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Game Transcripts for "Man On The Run"

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 11:31 pm    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "Man On The Run" Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Dissent in Session'
[18:00] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:00] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:00] <Savant> gotta change that. Whoops.
[18:00] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:00] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:00] <Detro> <<If we're going into the trench, it's spelled "Descent" Wink>>
[18:00] <Savant> new story Wink
[18:01] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:01] <Karas> ::ATTN::
[18:01] <Craig> how about call it Trench Warfare?Smile
[18:01] <Detro> Trench foot.
[18:01] <Savant> that's later Wink
[18:01] <Detro> Would almost rather have that than black lung.
[18:01] <Savant> good evening and welcome yet again to another episode of the Black Talons.
[18:02] <Savant> We have a new player, and another one who'll be joining us in November. Everyone say hello to Karas, a good frined of mine, who will be playing a Gomorran.
[18:02] <Savant> he's not the fastest typer, but I'm sure he'll catch up. Don't be too hard on him Wink
[18:02] <Thierry> We won't Wink
[18:02] <Detro> I'm sure he'll have a far easier time at it than Joanna ever did.
[18:02] <Craig> he can't be any slower than me:)
[18:03] <Knight> ::att::
[18:03] <Savant> also say hello to Ryco, wh'o's a solid snake, and is whining about not getting an introduction Wink
[18:03] <Detro> ::insert solid snake bush joke::
[18:04] <Savant> briefing, then questions.
[18:04] <Savant> Man On The Run
[18:04] <Savant> 22 Winter 1945 TN, 2600h - Evening
[18:04] <Savant> Morgan-Freidmann Commercial District, BFT Heights, Gomorrah
[18:04] <Savant> 19 degrees Celcius, 15% humidity, 950 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:04] <Savant> Gomorrah! The Worldcity, the City of Perpetual Twilight, the City That Never Sleeps. All of these are names that Gomorrah has worn through its long history, and as you walk down its crowded, bustling, neon-lit streets it strikes you that none of them are bluster or overstated.
[18:04] <Savant> It's impossible to entirely adjust - above and below you, cars and buildings and vehicles and drones and People! So many people! All traversing an endless webway of streets and walkways of steel.
[18:04] <Savant> The crowds move about you in an uncaring bustle, leaving you to your task - travelling the distance from where you are to a certain storefront in BFT Heights' busy Morgan-Freidmann Commercial District.
[18:04] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:04] <Gabriel> ack
[18:04] <Thierry> ack
[18:04] <Craig> ack
[18:04] <Detro> ack! The NY Tourism Board's gonna sue Gomorrah!
[18:05] <Knight> ack
[18:05] <Savant> Dennis pointed something out to me that I should mention. You all need to have fake names and IDs in your Data rigs. I'm not making those up, you are. Drop'em in the wiki if you like, but make sure they're accessible. Anyone not have a fake ID?
[18:05] <Knight> I need to make one real quick
[18:06] <Savant> chop chop Wink
[18:06] <Savant> all that being said, do I have any questions?
[18:06] <Karas> I'm gonna be John Smith
[18:06] <Craig> whereabouts in the wiki?
[18:06] <Savant> you can link to it from the Characters page, or from your own biography
[18:07] <Savant> Karas, you odn't need a fake ID Wink
[18:07] <Thierry> Got the name up but we'll see about a full fake bio
[18:07] <Savant> no questions, huh?
[18:08] <Thierry> Well, same one as before...
[18:08] <Savant> that being?
[18:08] <Thierry> What's the plan boss Smile
[18:08] <Savant> Gabriel? care to debrief your troops
[18:09] <Gabriel> Today's mission is mostly to get a feel for the city so that the first time we come here with a purpose, we're not staring like tourists at everything. Wink
[18:09] <Gabriel> That's all.
[18:09] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:09] <Thierry> Okie day
[18:09] <Savant> very good.
[18:09] <Savant> let's be off, then. Further questions in #LemOS
[18:09] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:10] <Savant> It's dizzying at first - noise and people coming form all quarters, form all sides. The Morgan-Freidmann Commercial District is several levels of tightly packed walkways, streets, buildings and parkades, all of it humming with life and light
[18:11] <Savant> The Talons are clustered in a tight knot on a broad sidewalk - itself as wide as the road in fact - with the seas of Gomorrans moving this way and that,parting around them like water parts around a rock.
[18:12] <Detro> ::after so long in the jungles, space, and highlands, it's mentally jarring to Detro. He does his best to calm his senses and stay with the group::
[18:12] * Prescot has joined #BT05
[18:12] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
[18:12] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:12] <Thierry> ::Tries not to look awestruck but inside he most certainly is::
[18:13] <Birkin> ::remembers this hell hole from before, keeping his nose down and avoiding the ire of the large corpserfs, hoping Craig does the same::
[18:13] <Savant> Noise! Everywhere. You're surrounded by it. This is one of the busier spots in Gomorrah, and you can see how easy it would be to get lost. While there are certainly Corpserfs about - they wear swat armour and colourful tabards to identify themselves - there's no way they could watch everything at once.
[18:13] <Mem> ::practically struts down the sidewalk, looking like a man in his element:: Yeah. I missed this place.
[18:14] <Thierry> I don't see how anyone could. All this...must be stressful
[18:14] <Gabriel> ::fairly quietly:: How could you have missed it? You live here.
[18:15] <Savant> It's chaos, pure and simple - people have painted pictures of Gomorrah, likening it to hell. Twisting walkways crowded with people, shouting from drivers to pedestrians who flood the streets at any moment. A kaleidoscope of neon colours light the street brightly, and the sky is blotted out with the streets and buildings above
[18:15] <Knight> ::is nearly taken aback by the assault of sounds, light and smell of the city::
[18:15] <Craig> ::glances over at birkin and mem, being the only three on the team who's been down here before, it's pretty easy to not be distracted as much as the others might be::
[18:16] <Detro> Home, noisy home.
[18:17] <Craig> good to be back
[18:18] <Thierry> That it is I suppose, but I do like the occasional trip up to the Highlands.
[18:19] <Savant> Beside you is the train station you've just exited - you half block a flood of people coming out and going in, but they don't bother to even look at you as they pass along.
[18:19] <Gabriel> ::nods slowly at the team's newfound caution and goes back to watching people and signage::
[18:19] <Gabriel> Let's get moving.
[18:19] <Birkin> ::stays quiet and what he remembers the locals to be like, somewhat in a hurry, but keeping to themselves, looking around casting glances at the corpserfs or people who seem to be paying to much attention to the Talons::
[18:20] <Thierry> ::Nods and follows Gabe into the throng, making sure to both stay close to him and make sure the others are doing the same::
[18:20] <Mem> ::caution? not Mem, he pushes forward through the crowd and in whichever direction they were meant to go::
[18:20] <Detro> ::glances about for some sort of news distribution --um, thing, he supposes::
[18:20] <Savant> Along the street, just beside the station, a massive Morgan's department store dominates with bright white lights and glittering displays. Across the street are a striip of tiny, classy, glossy stores vending clothing, food, electronics, and all sorts of odds and ends
[18:21] <Detro> ::that said, he makes sure he sticks with the group when they start moving::
[18:24] <Knight> ::keeps up with the group, knowing his limited knowledge of the language and city skills::
[18:24] <Gabriel> ::crosses toward the Morgan's, looking for the smaller shops that generally surround larger department stores::
[18:25] <Savant> Gabriel finds just what he's looking for - a cluster of smaller shops, kiosks, and vendors around the monolithic department store. They all seem very clean, very nice, and are generally rather busy. Each one seems to have a reputation all its own outside of the big store.
[18:25] <Craig> ::follows along, making sure to avoid bumping into anyone::
[18:25] <Mem> ::smirks to himself, feeling as energized as he had since leaving Terranova::
[18:25] <Thierry> ::Keeps on Gabes' heels::
[18:28] <Birkin> ::not seeing anything out of the ordinary, he switches his energies to finding Baldrick's, whatever that place may be::
[18:28] <Savant> Detro points out a news ticker streaming across the outside of a row of buildings across the street. Stock numbers scroll by constantly, and the headlines pass above. Apparently the big news of the day is the purchase of Aquaventure by Monopol Microwerks in an aggresive takeover
[18:29] <Gabriel> ::nods Detro in that direction, indicating the row of shops::
[18:30] <Gabriel> ::starts scanning the smaller shops, looking to see what's what::
[18:31] <Mem> ::comes up to an information kiosk and looks around::
[18:31] <Gabriel> Clothing, armor, odds and ends, cell phones. I think we'll want the last three, at least. ::heads for the store selling armor, checking his rig's credit balance at the same time::
[18:32] <Detro> ::heads that way with Gabriel, though more to check out the impact on the corporate world of the Talon's romp in space::
[18:32] <Thierry> Sounds like a plan. ::Follows gabe and checks his own rigs balance::
[18:33] <Detro> ::steers a bit off to the side though -- would a lawyer really need armor? Communications, certainly.::
[18:33] <Birkin> ::clears his throat slightly, nudging his elbow against the Captain, and softly saying:: Mr Tynes? ::the elbow that he bumped the Captain with pointed across his body, hidden from most people pointing at a small kiosk that says "Infoterm::
[18:34] <Mem> ::is standing at aforementioned info kiosk::
[18:34] <Savant> The "armour" store seems strange. It's armour - real armour, some light kevlar, some polymer, some even archaic metal. It all looks like it was stolen form the set of a bad feudal trideo movie set. And it's got logos on it, bright sashes, splashes of colour.
[18:34] <Knight> ::follows the grp over to the kiosk::
[18:35] <Gabriel> ::looks around the store, trying to get a feel for the clientele and the sort of people who wear this stuff::
[18:35] <Savant> The Kiosk, on the other hand, seems very straightforward. It gives access to maps, sales, coupons, announcements, and other useful information - all you have to do is push a button for it to read your data rig.
[18:36] <Detro> ::looks about for something suitable for in-trench communications -- preferrably something they might be able to mod to use an unmonitored channel, if such things exist::
[18:36] <Mem> ::presses the button:: << :O >>
[18:36] <Thierry> ::Stays with Gabe and starts looking around the armor store and nods at a suit or two:: Intersting
[18:36] <Savant> Kiosk> *beep* Welcome to BFT Heights. We hope you enjoyed your journey on the Tachyon system. How may we assist you?
[18:37] <Mem> Can I get direction to Baldrick's?
[18:38] <Craig> ::walks up next to gabriel and peers into the window:: must be a collectors piece, i don't see how anyone would wear that in public
[18:38] <Savant> Detro finds the "phone store" to be small, but cluttered full iwth shiny white, grey and blue rigs. Some are fat, like a slim bar of soap, some are simply cylinders. A friendly looking young woman grins at Detro from behind the counter, her head haloed by bright blue and black hair
[18:39] <Savant> Woman> Need a hand?
[18:39] <Savant> Kiosk> *beep* You asked for directions to Baldrick's. Do you mean the store or a place of residence?
[18:39] <Mem> ::smirks:: The store.
[18:40] <Thierry> ::Looks at the piece Craig is talking about:: Hmmm, I dunno, I kinda like it
[18:40] <Knight> ::peers over Detro's shoulder::
[18:41] <Savant> Gabriel finds that the people here come from many walks of life, but they all seem rather clean cut. No ripped clothes or jackets peppered with buttons here. A man in a dusty tee shirt is looking over a polished steel cuirass, while a woman in her fourties is holding up a kevlar vest that looks like it's more for fashion than protection
[18:41] <Savant> Woman> ::grins at Knight:: hi.
[18:42] <Knight> ::tips hat::
[18:42] <Savant> Kiosk> ::A map appears on the screen, showing the store in question to be several blocks away:: Would you like a print-out? It's only a quarter pound.
[18:42] <Detro> ::smiles back friendly, looking at some of the fatter rigs -- worse comes to worse, they could at least scrap what's inside and slap in a homebrewed solution:: Sure. ::points out two of the fat rigs that clearly aren't the same:: Need a new one, just trying to make up my mind.
[18:43] <Gabriel> ::to the woman:: Yeah, actually. I was looking for something that makes a statement. Something fairly forceful.
[18:43] <Mem> ::considers the idea that a map would be physical evidence and decides against it:: No, thanks, I've got it. ::studies the map another moment::
[18:44] <Savant> Woman> ::The woman that comes up to Gabriel is sharply dressed, blonde, and is wearing vaguely feudal clothing - a tunic, leggings, tall boots. She's also got a breastplate that is very aptly named:: Are you in security sir? We have some heavier lines, if you'd like to see them.
[18:44] <Savant> Kiosk> *beep* thank you.
[18:45] <Savant> A man comes up from behind Mem and pushes the kiosk's activation button, and the map disappears.
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::grins at the woman:: Nah, nothing like that. Just wanting to express myself a bit.
[18:45] <Mem> ::takes a step to the side, glancing at the man, and then looks around for the others::
[18:45] <Knight> ::to the woman:: I am looking for something practical, going to be doing some survey work and blasting.
[18:46] <Birkin> ::watches the woman approach the captain and smirks slightly, making himself look busy here, wondering if this place sells all kinds of just armor or things from feudal area::
[18:47] <Thierry> I'm just looking for now
[18:47] <Savant> Phone_Girl> ::nods and pulls a few slim, but rugged looking cylinders from a case:: These are nice. You can get the whole trench, they've got access to the satnet for a low charge - five pound a month, and they've got a two year warrantee on parts and labour. Only eighty pound.
[18:49] <Savant> Armour_Woman> I see? ::looks the Captain up and down:: Well, may I sugest something in matte black? Matte black and angular, modern plates are very much coming into season.
[18:51] <Knight> ::looks over the phones:: They can be dropped a few times and keep workin' right?
[18:51] <Detro> ::hrms, noting similar sizes and capabilities to Terra Novan equipment::
[18:51] <Birkin> ::begins to look over the gauntlets, trying to find something that could withstand a flame up but still give him full mobility on his hands::
[18:51] <Savant> Phone_Girl> ::snorts:: Step a Mount on'em if you want. Tough stuff, no rust.
[18:51] <Gabriel> Hm, maybe. Show me. ::looks to where she seems to be indicating::
[18:53] <Savant> The woman leads Gabriel, and Birkin who seems to be in attendance, off to a set of racks int he back. It's amusing. The should plates of some of these look like they'd be at home on a Dark Gear. One breastplate even has a broad-winged raven swooping down
[18:53] <Knight> ::looks to Detro:: What ya' think?
[18:53] <Thierry> ::His eyes go straight to the breastplate with the raven:: Nice.
[18:54] <Detro> Damn if I should know ::glowers:: One of your mining *things* that crushed my last one when I was on that border dispute.
[18:54] <Gabriel> Huh! Interesting design. I don't think I've ever seen this. Who's the maker? What's the inspiration?
[18:54] <Karas> ::moves quietly down the street, glances back to see if his partner is following too close::
[18:55] <Knight> ::with a dismissive look to Detro:: That's what you get when you leave stuff lyin' around camp.
[18:55] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::Smiles:: I'm glad you're interested, sir. This line was inspired by Arumande Design Studios. It's only just hit the streets over the past few days, and it's been getting rave reviews. Best of all, they're all limited run pieces. Very unique.
[18:56] <Craig> ::picks up a set of boots for a closer look, they're somewhat heavy with thick soles and a reinforced toe and heel, nicely padded inside though by the looks of it:: built for protection and comfort ::grins::
[18:56] <Detro> ::gruffly:: It fell out of my pocket.
