horrible about this? ::looks at the pile of armor:: I'm going to have to walk BACK in this too.
[20:43] <Gabriel> ::while holding it up, taps into the Hermes 72 network with his data glove and does a search on the serial number::
[20:43] <Savant> Jannisar> Mm. That we sell for five thousand mark.
[20:44] <Tychon> ::nods a bit ruefully:: That's true. But maybe we can arrange to have a little more water for you this time. ::looks back to her:: Can I do anything for your nose, ma'am?
[20:45] <Craig> ::kneels down to get a better look at the NNet::
[20:45] <Joanna> ::confused, brings a hand up to her nose, wipes, then look at it:: Oh.
[20:46] <Mem> ::looks to Gabriel to get his attention, to shake his head negatively::
[20:46] <Gabriel> ::passes the Chat-8 to Mem:: 5000 marks. What do you think? Is it worth that?
[20:47] <Savant> Jannisar> Good condition, like new. Works good. New Parts.
[20:48] <Craig> ::nods and smiles a bit turning to gabriel:: what do you say to getting this neural net? still in pretty good shape, might have some use for it
[20:48] <Joanna> ::uses her hand to close the nostril on the bleeding side::
[20:49] <Mem> ::takes the chat-8 and examines it::
[20:49] <Tychon> ::winces and looks around for a towel or tissue of some kind::
[20:50] <Ardelmos> ::considers contacting Tynes as he hunkers back down into a new hiding location, but as he was too far for laser communication, the likelihood of someone picking up his transmission, despite the scrambling, was high::
[20:51] <Mem> Hmmm. Might be a bit high. It's a bit worn.
[20:51] <Mem> ::shows Tynes some wear marks::
[20:53] <Tychon> ::finds a towel lying about and holds it up for Joanna:: Not much, but it might help...
[20:53] <Gabriel> Well. We seem to have some room to haggle here. ::turns to Jannisar and smiles::
[20:53] <Joanna> Thanks... ::takes it and gingerly puts it up to her nose to stop the flow::
[20:54] <Savant> Jannisar> ::GRins a broad, predatory grin, and rubs his hands together::
[20:54] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:54] <Savant> okay! that's our game for tonight. Good things, bad things?
[20:54] <Gabriel> Bad things: Lemon. Bad Lemon! Good things: everything else.
[20:54] <Savant> heh heh
[20:55] <Tychon> Bad thing: Trying to unpack stuff, eat dinner, sim, and pay attention to girlfriend is hard to multitask. Wink
[20:55] <Ardelmos> ::grins::
[20:55] <Savant> you're doing admirably
[20:55] <Mem> I can't wait to be far far away from my sister
[20:55] <Mem> Just fyi
[20:55] <Savant> ha ha
[20:55] <Savant> anyways. Who wants some experience points?
[20:55] <Joanna> And it was a good pairing, as I'm babysitting the $%@%$@^ing report server at work remotely.
[20:55] <Tychon> I do, I do.
[20:55] <Ardelmos> Yay, XP.
[20:55] <Joanna> Mimimimimimimimimimimi
[20:56] <Savant> we're goin to start off with 2 XP for staying in character. Everyone did a decent job of that.
[20:56] <Savant> do you guys think you discovered any vital story elements today? Find anything out that turned the world around on you?
[20:56] <Tychon> I found a towel...
[20:56] <Ardelmos> Huh...
[20:56] <Gabriel> We found out something critical, all right: the CEF came down with a big enough ship to carry bits in it. This was no Gate coffin run.
[20:57] <Joanna> I learned today that medium flak armor is more or less worthless anywhere NOT in a major political power on TN Wink
[20:57] <Gabriel> There's something big sitting on Terranovan soil right now.
[20:57] <Ardelmos> ::tries to remember if he changed his chardb password::
[20:57] <Savant> Joanna - try raising your FIT ^_-
[20:57] <Savant> that's worthwhile. 3 xp in total, then. Do you guys think you worked as a team?
[20:57] <Joanna> I already have raised the one attribute I'll ever bother putting points into Smile
[20:58] <Tychon> ::nods:: Definitely did that. Searchers, snipers, diplomats, supporting one another, etc.
[20:58] * Savant agrees
[20:58] <Savant> 4 xp so far.
[20:58] <Savant> now, as last game, if you can tell me something that you've learned about your character, or that your character learned about themselves, you'll get an experience point.
[20:58] <Craig> i found i need to be better prepared for going out into extremes like this
[20:58] <Joanna> "I learned today that medium flak armor is more or less worthless anywhere NOT in a major political power on TN Wink"
[20:58] <Savant> ha ha, good call. Craig gets 5
[20:59] <Savant> i'm not sure if i entirely agree with you, but if Joanna's formed a storng opinion on it, i'll give you the 5
[20:59] <Mem> It's not really worth an xp, but Mem fares pretty well in the desert.
[20:59] <Savant> yeah, that's not really self-discovery or anything
[20:59] <Mem> well, *fared. Lemon could've said he sucks ass in the desert, too. Wink
[20:59] <Savant> heh
[20:59] <Tychon> I've learned that you should pay attention to your comrades choice of environment gear, and speak up if it's unwise. Wink
[21:00] <Joanna> Oh, I've got more. I also learned that I need to ask more about rolling dice and doing less assuming of things Wink
[21:00] <Savant> <lemon> You suck! you all suck!
[21:00] <Savant> she said that, really.
[21:00] <Savant> Tychon gets 5 xp. Anyone else?
[21:00] <Joanna> And I think we ALL learned that Lemon has a jones on killing us.
[21:00] <Craig> lol
[21:00] <Ardelmos> Roland learnt that despite having operated solo in the past, when he's part of a team he doesn't like being left alone. Wink
[21:00] <Mem> Colin, are you keeping track of our xp now?
[21:00] <Gabriel> Still learning about Gabriel. I'm playing him more and more like Picard, diplomat first, diplomat second, warrior third.
[21:01] <Savant> vaaaguely? I'm recording it all in the transcripts now at least
[21:01] <Gabriel> Heh, diplomat first, diplomat second, politician third, warrior fourth.
[21:01] <Mem> OK.
[21:01] <Mem> Just checking.
[21:01] <Savant> that might change when you get to a fight though, Ross ^_-
[21:01] <Gabriel> I'm still updating the -attend spreadsheet.
[21:01] <Savant> Roland can have 5 xp for that, I think that's big
[21:01] <Savant> That's also good enough for 5 xp for Gabriel.
[21:01] <Gabriel> True, but the more I think about it, the more I think he's going to be a lead-from-the-back sort of warrior.
[21:01] <Savant> Yeah, I can see that happening, too.
[21:02] <Gabriel> We'll see what actually happens in practice.
[21:02] <Savant> so, unless there are other questions...?
[21:02] <Gabriel> Half points for Birkin tonight?
[21:02] <Savant> Birkin gets the 3 points, 2 for being in character, and 1 for acting as part of the team. No points for discovering plot elements or self discovery
[21:03] <Gabriel> k
[21:03] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 3:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:15] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:16] <Mem> ::watches the sensors from the spider::
[18:16] <Gabriel> ::takes up a covering position and waves Mem and Tychon toward the main entrance::
[18:17] <Craig> ::nods to gabriel and moves ahead, still holding his rifle ready::
[18:17] <Tychon> ::continues towards the entrance, as stealthily as possible::
[18:17] <Savant> The main ranch buildings loomed beyond the pillbox which Roland had just cleared. Three buildings in all, connected together into a huddle of cement and steel. One was massive with large gantry-style doors - sealed shut. The only other entrance was a recessed doorway dug half into the ground with steps leading downwards.
[18:17] <Birkin> ::taps against a bit of the inside of the spider, not liking this situation much anymore:: Anything new or exciting on the sensors there Mem?
[18:18] <Gabriel> <<::takes up a covering position and waves Craig and Tychon toward the main entrance::>>
[18:18] <Mem> ::to Birkin:: Death by backflip. Not much else.
[18:19] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ We'll check the hangar first, if that's what it is. Look for a man-door or a way in.
[18:19] <Tychon> ::double-clicks his subvoc in acknowledgement and veers towards it:
[18:19] <Birkin> Good. Let's hope it stays that way.
[18:19] <Mem> +com+ copy. ::checks the hangar with the sensors::
[18:19] <Savant> The other two buildings were smaller - one was obviously the living quarters, the other likely held a water purifier and power cells for the rows of solar collectors. The homestead itself had only one entrance - the generator room didn't have any entrance at all. Likely the only way to get in was from inside.
[18:20] <Joanna> ::seated at the controls, is splitting her attention between the sensor feed from Mem and her own Mark 0 Model 1s::
[18:22] <Craig> ::looks around the area, for any sign of any other tripwires or cameras closer to the buildings::
[18:22] <Tychon> ::creeps slowly towards the hangarish building, angling towards the recessed doorway::
[18:22] <Savant> The large building - the "hangar" had two large garage style overhead doors and one recessed man door. All three were lit. The sharp-eyed could notice an unmanned machinegun post on the top corner of the building, at the highest point of the homestead.
[18:23] <Mem> +com+ Couple of trucks inside. A tractor and accessories. Building is cold, though, very little power.
[18:24] <Joanna> I suppose if we have to rush to the rescue, we could go right through the pens there. Let those things get moving, I'm sure they'll cause some appropriate chaos.
[18:24] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Acknowledged, Lieutenant. Senior Ranger, disable the light over that man door if you have to. ::swings over toward the pillbox, staying low::
[18:25] <Birkin> Lets wait and see what we're up against before we rush into this full throttle.
[18:25] <Joanna> ::shrugs:: Just thinking 'just in case'.
[18:25] <Savant> Roland has at this point climbed up to a good oveerwatch position, low on the roof of the pillbox, where he can cover everyone in case someone pops out
[18:27] <Craig> ::reaches out and takes tychon's shoulder:: (w) hold on, motion sensor ::points to a device about 10 yards out::
[18:28] <Tychon> ::stops, and turns his eyes towards the direction Craig is pointing::
[18:28] <Gabriel> ::swings into the pillbox, putting his SMG over his shoulder on its strap before pulling a pair of handcuffs out of his pack::
[18:28] <Mem> ::rubs his eyes and continues watching for anything unusual on the sensors, such as movement, power spikes, or other anomalies::
[18:29] <Savant> Inside the pillbox, the fellow Roland put out is still blissfully unconscious, sprawled in a corner. He'll have a nasty lump on his head when he wakes up.
[18:29] <Tychon> ::frowns:: <w> Better report it. Maybe Sergeant Roland can remove it.
[18:29] <Gabriel> ::drags the guard away from any electronic equipment, divests him of any radios or weapons he might be carrying, and then handcuffs his wrist to something secure::
[18:30] <Craig> ::nods and clicks his com::+com+Captain, we found a motion sensor over a man door at the garage, any chance roland can get to it?
[18:30] <Joanna> ::Reaches down into the cargo webbing on the door and pulls out a light, fruity drink::
[18:32] <Mem> ::changes to infrared, looking in the hangar and surrounding buildings for people, sleeping or otherwise::
[18:35] <Joanna> ::quickly takes a few sips, then stows the water:: Anything?
[18:35] <Gabriel> ::departs the pillbox, tucking anything the guard had into his pack:: +subvoc+ Any chance of disabling it?
[18:36] <Craig> +subvoc+not much in a position to get near it, hoping roland might have better luck
[18:36] <Savant> Gabriel finds the guard to be a young man; fit, healthy, strong, and rough. Definately a farm hand. Dragging and cuffing his limp body takes effort.
[18:37] <Mem> ::waits for a pause in the chatter:: +com+ Sensor update. I turned on I-F and I count twelve people in the house total. Pretty quiet as houses go, everyone's staying put. Over.
[18:38] <Joanna> 12? Odds are stacked a little against us.
[18:38] <Mem> ::to Joanna, off-comm:: Not if they don't know we're here.
[18:39] <Joanna> Well, let's just hope they're all asleep.
[18:40] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Where's the -- ::grunt:: -- sensor located? Can you spoof it?
[18:41] <Craig> +subvoc+ just above the door, near the light, i could give it a try
[18:42] * Alarien has joined #BT05
[18:42] * ChanServ sets mode: +v Alarien
[18:43] <Tychon> ::glances to Craig, curiously::
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::tucks the guard's pistol and radio into his pack for the time being, making his way out of the pillbox::
[18:46] <Joanna> ::leans back in the seat, ready to roll::
[18:48] <Craig> ::looks at the motion sensor and tries to trace any wires that he can get to::
[18:48] <Savant> The Talons linger just outside of the motion sensors' range. There's no movement in the homestead at all save for the occasional jostling of Springers in their pens.
[18:49] <Craig> +subvoc+alright, anyone bring a scrambler with them?
[18:50] <Gabriel> ::comes around the corner of the hangar and has a look at his two electronics experts, then smirks in his helmet when he hears the question:: +subvoc+ Senior Ranger, Caporal, fall back.
[18:51] <Tychon> ::raises an eyebrow at the command, but complies with it::
[18:51] <Craig> ::sighs and heads back to tynes position::
[18:51] <Gabriel> ::swings up his S59G and brings up the scope, dialing in the motion sensor::
[18:52] <Joanna> So now what? They can't get past that sensor...
[18:54] <Mem> ::blinks and looks at the sensors:: What, they didn't take a scrambler?
[18:54] <Joanna> ::shrugs in the chair's straps:: Don't look at me, I'm not the quartermaster.
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::holds his breath, picks out the sensor window on the device, and looses a single shot::
[18:55] <Savant> Captain Tynes' rifle makes a quiet report, making a tidy hole in the motion sensor
[18:56] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ ::in an amused tone:: Some electronics experts. Next time, field gear, gentlemen. Move up. Unscrew the light and open that door. I'll cover you.
[18:56] <Craig> ::sighs again and turns back for the garage::
[18:56] <Mem> Or that.
[18:56] <Mem> I think they're through.
[18:57] <Joanna> Good.
[18:57] <Craig> +subvoc+mem, can you make sure that didn't effect the people inside?
[18:57] <Mem> ::continues watching the house on sensors::
[18:58] <Mem> +com+ No one in the garage. No movement in the house.
[18:58] <Savant> Craig returns to the garage doorway. The alarm doesn't go off. The light is on, however, rendering his best efforts at stealth completely useless.
[18:59] <Birkin> ::drums his fingers again and sighs:: Fucking waiting. God I always hated this shit in the Army..
[18:59] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Caporal Tychon, the light. Now.
[19:00] <Tychon> ::frowns, noting Craig's very obvious presence now, and then nods quietly to himself as the order comes through::
[19:01] <Tychon> ::glances to Craig:: A boost, if you will? ::smiles lightly::
[19:02] <Craig> ::looks at tychon and lowers his hands to give a foothold::
[19:03] <Tychon> ::nods and steps into the offered foothold, using it to rise up to the level of the light::
[19:03] <Tychon> ::quickly unscrews the light enough such that it goes out::
[19:03] <Joanna> ::glances at Mem, listening to the comms:: So, since we left Caprice, when did we become a comedy troupe?
[19:03] <Craig> ::hetfs tychon up keeping steady::
[19:05] <Savant> Tychon gives the light a hanf-twist and then it goes out
[19:05] <Birkin> ::exhales:: That light finally out?
[19:06] <Mem> ::grins:: You know, you can just look out the window.
[19:06] <Craig> +subvoc+light's out
[19:07] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Thank you, Senior Ranger. Now the door, which I assume is locked. And let's move right along, shall we?
[19:07] <Joanna> Too dark.
[19:08] <Mem> Bubba up there could see someone light their cigarette at two klicks.
[19:08] <Tychon> ::hops back to the ground and glances to Craig:: +subvoc+ With your permission, sir?
[19:08] <Craig> ::pulls out a mini-light and takes a look at the door lock::
[19:08] <Joanna> Yeah, but I'm not Bubba.
[19:10] <Joanna> ::Grins::
[19:10] <Mem> +com+ Need me to call in some ortillery on that door, or can you handle it?
[19:11] <Joanna> ::laughs::
[19:11] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ ::glances back at the house, but responds in an amused tone:: Belay that, Lieutenant.
[19:12] <Mem> +com+ ::grinning:: Copy.
[19:12] <Tychon> ::notes that Craig seems to intend on unlocking it himself, so lets him:;
[19:12] <Savant> Craig manages to pop open the lock without too much trouble; the door is now unlocked.
[19:12] <Tychon> <<intent on, rather>>
[19:13] <Birkin> Here it comes... ::looking over on Mem's screen for a moment
[19:14] <Craig> ::fiddles with the door and hears a happy click then opens, nodding to tychon:Sadw) you got the light, thought i could do something for a change ::grins::
[19:14] <Tychon> ::smirks, though the gesture is somewhat useless in the dark::
[19:15] <Tychon> +subvoc+ Door's unlocked.
[19:16] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Very well. Move inside, go active infrared. Lieutenant, keep an eye on them.
[19:16] <Mem> +com+ Yep.
[19:17] <Tychon> ::switches his equipment to infared and nods to Craig:: <w> Prefer to go first, or shall I
[19:17] <Gabriel> ::falls back to the pillbox again, pulling one of his sleep gas grenades out of his web belt::
[19:17] <Tychon> << *? >>
[19:17] <Mem> ::tries to watch the house and the garage, oscillating back and forth to each every 15-20 seconds::
[19:20] <Savant> Craig opens the door into the garage and looks up to see a small white piece of plastic along the top of the doorframe, with a thin wire running from it. He notices it, but not quick enough as he opens the door. Some alarm inside the building starts screaming.
[19:21] <Tychon> ::feels his heart stop momentarily, and immediately retreats from the door area, attempting to conceal himself as best he can::
[19:21] <Mem> ::listens in his comm and thinks he hears an alarm::
[19:21] <Mem> ::stops the sensor on the house::
[19:21] <Joanna> ::frowns::
[19:22] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Spider, move in, move in, back side of the garage. ::tosses his sleep gas grenade into the pillbox:: Tychon, Craig, fall back behind the garage for pick-up. I'll cover you.
[19:22] <Gabriel> ::takes cover behind the pillbox and aims and the closest door of the house::
[19:22] <Tychon> ::double-clicks his sub-voc and falls back as ordered::
[19:22] <Birkin> Move it girl. We have some Evac to preform
[19:22] <Mem> Let's move.
[19:22] <Joanna> +com+ Rog. ::starts up the spider and makes tracks heading for the garage::
[19:22] <Mem> +com+ Movement in the house. Oh yes.
[19:23] <Craig> +subvoc+ gotcha! ::takes off around to the back of the building::
[19:23] <Mem> +com+ House, front door, incoming.
[19:23] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Which side are they going to come into my view?
[19:24] <Mem> +com+ Your right, cap'n.
[19:24] <Joanna> ::spins the wheels making the corner some scrabble::
[19:24] <Gabriel> ::aims at that side of the building and flicks the selector on his SMG to full auto::
[19:25] <Birkin> ::snaps his fingers, getting neverous and waiting for the moment to open fire if need be::
[19:25] <Savant> The front door of the homestead bursts open - a man with a rifle comes storming out. He's looking about, and a few others are coming down the hall behind him.
[19:26] <Mem> +com+ There's more behind him. Spider One incoming.
[19:26] <Tychon> ::maneuvers around to the back of the garage, still maintaining as stealthy a profile as possible::
[19:29] <Mem> +com+ Head to the area between the garage and the generator. We'll pick you up there.
[19:30] <Craig> ::hunches down low as he moves to the rendevous point::
[19:30] <Joanna> ::hearing Mem, adjusts where she's driving::
[19:31] <Savant> Spider One peels out, sending rocks and sand everywhere as it pelts towards the homestead. It gets immediate attention - the man coming from the front door shouts something back inside as he heads into the courtyard.
[19:32] <Birkin> Well that was less than stellar ::looks around on the sensor readouts, hoping to spot an incomming gear before it gets to them::
[19:32] <Gabriel> ::aims between the men that appear near the garage door and Tychon/Craig, then lays down suppression fire between them::
[19:33] <Gabriel> ::ducks back behind the pillbox, flipping the selector switch to 3-round burst::
[19:34] <Savant> Captain Tynes opens up with some suppressive fire, pelting the courtyard with bullets. Most of the people coming out scatter, but the first one out - now visible as a sun-weathered old man - flinches and lifts his rifle to crack a shot off
[19:35] <Joanna> ::goes flying over a small berm::
[19:35] <Mem> I'll get the door.
[19:35] <Tychon> ::arrives behind the garage, trying to conceal himself as best he can::
[19:35] <Birkin> Good.
[19:36] <Mem> ::gets up as the spider hits some bumps, and steadies himself to the door panel::
[19:37] <Savant> The Spider comes crashing through the springer pen, tearing through the security wire - floodlights snap on throughout the field, and the springers start to go wild, scattering from their circular herds
[19:38] <Savant> Meanwhile, a rifle shot slaps against the ground a good thirty meters from Tynes - missing so far that it's likely the old man can't see the Captain at all
[19:38] <Tychon> ::watches the crazy approach of the Spider, smirking slightly::
[19:39] <Savant> Man> ::runs towards the pillbox, shouting:: Pavre! Pavre!
[19:39] <Mem> ::gets thrown into one of the nearby empty seats as Joanna hits the fence:: Yeehaw! You are out of your mind, Earther! ::gets up and waits to open the door::
[19:39] <Joanna> ::grins wildly:: Now THIS is more like it.
[19:40] <Savant> The Spider plows through the second security fence and into the rear side of the courtyard, where the others are waiting for pickup
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::pulls a flash-bang out of his belt, gauges the distance, and then tosses it over to Pavre-Man::
[19:41] <Birkin> ::keeps a bead on any visable badlanders, holding back on the APGL for now::
[19:41] <Mem> ::pops the door open as they ride up, bringing his rifle around::
[19:42] <Gabriel> ::shields his eyes, and decides he's about the exhausted the possibilities of this conversation:: +subvoc+ Gonna follow the springers out.
[19:43] <Savant> Birkin notices that the two men who were heading through the garage have ascended a ladder and are climbing into a gun nest on the roof of the garage. Looks like it's for taking out light gears.
[19:44] <Birkin> Oh thats not good. +com+ Captain we have a gun nest up top the garage with guys there. Looks like its heavy enough to blow up light gears. Permission to silence it.
[19:44] <Mem> ::to Craig and Tychon:: GET IN, ASSHOLES.
[19:44] <Savant> A second sun briefly flares in the courtyard, knocking the old man to his feet and stunning the other scattered badlanders
[19:44] <Tychon> ::frowns at Mem's command, but complies and leaps into the Spider quickly::
[19:45] <Mem> ::helps Tychon and Craig into the spider::
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::swings around the pillbox and makes his way for the gap in the springer pen where Roland got in::
[19:45] <Mem> ::smirking at them::
[19:45] <Craig> ::shakes head as he climbs in:: wasn't expecting the door strips...
[19:46] <Mem> ::hits the panel to shut the door:: Strap in, we have a psychopath at the weel. ::heads back to the sensors::
[19:46] <Mem> ::to Joanna:: Go!
[19:46] <Tychon> ::raises an eyebrow and complies, strapping himself into one of the seats::
[19:46] <Joanna> ::floors it::
[19:47] <Craig> ::gets in a seat and buckles up::
[19:47] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Negative, negative. Do not kill it. Permission to give it a good rattle, though. Use the cannon. ::jogs toward the closest springer::
[19:47] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ I definitely want them *thinking* about casualties, but I don't want any actual casualties. Scare them, Sous-Sergeant.
[19:49] <Birkin> +subvoc+ Time to put the fear of that god of theirs into them sir ::unleashes against the bottom of the gun tower to get them right and scared::
[19:50] <Mem> +com+ Captain, we can swing around and get you, or I can have Spider Two pick you up on auto?
[19:51] <Joanna> ::heads at an angle away from the gun, weaving a bit, hoping the gunner isn't a good one::
[19:51] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ Come around and pick me up. ::continues making his way for the gap:: Front side, near the springer pen. Keep your momentum.
[19:51] <Savant> Birkin opens up with the automated anti-aircraft gun on the Spider. The shells spatter into the gun emplacement, crumbling cement. One of the two men inside scrambles back inside, but the gunner shouts something and starts pulling the trigger.
[19:53] <Mem> ::to Joanna:: Hear that?
[19:53] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:54] <Joanna> +com+ Rog. ::swings the wheel wide, bringing the spider around::
[19:59] <Joanna> ::seeing a line of slugs stitching their way in the dirt, turns the wheel harder, throwing the Spider into a skid::
[20:00] <Savant> Light autocannon rounds pelt the ground around the spider. The poor guy is screaming and swinging the gun wildly, but still firing. A round slams into the rear wheel of the Spider and sends a few of the armoured bolt-on treads of the tire spinning off into the air.
