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Game Transcripts for "Dissent"

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:31 pm    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "Dissent" Reply with quote

<Detro> ::attn::
<Thierry> ::ATTN::
<Mem> attn
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<Scotty> ::attn::
<Knight> ::att::
<Gabriel> ::attn::
<Savant> anyone else? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
<Savant> welcome, all and sundry, to another episode of the Black Talons
<Savant> a few things before we set in on your fiery descent to Caprice.
<Savant> first and primarily, as you may notice, Lemon is absent. That's because my desktop is packed up from my recent move
<Thierry> We'll miss him
<Savant> week after next it'll be ready to roll though. Until then it's lappy, and lappy doesn't have Lemon or any of my macros.
<Savant> so please be patient, and thanks to Ross and Balance for dice assistance.
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<Savant> that's that first thing. Second thing
<Savant> Next week I will be in New York with some of you, barring any terrible passport problem.
<Gabriel> ::whispers:: US Immigration heard that you helped steal one of our tax-paying citizens, and they're gonna block entry to keep you from stealing any more.
<Savant> I'm going to be running a BT05 Special Event there. It will continue along the current storyline. I may or may not be including the online contingent as well, i have yet to decide at that point.
<Savant> they heard that? Aw hell. Guess you're all gonna have to come up here instead then Wink
<Savant> any opinions on that? Who wnts to Skype in to a live game for next week?
<Savant> you may now speak, or keep thine peace.
<Thierry> me!
<Knight> as long as it dont break the bank
<Mem> Ventrilo or Teamspeak imo. I don't want a third voice chat program. Wink
<Detro> BEER!
<Thierry> Knight, do you have a mic?
<Savant> can't imagine it would, you just need speakers and a microphone.
<Knight> I have a mic (FPSing on TS or Vent)
<Thierry> I personally like the headset route
<Knight> I didn't know if Skype charged or not
<Savant> okay, sounds like everyone's at least warm to the idea. I'm happy with any program, so long as it works.
<Thierry> Well, I could get one of the others, just familiar with Skype. And no, for interskype communication its free
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<Savant> okay. I'll see once we're in New york, but we'll tentatively pencil that in. If not then i'll make sure you have something special for the following week.
<Scotty> oh no get the plumber!
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<Savant> they really ought to change that to "Broken tube"
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<Savant> anyways. we'll tentatively do that.
<Savant> Now, I have no briefing, so the teaser will have to do. Has everyone read the teaser? Who hasn't read the teaser?
<Craig> i've read it
<Savant> raise your hand if you've read the teaser.
<Detro> ::raise:;
<Craig> ::raises::
<Gabriel> ::raises::
<Thierry> ::Raises, then raises his other hand with a question::
<Ardelmos> ::raises::
<Savant> Thierry?
<Knight> <reading now>
<Thierry> I wasn't quite clear, how much did we actually do to Monolith?
<Savant> you busted up one of the spars.
<Mem> Er, yes, I've read it.
<Thierry> kk. So noticable, annoying, but not really that bad
* Savant nods
<Savant> any other questions before we start then?
<Thierry> And yes, I think the skags have feelings Smile
<Detro> Do skags dream of electric sheep?
<Craig> i think one actually shed a tear as it accepted it's fate:)
<Savant> there are three things you want to do. Set down and get the lay of the land, locate a sufficient medical hospital, and then find out what happened to the Van Saars. yes? anything else?
<Gabriel> Listen to you people. You sound like Junkman. He'd be so proud.
<Gabriel> For now, yeah.
<Savant> we'll see how long before that changes
<Ardelmos> I do not like the sound of that
<Savant> oh, also, i will have a five minute interruption between 7.30 and 8. So, in an hour and a half to two hours.
<Savant> ready to go?
<Craig> g2g
<Savant> Talons, Roll Out!
<Detro> dripDROP
<Savant> Pathfinder drops like a rock, a tumbling, twisting, turning rock, into the thing Caprician atmosphere. A tiny halo of fire envelops the craft after a few long seconds of silence. It's followed shortly after by a low rumble.
<Gabriel> ::sits, strapped to his acceleration couch, feeling the first real gravity in weeks while he watches two nearby repeater consoles::
<Ardelmos> ::bounces around in the acceleration couch, the straps doing their best to keep him lashed in one place but his head bobbed around with the forces acting this way and that::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes "Aggie" Lemnos> +com+ Everyone hold on. We can't burn right now, we want a bit of a tumble. Peresalona tells me it won't be a problem. Hold on tight.
<Thierry> ::Keeps an eye on Aggie, especially after she refused his drugs::
<Gabriel> Let's hope that mimicing a rock doesn't mean that we become one. +com+ Cockpit, let's make sure we alter our flight profile enough that Arclight doesn't use our predictable path to nail us.
<Detro> ::Grins, enjoying the rough ride since it means they're heading back to firm ground -- albeit shaky footing::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes "Aggie" Lemnos> +com+ acknowledged. Peresalona, give us two second lateral burns at your discretion.
<Mem> ::sits in his seat, held firmly in place, probably rolling his eyes from behind his helmet::
<Craig> ::is strapped into his couch eyes closed trying to keep his mind of the tumbling::
<Thierry> ::Nervously tries to resist the urge to backseat drive from the comm seat::
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ On it skip. Two second burn in five.
<Birkin> ::keeps ahold of the chair staring straight forward as he lets out a slow exhale::
<Ardelmos> ::grasps his straps as a particularly violent shock sends him up against them hard:: If we plow into the plateau at mach 10, I am going to be quite put off.
<Detro> ::finds himself screaming to release the stress of the last few weeks:: YEEE HAW!
<Gabriel> This is likely to be unpleasant. ::cinches his shoulder straps a bit tighter::
<Savant> Pathfinder lurches forwards and down at the same time, along with a bit of a spin - she's literally flipping wildly in all three directions. You can hear a wild, happy cry from the cockpit as Peresalona fights the stick.
<Gabriel> ::suddenly has a tiny tiny bit of sympathy for all of the men he inflicted this on while flying Whipsnake inserts into the Southern Republic::
<Thierry> ::Starts getting a bit quesy, the CEF ration pack he just ate was slowly rising up his throat::
<Knight> ::straps bite into already aching flesh and bones:: For the love of god... crash already.
<Gabriel> ::laughs despite himself::
<Savant> The burn stops and Pathfinder lurches again, still tumbling.
<Ardelmos> ::slams sideways in his straps again, but this time one of them, loosened from all the bouncing around, catches him in the throat -- he immediately gags, gasps, then spits out a not-small amount of vomit as his body gags::
<Detro> WOOOO! ::grinning widely::
<Craig> ::holds onto the straps while further concentrating on other things::
<Birkin> ::looks at Roland for a moment:: Someone get a bag!
<Savant> 2Corporal Cory Macedon> +com+ Spike on the x-ray sensors! Looks like particle beams, on the surface!
<Ardelmos> ::makes a sucking, gasping noise as he tries to make sure his esophagous doesn't collapse::
<Ardelmos> ::then goes into a fit of coughing::
<Thierry> ::Sucks his lunch back down and then looks down at his console::
<Savant> It's like a carnival ride, but with no safety mechanisms to keep the thing from stopping before it hits the ground. That rusty grey ground flips around and in and out of view through the viewscreen windows showing the Fury's torturous descent.
<Mem> ::watches from his generally blind position, an image inside his helmet displaying altitude and other vital statistics, but seeing nothing of the outside::
<Gabriel> ::doesn't even try to focus on the screens in front of him for the moment::
<Detro> ::says something along the lines of "as if they'd be able to hit us", but it's kinda lost in the noise and his helmet::
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> Two second lateral burn in five! Starting to level us off, hold on everyone!
<Thierry> ::Looks at the scan and his eyes widen:: +Com+ Hovertanks sir. They're engaging something on the surface. Don't seem to be looking our way though
<Savant> Pathfinder lurches forwards again and the tumbling slows to less of a dizzying gyration. The transition is remarkably smooth.
<Thierry> ::Further refines the scan:: +Com+ Sir, the tanks are attacking what looks like a liberati caravan
<Detro> +com+ Sir, request permission to mount up -- if I can get to the bay.
<Savant> The Fury continues along, doing a lazy barrell roll as its descent flattens to nearly a straight arc. The meteor shower slams into the ground kilometers behind.
<Gabriel> Interesting. +com+ Cockpit, report on this battle and let me know when we can unstrap back here.
<Ardelmos> ::ceases coughing, his breath finally catching up to him:: Trap.
<Gabriel> ::looks over his shoulder at Detro:: Not just yet. If we have to maneuver again, you might end up with a concussion.
<Thierry> +Com+ Of course sir. I'll try to get numbers and a more focused scan
<Ardelmos> Everything we see for the next few weeks is likely to be a trap. ::spits what's left in his mouth out on the floor:
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes "Aggie" Lemnos> +com+ We're level. Peresalona, get us to en-no, low burn. Macedon, keep us quiet. Sir, you should be able to unstrap in a moment.
<Detro> +com+ And if we don't help the Liberati and they find out, then what? We've hurt them enough being here.
<Thierry> ::Focuses the scanners on the tanks trying to get number and type::
<Gabriel> Patience.
<Birkin> Or we could just do as the CAptain orders and notsecond guess him ::moves about in his chair as the gee's slack off::
<Savant> The Fury lowers yet, feeling like an elevator dropping to the gruond floor.. and then it's quiet, and steady, and smooth. Peresalona's hit near-nap-of-earth and leveled off.
<Thierry> +Com+ I got about 20 tanks, mix of 68s and 72s and 10 APCs. Also got one hell of an infrared signature with a dust cloud.
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes "Aggie" Lemnos> +com+ We're clear.
<Ardelmos> ::unbuckles his straps and tears the one that crushed into his throat off his shoulder with some vigor, gingerly bringing a hand up to his throat, where he could already feel the swelling and the throbbing::
<Gabriel> 20 tanks? To hit the Liberati? The very definition of overkill. +com+ What are they throwing these tanks and APCs at? ::starts to unstrap:: Red team, Master Sergeant Craig, vehicle bay.
<Detro> Good. ::unstraps and wastes no time heading for JJ::
<Thierry> +Com+ Looks like the Liberati are running for the rougher hills.
<Craig> ::unstraps and sits up, nodding to the captain before standing and taking a few steps to get his balance then heading for the vehicle bay::
<Gabriel> +com+ Cockpit, more specific, please. There isn't a Liberati vehicle on the planet that can run from hovertanks, unless I'm missing something. Specify Liberati vehicles.
<Ardelmos> ::gingerly pulls himself up out of his seat and moves over to his locker, grabbing his gear helmet and heading slowly into the rear -- what the Captain planned for the three of them to do against thirty enemy units, he wasn't sure::
<Thierry> +Com+ as for the liberati, I got mostly civ vehicles, caravan trucks and the like. Smattering of battlemounts, Rubeni attack trikes, and a pair of work spiders. Its almost as if the keffs are toying with them
<Birkin> Nothing that should require a company of tanks...
<Detro> ::trots over to JJ's feet, looking up at the gear before switching to his gear helmet::
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Hold steady - banking left in ten.
<Detro> ::quickly moves to grab onto JJ's leg::
<Thierry> +Com+ It doesn't make sense
<Craig> ::makes it to the door to the vehicle bay before bracing himself::
<Birkin> What about the area the Liberati are heading to sir? Maybe they have defenses there?
<Savant> The banking maneuver is surprisingly gentle. You can still walk and move about, but simply have to lean as you do so.
<Detro> ::feeling the bank isn't exactly some of Jeremi's more wilder turns, carefully makes his way up and into JJ::
<Gabriel> ::stays seated and swings one of the screens to face him:: +com+ Pipe it down here. ::shakes his head at Birkin:: They'd be insane to have a reinforced position. Arclight would wipe it out.
<Knight> ::groans with each movement of his body:: I ain't going to be much use out there...
<Ardelmos> ::pulls his helmet over his head as he walks towards Erinyes, bracing himself against a girder as the Fury banks for a moment, then begins crawling up into the cockpit -- more difficult than he remembered -- and drops into the chair::
<Mem> ::despite the general heaviness, he felt comforted by the gravity of Caprice, and laid his head back and waited for orders, watching things from his monitor::
<Thierry> ::Taps his console and sends the signal to Gabe:: +Com+ done
<Savant> oh man
<Savant> (wrong window)
<Craig> ::continues and makes his way to swifty calling out as he does so:: Swifty, Standby
<Detro> ::grunts a bit under the renewed tug of gravity and hauls himself up the final bit into the cockpit:: Whew.
<Savant> The sensor scans that show up on the screens show a few things happening. One, of interest, is a fighting withdrawal being conducted by a Liberati caravan as a company of hovertanks idly pick them apart. The battle is clearly one-sided, but there are a few brave and competent Liberati giving them some fun.
<Knight> ::eyes others struggling under the effects of gravity::
<Detro> ::straps in and ties in JJ to the Fury's sensor readings::
<Savant> the other scene is only a heat signature and a bit of a dust plume - it matches another Liberati convoy, much further away, larger, and retreating fro the fight.
<Ardelmos> ::grimaces slightly as he settles in and starts to warm up Erinyes' engine::
<Gabriel> ::evaluates the tactics of the current battle, paying attention to casualties in particular::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes "Aggie" Lemnos> +com+ I'm bringing us into the rougher highlands around Polemarch valley. Arclight has a hard time seeing there.
<Gabriel> +com+ Very well. How far from this battle, Commander?
<Craig> ::as craig approaches, swifty's engine starts up and the computer system activates, the omnicam on the gear's head swivels a bit to track his pilot::
<Thierry> ::Scans the area of the second caravan, seeing if anyone is going for them:: +Com+ Should we warm up the guns sir?
<Mem> ::yawns and unstraps his arms and raises his helmet visor, glancing at his computer screen::
<Birkin> Any markings on these Liberati? Are they Van Saar?
<Knight> ::eyes open:: Is this hell or just another "soft" landing with the BTs?
<Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself as he flicks through switches and pre-flight routines for the gear:: I thought the point of coming to this grid was to not get seen or noticed.
<Thierry> ::Hears Knight from the foredeck and then quickly unstraps and runs back there.
<Detro> ::watches the Liberati fighting the holding action drop one by one... more deaths the CEF would be held accountable for...::
<Gabriel> ::does some calculations in his head based on how the battle below is going and Pathfinder's probable landing zone::
<Thierry> Knight! You're awake! ::Looks at the others with the "why didn't you guys tell me look"
<Craig> ::reaches Swifty just as the gear opens the hatch for him and hops in::
<Knight> ::tries to smile::
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes "Aggie" Lemnos> +com+ Captain, the leading convoy - should we get close enough that they can see us? There's a decent landing zone nearby. We might be able to help them.
<Detro> ::as JJ finishes his pre-fight checks:: +com+ JJ online and ready to go.
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ ready to open the chute when you are, vehicle bay.
<Gabriel> +com+ Cockpit, do it, but not close enough to see us if you can manage it. Vehicle bay, we'll mount up. Red team minus Knight, Craig, Gold team minus Childs.
<Mem> ::listens to the comm and mutters, wondering if he was even going to get a breather before they started blowing shit up::
<Craig> ::quickly goes through his checklist:: +com+ Swifty's ready
<Ardelmos> ::flick:: But no, the entire bulk of the CEF is going to want to hunt us down and kill us ::flick, press:: and is going to be baiting us ::press:: watching for any sign of us ::flick:: and will send the entire system after us when they spot us ::finishes the startup sequence:: ...and we're going to attack.
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes "Aggie" Lemnos> +com+ descending to NOE in thirty seconds. Brace yourselves.
<Mem> ::sighs:: Fuck me. ::unstraps himself from his seat::
<Gabriel> +com+ Thierry, see to Knight and maintain overwatch. I don't want to get jumped out there while we're holding off those tanks. All Gears, the only point here is to give the Liberati time to escape. Let's not engage directly if we don't have to. Indirect fire weapons are a priority.
<Gabriel> ::finishes unstrapping and stands, a little gingerly, testing his legs, then starts for the vehicle bay, almost pushing off one of the opposite walls before he stops himself::
<Thierry> Will do sir. ::Pulls out his scanners and starts checking Knight's vitals:: Well, two grenades and Thierry's flying, how do you feel
<Ardelmos> +com+ Captain, if we leave anything alive, we're going to have to find an entire other grid to hide in. They'll know we're here, and the entire system will come down on us.
<Knight> ::with a slight smile: Like I took four grenades.
<Mem> ::realizes it might be a bit of a chore getting out of his seat--he grabs onto the wall and pulls himself up, and his knees wobble::
<Birkin> +com+ Since when do you like to leave things alive old man?
<Gabriel> +com+ Stick to indirect fire, Senior Sergeant, and we'll stay in the crags. We don't have to engage those tanks... just throw a few dozen rockets and make them think about climbing those mountains under fire.
<Ardelmos> +com+ Since I just almost got my throat crushed 'cause we were coming down here trying not to be noticed, Sergeant.
<Gabriel> +com+ They'll back off the tanks and send in infantry. That should give the Liberati the time they need to withdraw.
<Mem> +com+ I really need a vacation. ::starts walking to the vehicle bay hatch, holding onto the wall as he goes::
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<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ touching down in fifteen. Brace for retro-burn.
<Mem> ::carefully climbs down into the vehicle bay and hobbles over to his gear::
<Craig> ::closes the hatch and straps himself into the seat::
<Detro> ::keeps his sensors powered to passive only... he'll have to rely on JJ's sensor boom this battle for sure::
<Thierry> Well, Knight, all I can say is that as soon as we get to a decent medical facility, you're going under the knife. You need something for the pain?
<Mem> ::climbs up into Shepherd, grunting as he finally lands in his seat, and after a breather, he straps in::
<Gabriel> ::gets into the vehicle bay and approaches Deacon:: Drop the Banshee, Deacon. We're using the Thunderclap today. ::starts climbing up::
<Savant> Pathfinder lurched backwards, the nose bucking upwards as her engines thunder one last time - then, Thump! Solid ground!
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<Knight> ::grunts:: No doc, it let's me know I am alive.
<Gabriel> +com+ Red team, deploy when ready. Scout us an approach.
<Birkin> ::begins to suit up, strapping himself into Cerberus:: Full start up Cerberus. We might get to go hunting today.
<Savant> 5Deacon> ::Reaches down and grabs the massive field gun bracketed to the wall of the Kodiak's stall::
<Melissa> ::runs a diagnostics on Bonaparte's system as she powers the engine up::
<Ardelmos> ::rolls Erinyes out of the bay and hits the ramp controls with the manipulator, waiting for the hatch to deploy before rolling out and onto the Caprician soil::
<Mem> +com+ I'm flying direct to Gomorrah. Fuck the rest of you. ::closes Shepherd's hatch and laboriously flips on all of the electronics::
<Savant> 5Cerebus> ::Widens' its stance, bracing itself and making ready to fire::
<Detro> ::flips the toggles releasing the harness that was securing JJ and takes position behind Roland::
<Gabriel> +com+ Shepherd, stay off your electronics. This only works if the CEF feel like they're walking into a Liberati position. Everyone else, it's gonna be tempting to kill these guys, but that's exactly what we can't do. Shut down sniper systems, shut down long range targeting.
<Melissa> ::does a quick short swivel of the turret, making sure the bearings are not frozen::
<Savant> Pathfinders' gate opens to the rocky, dusty regolith of the Caprician highlands. It's a jagged set of orange-grey teeth against a black, starry sky. The Fury is still rumbling forwards, but slow enough that you can jump off without too much trouble.
<Gabriel> ::finishes climbing in:: +com+ If you get a lucky shot in, fine, but I don't want the CEF picking up advanced electronics. Stay indirect fire.
<Detro> ::Grins:: Ground under our feet... going to feel good being able to move fast... right JJ?
<Mem> +com+ Got it.
<Ardelmos> ::activates his tool arm as he rolls, scouting the terrain and the approach routes -- the camera on the end of of the arm gave him a higher vantage point; enough to see over some of the crags without exposing himself::
<Savant> 5JJ> ::Activates its high-speed ground-navigation system::
<Birkin> Yes just like that. ::pats the side of the gear's cockpit:: +com+ Birkin acknowledges, no sniper system. Prefer that I use the MRP's sir?
<Mem> ::activates the engines and starts testing his legs on the pedals to see if he can actually fly the gear::
<Thierry> ::Shrugs:: Well I got some good stuff if you do. I'll be up front if you need to talk. We got a bunch of HTs shooting up the liberati. ::Tosses Knight a headset and then heads back to the cockpit strapping in::
<Thierry> +Com+ Should we warm up Pathfinder's guns sir?
<Detro> ::hops off and slightly to the side, moving clear of the craft and towards cover on the right flank, sensor boom extending on the way::
<Melissa> ::rolls out behind the gears, scanning the terrain with passive sensors::
<Gabriel> ::straps in and pulls the cockpit hatch down:: +com+ Confirm that, Cerberus. Got a second field gun over here if you want it. Negative, doctor. Everything Pathfinder carries is either short-range or too advanced for Liberati spec. Stay out of sight.
<Thierry> +Com+ Will do. If you need something painted, let us know. Otherwise we'll be your eyes in the sky
<Birkin> ::strolls Cerberus over:: +com+ Don't mind if I do actually. That sounds like fun. ::picks up the field gun the captain mentioned, hoping to stay uniform in the heavy fire they would be projecting::
<Gabriel> ::gets Deacon moving, loading the first round into the Thunderclap::
<Mem> ::leans back in his chair and tries to figure out why he was feeling so weak, and figured it had something to do with his diet the past few days::
<Ardelmos> +com+ Arright -- I've got the dust clouds and the infrared signatures from both the hovertanks and the Liberati on optics -- feeding out now ::starts transmitting an active data feed::
<Melissa> +com+ Picking up allies and CEF plumes
<Craig> ::has swifty move back and forth a few step to get himself and swifty used to solid ground again::
<Detro> ::doesn't take long to get a lock on the dust and heat plumes:: +com+ Confirm dust and plumes.
<Mem> +com+ Dust and plumes... now that's some recon.
<Birkin> ::cycles a shell into the gun and takes up position next to the captain::
<Detro> ::ignores Mem, checking for ranges and direction of travel::
<Savant> The Talons roll out onto the dusty, asteroid -beaten surface of Caprice. It's amazing how quicky the fine silt flies up into the air, as thin as it is.
<Mem> ::jams a foot and turns Shepherd to get ready for launch, apparently confident he could at least pretend to fly the gear today::
<Melissa> ::finds a spot and slows Bonaparte down to lessen her own dust plume::
<Savant> Meanwhile, Pathfinder rumbles onwards, away from the Talons - it begins to turn left. The observant of you can see its chain guns starting to spin and lasers swivel.
<Mem> ::follows Deacon out and grunts as rolling on the ground is jarring at first::
<Thierry> ::Points the sensors at the battle to try and figure out how things are going
<Gabriel> +com+ Dead slow, everyone. Don't get spotted out here. By either side, if we can avoid it. ::looks for a good hiding place for Deacon::
<Craig> ::goes to a kneeling position and slowly moves to a ridge to try to get a look at the area::
<Detro> :Surprisedn walker mode, examining the terrain as they go to see if there's any terrain features they could use, such as a box canyon or something they could collapse::
<Melissa> ::finds a spot and settles Bonaparte in, engine idling::
<Craig> ::gets to the ridge and then goes hull down to wait::
<Detro> ::mutters:: So much for a fast and furious hit. ::creeps forward more, looking for a suitable spots to f'obs from::
<Savant> The signatures become more clear. you can't actually physically *see* the hovertanks over the ridge, but your Gears' sophisticated tracking routines can get very good ideas of their locations from the trail of heat streaming through the black sky.
<Mem> ::rolls forward slowly on idle, waiting for orders::
<Thierry> ::Takes another scan looking for more keffs. It was wise to think there might be more::
<Detro> ::takes cover behind an outcrop and positions the sensor boom's pod just over it::
<Gabriel> +com+ OK, Red Team, you're our eyes. You've got... ::looks around:: three field guns and two medium rocket platforms in addition to your own weapons. Shepherd, you're our reserve.
<Ardelmos> +com+ Bogeys resolving.
<Melissa> ::pats the fire-control panel as she begins to work on firing-solutions, and planning where to high-tail it if things go wrong::
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<Mem> +com+ Shepherd standing by.
<Savant> Roland spots one of the retreating Liberati, cresting over a saddle between two small and jagged peaks. The vehicle is the size of a Nagga, and looks a bit like a bastard, mutatted child of one. The things got six spidery legs and a swivelling body atop the join and engine between them. The chain gun is beating out a quick, sharp rhythm of bursts as it walks backwards.
<Mem> ::keeps Shepherd cold and quiet as best he could, hoping he didn't have to do anything remotely physical for at least a week::
<Detro> +com+ Ugly thing...
<Craig> ::hears the captain and returns swifty to a kneeling position with the medium rocket pod facing the incoming bogies::
<Ardelmos> ::starts tagging the different targets that appear in his optics as either Liberati or CEF -- it wasn't terribly difficult to differentiate them for obvious reasons::
<Detro> ::glances at the tacfeed going out and starts working on a fire solution for the area of the saddle::
<Knight> ::grimaces::
<Melissa> ::listens as a round loads into the breach, the cannon ready for firing...wishing that she had requisitioned area ordinance::
<Gabriel> ::idly wonders if there's a way to slave the fire control systems of different Gears together and makes a mental note to check his files on that when he gets back to Pathfinder::
<Melissa> ::glances at the fire-control readout of the Liberati vehicle and gives it a quick smile before searching for enemy targets::
<Savant> A few trucks rumble over the ridge, lobbing some crude rockets behind them as they find secure locations to brace for their comrades' retreat. It's an organized retreat, a commendable thing int he face of such overwhelming odds.
<Ardelmos> +com+ Range. Twenty hovertanks. 10 APCs. Two command vehicles.
<Thierry> Birkin> ::Waits for an order to fire::
<Melissa> ::whistles softly then leans back and cracks her knuckles:: Alrighty, Bonaparte...let us show those Earthers the strength of a good tank
<Gabriel> +com+ General coordinates, mix and match, as a Liberati might.
<Ardelmos> ::begins feeding coordinates and vectors of the most high-profile targets::
<Gabriel> ::frowns as he gets two sets of command car coordinates:: +com+ Belay firing on command cars. Yes, it's counter-intuitive. But I don't want these guys enraged. I want their COs to maintain control of the force, and be thinking about losses.
<Craig> ::brings up a display with visuals along with the coords coming from roland and takes the safety off the rocketpods::
<Melissa> ::looks at the list of targets, feeding the computer an apc to fire upon::
<Detro> ::is glad he took cover when he did, and preps his MRPs with his own sensor data::
<Thierry> +Com+ Deacon, I got two ArcLights in sight. ::Looks to Cory:: They looking at us?
<Gabriel> ::deletes the command car coordinates and takes a set of HT coordinates for himself instead::
<Savant> 2Corporal Cory Macedon> Don't think so. they've been pretty quiet. They're watching the fight, though.
<Mem> +com+ Hit one command car, then. Let the other one figure out what to do.
<Gabriel> +com+ Negative. I don't want to kill anyone if we can avoid it. I want their CO to play smart, not angry.
<Detro> ::then falls back on the other data coming in, holding the MRPs if needed::
<Mem> ::opens his mouth to say something in response, but stops himself--he pulls a foot out of a strap and tries to flex his knee in the cramped cockpit::
<Craig> ::hears the captain and adjusts his targeting to a scattershot pattern, something to make the tanks and APCs dance more than anything::
<Gabriel> ::deliberately unhooks the long-range stabilizer, then looses a field gun round::
<Knight> ::grimaces::
<Savant> 2Corporal Cory Macedon> ::glances over at Knight:: you doing okay, Knight?
<Ardelmos> ::carefully follows the rounds in so he can fully gauge their effect; he wasn't entirely convinced that the CEF were just going to turn around and retreat::
<Thierry> +Com+ Sir, they aren't looking at us, but they're definately watching the party Deacon.
<Mem> ::feels the vibration of the nearby field guns through his teeth, and waits to hear what happens as a result::
<Detro> ::delays a bit after the first shots, then dumps his own targeting data into the stream::
<Gabriel> +com+ Understood, Pathfinder. Stay out of sight, people. We're itty bitty towed guns. Definitely no Gears in these mountains.
<Melissa> ::depresses the trigger, feeling the tank shudder as the cannon fires::
<Thierry> +Com+ Understood. I'll keep you advised
<Melissa> +com+ Roger
<Savant> A volley of scattered shells arc into the sky and down past the horison; showers of dust plume up into the sky like geysers in responce. The trails of heat veer wildly as the tanks scatter into organized wolf-packs.
<Melissa> ::begins to line up another shot, holding back the reflex of letting the tank fire successive shots::
<Gabriel> +com+ JJ, Swifty, give them a few rockets.
<Ardelmos> +com+ They're re-organizing. No significant effect.
<Gabriel> +com+ Erinyes, anyone who looks to be overly aggressive, that's what the Pea Shooter is for.
<Craig> +com+ aye sir! ::picks 3 random targets among the pack and lets lose a volley of rockets::
<Detro> ::Clicks his comm in acknowledgement, then shifts the gear so the MRPs clear -- just barely::
<Thierry> Birkin> ::Cocks up a shell and takes aim for one of the advancing tanks::
<Savant> Meanwhile, the nightmarish spider-vehicle swivels to look in the direction of the fire from the hills, and in fact looks a little surprised. It makes no pause in starting to scramble awkwardly down the valley and into the rougher rocks on the other side. The trucks follow, along with a stream of Liberati trikes.
<Ardelmos> +com+ And if they're all overly aggressive? ::watches the wolfpacks quickly organize and continue forwards::
<Gabriel> +com+ As long as they stay organized and under control, that's not overly aggressive. We want their CO thinking that the Liberati aren't worth the trouble.
<Ardelmos> +com+ ::continues watching:: Three groups forming. Two are moving into the hills to pincer us.
<Gabriel> +com+ Give me coordinates of one of the flank groups.
<Ardelmos> ::relays as ordered::
<Mem> ::sighs as he hears this, then finishes flexing his other knee and slips the foot back into the strap::
<Gabriel> ::sends a shell in that direction::
<Knight> ::wishes he was in Dash::
<Ardelmos> ::picks one of the flanking groups on his own and arcs the Pea Shooter high, lobbing off a round::
<Savant> The shells continue to fly in quick succession as the Talons try to push the tanks away. They seem more intent on circling around, outside of decent range - they're trying to determine the size of their enemy.
<Detro> ::is plenty busy in his cockpit, firing off MRPs and relaying coordinates::
<Gabriel> +com+ JJ, Swifty, more rockets. Red Team, be ready to back off a bit.
<Thierry> +Com+ I'll get you put back together as soon as I can Knight. For now, enjoy your time off
<Melissa> +com+ Orders sir?
<Detro> ::ripple-fires his MRPs::
<Gabriel> +com+ Maintain fire, Bonaparte. Keep the sniper system shut off.
<Craig> +com+ right ::lets another volley loose across 3 other vehicles::
<Thierry> Birkin> +Com+ Should I stick to the gun or switch to rockets?
<Gabriel> +com+ Stay on the gun, Cerberus.
<Savant> Every Gear in the field - and Pathfinder too - highlights a sensor ping coming from the sky. It blankets the ground in a broad arc, bathing everything in x-rays.
<Mem> +com+ Pathfinder is behind us, captain. We don't want to get cut off.
<Mem> +com+ X-rays.
<Thierry> Birkin> Roger ::Lines up the gun::
<Gabriel> +com+ Hold fire for a bit, everyone.
<Detro> ::eases off the triggers::
<Gabriel> Itty, bitty, towed guns. Way too small to see from that high up...
<Gabriel> ::wills it to even be true::
<Melissa> ::releases the trigger and leans back, looking at the sensor readout before her::
<Craig> ::resets the safety once his rockets are on their way and clings closers to the ridge::
<Thierry> Cory! What was that!
<Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself as he fires again:: I hate being right. ::poof::
<Savant> 2Corporal Cory Macedon> Arclight. They haven't spotted us yet. Pathfinder at least. No second pings.
<Melissa> +com+ We're being pinged again.
<Detro> ::sticks to passive -- the others can hope for the best, he's still got to track the troops on the ground::
<Thierry> +Com+ Deacon, Arclight it onto you I think
<Melissa> +com+ There was a second least on me...
<Gabriel> +com+ Bonaparte, follow the Liberati, fall back.
<Melissa> ::starts looking at the sensor readouts, still keeping on passive, while pulling out, heading in the general direction of the Liberati, trying to keep a low profile::
<Savant> The Liberati don't seem to think much of the ping from Arclight. They're busy continuing their retreat into the highlands. The vanguard - the Pythom and the few fighting trucks - settle into the rocks and wait for the tanks' approach.
<Gabriel> +com+ Swifty, as Bonaparte passes you, give me another rocket volley. See if you can make it look like it's coming from there. Bonaparte, give me another shell.
<Savant> Roland's shell leaves a smoky contrail in the blak sky for a brief second. There's a burst of heat on the opposite side of the ridge; at least one heat plume is twice as big as it was before.
<Melissa> +com+ aye, aye mon capitanne ::proceeds to pick another target at complete random and pulls the trigger::
<Mem> ::rolls his eyes:: +com+ I think that did it.
<Gabriel> +com+ Relax... this is where we convince their CO that this lot isn't worth losing a tank or two over. Erinyes, give me coordinates to one of the lead flank tanks. Then everyone fires on that one target.
<Craig> +com+ aye sir ::releases safety again and gets ready for melissa to pass::
<Ardelmos> +com+ Roger that ::picks a lead tank in one of the groups which he didn't just nail and relays that on to the rest of the group::
<Gabriel> +com+ Once that's done, Red team, fall back.
<Savant> the first of the tanks crest the ridge as the others circle around. The Talons are still out of view - save for Roland's sensor boom. It lances out with a snapping laser shot frmo its turret, which cores through one of the mining trucks. the vehicle crashes into a boulder and stops.
<Thierry> Birkin>+Com+ Understood
<Gabriel> +com+ Swifty, JJ, one rocket each, on that target. Then Bonaparte, myself, Cerberus.
<Detro> +com+ ::clicks in acknowledgement and prepares to fire once Roland's relayed the coordinates::
<Gabriel> +com+ If it's still alive, Erinyes, finish it.
<Savant> Bonaparte's shell sails skyward and crashes into its target behind the ridge. There's a rumble and a quick vibration that the Gears pick up on their sensors.
<Melissa> ::gulps slightly as she sees the truck 'die'::
<Gabriel> <<If it's still alive after that, Erinyes...>>
<Ardelmos> +com+ Here's your target ::relays the tank which just cored the truck -- he hoped that the others nailed it, as now that he was within visual his grenade arcs might be visible from behind the rocks::
<Melissa> ::blinks in surprise at the rumble, but keeps moving, waiting for her next shot::
<Craig> ::depresses the trigger and a single rocket streaks off to it's target::
<Melissa> ::taking aim on the tank that fired on the truck::
<Knight> ::wishes he had talem up docs offer of pain killers::
<Gabriel> ::re-engages the long-range stabilizer and lines up on Roland's tank::
<Detro> ::sheds a round of MRPs::
<Gabriel> ::fires on it::
<Savant> the Liberati fire at the same target that the Talons have chosen - with good reason, it's the leader and just killed one of their own. A ripple of small rockets rips out frm the spidery work mount, and the guns on the work trucks add a steady drum-beat of shells to the rhythm.
<Melissa> ::sees the two rocket trails and then pulls the trigger::
<Melissa> ::smiling gleefully as the tank shakes again from cannon fire::
<Gabriel> +com+ OK, Red Team, fall back some.
<Detro> +com+ Roger that. ::lowers the boom and creeps back from the rock, moving slowly to stay out of sight::
<Savant> the Hovertank is still alive, but it's been bounced off of the ground and is trailing smoke from its broad rear ducts.
<Ardelmos> ::pops off one more shot before turning and beginning to fall back as ordered::
<Savant> Thegrenade round smashes intot he glacis plate of the tank - that turret is ueless now, likely - but the thing's still moving. It's sensible, though, and swivels laterally and away from the fight.
<Mem> ::waits for the tank to turn away, and then to see what their CO decides to do::
<Gabriel> +com+ All units, cease fire. Red team, find a new scouting position and report.
<Ardelmos> +com+ Displacing. They're still circling around -- radio chatter's picked up.
<Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes "Aggie" Lemnos> ::smirks at Knight's discomfort:: Still beat up, huh?
<Gabriel> +com+ Swifty, you too. Fall back. Keep it nice and slow.
<Thierry> +Com+ Confirmed. Tapping into the CEF comm
<Gabriel> ::tries to dial into Roland's radio chatter::
<Craig> +com+ roger that ::slowly turns on swifty's knee and moves along to ridge paralelle to red team::
<Detro> ::picks his way around the terrain as best he can while staying out of sight, leaving the channel open and scanning for CEF chat::
<Melissa> ::keeps Bonaparte moving while flipping through the radio frequencies, focusing on what CEF tends to use::
<Savant> 5Radio> [Siberian] "What in the mother's name is out there? Where did the roms get weapons like that?" "circle around, call for a pair of landers, Lieutenant. And get me a secure line to the CID."
<Ardelmos> +com+ You get that Captain?
<Thierry> +Com+ Lovely. Seems we got their attenton
<Gabriel> +com+ Enough. We've done our jobs here. If they're calling for landers, we've given the Liberati the time they need. Pathfinder, stand by for extraction. Everyone, fall back to the Fury.
<Thierry> ::Looks to Jermei:: You heard the man
<Ardelmos> +com+ ::clicks his microphone in acknowledgement and then swears to himself off channel -- contacting the CID; that was exactly what they didn't need::
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> ::cocks an eyebrow at thierry and smirks:: Yes sir.
<Gabriel> ::props Deacon out of his hiding place and starts falling back toward Pathfinder::
<Thierry> +Com+ Incoming Deacon
<Craig> ::nods and starts back for the fury::
<Mem> ::turns and starts heading back to the extraction point:: +com+ They'd better start moving, then.
<Gabriel> ::coughs to clear his voice, then tries out his best bad Liberati accent and switches to a very short range open frequency:: [Highlands] +com+ Look, the keffs wait for help. We should go before they climb up.
<Detro> ::pokes his way through the terrain back towards the Fury::
<Melissa> ::moves in the direction of the pickup zone::
<Savant> Pathfinder is still rolling, slowly, as you get closer to it. The forward vehicle bay doors, under the crafts' nose, begin to yawn open
<Mem> ::lines up with the gear in front of him and rolls towards the open door::
<Savant> 5Liberati> [Highlands] We're pulling back to the gates of Bittern, the clan will hold there. Come with us! The others are too far.
<Melissa> ::falls into position for pickup::
<Thierry> Birkin> ::Clicks comm in acknowledgement and heads for the fury::
<Mem> +com+ Fast load. Don't fuck it up. ::checks to make sure everyone's lined up for docking::
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ I'll do my best, sir. everyone in!
<Gabriel> ::follows the others in, trying to recall what he remembers about "gates of Bittern"::
<Craig> ::goes to 2 both feet as he nears the fury and climbs onto the ramp to the vehicle bay::
<Mem> ::hits the ramp and rolls up into the docking bay, checks his position in the line, and then skids to a halt in second position::
<Thierry> ::Keeps an eye on the Liberati, trying to trakc their retreat.::
<Gabriel> +com+ JJ, Erinyes, get aboard, move it.
<Detro> ::fits into the slot and quickly boards the Fury, moving to park::
<Melissa> ::parks Bonaparte, locking the treads and turret in place, holding off of the total shut down just in case::
<Craig> ::slids swifty into his booth::+com+ onboard sir!
<Savant> Clamps clasp onto the Gears and onto Bonaparte as they come to rest in their stalls. The ramp waits for Roland to return, but the Fury is moving again.
<Ardelmos> ::comes in last, having been the furthest forward -- he rolls up into the bay and slides towards his berth::
<Mem> ::grunts as he finishes the maneuver, wondering what the hell was up with his legs::
<Detro> +com+ That place they mentioned -- Bittern Caves. Pits, tunnels, warrens, natural caves, old mine bits -- all the comforts of your typical MacAllen network it seems.
<Detro> ::finishes securing JJ as he talks::
<Melissa> ::once clamped in place, begins the powerdown of her tank::
<Savant> The door begins to close and Pathfinder begins a gentle acceleration
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Fifteen second burn in five.
<Gabriel> +com+ Sounds lovely. Cockpit, find us another place to put down, far, but not too far along the Liberati's current track. ::checks his database for the longest range Gears::
<Mem> +com+ I feel like a fucking cripple. ::stays strapped up until they're cleared to move about the ship::
<Ardelmos> ::locks Erinyes into the bay and sits, awaiting the burn and hoping nothing gets picked up by Arclight or the circling hovertanks::
<Thierry> +Com+ Get comfy Knight
<Melissa> ::adjusts the straps on her seat and stays in the tank:: A burn in tank...this should be fun!
<Savant> Pathfinder shoves everyone into their seats once more, then the burn slowly lessens, and Pathfinder begins a descent.
<Gabriel> +com+ JJ, refuel. You'll be following the Liberati, stealthy and unseen to these gates of Bittern. Don't get seen, don't get killed. The rest of us are gonna set up a recon position and keep an eye on the Liberati escape route.
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> +com+ Prepare for retro-burn. Touching down in fifteen.
<Melissa> ::cancels the powerdown and cycles Bonaparte back up::
<Detro> +com+ Understood. ::once the flight stabilizes, he pops JJ's hatch and drops to the deck, moving quickly to refuel JJ::
<Thierry> +Com+ Should I saddle up sir?
<Gabriel> +com+ Yes, please, doctor. You'll be joining Red team for the recon.
<Thierry> +Com+ Understood ::Looks to Jermei:: Case of needles under my seat, in case someone needs them while I'm away ::Unstraps::
<Savant> 2Private Jeremi Peresalona> ::clucks his tongue:: No one ever observes the please-stay-seated-while-landing signs.
<Thierry> ::Grins as he makes for wren::
<Savant> Game Pause
<Savant> The Talons watch the Liberati - and the circling CEF - as the situation settles into stalemate. The small Van Saar rearguard joins up with the caravan and they all drive deeper into the rough terrain of the Bittern Gates, many of the vehicles actually going around. Some of them, noticeably, stay on the surface and scatter out.
<Savant> You will be going to meet them in-gear, using spiders, going in on foot...?
<Savant> Spiders it is.
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<Savant> We will pick up with you driving through one of the tunnels, coming upon a guard of several Liberati in survival suits with rifles.
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<Thierry> Okie day
<Savant> Questions?
<Gabriel> Nope.
<Savant> let's get back to it then.
<Savant> Game Continue
<Savant> The air pressure is a little better down here - you woudln't turn into one gigantic bruise if you took off your suit. Nor could you breathe very well, but that's beside the point. The two Spiders stop behind a low rise their sensor domes peeking over
<Thierry> ::Seals up his suit and checks his sidearm::
<Gabriel> ::notes several armed men in the tunnel ahead and nods at Detro:: Pull a little bit more forward until they can see us.
<Detro> ::seated in the driver's seat, pushes on the accelerator a bit and eases the nose of the Spider out::
<Thierry> +Com+ Roger ::Slowly pulls the spider forward::
<Mem> ::yawns and scans the area to make sure they weren't followed, and there werne't any CEF surprises nearby::
<Savant> There is a collection of ten suited figures. Craig and Mem immediately recognized the colourful blue and red ribbons on the suits - the Van Saars. They spot the vehicles and get behind their cover, wary.
<Knight> ::suddenly thinks all this moving REALLY hurts::
<Craig> ::catchs a glimps of the guard's ribbons and smiles:: they're van saar
<Gabriel> This is good. Stop here. ::picks up his rifle and heads toward the door:: +com+ Mem, you're with me. ::turns:: Master Sergeant, you too. +com+ Everyone else, wait until we've made contact.
<Mem> +com+ ::grins:: The rest are deep in the tunnels, mostly quiet in there.
<Detro> ::stops the Spider's movement::
<Mem> +com+ All right.
<Thierry> ::Stops the spider::+Com+ Understood
<Gabriel> ::nods at Craig:: That's good news. Means that the CEF didn't get all of them.
<Mem> ::unstraps himself from the seat and grunts:: Fucking gravity. Never thought I'd say it.
<Gabriel> ::checks his BDU seals, then pops the hatch, slinging the rifle over his shoulder::
<Craig> ::nods and stands, waiting to follow the captain out, he leaves his pistol holstered::
<Thierry> ::Looks back to Knight:: Still not want any drugs?
<Mem> ::opens the hatch and carefully hops out of the spider::
<Savant> 5Liberati> ::Raises his rifle from behind the rock, aiming at the approaching Talons. He announces over speakers,:: [Highlands] Stop! ::A pause:: [Anglic] Stop!
<Knight> ::grimices:: Maybe... but need to be as clear-headed as possible.
<Gabriel> ::stops walking and signals the others with him to do the same::
<Mem> ::pulls up the shade on his visor so the Liberati can see his eyes, and stops::
<Savant> 5Liberati> [Highlands] Rifles over your heads!
<Gabriel> ::unslings his rifle and holds it over his head with both hands::
<Craig> ::raises his hands eventhough he isn't holding a weapon at the moment::
<Mem> ::has no rifle, so remains still, apparently not worried::
<Savant> 5Liberati> [H] Who are you! What do you want!
<Mem> ::glances at the captain::
<Craig> ::lets the captain make the first move::
<Gabriel> [Highlands] We are Black Talons, what you call Ravens. You are Van Saar. I am Captain Gabriel Tynes. We are 68 days away from Terra Nova, and seek your clan, and one who was left here with you, Ilan Mohammed.
<Thierry> ::Looks to Knight:: Can you get to the gun if needed?
<Gabriel> [Highlands] I replace as Captain one you knew, Paul Gotah. He sends greetings.
<Mem> ::looks back at the guards::
<Knight> ::looks about:: Sure... now if you think I'll hit something I aim at you may need the drugs.
<Savant> There's a pause, and the guards look at one another, probably chattering on a private band. They don't yet relax their guard, however.
<Mem> Captain, may I?
<Gabriel> Give them a moment, Lieutenant. This rifle isn't as light as it looks.
<Gabriel> ::offers Mem a quick grin::
<Savant> 5Liberati> ::mutters a name - it's Liberati:: Fatah ibn Kariyah. ::then a pause:: Say the name of the leader of the Jund, Amir al Juyush!
<Detro> ::eyes the encounter nervously::
<Mem> ::smirks and nods, and looks back to the guards, still talking to the captain:: I've met them before, so if this doesn't work, they may remember me.
<Gabriel> [Highlands] I greet you, Fatah Ibn Kariyah. The leader of the Jund is Wick.
<Savant> there's a bit more of a pause, a bit more chatter, and then the Liberati hesitatnly lower their weapons and rise from their hiding places. They don't really seem sure what to think just yet.
<Gabriel> ::starts to lower his weapon, and if there's no objection, reslings it over his shoulder::
<Savant> One dashes back down the tunnels as a few of the others step forward, turning on lights to illuminate the tunnel. They don't seem to have trouble with the Talons relaxing
<Savant> 5Liberati> [H] Gotah One-Arm sent you?
<Mem> ::grins from under his helmet at the title::
<Gabriel> ::chuckles:: [H] Gotah One-Arm. Yes. ::repeats his name, then introduces Mem and Craig:: [H] There are others in the vehicles. May they exit?
<Craig> ::chucks a bit at the nickname for his former captain:: [H] he's out there somewhere right now ::points upward towards the sky if there weren't rock in the way::
<Savant> 5Liberati> [H] Yes, of course. How is he? His left side must still be sore.
<Craig> <<er chuckles>>
<Mem> +com+ Clear to--
<Mem> ::stops himself and tilts his head to the side::
<Craig> [H]left side actually, he manages, still smokes though ::smirks::
<Gabriel> [H] I have no doubt of it. And he is now a war leader among us. Equivalent to your Amirs. If he is not now on Caprice, he soon will be, leading many groups of Talons.
<Craig> <<bah right side, right side!Smile>>
<Mem> ::glances at the captain, then hears Craig correct it also::
<Savant> 5Liberati> ::Grins at Craig, then at the Talons, and then laughs, and surprises Gabriel by embracing him tightly:: [H] Ha ha! Kariyah! He said you'd come! Your timing could not be better, Atabeg!
<Mem> [Anglic] ::to the captain:: He was shot on the right. It would've hit his heart otherwise.
<Detro> ::pokes his head out the hatch of the Spider::
<Gabriel> ::laughs and returns the hug, then steps back:: +com+ All personnel may exit.
<Gabriel> [H] Two among us were badly injured coming this far, but we are here.
<Mem> ::stands there for several moments, obviously not happy with the inaccurate detail::
<Craig> ::to one of the guards:: [H] would Kellerton be among you? would be good if we could see her again, same with Junkman er Ilan
<Detro> ::drops down from the Spider's cabin::
<Thierry> I'm heading out. If something happens, hit the autopilot and hope the prophet is with you ::Pops the hatch and heads towards the others, walking casually though his custom pistol was clearly visible along with first aid kits
<Thierry> ::Looks to the guards:: Were any of you hurt?
<Savant> Liberati> [H] Bring them forth - our hospital is here, as is our doctor. I am Dorcester.
<Knight> ::grimaces::
<Savant> 5Dorcester Van Saar> ::grins at Craig:: Kellerton is here. Fatah is not - he is on the surface.
<Mem> ::shakes off the moment of adrenaline that this was a trap, after realizing the inaccuracy was meant to verify the team's authenticity::
<Thierry> ::Nods to Knight:: Can you walk, they got a hospital
<Savant> 5Dorcester Van Saar> ::A little darkly:: [H] There are wounded, yes. The Keffs surprised us. But most of the clan has hidden. Us, we are the distraction.
<Gabriel> [H] Thank you, Dorcester. ::turns to Thierry, then nods, overhearing, and turns back to Dorcester:: And Ilan? We heard frightening tales of your clan attacked by keffs.
<Mem> I think I just want to sleep for a week. ::walks down the tunnel with his computer::
<Craig> ::hmms:: [H] on patrol? or was he one of those captured by the keffs recently?
<Detro> ::pause and glances back at Knight and Thierry:: He gonna be able to make it?
<Knight> ::back to Detro:: I just hope to see some pretty nurses before I die....
<Thierry> Might want to give him a hand. I'll get my gear.
<Savant> 5Dorcester Van Saar> ::nods as the other Liberati come forward and aid those of you who are weak-kneed or wounded:: [H] The man Ilan Mohammad is now Fatah ibn Kariyah. He fights like a dragon, and is as much a Van Saar as any of us.
<Detro> ::laughs:: Not if I have to keep dragging your ass around to see them all.
<Detro> ::moves to support Knight while Trembles gets his gear::
<Knight> ::coughs a little:: You can have the ugly ones, partner.
<Craig> ::chuckles again:: [h] glad to hear he hasn't changed much
<Thierry> ::Heads back to the spider and grabs the duffel he'd packed the medical gear in and then starts towards the liberati:: [Bad Highlands] I'm doctor too.
<Detro> ::helps him walk forward:: Ugly ones? Naw, you're thinking of the ugly, bloated, fat nurses who are going to give you sponge baths every day.
<Savant> 5Dorcester Van Saar> [H] The Keffs attacked - come, it's not far - the Keffs attacked by surprise, at night, while we were stopped. Almost no time. But we made a diversion, and most of us hid away while we took the caravans and vehicles and drove here. We hope the Keffs follow.
<Gabriel> [H] That is well, then. I would like to meet him, but that is for another time. ::follows Dorcester:: Were any of your people taken?
<Mem> ::follows with the captain also, but stays quiet as the two converse::
<Thierry> ::Shoulders the duffel and follows::
<Savant> 5Dorcester Van Saar> ::glances at Thierry and nods:: You are welcome here, doctor. Very welcome. ::Then to Tynes:: [H] Yes. the clan is broken. At least three groups, now. We know nothing of the other caravans, but we hear one family was wiped out, every man womand and child.
<Savant> Dim lights are ahead, as the Talons can see a row of trucks, wagons, and what look like train cars on bulbous wheels.
<Detro> Hey... hey... ::nudges Knight:: No passing out now. You'll miss all the sights.
<Knight> ::blinks eyes open::
<Craig> ::shudders a bit as dorcester mentions the other caravans::
<Detro> I mean, where else are you gonna see.. um.. rock. And these things. Big wheeled trains.
<Gabriel> ::exhales, angry, then relaxes:: [H] They punish those who help us.
<Savant> Dorcester raises his rifle and waves it form side to side as doors start to open and people start to stream out in ones and twos to see.