[18:56] <Savant> Phone_Girl> ::Chews bubble gun and rests her chin on her hands and her elbows on the counter as they look at the phones:: Just outta the rocks, huh?
[18:56] <Birkin> They look pretty sturdy too. ::picks up a set of gloves::
[18:56] <Gabriel> Arumande? ::pulls out his PDA and notes that down, then tucks it away and looks for something that might fit him::
[18:57] <Detro> ::nods absentmindedly, glancing at some of the other models:: Drawing lines in the dirt. ::smirks::
[18:57] <Thierry> Probably pretty pricy huh?
[18:57] <Karas> ::follows the suspect through the crowd, but keeps distance::
[18:58] <Savant> Armour_Woman> I can give you the catalogue if you're interested in the line. And, yes, a little pricey, but not so bad as the Sterling line, or the Platinum.
[18:58] <Detro> ::looks back at the models recommended... inwardly his mind is a bit whirly. The satnet should be useful, but the charge for it and the warranty provided would likely get his identity in the computers. Could be a good thing -- could be bad.::
[18:58] <Mem> K> ::takes a step to the side, glancing at the man, and then looks around for the others::
[18:59] <Gabriel> ::checks the price of one that looks like it might fit him::
[18:59] <Detro> ::decides the risk is worth it:: That one'll do. Comes in grey?
[18:59] <Craig> ::puts the boots back on the display then crosses over to a set of headgear::
[19:00] <Birkin> ::picks up one of the gloves that the woman recommended, giving it a good look over to see if it would restrict mobility too much for him::
[19:00] <Thierry> A> That would be nice thank you
[19:00] <Knight> >P::nods:: Just back, need to re-equip, replace what was lost or busted.
[19:00] <Savant> Phone_Girl> ::Shrugs:: Yeah. boring, but if you want it you got it. ::Reaches under her counter::
[19:00] <Birkin> <<er that should have been A> >>
[19:01] <Knight> >p May as well make it two.
[19:01] <Karas> ::Uses rig to access recent map kiosk::
[19:01] <Detro> P> ::shrugs:: I ever need to outrun one of those mining things from running me over, lets me blend into the dirt better.
[19:01] <Savant> Birkin finds some very nice, sturdy gloves; Craig finds a helmet that would have looked at home on a feudal knight, but in matte black. A few doors down, Detro and Knight get themselves some phones that fit comfortably into the palms of their hands
[19:01] <Mem> K> ::glances around, deciding to stay put, wondering where the others went off to::
[19:02] <Detro> P> ::glares at Knight while saying that::
[19:02] <Savant> Phone_Girl> ::blows a bubble, lets it pop, keeps chewing:: You guys had some fun out there didn't'cha? Any earthers run ya over?
[19:02] <Gabriel> A> ::checks the price of one that looks like it might fit him::
[19:03] <Mem> K> ::glances back at the kiosk and the stranger, then returns his attention to the storefronts, looking for signs of his teammates::
[19:03] <Knight> Heh, we were so far out there, we didn't see much else but those in our crew.
[19:03] <Craig> A>::chuckles a moment, looking over the sets again:: you know, some of these suits look like they need something like a good sword to complete the look
[19:03] <Detro> P> Heard some sort of noise out there. Could have been them. Too busy working I guess.
[19:03] <Karas> ::signals partner to hang back more using comm, continues forward heading slightly away from his mark::
[19:03] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> ::Mutters to Karas quietly, so far unnoticed, despite the bright green/blue tabards they're wearing:: Want me to swing around to the other side?
[19:04] <Karas> ::double clicks for no::
[19:05] <Savant> Phone_Girl> ::shrugs:: I hear they've been all over out there. Blowin' up shit, killin people. Earther stuff, you know.
[19:05] <Knight> >p You wouldn't be able to recomend a nice shop for protective gear, would you? Once we start the blasting, we sometimes have to dodge the pebbles.
[19:05] <Gabriel> A> ::holds one of them up:: I'd like to try this one on.
[19:05] <Detro> P> ::eye rolls at Knight:: Pebbles. Bah. You don't need that, you need your eyes fixed.
[19:05] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::Smiles and gestures to the change rooms off to the side - there's a spot to change in the open, surrounded by mirrors, or there are three private rooms. One is in use::
[19:06] <Birkin> A> ::decides its not his style, and begins to look outside the store and around, making sure no one is looking at them funny like while the captain talks to the woman::
[19:06] <Savant> Phone_Girl> Like, work shit, or like pretty-boy steel shirts?
[19:06] <Gabriel> A> ::takes one of the private rooms and attempts to figure out how to put this stuff on::
[19:07] <Karas> ::Stops across the street from Jerome Sato:: +com+ hold position. stay hidden.
[19:07] <Thierry> Got anything a bit less ornate?
[19:07] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +com+ Got it. He had some buddies around here, too. I'll keep my eyes open
[19:08] <Savant> Armour> Woman ::nods:: of course. Similar style, same artist, or something else entirely?
[19:08] <Karas> +com+ notify me ASAP, and for god sake's don't fuck up
[19:09] <Detro> P> P> ::heads out of the store, leaving Knight behind... though he wanders off to the side, away from view within the store, but easy sighting of the store front. He gets working on the phone, familiarizing himself quickly with its use::
[19:09] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +com ::Snorts over the com line:: I'm not Willkins, man.
[19:09] <Thierry> A> Looking for something a bit...brighter.
[19:09] <Karas> +com+ chuckles
[19:09] <Mem> ::mutters and continues looking up and down the storefronts, but staying put for now::
[19:10] <Knight> >p Work shit. I aint got time to play dress-up
[19:10] <Mem> K> ::takes a moment to refresh his memory about the local selection of ladies::
[19:11] <Detro> P> ::grunts and grants it access to the data rig::
[19:11] <Mem> ::smirks to himself, watching from a "safe" distance::
[19:11] <Karas> ::Karas watches Jerome eyeing women, chuckles to himself, looks like we got us a ladies man::
[19:11] <Craig> A> ::smile over to the sales woman::so, is there a place to get a blade that would go one of these sets?
[19:11] <Savant> Phone_Girl> ::grins:: Good boy. Three blocks north and up a level, good Hardman store. In-de-fucking-structable.
[19:12] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::grins:: Our sister store is half a block down, sir.
[19:12] <Knight> ::grins:: Thank you.
[19:12] <Knight> ::gathers up his new toy, heads to the street scanning for Detro::
[19:13] <Detro> P> ::steps in behind Knight, then up to his side:: Took ya long enough.
[19:13] <Gabriel> ::comes out, dressed in the matte black armor and heads for the mirror circle::
[19:13] <Gabriel> << A> >>
[19:13] <Savant> Phone_Girl> ::GRins, winks at Knight, presses a button her countertop:: Any time.
[19:13] <Birkin> A> ::Casts a glance back to the Captain for a moment and grins, before turning his attention back to the front of the store, looking over the wares there and the people outside::
[19:14] <Thierry> A> Whats it called?
[19:14] <Karas> ::Karas brings up map data...and iis very surprised::
[19:14] <Savant> Armour_Woman> Sorensmith. Oh, and That *does* look good on you, Sir. Though, if you like it, let me have it tailored for you. It seems a bit tight in the shoulders.
[19:15] <Knight> >P ::spots Detro and headsd over to him::
[19:15] <Thierry> ::Looks over to Gabe:: Not bad Mik
[19:15] <Karas> +com+ Micharin I'm going to tail these guys, I want you to hold back. I'll call you if there is trouble.
[19:15] <Craig> A>::smiles back:: thanks ::glances over a gabriel as he exits the change room:: very spiffy
[19:15] <Knight> >p Got a line on a functional armor shop, 3 blocks north and up a level, Hardmen.
[19:16] <Mem> K> ::leans up against a wall and seems content to watch the passing Gommorans, taking in the fashion and the slang, figuring the others had no idea how to get to Baldrick's and would come back here at some point::
[19:16] <Knight> >p Let's sync these up.
[19:16] <Gabriel> A> ::nods:: It does sort of suit me, doesn't it. And yes, it would need to be let out a bit. How much to have it altered, or is that included?
[19:16] <Detro> P> ::sticking to his cover persona:: Still say I don't see much need for it. But I guess if I'm going back out there anytime soon...
[19:16] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +com+ You want me to just walk? That's totally against policy, you know that.
[19:17] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::grins:: No charge here, sir. It'll only take a moment.
[19:17] <Knight> :Very Happy: Cham, trust me. With enough blasting, you will get hit with somethin'
[19:17] <Karas> +com+ I know, but I think they've made you. I want you to hold back, I'm going to do some recon. Recon only I promise.
[19:17] <Thierry> I'll be outside Mik. ::Nods to gabe and then heads outside, looking for Mem::
[19:18] <Detro> P> ::straightens his jacket:: I'm a lawyer, not a rock crawler.
[19:18] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +com+ Aw shit, boss. I'll tail a block away, where they can't spot me, in case you need me.
[19:18] <Knight> ::checking the balance on his rig:: Come now, we all know lawyers are lower than rodent rock crawlers.
[19:18] <Karas> +com+ K, just follow my signal. I'll call you if I need you promise.
[19:19] * Kt has joined #BT05
[19:19] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +com+ ... okay, man. I'll go back to the shop and get the heat. Call if you need me, and I'll get the '55 in the air.
[19:19] <Knight> ::smiles:: Looks like I got more than a new phone, ol' buddy. ::flashes his disply to Detro to show him a phone number::
[19:19] <Detro> P> P> Try drilling on the wrong side of the line, find out just how much you'll like lawyers then.
[19:19] <Karas> +com+ understood.
[19:20] <Detro> P> ::glances at him, frowns:: The phone shop girl?
[19:20] <Gabriel> A> ::removes the suit and looks for where the woman seems to want it::
[19:20] <Savant> Mem has managed to stop a lovely young lady, who's chatting with him casually about the market in the hub, and how terrible the recent buyout is/
[19:20] <Knight> ::with a little slap to Detro's back:: If I am on the wrong side of the line, it's because I didn't hire the right lawyer to look at the lot papers. And yes, our phone shop lady.
[19:21] <Thierry> ::Spots Mem and his new friend:: Jerome, found yourself a friend already ::Grins::
[19:21] <Mem> K> ::grins:: Good to know.
[19:21] <Detro> P> *Your* phone shop lady. I'm spoken for, remember?
[19:21] <Savant> Armour_Lady> ::She takes the item from Gabriel and brings it to the back room::
[19:21] <Thierry> I'm saving Thierry for a Utopian Razz
[19:21] <Mem> K> ::glances at Thierry, not looking terribly pleased, but he smiles anyway:: A friend? ::looks back at the woman:: Sure, I guess so.
[19:22] <Gabriel> A> ::leans up against the counter::
[19:22] <Knight> >P Don't hate Cham.
[19:22] <Savant> Woman> ::Shrugs and smiles: Water's going to be expensive untiul the market settles back down. And it's bad enough as it is. And then prices'll go up across the board because of it.
[19:22] <Detro> P> ::Snort:: Hate? Never.
[19:23] <Knight> >p So, protective clothing?
[19:23] <Mem> K> Sounds about right. I don't ever recall prices for anything going down, though.
[19:23] <Craig> ::glances at gabriel again as the lady goes into the next room before whispering:: so, someones useing our exploits to sell merchandise eh?
[19:23] <Knight> ::test phone by punching in Detros code::
[19:23] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> ::Skulks down the road a little ways, then straightens and blends bakc into the crowd as he heads away from the area::
[19:24] <Thierry> Yeah, its a drag. ::Seems internally satisfied while showing a bummed out look::
[19:24] <Mem> K> Besides, sometimes a hot shower is worth the extra money.
[19:24] <Karas> ::chuckles to himself knowing that Micharin was hoping for some action::
[19:24] <Gabriel> A> ::nods to Craig slowly but says nothing, looking for the one-offs that are invariably sold with bigger ticket items::
[19:24] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::Returns with the item again:: would you like it wrapped?
[19:25] <Detro> P> ::pulls the phone out:: Go for Cham.
[19:25] <Knight> ::hits dial:
[19:26] <Detro> P> ::then notices Knight has his phone out and up too... putting two and two together:: Ha ha. You realize this probably costs, right?
[19:26] <Karas> ::notices phone conversation::
[19:27] <Knight> ::nods:: Just want to be sure it works.
[19:27] <Savant> Woman> ::grins:: oh yes, definately. There's a pool in my complex, the recycler's good enough that we've all got a lot of hot water.
[19:27] <Detro> P> ::snort:: What, you think they'd sell a defective phone?
[19:28] <Detro> P> ::shakes his head:: Jape.
[19:28] <Knight> Well, if they know you're a lawyer, they might just sell you one that's busted.
[19:28] <Mem> K> A pool, eh? Very nice. Haven't been swimming in a while, myself. Not much time for it.
[19:28] <Detro> P> ::winces, putting his hand to his mouth, then goes into a cough that wracks his frame::
[19:28] <Gabriel> A> Nope, I'll wear it, I think. ::picks up one of the belts and looks it over:: Friend of mine has a belt... claims its the skin of some critter that lives on Utopia.
[19:29] <Gabriel> A> You wouldn't happen to know about anything like that, would you?
[19:29] <Thierry> K> Free time, what'
[19:29] <Gabriel> A> He's a notorious liar, but he claims he bought it along in here somewhere.
[19:29] <Thierry> s that? ::chuckles::
[19:30] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::laughs:: Utopia? No, sir. That gate's sealed tight. We get a trickle from Atlantis, but that's not cheap. Though, I hear there are some Utopian diplomats in Paladin Lots, negotiating something.
[19:31] <Detro> P> ::puts his free hand out to the wall to support himself while he continues coughing and hacking... finally, it seems he manages to recover, looking a bit pale::
[19:31] <Savant> Woman> ::Grins:: Come by sometime. I'll let you into the building, I've got a free guest pass.
[19:31] <Gabriel> A> Ha. Figures. Wonder what it's about? ::holds up the belt slightly:: Throw in the belt?
[19:32] <Knight> ::backs away a bit:: Cham, you ok buddy? We need to find a care center?
[19:32] <Mem> K> I'll have to do that. Next time I pass through the area, I'll give you a call?
[19:32] <Detro> P> ::shakes head:: He said nothing I can do but tough it out. ::makes face:: 'nuther reason to not get mixed up in mining.
[19:33] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::nods and presses a button on a discrete pda in her belt:: No idea. That gate's been opening up once in awhile, apparently.That and the Terranovan gate too, quite a bit.
[19:34] <Savant> Woman> ::grins and presses a button on her PDA, pointing it at Mem:: Sure. Give me a call.
[19:34] <Knight> ::with a wave of the hand:: Lets find this armor shop.
[19:34] <Mem> K> ::grins:: Most definitely.
[19:34] <Knight> ::using directions, tries to locate the shop location given by the phone shop gal::
[19:34] <Thierry> K> ::Shakes his head and grins::
[19:35] <Gabriel> A> ::chuckles:: Nothin' coming in from Terra Nova except problems, likely, though I'd love to get my hands on something Utopian, just to show Sly up.
[19:35] <Gabriel> A> He's such a liar.
[19:35] <Detro> P> ::Catches his breath the best he can without setting off the coughs again, and his color improves somewhat::
[19:36] <Savant> Armour_Woman> Do you want me to put you on our list? I'll flag you for something Utopian if you want. I believe that Arumande is going to be doing something Utopian next, within two months.