[20:01] <Joanna> ::steers the Spider back on course, still on evasive::
[20:01] <Gabriel> ::pulls the gap in the springer pen wider, then steps through, staying crouched::
[20:01] <Gabriel> ::stays down, jogging away from the compound and looking for good cover for his pick-up::
[20:01] <Mem> ::braces himself against the wall as the Spider evades the gunfire, and hears the wheel take a round::
[20:02] <Mem> ::to Joanna:: We good?
[20:02] <Savant> Roland is gone like a ghost, as is expected. The spider peels out and off into the hills, with autocannon fire chasing uselessly behind it.
[20:02] <Joanna> ::teeth gritted:: Better be. I'm not pushing this thing home.
[20:02] <Mem> Neither am I. Let's grab the captain.
[20:04] <Joanna> Right. ::slews around again, this time putting her on a course for the captain:: Wouldn't look good if we lost the new boss on our first mission.
[20:05] <Gabriel> +subvoc+ CO's out. There's a berm at about 2500 meters, north side. Pick me up behind it in 10 minutes. Roland, meet me there.
[20:05] <Savant> It isn't long before the damaged spider comes up beside Captain Tynes, not far from Spider Two
[20:05] <Savant> Roland> +subvoc+ ::double-clicks::
[20:06] <Joanna> +com+ While you're out there Captain, if you could check our tires quickly... we think took a round in one of them
[20:07] <Tychon> ::lets out a long breath, not realizing until now how lightly and shallowly he'd been breathing during the escape::
[20:08] <Mem> ::turns back to Tychon and Craig, grinning:: Have fun?
[20:08] <Craig> ::twirls finger:: just cheeky
[20:08] <Gabriel> ::waits for the Spider to pull up, then checks the back tires::
[20:09] <Mem> You know, I don't think the ortillery would've set the alarm off. ::taps his skull a couple times with his finger::
[20:09] <Gabriel> ::sniffs, then knocks twice on the entry hatch::
[20:09] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow:: ortillery?
[20:10] <Joanna> ::to Mem:: Better open up for him.
[20:11] <Mem> ::passes the buck:: Yeah, better open up for him. ::looks between Craig and Tychon, who are closer to the door::
[20:11] <Tychon> ::nods and unstraps himself, moving to the door and opening it for the captain::
[20:12] <Mem> ::looks back at the sensors as the tension falls to more tolerable levels::
[20:12] <Gabriel> ::enters the vehicle and takes off his helmet:: Corporal Farrell, find us a good place to hole up and keep a watch on this place until morning.
[20:13] <Joanna> Rog. ::looks at the tac map of the region::
[20:13] <Tychon> ::closes the door behind the captain and returns to the same seat he was previously in::
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::closes the door himself after Roland boards, then tucks his helmet under one arm and looks at Craig:: So... what happened.
[20:13] <Mem> ::while looking at the sensors:: Spider 2 is out there, too.
[20:13] <Tychon> <<or not>>
[20:13] <Joanna> ::pulls out, eager to put some distance between them and the farm::
[20:14] <Craig> ::to grabriel:: sorry sir, didn't catch the door strips fast enough when i opened the door....
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::nods without looking over:: We'll split back up once Spider One is in a good spot. Spider Two's already hidden
[20:15] <Joanna> Righto. ::taps the map to mark the location:: Enroute, and we'll be there in a jiffy.
[20:15] <Gabriel> ::nods at Craig:: It didn't occur to you, I take it, that there would be additional security?
[20:17] <Gabriel> ::glances at Tychon to get his reaction::
[20:18] <Tychon> ::looks up at the Captain, more bewildered than anything::
[20:18] <Craig> never encountered it before ::frowns:: i'll be more carefull next time...
[20:19] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Very well. ::addresses this comment more generally:: Rather a lot of security for simple homesteaders, wouldn't you say?
[20:19] <Mem> ::his eyes flick over to the discussion for a moment, then back to the computer::
[20:19] <Gabriel> No worries, everyone. Getting discovered was more or less inevitable, and was, in fact, a mission objective. I could have done with being discovered much later in the process, however...
[20:19] <Tychon> ::nods mildly, agreeing with the copious security sentiment::
[20:20] <Gabriel> I strongly suspect our homesteaders will be screaming for help, and then doing a bit of a patrol. It will be instructive to see what sort of help arrives, I think.
[20:20] <Craig> ::nods:: trip wires and motions sensors would have been all well and good for a regular homestead protecting themselves but the door strips were a bit much
[20:20] <Joanna> I was going to ask about that...
[20:21] <Mem> ::scratches his ear:: They seem to be making an effort to herd up those springers, though. If that's part of their act...
[20:21] <Savant> Joanna brings the Spider to its waiting spot, overlooking the homestead from a distance.
[20:21] <Gabriel> ::nods:: So, we wait. 36 hours, if need be, but I doubt it'll be that long. Let's get buttoned up and keep watch.
[20:22] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:22] <Joanna> Grr, was typing.
[20:22] <Savant> throw in your last line if you want.
[20:22] <Joanna> Nah, it'll hold
[20:23] <Savant> anyways, you're staying to watch what the homesteaders are doing?
[20:23] <Craig> nothing like a good stake-out
[20:23] <Savant> if so, you see that in the morning they set up repairing their fence and their motion sensor, and several of them go riding off on riding springers for signs of the raiders. They don't spot you.
[20:24] <Gabriel> And nobody goes there?
[20:24] <Savant> if someone wants to make an IW/KNO roll, cpx 1, they can intercept any communications going out from the homestead
[20:25] <Gabriel> Mem, you're on the sensors.
[20:25] <Mem> Of coz.
[20:25] <Savant> I assume you're sleeping in shifts. Is this correct? OR have you all been up over thirty six hours straight now?
[20:26] <Gabriel> Nope, sleeping in shifts.
[20:26] <Savant> coo'
[20:26] <Craig> "zzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz"
[20:26] <Gabriel> Sleeping will be done on Spider Two. Spider One's the active watch Spider. Wink
[20:27] <Savant> they only make one transmission. They call Icehaven and report some "rough-necks in a fancy truck" just hit them last night, and that they'd like to order another Riley light autocannon and a box of two hundred rounds for it.
[20:27] <Savant> no one shows up during the day. The riders do come back from their patrol though.
[20:28] <Savant> if it's of any interest, Icehaven tells them that they have the weapon and gun in stock right now and that the homesteaders can come get it tomorrow.
[20:28] <Craig> seems like this probably really is just a homestead of badlanders... maybe whoever bought the laser used this address when making the order
[20:29] <Savant> I shall leave that question to your discussions
[20:29] <Joanna> ::arches eybrow at the weapon in stock::
[20:29] <Savant> anyways. Is there anything further, or shall we call it here?
[20:29] <Gabriel> I think we're done.
[20:29] <Savant> weapon and ammunition, not weapon and gun, even
[20:29] <Savant> okay. Experience points, perhaps?
[20:30] <Thierry> ::smiles and waves::
[20:30] <Joanna> <Joel> Everyone mention one thing they liked about tonight's movie, and one thing they hated, and you'll get a RAM chip.
[20:30] <Savant> I'll give the base two to start. Everyone was in character. Some were *very* in character ^_-
[20:30] <Savant> Do you guys think you moved the story forward at all today?
[20:31] <Mem> Honestly? Not really.
[20:31] <Tychon> Possibly. This homestead still feels like more than meets the eye, and we have an idea on how extensive their security might be now
[20:32] <Gabriel> It's definitely more than meets the eye, and if they kept the laser, why didn't they fire it at us?
[20:32] <Mem> We didn't get as deep a look as we wanted.
[20:32] <Craig> well if these guys are earthers, they're definetly holding to their badlander acts well, or like i mentioned earlier, it was probably just a random address used when ordering the laser equipment
[20:32] <Mem> Though if those other things are important clues, then I guess we learned quite a lot.
[20:32] <Gabriel> They definitely, absolutely know something. We might just have to approach it differently. Weapon delivery seems to be our best bet.
[20:32] <Savant> i'll give an extra point for plot advancement. You still have questions, but you know that this place is interesting, at least.
[20:32] <Joanna> Yeah, we have to look at it on the bright side...
[20:32] <Thierry> Had the exact same thought Ross Smile
[20:33] <Mem> "One autocannon and 200 rounds for a ... Mr. Smith? Sign here please."
[20:33] <Gabriel> ::shrugs:: Like I said, discovery was inevitable. I was just hoping to get a look in the garage first.
[20:33] <Joanna> ...we get to pull off another fun covert "infiltrate the compound by pretending to be a delivery service" plot again Smile
[20:33] <Craig> we survived joanna's driving skills?
[20:33] <Savant> Combat encounter! Against an enemy of potentially equal power. Four points total.
[20:33] <Savant> Any dramatic acts of self sacrifice today?
[20:33] <Joanna> Only my pride by not being able to keep up.
[20:33] <Savant> heh
[20:33] <Mem> Mem and Birkin went into harms way with Joanna behind the wheel and came out alive.
[20:33] <Gabriel> Gabriel made himself a target so that his men could get out safely, but I don't think that was dramatic. Wink
[20:33] <Mem> Oh...wait. Wink
[20:33] <Savant> I'd like to think you guys worked as a team today, quite well actually. Anyone object to that?
[20:34] <Joanna> Nope. We did pretty okay.
[20:34] <Savant> I'd elect Gabriel for the self sacrifice, definately.
[20:34] <Craig> well craig is definetly down a notch from that door incident
[20:34] <Gabriel> Nope. Everyone stayed on mission, which was nice.
[20:34] <Savant> heh heh
[20:34] <Savant> Five points total so far.
[20:34] <Savant> Now, as before, if you can tell me something that your character learned about himself, or something you learned about your character, you can have another point.
[20:34] <Savant> From top to bottom. Craig?
[20:35] <Savant> or heck, just everyone at once is fine. We'll see who's here and who isn't
[20:35] <Craig> to add from last week, craig tries, but maybe too hard and forgets some details:)
[20:35] <Mem> Nothin' for me. Mem was on the sidelines tonight.
[20:36] <Joanna> Well, we learned Joanna enjoys being the team driver.
[20:36] <Gabriel> Gabriel learned that he's going to have to take a more direct hand in equipment, training, and inspection. This is twice now that mishandling of that area by his enlisted men has caused a potential major mission problem. He blames the previous CO. Wink
[20:36] <Craig> lol
[20:36] <Savant> I learned about Mem tonight. He's a jerk. "GET IN, ASSHOLES"
[20:36] <Gabriel> LOL
[20:36] <Mem> He was grinning, though, and they weren't getting in fast enough Wink
[20:36] <Tychon> Nik discovered that attempting to infiltrate a place (for the first time in any practical environment) is a lot harder than in training. Wink
[20:36] <Savant> heh heh
[20:36] <Mem> But ask any of Mem's many ex-girlfriends, and they'd probably agree.
[20:37] <Thierry> Um, Thierry was twiddling his thumbs, but I think I learned he won't ride with Joanna Smile
[20:37] <Craig> good ber, get those points in early:)
[20:37] <Thierry> ::Grins::
[20:37] <Savant> five points for everyone. Bonus point to Craig, Joanna, Gabriel, Nik.
[20:38] <Gabriel> How many points for Prescot?
[20:38] <Savant> Vote here: Do you think Prescot deserves an extra point tonight?
[20:38] <Savant> since he's not here to defend himself
[20:38] <Thierry> Abstain
[20:38] <Savant> i think he did quite well
[20:38] <Mem> Only if we make sure he believes we killed Birkin off in his absence.
[20:38] <Savant> that can be negotiated
[20:39] <Gabriel> I agree. It's easy to just shut up and do nothing when you're trapped away from the "main action," but he stayed involved.
[20:39] <Craig> lol
[20:39] <Savant> I agree. I think the Spider team did fantastic today
[20:39] <Savant> five points for everyone. Bonus point to Craig, Joanna, Gabriel, Nik and Birkin.
[20:39] <Craig> i think the joking between him and mem about the ortillery deserves a point:)
[20:39] <Savant> Anything else before we break?
[20:39] <Tychon> boom
[20:40] <Savant> seems no. Very well done everyone. Slow at a few points, but we'll fix that with time.
[20:40] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 3:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:15] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:16] <Savant> The Talon Team is moving towards the first ranch, the only one between Icehaven and the Horwell ranch. It's a dusy, quiet place, but otherwise virtually identical to the ranch that the team visited last night.
[18:16] <Tychon> ::skates about casually, enjoying being in the cockpit of a gear again::
[18:16] <Tychon> << *Gear >>
[18:17] <Ardelmos> ::moves out ahead of the main patrol, his sensors quietly searching the region as he slinks across the landscape en route towards the first ranch::
[18:17] <Gabriel> ::drives his Thunder Jaguar command Gear in an extremely competent but not particularly flashy manner:: +com+ Lieutenant, sensor sweep. Senior Ranger Craig, take Tychon, Joanna, and Thierry and hold the road.
[18:18] <Joanna> ::is staying to a more stolid approach, putting more of her attention into her sensors...:: +com+ Rog.
[18:18] <Thierry> ::Thierry didn't like the idea of breaking in a new machine right before possible combat, but these were the Talons, had to get used to things fast:: +com+ Acknowledged Captain
[18:18] <Joanna> ::at least it's a familiar design, but the sensor suite was a poor excuse for one... her Dark Jaguar was fitted with one far better::
[18:19] <Craig> +com+ aye. ::uses his jag's hand to wave tychon and joanna over::
[18:19] <Birkin> ::cracks his neck, eying the inside of his cockpit as he moves his gear forward:: (m) Northie gears. Doesn't feel right.
[18:19] <Mem> ::does a check of the sensors::
[18:19] <Thierry> ::Did note that these Jaguars were newer and in slightly better shape then his old one::
[18:20] <Tychon> ::hears the command and eyes Craig's movements, his own Gear 'nodding' as he banks towards Craig, smoothly transitioning between his skates and a jog as he approaches Craig::
[18:20] <Ardelmos> +com+ All's quiet, Captain. Ranchers on springers to the east of the 'stead, and a jeep in the root field covering a few workers.
[18:20] <Joanna> ::finishing her check, switches to sticks and hoofs it to Craig's position::
[18:20] <Gabriel> +com+ Acknowledged. Caporal Birkin, cover the Senior Sergeant and myself. Senior Sergeant, let's prepare to dismount.
[18:21] <Savant> As the Gears turn around a bend in the road so that they can see the ranch clearly, they can see that most of the people are out and busy. Several are in the fields, and a few are out with the springers.
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::shifts to his Jaguar's primary movement systems, the Gear feeling way too loose in his hands::
[18:21] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::clicks his mic in acknowledgement and heads back towards the road from his higher advantage point where his sensors would do the most good in the recon position, sliding down a rocky hillside as he goes::
[18:21] <Mem> +com+ Right, what he said.
[18:21] <Craig> ::plods along at an even pace in walker mode::
[18:21] <Birkin> ::wonders idly if he's gottend demoted, then wonders if the new Captain discovered his still:: +com+ Aye Captain ::prepares to follow the Captain up as he makes his dismount::
[18:22] <Gabriel> +com+ Lieutenant, once you're in position, I'd like you and Caporal Tychon to monitor any interior communications.
[18:22] <Mem> +com+ Copy.
[18:22] <Thierry> ::Works on his controls to get them into a slightly more familiar configuration::
[18:22] <Tychon> ::hears the command again and nods imperceptibly within the cockpit::
[18:22] <Gabriel> <<Bah. Sous-Sergeant. Wink>>
[18:23] <Savant> As the Gears get closer, several of the ranchers turn - one of the people in the fields gets onto a riding springer to head over to the courtyard of the homestead, while the door from a small shed opens up to reveal another.
[18:23] <Gabriel> ::flips up the canopy of his Jaguar as he slows to a walk toward the compound, keeping his weapon high and trying to keep the engine noise down::
[18:24] <Savant> Homesteader> ::Comes out form the pen, a few dawgs following behind her. She heads towards the entrance of the courtyard where the Gears are approaching::
[18:24] <Gabriel> ::slows to a stop and releases the straps in his cockpit, then starts to climb down::
[18:24] <Ardelmos> ::pulls the Pathfinder Jaguar to a halt just outside the gate and breaks the seal from the cockpit as he puts the gear into idle -- he switched over the the gear sensor data to wireless mode as he disconnected his helmet from the computer so he could maintain a good watch from the gear's perspective while he was dismounted::
[18:24] <Joanna> ::looks over the scene:: All this space... just to raise those... things.
[18:25] <Savant> Rider> ::Slows his Springer to a canter as he enters the courtyard. He's got a rifle across his lap but doesn't seem overly hostile::
[18:26] <Birkin> ::stays a little bit ahead of the dismounted gears, looking over the Badlanders as he frowns slightly, scanning around at everyone as they approach the Captain::
[18:26] <Ardelmos> ::grabs his holsters from a side compartment and hauls himself out of the cockpit, strapping the weapons on as he walks away from the gear and beside the Captain::
[18:26] <Gabriel> ::reaches ground level, then holds his hands away from his body until Roland is down, then starts walking toward the closest homesteader::
[18:26] <Mem> +com+ Rifle on the guy in the courtyard. Others seem likewise armed.
[18:26] <Thierry> ::Chuckles slightly in his helmet:: Fortunately I never had to
[18:27] <Savant> Homesteader> ::calls out to the approaching Captain:: Comin' in for a rest, solja boy?
[18:27] <Tychon> ::moves his Gear towards Mem, his eyes on the homestead::
[18:27] <Mem> ::glances over at Tychon, his gear turning to look::
[18:27] <Ardelmos> ::walks slightly behind and to the right of the Captain, arms at his side and suitably far away from the weapons in his holster -- his helmet was still on and sealed, however, and the Jaguar's sensors continued to relay sensor data overalyed onto his visor::
[18:27] <Joanna> ::keeps her eyes peeled for any unusual activity -- but what constitutes "unusual" to someone who sees this land as something better used to house people or raise compact crops to feed more people?::
[18:27] <Savant> Some of the other ranchers start heading over from the field as well. They're picking rocks from the field, but it's boring work, and this seems fare more interesting.
[18:28] <Gabriel> ::chuckles:: Afternoon, neighbor. Captain Gabriel Tynes, 2nd platoon of the 7th of the Smoking Guns. ::indicates Roland:: Senior Sergeant Roland Ardelmos. May we have a word?
[18:29] <Ardelmos> ::nods politely to the rancher as he is introduced, watching the man carefully for his reaction to the Captain's query::
[18:29] <Savant> Homesteader> ::She's a middle-aged woman, sunburned and stoic. The dawgs at her feet start to wrestle and fight with one another:: What can we help ya with, Cap?
[18:30] <Joanna> ::chews on her lip::
[18:30] <Gabriel> We're looking into increased rover activity hereabouts, and truth be told, looking to put a stop to it. Six caravans that we know of have been hit recently, and your Northern neighbors frown on that sort of thing. ::smiles in a friendly fashion::
[18:31] <Gabriel> We've got good reason to believe that one or more homesteads in the area are being used by these rovers either as bases or resupply points. Ordering and processing food, fuel, ammo...
[18:31] <Ardelmos> ::eyes the guy on the Springer behind the polarized visor of his helmet -- the man was sizing him up, so Roland did what he could to look like he was back in the Northern Guard::
[18:31] <Craig> ::gives the torso section of his gear a bit of a twist::
[18:31] <Savant> A few of the younger ranchers start to walk towards the gears, wide-eyed and eager
[18:32] <Tychon> ::sidles up near Mem, also taking up a decent position from which to monitor the interior of the homestead::
[18:32] <Thierry> ::Fidgets with his helmet. Figures as soon as he got his old one to fit when he got a new one::
[18:32] <Joanna> ::spots the gawkers and decides to amuse them... she puts her gear into a pose::
[18:33] <Birkin> ::looks at the kids as they begin to approach and chuckles in his helmet::
[18:33] <Craig> ::chuckles at joanna and uses his gear's arm to give her's a slight nudge::
[18:33] <Savant> Homesteader> ::rubs her chin and adjusts her hat:: Well, there's been plenny over tha past season. Lots more'n normal. They dont' bother us though, we don't have nothin. Come by for a drink some times. Nice enough chaps, just down on their luck. We can't fight'em, so better to give'm what they want, don't ya think?
[18:34] <Thierry> ::Notices Joanna's posing and has his gear glare at hers:: Having fun over there?
[18:34] <Joanna> +com+ Hey, get your own audience!
[18:34] <Joanna> ::rights herself::
[18:34] <Ardelmos> ::tilts his head slightly at the thought of the raiders stopping by for afternoon tea::
[18:34] <Thierry> <<Shoulda been com>>
[18:34] <Tychon> ::tunes his com such that only Mem can receive him:: +com+ All quiet in there so far, Ell-Tee. Only reading an active TV.
[18:34] <Savant> The kids are thrilled by the Gears' attention. One girl claps her hands enthusiastically and squeals to her friends, while the opthers jump up and down, shouting for more
[18:35] <Gabriel> ::nods:: For those like yourselves, that have just what you wear, carry, and raise, I can see that. But I've had to scrape the bodies of a lot of dead caravaners off the roads hereabouts and that makes me cranky.
[18:35] <Gabriel> I suspect those caravaners had a few things of interest to the rovers.
[18:35] <Joanna> ::tries something she's never tried before -- she gets the gear up on one leg, holding the other out and arms at its sides::
[18:35] <Mem> ::points the comm unit at the building and tries to pick up some signals::
[18:36] <Thierry> ::Laughs again in his helmet:: +Com+ Entering the Gear Ballet when you leave the talons?
[18:37] <Craig> ::gives joanna another nudge::
[18:37] <Birkin> ::watches the kids pass by and gives one of them a salute::
[18:37] <Savant> Homesteader> ::nods her head, unflappable:: Uh huh, they make a right mess, really rough boys, they are. The ones I've met, at least. There's gotta be, what, five or six groups of'em round here? ::looks at the man on the springer:: Go get our guests a drink, Gauchon.
[18:37] <Mem> +com+ They don't seem to be that interested in us. No comm activity.
[18:39] <Savant> The kids scream and laugh enthusiastically as Joanna poses, several of them mimicking her pose. She can't hold it for long before the Gear starts to tip and auto-stabilizing routines kick in, putting both feet back on the ground.
[18:39] <Savant> ((+bold)
[18:39] <Mem> ::to Tychon on comm:: +com+ You have trideos on Earth? Or something like it?
[18:39] <Gabriel> This would be a new group, we think. More modern equipment. We tracked a pair of lasers through this region, and we're pretty sure these boys would be carrying those. Their Gears would be of the modern military sort. We spotted one that looked like mine. ::points back to his Thunder::
[18:39] <Gabriel> And we know for sure someone around here ordered that laser for them.
[18:39] <Savant> Meanwhile, the man on the springer glumly kicks his beast to the homestead, dismounts, and heads inside
[18:39] <Joanna> +com+ Craig, quit it before I show you that you CAN bend a gear arm backwards.
[18:40] <Ardelmos> ::watches man on the Springer depart and carefully awaits his return, in the unlikely event that 'go get our guests a drink' means 'go get pa and the boys and come out with guns blazing'::
[18:40] <Ardelmos> <<*the man>>
[18:40] <Joanna> ::is actually pretty proud of what she pulled off, even if barely for a few seconds... though it's not enough success that she's willing to try a head-stand next...::
[18:40] <Birkin> ::keeps his eyes on the badlanders in front of him, doing his best to restrain himself and not tell the Earther off for show boating::
[18:41] <Craig> +com+ooh scarey
[18:41] <Mem> ::watches the springer rider head inside, and continues to monitor comm usage::
[18:42] <Thierry> +Com+ Now play nice over there, I'd rather not have to put one of you back together on my first day
[18:42] <Savant> Homesteader> New kit? Can't think much so. They're all doin really well, so they all got new kit. A laser though? Hoo-ee, didn't know they was doin that well.
[18:42] <Mem> ::glances over at Tychon again with his gear::
[18:42] <Mem> +com+ You ever fly a cheet before?
[18:42] <Tychon> ::keeps an eye on his own comms, noticing Mem's glance and gazing his own Gear back::
[18:43] <Joanna> ::switches to wheels and starts doing doughnuts::
[18:44] <Savant> The kids shout for more, waving their hands at Joanna's gear, and at the others. Some of them chase after Joanna's Jaguar gleefully. The White Cat cheetah is getting special attention as well, since it's reputed to be as fast as it is. "go after her! Go catch her!"
[18:44] <Gabriel> They're getting some help, as I said. Someone local, and probably unfriendly.