<Mem> ::seemed less interested that a whole third of the clan was wiped out, and distracted himself with looking for familiar Van Saars::
<Savant> 5Dorcester Van Saar> ::nods grimly:: [H] They punish any who oppose them. But their end will come, soon, God willing.
<Savant> Mem is immediately distracted by a familiar looking survival-suited woman dashing towards him enthusiastically
<Thierry> ::Follows quietly, looking back to make sure Knight was ok::
<Craig> ::smirks at the way the van saar ended his sentence:: yep, junkman's definitely been influencing these people
<Gabriel> ::nods agreement:: [H] God willing. Still, you have eased my mind, a bit. I feared that much of the clan had been destroyed or captured. It is good that so many escaped.
<Mem> ::smirks from under his helmet::
<Craig> ::spots the woman running over and smiles broadly::
<Savant> 5Dorcester Van Saar> [H] you've come at an important time, Atabeg. You will stay, help us to draw the Keffs here so that the clan can escape?
<Gabriel> [H] Of course! We would be honored.
<Savant> 5Kellerton Van Saar> ::cuts off the end of Dorcester's sentence as she practically leaps onto Mem:: Memnon! Aaron! ahahaha! You made it back!
<Thierry> ::Cocks an eye at mem:: Friends of yours?
<Mem> ::drops his backpack and tries to catch Kellerton, but falls over because of the gravity::
<Mem> Ow... fuck. [H] Gravity! Gravity! Easy, babe. ::smirks::
<Detro> ::eyes Mem warily:: A girl in every port, in every cave, AND under every evil rock. :::shakes head:::
<Gabriel> [H] We will also repair your weapons and your vehicles, and we have new ones for you as well.
<Gabriel> <<will also help repair, rather>>
* Scottylite has joined #BT05
<Savant> The Liberati cluster in close, shaking hands and laughing and talking and greeting. It's like being back in that asteroid home, but without the naysayers grumbling in the corners.
* Mem sets mode: +o Scottylite
<Scottylite> ::chuckles:: Jack actually, Birkin is back at pathfinder, along with roland, good to see you again though Kellerton ::smiles::
* Craig has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Scottylite is now known as Craig
<Mem> ::picks himself off of the cold ground and grins at Kellerton::
<Savant> 5Dorcester Van Saar> ::smirks at Kellerton's enthusiasm, and puts a hand on Gabriels' shoulder to guide him and the Talons through the crowd:: [H] Fatah was right! He said your hold would be full of goods. We can use them now.
<Savant> 5Kellerton Van Saar> ::grins sheepishly and gives Mem a big hug, then Craig, then everyone else - those she hasn't met, even.
<Gabriel> [H] Of course. You must tell us how we can help.
<Gabriel> ::allows himself to led by Dorcester::
<Savant> Game Pause
<Detro> ::as Kellerton comes over to him and Knight:: Easy on him, he's a bit banged up
<Mem> ::attn::
<Savant> just wanted to get you in with the Liberati. Next week, at the GT, we'll deal with defending the Bittern caves long enough for the rest of the Van Saars to make it to safety.
<Savant> we will be doing the same thing the week after, likely.
<Savant> Expect lots of prep work at the GT, because, well, it's far easier to do that sort of thing in person
<Gabriel> ::nods:: No worries.
<Savant> any questions?
<Gabriel> None here. Much fun. Smile
<Thierry> Nope
<Savant> glad you enjoyed. I'm very, very happy to be back on Caprice.
<Mem> I'm very happy
<Gabriel> Yeah, wasn't a lot for you to RP in space, but it was important to get that stuff done. Wink
<Mem> Love the Liberati.
<Detro> Amen
<Savant> you'll really love Gomorrah, Brad.
<Savant> i promise
<Mem> Thanks for doing that last bit tonight. Made the whole game. Wink
<Craig> i bet the van saars are the only liberati truely on our side right now:)
<Gabriel> Which reminds me. Now that I've got my books unpacked, tell me again what I'm allowed to read from the Caprice and/or Liberati books.
<Savant> I thought so too.
<Thierry> ITs on the wiki
<Savant> i will when i've unpacked my own, Jester Wink
<Gabriel> Heh, k.
<Savant> anyways, who would like some XP? I have a bowl full of them here and I am feeling like giving some of them away.
<Thierry> Please
<Gabriel> XP would be lovely.
<Craig> sure i'm hungry
<Detro> Heh. You might recall I made a Wiki entry on what can and cannot be read ;D
<Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Give me some teamwork stuff.
<Detro> Tonight's "Fire for effect" fun?
<Knight> Detro holding my hand in the dark caves.
<Craig> we distracted the keffs in pursiut of the van saars
<Savant> hee! you win the internet Knight. Great to have you back
<Knight> =)
<Detro> heh
<Gabriel> LOL
<Savant> speaking of which, Knight, give me a
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

<Savant> speaking of which, Knight, give me a health check.
<Mem> Yeah, good to have you back Knight Smile
<Knight> so-of-a....
<Savant> Smile
<Craig> a sore mem getting pounced on by kellerton:)
<Mem> an atrophied Mem, I guess
<Savant> you will be down to only one deep wound by next game, Knight.
<Mem> a couple of good meals and some walking will do the trick
<Savant> you will get good meals from the Liberati. Just don't ask what it's made of
<Savant> i'll give you teamwork. I think you did well today.
<Savant> Accomplishing mission objectives, or uncovering new ones?
<Craig> i think those of us here last time found that out:)
<Detro> Made contact with the Van Saars
<Gabriel> Had one practically accomplished for us. We managed to fall in with the Van Saars right away. That was nice. Saves us days or weeks of scouring Caprice for someone friendly.
<Craig> accomplished: landed on caprice, new: getting the vansaars outta here:)
<Detro> Objective: Fight to keep the Van Saars viable allies by helping distract the CEF.
<Savant> i thoguht that roleplaying weeks of looking for Van Saars would be boring. this is exciting. This is what would happen in the movie Wink
<Gabriel> ::snickers:: True. Wink
<Savant> we will have to decide who would play the various characters in a black Talons movie.
<Savant> that's four points in total. Five for a combat. I'll give you six if you can tell me what you look forward to doing while defending a messy network of caverns from the CEF
<Thierry> Booby traps
<Thierry> Smile
<Detro> <- Tom Cruise. Who else would be whooping in joy in the middle of their landing
<Savant> i can see Detro being Tom ruise, for sure.
<Savant> Cruise.
<Craig> defending a messy network of caverns, what else:)
<Savant> heh, be specific Wink
<Gabriel> Yep, was just about to say that. We've got a buttload of mines and Fire Eggs. It'll be fun to see how many HTs we can get before they even know they're overmatched.
<Gabriel> Bittern Roach Motel. Hovertanks check in, but they don't check out.
* Savant grins. I figured you'd do something like that. I'm seeing how much of your inventory i can eat up this time around Wink
<Knight> I've always seen Detro as Steve Buscemi.
<Savant> that's Theirry and Gabriel responding. anyone else?
<Detro> Heh. Nah
<Craig> we pretty much have an advantage here, we can manuever in the caves better than HTs, we can hide in places for ambushes, be fun:)
<Detro> Well... maybe.
<Savant> ambushing, okay Craig
<Mem> I'm looking forward to sand baths
<Detro> The one from the movie with that Antonio Banderas guy, not Armageddon
<Savant> heh, okay, Mem Wink
<Gabriel> And the inventory exists to be eaten up. Wink
<Mem> Oh, you mean during the fight
<Savant> yes, but that's a good thing to know too. I guess Mem likes the chafing Wink
<Craig> spy kids dennis?Smile
<Mem> How are we going to defend? On foot or mounted or what?
<Detro> Never saw that movie
<Savant> up to you
<Mem> well, it was a little sarcastic. Wink
<Savant> some tunnels can take vehicles, some can't
<Mem> I look forward to having something to do. ECM, computers. it's a cave, though, so maybe he'll just run with some Liberati chicks and boss people around.
<Savant> Mem's Angels, check.
<Craig> lol
<Mem> 'ello, angels!
<Savant> anyone else?
<Savant> that's five points, six for Mem, Craig, Gabriel, Thierry.
<Savant> well done! Hope you have enjoyed as much as I have.
<Detro> Grr
<Detro> Still thinking
<Savant> okay, i'll wait a bit.
<Savant> help him out guys Wink
* Craig casts blessing of wisdom on detro
<Savant> Junkman will do that
<Savant> or, Fatah ibn Kariyah
<Detro> Oh, what I'm looking forward to is not having to nerf skills to within Zero-G limits
<Gabriel> The obvious choice is to use the tactics of the Bloody Twelve against them.
<Savant> (Kariyah is a Liberati term for a rock raven or other bird of prey)
<Thierry> I INF, 1 WIL, 1 Highliands, 1 Med (CPX), 1 Notice (CPX), 1 Athletics, 1 Pilot (Ground)
<Savant> heh, okay, that suits, Detro.
<Savant> Detro gets six as well.
<Savant> And we're done!
<Craig> but we pwned the bloody twelve without having to send all of us into the fight...
<Savant> Game End
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:06] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:06] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:06] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Goliath in Session'
[18:06] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:06] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:06] <Fraser> ::attn::
[18:07] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:07] <Brad> ::attn::
[18:07] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:07] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:07] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:07] <Birkin> ::attn::
[18:07] <Savant> hello and good evening to you all! small crowd. Good omen? We'll see. Seems like all the vital positions are being filled tonight at least.
[18:07] <Savant> so let's rock this one out oldschool.
[18:07] * Scotty has joined #BT05
[18:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Scotty
[18:07] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[18:08] <Savant> please hook on up to the map tool if you haven't already.
[18:08] <Savant> Goliath
[18:08] <Savant> 32 Autumn TN, 2200h - Afternoon
[18:08] <Savant> Alhambra, Transfer Asteroid 2
[18:08] <Savant> -273 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity. It's frickin space.
[18:08] <Savant> The Talons have done their planning and their resting, and are ready to begin their descent to the planet of Caprice. Before saying goodbye to space, however, they have one last task - cracking the egg which is Monolith Shipyards.
[18:08] <Savant> In order to do so they have decided to raid a transfer asteroid - an asteroid on a steady orbit between the planet of Indra and the planet of Caprice - it passes close to Monolith and will make an excellent staging ground. So long as they can take it without the CEF knowing about it of course...
[18:08] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:08] <Craig> gah i coulda swore i registered this nick!
[18:08] <Craig> ack
[18:08] <Savant> read that. I'm going to get hydrated Wink
[18:08] <Detro> ack
[18:08] <Gabriel> ack
[18:09] <Mem> ack
[18:09] * Thierry has joined #bt05
[18:09] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Thierry
[18:09] <Birkin> ack
[18:09] <Thierry> (Doesn't Ack) Smile
[18:10] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:10] <Craig> ack
[18:11] <Savant> any questions?
[18:11] <Thierry> Acks now
[18:12] <Savant> you will note on your map tools that there are in fact two maps
[18:12] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:12] <Savant> the space map is there mostly in case we needed a space map. I don't think we will.
[18:12] <Savant> Detro?
[18:12] <Detro> [20:11:03] <Detro> We scaling down/up tonight on movement?
[18:12] <Savant> This is going to be at Skirmish scale.
[18:13] <Savant> Also. Gears on the interior map are regular size. Humans are small.
[18:13] <Thierry> *Nods*
[18:14] <Savant> i am marking the two gear-sized entrances.
[18:14] <Savant> you can see them, yes?
[18:14] <Detro> Aye
[18:14] <Mem> Yessir.
[18:14] <Gabriel> Yep.
[18:14] <Savant> good. When the time comes to hop in (which won't take long) then please drop in there as you would like.
[18:14] <Thierry> *Raises*
[18:15] <Savant> last minute questions? Thierry?
[18:15] <Thierry> Yeah, and this is for Jester...what's the plan?
[18:15] <Gabriel> Boo. The plan is for you to show up 30 minutes early when I type out the plan.
[18:16] <Mem> I'm gonna set my token up way off to the side
[18:16] <Savant> heh, okay brad
[18:16] <Thierry> Well sorry, I was getting free dinner Wink
[18:16] <Gabriel> Short version: we're gonna break into this asteroid and shoot up anything with CEF/CID markings. No heavy weapons allowed. Just auto-cannons, lasers, anti-personnel weapons.
[18:17] <Gabriel> Preference will be for pin-point attacks with melee weapons whenever possible.
[18:17] <Savant> let's start spinning our wheels, too much cooling our heels. Tactics in the OOC channel please
[18:17] <Thierry> kk
[18:17] <Savant> final questions seems done with. Let's kick this pig.
[18:17] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:18] <Savant> The Fury looms closer to the asteroid. The burns have been soft and gentle, and so far Macedon and Peresalona have ekpt PAthfinder from being detected
[18:19] <Detro> ::is sealed up and good to go in JJ::
[18:19] <Thierry> ::Does some final checks on Wren:: Ready to go girl
[18:20] <Birkin> +com+ Do we have any intel on these things? Like if they normally have CEF people on them?
[18:20] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ How close do you want us, Captain? They're blind as bats in there. Barely any sensors.
[18:20] <Craig> ::finished strapping into Swifty and makes some final weapons checks:: looking good here
[18:21] <Gabriel> +com+ Close as you can manage, Sous-Sergeant. Pathfinder has better stealth than some of our Gears do...
[18:21] <Detro> ::hopes Macedon isn't forgetting about the "Mark I Model I's" --- pairs of eyeballs::
[18:21] <Mem> ::giant yawn as he does a weapons systems check to make sure the fire control was recognizing the laser::
[18:21] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::runs through Erinyes' startup checklist as the vehicle warms up:: If this is another trap, I am going to be very fucking put off.
[18:22] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Understood Deacon. We'll pipe the communication to you when it comes?
[18:23] <Savant> Sensors are still having a problem looking into the asteroid itself, so it's nearly impossible to tell what you're up against. It's a hot rock, that's about all you know.
[18:23] <Gabriel> +com+ Yes, please.
[18:23] <Detro> +com+ Oh, I'm sure it is... but could we really call ourselves "Talons" if we DIDN'T engage this target of opportunity?
[18:24] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ Understood Deaco- ah. Here you are.
[18:25] <Thierry> +Com+ Eh, that last trap wasn't that bad
[18:25] <Savant> Station> +com+ Unregistered shuttle! Adjust pitch by thirty degrees and cut thrusters, or you *will* be fired upon!
[18:25] <Craig> +com+ well not that we have the negetive comments out of the way, how about we get going now?
[18:25] <Mem> ::puts up his feet and puts his hands behind his head, reclining back just slightly as he waits for the launch::
[18:26] <Savant> Ranger Zucco Jim> +com+ ::his voice a threatening whisper:: All area suppression weapons locked on and hot, Captain.
[18:26] <Detro> +com+ That wasn't a negative comment, that was encouragement.
[18:27] <Gabriel> +com+ Macedon, patch me in.
[18:27] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> +com+ You're live, Captain.
[18:28] <Mem> ::opens one eye and glances at the external sensors through his visor display::
[18:28] <Thierry> ::Scans the Asteroids weapons potential::
[18:28] <Ardelmos> ::ties into the Deacon-asteroid conversation and flips another screen to the external view of the approaching asteroid, eyeing the bay doors::
[18:29] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] This is shuttle Raven, with our standard load, intended for its standard recipients. Our apologies in advance for not following standard entry practices. ::coughs, then repeats the message in Anglic::
[18:29] <Savant> The asteroid hangar bay looms - PAthfinder is coming at it from the "south" end of the asteroid, so the door is actually just a metal slab jutting out of the rock.
[18:30] <Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, release us now! Flamers, anti-laser as the doors open!
[18:31] <Savant> PAthfinders' bay yawns open as the engines give a kick, spinning the shuttle ass-end towards the doors
[18:31] <Mem> Fuck. ::quickly puts his feet down into the pedal straps and hands on the controls as the order is very sudden and wakes him up fully::
[18:31] <Craig> +com+ roger that ::positions swifty as one of the first out and points the aerosol loaded flamer forward::
[18:31] <Ardelmos> ::lifts Erinyes off the deck and places its feet against the opposite bay wall, then propels his gear out the opening bay doors and at the asteroid::
[18:32] <Thierry> ::Punches up Wren's powerplant as the order to launch is given::
[18:32] <Savant> Outside is a broad slab of metal, the sealed hangar bay doors. Laser fire immediately begins licking out at PAthfinder and her occupants.
[18:32] <Detro> ::sets up behind their screening gears, holding position until the anti-laser screen is up::
[18:32] <Mem> +com+ Watch your spacing on departure.
[18:34] <Thierry> +Com+ Acknowledged, taking position
[18:34] <Savant> You can see a spray of gasses whoosing out from the spinning chainguns mounted by Pathfinders' doors, buzzing angrily at the attacking station.
[18:34] <Craig> ::as soon as the bay door opens, Craig pulls the trigger and spray out the anti-laser solution::
[18:35] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::does likewise from the dispenser attached to Cerberus's forearm::
[18:38] <Detro> ::with the screen up, follows his squad leader, maintaining safe distance::
[18:39] <Gabriel> ::pushes off from Pathfinder's vehicle bay, bringing up Deacon's sidearm to deal with any immediate threats on the other side of the door::
[18:39] <Craig> ::releases the trigger and pushes off the deck and into space towards the asteroid::
[18:39] <Savant> Lasers stab down at the Talons as the leap the gulf over to the station proper - Pathfinder is still spinning on her belly, tumbling away gracefully as the last Gear leaps over. The chain guns and lasers continue as the Furyrolls to move in behind the station and away from the defensive screen
[18:41] <Mem> ::near the rear of the column watches for incoming fire and adjusts course if needed, watching sensors::
[18:41] <Savant> The Talons find that there is a short lip to the hangar doors, but the doors themselves are sealed shut
[18:41] <Thierry> ::Pulls Wren into a leap and lands solidly on the asteroid as he activates the magnetic feat::
[18:42] <Ardelmos> ::hits the hanger door, then flips down onto the 'lip' and activates the magnetic grappling function on the gear's feet::
[18:42] <Detro> ::lands and locks to the lip::
[18:42] <Gabriel> Nike> ::mirrors Roland's movement on the opposite side::
[18:42] <Savant> The lasers go quiet. The Talons are just too close- the weapons can't articulate far enough to reach them.
[18:42] <Gabriel> +com+ Shepherd, if you can hack the doors, that would be ideal. Otherwise, we'll have to blow them.
[18:43] <Detro> ::pauses, glancing over the door... probably a pretty tough door to blow::
[18:43] <Gabriel> ::glances around, looking for the control surfaces that must be nearby::
[18:44] <Ardelmos> ::growls inside his helmet -- whomever was inside, they were sure to be setting up for the attack now that they knew it was coming -- the door needed to get open fast::
[18:45] <Mem> +com+ Standby.
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::indicates what he finds with Deacon's free hand, waving Shepherd and Swifty over:: +com+ Dismount if you need to. We'll cover you. Cerberus, in case they can't do it, you and I will blow the doors.
[18:45] <Mem> ::directs Shepherd's communications to the bay doors trying to find a system::
[18:45] <Detro> +com+ I've seen tougher back home. Maybe we could bash our way in...
[18:45] <Craig> ::moves over to the control panel with mem::
[18:45] <Birkin> +com+ Yes sir.
[18:46] <Gabriel> +com+ Erinyes, Nike, cut us some holes with your rapiers.
[18:46] <Gabriel> +com+ May as well have a look.
[18:46] <Thierry> +Com+ Assuming covering position ::Lines up the sights on his MAC::
[18:46] <Gabriel> Nik> ::moves up to comply, drawing Nike's VR::
[18:47] <Mem> +com+ I've got the door. Get ready.
[18:47] <Detro> ::seeing the door task underway, and Mem working on the electronic side of the door, Detro decides to do a little EW work of his own and try to tap into any comms getting out from the inside::
[18:47] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::clicks his mic in acknowlegement, then uses his free manipulator to reach back and draw his vibrorapier -- before he can slam it into the door, however, it begins rolling open::
[18:48] <Craig> ::looks on in case mem needs any help, but it seems like he's got it::
[18:49] <Detro> ::twirls through the frequencies a bit::
[18:50] <Savant> The door opens to reveeal the stubby, broad nose of a Tarantula lander. These behemoths are big enough to look like they've eaten Sleipnirs whole, and they're armed fairly well to boot - four railguns perch on the top of the thing. Behind it there is movement
[18:50] <Gabriel> +com+ Red team, move up, to the left! Blue team, cover them! Get to the flanks of that Tarantula and watch out for those big guns up top.
[18:51] <Craig> ::puts the HGLC forward as the doors open::
[18:51] <Ardelmos> ::starts pounding forward and brings the HLC up, spotting some sort of Frame or Mount at the end of the bay::
[18:51] <Gabriel> +com+ Do not fire on the mounts unless fired upon!
[18:51] <Thierry> +Com+ Understood+
[18:52] <Savant> In behind the Tarantula is a set of three Caprician mounts - like eggs on legs. They're carrying massive crates with relative ease, though as soon as the Talons show up they abandon their tasks and start to fumble away
[18:52] <Craig> +com+ gotcha
[18:52] <Birkin> +com+ Workers running away.
[18:54] <Savant> Station> +com+ Monolith, this is Transfer Asteroid Two! Hostile shuttle RAVEN has boarded, suspect Black Talons!
[18:54] <Detro> ::leaves the radio scanning that frequency for stuff as well, then clicks the taccom in acknowledgement of Tynes' orders::
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::smiles inside his helmet:: Appreciate well, bub. +com+ All Talons, cut me up a piece of Tarantula. Remember, pin-point strikes. No big explosions.
[18:55] <Ardelmos> ::moves forward and left, cutting underneath the Tarantula, slamming his Vibrorapier into anything that appears sensitive or vulnerable as he passes underneath the metal monstrosity::
[18:55] <Gabriel> +com+ Shepherd, start the music.
[18:55] <Mem> ::reaches up and activates ECM systems:: +com+ Going loud.
[18:56] <Savant> Pilot> ::Comes into view in a mad dash for the Tarantula; but he backpedals midair as he sees the Gears already inside
[18:57] <Savant> Station> +com+ Requesting immediate marine dropship for anti-boarding duties, two 113 flights for anti-raighhfjjjgggSQUUUEEEEEEEE
[18:57] <Gabriel> Nike> ::moves to the left flank of the Tarantula, bringing up his LPLC and looses a shot into the engine manifolds::
[18:57] <Detro> ::shifts to Roland's right flank passing under the drop craft::
[18:57] <Gabriel> <<Actually, make that an SLC shot>>
[18:59] <Birkin> ::takes his auto cannon and points it upwards, shooting up as he travels under the giant craft::
[18:59] <Gabriel> Nike> ::takes a second shot at the starboard side weapon cluster::
[19:00] <Mem> ::fires a shot into the tarantula's nearest system not likely to explode, and continues into the bay::
[19:01] <Detro> ::holds his fire for now, not seeing anything particularly vulnerable on his trip under the bottom of the craft::
[19:01] <Thierry> ::Lines up his MAC on the beast and pops a shot::
[19:02] <Gabriel> ::brings his Banshee cannon up for a shot, but watches the Tarantula start to wither under the gentle minstrations of the other Talons::
[19:02] <Savant> The Talons tear apart the massive lander - it's easy prey on the deck. They pry off armour plating, shoot through radiators and exhaust ports, and shred it to pieces. Theirry takes a clean shot through one wing, which sets off a terrible electrical discharge that lashes across the machine
[19:03] <Thierry> +Com+ Well, that was easy
[19:03] <Gabriel> +com+ Second verse, same as the first, confirm that shuttle is keff, and if so, rip it up.
[19:04] <Ardelmos> ::comes out from underneath the tarantula as it begins to fall apart, and sweeps underneath the transfer shuttle next in line -- he glances both north and south to check the sight lines and into the rest of the base interior before doing anything::
[19:04] <Thierry> ::Looks about for markings on the shuttle::
[19:04] <Gabriel> ::has a look at the pilot's clothes/uniform through Erinyes's sensors::
[19:04] <Savant> The shuttle in behind the Tarantula looks like a sleeker, and more simple, Pathfinder. No stealth, no angular stealth armour. It's a Sleipnir.
[19:05] <Mem> ::glances at the scanners:: +com+ Nike, Cerberus, continue forward, but you're our rear guard. Watch that bay door.
[19:06] <Gabriel> ::swings Deacon's head over to look at Shepherd, uncharacteristically assertive, but says nothing::
[19:06] <Birkin> ::turns around and looks at the back door for a moment, frowning:: +com+ Aye sir.
[19:06] <Gabriel> Nike> +com+ Acknowledged.
[19:07] <Birkin> ::turns back around for a moment, spying the pilot that ran towards the Tarantula:: You. Hold it right there. ::Trains his MAAC on the man::
[19:07] <Thierry> +Com+ Its keff. Preaching the Word.
[19:07] <Mem> ::approaches Pilot 6, weapon arm raised at him menacingly::
[19:08] <Savant> Pilot> ::He's unable to stop - he loses his footing on the deck plates and instead sails towards the Gears, pinwheeling::
[19:08] <Craig> ::smiles and levels the HGLC at the sleipnir, unloading another series of beams::
[19:08] <Gabriel> +com+ Let him go, Shepherd. Give him a story to tell in the bar tonight.
[19:08] <Detro> ::falls a bit behind Roland, training his weapon up and over the transfer shuttle::
[19:08] <Gabriel> +com+ Concentrate on the Sleipnir.
[19:09] <Birkin> ::smirks at the man:: Get to the corner. Now. ::points at the far corner:: Turn around and don't you dare look at us. Got it?
[19:09] <Mem> ::turns on a dime and shakes his gear's ass at the pilot, then spins back around to focus on the Sleipnir::
[19:09] <Savant> The three Eggs-on-legs slkam on a large Gear-sized control plate, and the large gantry door begins to trundle open. The pilots are clearly freaking out - one of them just runs to hide in a corner of the room
[19:10] <Birkin> +com+ This guy doesnt know how to move in space. Doubt he's seen much time up here.
[19:11] <Detro> ::holds his fire at the Sleipnir, in case there's another "easy kill" go at it::
[19:11] <Ardelmos> ::slams his Vibrorapier into the shuttle's frame at two different points as he passes beneath it::
[19:11] <Gabriel> Nik> ::takes up his rear guard position, but doesn't let that stop him from loosing a SLC shot toward the Sleipnir::
[19:12] <Gabriel> ::again, watches his team rip the enormous vehicle to shreds and smiles inside his helmet::
[19:12] <Savant> The Talons make just as short work of the Sleipnir as they did the Tarantula before. Nik in particular lines up a shot that goes right through the pilots' compartment.
[19:13] <Detro> +com+ Hey Birkin, see if that guy can tell you if there's any bad guys around.
[19:13] <Savant> Red lights go on throughout the station, but there are no automated systems to close the gantry doors - the metal's too thin to provide much trouble for the Talons even if they did.
[19:13] <Mem> ::puts another shot into the computer systems and then scans the area::
[19:13] <Ardelmos> +com+ Count. At least five additional small shuttles in next bay.
[19:13] <Gabriel> +com+ Cerberus, you and I will hold the right flank. Mem, lead the rest to the left.
[19:14] <Birkin> Hey! ::gets the attention of the man that he shooed away:: How many CEF and CID personell are there on this rock.
[19:14] <Mem> +com+ Erinyes point. Form up on me, let's go left.
[19:15] <Detro> ::jukes left, moving to take a covering position by the left door::
[19:15] <Ardelmos> +com+ Shuttles are Caprician.
[19:15] <Mem> <<The rest form up on me>>
[19:16] <Savant> The floating man looks up at Birkin - he can't hear the Talon speaking. You're pretty sure he's screaming in behind that helmet though
[19:16] <Ardelmos> ::takes point, rolling forward into the next bay and right through the midst of the trundling, fleeing mounts::
[19:17] <Birkin> Well aren't you just useless as all get out. ::points to the man, then points to the far corner, then stomps his Size 7 gear foot to emphasis that he should do it now, before pointing his MAAC at the man::
[19:17] <Gabriel> ::glances at the man to see if he's just floating there or has any way to move himself::
[19:18] <Savant> Pilot> ::finally bounces against something he can propell off of and pushes himself towards the corner::
[19:18] <Mem> ::follows Roland into the next bay, weapon raised and looking along all walls for new ships::
[19:18] <Gabriel> Nik> ::kicks Nike up to top speed, jogging into the next bay after Roland::
[19:18] <Ardelmos> +com+ Two additional Sleipnirs. North Bay. ::flicks his HLC over and laces the 'northern'-most one with a pair of shots::
[19:19] <Craig> ::comes into the next bay, seeing roland firing at the far sleipnir, he fires at the closer one::
[19:20] <Birkin> +com+ Captain theres a good bet this pilot here is telling the CNC of this place where we're doing and how many of us there are plus our gear types. I sent him to the corner for a time out. If he doesnt stop screaming into his helmet permission to silence him.
[19:20] <Mem> +com+ Weapons on the Sleipnirs.
[19:21] <Detro> ::holds his fire until he can sight the other Sleipnir::
[19:21] <Mem> ::lines up a shot through the shuttles at the Sleipnir and fires a single laser shot at each::
[19:21] <Mem> ::as he floats through the bay::
[19:22] <Ardelmos> +com+ Sleipnir 3 won't be flying anytime soon ::watches the fusion thruster assembly melt under the force of his lasers::
[19:22] <Gabriel> +com+ If he can get anything through Shepherd's ECM blanket, he's welcome to it. Don't let him touch a console.
[19:22] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:22] <Savant> Roland takes some excellently placed sniper shots on the Sleipnir, and soon the others join in with him - it doesn't last long, being stationary and all.
[19:22] * Prescot has quit IRC (Quit: )
[19:24] <Thierry> ::Wathces his MAC Round ping off the slepnir's armor::
[19:26] <Detro> ::still holds fire, acting as backup in case the excrement hits the ventilation unit::
[19:26] <Mem> ::watches where his shots land and starts cussing as one nearly looks like it is going to cause the whole ship to explode:: +com+ Fuck me... easy on that one, looks like it might go.
[19:26] <Savant> There are a few people scurrying around the Sleipnir in the bay - CEF pilots trying to get ot their shuttles. All for naught, though. One is roasted alive in a gush of flames from Mem's kill. The other pushes in towards the back of the hold, away from the Talons.
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::moves up to cover the left flank and waves Cerberus to follow him::
[19:28] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::glances back over his shoulder as he moves for Bay 3:: How deep we goin' Captain?
[19:28] <Craig> ::watches the CEF pilots running around and the one getting caught in mem's collateral damage::+com+i didn't know we were invited to a BBQ
[19:28] <Gabriel> +com+ Until you encounter serious opposition or until you can't proceed further, whichever happens first. You're approaching another major vehicle bay.
[19:29] <Ardelmos> And on we go...::continues pushing forward::
[19:29] <Savant> Roundboy> ::one of the Roundboy pilots risks popping his hatch to get into the slim airlock door, and the station beyond::
[19:29] <Gabriel> ::continues monitoring via Roland's sensors:: +com+ Shepherd, keep the music playing. We don't want them using internal comms unless they're hard-wired.
[19:30] <Ardelmos> ::speakers:: Open that door and you're dead, butterball! Just go cry in a corner somewhere.
[19:30] <Thierry> +Com+ Well, it seems we have the locals spooked
[19:30] <Mem> +com+ Loud and proud, captain, until it's over.
[19:31] <Mem> ::continues behind Roland, wondering if he should let the more surgical gunners among them do the dirty work::
[19:31] <Gabriel> ::keeps an eye on the nearby pilot, following him::
[19:31] <Detro> ::seeing the fight more or less going well, he starts looking around for a dataport to tap into::
[19:31] <Mem> ::looks right at a smaller set of doors:: +com+ What's over there?
[19:31] <Gabriel> Nik> ::glances at the nearby Sleipnir pilot::
[19:32] <Detro> ::spots a small office:: +com+ Request permission to dismount and see what data we can find here, sir?
[19:33] <Gabriel> +com+ Negative, negative. Keep your momentum going. This is an in-out distraction. If we can gather intel, we do it on the way out.
[19:33] <Ardelmos> ::rolls into Bay 3::
[19:34] <Detro> +com+ Roger that. ::follows along::
[19:34] <Ardelmos> +com+ Sleipnir and Tarantula. This way's a dead-end. ::thrusts his vibrorapier into the Sleipnir twice as he passes underneath it::
[19:34] <Savant> Roland, notice roll please. per/cpx 1
[19:34] <Mem> +com+ Hold up. Secure that door there and make sure we don't get flanked.
[19:34] <Thierry> ::Stays in covering position of roland and then pops a shot off at the slepnir::
[19:36] <Mem> +com+ Craig, watch that inner airlock back there, keep it closed for now.
[19:36] <Ardelmos> +com+ Scratch that. There's a large door -- big enough for gears. Probably heads to a cargo bay.
[19:37] <Gabriel> Nik> ::moves around the Sleipnir and does away with the threat with his LMG pistol::
[19:37] <Craig> +com+ alright
[19:38] <Thierry> ::Sees his shot go into the Slepnir's Engines::
[19:38] <Savant> As the Talons begin to tear into the closest shuttle, a cluster of crewmen scramble into the Tarantula further on
[19:39] <Ardelmos> +com+ They're boarding the Tarantula. ::brakes and rolls towards it::
[19:39] <Craig> ::moves swifty to the airlock, and motions for the liberati to move to the wall::
[19:39] <Thierry> ::Turns his guns on the Tarantula:: +Com+ Permission to switch to grenades for the trantula sir?
[19:40] <Gabriel> +com+ ::conversationally:: We want these big targets dead, not disabled, doctor.
[19:40] <Savant> Liberati> ::The Liberati pops the wide hatch of his Roundhead and looks left and then right, then up at the Gear. He's got a helmet covering his face, but he doesn't seem afraid::
[19:40] <Mem> ::fires two quick laser shots at the tarantula before it can be activated and enter or leave the fight::
[19:41] <Gabriel> Nik> ::after ending the Sleipnir pilot, brings his SLC back up and disables the Sleipnir::
[19:42] <Mem> +com+ Tarantula. Watch out.
[19:42] <Thierry> ::Unloads a haywire grenade from his underslung launcher
[19:43] <Gabriel> Nik> ::lays an SLC shot into the Tarantula, then brings up the LPLC for a killing blow::
[19:43] <Ardelmos> ::pumps two of his own HLC shots into the massive drop shuttle as the crew disappears inside it, and as the team's other shots slam into the vessel's hull::
[19:44] <Mem> ::watches a barrage of fire tear into the Tarantula and smirks::
[19:46] <Craig> ::looks down at the liberati with the HGLC pointed in his direct::
[19:46] <Craig> <<direction>>
[19:47] <Savant> One of the Tarantulas' two turrets starts to articulate towards the Talons, sort of a feeble attempt as it's torn to pieces
[19:47] <Ardelmos> +com+ Captain, do we push through the south door at the entrance, or check this cargo bay? Whatever's in there, it won't be spaceworthy.
[19:48] <Gabriel> +com+ Return to our position. We've got what looks like a vehicle bay here.
[19:48] <Mem> +com+ It could be munitions.
[19:48] <Savant> CLIK-CLIK-CLIK-CLIK says the railgun as it traverses downwards. They're much faster when they're working properly.
[19:48] <Ardelmos> +com+ Roger that. ::spins and starts back towards the entrance, keeping outside of the turret's field of fire::
[19:49] <Detro> ::seeing the Sleipnir not die on the first volley surprises Detro... he flings a few MAC rounds at it::
[19:50] <Mem> ::moves back out of line of sight of the tarantula:: +com+ All right, fall back.
[19:50] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger Deacon ::Turns back towards the entrance bay::
[19:50] <Craig> +com+ i seem to have a brave liberati here, orders captain?
[19:51] <Gabriel> +com+ Swifty, give them a salute, and hold that flank until everyone passes you, then rally on me.
[19:51] <Savant> The vibration of the sudden spray of railgun shells tear into the ruins of the Sleipnir, into the floor, into the wall. It's making a terrific mess.
[19:51] <Mem> +com+ Maybe he'll watch that door for us. ::grins as he passes Craig::
[19:52] <Savant> ::The> Liberati pilot points in the direction of the small door, then makes a few simple hand gestures::
[19:57] <Craig> +com+ the liberati is trying to communicate, wants to know where we are going, seems urgent
[19:58] <Savant> Liberati> ::As Craig is on the horn, the man continues to sign at him, briskly::
[19:58] <Gabriel> +com+ In this station, or in general? ::links to Swifty's omnicameras and has a look for himself::
[20:00] <Ardelmos> ::rolls through Bay 2, past Craig as he converses with the Liberati, and towards the southern door::
[20:00] <Craig> ::keeps watching the sign language:: +com+ i think...he's saying there are keff through this airlock... 8 soldiers, 4 captains
[20:00] <Thierry> +Com
[20:00] <Thierry> +Com+ Interesing
[20:01] <Gabriel> +com+ He's telling you 8 keff soldiers, 4 keff officers. Give me a hand motion here, Swifty. First make hold your hand at man height, then hold your hand at Gear height, then flip your left side manipulator up, then out. That last is a question mark gesture.
[20:01] <Gabriel> <<-make>>
[20:02] <Craig> ::nods and makes the gesture to the liberati::
[20:03] <Savant> Liberati> ::He makes a quick set of signs, "space-suit - rifle - fist - police - police - police" ::
[20:04] <Gabriel> ::translates the gestures for the benefit of the team:: +com+ Interesting. I think some of us should say hello. Erinyes, Swifty, Nike, JJ.
[20:04] <Gabriel> +com+ Go introduce us, and give the keff officers my regards. Everyone else, hold this flank.
[20:04] <Detro> +com+ ::clicks in acknowledgement::
[20:04] <Craig> ::makes a noding motion to the liberati:: seems to be similar to the pacification soldiers we met on the station
[20:05] <Savant> ::The> man turns his head sharply, then points to the airlock three times before leaning back and sealing his hatch again. The light on the airlock beside Craiog goes from amber to green::
[20:05] <Savant> ((bah. Liberati man did that)
[20:05] <Gabriel> Nike> ::nods and moves out::
[20:05] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::clicks, then reverses, 180s, and heads back to the airlock -- he pulls up slowly and looks down at the Roundboy::
[20:05] <Gabriel> Nike> ::soon joins Swifty::
[20:05] <Detro> ::rolls up with the others, waiting to go through::
[20:05] <Ardelmos> ::speaker:: So...uh...sorry about the whole threatening to kill you thing.
[20:05] <Craig> ::notes the airlock lights::+com+ looks like they're coming to say hi to us first
[20:06] <Mem> +com+ Who?
[20:06] <Ardelmos> ::flips the first tube of his APGL forward::
[20:06] <Savant> Liberati> ::As the Roundboy flees towards the doorway it raises its hand and gives a cheerful sign that's easily recogniseable whether one knows the sign language or not::
[20:07] <Mem> +com+ Speak up, man. ::turns Shepherd around, fearing something is about to happen::
[20:09] <Gabriel> Nike> ::uses one of the transfer shuttles for cover, SLC in one hand, LMG in the other::
[20:10] <Detro> ::aims the APM at the spot where they're expected to show... though he's going to make sure they're really CEF first before shooting. Last thing they need is to shoot someone else.
[20:10] <Thierry> ::Levels his APM at the approaching kfeff::
[20:10] <Savant> When the airlock opens, in fact both doors open - they've evacuated the hallway beyond and opened both hatch doors. There are four Mordred hunkered down with BILs, who begin to fire
[20:11] <Detro> ::...which is clearly enough positive ID for Detro::
[20:12] <Detro> ::he bows and lets the APM loose::
[20:13] <Savant> JJ lets loose a mortar - for a Gear it's small change, but to a lightly armoured person - Mordred or no - it's an uncomfortable opponent. The Mordred weren't expecting this apparently, as they're sent back reeling
[20:15] <Mem> ::sees new contacts on the network and quickly flips over to another channel, linking with Pathfinder:: +com+ Pathfinder, LT, we've engaged an infantry force. No one sneaks up behind us from the outside, got it?
[20:15] <Ardelmos> ::the shoulder-mounted, rotating APGL tubes meant he didn't have to bend forward as far as JJ, but Erinyes did tip forward slightly as the tube belched forward a grenade::
[20:15] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::she sounds a wee bit lightheaded, but she replies firmly enough:: +com+ All's quiet out here Lieutenant.
[20:16] <Craig> ::sees part of the mordred through the airlock and lets a laser burst go to see if he can clip him::
[20:17] <Savant> Craig and Roland both follow up the cloud of shrapnel and dissapating smoke from Detro's mortar, adding their own explosives to his. It's impossible to see inside the cloud at this point, but with the volume of devastation going on in there, it's likely those GREL are at least *hurt*
[20:17] <Ardelmos> ::flicks to thermals briefly to see through the smoke as he pops off a second shot::
[20:19] <Ardelmos> +com+ Mind the mess.
[20:19] <Savant> A few seconds pass and the smoke disappates. There are four torn up GREL bodies. The airlock is similarily a complete mess.
[20:19] <Gabriel> Nik> +com+ Nice. ::moves Nike in, pointing his LMG this way and that::
[20:20] <Gabriel> ::has to duck pretty low to manage the airlock::
[20:20] <Gabriel> << Nik> >>
[20:20] <Craig> +com+ well thats 4 down, 8 to go
[20:20] <Detro> +com+ Not really. Who gets credited with THOSE kills? ::smiles in his helmet::
[20:21] <Detro> ::when it's his turn, he ducks down and makes his way through::
[20:21] <Mem> +com+ All right, hold position. ::glances across the bay at Deacon, wondering what he wants to do::
[20:21] <Gabriel> Nik> +com+ Five more down here, including an officer. ::activates the shoulder-mounted APGL::
[20:22] <Thierry> ::Waits fpr orders::
[20:22] <Gabriel> Nik> ::moves in to the attack::
[20:23] <Ardelmos> ::rolls in behind Nik, the APGL on his shoulder rotating to bring the next loaded tube forward::
[20:24] <Gabriel> Nike> ::dodges incoming fire while getting into APGL range::
[20:24] <Savant> Lasers spit out from a surprised team of Mordreds as Nike approaches; their officer is already on the retreat.
[20:25] <Gabriel> Nik> ::fires off a pair of APGLs into the corridor::
[20:26] <Savant> A gout of shrapnel bursts out from the impact site, engulfing Nike at its apex; the Gear seems unharmed, save a scouring of its paint
[20:29] <Ardelmos> ::rolls in behind Nik and pops off two more grenades, the 'wheel' launcher clicking two more tubes down::
[20:29] <Thierry> +Com+ Need any help up there?
[20:29] <Savant> The Mordred hit the dirt. Their commander is less fortunate (and less hardy) than they - he's not as quick and takes the explosion in the face. There's not much left
[20:32] <Detro> ::again, bows down to let the APM do its work::
[20:32] <Detro> ::he watches the floor of this area for a brief second to let the shot go off, then straightens up a bit to see the carnage::
[20:33] <Savant> Boom! Boom! Boom! The Talons' weapons scour the hard granite walls and scourge their occupants. The smoke clears, and as before, they're all dead.
[20:33] <Ardelmos> +com+ Don't enter the next compartment -- we'll toss a grenade in first
[20:33] <Gabriel> Nike> ::again, has the unneviable job of taking point, and moves toward the door the officer was retreating toward::
[20:34] <Detro> +com+ PBI.
[20:34] <Gabriel> Nik> ::has a look at this door::
[20:34] <Detro> ::rolls along with the others::
[20:34] <Ardelmos> ::looks at the door along the wall of the corridor as he passes it::
[20:35] <Thierry> +Com+ What next
[20:36] <Ardelmos> +com+ Inner door is cargo ::rolls past::
[20:36] <Detro> +com+ Let's hope the CEF thinks so too.
[20:36] * LrdVampyre has joined #bt05
[20:36] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[20:37] <Gabriel> ::activates the door in front of him, weapons still at the ready:: +com+ Three more officers, if Craig's friend was being truthful.
[20:37] <Gabriel> << Nik> >>
[20:37] <Gabriel> Nike> ::moves through one airlock and readies the next:: +com+ Might be shirtsleeve on the other side of this door.
[20:37] <Ardelmos> ::enters with Nik::
[20:37] <Savant> The airlock beyond is really just another short stretch of corridor with another door at the other side.
[20:38] <Ardelmos> +com+ Detro! Move your ass!
[20:38] <Gabriel> ::tries cycling the airlock::
[20:38] <Detro> +com+ Take it easy sir, right behind you.
[20:39] <Craig> ::moves swifty into the corridor now:: +com+ and they're officers as well
[20:39] <Savant> Once te door on the opposite side is closed the lock cycles on its own, and the doors admit him entry quickly enough.
[20:39] <Thierry> +Com+ We could use a live one
[20:40] <Detro> +com+ For what, target practice for Roland?
[20:40] <Gabriel> ::watches through Erinyes's sensors:: +com+ Shepherd, see if you can pull up a schematic for this place somewhere. Check that office in the south vehicle bay.
[20:40] <Gabriel> +com+ Wren, watch his back.
[20:40] <Gabriel> Nik> ::again takes point, looking first down one hall, then the other::
[20:41] <Mem> +com+ Going. ::heads into the first vehicle bay and goes to the office area::
[20:41] <Thierry> +Com+ Riger
[20:41] <Savant> Once the coast seems clear and the Talons have pressed on, the small Roundboy Work Mount comes stomping into the vehicle bay that the Talons have made into their "command post" on the rock. It brushes past the ruins of the Sleipnir on its way over
[20:41] <Ardelmos> +com+ Left.
[20:42] <Gabriel> Nik> ::looks for something to indicate which way he should go, then shrugs and follows Roland's command::
[20:42] <Detro> ::follows::
[20:42] <Gabriel> Nik> ::orients himself, then wonders if the openings he saw on the outside might be viewports, then presses forward::
[20:43] <Savant> Meanwhile, the TAlons have come into what looks like civvie-country. The walls here have been painted brightly, and the doorways are smaller here, not big enough for the Gears
[20:43] <Gabriel> Nik> ::checks the door at the end of the hall::
[20:44] <Ardelmos> +com+ Detro, check the two doors facing each other.
[20:45] <Detro> +com+ Roger that. ::turns and checks the first door::
[20:45] <Detro> ::reads what the door says, if anything there as an identifier::
[20:45] <Craig> ::looks at the door where he is to see where it goes::
[20:45] <Mem> +com+ Dismounting. Scream at me if I need to get back.
[20:46] <Detro> +com+ Signage, "welcome". Probably someone's quarters. ::turns and does the same thing, reading the ID for the other door::
[20:46] <Mem> ::checks his seal, then opens the cockpit and pushes off to the office::
[20:47] <Detro> +com+ Same here, and a name: al Malik
[20:47] <Thierry> ::Seals up and follows Mem, grabbing a weapon from his rack::
[20:47] <Gabriel> +com+ 10,000 stars. Observation lounge of some sort, most likely.
[20:48] <Savant> Liberati> ::The Roundboy approaches the cluster of Gears, lifting its manipulator in a "thumbs up" greeting::
[20:48] <Gabriel> Nik> ::tries the door::
[20:48] <Mem> ::pulls out his sidearm and opens the office::
[20:48] <Savant> Nik finds that someone has jammed up the airlock door, it won't open.
[20:49] <Gabriel> Nik> ::pulls out his vibrorapier and cuts the door away from the lock::
[20:49] <Ardelmos> ::watches Nik struggle for a moment:: We could always just blast the thing open from space when we leave.
[20:49] <Savant> Meanwhile, Mem pushes off intot he small office in the hangar. He finds a desk, a chair with a seatbelt, and a terminal. The room seems to be colourfully, if haphazardly, decorated
[20:50] <Thierry> ::Loads a clip into his R23 and follows Mem into the office:: +Com+ Right behind you sir
[20:50] <Gabriel> Nik> +com+ And perhaps kill Liberati?
[20:50] <Mem> ::floats over to a console and puts away his sidearm, and starts accessing::
[20:50] <Detro> +com+ I'm with Nik on that one. We've got precious little help out in space already.
[20:51] <Thierry> ::Looks to Mem:: Need a hand sir?
[20:51] <Mem> Maybe check and see if there's anything in here that looks important or useful. I'm pulling up a schematic or two.
[20:51] <Savant> The door needs little argument in opening for Nik once he takes out the rapier. He actually pulls the airlock, seal and all, out of its hole. He's met with a short corridor and then *another* door.
[20:52] <Ardelmos> Oh you've got to be kidding me.
[20:52] <Detro> +com+ Curiouser and curiouser.
[20:52] <Savant> ((sorry, my bad. repost))
[20:53] <Gabriel> Nik> ::opens the door, levels his LMG at the person wearing the CID uniform, and ends him::
[20:53] <Mem> +com+ Beautiful. ::watches information scroll up on the screen::
[20:53] <Thierry> ::Nods and hooks a dataglove up to the computer to help out::
[20:53] <Gabriel> <<assuming his VR attack does, in fact, work>>
[20:53] <Mem> +com+ Let me link up with Shepherd so you can see what I'm seeing.l Active feed from internal security here.
[20:54] <Savant> The door needs little argument in opening for Nik once he takes out the rapier. He actually pulls the airlock, seal and all, out of its hole. He's met with a lush red room, peppered with massive plates of clear plastic - a honeycomb of windows looking out int the stars. There are a few consoles here as well, clearly the "nerve centre" of the station. There's also some large plants with wide fronds floating delicately
[20:54] <Savant> Also, a CID agent and two Liberati are in here. The door is sadly too small for a Gear to fit through.
[20:55] <Mem> ::transmits a wireless to Shepherd, who picks it up and relays it to Tynes and the others::
[20:55] <Gabriel> Nik> Hello. ::ends the CID officer with a burst of LMG fire::
[20:55] <Thierry> +Com+ I'll cover you
[20:55] <Ardelmos> ::his eyes land softly on the plants for a moment, then watches Nik tear the CID agent apart -- he picks up Shepherd's feed:: +com+ Two more CID agents -- one in the barracks on the north side of this corridor -- the other in the airlock.
[20:55] <Ardelmos> +com+ Mem, can you cycle that airlock remotely and save us the trouble?
[20:56] <Savant> the CID officer barely has time to turn around to look at the Gears before he's sprayed across the wall. The Liberati are pulling themselves quickly towards cover
[20:56] <Gabriel> ::almost chokes inside his helmet cutting off a laugh::
[20:56] <Mem> ::floats back from Shepherd to the terminal as he gets the message from Roland:: +com+ Standby.
[20:56] <Gabriel> Nik> ::gives the Liberati a friendly wave, followed by a thumbs-up, followed by what he hopes is a "sorry to distub" gesture, then turns around::
[20:57] <Savant> The Liberati are hiding behind their consoles, but one is brave enough to stick a hand out from behind, straight up, with a very enthusiastic thumbs-up::
[20:58] <Gabriel> Nike> ::heads back down the corridor, holding the LMG up to the Gear's face to "blow the smoke out of the barrel"::
[20:58] <Ardelmos> ::moves to open the door into what appears to be the north Barracks::
[20:58] <Mem> +com+ Captain, you want me to blow this guy out of the airlock before or after his space suit is on, and do you want Pathfinder to pick him up?
[20:59] <Gabriel> +com+ End him, Shepherd. If we can pick up the guy in the crew quarters, fine. If we can't, finish him off also.
[20:59] <Ardelmos> ::turns on his speakers, and speaks in Anglican, then Siberian, to those in the 'barracks':: We're here for the CID agent. Bring him to the door, if you don't mind.
[20:59] <Gabriel> ::looks down at the Sleipnir pilot in front of him:: +com+ Odysseus here in front of me can carry the news of what happened here back to his bosses.
[20:59] <Mem> ::as he asks this, he begins the process to open the door, probably setting off numerous alarms and lights inside the airlock::
[20:59] <Savant> Liberati> ::In the hangar, the Roundboy pops open its hatch and the pilot pops out, floating towards the Talons - Deacon in specific. He grabs onto the Gear's chest and clonks his helmet against the metal::
[20:59] <Detro> ::keeps his eyes open and about::
[21:00] <Gabriel> ::turns to face the Liberati, then nods slowly, recognizing space vibration-communication and waits to hear what the Roundboy has to say::
[21:00] <Savant> Meanwhile, in the small man-airlock, the CID agent starts to pull his suit on in a panic as his ears pop and the place depressurizes rapidly
[21:00] <Mem> ::opens the airlock::
[21:00] <Thierry> ::Idlely:: We should really get one alive sir
[21:00] <Gabriel> Nik> ::moves to cover Roland::
[21:01] <Mem> ::sighs just a little, feeling guilty until he remembers what Lyonesse looked like after the bombing, then makes a vulgar gesture at the screen::
[21:01] <Ardelmos> ::repeats his speaker communication:: We don't wish to harm any of our Liberati friends. Please bring the CID agent to the door.