[19:38] <Gabriel> A> Doing something Utopian? ::smirks:: How do they plan to do that, if the gate's sealed? And no, I'll have to come back in. Corp keeps shuttling me around. Haven't been to a decent sun party in two weeks. ::offers the woman a slightly wan smile::
[19:38] <Detro> P> That's what I get for staying up late working on legal papers.
[19:38] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::winks with a grin:: Troll the net and you'll find all sorts of interesting things. It's all conjecture, but it's very pretty.
[19:39] <Knight> >p Well, lets get us a look at some protection, then we'll find a nice place to have a drink.
[19:39] <Mem> K> ::as the woman continues down the street, Mem can't help but watch::
[19:39] <Craig> A>::looks at the belt, taking note of what the woman was saying about the gates and the utopian diplomat rumor::
[19:40] <Mem> K> ::glances at Thierry::
[19:40] <Thierry> K> Caught yourself another one I see Jerome
[19:40] <Farrell> <Detro> P> Sounds good to me.
[19:40] <Knight> ::heads out::
[19:40] <Mem> K> ::smirks:: Plenty more where that came from, my friend. Just look around.
[19:41] <Farrell> <Detro> P> While we're at it, respirator gear or something. Air mask. *Anything*
[19:41] <Thierry> K> ::Smirks back:: Not this trip man. Not this trip.
[19:41] <Gabriel> A> Hm. Might be worth looking into, while I'm doing my mushroom impersonation. That's all, then.
[19:42] <Knight> ::nods::Definatly
[19:42] <Mem> K> Psh. We'll see about that.
[19:42] <Knight> ::as he walks, begins to 'casually' scan around::
[19:43] <Farrell> <Detro> Good. And maybe some protection for the eyes.
[19:43] <Thierry> K> As long as she's better then the last one. I prefer my women more...grounded then her
[19:44] <Mem> K> I could find you thirty right here on this street. ::smirks and glances around::
[19:44] <Farrell> <Detro> P> I mean, if there's pebbles, there's bound to be even nastier stuff *following* it, dangerous to the eyes and all.
[19:44] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::Unclips the pda from her belt and holds it up for Gabriel:: We're having a n open ball uptown as well, in two weeks. You're invited to attend, if you like, and only at a five pound cover for the night.
[19:44] <Craig> ::raises an gabriel's comment::
[19:44] <Knight> ::nods to detro::
[19:44] <Gabriel> A> ::brightens:: Really? What's the dress code?
[19:45] <Thierry> K> I'm a handsome young doctor Jerome, I'm sure I could find me one on my own
[19:45] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::Laughs a little:: You're carrying it. Semi formal, though if you'd like to impress, it's always welcome.
[19:45] <Mem> K> Go to, then, handsome young doctor. ::gestures at the masses of people::
[19:46] <Karas> ::continue watching::
[19:46] <Gabriel> A> Well! My luck's turning, then. ::again pulls out his PDA and notes the details:: Thank you so much.
[19:47] <Farrell> <Detro> P> ::figures ducking down an alley would just make things worse::
[19:47] <Thierry> K> Maybe later. Should be looking for Mik. He's in there upgrading his wardrobe. They got this cool looking breastplate with a raven on it I almost got.
[19:47] <Savant> A *machine* stomps up to the Talons outside. It's got four legs, a blocky body, and no "head"; instead electronic eyes peer out form behind a soft, round-cornered and vaguely bluish plastic cover
[19:48] <Savant> Armour_Woman> ::Smiles:: the details are on your rig. That's everything. I hope you enjoy the cuirass.
[19:48] <Gabriel> A> Indeed I will, thank you. ::takes his purchases back to the ring of mirrors to put them on::
[19:48] <Thierry> ::Looks over at the thing casually, trying not to act startled::
[19:50] <Farrell> <Detro> How close is this store?
[19:50] <Birkin> A> ::raises an eyebrow briefly to the machine outside before going back to his current looking around::
[19:50] <Craig> A>::nods to the woman before following gabriel out::
[19:50] <Mem> K> ::glances at the machine::
[19:50] <Savant> Machine> ::A synthesized male voice, pleassant but clearly not real:: *beep* Good evening, sir. Are you interested in receiving a fifty pound coupon for your local Avronaut dealership? They are having a special promotion, just for you. You could get out of the crowds and ride in style.
[19:50] <Knight> A few blocks, should be close now.
[19:51] <Knight> ::points up:: We need to go up one level.
[19:51] <Gabriel> ::exits the shop and comes back on the street, wearing his new cuirass and belt::
[19:51] <Thierry> K> Sure, why not
[19:52] <Savant> Knight and Mem get to a large store - above it, along a set of stairs, is a smaller store, with a neon sign saying "HARDMAN" on it. A construction worker hologram builds a wall to one side
[19:52] <Knight> ::points:: There she is.
[19:52] <Mem> <<Mem = Detro>>
[19:53] <Savant> Machine> *beep* ::a light lights up on the front of the machine, with the letters, "Please press here":: Thank you. Please also accept this ticket for a free coffee and sandwich at your local Tuck Shop. It's the freshest in the Heights.
[19:53] <Mem> K> ::turns to the machine, seeing that Thierry is taking the coupon:: I'm sure.
[19:54] <Gabriel> ::looks around for the others::
[19:55] <Thierry> ::Pushes the button::
[19:55] <Savant> Machine> *beep* ::turns to Gabriel:: Good evening, sir. That is a very fine new Arumande cuirasse. There is a sale currently going on for Arumande accessories just two blocks down the street if you are interested in the fine Cutlen-Hammer line of civilized hadware.
[19:55] <Farrell> <Detro> P> ::hopes they have air masks and such here:
[19:56] <Mem> ::watches the machine take a few steps to Gabriel and then grins:: There they are.
[19:56] <Gabriel> ::blinks at the machine, trying to decide if it knows what he's wearing from some kind of image recognition or from scanning recent receipts in his rig::
[19:56] <Savant> Hardman is very much a workwear store. The clientele are blue collar but clean, and there's not a few Liberati here, identifiable by their bright ribbons and sashes. There aren't any visible clerks, but there's a security guard by the door
[19:56] <Birkin> ::moves behind the captain chuckling softly, avoiding saying anything::
[19:57] <Farrell> <Detro> P> ::seeing this isn
[19:57] <Knight> ::scans shop, looking for 'blast crew' gear::
[19:57] <Farrell> <Detro> P> Seeing this isn't much his place, he lets Knight take the lead here::
[19:59] <Craig> ::blinks at the machine::
[19:59] <Savant> There's a full corner of the shop devoted to the hardest of hard workwear. Designed for working in refineries, blast furnaces, and the hard vacuum of space, these outfits look like they'd be found on a bomb disposal expert.
[19:59] <Knight> ::makes his way to the corner::
[19:59] <Birkin> We should probably get going hm? ::casts a glance at a corpserf a few paces away in the crowd that seems to be directing way way too much attention to Mem and by proxy the rest of us::
[20:00] <Karas> ::looks straight at Birkin and Gabriel, but does nothing::
[20:00] <Thierry> ::Takes the Coupon and looks at it and then at Mem:: Well, at least we know where to get some grub later
[20:00] <Mem> ::looks at Birkin:: No way, it's too much fun here.
[20:01] <Mem> ::finally notices Gabriel's attire:: What. the. fuck?
[20:01] <Karas> ::Karas walks on ahead, leaving the group behind::
[20:01] <Birkin> ::clears his throat, and gives Mem a glance, then glances again briefly at the corpserf::
[20:01] <Mem> ... ::quietly:: sir.
[20:01] <Knight> ::looks for passable demo suit that offers decent protection and movement::
[20:01] <Gabriel> ::grins:: You don't like it?
[20:01] <Mem> ::looks at Birkin again and this time realizes it:: Well, what do you want to do about it?
[20:01] <Thierry> ::Follows Birkin's eyes and then looks back at Gabe::
[20:01] <Mem> Can't just go all shifty eyed like that.
[20:02] <Savant> Machine> *beep* Or perhaps I can suggest dinner at Michel Renaud's? They have the best Concordat-style meals in the Heights.
[20:02] <Gabriel> Patience. Let's move up the block a bit. I might want a dagger to go with my armor.
[20:02] <Mem> I got some directions back there, so whenever you're ready, just give the word.
[20:03] <Karas> ::Goes on ahead to Balderick's::
[20:03] <Gabriel> ::heads slowly in the direction that the machine said the accessory shop was::
[20:03] <Savant> Knight stumbles across some pretty nice gear - heavy gloves, breastplate, greaves, insulated suit. IT's all thickly padded with a thin hard layer overtop. Not pretty, but functional.
[20:03] <Knight> ::looks over the suit::
[20:04] <Thierry> Yeah, I wanna check out that other place the girl mentioned. All that black stuff, so depressing.
[20:04] <Craig> ::chuckles at mem's reaction then glances at gabriel:: the sales woman back there suggested a shop called sorensmith's just a few shops down that deals in swords and other weapons that would match
[20:04] <Mem> ::watches Gabriel:: ... accessorizing? ::smirks:: I fucking love this town. ::heads down the street after gabriel, just grinning::
[20:05] <Birkin> ::shrugs his shoulders, apparently the officers didn't care, so he wouldn't either::
[20:05] <Farrell> <Detro> P> I can think of a friend who wouldn't mind that suit too.
[20:05] <Savant> Gabriel tows his crew off to Sorensmiths', just down the street. The robot wanders off, accosting the next passer-by.
[20:06] <Mem> ::to Birkin, as he walks alongside:: Well, what did you see?
[20:06] <Gabriel> ::checks to see if the corpserf follows them::
[20:06] <Mem> See someone you fancy? ::gestures at a pair of ladies crossing the opposite side of the street::
[20:06] <Birkin> A corpserf looking at you, and by proxy the rest of us as well. ::smirks and winks at one of the ladies across the street::
[20:06] <Karas> ::approaches Baldrick's, and heads inside::
[20:06] <Thierry> ::Looks at the women:: Na, not my types
[20:07] <Mem> ::scrunches up his eyebrows:: Looking at me? A woman, you mean? ::smirks::
[20:07] <Savant> Karas approaches a medium sized store, two levels up form the road, approached by flights of stairs. IT seems clean, professional, and polished. There's some sort of a guy with a gun posing outside - it seems that way, until it's revealed as a hologram
[20:08] <Knight> ::looks for a tag with price info::
[20:08] <Birkin> But of course..
[20:08] <Savant> Sorensmiths', on the other hand, is much bigger, and almost white entirely. BRight light, white walls, white floor, white ceiling - a few splashes of red and blue. There are sword racks, knives, spears, halberds - all in a dizzying array of designs. No guns. Why would a society like this need these sorts of things?
[20:08] <Karas> ::heads inside, he's been here before. Goes looking for the Baldren::
[20:09] <Mem> Well, that's entirely expected. ::heads into Sorensmiths casually, looking around::
[20:09] <Thierry> ::Starts looking around himself::
[20:09] <Gabriel> ::qiuetly, while approaching Sorensmith's:: We were being watched, by that Morgan Freidmann corpserf. He's gone now, but he was definitely watching us. Us, as a group.
[20:10] <Mem> ::glances back at Gabriel, and stands inside the store examining some window items::
[20:10] <Savant> Inside Baldricks are assortments of games, collectables, books - real books, on paper! - artwork, posters, sculptures, memorabilia - all sorts of things. A few people look around, giving the Corpserf a nod and little else when they spot him
[20:11] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Mr Karas! ::Waves from the counter:: Haven't seen you in weeks. Boss keeping you busy?
[20:12] <Karas> You know it Baldren! Hey I need to talk to you, do you have a minute or to, it is urgent.
[20:12] <Craig> ::frowms a bit at gabriel's warning, then looks back at the store:: quite an assortment in there
[20:12] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::He's a slightly overweight guy, with a black goatee and sharply cut hair. He's wearing a snug looking cuirass over what looks like a serf's tunic and pants, though they're all well tailored. He's even got a tie on, visible under the neck of the armour:: Sure. Making a reservation? ::leads the corpserf into the side room::
[20:12] * Farrell has quit IRC (Quit: -)
[20:13] <Detro> P> ::glances around for a filter mask::
[20:13] <Thierry> ::Starts looking at a short sword that caught his eye::
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::frowns:: Wonder if he had a partner.
[20:13] <Savant> Sorensmith's also has a broad collection of belts, hats, phone and pda holders, headsets, eyepieces, data gloves, and more, but nothing in the way of armour.
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::out of completely idle curiosity, looks to see if they have a dagger or a short sword::
[20:14] <Knight> ::after seeing the armor looks like it will work, scans shop for resperiators and protective googles::
[20:14] <Karas> ::waits until they are inside:: hey Baldrin, I spotted some pretty interesting people headed your way not 5 minutes ago. In fact one of their IDs was flagged as a fake. You know anything about this?
[20:14] <Savant> Gabriel finds a dirk that seems to suit him - it's got an eagle's head for a pommel nut. Thierry finds shorts swords nearby, many of them fancy, and many of them look impractical
[20:15] <Thierry> ::Holds up the sword he's looking at:: Mik, this one would go nicely I think
[20:15] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Raises an eyebrow:: No, no idea. They look like troublemakers?
[20:15] <Thierry> ::Heads over towards a rack of hats::
[20:16] <Karas> I'm not sure yet, but I would like to know. I wanted to give you a little heads up. Mind if I stick around, maybe in the back here?
[20:16] <Mem> ::looks disinterested in the armory selection, but wanders through the store with the others::
[20:16] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Of course. Go to the back room if you want to. I've got a guest in there though, he's a bit hurt. Let'im sleep, but go on back. Beer's in the fridge.
[20:17] <Craig> ::takes a look at a.....:: this is a sword? ::points at a weapon that has a blade that branched off in serveral direction::
[20:17] <Karas> Baldren you know I don't drink on duty ::pats him on the back:: I'll be quiet, but you call if you need me...understand?
[20:18] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> You bet, thanks Karas.
[20:18] <Karas> ::goes in the back::
[20:18] <Detro> P> ::resigns himself to wearing one of the masks before him... he looks for something that'll "match" his current outfit::
[20:18] <Thierry> ::Picks up a hat:: I really need some new clothes.
[20:19] <Savant> In behind Baldricks' is a small room, cramped and with stale air. There are a few beds, a small fridge, a table, and a terminal, with a door to a lavatory in the back. Utilitarian but functional. There are a few movie posters on the wall, and a black man laying unconscious on one of the beds
[20:20] <Gabriel> ::quietly, while looking:: Did anyone say anything that would have led him to watch us?
[20:21] <Knight> ::looks to load up with the suit, a respirator and protective googles::
[20:21] <Birkin> (q) Did anyone act like a massive tourist?
[20:21] <Mem> ::shrugs, on the other side of the weapon rack:: No.
[20:21] <Savant> Knight doesn't see any till or cash register around. He does, however, spot a pedistal by the door with a silvery half-globe on the top of it
[20:22] <Knight> ::inspect the globe:
[20:22] <Savant> Man> ::grunts and turns fitfully::
[20:22] <Craig> ::shakes head then glances at mem::
[20:22] <Savant> ((The above man is in the back room at Baldrick's))
[20:22] <Thierry> ::Walks back to Gabe and shrugs:: No idea. We should finish up and get where we're going soon. I don't like this.
[20:22] <Savant> Corpserf> ::Raises an eyebrow at Knight:: problem?