[18:44] <Birkin> ::rubs his forehead slightly, keeping the com system off as he lets a little southern pride show through at the teams antics:: Northies... ::looks back at a few of the badlanders::
[18:44] <Mem> ::glances back at the kids::
[18:44] <Gabriel> Anyone new to the area?
[18:45] <Ardelmos> ::glances over his shoulder briefly as he sees a flock of kids chasing after the gears behind them, wondering what the hell was going on back there::
[18:46] <Thierry> ::Doesn't do any of the wierd things the others are doing, merely keeps his gear in place while getting used to the controls and the net::
[18:46] <Savant> Homesteader> ::Scratches her chin and thinks a moment:: Can't say I really heard all that much, Cap. I mean, there's always things happenin round these parts, but nothin stands out so much as that.
[18:47] <Joanna> ::finishes up with a flourish and a bow::
[18:47] <Mem> ::looks over at Joanna and grins:: That woman is going to kill herself.
[18:47] <Savant> The kids jump up and down, still chasing after Joanna, throwing rocks and generally doing as kids do
[18:49] <Joanna> +com+ C'mon you guys. Aren't we supposed to be the good guys coming out to defend these people and convince them to join "our side"?
[18:49] <Ardelmos> ::grunts, silently communicating to Tynes behind the safety of his helmet:: +com+ Not a lie, but she knows somethin' alright.
[18:49] <Mem> ::turns his attention back at the building and flipping through frequencies::
[18:50] <Birkin> +com+ Shouldn't you be acting like a professional in a Polar army? Knock it off and start acting like a soldier. ::cuts the com going back to his now boring observation of the Badlanders::
[18:50] <Thierry> ::Looks over at the kids and Joanna's gear:: +com+ Perhaps, but I don't think we're meant to be...entertainment ::Adds a chuckle::
[18:50] <Thierry> +Com+ What he said
[18:50] <Joanna> +com+ Huh. Well, if they're upset, just tell them I'm the... whaddya call them? Duelers?
[18:51] <Gabriel> ::nods, glancing at Roland:: That's a pity. A lot of caravaners are going to die before these boys are caught. Likely make those left a lot less likely to come through here looking for stock.
[18:51] <Mem> +com+ I think our earther friend just got, as they say, "owned". An expression particularly common among the Marks.
[18:52] <Savant> Homesteader> ::nods:: IT's a right shame, I wish those boys'd find different means. Nothin I can do 'bout it though. Always people dyin' out here. Ya get used to it.
[18:53] <Savant> The rider comes out from the doors again with some cups of water on a tray. He doesnt' seem that pleased, even thigh his face can't be seen from behind the brim of his hat
[18:53] <Gabriel> ::nods:: As you say. I'd keep your children in when you can, for the rest of the season at least. The rovers hitting these caravans don't seem to care much who gets killed, if you take my meaning.
[18:54] <Joanna> ::snorts:: +com+ You have no sense of humor. ::wheels her way back to the group::
[18:54] <Gabriel> +com+ Lieutenant, mind making a copy of the surveillance data from the last caravan hit and hoofing it down to me? I'd like to leave it with these good folks.
[18:55] <Savant> Homesteader> ::leans to one side and screams at the kids for harassing the Gears:: They're attackin kids now, are they? Don't seem like the boys I know.
[18:55] <Thierry> +Com+ I do, but nows not a time for it
[18:55] <Mem> +com+ Aye. Be out shortly, sir. ::mutters off comm and starts inserting disks into the console::
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::nods back to the homesteader:: Full caravans, as I said, and everyone in them. I'll leave you pictures of one of this rover gang's Gears. Just in case you see something similar moving around, you'll be able to get in touch with me. I'll be in the area until these rovers are caught.
[18:56] <Savant> Rider> ::holds out the tray for Roland and Gabriel::
[18:57] <Gabriel> ::accepts one of the water cups with a smile and a nod of thanks, drains it, and sets it back on the tray:: A gift, to be sure. Thank you, neighbor.
[18:57] <Ardelmos> ::before unsealing the respirator of his helmet, quietly orders his gear to conduct a scan on the water -- it was probably clean...though it did take this gentleman some time to come back out::
[18:57] <Mem> +com+ Tyke, keep watching the box. ::flips through the controls to unseal his cockpit and ejects the info disk from the console::
[18:58] <Ardelmos> ::unseals his respirator and lets it dangle loosely aside the helmet, nodding a thanks to the man and grabbing his own cup::
[18:58] <Tychon> +com+ Haven't stopped, Ell-Tee. ::grins, and cocks the Gear's head to one side::
[18:58] <Ardelmos> ::knocks the cup against his retinal holoprojectors briefly while he waits for the scan results, feigning forgetting he was still wearing them::
[18:58] <Savant> Homesteader> ::frowns and nods, looking back out at the kids as they mournfully head back to the fields:: Must be someone new, like ya say. Oh, things'a been bad since Peace River. Just gettin worse and worse. Graver-robbers ::she curses::
[18:58] <Craig> +com+anything good on the trid tychon?
[18:59] <Mem> ::pushes up the hatch and climbs out of his gear, walking over to the captain's position::
[18:59] <Savant> ::Nods> at Gabriel and Roland, then gives the last glass to the matron before heading back inside::
[18:59] <Ardelmos> ::knocks back his retinal holoprojectors, squinting briefly under the Badland's sun as he drains the cup and sets it back down the tray as the man departs::
[18:59] <Gabriel> It's funny you mention Peace River. My Colonel thinks that no Terranovan would rely on lasers the way this group does.
[18:59] <Ardelmos> ::pulls the projects back down, but leaves his respirator hanging for the moment::
[19:00] <Tychon> +com+ Looks like a wrestling match, sir. Not particularly interesting, from what I can see.
[19:00] <Gabriel> The caravan trucks are all carved in laser burns, like back in the War? But my Colonel's a bit off in the head sometimes: sees Earthers everywhere. ::accepts the disk from Mem:: Thank you, Lieutenant.
[19:00] <Joanna> ::sighs... as always, standing watch coudl be rather boring::
[19:00] <Mem> ::hands the disk to the captain and looks at the homesteader::
[19:00] <Mem> Sir.
[19:00] <Savant> Homesteader> Huh, Earthers, ya think? Come back for another kick at the can? ::snorts, and thinks:: Now that you say that, maybe there was somethin. We heard a right awful noise some nights ago. Big and loud. I woke up in a start - thought I was havin another nightmare of the Alliance war!
[19:00] <Gabriel> ::indicates Mem and introduces him:: Lieutenant Akamemnon Fallingstar.
[19:00] <Mem> ::steps to the side and looks over at the building and the surrounds with his own eyes::
[19:01] <Mem> Oh. ::turns as he hears his name and offers a hand:: Good day.
[19:01] <Gabriel> Noise like something coming down, maybe? What night was that?
[19:02] <Savant> Homsteader> ::Shakes MEm's hand after a moment of consideration:: Good day to ye, friend. I'd ask ye all in for a rest, but seems like ye'r all busy.
[19:02] <Thierry> ::Finally gets the gears controls down and starts working on a standard range of motions::
[19:02] <Mem> ::smiles at the woman::
[19:03] <Savant> Homesteader> Oh, no no. Ya know that sound a hoertank makes when it's rollin' by all quiet-like? That thumpey sound. Was like that, but a bit more quiet. There was a bang sound, then that for a bit. I got my gun, but... well, it's been cycles since I done any fighting.
[19:04] <Mem> ::frowns:: Like a hovertank? Not like a chopper, though?
[19:04] <Gabriel> ::nods, frowning:: Yes, I know the sound. Perhaps my Colonel's on to something. Which direction did the sound come from?
[19:04] <Mem> ::defers to the captain's question and averts his gaze::
[19:05] <Savant> Homesteader> Nah, not a chopper, that's a lot more thwop-thwop-thwop, this one's more'a thump. ::grins at Mem:: hope ye never have ta hear it, son. ::she pointed:: Came out from down Icehaven's way, headin north.
[19:06] <Gabriel> ::nods and offers the disk to the homesteader:: The very direction we're going. I understand there's another homestead up that way. I'll be wanting to warn them, too.
[19:06] <Gabriel> ::glances at Mem and Roland:: Hopewell Ranch? Something like that?
[19:06] <Mem> ::stares at the woman as if to say "what makes you think I haven't heard one?" but just shakes his head after a moment, looking north in response to her words::
[19:07] <Savant> Homesteader> ::Glances at Gabriel, then Mem:: Yeah, they been hit last night, shot the place up a bit. No one hurt though. They Horwell's, they're right tough. Don't come round much.
[19:07] <Ardelmos> ::grunts to himself, considering this as he closed up his respirator and re-sealed his helmet, nodding at the Captain::
[19:07] <Mem> Yeah, that's the name.
[19:08] <Gabriel> Horwell, that's the one. Our very next stop. Thank you again, neighbor, you've been very helpful. Keep a close watch on your family, and if you see something out of the ordinary, get a message to Captain Gabriel Tynes, care of the Smoking Guns. It'll find me.
[19:09] <Craig> ::paces around a bit with his gear, the kids having been shoo'd off by the matron of the homestead::
[19:09] <Savant> Homesteader> ::waves her hand once:: Have a nice trip north, Cap, folks. Drop by some other time if ya like to.
[19:10] <Mem> ::offers the woman a parting smile:: Your work in the war won't be forgotten, ma'am.
[19:10] <Gabriel> ::glances at Mem:: Hear that? Hit last night. Let's get them moving, Lieutenant.
[19:10] <Ardelmos> ::makes sure his helmet is seals and nods a thanks to the woman:: +com+ Sounds like a hover system runnin' quiet, to me. The bang might've been whatever it was bottoming out on a rock.
[19:11] <Mem> ::nods at the captain, holding a hand up to his helmet:: +com+ Let's roll, people.
[19:11] <Savant> Homesteader> ::laughs:: ha ha! I hope it's fergotten, and quick. Sonner the better, son. Go do yer job, soljaboy. Come back another time.
[19:11] <Mem> ::waves to the kids and heads back to his gear::
[19:12] <Gabriel> ::gives the woman an agreeable chuckle, then turns and pulls his helmet back on:: +com+ Indeed. Quieter than a hover compressor running quiet. I've been in the bay when that vehicle you guys call Tiamat is running.
[19:12] <Mem> ::his expression changes from his businessman's smile to one of concern, as he put the last words of the woman's story together in his mind::
[19:12] <Gabriel> +com+ Makes a similar kind of sound.
[19:12] <Savant> The ranchers head back to work in their fields, letting the Gears sort themselves out how they like.
[19:12] <Craig> +com+ so we're dealing with more frames on terranova then eh?
[19:12] <Joanna> +com+ Definitely a CEF hover system at the very least. Could be a tank or a frame.
[19:12] <Gabriel> ::climbs back up into his Thunder, straps in, and gets the beast turned around without closing the canopy yet::
[19:13] <Ardelmos> ::waits for Tynes to turn and head back towards his gear, not wanting to give up his position until he's between the Captain and the homestead before returning to his own gear:: +com+ Would a frame fit in that storage house we tripped the alarm on?
[19:13] <Mem> +com+ Do we have an idea of the sound frames make? I don't know if I've ever heard them in an atmosphere.
[19:13] <Gabriel> +com+ Easily. As would a hover APC.
[19:13] <Mem> ::climbs up into his gear and starts to close the hatch::
[19:13] <Joanna> +com+ That's correct sir.
[19:13] <Craig> +com+ mem, need i remind you where we captured tiamat?
[19:13] <Thierry> +Com+ Earthers, how grand
[19:14] <Joanna> +com+ Sure, and need I remind you of the noise that thing made when it had to be run for maintenance?
[19:14] <Mem> +com+ Err... right. Blanked out on that.
[19:14] <Birkin> +com+ Why I joined the Talons. Kill earthers. Anyways cliche's aside. We gonna go up north and check out our old friends that I did some structural damage to a bit ago?
[19:14] <Mem> ::seals the cockpit and revs the engine::
[19:14] <Ardelmos> ::grunts as he begins hauling himself back up into the Pathfinder Gear:: +com+ Sounds like a plan to me.
[19:15] <Thierry> ::Had never actually seen Earther equipment before, but he'd heard the stories::
[19:15] <Gabriel> ::seals up his own cockpit:: +com+ Corporal Tychon, Senior Sergeant, take point. Sous-Sergeant Birkin, Senior Ranger Craig, after guard. Let's head north. ::shifts to secondary movement and gets rolling::
[19:15] <Mem> ::glances over at the children and quickly accelerates to speed as he drives by them::
[19:15] <Joanna> +com+ Regardless of what it is, it means we're pretty close to where they're hiding.
[19:15] <Joanna> +com+ And me, sir?
[19:15] <Craig> +com+roger that. ::shifts into secondary movement and rolls in along side birkin::
[19:15] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger Captian ::Switches to SMS and follows along::
[19:16] <Savant> The Northern Guard recon squad headed out northwards, leaving the peaceful little ranch behind. They pass by the returning springer herd and ranchers, who wave at the Gears' passing
[19:16] <Gabriel> ::chuckles inside his helmet before answering:: +com+ Everyone *else*, defend your brave and forthright Captain.
[19:16] <Ardelmos> ::buckles himself back in and seals the gear's cockpit compartment, getting the Jaguar back into gear and swinging north ahead of the rest of the group to take up a point position::
[19:16] <Birkin> ::moves into the wheels:: +com+ nice thing about this gear, I can actually go decently fast ::waves at the ranchers::
[19:16] <Joanna> Bah. By now you think these people wouldn't forget about me. ::rolls along with them::
[19:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Lieutenant, any communications coming out of that homestead?
[19:17] <Thierry> ::Returns the Rancher's waves as he rolled along with the squad::
[19:17] <Savant> The Gears ride past a hill and follow the dirt trail northwards, towards the horwill ranch. The patch of green which was the previous homestead gives way to the dusky browns and tans of the Karaq Wastes
[19:18] <Tychon> ::switches off his feed of the homestead's interior and brings his Gear around, switching back to his skates as they move out::
[19:18] <Mem> +com+ Nothing, captain. Only radiation coming in or out was the wrestling match.
[19:18] <Joanna> ::decides that "defend" means "find stuff before it can hurt us", so she hops to on her sensors::
[19:18] <Gabriel> +com+ I mean now that we've gone.
[19:18] <Gabriel> +com+ If those folks send a message to Horwell, well... I was raised to be polite, but I'd still feel the need to eavesdrop.
[19:18] <Mem> +com+ Oh, right.
[19:19] <Mem> ::flips a couple switches and checks the comm again::
[19:20] <Birkin> ::looks about in his viewfinder to the outside:: +com+ Lotta dust out here and not much else. Just how stealthy could a hover vehicle be out here? Wouldnt it kick up a dust cloud?
[19:21] <Joanna> ::still somewhat uneasy about the openness:: +com+ Out here, who'd see it?
[19:21] <Ardelmos> +com+ Wouldn't be much runnin' low, plus if it's night it'd be damned hard to see anyway.
[19:22] <Thierry> ::To Birkins comment:: +com+ Hard to tell
[19:22] <Joanna> +com+ Don't suppose anything up in space has been monitoring this area?
[19:23] <Mem> ::listens to the comm as they roll along, grinning at his work, then flips over after he's sure the conversation has ended::
[19:23] <Tychon> ::listens to the various comm chatter, keeping himself quiet and unobtrusive::
[19:24] <Mem> +com+ Captain, she radio'd ahead to Horwell to let them know we're coming. She indicated we were nice "folks"... and despite that, the Horwell guy didn't sound too happy with us heading in.
[19:24] <Mem> +com+ Something about minding our own business.
[19:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Sounds like our friends, all right. Scouts, keep a sharp eye out on the way in.
[19:25] <Joanna> +com+ can you people be so damn territorial with all this ROOM out here?
[19:25] <Craig> +com+ just like a neighbour to do that ::chuckles::
[19:25] <Thierry> +Com+ No surprise from people out here. And its a matter of the right bit of room out here Earther
[19:25] <Savant> The Gears pass by a herd of armadillo springers.. they're bigger and covered in great tusks, and working their way across the road in a knot of spines.
[19:25] <Ardelmos> +com+ Roger that. ::puts a little bit more power into his sensors as they move forward:: Think we should go active on sensors? Would give'm a disincentive to try and get their shit out of the barn before we got there.
[19:26] <Craig> +com+ being territorial probably helped us drive earth back the last time they came ::grins::
[19:27] <Joanna> +com+ Alright, point to Craig on that one, but how much room do you people need?
[19:27] <Mem> +com+ They know we're coming. Active sensors wouldn't be a surprise to them.
[19:27] <Gabriel> +com+ The Lieutenant's right. Still... ::gets on his satellite transmitter::
[19:27] <Thierry> +Com+ As much as they can take.
[19:28] <Ardelmos> +com+ No, but it'd shake'm off any idea of getting into an ambush spot, or trying to sneak their hover vehicles out before we get close.
[19:28] <Joanna> +com+ Huh. So basically the NEC has it all wrong. They should have just come here and bought land instead.
[19:30] <Savant> Captain Tynes connects to NGB Sesshu, and after a moment, he's got an overhead view of the Horwell ranch displayed beside him
[19:30] <Craig> +com+ well how would you feel if someone knocked on your door and demanded submit to their rule?
[19:30] <Gabriel> ::pipes the display to Mem and Roland:: +com+ With any luck at all, maybe we'll spook something into the open.
[19:30] <Mem> +com+ If they offered a significant some of money with their demands...
[19:30] <Gabriel> +com+ Let's get rolling. ::nudges his speed up a notch::
[19:30] <Thierry> +com+ Perhaps, somehow that doesn't seem their style.
[19:30] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[19:30] <Mem> ::links himself into the sat feed::
[19:31] <Ardelmos> +com+ It's not like they don't know we're coming...'
[19:31] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[19:31] <Thierry> ::Attn::
[19:31] <Mem> ::attn::
[19:31] <Craig> ::attn::
[19:31] <Joanna> ::Attn::
[19:31] <Savant> fast forwarding to the Horwell ranch. You don't pick up anything on sensors, and nothing comes out of or goes into the garage/hangar of the homestead.
[19:31] <Savant> questions?
[19:31] <Gabriel> Alrighty.
[19:32] <Gabriel> None here.
[19:32] <Tychon> ::attn::
[19:32] <Thierry> Nopers
[19:32] <Savant> then let's continue.
[19:32] <Savant> -=-------- Continue --------=-
[19:32] <Gabriel> +com+ Same drill as before, people. Lieutenant, sensor sweep. Senior Ranger Craig, take Tychon, Joanna, and Thierry and hold the road. Birkin, cover the Senior Sergeant and myself.
[19:33] <Birkin> +com+ Sir if they come out, am I under the same orders to not kill them?
[19:33] <Gabriel> +com+ Somehow, I doubt that children will be playing with us this time, so keep a sharp eye out.
[19:33] <Tychon> ::guides his Gear to look at Craig and skates over towards him::
[19:33] <Ardelmos> +com+ ...Captain, you sure you want out of your gear for this one?
[19:33] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger sir, but are you sure they might not respond better to a local?
[19:33] <Gabriel> +com+ Affirm, Sous-Sergeant. No killing without my direct say-so. Senior Sergeant, we're friendly. That's how it stays.
[19:33] <Joanna> +com+ I doubt they're going to respond better to anyone.
[19:33] <Craig> ::waves the other gears over like the last time and switches to walker mode:: +com+ back to the scene of the crime eh?
[19:34] <Savant> The Horwell Ranch is the same as it was a night ago - they've fixed up the fence, and new spackle on the bullet holes in their gun post. That gun post is manned as the Gears roll up.
[19:34] <Birkin> ::stays closer to the Captain and Senior-Sergeant this time, moving up closer with them::
[19:34] <Gabriel> +com+ Negative, Soldat. We're a Northern Guard patrol, and I'm afraid you don't fit that profile. Maybe next time. ::flips up his canopy and makes sure his weapon is pointed in a safe direction::
[19:34] <Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself about the lunacy of walking out in front of that LAC and machine gun but pushes forward with the Captain anyway::
[19:35] <Mem> +com+ Two at the turret. One at the gatehouse.
[19:35] <Gabriel> ::brings his Thunder to a halt outside the gates, then begins unstrapping::
[19:36] <Mem> +com+ Grazers to the west.
[19:36] <Savant> A bald old man is strolling through the courtyard towards the gates, rifle in hand. His taller son in walking beside him, in a duster and broad-rimmed hat.
[19:36] <Gabriel> ::looks at the display one last time, grinning at the overhead view of his patrol::
[19:36] <Savant> (is, even)
[19:36] <Gabriel> ::mutters to himself:: Looks like a war college tactical map. ::swings a leg out of the cockpit and climbs down::
[19:36] <Joanna> +com+ Dibbs on the gun turret. Nobody -- and I mean nobody -- shoots my ride.
[19:37] <Mem> +com+ Hey, captain. Do you think any of them saw you when they were shooting at you?
[19:37] <Ardelmos> ::unbuckles himself from the harness as he brings his gear to a stop, pops the cockpit, and crawls down out of his gear while mirroring the Captain::
[19:37] <Thierry> ::Sighs a bit and then stays in his assigned position::
[19:37] <Savant> The younger man opens the gate a bit, enough for the two of them to step out onto the road where the Gears have stopped
[19:37] <Mem> ::rolls up a bit to the side, shifting down to a stationary position::
[19:37] <Gabriel> +com+ Zero chance of that, Lieutenant. Same drill as before. Stay sharp. ::reaches the ground and turns, removing his helmet and holding his hands away from his sides::
[19:38] <Ardelmos> ::follows alongside and slightly to the rear of the Captain, as he did the last time::
[19:38] <Tychon> ::eyes the two curiously, casting his glance to Craig and Mem before returning it to the two homesteaders and cocking his Gear's head to one side::
[19:39] <Ardelmos> ::shifts the weight on his hips slightly, his gunbelt slipping into a more comfortable position::
[19:39] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::Frowns with pursed lips, squinting out at Tynes and Roland as they approach::
[19:40] <Mem> ::idles next to Tychon, tuning the sensors for a moment at the men up in the turret::
[19:40] <Birkin> ::moves a bit with a frown finally stopping letting the Captain and Senior Sergeant move forward, keeping an eye on the gun tower and looking to see if anything else is coming out of the bay or from behind a building::
[19:40] <Joanna> +com+ ...Have a feeling my gear antics won't find an appreciative audience here.
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::approaches the man with a smile:: Afternoon, neighbor. Captain Gabriel Tynes, 2nd platoon of the 7th of the Smoking Guns. ::indicates Roland:: Senior Sergeant Roland Ardelmos. May we have a word?
[19:40] <Gabriel> Heard you had some excitement last night. Rovers?
[19:40] <Ardelmos> ::nods as he's introduced again::
[19:41] <Ardelmos> ::smirks inside his helmet, the garrotte mark on the man beside Horwell plainly visible::
[19:41] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::Spits - seems like more of a habit than a deliberate insult. Not that he seems like a man beyond giving deliberate insults:: Yeh. Dang dawgs hit last night. Didn't take nothin.
[19:41] <Mem> +com+ Not unless you want to get shot at again.
[19:42] <Thierry> +Com+ So you made their lives interesting last night?
[19:42] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: That's nice work, but you're better defended than most around here.
[19:42] <Craig> +com+ somewhat, though wasn't really intended...
[19:42] <Gabriel> We're looking into increased rover activity hereabouts, and truth be told, looking to put a stop to it. Six caravans that we know of have been hit recently, and your Northern neighbors frown on that sort of thing. ::smiles::
[19:42] <Gabriel> We've got good reason to believe that one or more homesteads in the area are being used by these rovers either as bases or resupply points. Ordering and processing food, fuel, ammo...
[19:43] <Joanna> +com+ Hey, they shoot at me, gives us every excuse to knock them down and see if they're hiding anything.
[19:43] <Ardelmos> ::carefully watches the attitudes of the two and the way they handle their guns in order to get a sense of when they might be preparing to use them...::
[19:43] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> Hnh. Well, ye can look elsewhere. We don' like guests, specially the murderin' kinds.
[19:44] <Thierry> +Com+ Hopefully we won't have to use these things ::Glances as the MAC::
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::doesn't dial down his smile:: These rovers are the murderers here, I assure you. You and yours could have easily become their latest victims last night.
[19:46] <Joanna> ::Grins:: +com+ Wonder what they'd say if they knew I was the one who plowed down their fences the other night.
[19:47] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::grumbles:: We kin take care'a our own here, don't need no polars coming 'round to protect us.