[21:01] <Savant> Liberati> ::In bad Anglic:: Raven! Sigma Depression is bad safe, don't go there! Bad landing! Keffs take van Saar and van Daneel holds!
[21:02] <Gabriel> ::swears inside his helmet, then nods:: Thank you. Do you know where they were taken?
[21:02] <Thierry> ::Sees the look in Mem's eyes:: Sir, what's wrong?
[21:02] <Mem> +com+ Pathfinder, LT, I think we've secured the station personnel. Continue to monitor outside please.
[21:03] <Savant> Liberati> The mountain, they say! Talk to land holds, they know. Watch quadrant 29-21; asteroids are landing there! It's good cover.
[21:04] <Ardelmos> ::slams his manipulator into the 'barracks' door as a last request, drawing his vibroblade::
[21:04] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Macedon's working on a possible signature coming from Monolith itself. Could be ships. We'll give you the ETA.
[21:04] <Gabriel> Again, I thank you. We will do what we can for them.
[21:05] <Savant> Liberati> ::pushes away and gives a thumbs-up, then floats back to his vehicle and buttons up::
[21:06] <Mem> +com+ OK. ::switches back to team transmit and looks at Thierry:: +com+ It's war, I guess. ::floats back to Shepherd:: Captain, LT, we may have incoming from Monolith, Aggie said she'd let us know as soon as she could ID them.
[21:06] <Gabriel> +com+ Very good. Mem, pull up a cargo manifest. We need food, water, frame grenades, a couple of armored space suits, maybe a few ABMs, stuff like that.
[21:06] <Ardelmos> Alright, fine. ::slams his vibroblade into the lock on the barracks door and tears it out of its frame as Nik did::
[21:07] <Thierry> And I could use some medical gear
[21:07] <Mem> +com+ I'm sending a short range carrier signal to Pathfinder and uploading a few databases. Past communications, logs, manifests. I'll have specifics in a bit.
[21:07] <Savant> Erinyes tears open the airlock door. Apparently the CID agent has been ordering the Liberati to stay aawy from the door. He's shouting for them to stay back and hole up in their quarters, which line the walls of the yellow room like a warren
[21:08] <Gabriel> +com+ Good catch. Yes, medical supplies, if there are any available. And if there are ATMs in this load, we need to deny them to the CEF. Either dump them in space or fry their guidance systems.
[21:08] <Craig> ::turns back to the others, seeing as they seem to have things under control, he decided to check out the cargo bay::
[21:08] <Ardelmos> ::speaker, in Siberian:: Easy way, or hard way?
[21:08] <Detro> ::hopes Roland is going to stay in control and not wind up shooting the Liberati::
[21:08] <Gabriel> ::cycles the cargo bay door in front of him and waves Cerberus forward, still standing guard over the Sleipnir pilot himself::
[21:09] <Savant> CID> ::Looks back at the Gear, wide eyed and defiant.. but mostly wide-eyed:: [S] S-stay back, you colonial scum!
[21:09] <Ardelmos> Hard way. Okay.
[21:09] <Ardelmos> ::levels the HLC at the man's weapon hand::
[21:09] <Mem> ::reaches into Shepherd and makes sure the uplink is working::
[21:10] <Gabriel> Nik> ::offers Roland his LMG pistol::
[21:10] <Detro> ::watching Roland:: +com+ Roland, don't hit any of the Liberati!
[21:11] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::takes the LMG, muttering:: Fucking pussies, I swear to...::fires::
[21:12] <Mem> ::listens to Detro, then Roland, and smirks:: +com+ Nothing like gardening with a jackhammer, Roland.
[21:12] <Ardelmos> ::speaker:: NOW will you please bring him over here?
[21:13] <Savant> The CID operative has his arm cleanly torn off, and he's now screaming and holding the stump. The Liberati in the room alternatively laugh or curse.
[21:14] <Craig> ::pops open the cargo hold door and takes a peek inside::+com+ i'm at the cargo hold, have you got a shopping list yet?
[21:14] <Savant> Three Liberati push forward and grab the Agent and haul him forward, still laughing. One from deeper int he room shouts back:: Damn sand-heads! We've been working on him for five *years* now!
[21:14] <Gabriel> ::frowns, listening in through Erinyes's sensors, wondering what that means::
[21:15] <Ardelmos> ::grabs the CID operative in one manipulator, then uses the hot, smoking barrel of the LMG to cauterize the man's stump as he squirms and screams:: Beg your pardon?
[21:15] <Savant> CID ::Stares at the Liberati who shouted back at the Talons while he's hauled forward, doubly shocked. The Liberati jeer and call at the mauled Earther::
[21:15] <Thierry> +Com+ ::Smirks:: Want me to come down there and make sure he lives?
[21:16] <Savant> Liberati> ::Pushes forward a bit and snorts:: He *trusted* us! Do you know how many arms we were able to smuggle into the Jund because of his incompetence? Gone, all gone!
[21:17] <Detro> ::sighs, shaking his head, off-comm:: And telling him this now is going to make him even more of an asset to us HOW?
[21:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Tell him we're leaving a pilot alive back here for them to work on, but unfortunately, it wouldn't have been in character to leave that one unharmed.
[21:17] <Gabriel> +com+ I suspect they'll find this pilot rather... tractable.
[21:18] <Mem> ::taps Thierry on the shoulder:: +com+ Here we go. I've got a little program sorting through the cargo now. Medical is done, I'll load you a file onto your glove thing.
[21:18] <Ardelmos> ::pulls back the LMG barrell from what remains of the man's arm and hands it back to Nik:: We're leaving a pilot alive back in the docking bay you might find....tractable to your needs as a replacement, but it just wouldn't in character to leave this guy here.
[21:18] <Thierry> ::Looks up at Mem:: Thanks. Perhaps we could ask those work gears to help us out
[21:18] <Savant> Liberati> ::Waves his hands dismissively, apparently not thinking much of that idea.:: We have dozens of pilots! Officers? Now that's rare!
[21:19] <Savant> Still, the mood int he room is surprisingly jovial. Some of them are singing, and a few have thrown odds and ends at the shocked CID agent
[21:19] <Ardelmos> ::shrugs Erinyes' shoulders:: Sorry, pal. Don't know what to tell you. You'll understand soon enough.
[21:19] <Ardelmos> Gotta run. ::motions to Nik, then starts Erinyes rolling back towards the bay they entered from::
[21:20] <Detro> ::heads back as well::
[21:20] <Mem> ::heads back to Shepherd and starts feeding a rough categorized list of cargo to Tynes, as best his script could sort it out::
[21:20] <Ardelmos> ::holding the CID agent up as they roll into the bay:: Someone order a prisoner?
[21:20] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[21:20] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Goliath in Session'
[21:20] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[21:21] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[21:21] <Mem> ::attn::
[21:21] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[21:21] <Detro> ::attn::
[21:21] <Craig> ::attn::
[21:21] <Savant> there we are! Well done. what did you think?
[21:21] <Gabriel> Nifty map. I liked it. Simple, elegant, but very clear about what was what.
[21:21] <Craig> it was cool
[21:21] <Thierry> Good. Quite good
[21:21] <Ardelmos> Very nice map
[21:21] <Gabriel> And the game itself was great, too. Much easier than I figured on. I figured they'd have MPs guarding the shuttles, at least.
[21:21] <Savant> ten minutes to draw, and five minutes to colour. Expect these from now on.
[21:21] <Detro> Can I see a final picture of the map please?
[21:22] <Gabriel> Was looking forward to seeing the frame version of a frame MP. Wink
[21:22] <Savant> heh. The al-Malik have been making it very hard to garrison this rock properly
[21:22] <Thierry> ::Pulls on the black leather gloves and prepares to strap down the CID::
[21:22] <Savant> someone wants to take a snapshot and upload it somewhere for Dennis?
[21:22] <Gabriel> Yeah, I'll do that.
[21:22] <Detro> Thanks Smile
[21:22] <Savant> any questions about what's going on?
[21:23] <Thierry> Think I got it
[21:23] <Craig> progress of the nukes?
[21:23] <Savant> when are they set to attack? Right away I assume.
[21:24] <Gabriel> ::nods:: In the midst of the distraction, yeah.
[21:24] * Savant nods.
[21:24] <Savant> I'll write up a teaser or something
[21:24] <Craig> oh the suspense!
[21:24] <Gabriel> The whole point to hitting this place was to get eyes looking in this direction.
[21:24] <Gabriel> And not in close.
[21:24] <Thierry> Ah, so we sent the nukes in already?
[21:24] <Savant> Before we adjourn I want to do two things. One, determine where/how you're landing on Caprice.
[21:24] <Savant> Two, let's sort out your phat lewts
[21:25] <Craig> three, XP;)
[21:25] <Savant> oh yeah, that Wink
[21:25] <Ardelmos> Quadrant 29-21
[21:25] <Mem> Mem is interested in maybe picking up some electronics.
[21:25] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We'll download the map of Caprice in this station and follow their advice.
[21:25] <Mem> Especially with the upcoming new computer rules.
[21:25] <Thierry> Well, we should ask the Liberati about that
[21:25] <Savant> with a little research, you find that the Liberati was telling you that there's a meteor shower that's going to be coming in to Caprice right away, and if you look at that sector of space you'll see it and will be able to use it to get ontot he surface relatively easily.
[21:26] <Savant> it's going to land in the northern highlands. Not far from Bastille Alpha actually.
[21:26] <Thierry> Reeeeaaaaaly
[21:26] <Mem> so... we need to disguise ourselves as 1" space dust Wink Get to it Macedon!
[21:26] <Savant> he can do that shit yo Wink
[21:27] <Mem> Damn straight.
[21:27] <Savant> anyways. Part two. Phat lewts.
[21:27] <Savant> Craig, you're searching. I'll let two others do the same.
[21:27] <Craig> there's probably enough debris and stuff floating around in that area that will make it harder for anyone to notice us
[21:27] <Savant> notice/PSY cpx 1 rolls from the searchers, along with a declaration of what they're looking for.
[21:27] <Thierry> Thierry's already had his request found
[21:27] <Mem> Was the cargo manifest not enough?
[21:28] <Ardelmos> !check 3 0 Notice (plants, unique sidearms)
[21:28] <Ardelmos> Duh
[21:28] <Gabriel> Gabriel: weapons, primarily frame grenades, and armored space suits.
[21:28] <Gabriel> !skill Notice PSY +1
[21:28] <Gabriel> Heh, duh.
[21:28] <Thierry> Yeah, we have a manifest?
[21:29] <Detro> Hmm. How about looking for Liberati clothing, stuff we can use as disguises?
[21:29] <Detro> Gotta keep in mind we aren't going to be showing up with someone ready to hand us stuff to use after all.
[21:30] <Thierry> Which reminds me, we need to pick the pockets of the CIDs, maybe take their clothes too
[21:31] <Savant> good call. Lots of that. Take whatever Liberati clothes you want.
[21:31] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[21:32] <Savant> Thierry?
[21:32] <Thierry> Why are we searching the cargo bay when we have a nice list to work from?
[21:32] <Mem> it's a luck-based check to see if good shit is there, I think.
[21:33] * Savant nods
[21:33] <Thierry> Ah. Ok. As long as Theirry gets his medical stuff, I won't complain Very Happy
[21:34] <Savant> yeah, there's a bit of medical. Mostly esoteric pharmaceuticals
[21:34] <Thierry> Yay! Cool drugs!
[21:36] <Thierry> Can I have some XP pwease mr savant sir?
[21:36] <Savant> once we're done doling out loots
[21:43] <Savant> okay! Any further questions, or would you like some XP?
[21:44] <Thierry> XP! XP!
[21:44] <Craig> XP please
[21:44] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Anyone want to claim that one?
[21:45] <Detro> OOCly, you guys keeping Detro going after the MapTool server b0rked
[21:45] <Craig> we trash some CEF shuttles and looted their stuffz
[21:45] <Thierry> Lets see, slicing up shuttles together Smile
[21:45] <Thierry> W00t!
[21:46] <Savant> that wasn't teamwork, that was just doing the same thing at the same time Wink
[21:46] <Gabriel> Lots of examples of people covering each other, moving in concert, watching each other's backs.
[21:46] <Savant> give me an example of that, Gabriel
[21:46] <Thierry> Mem and Thierry in the office
[21:46] <Gabriel> The one that made me smile was the four people advancing down the hallway looking for the officers.
[21:46] <Gabriel> I didn't have to say a word. Craig just parked himself in each rear intersection as we cleared it.
[21:47] <Gabriel> Perfect positioning to watch our backs as we advanced.
[21:47] <Savant> yeah. I agree. You guys are really starting to get the fire-team groove on
[21:48] <Savant> that's enough I suppose Wink Four is for storyline
[21:48] <Savant> tell me all the storyline things I threw at you today
[21:48] <Thierry> 1) Learned our usual LZ is hot 2) The meteor shower/aka our ticket into caprice 3) Actually saw a tarantula close up
[21:48] <Thierry> (was typing that in anticipation)
[21:48] <Gabriel> Yes to all three, plus learning how the Liberati are subverting the CID. I suspected they were, but this is confirmation.
[21:48] <Detro> 4) Our past Liberati allies are truly fucked 5) Everything's FUBAR in Sigma Depression
[21:48] <Craig> van saars and JM are in trouble
[21:49] <Gabriel> That too.
[21:49] <Savant> Hm. You're missing one, but that's okay. It's a sleeper. I like this particular Liberati clan Wink
[21:49] <Savant> That's four.
[21:50] <Craig> al malik?
[21:50] <Savant> Five is for combat. Six would be for a tough combat, but... uhm, no Wink
[21:50] <Savant> yeah, they're fun
[21:50] <Detro> ::shrugs:: I think I know something, but I think that comes from the realm of things I'm not supposed to know.
[21:50] <Mem> ... hey, Mem nearly blew up the asteroid. That was tough combat. Wink
[21:50] <Mem> j/k
[21:50] <Savant> however, we've come to the end of "Goliath", and moving on to a new storyline on the surface. So some story-end rewards are in order.
[21:51] <Savant> beyond your phat lewts of course
[21:51] <Mem> Yay for new storyline.
[21:51] <Detro> yay
[21:51] <Ardelmos> Aroo
[21:51] <Savant> one for surviving it. I thought that Gallot station was going to be the end of you. That brings the total to six
[21:51] <Craig> well there was that one liberati that knew what was going on back on caprice, he certainly knew what he was doing when he was helping us
[21:52] <Craig> maybe the clan has close ties to the jund
[21:52] <Savant> Seven is for accomplishing the goals you set out for yourself.
[21:53] <Detro> As a group or individual?
[21:53] <Mem> "Not dying."
[21:53] <Savant> as a group.
[21:53] <Thierry> We are getting the boom on monolith on tape, right?
[21:53] <Savant> yup.
[21:53] <Savant> Eight will be for you telling me what you thought of this mission, overall.
[21:53] <Savant> The whole Goliath story arc.
[21:53] <Savant> which you may begin now Wink
[21:54] <Detro> <Joanna> ::Takes a deep breath, looks at Colin... and then is completely covered up by a massive [CENSORED] bar::
[21:54] <Craig> certainly was edge of the seat there, during the station assault:)
[21:54] <Detro> I liked it.
[21:54] <Gabriel> Enjoyed it thoroughly myself, but I've made that clear enough along the way, I think. It was nice to do something to really stick it to the CEF space assets for a change. Very different missions and play from our first visit to Caprice, and we're just getting started.
[21:54] <Savant> no, that was before Goliath, Detro
[21:54] <Thierry> Hmm, well, it wasn't really what I expected. I'm always impressed when I'm surprised by a GM. Nice maps too
[21:54] <Ardelmos> It felt like a submarine movie. Wink
[21:54] <Detro> I know. She's still steaming over it Wink
[21:54] * Savant grins
[21:54] <Gabriel> There was enough accomplished to really make us feel like we made a dent, plus enough danger that I was seriously worried for us for a while. Wink
[21:55] <Detro> I liked that we were able to put the down time to good use, intel-wise.
[21:55] <Savant> eh, yeah, might as well make this a commentary of the whole space story arc, since it's all done
[21:55] <Craig> you definetly had us on our toes there
[21:55] <Savant> I agree, Detro. Thought at times I felt like I was pulling teeth in getting you to do your intel Wink
[21:55] <Ardelmos>
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:55] <Ardelmos> I'm really looking forward to getting out of the Fury and enclosed spaces. The whole arc made me feel claustrophobic by the end of it. Space fever. Wink
[21:55] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We'll do way more intel missions on Caprice itself. It's just that what we had to do in space seemed very clear to me.
[21:55] <Detro> ::shrugs:: It's not always obvious just where to look.
[21:55] <Savant> I'm glad, Roland. That was partially the point. And believe me, I can't wait to get out on the open ground again too
[21:55] <Mem> I liked it because despite being confined to space... we still managed to cover the bases. Had some personnel combat, some social activities (liberati love shack), gear combat. Can't wait for the surface stuff, though... space missions are always a little awkward for some reason.
[21:55] <Savant> yeah, i know, Detro
[21:56] <Gabriel> ::nods:: And after our landing on the hold got everyone there arrested, Gabriel just wasn't gonna land anywhere else.
[21:56] <Gabriel> Too risky.
[21:56] <Savant> Do you guys plan on helping out the van Saar? Or are you going right to Gomorrah?
[21:56] <Mem> Yeah, Fraser's on it, too... kinda feel... claustrophobic after a while. Wink
[21:56] <Gabriel> No, we're absolutely gonna help the Van Saars. That just jumped to #1 priority.
[21:56] * Savant nods, I figured so
[21:56] <Gabriel> It'll be a nice way to get our feet wet on the surface, too.
[21:56] <Detro> ::nods:: We learned in space that we've lost ground in sympathy from some people. Saving the van Saars should help that.
[21:57] <Mem> And meet up with Junkman, which I'm looking forward to.
[21:57] <Savant> Jester can replay his role Wink
[21:57] <Detro> To whom it will be no shock that Joanna died. Wink
[21:57] <Thierry> Me too. I've been wondering how he and Thierry will work out
[21:57] <Craig> we owe it to junkman and the van saars to help them
[21:58] <Thierry> Indeed.
[21:58] <Savant> anyways. That's eight points. Nine if you tell me how the whoe space story arc changed your character. And I want a meaningful reply from everyone on this one. No one here was a spacer coming in, so it's a changing experience for everyone.
[21:58] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Junkman is a given on the rescue list. The CEF can't be allowed time to interrogate a Talon, especially him.
[21:58] <Detro> ::shrugs:: I can't really answer that, because I'm physically not the same character.
[21:58] <Savant> Detro was a space newbie too.
[21:58] <Ardelmos> Roland has become increasingly frustrated with living in a confined, unnatural, metal shell with no fresh air or greenery.
[21:58] <Savant> and a lot has happened to hiom. How has losing his team affected him?
[21:59] <Thierry> Theirry has finally woke up and realized his idealism needs to get hurled out the window. That and he's actually shaping up to be a decent officer canadite
[21:59] <Mem> Mem is the same as Roland, except no poontang.
[21:59] <Savant> oh man, Roland totally picked the wrong career.
[21:59] <Mem> Wink
[21:59] <Detro> ::shrugs:: It's a given though. And no change for Detro in all the ambushes and traps he had to lie in wait within.
[21:59] <Savant> He probably saw that red room full of big green plants and had a tiny little orgasm.
[21:59] <Mem> ROFL
[21:59] <Craig> lol
[21:59] <Detro> And as for Joanna, considering her remains will forevermore rest in peace inside the tight confines of a coffin, nothing to say there either. ^_^
[21:59] <Ardelmos> "Excuse me, I need to change my suit"
[21:59] <Gabriel> What Gabriel learned was less about space than about who he's up against. Gabriel's a true believer, and he's now finally learned that there are true believers on the other side, too. Mason was focused on his little piece of the battle, but Winthrop wants the colonies smashed. Ironically, it makes Gabriel feel a little better. He defaults to thinking that the CEF and everyone in it are machines, not humans.
[22:00] <Gabriel> He found some weaknesses in the CEF, but now he's also seen what he can regard as strengths, too. So he won't underestimate them as badly again.
[22:00] <Savant> I'd be interested to hear what you think of as their strength
[22:00] <Savant> anyone else?
[22:00] <Savant> Craig?
[22:00] <Detro> To Detro, space == Badlands.
[22:01] <Thierry> I really like how Thierry is developing mind you. I knew the naive kid thing would have to go, just wasn't sure how
[22:01] <Detro> Chaotic stretches of nothingness with plenty of ways to kill you.
[22:01] <Ardelmos> Their strength? GREL. The CEF would be no where without GREL.
[22:01] <Savant> it's nice to see the change in him, for sure, Thierry.
[22:01] <Mem> I think being on a confined spaceship for Mem is like a period of sobriety... I will see if he relapses on the surface. This was his third space mission, though, and I think he's starting to feel a little more like a vet, trying to fill his role a little better.
[22:02] <Savant> agreed, Roland. They simply can't bring enough of thir troops to bear on anyone, due to the immense size of their logistical lines. Each soldier has to be a killing machine.
[22:02] <Savant> Craig, any thoughts?
[22:02] <Craig> well i'm gonna compare this current mission with his last trip to caprice and say he's definetly grown up since then, he got a better sense of duty and know his place on the team
[22:02] <Thierry> Oh, yeah, and I also like how his spirituality is coming out. Something that I'd like to work on more even though I know 0 about revisionism
[22:02] <Savant> don't ping out on me man. We still have to do your neural net Wink
[22:02] * Savant nods, I can sure see that Craig
[22:03] <Savant> He's much more professional, and know what he's doing pretty darn well. You're always getting the "teamwork" point
[22:03] <Savant> there isn't a tonne about revisionism available.
[22:03] <Thierry> I'm trying to extrapolate from what I have seen
[22:03] <Savant> anyways. That looks like 9 experience points. I'm glad you've enjoyed space. Next story arc will be Caprice; opening act is the Highlands, then the Corporations as the main show.
[22:04] <Savant> unless, y'know, things change Wink
[22:04] <Gabriel> 8 for Birkin?
[22:04] <Savant> sounds fair.
[22:04] <Savant> that's it. Thanks for showing up guys.
[22:04] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Goliath in Session'
[18:00] * Gabriel has joined #bt05
[18:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gabriel
[18:00] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:00] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:00] <Knight> :;attn:
[18:00] <Mem> ::attn::
[18:00] <Savant> I need to change that game title. Did I give it a new name last week?
[18:00] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:00] <Gabriel> Nope.
[18:00] <Mem> I don't think you did.
[18:00] <Savant> I'll have one next time, honest.
[18:01] <Savant> anyways, greetings one and all, and welcome once again to the Black Talons.
[18:01] <Savant> I have a little bit of housekeeping before we start.
[18:01] <Thierry> ::Gets out his broom::
[18:02] <Savant> in specific, I was promoted at work. That promotion involves a training course at the university which runs for two weeks. The only nights it operates are twice a week, tuesday and thursday.
[18:02] <Gabriel> Ew.
[18:02] <Detro> Cool, congrats on the promotion Smile
[18:02] <Mem> Grats.
[18:02] <Gabriel> But yes, congratulations on being promoted. Wink
[18:02] <Savant> needless to say, i'm not about to turn down the promotion. It's a big increase in wages. The whole thing is seven weeks, so there'll be a bit of a gap, starting in mid-september
[18:02] <Mem> Maybe we can keep things going.
[18:02] <Detro> Bah, it's only 2 weeks. We'll make it Smile
[18:03] <Savant> so! My proposition is that someone else run a bit of a game in my absence. Jester has told me of his interest in this in the past.
[18:03] <Savant> seven, not two
[18:03] <Mem> You said the training was two weeks.
[18:03] <Detro> I'm sure we can do informal character-driv... wait, you're letting ROSS drive? Oh god, we're f***ed man.
[18:03] <Detro> j/k Wink
[18:03] <Thierry> O..k...
[18:03] <Savant> whoops. read the second paragraph. That one meant to say twice a week
[18:03] <Detro> Ah, seven weeks.
[18:04] <Mem> You did say twice a week, but also two weeks. So it's seven weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
[18:04] <Savant> blood sugar equals low, and i'm in pain. Don't expect me to make much sense right now Wink
[18:04] <Detro> Wait. So if Ross is running Tynes is likely out of command... which means it falls back on...
[18:04] <Gabriel> Did you get beaten by your co-workers for being promoted?
[18:04] <Detro> ::looks at Mem::
[18:04] <Savant> seven weeks. IF anyone is interested in running something heavyt-gear related during that time, i'll honour it. Get your applications and proposals to me ASAP if you're interested in running osmething
[18:05] <Thierry> kk
[18:05] <Savant> heh, no. Actually, one of my molars cracked during the GT. I have a dentist's appointment on saturday Wink
[18:05] <Detro> Ouch.
[18:05] <Mem> Lucky you.
[18:05] <Gabriel> Owie. :/
[18:05] <Mem> My molar cracked six months ago. Wink
[18:05] <Mem> No dentist appointment.
[18:05] <Savant> oh, this one's been injured for over a year now, Brad. But not badly. Now it actually hurts
[18:05] <Mem> Ugh.
[18:06] <Savant> enough commiserating. Anyone want to speak up on this idea at all?
[18:06] <Mem> Yeah, mine's still fine.
[18:06] <Detro> I'm sure we could do some character driven stuff.
[18:06] <Mem> Sounds like a good idea. Not sure if it'll work doing relevant plot things, but might be fun to do something on the side.
[18:06] <Detro> Maybe play the support crew for a bit
[18:06] <Savant> if someone wants to run something main plot, they can propose the story to me and i can approve it. if i like it.
[18:07] <Savant> i'll let that settle for awhile, and give you a briefing Wink
[18:07] <Savant> Goliath
[18:07] <Savant> 38 Autumn TN, 1200h - Morning
[18:07] <Savant> Sigma Depression, Caprice
[18:07] <Savant> -85 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity, 150 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:07] <Savant> The Talons have made it to the surface of Caprice, and have lucked out - sort of. In their descent the Fury spotted a harried Liberati caravan, which turned out to be the Van Saars themselves.
[18:07] <Savant> A rearguard has made itself busy trying to fight off the Earthers in a desperate delaying tactic while the bulk of the clan make it to safter ground deeper in the lowlands of the Sigma Depression.
[18:07] <Savant> After having fended off the initial thrust of the CEF, the Talons have contacted the Van Saars and agreed to help them cover their family's retreat. The rearguard has holed up in a stretch of half-colapsed lava tubes as they prepare for the CEF's eventual reply...
[18:07] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:07] <Gabriel> ack
[18:07] <Mem> ack
[18:07] <Detro> ack
[18:07] <Savant> and i'm ready for questions
[18:07] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[18:07] <Savant> Gabriel?
[18:08] <Gabriel> How are you visualizing this working? I imagined a half-dozen scenarios for this, but I'm not sure how elaborate you want to get.
[18:08] <Savant> for the situation you're in? is the situation vague, or is what you want to do about it vague?
[18:08] <Detro> Yeah, I have to admit I'm a bit stumped on how to pull this off without the CEF learning they're up against gears.
[18:08] <Savant> that's up to you, not me Wink
[18:08] <Knight> :ACK::
[18:08] <Detro> The minute they pin us down as gears, we are in deep.
[18:09] <Detro> Right?
[18:09] <Savant> so long as they can tell the outside world about the situation, then yes.
[18:09] <Gabriel> The situation is fairly clear, it's the actual game that I want to get a feel for. Militarily, the smart move for Gabriel is to call in a few Gears and use them outside the caves for harrassment purposes. Try to blow up a few APCs while trying to keep the tanks back.
[18:09] <Savant> if you guys want to try to escape instead of holding them off, that's fine too. The Liberati won't really like it, but you can try to convince them
[18:09] <Gabriel> Then, second phase, let the Gears draw back into an area defended by one of our field guns and maybe a man-carried rocket launcher or AGM or two.
[18:10] <Savant> that's perfectly viable, Gabriel.
[18:10] <Gabriel> Then once the Gears are taken care of (stored someplace in the caves, most likely), move on to a third phase: anti-personnel mines and a big cave fight.
[18:10] <Gabriel> But this map seems to go with phase three. Wink
[18:10] <Detro> ::nods:: We'll need to be able to move around out there too w/o being seen, otherwise the tanks'll just pin us down.
[18:10] <Savant> we can do the exterior portions of this combat the same way you did the holding-off maneuver last game.
[18:10] <Detro> Collapsing lava tubes... we don't have any major demolitions stuff left, do we?
[18:11] <Thierry> Still can't get in
[18:11] <Savant> AGMs are pretty explosive
[18:11] <Mem> and expensive.
[18:11] <Detro> And in just as limited a supply, right?
[18:11] <Savant> oh, i guess you coudl go the cheap way and use hand grenades Wink
[18:11] <Savant> Gear grenades, I ought to say
[18:11] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We don't have many, but this seems to be a good place to use a few.
[18:11] <Gabriel> And we've got all kinds of demo supplies.
[18:12] <Savant> we'll start the game with you guys setting up for Phase 1, if you'd like? It's pretty much a withdrawing rearguard action.
[18:12] <Gabriel> ::nods:: But that's why I'm asking how elaborate you want to get. If you just want to jump right in, I'm fine with doing phase three, as long as we recognize this is phase three.
[18:12] <Savant> i'm just fine with that too. The interesting stuff is in phase 3 after all
[18:12] <Gabriel> ::nods:: I'd tend to agree.
[18:12] <Savant> who's up for skipping ahead to the tunnels?
[18:13] <Detro> May I make a suggestion?
[18:13] <Thierry> Eh...
[18:13] <Savant> please do
[18:13] <Detro> If we hold off on the tunnels, Fraser might be back to actually play.
[18:13] <Detro> I'm sure he would appreciate that.
[18:13] <Savant> we won't be opening up with a fight.
[18:13] <Savant> we'll be opening up with Interesting Things
[18:14] <Mem> (tm)
[18:14] <Detro> they're gonna beat us to the punch and seal the exits first Wink
[18:14] <Savant> that's a point though, yes.
[18:14] <Savant> space-layzaa-GO
[18:15] <Savant> i'm going to give you guys 10 or 15 minutes to set up these caves as you like. Please use the maptool to lay things out to your desires.
[18:16] <Thierry> Would ya mind waiting til I get in to do that...I'd like to help...
[18:17] * Thierry has quit IRC (Quit: )
[18:17] <Savant> go go. We'll wait on the big decisions.
[18:20] <Detro> Thunder here guys.
[18:20] <Detro> And I don't mean the MRP
[18:21] * Prescot has joined #BT05
[18:21] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
[18:21] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:24] * Thierry has joined #bt05
[18:24] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Thierry
[18:26] * Ardelmos has joined #bt05
[18:27] * Savant sets mode: +o Ardelmos
[18:27] <Savant> five more minutes to plan things out, guys.
[18:27] <Savant> the Liberati and their equipment, already on the map, are yours to place
[18:27] <Thierry> Are we all coming to the party?
[18:28] <Birkin> can I get an IP address, I dont seem to have the right one
[18:28] <Savant> try /dns Savant
[18:28] <Birkin> port?
[18:28] <Detro> Are we at Skirmish scale here?
[18:28] <Savant> 10015
[18:28] <Savant> Skirmish scale, yes.
[18:31] <Detro> Note to self: Don't listen to last part of the Back to the Future Part II score when there's a real storm out there. ::shudder::
[18:35] <Savant> i'll extend your defenisve planning another five minutes.
[18:36] <Thierry> Still no map
[18:36] <Savant> sucky, man. Don't know what's up
[18:37] <Thierry> Disconnected and reconnected once already
[18:42] <Detro> Crap, that was a close hit
[18:44] <Thierry> grrr
[18:55] <Detro> Okay storm, you've made your point, move on.
[19:05] <Savant> we ready to go?
[19:06] * LrdVampyre has joined #bt05
[19:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[19:07] <Detro> Yeah, if this storm doesn't knock me out :\ ::looks at the skies outside::
[19:12] <Savant> one more minute.
[19:13] <Savant> keep planning and talking. We're going to start now.
[19:13] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[19:13] <Savant> The Talons have been fighting a successful withdrawal for about an hour now - along with a few of the more tenacious Liberati with markerlight target designators, running about amidst the rocks in their rugged regolith trikes. It has been a great success for the most part, inflicting several casualties amongst the CEF forces while incurring no friendlies.
[19:14] <Savant> You have conducted an orderly fighting withdrawal into the caves underneath the umbrella of a thundering field gun. Those sentry cameras watching the exterior can clearly see the hot contrails of suborbital landers as white streaks againt the black sky.
[19:16] <Gabriel> ::enters the caves ahead of the main group, checking the positioning of the static defenses as he passes each, a little nervous::
[19:16] <Ardelmos> ::jogs back down one of the entrance passageways, having completed setting up and hiding the tripwires -- he hits the ground and slides forward while turning to look back up the way he came, the kick-up of dust and stones coating his suit and making him eerily blend in to the basic rock of the tunnels::
[19:17] <Detro> ::hugs the wall with two other Liberati, just trying to look like he's one of the "good 'ol boys"::
[19:17] <Ardelmos> Alright, vathead fuckers, come on down and let me end you. ::unslings his Dartand -- it had been far too long -- and tightens the strap around his forearm, pulling the butt into his shoulder and flipping out the tripod::
[19:17] <Gabriel> ::descends toward the main group of Liberati, holstering his heavy sidearm as he does so::
[19:18] <Birkin> ::looks at the two gun controllers that he managed to have and set up once he had set up the anti-personell mines:: Not if I get to them first old man..
[19:18] <Savant> The rock in the tunnels is a very dark brown-red, almost black in the dim lighting. As the Talons descend into their trap they seem to melt into the dusky reds and tans.
[19:18] <Knight> ::exits the med vechile, feeling like a new man and with an odd feeling of euporia::
[19:19] <LrdVampyre> +com+ Sir, I got 3 landers coming in..Caprician make, not CEF
[19:19] <Gabriel> ::glances at the water tank connected to one of the sprayers, hoping they wouldn't be needed, and crouches to collect the gear he'd left there, in particular the Northern Guard machine gun of choice::
[19:19] <Mem> ::stands back with Kellerton, making sure the Liberati are all set to go::
[19:19] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[19:19] <Savant> Outside the CEF has slowed its' advance. they aren't pressing immediately into the tunnels
[19:19] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Exarch. Can you estimate their carrying capacity?
[19:19] <Melissa> +com+ Working on that sir
[19:19] <Knight> ::slides up next to a vehicle and use it and the nearby rocky outcroppings for cover::
[19:19] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::grunts:: Probing fodder.
[19:20] <Gabriel> +com+ Maybe. We're just helpless miners down here. Why bother with the heavy stuff? That means Mordreds and Jans, but probably not Morganas, thank the Prophet.
[19:20] <Thierry> ::Takes up his position, weapons ready::
[19:20] <Melissa> +com+ Sir, they're vehicle landers. Probably a half company of foot soldiers or the equivalent of two squads of gears. They're about as big as an Orca
[19:20] <Savant> The landers aren't Tarantulas, nor are they Sleipnir. They're fat, blocky, with snub noses and a distinctively Caprician look to them. There are three of them, each swivelling in unison with the others, setting down with the gathering CEF forces. The attacks cease as they watch the caverns warily and spread out.
[19:20] <Gabriel> ::loops the first belt of ammunition over one arm and stands, crossing into the main cave to inspect the Liberati preparations::
[19:21] <Detro> ::grins, chatting with the Liberati next to him on a side channel:: Eh, at least we're in good company, right? We'll send these boys running home scared.
[19:21] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well. Cease resistance at the cave entrances and fall back.
[19:21] <Knight> ::checks his R25 and eases in an AP mag::
[19:22] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::grunts: : Praise God, a moment of peace. Let's hope they're still underestimating us.
[19:22] <Gabriel> ::nods at Thierry and Detro and offers them an encouraging smile, then passes behind the first large truck intended as cover::
[19:22] <Birkin> ::cracks his knuckles, looking at the two remote control consoles, hoping he would hear the soon sound of his AP mines going off::
[19:22] <Melissa> +com+ Picking up some more activity sir. The APCs have stopped and looks like the occupants are getting out. Still a far distance off
[19:23] <Detro> ::returns the nod, not offering a salute -- saluting officers in the field was usually a quick way to get them to be the next target of a sniper::
[19:23] <Ardelmos> ::adjust the sighting on his scope, muttering quietly to himself:: There once was a man from the West, whose marksmanship was arguably the best. He killed GREL by the score, and would always kill more, so long as the fuckers kept crawling out of their nest.
[19:23] <Birkin> Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly ::a sly smile on his face::
[19:23] <Melissa> +com+ Looks like some are using binocs at the moment...mind you, I would never know...there might be an ambush somewhere out here
[19:23] <Thierry> ::Loads an AP clip into his r23 and settles into a position staring the scope only nodding at Gabe::
[19:23] <Gabriel> ::inspects each vehicle and each Liberati's defensive position in turn, offering encouraging smiles and thumbs up to whomever seems to need one::
[19:23] <Mem> ::looks over at Kellerton:: All ready?
[19:23] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::gives Tynes a big grin and a thumbs-up::
[19:24] <Gabriel> +com+ My instinct is that they're looking to make examples here, not martyrs, Exarch.
[19:24] <Detro> ::to the Liberati next to him:: +com+ Alright, you, down in a rouch. You, on your knees behind him, gun over his shoulder... yeah, like that. I'll take up station behind you... ::does so::
[19:24] <Knight> ::reaches into his fanny pack producing and attaching a passive thermal site to the rifle;:
[19:24] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> Oh, yes! Very ready.
[19:24] <Savant> The Liberati take instruction well. They're tough, but they're not soldiers, and are willing to learn from one.
[19:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Give the troops a little easy action, come away with some prisoners that they can try and hang on live trideo, stuff like that. ::gives Kellerton a wink as he approaches::
[19:24] <Melissa> +com+ Umm...understood sir. I was just commenting on their apprehensive and cautious approach
[19:25] <Gabriel> +com+ Hm. Well, say the size of the personnel incoming when you can. Corp-serfs, maybe? Seems a little out of character, though.
[19:25] <Savant> Melissa can see the three fat landers open, and trucks and vehicles coming out of them. With a focus of the camera spying from outside, she can see those vehicles coming out aren't CEF at all - they're Caprician Combat Mounts.
[19:25] <Thierry> +Com+ And what do you want me to do sir other then shoot grel
[19:25] <Melissa> +com+ Well, I see GREL and officers standing out of the APCs
[19:25] <Melissa> +com+ Will let you know the size of the newcomers when I can
[19:26] <Birkin> Kellerton. What has Junkman been up to since we last left. ::calmly said and not taking his eyes off of the feed hes getting from the MAAC gun turrets::
[19:26] <Gabriel> ::leans his shotgun against the side of the truck closeby where he can get it, then lays the extra ammo for his Cunningham nearby::
[19:27] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::conversationally, as if she's forgotten the situation:: Oh, very busy! He fixes Mounts now. Makes new ones too! His is amazing. IT can fly like the dragon, and runs like the wind. You'll see it!
[19:27] <Melissa> +com+ The Caprician forces are disembarking. The vehicles have two markings...the Hakkar symbol and a modified Caprician "cat's eye" marking
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::swings his dataglove up to check the video feed::
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::pays particular attention to the second logo::
[19:28] <Birkin> ::smirks:: So he still has Dragon? I suppose thats good news. Or has he built himself something new and better?
[19:28] <Ardelmos> +com+ Mounts? Good. They clog up the passageways.
[19:29] <Melissa> +com+ Sir...this is a military unit...Highlands camo...organized formations and quick deployment. The CEF is just watching, not doing anything, sir
[19:29] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> oh no, the dragon is apart, long ago. But parts are in his new Mount. And others, in his squad. The sword of God.
[19:29] <Birkin> +com+ Doubt they cover up the user enough to fully protect against my little welcome packages either.
[19:29] <Birkin> Squad? He has a set of frames? or Liberati mounts that he's made?
[19:30] <Mem> ::hears the "cat's eye" comment and wonders what that is, looking at Kellerton:: You ever see a mark like that? Cat's eye?
[19:30] <Gabriel> +com+ Stay focused, everyone. From what I've seen of the technical data, mounts are no match for Gears, but we're not in Gears. Don't underestimate them.
[19:30] <Savant> The mounts and trucks begin an advance. The Earthers, strangely, stay where they are, as if spectators in a Gomorran combat pit. Many of the GREL seem on edge out there, but the officers seem to be enjoying the chance of a show.
[19:30] <Ardelmos> ::fondly recalls blowing up a set of mounts back in Gomorrah with nothing more than a pair of grenades::
[19:31] <Gabriel> ::trades out the concussion grenade in his one-shot grenade launcher for an anti-vehicle grenade, just in case::
[19:31] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::leans over and looks at the screen:: No! It looks like the eye and the Keff eagle, and some other things I don't know. Not a good ribbon.
[19:31] <Detro> ::checks the feed on his data glove -- which for the time being is hung at his waist -- but doesn't recognize the symbol:: +com+ Kinda looks like it's both Earth and Caprician. ::frowns:: I'm completely guessing here, but maybe Gallo Earth or something.
[19:31] <Melissa> ::whispers to herself:: Something's not right...Caprician military? I've got a bad feeling about this
[19:32] <Savant> The Capriocians advance, but again, they stop before arriving. One of the trucks opens, and disgorges its infantry.
[19:32] <Gabriel> ::turns to Van Saar:: Kellerton, any idea why the keffs would send corp-serfs after you? Maybe just making sure of their loyalty?
[19:32] <Mem> +com+ Could be some kind of new CEF division, too. Just be ready.
[19:32] <Detro> +com+ That would tend to make sense, if they're pushing to get the Trenchers on the side of the CEF. Send out a few home boys for an 'easy' victory against rebels. Improves moral and support, right?
[19:33] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Shrugs:: Don't know. Corpserfs are in the keff's pocket.
[19:33] <Gabriel> ::without getting on his radio, murmurs:: Just what I was thinking... maybe...
[19:33] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ The Keffs, they are making auxilliary units of some corp-serf units. This is one, I think.
[19:33] <Gabriel> ::nods:: +com+ Talons, hold back a little. Still, won't hurt to make a statement. Roland, if you ID an officer, drop him.
[19:34] <Thierry> +Com+ I think its more then that...hmmm...
[19:34] <Ardelmos> +com+ Don't have to tell me twice.
[19:34] <Thierry> +Com+ Cap, ever hear of the concept of embedded reporters?
[19:34] <Birkin> +com+ Reserves. ::spits::
[19:34] <Detro> ::refreshes his grip on the grenade launcher... not exactly to thrilled with being told to 'go easy' on the enemy. Auxilliary unit or not, they WERE the enemy.
[19:34] <Savant> Amongst the infantry, several people come out in bright yellow mining hardsuits. They're easily to spot out against the ruddy black. The broad ribbons tied about their suits identify them as Liberati just as clearly.
[19:35] <Gabriel> +com+ ::laughs:: Yeah. For about three days during the War of the Alliance. They didn't last long. Why?
[19:35] <Mem> +com+ How is this even a distraction if the CEF is sending their minions for us?
[19:35] <Thierry> +Com+ Because if what I'm seeing is right, the revolution will be televised. Those mounts look like they have news rigs
[19:35] <Ardelmos> +com+ Well, that's new. ::ignores the Liberati being paraded out and starts looking through the available video feeds for both Officers, and senior NCOs::
[19:35] <Detro> +com+ Because Mem, for all we know, they could now be sending units after the rest of the convoy escaping without us knowing.
[19:35] <Thierry> +Com+ as do the infantry
[19:36] <Mem> +com+ That was my point.
[19:36] <Birkin> ::sees the group of Liberati coming out:: +com+ ::Growls:: Either collaborators or prisoners.
[19:36] <Gabriel> +com+ Oh, brother. Well, if they stick to form, the news units will hang back.
[19:36] <Gabriel> ::switches his view to the Liberati and glances over them for weapons::
[19:36] <Knight> +com+ Give 'em credit, filming their ass kicking will help them when they do their AAR.... just to see what the hell went wrong.
[19:36] <Detro> +com+ Sorry. Sounded as if you'd said the opposite.
[19:36] <Melissa> ::watches the unusual procession, getting a little nervous::
[19:36] <Thierry> ::Keeps and eye on the news rigged capricans::
[19:37] <Ardelmos> ::starts marking the officers (and command mounts) he can immediately pick out for the rest of the team, highlighting them::
[19:38] <Savant> The Liberati - there are five in total - begin to march towards the cave entrances. They have along with them a pair of mining drones, comonly trreated almost like pets by the Liberati.
[19:38] <Detro> +com+ Anyone ID the clan by those ribbons?
[19:39] <Ardelmos> +com+ Recommend deactivating the outer tripwires.
[19:39] <Gabriel> +com+ They're unarmed. They're not Van Saar, but the ribbon patterns are damned similar. ::shows his dataglove to Kellerton::
[19:39] <Thierry> ::Keys up his own dataglove::
[19:40] <Gabriel> +com+ Patience. We don't know that they're Liberati. I'd invite you to consider what you're all wearing.
[19:40] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Squints at the screen over Gabriel's arm:: +com+ Ah! Maribold. The south clan.
[19:40] <Melissa> ::carefully scans the drones and the formation behind::
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::to Kellerton:: Any way you can tell for sure?
[19:40] <Detro> +com+ That'd be why I asked, in case the CEF tried to imitate but didn't get it quite right
[19:41] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::shrugs:: unless someone steal their ribbons. They have the same double-tie knot of us.
[19:41] <Gabriel> ::to Melissa:: +com+ They coming in alone?
[19:41] <Gabriel> ::to Kellerton:: Feel like going for a walk? Would you recognize a member of Maribold if you met one?
[19:41] <Savant> They reach the mouth of the cave and stop there, leaning down and looking intot he black. Melissa can zoom the cameras in close enough to look at faces, suit markings, she could even count the pores on the lead man's nose if she wanted to.
[19:41] <Mem> So are these people being forced to do this minesweeping, or has the Maribold clan allied with the CEF?
[19:42] <Melissa> +com+ Just them and their drones, sir.
[19:42] <Detro> ::holds his tongue rather than suggest his CO rethink that idea::
[19:42] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Swallows and nods at Gabriel:: I can tell. There are ways.
[19:42] <Detro> +com+ You know, it'd make things interesting if we hacked those drones.
[19:43] * Thierry has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[19:43] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> [Highlands] Be careful, Kellerton.
[19:43] <Gabriel> +com+ That's an excellent idea, Caporal. You and the Lieutenant see what you can do. Kellerton and I will move a bit and see if we can ID them.
[19:43] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> [Highlands] I'll be fine.
[19:43] <Mem> +com+ Hack them with what?
[19:44] <Birkin> ::exhales slowly and softly, waiting forthis fight to begin::
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::sets the Cunningham aside and takes up the shotgun::
[19:44] * Thierry has joined #bt05
[19:44] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Thierry
[19:44] <Gabriel> <<Sous-Sergent, even>>
[19:44] <Ardelmos> +com+ Mind the barbed wire.
[19:45] <Detro> +com+ I've got my field data glove here Mem. Unless you've got something better to offer. Work with what we've got, like we always do.
[19:45] <Gabriel> +com+ Thanks, Senior Sergeant. Be ready to shoot anything that seems to be chasing us, if you don't mind.
[19:45] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Grips her rifle very tightly and begins to creep up the ascent
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::to Kellerton:: [H] Shall we?
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::shotgun in hand, moves back toward the front::
[19:46] <Melissa> +com+ The drones are basic mules...ore drilling, powerpacks. They're being used for minesweeping and the gentlemen do look like they really don't want their drones blown up
[19:46] <Gabriel> +com+ Which tunnel are they coming in through?
[19:46] <Detro> ::pulls up his data glove and searches for any radio signals coming from or going to the drones::
[19:46] <Melissa> +com+ They've paused at the entrance
[19:47] <Gabriel> ::starts jogging toward the entrance, hoping Kellerton is following::
[19:48] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> :Follows along behind cautiously - she's not as reckless as she used to be::
[19:48] <Thierry> +Com+ What the hell is going on?
[19:48] <Mem> ::pulls out his laptop from his backpack and tries to set it up quickly, and a wireless transmitter::
[19:48] <Gabriel> ::reaches the tripwire and carefully steps over, encouraging Kellerton to do the same::
[19:49] <Gabriel> ::glances down the corridor:: +com+ Visual on the drones.
[19:49] <Savant> The MAribold Liberati descend carefully, looking very spooked - as if behind every rock was a landmine. Which could have been the case. Their drones trundle ahead, being controlled by one of the men with a dataglove.
[19:49] <Ardelmos> ::reaches over and prepares to deactive the outer trip-wire as the drones approach::
[19:50] <Detro> :Surprisedf course, his hand in the hardsuit's glove, trying to manipulate the controls on another glove, not the easiest thing in the world to do...::
[19:50] <Detro> ::...and in the process of trying his trick, looses his link to the cameras:: Merde!
[19:51] <Thierry> ::Sees his glove go dead as he's fiddling with his com trying to get the CEF frequency and casually tries to reconnect
[19:51] <Melissa> ::blinks as she gets static on the headset::
[19:51] <Detro> ::pokes and prods at his dataglove:: C'mon, c'mon, come back...
[19:52] <Gabriel> ::approaches Birkin's demo charges and slows to a crawl, leading with his shotgun::
[19:52] <Savant> The drones come to a halt and one of the Liberati steps forward, his hand raised high and palm open. Those of you who know Liberati sign language can identify it simply as a peaceful greeting. Those who don't know it see it as a very formal and exaggerated hello.
[19:52] <Gabriel> ::points the shotgun at the ceiling and repeats the gesture, then makes a hand motion which he hopes will be interpreted as "stop the drones"::
[19:53] <Gabriel> <<repeats the hello gesture>>
[19:53] <Detro> ::continues to poke at his data glove, desperately trying to get the feed back::
[19:54] <Detro> +com+ ::sounding VERY sheepish and apologetic:: Um, a little help here?
[19:54] <Savant> The video feed from outside goes dead brie3fly, then comes back online once more. The Capricians outside have spread out into cover, but it's very apparent that they're preparing ti attack into the caves.
[19:54] <Detro> +com+ Thank you, whoever did that.
[19:55] <Melissa> ::makes note of the new positionings for the troops:: Hmm
[19:55] <Savant> Radio>> -- Excellent form, excellent form, don't you think?" "Quite good. Though they're clearly green. Too used to fighting graffiti artists in the city! ho ho ho ho ho! "ha ha ha, quite right, quite right." --
[19:55] <Mem> +com+ ::stares at the screen:: So what exactly do you want done to the drones?
[19:56] <Savant> The drones come to a stop, as do the Liberati, at the top of the cave. They're silhouetted, perfect targets.
[19:56] <Detro> +com+ Hijack their control, what else?
[19:56] <Mem> +com+ Then what?
[19:56] <Gabriel> ::gestures that Kellerton should speak with them:: +com+ Contact made. Friendly so far. If the infantry start moving in, don't keep it a secret from me.
[19:56] <Melissa> +com+ why? the drones are mechanical mules, nothing more, nothing less
[19:56] <Detro> +com+ ::shrugs:: Use 'em for some purpose or another.
[19:56] <Thierry> +Com+ ::Chuckles:: Well well, looks like our opposition is green. The CEf's are impressed they can even move in formation
[19:57] <Melissa> +com+ The troops have moved into position to begin an attack into the caves...they're waiting at the moment though
[19:57] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::swalloows and nods, then steps forward a bit, holding up five fingers - frequency five, apparently. All of the Liberati, her included, fuiddle with their communicator controls on their wrists::
[19:57] <Detro> +com+ Just because we don't have a real use for them now doesn't mean they won't be an asset to us later if we have the ability to take them over.
[19:57] <Knight> ::looks at his right hand, it's shaking... does several fist movements to shake it out::
[19:57] <Gabriel> ::retunes his own radio to listen in::
[19:58] <Melissa> +com+ And do what with them? Spin them like tops?
[19:58] <Thierry> ::Sends out the CEF frequency to the rest of the team::
[19:58] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com5+ [H] MAribald! You'cve come a long way. Come into my caravan and have water with me.
[19:59] <Detro> ::Sighs inside the confines of his helmet, the point he just made going over their heads::
[19:59] <Savant> Maribald> +com5+ [H] Van Saar! I'll drink with you, only if you accept my hospitality in return, for I don't wish to be beholden to you.
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::switches back for a moment:: +com+ CO's off grid. Kellerton is speaking to Maribald. Seems on the up-and-up so far. Back in a moment.