[20:23] <Karas> ::takes a seat on one of the beds and waits, being careful not to wake the man::
[20:23] <Detro> P> ::makes mental note that if trade ever resumes between Terra Nova and Caprice to definitely vote in the Mekong Dominion AGAINST investing heavily in Caprician fashion trends::
[20:24] <Gabriel> ::nods, slowly:: Let's find the others.
[20:25] <Detro> P> ::picks up a mask that looks somewhat fashionable and glances at it from various angles::
[20:25] <Karas> ::goes over and inspects the sleeping man, careful not to wake him, looking for anything that might identify him::
[20:26] <Mem> ::heads for the exit empty-handed, yawning a bit and looking at the other nearby stores for anything interesting::
[20:26] <Detro> P> ::muffles a cough with his free hand::
[20:26] <Thierry> ::Looks to Mem:: So Jerome, where's the place we're goin.
[20:27] <Mem> Not sure, I'm hungry.
[20:27] <Savant> Corpserf> ::clears his throat and looks at Knight and Detro expectantly::
[20:27] <Craig> food sounds good ::follows mem and the others back out::
[20:27] <Knight> ::gives a no-chalent shrug::
[20:28] <Mem> ::waits at the store entrance for the others, looking up and down the street as if searching for a place to eat::
[20:28] <Gabriel> ::exits Sorensmith's::
[20:28] <Knight> Guess I've been out in the rocks too long, what's this?
[20:29] <Thierry> Later Jerome, we're gonna be late if we don't get a move on
[20:29] <Savant> Corpserf> ::raises an eyebrow even higher:: You don't look like a nomad.
[20:29] <Mem> ::rolls his eyes and looks at Tynes::
[20:30] <Gabriel> So where are we going?
[20:30] <Gabriel> Did anyone look this place up?
[20:30] <Mem> A few blocks up the street. Yeah, I've got it.
[20:31] <Knight> True that, but have been out of civilization a bit. Dropin' charges so the surveyers can find the minerals.
[20:31] <Gabriel> ::indicates Mem should lead on::
[20:31] <Savant> Corpserf> It's a payterm. ::Deadpan::
[20:32] <Mem> ::gestures with a flick of his eyes that Knight and Detro are still inside::
[20:33] <Detro> P> ::moves in front of Knight, puts his hand on the sphere, and waits a bit::
[20:33] <Savant> Sphere> *beep*
[20:33] <Detro> P> ::glares at Knight:: Sure they shouldn't be mining the rocks in your head?
[20:35] <Knight> ::with shock:: Ouch, that hurts.
[20:35] <Knight> ::touches spehere::
[20:35] <Savant> Corpserf> C'mon c'mon, enough theatrics. There's a lineup.
[20:36] <Detro> P> ::having said that, he still waits patiently for Knight to 'check out'::
[20:36] <Savant> Sphere> *beep*
[20:36] * Knight has left #BT05
[20:36] * Knight has joined #BT05
[20:36] * Savant sets mode: +o Knight
[20:36] <Knight> ::scans items::
[20:36] <Savant> <Savant> Sphere> *beep*
[20:37] <Knight> ::gathers up the items, gives nod to the guard::
[20:37] <Mem> ::as Knight exits the store:: You guys and your shopping habits. Really. Gas masks and body armor? ::heads up the street as the map indicated::
[20:37] <Detro> P> ::heads outside with Knight, waiting until they're far enough away from the store to not be overheard:: Sorry 'bout that rock bit. ::scratches back of neck:: You looked like you needed a bit of saving back there.
[20:37] <Gabriel> ::nods at Detro and Knight, then indicates Mem should continue leading::
[20:38] <Detro> P> ::past that, he doesn't waste much time putting the mask on::
[20:38] <Thierry> ::Shrugs and follows along::
[20:38] <Savant> The group gathers up and continues their expedition down the street. They're spectators to a street show; a small band of musicians wail out a wonderfully melodic tune. There's a small silver ball in front of them, and there's a small crowd. Many just pass by, however.
[20:38] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow at detro::the black lung bothering you that much?
[20:40] <Detro> ::a tad muffled:: Doctor's orders.
[20:40] <Mem> ::glancing around at everyone while he leads on:: I'm not walking with you guys anymore. This is turning out to be quite the freak show.
[20:40] <Thierry> ::Inspects the mask:: It should do nicely. Can't just fix a lung you know. I'm good, but not THAT good
[20:40] <Detro> ::looks at Craig:: And what, you think this means I'm not as useful? ::Snort:: Your lack of faith disturbs me.
[20:41] <Mem> There it is. Up there. ::points ahead::
[20:41] <Craig> ::shrugs:: just showing concern is all
[20:41] <Savant> Before too long, however, they can spot a bright neon "Baldricks'" down the street, and three levels up - a broad staircase leads up to a third tier walkway.
[20:41] <Mem> ::examines the front of the building and shrugs, heading up the stairs after a glance at Tynes::
[20:42] <Thierry> ::Follows closely behind Mem::
[20:42] <Detro> ::takes up the rear::
[20:42] <Gabriel> ::nods and indicates Mem should go ahead, looking for a place to look around the street first to see if the place is under surveillance::
[20:43] <Mem> ::approaches the top of the stairs, trying to avoid looking cautious::
[20:43] <Savant> It's got some guy in ripped clothes, with a gun in one hand, standing on the corner, almost perched on the thrid tier walkway. After a moment it flickers - it's a hologram The building itself isn't very large, but it's clean, bright, and looks well run - like everywhere else on this stretch. Not quite as high class as the first tier, but still nice.
[20:44] <Craig> ::stops at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at the hologram:: huh
[20:44] <Thierry> ::Glances at the hologram and pays it little mind:: Come on
[20:44] <Birkin> ::pushes Craig forward, on accident:: (w) tourist...
[20:45] <Detro> ::going up the stairs, peels off towards the left, casually::
[20:46] <Mem> ::enters the store and takes a look around::
[20:46] <Savant> It's nice inside - warm colours, lots of shelves made of plastic, but which look like wood, and very convincing. Video games of all sorts, trideos and videos, collectable figurines (some risque enough that no northerner would dare stock them), books (real ones), and other collectables.
[20:46] <Thierry> ::Follows Mem in, smiling at the selection::
[20:46] <Mem> ::pulls down his sunglasses and examines the merchandise::
[20:47] <Mem> That looks fun. ::glances around for an employee::
[20:47] <Gabriel> ::from his position still below the store, looks to see if anyone's watching the place or making excuses to stand around nearby::
[20:47] <Craig> ::gives birkin a look then follows up::
[20:47] <Thierry> Sure does
[20:47] <Detro> ::eyes the others going in, but stays outside for now on the third-tier walkway, positioned to observe up and down where Tynes can't see from below::
[20:47] <Knight> ::angles towards Detro, keeping a few meters space::
[20:48] <Knight> ::looks for a position to take up covering the blind side::
[20:49] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::loks up from his screen behind the counter:: oh, hi. Feel free to look around, I'll be with you in a second.
[20:50] <Mem> ::nods at Baldren, and hovers near him, glancing as casually as possible at the selection of books::
[20:50] <Detro> ::resists the urge to pull out the phone and report to Tynes -- mostly because he doesn't know if the CO had picked one up yet, let alone his number::
[20:50] <Thierry> ::Looks through the books looking for anything particularly interesting::
[20:50] <Detro> ::fortunately, the coast appears to be clear::
[20:51] <Savant> In the back room, the terminal screen - it's showing security camera footage - shows the Talons entering the store and looking around
[20:51] <Knight> ::scans the area; lookiing back to Detro gives an all clear sign::
[20:51] <Karas> ::sits down in front of the terminal an watches intently::
[20:52] <Mem> ::sticks his sunglasses up on his head to rest, and touches a book to feel the binding::
[20:52] <Detro> ::nods slightly, moves forward the the tier rail where Tynes can hopefully see him and casually relays the "OK" hand signal to him below::
[20:52] <Gabriel> ::seems satisfied and heads upstairs toward the store::
[20:52] <Savant> Mem's found a book, a real book. It's either paper or a very clever plastic replica of the same. Feels like paper.
[20:52] <Mem> Crazy.
[20:52] <Craig> ::looks over at mem:: what?
[20:52] <Knight> ::lotiers a bit outside, resting his gear on the railing::
[20:53] <Birkin> ::looks at some of those more risque figurines, wondering just what the show or game the were about was like::
[20:53] <Mem> It's a book. ::hands it to Craig, then looks back at Baldren::
[20:53] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> That one's a good one. Not cheap, but comes all the way from Hauser.
[20:53] <Mem> Are you the manager, here?
[20:53] <Detro> ::seeing Tynes coming up, stays at the rail::
[20:54] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Yes, that's right.
[20:54] <Mem> 'ppreciate well. I'm Jerome Sato. ::offers his hand in greeting:: We were referred here to make some acquisitions.
[20:55] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Shakes Baldren's hand:: Good to meet you. I'm Baldren, the owner. What're you looking for?
[20:55] <Craig> ::takes a quick look at it, flips through the pages a bit before handing it back to mem:: nothing too special
[20:56] <Detro> ::quietly, to himself as he looks around:: Talk about 'down the rabbit hole...'
[20:56] <Mem> ::leans in, smiling:: The buyer I represent was interested in a special order from the Trent Sector game set. Some very specific items. ::glances at the door as Tynes enters::
[20:56] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::points for Detro:: Lewis Carroll, right over there.
[20:57] <Savant> ((disregard))
[20:57] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Trent Sector set, huh? ::scratches his chin:: The trid set? C'mon with me. I don't have it, but I've got something like it in the back.
[20:58] <Mem> Sure thing. ::nods to Tynes and decides it's all right to go back on his own::
[20:58] <Gabriel> ::blinks, overhearing the last part of the conversation, turns around, and leaves the store::
[20:58] <Thierry> Want me to come too Jer?
[20:58] <Detro> ::glances as Tynes emerges rather quickly from the store... he shoots the boss a questioning look::
[20:58] <Karas> ::stands up::
[21:00] <Savant> MEm is led into the back room, and then form there, ot *another* back room, amid Baldren's mumblings of "I think it's back here...". It's small, cramped, and there are two people there. One's an unconscious black man in yellow and blue; the other is a standing Corpserf, in armour and armed.
[21:01] <Mem> ::heads back and shakes his head at Thierry, then goes back with Baldren and looks at the corpserf::
[21:02] <Karas> hello and who might you be?
[21:02] <Gabriel> ::heads back downstairs, indicating Detro should follow::
[21:02] <Detro> ::falls in behind Tynes casually::
[21:02] <Thierry> ::Keeps going through the books while looking for a place he can at least hear whats being said discretely::
[21:03] <Knight> ::notes Detro leave his position, once he makes ground level, moves out himself::
[21:03] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> So, who are you and who sent you, kid? I don't like people I don't know showing up at my door, and neither does the Officer here, if you get my meaning.
[21:04] <Karas> ::makes no aggressive moves, but does look at Jerome intently::
[21:05] <Detro> ::catching up to Tynes, he breathes a bit too heavily and starts to cough a bit... he finally gets it under control, his voice hoarse and muffled by the mask:: Dirty in there?
[21:05] <Gabriel> Mem gave the code phrase. We're going to wait out here, see if he comes out of his own free will, or in cuffs.
[21:05] <Knight> ::hits ground level, stays back, about 6 meters from Detro
[21:05] <Mem> ::looks at Baldren and then the corpserf:: Special order from Trent Sector game set. ::eyes Baldren:: Right?
[21:06] <Karas> what the hell is he talking about ::turns to Baldren::
[21:06] <Craig> ::goes to a corner and makes like he's still looking over the games and books on display::
[21:07] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::raises a hand to Karas, asking for patience:: Yeah, we can get you to the Trent Sector. If we like you. Do we like you? I dont' sell that to just anyone.
[21:07] <Mem> ::smirks:: I think you'll like me.
[21:07] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:07] <Detro> ::grunts:: Let's hope they like him.
[21:07] <Craig> lol
[21:07] <Craig> ::Attn::
[21:07] <Detro> ::attn::
[21:07] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[21:07] <Savant> bump detro's line up, that works well
[21:08] <Savant> there we go! What did you think?
[21:08] <Knight> ::attn:
[21:08] <Thierry> Interesting. Woulda let it go a bit longer meself but tis getting late
[21:08] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[21:08] <Karas> ::attn::
[21:08] <Mem> Just want to go on record, that if there's some specific plan, or specific action that should be avoided in the future, please make it clear. I took the lead and went with it. I'm not sorry if it didn't line up with
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 11:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:08] <Mem> Just want to go on record, that if there's some specific plan, or specific action that should be avoided in the future, please make it clear. I took the lead and went with it. I'm not sorry if it didn't line up with something that was vague.
[21:08] <Craig> it was your regular "try to blend in with the crowd" type of game
[21:08] <Gabriel> Went fine, I thought. Interesting, and did a good job of introducing a bit of the city's culture.
[21:09] <Detro> Detro's having a much easier time at it than Jana did.
[21:09] <Savant> i'm glad you did that, Mem. Balcwin's got a lot of contacts, and after you've chatted with him for awhile he'll get you all sorts of information, and the *good* information, not the rumours.
[21:09] <Thierry> I think I have a log to write about what Theirry was REALLY thinking Smile
[21:09] <Gabriel> ::nods:: It's fine. It was just a little impetuous, that's all. You didn't even try to check the guy out, you didn't even check to see if he was the manager.
[21:09] <Savant> he did ask if the guy was the manager, actually
[21:09] <Craig> and i'm happy that it's not me that getting everyone in trouble this time:)
[21:10] <Thierry> And I assume we'll get the lodown on our new friend
[21:10] <Gabriel> Did he? OK, that's good.
[21:10] <Karas> Is the game over for today or just paused?
[21:10] <Savant> over for the night. Three hours is long enough for now Wink
[21:10] <Detro> Not done yet. Time to determine ExPee
[21:10] <Mem> Hehe... three hour game = win.
[21:10] <Karas> k
[21:10] <Savant> what did you think Karas?
[21:10] <Mem> Good job, Chris. Seems like you've got the hang of the IRC part.
[21:10] <Savant> agreed
[21:11] <Karas> Well it wasn't a hectic game, but I think I got it.
[21:11] <Thierry> I tried to explain the inside jokes Smile
[21:11] <Savant> not hectic, no. Nice and easy. for you guys at least Wink
[21:11] <Karas> Lol...I'm sure we'll have new ones by the end.
[21:11] <Savant> Gabriel, the dagger and the cuirass have costed you $280P
[21:11] <Gabriel> Didn't buy the dagger. Just looked.
[21:11] <Thierry> YEah, I was in combat my second game out
[21:11] <Savant> Knight, you've spent $200P. Detro, just the mask, right?
[21:11] <Detro> And the phone
[21:11] <Craig> yeah you missed out on the lavatube race a few weeks ago, THAT was hectic:)
[21:12] <Savant> oh, okay, Gabriel. Then, $250P
[21:12] <Thierry> And Knight we dropped right into the middle of a fight
[21:12] <Savant> mask was $5P. Phones were $80P
[21:12] <Savant> okay, who wants XP?
[21:12] <Thierry> Me me me
[21:12] <Craig> ME!
[21:12] <Detro> Plus the first billing period Colin. That was another 5P IIRC
[21:12] <Karas> Yo!