[19:47] <Ardelmos> ::looks carefully between Horwell and his son to see whether the younger man shared his father's feelings::
[19:48] <Gabriel> Against lasers, neighbor? I personally pulled a laser cannon off a rover Gear not 150 clicks from here, and I know that another one just like it was delivered to a homestead up here somewhere. ::watches the man closely::
[19:48] <Gabriel> Your guns are well and good against a few old Hunters, Tigers, and Basilisks with like weaponry, but these rovers drive modern military Gears.
[19:49] <Mem> +com+ Fiesty bunch.
[19:49] <Thierry> +Com+ You did what?
[19:49] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::clicks his tongue:: Hnh. I fought 'gainst lasers afore, I kin do it again.
[19:50] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:50] <Joanna> +com+ Read the last mission logs when you get back to base.
[19:50] <Gabriel> Any of your neighbors the type to take delivery of a laser cannon? I'll know, day after tomorrow, which homestead hereabouts had it shipped in, but you could save me some time. Anyone you know that'd be likely to take up with rovers or their kind?
[19:51] <Thierry> +Com+ I did on the way down here, I thought you'd exaggerated that part.
[19:51] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> Ma Beckins takes'em in for a drink when they come by sometime, but that's jes ta keep'em off their kids and trucks. No one here likes'em, northie. We jes has ta live with'em.
[19:53] <Gabriel> ::nods:: This a new bunch, likely, and looking to close the roads around here. Six caravans dead, kids and all, two more hit that got at least a few away.
[19:53] <Gabriel> Likely, caravaners left won't want to come anywhere near here, and that means nobody buying stock.
[19:53] <Craig> ::is getting a tad bored::+com+ hey mem, getting any other come chatter, any chance there's a trid on in the house here too?
[19:53] <Craig> <er com chatter>
[19:54] <Joanna> +com+ Exaggerated? I was just waiting for an excuse to do that.
[19:54] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::He seems a little upset, perhaps angry.:: They're mad dawgs, all of'em. Pickin at Peace River's what they's doin. Causin trouble an harassin good folk round these parts.
[19:55] <Thierry> +Com+ Someone remind me to ride in the other spider when she's driving
[19:55] <Gabriel> ::shrugs:: Have it as you like, but I only know one type that takes to laser cannons the way these rovers do. Might be there's folks in long coats leading them, if you take my meaning.
[19:56] <Gabriel> I know they had another one delivered somewhere up here, and I'll know exactly who, morning of the 7th.
[19:56] <Gabriel> <<exactly where, not exactly who>>
[19:57] <Mem> +com+ Don't really see anything.
[19:57] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::Tynes gets a reaction from the old man as he mentions the Earthers. He spits and stamps his foot on the ground:: If it's Earthers, I'll ride out an' shoot'em meself. Here, ye say? HERE.
[19:58] <Joanna> +com+ Bah. You're willing to hurtle yourself through thick CEF defenses at a Gate, yet you don't trust my driving. Cowards.
[19:59] <Thierry> +com+ If I didn't think you might break something...
[19:59] <Ardelmos> ::arches an eyebrow slightly, this wasn't the reaction he was expecting -- the man neither seemed to be providing the rovers with weapons, and definitely wouldn't be if he knew it was Earthers::
[20:00] <Craig> ::looks on as tynes and horwell's conversation continues::+com+if this man is telling the truth, then that laser was dropped off and picked up here without his knowing...
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::nods and softens and lowers his voice tone, going for a more storyteller vibe:: Good show, but for now, I'd keep your people safe. These rovers don't care who they kill, and they're looking to shut down traffic hereabouts. If they succeed, this would make a terrific landing zone for them.
[20:01] <Gabriel> Might be, you'll get to prove yourself against them yet again. So, before I go... no new folk around here? Nobody that'd take delivery of that cannon among your neighbors?
[20:01] <Joanna> +com+ Yup. Cowards. ::frowns as that next part of the conversation comes in:: You know, maybe it's some of the leftovers. I mean, it's not like every CEF hovertank that came here made it back...
[20:02] <Thierry> +Com+ Could be someone trying to make it look like Earthers, possible anyway
[20:02] <Craig> +com+ that is possible, but we've also had the CEF's Devilfish attemp to cause trouble around here, and they were definetly not "leftovers"
[20:03] <Joanna> +com+ True. And anyone just using the equipment to raid would have to ship anything they captured away... if they did at all. Not like a hovertank is a precision weapon... at least, unless I'm driving.
[20:04] <Thierry> +Com+ They trusted you with something that expensive?
[20:04] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::has been riled up byt the conversation, and is gripping his rifle tighter, shaking it a bit to emphasize his words:: Ain't no earthers comin' here. They never got past ole Horwell, an they never will. ::grunts:: Only thing funny roun'here was middle'a last season, a call from Icehaven.
[20:05] <Mem> +com+ Oh? ::listens more closely to the conversation now::
[20:06] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::slaps the younger man on the chest:: Pavre here tooks it. Was Viajislav, from Icehaven, sayin our shipment was in. We didn't order nothin, but he says ta clear it all the same. ::glares at the other man briefly::
[20:07] <Gabriel> ::has a look at Pavre:: Icehaven is who I have looking into that laser cannon shipment. They're going to send me the manifest the morning of the 7th.
[20:08] <Joanna> ::frowns:: Might be a good idea to double check sensors...
[20:08] <Savant> Pavre> ::looks at the ground and scuffs his boot:: Aw, pa, I didn't mean no trouble. Thought it was jes' another load fer tha springers. You know that.
[20:08] <Joanna> ((+com+ that))
[20:09] <Joanna> ::makes a sensor sweep herself::
[20:09] <Mem> +com+ Why?
[20:09] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::upset:: Yeah, an now we got earthers crawlin the hills! Ya see what jes openin yer big yap without thinkin does? ::grunts:: Ain't no earthers here, but I bet them dawgs brought their laser up this way somewhere.
[20:10] <Joanna> +com+ Because we might be under surveilance right now.
[20:11] <Gabriel> This would have been expensive. Too expensive for a few dawgs.
[20:11] <Mem> +com+ I think I'd see that. ::moves to scratch his nose, but is obstructed by the helmet::
[20:12] <Joanna> +com+ If you want to know when someone's on your trail, and you've set up a fake drop of supplies or something, you'd monitor if anyone was coming out to check on the people who should have gotten those supplies, right?
[20:12] <Savant> The door to the garage opens, and a lumbering tractor rolls out into the yard and stops there. Some of the others on the homestead are pulling out tools and the like
[20:13] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::Shrugs:: Earther's don't got no problem with stealin from the good an honest folk to get their marks.
[20:13] <Thierry> +Com+ Seems logical
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::hopes someone has the sense to get a sensor scan into the garage and/or shifts position to have a look::
[20:14] <Joanna> +com+ ...
[20:14] <Mem> ::notices the doors open and quickly moves to do a sensor sweep::
[20:14] <Ardelmos> ::frowns at the tractor, and how the entire situation was proceeding -- it seemed that more detective work was in order -- these weren't the rovers they were looking for, nor were they supplying them::
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::puts his attention back on Horwell:: It'd be helpful to know who took delivery of that cannon. ::turns to look at Pavre::
[20:14] <Joanna> +com+ Oooo, I wish that bastard would come over here and say that to my face!
[20:14] <Craig> ::sees the tractor roll out::+com+ all that security for a tractor?
[20:14] <Gabriel> Who paid for it?
[20:15] <Savant> The rest of the garage seems terribly mundane - there's another truck in there, a counter and some tool boxes. There is a ladder going up to the gun nest on the roof also, along with some anti-gear rifles in a rack on the wall
[20:16] <Savant> Pavre> ::shrugs:: Dunno, sir. He never said. We didn't hear nothin else about it.
[20:17] <Gabriel> Icehaven doesn't deliver without payment. Did you send the payment, or were you given the money?
[20:18] <Ardelmos> ::continues to frown inside his helmet...and began focusing his attention on Pavre as a thought crossed his mind -- he took the communication, the gun disappeared under his watch, could he be involved::
[20:18] <Mem> +com+ I've got a great look inside. Still nothing.
[20:18] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> We didn't do neither. Like he said, that's all we heard.
[20:19] <Thierry> ::Looks at the AGRs and shrugged:: +com+ With these Rovers about would you really blame em
[20:21] <Gabriel> Maybe I'm just not following. Icehaven doesn't put the goods on the truck without getting paid. Or did you go pick it up?
[20:22] <Joanna> +com+ More worried about outside... wonder if there's anything out there just looking at us.
[20:22] <Mem> Oh, for prophet's sake. ::takes off his helmet to scratch at his nose::
[20:22] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> Hell no, boy! I ain't payin a blood penny for some snakey piece-of-crap fancy laser! We ain't been down to Icehaven since Summer.
[20:23] <Mem> ::puts his helmet back on once he's satisfied he's gotten rid of the itch, and seals it::
[20:24] <Mem> ::blinks and looks to the side::
[20:24] <Thierry> +Com+ Something still doesn't feel right
[20:25] <Joanna> +com+ That's nothing unusual. I have that feeling every time I eat anything on base that isn't a ration pack.
[20:25] <Gabriel> So. Someone ordered a laser cannon, told Viajislav it was for you, put your name on it, and picked it up on their own truck. That about cover it?
[20:25] <Mem> ::quickly turns all the way around, and reaches for the sensors::
[20:25] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> Bout right, I recon.
[20:26] <Thierry> +Com+ ::Chuckles:: If we ever drop by Toledo, I'll have Mom cook up one of her specialties that even your earther stomach can handle
[20:26] <Mem> ::also reaches and makes Gabriel's unworn helmet beep::
[20:26] <Gabriel> I once ordered a trideo I wasn't supposed to. Got quite a spanking for it. Wonder how many bodies the Earthers will rack up with Pavre's laser cannon.
[20:27] <Gabriel> Of course, I couldn't rack up too many bodies with a trideo. ::gives Pavre a flat look::
[20:27] <Joanna> +com+ thanks, I'll stick to ration packs. I happen to LIKE the lining of my stomach.
[20:27] <Gabriel> I believe we'll let you folks get back to your work.
[20:27] <Thierry> +Com+ Mom wouldn't let you eat that stuff, trust me
[20:27] <Mem> +com+ Clear comm.
[20:28] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::Grunts and slaps his grandson in the chest again:: He'll pay fer it. ::Then he nods roughly:: Those earthers show up, we'll give ye a call, northie. Only fair to let ye have a shot at'em too. ::grins a toothy, vicious grin::
[20:29] <Gabriel> ::nods:: You do that, and get in a cut or two for me. I'll do the same if I run across them. Get a message to Captain Gabriel Tynes, care of the Smoking Guns. It'll find me.
[20:29] <Mem> ::beeps Tynes again::
[20:29] <Gabriel> ::offers a hand:: Good luck to you and yours, neighbor.
[20:29] <Joanna> +com+ ::raspberries into the comm::
[20:30] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::Squints at Gabriel critically before shaking his hand:: Ye fought in the War, ddin't ya? I kin tell, ya know.
[20:30] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::grunts behind his helmet:: Well ain't this a bitch.
[20:30] <Gabriel> Indeed. Church Pass, and a couple hundred battlefields after it.
[20:31] <Gabriel> ::pulls the comm set out of his helmet, puts it to his ear, and touches the earpiece:: +com+ Go, Lieutenant.
[20:31] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::shakes Gabriel's hand:: Sergeant Barclay Horwell, 143rd Infantry regiment. I'll call ye, Captain.
[20:32] <Gabriel> Thank you, Sergeant. Have a good season. ::glances at Roland:: Senior Sergeant, I believe we've taken up enough of these good folks' time. Let's mount up.
[20:32] <Mem> ::checks the secuity of the comm link:: +com+ Captain, a word with you directly.
[20:33] <Savant> Old Man Horwell> ::salutes and heads back inside, where he starts tearing a strip out of his grandson while they walk back:
[20:33] <Ardelmos> :Surprisedn the vocoder outside his helmet:: Aye aye, Captain. +com+ Alright people, get it together and prepare to head back south. We're heading back to Icehaven.
[20:33] <Gabriel> ::turns toward his Thunder:: +com+ Yes, Lieutenant. Go ahead.
[20:34] <Mem> +com+ We're being watched.
[20:34] <Craig> ::eyes widen and that comment::
[20:34] <Gabriel> ::sets the comm set into place and puts his helmet back on over it:: +com+ Is that so? From?
[20:34] <Thierry> ::Starts looking about not seeing anyone::
[20:35] <Mem> +com+ The ridge. Remote omnicam.
[20:35] <Joanna> +com+ Told you so.
[20:35] <Mem> +com+ Yeah, but I can actually see it.
[20:35] <Craig> ::nudges joanna's gear for a third time::
[20:35] <Gabriel> +com+ Wire feed, or wireless?
[20:35] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::grunts:: Is it recording internally, or feeding outside?
[20:35] <Gabriel> ::starts climbing up his Gear, hand over hand::
[20:35] <Mem> +com+ There's a transmitter on the other side of the ridge.
[20:36] <Joanna> ::fights the urge to back-hand Craig's gear::
[20:36] <Gabriel> +com+ Well, that's entertaining. Mark that frequency, Lieutenant, and let's go have us a look see at what it's transmitting to, shall we?
[20:36] <Mem> +com+ Aye.
[20:36] <Mem> +com+ I'll need to get closer to intercept it.
[20:36] <Savant> The Talons mount up again and make to ascend the ridge
[20:37] <Ardelmos> ::obtains the sensor feed from Mem to determine where the Omnicam is, and starts marking out areas outside of its vision:: +com+ Give me a sec. Don't want them knowing we're onto it.
[20:37] <Gabriel> ::drops into his Thunder's cockpit and starts the canopy down, strapping in, and starting up more or less simultaneously:: +com+ Long as we can flank that camera, I'm extremely amenable to getting much closer.
[20:37] <Gabriel> +com+ Indeed. Find me an approach that flanks the omnicam, Lieutenant.
[20:37] <Gabriel> +com+ For now, let's head south a bit. Corporal Tychon, take point. Senior Sergeant Ardelmos, rear guard. Everyone else, form up on me.
[20:37] <Joanna> +com+ Rog.
[20:38] <Mem> ::revs up the engine to wake it up, then slowly turns around alongside the Thunder Jag, still watching the ridge::
[20:38] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::clicks an acknowledgement and loiters close to the Horwell farm while the rest of the group begins to head south, starting up as they depart in a rear guard position::
[20:38] <Thierry> +Com+ Yessir ::Forms up::
[20:38] <Savant> Even though the camera has been pointed out, it's invisible - it takes the White Cat's advanced sensors to actually pick it out from the rubble and rock of the wastes. The omnicam is apparently on a little turret, because it traverses to follow the movement of the Gears
[20:38] <Craig> ::brings gear around and back into SMS to head out::
[20:39] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:39] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[20:39] <Mem> ::attn::
[20:39] <Savant> so, how was that?
[20:39] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[20:39] <Craig> good
[20:40] <Thierry> ::Attn::
[20:40] <Thierry> Quite enjoyable first time out
[20:40] <Savant> glad you enjoyed
[20:40] <Mem> Welcome aboard
[20:40] <Joanna> ::attn::
[20:40] <Savant> questions or comments?
[20:40] <Gabriel> Yep yep. Very much fun. Smile
[20:40] <Gabriel> Yeah, lots of technical questions, but I can ask them in #lemos
[20:40] <Gabriel> It's time to start pulling our tech info together.
[20:40] <Savant> sure thing. Let's move on to what you're waiting for, then.
[20:41] <Savant> i'll start with 2 points, a good game, good showing from everyone.
[20:42] <Savant> i'm going to give you guys TWO points for moving the plot forward. You found out a lot today.
[20:42] <Thierry> Yay!
[20:42] <Savant> you think you worked well as a team?
[20:42] <Joanna> Roland didn't kill anyone. Joanna didn't do anything too stupid.
[20:42] <Craig> ahem
[20:42] <Joanna> Craig didn't screw up Smile
[20:42] <Thierry> *Points to the qualfier*
[20:42] <Craig> gear ballet joanna?Smile
[20:43] <Joanna> I was entertaining the children to encourage good Northie/Badland relations Smile
[20:43] <Savant> I think you worked okay as a team today. 2+2+1=5
[20:44] <Savant> to mix it up a bit, I'm going to give an extra experience point to everyone who can give me a good, constructive, and unique criticism on how I can run the game better.
[20:44] <Savant> aaand go
[20:44] <Mem> Cookies.
[20:44] <Savant> mm, cookies.
[20:44] <Joanna> Hmm
[20:45] <Thierry> Hmmmmm
[20:45] <Mem> OK, I have one.
[20:45] <Ardelmos> There was somewhat of a lack of things for a large number of people to do tonight, but I think we made the most of it.
[20:45] * Savant nods at Roland; any idea how I can fix that easily? It's sort of a problem with the command structure
[20:45] <Craig> those of us in the background managed to do some RPing amongst ourselves
[20:45] <Thierry> Yeah, I was kinda thinking it would be better to keep us all involved, perhaps a better cover story so that Thierry could have interacted with the badlanders
[20:45] <Joanna> Mebbe not run the game better now but for the future: We're going to need a revamped Heavy Gear combat alias to work with the new Lemon configuration.
[20:45] <Joanna> Unless Lemon's handling that all out.
[20:46] <Joanna> But it'd still be nice to have a push-button fire control Smile
[20:46] <Savant> i'm going to be fixing Lemon up to do Gear Combat internally
[20:46] <Gabriel> I'm giving you lots of warning about our overall plans, several days warning, usually. It'd be nice if preliminary sort of stuff was taken care of. I almost asked if we could do this whole sim as intro information instead because I was concerned about having stuff for everyone to do.
[20:46] <Mem> Not sure if it qualifies as "unique", but I really miss the old school teasers. I know you've done a couple, but I love having even more tidbits of information beforehand, especially when you're not as savvy with the political/social details like I am.
[20:46] <Ardelmos> Well, when information gathering, there should be an opportunity for people not directly involved with the main issue to find out smaller stuff. Maybe something weird on the sensors that needs investigating.
[20:46] <Savant> the old aliases work just fine, incidentally, with the !check command
[20:46] <Savant> More teasers, definately a good one, Mem.
[20:46] <Thierry> Ross: I made my point about Thierry well in advance
[20:47] <Gabriel> So yeah, teasers would be a good way to do that, or just piping a bunch of prelim info to the characters that have it in advance would be good.
[20:47] * Savant nods at Ross; I was sort of worried about it too. Seemed to be decent overall, though.
[20:47] <Mem> I know they're a lot of work, but I love reading about Terranova and BT through you guys who know a LOT more about the setting than I do.
[20:48] <Thierry> One more idea: More background information in the Wiki, particularly would benefit those of us who only have out of date material they can get for less then 20 bukcs
[20:48] <Savant> So, thats constructive comments from Gabriel, Roland, Mem, and Joanna. 6 experience for them, 5 for everyone else.
[20:48] <Savant> i'm working on populating the Wiki, dont' worry.
[20:48] <Savant> I'll give you an extra experience point for the prodding, though
[20:48] <Savant> Thierry gets 6 as well
[20:48] <Mem> ::nods:: It's coming along nicely, I think.
[20:48] <Ardelmos> One point into FIT, one point into INF, four into the bank.
[20:49] <Mem> Though I'm worried there will be less Tn stuff than there will be Caprice stuff, but the TN stuff helps me come up with more ideas about my character's pre-BT stuff.
[20:49] <Savant> the Wiki won't really have any info you can dig up in books, though. I don't want to infringe upon their copyright. Instead, it'll be full of all of the stuff we've made up for the game
[20:49] <Gabriel> +1 Negotiation (ED), +1 lost (second ED), +1 Bureaucracy (ED), +1 Notice (ED), +1 PSY (XP), +1 to the bank
[20:49] <Gabriel> That second Negotiation ED is just lost, right?
[20:49] <Savant> yep
[20:49] <Gabriel> ::nods:: 5 poins for Gabriel then, heh.
[20:49] <Savant> i'm liking how this ED/XP scheme is working so far.
[20:50] <Savant> anyways. Well done all.
[20:50] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 5:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:09] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:09] <Savant> The talons have just spotted a camera high up on a ridge and are making a cautious approach. The camera's apparently able to traverse though - now that you can see it, it's obviously watching you.
[18:10] <Mem> ::as they approach, begins scanning for the frequency and direction of the transmissions::
[18:10] <Ardelmos> ::rolls along at the head of the group, looking throughout the available terrain to see if there's any blind spots to block their movements from the camera as they continue::
[18:10] <Joanna> ::takes a spot towards the back::
[18:10] <Thierry> ::Waits for instructions as he checks his fire control system
[18:10] <Birkin> ::stays near the Captain, frowning as he sees the camera:: Well there goes the Element of suprise
[18:11] <Gabriel> +com+ Dial back your speed somewhat everyone. Lieutenant, Corporal Farrell, go active on sensors.
[18:12] <Joanna> +com+ Rog.
[18:12] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger ::Pulls the throttle back a tad::
[18:12] <Mem> +com+ Going active. ::depresses a couple of buttons and sends out a "loud" ping::
[18:12] <Joanna> ::goes hot on her sensors, scanning::
[18:12] <Ardelmos> ::pulls back a little on the throttle, down to a more liesurely speed:: +com+ Captain, I've got a course that'll take us out of the camera's field of view.
[18:12] <Craig> ::slows swifty down to match the team's movements::
[18:13] <Gabriel> +com+ Permission to manever as desired, Senior Sergeant. Don't get dead.
[18:14] <Ardelmos> ::snorts to himself and peels off from the rest of the group, making his departure as hard to follow as possible as he ducks behind a ridgeline and out of view of the camera on his approach::
[18:15] <Birkin> Where the hell are those Earthers. I dont want to be on the recieving end of a trap. ::grunts as he looks about::
[18:15] <Mem> +com+ ::singsong:: I see a receiver.
[18:15] <Savant> The camera is close now - it's having a hard time following everyone, so it seems to be tracking Mem, mostly.
[18:15] <Gabriel> +com+ If the transceiver is transmitting, go active on jammers.
[18:16] <Joanna> +com+ Scope is clear - no enemy traffic, so they're not bugging out -- yet.
[18:16] <Craig> ::watching the camera::+com+ that thing seems to like you mem
[18:16] <Mem> +com+ I don't think I can jam it conventionally. It's a burst laser 'mitter.
[18:17] <Mem> +com+ ... and I can't tell if it's transmitting.
[18:17] <Joanna> +com+ So kick up some sand in whatever direction it's transmitting.
[18:17] <Ardelmos> ::picks up his wheels as he hits a rough patch of ground and begins making his way up the side of the ridgeline out of the camera's view, making sure to keep an eye on the area to the north and west as he does so::
[18:17] <Mem> ::stares at it with some frustration, wondering how he can overpower it::
[18:17] <Craig> +com+ maybe stand in it's transmit path
[18:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Senior Sergeant, we've got a line of sight transmitter. That means the receiver isn't far. Find it.
[18:17] <Ardelmos> +com+ Give me a minute; I'll get close and figure out where it's pointing.
[18:18] <Thierry> ::Looks about trying to get a feel for the terrain
[18:18] <Mem> +com+ I saw the receiver a few klicks off. Here. ::makes a note on the radar for the rest of the team::
[18:18] <Thierry> ::Checks his screens:: +com+ Got it
[18:18] <Ardelmos> ::grins to himself as he more or less tiptoes the gear up beside the camera, outside of its vision:: Hello, friend. ::checks to see where the laser comm is pointing::
[18:19] <Birkin> ::looks at the radar display and frowns:: +com+ We got any arial survelance of that area?
[18:20] <Joanna> ::checking the screen herself::
[18:20] <Ardelmos> ::also inspects the camera to check whether or not this is the sort of thing you can just 'pick up' at the local gear shop::
[18:20] <Gabriel> +com+ Doubtful in the extreme. PAS owns the skies hereabouts.
[18:20] <Savant> Roland can see that the transmitter is a turreted affair as well, so it isn't apparently obvious where the receiver is. However, it certainly could turn to look at the receiver that MEm found on his long range scans...
[18:20] <Craig> ::grins as roland manages to get right next to the camera while it still happily watches mem::
[18:20] <Joanna> +com+ Then I'm sure a PAS flight going overhead wouldn't be amiss.
[18:20] <Mem> +com+ Must be a woman watching. ::smiles behind his helmet for the camera::
[18:21] <Thierry> +com+ Chuckles::
[18:22] <Thierry> +com+ What's the plan cap'n
[18:22] <Ardelmos> +com+ Transmitter's on a ball mount, and it's not pointing at anything important. Damned thing has vibrational sensors too...
[18:22] <Birkin> +com+ That's Earther tech is it not? Guess we're on the right trail
[18:23] <Gabriel> +com+ If it's line of sight, the receiver has to situate seven clicks or less away. There can't be very many good places to receive in that range.
