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Trench Warfare, Round Duex

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:03 am    Post subject: Trench Warfare, Round Duex Reply with quote

Things To Do In The Trench:

Establish supply cache
Arrow Unknown status of supply caches from our last visit to the Trench.
Arrow They may also be compromised if BT07 has been interrogated by the CEF.
Arrow Equipment we need now has to be bought, possibly at higher black market rates and with delays.
Arrow Spending money on equipment now is money we can't apply elsewhere as bribes, payoffs, etc.
Arrow Local equipment/systems could be actively monitored by the CEF. Last time we were here, there were no webbled Kassies, no insistance on data rigs, no (known) weapons scanners, and CEF assumed the Liberati were destroyed long ago.
Arrow Current operational tactics are limited: Zero stealth ability, melee weaponry, limited (and presumably traceable) hardline data access, no mobile computing capacity.
Arrow Allows us to sell off water and other goods while the market is "hot".

Establish safe base of operations
Arrow The longer we operate out of the Liberati safehouse, the more a chance it'll be discovered, which threatens Liberati operations in the area.
Arrow Should be a place we can operate better out of. How would it look in our current safehouse if we were carting guns, ammo, supplies in and out all the time?

Determine fate of missing Talon team
Arrow If captured, significant risk to current operations based on information BT07 has. Previous encounters with CEF interrogation techniques showed they are quite effective.
Arrow The team might be laying low or laying on top of an explosive situation. Either means they may have vital intel for us, or may need help.

Contact with Amir Mashell, Highlands First
Arrow Noted as best intel source for all things corp
Arrow Need to determine future intentions in the Trench, in the event they cause problems or interfere with our work.

Procure supplies we don't have now and can't smuggle in
Arrow Clothing, to pass at all levels of Trench society
Arrow Electronics and other common gizmos and gadgets, even if not in working order
Arrow Work equipment/gear

Arrow Monitoring media outlets to "read between the lines"
Arrow Any information on Rassul, other key CEF officers on planet
Arrow Continue to monitor impact of ingress theater operations on economy, corps.

Arrow Paladin Lots, regarding changes made since last visit, if we can get our "surprise package" in, etc.
Arrow Information on Rassul, other key CEF officers on planet
Arrow Establish a dead drop or some way for Liberati and Liberati sympathizers to get in contact with '05.
Arrow What are the Highlands First's immediate plans. Do we need to put a brake on them?
Arrow "Making friends" - continue to curry favor with locals on lower levels.

Feel free to add.
"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." - George Patton
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 9:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think the dead drop is important. Especially since the Liberati work in cells, it takes a long time for information to work its way down to Karas. You guys need a link directly to the Liberati and the Jund. Otherwise you won't get mission critical info very rapidly.

Especially cause 99% of the time I'm tagging along with you guys.
Karas Barthelemy
Corp-Serf, Rebel Sympathizer
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