[21:12] <Savant> yes
[21:12] <Karas> I needs skills
[21:12] <Birkin> mad skillz
[21:13] <Craig> 1337 skillz
[21:13] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show; three is for teamwork. Was there any today?
[21:13] <Savant> tell me so
[21:13] <Karas> Killa skillz
[21:13] <Detro> Everyone had an Adventure Buddy/Buddies
[21:13] <Savant> 'cept those who went off on their own
[21:13] <Karas> Hey I was a one man army!
[21:13] <Savant> hee hee
[21:13] <Detro> Wait, what? Who went off on their own?
[21:13] <Gabriel> Who went off on their own?
[21:13] <Savant> Detro was on his own awhile, as was Mem
[21:13] <Savant> but only briefly
[21:13] <Detro> No. Knight followed Detro.
[21:14] <Gabriel> And I thought Thierry was with Mem.
[21:14] <Savant> hm. Well, it was cluttered there in the beginning Wink
[21:14] <Savant> Thierry was with you for a good while too.
[21:14] <Craig>, this was another spread out type of thing, only a couple of us got any usefull infor too
[21:14] <Savant> anyways. working in teams. Anything else?
[21:14] <Detro> And by splitting up, we have a good idea of shops in the area as opposed to if we'd travelled as one big group
[21:14] <Thierry> Thierry went with Tynes at first and then waited outside with Mem
[21:14] <Savant> true, Detro
[21:15] <Karas> Travelling as a group is the best way to get noticed.
[21:15] <Detro> Knight also got a contact of sorts. Wink
[21:15] <Detro> As did Mem. Wink
[21:15] <Savant> i'll give it to you. you co-ordinated the approach to Baldrick's well, as well as in the stores themselves
[21:15] <Savant> that's the next area guys, not this one. That's not teamwork, it's info gathering
[21:15] <Karas> Awesome! I likes that.
[21:15] <Savant> three points. Next is storyline. Did you advance the storyline today? Did you learn anything important?
[21:16] <Detro> Mem's getting impatient in his ripe old age? ;D
[21:16] <Thierry> We found out that we did indeed help shake up the water market
[21:16] <Gabriel> The fact that there are Utopian ambassadors in Paladin Lots, and that it's common knowledge that there are Utopian ambassadors in Paladin Lots.
[21:16] <Thierry> Or at least that there was one
[21:16] <Karas> I learned about the black man in the back.
[21:16] <Mem> Well, looking back, I'm glad we didn't have to go another week without a contact in Gomorrah. Wink
[21:16] <Savant> Every time a pretty lady goes near Mem, I roll a seduction roll for him. That determines how she behaves towards him Wink
[21:16] <Detro> And that it's common knowledge the Terra Novan gate has been active. AND that the Utopian gate is closed off.
[21:16] <Mem> The most tactically important thing was Utopians negotiating with CEF at Paladin Lots
[21:17] <Detro> Though I question "negotiating" so much as I would call them "hostages" Wink
[21:17] <Thierry> Getting through to Utopia should be fun then...
[21:17] <Craig> learned that a studio is making designs seemingly based on the black talon theme
[21:17] <Gabriel> Think so? I'm inclined to take the information as it stands.
[21:17] <Detro> Well, it could be either, really.
[21:17] <Knight> well we got some gear to get us alolng, that has to hekpo
[21:17] <Knight> help
[21:18] * Savant grins
[21:18] <Savant> maybe they're negotiating their surrender
[21:18] <Savant> maybe it's a trade negotiation
[21:18] <Detro> It just seems odd that if there are ambassadors here that they'd close the door back to their planet... unless either A) there's a nasty surprise on the other side the CEF doesn't want in the Caprician system, or B) they're cutting off any route of escape for the ambassador/hostages.
[21:19] <Thierry> Yeah, we don't know which end is closed
[21:19] <Detro> That too.
[21:19] <Detro> And on that topic, that gates CAN be closed off.
[21:19] <Savant> i'll give you the storyline point. That's four.
[21:19] <Karas> Maybe they're closing it off so YOU can't get through.
[21:19] <Detro> That tech alone would seriously help TN, what with all the microgates.
[21:19] <Craig> well yeah, just shut down the gateships
[21:20] <Savant> no combat. Fifth point is a bonus point, which you will receive if you can tell me osme element of GOmorrah that you liked from the game tonight.
[21:20] <Mem> We have lots of options, though. Mem can probably get that guest pass to the apartment complex... if we needed to get a place outside of whatever Baldren has for us.
[21:20] <Thierry> That armor is considered high fashion that just rawks
[21:20] <Detro> ::grins:: That I think we saw NYC through your eyes tonight Colin Wink
[21:20] <Birkin> the complete and utter captialism that is in your face
[21:20] <Karas> I liked the bazaar theme mixed with heavy crusader, midevil knights theme.
[21:21] <Savant> Machine> *beep* Would you like some free capitalism, consumer?
[21:21] <Knight> crazy \
[21:21] <Gabriel> The NPCs were great tonight. Even the robot NPCs had personality. Wink
[21:21] <Craig> hehe yeah
[21:21] <Gabriel> How did the robot know what Gabriel was wearing? Wink
[21:21] <Craig> it was all well described
[21:21] <Gabriel> Was it pattern recognition, or can the terminals read recent purchases?
[21:21] <Savant> RFID tag in the armour says how old it is, and will let you know when it is due for a resizing or repair.
[21:22] <Gabriel> Uh. Huh. ::makes a note to have Craig remove that::
[21:22] <Craig> lol
[21:22] <Gabriel> I love that Gabriel's sort of a casual walking advertisement for the Talons, though. Wink
[21:22] <Mem> Yeah, the tech element is cool... AI advertisers, get a chick's number by a remote control, even though the big brother aspect is a little freaky.
[21:22] <Detro> ::snorts:: I suspect everything we have is bugged. Wink
[21:22] <Savant> yeah, because the RFID tag in your skull is less of a problem Wink
[21:22] <Thierry> As I said, reminds me of Minority Report
[21:23] <Detro> I was keeping up Detro's banter with Knight ... he didn't break character until talking to Tynes.
[21:23] <Gabriel> That one, we can't do anything about right now. Wink
[21:23] <Mem> Would it be uncommon for Mem to point his phone number at tens of women on the street randomly? Wink
[21:23] <Mem> Or is that borderline harassment? Social spam?
[21:23] <Craig> lol
[21:23] <Savant> that's liable to get you arrested for a violation of the right of consent, which is the only real universal law on Caprice
[21:23] <Mem> Cool.
[21:24] <Detro> And pointing your measurements and complete sexual history to all their phones would be far worse
[21:24] <Savant> any questions, or anything else people liked?
[21:24] <Craig> hehe that phone lady gave knight her number without asking:)
[21:24] <Savant> so go put some hand cuffs on her. She'll like that.
[21:24] <Karas> Ya, how does this team not have raging STDs?
[21:24] <Savant> bahaahaa
[21:24] <Mem> I can't believe Roland wasn't here for our trip to the armory.
[21:25] <Detro> ::snort:: Mem has all the STDs. Detro's faithful to one woman.
[21:25] <Detro> (At least, that we know of.)
[21:25] <Mem> Mem is casual, but he's not stupid. Wink
[21:25] <Craig> lol yeah, i hope tynes is still wearing that cuirass when fras gets back:)
[21:26] <Savant> Mem's medkit is full of STD innoculations
[21:26] <Thierry> They do have a good doctor Smile
[21:26] <Karas> I guess
[21:27] <Savant> anyways. Is that it?
[21:27] <Detro> So full points tonight then?
[21:27] <Karas> So how many xp did I get?
[21:27] <Karas> if any
[21:27] <Savant> Five experience points. Next week we'll have you all in the back room at Baldrick's, I think. You can talk and decide on things there.
[21:27] <Savant> thank you and good night!
[21:27] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Man on the Run in Session'
[18:00] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:00] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:00] <Karas> ::attn::
[18:00] <Ryco> ::unattentive::
[18:00] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:00] <Detro> ::Attn::
[18:00] <Ardelmos> ::attn and stuff::
[18:00] <Savant> good evening and welcome to another exciting episode of the Black Talons.
[18:01] <Savant> before we begin I would like to draw your attention to the forums.
[18:01] <Savant>
[18:01] <Savant> please go there and post what you've got for finances, and what you've purchased if you've made any
[18:01] <Savant> if you haven't made any purchases then your data rig ought to have $500P on it.
[18:02] <Savant> ($1P has about the buying power of the Peace River Doller, or 2 Marks, or 2 Dinars)
[18:02] <Savant> Dollar. Psh.
[18:02] <Savant> that's Knight, Gabriel and Detro that have made purchases, I believe. And Karas as well, too
[18:02] <Savant> Thierry, did you buy anything?
[18:03] <Savant> anyways
[18:03] <Savant> do that. I'll brief you in the meantime
[18:03] <Savant> Man On The Run
[18:03] <Savant> 22 Winter 1945 TN, 3100h - Late Night
[18:03] <Savant> Freidmann Terraces, BFT Heights, Gomorrah
[18:03] <Savant> 22 degrees Celcius, 18% humidity, 975 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:03] <Savant> Gomorrah! The Worldcity, the City of Perpetual Twilight, the City That Never Sleeps. All of these are names that Gomorrah has worn through its long history, and as you walk down its crowded, bustling, neon-lit streets it strikes you that none of them are bluster or overstated.
[18:03] <Savant> It's impossible to entirely adjust - above and below you, cars and buildings and vehicles and drones and People! So many people! All traversing an endless webway of streets and walkways of steel.
[18:03] <Savant> Baldren has taken you to a nearby safehouse, a set of two adjoining apartments within a block on 91477 - 329 FrTerr BFT. Little has been said between the Talons and any of the Liberati during this time. Now, however, they arrive at the safehouse and are ready to speak more openly...
[18:03] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:03] <Detro> ACK--
[18:03] * Detro keels over in a hacking cough, then recovers, raising his hand with a question.
[18:04] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:04] <Gabriel> ack
[18:04] <Craig> ack
[18:04] <Thierry> Acj
[18:04] <Savant> yes, Detro?
[18:04] <Thierry> k
[18:04] <Detro> Spending money is good and all, but how can we make money? Can I sell off bodily fluids?
[18:04] <Karas> ack
[18:04] <Savant> you may ask people for money, or you may barter goods or services for money.
[18:05] <Savant> any other questions?
[18:05] <Detro> ::notes that he didn't answer the *second* question::
[18:05] <Ardelmos> I'm sure when Roland eventually ends up killing someone, there'll be more money. Wink
[18:05] <Savant> I sure did. That can be qualified as "goods"
[18:05] <Ardelmos> Or someones.
[18:05] <Ardelmos> Many someones.
[18:05] <Karas> Was roland there the entire time or was that who Detro was playing last time
[18:05] <Gabriel> We're gonna sell 9 or 10 thousand liters of water before the market tanks.
[18:05] <Gabriel> ::grins at his own joke::
[18:05] <Ardelmos> Short-sell! Short-sell!
[18:05] <Craig> lol
[18:06] <Savant> any other questions?
[18:06] <Gabriel> Nope. Let's roll.
[18:06] <Savant> let's roll.
[18:06] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:07] <Savant> The "safehouse" is actually a set of two apartments with a door adjoining. The building is a tall, broad cement thing in a somewhat run down neighbourhood - entirely bland and nondescript, it's used for housing company workers.
[18:07] <Gabriel> ::is last to enter the safehouse and closes the door behind the group::
[18:08] <Detro> ::glances about the apartment:: Nice... in a confined way.
[18:08] <Ardelmos> ::stands in the entranceway, glancing around the room:: Needs some green.
[18:08] <Karas> ::Karas glances around obviously not used to being out of the loop::
[18:08] <Savant> It's tidy inside, if a bit bare. It could certainly pass inspection as a residence, though with a lot of beds. Maybe that's normal for Gomorrah? The fridge is full, the walls are bare (save for a single painting hung on one wall and a few vid terminals throughout the few rooms.
[18:08] <Thierry> ::Is near the front of the group when they enter and nods satisfactorily:: Well, at least its not moving like our recent accomodations
[18:08] <Detro> ::grins at Roland:: Yeah, I have to agree with you on that one.
[18:09] <Thierry> ::Chuckles at Roland's comment::
[18:10] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::IS showing you all about the apartment:: Kitchenette's here, bathroom's there - it's small, I know, but you'l have to make do. BEdrooms, the couches fold out into beds, and there's a closet with blankets.
[18:10] <Craig> ::looks around:: homey
[18:11] <Gabriel> Size-wise, it's more than adequate, Baldren, thank you. We spent the last six months in accomodations a quarter this size.
[18:11] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Oh, of course. Small spaceships, those Furies, huh? ::grins at Gabriel:: Try to avoid coming and going. I'm sure you know the drill. Keep it safe, keep it secure. We've got a security system that'll monitor the hall, but it's pretty simple.
[18:12] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Gotcha.
[18:12] <Karas> ::Karas glances at Baldren at the mention of furies::
[18:12] <Ardelmos> ::drops his duffel over near the wall and moves over to a window -- he places himself up against the wall to peer out it rather than stand in front of it, as he parts the curtains slightly::
[18:13] <Gabriel> ::grins back:: A bit, yes. And indeed we will. I take it that in this particular building, a large number of working men sharing an apartment won't be unusual?
[18:13] <Thierry> Hate to ask Baldren, but who's your friend here ::Nods towards Karas::
[18:13] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::nods:: Karas, you might want to introduce yourself, now that we're here.
[18:13] <Craig> ::glances over at the stranger about to ask about him but thierry beat him to it::
[18:13] <Gabriel> ::turns to the newcomer::
[18:14] <Mem> A quarter-this size, but with form-fitting acceleration chairs. ::pushes into the floor with his foot:: This will make my form quite flat and rigid. ::smirks::
[18:15] <Karas> My name is Karas Barthelemy I'm a Corp-serf here and part of the Liberati movement here in Gomorrah. I only found out about you, because my data rig was flagged by one of your fake IDs. ::points at Mem:: "Mr. Sato" over there.
[18:15] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::grins:: I thought you sandies lived in a desert?
[18:15] <Birkin> What was the problem with Mr Sato's rig?
[18:15] <Birkin> Just came across as wrong?
[18:15] <Mem> ::looks at Karas:: You what now?
[18:15] <Ardelmos> ::flicks his eyes at Mem for a moment, then goes back to peering through the window for a moment before letting the curtain fall back over the edge::
[18:15] <Craig> ::glances over at Mem and grins:: you got busted
[18:16] <Mem> How exactly?
[18:16] <Detro> ::despite the gravity of the revelation, smirks at Mem::
[18:16] <Karas> It was flagged as a fake when he used it at the kiosk. I checked out where you were headed and called off my partner when I realised you were heading to Baldrick's.
[18:16] <Thierry> ::Grins at Baldren:: Only one desert dweller here and that would be me
[18:16] <Ardelmos> We need new IDs, then. Ones that don't suck.
[18:16] <Mem> ::glances at Roland:: Yeah, no kidding.
[18:16] <Mem> ::to Karas:: Will you check each of our rigs and ensure they stand up to scrutiny?
[18:16] <Detro> ::shakes his head:: Knight and I used our rigs just fine in the same area and didn't show up on their radar -- as far as we know::
[18:17] <Gabriel> ::raises his eyebrows at Mem and Roland:: There's no evidence that any of the other IDs are compromised, and presumably our new friend can let us know if that's not the case.
[18:17] <Detro> In fact, we bought stuff right in front of a corpserf in one of the stores.