[18:23] <Ardelmos> +com+ Whatever it is, I've never seen anything like it before.
[18:23] <Gabriel> +com+ Probably a ridge nearby.
[18:23] <Ardelmos> +com+ Mem already pinpointed a tranceiver, didn't you Cueball?
[18:24] <Thierry> +Com+ Earthers. Lovely.
[18:24] <Ardelmos> +com+ And it ain't Terra Novan. Could be Caprician, though.
[18:25] <Joanna> +com+ Might I suggest we move on out of its range and look at the transceiver instead of speculating wildly here?
[18:25] <Gabriel> +com+ That's our next stop then. Senior Sergeant, put a round or your blade through the ball mount to disable it, and we'll head for the transceiver.
[18:25] <Gabriel> +com+ Do not damage the camera itself if you can avoid it.
[18:25] <Savant> Roland can see the camera very clearly - it's about the size of a two litre bottle with a small omnicam on it, and a transmitter tethered to it some distance away with an optical cable. The camera's still moving, tracking movement around it.
[18:27] <Ardelmos> +com+ Roger that. ::checks to make sure it's not booby trapped before he does anything rash::
[18:28] <Ardelmos> ::flibs the blade around in hands for a moment, then uses it to slice through the cable connecting the transmitter and the camera::
[18:28] <Joanna> ::off-com:: Well, if they don't know we're here now...
[18:29] <Mem> +com+ It may transmit periodically. Record for a bit, then transmit what it has.
[18:29] <Savant> Roland slices the cable neatly, without any vibration at all. However, the camera seems to notice when its transmitter suddenly pings out - the little eye swivels abruptly to look at its own transmitter, then gymbals again, looking right up at the single eye of Roland's gear.
[18:30] <Ardelmos> Oh bloodly hell. ::jams the vibroblade into the transmitter::
[18:30] <Savant> The camera abruptly stops moving
[18:30] <Mem> ::watches with a great deal of interest, checking for transmissions again::
[18:31] <Mem> +com+ I still don't see it transmitting. The camera or the transmitter.
[18:31] <Ardelmos> +com+ Well...they might know we're coming. Damned thing looked back at its transmitter after I cut the cable, then at me.
[18:32] <Ardelmos> Camera's intact, but the transmitter's not going to be working anytime soon.
[18:32] <Mem> +com+ Right, but only if the camera can somehow transmit, and I don't see how it can.
[18:32] <Gabriel> +com+ Let's step right along, then. You've got point, Senior Sergeant.
[18:32] <Joanna> +com+ He said disable it, not give it a bloody show.
[18:32] <Birkin> ... ::rubs the bridge between his nose:: Great
[18:32] <Gabriel> +com+ On to the transceiver.
[18:32] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger capitan
[18:32] <Birkin> ::stays close to the Captain:: +com+ Here's to the idea that it isnt a trap now
[18:32] <Savant> After a few moments, a thin line of smoke trails out of the camera's joints.
[18:33] <Mem> ::bites his bottom lip for a moment::
[18:33] <Joanna> ::does another active sweep of the area::
[18:33] <Craig> ::takes a deep breath, then pushes his northern jag onward::
[18:33] <Ardelmos> +com+ Roger that. ::pushes the Jaguar back down the ridge and onto the plain, taking point for the group as they head towards the transmitter -- his gear sensors pick up the smoke trails out of the camera's joints a moment later:: +com+ Fucking thing just self-destructed, I think.
[18:34] <Savant> The Talons carry on over the ridge and over another, towards the distant receiver. It's not visible, but Mem somehow managed to pick it out amongst the rubble of the Karaq Wastes
[18:35] <Mem> ::accelerates forward, forming up, and keeping an eye on sensors, wondering what the hell was going on here::
[18:35] <Gabriel> +com+ Our own Gargoyles and Ovnis do the same, Senior Sergeant. It's a useful bit of data.
[18:36] <Thierry> ::Accelerates and stays in formation, his hands shaking:: Looks like I've graduated past rovers
[18:37] <Mem> ::sends out more scans of the area as they approach::
[18:37] <Mem> ::stretches his neck to either side as he waits for the return::
[18:37] <Birkin> +com+ We acting like a patrol enough to fool these guys? If they're watching us?
[18:38] <Mem> +com+ This one is transmitting. Three directions.
[18:38] <Gabriel> +com+ ::somewhat amused:: You begin to see the plan, Sous-Sergeant. And yes, I think so.
[18:38] <Joanna> +com+ Sensors still clear beyond what Mem's got.
[18:38] <Savant> Time passes, and the Talons get close to the receiver. Mem has already gotten a good ping of the receiver- it's attached to another transmitter/camera assembly, which is broadcasting to three other locations.
[18:39] <Ardelmos> +com+ Sounds like a daisy chain.
[18:39] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::grumbles:: Could be another nine transmitter assemblies beyond this one.
[18:39] <Mem> ::rolls his eyes:: +com+ You and your flowers. I don't think I can jam this one, either.
[18:40] <Joanna> +com+ Deeper we go, the more likely we are to wind up in a trap.
[18:40] <Craig> +com+ it's probably part of a perimeter sensor grid
[18:40] <Mem> +com+ ::while talking, illustrates on the networked map of the area:: There's one receiver that stands out. A bit larger.
[18:40] <Gabriel> +com+ ::sounds pleased:: Take it out, Senior Sergeant. Same method. Lieutenant, what's the bearing to that receiver?
[18:41] <Mem> +com+ Northish. I've marked it.
[18:41] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::clicks his mic in acknowledgement and presses on, looking for a similar approach out of the camera's FOV::
[18:41] <Gabriel> +com+ Thank you. Can you determine the next closest camera's location?
[18:42] <Mem> ::bites his lower lip again and glances up for a look at the sensor report on the receivers::
[18:42] <Savant> Again, as the Talons approach, the camera turns to watch them do so.
[18:43] <Mem> +com+ Negative, sir... too far away.
[18:43] <Ardelmos> ::swings behind a couple of rocks before the camera can track him, moving up along the ridgeline slowly again -- now that he knew there were vibrational sensors he had his rifle up to pop the camera in case he set it off before he could get close::
[18:43] <Gabriel> ::pulls up a tactical map and plots the locations of the two cameras::
[18:43] <Thierry> +Com+ Maybe now you should try your ballet moves earther, we're on camera
[18:43] <Joanna> +com+ ::getting a look at the camera on her sensors:: Huh.
[18:44] <Birkin> ::taps his control console:: +com+ Are there any caravan runs that go nearby here? Is that what these are for? Spot caravans so they can hit them quickly?
[18:45] <Ardelmos> ::draws his vibroblade again:: +com+ Any recommendation as to how to disable this thing without setting off the self destruct system, or is that wasting time?
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::while examining his tactical map:: +com+ Let them have their fun, Senior Sergeant.
[18:46] <Joanna> +com+ ::looks at it more closely, trying to nail it down as Earth or "other":: Um, I hate to break up your little party, but this sure as hell ain't from Earth.
[18:46] <Joanna> +com+ It's colonial. I'd bet our lives on that.
[18:46] <Ardelmos> ::shrugs, then slams the vibroblade into the receiver first this time before cutting the linkage to the camera::
[18:46] <Gabriel> +com+ Thank you, Corporal. As a matter of fact, it's from the group of "dawgs" that Pavre and his family host from time to time.
[18:47] <Thierry> +Com+ There are caravans that come through here from time to time
[18:47] <Gabriel> +com+ Someone Pavre trusts ordered that laser cannon. We've entered their territory and are making a fuss.
[18:48] <Gabriel> +com+ Here's your course, everyone. ::transmits a course away from the larger transmitter:: Form up, Senior Sergeant, take point.
[18:48] <Savant> The camera seems startled - it doesn't look back at its transciever at all, but instead swivels to look right at Roland. If a camera coudl look suprised, it would.
[18:48] <Gabriel> +com+ I'm afraid the Northern Guard just misinterpreted some vital data and missed the larger transmitter entirely.
[18:48] <Birkin> +com+ Then it probably means that they have people monitoring the feeds. ::pauses for a second:: +com+ Since when do colonial's have vibration sensors? I thought that was Earther tech?
[18:49] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger capitan ::Forms up::
[18:49] <Ardelmos> ::watches the camera for the moment:: +com+ These things have quite the impressive tracking algorithms... ::slams the vibroblade into the ball mount and then moves on, taking point again::
[18:49] <Gabriel> +com+ I certainly we're being monitored, Sous-Sergeant. It would be a tremendous waste of time to continue blowing up cameras if nobody cares to defend them, but if blow them up we must... ::lets his communication trail off with a click::
[18:49] <Gabriel> <<certainly hope>>
[18:49] <Joanna> +com+ So? Hovertanks are Earther weapons and you've used them.
[18:50] <Mem> ::smirks as the captain ignores the more obvious receiver and moves up alongside::
[18:50] <Savant> This camera cooks itself just as the others do, leaving a smoked-out tin can instead
[18:50] <Craig> ::recieves the course and brings his gear around::+com+ earth currently controls caprice birkin, the camera equipment could have easily come from there
[18:50] <Ardelmos> ::rolls down the ridge and back out in front of the squad again, almost appearing out of nowhere as he weaves through covering rocks::
[18:51] <Gabriel> +com+ I'm sure the cameras are more or less home grown, perhaps with a little bit of enhanced tech. The sort of thing we'd do for the Liberati, say. Improve their own tools.
[18:51] <Thierry> +Com+ Tracking around the desert blowing up cameras, I thought you guys had more fun then that
[18:51] <Joanna> ::rolls along, listening while thinking::
[18:51] <Gabriel> +com+ Home made is well-made, after all.
[18:51] <Birkin> +com+ Only because we beat the shit out of them Earther Girl and got them to surrender.
[18:52] <Joanna> +com+ Point is, the CEF has done defensive setups in the past like this, but this equipment is a little... rich.
[18:52] <Savant> The talons leave this post and head down the valley towards the next, leaving the wreckage behind them.
[18:52] <Craig> +com+ so it's like finding that jaguar with a laser cannon attached?
[18:52] <Gabriel> +com+ As I said, the sort of thing we might do for the Liberati. Cut the chatter folks, and keep your eyes peeled. Someone's going to come out before too long and try to persuade us to stop destroying their eyes.
[18:53] <Joanna> +com+ Rog. ::does another sensor check::
[18:53] <Mem> ::does another full sweep of the area as they approach, looking terribly bored::
[18:56] <Savant> Before too long, Mem finds the next set of receivers - it's a spider web that apparently spreads out throughout the badlands in this region. He also begins picking up some other sensor artifacts...
[18:57] <Thierry> ::Com tries to do his own scan but he learns he doesn't quite have the feel of this jag's sensor array::
[18:57] <Gabriel> ::adds the third sensor to his tactical map once Mem sends its location::
[18:57] <Mem> ::takes a few seconds to osmose the sensor data, then grins:: +com+ OK, here we go.
[18:59] <Gabriel> +com+ What have you got for me, Lieutenant?
[19:00] <Mem> +com+ Aside from this elaborate receiver network... I see some heat to the north.
[19:00] <Mem> +com+ Could be engine activity.
[19:01] <Savant> Mem's scans barely show some heat plumes drifting up into the sky a distance away, from behind the ridge.
[19:01] <Craig> +com+ must be the someone's coming to tell us to stop destroying their eyes ::grins::
[19:01] <Birkin> ::gets himself into a mental state to shoot out of this differant gear of his::
[19:01] <Ardelmos> +com+ ...they're gonna try and hit us in the back.
[19:02] <Joanna> ::keeps her eyes peeled::
[19:02] <Gabriel> +com+ Corporal Farrell, climb that ridge, then go hull down. Peek over the ridge for me and let's find out what's there. Everyone else, slow it down. Where's that camera, Lieutenant?
[19:02] <Mem> ::still grinning, he weaves his cheetah side to side to loosen up, then goes over his fire control systems quickly::
[19:02] <Mem> +com+ Here, cap'n. ::marks it::
[19:03] <Gabriel> +com+ Corporal, do not be careless with your life. Do not engage. Just tell me what's there.
[19:03] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger ::Throttles back and starts looking around:: +Com+ Time to lock and load yet capitan
[19:03] <Ardelmos> ::pulls back on the throttle as they close to the end of the ridge and a plain beyond, checking the breech on his rifle to make sure a round is loaded::
[19:03] <Craig> ::slows his gear down a few notches::
[19:04] <Mem> ::slows as well, finishing his fire control check, then taking a moment to stretch his arms::
[19:04] <Birkin> ::slows his machine down, looking around trying to see where he would start an ambush at here::
[19:04] <Gabriel> +com+ Patience, Private Trembley. It wouldn't do to get you killed your first battle. Let's not rush in without knowing the situation, yes?
[19:05] <Mem> +com+ Yeah, and being shot at isn't as fun when you lose.
[19:05] <Joanna> +com+ ::frowns:: Rog. Watch my back.
[19:05] <Mem> +com+ ::grins:: Gladly.
[19:06] <Thierry> +Com+ Sorry sir, I'm just used to slightly more trigger happy COs
[19:07] <Joanna> ::gets to the base of the ridge and does another sensor check before going up::
[19:08] <Ardelmos> ::mutters quietly to himself and begins unconciously tapping his gear's foot, quite ready to blow something up::
[19:08] <Savant> Joanna's gear climbs up to the escarpment and peers up over... with the clearer view she can definately see several engine signatures. Her Gear quickly identifies V-engines on the move - it was only the bulk of the landscape that blocked their detection.
[19:08] <Joanna> +com+ Contact! Lots of contact!
[19:09] <Ardelmos> +com+ Could you be a little bit more...oh...I dunno...descriptive?
[19:09] <Joanna> +com+ And they're on the move... several v-engine signatures!
[19:09] <Gabriel> +com+ Patience and calm, Corporal. Answer the Senior Sergeant's question.
[19:09] <Savant> What Joanna does not do, her Cheetah does - it transmits the contacts along with possible vehicle matches
[19:10] <Thierry> ::Sees his screen light up with contacts:: +Com+ Lovely.
[19:10] <Mem> +com+ Those are Northern gears.
[19:11] <Birkin> Bear. Jaguar. Couple Tigers. Northie gears.
[19:11] <Gabriel> ::looks over the Gears for markings::
[19:11] <Craig> +com+ oh my
[19:11] <Thierry> +Com+ Could be city-state
[19:11] <Ardelmos> +com+ One's got a laser, and watch that Tiger.
[19:12] <Birkin> +com+ Bear in the waaaay back.
[19:13] <Joanna> ::still not fully up on Terra Novan specs:: Is that an easy thing or a tough thing?
[19:13] <Joanna> ((+com+ that please))
[19:13] <Craig> +com+ 3 hunters too, one looks like it's got some extra padding
[19:14] <Gabriel> <<delete last line>>
[19:15] <Gabriel> +com+ Corporal, look for markings. I need to know who's driving them.
[19:15] <Joanna> +com+ I'm going to have to get up close for that. I may need help in a hurry.
[19:16] <Craig> <<delete my last line too:)>>
[19:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Corporal, permission to maneuver as desired, but don't be careless. Everyone else but the Senior Sergeant, fall back a click. Senior Sergeant, permission to maneuver as desired. You know your capabilities better than I.
[19:18] <Mem> ::frowns and banks around, heading south::
[19:18] <Joanna> ::gulps:: Right. Give the hard job to the senior rookie. ::looks at the ridge and carefully moves up it, trying to stay as low to the ground as she can, moving slowly::
[19:18] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::clicks an acknolwedgement, and then breaks left to take cover in the rocks of the ridge as the gears pass by the opening::
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::turns and gets his Jaguar moving, caught a bit by surprise by the lightness of the Gear::
[19:19] <Thierry> +Com+ ::clicks like he's going to say something but then follows along without protest::
[19:19] <Birkin> ::drops back with his gear, frowning as he hates fighting in such open ground::
[19:19] <Craig> ::click his com turns and heads back a ways::
[19:20] <Gabriel> +com+ Shift your track to the southwest a bit, everyone. Keep the ridge between them and us. That was good work on sensors, Lieutenant. That could have gotten ugly in a hurry.
[19:20] <Mem> ::smirks:: +com+ Any time, captain.
[19:20] <Joanna> ::continues to creep forward, hoping at some point she can get a brief visual::
[19:20] <Savant> Apparently the other pilots see heat plumes as well, because they immediately throttle-up. Roland and Joanna still can't see them, but they're moving to swing around the gap in the ridge
[19:21] <Ardelmos> ::keeps low as he works up the ridge, extrapolating the courses of the gears as they move -- he creeps along and tries to get a visual with Joanna::
[19:21] <Ardelmos> +com+ They're gonna sweep around and come down on you guys. ::trying to keep his heat signature minimized::
[19:22] <Mem> +com+ We're fine. Just get a visual.
[19:22] <Gabriel> +com+ Thank you, Senior Sergeant. We'll be sticking close to the ridge. Let me know if they lose unit cohesion, and I need markings the moment you have them. After they pass, stay in their shadow.
[19:22] <Craig> +com+if we gotta fight, then at least you and joanna maybe be able to get them from behind, nothing like a good pincer attack
[19:22] <Gabriel> +com+ Everyone else, our slowest vehicle is faster than all but one of theirs. We'll look for them to stretch. Stay on this ridge, and we'll circle it around the southwest.
[19:22] <Gabriel> +com+ Let's kick up our speed a bit.
[19:24] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger capitan ::Gets in formation and moves as requested::
[19:24] <Mem> ::accelerates to the captain's speed, and checks the sensors again to make sure they aren't being flanked::
[19:25] <Birkin> ::moves with the Captain, frowning as he hopes they can set something up quickly::
[19:25] <Savant> Joanna isn't cautious enough, she's not used to the Cheetah either. As the hunters come around the ridge - coming into visible range - their leader makes a hand gesture that's carried along back through the group.
[19:28] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::sees the gears spot...him? No, he looks over his shoulder at Joanna and her gigantic heat plume:: Ohhhhh fucker! Move your ass, Joanna!
[19:28] <Joanna> +com+ Roger THAT! ::gets up and starts moving::
[19:28] <Craig> ::comes around with the others, throttling up the speed again::
[19:29] <Savant> Moments later, the three larger gears trailing turn to make their way up the ridge. The big brawler following behind them skids to a hockey-stop and sets himself in place. He's got a big ugly mortar on his back, much to big to be a guided mortar.
[19:29] <Gabriel> ::continues leading his group around the ridge to the southwest, looking for a good place to climb over to the north side::
[19:30] <Thierry> +Com+ Joanna, you see any markings on em?
[19:30] <Ardelmos> +com+ We've got some friends looking to play nice over here... ::checks the sensors for markings now that the gears are quite, quite visible::
[19:31] <Joanna> +com+ Fuck markings, I ain't sticking around to be someone's next kill! A little too busy staying alive here...
[19:32] <Gabriel> +com+ Corporal, that Bear probably has a mortar! Get out of its range, fast as you can!
[19:33] <Thierry> +Com+ Well if you die it would be nice to know whom we have to get revenge on
[19:33] <Savant> There's a loud THUMP from behind the ridge and a shell goes screaming into the sky. It impacts a good twenty meters from Joanna, engulfing the area in a fireball of shrapnel and explosives.
[19:34] <Joanna> +com+ ::not realizing she's transmitting:: Oh shit oh shit oh shit::
[19:34] <Ardelmos> ::winces at the explosion slightly:: +com+ Captain, turns out they don't want to play nice.
[19:36] <Savant> Joanna comes sailing through the explosion, her Gear screaming at her about being there in the first place
[19:37] <Thierry> +Com+ If we knew who they were we might be able to talk to them
[19:37] <Joanna> ::the damage display lights up showing the shrapnel did a lot more than just ping off armor, but went through it in more than a few areas... followed by a nasty sound:: +com+ Frak! Team lead, I've taken damage, need to pull out. ::spares a risk at her sensors:: I'll pull out to a safe distance and set up ECM.
[19:38] <Joanna> ::mutters to herself:: Or try to at any rate...
[19:38] <Savant> The raiders give chase, but the Cheetahs are too fast for them. They soon give up, addressing their disapproval of the Talons with a few rifle bursts into the air
[19:38] <Ardelmos> +com+ Oh stop whining. You're fine. ::after scanning Joanna's gear quickly, and relaying the markings he's picked up to Tynes:: These are definitely Pavre's fellow's.
[19:39] <Gabriel> +com+ Get out of range of that mortar, you two. Let me know when they lose unit cohesion.
[19:39] <Gabriel> +com+ We'll take them out one or two at a time if they lose discipline, and it sounds like they surely will.
[19:39] <Gabriel> +com+ My team, form up on me. ::starts up the side of the ridge::
[19:39] <Joanna> <<Um, scratch those two lines then. ::semi-serious glare at Colin::>>
[19:40] <Joanna> ::wince as the blast goes off rather close... closer than she'd like, and she feels half-naked in the gear::
[19:41] <Savant> The raiders stay fairly well grouped - they're no slouches. They gather up and swerve down the valley in unison
[19:41] <Birkin> ::forms up on the Captain:: Man, I hope this thing can take off in a hurry..
[19:41] <Thierry> +Com+ Sounds like local raiders, noone we've tangled with though
[19:41] <Ardelmos> ::pulls his speed back a little, trying to entice a few of the gears to make chase after them, but still keeps out of harm's way::
[19:41] <Mem> ::follows the captain up the hill, checking sensors::
[19:41] <Craig> ::watches sensor feeds coming from Mem::+com+ those raiders look pretty organized to me
[19:42] <Gabriel> +com+ Jaguars, skirmishing line. Birkin, find something to hide behind. Senior Sergeant, I'm going to need you to ForObs for the Sous-Sergeant. Find me a good target or two. Corporal, stay mobile.
[19:42] <Thierry> +Com+ Or at leat we are made to think they are. They're much better armed then your average raiders
[19:43] <Thierry> +Com+ Bien sur capitan
[19:43] <Ardelmos> +com+ Roger that, Captain. That Bear, the Tiger and the gear with the Bazooka seem like the best shot.
[19:43] <Birkin> +com+ Roger that sir. ::begins to look around to find something to hide behind::
[19:43] <Joanna> +com+ Rog. Staying alive.
[19:44] <Thierry> ::Cocks his autocannon and prepares to fight::
[19:48] <Joanna> +com+ I'll see if I can figure out this ECM console too.
[19:48] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:48] <Gabriel> +com+ Don't bother, you won't have time to use it. Might find the firing controls on that rocket cannon, though. Lieutenant, let's shut down their communications, shall we?
[19:49] <Mem> +com+ With pleasure, captain.
[19:58] <Craig> ::moves alongside the other jags and prepares for battle::
[19:59] <Thierry> ::Settles into formation and readies his AC::
[19:59] <Gabriel> +com+ Who strikes you as the leader, Senior Sergeant?
[19:59] <Savant> As the Talons turn around to face their foes properly, the Raiders are right behind them. There's little time to prepare.
[20:00] <Joanna> ::manages to form up on the main line::
[20:00] <Mem> ::fires up the ECM unit and grins, squelching their comm::
[20:00] <Ardelmos> +com+ Hunter Commando was givin' the hand signals, though if these are raiders his ego probably wants that gatling laser cannon.
[20:01] <Mem> +com+ Just having the laser in his raid means he can get more of what he wants.
[20:02] <Thierry> +Com+ This isn't like the locals, they don't usually pack this much firepower
[20:02] <Gabriel> +com+ My very thinking, Senior Sergeant. I make the Commando the head dawg... and the Jaguar the head Earther. Those are our initial targets.
[20:05] <Ardelmos> +com+ Roger that. ::draws bead on the Hunter Commander first, the heavy rifle tracking the gear as it roars towards him on the landscape::
[20:05] <Gabriel> +com+ MACs, auto fire on those two Gears, soften them up and make them think a little. Roland, one rifle shot into each. Joanna, get ready to plug them both with that rocket cannon. Maintain combat speed.
[20:06] <Joanna> +com+ Rog.
[20:10] <Thierry> +com+ Acknowedged ::Switches to SMS and unloads a burst into the Hunter::
[20:11] <Thierry> ::Walks his burst over to the jag::
[20:11] <Savant> The two gears start to swerve and jink as they get closer and start taking fire. It's quite obvious that these are experienced pilots (and Gears)
[20:15] <Craig> ::brings his jag along the ridge of the elevation still keeping line of sight on his targets and lets his autocannon do the talking::
[20:15] <Savant> Craig tries, but can't line up a solid shot. A few shells strike the Hunter, but they don't get through the armoured jacket.