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::switches back to the Liberati frequency::
[20:00] <Detro> +com+ Look, it can't hurt to just have the frequencies, right? Can't hurt to have them, and we might run into these types of drones in the future and could use the frequencies then? It beats doing nothing, right?
[20:00] <Savant> The CEF seem to be talking about the Corp-serf advance and maneuvering more than anything else. Commenting on their rookie mistakes and applauding their little wisdoms. Making them feel very superior, no doubt.
[20:01] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::exhales and switches back to the private line for a moment: +com+ It's Maribold.
[20:02] <Thierry> +Com+ OK, The keffs send these guys ahead as sappers and we invite them in for tea?
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::switches also:: +com+ Let's get them inside, then. Guide them to us and we'll let them hole up in the rear.
[20:02] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::nods ::+com5+ [H] Come with me. Be careful where you step, step only where I do.
[20:03] <Mem> ::looks at his computer at the preliminary scan of the drones' radio activity, then shrugs::
[20:03] <Gabriel> ::switches back:: +com+ Maribald are coming in. Keep a close eye out.
[20:03] <Detro> +com+ Rog. ::switches to the frequency of the Liberati in front of him:: Friendlies coming back. Hold your fire.
[20:03] <Melissa> ::continues to study the formations and watching::
[20:04] <Savant> It takes a few moments for the Liberati to skirt along the traps and into the redoubt that hte Liberati and Talons have carved out for themselves. Their eyes are bugging out, big as saucers, behind their coppery face shields::
[20:05] <Birkin> +com+ Begging your pardon Captain... is this even wise... We don't know if they're collaborating with them or not. They might have just send back data on our position via their mining drones.
[20:05] <Savant> Maribold> +com5+ [H] We came to talk to the Van Sar, the clan. Is this all of you that's left? ::looks shocked::
[20:05] <Thierry> +Com+ My thought exactly
[20:06] <Gabriel> :Surprisedn the private freq:: +com+ Kellerton, please tell them to save their questions until after the fight, if that would be polite.
[20:06] <Gabriel> +com+ It's entirely possible that they're being monitored.
[20:06] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::nods and relays the information::
[20:06] <Thierry> +Com+ Lets find out...
[20:07] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> Maribold +com5+ [H] No, don't fight! Van Saar, hasn't there been enough death? They sent us to talk to you!
[20:08] <Detro> ::keeps his eyes on the entrances and remote feeds::
[20:08] <Savant> ((bwah, wrong tag. That was the MAribold guy that said that Wink ))
[20:08] <Gabriel> +private com+ Kellerton, tell them with hand signals that they're bugged.
[20:08] <Savant> Outside, a quiet tension has settled on the Corpserf forces. They're waiting for something.
[20:09] <Knight> ::thinking, what the hell...::
[20:09] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::nods, taps her wrist twice, waves a hand in front of her face, then two fingers in front of her eyes::
[20:09] <Gabriel> ::withdraws five scramblers from his pack:: +private com+ Senior Sergeant Craig, report to the main cave. Got some bugs I need killed.
[20:10] <Gabriel> ::holds up the scramblers so each of the Maribalds can see them, then affixes each to their suits:: +com+ Kellerton, touch helmets, talk to them, find out what they've been sent here to say.
[20:10] <Thierry> ::Keeps an eye on the CorpSefs on the screen and an ear to the com::
[20:10] <Mem> ::frowns and peeks over the vehicle at the Maribald Liberati, wondering what was going on::
[20:12] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::leans forward and taps her helmet against the lead Liberati's helmet, and they exchange some words. No one else can hear::
[20:12] <Gabriel> ::returns to his position on the line, trusting Kellerton to report when she's ready::
[20:12] <Gabriel> ::trades his shotgun back in for his Cunningham::
[20:13] <Detro> ::shifts position uneasily. Those drones worry him.::
[20:13] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::gasps:: +com+ The keffs, they took all of Maribold! ::more silence:: They're in Gomorrah now. They go through a CID program. ::a longer pause:: He says they know the Jund!
[20:14] <Gabriel> +com+ That's... not good.
[20:14] <Thierry> +Com+ Very not good
[20:14] <Detro> ::in his own helmet:: MERDE!
[20:14] <Gabriel> +com+ Are the leaders exposed, or just this cell?
[20:14] <Ardelmos> ::frowns slightly::
[20:15] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ They are hunting for Wick and Falcon and the other Amir. He says.. ::pause:: He says the Keffs are collecting the Tribes to give to the CID, and killing if they don't co-operate.
[20:15] <Thierry> +Com+ We got to do something...and soon...
[20:16] <Melissa> +com+ I have the feeling that's what the CEF wants us to do...
[20:16] <Savant> Kellerton pulls her helmet away from the Maribold leaders' own. She's looking pale and very worried. So is he, behind the helmet plate.
[20:17] <Thierry> +Com+ Of course it is, but if we don't...
[20:17] <Gabriel> +com+ OK, people, bad news, but stay on mission. One thing at a time. Today's job is surviving.
[20:17] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ He say that the Keff want to use this to train the corp-serfs to fight in real war. Probably to clean out the Jund.
[20:17] <Gabriel> ::moves off his place on the line briefly to check the other Liberati, nodding at Kellerton, already having made that connection::
[20:18] <Detro> ::frowns, all of this being very bad news... forcing them to discard their hand and play with another one, blindly::
[20:18] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ They don't send more reinforcements now, though. Only the three landers will come, unles there's a big trouble.
[20:18] <Mem> ::frowns under his helmet--it sounded like the planet was about to blow up from the inside::
[20:20] <Gabriel> +com+ This changes the rules a bit, Kellerton. This stand was useful to convince the keffs that your clan was crushed. But they send puppets in now. It is clear they will not believe this deception, even if all of us died here. They would continue to hunt your clan. Do you agree?
[20:20] <Savant> Maribold> +com5+ [H] We have to be back soon or they'll think we've gone traitor to our clan. Our families will be in trouble, and have to go back to the CID facility.
[20:20] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::nods, looking fairly crushed - as if everything she was fighting for was crashing down about her with the news. Not far off, really::
[20:21] <Detro> +com+ I'd say the kid gloves just came off. Big time.
[20:21] <Melissa> ::keeps her eye on the troops outside::
[20:21] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Clears his throat:: +com+ Captain Tynes, we'll hold them off, make a distraction so your team can escape to your Gears and hide in the wastes. No sense for us all to die here.
[20:21] <Detro> ::sounds... quite angry actually::
[20:22] <Thierry> ::Looks to Tynes, waiting for orders::
[20:22] <Gabriel> +com+ No. Nobody need die here. Any deaths here would be useless, worse than useless, because they would prevent nothing, solve nothing.
[20:22] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Gestures broadly with his hands, angry:: +com+ As many as we can will leave of course, but someone has to fight the rear!
[20:23] <Gabriel> +com+ Let the Maribalds go. We will fight the corp-serfs off, then retreat and rejoin the Van Saars. I am sure some kind of enclave must be called among the Jund. We must be where word of it can reach us.
[20:23] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::presses her head against the helmet of the Maribold's exchanging a few words. She grabs his hand and squeezes it, then the five Liberati make their way back up the tunnekls::
[20:24] <Gabriel> ::makes a placating gesture:: [H] I understand your fear, your anger, and we will fight them off. It will even be good practice. And when the corp-serfs are crushed, we will disappear before stronger troops can be sent here. That will take time, time we can use to slip away.
[20:24] <Savant> The MAribold clan members make their way back up the tunnel and out to the surface, where they hurry to get back tot he corpserfs. They don't look happy, even at a distance.
[20:25] <Melissa> +com+ Sir, the corpserfs are moving in
[20:25] <Mem> +com+ Here we go, people.
[20:25] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::grunts, clearly furious. He grabs his rifle tighter and turns to face the tunnels::
[20:25] <Detro> ::carefully lets the data glove down to his belt, then hefts the grenade launcher in both hands::
[20:26] <Gabriel> ::watching Dorchester's face:: +com+ Gloves are off, Talons. Explain to these puppets that they are fighting a real war, with real bullets.
[20:27] <Birkin> ::cackles softly:: (vqw) like shooting revisionists in a barrel.. ::makes sure to pay close attention to his MAAC guns::
[20:27] <Melissa> ::looks at the wasps and sighs:: Oh'll have to be my...valkyries?...meh
[20:27] <Thierry> +Com+ Indeed ::Locks and loads::
[20:27] <Detro> +com+ This lion will feed well on his prey today.
[20:28] <Gabriel> ::looks around the "room", judging the morale of his troops, Talons and Liberati alike::
[20:28] <Mem> ::climbs up on the vehicle with his laptop and gun, setting both on the hull and then waiting for something to happen::
[20:28] <Melissa> ::mutters softly:: Senseless...oh well, into Hades we go
[20:29] <Mem> ::glances down at Kellerton as she goes back to her position::
[20:30] <Savant> The Liberati seem ill-at-ease right now. They take their positions and get ready, but it's clear that a number of them aren't expecting to climb out of the foxholes they settle into.
[20:31] <Savant> Then, explosions rock the cavern, and the regolith fines shiver up form the ground and fill the cavern with haze. The first of the traps are going off.
[20:31] <Gabriel> +com+ Melissa, you've got the Fire Eggs. Make them count. I'd like to retrieve the little drones if we can, but if we can't...
[20:31] <Melissa> ::hunkers down, eye on the screen, waiting::
[20:32] <Birkin> ::waits, his fingers over the "AIM" and "FIRE" buttons::
[20:32] <Melissa> +com+ Roger that ::sends a command to the Eggs to go forth::
[20:34] <Detro> ::can just about hear the battle coming from the right tunnel... he switches briefly to the frequency his buddies are on:: Stay focused on the tunnel ahead. They WILL be stopped in the other tunnel.
[20:36] <Detro> ::says that with full confidence in the planning of their defenses::
[20:37] <Savant> More explosions. The charges go off, rendering more than one of the infantry in their mottled grey-brown-black armour into wet chunks. It's a gory sight. One that's visible on the MAAC turret's cameras as they come down the bend.
[20:37] <Knight> ::sounds of detonations shake him back into focus, his visons becoming clearer::
[20:37] <Thierry> +Com+ Hope there's still some left to shoot at
[20:38] <Mem> ::waits in his position, wondering if the troops will actually make it to their line of defense, getting a little angry about the idea, though, that these guys weren't really the CEFs he wanted revenge on::
[20:38] <Birkin> +com+ Mmm. I love the sight of Collabroator Flesh in the morning.
[20:38] <Melissa> ::moves the Fire Eggs into position to use the grenades::
[20:38] <Gabriel> ::monitors the battle through his dataglove for now, content to let the prepared position do its work::
[20:41] <Gabriel> ::changes out the anti-vehicle grenade in his one-shot for an obscurement/EW grenade::
[20:43] <Gabriel> +com+ That's interesting. They're not breaking. At all. Not hypo-trained, but very, very motivated. Everyone stay sharp.
[20:43] <Detro> +com+ ::dryly:: I'd say more along the lines of that they're enjoying this.
[20:44] <Melissa> +com+ Or perhaps they've no choice in the matter?
[20:45] <Mem> +com+ Doesn't matter. Knock 'em down. ::glances at his laptop::
[20:46] <Thierry> +Com+ We have no choice but to fight them. Hopefully our surprises will break them up a bit
[20:47] <Savant> The lead Mount in the southern cavern is quicker than it looks - it swivels and snaps a shot off at the advancing fire egg. The poor thing never gets a chance to react
[20:47] <Melissa> ::sighs as she sees an Egg die::
[20:49] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::monitors the approach:: Looks like one leader in the north group, two in the south group. I'm betting the force commander is in that mount.
[20:49] <Birkin> +com+ Mark him if you can. When he rounds the bend I'll be sure to give him a full dose of my MAAC
[20:50] <Ardelmos> ::does so::
[20:51] <Melissa> ::moves the other two drones into position and begins deploying the package::
[20:52] <Savant> The little fire egg in the northwestern cavern scoots forward and drops a surprise between the broad legs of a damaged combat mount, then scuttles away behind a rock as the grenade goes off. The machine is cmpletely obliterated in a shower fo cordite and sdcrap metal. The infantrymen are scattered by the blast
[20:53] <Melissa> ::focuses on moving the other drone in::
[20:54] <Thierry> ::Smiles a bit, but keeps his focus down the cavern::
[20:55] <Savant> The followup in the other cavern is just as terrible. The explosion is bicg enough to blash through the hip beneath the Mount and scour the egglike combat compartment. The whole thing collapses in a messy, steaming heap.
[20:56] <Melissa> ::moves the drones to safety, getting the others ready for action::
[21:00] <Knight> ::moves up behind detro:: +local+ Sweet... finally some action.
[21:00] <Birkin> ::moves the MAAC into position and lets fly with a string of three quick rounds, moving from one target to another, firing at his targets quickly before aquiring the other::
[21:01] <Detro> +com+ ::doesn't even look behind him:: Knight, you take one hit in this battle and we get to ship you home in a body bag. Stay back.
[21:01] <Savant> The autocannon rounds rip through the remainder of the advancing squad with very little problem. The weapon is designed to take down aircraft, so has little issue with the few people and vehicles coming down the confines of a tunnel. The ground vibrates with its report.
[21:01] <Detro> +com+ I think you've seen enough action for a while.
[21:01] <Knight> +com+ Detro, Doc has worked some freakin' magic, I think I could wrestle a GRELL right now.
[21:01] <Gabriel> +com+ Don't start celebrating just yet. Second wave at the entrances.
[21:02] <Mem> ::glances to the side, feeling the MAAC rattle off a few shots::
[21:02] <Thierry> +Com+ I'm good, but not that good. Stay down, doctor's orders.
[21:02] <Detro> +com+ He's probably got you so pumped up on pep pills you think you could take on the entire 3rd Fleet. Doesn't change what your body's been through. You stay behind me, and you stay low, got it?
[21:02] <Savant> B they continue to advance, those in the southern entrance at least. A turret on top of the fat egg-shaped walkers swivels and canisters pop forwards, popping open into a massive cloud of smoke.
[21:04] <Detro> ::mutters something in his helmet about already having to replace one stupid person's body on this team::
[21:04] <Mem> ::yawns from under his helmet, glancing back to his laptop every so often::
[21:04] <Melissa> ::whistles a tune as the MAAC clatters away, wathcing the screens and moving drones in preparation::
[21:04] <Savant> The mounts stomp over the barbed wire as they stride forward, their stubby hands holding equally stubby and rather pathetic looking rifles
[21:05] <Ardelmos> ::activates his thermal scope and peers through into the southwestern corridor::
[21:06] <Detro> ::checks the data glove when he sees the smoke pop in front of them, then takes a deep breath and switches to the other comm frequency for his buddies up front:: Alright, now there's going to be some infantry coming up that thin tunnel on our left. That fluid gun in front of you will deal with them. I want your eyes facing forward. You see a mount or infantry come out of that smoke, you make sure it doesn't set more than 3 steps outside.
[21:06] <Gabriel> ::grins slightly at the smoke:: +com+ Stand by on sprayer 2 if needed.
[21:07] <Detro> ::Switches back to TACCOM::
[21:08] <Detro> +com+ Sir, any thoughts on maybe sending those trikes in? We can use the smoke to cover their movement and let them go support that MAAC to keep it from being overwhelmed.
[21:09] <Gabriel> +com+ Not just yet. No sense in mixing it up until we have to.
[21:10] <Gabriel> ::suddenly has a flash of insight, and laughs into his helmet mic::
[21:10] <Birkin> +com+ Hey old man? See that bastard in the front there? The middle of the three on our Western Flank? He's waving the men forward. I think he needs a present that you are specialy capable of delivering.
[21:10] <Thierry> +Com+ Roger. When should I open on the one that just popped smoke?
[21:11] <Gabriel> +com+ Dekarch, fall back the Fire Eggs. Bring them within 50 meters of us.
[21:11] <Savant> One of hte soldiers (18 on your displays) gestures forwards, and two of the combat mounts in his group start to lope forward at a speedy stride. They're quick, very quick!
[21:11] <Gabriel> +com+ Sous-Sergeant, switch to water cannons one and two. Give me a 20 second burst from both, out to 60 meters.
[21:11] <Ardelmos> +com+ Target. ::calmly depresses the trigger and sends a round piercing through the tunnel at the soldier who who started moving through the smoke::
[21:11] <Gabriel> +com+ Mind you don't hit the turret in the northern corridor.
[21:12] <Ardelmos> +com+ Target down.
[21:12] <Savant> A solder flops backwards, a neat hole burned through his helmet and head. Gasses go white and frosty as they hiss out of the hole in the faceplate
[21:13] <Gabriel> <<Er, Sergent, even. That order was intended for Birkin.>>
[21:13] <Mem> +com+ Soak 'em.
[21:13] <Detro> ::as much as he admires Tynes' ability to laugh in the face of adverisity, he'd love to know just what he found so darn funny in the middle of the battle::
[21:14] <Melissa> ::watches and awaits the next orders::
[21:14] <Ardelmos> +com+ Aw that's just mean, man. That's just mean.
[21:16] <Detro> ::finally gets it as he sees it in action and he chuckles:: +com+ Recommend we have everyone stand clear of the end of the ice, just so they don't plow into anyone.
[21:16] <Gabriel> +com+ ::still chuckling:: I can't believe I didn't think of it until this moment. The miracle of physics. ::turns around:: Kellerton, I'm afraid you won't be able to use your Reubenis, but it seems a fair trade.
[21:17] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::blinks a few times, until she gets it:: Oh! No no, it's okay! I don't like to fight! ::grins a crazy grin as she realizes what they're going to do::
[21:17] <Detro> +com+ Thierry, you going to want first shot at those guys to the south?
[21:18] <Thierry> ::Answers detro by sending a three round burst from his R23::
[21:18] <Savant> The rushing Mounts at the northern tunnel charge right through a tripwire, which blasts downwards and upwards at the same time - framing it in fire. The thing recoils, but the anti-personnel charges have a hard time puncturing it. The vehicle stumbles but keeps going.
[21:19] <Detro> +com+ ::grins:: I'll take that as a yes.
[21:19] <Gabriel> ::comes around one of the trucks to have a look down the south corridor::
[21:20] <Savant> Moments later, another tripwire goes in the southern tunnel - the thing blasts from both the ceiling and roof, kiling the remaining infantry and crippling one of the Mounts
[21:20] <Birkin> ::spies the two mounts coming way too close for his comfort and letting lose with his MAAC yet again::
[21:21] <Savant> The MAAC chews through the two Mounts that are charging towards it. Thieir heavy bodies continue on, crashing into the ground and sliding forward - making a nice little roadbloack for anyone wanting to gewt in hand to hand with the gun.
[21:22] <Mem> ::glances south, realizing that the infantry has been engaged, and wonders how much deeper they'll come and if he should stow away his laptop::
[21:22] <Savant> Thierry's controlled shot down the dark and slim corridor puts down the lead soldier, but the others simply hit the dirt, go prone, and start firing back.
[21:23] <Detro> +com+ Mind if I assist, doctor?
[21:23] <Thierry> +Com+ Not at all ::Settles into a nice covered firing position::
[21:24] <Birkin> +com+ Two more mounts down. Well one down totally, another ripped through the pilots compartment, I see grey matter.
[21:24] <Gabriel> ::uses the nearby truck as cover and swaps the grenade in his one-shot for the third time, this time trading for an incendiary::
[21:24] <Detro> ::pats his buddies up front on the shoulder -- Stay here -- then moves out with the grenade launcher... peeking just around the MFL, he fires a grenade down range into the infantry tunnel::
[21:26] <Ardelmos> +com+ Targets. ::takes careful aim at one of the incoming mount's cockpits, smoothly depresses the trigger, then cleanly shifts targets and opens fire with a second round in the exact same spot for the second mount -- probably wasn't enough to kill the occupants, but it would sure as hell distract them for when they came around the bend further::
[21:28] <Gabriel> ::has been content to watch the battle so far, his heavy firepower not having been called for yet::
[21:28] <Birkin> +com+ You gonna leave me anything on the center cave old man?
[21:29] <Savant> Rolands' shots are easy to pick out amidst the melee. No explosions, no violence - just a puff of escaping gas and a gentle collapse. The two combat mounts moving up the southern column stop intheir tracks. The engines are still running.
[21:30] <Ardelmos> ::snorts to himself as both mounts come to a halt:: +com+ Two targets down. And I'm sure you'll have plenty to do in the next wave -- no explosives left.
[21:30] <Thierry> +Com+ We could go...borrow them you know. ::Looks to the mounts::
[21:30] <Detro> ::moves back behind the MFL for cover::
[21:31] <Savant> Detro's grenade isn't very well received down that fissure. Fire gushes out from it, right out to the entrance in fact. Those remaining alive inside are mixed up with the dead bodies and are scrambling for cover, making a general retreat.
[21:31] * Kt has joined #BT05
[21:31] <Detro> +com+ Welcome to the party gentlemen. Consider yourselves served.
[21:31] <Mem> +com+ No sign of hesitation? Anyone get a look at the CEF outside and see what they are doing?
[21:32] <Ardelmos> ::shifts his base of fire back to the northwest passage as more people come into view, particularly the gent who seemed to be leading this particular assault:: +com+ Targets
[21:33] <Melissa> ::switches to view the outside of the cave::
[21:34] <Ardelmos> ::depresses another two rounds, emptying his clip -- he quickly ejects the spent magazine and reaches down to his waste to grab another one::
[21:34] <Ardelmos> <<er, waist>>
[21:34] <Birkin> +com+ I hate conserving ammo... ::only fires at two open targets, the first soldier and the exposed mount::
[21:35] <Melissa> +com+ Status report on the CEF...the majority are getting a real laugh out of this. Others are thinking this might be a major Jund cell
[21:36] <Gabriel> +com+ Let me know which way the opinion swings, Dekarch. So far, though, the corps are coming in dumb as dirt.
[21:36] <Detro> ::seeing no return fire coming his way, he checks the glove to see if the troops in that narrow tunnel are going anywhere.
[21:37] <Melissa> +com+ Roger
[21:37] <Thierry> +Com+ Well, its hard for a unit when you graduate from Gomorran street punks to Black Talons. Pushes the learning curve
[21:38] <Savant> It's a messy, prolonged fight. The Corpserfs show a great deal of resolve and esprit de corps, making the Talons and Liberati expend as much ammunition as they can muster. No GREL, certainly, but they're mean. The MAAC and ROland together keep the northern band clear with impunity, and the southern fissure is quickly emptied.
[21:38] <Thierry> ::Opens up on the soldiers that are left after the grenade::
[21:39] <Savant> And then the corporates let off a little bit. They stop their wasteful advance, pull back to the entrances, hole themselves up, setting in for a more protracted battle.
[21:39] * Birkin has quit IRC (Quit: )
[21:40] <Ardelmos> +com+ Alright. I think they're having second thoughts. ::slams in his new clip::
[21:40] <Detro> +com+ I think we drove their expenses a bit too far in the red for their tastes.
[21:40] <Thierry> +Com+ Told you we'd break em up. We going after zem capitaine?
[21:40] <Gabriel> +com+ Negative. Hold one. Dekarch, what's the story outside? They calling for backup?
[21:40] <Melissa> +com+ They're not broken, Doctor. They're withdrawn and reassessing
[21:41] <Gabriel> ::turns around:: Kellerton, if you please, you might get your people ready to move.
[21:41] <Melissa> +com+ They're sending drones to the other tunnels
[21:41] <Thierry> +Com+ Doesn't matter which. Time is all we needed
[21:41] <Melissa> +com+ Along with other forces.
[21:42] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::nods vigorously and turns to Dorchester. He seems to have more respect amongst the Liberati,s o he's the one who gives them their orders::
[21:42] <Gabriel> +com+ Still from the west and south?
[21:42] <Melissa> +com+ The corps themselves are holding the tunnel entrance.. The other forces are moving to the other exits
[21:42] <Thierry> ::Fiddles with his comset to get the CEF frequency again::
[21:43] <Gabriel> +com+ Is the northeast entrance still secure? While last stands are very romantic, I'm not inclined to make this one of them.
[21:43] <Melissa> +com+ Sir, they're moving in on all the tunnels
[21:44] <Gabriel> +com+ Right. Time to pull back. Talons, leave the remaining equipment on automatic and prepare to pull out.
[21:44] <Detro> ::gestures for his Liberati buddies to join up with the rest of their group:: +com+ Roger that.
[21:44] <Melissa> +com+ Sir...they've just sent a signal straight up
[21:44] <Thierry> +Com+ Sir, they're shooting a signal straight up. I smell ArcLight
[21:44] <Mem> +com+ Aye. Let's move. ::closes up his laptop and slings the gun over his shoulder::
[21:44] <Gabriel> Detro, Thierry, Birkin, Craig, load the anti-missile systems into the Liberati trucks. We'll use them to cover our escape.
[21:44] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:45] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[21:45] <Mem> ::attn::
[21:45] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[21:45] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[21:45] <Detro> ::attn::
[21:45] <Melissa> ::attn::
[21:45] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[21:46] <Savant> there we have it! Nice and tidy. I liked it. Especially how you all came together to make your battle plan. Took awhile, but I like to see that.
[21:46] <Savant> Any questions?
[21:46] <Gabriel> None here.
[21:46] <Knight> :attn:
[21:46] <Ardelmos> ::counts off dead people on his fingertips:: Hrm? Oh, no, good sim.
[21:46] <Savant> heh, all I need for you to call it a good sim is a body ocunt Wink
[21:46] <Savant> count.
[21:47] <Ardelmos> Well, it doesn't hurt. Wink
[21:47] <Gabriel> LOL
[21:47] <Savant> Next week we will pick up with your disengagement. I suggest you think a bit about how you're going to pull it off
[21:47] <Savant> especially since they'll have Arclight watching.
[21:47] <Thierry> I do enjoy it when Thierry gets to practice some 7mm surgery Razz
[21:47] <Gabriel> I smell a Whipsnake launch.
[21:48] <Thierry> Skaggie time?
[21:48] <Gabriel> I was thinking more along the lines of hitting its sensors with a couple of dozen LRG rounds.
[21:48] <Savant> give it some thought, and make use of the forums
[21:48] <Thierry> That could work too Razz
[21:49] <Thierry> Do we have another skag?
[21:49] <Gabriel> We've got two, but I'm saving them to hit observation satellites, not Arclight stations.
[21:49] <Ardelmos> Nuke orbit from the site. It's the only way to be sure.
[21:49] <Gabriel> One Skag can't kill an Arclight station unless we use nukes again, and I'm disinclined to do that.
[21:49] <Savant> who wants some XP? I have some. Too many for me to keep by myself. I like to share.
[21:49] <Detro> XP, woo!
[21:49] <Gabriel> Yes, please. Smile
[21:49] <Ardelmos> Gimme gimme gimme gimme
[21:50] <Mem> Can I turn in my xp for nukes? Wink
[21:50] <Knight> >.<
[21:50] <Savant> one for the money. Two for the show. Three for teamwork. Show me some.
[21:50] <Ardelmos> "I don't understand how he caused the meltdown. There wasn't any radioactive material in that van!"
[21:50] <Thierry> Pairing off and taking a tunnel per group
[21:51] <Ardelmos> People working in tandem with both small arms, turrets, setting up tripwires, monitoring the outside, etcetera etcetera.
[21:51] <Detro> Heh. Trembles setting the southern infantry up, and Detro picking up the spare.
[21:51] <Knight> Tension diffusing smack talk amongst fire teams!
[21:51] <Detro> Detro asking for help when he futzed the radio links Wink
[21:51] <Thierry> Detro and Thierry actually h
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:51] <Thierry> Detro and Thierry actually had a report ::gasp::
[21:51] <Savant> i'm thinking of one thing in specific that i thought was great.
[21:52] <Thierry> And Thierry just casually hitting the on button
[21:52] <Savant> that buttons right by the AIM button
[21:52] <Thierry> Razz
[21:53] <Thierry> Roldand and Birkin mount sniping
[21:53] <Savant> heh, okay. i'll give you all that.
[21:53] <Gabriel> This is the first time BT05 and Liberati have fought side-by-side, both of us as combatants.
[21:54] <Ardelmos> Did any of the Liberati actually...y'know...shoot something? Wink
[21:54] <Savant> that's three. Four is for plot. Give me some plot points you made effort towards discovering.
[21:54] <Mem> Nope. We did it all remotely, pretty much. Wink
[21:54] <Detro> ::chuckle:: I was letting my guys stay out of the fight. Let 'em get used to the noise and shaking and violence first. Smile
[21:54] <Knight> This makes two sessions in a row Knight has been shot, crushed by G forces, or stepted on a mine.
[21:54] <Detro> We tried to ascertain the nature of forces being used against the Liberati
[21:54] <Knight> understanding a bit what the CEFs are doing with the different clans, ie the round up.
[21:54] <Detro> eg, who was fielding them
[21:54] <Ardelmos> We took the opportunity to bring the other Liberati clan in, scrambled their wires, and used Kellerten to get information about a major plot point involving the Jund.
[21:55] <Gabriel> Learned a relationship between the Van Saar and another clan, actually went out and met the Maribalds and didn't shoot them, tried to learn how the CEF is using the Liberati.
[21:55] <Savant> the Liberati probably fired some shots at thargets they could see. They didn't have fancy thermo-optics like you Wink
[21:55] <Thierry> Well, the keffs are getting cocky and sending green police units after the liberati
[21:56] * Knight is now known as CavScout
[21:56] <Savant> dohn't worry too much. Kicking an addiction at this stage isn't hard.
[21:56] <Savant> just don't get worse Wink
[21:56] <CavScout> lol
[21:56] <Savant> i'll give you the four. Five for being in a combat. Do you guys think this was a particularily dangerous combat?
[21:56] <Thierry> Oh I'm sure the doc will be all over that
[21:56] <Savant> how does the doc know he's addicted?
[21:56] <Ardelmos> Ehhhh....not really.
[21:57] <CavScout> doc caused it in the 1st place, I want a 2nd opinion
[21:57] <Ardelmos> There was a total of, like, two dodges? Not exactly in harms way. Wink
[21:57] <Gabriel> Nope, but that was mostly due to good planning. If those mounts had APGLs (and it sounded like a couple did), it could have gotten exciting.
[21:57] <Thierry> Nope, turkey shoot
[21:57] <Detro> ::agrees with Ross::
[21:57] <Savant> true. Still, you guys likely out-pointed these poor saps Wink
[21:57] <Savant> five points. Six if you can give me (a fun one) a line from the game, and how it exemplifies that characters' personality.
[21:58] <Thierry> Whaddya mean, Theirry outpointed that squad.
[21:58] <Thierry> Razz
[21:58] <Gabriel> Sorry Brad, but...
[21:58] <Gabriel> [21:43:57] <Mem> +com+ Hack them with what?
[21:58] <Savant> defensive works have threat point values.
[21:58] <Gabriel> ^-- That's Mem all over.
[21:58] <Detro> LOL
[21:58] <Gabriel> "Someone do my thinking for me? Please?"
[21:58] <Savant> ehee, I love Mem
[21:58] <CavScout> Birkin: I hate conserving ammo...
[21:58] <Mem> No.
[21:58] <Savant> hee, yup
[21:58] <Mem> I thought it was completely unrealistic that any hacking could be done.
[21:59] <Thierry> Hmmm...I really did like the report with Thierry and Detro. Ya know, Thierry answering detro by opening up.
[21:59] <Gabriel> Despite carrying the best and finest of 62nd century technology. Wink
[21:59] <Mem> I didn't exactly imagine everyone sitting there with fancy computers on.
[21:59] <Savant> i still think it's an awesome line. Can just hear him saying it. "Hack them with what?"
[21:59] <Mem> Carrying, yes, but not when we're about to make an exit from the caves after fighting what could have been a heated battle.
[21:59] <Gabriel> C'mon, man! Stop thinking Matthew Broderick and start thinking James Bond!
[21:59] <Thierry> Still had to love "The revolution will be televised" though. That
[21:59] <Detro> ::grins:: And here's Detro, the "n00b" of the team, who suggested it. Wink
[21:59] <Gabriel> Do it with your wrist-watch super-comp! Wink
[21:59] <Ardelmos> I think Roland is becoming...somewhat more unhinged than I had original evinsioned. That limerick thing was weird.
[21:59] <Mem> If I'd thought it was realistic in the least, I would've been the one doing it.
[22:00] <Detro> :Very Happy:
[22:00] <Savant> uhm, yeah. Roland is becoming a little bit wacko. I think that the descent into madness is a wonderful storyline, though
[22:00] <Savant> you should explore that Wink
[22:00] <Thierry> OH, BTW, If we have time, I want to check the evening news to see if they used any of that footage Smile
[22:00] <Mem> I've been wanting to use offensive IW and computers for a long time. This didn't seem like an appropriate place to do it.
[22:00] <Savant> i have an NPC in mind that you will really dig.
[22:00] <Mem> Especially on (minesweepers*
[22:00] <Savant> Mem, you can assume that you've got the equipment to do most of your basic tasks. No big bonuses like you'd get with your Gears, but you can do them. Feel free to ask at the very least.
[22:01] <Detro> <Detro> ::to Mem, after the battle:: See this thing? Much more useful than playing "Minesweepers" on. Maybe, say, hack stuff? ::Grin::
[22:01] <Gabriel> ::nods:: And take your Electronics skill out for a spin and build some toys.
[22:01] <Thierry> Anyone noticing that Thierry is developing a sense of humor?
[22:01] <Gabriel> You know the kinds of stuff we're gonna ask you to do.
[22:01] <Mem> I didn't even think he had his computer out. Nor a powerful enough transmitter.
[22:01] <Gabriel> If the stuff to do it isn't in the load-out, invent it.
[22:01] <Gabriel> So, start carrying this stuff, or build it.
[22:01] <Mem> He can do all of that, but when we were playing tonight, I had no reason to think that'd be appropriate.
[22:01] <Savant> anyone else want to put in a line? That's Knight, Gabriel, Roland, anyone else
[22:02] <Gabriel> ::shrugs:: I have a standard load-out. Everyone else should, too.
[22:02] <Detro> I'd suggest one of my own, but I'd be stroking my ego
[22:02] <Mem> So does Mem.
[22:02] <Thierry> All the ones I were thinking of were taken or mine Smile
[22:02] <Mem> He has his computer.
[22:02] <Savant> That was a valid enough assumption, Brad. I can see why you'd make it. But it's an option, I try to leave your options open most of the time
[22:02] <CavScout> it was good, detro stroke away
[22:02] <Mem> I didn't think it was realistic for it to be out during a firefight.
[22:02] <Savant> you can give your own quote and how it reflects your character, of course./
[22:02] <Gabriel> [21:36:42] <Knight> +com+ Give 'em credit, filming their ass kicking will help them when they do their AAR.... just to see what the hell went wrong.
[22:02] <Gabriel> ^-- I also liked that. Struck me as a very Knight thing to say.
[22:02] <Mem> Hold on a second, let me find a line.
[22:03] <CavScout> ;p
[22:03] <Gabriel> What? It's definitely how he thinks. Two steps ahead of the moment.
[22:03] <Gabriel> Fits his being a scout perfectly. Wink
[22:03] <Detro> I just thought that Detro's chats with the Liberati in front of him were character revealing. It's probably what he was like in his old unit.
[22:03] <Thierry> Well, I think there are several examples of Thierry finally lightening up. "The revolution will be televised." for example. I kinda like how he's coming around
[22:03] <Ardelmos> Except that's a stolen quote.
[22:04] <Thierry> <Thierry> +Com+ Well, its hard for a unit when you graduate from Gomorran street punks to Black Talons. Pushes the learning curve
[22:04] <Thierry> Another example
[22:04] <Savant> That's Knight, Gabriel, Roland, Detro, Theirry.
[22:05] <Savant> that all?
[22:05] <Mem> I can't find anything that hasn't already been said.
[22:05] <Detro> Same here.
[22:05] <Savant> well, take one that's already been said and point out why you think it's important
[22:05] <Mem> Tonight wasn't really a good night for memorable lines, imo.
[22:05] <Gabriel> ? I definitely disagree with you there.
[22:05] <Detro> You're just upset because since the Liberati were in space suits so you couldn't find a hot female Liberati to hit on Wink
[22:06] <Detro> I would have loved to see Mem spot one and go over to offer personal lessons in how to use her firearm properly. Smile
[22:06] <Thierry> I think both Knight and I were looking to hook up with the liberati medical staff Smile
[22:06] <CavScout> ;p
[22:07] <CavScout> Hell, I was already in bed.
[22:07] <Mem> The stuff Kellerton says is fun.
[22:07] <Gabriel> I think Gabriel said two things that were very Gabriel and had a very Gabriel non-verbal moment. Wink
[22:07] <Mem> But that's about it.
[22:07] <Savant> NPCs certainly count. Why do you like what KEllerton says?
[22:07] <Detro> Yeah, that laugh he did in the middle of the battle was certainly jarring.
[22:07] <Gabriel> ::grins:: But it's him. He hasn't had a fight yet where he hasn't found humor in it.
[22:07] <Mem> Because it's always very demonstrative. She's very transparent.
[22:08] <Mem> Wears her emotions on her sleeve.
[22:08] <Detro> ::nods:: Broadcasts them quite clearly.
[22:08] <Savant> i'm glad that's clear. She's very emotive, and wears her heart on her sleeve
[22:08] <Mem> And in contrast with the rest of the team, who is usually reserved (and trained to be)
[22:08] <Savant> very, very civillian
[22:08] <Detro> Eh, I wouldn't say that about Detro tonight.
[22:08] <Mem> She's definitely not special ops, but she fights right along side us. It's fun.
[22:09] <Savant> That's Knight, Gabriel, Roland, Detro, Theirry, Mem. That all
[22:09] <Savant> ?
[22:09] <Mem> <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::blinks a few times, until she gets it:: Oh! No no, it's okay! I don't like to fight! ::grins a crazy grin as she realizes what they're going to do::
[22:09] <Savant> i like the fact that she's saying that while the MAACs going off and people are exploding down the two tunnels Wink
[22:09] <Gabriel> Only one still here is Vampyre.
[22:10] <Savant> not sure if he's paying attention right now
[22:10] <LrdVampyre> i can't think of anything at the moment
[22:10] <Savant> that's okay. Let me know if you do.
[22:10] <Thierry> Night guys.
[22:10] <Detro> I like how Mel feels the loss of each drone.
[22:10] * Thierry has quit IRC (Quit: )
[22:10] <Savant> So there you have it. Five for all, an extra one for those listed. Knight, Gabriel, Roland, Detro, Thierry, Mem.
[22:11] <Savant> well done! GG
[22:11] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:03] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:03] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:03] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Dissent in Session'
[18:03] * Jester has joined #bt05
[18:03] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jester
[18:03] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:03] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:04] <Detro> Attention? Why? I'm just your Average Everyday Liberati Miner in a Miner Hardsuit...
[18:04] <Fraser> ::attn::
[18:04] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:04] <Knight> ::att:
[18:04] <Detro> ::Attn::
[18:04] <Craig> ::attn:;
[18:04] <Savant> good evening once again and welcome to the Black Talons! I seem to have set you up with a dilly of a pickle. But before that, a few things.
[18:05] <Savant> one: some of you may have seen on the Forums a new thing called a "mandatory" Log Project. These are described more fully in the announcement itself.
[18:06] <Savant> i'd like to see this assignment done by September 6th. That's two weeks.
[18:06] <Savant> I'm happy to entertain questions regarding what you know of the situation, can help with NPCs, etc.
[18:06] <Savant> Any questions regarding these?
[18:07] <Savant> seems no.
[18:07] <Savant> SEcond thing is more of a suggestion. Instead of me putting the game on pseudo-hiatus during my training, it's been suggested I move the game to another day. I can do this, in which case it would be either wednsday or thursday.
[18:07] <Savant> any violent reaction to this, either good or bad?
[18:07] <Detro> Uh, I thought Thursdays were out
[18:07] <Gabriel> ::grins:: Thursday?
[18:07] <Savant> whoops
[18:07] <Savant> tuesday
[18:08] <Detro> I thought your classes were Tuesdays too
[18:08] <Savant> er, wait. Wednsday it has to be. Tuesday is the couse as well
[18:08] <Savant> there you go Wink
[18:08] <Savant> any thoughts on this?
[18:08] <Detro> ::shrugs:: I'm okay with Wednesdays...
[18:08] <Gabriel> I'm for it.
[18:08] <Ardelmos> So long as we're back to Thursdays by the time LOST comes back, I don't see an immediate problem.
[18:08] <Detro> I'll just have to torrent Mythbusters for a few weeks.
[18:08] <Craig> i could do wednesdays
[18:08] <Savant> it'll be for seven weeks, starting on the week of September 18
[18:09] <Savant> i'll put a poll up on the forums. I'll want more than a simple majority to do this.
[18:10] <Savant> anyways. Let's get on with it.
[18:10] <Savant> Dissent
[18:10] <Savant> 38 Autumn TN, 1200h - Morning
[18:10] <Savant> Sigma Depression, Caprice
[18:10] <Savant> -85 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity, 150 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:10] <Savant> The Talons have made it to the surface of Caprice, and have lucked out - sort of. In their descent the Fury spotted a harried Liberati caravan, which turned out to be the Van Saars themselves.
[18:10] <Savant> A rearguard has made itself busy trying to fight off the Earthers in a desperate delaying tactic while the bulk of the clan make it to safter ground deeper in the lowlands of the Sigma Depression.
[18:10] <Savant> After having fended off the initial thrust of the CEF, the Talons have contacted the Van Saars and agreed to help them cover their family's retreat. The rearguard has holed up in a stretch of half-colapsed lava tubes as they prepare for the CEF's eventual reply.
[18:10] <Savant> By all estimations, the rearguard has paid off - the Van Saar ought to be in safe teritory by now. However, that still leaves one problem - getting out...
[18:10] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:10] <Detro> ack
[18:10] <Gabriel> ack
[18:10] <Knight> ack'ed
[18:11] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:11] <Savant> any of you will have seen the map by now - though some of you have disconnected.
[18:11] <Ardelmos> Mine hasn't passed 'Loading'
[18:11] <Savant> you'll be starting in the red box. please distribute your defenses, hidden caches, etc, across the map now.
[18:11] <Detro> It's a big map. Patience.
[18:11] <Savant> strange
[18:12] <Gabriel> The map took a good 30 seconds to load on my very fast connection, with only me and Farrell downloading it.
[18:12] <Savant> the dark spots are tunnel entrances.
[18:12] <Knight> I had to close map tool and restart to reconnect
[18:12] <Ardelmos> Yeah, it was loading for like 5 minutes...
[18:12] <Gabriel> Do we have any clue where the six or seven ones south of us go?
[18:12] <Savant> i'll draw them in with a pen tool
[18:13] <Gabriel> And the arrows go where?
[18:13] <Knight> what are the lines?
[18:14] <Savant> the arrows continue on long enough that you don't know.
[18:14] <Savant> the x is a dead end.
[18:14] <Gabriel> How wide are the two tunnels with arrows?
[18:14] <Savant> similar to the ones you were in last week
[18:14] * BradAFK is now known as Mem
[18:15] <Gabriel> Hate to do this to you, then, but that's our play. Two Spiders and three Reubenis to the hole immediately SW of us, unless someone has some other idea.
[18:15] <Detro> That's gonna be a lot of back shots...
[18:15] <Craig> if we had to, we could break for the tunnel SW going through the hill, that would get us out of LOS from most of them
[18:16] <Savant> i figured you might Wink though do keep in mind that you don't know if there's an *exit* Wink
[18:16] <Detro> I think he meant the SW, not the WSW.
[18:16] <Gabriel> There's definitely no exit going SE. We'll get corralled by those two gunships and then ended by Arclight, or penned in long enough to get plastered by artillery.
[18:16] <Detro> So no breaking east, then south?
[18:17] <Gabriel> East to where?
[18:17] <Savant> draw on the map if you need to, guys
[18:18] <Savant> though, i'm about to shut it down here.
[18:18] <Gabriel> We'll get chopped all to hell climbing that hill. Remember, CEF likes laser weapons, which means that the Caprician mounts probably do, too.
[18:18] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Hug the south side of the crafter immediately NE, over into the little one to the right of it... up over the hill as fast as we can, then back down turning south. Follow the ridgeline down.
[18:18] <Ardelmos> The mounts that came down the tunnels didn't have lasers.
[18:18] <Detro> ::nods in agreement with ROland::
[18:18] <Savant> they're using light autocannons, so far as you've seen in the caves, Jester.
[18:18] <Gabriel> What are the mounts armed with?
[18:19] <Savant> closing maptool. Reopening in a moment.
[18:19] <Savant> LACs, APGLs, grenades, vibroknives
[18:19] <Gabriel> ::nods:: I'm just worried about two or three mounts getting close enough to set up MAPs for three artillery shots, or one artillery shot and a gunship shot or two, or one artillery shot and an Arclight shot.
[18:20] <Savant> maptool is open again
[18:20] <Gabriel> We have no armor in the Spiders, and less in the trikes.
[18:20] <Detro> Blue route.
[18:21] <Detro> The worst part's the top of the first hill, and the middle of the map.
[18:21] <Gabriel> Yeah, I got what you were saying. I think a half dozen mounts will do green route.
[18:21] <Gabriel> And be in medium range with their LACs, and a minute or so later, game over.
[18:21] <Detro> ::nods:: Could do the green route ourselves, just hug that south crater really quicl and make good time.
[18:21] <Knight> should likely have seveal groups, force the arty to spread its fire out and give more targets to arclight
[18:22] <Detro> What's the SW path you propose?
[18:22] <Gabriel> Yellow.
[18:23] <Detro> Risky, if it turns out to be a dead end. Worse, if you have to slow down at any point since you don't know the tunnel ahead...
[18:24] <Gabriel> It isn't the mounts I'm worried about, other than their sheer numbers. The sheer numbers allow them to cover every part of the map. Once we pop out in our Spiders, we're not Liberati. At that point, they're gonna throw everything they've got at us. So, like I said, wherever we go on the map, there will be three or four mounts at extreme LAC range. And that's all they need to build up MAPs.
[18:25] <Detro> ::snort:: NOW I want the Blitz rules in effect. ::smirk::
[18:25] <Knight> whats that in red circle? a tunnel through a hill?
[18:25] <Gabriel> Yeah.
[18:25] <Savant> yes, Knight
[18:26] <Knight> would be some cover from direct/indirect fire
[18:26] <Gabriel> Only for one round.
[18:26] <Detro> And slows us down by taking us diagonal.
[18:26] <Gabriel> Then there'd be one squad east and one squad west of it.
[18:26] * Luke has joined #bt05
[18:27] * Savant sets mode: +o Luke
[18:27] <Detro> Well, if we're in spiders, who is on guns and who is driving?
[18:33] <Detro> Pilot/Ground 2/2/+2.
[18:33] <Craig> same here
[18:33] <Gabriel> You two are elected. Birkin on one gun, Roland on the other.
[18:33] <Ardelmos> Roland now has Gear/Gunnery 4, btw
[18:34] <Gabriel> ::nods:: -2 or -2 dice to use it as Gunnery/Ground.
[18:34] <Ardelmos> ::nods:: -2 dice is the better option, I think.
[18:36] <Gabriel> You can split it up. -1 dice, -1 penalty.
[18:36] <Gabriel> That'd give you 3+2, which is highly decent.
[18:37] <Ardelmos> True
[18:38] <Savant> any questions before we start?
[18:38] <Savant> the bungalow and mule tokens on the map are open to all players. Move them as you desire
[18:38] <Savant> within reason obviously Wink
[18:41] <Savant> everyone ready to go?
[18:42] <Detro> ::puts on his galoshes::
[18:42] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:42] <Savant> The fighting ceases, and the Corporates pull back behind their embankment. There's quiet, but the cameras that the Talons have set up can still detect movement.
[18:44] <Savant> Two ultralight gunships swoop gracefully out form the yawning bays of the dropships, immediately gaining altitude until they act as sky-cameras, watching the tunnels.
[18:44] <Ardelmos> ::quickly pops up off of the ground and slings his rifle over his shoulder, jogging over towards Tynes:: We've got about three minutes before they either bring this thing down around us or swarm in.
[18:44] <Knight> ::checking ammo:: What ever we're going to do, let's do it fast.
[18:45] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ [H] You okay in there? We're hot if you need us...
[18:45] <Gabriel> +com+ Negative, Pathfinder, stay out of this. We're under the eye of Arclight and I don't want you shot down or fighters launched on you.
[18:45] <Savant> Three large spidery walkers stumble up through the crags of the hill, their pointed toes crushing rock beneath them. Once they've found crests with ample cover they squat down, swivelling massive fieldguns skyward.
[18:46] <Detro> ::glancing at the tacfeed:: Yeah, things are going to get humid here in a second...
[18:46] <Gabriel> Everyone into the Spiders. ::calls out the particulars:: The Liberati maps show a cave a little over a click to the southwest. We'll enter it and hope for the best. We can't fight their air superiority or their artillery.
[18:46] <Savant> Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ [H] Gotcha.
[18:46] <Knight> ::moves to Spider 2::
[18:46] <Craig> ::double checks the instruments in spider two, making sure everything's ready::
[18:47] <Mem> ::climbs into Spider Two and straps himself in::
[18:47] <Gabriel> ::turns to Kellerton:: Get your people to their vehicles, the more the merrier. Craig, Detro, you're driving. Protect the mule, stay on its north side until it enters the tunnel.
[18:47] <Detro> +com+ Understood. ::hefts the grenade launcher to one shoulder -- barely -- and hoofs it to Spider One::
[18:47] <Ardelmos> ::grunts and mutters to himself as he jobs over to Spider two and swings into the gunnery seat:: Lovely. Hope they don't notice the Terra Novan APCs scurrying about. Nothing to see here, vatfreaks.
[18:48] <Knight> ::climbs up on spider 2:: We'll... guess it will do as a coffin... ::climbs in::
[18:48] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::nods her head and turns to the others, waving them to the vehicles as if she were encouraging everyone out for a race::
[18:48] <Gabriel> They're gonna see, but only for a few seconds. ::throws the last of the equipment into the back of Spider One, then points at three Liberati:: You, you, and you. With us. You, you, and you, follow him. ::points at Roland::
[18:49] <Mem> ::makes sure everyone's in:: Lock and load. +com+ Spider Two ready.
[18:49] <Detro> ::undogs the hatch and quickly stows the GL, then pops into the driver's seat. No time for the niceties, he gets the engines going and impatiently waits for everyone to board::
[18:49] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> :: as he's getting into the Mule:: +com+ [H] Where are we going!
[18:49] <Ardelmos> ::glances over at Craig, then at the Spider's controls:: You sure you remember how to drive that thing? ::flips on the targeting computers and watches as the external sensors boot up::
[18:49] <Gabriel> ::gets aboard Spider One:: +com+ Tunnel to the southwest, a little over a kilometer. Know where it goes?
[18:49] <Knight> ::straps in:: Are we there yet?
[18:50] <Detro> ::guns the engine once everyone's onboard and pulls up alongside the Mule, in position on its north side as ordered::
[18:50] <Savant> The Liberati and Talons pile into their trucks and APCs, while outside, clusters of infantry scramble closer down the hills, with binoculars and target desginators and other effects
[18:50] <Gabriel> ::has a seat at the HCC terminal in the Spider so he can try to direct the battle:: Let's move!
[18:50] <Mem> ::gets the three Liberati strapped in, then slams his hand on the back of Craig's chair:: Go.
[18:51] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ [H] Just southwest, at least a few klicks! There's a fault about twenty klicks that way, but I don't know if's closed the lava tube!
[18:51] <Detro> ::hits the gas, keeping the Spider alongside the somewhat slower Mule::
[18:51] <Craig> ::looks back to roland:: like riding a bike ::shifts into gear and brings the spider up to the mouth of the tunnel::
[18:51] <Gabriel> ::switches to Highlands and mutters:: +com+ [H] Then I hope you're as good a miner as I hope...
[18:52] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Dorchester's grumble is heard over the radio, but the Mule flares to life and the Bungalows a moment later.::
[18:52] <Ardelmos> ::mutters:: Bikes are fucking unstable ::flicks a switch and pulls down the 'periscope' from the cabin roof, swiveling it northwards::
[18:53] <Mem> ::over his shoulder to Roland:: Takes one to know one.
[18:53] <Mem> ::brings up the electronics just in case, and holds on as the chase begins::
[18:54] <Detro> ::aloud:: Everyone better strap in. This is probably going to be one bumpy ride.
[18:54] <Craig> ::grins at mem as he pulls up and stops to wait for the command to scramble::
[18:54] <Gabriel> Move it!
[18:55] <Detro> ::goes roaring out of the tunnel::
[18:55] <Gabriel> +com+ Spiders, give me some razzle-dazzle to cover the Liberati. Throw up some dirt. Gunners, up to 50 rounds each from your LACs if you see targets you like. Plow the road.