[18:17] <Savant> Outside, Roland sees a suspended streetway, with a few long ramps leading up to the building. Across that street is a similar building, and down the road is a clutter of smaller shops. Blazing light from above comes from the Commercial District, and below those suspended walkways is dull yellow and darkness and haze.
[18:17] <Gabriel> ::nods as Mem finds the more tactful thing to say::
[18:17] <Craig> ::looks at thierry:: ahem, riveran here, just as much a desert dweller
[18:18] <Karas> I can if you would like, but do you mind if maybe I can get a little more info?
[18:18] <Ardelmos> ::moves over to kitchen counter and finds himself a pad of paper and pen, and begins scribbling down some items on it -- what he needed probably wasn't going to be available in the shops down the street; Baldren was going to have to obtain it, if he was able::
[18:18] <Birkin> ::shakes his head as people go about discussing Terra Nova at a time like this:: So who here knows how to cook?
[18:18] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Crosses his arms and leans against the wall to watch. He's a fairly husky man, solidly built. He works out, it's obvious to see, but he's certainly not chiseled. He'd make a solid meat shield with a little work, work he's been trying to keep up with::
[18:18] <Mem> ::looks at Karas:: Mind? If my rig is fake, there could be any number of corp-serfs walking outside on the street picking up the signal. It's sort of a priority, and I'm surprised you were the only one that picked up on it.
[18:18] <Detro> ::heads over to the door as he's saying this and walks from it through the apartment, counting the paces in his head and noting where objects are, in case he has to move fast in here in the dark::
[18:19] <Thierry> ::Stashes his gear behind one of the couches and then plops down on it, exhausted::
[18:20] <Karas> ::Karas is not abnormally tall, but stand 6'1", he looks to way about 210-230 lbs and has black hair and ice blue eyes. You can see a bit of a tattoo peeking up underneath the rolled up sleeve of his tunic::
[18:20] <Detro> ::to Mem as he passes:: If you're a wanted man, can we turn you in, collect the reward, then break you out?
[18:20] <Detro> ::grins mischeviously::
[18:20] <Ardelmos> ::scribbles '9mm if at all possible' beside one of the items and tears the sheet off of the pad of paper:: Besides, the more you know, the more the CEF can torture out of you if they grab you. ::walks over and extends the paper towards Baldren:: Can you get this?
[18:21] <Savant> The sound of traffic and pedestrians is ever-present outside, as is the faint fumes of burnt fuel and pollution. Chemical scrubbers along the streets kept the MF Commercial District above fairly clean, but down here there's no such money. It's not dizzying, but noticeable
[18:21] <Mem> ::dryly:: If any of us get captured and they know who we really are, there won't be any chance to break out.
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::watches the conversation between Karas and Mem, content to listen for now::
[18:22] <Mem> ::watches Karas, the decidedly taller man, for a response::
[18:22] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::takes the paper and looks at it:: Hm. The guns, sure. Clothing, you go up to Sorensmith's in the District and ask for the Mariposa collection.... Plants?
[18:22] <Karas> I'm not the only person who picked it up, it would be my recommendation that you get rid of it ASAP. Maybe lay low for a while.
[18:23] <Mem> ::looks at Thierry:: Take it out.
[18:23] <Ardelmos> Yeah. Anything that doesn't need a ton of natural light'd be good. ::looks around the apartment:: Spruce things up a bit. ::deadpan::
[18:23] <Gabriel> ::looks over at Roland:: Careful on the guns. I'm told that many of the information kiosks are weapon detectors.
[18:24] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Will do. Baldren, got proper equipment for that sort of procedure?
[18:24] <Craig> ::smirks at guttenson reading off rolands list::
[18:24] <Karas> Look I might know some people who can hook you up with higher end rigs. But I'm not sticking my neck out for you until I get a little more info.
[18:24] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::almost double-takes, but shrugs:: Okay. Not cheap, you know. I'll see what I can do. Armour.. you mean the real deal or street armour?
[18:24] <Gabriel> Before we bring weapons into the city, we're going to need some kind of cover that will support them. Until then, no weapons.
[18:24] <Karas> I agree
[18:24] <Karas> Its too dangerous for you right now.
[18:25] <Ardelmos> ::stares blankly at Tynes for a moment, then looks back over at Baldren:: Real, but something that'll fit underneath clothing without a second glance.
[18:25] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Surgical tools? Heck no. Go down the street and talk to Dr Panwar. Tell her you've got a K.E.F Express card. She's the best Muttawah doctor in the Heights.
[18:25] <Detro> ::hrms, to Mem:: If you're going to have to stay low, I'll see what we can do to snag some hardware for you. :Very Happy: No sense keeping you cooped up if you can snoop around electronically.
[18:25] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::purses his lips and frowns:: Not easy. I'll try, though.
[18:26] <Mem> Our corp-serf friend here will acquire a new data rig or two, ensure its authenticity, and we'll be all set.
[18:26] <Gabriel> ::frowns:: Senior Sergeant, we have many of these things aboard Pathfinder. The problem isn't getting these items. It's getting these items into the city, and keeping them from getting us arrested.
[18:26] <Gabriel> For the moment, I'd be interested in hearing a lot more from Karas here about our data-rigs, and more about what's going on in the city.
[18:27] <Thierry> ::Nods:: I'll add that to the to-do list. We do have the maskers ya know. And Baldren, I'm not bad with a scalpel myself ::Grins::
[18:27] <Detro> Oh, that reminds me. ::pulls out the phone he bought and tosses it to Craig:: I think we'd better check these, make sure they're not bugged or carrying any trackers.
[18:27] <Mem> ::to Detro:: If I'm going to be stuck here, I want some equipment to learn more about these rigs. I'm gonna find a way to hack into them.
[18:27] <Birkin> ::looks around their new home for a while, wondering what he could do to occupy his time for a little bit::
[18:27] <Ardelmos> Granted, but most of those things back aboard Pathfinder; mine, anyway, will stick out like a sore thumb if they have to be used. As opposed to something more...local.
[18:27] <Detro> Feel up to the challenge? ::Grins at Craig::
[18:27] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Oh, 'course not, - Thierry, is it? But she's got the surgical theartre.
[18:27] <Karas> I already have your numbers from the cells, they are NOT secure in the slightest.
[18:27] <Craig> ::looks over to detro and the phone and nods:: i'll take a look at it
[18:28] <Mem> ::takes a PDA out and makes a copy of the info on his data rig, smirking at the phone number he received earlier::
[18:28] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Mem, we'll need to get you over there.
[18:28] <Karas> Most covert messages are still done in "drops" here, its the only way to be safe.
[18:29] <Thierry> Which reminds me, we going to go look for our...other friend while we're in town?
[18:29] <Detro> ::nods at Karas:: Figured the phones would be a problem. What about higher end electronics? Computers, data gloves...?
[18:29] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> I'll make a call. Give me a few minutes. ::walks into the bathroom and pulls out a slim cyllinder, presses a button, and starts talking lowly into it::
[18:29] <Gabriel> ::frowns, leans against the wall, and waits for the greed patrol to wear itself out::
[18:30] <Karas> I'm not a computer guru, I know slag about electronics, but I can maybe talk to my contacts.
[18:30] <Mem> ::looks at Karas:: If I'm stuck with this rig for a while longer, can you tell me how best to avoid being detected?
[18:31] <Karas> You can't you've already been flagged. Any Corp-Serf in the area will know you who you are. You might as well paint a bullseye on your back.
[18:32] <Detro> ::hrms:: No way to mask the signal he's putting out, or anything from pinging him?
[18:32] <Karas> In fact Micharin, my partner has probably already logged your friends idents as well.
[18:33] <Birkin> ::Wants to ask how far away this signal can be detected, if we're all in danger:: Oh. Great.
[18:33] <Thierry> ::Sighs:: Joys
[18:33] <Gabriel> Well, that's helpful to know. You mentioned something earlier about better fake rigs.
[18:34] <Detro> ::shrugs at Thierry:: Can't be helped, just have to make do with the hand we've been dealth I guess.
[18:34] <Karas> Masking the signal would make you appear unrigged, I can look into it, but I need both info and some time. I can't just make it appear.
[18:35] <Craig> so we're stuck here for now?
[18:35] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::returns, goes over to Roland:: Yeah, I've got a shipment of clothes coming to my store for you guys. It's gonna be the Hakkar Trinary collector's set. Ask for it, and one of my worker monkeys can get it for you. $20 pounds.
[18:35] <Detro> :Smile: Now you know why I wanted to see what we could assemble for computing power. Do what investigation we can from here, hopefully without exposing ourselves.
[18:36] <Mem> ::thinks about this for some time:: We all need new rigs, then. And fast, and we need a place to perform the operations.
[18:36] <Gabriel> ::grins at the phrase "worker monkeys"::
[18:36] <Ardelmos> ::frowns slightly at the Hakkar name; though he made a note to make sure he stopped doing that:: Trinary. Got it.
[18:37] <Thierry> Well, if this doc has the equipment, I could do it here if I had to.
[18:37] <Gabriel> Baldren, Karas just mentioned that his partner might have logged all of our identities -- our false identities, that is. We need to find out if that's true.
[18:37] <Karas> ::Karas looks around him, wondering what the slag he had gotten into, were they Ravens or other Liberati...they didn't sound Gomorran so he must assume they are Ravens...still...::
[18:37] <Thierry> Wouldn't be my preference, but hey, that's why they call it field medicine
[18:38] <Mem> ::to Tynes and Baldren:: Either way, I think we should completely replace these.
[18:38] <Detro> ::thinks:: Um, point of interest, but isn't it just going to alert the authorities and CEF *more* if a bunch of people who just arrived in the trench suddenly disappear after being flagged?
[18:38] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> The guns we've got in an alpha storehouse. LEt me know when you need guns, I'll get them, bring them to you, and after your mission you give them back and I'll send them back down. Armour, that's toughter. Head up to Darcy, s'where your Captain got his duds. The owner's friendly to the Yaziks around here. You might get something.
[18:38] <Karas> Not really, fake IDs are common.
[18:39] <Karas> This is city is massive...we can't monitor all activity of this nature.
[18:39] <Mem> ::looks at Karas:: You don't know who we are, do you? ::glances at Baldren::
[18:39] <Ardelmos> ::nods again:: Darcy.
[18:39] <Detro> ::shrugs::
[18:40] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::rubs his chin:: Huh. Okay. ::Takes out a PDA and starts taking notes:: I'll check in with a friend of mine, he's got a tap in the MF line.
[18:40] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Sandies on a vacation.
[18:40] <Karas> I can assume, but until "Jerome" here got flagged, I had no idea there was even another team of Ravens landed. Let alone in the city.
[18:41] <Birkin> Another?
[18:41] <Mem> ::smirks:: I'll have you know I come from a city with a mountain and a lake, and a great view.
[18:41] <Birkin> You're aware of one?
[18:41] <Gabriel> ::while he works, turns to the others:: I'm not all that concerned about getting weapons and armor into the city. From what I've read, there are a number of places where the trench abuts terraces and walkways.
[18:41] <Thierry> ::Whispers to Birkin:: The 7th
[18:42] <Birkin> ::looks at Thierry for a moment then shakes his head:: So anyways. This other team of Ravens. How much do you have on them.
[18:42] <Gabriel> We can run vehicles to points underneath those terraces and walkways and leave anything we need there, then use cables to hoist it up.
[18:42] <Karas> Not much. I wasn't part of the Liberati at the time, just rumours and such.
[18:42] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Blia? Haven't heard from Blia and her crew in, oh, a month or so. They went off to hit some Hakkar autofac last I knew.
[18:43] <Craig> ::looks at the others:: well a few of us has been down here before, ::tries to convert cycles to years:: last year... i think?
[18:43] <Gabriel> But we're a long way away from that point. ::repeats:: What we need right now is information. State of the city, and the population. CEF patrol frequency, alertness, and morale. Key areas to avoid. Key areas to look for.
[18:43] <Gabriel> ::turns to Baldren:: Also, we've got several thousand liters of water we'd like to sell on the market, build up a cash reserve.
[18:44] <Thierry> ::Stretches out on the couch:: And I could use a nap myself
[18:44] <Gabriel> We are -- or will be -- interested in local equipment, but we don't need it donated to us. ::grins crookedly::
[18:44] <Detro> All the more reason for something electronic to monitor broadcasts, transmissions, stock market information... and something that we can control and keep anonymous.
[18:44] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::grins:: Now you're talking the universal language. I run a bit of an open-trading house on the side, I can clear your water. I charge a 3% overhead for the Cause.
[18:44] <Karas> I can get you some info on the Keff, info on the city is easy. But this will take time, had I known you were coming I would have prepared a report ::Karas says jokingly::.
[18:45] <Mem> ::scratches at the back of his neck:: Fuck, I want this thing out now. I feel like I've got a bright neon sign around my neck saying "Ask me where I'm from."
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::nods:: How do we get it into the city?
[18:45] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> You're fine in here. The walls are thick enough to block any scanners, unless you're right by the window.
[18:45] <Karas> ::Karas visibly relaxes when he realizes the group is in fact a Raven team, in fact he seems very excited::
[18:45] <Mem> ::glances at the window and takes a step away::
[18:46] <Ardelmos> ::walks over and sits down in one of the chairs, letting his head fall back -- he eyes the ceiling, particularly the light fixtures for anything out of place::
[18:46] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::rubs his chin:: I'll send a line out to Dorchester. He sent you, right? Maribold's out of the picture right now.
[18:46] <Gabriel> Decidedly, yes. And yes, Dorchester got us in and told us who to talk to.
[18:46] <Karas> ::Karas steps up to Mem:: Relax I'll get to work on finding you a new rig ASAP, but I'm going to need cash for it. So you guys should work on that first.
[18:47] <Mem> Take the five hundred or so on this rig, then. Not going to be using it much longer.
[18:47] <Karas> ::Looks at Gabriel, obviously the leader:: Do I at least warrant real names?
[18:47] <Ardelmos> ::tilts his head slightly to the side:: Baldren, please tell me that there's supposed to be a motion detector and an IR camera in here.
[18:48] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> He can get it in. I'll let you know.
[18:48] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::snorts:: Good eye. Yeah.
[18:48] <Thierry> ::Looks to Gabe:: I think he's earned that much
[18:48] <Ardelmos> How's it connected to the monitoring system? Wired or wireless?
[18:49] <Detro> ::sighs inwardly and sits on the arm of one of the couches. It appears they'll have to play the waiting game...::
[18:49] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Snorts:: Hardwired. Monitor panel is in a panel behind the toilet, and the hardware's in the tank.
[18:49] <Gabriel> ::turns to Karas:: You haven't told us how you're involved in this yet, other than being friendly to the Liberati movement in Gomorrah. What does that mean, exactly? Which corp do you work for?
[18:50] <Ardelmos> ::grunts and mentally notes this::
[18:50] <Thierry> ::Nods at gabe's asking:: Good point
[18:51] <Craig> ::isn't sure wether to be amused or disturbed that the toilet is the surveilance unit for the safehouse::
[18:51] <Karas> I work for Morgan Friedmann Security, they're in charge of this area, B.F.T. Hieghts I mean. I'm a Liberati sympathizer. I've joined about a year ago, and I'm in very deep.
[18:51] <Detro> ::smirks:: Nowhere as deep as we are.
[18:51] <Karas> ::motions to Baldren:: just ask him.