[20:19] <Ardelmos> ::keeps his bead on the Hunter Commando and pulls the trigger firmly, using the recoil to adjust his aim and fire once more down through their line and at the Jaguar with the laser weapon:: Someone's gonna diiiiiiiiie.
[20:20] <Gabriel> +com+ Senior Sergeant, I want that dawg. Stay on him.
[20:20] <Savant> The Hunter does just what Roland asks - his shell impacts into the v-engine column, which spins wildly as it's torn apart. The Gear careens into the ground.
[20:21] <Gabriel> +com+ ::voice confident:: That'll do. Give me the Jaguar while you're at it.
[20:21] <Craig> +com+woohaaah! nice shot!
[20:22] <Ardelmos> ::smirks as the Hunter Commando more or less disintegrates upon slamming into the ground and fires a third time, second a second round screaming at the Jaguar::
[20:23] <Savant> The Jaguar makes a few hand signals as it swerves left and right, skating around Roland's shots as if they were driving-test pylons
[20:23] <Gabriel> +com+ Corporal, move up to cover them. Anything that comes in medium range of that rocket cannon, kill it.
[20:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Watch your spacing!
[20:25] <Ardelmos> ::frowns as the Jaguar skates around his shot:: +com+ That jaguar with the laser definitely knows what he's doing.
[20:25] <Gabriel> +com+ They don't give you a Jaguar if you don't, Senior Sergeant. Stay on him.
[20:26] <Joanna> AARRRGH. What would you HAVE me do, sit off on the sidelines with this thing?
[20:30] <Savant> The lead Hunter - clearly one of the younger members, as he hasn't got nearly as much cool gear as the others do, drives forward, spraying down the front lines with his autocannon as he does so
[20:30] <Joanna> ::takes a calming breath after that outburst, then:: +com+ Rog.
[20:31] <Thierry> ::Focuses on dodging the incoming rounds::
[20:31] <Ardelmos> ::cleanly dodges the fire from the lead hunter, skipping his gear to the left::
[20:33] <Savant> His companion - who has an armoured jacket - comes up right along side and does the same, pelting the front line with shots. Behind lumbers an ugly, small-headed Razorback toting one of the bigger Gear-mounted guns on the planet...
[20:33] <Ardelmos> ::skips back to the right as the second gear sprays their line::
[20:35] * LrdVampyre has joined #BT05
[20:37] <Savant> The Razorback opens up with it's very (very) heavy autocannon, sending the grouped-up Gears scattering
[20:38] <Thierry> ::Feels the really large shells fly by and sighs relieved.
[20:39] <Gabriel> +com+ Second squad, move up! Mem, you're first. Autocannon on that Hunter and that Razorback.
[20:39] <Gabriel> +com+ And the armored Hunter, while you're at it.
[20:39] <Joanna> ::barely avoids getting hit::
[20:44] <Mem> ::walks fire across the closest three targets while moving up to the line::
[20:44] <Savant> The Hunters and the Razorback all seem to be competent pilots - they don't get shaken by the amount of fire coming at them. Mem pings some shots off of the leg of the Razorback, but it ignores the impact and keeps coming.
[20:46] <Gabriel> ::moves up to support Mem, laying a track of fire across the lead element of the rover group::
[20:47] <Savant> The leaders of the rovers continue, still laying down shots to try and route the (apparently) Northern recon patrol
[20:47] <Joanna> +com+ ::getting out of the worst of the first round:: If these guys are just raiders, shouldn't they be trying to escape with what they have left now?
[20:48] <Craig> +com+ we've only downed one of them so far, and i'm guessing that commando wasn't their leader
[20:48] <Gabriel> +com+ All right, Sous-Sergeant, it's all on you. Come around the corner and the closest targets you see are yours. Tear 'em up.
[20:50] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::comes into visual range, then starts rippling off rockets roughly as fast as the Fire Jaguar can do it::
[20:51] <Gabriel> +com+ Sous-Sergeant, maintain fire until everything in the area is dead, please.
[20:53] <Mem> ::watches the rockets stream overhead, grinning at the sight of that kind of firepower::
[20:53] <Savant> The rockets blacken the sky in long inky streaks above the Talons, slamming down into the advancing Gears. All three come through the smoke, though the Razorback is spitting oil and hydraulic fluid from a knee, and the armoured hunter has a scorched head
[20:53] <Thierry> +Com+ That had to hurt
[20:53] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::fires the left rocket pack half empty, then opens fire with the right side::
[20:55] <Gabriel> +com+ Now we see how dedicated these boys are.
[20:56] <Savant> The second salvo blots out the sun, letting the Talons have their battle in the shade beneath. Only one hunter - the one wearing the armoured jacket- emerges from the other side. He's swerving like mad.
[20:58] <Joanna> ::lets loose a rip from the RFB::
[20:59] <Savant> The Hunter is already dodging like mad, so is too wily for Joanna to tag. Further back, a Tiger peers out from behind the ridge and, before heading for the hills, relays some co-ordinates back to the Bear hiding behind the hill
[21:00] <Joanna> C'mon, run...
[21:05] <Savant> Another mortar shell comes screaming into the air and pounds into Joanna's position as she's advancing, and this one hits home. Her Gear is rattled form the impact and all of her lights start blinking red
[21:05] <Joanna> +com+ FRAK!
[21:07] <Joanna> <<::coughs, waiting for the script re-write::>>
[21:08] <Savant> (same thing happens. You have a hypochondriac Gear ^_-)
[21:09] <Ardelmos> +com+ I said stop complaining, you're fine. Jeezus.
[21:09] <Ardelmos> (or rather 'Mamoud' Wink
[21:10] <Joanna> <<She wouldn't have done that if it weren't that heavy damage you know Razz >>
[21:10] <Ardelmos> <<oh, well aware Wink>>
[21:10] <Gabriel> +com+ Settle down, people. ::watches the bulk of the troops turn and run:: Prepare pursuit course. I want that Jag. But stay in formation.
[21:11] <Thierry> +Com+ Acknowledged capitan
[21:12] <Joanna> ::doesn't respond, she's too busy::
[21:13] <Mem> ::grins at their handiwork as they advance on the wreckage, waiting for an order to show off his gear's speed::
[21:17] <Thierry> ::Skates up to the hunter and unloads an MAC round into it as he passes it::
[21:17] * Savant sets mode: +v LrdVampyre
[21:17] <Savant> The Hunter drifts sharply to one side to avoid Thierry's close pass
[21:24] <Craig> ::continues along the ridge firing at the last hunter then the bear::
[21:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Senior Ranger, transmit coordinates of that fire support platform. Sous-Sergeant, Lieutenant, prepare indirect fire on that platform.
[21:25] <Craig> +com+ roger that cap'n ::gets a bead on the bear and sends the coords to birkin::
[21:25] <Savant> The Hunter is running for his life at this point - apparently he hopes to run the gauntlet through the Northern gears. The Bear is raising his autocannon, apparently making a last stand to buy his companions time to escape
[21:25] <Mem> ::whistles to himself, bringing up his missile interface:: +com+ Missiles armed.
[21:27] <Ardelmos> ::guns his engine and moves onto the ridge, drawing a bead on the fleeing Jaguar::
[21:29] <Ardelmos> ::fires:: Get back here you fucking Earther!
[21:29] <Savant> The Jaguar is skating left and right, swerving around boulders and doing its best to avoid fire - Roland can't get a clean shot, and his shot raises dust off of the desert floor
[21:32] <Mem> ...
[21:32] <Ardelmos> ::grinds his teeth and whips the HRF out to the side as he sees his shot puff off the floor, more or less firing at the Hunter to his right by instict and anger::
[21:34] <Savant> The hunter spins to face Roland just in time for him to pull the trigger. The shot goes clean through the armoured jacket and through the pilot's compartment - the Gear falls onto its back, limbs akimbo and motor still running.
[21:34] <Joanna> ::She's busy moving forward, RFB levelled for the shot... but then Roland steals all the thunder::
[21:35] <Craig> ::watches in amazement as roland downs the hunter::...whoa...
[21:39] <Joanna> ::with the Hunter taken out, she turns her frustration on the Bear::
[21:41] <Savant> The Bear doesn't take Joanna's frustration very well. It takes a battering from the Gear's bazooka shells, and a lucky shot impacts under the chin of the Gear's head turret, blasting into the cockpit.
[21:41] <Joanna> ::and with that the NNet blithely informs her she has just drained the entire ammo supply for the RFB::
[21:41] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:41] <Mem> ::growls, off-comm:: Earth Bitch stole my kill!
[21:41] <Mem> Wink
[21:42] <Ardelmos> ::attn and stuff::
[21:42] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[21:42] <Mem> ::attn::
[21:42] <Craig> ::attn::
[21:42] <Savant> well, that was fun. A little longer than I was hoping,b ut it's been a long time - or the first time, for some of you.
[21:42] <Joanna> ::off-comm:: That bastard Roland stole my kill!
[21:42] <Joanna> ::Attn::
[21:42] <Thierry> Attn
[21:42] <Savant> any comments or questions?
[21:42] <Mem> It was a good refresher. I needed it.
[21:42] <Ardelmos> I have an e-die question.
[21:42] <Savant> ask away
[21:42] <Mem> It's been probably nearly two years for me.
[21:43] <Ardelmos> If we overspend this week, but don't e-die the following weeks, can we sink the points in?
[21:43] <Savant> like I said, i wasn't gonna go hard on you, but i wanted to rattle your cage a bit
[21:43] <Thierry> Interesting...can't wait til I can hit something Smile
[21:43] <Savant> so you're asking if you can put 3 e-dice into a skill this week, and then none on the following two?
[21:43] <Gabriel> Get weapon skill 3 and Gabriel will give you a heavy weapon. Wink
[21:43] <Craig> i'm still suprised my 8 didn't even damage that hunter...
[21:44] <Savant> as a theoretical situation, i mean
[21:44] <Ardelmos> I put 3 e-die into gunnery today. If I don't e-die gunnery in either of the following two weeks, can I get back those two previously lost points and sink'm in?
[21:44] <Savant> Craig, that Hunter was awesome. He liked the 6's
[21:44] <Savant> oh! no, they're lost, Roland, fraid to say.
[21:44] <Craig> until roland
[21:44] * Thierry still doesn't get edie
[21:44] <Ardelmos> Bummer.
[21:45] <Savant> yeah, well, the five ones in a row sort of told that tale... and Roland had emergency dice to spend
[21:45] <Savant> speaking of emergency dice, who wants some experience points?
[21:45] <Savant> anyone?
[21:45] <Thierry> me me
[21:45] <Gabriel> That would be nice, yes, please sir mayIhavesomemore?
[21:45] <Ardelmos> Aye
[21:46] <Savant> let's see here. We'll start with base 2 again. Do you think you accomplished some critical maneuver, or got some vital information today?
[21:46] <Craig> learned a little about the cameras
[21:46] <Gabriel> Gabriel confirmed a theory of his: it's an Earther or a plant leading a local group of rovers.
[21:46] <Ardelmos> I think we sorta maybe severely disrupted this bandit group. Wink
[21:46] <Thierry> Ya think?
[21:46] <Joanna> We survived. Isn't that enough?
[21:46] <Ardelmos> We also learned that their hover vehicles are being stored somewhere...
[21:46] <Gabriel> Dawgs = Dawgs. Sigmund Freud would be amused.
[21:47] <Craig> so would pavlov probably
[21:47] <Craig> destroy a couple cameras=ringing a bell?Smile
[21:47] <Gabriel> Yeah, but in this case, Pavre and his grandpa said that it was local "dawgs" that Pavre ordered the laser for.
[21:47] <Gabriel> And we find markings on the Gears, and what's the marking of?
[21:48] <Savant> i'll give you an extra 1 here. You didn't actually capture anyone (yet) but you did get some good information
[21:48] <Joanna> And there were dawgs at the heels of that one woman
[21:48] <Savant> dawgs do sort of live around here ^_-
[21:48] <Craig> hehe
[21:49] <Savant> 3 xp total. +1 for a combat encounter is 4. +1 for being in an encounter with opponents of equivalent power, making 5.
[21:49] <Savant> Did you work as a team?
[21:49] <Craig> yep
[21:49] <Craig> jab jab punch and all that:)
[21:49] <Joanna> Definitely.
[21:49] <Ardelmos> Quite.
[21:49] <Gabriel> Couldn't have been more as a team. Good formations, good fire coordination, fairly good spacing.
[21:49] <Thierry> Yuppers
[21:49] <Ardelmos> MapTool worked perfectly.
[21:49] <Mem> ::nods::
[21:50] <Gabriel> Though I'm going to make an effort to be sick for the next Gear combat. Wink
[21:50] <Gabriel> Just to see if the lessons are really taking hold. Wink
[21:50] <Joanna> ::mutter:: I told you, the only place to space myself out and still get full movement would have sent me east WELL out of fire range Razz
[21:50] <Thierry> ::Glares at Ross::
[21:50] <Savant> I agree. That's 6 in total. I'll give a +1 to anyone who can tell me something they like about the character below them on the list - Thierry, you get to comment on Roland.
[21:51] <Gabriel> Wasn't just you. We had a couple of people on the ridge and that could have been used against us. As it happened, it was an advantage because Craig was in position to ForObs.
[21:51] <Mem> Softening up targets is the easy part of a tactic. Positioning and order is what throws me off.
[21:51] <Thierry> Hmm...
[21:51] <Joanna> Mem's so dreeeeamy! ::snort:: Not. But at least he throws up a good ECM.
[21:51] <Savant> something about their character, not their character sheet ^_-
[21:51] <Mem> ::snort:: You haven't seen his I/O skills.
[21:52] <Joanna> ::shrugs:: She's got an ECM system in her gear, probably noted Mem's handiwork briefly on it Wink
[21:52] <Thierry> Well he's got a pretty good eye for detail
[21:52] <Joanna> And failing that he's a whiz at sensors, which everyone has seen.
[21:52] <Mem> What do I like about Birkin?
[21:52] <Craig> i don't think we want to see mem's I/O skills Smile
[21:53] <Savant> this is apparently a complicated question ^_-
[21:53] <Ardelmos> Craig provided excellent fire support. Generally was his normal, rock-solid self.
[21:53] <Savant> i like that, and have to agree - Craig is a very dependable sort of a character
[21:53] * Thierry pouts as he doesn't get to hear anything about Thierry
[21:53] <Joanna> <Jana> Did you just call him RELIABLE?!?!? Die already so I can tortue you in the afterlife!
[21:53] <Mem> I like that he's the perfect foil to Mem in a lot of ways. North vs South, brains vs brawn...Birkin is an amazing gunner. I hope I can play on that more later on, even though I've already had Mem make comments to Birkin along those lines.
[21:53] <Gabriel> Joanna follows orders even when she thinks those orders are going to kill her, but she doesn't yet trust Gabriel not to put her into a situation that won't get her killed. She was in that Cheetah because Gabriel knew she could handle it. Joanna doesn't yet think so. So she has to either learn to trust herself or her CO.
[21:53] <Ardelmos> In combat, anyway
[21:54] <Ardelmos> Outside of a gear he's a mess, but in a gear he's dependable. Wink
[21:54] <Savant> I'll give you something about Thierry. I think Thierry's going to make an excellent additon to the team. He strikes me as being a bit naieve, but that really suits. He's the young guy with something to prove. That's cool.
[21:54] <Craig> lol
[21:54] <Thierry> Must say Thierry thinks alot higher of Gabe then of his former COs
[21:55] <Joanna> <Jana> ::nods in agreement:: Okay. You sleep nights then... for now...
[21:55] <Craig> well if i wanted to say something about roland, i'd say he can be scary in combat, but is still just as prone to slipping up (refering to the destruction of the first camera)
[21:55] <Joanna> At any rate, Joanna sees a bit in Mem that gives her something to strive for.
[21:55] <Gabriel> Craig, you have to comment on Gabriel. Wink
[21:55] <Mem> Sluttiness?
[21:55] <Craig> doh!
[21:56] <Joanna> ::looks at Mem::
[21:56] <Gabriel> I admire Craig's ability to find the character below him in only two tries.
[21:56] <Gabriel> Wink
[21:56] <Savant> let's see, I've heard from Roland, Gabriel, Joanna, Mem, and Thierry. Craig, the person beneath you, not above ^_-
[21:56] * Thierry notes that he needs to start using "I'm a Medic not a ..."
[21:56] <Savant> hee
[21:56] <Mem> Mem is a manwhore, I'm not going to lie.
[21:56] <Joanna> ::Grins at Ross::
[21:56] <Savant> Mem is th eonly character in the group with a +1 APP and a level in the Seduction skill
[21:56] <Craig> oh beneath ahh
[21:56] <Joanna> When did you become Alice? Wink
[21:57] <Mem> Is there a Nymphomaniac adv/disadv? Wink
[21:57] <Joanna> <Joanna, to Mem> We are not having a moment here!!!!
[21:57] <Gabriel> Sheesh. And Gabriel's command style just clicked for me. He's a bad combination of Malcolm Reynolds and Michael Garibaldi. Wink
[21:57] <Savant> i could make it an addition ^_-
[21:57] <Savant> hee
[21:57] <Gabriel> Well, maybe not a bad combination.
[21:57] <Savant> addiction, even
[21:57] <Mem> Garibaldi, hm? That's an interesting anology.
[21:57] <Mem> I don't know who Reynolds is
[21:57] <Savant> anny comments on Gabriel, Craig?
[21:58] <Gabriel> But he's ultra-formal like Garibaldi, has Garibaldi's sense of humor, is a steadying older hand like Garibaldi, and probably likes cartoons like Garibaldi. Wink
[21:58] <Gabriel> But on the flipside, he's very much a pragmatic Malcolm type too.
[21:58] <Craig> ok grabriel...well if i were to compare him to our previous captain, i'd say he's a bit more reserved, likes to play things by the rules
[21:58] <Savant> has his hands on the reigns instead of entirely off of them
[21:59] <Gabriel> ::nods:: That's a fair observation.
[21:59] <Savant> seven experience for everyone. Even Birkin. Cause i'm generous.
[21:59] <Craig> Smile
[21:59] <Gabriel> ::grins::
[21:59] <Thierry> Yay!
[21:59] * Joanna is now known as Farrell_AFK
[21:59] <Gabriel> +1 CS (ED), +1 PER (XP), +1 PSY (XP), +1 Leadership (XP), +1 Gear/Gunnery (XP), +2 to bank.
[21:59] <Savant> looks good to me
[22:00] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 2:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. San Molei in Session'
[18:00] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:00] <Joanna> ::attn::
[18:00] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[18:00] <Ardelmos> ::attn, and stuff::
[18:00] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:01] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:01] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:02] * Birkin has joined #BT05
[18:02] <Savant> okay, seems everyone's here now
[18:02] <Thierry> Brad
[18:02] <Savant> ah! right.
[18:02] * Gabriel sets mode: +o Birkin
[18:02] <Savant> well, he can catch up ^_-
[18:02] <Savant> Briefing, then questions. Yes? Yes.
[18:02] <Savant> San Molei
[18:02] <Savant> 05 Winter TN 1944, 3400h - late at night
[18:02] <Savant> Northern Guard Base Sesshu, Norlight Confederacy
[18:02] <Savant> 16 degrees Celcius, 15% humidity
[18:02] <Savant> The remainder of Winter 02 was spent in analysis of the raid sites and in going over Peresalona's manifests. The encounter in the badlands earlier in the day had uncovered some interesting finds - literally - but the trail still isn't very clear yet. More and more evidence is stacking up that Earthers *are* in the area, however.
[18:02] <Savant> Captain Tynes has asked Nalda Peresalona to add the Talon team onto PAS's crew manifests, and allow them to travel to Icehaven to follow up on a shipment of ammunition and small arms as part of a quality control team. From there, the Talons found that the most conspicuous items on the manifest, a laser weapon and 50 cal ammunition, were sent to the Horwell ranch two hundred kilometers north.
[18:02] <Savant> With their covert operation at the ranch bearing no fruit, the Talons instead opted to approach posing as a Northern Guard recon squadron with questions.
[18:02] <Savant> This strategy went well for the Talons, but not how they expected - while at the Horwell ranch, by chance they discovered a camera observing the valley. These in turn led to a group of Gears which had laid an ambush for the Talons. With a hasty tactical retreat followed by a quick but decisive battle, the Talons now have the leader of that gang in their custody.
[18:02] <Savant> Now at NGB Sesshu, the Team is split up to discover as much as they can. They don't yet realize that the clock is ticking down quicker than they had anticipated...
[18:02] <Savant> Please acknowledge when ready.
[18:03] <Savant> questions once you've acknowledged
[18:03] <Joanna> ACK
[18:03] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:03] <Thierry> Ack
[18:03] <Birkin> ack
[18:03] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[18:03] <Savant> Thierry?
[18:04] <Gabriel> ack
[18:04] <Thierry> Any more rolls relating to the imaging tests the capitan asked for
[18:04] <Craig> ack
[18:04] <Savant> you'll be finishing those up just as we start
[18:04] <Thierry> Is that a yes or no?
[18:05] <Savant> there will be, yes. But not yet
[18:05] <Thierry> okie
[18:05] <Savant> any other questions?
[18:05] <Savant> let's begin then. Places, everyone
[18:05] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:06] <Savant> NGB Sesshu is quiet at this time of night. The group is split up in the east wing of one of the larger buildings - a garage is affixed to a barracks and office complex, including a small medical bay. The group is scattered about their various duties therein
[18:06] <Gabriel> ::puts a last few things in the locker he's been assigned at NGB Sesshu, his sidearm key among them, before entering the room with the prisoner::
[18:07] <Savant> In an interrogation room, A scruffy looking man in his 40' (cycles) is just regaining consciousness. A guard stands by the door, standing guard with an automatic rifle.
[18:07] <Ardelmos> ::looks up as Tynes enters -- he's placed himself up against the back wall directly behind the prisoner, before the man wakes up::
[18:07] <Thierry> ::Settles in over the scanner in the med bay with his samples::
[18:08] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't make a sound as he nods at Tynes, more or less keeping the rover oblivious to his presence::
[18:08] <Savant> Just outside of the interrogation room has been set up a portable medical suite, where Thierry is working on the readouts from the scans of Mr Doe.
[18:09] <Gabriel> ::closes up the locker and gives the lock a spin before heading into the room proper:: Where's Corporal Farrell?
[18:10] <Ardelmos> ::shrugs silently but doesn't say anything, preferring to let the drowsy man draw his own conclusions as to who Tynes is talking to::
[18:11] <Joanna> ::glowers at the damage to her gear from the fight. Granted, it's not hers, but it's still something she's not happy about...::
[18:11] <Savant> In the garage adjoining the building, the Gears have been set int heir parking stalls - including one beat up Jaguar. It's relatively undamaged. The HGLC is currently on a table at the vehicle's feet.
[18:12] <Birkin> ::frowns as he looks over the HGLC on the table, grunting softly as he began to slowly look over it::
[18:12] <Gabriel> Keep your eyes open, Senior Sergeant. ::checks his ankle holster, then covers it properly:: We've had raids by our old friends all throughout this region since '41, including one prisoner break.
[18:12] <Joanna> ::sighs:: If we've gone through all of this just for it to not be some spy from Earth...
[18:12] <Thierry> ::Looks at the imaging results as the blood work is running, fairly interesting::
[18:13] <Gabriel> ::hits the bay comm frequency:: +com+ Corporal Farrell, report to the interrogation room.
[18:13] <Craig> ::wanders over to birkin:: how's it going here?
[18:13] <Joanna> ::jumps upon hearing Tynes through the speakers:: Gah!
[18:13] <Gabriel> ::glances back at Roland:: Infrequent and something the Guard has been keeping quiet, but it's happened.
[18:14] <Gabriel> ::has a seat in the chair across from the prisoner::
[18:14] <Savant> The prisoner in the Interrogation room is coming to. His wrists have been affixed to the chair's arms with cable ties but he's otherwise unbound. Too groggy to be much of a threat, really - he's got a lump on his forehead that's turned purple.
[18:14] <Joanna> ::shaking her head, half-chiding herself, she heads for what they've made the interrogation room... granted, she's not happy about being in that place::
[18:14] <Birkin> ::Frowns slightly:: We'll see in a few moments ::takes out a small kit and begins to undo the casing, slowly taking the large gun apart::
[18:14] <Ardelmos> ::smirks slightly and silently undoes the flaps on his two sidearms, as well as the cover on his vibroknife as he remains directly behind the prisoner and out of the man's field of view, leaning against the wall::
[18:15] <Gabriel> ::waits patiently for the prisoner to be somewhat coherent::
[18:15] <Joanna> ::At least she's not the one in the chair... she quickly reaches the interrogation room and hesitates at the door briefly before stepping in::
[18:16] <Savant> Prisoner> ::shakes his head and looks up, blinking heavily, but now coherent::
[18:16] * Brad has joined #BT05
[18:17] <Birkin> ::begins to slowly pull the gun itself apart, setting the power coupling aside as he looks down at the parts again::
[18:17] * Savant sets mode: +o Brad
[18:18] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:18] <Gabriel> Good afternoon. I'm Captain Gabriel Tynes, 2nd platoon of the 7th of the Smoking Guns. You've been taken prisoner.