[18:55] <Craig> ::grips the gear shift and steps on the gas, shifting at the same time:: here goes!
[18:55] <Savant> The Talon's Sand Spiders scream out from the tunnell, kicking up rocks and rubble and a huge cloud of dust behind them. The Liberati aren't quite as speedy with their boxes-on-wheels, but they're struggling to keep up with the more aggressive Spiders.
[18:55] <Knight> ::slams into seat:: Good god... We back on the Fury?
[18:56] <Ardelmos> Rock and roll...::unflicks the safety and peers through the scope::
[18:57] <Savant> Outside, the situation is turning ugly quickly. The spout of dust from the Sand Spiders' fat tires draw the eyes of the gunships magnetically, and the two craft start to bob downwards in a deep swoop
[18:58] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::doesn't have much hope of hitting anything, but cheerfully tries to keep the corp's heads down::
[18:59] <Ardelmos> +com+ Gunships overhead. Out of Range for cannon; in range for missiles.
[19:00] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::hears Roland's call, spins up the target designator, and tries for a lock-on::
[19:00] <Craig> ::makes several sharp high speed banks as he plows ahead yet trying to keep pace with the rest of the group::
[19:00] <Detro> ::hauls the wheel over hard several times, throwing up rooster's tails of dirt from the rear wheels as they struggle for traction in the grit::
[19:00] <Savant> Birkin's shots spall and shatter in through the crimson and russet rocks of the Sigma Depression, pushing the infantry there deeper into their cover
[19:01] <Detro> ::hopes the enemy out there enjoys the surprise arrival of the Talons... muttering under his breath something about victory gained by surprise::
[19:01] <Gabriel> Birkin> +com+ Damn, missed 'im. Slow down a little, Detro.
[19:02] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::locks onto the designator arcing up from Spider one onto the gunship, but the laser goes wide -- he instead drops his aim down onto the same targets Birkin just raked:: No Tone. ::spits out lead from the LAAC::
[19:02] <Detro> ::doesn't respond... he's convinced Tynes's order at this point and their safety override the need to actually hit anything at the moment::
[19:03] <Savant> AS it comes blitzing out of the tunnel, the little Reubeni trike turns its guns onto the infantry as well, kicking off a spray of shots that break rock and send showers of dust and fragments into the impassive artillery walkers.
[19:04] <Detro> ::hauls the steering over north hard, the suspension groaning under the stress... Craig matches his maneuver, leaving both Spiders facing the enemy head on::
[19:05] <Detro> You want to shoot at them Birkin... there they are. ::eyes the combat group in front of them, about to reverse his turn::
[19:06] <Savant> Rolands' shots scatter across the rocks an dodnw into the valley beside, catching the advancing Mounts unprepared. One falls clean over, thrashing as the pilot loses all video feed.
[19:08] <Ardelmos> ::blinks slightly at the result of his fire, the hit mount thrashing about after his shots break off almost every stray piece of metal on the vehicle:: +com+ Soooo....all those mounts can't see without their sensors, Captain.
[19:08] <Gabriel> +com+ Can't eject the sensor cluster? That's interesting. You'd think the CEF would have passed that design detail on.
[19:10] <Savant> The Corporates begin to advance - clearly these are not the pushovers that the CEF told them they would be. Still, these Trenchers are stubborn and don't back down from a fight. The Mounts press on an advance southwards, and the infantry fan out along the ridge as the Liberati retreat with their escort.
[19:14] * Mem is now known as BradAFK
[19:14] <Savant> Shots rattle down from the mounts - their weapons are big for Caprician standards, but pitifully small to the jaded Terranovans. Autocannon rounds splash in the dust around the fleeing Sand Spiders.
[19:15] <Craig> ::continues spinning the tires around as the return fire comes::
[19:15] <Ardelmos> Well, at least we have their attention... ::tries to pick out the mounts which seem to have the most skill with their weaponry, but chances are the MOABs are what the real threat is::
[19:15] <Savant> The Reubeni fares about as well, but rounds slam into one of the Bungalows, nearly knocking it over. There's some screaming over the radio, indistinct in a static haze.
[19:17] <Detro> ::grins as the Spider emerges unscathed through its turn -- he must have judged the timing just right::
[19:18] <Savant> Infantry rattle off shots with their assault rifles, until their commanders tell them to stop - too far, and a waste of ammunition. Men on the ridge, however, take up different rifles, smaller and slimmer. The Spiders' computers beep warnings at them of laser target locks.
[19:18] <Gabriel> +com+ Spiders, slow down a little. Let the Liberati pass us, then we'll cover their backs. Gunners, this will be your one shot to do some real damage. Take advantage, and clear the area around the entrance.
[19:18] <Detro> Brace for it!
[19:18] <Craig> +com+ i'm reading target designators locking onto us, we're gonna have to get to cover soon!
[19:19] <Ardelmos> Don't let'm lock!
[19:21] <Detro> ::didn't have time to shout about the TD lock, and mid-turn, couldn't do much to avoid it, though he tries::
[19:21] <Knight> ::slams about in his straps:: Argh...
[19:21] <Savant> The swoop of the two gunships level off, and they come roaring past overhead through the thin Caprician air. Streaks of smoky black and hot-orange flare out form under stubby missile wings as they begin to swing upwards, swiveling around for a second pass again::
[19:21] <Craig> ::takes a breath as the computer shows no lock::
[19:21] <Savant> SpiderOne> BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEE- - - Lock lost.
[19:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Gunships inbound, swinging around to the 270...
[19:24] <Detro> +com+ Can't fool around here much longer at this rate...
[19:25] <Gabriel> +com+ Slow down a little, let the Liberati pass us and we'll try to cut the odds a little. Gunners, concentrate on the mounts. The gunship can't follow us into the cave.
[19:26] <Savant> The gunships' missiles leave new craters in the Caprician regolith, sending up an enormous dust cloud. Laser markerlights flicker through the haze like searchlights.
[19:28] <Detro> ::spares a glance at the nav data, the Liberati vehicles heading for the next tunnel::
[19:30] <Craig> ::prepares to downshift as he nears the entrance to the tunnel::
[19:30] <Gabriel> Melissa> ::harrasses the nearest soldiers with APGL fire from the Wasps before moving them toward the cave entrance to keep watch::
[19:30] <Savant> The Liberati bounce against the tunnel walls and each other, two of them nearly spilling over entirely in their mad dash for the safety of the cavern. They all make it in, however, leaving only a dissapating plume of dust behind them.
[19:31] <Detro> ::downshifts coming out of the turn, shortening the turn radius and hopefully throwing off new attacks::
[19:32] <Savant> The infantry keep down, some throwing themselves to the ground as the drones attack - but they keep advancing through the rocks
[19:33] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::opens up on the nearest mounts... and, not being able to resist, the nearest gunship as well::
[19:34] <Gabriel> +com+ Keep the pressure on!
[19:34] <Ardelmos> ::not wanting to feel left out, depresses the trigger on the LAAC and opens up with an extended, barrel-heating burst from his own weapon -- his rounds track through the same targets as Birkin's, stitching the area with puffs of imacts::
[19:35] <Detro> ::slides neatly through another turn and slowing down a bit, plunges into the tunnel::
[19:38] <Detro> ::grins as they get back under cover:: There was a BRIEF time in my youth, I thought about being a taxi driver...
[19:39] <Savant> The Mounts get closer to the Talons, and the overwhelming difference between Caprician and Terranovan military soon becomes apparent. While the pilots of the little walkers are likely alive (their cockpits are nearly indestructable) the vehicles themselves are shredded under the barrage of autocannon rounds.
[19:41] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::attempts to lock up the MOAB for a missile shot::
[19:41] <Ardelmos> ::grins fiercely as the mounts come apart in a mass of metal and flesh:: Come on in, pendejos! Join the party! It's a killer.
[19:41] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::releases a missile when he hears it growling on the console::
[19:41] <Gabriel> LOL
[19:41] <Gabriel> <<oops>>
[19:43] <Savant> Spider Two sends a squat, stubby can into the air from its missile turret. The football shaped thing stretches as it flies, little winglets popping out from behind it as if sprouting petals. The camera's eye view trails the projectile past infantrymen like ants, screaming down, down, down, the MOAB getting closer and closer, until it disappears in a flash of white.
[19:43] <Gabriel> +com+ Whoo! Nice shooting, gunners! Drivers, take us in.
[19:43] <Savant> (spider One)
[19:45] <Ardelmos> ::spins the LAAC sideways and opens fire again, raking what remaining combat mounts are within his range, the gattling weapon spinning furiously as it ejects its casings::
[19:51] <Savant> Rolands shots spray out of the pit as the Spider scrambles down into it. The shells slam into combat mounts and the Gunships. They're keeping formation, but that Gunship begins to gyrate to one side wildly, slipping left and backwards in an out-of-control fall from the sky.
[19:53] <Savant> The Talons and their allies speed down the incline, and it doesn't seem like the Corporates are very keen on pursuit right now. There are no searchlights illuminating the entrance as you dash from it at top speed.
[19:54] <Knight> ::slams about:: May want to check the shock absorbers later!
[19:54] <Gabriel> Slow it down, Detro, and let's have some light. Let's see what our new home looks like before we crash into the walls of it.
[19:55] <Detro> ::nods, easing off the gas and flicking on the headlamps... the rear lights of the vehicle ahead of him are visible too::
[19:55] <Detro> ::spots some of the damage on that vehicle:: Any word from the people in that bungalow?
[19:56] <Craig> ::glances back:: what shock absorbers? ::chuckles as he keeps the spider as steady as possible while bounding down into the tunnel::
[19:56] <Savant> The Gunship contiues its speeding descent in the sky - it seems as if the gunner's grabbed control of the stick, but too late. The thing has just enough time to spin around to face its' doom head on as it smashes into the ground, bouncing against the stubborn rock.
[19:57] <Savant> That's enough to flip it about, crashing spine first into the artillery Moab, that tumbles along with it in a spiny mess of articulated legs, rotors, cockpits, engines, and rocket fuel.
[19:57] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] Bungalow 2. How bad is it?
[19:58] <Savant> A jagged spire ends the tumble abruptly, and dramatically - a spout of fire rips into the black Caprician skies, shrapnel and debris showering the infantry and last surviving artillery piece, scouring sensors off of hulls and pinning men beneath burning wreckage.
[19:58] <Craig> ::slows up some as he sees the others ahead doing the same::
[19:58] <Savant> (pockets the genre points)
[19:58] <Ardelmos> ::blinks into the periscope, leans back slightly to look at the other displays, then looks back into the targetting sensor, giggling somewhat disturbingly::
[20:00] <Savant> Liberati> ::Frantic:: +com+ [H] Sandelle and Mariska! They're - we don't know! The doctor's with them, thank goodness!
[20:01] <Ardelmos> ::his giggle trails off into a series of chuckles before he leans back and slaps the targetting controls up against the periscope display, returning it into the rook of the cabin:: Well, that was fun. Hope the poor bastards had the time to appreciate the beauty of their own demise.
[20:02] <Savant> The tunnels are strangely smooth and slick, glittering with crystals of quartz, muscovite, feldspar, biotite, pewter-fresh hematite. The tunnel stretches on well past the end of the headlights, and sensors, as the trucks delve deeper and deeper.
[20:02] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] Hang in there. [Anglic] Spider Two, slow it down, and find a place to watch the entrance. [H] Dorchester, if you wouldn't mind taking the mule to the front with us and scouting for an exit..
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::to Detro:: Let's get to the front of the pack and take guard.
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::looks at the screens:: This place is something.
[20:02] <Detro> ::to Tynes:: You want the Mule in front of us or behind us?
[20:03] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ [H] of course. I've got the geonav on.
[20:03] <Gabriel> In front of us -- they've got the sensors. But stay right with them.
[20:03] <Detro> ::nods, then picks a spot where the tunnel is wide enough that they can squeeze past the vehicles in front of them... it doesn't take too long to catch up to the slower moving Mule, passing by the geological wonders of this tunnel::
[20:03] <Gabriel> Melissa> ::guides the Wasps just inside the cave, also keeping watch::
[20:04] <Savant> Minutes tick by with tension - no deep vibrations, no lights flickering behind you. Eventually the tunnel levels off, and you can see striations in the tunnel walls, though they're still smooth.
[20:04] <Craig> +com+ aye sir ::slows up some more and looks for a decent lookout::
[20:06] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Absently over the radio:: +com+ [H] We should come back this way later. Lots of sphalerite.
[20:06] <Gabriel> ::takes off his headset and looks at it, sure that Kellerton didn't mean to say what he thought he heard her say, given that in Indo-Arabic, that term was quite biological::
[20:07] <Gabriel> ::puts his headset back on::
[20:07] <Detro> ::glances at the sides of the tunnel:: These smooth tunnels aren't what I'd think of when thinking of caves. Shouldn't there be some sort of stuff hanging down off the ceilings and poking up from the floor like spikes?
[20:08] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::After moments of scanning:: +com+ [H] It looks like the lava flow split up into two streams around a big hematite node up ahead. Staight south or southeast.
[20:08] <Gabriel> +com+ That big cut, the one 20 kilometers off. Which way?
[20:10] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ ::switches to Anglic:: If we go south, and oth the tube and the fracture don't change course, then we should avoid it.
[20:10] <Knight> ..
[20:11] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::a pause:: Captain, if we come out twenty klicks off from Pathfinder's position, how're we going to contact'm?
[20:11] <Craig> +com+ looks like the CEF are bringing in some drones
[20:11] <Detro> +com+ Don't suppose we could piggyback a signal through those drones.
[20:12] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Spider Two. Recover the Wasps and join us up here. And that's step 10. Right now, I'm worried about step two. Southeast, for now.
[20:12] <Detro> ::still glances around every now and then... for what he'd expected of a cave, it's certainly pretty::
[20:14] * Mike145 has joined #bt05
[20:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Mike145
[20:14] <Savant> Dorchester acknowledges and the caravan heads southeast. The Liberati caravans pull closer together, extending cloth airlocks between their fronts and backs to form something of a land-train, and allowing them passage between easily.
[20:14] * Mike145 is now known as Thierry
[20:14] <Knight> +com+ Not much company, we got some mappin' drones and a few octopi backin' 'em up. Some possible light armor movement. They look really interested in the place.
[20:15] <Craig> +com+ roger that ::sets up to bring the wasps in before turning around and heading further into the tunnel::
[20:15] <Gabriel> ::leans back, closes his eyes, rubbing them for a bit, then chants quietly:: Nathani, guide us to the Prophet, and to wisdom. Guide us to peace, and home. Guide us to truth. And most of all, guide us out of this underground and let me see the Prophet's light.
[20:16] <Savant> The radio chatter grows quiet as the trucks are put on automatic, and everyone but a few piles into the damaged Bungalow, to tend their wounded or mourn their dead.
[20:16] <Detro> ::smiles:: Once you get used to it, this place is kinda nice. Needs a big Buddha statue though.
[20:16] <Gabriel> ::leans back forward and opens his eyes, resetting:: +com+ Very well, Private, thank you. Keep an eye out back there.
[20:17] <Savant> Glittering minerals scroll past, flashing pewter and olive and tan and rust in the bright headlamps. Unklike the surface, there's little dust down here, and little sign of any activity whatsoever. It could be that no human has ever travelled this length before.
[20:18] <Ardelmos> ::sets a warning on the sensor display for any anomalous readings and reaches back behind him to grab his rifle, checking it to make sure there wasn't any dangerous pieces of dirt or grit he had picked up while firing within the caverns during the initial defense::
[20:18] <Savant> Time passes - fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, more.
[20:19] <Thierry> ::Looks to Gabe:: Amen to that sir.
[20:19] <Detro> ::spares a glance over his shoulder, to the Liberati riding with them... given the mythos some Liberati pin on the Talons, this has got to be quite the adventure for them::
[20:20] <Gabriel> ::leans forward:: Detro, what's our distance covered so far?
[20:20] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Sounding hollow and small, with only the sound of an engine running behind her - there's no one else in that Bungalow:: +com+ [H] Sandelle and Mariska are dead. Mauris has a broken leg and he was hit with some shrapnel. Everyone else is okay.
[20:20] <Craig> ::catches up with the rest of the convoy::
[20:20] <Detro> ::checks the digital odometer on the readouts::
[20:21] <Savant> Save the lead Spider, all that any of the drivers can see is the back end of another truck in front of them. You're making good time.
[20:21] <Detro> Just a bit over 20 kilometers, sir.
[20:22] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] Thank you for telling me, Kellerton. I'm sorry for your losses.
[20:23] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::awkwardly:: +com+ Thought you'd want to know.
[20:23] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::clears his throat:: +com+ I see the slip ahead. It's collapsed in. We'll have to dig out.
[20:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Spiders, back of the formation, deploy the Wasps, watch for drones. [H] Dorchester, we'll cover you.
[20:24] <Ardelmos> +com+ How long?
[20:24] <Thierry> ::Sits somewhat nervously in his seat watching the sensors::
[20:24] <Detro> ::pulls off to the side and stops... then reverses back along the caravan to the rear of it::
[20:25] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ [H] Make room for a slag pile. [A] It's not deep. Looks loose too. Ten minutes.
[20:25] <Craig> ::pulls the spider around again::+com+ sending the wasps out
[20:25] <Detro> ::over his shoulder to Tynes:: Do we have anything to set up a surprise, or maybe block the way behind us?
[20:25] <Gabriel> ::waits for the Spider to stop, checks that everyone's mining suit seals are still in place, then opens the door and dismounts::
[20:26] <Thierry> Sir, you think Kellerton needs help with her wounded?
[20:26] <Gabriel> +com+ Not for 10 minutes, but if it goes longer, more or less what I had in mind, yes. ::turns to Thierry and nods:: +com+ Go see what you can do for Mauris.
[20:27] <Savant> There's not a lot of room in the tunnel now - just enough room for the vehicles to pile up on the side, askew on the inclined tunnel edge. There's enough room to walk through, and the squat Spiders can just squeeze down past the row of Bungalows.
[20:27] <Thierry> ::Nods and grabs his gear and heads for Kellerton's vehicle::
[20:27] <Detro> ::lets the Liberati in Spider One out before him, so they can go help up front::
[20:28] <Ardelmos> ::opens his own door and jumps down out of Spider Two with his rifle, going to ground beside the wheels and flipping his tripod down again, aiming back the way they came::
[20:28] <Savant> The Liberati in the spiders get out and head over to the row of trucks, hopping into a cloth airlock two by two and disappearing. Thierry is among them.
[20:28] <Gabriel> ::pulls the LMG out of Spider One and goes to look for a sheltered place to set it up::
[20:29] <Detro> ::stands in the hatch of Spider 1, glancing around them... with no orders in specific, he could either grab the grenade launcher and stay on foot, or be ready at the wheel in case they need to get mobile again::
[20:30] <Thierry> ::Looks around the truck:: [H] Who's hurt, where's Mauris
[20:30] <Knight> ::unbuckles and dismounts spider::
[20:31] <Savant> Theirry enters the Liberati trucks, and immediately is in a different world. It's cramped but homey, like four tiny box-apartments strung one after the other betwen cloth pedways. All of the Liberati are at the back.
[20:31] <Savant> Several of the men and women in the back look up at Thierry as he enters and run over, grabbing him by the arms. They're talking a mile a minute in their high speed, sing-song Highlands accents, dragging him to the rear car.
[20:32] <Savant> Meanwhile, the Mule extends its shovel and begins to dig away at the cloying dust and expanse of rubble that clogs the tunnel.
[20:33] <Detro> ::hrms... if they're sending drones down the tunnel, the grenade launcher likely won't do much good... never mind the issue of what a blast in the wrong spot might do down here... he moves back into Spider 1, to the wheel, and keeps his eyes on the sensors instead::
[20:33] <Thierry> ::Allows himself to be brought towards the rear, assuming that's where the wounded man was. Of course, his Highland language skills weren't great::
[20:33] <Ardelmos> ::sniffs within his mining helmet, refraining from the urge to look behind him to check the progress of the digging:: +com+ Somebody stay in a spider and watch the sensors; they'll pick up anyone coming down here before we can see'm.
[20:34] <Detro> +com+ Already on that.
[20:34] <Savant> The beds are layed out in this last car, which has seen better days. Heavy cloth patches are on the walls where the autocannon rounds ripped through, and everything is shattered and spread about. Two bodies are on the beds, covers draped over them. A Third is layed out, hissing and wincing as the doctor works on a torn-up leg.
[20:35] <Detro> +com+ So far, clear scope.
[20:35] <Thierry> ::Looks to the Liberati Doctor:: [H] Need a hand?
[20:36] <Savant> Doctor> ::glances over his shoulder as Thierry approaches:: [H] Raven! Yes, of course. Do you have any painkillers? We ran out recovering form the first Keff attack.
[20:37] <Thierry> ::Digs around in the rucksack he'd brought from pathfinder and pulls out a case of needles containing the painkillers he'd made for Aggie:: [H] Sure do. ::Hands her the case as he pulls out his scanner::
[20:38] <Savant> Minutes continue to crawl, tense and quiet. The Bungalows turn off their headlamps, leaving only the Mule and the Spiders illuminating circles on the walls. And then - light. The Mules' shovel reaches up high and the rocky sky crumbles downwards, showing stars and Loki's wan light through it.
[20:38] <Craig> ::after the wasps are deployed, he grabs a 9mm heavy rifle and dismounts from the spider, heading for a spot to wait::
[20:38] <Gabriel> ::points Craig at a good spot to set up::
[20:39] <Craig> ::nods the gabriel and ducks over to the spot::
[20:39] <Craig> <<er nods to gabriel>>
[20:39] <Savant> Doctor> ::Takes the painkillers and plugs in a dose, then injects who must be MAuris. He shudders and lets out a groan, relaxing slightly.
[20:40] <Detro> +com+ Looks like they just broke through... maybe a few more minutes until it's passable?
[20:41] <Savant> A few more minutes and the Mule has fashioned a rough rampway with a hole big enough for a man at the top.
[20:42] <Gabriel> +com+ Red team, check out that hole.
[20:42] <Thierry> [h] We'll need to operate. I have a field surgery kit in one of our trucks. +Com+ Knight, I need the surgery kit in here, stat
[20:43] <Ardelmos> ::glances back over his shoulder, then looks back down the passageway before going to his knees, then his feet, then jogging back along the caravan towards the new 'exit':: +com+ He's busy, doc.
[20:43] <Ardelmos> ::grumbles to himself as he starts climbing up the 'ramp' about having to do this in a mining suit, and not his stealth suit::
[20:43] <Gabriel> +com+ I've got it. ::leaves the Cunningham set up where it is, and draws his sidearm, walking toward Spider Two::
[20:43] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::clicks off his headlamps before they shine out onto the surface::
[20:44] <Detro> +com+ Sir, I'm on sensors over here. Still want me up front?
[20:44] <Gabriel> +com+ True, neg, stay where you are, Sous-Sergent.
[20:45] <Detro> +com+ Rog. ::checks their readouts again::
[20:45] <Thierry> +Com+ Thank you sir [H] ::To the doctor:: Lets prep him for surgery.
[20:45] <Gabriel> ::reaches Spider Two, opens one of the storage compartments, and withdraws the field surgery kit and one of the medkits::
[20:46] <Gabriel> ::holsters the sidearm, throws the strap of the field surgery kit over one shoulder, and carries it and the medkit toward the bungalows::
[20:46] <Ardelmos> ::reachs the top of the ramp and grabs a large rock, lifting it ever so slowly out of the hole with one hand::
[20:46] <Detro> +com+ Still showing nothing out there.
[20:46] <Ardelmos> ::lets the rock sit there for a moment, then slowly brings it back down::
[20:47] <Savant> As Roland ascends up onto the surface again, he can see that the fault that broke the tunnel has apparently made a sinkhole here as well. It's formed a berm of rock and rubble and dust around the excavated exit that's about ten meters in diameter. A nice foxhole.
[20:47] <Thierry> ::Starts pulling off his gloves and pulling on sterile ones::
[20:48] <Gabriel> ::climbs up into the bungalow, then crosses the bridge to the damaged one, setting the medkit on something convenient::
[20:48] <Ardelmos> ::grunts at the foxhole climbing up and out of the whole, staying low to the ground as he rolls into it, then eyes the rest of what he can see from his position -- notably, anything in the 'air'::
[20:48] <Savant> There's no sign of any movement, Keff or Corp, on the surface. Just a ten meter diameter ring of rock.
[20:49] <Ardelmos> ::starts crawling slowly up towards the rim of the 'foxhole' facing the direction they came from::
[20:49] <Thierry> ::Grabs the field surgery kit and nods to Gabe:: We got it from here sir. I'll keep you posted. Would be nice if we didn't get shot at.
[20:49] <Savant> Further out , the wastes of the Sigma Depression are a chaotic jumble of mesas, escarpments, old lava spills, compacted terrain, and massive round nodules, rust red in the light of the sun.
[20:50] <Knight> ::watches other move out and follows suit::
[20:50] <Savant> Doctor> ::Looks up at Gabriel and says:: Here, lean on this compress.
[20:50] <Gabriel> ::nods and chuckles:: We'll try to see to it, doctor. Incidentally, I put you in for promotion at regiment. Should come through the next time we're in contact with the Commandant.
[20:51] <Thierry> ::As he unpacks the surgical equipment:: [H]::to the doc:: By the way, do you speak anglic?
[20:51] <Gabriel> ::turns:: Hm? Oh. Certainly. ::applies pressure where the doctor points::
[20:51] <Ardelmos> ::rolls over onto his back to check the other direction, and looks left and right as well:: +com+ Clear
[20:51] <Detro> ::to himself and Birkin over the local comm:: So far, so good... I think we'll get out of here with our skins intact. Not bad, considering. Good shooting by the way.
[20:51] <Savant> Almost at the same time, Knight and Roland look up into the night sky - the stars don't twinkle, they're hard points of light. One of them is brighter than most, and slowly trawling across the sky.
[20:51] <Ardelmos> ::grunts:: +com+ Except for Arclight.
[20:52] <Knight> ::has a bad feeling about this::
[20:52] <Savant> Doctor> Yes. I think we're going to have to put him under. Yaw Navda, Mauris?
[20:53] <Detro> +com+ I'm beginning to really hate those damn things up there
[20:53] <Thierry> ::Barely nods to Gabe as he works, the number of chevrons on his sleeve not really mattering right now:: I think we're ready. [H] ::To Mauris:: I'm going to try to fix your leg. I'm going to put you under now. Just be calm.
[20:53] <Thierry> ::Hands the Liberati doctor the aneshtetics as he gets a more detailed image of the leg::
[20:54] <Savant> Mauris> ::grunts, sweaty and shaking:: Nai navda, intee.
[20:55] <Savant> Mauris slips into blissful unconsciousness. Spends genre point.
[20:58] <Thierry> ::Shakes his head:: Shell caught him right above the knee. He'll need a new one. You agree? ::Looks to the Liberati::
[20:58] * BradAFK is now known as Mem
[20:58] <Savant> Doctor> ::nods:: Yes, if you've got one.
[20:59] <Knight> +com+ Gotta be Arclight spyin' on us
[21:00] <Thierry> I think I do. Cap, make sure his leg stays perfectly still, I'll be right back. ::Gets up and runs back towards spider 2::
[21:00] <Ardelmos> ::frowns at the light:: +com+ Scratch that. It ain't Arclight. Orbiting to the southwest; way out of geosynch.
[21:00] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::irritable:: +com+ Can I keep digging?
[21:00] <Gabriel> ::continues keeping pressure where he was directed to do so::
[21:00] <Knight> +local com+ Space watcher, eh?
[21:01] <Detro> +com+ Mem, you online with sensors in Spider Two yet?
[21:01] <Savant> Doctor> ::nods at Gabriel:: Good. Keep pressure up.
[21:01] <Craig> ::looks down the dark tunnel, squinting a bit::
[21:01] <Thierry> :: Makes his way over to Spider Two and after a few moments looking comes up with a replacement knee that should fit the Liberati and comes right back::
[21:02] <Detro> ::thought he saw Mem getting into Spider Two... maybe he was wrong::
[21:02] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::opens the pressure door for Thierry - she's staying in the lead cab of the Bungalow train, watching the comms and the sensors::
[21:03] <Thierry> :: Jogs back to where Mauris was and hands the doc the joint:: That should do I think.
[21:05] <Mem> +com+ Standby.
[21:06] <Thierry> ::Starts working to take the old joint out and replace it with the artificial one::
[21:08] <Savant> The streak of the artificial star finally stretches out over the horizon, and neither Knight nor Roland can see any more.
[21:08] <Ardelmos> +com+ Whatever was overhead has passed beyond the horizon.
[21:08] <Mem> +com+ Sensors are up. I don't see anything back there.
[21:09] <Mem> +com+ Not with passive, anyway. ::shifts his weight in the seat::
[21:09] <Thierry> ::As he waits for the glue to set, finally having a spare moment turns to gabe:: By the way, thanks for requesting the promotion. While I'm operating I tend to have a one track mind so sorry if I appeared rude
[21:09] <Gabriel> ::while continuing to assist:: +com+ Tell Dorchester he can resume digging.
[21:09] <Detro> +com+ Roger that Mem. Happy hunting. ::Switches off in Spider One:: +com+ If anyone needs an extra pair of hands, I've got two that are looking for work.
[21:10] <Savant> Doctor> Good, leave off pressure now. Get the clam- did you wash your hands? Get some gloves on, for the love of God.
[21:11] <Thierry> ::Looks to gabe:: Rucksack, left outside pocket sir
[21:11] <Detro> ::hops off Spider One, pulling the grenade launcher with him (just in case)... he goes off in search of Dorchester::
[21:11] <Gabriel> ::chuckles and releases pressure:: Yes, doctor.
[21:12] <Detro> ::heads for the Mule, looking for Dorchester to relay Tynes' signal::
[21:12] <Gabriel> ::sets his sidearm aside and gets properly prepared for assisting:: +com+ Spider Two, any sign of pursuit down the entrance?
[21:12] <Mem> +com+ No, sir.
[21:12] <Savant> Doctor> ::grunts::
[21:13] <Detro> ::to himself in his helmet:: Gear pilot, driver, sensor geek, messenger... I think I'm being demoted through the job titles here. ::chuckles at his own joke as he enters the Mule::
[21:13] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Is in the Mule, his hands still on the backhoe controls. The scoop arm swivels back and forth in anticipation::
[21:14] <Thierry> ::Finishes setting the bone into the joint and then looks to the Liberati after about a good twenty minutes of work:: That should about do it. Time to close I'd say.
[21:14] <Detro> +com+ Roland, Knight... you guys going to get out of the way so Dorchester can work here?
[21:14] <Gabriel> ::once properly scrubbed, gloved, and non-necessities set aside for the moment, presents himself to the Liberati doctor:: [H] Where can I help?
[21:14] <Ardelmos> +com+ Ask'm if the edge of the foxhole'll be stable. I want to keep an eye out back the way we came.
[21:15] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> They can stay. I'm not so clumsy with a backhoe. ::Begins digging up the rubble in great scoops, forming a ramp::
[21:16] <Savant> Doctor> ::points:: Clamps, here and here. Have you done this before? It's easy. Just be careful, it's slippery and delicate.
[21:16] <Detro> ::looks at Dorchester at work:: So the edge of the foxhole will be stable?
[21:17] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::nods, his grey dreadlocks, half hiding his head - his helmet and skullcap are off right now:: Yeah. And it's a sinkhole, not a foxhole. Wasn't bombed out.
[21:17] <Detro> +com+ He says you're fine where you are, and it'll be stable. At least if you're not, it'll be a nice and easy burial process. ::grins::
[21:17] <Ardelmos> ::puts himself as far up to the edge of the 'foxhole' (damn the semantics) as he dares as the Liberati goes to work::
[21:18] <Detro> Thanks Dorchester.
[21:18] <Thierry> ::Chuckles a bit as he finishes the last couple checks to make sure the new joint was correctly installed:: He has, but I will say he's a far sight better on the battlefield then in an OR ::Grins to Gabe::
[21:18] <Gabriel> ::nods:: A bit, though I'm not much more than a combat medic. ::applies the first clamp in the directed place::
[21:18] <Gabriel> ::doesn't shrug:: We all have our skills, doctor. ::smiles slightly::
[21:18] <Detro> ::hops out of the Mule and shuffles his way up carefully to join up with Knight and Roland where they are::
[21:19] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::nods:: Let the caravan know that we need to be ready to go in five minutes.
[21:20] <Detro> <<edit: ::nods at Dorchester, then hops out...::
[21:20] <Detro> +com+ 5 minutes until we're good to roll on.
[21:20] <Savant> The Mule begins scooping out a rampway. It's fast work - the half-tracked truck is peeking out from the top of the hole now. Knight, Detro and Roland can see Dorchester at the controls as he spins his treads, pushing scree and talus down behind him
[21:20] <Thierry> ::Starts working on closing up the knee::
[21:22] <Detro> ::glances at the terrain beyond that they'll need to cover, looking for spots to take advantage of any cover from nearby units... he then looks up at the opening:: +com+ Anyone thought of getting a look up top, make sure we're not about to emerge into any fire from up there? ::points up::
[21:23] <Thierry> ::Nods with approval as Gabe helps out::
[21:23] <Savant> The minutes pass; Thierry and Gabriel and the other Liberati hovering about their injured ocmpanion, while the Mule does its work. A rough slope of rock lets the Mule pull itself up beside the three scouts, where it begins to smooth down a ramp form the edge of the sinkhole.
[21:23] <Gabriel> ::finishes helping where he can, then steps back for the real doctors::
[21:24] <Detro> <<ignore last line>>
[21:25] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ I know where we are. We should be okay. This area's full of hematite nodes and karsts and pingoes, and it's really fractured. Sensors barely work worth a damn in here, even from space.
[21:25] <Detro> +com+ What about communications?
[21:26] <Gabriel> +com+ Excellent news. ::strips off the gloves and other accoutrements of the surgery::
[21:26] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ Satelite works fine. Air is fine too. Ground doesn't work for a damn.
[21:26] <Detro> ::frowns -- the Van Saars need to get in touch with the rest of their clan, and obviously Pathfinder is probably worried about them...::
[21:27] <Thierry> ::Pulls out some more glue and starts sealing the wound:: How are his vitals
[21:28] <Gabriel> ::dismounts from the bungalow::
[21:28] <Savant> Doctor> ::checks:: Stable. Thank you, Doctor. Ravens.
[21:28] <Detro> +com+ ::to Roland and Knight:: Should probably head back to the Spiders and mount up...
[21:28] <Gabriel> ::nods, closing and sealing the airlock door behind him::
[21:28] <Knight> +com+_copy
[21:28] <Thierry> ::Nods to Gabe:: I'll stay here until you need me. ::Looks to the doc:: Anyone else need patching up?
[21:29] <Knight> ::heads back::
[21:29] <Gabriel> ::returns to his fire position:: +com+ Lieutenant, still no sign of pursuit?
[21:29] <Detro> ::starts making his way back as well... keeps an eye on Knight, in case anything goes wrong medically again::
[21:29] <Mem> +com+ ::yawns:: Nope.
[21:29] <Savant> Doctor> Everyone else is fine for now.
[21:29] <Mem> +com+ You'll be the first to know, Captain.
[21:29] <Ardelmos> ::grunts and looks back down the sinkhole:: +com+ Not until he's done digging.
[21:30] <Gabriel> +com+ Stay awake, Lieutenant. We're still only a few kilometers from a major corporate military force, and their drop ships.
[21:30] <Mem> +com+ Aye aye.
[21:30] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Once we're safe I'll see what medical equipment we can give you. It was a rough ride getting here. We lost one and almost lost two more. Oh, and I didn't get your name...
[21:30] <Detro> ::pauses up top, glancing back at Roland and the near-completed ramp... shrugs. He stays put up there for now::
[21:30] <Mem> ::rolls his eyes and looks at the sensor screen, tapping his fingers on the console::
[21:30] <Gabriel> ::retrieves "his" Cunningham and nods at Craig:: Prepare to mount up, Master Sergeant.
[21:30] <Savant> The Mule's about done. The thing backs up and drives forward sharply, using its bulldozer blade to push over the last of the escarpment, and it's out onto open terrain again. Dorchester quickly drives it up behind a massive boulder that looks to be one huge chunk of hematite.
[21:31] <Ardelmos> ::now rolls down the sinkhole and down into the passage, jogging back towards Spider 2::
[21:31] <Gabriel> +com+ Talons, let's get out of this hole and back into the light. I suspect we still have a long drive ahead of us tonight.
[21:32] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:32] <Savant> nice ending line there, I think.
[21:32] <Thierry> I concur
[21:32] <Savant> and it's gone long enough, too Wink
[21:32] <Detro> It's missing the "Talons... roll out!"
[21:32] <Gabriel> Whee, fun game tonight. Smile
[21:32] <Savant> you can add that one in your imagination
[21:32] <Savant> everyone enjoy? any complaints?
[21:32] <Detro> Long game tonight Smile
[21:32] <Savant> three hours tonight, yeah.
[21:32] <Thierry> Nope, no complaints at all Smile
[21:33] <Savant> nice balance of combat and action, along with interaction.
[21:33] <Thierry> I'm glad I got to participate after all. Texas de Brazil was awesome though Smile
[21:33] <Savant> so, I will reiterate again: 1) Mandatory Log Project, September 6th. I expect some questions about specifics.
[21:34] <Thierry> Oh I got a new list at least as long as the last Very Happy
[21:34] <Savant> 2) Moving the game to Wednsday in order to continue to play during my training period, instead of subbing another GM in for awhile.
[21:34] <Gabriel> You'll definitely get some. You might catch up with the existing logs, too.
[21:34] <Savant> I'll set up a poll in the forums about the latter.
[21:34] <Thierry> Yay!
[21:34] <Savant> Heh, yeah, i'll do that this weekend Wink
[21:34] <Savant> Anso post the transcripts.
[21:34] <Savant> also.
[21:34] <Savant> So, if there are no questions, we can move on to your favourite part of the end game.
[21:35] <Thierry> XP?
[21:35] <Craig> food and beverage!
[21:35] <Savant> punch and pie!
[21:35] <Craig> or XP's good too
[21:35] <Savant> I was led to believe that there would be punch and pie.
[21:35] <Gabriel> From now on, when you start talking about XP, I'm gonna hear you in my head say "I have lovely shares. Would anyone like to buy any of my shares?" Wink
[21:35] <Detro> LOL
[21:35] <Savant> heh, good Wink
[21:35] <Savant> that's the tone i'm thinking too
[21:36] <Craig> that what you said at the GT?
[21:36] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Give me some. For botht he first and second parts of the game
[21:36] <Gabriel> ::nods:: During games of Railroad Tycoon.
[21:36] <Savant> yeah, Craig. I was pimping the shares in Railroad Tycoon Wink
[21:36] <Gabriel> Obvious teamwork on the medical side.
[21:36] <Thierry> Theirry and his Nurse Smile
[21:36] <Knight> drawing up the withdrawl plans, listening to the different options
[21:36] <Detro> ::grins:: Craig and Detro doing the ballet in the Spiders
[21:37] <Craig> teamwork eh? well there was the driving of the spiders while the gunners shot up keffs good:)
[21:37] <Savant> good job Knight! Glad you mentioned the pregame stuff.
[21:37] <Thierry> Detro playing messanger boy
[21:37] <Detro> ::nods:: Definitely lots of pre-game discussion, for both this and the mandatory log project.
[21:37] <Savant> I am *VERY* happy to see that you guys are voicing your opinions and ideas before the game. I have no problem giving you guys the half hour or so before game to do that.
[21:37] <Ardelmos> Birkin & Roland + LAAC = Many fun deaths
[21:38] <Savant> nice parting shot, too, Roland Wink
[21:38] <Savant> that was fun.
[21:38] <Detro> ::grins::
[21:38] <Gabriel> Rather demoralizing to the corps, I should think. Wink
[21:38] <Savant> anyways. that's three. Four is for storyline. What have you learned?
[21:38] <Detro> Gunships make pretty explosions when they crash.
[21:38] <Savant> there's a reason they didn't charge in after you, Gabriel. They were too busy going D: D: D: D:
[21:38] <Craig> wha?
[21:39] <Gabriel> That the Liberati, when left to their own devices, are fools and cowards. But that's for the log project. Wink
[21:39] <Detro> There's a really need stretch of easily-accessible caves that apparently has some useful mineral resources in it, if we ever need to go mining.
[21:39] <Savant> Caprice is a giant lump of iron. Lots of resources here Wink
[21:39] <Mem> Really? The Liberati suck?
[21:39] <Gabriel> Read the teasers. Wink
[21:39] <Mem> I did
[21:39] <Mem> I thought you meant from tonight.
[21:40] <Savant> i'm meaning from tonight, yeah. Ross. I'm interested in seeing what you are going to call them on, though Wink
[21:40] <Craig> this is like the bajorans trying to teach the cardassians how to be resistance fighters
[21:40] <Thierry> Yeah, they will need a noce firm hand of whoopin
[21:40] <Ardelmos> That it's quite possible that we attracted enough attention to divert an orbital asset to monitor the area.
[21:40] <Gabriel> Nope. Was thinking about the teasers. Tonight was more combat-oriented than story-oriented. We knew the Liberati were miners. We knew that they were brave, and shrug off adversity.
[21:41] <Detro> We learned that the CorpSerfs are VERY hesitant about plunging headlong into caves
[21:41] <Detro> ...after they met us of course Smile
[21:41] <Thierry> Well that could have been a lack of nerve after our last encounter Razz
[21:41] <Knight> We learned that Detro drove cabs before enlisting
[21:41] <Savant> so, story-critical things you're listing are the resources of the region, the fact that orbital assets may be moving in, etc., and that there is a great network of caves in the region. None of these things seem to be very important to your story yet, unless you care to extrapolate
[21:42] <Craig> did roland and birkin actually shock them enough with that display of firepower?
[21:42] <Detro> Heh. No, you didn't. Detro just said he at one point thought of being one.
[21:42] <Detro> My extrapolation on the importance of these points would be covered in a certain mandatory log project Wink
[21:42] <Gabriel> The only thing interesting about it, story-wise, is that we hadn't up to now been taking advantage of Caprice's underground assets. During our first sortie, we were thinking above ground all the time.
[21:42] <Gabriel> Can't have a permanent base above ground, though.
[21:42] <Savant> the Liberati actualy have a few. But you'l find that out later.
[21:42] <Mem> Which is silly considering where we're from.
[21:43] <Gabriel> As a result, it's set me really wondering if we could do a below-ground permanent base, much like the Bloody Twelve.
[21:43] <Mem> (a planet full of holes)
[21:43] <Gabriel> Yeah, but they've probably gotta disguise 'em.
[21:43] <Detro> ::nods:: With what it looks like some of us are thinking, knowing the advantages of Caprice's terrain and resources may mean the difference in life and death soon.
[21:43] <Savant> yes, they do, Gabriel.
[21:43] <Detro> We stayed in an underground base our last time here, remember?
[21:43] <Gabriel> Find a good enough location underground, and we could start getting into some serious military training for Liberati that want it.
[21:43] <Detro> Even had a big vehicle bay attached to it.
[21:44] <Savant> i'll give you the point for building on the lava tubes int he Sigma Depression, and suggesting they could be made into bases. Taht sounds like fun foreshadowing.
[21:44] <Gabriel> Nope. That was a structure that was partially built onto a trench cut into the ground.
[21:44] <Thierry> I like that idea
[21:44] <Mem> It was an abandoned warehouse, as I recall.
[21:44] <Detro> Still, it uses the terrain.
[21:44] <Mem> I still have the layout image.
[21:44] <Savant> That's four. Five is for combat. Could've been worse, but you did a good job at avoiding the nasty surprises, so i'll give you six.
[21:44] <Gabriel> Sorry for throwing a wrench into things.
[21:45] <Savant> heh. I'm very glad you did
[21:45] <Mem> If we're basing in another series of tunnels, I can draw up a map of that, too. Wink
[21:45] <Savant> this was a fun game. It worked well.
[21:45] <Gabriel> I just saw 18 mounts, 3 artillery pieces, and 2 gunships with immediate access to us. Wink
[21:45] <Detro> heheheh
[21:45] <Gabriel> My brain kept saying "nuh-uh, nope, not gonna do it." Wink
[21:45] <Craig> i thought the place we ma
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:45] <Thierry> And you did what to them hmm?
[21:45] <Detro> I saw a rolling tide of blood-red water rushing at us Smile
[21:45] <Detro> That was in the trench Scotty
[21:45] <Thierry> Airstrike?
[21:46] <Detro> I liked it. And we got off damn lucky too, with only 2 KIA and 1 WIA
[21:46] <Savant> the seventh point will be awarded based on what you feel that your, and one other, character, should be growing into, role-wise. For example, Knight is a Scout, Craig is a mechanic, etc. Where should you and one other character be growing to, you think?
[21:46] <Ardelmos> I don't quite follow.
[21:46] <Detro> Detro seems destined to be the "jack of all trades, master of none" of the group, like Jana and Joanna were.
[21:47] <Thierry> Thierry: I still like this officer track he's on. Mem: The social general
[21:47] <Mem> That's easy. Mem: Leadership. Craig: Leadership.
[21:47] <Detro> He can do quite a few other jobs, but just isn't quite as good at it as the specialists.
[21:47] <Savant> For example, Jeremi is going to be branching into medicine, and I think that he really ought to explore that more. And I also think that Macedon should work on his computer programming skills.
[21:47] <Mem> Er, NCO leadership for Craig, I mean. He's the senior officer, but you don't really see him take charge much.
[21:47] <Mem> senior noncom. I can't type.
[21:48] <Detro> Roland, on the other hand, is developing nicely into the Homicidal Maniac Smile
[21:48] <Gabriel> I'm really liking Gabriel as a generalist. It majorly sucks sometimes, but other times, it's great. He can step in wherever and be reasonably solid. Craig needs to step to the fore more. He's got personality, but no bite. Fraser plays Roland like a senior non-com. Scotty, you're still playing Craig like a private.
[21:48] <Craig> well yeah since craig is blue leader he should have some leadership skill
[21:48] <Gabriel> Heh. What Mem said.
[21:48] <Knight> Obioulsy, I think Knight should do more recce work when we can, but I see Detro grwoing into a hardskinned grunt. He has that take charge, gruff attitude and is always seemingly on point.
[21:48] <Thierry> Oh, and Colin, if you ever want me to make a teaching role for Jermei, let me know.
[21:48] <Savant> when you're back on PAthfinder for extended periods, he'll take you up on that.
[21:48] <Ardelmos> Roland needs to become a gunsmith so he can recreate the machine-pistols from Equilibrium. Craig needs to continue to boost his mechanics/tinker to replace Junkman.
[21:49] <Detro> Heh. Sadly, I lack the Heavy Weapons skill to be a real grunt. Smile
[21:49] <Thierry> Any thoughts for Trembles guys? I'm kinda lost on him
[21:49] <Savant> Detro, he's suggesting you get it Wink
[21:49] <Detro> Yeah, working my way there. Depends on if I can spend 2 XP on it tonight and bump it up to 2/1/+2 Wink
[21:50] <Savant> only the one i'm afraid. You didn't actually fire it today Wink
[21:50] <Craig> thats really what i was building craig for, the greasemonkey that carries a big gun, never thought of leadership initially
[21:50] <Gabriel> You keep vibrating on us, Mike. Three months ago, you had a fire in your belly to be a leader, maybe even an officer. These days, I have no clue what you want to do with him. He's great in the doctor role (though keep pumping points into it), but he needs a couple of side-roles too.
[21:50] <Detro> I'm not kidding about the "Jack of all trades" bit. My entire sheet is loaded with 2/(1 or 2)/+2s Smile
[21:50] <Savant> that's how to do it, Detro. That's the generalist role.
[21:50] <Thierry> I still want the officer thing for him
[21:50] <Savant> you guys still need a geology and science wonk, badly. Especially now.
[21:50] <Gabriel> Yeah.
[21:51] <Thierry> Hence why I I'm taxing INF for him
[21:51] <Detro> Well, if someone hadn't killed the "Earther who came from a mining family" character off ;P
[21:51] <Savant> ::Decides that the next games will be involving landslides, rockfalls, megakarsts, and slumping baccharans::
[21:51] <Detro> Sorry. If some thing hadn't killed... ::Glares at Lemon::
[21:51] <Mem> Well, I can have Mem look into geology, but it doesn't fit well with the character.
[21:51] <Thierry> Any other skills you think I should be taking for him Ross?
[21:52] <Savant> okay. That's seven for all. Well done!
[21:52] <Gabriel> You've got a good foundation. What parts of the game interest you?
[21:52] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:07] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:07] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:07] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Dissent in Session'
[18:07] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:07] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:07] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[18:08] <Savant> i'll give a few minutes Wink
[18:08] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:08] * Craig has joined #BT05
[18:09] <Thierry> True
[18:09] <Thierry> (Wrong window)
[18:09] * Detro sets mode: +o BradAFK
[18:09] * Savant sets mode: +o Craig
[18:09] * BradAFK is now known as Mem
[18:10] <Savant> good evening and welcome again to one slightly delayed evening of the Black Talons. I'll be your host.
[18:10] <Savant> I expect tonight to be fairly low-key. You've had some fairly dramatic happenings over the past several sessions, so now it's time to get to know the Liberati, and the situation on Caprice, once again
[18:11] <Savant> also, I've taken a look at the poll, and I'll be switching the game to Wednsdays for the duration of my training.
[18:11] * Gabriel has joined #bt05
[18:11] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gabriel
[18:11] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:11] <Savant> probably will start that soon, so that I can get used to the change before my courses start.
[18:11] <Savant> I'll give you ample warning however.
[18:12] <Knight> ::att::
[18:12] <Savant> Also, thirdly, please note that you have one week left for your mandatory Log Project.
[18:12] <Savant> I'm available for questions or any help you'll need.
[18:12] <Savant> that all being said, i'll brief you and then ask for questions.
[18:12] <Savant> Dissent
[18:12] <Savant> 38 Autumn TN, 2700h - Evening
[18:12] <Savant> Sigma Depression, Caprice
[18:12] <Savant> -45 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity, 165 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:12] <Savant> The Talons have made it to the surface of Caprice, and have lucked out - sort of. In their descent the Fury spotted a harried Liberati caravan, which turned out to be the Van Saars themselves.
[18:12] <Savant> A rearguard had made itself busy trying to fight off the Earthers in a desperate delaying tactic while the bulk of the clan make it to safter ground deeper in the lowlands of the Sigma Depression.
[18:12] <Savant> After having fended off the initial thrust of the CEF, the Talons have contacted the Van Saars and agreed to help them cover their family's retreat. The rearguard has holed up in a stretch of half-collapsed lava tubes as they prepared for the CEF's eventual reply.
[18:12] <Savant> The rearguard paid off - the Van Saar ought to be in safe territory by now. However, that still left one problem - getting out! The Talons and their Liberati allies made a mad dash into a long lava tunnel, taking fire from (surprisingly fragile) Corporate security forces. They did enough damage to waylay their pursuers and escape into the wastes, albeit underground.
[18:12] <Savant> They escaped onto the surface after twenty kilometers of tunnel, leaving them on the surface of the Depression. From here they travel westards to a point geographically high enough that they can find their Fury and make contact with the rest of the VanS Saar...
[18:12] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:13] <Gabriel> ack
[18:13] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:13] <Detro> ack
[18:13] <Craig> ack
[18:13] <Knight> ::ack::
[18:13] <Savant> and i'm ready for questions.
[18:13] <Mem> ack
[18:13] <Thierry> ack
[18:14] <Savant> no questions, huh?
[18:14] <Gabriel> Nope, none here.
[18:14] <Savant> lovely
[18:14] <Savant> if there are no questions we'l make up for lost time and get started.
[18:14] <Mem> I didn't mean ack. Let me actually read that...
[18:14] <Savant> hee
[18:15] <Mem> Yeah
[18:15] <Mem> So we're picking up right there? Finding the Fury?
[18:15] <Savant> no, that was in the late morning. This is the evening
[18:16] <Savant> you're moving to a geographic location that's high enough for you to spot the fury without you yourself being spotted.
[18:16] <Mem> OK.
[18:16] <Savant> spot / contact.
[18:16] <Mem> So we're not "anywhere" yet
[18:16] <Savant> you're in transit.
[18:16] <Mem> kk.
[18:16] <Savant> that's it?
[18:16] <Thierry> k
[18:16] <Savant> okay.