[18:51] <Gabriel> ::looks at Baldren::
[18:52] <Karas> I've killed Keff before...I have no problem doing it again.
[18:52] <Thierry> ::Looks to Baldren:: He good?
[18:52] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Snorts again:: Don't get cocky. We're in this far, far deeper than you Terranovans. You've got the guns and te training, but you just don't appreciate it like we do.
[18:52] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Yeah, he's scrubbed.
[18:53] <Craig> ::looks at detro:: remember, the liberati have been doing this long before the talons existed
[18:53] <Detro> ::holds up his hands:: You guys are on your own turf at least.
[18:54] <Detro> And believe me, I appreciate it.
[18:54] <Gabriel> ::turns back to Karas and nods:: Captain Gabriel Tynes, 5th Black Talons. Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage... ::introduces the others::
[18:54] <Mem> ::mutters from the kitchen, looking through drawers:: It isn't a dick-measuring contest. We're all invested in this issue.
[18:54] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::nods at the others:: Good to have you. Welcome to the war.
[18:54] <Karas> We do our part for the cause. If your asking about my loyalty, then you need to step back.
[18:55] <Birkin> ::nods at Baldren as he is introduced:: How many others are here on our side of the war.
[18:55] <Craig> ::nods to kara as he's introduced::
[18:55] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> No idea. We dont' talk about things like that.
[18:55] <Ardelmos> ::barks a short laugh at Baldren's comment, seeing as he'd been at war for the better part of 20 years::
[18:55] <Craig> <<karas::
[18:55] <Mem> ::opens the fridge::
[18:55] <Karas> We don't know...we operate in cells. The Jund give us our orders.
[18:55] <Thierry> Corporal Thierry Tremblay, and I wasn't questioning you're loyalty. You understand why we have to be careful.
[18:56] <Birkin> ::nods:: Reassuring.
[18:56] <Mem> ::pulls out containers from the freezer, looking at the labels, then putting them back::
[18:56] * Birkin is now known as ObsPrescot
[18:57] <Karas> I understand, but you understand why I have to be careful as well...I hate the slagging Keff. I would sooner chill one on the spot then stand the sight of them, but I hold back and wait. Like most Liberati for the right time. I just wish more Capricians would stand up and fight.
[18:57] <Detro> ::finds himself in a role he's not used to -- casually observing the goings on of the group. Normally he'd be right in the thick of things, but the revelation that they've been flagged has him on edge::
[18:57] <Karas> Until then I can only do my part.
[18:58] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> It'll happen in time, Karas. When we're ready. We need the infrastructure set up first, or we're all just gonna die.
[18:58] <Karas> I know Baldren, but it still angers me to see them walk our streets!
[18:58] <Mem> ::takes out a bottle from the fridge and opens it up, coming out of the kitchen--it's blue::
[18:58] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Smirks::
[18:58] <Craig> ::glances at mem:: whatcha got there?
[18:59] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Can you babysit the sandies awhile, Karas? They need to learn to keep their fingers out of the gears.
[18:59] <Mem> ::takes a swig, then looks at the label:: It's... blue.
[18:59] <Karas> I'm sorry for the outburst. Give me a second I'm going to see what I can do about your rigs. ::steps into a vacant corner of the room and pulls out a phone::
[18:59] <Ardelmos> How astute.
[18:59] <Gabriel> Trust me. We're not going to start anything without thinking it through pretty extensively. But we do need information.
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[19:00] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::leans back against the wall and raises a ahnd, indicating that the Captain and his team continue::
[19:00] <Mem> ::glances at Karas and his phone:: Is that safe?
[19:00] * Thierry has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
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[19:01] <Karas> ::Karas looks back:: Yes, my contact gave me this phone for a specific reason. ::smirks at Mem's paranoia::
[19:01] <Mem> ::takes another swig from the bottle, and casually slumps against the wall, sliding down to the floor::
[19:02] <Mem> OK, then. ::tips the bottle towards Karas::
[19:02] <Mem> Cheers.
[19:02] <Detro> ::glances at Craig:: Better shut that phone up that I tossed you Craig.
[19:02] <Detro> For now at least.
[19:02] <Ardelmos> Is that shit alcoholic?
[19:02] <Mem> No, I don't think so.
[19:02] <Karas> ::Karas pushes number 3 on the speed dial. It rings twice then someone picks up::
[19:02] <Mem> Fruit juice, I think.
[19:02] <Gabriel> Let's start with the basics: does the Jund conduct attacks in the city at all? What are the response times like, if so? Who responds? Corps or CEF?
[19:02] <Mem> There's beer in the fridge, though.
[19:02] <Ardelmos> But it'
[19:02] <Savant> Weiss Van Markoff> +phone+ Hello?
[19:02] <Mem> ::listens to Tynes::
[19:03] <Craig> ::nods to gabriel then back to baldren:: can we get anything from those terminals ::then to looks at detro and proceeds to pop the battery out of the phone::
[19:03] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Yes, it varies, and it varies. Some corps are fast, some are slow - depends on what you're hitting. If you're going after something that the CEF thinks is vital, they'll send their own after it. Otherwise you get corpserfs, and it *really* depends on the company you're dealing with.
[19:03] <Detro> ::glances at them:: Hope they're isolated enough to safe... ::glances at their hosts::
[19:04] <Karas> Hi Weiss, I'm going to need some merchandise. And I need it quickly.
[19:05] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Which are the corps that are considered friendly? Which are considered hostile?
[19:05] <Savant> Weiss Van Markoff> +phone+ Errr... ahhh... merchandise?
[19:05] <Thierry> ::Looks to Baldren:: These terminals safe to use?
[19:05] <Karas> Is it safe? We secure?
[19:06] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::smirks a depreciating grin:: That's the question we all want to know. We aren't int he board-rooms, we don't know their policies. I have a few good contacts in MFSec, in Magistrate - that's a KSM Corp - the Hakkar Social Welfare Congress, and Ganges Foods. There are a few others too, but I'm not as sure about those.
[19:07] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Yeah, go ahead. Be careful though.
[19:07] <Savant> Weiss Van Markoff> +hone+ er... are you looking for Harbert?
[19:07] <Gabriel> ::nods:: One of our missions is to tighten the information there up a bit. We're going to try to contact a few of them, see if anyone are interested in being neutral, at least unofficially.
[19:08] <Detro> ::makes notes of those names in his head::
[19:08] <Karas> Ya...I need to talk to Halbert.
[19:08] <Gabriel> At the least, maybe we can start filling in some of those blanks for you.
[19:08] <Gabriel> Does the CEF patrol the city at large, or do they leave that to the corps?
[19:08] <Karas> ::Karas kicks himself for not remembering the password...Wiess is going to have his balls in a vise::
[19:08] <Ardelmos> ::ears perk slightly at the last question::
[19:09] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::nods:: My guess is, Hakkar and Gallot are up to something. Tehy're co-operating with the Earthers, but some things just aren't lining up. Security's gotten more lax in places it should be getting tighter. Things like that. I'm not sure what to make of it ::shrugs: Maybe Gallot's hurting more than it's letting on.
[19:09] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Oh, they patrol, but it's more of a show than anything. Some of'em are more like parades. ::snorts::
[19:09] <Savant> Weiss Van Markoff> +phone+ ::exhales, apparently relieved:: He's not here, can I take a message?
[19:10] <Thierry> ::Nods:: Interesting indeed
[19:10] <Craig> ::nods to baldren:: we had intercepted some info that suggested gallot sol might be trying to take out gallot caprice somehow
[19:11] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Biggest lead I can get you is the HSWA. An arm of the Congress. Guy's name is Raballo - he's 100% Muttawah.
[19:11] <Ardelmos> What sort of places is the security lightening up?
[19:11] <Detro> ::arches eyebrow:: Working together?
[19:11] <Karas> I need 10 fake IDs pronto...I them to be good ones too. None of those one use ones. Clear?
[19:11] <Mem> ::nods at Baldren:: Gonna drill their mainframe, then, and find out what's going on.
[19:12] <Gabriel> What does HSWA do, exactly?
[19:12] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Seems content to field questions, nimbly moving from one topic to the next:: GAlSol's trying to horn in, yes. We ran into one of their wetworks teams. Killed some of Mashell's guys. Not good. ::Pause:: Some factories. Some offices. Not sure which ones right now. Almost seems to rotate. Might want to twist someones' arm about finding the rotation schedule.
[19:13] <Savant> Weiss Van Markoff> +phone+ ... oh wow, that's a tall order, officer. Uhm, I mean, I *can*, but, wow.
[19:14] <Thierry> Mashell?
[19:14] <Karas> ...what are you getting at much are we talking about?
[19:15] <Detro> ::winces -- not what the Highlanders needed, MORE fire in their brands::
[19:15] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::grins a toothy grin:: The Hakkar Social Welfare Agency is run by Hakkar. They take in Hakkar workers who've been injured on site, or victims of some sort of abuse - the real bad cases - and rehabilitate them, get them back into the system somehow.
[19:16] <Savant> Weiss Van Markoff> +phone+ Er, ah, it's not really the money, officer, it's just ... ten rigs? Ten? These arent' easy to make! I'm gonna have to ask more, and it won't be fast.
[19:16] <Craig> ::hmm a moment then looks at gabriel::think it'd be worth trying to get ourselves into that system?
[19:16] <Thierry> So they do have a heart somewhere in there
[19:17] <Detro> No, they have a high employee retention rate.
[19:17] <Gabriel> ::scoffs:: Doesn't sound like it. What does Raballo do there?
[19:17] <Ardelmos> ::snorts:: They probably web the bastards.
[19:17] <Karas> How long and how much Wiess?
[19:17] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> There's more to it, but Raballo never says anything about it. Anyways, it was formed about twenty years ago, and they've been pretty quiet. I don't have to tell you what else happened twenty years ago.
[19:17] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> right?
[19:18] <Craig> ::nods:: the keffs came...
[19:18] <Savant> Weiss Van Markoff> ::phone:: er, I'm gonna have to ask $500 a rig. And it's at *least* a week each.
[19:19] <Karas> can't step up the speed at all? Can you get my a few right away? The rest later?
[19:19] <Detro> ::hrms:: Almost sounds like a way for them to bring Liberati into the Trench... ::hrms:: Say, does it ever happen that a data rig gets wrecked in a workplace accident? That it has to be recreated from scratch?
[19:20] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::phone:: It's not like an upload, it's very delicate! Do you know how hard it is to make a fake, but realistic, genetic sequence? One that passes the checksums? Look, I can get you two in two days, but after that it's a week each.
[19:20] <Savant> ((whoops, that was Weiss))
[19:20] <Savant> Weiss Van Markoff> ::phone:: It's not like an upload, it's very delicate! Do you know how hard it is to make a fake, but realistic, genetic sequence? One that passes the checksums? Look, I can get you two in two days, but after that it's a week each.
[19:20] <Thierry> Lovely. Oh, Baldren, might seem like a dumb question, but I gotta ask, any of our work been making the news? Like Monolith for example.
[19:21] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::snorts:: Anything that breaks a rig is gonna squash your brain flat, or fry it. No, never heard of that happening
[19:21] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Just a thought.
[19:21] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> That was you guys, wasn't it? Heh. You sure stirred up the sty with that. And Liberty station! There were riots after that.
[19:22] <Savant> no, it's a notice roll linked with Psyche
[19:22] <Savant> ((whoops, ignore))
[19:23] <Gabriel> They hit us just as hard on our side of the gate first. The gloves are coming off.
[19:23] <Thierry> And I guess hitting those refinires got their attention too?
[19:24] <Mem> ::nods:: Gloves are off and nails sharpened.
[19:24] <Detro> Riots that help the cause or hurt it?
[19:24] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Good for you. Rip out their spleen and tell'em to appreciate it. The refineries? Nah, that riled up a few corporations but it was kept really quiet.
[19:24] <Craig> ::nods to baldren::we know what those stations meant in terms of history, but when the keffs decided to use them to attack our home we just couldn't let them get away with it
[19:25] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Shrugs:: Anything that points the finger at the earthers is a good thing if you ask me. Some of the Jund thought it was bad timing. But if you got sacked on the other side of the gate just before, and this was reprisal? Ice the japes.
[19:26] <Thierry> Yeah, they did a number on one of our cities and they didn't care about civilian deaths
[19:26] <Gabriel> Who's catching the heat?
[19:26] <Gabriel> I don't mean, who do the broadcasts say is at fault. What do the people on the street think?
[19:26] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> We'll build another one when this is done. It's just a station. ::Shrugs:: Oh, you of course. 'Terranovan Insurgents." Can't watch CENN without hearing that at least every hour.
[19:27] <Thierry> Speaking of which, mind if I turn it on?
[19:27] <Gabriel> And the people on the street just accept this?
[19:27] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Go ahead, if you like watching trash.
[19:28] <Karas> +phone+ Okay Wiess...I can deal with that. 2 in 2 days. The rest I'll have to work without.
[19:28] <Thierry> Hey, at least its different trash. You should see the crap back home ::Goes over to the nearest monitor and turns on CENN::
[19:28] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::laughs:: You aren't Gomorran, so I guess that'd be sort of strange to you. They don't really care if it was you or not. A lot of people believe it was you, but they're cheering. When the Earthers aren't around, mind you. Fight a good fight. We love an underdog.
[19:29] <Detro> Uh, Thierry, you DO remember the icer' radio stations on the way in, blaming us for all kinds of hell, right?
[19:29] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: Good. Just what I was hoping to hear.
[19:29] <Mem> ::finishes the bottle of juice and stretches out his legs in front of him, across the hallway::
[19:29] <Gabriel> We're in a delicate situation here. It's your planet. But my priority has to be stopping or delaying the invasion of mine.
[19:29] <Gabriel> Still, I'm not interested in stepping on feet while doing it.
[19:30] <Thierry> ::Grins at Detro:: Well at least I'd to know what I'm going to be executed for whether I did it or not
[19:30] <Ardelmos> ::grunts:: There any bars or restaurants that the Earthers like to frequent?
[19:30] <Savant> The screen on the wall comes to life. A pretty looking woman and a handsome looking man are sitting at a desk, chattering on about the events of the day. Right now they're talking about a recent rash of attacks happening in Envry Hub
[19:30] <Mem> Might be fun to get an Earther ID data rig.
[19:31] <Detro> ::listens to the news feed anyways::
[19:31] <Karas> +phone+ Call me when you got the goods. ::Karas hangs up and goes to the fridge. Pulls out a juice and walks back to where Baldren is standing::
[19:31] <Thierry> ::Looks to Baldren:: That y'all?
[19:31] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::nods at Gabriel, then replies to Roland:: No, they have their own cantinas in the Lots. Only a few ever come out. I can troll around and get you specifics if you want.
[19:31] <Mem> ::looks up at Karas:: Can you get me an Earther rig?
[19:31] <Ardelmos> ::grunts and nods::
[19:32] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::snorts:: Earthers don't have rigs. They have CID cards. No idea what's in one.
[19:32] <Mem> ::smirks at him, and in his best CEF invader accent:: [Sib] Buy a nice CID girl a vodka, get access codes to the mainframe.
[19:33] <Karas> ...we'll have to it stands ::Karas turns to Tynes:: it will take about 8 weeks to get you all re-rigged. But I managed to get my contact to speed it up and give us two right away. Its up to you to allocate them. The rest of you will just have to be careful.
[19:33] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Anyways, you guys do what you gotta do to keep the Earthers out of your backyard, we'll do what we can to dig them out of ours. Everyone takes care of their own. That's how it works here.