[18:18] <Savant> Birkin finds that the innards of this thing are fairly complex, but much like any other HGLC he's found. The internal semiconductors are in very good condition.
[18:18] <Joanna> ::glances over Tynes way, wondering what he wanted::
[18:18] <Ardelmos> ::eyes the man's posture, uniform, and haircut from behind, looking for anything terribly out of place for a normal rover::
[18:19] <Savant> Prisoner> ::clears his throat and asks in a rough voice:: Whu- my boys, what did ya do with my boys?
[18:19] <Thierry> ::Watches the prisoner waiting for the right moment to come in and give his data to the captain. He has his side arm in a holdster as well as his medical gear::
[18:19] <Mem> ::leans back against the wall, arms crossed, looking sleepy and uninterested::
[18:20] <Birkin> ::rubs his chin for a moment before diving back into the gear::
[18:20] <Gabriel> ::picks up a PDA from the table and appears to read from it:: Two escaped, four dead, and yourself. I'm sorry about your losses, but you fired on a Northern Guard patrol -- my patrol, not to put too fine a point on it -- engaged in legitimate business within our defensive sphere.
[18:21] <Savant> Prisoner> ::hangs his head down again and says nothing further on the subject::
[18:21] <Ardelmos> ::carefully watches the back of the man's neck and his shoulders as he corresponds with Tynes, examining the man's body language::
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::indicates Joanna:: This is the communications liaison for this base, Corporal Joanna Farrell. If you'd like to have a message sent, she will do so.
[18:22] <Joanna> ::doesn't say anything, just observes the prisoner's reaction::
[18:23] <Gabriel> ::nods:: So, you can begin by telling me why you and your men fired on a Northern Guard patrol.
[18:23] <Savant> Prisoner> ::gruffly - he's had a long day:: Nah, nah, that's fine. Thanks.
[18:24] <Joanna> ::hears that voice speaking to her again....::
[18:25] <Joanna> ::Shakes her head as if to clear it, blinking::
[18:25] <Birkin> ::frowns:: Looks like its from a Battleframe... ::looks over it again and begins to examine the power coils::
[18:25] <Ardelmos> ::tilts his head slightly to the side -- thus far, the man certainly seemed to be playing the part of a raider. Not military, either, but the doctor's testing would reveal the truth soon enough::
[18:25] <Thierry> +Subvoc+ Capitan, I have ze results when you're ready for dem sir.
[18:25] <Savant> Prisoner> ::Shifts awkwardly in the chair:: Guess that's fair. We got word you were shakin down the Horwell's and the other ranchers, then was makin your way to our little base. Thought it only right ta come and meet ya.
[18:26] <Mem> ::enters the interrogation room and quietly shuts the door behind him::
[18:26] <Ardelmos> ::looks at Joanna briefly as she shakes her head as if to clear it, then returns his gaze back to the prisoner::
[18:27] <Joanna> You mean, to keep us from finding your base?
[18:27] <Savant> Prisoner> ::Looks over at Joanna blankly a moment before hanging his head again:: Yeh, somethin like that.
[18:27] <Joanna> A little pointless, considering you just had to follow the trail.
[18:27] <Gabriel> ::over his shoulder:: Now now, Corporal. That will do. ::turns back to the prisoner:: That bump looks extremely painful. Would you like a pain-killer?
[18:28] <Craig> ::goes over to the gear and starts popping access panels:: if that thing was made for a frame, i wonder if this jag had any special mods done to it
[18:28] <Savant> Prisoner> Nah, s'fine. Had worse.
[18:28] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Very well. ::turns back to Joanna:: Corporal, will walk over to medical and let the doctor know that the prisoner has declined treatment?
[18:29] <Birkin> The hell... ::looks at the barrels for a little bit:: This guy doesn't know how to fire a laser...
[18:29] <Joanna> ::nods:: Rog. ::heads out the door, closing it behind her... and trying to ignore the voice speaking to her::
[18:29] <Gabriel> <<will you, even>>
[18:29] <Birkin> -I- can fire a lasers better than this moron.
[18:29] <Craig> ::turns to birkin:: how can you tell?
[18:29] <Gabriel> ::turns back to the prisoner:: I noticed the dawg insignia on your Gears. Is that the name of your regiment? The Dawgs?
[18:29] <Birkin> There's a ton of carbon scoring in the barrel. He's been holdig down his trigger too long... Almost like he was thinking he was using a mac?
[18:29] <Joanna> ::walking down the corridor, seemingly having a conversation with no-one:: You heard him, he was sent out to stop us before we could find his base. It makes perfect sense - destroy us, nobody hears about the cameras...
[18:30] <Birkin> <<mac = auto cannon>>
[18:30] <Thierry> Good point. I guess I really should have a look at him, make sure he's allright before the fun starts.
[18:31] <Craig> ::hmms:: doesn't sound like an experienced earther to me... ::goes back to poking around in the gear::
[18:31] <Joanna> ::pops the door to Medical:: Thierry?
[18:31] <Savant> Prisoner> ::grins a toothy, pained grin:: Heh, the Karaq Dawgs ain't no regiment. Jest some badlander boys. S'what they call us, yeah.
[18:31] <Thierry> Yes Joanna?
[18:31] <Mem> ::glances at Roland at the last comment, then back at the prisoner::
[18:32] <Gabriel> The Karaq Dawgs, then. Would you care to give me your name, and your position in the Karaq Dawgs?
[18:32] <Joanna> Tynes said to say this guy's refused medical treatment.
[18:32] <Thierry> I should look anyway. Gives me an excuse to give him ze results of the tests
[18:32] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Leo Roshenko. I run... huh. I ran the Dawgs. "Enter Text for Leo Roshenko"
[18:33] <Ardelmos> ::silently draws one of his throwing knives, examining the blade for a moment and looking it past it to the rover he's standing behind, still unbeknownst to the man -- should Tynes want to get creative, it would function better than the vibroblade::
[18:33] <Birkin> ::frowns looking at a few other peices of the gun here and there:: Hmmm.
[18:33] <Joanna> Tests? What tests?
[18:33] <Ardelmos> ::narrows his eyes slightly as Roshenko finishes his sentence in an odd manner::
[18:34] <Savant> ((nevermind the "enter text" bit ^_-))
[18:34] <Gabriel> Thank you, Mr. Roshenko. Then it was on your orders that the Karaq Dawgs hit and destroyed a number of civilian caravans in the region of Peresalona and Rahnguard?
[18:35] <Thierry> Capitan asked me to run some tests on our friend in zere. I think he should see them::Tries to quietly, but not stealthily slip into the room carrying PDA with the test results and wait for Gabe to acknowledge him::
[18:35] * LrdVampyre has joined #BT05
[18:35] <Joanna> ::shrugs:: Whatever. ::pauses at the door, letting him in, but letting the door closed... she's not sure if she's supposed to go back in.
[18:36] <Gabriel> ::looks up as Thierry enters:: Hello, Doctor. The prisoner has declined medical treatment at this time. I assume that's the form I'll need to sign for that? If so, you can leave it with me. ::holds out his hand::
[18:36] <Ardelmos> ::rotates the throwing knife over his knuckles as he considers the man's name, and looks up as Thierry enters the room, his eyes gravitating towards the PDA::
[18:36] <Thierry> ::Hands over the PDA:: Of course sir.
[18:37] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Heck no! That was them suns'a bitches from closer ta Massada, the Bloody Twelve. We love these parts round here.
[18:37] <Mem> ::steps to the side to make room for the door opening, then listens to the prisoner::
[18:37] <Joanna> ::sighs, speaking to the voice:: Yes, but I *saw* those cameras. Those aren't from around here, and they sure as heck didn't likely salvage THAT many after the war here...
[18:37] <Craig> ::takes a look under the seat:: this thing's got an old neural net, probably as old as the one we picked up from the salvage group, i'm gonna start it up and run a diagnostic
[18:37] <Ardelmos> ::narrows his eyes slightly at that, trying to determine if now he's started to lie -- Massada was a ways off::
[18:37] <Thierry> ::Looks at the prisoner:: Are you sure you con't want me to look at that, looks like quite a bruise
[18:38] <Joanna> ::whirls around and stares down the hall as if trying to see something::
[18:38] <Gabriel> ::accepts the PDA and glances at it:: He's said no. We won't keep you from your other duties, doctor.
[18:39] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Very well sir. Let me know if he changes his mind
[18:39] <Ardelmos> ::straightens somewhat -- if this gentleman was lieing, he was good at it. He seemed genuinely upset when Tynes suggested he was attacking locals::
[18:39] <Birkin> ::frowns:: Gonna need Earther Girl for that one... ::Taps a marking on the gun::
[18:39] <Joanna> ::frowns::
[18:39] <Thierry> ::Steps out of the room and goes back outside::
[18:40] <Mem> ::leaves the room with Thierry::
[18:40] <Gabriel> ::while examining the PDA:: The Bloody Twelve? I don't believe I've ever heard of them.
[18:40] <Craig> ::flips some switches and waits for the screen to light up::
[18:40] <Joanna> ::glances at Thierry as he emerges:: Well?
[18:41] <Thierry> ::Looks to Mem and Joanna:: He's Terra Novan, that's for sure. Looks like an oridnary rover
[18:41] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::exhales:: They come from past Toledo, s'where they hole up, in the MacAllen's. Always comin round and giving honest folk a hard time.
[18:41] <Mem> ::shuts the door behind him:: I didn't hear any kind of accent, inflection, either.
[18:41] <Joanna> ::frowns:: So where DOES a rover get his hands on all that Caprician camera equipment?
[18:42] <Mem> I still want to know about the laser. I'm heading over there now.
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::pulls out a stylus and signs the PDA, then turns it off and sets it next to his own:: Come now, Mr. Roshenko... ghosts in the Mac Allen tunnels? Aren't we a bit old for ghost stories?
[18:42] <Mem> ::starts walking towards Birkin's location::
[18:42] <Joanna> Hmm, I suppose that's the best lead we have. ::follows Mem::
[18:43] <Thierry> Only thing unusual was a recently broken arm...several times.
[18:43] <Birkin> ::hears Mem and turns back to him for a moment then back to his task:: I don't think that guys an Earther.
[18:43] <Gabriel> You can sense my confusion, I assume. I have eight destroyed caravans, all within easy striking distance of your Karaq Dawgs, and most of that damage done by laser weaponry.
[18:43] <Mem> ::comes up behind Birkin:: I wish he was, in a way.
[18:43] <Gabriel> I have a hard time believing in ghosts when I have a hostile team lead by a laser-armed Gear.
[18:43] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::He looks up to Gabriel, a grim sort of frown on his face:: They're sneaky bastards, but they run out there. I'll happily say we done hit northern caravans and routes, but we never laid a hand on anyone in the Wastes. Ever.
[18:44] <Mem> Find out what the hell is going on.
[18:44] <Mem> ::looks down at the laser:: Well well.
[18:44] <Craig> ::punches in the diagnostic commands and frowns a bit at the results:: well it's not War of the Alliance grade, this one came into service shortly after the war.
[18:44] <Joanna> ::arrives with Mem and gazes at the laser herself... first thing she does is look for anything that might help her identify its origin::
[18:45] <Ardelmos> ::purses his lips, considering what Roshenko is saying -- he might not be lieing, but given the technology he and his group were running with, he wasn't fully forthcoming either::
[18:45] <Mem> So what do you know? ::to Birkin::
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::leans back and gives Roshenko a look that clearly says he doesn't believe him::
[18:45] <Birkin> ::shakes his head:: It -looks- earther made. But I dont think he's an earther..
[18:46] <Mem> OK. ::looks underneath the laser:: What makes this Earther-made?
[18:46] <Craig> ::from the jag's cockpit:: my guess is we're dealing with War of the Alliance vets
[18:47] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::Roshenko is impassive - if Gabriel doesn't believe him, then he doesn't seem to care::
[18:47] <Gabriel> So, your story is that I've found the one piece of desert on Terra Nova that has two groups of bandits that use lasers.
[18:47] <Gabriel> This is your story? Would it surprise you to learn that we've matched the burn signature of your weapon with vehicles from two of the destroyed caravans?
[18:48] <Birkin> The hookups and the couplings. It looks like it was designed to be on a CEF Battleframe ::motions at the couplings and the bolt on points.
[18:48] <Thierry> ::Thinks over the name of the rover group the prisoner mentioned to see if it sounded familiar::
[18:48] <Ardelmos> ::watches Roshenko closely from behind as Tynes begins pressing -- he can't see the rover's face, but that meant he could pay more attention to the tension in his neck and back, as well as his body language::
[18:49] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Yes sir, yes it would. Maybe someone else used it before I got it. These things're goin' 'round these parts, ya know?
[18:49] <Birkin> ::looks over at Joanna and points at a "H" on it:: That ring a bell?
[18:49] <Mem> Hm... ::continues looking at the gear::
[18:50] <Joanna> ::nods:: Hakkar Industries on Caprice.
[18:50] <Gabriel> No, actually, I don't know that, Mr. Roshenko. Lasers are rather rare, to say the least, and a group such as your Karaq Dawgs to be armed with one is all but unheard of.
[18:50] <Birkin> ::smirks:: So it is CEF made. But that boy in there doesnt strike me as a Earther. Unless hes a retard when it comes to Lasers
[18:50] <Joanna> Makes sense I guess, considering the cameras were probably from Caprice too.
[18:51] <Gabriel> Your weapon saved your life, in point of fact. ::leans forward:: I really wanted to have a chat with someone who uses a laser out here. Given the laser burns to the caravans.
[18:51] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::sits back a little bit, pained:: Yeah, well, they're goin round. We ain't the only ones to get'em.
[18:51] <Craig> ::tries to dig into the history of the NNET, but comes up with some odd errors:: hmm, i'm sure i'm imputing the right commands, but this keeps giving me an "unknown operator" error...
[18:51] <Mem> ::bumps his head on the frame and cusses::
[18:51] <Joanna> ::a beat:: Maybe the CEF's supplying local bullies?
[18:51] <Mem> Caprice?
[18:52] <Joanna> ::to Mem:: What, you think they'd really ship something all the way from Earth when they have all the industry they probably need on Caprice to make 'em?
[18:52] <Thierry> +Subvoc+ Capitan, ze Bloody 12 have been a thorn in ze side of the TDF for Cycles. Chased zem all over ze desert a few times
[18:52] <Mem> ::stands up and leans against the laser's frame, drumming his fingers::
[18:52] <Gabriel> Ah. So, not only are there ghosts in the Mac Allen tunnels, but the modern day Miracle of the Waters grants laser cannons to any who wants them.
[18:52] <Joanna> Hell, I'd bet half the 8th fleet's rebuilding off of Caprician manufacturing.
[18:53] <Gabriel> Tell me, where can I find this magical fountain that dispenses laser cannons? I might want to equip my squad with them. ::rather scornful::
[18:53] <Mem> So how does a Caprician laser end up in the hands of some dumbass petty sand raider?
[18:53] <Craig> ::inputs the commands a few more times before the computer finally accepts::
[18:54] <Birkin> Easy. he was given to it by someone who has contacts or is from CAprice.
[18:54] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::Snirts:: hnh. The way I see it, I'm gonna get strung up no matter *what* I say, cap. May as well tell ye they come bubblin out the ground, so's the actual stuff can stay outta grubby Northern hands.
[18:54] <Joanna> ::nods with Birkin:: Exactly.
[18:54] <Mem> Salvaged battleframe? The parts get split up and sent around? Spare weapon? Where does this bitch come from?
[18:54] <Ardelmos> ::gets a somewhat ghostly smile on his face as Roshenko mentions being strung up, as if that were the worst thing that was going to happen to him::
[18:54] <Mem> So you think that these guys are unknowingly working for Keff?
[18:54] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Senior Sergeant, Mr. Roshenko is being rather rude.
[18:55] <Joanna> ::snorts:: Unknowingly? I doubt it. Look the other way? Sure.
[18:56] <Ardelmos> ::nods, and leans forward, bringing his mouth close to Roshenko's ear:: If y'think being strung up is the worst that's gonna happen to you, buddy, you're quite, quite wrong. ::leans back and gives the man a quick, sharp cut along his ear::
[18:56] <Mem> It'd be stupid of the Keff to hire these guys. It'd be too easy to track them down, or learn what's going on.
[18:56] <Mem> At least, to hire them and tell them who is hiring them.
[18:56] <Thierry> ::Recalls something else:: +Subvoc+ I zhould also mention that ze 12 as we callz them are ze reason I'm with les Talons. They put ze hole in my shoulder
[18:56] <Birkin> Maybe they got fucked in the North or something. The dont care who else has it.
[18:57] <Mem> Seems to me it'd be smarter to pretend you weren't Keff as not to alarm, you know, people like us.
[18:58] <Mem> ::grins:: A lot of bad guys get fucked in the North.
[18:58] <Joanna> ::looks at Mem:: Do you really think the average raider is going to know EXACTLY how to identify an Earther in disguise?
[18:58] <Joanna> Or have you forgotten how good a job we're doing of masquerading as people OTHER than Black Talons?
[18:58] <Ardelmos> ::pulls back silently up against the wall, remaining outside of Roshenko's field of view while wiping the edge of the knife off on his hip::
[18:59] <Mem> ::gestures over at Craig:: If they're War of the Alliance vets... ::shurgs:: maybe not.
[18:59] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::winces and flinches away, but replies with a huffed and breathy reply:: Ya want me to co-operate? That's not very civil at all.
[18:59] <Birkin> Theres that too. Even then. Its not like Earth would keep the same tactics
[18:59] <Gabriel> ::almost a whisper:: In point of fact, Mr. Roshenko, I haven't decided what to do with you yet. It's just... barely... possible that you've fallen in with unsavory companions. It's also just... barely... possible that you're a very small springer in a very large pen.
[18:59] <Joanna> ::looks at Mem:: Besides, the more important question isn't who -- it's WHY.
[19:00] <Mem> Yeah, not like the South. ::grins at Birkin::
[19:00] <Craig> ::to mem:: kinda fits, i mean give a guy who's used an autocannon most of his life a laser weapon, and he'd probably treat it like an autocannon out of habit...
[19:00] <Gabriel> ::even quieter:: Until I have reason to believe otherwise, however, you've murdered dozens of people. I feel no need to be civil.
[19:00] <Mem> ::turns to Joanna:: Why what? Why does this guy have a laser?
[19:01] <Joanna> Exactly.
[19:01] <Birkin> Keep it up Dollar. I might remember to fix your missles next time you need em repaired.
[19:01] <Ardelmos> ::leans in again on Roshenko's other side and gives him a cut on the opposite ear:: 'specially when you and your scummy lot are using Earther tech.
[19:01] <Mem> ::smirks, glancing over at Birkin out of the corner of his eye, then watches Joanna:: I thought that's what I was just asking.
[19:01] <Joanna> Who benefits from a raider unit becoming more powerful and getting more teeth?
[19:01] <Gabriel> ::touches his hear:: +com+ Lieutenant, our guest is named Leo Roshenko. I'd like to know a little bit about him, if you don't mind.
[19:01] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::Shakes his head a little bit, shifting, as the blood tricling down his neck is very uncomfortable:: Fine. We got the laser from a guy what called himself Mason. Came from Port Arthur, he said. Wanted the NuCoal ta come in and pick up where Paxton left off. He gave us money and guns, said we'd be made part of the Korps when they showed up.
[19:02] <Thierry> +Subvoc+ Senior Sergent, Try ze left leg. Its a bit...sensitive, fractures in ze femur
[19:02] <Mem> ::turns on his comm:: +com+ Sure thing, captain.
[19:03] <Mem> Uhh... the raiders? ::walks over to the closest networked computer console::
[19:03] <Gabriel> Mason. ::nods:: And what did this Mason look like?
[19:03] <Joanna> ::sighs:: When thieves win, they keep their spoils or fence them off on the black market. Nobody wins from that.
[19:04] <Mem> There's always a winner, Earther. Always.
[19:04] <Joanna> ::ticks off on her fingers:: Caravan guards? I doubt it. If you became the only group of guards who weren't attacked, you'd look pretty suspicious.
[19:04] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Brown hair, brown eyes. Clean shaved, pretty young, too. He's got a Port Arthur accent.
[19:04] <Mem> ::sits at the console and starts a secure link to some sort of name database::
[19:04] <Birkin> ::looks at the two of them for few moments:: Go argue elsewhere or get a room. I want to look over this crap a bit more ::begins to look over the laser again::
[19:05] <Joanna> ::another finger:: Same for the caravans themselves. It'd be too easy to see what companies and groups have been hit and who haven't, and figure out who's running things from there. Too risky.
[19:05] <Joanna> ::glares at Birkin but heads over Mem's way anyways::
[19:05] <Gabriel> ::tilts his head as if listening to something, and corrects absent-mindedly:: Earther accent. Peace River killer's accent.
[19:05] <Joanna> ::another finger:: The North and South don't benefit -- there's nothing here that'd really be of any importance to them. Badlanders get hurt because of it.
[19:06] <Ardelmos> ::taps the flat side of his blade against Roshenko's left leg, as per Thierry's instruction, as if looking for a good spot for his next slice:: Did Mason give you those cameras too?
[19:06] <Joanna> There's two people who DO benefit from this.
[19:06] <Mem> Keep talkin'. ::starts running his search::
[19:06] <Joanna> And I don't really see you guys as the sort of people who would get raiders to attack stuff just so you could go out and fight them for sport.
[19:07] <Joanna> That leaves Earth.
[19:07] <Mem> How does Earth benefit from cheap raider activity in the most desolate region of the planet?
[19:07] <Craig> ::punches in the commands to process the logs and a progress bar appears, then hops down from the gear:: alright, i got the jag's computer going through the logs for recent activity, we'll find out where they've been, the fights they were a couple hours
[19:07] <Joanna> Most desolate region, sure, but home to Persalona, right?
[19:08] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Yeah, whatever. I wonder who's better. In Port Arthur at least they don't spit on ya for bein a Badlander.
[19:08] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> We ain't got no cameras, those're his.
[19:08] <Gabriel> If you say so.
[19:08] <Gabriel> Mason again. Very well. Where did you meet this Mason?
[19:09] <Ardelmos> Oh yeah? That's quite interesting, because those cameras are recent, Caprician technology. The kind of stuff that wasn't around at the time of the War of the Alliance. The exact kind of stuff that Port Arthur does not have.
[19:09] <Joanna> ::looks at Mem:: Did the Persalona airplanes play any roll in helping Terra Nova shove us off this planet in the invasion?
[19:09] <Joanna> (roll-role)
[19:09] <Ardelmos> ::gives the left femer a little knock with the butt of the knife as he finds a good place::
[19:09] <Gabriel> Now now, Senior Sergeant. I'm sure Mr. Roshenko doesn't know that he's being provided with off-world technology.
[19:09] <Gabriel> Do you, Mr. Roshenko?
[19:09] <Thierry> ::Grumbles a bit at the mention of being spit on for being a badlander.::
[19:10] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> We was in a bar in Icehaven when he come up to us. We talked a bit. ::turns his head a notch towards Roland, though doesn't look up:: What, do I look like I'm an expert on Earth shit? I'm a mechanic. I fix trucks.
[19:10] <Mem> ::stands up and passes Joanna:: Does it matter? What is specifically weaker in this region as a result of the caravans?
[19:11] <Mem> <<*caravan attacks*>>
[19:11] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::Leo tenses as Roland taps his leg and he grunts:: Go ahead, see if ye can stick the knife in any more deep.
[19:12] <Ardelmos> Mmmmm, had a little trouble with this one lately, have you? ::smirks to himself and back off a little, reaching down and grabbing the bottle of iodine and one of the cloths he had brought in earlier::
[19:12] <Gabriel> So. Let me see if I understand. You meet this Mason. He gives you guns and technology, free of charge.
[19:12] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> On the understandin that we're usin it to keep the place clear of the North, yeah.
[19:13] <Mem> ::re-enters the interrogation room quietly::
[19:13] <Ardelmos> ::quietly opens the top of the bottle and places the cloth over top of it, tilting it over and wetting the material with a good dose of the stuff::
[19:13] <Gabriel> ::nods:: So, you attacked my patrol. You must have expected to win. Did you expect to take no losses?
[19:14] <Gabriel> Or you felt strongly enough about the Guard to lose several of your men?