[18:16] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:17] <Mem> S2> ::watches sensors for the Fury, briefly leaning back and stretching with a big yawn::
[18:17] <Gabriel> ::sits at the HCC of Spider One, resting his eyes and thinking about that morning's revelation::
[18:17] <Knight> ::wishes they had better seats in these things::
[18:17] <Savant> The lowlands nearest the Cat's Eye trench - the Sigma Depression. A twisting, volcanic, metamorphosed mass of rock that seems to be the stress point for a set of tectonic plates. It's excellent terrain to hide in, which is why the Liberati and Talons both have made it something of a hiding place.
[18:18] <Detro> S1> ::bounces around a bit on a patch of rough terrain, keeping an eye out for obstacles that could cut up their tires::
[18:18] <Thierry> ::Is in the back of Spider 1, watching his console::
[18:18] <Ardelmos> ::patiently eyes the sensor readouts from his gunner's chain in Spider two, eyeing the screens for any anomolous readings as the train of vehicles continues through the ragged and unpredictable terrain of the Depression::
[18:18] <Savant> The Van Saar have separated their bungalows from the caravan and are driving independantly, a collection of mobile homes on wheels, escorted by a three-wheeled ATV car, a utility bulldozer, and two stealth APCs.
[18:18] <Craig> ::keeps pace in spider 2 with the rest of the caravan::
[18:19] <Savant> That one Bungalow is still trailing heat from its patches, but not nearly as much as it could have been,or was once. The repair job is good and will certainly hold.
[18:22] <Detro> ::enjoys the ride of the Spider, but wonders just how well it'd fare in the jungles...::
[18:23] <Detro> ::gets his mind back on the road before her gets lost in any more thoughts of home::
[18:24] <Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself:: If there's anything out there, we're not going to see it until it's right on top of us.
[18:25] <Savant> To the right, low mountains steam sulphuric gasses into the thin atmosphere as glowing magma seeps out, bleeding in thin hot rushes, like tributaries from Hell
[18:25] <Thierry> ::Starts scanning CEF comm channels to see if there is in fact anything out there::
[18:26] <Detro> ::Then again, swamps and quicksand that could swallow you whole, versus endless magma rivers?::
[18:26] <Mem> +com+ I don't see anything yet, either.
[18:27] <Craig> ::takes a peek through the window as roland says that:: yeah, let's hope noone can see us either
[18:27] <Gabriel> ::listens to the chatter and smiles slightly:: You'd think we were alone. ::reaches forward and thumbs the comm without opening his eyes:: +com+ [H] Kellerton, where does this come out?
[18:27] * LrdVampyre has joined #bt05
[18:27] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[18:28] <Thierry> ::sighs as hears nothing but interferance:: Not going to be able to hear em coming either
[18:28] <Knight> ::wishes they had better seats in these things::
[18:28] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ this what come out?
[18:28] <Detro> ::grins:: Center of the planet judging by the scenery.
[18:29] <Gabriel> ::laughs:: +com+ [H] These lowlands. If we keep going in this direction, where will we end up?
[18:29] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ We travel along the channel side. The heat and radiation will mask us form orbit better than anything else out here.
[18:31] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ oh! ha ha! Uhm. I look. ::There's a few moments of shuffling, and a few beeps from a PDA:: We get to old basalt spillways after this, then up to the highlands if we keep going.
[18:31] <Ardelmos> +com+ Captain, unless the Fury's moved, we're going to have to bounce a communication to her off a satellite or something -- the comm horizon out here's...well, not much more than visual.
[18:33] <Detro> Good, that should even out the driving... ::given the cold temperatures, the lava here cools down quickly, often leaving behind jagged flows... Detro's doing his best to steer to the clear areas::
[18:34] <Gabriel> +com+ I'm content to stay under the radar for a while longer, Senior Sergeant. I'm sure the CEF knows the speed of these bungalows just as well as we do and will be watching for Pathfinder's track. The bigger radius circle we give them to look in, the less likely they'll find her when we do call for pick-up.
[18:35] <Ardelmos> ::grunts:: If we can call for pick-up.
[18:36] <Savant> The glowing river and mountain scroll past, a bulwark of light and heat on the right. Infared sensors are nearly useless right now, and the X-ray and high-end sensors.. well, let's just say you don't want to be outside without a rad-suit right now.
[18:37] <Craig> ::glances at the sensors:: things are getting a little hot out there now
[18:37] <Savant> The small caravan of vehicles pull up beside that long, braiding, twsiting streak of orange. It's invisible behind tall berms when you're beside it - cooled granite and rock forming natural walls to restrain the flow. Still, it seems much like a regular river, even with rapids and broad twisting channels.
[18:39] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:39] <Mem> +com+ Welcome to Hell, everyone. To your right you can see the Devil's Palace, to your left the Fields of Death.
[18:39] <Detro> ::looks at the river:: Hope we don't have to cross that. The Talons issued us ground APCs, not hovers.
[18:40] <Melissa> ::sat quietly, looking about at everything for the first time::
[18:40] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ Dorchester, I can take the dog out? To see for the new flow?
[18:40] <Mem> +com+ Pictures can be taken up ahead before we stop at the at the Food Court.
[18:41] <Thierry> +Com+ And they call my home the Badlands.
[18:41] <Gabriel> ::frowns, thinking "dawg?"::
[18:41] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ [H] Fine, but don't get too close.
[18:43] <Savant> A minute later or so, a landing-bay-like hatch opens from one of the leading Bungalows, and KEllerton is there in a hard suit, urging what looks to be a dunebuggy with a prospector's backpack for a driver. The thing rolls out onto the broken terrain and begins to drive alongside the caravan on its own power.
[18:43] <Gabriel> +com+ Keep an eye on her, people.
[18:44] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::waves at the other bungalows and the Talons while she's out there before closing the hatch and heading back inside::
[18:45] <Craig> ::chuckles::+com+ she just sent out a drone
[18:45] <Detro> ::hrms:: +com+ I'm going to guess... that thing's some sort of sniffer? To make sure we don't go over any lava that's too fresh, in case we break through into it?
[18:45] <Melissa> +com+ Or maybe they just want to take pictures of the lava flow?
[18:46] <Savant> The landscape is strange, alien - none of you have seen anything like it, except those who've been to these lowlands before. Mem's descritipon is right - the rocks are red and black, look scorched, porous and sharp and glittering in Loki's wan light, or the much closer hellish glow of the flowing lava
[18:46] <Mem> +com+ [H] Kellerton, what's that?
[18:46] <Ardelmos> ::at this point, really wants to get out of the mining suit, so can't help but start to fidget in the gunner's seat, shifting his weight and rolling his shoulders::
[18:47] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ [H] Just the dog. Gonna look for anything interesting. Sometimes you get uranium in flows like this.
[18:48] <Mem> +com+ [H] What is your "dawg"'s real name? I don't think I've seen one before.
[18:48] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ [H] uhhh. dog? ::laughs:: It's just something we put together for surveying, that's all.
[18:48] <Mem> +com+ [H] OK. Let me know if you find anything interesting.
[18:49] <Melissa> ::watches the buggy with mild interest::
[18:49] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ [H] go ahead and watch, it's 115.3.
[18:49] <Thierry> ::Tunes into the drones frequency:: Got it
[18:49] <Mem> S2> ::pulls up another window and tunes it in briefly to see what kind of data it gathers::
[18:50] <Ardelmos> ::portions off one of the monitors to lock onto the given frequency and displays the feed -- he's not interested in the data on the rock or lava; more on anything patrolling or sneaking up beside them::
[18:50] <Savant> The drone has a few cameras, and only displays one at a time on the channel. Right now it shows rolling wheels straight up to the twisted horizon in a fisheye-lens view. The drone is bouncing itsw way up the rocks towards the top of the berm that restrains the lava flow.
[18:52] <Detro> ::stifles a yawn with his fist... it's been a long day for the Talons::
[18:52] <Mem> S2> ::closes the "dog" feed and focuses on the Spider's sensors::
[18:52] <Mem> +com+ Something moving overhead. Checking it out.
[18:52] <Ardelmos> ::a low-alarm goes off and he quickly turns his attention to another monitor as Mem relays his message::
[18:53] <Detro> +com+ Let's hope that little toy of theirs isn't putting out a powerful enough signal to be picked up by someone else.
[18:53] <Craig> ::continues along, glancing at the monitor occasionally::
[18:53] <Thierry> ::Yawns a bit but he's used to days like this, he was a medical resident
[18:54] <Mem> +com+ Can't tell what it is yet.
[18:54] <Melissa> ::listens as she closes her eyes::
[18:54] <Mem> +com+ Not a satellite. ::zooms in and does some enhancing::
[18:55] <Craig> +com+ please be the fury
[18:55] <Mem> +com+ I can tell more with an active sensor scan, captain. With your permission.
[18:55] <Ardelmos> ::frowns, watching the overhead signal pass -- looked like a satellite to him::
[18:55] <Savant> The image on Mem's screen is grainy and distorted by waves of heat coming from the nearby lava channel, but it's too bright to be a small object.
[18:56] <Detro> +com+ Is it following, rising, or falling?
[18:56] <Detro> ::saying that, he's looking for any spots they could turn off for cover::
[18:56] <Mem> +com+ Rising.
[18:57] <Detro> +com+ So it's moving under its own power...?
[18:57] <Savant> The little prospecting drone reaches the tall berms and starts to make its way up, getting left behind by the caravan as it makes its ascent
[18:57] <Mem> ::rolls his eyes up as he waits for permission to do an active sensor ping::
[18:57] <Melissa> +com+ It could be one of the landers the that dropped all those troops
[18:58] <Detro> ::not seeing anything:: +com+ Roland, you see any good spots to hole up around here in case we need to grab cover?
[18:59] <Craig> ::looks back, hearing the conversation:: roland, find us a place to hide out just in case
[18:59] <Thierry> +Com+ I'm with Craig
[18:59] <Gabriel> ::slaves his display to Mem and frowns at the dot there, then switches back to watching Kellerton::
[18:59] <Ardelmos> ::looks blankly back at Craig:: Yes sir. ::pulls up a topographical map along with a heat and UV radiation overlay::
[19:00] <Gabriel> +com+ Negative, Lieutenant. If this area is warm, we may as well be totally invisible in here. Don't do anything to jeaopardize that.
[19:01] <Mem> ::nods:: +com+ That's why I asked. I'll see what I can do with a dot, but it won't be much.
[19:01] <Gabriel> +com+ ::grins:: Long as it stays dot-sized, that's all I care about.
[19:01] <Detro> +com+ Send Roland out to shoot it. He'd probably bag it in one shot if we had a BIL. ::Grin::
[19:02] <Ardelmos> ::offhandedly marks a suitable location on the map of the convoy's immediate location if necessary, and relays it to the drivers:: +com+ Don't tempt me.
[19:02] <Thierry> +Com+ I'm for staying inside meself
[19:03] <Savant> That tiny dot scrols its way across the sky, steady and calm.
[19:03] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] Kellerton, you leaving the... dog here? It's not set to transmit, is it?
[19:04] <Mem> ::pulls out his laptop and hooks it up to the console he's at::
[19:04] <Thierry> ::Looks for any transmission from the bogey::
[19:04] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ [H] Oh, it can catch up. It won't be long. Just looking for uranium.
[19:06] <Mem> ::pulls up a program and starts a search::
[19:06] <Detro> +com+ [H] So you are killing two birds with one drone. Scouting ahead AND looking for an opportunity. ::Grins::
[19:06] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[19:06] <Savant> On cue, the drone stops abruptly on the top of the basalt berm. Glowing yellow-orange magma is sloshing about, splashing in thick globs like glowing syrup. Outlined in such hellish light, it's easy to see the thing stretching out a pair of drills and a scoop.
[19:07] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ [H] Killing birds? I, ah, I don't get it. There's no birds here!
[19:08] <Detro> ::as depressing as the landscape is, Detro's feeling a bit of a second wind coming to him after the long day...and right now, this landscape beats vast endless nothingness above.
[19:08] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] ::grins, despite himself:: Are too. Ravens.
[19:09] <Detro> ::off-comm, laughs::
[19:09] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] And if there are no birds here, why do you call Talons that?
[19:09] <Mem> ::snickers at the joke, and then watches his program pull up possible matches::
[19:09] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ [H] ::laughs:: So should I be killing two birds with one stone, then? I don't think I'd win! ::pause:: No no, no birds *here*. In the canyon there are some.
[19:10] <Thierry> ::Shakes his head at Detro and keeps his ears to the sky::
[19:10] <Savant> There's a low rumbling, and a shudder through the metal floors of the Spiders. Not enough to throw anyone about, but enouh that everyone knows it's not engine trouble.
[19:11] <Craig> ::hmmm:: +coms+ how's out footing outside?
[19:11] <Ardelmos> ::frowns, looks down at the deck, then over at Craig::
[19:11] <Detro> Whoa...
[19:11] <Thierry> ::Barely reacts to the shaking::
[19:11] <Detro> Either that drone's drill has one hell of a bite or this region's got a case of the shimmy-shammies.
[19:12] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ There are quakes all the time through here. Don't worry. It's nothing. This region's got a lot of slip to it.
[19:12] <Mem> +com+ I have a match on that sensor blip overhead. Looks like it's a heavy lifting vehicle, putting something in geosynch over this location. Uhh... might not be a great place to hide when whatever that is is operational.
[19:13] <Mem> <<*this might not be...>>
[19:13] <Detro> +com+ Geosynch? Some sort of device to tap something in this area?
[19:13] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] Over this lo-- ::coughs, stops himself, starts again in Anglic:: +com+ Over this location? Is there anything worth watching out here?
[19:13] <Ardelmos> +com+ Us
[19:14] <Detro> +com+ So long as it's not an Arclight station...
[19:14] <Mem> ::smirks at Roland::
[19:14] <Detro> +com+ ::a beat:: It's NOT an Arclight, right?
[19:14] <Ardelmos> +com+ Ten credits says the CID is requisitioning a pack of monitoring satellites to put up over anywhere there's been any sort of sign we might have been involved in a combat incident.
[19:14] <Mem> +com+ It's something big, and being placed in an orbit over us.
[19:15] <Mem> +com+ It's Caprician design, though.
[19:15] <Detro> +com+ Why not patch in Kellerton and Dorchester then, see if they recognize it.
[19:15] <Thierry> +Com+ I really want to go back to being anymous in the badlands
[19:16] <Craig> ::frowns again:: just what we need, more eye's on us
[19:16] <Detro> ::winces, realizing he more or less just went completely around the chain of command::
[19:16] <Savant> Those looking at the view Mem and Roland have zoomed in on that streaking dot get a rare sight - the long ellipse splits into four pieces, leaving a fifth piece inside the centre while the other four fall away. Boosters and heat shields are shed to burn up in the atmosphere as whatever-it-is is born into the world.
[19:18] <Mem> ::runs the new object through the same program::
[19:19] <Detro> ::glances briefly at the monitor feed, but turns his attention back to the lack-of-road, not having identified it::
[19:20] <Mem> +com+ It's a vehicle of some kind. Caprician, has engines and stuff.
[19:20] <Mem> +com+ Hard to tell anything more with this resolution.
[19:20] <Detro> +com+ Kellerton, got any ideas of what this thing is that's been put over us?
[19:21] <Gabriel> +com+ Spiders, let's dial down communications a little bit. Go to laser-comm only between us and keep other transmissions to a minimum.
[19:21] <Savant> The ground shudders again, a trembling that runs right through to the bones. and then a CRACK! Stone snapping like fall branches under the weight of the first snowfall.
[19:21] <Mem> +com+ ::clicks and then boots up the laser system::
[19:21] <Knight> ::a litle jumpy:: What was that?
[19:22] <Detro> ::grabs tightly onto the wheel::
[19:22] <Ardelmos> ::flip a switch and establishes a laser comm with the other spider::
[19:22] <Craig> ::looks around to see what's going on::
[19:23] <Savant> The rumble gets louder. It's not deafening, but a constant presence, like someone turned up the base.
[19:23] <Gabriel> All right... that was no earthquake... Let's get away from this ridge a little.
[19:23] <Mem> +com+ All right, lasers are up.
[19:23] <Gabriel> +com+ Kellerton, recommend your vehicles move away from the ridge so much as is possible.
[19:23] <Detro> ::in agreement with Tynes, is already moving Spider 1 to safer ground::
[19:23] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ we do, we do!
[19:24] <Knight> ::suddenly feels less safe::
[19:24] <Craig> ::pulls the spider away from the ridge::
[19:24] <Knight> +com+ Just lost my feed to the drone, anyone have contact?
[19:24] <Detro> ::Glances down at the aux monitor:: Lost the feed to that mining probe. Someone rewind, see what we got off it before it went offline...
[19:25] <Knight> ::glaces behind:: +com+ We've got some very hot issue pouring in back here.
[19:26] <Ardelmos> +com+ ...we need to book it. A berm broke back behind us
[19:26] <Savant> The last seconds of the drones' life are bad news. The ground fell downwards, and the camera went offline in a churn of black and glowing orange.
[19:26] <Detro> Damn. ::glances around for the nearest high ground they can get to and follow without getting chewed up in the process::
[19:27] <Mem> ::up to Craig:: Keep moving. Not too fast, but get ready to go if the tide comes in.
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::raises his eyebrows:: Well. That's definitely not ideal.
[19:27] <Craig> ::nods and puts up a display of the rear camera to keep an eye on things::
[19:27] <Savant> Cameras pointing backwards show that the ridgeline has broken above and behind, and the stream of molten granite is rapidly forming a new tributary down into the valley of its accretion-lines
[19:28] <Knight> +com+ What ever you're going to do, do it fast. I don't like this.
[19:29] <Thierry> Agreed
[19:30] <Detro> +com+ High ground, now. ::moves the wheel over and begins churning for the ridge::
[19:31] <Detro> ::also speeds up best they can, gritting his teeth:: I hope the hell the Liberati can get out in time
[19:32] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::curses:: +com+ High ground! But be careful in the rough, you can't lose a tire out here!
[19:33] <Savant> The Liberati vehicles accelerate - the Reubeni squeals ahead a ttop speed, hunting for the best path to take up the twisted incline. The ground is hellishly complicated - nothing flat out here at all.
[19:33] <Gabriel> +com+ Melissa, launch your Wasps and scout us a path up the ridge.
[19:33] <Craig> ::shifts the spider into a higher gear to match detro's speed::
[19:33] <Detro> ::grimaces, but manages to hold a safe path for now... the bumpy ride gets a good bit worse though::
[19:34] <Thierry> ::Takes a deep breath and lets the drivers do their things
[19:35] <Ardelmos> ::grips the side of his seat as the Spider shifts into the rougher and more uneven terrain, then quickly straps himself back in after having removed his restraints during the long haul::
[19:35] <Savant> The Bungalows churn up the ground as they make for the higher ground, in amongst knobs of iron the size of houses and fencelike jagged spars of mineral jutting from the ground. The trailing bungalow takes a boulder in the first axle, spat up from the vehicle before it - the thing bucks wildly before being tipped onto its side by one of the ridges
[19:36] <Ardelmos> ::winces slightly, then checks the flow rate of the lava versus Spider2's distance to the overturned bungalow::
[19:36] <Gabriel> ::watches this:: +com+ Liberati, evacuate! Now! Detro, get us back there. +com+ Spider Two, take point!
[19:36] <Craig> +com+ roger, don't stick around too long though!
[19:36] <Detro> ::swings the wheel around, punching the gas as they go back downhill::
[19:37] <Thierry> ::Looks to Gabe:: Permission to join the Liberati to treat injuries sir
[19:37] <Savant> It's only a few seconds before a liberati throws open the airlock hatch - now on the top of the truck - and helps out a second. They both help out the third, who struggles with what looks to the world to be a broken foot
[19:37] <Gabriel> Let's get them out of there and into the Spider first, then certainly.
[19:37] <Detro> ::eyes the flow out of the corner of the viewport as he moves the Spider at full speed towards the endangered Liberati::
[19:37] <Savant> A Trio of Wasp drones pop out from the Sand Spider and zip out amongst the rocks, looking for the best cover
[19:38] <Gabriel> ::unstraps and heads for the back, checking the seal on his BDUs and seating his helmet::
[19:38] <Craig> ::gets out in front and starts looking for a way out::
[19:38] <Thierry> ::Does likewise, grabbing his medical rucksack from nearby::
[19:38] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::double-checks:: Captain, you're not going to be able to stop.
[19:39] <Ardelmos> +com+ You have one pass, on the fly. You stop, you're all dead.
[19:39] <Mem> +com+ We're being scanned. Limit your radiation.
[19:39] <Detro> ::mutters:: Someone tell that man to NEVER quote me the odds... ::approaches the Liberati::
[19:39] <Thierry> +Com+ ::As he's sealing up:: Sounds like fun
[19:40] <Gabriel> +com+ Got it. ::thinks hard for five seconds then has a flash of insight, runs to the back, and slams his fist down on the lower release for the camoflauge net, leaving the upper release locked::
[19:40] <Savant> This is no sluggish, cooling lava flow- this is a white-hot clastic flow, splashing and splattering everywhere as it rushes down the valley
[19:40] <Gabriel> +com+ Detro, keep moving but give me a nice close pass on the Bungalow. ::opens the rear hatch hoping to see the Spider dragging its camoflage net like a blanket::
[19:41] <Detro> +com+ Got it ::angles the Spider over to get as close as possible::
[19:41] <Thierry> ::Braces to help pull in the Liberati::
[19:41] <Mem> +com+ Our new heavenly friends are scanning us.
[19:41] <Mem> ::keeps the comm laser on Spider One the best he can::
[19:41] <Detro> ::doesn't have time to respond to Mem, timing this pass just right::
[19:42] <Detro> +com+ We're going to need help finding a new way out of here!
[19:42] <Ardelmos> ::watches the camoflauge netting spill out from the back of the Spider and shakes his head -- even if the Liberati managed to get onto the netting, it was highly unlikely they could either hold onto it at the speed the Spider needed to book it out of there at, or if they did their bodies would be bashed to all hell by the terrain underneath the netting::
[19:42] <Savant> Detro sends the Spider roaring up to the Liberati - they're too far away!
[19:43] <Savant> Liberati> ::Are running, trying to get close enough to make a grab for the net - but not quite close enough!::
[19:43] <Ardelmos> +com+ Call it off, Captain. They're dead already.
[19:43] <Craig> ::using the wasp's feeds he puts together a path for everyone to take out to higher ground and sends it through lascom to the other vehicles::
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::grabs onto the net with one hand and swings himself out onto it::
[19:44] <Detro> +com+ The hell they aren't... ::whips the Spider around into a savage turn, the camo net trailing behind it like a whip::
[19:44] <Thierry> ::Grabs a hold of the net readying to pull it back in::
[19:46] <Savant> The Spider bounces and rocks - it's a low vehicle, or it'd flip over itself. But to smashes poryphorous rock into shrapnel, slams into boulders, and changes its angle just enough for the three Liberati to leap onto the netting - just as the first long tongues of lava start to slip close enough that the edges of the net catch fire
[19:46] <Gabriel> ::hangs onto the net for dear life with one hand, looking for a place to brace his foot, and leaving one arm and leg free, ready to grab anything he can out of certain destruction::
[19:47] <Thierry> ::Starts to pull the captain and the Liberati in::
[19:47] <Craig> ::starts driving up to safety, looking back at the other spider's progress:: come on.....
[19:47] <Mem> ::glances over to see if the other Spider was melting yet, then continues watching for death from above::
[19:47] <Detro> +com+ Go?
[19:47] <Gabriel> +com+ GO!
[19:47] <Thierry> ::Screams back:: We got em...
[19:48] <Detro> ::floors it and prays to his ancestors that the tires hold::
[19:48] <Gabriel> ::reaches back trying to pull Liberati further up the net and toward Thierry::
[19:48] <Detro> +com+ We're going! Someone spot us a way out! ::frantically looks about himself::
[19:48] <Savant> The two of them haul their third - the one with the broken leg, upwards with free hands, so the first thing Gabriel grabs onto is the forearm of a struggling and injured miner. As the Spider drives off, it trails a growing bonfire behind it as long tongues of lava start to lick into the edges of what remains of the net
[19:49] <Craig> +com+ already got one sent to your computer
[19:49] <Ardelmos> ::watches flatly:: And you people say I'm fucking crazy.
[19:49] <Gabriel> +com+ Thierry, get ready to cut the net loose! ::pulls, pushes, throws Liberati toward the Spider if he has to::
[19:49] <Detro> ::punches up Craig's relayed course and gets right on it::
[19:50] <Thierry> ::Pulls out a cutting tool with one hand as he pulls the men aboard with the other:: +Com+ Roger
[19:50] <Detro> ::seconds tick by, the drag of the net not helping their progress out as it snags on rocks::
[19:53] <Savant> The Spider hits a ridge, sending the whole thing bouncing. Either the Liberati's hand or Tynes' slips - it's impossible to tell in the roaring chaos - but the injured man stumbles back, his feet catching int he net just enough to tip him backwards and out onto the fiery plains
[19:54] <Thierry> ::Grabs for the captains hand in desperation::
[19:54] * Detro swings the wheel hard left to catch up to where the flow actually got broken -- slightly -- by the bungalow
[19:57] <Detro> +com+ That net's slowing us down, gotta dump it or we're toast!
[19:57] <Savant> Gabriel's out a half second later behind the Liberati man, ass-over-teakettle and into the burning mesh of the net
[19:58] <Gabriel> +com+ Thierry, cut the net loose, now! ::pushes the Liberati into the Spider, then pulls his vibroblade from his thigh-sheath::
[19:58] <Ardelmos> Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit.
[19:58] <Gabriel> ::slams the knife into the rear quarter-panel of the Spider::
[19:58] <Thierry> ::Nods and cuts as he still tries to pull Gabe in
[19:59] <Mem> ::can't see anything from his console, but glances up at Roland::
[20:00] <Savant> The two Liberati scramble in just as the net is cut free - it lasts longer as a retinal afterimage than it does an actual object
[20:01] <Savant> Molten basalt splashes up at the back of the Spider as it races downwards. There's no "turn-off" into the rough, so getting out of the lava's path is getting increasingly difficult.
[20:01] <Detro> ::curses as he stays ahead of it... the net dropping free is a help though::
[20:01] <Thierry> ::Reaches to pull in the captain while he's still rather cool::
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::hangs on to the knife with one hand, and grabs the bumper with the other::
[20:03] <Thierry> Grab my hand sir!
[20:03] <Detro> C'mon, c'mon... ::urges the Spider's engines on::
[20:04] <Gabriel> ::hangs on, not willing to risk his grip until they're on safer ground, slowed down a bit, or both::
[20:04] <Craig> ::pulls over and allows the other vehicles to pass, watching spider 1 barely ahead of the lava flow::
[20:04] <Savant> Everyone on the Spider can feel a horrible THUMP coming from the rear left quarter. Gabriel can feel an incredible heat on his back, and an agonizing pain on a few spots on his calves.
[20:04] <Mem> ::feels this and calls up to Craig:: Stay ready to move.
[20:04] <Thierry> Now!
[20:05] <Detro> Ai Yah Tien Ah!
[20:06] <Savant> Detro spots the worst. There's a ridge, two meters high, blocking his path uphill.
[20:07] <Detro> +com+ What kind of route out of here is THIS?!?
[20:08] <Detro> ::spots the switchback to the left... it goes up, but TOWARDS the magma... but it's their only hope:: +com+ HOLD ON! ::fishtails the Spider around the sharp bend::
[20:09] <Savant> ... and the churning river of fire courses down the valley. Spider One is rushing merrily upstream on the bank of the flow, gaining distance rapidly now that it's going uphill.
[20:09] <Ardelmos> ::slowly lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding:: +com+ People aren't allowed to call me insane anymore.
[20:10] <Detro> ::sighs in relief::
[20:11] <Thierry> ::stays in position to help Gabe:: +Com+ Slow down when you can Detro, I think the captain would rather be inside the truck
[20:11] <Mem> +com+ Detro, take cover as soon as you can. We still have eyes up above.
[20:11] <Detro> ::makes sure they're clear of any rising flow and slows down to less suicidal speeds:: +com+ Are we clear?
[20:11] <Detro> +com+ If he's outside, ask him if we lost a tire.
[20:11] <Thierry> +Com+ I'll ask when he gets in
[20:11] <Detro> ::looks for appropriate cover::
[20:11] <Gabriel> ::out of breath:: +com+ People, yes. Me, maybe not. And yeah, we lost a tire, and yeah, for Prophet's sake, stop a second!
[20:12] <Savant> At this point everyone realizes that things are being said over the radio. The Liberati had been practically screaming for the Talons to get out of there, and are now cheering and celebrating. You can hear the noise in their cramped confines of their bungalows.
[20:12] <Knight> ::thinks stopping would be bad::
[20:12] <Thierry> ::Reaches out for Gabe::
[20:12] <Detro> +com+ Cover first. ::spots one and pulls in::
[20:12] <Mem> ::aims the laser at the bungalows:: +com+ [H] Minimum radiation, please. Find cover.
[20:13] <Detro> +com+ I'm on it, I'm on it. YOU try draging your CO out the back of your APC and finding cover at the same time, geesh. ::still says this with a bit of humor as they finally stop::
[20:13] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Has been telling the Liberati to shut up the entire time:: +com+ [H] Move it, come on! The Keffs are still out here!
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::accepts Thierry's help, leaving the knife where it is, and wincing as he is dragged into the APC::
[20:14] <Gabriel> +com+ Thierry, close the hatch. Detro, I'm in. Dorchester's right. Let's get moving.
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::grins weakly at the new new passengers and makes a "welcome aboard" gesture::
[20:14] <Savant> Liberati> ::Hugs Gabriel and Thierry in a big bear hug - silent, as he's got his helmet on, but they can feel the vibration of laughter or talking through the suits::
[20:14] <Detro> +com+ On it. ::gets on the move again, getting out from cover and heading off to catch up with everyone else::
[20:14] <Thierry> ::Pulls Gabe into the back of the Spider and then closes the hatch:: One step ahead of you sir
[20:15] <Craig> ::gets S2 moving again back to combat speed::
[20:15] <Gabriel> ::accepts the hug painfully, then:: +com+ [H] Got a knife? If so, cut me out of this thing. ::feels like the BDUs are burned into his skin::
[20:15] <Mem> Find a shady spot.
[20:15] <Mem> ::to Craig, then returns his attention to the skies::
[20:15] <Thierry> ::Grabs his knife and starts doing as gabe suggested::
[20:16] <Thierry> ::Once the BDU is cut loose, pulls a medkit out of the rucksack to start working on gabes leg::
[20:17] <Detro> ::winces at the sound of the tire on their Spider::
[20:19] <Gabriel> ::fits a place to lie down, trying not to put weight on his shoulder, his legs, or any other part of his body, gasping as his back hits the cold floor of the Spider:: I'm in a little bit of pain here...
[20:19] <Gabriel> ::passes out::
[20:19] <Craig> ::nods to mem and starts looking::
[20:20] <Mem> +com+ OK. I don't think it's scanning us. It is watching the eruption very closely, though.
[20:20] <Ardelmos> ::pulls up a more up-to-date topographical map with a heat bloom overlay, and finds another good spot:: Put us here; make sure the convoy comes in with us.
[20:20] <Thierry> ::Pulls out a painkiller syringe as Gabe passes out but gives it to him anyway::
[20:20] <Savant> In the back windows and cameras of the convoy, the volcano is starting to erupt - spitting gobs of rock up into the sky. For once in a very rare while, Caprice has clouds. The skies are filling with ash and smoke.
[20:21] <Gabriel> ::comes to briefly, looks around with unfocused eyes, then passes out again::
[20:21] <Craig> ::looks at where roland's pointing and nods, changing course and relaying the coords to the others::
[20:21] <Detro> ::looks at the aft view briefly:: +com+ Looks like Caprice is giving us some natural cover...
[20:21] <Thierry> ::To the Liberati::[H] Either of you able to help me with him?
[20:21] <Mem> +com+ [H] Dorchester, we may have some cover here with this activity. Let me know if the smoke drifts anywhere useful.
[20:21] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ I htink we should mnove while we have the ash oerhead. They won't be able to see a thing.
[20:22] <Thierry> ::Starts carefully peeling the BDU pants off of his CO::
[20:22] <Detro> +com+ Agreed. ::not hearing Tynes say anything, frowns:: Thierry, how's the captain?
[20:22] <Mem> +com+ Spider One, report.
[20:22] <Knight> ::Thinking this has turned out badly::
[20:23] <Thierry> +Com+ Captain's alive. He'll need some skin grafts and some new pants but he'll recover
[20:23] <Savant> Liberati> ::raises his hand and takes off his helmet - he looks about 20 cycles old, and is sweating under a skullcap:: I know burns. Burn cream?
[20:23] <Mem> +com+ Is he awake?
[20:23] <Thierry> +Com+ No, and I'm not going to wake him for this
[20:23] <Thierry> ::C
[20:24] <Detro> ::grunts... as this means he's now senior in their Spider::
[20:24] <Detro> ::thus, he has to chime in:: +com+ Mechanically, we're limping a bit. Captain says we lost a tire, but it sounds like we lost it and a bit more. We're going to have to stop and do something about that soon.
[20:24] <Mem> +com+ That's fine.
[20:24] <Savant> Liberati> ::goes to the medical kit once it's pointed out, and digs about for burn cream. That done, he begins to pull off his heavy work gloves and pull on thin medical ones::
[20:24] <Thierry> ::Nods to the Liberati:: Yeah, orange and blue packet on the right
[20:24] <Detro> +com+ I'd say we're also down our camo netting as well.
[20:24] <Savant> Liberati> I thank.
[20:25] <Mem> +com+ Doc, is the captain stable? Can you guys keep moving?
[20:25] <Thierry> +Com+ Once we change the tire, yeah.
[20:25] <Mem> +com+ No time.
[20:25] <Detro> +com+ I think we can keep going, but we're going to need Pathfinder for the repairs. ::Frowns:: Mem, is it possible Pathfinder is in danger from this eruptiontoo?
[20:26] <Mem> +com+ I don't know where Pathfinder is. ::holds his head, though his helmet is in the way::
[20:26] <Thierry> +Com+ Acknowledged ::Starts working on Gabes boots and once they're off starts helping apply the cream::
[20:27] <Detro> +com+ ::just to state the obvious:: So... what are your orders sir?
[20:27] <Mem> +com+ Detro, if you can keep up with the convoy, we need to get out of here while we can.
[20:27] <Ardelmos> +com+ We're not going to be able to contact Pathfinder until this ash clears. I can't bounce a signal off a satellite if I can't see it.
[20:27] <Detro> +com+ I think that shouldn't be too big a problem. Those bungalos were easy to keep up with before.
[20:27] <Thierry> ::Murmers:: Thank the prophet we're all alive
[20:27] <Mem> +com+ All right. Let's go. [H] Dorchester, lead us out of here.
[20:27] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:28] <Savant> nice ending line, Mem.
[20:28] <Thierry> Hey! I tried Very Happy
[20:28] <Savant> a good second-to-ending line Wink
[20:28] <Gabriel> Well, that was simultaneously fun and annoying. Wink
[20:28] <Savant> heh heh
[20:28] <Detro> ::grins::
[20:28] <Mem> lo.
[20:28] <Mem> lol
[20:28] <Craig> lol
[20:28] <Savant> comments and critiques?
[20:28] <Detro> It's about time someone ELSE just about died in this game. ;D
[20:28] <Mem> near-death is always fun.
[20:28] <Thierry> I'd like to say now, GP for Gabe. Anyone want to second?
[20:28] <Craig> seconded
[20:28] <Detro> I would, but he never uses them Wink
[20:28] <Mem> this was as intense as they get. Like when we were breaking out of the CEF torture rooms.
[20:29] <Detro> ::grins:: As action-packed as they can get.
[20:29] <Savant> i think so. Tynes hanging fromn the back of a Sand Spider, bouncing down a valley being chased by lava? That's a memory of this game that will endure a long, long time Wink
[20:29] <Savant> Genre Point for Gabriel.
[20:29] <Detro> heheheh
[20:29] <Gabriel> Heh.
[20:29] <Thierry> I will point out he did beat Theirry out the back
[20:29] <Gabriel> Those two Liberati better invent the longer-lasting light bulb or something. Wink
[20:30] <Detro> You know what the amusing thing is? Knight didn't get hurt for once in an action game. ;D
[20:30] <Savant> they will grow up to be the leaders of the resistance, and overthrow the CEF
[20:30] <Thierry> At least they give good hugs
[20:30] <Savant> until time travelling robots from the future come to kill them.. oh, wait, that's been done.
[20:30] <Ardelmos> See now, next time Roland sees there being a knife's-edge chance of something actually working, he's just gonna say it won't work rather than giving you the chance to do something stupid. Wink
[20:30] <Detro> Until Juno comes back in a time-travelling gear and tells them their kid is gonna get arrested and set off a chain of events that ruins their clan... no, that's been done too.
[20:31] <Savant> any questions about the game? I think that next game will be at the Liberati meeting.
[20:31] <Detro> ::grins at Roland::
[20:31] <Thierry> Nope, seems pretty straight forward to me
[20:31] <Gabriel> None here. And yeah, I think you got your avalanche. Razz Wink
[20:31] <Craig> now we better not see another for a LOOOOOOONG time:)
[20:32] <Detro> I've got questions. What am I getting to offset three wasted ED tonight? ;D
[20:32] <Savant> i was going to make it a superheated pyroclastic flow, but that'd just kill you. So, nah.
[20:32] <Gabriel> 3? Or 2?
[20:32] <Gabriel> I only saw 2 wasted.
[20:32] <Detro> All three.
[20:32] <Gabriel> You get to keep the first.
[20:32] <Detro> I rolled an ED into Piloting/Ground ont he 23rd.
[20:32] <Gabriel> So?
[20:32] <Detro> And then 3 tonight.
[20:32] <Mem> Detro and Thierry were accomplices. They should get a half genre point or something. Wink
[20:32] <Detro> Hmm. Right. n/m.
[20:32] <Savant> well, let's get you some more then. Who wants ED?
[20:33] <Ardelmos> Please
[20:33] <Detro> Can I get mine with Ovaltine?
[20:33] <Savant> sure
[20:33] <Gabriel> Farrell and I, certainly, since we have negative XP so far tonight. Wink
[20:33] <Detro> Heh, but well spent ones in my case Wink
[20:33] <Thierry> I burned 2
[20:33] <Savant> 1 for the money, 2 for the show. Three is for teamwork. Give me some.
[20:33] <Thierry> Uh...I don't know...
[20:33] <Detro> LOL. Do we REALLY have to answer? ;D
[20:33] <Savant> yeah, i want to hear it Wink
[20:34] <Craig> we gave you a nailbiting show:)
[20:34] <Gabriel> I'm not saying a word. Someone else gets to tell the tale. Wink
[20:34] <Savant> i wasn't worried. Were you? I thought it was pretty easy Wink
[20:34] <Detro> Detro managed to pull off an incredible feat of ground vehicle piloting that allowed Tynes and Trembles to make their own miraculous rescue.
[20:34] <Thierry> That works Smile
[20:34] <Mem> lol. Detro-centric, I love it. Wink
[20:34] <Detro> Then as they were doing that, the others were watching their backs, plotting their escape route, etc.
[20:34] <Thierry> And the PuppyDrone Smile
[20:35] <Gabriel> ::saves that line and plans to throw it in Savant's teeth at some future point:: Wink
[20:35] <Savant> please do Wink
[20:35] <Knight> lol
[20:35] <Detro> And in turn, they didn't abandon the Liberati, so even if we'd have died, they still would have been able to continue with the mission
[20:35] <Knight> lava running sucks
[20:35] <Craig> we left the game with the same amount of people that we started with, though would have been nice to leave with all the vehicles too but what can you do?Wink
[20:35] <Detro> I'd say the whole team had a hand in tonight's rescue, even if they weren't physically risking their lives to do it. Smile
[20:36] <Savant> one of the Liberati died
[20:36] <Thierry> And Roland played the...voice of reason...
[20:36] <Savant> creepy. He's doing that more and more
[20:36] <Detro> Better than all three.
[20:36] <Mem> rofl
[20:36] <Craig> oh? i thought we got all 3 out of that bungalow?
[20:36] <Mem> Roland was the soothing voice that guided everyone to safety.
[20:36] <Mem> "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit."
[20:36] <Detro> It'll certainly impress the Liberati with us, which can only help us at the meeting.
[20:36] <Gabriel> Nope. One guy died.
[20:36] <Craig> doh
[20:36] <Savant> anything more?
[20:36] <Thierry> Broken foot dude is now toasty warm...
[20:37] <Detro> No, I think that just about covers the team work Smile
[20:37] <Savant> heh
[20:37] * Thierry is recalling scenes from Volcano
[20:37] <Gabriel> Completely outside of the rescue, I really liked everyone pulling together to work on the launch and what came of it.
[20:37] <Savant> one point for teamwork. another point for very good teamwork with regards to multiple threds at once.
[20:37] <Gabriel> But that was a lot more subtle.
[20:37] <Savant> that's four. five is for storyline. Anyone?
[20:37] <Savant> yeah, i liked that a lot
[20:37] <Craig> the launch, we got a new eye on us now
[20:38] <Thierry> Um...we learned that Hell really is on Caprice...
[20:38] <Detro> Storyline... we've certainly cemented our relations with the Van Saar.
[20:38] <Savant> nah, hell is Botany Bay. This is candy-land by comparison Wink
[20:38] <Gabriel> The CEF have a new toy, and even Gabriel who's reasonably familiar with CEF stuff didn't recognize the profile. They're also launching stuff specifically to look for us, apparently, so they're kinda annoyed at us. Wink
[20:38] <Detro> And that the CEF either knew about the eruption ahead of time and wanted to monitor it for some reason, or that they had a weapon that CAUSED the eruption.
[20:38] <Gabriel> Huh.
[20:38] <Mem> it was Caprician, so probably the corpserfs?
[20:38] <Gabriel> That's... an interesting idea.
[20:38] <Detro> What, that it's a weapon?
[20:38] <Gabriel> Paranoid as hell, but interesting.
[20:38] <Gabriel> Yeah.
[20:39] <Thierry> That would be Thierry's job Very Happy
[20:39] <Ardelmos> The CEF might just be relying on Caprician stuff because it's better for certain tasks.
[20:39] <Detro> ::shrugs:: We took out their "kill everyone on the planet" disease last time we were here. Makes sense they'd have come up with another one.
[20:39] <Gabriel> I don't remember us picking up anything before the eruption, though, other than a normal sensor pass.
[20:39] <Mem> The eruption gives us great cover for escape from the region, though. So if they did intentionally cause it, it didn't really work out well for them.
[20:39] <LrdVampyre> i think you've been smoking a bit much if you think the eruption was set off by the CEF...
[20:39] <Ardelmos> That, or they might be doing this on real short notice and the Caprician tech was all they could scrounge.
[20:39] <Savant> "You will send to my secret Hakkar bank account the sum of one MEEEELLion dollars, or I will.. make all the volcanoes in the world erupt at once.... muah.. muhah... muah huah huah.. MUAH HUAH HUAH HAUUUGH"
[20:39] <Mem> lol
[20:39] <Knight> lol
[20:39] <Craig> lol
[20:39] <Mem> Yeah. I'm gonna vote that one "Busted" Wink
[20:40] <Detro> ::Shrugs:: It could also be a move by a corporation to try to use the volcano to bring minerals to the surface
[20:40] <Thierry> ::Does an evil pinky smirk::
[20:40] <Gabriel> Eh, it's not that far outside the realm of possibility. The CEF are masters of particle ans laser weapons. Burn through enough of the crust, you could make an already unstable area erupt on cue.
[20:40] <Gabriel> But I think we would have noticed the shot.
[20:40] <Thierry> Or it could be compltely natural
[20:40] <Mem> Yeah.
[20:40] <LrdVampyre> ...
[20:40] <Mem> The rocket was the first thing Mem saw in the sky.
[20:40] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Doesn't have to be an orbital shot. Could have been a laser placed underground
[20:40] <Mem> ... moving on. Wink
[20:40] <Savant> i'm aiting for something big for the point on this one. Not so much the events you saw, but the likely implications of them.
[20:40] <Detro> Kind of a waste to do that, but yes, moving on.
[20:41] <Detro> The obvious implication is that we are totally cut off from Pathfinder no matter what now.
[20:41] <Thierry> ?
[20:41] <Gabriel> We don't know enough about the thing to judge implications. We know nothing about its capabilities. Just its orbit.
[20:41] <Craig> well the implication of the new satellite would be they're tightening their watch on caprice
[20:41] <Mem> There's something implied tonight?
[20:42] <Detro> We'd have to detour around the volcano to go back, and the atmo muck means we can't communicate with them
[20:42] <Mem> Maybe that the corpserfs can launch things into orbit very quickly?
[20:42] <Gabriel> ::nods:: What Craig said. They're increasing the number of Arclights. They're making geosync Arclights.
[20:42] <Ardelmos> We're not going to be able to move freely or engage in much in the way of large-scale attacks.
[20:42] <Detro> ::nodnods::
[20:42] <Thierry> But yeah, we know we got thier attention enough that they are willing to send up rockets
[20:42] <Gabriel> But I think we would have recognized an Arclight or something like it.
[20:42] <Ardelmos> Whenever stuff starts blowing up, they're gonna come down hard and fast.
[20:42] <Mem> Is Arclight CEF or Caprician?
[20:42] <Ardelmos> Caprician
[20:42] <Gabriel> CEF.
[20:42] <Mem> ^_^
[20:42] <Thierry> We just have to make sure not to be there when they get there
[20:42] <Gabriel> The Caprician stations were taken down and replaced.
[20:42] <Ardelmos> Ah
[20:43] <Detro> Given some of the uber-tech we've seen, could the CEF have miniaturized the Arclights?
[20:43] <Gabriel> The current stations are CEF, but are still called ARclight.
[20:43] <Savant> all this is good enough conjecture. I'll give it to you. That's five.
[20:43] <Gabriel> The current stations are CEF, but are still called ARclight.
[20:43] <Mem> This thing was Caprician-launched and Caprician in design. So I'm guessing it isn't Arclight specifically. Maybe a corporate version of it?
[20:43] <Gabriel> ie, they're already miniaturized.
[20:43] <Gabriel> It's nothing to panic about. It's not like they had it up in an hour. It took them all day.
[20:43] <Mem> Mem can learn more if he connects to a network.
[20:43] <Gabriel> That's worrisome, sure, but not panic-inducing.
[20:43] <Mem> About launch schedules and stuff.
[20:43] <Detro> ::shrugs:: At this point, if the CEF has gotten any other colonies under their belt, "It's Caprician" means nothing but "They built it on Caprice, but it can use other tech."
[20:44] <Savant> The bonus question tonight will be about character development, from tonights game. I think there was a reat deal of character development and portrayal tonight. Tell me one way you think your character either changed or displayed his character, and one thing about one of the other characters' as well.
[20:44] <Savant> great deal, even.
[20:44] <Ardelmos> We need to get into the trench. I think our usefulness in the wastes is going to be limited until we can either do something about the orbital monitoring or things cool down.
[20:44] <Detro> :Very Happy: That's easy. Any of my previous characters would have whined about being ordered to turn around to rescue the Liberati. Detro did it on the spot, without any thought to his personal safety.
[20:44] <Thierry> Lets see, we found out that Thierry does actually have some spine and that roland can, at times, not be completely reckless
[20:45] <Mem> That's easy. Gabriel showed that he not only preaches self-sacrifice, but also lives it. As for Mem, I liked his sarcastic "tour guide" dialogue early on, and his subtle disappointment that the captain wasn't conscious to make decisions. I'll explore it more later.
[20:45] <Detro> And even when things looked like they wouldn't worked out, he risked them even more to make it work.
[20:45] <Gabriel> ::shrugs:: Gabriel's still looking out for his men, and has widened the definition to include the Van Saars traveling with him.
[20:45] <Savant> Mem really took charge near the end of the game. I liked to see that.
[20:45] <Ardelmos> Roland I think perhaps recognized what some of his own behaviour may look like to others, while Tynes lost his frickin' mind. Wink
[20:45] <Thierry> Agreed
[20:45] <Gabriel> And Kellerton is now comfortable enough around Ravens to make jokes with them.
[20:45] <Mem> Those wwere easy decisions Wink
[20:45] <Savant> heh heh, awesome
[20:45] <Craig> craig's feeling the tension now, no time for mistakes
[20:45] <Mem> Wait till he has to push buttons. Might be different.
[20:46] <Detro> Lessee, another character... Yeah, Mem stepping up was nice. It was good to see him be willing to step into that role.
[20:46] <Mem> Willing or forced? Wink
[20:46] <Mem> We'll see.
[20:46] <Craig> lol
[20:46] <Detro> ::chuckle:: He made a few decisions. I'd call that willing.
[20:46] <Knight> I liked Detro's protrayl as a man of action, basicaly taking charge and moving out
[20:46] <Mem> Yeah, it's definitely something he wouldn't have done four years ago.
[20:46] <Savant> Gabriel was talking to her in Highlands, which is a nice treat for her. She's got a rather poor grasp of Anglic, you may have noticed.
[20:46] <Detro> If he were forced, he might have hemmed and hawed or tried to get help from others.
[20:47] <Craig> yeah, tyne's dies, mem gets put in charge and his first order is for craig to take charge:)
[20:47] <Savant> Craig took charge today too! nice to see.
[20:47] <Mem> But he does have training for it. He knows he's surrounded by people who are much more veteran than he is.
[20:47] <Thierry> Scary thing is our next best leadership scores after Gabe are Detro and Thierry
[20:47] <Mem> Again, he got the best military education money could buy. That doesn't mean it was relevant. Wink
[20:48] * LrdVampyre has left #bt05
[20:48] <Detro> Uh, not really Thierry. It's not in the DB yet, but Colin's letting me swap out most of my Leadership points to get Social Science/Law
[20:48] <Thierry> Ah...then it would be tied between Thierry and Mem...
[20:48] <Detro> It's much more appropriate for Detro's Peacekeeper background and frankly, if I ever have to use Leadership in the Talons, we're already screwed Wink
[20:49] <Savant> that sounds to me like six points all around. Well done all.
[20:49] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:17] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:17] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:17] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Dissent in Session'
[18:18] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:18] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:18] <Mem> ::attn::
[18:18] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:18] <Savant> good evening and welcome once more to another exciting evening of suspense and intrigue with the Black Talons
[18:18] * Ardelmos has joined #bt05
[18:18] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:18] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:18] <Savant> there are a few clerical duties to which I shall attend before your briefing
[18:18] * Prescot has joined #BT05
[18:18] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
[18:19] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:19] <Savant> firstly, the matter of the game's time
[18:19] <Savant> We shall be moving to Wednsday nights, starting next week, until the end of my course - I suspect this to be sometime in early November.
[18:19] <Savant> so, 8 EST on wednsday, starting next week.
[18:19] <Savant> questions or issues with this?
[18:19] <Craig> nope
[18:19] <Savant> very good
[18:20] <Savant> secondly, the matter of the mandatory log projects - as of right now, the doors are closed. Thatnks to everyone who got them in on time
[18:20] <Savant> I've read all of them, and I'm liking them. I'll do my best to get your rewards up this week.
[18:20] <Thierry> Actually one question, but you might answer it shortly without me asking
[18:20] <Savant> Please consider them canon, as if they had been spoken during the game.
[18:21] <Savant> What's the question?
[18:21] <Mem> Everyone here turned in a log, I think, so grats us. Wink
[18:21] <Thierry> Is the game set before or after the period in the MLPs
[18:21] <Savant> after.
[18:21] * Kt has joined #BT05
[18:21] <Thierry> *Nods*
[18:22] <Savant> thirdly, I may be sliding into home base rather narrowly for the next two months. work is in its busy season.
[18:22] <Detro> I think you'll find us all quite tolerant of that fact Smile
[18:23] <Thierry> Definately as I just saw our stack of work for next week
[18:23] <Savant> so, with all that being said, I think i'm ready to give you a briefling. Welcome to 1945
[18:23] <Savant> Dissent
[18:23] <Savant> 1 Winter 1945 TN, 1200h - Morning
[18:23] <Savant> Sigma Depression, Caprice
[18:23] <Savant> 10 degrees Celcius, 5% humidity, 500 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:23] <Savant> The Talons have made it to the surface of Caprice, and have lucked out - sort of. In their descent the Fury spotted a harried Liberati caravan, which turned out to be the Van Saars themselves.
[18:23] <Savant> After rescuing the Van Saars from a Corporate / Earther attack force, the Talons retreated into the depths of the Sigma Depression,a twisted and barren place that is both inimical to life and difficult to detect anything in. Both of these things were aptly proven by the near-death of several Talons (and the death of one Liberati) from a lava flow, and the launching of a set of spy-satelites from Gomorrah to cover the Depression more thoroughly.
[18:23] <Savant> The sudden pressure from the CEF has done little to break the Liberati resolve to see the Keffs gone from the wirld. In the Depression, right under the noses of the spy satelites, the Liberati have gathered in a great Council and begin to plot their next moves.
[18:23] <Savant> At the same time and in the same place, the Talons have gathered under the office of Commandant Gotah, to do the same.
[18:23] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:23] <Gabriel> ack
[18:23] <Detro> ack
[18:23] * Detro sets mode: +o Ardelmos
[18:23] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:23] <Craig> ack
[18:23] <Thierry> ack
[18:24] <Mem> ack
[18:24] <Savant> i'm ready for questions
[18:25] <Craig> we're still in the tent for this meeting?
[18:25] <Savant> yup. Calling it a tent is a little bit of an understaement though. It's a tent big enough to have buildings in it Wink
[18:25] <Craig> biodome:)
[18:26] <Savant> for those who wish to know, about a half hour has passed since the teaser and the log projects.
[18:26] <Savant> and the tent is underground, in a very large lava tunnel.
[18:26] <Thierry> ::Nods::
[18:26] <Savant> anything else, or shall we get to it?
[18:26] <Thierry> ::Raises
[18:26] <Savant> Thierry?
[18:26] <Thierry> Are we having a rocking new years party?
[18:26] <Detro> Is Dick Clark's android present?
[18:26] <Savant> it's mid morning. Are you having a rocking new years' party? Wink
[18:27] <Ardelmos> On Caprice? o_O
[18:27] <Savant> on Terra Nova. And for convenience it's mid morning here too
[18:27] <Ardelmos> That's my point. Given this is not anywhere near the new year on Caprice, holding a New Years party would be odd. Wink
[18:28] <Savant> that's a good thing to mention though. I've been meaning to make a tool to convert between the various planets' time systems.
[18:28] <Savant> i'll do that and give you caprician dates and times as well.
[18:28] <Savant> anyways. Is that it?
[18:28] <Detro> Yup
[18:28] <Thierry> Yup, lets do dis
[18:28] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:29] <Savant> The convocation has broken up, on the orders of the Amir al Juyush. Broken up into groups to discuss and talk and plan and plot and prepare for another meeting later in the evening, when a decision will be more properly discussed. For now the Liberati mill and mingle about their tent in groups, searching out those they wish to convince of their goals.
[18:30] <Gabriel> ::limps into the main gathering area, still leaning on his cane, keeping his weight off his left foot::
[18:30] <Craig> ::spots gabriel and moves toward him:: need any help sir?
[18:30] <Savant> Captain Gotah is finishing a slow tour of the Liberati groups, just saying hello and exchanging pleasantries. Jane is a constant shadow at his side.
[18:31] <Detro> ::has found a container of some sort to sit on, still contemplating his thoughts on what their next moves should be beyond this point:::
[18:31] <Savant> He was promoted, honestly.
[18:31] <Mem> ::has been catching up on goings-on with a member of the 04 as the crowd disperses::
[18:31] <Birkin> ::exhales softly, figuring everything he had said fell on deaf ears and simply looked around at the Liberati, overeager to go out and die for no good reason::
[18:31] <Ardelmos> ::is still leaning on the tent pole, arms crossed in front of him, chewing his gum quietly::
[18:32] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> And, yeah! That's one *big* station. OH man! It's like a casino in there! I'm telling you, Mem. You'd love it. Lights everywhere.
[18:32] <Thierry> ::Has been largely keeping to himself since talking to Gennady. He was sorta looking for someone, but wasn't really looking::
[18:32] <Mem> Uh huh. ::crosses his arms:: And as loud as one, too?
[18:33] <Detro> ::his eyes wander about, passing over the various colored ribbons and Talon patches::
[18:33] <Gabriel> ::shakes his head with a smile:: No thanks, Master Sergeant. I heard about your conversation with the El-Hayar. Interesting idea.
[18:33] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::Comes to a stop near one side of the tent, beside where three Sand Spiders and a Dark Kodiak are parked. He stands up high and cranes his neck about, looking over the crowd as well as he's able, meeting eyes with the TAlons he comes across as he scans the tent::
[18:34] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Yeah! But not really as chaotic as on a planet, you know? They don't move around as much. Not as safe. But there's this one room, zee gee, in a big cyllinder, lights all up the sides, and slot machines up every side. Im-pressive looking.
[18:35] <Birkin> ::raises an eyebrow as he sees the Commandant and begins to move over towards him, remembering the Commandant's command style::
[18:35] <Thierry> ::Looks up as Gotah mnakes his entrance and nods::
[18:35] <Ardelmos> ::pulls open the snap on his holster and flips it up, deftly pulling out his revolver -- he snaps it to the side to flip out the cylinder, checks the rounds inside then spins it, flicks it back into the gun, and reholsters::
[18:35] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::nods back at Thierry, and at Mem::
[18:35] <Mem> So how many marks did you lose there?
[18:35] <Craig> ::nods:: i was thinking back to your speech about how we dealt with the delays in kodiak production, if we can modify existing models it should help keep us in the game until the el-hayar can get their factories running
[18:36] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::walks with Mem:: Oh, *please.* I wasn't there to gamble.
[18:36] <Detro> ::rather than remain a wallflower, Detro pops off the impromptu seat of his and decides to try his luck mingling in the crowd::
[18:36] <Mem> ::spots Gotah:: Oh shit. ::smirks and changes direction slightly::
[18:36] <Mem> ::to intercept::
[18:37] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::RAises a hand in greeting to Birkin::
[18:37] <Savant> The crowds aren't really - they're more like scattered groups, with individuals and pairs moving between them.
[18:37] <Birkin> Sir. It's been a while. How's the lung and arm treating you these days? ::making motion towards the offending appendages that were nearly blown off the last time they were here together on Caprice::
[18:38] <Thierry> ::Starts slowly making his way towards Gotah while at the same time keeping an eye on gabe to make sure he isn't overdoing it::
[18:38] <Detro> ::looks about for Kellerton, wondering where she's gotten off to::
[18:38] <Mem> ::salutes Gotah as he arrives, a wicked grin on his face the entire time:: Morning, sir.
[18:38] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Is gabbing away at high speed and volume with a cluster of other women of unknown affiliation. They all seem pretty relaxed, though::
[18:38] <Gabriel> Well, for a start, find out what they've got in mind. If it's just stealthed Reubenis, that's one thing. But I would expect something fairly impressive, given the build-up they gave it.
[18:39] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::grins slightly - he obviously misses his former 2IC, but doesn't say much about it:: Mem. Keeping out of trouble?
[18:39] <Thierry> ::Also looks about for Gennady to see what he's up to::
[18:40] <Mem> ::smirks:: Not quite. It's incredibly good to see you.
[18:40] <Detro> ::wanders over towards Kellerton, close enough to perhaps overhear on his way past her to where the Talons seem to be grouping::
[18:41] <Craig> ::nods to gabriel:: they could use something larger, with some more fire power, sure reubenis are fast and stealthed ones can be good, but they don't quite have the punch needed to take down hovertanks
[18:41] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Good to see you too. ::Sips something from a mug - smells like coffee, probably is. He makes a face:: What do you think we should be doing next?
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::nods agreement:: Like I said, let me know what you find out.
[18:42] <Savant> The TAlons, of their own accord and without urging, begin to migrate towards Commandant Gotah. The trend is obvious
[18:43] <Mem> I'd like to grab a sniper and return the favor to Rasuul. Or a nuke.
[18:44] <Mem> Nukes are good. ::glances around::
[18:44] <Detro> ::makes note of pins attached to the ribbons of the Liberati gathered around Kellerton::
[18:44] <Craig> ::nods:: i'll see if i can find another el-hayar member
[18:45] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::Smirks a little bit, taking the reply a little lightly:: Yes, well. Let's make sure she's in the middle of Paladin Lots, first.
[18:45] <Detro> ::glances around and amends his observation -- the pin is on many of those in general::
[18:45] <Thierry> ::Grins and nods to Gotah:: Amen to that sir
[18:45] <Mem> ::shrugs:: Is that where you want to hit?
[18:45] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::gapes at Mem's responce::
[18:45] <Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself as the segregated conversations continue -- he noted Gotah over by the entranceway and the rest of the Talons moving in that direction, but he wasn't quite ready to leave his shadowed retreat::
[18:46] <Mem> ::looks at Juno:: What's the matter, Sunshine, I can't blow up an evil person?
[18:46] <Birkin> ::spies Juno for a moment:: You're gonna catch bugs in that caping maw of yours Juno.
[18:46] <Birkin> *gaping
[18:46] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Yes, but hitting it with a nuke could very easily collapse a quarter of the city.
[18:46] <Detro> ::listens for a bit to the conversations going on near Kellerton... he knows he shouldn't stay long, not only to avoid looking suspicious, but to avoid the wrath of the Talons as well::
[18:47] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> You can't set of a nuke to kill one person! I mean jees, I know that we're known for going above and beyond the call of duty but.. propthet!
[18:47] <Gabriel> ::makes his way over to his CO::
[18:47] <Mem> ::scrunches his nose up:: I'm just joking. It was *my* city that got bombed after all.
[18:47] <Thierry> Well, I think we brought the gift the keffs left us in Shessu back. Sounds like a good place to return it if you ask me
[18:47] <Mem> ::glances at Birkin after saying this, almost ready to say something about Southies, but does not::
[18:48] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::makes a face:: I never know whether I should take you guys seriously. But a sniper, yeah, that's much better. Put another one of her eyes out!
[18:48] <Detro> ::gets the drift of what's being said and hides his smile behind his hand, walking off. Nothing to really gain from THAT discussion...::
[18:48] <Detro> ::...but he does make a note of those in the group for... later.::
[18:48] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::pauses, and looks at Birkin:: There aren't any bugs down here!
[18:48] <Mem> ::nods at Juno:: I'm gonna find out where she takes her quiet walks at night, where she has meetings... gonna dig it all up, and be ready when she slips up.
[18:49] <Savant> Before too long Craig can spot one of the el-Hayar. Rather, a group of them. They aren't really mingling much, though some of the other Liberati are coming to them.
[18:49] <Detro> ::finally reaches the gathering of Talons::
[18:49] <Gabriel> ::approaches Gotah, brings his cane even with his left leg, then salutes:: Commandant.
[18:49] <Birkin> ::shakes his head:: Right anyways.
[18:50] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::nods at Detro, and at Gabriel and the others. He comments to Tynes:: How are you feeling?
[18:50] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::now that everyone is there, THEN he salutes. Instead of having to do so two dozen times::
[18:50] <Detro> ::nods back at Gotah in acknowledgement, closing a bit with others of BT05 he spots::
[18:50] <Ardelmos> ::grunts to himself and pushes off from the tent pole, dropping his arms to his side as he moves towards the gathering of BT05 members::
[18:51] <Gabriel> ::chuckles:: Nothing a couple of days in a clinic in Franklin Harbor, followed by a week of my wife's cooking couldn't cure, sir.
[18:51] <Thierry> ::Snaps too and returns Gotah's salute::
[18:52] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::grins:: We'll get you there on the next Maglev out. Is everyone adjusted to Caprice? This is the first time out for - well, some of you. ::The last address is to everyone::
[18:52] <Thierry> Getting there sir and don't worry, I'll keep Gabriel together
[18:52] <Gabriel> We've hardly been on Caprice long enough to know what's what, sir.
[18:52] <Detro> :Smile: Adjusted to everything except the Arclight stations that want to play 'Dodge the Laser'...
[18:53] <Savant> The group is a lot smaller than everyone was hoping when leaving Terra Nova. Talon 09 didn't make it, except for Knight and Detro, and of course the Commandant and JAne. Talon 07, having been on Caprice earlier, is nowhere to be found.
[18:53] <Craig> ::moves over to the group, clears his throat a bit and addresses them in highlands:: [H] excuse me, would it be any trouble to ask a few questions about the factories you're building?
[18:53] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> So long as you've remembered which way is up and which way is down, the rest will come.
[18:53] <Ardelmos> ::grunts:: The noose is tighter this time 'round.
[18:54] <Savant> Craig gets his way into a heated conversation - an argument - between two unknown Liberati and the El-Hayar. The two Liberati seem very upset by the Talons' intrusion, but the more impassive El-Hayar simply raise a hand to the two and turn to Craig
[18:54] <Savant> Nio Hattenai> [H] Speak, ally.
[18:56] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::nods at Roland:: I haven't managed to get into contact with 07. They were supposed to be out of the trench by now, but they must still be in. I'll be talking with a muttawah later today about it.
[18:57] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> It's beena little rough getting here, but we've always known that the CEF would eventually tighten their noose. We're here to keep it as loose as possible, so that more can get in. I'm told there are another twenty Talons ready to go or halfway through training by now.
[18:57] <Mem> ::glances around:: Should we even be here? I don't exactly feel safe being in the same place as the leaders of both the Talons and the Jund in one place.
[18:57] <Craig> ::notes the tension with the unknown liberati:: [H]did i interupt anything important?
[18:57] <Thierry> If the Keffs knew about this they would have moved by now
[18:57] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> That leaves us the issue of keeping the CEF's eyes here, on us. ::Shrugs at Mem:: We have to be a part of this.
[18:58] <Detro> ::does the math and is glad he spoke up earlier::
[18:58] <Ardelmos> ::arches an eyebrow:: Twenty? ::snorts:: We're having trouble keeping just the handful of talons we have here under wraps.
[18:58] <Savant> Nio Hattenai> [H] It's no bother, raven. You're far more polite. Speak.
[18:59] <Mem> I need to show the Liberati how to do a conference call.
[18:59] <Gabriel> ::frowns:: We're going to see natural selection at work with that many groups on the planet.
[19:00] <Ardelmos> S'what I said.
[19:00] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> This is their tradition, and yes, Roland. I know. That'll be their business. As we continue to put pressure ont he CEF, there will be more and more pressure put on us too. We can only do as much as we can.
[19:00] <Detro> ::shakes head:: It also means the CEF is going to have plenty of places to look, that a few teams should naturally drop off their radar.
[19:00] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> A full half of those teams are slated to travel to Atlantis, Utopia, and New Jerusalem, though. They won't all be staying.
[19:01] <Thierry> So we're finally taking the fight to the oter colonies?
[19:01] <Detro> ...and that should be quite far off the radar as far as the CEF is concerned about the Black Talons. ::Grins::
[19:01] <Birkin> A real planet mission?
[19:01] <Birkin> ::looks around with a "why the fuck are we here" look::
[19:01] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::Smirks:: Caprice isn't a planet? Yes. Though, those teams will be here until they can transit across. I'm told that the gate to Atlantis is a fortress.
[19:02] <Mem> That sounds fun. Are they all new teams, though? Do any of them have any idea what they're getting themselves into?
[19:02] <Thierry> Let me guess, we're going to help crack that egg?
[19:03] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> They've spent the last two seasons hunting earth infiltration teams on Terra Nova. So, no, they haven't a clue. We'll help as best we're able. Tynes, your team has encountered a little bit of Utopian influence. I'd like to put that on your table.
[19:03] <Gabriel> ::smirks a bit as the team pretty much waylays the Commandant::
[19:03] <Ardelmos> ::winces slightly:: You shouldn't be lettin' this slip, boss. Need-to-know and alll that shit.
[19:03] <Craig> ::looks over the other liberati a moment before speaking:: [H] well, i'm curious about the types of weapons and vehicles your people plan on producing in your factories, i assume you'll be producing more of your stealth reubenis, but is that all right now?
[19:04] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::Seems utterly at ease with the dozen voices talking to him at once:: As a secondary concern, of course. As you're able to.
[19:04] <Gabriel> I hope you don't mean immediately, Commandant. We've only just begun what we want to accomplish here. But yes, I've been reading up on what little information there is on Utopia.
[19:04] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Of course. ::glances at Roland and shrugs, pulling an active white noise generator from his pocket a moment::
[19:05] <Ardelmos> ::harrumphs:: I'm not worried about eavesdroppers. ::glances over his shoulder at Craig in the distance::
[19:05] <Detro> ::spots Juno in the crowed and catches her eye, winking at her::
[19:06] <Savant> Arkadmont Darrik> ::nods slowly:: [h] Equipment to help us hide, and to help is defeat their tanks. We are working on a missile delivery system that can be mounted on the reubenis. Also, personal equipment, and equipment to keep an army afield. We are stockpiling volatiles and nutrient bases.
[19:07] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::grins at Roland when he glances out across the tent to Craig:: I think the plan's okay. So. What are your objectives over the next Season?
[19:08] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Gives Detro a broad grin::
[19:08] <Ardelmos> Trench. Kill some very bad people. Get in good with some corps.
[19:08] <Thierry> ::Was about to say something but closes his mouth as he has little to add::
[19:09] <Craig> ::nods back, missile systems sounded good but still relying on the reubenis:: [H] what about something like our gears? or the keffs frames?
[19:09] <Mem> ::turns away from Gotah to give the captain time to talk to his CO, and smirks at Juno:: So you guys get any noobs like we did? Who all are you running with now?
[19:09] <Detro> ::nods at Roland:: The key accomplishment being building up more of a resistance against the CEF in the Trench.
[19:09] <Gabriel> ::chuckles:: Senior Sergeant Ardelmos speaks informally, but he's essentially got it, Commandant.
[19:10] <Savant> Nio Hattenai> ::shrugs:: [H] We have no plans for them, and our designers have no time to make something so complex.
[19:10] <Gabriel> We also have a few of the CEF bombs those infiltrators tried to set in the Badlands. I want to return them to their rightful owners, if we can.
[19:10] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Philanthropic. Have you put any mind towards targets? We are going to have to be *very* careful about who we target.
[19:11] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> I like the idea of hitting Venarow, but on top of their contracts for the CEF's rations, they're also the biggest food supplier for the city.
[19:11] <Gabriel> Paladin Lots appeals to me, Commandant. Wouldn't do to make a dramatic statement in the air without making one on the ground, too.
[19:12] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Mm. ::nods, glances at Mem, and Roland, and Birkin:: It's a good idea, but entry could be a problem.
[19:13] <Thierry> ::Takes a deep breath and says reluctantly:: Sirs, we have to do something to help the Maribold clan.
[19:13] <Gabriel> Indeed. We've got a season or so of sniffing around that will need to be done, first.
[19:13] <Detro> ::quietly listens to the conversation... he'd love to bring up Gallot Caprice, but hasn't figured out a way they could support them against their Earth counterparts that wouldn't just flush the CEF with combat equipment::
[19:14] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> The Maribolds should be helped if we at all can, yes. We'll need at least one team to try to shut down their "re-education facility"
[19:14] <Detro> Tough nut to crack. They're going to expect an attack.
[19:14] <Craig> ::nods again, gears and frames are alot more complex than reubenis:: [H] if my captain allowed it, we could give you some assistance, lend you one of our missile systems or something if it'd help
[19:15] <Thierry> ::Nods:: But one we need to crack Detro.
[19:15] <Detro> Couldn't agree more.
[19:15] <Thierry> We can try and find out what happened to the 7th while we're in there
[19:16] <Detro> In where? Aren't they being held at the main spaceport outside the Trench?
[19:18] <Ardelmos> ::arches an eyebrow:: Say what?
[19:18] <Savant> Nio Hattenai> [H] Any help Terra Nova provides, we accept with good grace. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
[19:18] <Ardelmos> How the fuck do you know that?
[19:19] <Thierry> I thought that one we ran into said they were in Gomorrah
[19:19] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Or lived in the area. Was a little more concerned with getting ready to fight off those corpserfs when it was mentioned.
[19:20] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Ugh. Vega's on the other side of the trench. We'd ahve to go around or across.
[19:21] <Thierry> Ah, sorry, still learning caprician geography
[19:21] <Savant> Ranger Minerva Jane> ::Rather quietly:: I think we should knock out the spaceport.
[19:21] <Detro> Sure, but doesn't the water for everyone on this dust ball come through that spaceport?
[19:22] <Mem> ::returns to the conversation:: I'll take Rasuul's head on a plate. Whatever we do up to that point is fine, though.
[19:23] <Craig> ::bows slightly::[H] then i shall speak with my captain, it was a pleasure speaking with you...ahh...i don't think i got your name, mine is Jack Craig
[19:23] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> It's also the tightest link between the CEF on the trench and in orbit. They use that spaceport a lot. It's like a mini-Lots.
[19:23] <Gabriel> Is it just used by the CEF, or is it used for civilian purposes as well?
[19:24] <Birkin> What spaceport is this?
[19:24] <Ardelmos> ::glances at Mem, then shrugs:: Put me to within a klick of her. Soup can.
[19:24] <Savant> Nio Hattenai> ::In Anglic:: I am Nio Hattenai, envoy of the el-Hayar. I would like to speak to your well-speaking Captain when the time allows.
[19:24] <Thierry> Rasuul? Old freind of yours?
[19:24] <Mem> ::glances at Roland:: I'll do it. You just be ready.
[19:24] <Detro> ::hrms:: Well, if it reduces the flow of materials to and from planet... question is, how much would the CEF cut back THEIR use of the flow to keep things like water coming in.
[19:25] <Ardelmos> Uh....right.
[19:25] <Savant> Ranger Minerva Jane> ::Shrugs:: I'm pretty sure Hakkar and GAllot move most of the water through their own facilities right in the trench these days. The CEF took over the spaceport pretty much right when they showed up. Civil traffic's barely anything like what it was.
[19:25] <Detro> ::scowls:: Problem is, how do we HIT it with those Arclight Stations just waiting to flash us?
[19:25] <Gabriel> Hrm. Interesting.
[19:25] <Savant> ((That shoud've totally been Juno. Fix that in the log Wink)
[19:26] <Detro> And the other problem is, how do we not kill the Maribold if they're being held in the spaceport proper?
[19:27] <Savant> Captain Ellersley Harris> Arclight's a big problem. We've got to do *something* about it.
[19:27] <Thierry> Perhaps Gennady might know more about where they're being held.
[19:27] <Craig> ::is a bit taken by the sudden switch to anglic, and how fluent this liberati was:: i will let him know Nio Hattenai, thank you ::bows again before turning and heading back to the talon group::
[19:27] <Birkin> What do we know about Arclight? Are those manned satillites or are they computer operated?
[19:28] <Savant> Nio Hattenai> ::returns to his "discussion" with the two angry liberati::
[19:28] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> They're manned. CEF gunners. I bet they treat it as a training ground. Nice easy targets, no movement on the part of the platform.
[19:29] <Ardelmos> There's too many of them to take'm out individually.
[19:29] <Gabriel> ::frowns:: Unfortunately, we can't do anything about Arclight. Even if we could take out all six of them, what's going to do the job of screening Gomorrah and the Highlands from meteorites?
[19:29] <Detro> ::grins:: Why, their ships of course.
[19:30] <Detro> And I think it'd be best for everyone if their ships were here shooting at rocks instead of shooting at our cities.
[19:31] * Birkin has quit IRC (Quit: )
[19:32] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::rubs her chin:: We could toss a sheet of fast moving debris up in their orbits.
[19:32] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> It'd be a big pain in the ass for them, at the very least.
[19:32] <Craig> ::returns to the talon group, coming up near gabriel::
[19:32] <Ardelmos> They'd blast it. S'what they're there for in the first place.
[19:33] <Detro> And right after blasting it, they'd blast whatever was used to put it up there.
[19:33] <Detro> And then blast the launch site.
[19:33] <Gabriel> It strikes me as something that could backfire on us totally. Sooner or later, assuming the CEF are driven from the planet, Caprice is going to need something up there to protect it.
[19:33] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> They don't shoot sideways, Roland. And they can't shoot debris fields very well. A few dozen square kilometers would be a royal nuisance.
[19:34] <Detro> ::glances at Mem:: Don't suppose you have a super-nasty computer virus that could shut down the stations for a few weeks?
[19:34] <Thierry> All we have to do is make sure they keep there guns pointed at rocks, not us.
[19:34] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::shrugs, a little petulant:: *I* think it'd work.
[19:34] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::nods at Craig:: Nice to see you again, Craig.
[19:35] <Mem> ::shrugs:: I haven't checked, though I imagine they have numerous protections against it.
[19:36] <Detro> Ugh. Right. Webbled Kassies.
[19:36] <Detro> ::makes a face::
[19:36] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> I'd like us to do something to keep the CEF's eyes here. Captain Tynes, I'd like you to concentrating on dropping those presents in Paladin Lots. Five weeks give you enough time?
[19:36] <Savant> ((keep concentrating))
[19:36] <Craig> ::listens in for a moment, then nods to gotah:: good to see you too sir
[19:37] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Side task, I want a weekly intel report on the corporations. I want to target whatever large group is making the most money off of the CEF. Let's give them a bit of a penalty for success. Apparently there are some Liberati in the city that can help with that.
[19:37] <Thierry> ::Steps back from the main group a bit finding little more to say::
[19:38] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Tahane, your team is going to focus on the VEga spaceport. Get the Maribold out there, and do what you can to neutralize the CEF activity there. The corporations can expand their own facilities if they feel that Vega's jeaopardized.
[19:38] <Detro> ::frowns:: Sir, about that. I'm wondering if it might be worth finding a way to help Gallot Caprice versus Gallot Earth. Their Earth parents are in pretty tight with the CEF if they got here, so maybe the enemy of my enemy is our friend?
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[19:39] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Hm. I don't know. We'll have to learn what we can about Gallot Caprice first. That's yours, Detro. I imagine your training back in the Mekong has you more than up to the task.
[19:39] * Craig has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[19:39] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[19:40] <Detro> ::nods, bringing up his wrist and putting some notes in his data glove::
[19:41] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Rodrigue, I'm giving you Venarow. The 3rd and 8th are getting their food supplies from Venarow. Let's put the squeeze on that. Also watch for Hakkar. I want to knwo their motiviations. I want a weekly report from you, and your mission will change based on what I hear.
[19:41] <Gabriel> ::smiles slightly, having had his team collectively ordered to do the things he'd planned on doing anyway::
[19:42] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Harris, you're staying out here. Help the Liberati any way that you can. You're their watchdog. Though, for the love of the Buddha, don't tell them that?
[19:42] <Farrell> <Detro> ::makes notes to factor in the impact of Talon ops on Venarow and Hakkar into issues regarding Gallot Caprice::
[19:42] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Anyone have anything to say?
[19:42] <Mem> Happy New Year?
[19:42] <Thierry> ::Looks to Tahane:: Sir, I've spoken with the Maribold representitve here. If you'd like me to introduce you I'd be happy to.
[19:43] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::grins at Mem:: Bless you, Lieutenant.
[19:43] <Ardelmos> ::snaps his gum a couple of times in a token noisemaker gesture::
[19:44] <Craig> ::looks around a moment, probably would hurt to let gotah in:: i've spoken to an el-Hayar representative, Nio Hattenai, about their factories and what they're planning to build with them
[19:44] <Gabriel> Anyone make any comments to you about my little speech, sir?
[19:45] <Savant> Captain Tahane> ::nods seriously at Thierry - Tahane is a woman with, of all things, bright ultramarine blue hair that's done up in pig-tails. She's a knockout:: I'd like that, Corporal.
[19:45] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> There's noids good and bad about that, Captain. You ruffled some scales, no doubt of that. But it looks like you've made them realize the gravity of their situation.
[19:45] <Thierry> ::Returns Tahane's nod:: When the commandant is done with us then
[19:47] <Savant> Captain Tahane> ::nods and turns to look back at Gotah::
[19:48] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> If that's it, then this is a unique opportunity to do intel. You've got new cycle's day off, with light duties assigned at your commanders' discretion. Welcome to Caprice everyone, and good luck.
[19:48] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: Good. They needed a talking to. Don't take this the wrong way, Commandant, but to date, I get the impression the Jund regard their resistance against the CEF as something to have fun with between mining jobs.
[19:48] <Farrell> ::hrms, thinking half-aloud, quietly:: Wonder if any of the Earth corporations might have followed the CEF elsewhere...
[19:49] <Farrell> << <Detro> that>>
[19:49] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::smirks:: Depends on which one you're talking to.
[19:49] <Thierry> ::At the end of Gotah's sentance:: Or your doctor's discretion. Captain, please get off your feet ::Grins::
[19:49] <Thierry> ::Looks to Tahane:: Shall we?
[19:49] <Savant> Talon 11, with Captain Harris, heads off immediately to discuss plans for their missions
[19:49] <Savant> Captain Tahane> Lead the way, Corporal.
[19:50] <Thierry> ::Gestures in the general direction of where he had lunch with Gennady::
[19:51] <Mem> ::glances at GOtah
[19:51] <Savant> Captain Tahane> ::nods at Thierry and follows along, into the Liberati crowds::
[19:51] <Detro> ::makes a note of that as part of his investigation too::
[19:51] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::slouches back against the tire of the Sand Spider behind him, sips his coffee::
[19:52] <Detro> ::glances up at Craig:: Hey Craig -- don't forget to see what you can do about the damage to the Spider.
[19:52] <Savant> The area claimed by the Darrik clan is full of people in loose groups, chatting and egging one another on. The atmosphere is electric::
[19:53] <Thierry> Shouldn't be far mam. I'm pretty sure he'll be pleased to meet you. Not a bad cook either. ::Spots the proper tent and points it out::
[19:53] <Ardelmos> ::turns around and assesses the tent again, clenching and unclenching his fists for a moment as he looks over the various groups -- he noted that if the CEF had managed to infiltrate the Jund at any point, however was likely they were in the crowd::
[19:53] <Gabriel> ::leaves the little cluster of Talons and starts limping through the tent, more or less at random.
[19:53] <Savant> The other Talons disperse a little more slowly, though they do so as groups. They take the Commandant's advice and head out into the crowds::
[19:54] <Savant> Captain Tahane> He seemed like a very fiery person when I saw him.
[19:54] <Craig> ::nods to detro:: will do ::turns and follows gabriel::so the situation with the factory is a little better than we thought, they are going to be mainly focusing on reubenis, however they're working on missile systems they can mount to them, they're also gonna be working on ways to supply men in the field, i imagine med/repair kits, and other support equipment
[19:55] <Mem> ::as people leave, to Gotah:: Should buy you a drink sometime soon, sir. It's been a while.
[19:55] <Detro> ::watches Craig head off, talking about factories -- tech head's dreams he guesses::
[19:56] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::Looks into his cup, empties it:: Yeah. We didn't get a chance to do that in Gomorrah last time.
[19:56] <Thierry> Understandable given his situation I suppose. Ah here we are ::Arrives at the tent and starts looking for Gennady
[19:56] <Detro> ::more or less hangs about, glancing at the Liberati::
[19:57] <Savant> Gennady Darrik> ::Is standing off to one side with a group of several others. They're talking animatedly in highlands::
[19:57] <Gabriel> ::gives the Darrik clanner a friendly nod as he goes by, not wanting to intrude::
[19:58] <Savant> ((bleah, sorry.))
[19:58] <Savant> Gennady Maribold> ::Is standing off to one side with a group of several others. They're talking animatedly in highlands::
[19:58] <Thierry> [H] Gennady, apologies if I'm interrupting but there's someone here you should meet
[19:59] <Savant> ((fixed))
[20:00] <Savant> Gennady Maribold> [H] hm? Oh, raven! Please, help me try to talk some sense into these madmen. Our families are in there!
[20:00] <Mem> ::to Gotah:: How's the arm?
[20:01] <Detro> ::watches the Liberati curiously... the pins had been one differentiating thing, and now this kind of building tension -- one that seemed without a real center -- was another fascinating glimpse into an "alien" culture::
[20:01] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::rolls his shoulder:: oh, well. Feels normal, now. Most of the time. Still a bit heavy from time to time, but I've got most of the feeling back. How'd you take space this time?
[20:02] <Savant> Arkadmont Darrik> [H] Madmen? We're trying to protect your families! Raven, you know as well as we that these KEffs won't stop because of a little sacrifice. They're going to kill us all!
[20:02] <Mem> Space was fine. It was the gravity afterwards that threw me off. Not sure what I did... maybe it was that "peach" CEF ration I ate.
[20:02] <Thierry> [H] In a moment, but I thought I should give you a bit of good news. Our Amir has agreed to help liberate your people. This is Captain Tahane and he's given her the task.
[20:03] <Gabriel> ::nods at Craig, watching a nearby conversation among the Darrik clanners:: That isn't as good as I would have hoped, but not bad, I suppose. Did he say what type of missiles?
[20:03] <Savant> Gennady Maribold> [H] Oh, luck! Tahane, is it? ::takes her hand - she nods at him:: I'll tell you anything you want to know. We just have to get them out again!
[20:04] <Farrell> ::glances about for Kellerton... maybe she can help put him on the lead of Liberati who have had first-hand experience with some of the corps he needs to know about::
[20:04] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::snorts:: I never liked anything of theirs except for the corn snacks. They grow corn here, you know. Venarow does. Wildly popular, but expensive.
[20:05] <Ardelmos> ::laces his hands at the small of his back, frowning -- he begins a walk around the interior of the tent -- passing by the various groups of Jund speaking amongst each other and attempting to piece together who is speaking about what::
[20:05] <Mem> Corn? That's a plant?
[20:06] <Thierry> [H] You're welcome. I said I'd do what I could. As for then... ::Looks to the Darrik:: Sacrifice wouldn't help I agree but you must admit striking too hard too fast would put them at risk. Give the captain some time
[20:06] <Detro> ::spots her... glances over at Gotah and smiles, nodding. He then heads towards Kellerton and Dorchester, who seem to be chatting with some of the Helles Liberati::
[20:07] <Craig> ::shakes head:: just that they believe it would be good against hovertanks, i suggested that we may be able to assist with any of their designs, with your permission of course, and Nio Hattenai has requested to speak with you as well at some point
[20:07] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Yup. Little yellow fruit bunched up on a thick, short stalk. Sweet. I guess they grow a lot on Earth.
[20:08] <Detro> ::approaches Kellerton at an angle so she can see he's coming::
[20:08] <Savant> Gennady Maribold> [H] We *can't* strike hard. We can't gather enough force together to fight them on that level. And evne if we do, there'll be more! We have to come up with another way!
[20:08] <Mem> Huh. I'll see if I can find some in the trench, then.
[20:09] <Gabriel> Very well. Good work, Master Sergeant. May as well have that conversation right now. Nio Hattenai is male or female? ::grins::
[20:09] <Thierry> [H] And if we don't that'll be more that we have to fight on Terra Nova.
[20:10] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> We got some on our last raid, if you want some.
[20:10] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::grins at Detro and waves at him, a small wave, as Dorchester is talking very seriously with the Helles Liberati::
[20:10] <Mem> Sure. Anything interesting to drink?
[20:11] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::grins:: Wait here. ::Heads into the Spider behind him::
[20:11] <Detro> ::takes that as a cue to join her:: Heya. ::smiles::
[20:11] <Craig> ::smirks:: male sir, he's the one that first mentioned the factories earlier
[20:11] <Ardelmos> ::as he walks, picking up snippets of conversation, it starts to become clear that there are three camps forming within the Jund -- probably not a good sign -- would the camps cooperate once a decision was chosen? Or was the Jund about to fracture?::
[20:11] <Savant> Captain Tahane> ::follows along, silent, listening to the two::
[20:12] <Savant> Gennady Maribold> [H] I want to keep the Earthers off of your planet, too. If you fight them here, they won't come to you. ::A pause:: When are your ships coming, raven?
[20:12] <Mem> ::smirks, then leans up against the spider, crossing his feet and arms, taking in the location and the people while he waits::
[20:13] <Detro> ::nods at Dorchester and those he's talking with::
[20:13] <Thierry> ::Looks to Tahane as if to defer to the question to her, not sure if he should say anything::
[20:13] <Craig> ::looks around to see if he can find Nio again::
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::follows Craig::
[20:13] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Mutters to Detro as she listens to the others talk:: [H] Exciting, isn't it? The Jund hasn't met like this since... well.. since the Jund was made!
[20:14] <Savant> Ranger Minerva Jane> ::Nods at Mem as Gotah rummages about in the Spider:: Hi.
[20:14] <Detro> [H] ::as best he can in the tongue:: Exciting, but dangerous. I don't think anyone is coming to a consensus of what to do yet.
[20:15] <Mem> ::smirks at Jane:: Hey. How's life treating you?
[20:15] <Savant> Captain Tahane> ::purses her lips:: We're still working on that, Mr. Maribold.
[20:16] <Craig> ::spots Nio in the same place as before, though the two liberati that were arguing with him have left, he waves to him as he approaches::
[20:16] <Ardelmos> ::slows as he makes his round, stopping beside Kellerton and Detro:: Any idea of Junkman's around, or is going to be here before the group breaks?
[20:16] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::beams:: [H] oh, this is just how we do it. Emotions always run high at these. So I'm told. We'll argue and complain until we turn red in the face, but when the day's done we'll decide on what's best.
[20:17] <Detro> ::smiles at Kellerton:: [H] Well, I hope so. Best to fight united, not divided. We found that out the hard way. ::turns as he hears Roland:: [Anglic] No sir, but to be honest, I'm not sure I'd recommend him on sight. I haven't actually met him in person - though I wouldn't mind the opportunity. You old-timers speak rather highly of him.
[20:17] <Gabriel> ::looks this Nio up and down, this the first opportunity to take measure of the man at close range::
[20:18] <Thierry> [H] Should I leave you two to speak?
[20:18] <Savant> Nio Hattenai> ::nods at Craig and then sees Gabriel approaching, and he bows with an impressively formal bow:: Amir Gabriel Tynes. Your speech was an earthquake, shaking open the eyes of sleeping Caprice.
[20:18] <Ardelmos> ::glances at Detro, then at Kellerton, as it was her he was addressing:: M'am?
[20:18] <Savant> Captain Tahane> ::Grins a bit at Thierry, weakly:: Maybe it's best I come back later to talk with Mr MAribold once I've spoken to my team.
[20:19] <Detro> ::blinks, then realizes his gaffe. He manages to avoid facepalming himself over it::
[20:19] <Craig> ::was about to introduce the two to each other but it appeared that Nio wanted the first word::
[20:19] <Detro> ::he does get a tad bit red in the face though::
[20:20] <Thierry> As you wish mam. [H] The captain wishes to speak with her team. I'm sure she'll be back later. Can I be of service in any other way?
[20:20] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Blinks at Roland, as if she didn't recognize him - she was replying to Detro before:: OH! Hello! Junkman? ::purses her lips:: He watches for Keffs now, but he would be in later. Always busy, him.
[20:22] <Gabriel> ::returns the bow as best he can one-legged:: Atabeg Nio Hattentai. My sincere apologies if any part of my speech was insulting. It was not my intent to disparage you, your clan, or your technical prowess, but merely to demonstrate the realities of war.
[20:23] <Savant> Gennady Maribold> [h] You help my clan - that's help enough, raven!
[20:23] <Gabriel> << [H] >>
[20:23] <Ardelmos> ::grunts in response, then continues his circle of the groups::
[20:23] <Gabriel> ::straightens up, grinning:: [H] I spent many seasons waiting for a greater bear, and only piloted one many cycles... many years after the keffs were driven off our world.
[20:24] <Detro> ::recovers quickly enough, turning back to Kellerton:: [H] I came here to ask if you knew of anyone who knows much of the various corps in the Trench, who might have an insight the numbers can't give.
[20:24] <Savant> Ranger Minerva Jane> ::Jane is quiet, mostly - she's grown more quiet as time goes on, in fact:: Well. It was hard right after Liberty Station, but it's good now. ::Almost as if she forgot how to converse, she pauses before remembering to ask:: How are you?
[20:25] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> [H] No, Amir, It is we who must apologize. Do not mistake our caution for cowardice. On the things you spoke of, we agree. We must not rest while our enemy walks.
[20:25] <Thierry> ::Bows:: [H] The honor is mine. And if you need anything else from me, you know where to find me as long as we're here. ::Looks to the Derrik:: And we'll have our chance to fight the Keffs. Soon. If there's anything you can tell us that might help us in the Trench, I'd be most appreciative. We intend to strike at Paladin Lots.
[20:26] <Mem> ::watches Jane as she talks:: I'm well. It's good to see you. ::smiles::
[20:26] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::shrugs:: [H] Dorchester knows a lot. He and I go in often enough. Do you need to get into the trench?
[20:27] <Savant> Gennady Maribold> ::Smiles:: [H] Excellent. If the Frijmaribold can help, ask. What's ours is yours.
[20:27] <Gabriel> [H] You do me honor. I would repay you by offering any assistance my people can provide to make your weapons appear more swiftly. Is there any way we can help?
[20:27] <Detro> [H] Sooner or later, we may. Also good to see if perhaps we can use something to get one of the corps on our side, or at least make them angry with the CEF.
[20:27] <Savant> Ranger Minerva Jane> ::awkardly:: You too.
[20:28] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::returns, carrying a bottle and some small cups:: Scotch, apparently. From Rangstadt, on Earth. Want some?
[20:28] <Thierry> [H] Just tell the captain whatever you can about where your clan is being held and that will be enough Gennady. May the prophet watch over them and you too Tahane
[20:28] <Mem> ::starts to say something, but stands upright as Gotah returns::
[20:28] <Mem> Oh really?
[20:29] <Mem> ::smirks:: With your permission.
[20:30] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> [H] Autofac programs, and certain raw materials. There are some rare minerals that are sparse in our mines - they come from asteroid mining, and are mostly in the trench from this. If you can find a source of these, the Jund would thank you once again.
[20:30] <Ardelmos> ::making his circle, comes upon Tynes and the El-Hayar representative, he stops for a moment, glancing back at the other groups he had passed::
[20:31] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::She frowns and shrugs:: [H] I don't know which corp to trust. None of'em. But we know some. Some good Muttawah. I'm sure Dorchester knows a few who would love to talk with you. Who was that one, Rabalo? ::scratches her head::
[20:32] <Savant> Captain Tahane> ::nods her head at Thierry and Gennady, and makes her way back to her team::
[20:33] <Thierry> [H] ::Turns to the Derrik Gennady had been arguing with:: So, is there any information you can give us that might help us strike at the keffs?
[20:34] <Gabriel> [H] Autofac programs. For Gallot-made weapons, or for something else?
[20:34] <Detro> [H] ::smiles:: I would not trust them either. But if we can use them, make them unhappy with the keffs... or make the keffs look at them closer and not at the Liberati?
[20:34] <Savant> Arkadmont Darrik> ::snorts:: [H] You ravens don't know that yourself? Come talk with us tonight, before the last meeting. You'll be welcome there, and you'll hear all about it.
[20:35] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> [H] Our autofacs were based on Gallot designs, but we have modified them, and our programmers are the best on Caprice - any software will do. But Gallot is easiest.
[20:36] <Thierry> [H] I'm sure you know more then we do. And I for one will be there. I had one more question for you though, those pins you wear, I gather they mean something, may I ask what?
[20:37] <Gabriel> [H] Then we will do what we can. You will tell Master Sergeant Craig the raw materials you need?
[20:38] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> [h] Yes, Amir Tynes. We cherish your helpDo you know of the rock raven, and why you are called so?
[20:39] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::wavesd a hand:: [H] Of course! Which company do you want to meet?
[20:40] <Gabriel> [H] I have heard the expression, of course. But no, I have never been told why, and I have never seen the bird we are named for. Birds on Terra Nova are very different from those I have heard came here from Earth.
[20:40] <Ardelmos> ::was prepared to continue in his walk, but keeps his position -- he hadn't heard the explanation about where the 'Raven' moniker came from::
[20:41] <Craig> ::looks on as well to hear the origin of the talon's 'nickname'::
[20:42] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> ::He holds out his hand, and the man beside him procures a long, slim box, nearly as tall as Gabriel is, from their tent.:: [H] The rock raven, or the Canyon Raven, is a great feathered bird, black as the sky, a great mass of feathers and talons, with long white claws and beak, and glittering black eyes.
[20:43] <Savant> Arkadmont Darrik> ::grunts:: It shows my alliegence to the Jund, that's all.
[20:44] <Detro> ::chuckles:: [H] If I asked Gotah, he would say "all of them." If I could start with those on the CCE, that would be better.
[20:44] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> [H] It is a hunter, that appears from nowhere. When it streikes it does so without a sound - its feathers smooth as it dives and it snaps up its prey, then soars back intot he night sky, invisible again. You can only ever see one for a second, and that is only at the moment of the kill.
[20:45] <Detro> [H] Learn more of them, what they do, laws that govern them... ::trails off, hoping in his pidgin Highlands he hasn't lost Kellerton::
[20:45] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::gotah pours out three cups and gives one to Mem, and another to Jane:: I think this is going to be a good run, this time. We've had our bad luck, now for our good.
[20:46] <Gabriel> [H] ::smiles:: And so, we always try to be. It is a good name, and one we will continue to try to live up to.
[20:46] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> [H] You inspired the same fear in the Keffs as the raven does in the street cat, Amir Tynes. You weren't here to see their fear after you first left. For the first time, they knew real terror.
[20:47] <Mem> ::takes the cup and examines it, then nods to Gotah::
[20:47] <Ardelmos> ::breaks his silence:: They haven't seen anything yet.
[20:47] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> [H] ::frowns:: the CCE is hard. But I think we know someone in Gallot. Or, sort of. A social welfare division of Gallot.
[20:48] <Detro> ::hrms, scratching his chin:: [H] Your Gallot's, or Earth's?
[20:49] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> ::Inclines his head to Roland as he interjects, taking the box from his aide at the same time:: Nor will they ever see anything but the moment of the kill. ::He held the plastic case up to Tynes:: A gift, from the autofacs of the El-Hayar. One more talon to add to your claw.
[20:49] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> [H] Earth? ::laughs:: No, no. They're not allowed on Caprice, says the CEF.
[20:49] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow at the long case being presented::
[20:50] <Thierry> [H] Come now, it has to be something more then that. I see a good number wearing it.
[20:50] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::lifts his own glass and takes a drink, grimacing. It was a strange alcohol to the Terranovan palate::
[20:50] <Detro> [H] They say that, but we have data that says Gallot Earth is trying to ::can't think of the Highlands word for 'merger' and goes with 'eats' instead:: eat up Gallot Caprice, make it their own.
[20:51] <Mem> ::follows suit and takes a drink, wincing and forcing it down before getting too strong a taste:: Whew.
[20:51] <Detro> [H] That Gallot here makes frames and weapons for the CEF to avoid being eaten.
[20:51] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> [H] Oh, Gallot's weak, but it's still number six. It will be a long time before they get completely bought. Bits, maybe? But they're still in the CCE.
[20:51] <Ardelmos> ::arches his head slightly so he has a full view of the case as Tynes accepts it::
[20:52] <Savant> Arkadmont Darrik> ::grunts again:: Then come tonight and see for yourself.
[20:52] <Gabriel> [H] ::accepts the box:: Thank you, Atabeg. May we offer you a gift as well? Aboard our ship, we have several anti-aircraft cannons, of very simple yet effective design. I would give you two of them, to place near your factories. When the keffs come, it is most often by air.
[20:53] <Savant> Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::chokes and coughs a little bit on the booze, and scowls at the cup::
[20:53] <Mem> ::blinks a few times and grins:: We'll go to Gomorrah and see what beats this, even. Not sure if or when I'll even get to see you in Gomorrah and off-duty, but we'll see.
[20:53] <Gabriel> [H] If you find them pleasing, I will give you a third, to take apart and program into your autofac.
[20:53] <Savant> ((Blah, that was JAne. I have to move those two nicks further apart from one another)
[20:53] <Savant> Ranger Minerva Jane> ::chokes and coughs a little bit on the booze, and scowls at the cup:: ((fixed))
[20:54] <Detro> ::makes a note on the data glove:: [H] Are there any corps in the Trench who help the Liberati often? Maybe we can do something to help them out?
[20:54] <Thierry> [H] I intend to. Until then ::Bows slightly and then turns to leave and once a little bit awat mumbles to himself as he walks back towards the Van Saars:: Camarade charmant
[20:54] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> :Smirks:: Well, we'll see if we can make it happen. It's a big trench, but it's easy to get around. One big city.
[20:56] <Ardelmos> ::vaguely wonders if Tynes is planning on opening the case, or saving it for later::
[20:56] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> ::laughs:: [H] Amir, you are as generous as you are fierce. When this war is done, you will come to my caravan and I will show you a sight you've never seen, at the peak of Mt Carr. Yes, of course we accept. Anything to buy us precious seconds.
[20:56] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> [H] A few.. Dorchester would know more. You can ask him when he's done today.
[20:57] <Thierry> ::When he arrives back at the Van Saar camp, he starts looking for the people they rescued from the Bungalow, to see how they're doing
[20:57] <Detro> ::nods... closes the file on the glove:: [H] And having asked all of that, I think I can relax for a little bit. ::grins::
[20:58] <Gabriel> [H] ::chuckles:: They are gifts with a purpose. If you can mass-produce them, I would see this weapon spread throughout the Jund. It is simple to operate, simple to maintain. ::opens the box almen Hattenai gave him::
[20:58] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> [H] ::grins:: Try the bread that the Helles brought. Wheatbread! I don't know what they put in it, either.
[20:59] <Mem> ::nods and the smirk fades as he glances down at his cup:: I have a feeling we're not going to have any breaks in the coming months.
[20:59] <Mem> <<*many>>
[21:00] <Savant> The case had a long rifle in it - a work of art as much as it was a useful tool. Clearly not a weapon for anything but sniping, and certainly not the same manner of weapon as the DArtand, but it seemed impossibly rugged, even to the eyes. And beautiful as well, with a sweeping curve for a sight, a long scope, and a slim stock. A design that looked as if it would be at home on a Liberati's wall adorned the stock.::
[21:01] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::exhales:: no. But hey, who knows? Maybe they'll pack up and go home, and we'll have ourselves a nice vacation.
[21:01] <Detro> [H] Sounds good. Where at?
[21:02] <Mem> Mmhmm. Make some business investments. Live the good life.
[21:02] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> [H] It isn't something to compare with the produce of your own world, Amir, but it is the tool my clan has always used to defend our land, and I pray to the Almighty that it shall serve you as well as they have served us.
[21:02] <Craig> ::looks at the rifle in awe then looks between gabriel and roland::
[21:02] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: A princely gift! And one I will find use for, if I can. May I ask when and where it was made?
[21:04] <Savant> Thierry finds the Van Saar in small groups, chattering with others - some of the Frijmaribolds, a few of the Helles. Even the injured are out on chairs, or napping in cots.
[21:04] <Ardelmos> ::purses his lips in vague approval -- it was certainly a rugged gun, and from the barrell size and weight it likely was firing a fifty-cal slug which meant solid range -- Knight probably could put it to use::
[21:05] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::points at a table loaded down with food, by the Helles' tents and trucks.::
[21:05] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> ::grins and leans back against the wheel:: Don't want ot meet the Liberati?
[21:06] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> ::grins and leans back against the wheel:: Don't want to meet the Liberati?
[21:06] <Savant> ((Talking *to* Mem, not *for* mem Wink ))
[21:06] <Detro> [H] ::smiles:: Care to join me?
[21:06] <Mem> Not when you have the booze. ::smirks:: There's time. Kellerton said she'd introduce me to a few people later.
[21:07] <Thierry> ::Tries to spot the one he had gotten a good look at, the one who'd helped tend to Gabriel.::
[21:07] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> [H] The second line of the Cora Autofac, not three weeks ago. I pray it can take your shells - if not, we have brought more than enough for everyone.
[21:08] <Savant> Commandant Gotah> Ah, fair enough. It's going to be a long night, I think. The Liberati don't seem to want ot agree on anything.
[21:09] <Gabriel> [H] Our sniper rifles fire a much smaller round at much higher velocity. Some shells would be welcome.
[21:09] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::smiles, takes Detro's arm, and leads him off to the Helles' tent::
[21:10] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> ::snaps his fingers - in a moment, Almen's aide is placing a second box in Gabriel's hand. It holds twenty shells - each one of them has a small band around the brass, reading in Highlands "Freedom Everlasting"::
[21:11] <Craig> ::gives the rifle another look:: armor piercing arounds would go well in that
[21:11] <Craig> <<rounds>>
[21:12] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> ::nods:: Yes, five are armour-piercing, and five are flechette.
[21:12] <Gabriel> [H] ::chuckles:: Well! I thank you again, Almen.
[21:12] <Detro> ::smiles, putting his hand over Kellerton's in his arm::
[21:13] <Savant> Almen Hattenai El-Hayar> ::Nods his head to the Talons:: [H] I have other business, Ravens, but we will talk again before the day is through. Enjoy the hospitality of the Jund.
[21:13] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:13] <Mem> Good. Wasn't that thrilled with my ending line. Wink
[21:13] <Savant> holeh crap, that's a lot of conversations at once.
[21:13] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[21:14] <Detro> :Very Happy: And you expected different? ;D
[21:14] <Detro> ::attn::
[21:14] <Craig> ::attn::
[21:14] <Thierry> ::ATTN:
[21:14] <Savant> i always expect it, but never actually realize what i should be expecting Wink
[21:14] <Savant> any questions?