[19:14] <Gabriel> ::looks up at Mem:: Lieutenant?
[19:14] <Joanna> ::sighs:: Missed the point.
[19:14] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> We figured we might take some hits, yeah. so far we been lucky - no one's died in awhile. But you boys got yer shit together - i'll give ya that.
[19:15] <Thierry> ::Grins a bit at the comment::
[19:15] <Joanna> ::sighs, and sits down at Mem's console::
[19:15] <Ardelmos> ::places the cloth onto the first cut he gave the man and presses it in against the wound, letting the iodine work its way in::
[19:15] <Mem> ::nods to the captain:: Our comrade here seems to be in some trouble, assuming he hasn't explained it all to you already, sir.
[19:16] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::Hisses and holds himself rigid at the unexpected iodine attack::
[19:16] <Mem> ::rolls his eyes at Roland::
[19:16] <Gabriel> Oh? Let me guess. Banditry, thievery, rapage?
[19:17] <Mem> ::stares at the prisoner:: So how does a simple mechanic get caught with Earther weapons?
[19:17] <Ardelmos> ::proceeds to wipe off the blood which had been trickling down the man's neck from this particular wound after he stops the blood flow, reaching for the bottle again::
[19:17] <Gabriel> He was given them, Lieutenant. Free of charge. All he had to do with them was kill us. What sort of trouble, Lieutenant?
[19:17] <Mem> ::looks at the captain:: Just planetary treason, it seems, sir.
[19:18] <Mem> Nothing else I could find. Sad to get caught up in all of it.
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::waves one hand as if that's not important:: Mr. Roshenko doesn't care if Earth conquers the planet and enslaves the people just so long as they aren't Northern Earthers. Thank you, Lieutenant. That'll be all.
[19:18] <Joanna> ::it's a little rough going at first, but she begins to figure out a few things on the computer::
[19:18] <Mem> ::nods:: If I find anything else, I'll let you know, sir.
[19:19] <Mem> ::stares at Roland a moment, then turns and leaves::
[19:19] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::pauses, and seems honestly suprised:: He was an Earther? Like, not from the War sorta Earther?
[19:19] <Mem> ::stops at the door:: +com+ He's who he says he is, sir.
[19:19] <Mem> <<err, no +com+>>
[19:19] <Joanna> ::calls up the history of Persalona Air during the initial invasion, looking for anything they might have done to aid any of the Terra Novan states::
[19:19] <Gabriel> ::turns:: Look who just joined the conversation, Senior Sergeant. Yes, Mr. Roshenko. You've met an honest-to-Mamoud Earther.
[19:20] <Ardelmos> ::proceeds with the re-wetted cloth on the other ear, repeating the process of staunching the wound and cleaning the blood trickling:: Are you not paying attention? How else do you think he got new, Caprician technology?
[19:20] <Joanna> ::frowns as she reads... it's confirming her entire train of thought::
[19:20] <Gabriel> What? You think Port Arthur is going to give you laser cannons when they can't keep their own in service?
[19:21] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::winces and holds still a moment, but is still upset:: What the hell should I know what they're doin? He said they was workin a deal with some Humanist company what ran form the Southern Republic. Siad they were gettin all new shit from'em.
[19:21] <Gabriel> +com+ Sergenat Birkin, I need a report on that laser cannon's point of manufacture, please. If you don't mind, come on in and let me know.
[19:21] <Joanna> Damn! ::gets up and glances about for Mem, then heads for the interrogation room::
[19:22] <Mem> ::sees Joanna heading towards him::
[19:22] <Birkin> +com+ Hakkar Industries sir. Also, while this guy knows how to clean his gun up real nice, he's a horrible laser user. He was using it like an Autocannon sir, he held down the trigger way tooo much, tons of carbon scoring in the barrels sir.
[19:22] <Gabriel> Surprisingly, there are liars that aren't Northerners, Mr. Roshenko.
[19:23] <Joanna> ::pauses outside the door:: Mem, I think something's definitely up here.
[19:23] <Gabriel> ::taps his PDA and turns on the speaker so Roshenko can hear Birkin's transmission::
[19:23] <Ardelmos> ::finishes with the cloth by wiping off his blade, but doesn't replace it in his boot holster just yet -- he had probably made Roshenko uncomfortable enough to continue talking without further duress::
[19:23] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::grumbles:: Can't trust any'a you polars.
[19:23] <Gabriel> ::replays the transmission:: A little advice, Mr. Roshenko. Free of charge.
[19:23] <Mem> ::stares at Joanna, waiting::
[19:23] <Joanna> Persalona was a major part of the logistical air support for the troops that were fighting at Baja.
[19:24] <Gabriel> If you haven't heard of Hakkar Industries, that's not surprising. They're not a Humanist corporation. They're not even a Terranovan corporation.
[19:24] <Joanna> Remember how I said Earth was the only one who could be benefiting from this?
[19:24] <Joanna> Let's say Earth manages to knock Persalona for a loop.
[19:25] <Mem> OK... ::resumes walking back towards the gears::
[19:25] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::remains silent, clearly upset::
[19:25] <Thierry> +Subvoc+ Sir, I know we are tring to look like Northern Guard, but if you should decide to drop ze act, I could use some...badlands techniques
[19:26] <Joanna> ::follows Mem:: No Persalona, no logistics support in the region.
[19:26] <Gabriel> ::chuckles and glances at Roland:: The doctor believes I am not being... persuasive enough. Would you go out and let him know I have no desire to have this man disected?
[19:26] <Joanna> No logistics support means it's a lot easier to waltz in and take over the place.
[19:26] <Birkin> ::inspects the coils for a little bit, frowning a bit, looking over a few things here and there as he wonders if theres anymore peices of information to be had out of this::
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::turns back to Roshenko:: No, I believe Mr. Roshenko and I can reach an accomodation. That sort of thing is a Badlander trait, is it not? Prisoners have a way of just slipping away in the Badlands.
[19:27] <Ardelmos> ::snorts and stows his blade in his boot holster, walking out from behind Roshenko and exiting the room via the door -- not turning around to Roshenko to reveal his face::
[19:27] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::sits up a bit now that Roland has stepped out::
[19:27] <Mem> OK, sure. It still doesn't fit for me. Peresalona is just a small piece of the puzzle.
[19:28] <Joanna> A small piece of the puzzle that would let the CEF get a foothold on Terra Nova again.
[19:28] <Gabriel> The question becomes whether or not I let it be generally known that you told me about Mr. Mason. If I were to do that, Mr. Mason might very well send a Morgana to visit you.
[19:28] <Gabriel> You have the look of a War vet about you. I can only assume you've heard stories.
[19:29] <Thierry> ::Looks to Mem:: Perhaps on its own. Add in Toledo, Icehaven, you have a good chunk of the industry in this part of les Badlands
[19:29] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Only war I lived through was the Interpolar, Sir, an' I wasn't a soldier. Come from Rahnguard.
[19:29] <Mem> ::snorts:: Badlands industry.
[19:29] <Ardelmos> ::juts his chin out at Thierry as he spots it:: Enough with the medical advice, Doc. Don't need you breakin' that fucking oath of yours.
[19:29] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Then suffice it to say you are beset on all sides by dangers, and I assure you, I am the least of them. You met this Mason in Icehaven. Will you be meeting him again?
[19:30] <Ardelmos> <<spots him>>
[19:30] <Mem> ::looks back at Roland:: You know for a gardener, you're a damn barbarian.
[19:30] <Thierry> ::Shrugs:: Just trying to help
[19:30] <Joanna> I'll bet my life there's either a strike force out there we haven't found yet just waiting to rip Persalona a new one... or another bomb.
[19:30] <Ardelmos> Psh. Where the fuck have you been, cueball? If it were Junkman in there, poor old Leo'd be halfway through a vivisection by now.
[19:31] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::Shrugs a little:: We meet'im sometime. He comes by two, three times a season. Always askin how we're doin, giving us a little help now an again.
[19:31] <Thierry> Ze TDF has...other methods as well ::Grins::
[19:31] <Gabriel> ::raises his eyebrows:: Comes by? He visits your base? Or he sends messages?
[19:32] <Birkin> ::looks back at the noisy people and goes back to his work, sitting down at a makeshift chair and looking over the laser coil and the other various parts::
[19:32] <Ardelmos> Yeah, well, I don't think he needs any more motivation to talk. Poor bastard's just to stupid to realize that he was dealing with an Earther, not a Korpian.
[19:32] <Joanna> ::sighs::
[19:32] <Mem> ::stops and looks at Joanna:: OK, let's assume there's a covert Keff team here, in the badlands, supplying the local raiders with heavy arms and targets to weaken the ... logistics support of the region. What I want to know now is what it will take to weaken the area so much that an invasion is even possible.
[19:32] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Usually messages, then we arrange to meet some place if he wants ta talk or somethin. Nice fellah really.
[19:32] <Mem> Are we at that point now?
[19:33] <Gabriel> How interested would you be in buying your freedom, Mr. Roshenko? Your own freedom, and that of the remainder of the Karaq Dawgs?
[19:33] <Ardelmos> Nowhere close. The strikes have been isolated, and the caravans hit haven't been military, and the resupply situation isn't close to being dire.
[19:34] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::He doesn't seem to believe that a freedom bought form the North is any sort of freedom at all, but he's still in a bargaining mood:: I'm listenin'.
[19:34] <Thierry> ::Gets a strange look on his face:: Toledo would be one of ze first targets
[19:34] <Mem> ::nods at Roland:: In other words, this is still just petty raiding activity... and we still haven't figured out the "why".
[19:34] <Craig> ::wanders over to mem and joanna, glancing at roland breifly:: could it be diversionary tactics? seems like the only thing they could gain here is to have the militaries occupied...
[19:35] <Ardelmos> ::nods:: Peresalona moves almost everything by air anyway.
[19:35] <Birkin> One season maybe... ::sighs and moves over to the group of loud people arguing:: It's a newer gun. Maybe a season in use. They've been here a while.
[19:35] <Gabriel> I'd like to have a chat with this Mr. Mason, oh yes. I am offering you a deal. You will contact your people, and tell them to call you here when Mason next calls. They will tell Mason that you have been killed, but a new leader of the Karaq Dawgs has been chosen. Have them arrange a meeting between Mr. Mason and this new leader.
[19:35] <Savant> A Northern Guard corporal enters the vehicle bay, looking about - he spots the Talons, then looks at collars for rank insignia
[19:36] <Joanna> ::nods:: For starters, less guards means less people on the ground to fight.
[19:36] <Gabriel> Once that meeting happens, I will take you to the edge of your territory near your base and release you. You have my word on this, and I assure you that I keep my word.
[19:37] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::thinks a moment before nodding once:: Awright. He's a good man, but if'n ya say he's an Earther an that's true, well, hang'im.
[19:37] <Birkin> The fuck ::looks at the new arrival:: Someone go talk to him ::pointing at the corporal::
[19:37] <Ardelmos> ::looks blandly at Mem::
[19:37] <Gabriel> If he's not an Earther, he has little to fear from me. If he is, I'll show you the blood test results myself. We have an accord then?
[19:37] <Mem> ::catches Roland's look, not hearing Birkin:: Eh?
[19:38] <Birkin> ::prods Mem in the direction of the corporal:: Go talk to him, find out what he wants.
[19:38] <Savant> Corporal> ::Approaches and salutes for Mem:: Sir. We've just received a message for your team. Do you want ot take it, or your Captain?
[19:38] <Mem> ::glances over at the guest::
[19:38] <Mem> Did they say who they were?
[19:39] <Joanna> ::Sighs::
[19:39] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> It's a deal.
[19:39] <Savant> Corporal> Said his name was Captain Gotah. Mekong accent, though.
[19:39] <Joanna> ::runs a hand through her hair:: Less guards on the ground... more reliance on air cargo for certain, because it's safe... that means more planes in the air at any given time, plus some stuff is a lot harder to transport by plane. Heavy stuff at least...
[19:39] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Very well. I will arrange for a radio for you. One more thing: I take it you disapprove of the Bloody Twelve slaughtering Badlanders in the Wastes?
[19:39] <Mem> ::nods and looks at Roland:: Were they nearly finished?
[19:40] <Mem> If not, I'll go take it.
[19:40] <Ardelmos> Just take the fucking call, Lieutenant, sir.
[19:40] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Hell yes I do.
[19:40] <Craig> ::hears the corporal mention gotah's name:: old boss checking up on us eh?
[19:40] <Joanna> ::has gone over to a file on the desk and opens it up to the map of the region, with the strikes and probable ranges marked out:: One off the south...
[19:40] <Gabriel> A little bit of information on how to find them and I might be able to see to it that they don't do it any more. As you say, the Smoking Guns... how did you put it? Got our shit together.
[19:40] <Mem> Sheesh, back the fuck off. ::gestures to the corporal:: I'll take it.
[19:41] <Savant> Corporal> ::raises an eyebrow at Craig calling a Southerner "boss", but doesn't question it. Instead he just holds out a PDA for Mem:: Sir.
[19:41] <Mem> ::takes the PDA:: Thank you.
[19:41] <Joanna> ::traces her finger on the map::
[19:41] <Birkin> ::shakes his head::
[19:41] <Mem> ::holds it up and activates it::
[19:42] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> Hells yes ya did. Never seen a reccie squad drive like that. ::pauses and leans in closer, asking in a lower tone:: You're with them Black Talons, aren't ya. Huntin down Earthers and not raiders.
[19:42] <Mem> +com+ Something I can do for you, Captain Gotah?
[19:42] <Savant> The screen comes on once Mem activates it - Comamndant Gotah is apaprently walking wherever he is, as the corridor is visible behind him as he walks
[19:42] <Birkin> (w) Commandant... ::rubs the bridge of his nose::
[19:43] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> +com+ Lieutenant. Is this line secure?
[19:43] <Gabriel> You learn remarkably quickly for someone who can't tell a Korpser from an Earther, Mr. Roshenko. That'll be all for now, I think. ::slides one of the PDAs over to him:: Note down what you can recall of the location of the Bloody Twelve there, if you would be so kind.
[19:43] <Mem> +com+ Uhh. ::looks around, and heads over into a more private area::
[19:43] <Birkin> ::looks over at the Corporal:: That will be all corporal. Good day ::gives him a meaningful look that he should get the hell out now::
[19:43] <Thierry> ::Sees the group over by the Lieutennant and makes his own way over::
[19:44] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::leans forward and does so, then sits back heavily::
[19:44] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:45] <Mem> ::checks the PDA, also::
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::takes the PDA and stands up:: I'll be back in a few minutes, Mr. Roshenko. If you like, I'll send in the doctor to dress your wounds.
[19:45] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> +com+ Lieutenant, ten minutes ago we received a report from the Southern Space Defence Agency. The Southern Cruiser PAigemont in orbit of Zeus encountered an opening gate anomaly. It detected two Io-class destroyers before diving into the planet's deep magnetosphere to escape.
[19:45] <Mem> +com+ Probably not the best line to use, Captain, but I think it'll be okay.
[19:45] <Mem> <<swap those two>>
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::exits the interrogation room, closing the door behind him::
[19:46] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> That'd be nice.
[19:46] <Gabriel> ::nods before closing the door::
[19:46] <Mem> ::fumbles with the PDA::
[19:46] <Mem> ::stabilizes it and takes a deep breath:: +com+ Repeat that, captain?
[19:47] <Joanna> ::traces a line::
[19:48] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::continues as if Mem didn't ask him to repeat himself:: +com+ Fifteen minutes after that, the TN03 gate opened. Talon 08 transited back, tailed by a drone swarm. Laban Emuros transmitted a picture of five destroyers and two cruisers transiting to the Helios system.
[19:48] <Gabriel> ::heads for the vehicle bay, looking for the others::
[19:48] <Mem> ::reaches blindly for a place to sit and ends up sitting on the floor::
[19:48] <Mem> +com+ OK.
[19:49] <Craig> ::walks over to mem and hears gotah's reports, frowning::
[19:49] <Mem> +com+ ... OK. ::he repeated:: What do you want us to do?
[19:49] <Joanna> ::muttering to herself:: A small antimatter charge, perhaps in the right place... but how far would the radiation go...
[19:49] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> +com+ We've lost contact with Laban Emuros, and the SAT on Hope is having a hard time getting us the exact makeup of either of the two fleets - they're using some new spoofing system that makes it difficult to detect just what they have with them.
[19:50] <Thierry> ::Shutters at what he just heard and mutered to himself:: Mon dieu
[19:50] <Mem> ::looks up at the others, waving the captain over, and picking himself up off the floor::
[19:50] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> +com+ You've just been given a deadline, Lieutenant. The KAraq Wastes has been slated as the secondmost liekyl landing zone, and your raiders there are going to be the ones clearing the path. We need them gone.
[19:50] <Gabriel> ::spots the group near Mem and heads for Thierry first:: Private, head for the interrogation room and take a medical kit with you. I'm afraid our guest has a knife wound.
[19:51] <Mem> +com+ ::nods:: We've just started scratching the surface, but we definitely have an idea of what's starting to happen. ::glances for the captain::
[19:51] <Ardelmos> ::catches Tynes' gaze and tilts his head twice in the direction of Mem, who's still on the PDA conversation with Gotah::
[19:51] <Thierry> ::Nods to Gabe as he slips on his Med glove:: Of course. I think we have a bigger problem though. They're back. ::Thierry says nothing else as he heads for the room::
[19:52] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> +com+ As soon as we can get a clear reading on their vector we'll give you a more specific timeline. I don't need to tell you how urgent this is, Lieutenant. And I don't think I need to tell you how important it is that your Captain get this information as soon as possible.
[19:52] <Mem> +com+ Aye, sir, he's coming now. I'll make sure he knows everything, or you can talk to him yourself.
[19:53] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> +com+ You talk to him, I'm a bit busy. He can radio back if he's got questions. Westphalia out.
[19:53] <Savant> The communication link closes
[19:53] <Mem> ::stares at the blank PDA screen an extra moment, then looks up at the captain::
[19:53] <Thierry> ::Walks into the interrogation room with the appropriate dressings, clearly a bit nervous:: Capitan told me to see to your wounds
[19:53] <Gabriel> ::continues toward Mem:: Mr. Roshenko is willing to be rather cooperative, Lieutenant. He will provide information on how to find another rover group called the Bloody Twelve. I take it there's news?
[19:54] <Craig> ::takes a deep breath:: earth's coming back
[19:54] <Savant> Leo Roshenko> ::looks up from where he's seated and nods, still silent::
[19:54] <Mem> ::swallows and nods at Gabriel, then with a hushed voice:: Two Ios around Zeus. Reports of at least seven more ships.
[19:55] <Thierry> ::Starts looking at the wounds that Roland had administered::
[19:55] <Gabriel> ::frowns:: I've not read anything that indicates they're ready for another full-scale invasion, but if they want to jump early, I suppose we can accomodate them.
[19:55] <Mem> Karaq is a likely landing point, and I was told that the raider activity is likely preparation for such an invasion.
[19:56] <Joanna> ::from over at the worktable:: Told yo so!
[19:56] <Mem> ::glances nervously over at Joanna--Mem normally wasn't phased by much, but he seemed a little shaken up::
[19:56] <Craig> ::glares at joanna:: not the time...
[19:56] <Gabriel> ::nods:: That stands to reason. I'll notify the Sesshu command authorities that the Karaq Dawgs have been isolated for the moment. I doubt they'll be up to launching any more attacks. We'll Gear up to smash the Bloody Twelve.
[19:56] <Gabriel> And this time, we're not going in as a Northern patrol.
[19:57] <Thierry> ::Cleans up the wound on his ear and then puts bandages on it:: Apologies for all that. So you're really going to help us get ze 12?
[19:57] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[19:57] <Joanna> Grr.
[19:57] <Joanna> ::attn::
[19:57] <Mem> ::attn::
[19:57] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[19:57] <Savant> sorry. Gabriel's line was just too good ^_-
[19:57] <Craig> ::attn::
[19:57] <Savant> and it's about time
[19:57] <Savant> questions!
[19:57] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[19:57] <Thierry> ::Attn::
[19:58] <Thierry> Nope
[19:58] <Gabriel> Nope, seems clear enough. Nice little sim. About 14 things going at once, but all of them well done.
[19:58] <Savant> i think it went pretty well all in all
[19:58] <Savant> if there aren't any questions, then we'll get right to it.
[19:59] <Savant> by "it" I mean "giving out experience" of course
[19:59] <Joanna> Just do it Wink
[19:59] <Ardelmos> Huzzah
[19:59] <Thierry> Yay!
[19:59] <Savant> i'll start with a base of three today. I think you guys roleplayed exceptionally well today.
[19:59] <Savant> anyone think that you guys discovered some vital piece of information today?
[19:59] <Craig> oh yeah
[19:59] <Thierry> Um...several Smile
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::grins:: Only about five vital pieces of information, by my count.
[20:00] <Mem> Caprician laser. Bloody Twelve.
[20:00] <Mem> Yes.
[20:00] <Joanna> ::raises!:: Ooo! Ooo! Me!
[20:00] <Craig> earth making a move
[20:00] <Savant> i'll give two for that. You found out a lot of things today, and made a huge step. You found the name of the Earther. Mason.
[20:00] <Joanna> Joanna's convinced she's figured out the tactics of the initial stage of the invasion, heh.
[20:00] <Ardelmos> Leo was the earther patsy
[20:00] <Savant> yup
[20:00] <Savant> No combat encounter today, so no points there.... points for working as a team?
[20:01] <Ardelmos> The interrogation was a thing of beauty. Wink
[20:01] <Gabriel> I think so. Everyone was on mission.
[20:01] <Thierry> Agreed
[20:01] <Craig> yeah we all investigation various points
[20:01] <Craig> investigated
[20:01] <Savant> I agree totally. One more there. Six
[20:02] <Savant> And I'll give out an extra point to anyone who can tell me something that their character learned about themselves, or something that they learned about their character.
[20:02] <Joanna> Joanna hears things Wink
[20:02] <Ardelmos> Roland won't have too much difficulty taking Junkman's place in the interrogation room. Wink
[20:02] <Savant> yeah, you get one ^_-
[20:03] <Savant> yeah, apparently not. Not as much creativity, but.. well, Roland's a straightforward guy ^_-
[20:03] <Gabriel> Gabriel doesn't like Badlanders very much, it turns out. Rather obvious, but highly ironic in retrospect.
[20:03] <Thierry> Thierry has an itchy finger and tolerates torture more then he probably should
[20:03] <Savant> heh
[20:03] <Savant> Craig, Mem?
[20:03] <Craig> btw, whats the status of the NNET logs, specifically, anything that could verify leo's story, or even go along with his notes in pinpointing the Bloody Twelve's location?
[20:03] <Gabriel> I suspected when I wrote the Sandstorm piece of the Uncle Charlie log, but today pretty well confirmed it. Wink
[20:04] <Savant> hah, awesome. Glad you remembered. After a few hours, you do come across something really useful
[20:04] <Savant> You get a picture of Mr Mason
[20:04] <Craig> nice
[20:04] <Gabriel> Oooo! Awesome. Smile
[20:04] <Mem> This is a tough one. I learned that Mem who is normally a guy who shrugs off everything, was disturbed by the idea of Earth coming back to TN. He was too young to remember the WotA.
[20:04] <Joanna> Does he look like Sean Connery? Wink
[20:04] <Mem> But I'm not sure where to take it.
[20:04] <Savant> fairly young, clean shaven, wearing a southern military helmet and a barnaby duster.
[20:04] <Mem> I don't care if you give me a point for it or not. I'm not sure what to do with it.
[20:05] <Mem> I gotta think about it.
[20:05] <Savant> you can have a point for that. I liked his reaction
[20:05] <Savant> Craig, anything?
[20:05] <Savant> anyone interested may make a Notice/PSY roll, no cpx
[20:06] <Savant> actually, no. Cpx 1.
[20:07] <Craig> well i can't say much for craig right now, but i think he'll be starting to feel like Mem soon enough, he barely remembers what went on during the WotA and will be wanting to make sure he's ready for the new invasion
[20:07] <Savant> that's more than good enough. Looks like everyone gets 7 today. Well done.
[20:07] <Thierry> yay
[20:07] <Gabriel> 6 for Birkin?
[20:08] <Savant> for now. When I see him next I'll ask him the question and maybe he'll get a bonus
[20:08] <Mem> ::grins:: Birkin is now Mem's target for all North vs South commentary. Wink
[20:09] <Savant> hee
[20:09] <Ardelmos> 1 FIT, 1 INF, 1 Interrogation, 4 bank
[20:09] <Savant> that suits me fine. And I think that's enough to call it a game.
[20:09] <Thierry> +1 Interrogation +1 TriviaRhanguard +1 PER +1 KNO 3 bank
[20:09] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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