[21:14] <Savant> or comments
[21:14] <Craig> question about the damaged spider
[21:15] <Thierry> Eh, one more thing I wanted to do but as I said, got all the important stuff done
[21:15] <Gabr
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[21:15] <Thierry> Eh, one more thing I wanted to do but as I said, got all the important stuff done
[21:15] <Gabriel> Nope, went great, I thought. Smile
[21:15] <Gabriel> Kinda quiet, but we were owed a quiet one.
[21:15] <Craig> how easy would it be to repair it at this time? if there a fury nearby, did the other talons come in spiders as well and could spare...a spare?Wink
[21:16] <Savant> you can repair it with a tinker roll right now
[21:16] <Craig> KNO and cpx?
[21:17] <Savant> kno, cpx 1.
[21:17] <Savant> and a quiet one,b ut at the same time, you guys got an awful lot done today.
[21:17] <Detro> And Detro has a mission that will easily occupy him until we leave Smile
[21:18] <Savant> wheel should be good until you get back to the Fury for a proper fix.
[21:19] <Savant> so, who would like some experience?
[21:19] <Craig> ME!
[21:19] <Thierry> And Theirry's got a dinner invite Smile
[21:19] <Thierry> ME ME
[21:19] * Farrell has quit IRC (Quit: "Nothing can keep an arguement going like two persons who aren't sure what they're arguing about." - O. A. Battista)
[21:20] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Tell me about some.
[21:20] <Craig> information gathering
[21:20] <Thierry> Have to say this was a more scattered game. We all went our own directions
[21:20] <Craig> also relation building
[21:21] <Savant> that's pretty vague Wink you all seemed to disperse and do your own things without planning it Wink
[21:21] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Teamwork as in Detro making suggestions and getting permission to act on them?
[21:22] <Savant> i duno if there's much to warrant the teamwork point tonight
[21:22] <Ardelmos> Different conversation with different 'factions' within the Jund.
[21:22] <Craig> everything each of us did had an impact on the team as a whole didn't it?
[21:22] <Detro> ::nods:: The fact that we didn't "bunch up" or "stay together" was teamwork in a ways. We kept out of each other's ways except where needed, maximizing our efficiency.
[21:23] <Craig> or impact on our mission
[21:23] <Gabriel> ::nods:: I was thinking the same thing as Savant. Wasn't really a teamwork night.
[21:23] * Savant nods
[21:23] <Gabriel> Other than teamwork in that we spread out and talked to a lot of different groups.
[21:24] <Gabriel> Teamwork = harrying the GM into apoplexy. Wink
[21:24] <Savant> had you talked about it beforehand i'd give it to you. If you had a plan towards doing it.
[21:24] <Mem> No reason to force a point when it isn't warranted, or doesn't matter. Wink
[21:24] <Craig> lol
[21:24] <Savant> heh
[21:24] <Savant> on the other hand, lots in storyline. Give me some ways you learned more about or advanced the storyline.
[21:24] <Detro> ::Grin:: These are the nights you savor the fact that someone ELSE had to deal with all the concurrent conversations, right Ross? Smile
[21:24] <Thierry> 1) We learned we're getting a nice trip to Utopia 2) There are definately divisions in the Liberati 3) Mem can hold his liquor 4) Gabe doesn't understand the concept of "Doctor's Orders" Very Happy
[21:25] <Savant> ever notice how Jester only ever has a few NPCs around at once? Wink
[21:25] <Savant> unless we're killin'em I guess
[21:25] <Savant> then there are lots and lots.
[21:25] <Detro> 5) Detro's discovered the Liberati have very few allies in the big corps.
[21:25] <Gabriel> The whole El-Hayar string, the impact of Gabriel's speech, the arguing within the Jund. Yeah, tonight was very full, story-wise.
[21:25] <Gabriel> We still don't know what that ribbon/token means.
[21:26] <Savant> you got an invite to some sort of meeting later on which will explain the ribbon/token, apparently
[21:26] <Thierry> Though we will at dinner I think. I assume someone will be coming with Thierry?
[21:26] <Ardelmos> Three camps of liberati: The 'pinned' ones who want to blow shit up, the 'moderates' who want to keep on doing what they're doing, and the 'in-betweens' which make up most of the population.
[21:26] <Savant> all the Talons are invited. Anyone can go.
[21:26] <Thierry> I know, I'm just assuming someone else will be coming Very Happy
[21:27] <Savant> if we want, that can be the topic of the next game.
[21:27] <Craig> cool
[21:27] <Savant> i hope no one was bored tonight
[21:27] <Thierry> ::Nods:: At the very least I'd like to write a log about it
[21:27] <Ardelmos> Only if it's in a mafia-type restaurant where's a high chance of a gunfight going down. Wink
[21:27] <Savant> heh heh
[21:28] <Savant> the Muttawah I mentioned in the game is very much like a mobster I guess. He's even got an italian name.
[21:28] <Thierry> Eh, I was a smidge bored at times
[21:28] <Detro> The one in Gallot?
[21:28] <Craig> <next game><savant>"alright i hope everyone made sure to update their equipment list for tonight..." Wink
[21:28] <Savant> anyways. Anything else that you guys picked out from tonight, story-wise?
[21:28] <Savant> yes, Detro.
[21:29] <Mem> I wasn't bored. Just need fewer NPCs to distract you Wink
[21:29] <Savant> exactly Wink how many did I run today?
[21:29] <Thierry> Actually, that's not when I was bored Smile
[21:30] <Savant> Juno, Jane, Gotah, Harris, Tahane / Kellerton, Arkadmont, Gennady, Almen.
[21:30] <Thierry> But anywho
[21:30] <Savant> i'l give you the storyline point, for sure.
[21:31] <Savant> that's three. Bonus question for the night is I want you tell me about your impression of the Liberati as a whole. This game and the logs did a lot to clarify and focus on them.
[21:32] <Detro> Oh, that's easy. Liberati == Firefly. Smile
[21:32] <Gabriel> I gave Gabriel's in-sim. Wink
[21:32] <Savant> i want yours Wink
[21:32] <Thierry> Interesting bunch. Alot of diversity, could use a bit more order but they do get things done. Actually going to base a race I'm creating for the Galaxt off em
[21:33] <Ardelmos> They seem fractured. Isolated. This whole Jund thing is really dispersed, which is why it's still around. But it also means they're little more than a nuisance to the CEF
[21:33] <Savant> order? dey gypsies Wink
[21:33] * Savant nods, that's one of the biggest flaws of the Jund.
[21:33] <Mem> They just seem too primitive-minded to compete on Caprice. I think they're doomed to extinction.
[21:33] <Gabriel> Oh. Well, I gave you mine a couple of weeks back. We're only now starting to see Liberati with strong emotions. All of them to date have been pretty laid back. This thread, we're starting to see some stronger emotions, and some differentiation. I think giving each of the clans different cultures is a great idea, but don't go nuts.
[21:34] <Gabriel> They are still all people who sprang up from the same background, gather at the same marketplace every year, etc. They wouldn't have diverged enormously.
[21:34] <Gabriel> On the Thistledown, you'll see some vague differences between different Imperials, but at the end of the day, Imperials are Imperials. Wink They share the same beliefs and prejudices. The Liberati should too.
[21:35] <Mem> ...
[21:35] <Thierry> Different but the same, that's what I like about them
[21:35] <Gabriel> He asked. Wink
[21:35] <Savant> well, yes I agree, but at the same time, there are groups of the Liberati who don't go to the same marketplaces, follow the same traditions, etc. The Hattenai have their own cities, in fact, and aren't very migrant at all.
[21:36] <Detro> ::shrugs:: I like them being distinctly different in several ways. It's a nice play on the divisiveness of Terra Nova, the forced unity of the Talons. The Liberati have always been one yet face forces that drive them apart from without and within.
[21:37] <Savant> but yes, I agree. Most of the Liberati are, in fact, very similar. Helles, Van Saar, Darrik, Van Daar - they're very similar. I think i've just been exaggerating their differences. As you likely know, I'm trying to get you guys into their culture a bit
[21:37] <Thierry> And Thierry for one is enjoying the hell out of it
[21:38] <Savant> i'll try to tone back the focus on the differences between clans Wink And I really do like the difference between the Talons and the Liberati, and their similarities as well
[21:38] <Mem> No, fuck that.
[21:38] <Mem> You portray them how you want.
[21:38] <Thierry> Hmm, now why would a badlander fit in with the Liberati.....
[21:39] <Savant> I do. But I want to make sure what i'm doing is making a portrait that matches what I want. SO I want to know what you see, since my view is gonna be skewed
[21:39] <Savant> A badlander? Very well.
[21:39] <Savant> Anyways. That's four experience points. And a very well played game!
[21:39] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 11:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Dissent in Session'
[18:00] * Gabriel has joined #bt05
[18:00] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gabriel
[18:00] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:00] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:00] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:01] <Birkin> ::attn::
[18:01] <Savant> hello and good evening; welcome once again to another thrilling episode of the Black Talons
[18:01] <Savant> welcome to wednsdays
[18:01] <Gabriel> Tomorrow isn't Friday? Damn it!
[18:02] <Scotty> ::attn::
[18:02] <Savant> I'll have your papers graded by next week, class.
[18:02] <Savant> anyways. Shall we brief?
[18:02] <Savant> Dissent
[18:02] <Savant> 22 Winter 1945 TN, 1000h - Morning
[18:02] <Savant> Sigma Depression, Caprice
[18:02] <Savant> 12 degrees Celcius, 5% humidity, 500 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:02] <Savant> A Caprician month has passed since your arrival in the Sigma Depression and your meeting with the rest of the Liberati. Those chaotic days have mellowed in the varying warrens, bolt-holes and twisting canyons of the Depression; the initial drama of the arrival has given way to little more than a constant apprehension and wariness.
[18:02] <Savant> Reports trickle in from across the planet - the Jund has been going to ground along with the rest of the Liberati tribes, and the CID has begun the painstaking process of rooting out an intractable guerilla force fighting on their own turf. There is little in the way of progress for the CEF, but smoe reports are spine-chilling. The Helles have suffered the loss of an entire Clan, disappeared to somewhere within the Trench.
[18:02] <Savant> And members of various El-Hayar clans have been reportedly taken to Bastille Alpha for a "final solution". However, the Jund is alive and fighting, and after a week or two there are smiles on the faces of the Van Saar again as they realize their lives aren't about to end.
[18:02] <Savant> So you watch the Cat's Eye for news on the Corporations, you watch the skies for new blips amongst the stars, you watch the seismographs for signs of CEF patrols. Time passes.
[18:02] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:03] <Thierry> Ack
[18:03] <Detro> ack
[18:03] <Savant> i'm ready for questions.
[18:03] <Gabriel> ack
[18:03] <Birkin> ack
[18:04] <Scotty> ack
[18:04] <Savant> this gives you four weeks of training time. I'll want you guys to decide what you're training in.
[18:04] <Savant> Unless you're going to really work hard on the training, then you'll only get one skill that can get a training roll.
[18:04] <Detro> Is this on top of what we discussed last night?
[18:04] <Gabriel> Gabriel can presumably also make a Training roll in here somewhere, too, yes?
[18:05] <Gabriel> Or if he's training someone else, no training for him?
[18:05] <Savant> basically, Gabriel. The latter.
[18:06] <Savant> plenty of Liberati there to teach you things, though
[18:06] <Thierry> I'd say Trivia/Caprice for me
[18:06] <Detro> Well, you pretty much had Dorchester brush Detro off to Mutties in the Trench if he wants solid corp info.
[18:07] <Savant> that was if you were leaving to the trench right away. Now Dorchester will talk,if you're staying awhile
[18:07] <Savant> let me breaki it down for you here, guys. Three 8-hour blocks in a day. One is for sleeping, etc. The other two can be used for training or for intel. Each block you devote will give you one roll in that field.
[18:08] <Birkin> Is this something that we have to do as a group? or can we all branch off and do seperately.
[18:09] <Savant> everyone can do separate things
[18:09] <Detro> How many separate things?
[18:09] <Detro> Just 2, or more?
[18:10] <Savant> 2 effectively. More with penalty.
[18:10] <Detro> ...I swear I just mentally pictured Detro as Daniel Jackson.
[18:10] <Detro> ::Shudder::
[18:10] <Savant> least you didn't picture him as Steve Jackson
[18:10] <Scotty> thats just 2 per day right, you can do 2 things one day then switch to something else the next?
[18:11] <Detro> ^- More or less what I asked.
[18:11] <Savant> no, that's in total during the month, SCotty
[18:11] <Savant> Scotty.
[18:11] <Scotty> ahh
[18:11] <Savant> anyways, since no one is jumping up and down with what they want to do, we'll resolve this later. You've got a month of free time.
[18:11] <Detro> ::Frown::
[18:11] <Thierry> Ok
[18:11] <Detro> I'm thinking Business and something else.
[18:12] <Savant> we're picking up when you're starting to get active again, and looking at entering the Trench, yes?
[18:12] <Thierry> Sounds good
[18:12] <Detro> Business and Etiquette I guess. I'll just have to survive w/my low personal combat skills.
[18:13] <Savant> any further questions?
[18:13] <Thierry> Trivia/Caprice and Hand to Hand
[18:13] <Savant> Scotty, get into the proper nick Wink
[18:13] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:14] <Savant> i'm getting the impression there are a number of you not present at the keys
[18:14] <Gabriel> No questions.
[18:14] <Savant> groovy.
[18:14] <Gabriel> (And I'm here. Razz Wink )
[18:14] <Savant> heh
[18:14] <Savant> let's be off, then.
[18:14] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:14] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[18:15] <Savant> The Van Saar are at the north edge of the Sigma Depression, where the terrain is less chaotic and the ground's a bit more dangerous for them to be out on. However, they're confident, as the CEF patrolls have proven to be woefully ineffective at spotting the hiding Liberati
[18:15] <Savant> You are in a vehicle train heading northwards; Pathfinder is secreted away in the Depression, lingering in wait
[18:16] <Gabriel> ::has spent much of the last week outside, alternately exercising his legs and practicing with one of the Northern Guard jetpacks, using it to get a view of the next rise or rock formation before the caravan approaches it::
[18:16] <Detro> ::glances at the terrain outside:: Well, at least we aren't likely to have to race molten rock here. ::Grins::
[18:17] <Thierry> ::Looks over to Gabe:: Looks like your legs are healing up nicely sir
[18:18] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Calls out from the lead bungalow:: Ravens! The Tachyon hub is north. We can get you into the city there.
[18:18] <Gabriel> Seems so. ::sips from a mug of cawfee:: You getting a feel for field medicine, doctor?
[18:18] <Birkin> ::looks over several datapads in front of him as they sit in the vehicle, absorbed in one thing or another. Most likely however it is electronics and weaponsmithing::
[18:19] <Thierry> Its not that different from an emergency ward actually. Only difference is that you have noone to cover you if you mess up. The same woeful lack of equipment is still there
[18:20] <Savant> Outside, several bulky Battle Mounts prowl alongside the trucks as they wind their way through the steaming crags. They're spread out in a clever formation, similar to the patrols the southern MILICIA uses while moving through the jungles.
[18:20] <Mem> ::leans back in his chair, feet up on a bulkhead and hands linked together behind his head, relaxing during the ride::
[18:20] <Detro> ::spares an amused -- and approving -- glance at the patrol outside, before shouting back aft:: Tachyon Hub... is that where '05 entered the Trench the last time they were here?
[18:20] <Thierry> ::Sips his tea as he slips on a headset::
[18:21] <Craig> ::drives along casually with the train, watching the other vehicles::
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::chuckles:: Isn't that the truth. ::reaches over and opens the com:: +com+ [H] We will need a place to hide our vehicles.
[18:22] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::grunts:: +com+ [H] We can take them if you want. Or take them to somewhere that your Pathfinder can pick them up.
[18:24] <Savant> The Van Saars have become a little bit like family over the past month. They've welcomed the Talons into their Clan with open arms, involved them in the little gossips and petty intrigues of Clan life, and generally included them in everything the Clan has done - even forcing a little labour on any hands that seemed idle.
[18:25] <Gabriel> Hm. ::weighs the options in his head:: The option of a semi-quick getaway and a secure communications hub versus the option of potentially losing the Spiders or giving away our presence.
[18:26] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> +com+ Hnh. Come, train up. Let's talk of this before we get in sight of the refinery.
[18:26] <Detro> +com+ Suggest we split them apart, put a bit of distance between them. No need risking both of them.
[18:27] <Detro> ::using an auxilliary screen, punches up a map of the area::
[18:28] <Savant> The bungalows slow to a stop in the shadow of a large barchan dune. A tower of hardened silt makes an excellent shield from wind and spy satelites, letting the Spiders approach and dock onto the cloth docks of the caravan train
[18:28] <Thierry> ::Thinks things over and decides not to say anything
[18:28] <Birkin> ::sways with a bit of the movement of the vehicles, wondering when they will be moving into the city, and if he will even be allowed to go with them::
[18:29] <Craig> ::pulls up alongside one of the bungalows and "docks"::
[18:29] <Detro> ::after rolling to a stop and putting on the parking brake:: +com+ We could even let the Liberati keep one and leave one here as a relay or safe haven.
[18:30] <Savant> The rust-coloured fabric sleeve neatly expands on the open end, appearing to nearly swallow the back of the Spider, then seal and pump air into the tube.
[18:31] <Thierry> ::Takes his helmet off and prepares to disembark::
[18:32] <Savant> The other bungalow does the same ot the other Spider - now all of the cars are linked up as any train might be. The doors to the bungalows open. You can immediately smell freshly baked bread. Or, something like bread.
[18:33] <Detro> ::hops down from Spider One -- which he's nicknamed "Excalibur's Stone" for the amusing sight of a vibroblade sticking out the back of it::
[18:33] <Mem> ::the smell gets his attention, and he looks around::
[18:34] <Gabriel> ::crosses from Spider One and enters the lead bungalow::
[18:34] <Thierry> ::Follows close behind Gabe and takes a nice big whiff of the "bread":: Smells good
[18:35] <Mem> ::brings his feet down and stretches his arms up::
[18:35] <Detro> ::yawns a bit as he climbs into the bungalow::
[18:35] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Is soon at the door to the Spiders:: One last meal. But, we have some things to do to get you in, first. They don't let anyone in without data rigs now.
[18:36] <Birkin> ::looks up from his pads for a moment and follows everyone outisde::
[18:36] <Gabriel> ::approaches Dorchester:: Don't they? Interesting.
[18:36] <Thierry> Figured there was a trick to getting in. What's cookin?
[18:36] <Craig> ::gets out of the driver seat of the spider and crosses into the bungalow, sniffing at the aroma of food::
[18:36] <Detro> ::smiles upon seeing Kellerton::
[18:37] <Mem> ::grins at Kellerton as he enters the neighboring vehicle:: What's for breakfast?
[18:37] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Shrugs, swivels his seat around - he's visible through a set of double doors and behind some Van Saar mulling about in the kitchen:: So it is. That's what they do at their camps - they implant new data rigs in the Liberati they catch. Everyone has to have one now, or you go to a camp.
[18:37] <Detro> Well, that's more or less proof of who you are, right?
[18:38] <Birkin> Do they have face id's to these data rigs?
[18:38] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::grins at Detro, then at Thierry and Mem:: Oh, bread and stew. Odds and ends, you know.
[18:38] <Thierry> Anything warm would be welcome
[18:38] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::grunts and crosses his arms:: Picture ID, genetic code, fingerprints, bank accounts, personal information - everything.
[18:39] <Craig> ::grins hearing kellerton and looks over at thierry and mem:: leftovers from last night ::grins::
[18:39] <Mem> Bank accounts. That's top of my list.
[18:39] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Smiles at Craig:: Come, sit down everyone. I'll get it.
[18:39] <Detro> ::chuckles:: No millionaire playboy ID for you Mem.
[18:40] <Mem> Millionaire? No, that's far too low.
[18:40] <Mem> ::takes a seat at the table::
[18:40] <Detro> ::chuckles as he finds a seat as well::
[18:40] <Craig> ::takes a chair::
[18:40] <Birkin> ::exhales:: Anyone wanna bet they still remember some of our faces
[18:40] <Thierry> ::Takes a seat:: Figures the first thing our UMFer thinks about is his bank account
[18:40] <Gabriel> So I assume you have some kind of forged rigs for us?
[18:40] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Snorts at Mem:: Tampering with a data rig flags the authorities at a monitor checkpoint. Trying to take one out releases a neurotoxin into the brain. Be careful with these, young raven.
[18:41] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Heads into the brightly painted car up ahead, humming merrily::
[18:41] <Thierry> I expect that our faces are pasted on wanted posters all over the trench
[18:41] <Detro> ::glances at Thierry:: Any way you could counteract the neurotoxin?
[18:41] <Mem> ::glances at Dorchester:: None of these toys have posed a problem before. We'll take care of them soon enough.
[18:41] <Thierry> Possibly, I'd need a sample though
[18:41] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Gets up and heads to the rear car with the Talons:: We've got some, yes. We have some maskers, too, if you want them. Don't be caught with them - you'll end up in the Rock before you know it.
[18:42] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::shouts over his shoulder:: [H] Waine! Get the box, bring it here!
[18:44] <Savant> A bearded man shows up a moment later, carrying a grey polymer case which he sets on the folding table around which a few of you have settled
[18:44] <Gabriel> The maskers hide you from the data rig scanners? They still work?
[18:45] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::nods at the man and opens the case, pulling out what loked like a white headband:: So far as I know. Haven't used it in months now. It's been good for years though.
[18:45] <Detro> ::glances at the box, perhaps a bit nervously:: Admittedly I'd be a bit happier shooting my way into the Trench. ::tries on a smile to encourage himself::
[18:46] <Savant> Inside the chest are several smaller plastic cases, each one in a sealed sterile pouch and padded in soft foam
[18:47] <Thierry> Well kids, looks like I have some work to do
[18:47] <Detro> No tracking signals in these things, are there?
[18:48] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::snorts:: wouldn't be a data rig without one, raven. A keff with a scanner gun will be able to read your vitals at fifty meters, and detect the presence of the rig at a bit further.
[18:48] <Gabriel> What else can they read, live data, I mean. Not the falsified information.
[18:48] <Detro> ::wince:: So much for sneaking into Paladin Lots.
[18:49] <Thierry> ::Looks to Waine:: Base of the skull, conneceted to the brainstem I presume
[18:49] <Craig> ::looks at detro:: thats what the maskers are for i imagine
[18:49] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> Nothing I know of. They're passive, they don't scan you at all. We used to fake'm by rigs in our pockets, but they're better than that now.
[18:49] <Mem> ::peers over the edge of the box at the devices, wryly smirking at them, then shakes his head:: Damn.
[18:50] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> No, it's a cyllinder that's slipped in between the meninges. They aren't actually hooked up to the brain. These aren't, anyways.
[18:50] <Mem> Well, I've got my work cut out for me. Do you have a couple of extras I could dissect and examine?
[18:50] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::returns with a big tray filled with bread and bowls of stew::
[18:51] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::pulls a few different cases out from the box, setting them in front of Mem:: These are spares. the previous owners don't need them anymore.
[18:51] <Mem> ::glances at Dorchester, wondering for a moment what that last bit meant::
[18:51] <Thierry> Should be able to handle that. I assume one of you can do mine?
[18:52] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::nods::
[18:53] <Savant> Waine Van Saar> I can
[18:53] <Gabriel> ::decides food sounds a lot more appetizing just now than having nanotechnology embedded in his skin::
[18:53] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Grins at Gabriel's obvious reaction to the device and sets down the tray in the middle of the table, pushing aside the box of medical devices::
[18:54] <Thierry> Good. First we eat though, then I want to work with the lieutennant to get a better idea what I'm dealing with, then its time for the big needle
[18:55] <Detro> ::Scowl:: I hate needles.
[18:55] <Detro> They shot so much crap into my butt when I joined the Talons I was convinced I wouldn't be able to sit for a week.
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::gives Kellerton an agreeing grin in return, and takes one of the bowls and a couple of pieces of bread:: We have a nation of people on our world, really go in for this kind of thing. Mine... not so much.
[18:56] <Craig> yes, i'm definitely up for some grub now ::chuckles::
[18:56] <Detro> ::reaches for the food and avoids thinking of the inevitable::
[18:56] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Smirks and mimes using a big power drill towards Gabriel, then wipes the look off of her face and replies to Gabriel innocently: Oh? We don't like it either. I have a fake one, though. It's easier to get in.
[18:57] <Detro> Just out of curiosity, do the Keffs have data rigs implanted too?
[18:57] <Gabriel> ::winces at the mental image, then sits down and tries to enjoy his food while he can::
[18:58] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::rubs his chin:: no, not that I know of. They use their own version of it though.
[18:58] <Thierry> Mine neither, Melissa would be eating this up though ::Grabs a bowl and hunk of bread and starts chowing down::
[18:58] <Savant> ((she was supposed to be mining that to Detro, whoops Wink oh well, I guess Gabriel saw too))
[18:59] <Detro> ::grins at Kellerton's pantomine:: Should see if we can get our hands on an Earther model. Maybe we can fake one up enough, let us pose as Earthers if we had to.
[18:59] <Savant> The Talons enjoy a good meal; home cooked and with ingredients from who knew where. They never divulged what was in a meal, but it was always good. Far better thant he rations you'd become accustomed to, in any case
[19:00] <Savant> Before too long the bowls are empty, Kellerton and a few other younger ones are clearing up the table, and a small bottle of some brown liquopr is being passed about
[19:00] <Craig> ::picks up an bowl and some bread, dips the bread in the bowl and takes a bite::mmm good stuff, better than the springer stew i've had before, pretty close to the beef stew
[19:00] <Savant> (liquor. Honest, I can spell.)
[19:01] <Birkin> ::raises an eyebrow at this new bottle, picking it up as it was passed to him and inspecting it carefully for a few moments::
[19:01] <Gabriel> ::refuses the bottle when it's passed his way:: All right, then. Let's get on with it. ::pushes himself to his feet::
[19:01] <Savant> One of the older ladies from the kitchen grins at Craig widely and ruffles his hair as a grnadmother might, mumbling "Good boy" before she heads off.
[19:01] <Detro> Once more into the breach? ::smiles::
[19:02] <Birkin> ::gives the liquor a little taste, but not too much, go see what its like:: Hmmm.
[19:02] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> We have a clean-room closet you can use if you want.
[19:02] <Thierry> ::Sniffs the liquor:: After I operate maybe ::Grins and does as craig does:: And that would help alot
[19:03] <Detro> ::smiles reassuringly at Tynes before looking for Kellerton... he motions her aside (as aside as you can get in such a place)::
[19:03] <Birkin> Brew this yourself? ::passes the bottle away to the next man/woman::
[19:03] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::looks over at Detro and heads over to him, her arms full of dishes::
[19:04] <Detro> ::helps her with the dishes, as what he has in mind he wants to hand to her::
[19:04] <Mem> ::eats lightly, as he'd become accustomed to lately, and takes a quick swig from the bottle before passing it on; then stands and adjusts his clothing::
[19:04] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> Waine keeps a still under the medical closet. He makes that, and some of the medical supplies. And he's got a boiler out int he Depression that he cooks up some really good Rocket B at.
[19:04] <Mem> So what's on these rigs right now? Can I see?
[19:05] <Craig> ::takes the bottle next and sniffs it a bit:: well, down the hatch ::takes a swig and swirls it around in his mouth a bit before swallowing:: whoa
[19:05] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::pushes the box over, and then places a scan gun alongside it:: There you go.
[19:05] <Birkin> ::grins at the man named Waine:: An excellent distillation
[19:05] <Mem> ::picks up the scanner and examines it::
[19:06] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::She inhales sharply and nearly drops the dishes, fumbling with them and almost causing a mess as she is caught unawares by Detro's gift:: I - wha - Detro! No, it's yours!
[19:06] <Detro> ::Detro's pulled off the canteen he has ALWAYS had by his side since joining up with BT05 on the station:: Didn't want to go without leaving you something to remember me by.
[19:06] <Thierry> ::Finishes and then slides over next to mem::
[19:06] <Gabriel> ::looks around, waiting to see where we're going to do this thing::
[19:07] <Savant> Waine Van Saar> ::grins at Birkin:: I'll put a bottle onto your Pathfinder for when you're back.
[19:07] <Detro> It's not just water. It's good luck. It comes from a fountain on my world that is said to have lucky properties. I want to leave you with some luck too. ::smiles::
[19:08] <Thierry> There's a few extra bottles of Terranovan wine in my locker, take one as a trade
[19:08] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> I can't! You - ::She stops and drops her voice to a hushed whisper:: ah, you go to the trench! Lots more dangerous. you need it more!
[19:08] <Mem> ::picks up one of the pouches and sets it in front of the scanner, then attempts to use the scanner to bring up that rig's info::
[19:09] <Savant> Waine Van Saar> Deal, Raven. I'll leave you the recepie.
[19:09] <Mem> ::watches several returns come up on the screen:: Prophet. What the hell is all of this?
[19:09] <Detro> ::holds her hands:: It'd stick out like a sore thumb there. And I have every intention of coming back from the Trench, alive. ::smiles::
[19:09] * Kt has joined #BT05
[19:10] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> Like I said. Financial records, personal records, genetic codes for ID matching and medical needs, and a lot of other information. It should all be organized on that scanner.
[19:10] <Thierry> ::Picks up one of the spares and starts looking it over.:: Give it to Sergent Birkin, he's the Brewery Officer ::Winks as he looks over the device::
[19:10] <Thierry> Got an anlyzer I can take a look at that toxin with?
[19:11] <Mem> Why is it showing me so many? I only want this one here. ::gestures at the pouch in front of him::
[19:11] <Detro> Besides, put a little of that water into dinner, and you can give good luck to the whole clan. :Smile:
[19:11] <Savant> The Data Rig is an innocuous device - a small cyllinder about two millimeters in diameter and maybe two centimeters long. One end has a black cap, the rest is an off-white. The whole thing is coated in a pale white sheen as well, a protective anti-immune coating
[19:12] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Leads Gabriel to the Bungalow with the medical closet. It's really just a closet, though the doors seal tightly. Just enough room for a cramped cot and a doctor with his equipment
[19:12] <Birkin> ::grins:: Excellent.
[19:13] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::she's turned a very bright red by now.. she unscrews the cap of the water and dips a finger into it, then places a damp fingertip on Detro's forehead, murmuring softly:: Come back safe, so you take it back.
[19:13] <Gabriel> ::specifically does not ask if Dorchester has done this before, as he can only imagine the jokes he has for that one, but simply sits where it looks like he's supposed to sit::
[19:14] <Detro> ::touches his forehead to hers:: I don't need luck to come back safe. I have you.
[19:14] <Thierry> So, who wants to go first?
[19:14] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::picks up a needle and pushes in a medical vial intot he back end, tapping it a few times - habit more then neccessity:: Just to deaden the nerves. Doesn't hurt, really. Just feels strange.
[19:16] <Gabriel> Go ahead.
[19:16] <Thierry> ::Heads back towards the medical closet to watch Dorchester::
[19:17] * Birkin has quit IRC (Quit: )
[19:17] <Mem> So this ::holds it up:: is the scanner. What device is used to program these things?
[19:18] <Savant> Dorchester and Thierry implant the data rigs. It's a quick process, though gives every single one of you the heebie-jeebies. You can all feel the strange pin, which feels more like a baseball bat once it's in, slip in behind your skull. Horribly unsettling.
[19:20] <Savant> About an hour has passed before everyone has gotten their implants. There's barely even a seam from the incision, and the strange feeling has mostly gone away.
[19:20] <Gabriel> ::has finished changing clothes into those the Liberati have for them, and is sitting, drinking cawfee, and trying not to rub his neck::
[19:21] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::sits beside Detro, the canteen in her hands, conversing quietly - a bit more subdued than normally::
[19:21] <Thierry> ::Looks at his clothes and feels his neck:: Well, this is what is considered normal down there?
[19:22] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::dusts off his hands:: All sorts. It's an open patent. They're generally stamped when they're made, at the factory. Pretty high end clean room procedure. The Helles have a clean room they amke the fakes at. Hard to do.
[19:22] <Mem> ::leans back and points the scanner at Kellerton as he listens to Dorchester::
[19:23] <Gabriel> Can they be reprogrammed once they're in? Or would it have to be removed and another inserted in its place?
[19:23] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Shrugs:: some things can be changed. Financial records, some personal things. A lto of it can't, not without tampering iwht it, and that's dangerous.
[19:24] <Detro> ::converses with Kellerton, letting her say what she needs to say, offering encouragement as he can::
[19:25] <Savant> Mem doesn't see a Kellerton Van Saar on his scanner. Instead he sees "Michela Vanderberg", a social worker for Hakkar with fifty pounds in the bank and a work visa in the refineries
[19:26] <Mem> ::peeks over the scanner at Kellerton, grinning:: Michela. How often do you have to use that identity?
[19:27] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::blinks in surprise and looks up:: Oh! Aha, when i'm on the train, or in the city. I got it half a year ago.
[19:28] <Detro> ::grins:: That's not a bad name either.
[19:28] <Mem> I'll see what I can do to get around the tampering and gain the ability to reprogram these if we need to.
[19:29] <Mem> Might need some better equipment, though.
[19:29] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Looks at a clock on the wall - an actual clockwork clock, ticking away, unconcerned with the lot of you:: Train is soon. Are you ready?
[19:30] <Gabriel> ::looks around at the others:: No weapons for this sortie, everyone. This is a recon.
[19:30] <Gabriel> If you were thinking about taking weapons, leave them here, right now.
[19:31] <Farrell> Not even a pair of brass knuckles?
[19:31] <Farrell> <<<Detro> that>>
[19:32] <Gabriel> ::looks over at Dorchester:: Are such things known in the trench?
[19:32] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::wrings her hands::
[19:32] <Thierry> Fine by me, though I assume we're going to get our guns before we try and get into Paladin Lots
[19:32] <Farrell> ::wraps and arm around Kellerton, pulling her to him in a half hug::
[19:33] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::Snorts:: You could carry a battle axe around and no one would blink. The keffs have banned firearms, but they can't stop everything else. ::a pause:: But they'll ask questions if you've got anything bigger than a knife.
[19:33] <Mem> ::pops his knuckles and then chuckles, standing and stretching:: Ready when you are.
[19:33] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::puts her arms around Detro urgently and gives him a squeeze::
[19:33] <Gabriel> ::nods and turns back:: Brass knuckles fine, non-vibro knives, also fine. Nothing else.
[19:35] <Farrell> <Detro> ::smiles and holds Kellerton:: Good. I don't have anything that fits in that category anyways.
[19:36] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> ::turns about and gets the caravan moving again, closer to the refinery::
[19:36] <Thierry> Better bring some medpacks, just in case
[19:37] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> Do your trucks come with us, or do you hide them in the dunes?
[19:38] <Gabriel> ::turns back to Dorchester:: Take them with you. Leave them for Pathfinder to pick up. How do we leave the city, when we are ready to?
[19:39] <Savant> Dorchester Van Saar> There's a store in BFT Heights called Baldrick's. Ask for the manager, and ask to make a special order for the Trent Sector game set. He'll get you to a safehouse and he can arrange for you to leave the city when you're ready.
[19:40] <Farrell> ::grins at Dorchester:: And don't let anyone take that knife out of the back of Spider One. ::Grins::
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::smiles crookedly:: And that, too. Very well. Baldrick's, BFT Heights, Trent Sector game set.
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::looks around:: Everyone got that?
[19:41] <Craig> ::nods::
[19:41] <Thierry> Yessir.
[19:41] <Detro> Affirmative.
[19:42] <Gabriel> Let's move out, then.
[19:42] * Farrell has quit IRC (Quit: "To fly, we have to have resistance." - Maya Lin)
[19:42] <Savant> The caravan stops outside the refinery, behind a large slag pile of black rubble. There the doors open, admitting the Talons to the barren, arid, lifeless expanse of the highlands of Caprice
[19:43] <Mem> ::sees the landscape:: Beautiful.
[19:43] <Detro> ::looks back and offers a parting wave to Kellerton::
[19:43] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::waves vigoroulsy, and watches until Dorchester hauls her back into the airlock::
[19:44] <Thierry> Aaah, feels like home
[19:44] <Mem> No wonder you Badlanders are so cranky.
[19:44] <Mem> ::steps out and then waits for the others::
[19:45] <Detro> ::looks around at the bleak landscape:: Yeah, I agree with you on that Mem. ::heads out with the others::
[19:45] <Craig> ::looks at thierry::it's a bit lacking, air for one....
[19:45] <Savant> It's similar to the Badlands at night. Cold, incredibly dry, and dusty. this dust is different though. The dust on Caprice is finer, more silty than anything. IT immediately coats your clothing, your skin, your hair, your eyes, your mouth, your throat - invisible, but you can feel it.
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::steps out, stretching his legs and testing the iar::
[19:45] <Gabriel> <<air>>
[19:46] <Savant> The air's thinner, too, a lot thinner. Most of you immediately start breathing deeper. It takes a moment of lgiht-headedness to adjust.
[19:46] <Thierry> Heh, its actually worse then home. Takes longer to get this dusty ::Takes a deep breath::
[19:47] <Detro> ::closes his eyes while he acclimates::
[19:47] <Savant> But, the moment passes. Beyond the slag pits is the sound of work trucks revving their engines, massive drilling augers and trenchers, conveyors, workers shouting at one another. Sparks fly and steam rises from a massive black complex; a bleak castle, fortress of capitalism in the middle of the wastelands of plenty.
[19:49] <Savant> Behind, the Liberati retreat into the wastes once more, leaving the Talons alone and isolated, with nothing but their clothes and some survival kits granted by the Liberati.
[19:49] <Gabriel> ::heads toward the refinery, motioning for the others to follow::
[19:50] <Mem> ::observes the building suspiciously at first, then starts walking with the captain::
[19:50] <Thierry> ::Stays close behind gabe::
[19:50] <Detro> ::follows:: Um, not to be a downer, but... is staying together really a good idea?
[19:51] <Mem> Because walking in groups of two or three in the middle of nowhere doesn't look weird?
[19:52] <Gabriel> According to what I've read, Liberati enter the trench fairly frequently. Until we're in amongst the people, that's what we are.
[19:52] <Gabriel> Stay together until we're on the train.
[19:52] <Craig> ::walks along behind and to the side of mem, near the middle of the group really::
[19:52] <Detro> ::smirks, under his breath:: Lawyer Liberati, coming to the Hermes 72 network this fall!
[19:54] <Gabriel> ::heads toward the flank of the refinery, figuring the monorail station will be close to the front entrance or one of the sides::
[19:54] <Thierry> I'm sure a Liberati medical drama would work nicelt too
[19:55] <Savant> The group enters the midst of work teams - work Mounts lumber about carrying massive trenchers, tunnelers, scrapers, levellers, and more. Men in trucks ride about as foremen survey from the rear. Off in the distance you can see what can only be described as a mobile building, slowly working its way across a laid down field of mine slurry, leaving a wake of treads and glittering semi-trailer-sized metal ingots behind it
[19:55] <Craig> ::chuckles a moment:: what about a sitcom about a liberati handyman?
[19:56] <Savant> No one pays you any mind. The entry doors to the refinery are fairly obvious - they're framed in bright yellow and adorned by a large sign saying "You MUST wash before passing the airlock"
[19:57] <Detro> Sure we're going the right way there, uh, boss?
[19:57] <Mem> ::hums a little tune as he walks, apparently not really concerned about venturing into unprotected territory::
[19:57] <Thierry> Great, we get a shower
[19:57] <Gabriel> ::gives Detro a "follow the others gesture" and keeps going::
[19:57] <Savant> No one really bothers you throughout the refinery at all, in fact. Some Corpserfs glance down at scanner guns as you pass by them, but they give you no more heed than those before you or behind. The same procedure is followed as you enter one of the trains.
[19:58] <Savant> The trains themselves are smaller than the Terranovan maglevs, and not as comfortable. They have a somewhat stale smell to them, and are more dingy. The lights flicker a little, and the feel is far more of an inter-city subway system than a world-spanning high speed bullet train.
[19:59] <Savant> Still, after about an hour, the train slowly comes to a stop, easing into a socket in a broad, low set of buildings. BEyond a few spires in the distance and some glittering lights, only a haze of smog obscures the forward horizon.
[20:00] <Savant> The doors open and people start going out into a bright, white and brushed steel blue foyer. On the opposite sode of the room a line is forming, leading to rows of booths, each with what looks like a customs agent.
[20:01] <Gabriel> ::follows the pack::
[20:01] <Mem> ::gets in line with the others, taking in the scenery::
[20:01] <Detro> ::joines the queue::
[20:01] <Thierry> ::Is not far behind Gabe and the others::
[20:01] <Savant> Each booth has a bored looking uniformed corpserf - Gomorran Customs Consolidated (A division of Costa Moreia) - asking the same questions over and over, and tapping at a terminal. The mordreds in behind the booths and lining the large foyer look far more attentive
[20:02] <Savant> Singly, you arrive at the booths
[20:20] <Detro> ::is cleared and so proceeds on for a bit, moving towards the 'rail platform::
[20:21] <Gabriel> ::gives Detro a nod, also waiting for some of the others::
[20:21] <Savant> Singly you make it through the gates and to the other side, with a bunch of other people who cluster around ramps, waiting for luggage.
[20:25] <Detro> ::looks about for the train::
[20:26] <Thierry> ::Strolls over to Gabe
[20:28] <Savant> Everyone is through, except for Mem. Mem's nowhere to be found.
[20:30] <Craig> ::exits the booth and wanders over to the others, smiling at first that he managed to get through that better than the last time, but then losing the smile when he notices mem hasn't come out yet::
[20:30] <Detro> Where's Mem? Off humping some female customs clerk?
[20:31] <Craig> ::shoots detro a look:: thats not funny
[20:31] <Thierry> Good question
[20:32] <Thierry> Oh, there he is ::Nodding towards the customs room as subtly as he can::
[20:32] <Detro> ::looks over Craig's head and frowns:: Neither's that. ::spots Mem being led into a side room:: Think they do random in-depth checks?
[20:32] <Gabriel> ::mutters:: Looks like he got chosen for the body cavity check.
[20:33] <Thierry> Lets hope that's all it is.
[20:34] <Detro> ::Snorts:: I'd bet he'll like it.
[20:35] <Gabriel> Everyone hang tight for a few minutes. Hopefully, we won't have to talk him out of whatever he's done.
[20:35] <Thierry> He's as good at that stuff as any of us
[20:36] <Savant> The crowds begin to thin out as the last load of luggage is deposited on the conveyor. Everyone is heading out through a long passageway into a series of booths where they're scanned for weapons or other undesireables, and then let onto the city rail system.
[20:38] <Craig> ::looks at gabriel:: i'm not liking this, i'm sure you've read the report about the last time 05 was here...the mistake i made...
[20:39] <Thierry> ::Looks nervously towards the customs booth::
[20:39] <Gabriel> ::nods:: The rest of you catch a train, BFT Heights, find Baldrick's, but don't go in. If we don't join you in two hours, go in, ask for the Trent Sector game set, and tell the owner the CID has both Mem and I.
[20:40] <Craig> ::frowns but nods:: anything else?
[20:40] <Thierry> ::Nods and heads for the train::
[20:40] <Detro> If they get you... give 'em hell, sir.
[20:41] <Detro> ::heads off for the train, not waiting for any others or his response::
[20:43] <Gabriel> ::shakes his head:: No, that's all. Get moving.
[20:44] <Craig> ::nods and heads towards the train::
[20:44] <Mem> ::heads out into the lobby and looks around for the others, stretching::
[20:44] <Thierry> ::Looks back and breathes a sigh of releief
[20:45] <Gabriel> ::makes a subtle "go!" gesture to the others::
[20:45] <Mem> ::passes Thierry and Gabriel, not talking::
[20:45] <Thierry> ::Heads off for the trains acting casual::
[20:46] <Gabriel> ::falls in next to Mem:: Immigration trouble?
[20:46] <Detro> ::waiting for the train, he finds a suitable spot and camps there, humming a tuneless ditty to himself::
[20:47] <Craig> ::glances back at gabriel as he climbs onto the train and catches a glimpse of mem finally coming out::sheesh...
[20:47] <Mem> ::arrives at the train, talking so the others can hear him, but not really to them:: Nope. No trouble at all. Just some japes down in Sigma causing trouble. Wanted to know if I'd seen anything. :;shrugs:: Couldn't say I had.
[20:47] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:47] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[20:47] <Detro> ::Atnn::
[20:47] <Craig> ::attn::
[20:47] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[20:47] <Mem> Very Happy ::attn::
[20:48] <Savant> was hoping his reply would be funnier, but oh well. Mem gets brownie points for using gomorran slang properly
[20:48] <Mem> Sorry. Wink
[20:48] <Savant> i hope that was a little tense at the end!
[20:48] <Mem> I won't disappoint next time.
[20:48] <Mem> That was fun.
[20:48] <Savant> let me cut a line here. I hope it sends chills down your spines, those of you who were here for the last time at least
[20:48] <Savant> After a few moments, a young woman asks for Mem, or his pseudonym at least. He's led into a small room, where a man in a black CID unifom sits. An Isabelle sits beside him, looking at a panel, which is very obviously pointing some sensors in the direction of the seat opposite the desk. The man gestures towards it, for Mem to sit.
[20:49] <Savant> anyways. Questions or comments?
[20:49] <Gabriel> Why oh why did Mem drink the water?
[20:49] <Mem> lol.
[20:49] <Craig> lol
[20:49] <Detro> Question: How did ROLAND fare through this? Wink
[20:50] <Thierry> Wasn't enough time for that sort of thing. And if he had, we'd all be sampling the local bevrages ourselves Very Happy
[20:50] <Mem> Lots of fun, Colin. I love it when you split us up... make us nervous. Wink
[20:50] <Savant> poorly. I'll talk to him tomorrow Wink
[20:50] <Savant> i was looknig forward to doing this again Wink
[20:50] <Craig> craig learned a few things since the last time, when going through custom, short, straight answers FTW
[20:50] <Thierry> And Knight for that matter
[20:50] <Savant> Knight will do okay
[20:50] <Detro> So just out of curiosity, dealing with us one on one tonight... trying to show up Ross when he lets GvE split up? Wink
[20:50] <Savant> Roland is ugly and unperosnable. APP and INF rolls aren't his friends
[20:51] <Savant> nah. I do it poorly Wink
[20:51] <Savant> anyways. Shall I give you some experience points?
[20:51] <Thierry> Please sir Very Happy
[20:51] <Savant> one for hte money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Let's hear some of it.
[20:51] <Mem> None, really.
[20:52] <Craig> yeah, not a teamwork night
[20:52] <Detro> ...we're a team? You must have us mistaken for some other group. We're all a group of non-affiliated trenchers, we are.
[20:52] <Thierry> Only thing that I can stretch for is Mem and Thierry working to figure out exactly what we were putting in our heads. But that's a stretch
[20:52] <Savant> heh
[20:52] <Savant> oh, Mem, when you look at a data-rig scanner - there are plenty around Gomorrah - you'll see that the CID agent uploaded a phone number on your rig, so that you can contact the CID if you remember anything else.
[20:52] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Wasn't really a teamwork episode. Mostly setup tonight.
[20:53] <Mem> Ew. So the rig is like a portable hard drive in your skull?
[20:53] <Savant> three is for storyline. Let's hear how you advanced the storyline, or learned about your characters tonight.
[20:53] <Thierry> Left his business card Very Happy
[20:53] <Savant> yeah, Mem. Basically Wink
[20:53] <Mem> What do you do, link it up at home to a pad?
[20:53] <Savant> it's wireless
[20:53] <Thierry> Well, learned everyone is a bit squirmy about sticking strange nanotech in their heads
[20:53] <Mem> That's scary. Big brother sucks. Mem will need to hack these things to feel safe again. Wink
[20:53] <Savant> you can carry a pda and acess it wherever you want to, really. Or you can use one of the multiple terminals around the city.
[20:54] <Savant> let's have some more meaningful storyline elements than that Wink
[20:54] <Thierry> And learned the Corps/CID have the train station locked down like a US airport as if they're expecting some sort of trouble
[20:54] <Mem> Well, for the sake of the others, the CID has become very far along in their efforts to find us and rebel Liberati.
[20:54] <Savant> those stations pretty much *are* airports. A huge flow of workers and cargo moves through them.
[20:55] <Gabriel> ::nods:: If the CID are garrisoning every little train station and entry point into Gomorrah, no matter how insignificant, that's news.
[20:55] <Mem> Offering rewards to miners and contractors in the regions we've been in
[20:55] <Gabriel> And if they're involuntarily data-rigging everyone on Caprice, that's huge news.
[20:55] <Savant> this one's a very big entry point. I won't tell you how the others are being guarded until you actually check into it
[20:55] <Mem> How much is 500/5000 pounds, anyways? A week's pay? A month? A year?
[20:55] <Savant> 5000 pounds is a month's pay, maybe a month and a half, for an average Gomorran. A miner, it's about a month.
[20:56] <Thierry> So a good hunk of cash
[20:56] <Savant> a pound is about equivalent to the PRD I think.
[20:56] <Mem> So it's a decent reward, though not "top ten fugitive" money.
[20:56] <Savant> yeah
[20:56] <Craig> peace river dollar?
[20:56] <Savant> yeah, Craig
[20:56] <Savant> any other elements? I like what i'm hearing
[20:56] <Savant> i have one. I have one.
[20:56] * Thierry isn't up on TN currency exchange Very Happy
[20:57] <Detro> Don't really have anything to add. Detro got through unmolested and with little intel.
[20:57] <Craig> the back reference to the questioning done when we were here the first time?
[20:57] <Savant> Detro and Kellerton are apparently an item now
[20:57] <Mem> Next time we go through security, we're going to have one of those fast passes the airline staff gets. Wink
[20:57] <Savant> heh, stuff one of those in your rig, you wont' even be stopped by security
[20:58] <Detro> Heh. So I'm approved to do the trade-in on the Property perk we discussed?
[20:58] <Savant> yes, Detro
[20:58] <Savant> this is more than enough to warrant the third point. No combat this week
[20:58] <Thierry> Yeah! And I wanted Thierry to get a Liberati woman...oh well, guess I'll have to wait for a Utopian chick Very Happy
[20:58] <Savant> Fourth point is going to be: what are the top three specific things you want to do within the next IC week in Gomorrah
[20:59] <Detro> 1) Find the Highland First movement. 2) Introduce them to Thierry 3) Watch them rip him limb from limb.
[20:59] <Detro> Smile
[20:59] <Mem> 1. Acquire local money (legally or not), 2. Hack into corporate networks, 3. Get Roland laid.
[21:00] <Detro> Seriously: 1) Establish cover and a base of operations. 2) Make contact with our corporate expert in the Trench. 3) See if there's anything we can do to liberate Liberati currently being held.
[21:00] <Craig> try to get a better idea whats going on with the corps, most basic way would be newspapers and broadcasts
[21:01] <Savant> Mem, your rigs have some money in them. Not a lot, but some.
[21:01] <Thierry> 1) Contact the mysterious Amir M 2) Get local fashions 3) Get an even better bead on Caprician media and the types of propaganda the CID is prodcint
[21:01] <Gabriel> 1. See how the events in space affected Gomorrah, if at all. 2. Get a feel for how strongly garrisoned the general streets of Gomorrah are. 3. Get a place to live for a few days or a week. Are there even hotels in this city? Wink
[21:01] <Mem> ::nods:: Maybe some timely investments and get some more.
[21:01] <Mem> Depends on how long it takes to get from one end of the trench to the other.
[21:01] <Thierry> Could always place call orders on the corps we're gonna blow up Smile
[21:01] <Mem> Which is a good question.
[21:01] <Mem> How long does it take?
[21:01] <Savant> i see a lot of disparate goals here. You guys should taklk about how to unify them into a cohesive plan Wink
[21:02] <Mem> 3. Get Roland laid. is a mandatory goal.
[21:02] <Savant> A few hours by jet. A day or so by train.
[21:02] <Mem> There will be no negotiation.
[21:02] <Savant> within a week, huh? good luck on that one
[21:02] <Thierry> Why just roland hmm?
[21:02] <Mem> Because he's the stiff.
[21:02] <Savant> Roland quite obviously needs to get laid
[21:02] <Mem> And it's funny
[21:02] <Thierry> Well, he is the only single guy that hasn't gotten any
[21:03] <Thierry> On this trip
[21:03] <Savant> anyways, discussions on Rolands status as a man aside, that's worth the extra point. Four points. Well done all. I want a plan by the weekend, so I know what the game's gonna be about next week Wink
[21:03] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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