[19:34] <Gabriel> Fair enough. Still, we're also here to help, if we can. If there's something worth hitting, or something worth doing, that you think we'd be right for, tell me.
[19:34] <Karas> See thats the problem Baldren...we are going to have to work together if we want to win.
[19:35] <Gabriel> ::nods at Karas::
[19:35] <Detro> ::nods at Karas:: I agree.
[19:35] <Thierry> Definatly
[19:35] <Ardelmos> ::nods:: Yeah, if we can hit stuff that both slows them down on the Terra Novan front, and causes them a bitch of a problem here on Caprice too, that'd work.
[19:35] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::Shrugs:: I can get you in tough with Mashell. He's got something big planned in the Umberto arm. Hasn't been around in awhile though.
[19:35] <Savant> ((in touch))
[19:36] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::blinks:: Oh, shit. You guys probably haven't met Weire yet. You'll want to meet Weire.
[19:36] <Gabriel> Well, until we get some better rigs, you know where we'll be. ::chuckles::
[19:36] <Thierry> I heard about him. Interesting feller.
[19:37] <Thierry> Mashell that is
[19:37] <Gabriel> Until we know whether we're logged, we're going to have to sit tight. Who's Weire?
[19:37] <Karas> Who do you want re-rigged first.
[19:37] <Mem> Me, for sure.
[19:37] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::grins:: He's an Atlan. Littoral Atlan, he says.
[19:37] <Gabriel> Atlan? Atlantis?
[19:37] <Karas> I'll see if I can drop the flags on you guys, but Mem is slagged.
[19:37] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::nods::
[19:38] <Gabriel> How in the Prophet's name did this Weire get here?
[19:38] <Gabriel> We were told that the Atlantis gate is closed, locked, and the CEF threw away the key.
[19:38] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Poor bastard came along with the Earthers from the gate about a year ago. He's a hydrodynamics engineer, was supposed to be a contractor to help them with some sort of pocket sub.
[19:39] <Karas> ...shit almost forgot ::Karas walks over to a corner and dials Micharin::
[19:39] <Ardelmos> ::snorts:: They need something to fight the Utopians with.
[19:39] <Mem> Atlan, eh? ::smirks:: How different are they from you or me?
[19:39] <Thierry> ::Has one ear on Baldren and one on the vid::
[19:40] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Oh, yeah. That gate's sealed up so tight that - yeah, well. The only time they open it is when there's some big convoy going in or out.
[19:41] <Savant> News> ... Reports of a lone Mount pilot wrecking an educational district within the Envry hub remain spotty - eyewitness reports are conflicting, and surveillance of the site was cut out by the assailant....
[19:41] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +phone+ MFS, Micharin speaking.
[19:42] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow at the news::educational district? the guys attacking schools?
[19:42] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> He talks funny, he looks funny, and his gut was opened one side to the other a few months back. He's been on the run ever since he got away from the Earthers.
[19:42] <Karas> +phone+ Hey sorry Mich, I got...caught up with someone talking. Anyways where are you?
[19:43] <Detro> ::eyebrow arch, looks at Mem:: Say, didn't you guys rescue some sort of gear engineer from here last time you were here?
[19:43] <Thierry> ::To Craig:: Maybe special schools ::Looks back to Baldren:: Want me to look at him?
[19:43] <Savant> News> ... Security forces int eh area report that they haven't enough information to go on, but the search continues. One thing that was found in the wrecked building was this symbol, hammered into the wall wiith what appears to be a jackhammer ...
[19:44] <Ardelmos> ::would look over to the TV channel to see the symbol, but he had a pretty good idea as to what it was going to be::
[19:44] <Detro> ::glances at the news to see if they show the symbol::
[19:44] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> Waiting with the rustin' ERT, buddy! Where the hell are *you*?
[19:45] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> Doc Margret's looked at him, but i'm sure he woudln't mind. He hasnt' met any sandies yet, he'll be happy to I bet. ::Smirks:: He's a funny fish.
[19:45] <Craig> ::takes a close look at the symbol before the images changes back to the reporters::
[19:46] <Karas> +phone+ When I caught up with the guy, he ran...I lost him down an alley. I doubled back to talk to his friends, but they say they barely know him. They came in on the transport tube together. They checked out though.
[19:46] <Gabriel> How hard would it be for you to get a few of us out of the city? If we're logged, we can't move around freely anyway, and it might be worth while to put together some supplies to smuggle in.
[19:46] <Gabriel> We'll need to get a few people out to arrange for the water sale, in any case.
[19:47] <Mem> ::gets up from the floor:: Well, if I can get a decent computer, I can start hollowing out some corp mainframes. See if we can get a head start.
[19:47] <Savant> News> ::The camera shows a cement wall int he corner, with a lightning-bolt incizing a circle.:: The Gomorrah Security Commission is beginning a thorough investigation into this symbol and its links to other activities throughout the trench.
[19:47] <Thierry> Once I get the equipment I'll be happy to
[19:48] <Craig> ::jaw drops a bit:: a talon did that?
[19:48] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> I know a few routes the corps don't. Hell, had some purples dig us one in exchange for a link to the Jund.
[19:48] <Ardelmos> ::blinks and looks over at the screen:: What?
[19:49] <Mem> ::smirks at Baldren:: Tough guys always useful for something when they aren't shooting at you.
[19:49] <Craig> wait a lone mount don't think? ::looks at roland::
[19:49] <Thierry> ::Sees the Talon mark:: Prophet!
[19:49] <Detro> ::blink::
[19:49] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +phone+ Aw man, these guys're gonna eat me alive for calling'em out. You *lost*'em? Shoulda never let you go off alone.
[19:49] <Ardelmos> ::narrows his eyes:: Well, it might be 04.
[19:49] <Ardelmos> And if it was, I'm pretty sure it wasn't an educational facility. At least...I hope note.
[19:50] <Gabriel> The Talon logo isn't exactly a secret to the CEF.
[19:50] <Karas> +phone+ I'm really sorry man. I'll buy you a drink a later. Hell I'll buy you a round...I really thought I had the guy, you know?
[19:50] <Thierry> Old tactic, hide sensitive targets in amongst schools and stuff
[19:50] <Detro> ::mulls that over... either the mark is real, indicating the other Talons are at work, or the mark is a fake and the CEF is using it for propoganda value::
[19:51] <Savant> News> ::the image disappears:: Casualty reports are still coming in on this one, but the initial count is fifty one dead, three hundred wounded.
[19:52] <Mem> ::glances at the News:: From one mount?
[19:52] <Detro> ::eyebrow arch, and he immediately chalks THAT one up to CEF propoganda::
[19:52] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +phone+ yeah, yeah. When you coming back? where *are* you, anyways?
[19:52] <Craig> ::looks back at the TV again, wondering if they have a description of the mount involved::
[19:53] <Detro> Forget it. Propoganda.
[19:53] <Karas> I'm chasing a lead right now. I'll be in touch. And relax, I'm playing it safe. Okay?
[19:53] <Detro> I'll bet that Bitch is using it just to lure some of us out in the open.
[19:54] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::scratches the back of his neck:: Anything else?
[19:55] <Mem> ::looks at Baldren:: Anything good to eat around here, or are we stuck with what's stocked up? ::juts a thumb at the kitchen::
[19:55] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +phone+ Fine, fine. Half hour check in! And you are gonna have to explain this to the boss, not me.
[19:56] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::shrugs:: Diner down the road's not bad. Don't go too far. And don't get delivery. If you need something, call me.
[19:56] <Karas> +phone+ K, Appreciate Well Mich.
[19:57] <Karas> ::Karas hangs up the phone and walks back up to Baldren::
[19:57] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> +phone+ rock the house. ::click::
[19:57] <Thierry> Thanks Baldren. I'll have to go through your regular stock sometime, there's some stuff I'd love to take home
[19:58] <Karas> I might have a problem back at HQ Baldren, I've been AWOL for a bit now. I'm gonna need a story.
[19:58] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::grimaces:: Can't just tell'em that you've been drinkin, huh?
[19:58] <Mem> Beer's in the fridge. Get started. ::smirks::
[19:59] <Karas> Not if you want me to be useful as a slagging info source. I'm on the fast track for reason!
[19:59] <Savant> Baldren Guttenson> ::smirks:: I'll file a report about some break in.
[20:00] <Karas> ::Turns to Mem:: Hey its your fault I'm in this mess! ::says jokingly:: Grabs two beers and tosses one to Mem::
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::turns back to Baldren:: Well, make sure that you don't say anything about a circle-lightning bolt logo being painted on the wall of the break-in site.
[20:01] <Thierry> ::Goes and grabs his own beer, opens it, and sniffs:: Hmmm, this is definately different from home...very different
[20:01] <Mem> My fault? ::catches the bottle and glances at it::
[20:01] <Mem> ::looks at Baldren, grinning:: Might need about twice as much of this if we're just going to be sitting around here.
[20:01] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:01] <Savant> well done Wink
[20:02] <Savant> any questions? Lots of info dropped on you in this one.
[20:02] <Karas> Ya I'm still making notes.
[20:02] <Savant> KAras is awesome for note-taking by the way, guys
[20:02] <Savant> Karas, feel free to edit the Wiki if you want to make your notes publically accessible.
[20:02] <Karas> Cool.
[20:02] <Thierry> Just post it somewhere and we'll be all good
[20:02] <Gabriel> Yes, please do so.
[20:03] <Karas> Ah crap, more homework. You guys suck! =P
[20:03] <Savant> so if there are no questions, i can hand out some experience points?
[20:03] <Craig> lol
[20:03] <Gabriel> No questions, and sure, why not. Wink
[20:03] <Craig> XP is good
[20:03] <Savant> hee
[20:03] <Craig> better than vista:)
[20:03] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Tell me about it.
[20:03] <Detro> Eh, I didn't really see any.
[20:04] <Savant> me either
[20:04] <Detro> Whenever anyone tried to set a direction, it was kinda brushed off.
[20:04] <Karas> Hey I covered your butts! I was a team player...kind of.
[20:04] <Savant> tell you what, instead of Teamwork, today I'm going to ask you first about Storyline Advancement. This one's worth two. So convince me you deserve two.
[20:05] <Detro> We know we're going to have to be very careful operating "up top". We're going to have a slow supply line unless we can get stuff off Pathfinder and smuggle it in somehow. And we know that either another Talon or someone impersonating them is operating in the Trench.
[20:05] <Karas> I've noticed a "possible" atlantean at Baldrick's (injured). But because I was away talking to Wiess, I don't know about Wiere.
[20:06] <Craig> we got more of an idea what the people on the street feel about us, learned a bit more about the corps, craig is trying to convince himself that junkman wouldn't go on a rampage through a bunch of schools
[20:06] <Mem> Touched a bit on Atlantis and will shortly have an important link there. And find out what's going on with Utopia.
[20:06] <Gabriel> The population of Gomoorrah is right where we want them to be, propoganda-wise. They're listening to the CEF, but not believing them, and they're cheering us on.
[20:07] <Gabriel> We also got a few more clues in terms of what corps might be friendly to our interests.
[20:07] <Thierry> And we know that at least our big booms were reported to Joe Average Gomorran
[20:07] <Savant> that's what i'm looking for - extrapolation.
[20:07] <Karas> You guys also gained more "suppliers" as Baldren listed a number of shops you can go to for supplies. I'll try and get them all on the Wiki for you with passwords.
[20:07] <Savant> Karas, that man back at Baldrick's was indeed an Atlantean.
[20:07] <Gabriel> Extrapolation how?
[20:07] <Savant> i gave you information, you're starting to tell me what you think it means.
[20:08] <Savant> anything else?
[20:08] <Karas> I need to find out about Wiere, before Karas can make that inference though.
[20:08] * Savant nods
[20:08] <Karas> Still need to find out about Utopia.
[20:08] <Savant> definately
[20:09] <Savant> that sounds like two points to me. I think you've hit on most everything that I gave you.
[20:09] <Savant> that's four points. No combat, so on to the bonus round.
[20:09] <Savant> Bonus question will be you telling me how interested you are in the economic side of the city. IT's business all around over here, so I want to know how much you want to get involved in that aspect of it.
[20:10] <Savant> Want political games and corporate sabotage, or do you want more sneaking around and blowing stuff up?
[20:10] <Gabriel> Yes. Wink
[20:10] <Craig> loll
[20:10] <Detro> Sure
[20:10] <Savant> succinct Wink
[20:10] <Savant> care to extrapolate on that too? Wink
[20:10] <Gabriel> True, though. We have two major missions here. First mission is to find some friendly corps. Second mission is to blow up something of value, preferably two or three somethings of value.
[20:10] <Thierry> Me personally, I like the political games. Thierry, well, wouldn't be his bag exactly so it would be a double edged sword
[20:11] <Gabriel> If we try to concentrate on one thing or the other, I think some people will get bored.
[20:11] <Ardelmos> ::smirks:: Roland would be fine doing some gun running.
[20:11] <Mem> I want to get involved in it, but everytime we start talking about all the different corporations I get really confused.
[20:11] <Karas> I'm not to into economics. Politics and exploring more about Gomorrah totally.
[20:11] <Savant> ::writes notes, "have Hakkar broadroom-rape BT05" and puts the notepad away::
[20:11] <Karas> Haha I'm not part of the team!
[20:11] <Gabriel> I really want to put Roland on a rooftop somewhere and have him shoot the brain out of someone important. Wink
[20:11] <Savant> ::Adds "and hangers-on"::
[20:11] <Mem> Ditto.
[20:12] <Gabriel> But yeah, I also really want the boardroom scene, too. Wink
[20:12] <Karas> crap
[20:12] <Mem> I want Mem with the assist on that. Wink
[20:12] <Savant> hee
[20:12] <Thierry> I wouldn't mind having Thierry spot Smile
[20:12] <Ardelmos> I would be quite fine with that.
[20:12] <Mem> Mem will find a person, and Roland will shoot it.
[20:12] <Savant> so you want it all, is what you're saying
[20:12] <Karas> AR sniping anyone?
[20:12] <Thierry> And a bag of chips
[20:12] <Craig> we'll probably see what we can do in terms of gallot caprice probably seeing as it's been on the verge of crumbling for a while it seems, and i still think a musical car bomb in pally lots can be fun:)
[20:12] <Ardelmos> I will also be quite fine with a boardroom scene, if it involves Roland pulling out a pair of machine pistols and mowing everyone in it down. Wink
[20:12] <Karas> *AGR
[20:12] <Gabriel> Yes, please. With a side order of culture.
[20:12] <Ardelmos> Psh, AGR.
[20:12] <Mem> lol
[20:12] <Ardelmos> That's for people with no finesse. Wink
[20:12] <Gabriel> "I don't believe in voodoo! But I do believe in this."
[20:12] <Detro> You mean, playing at "Dogma" Fraser? Wink
[20:13] <Gabriel> I said it first. Wink
[20:13] <Savant> okay. We'll be in Gomorrah until next year at least, in real time.
[20:13] <Karas> I like the pretty patterns it makes on the wall though.
[20:13] <Mem> Fine with me.
[20:13] <Thierry> ::Grumbles::
[20:13] <Savant> so do tell me when you're ready to move on, but that being said, we can spend a very, very long time in this city.
[20:13] <Savant> any issues with that?
[20:13] <Gabriel> Yep. Cover another half-season, then get back to TN, then on to another planet.
[20:13] <Karas> Nope. Cause I'm actually useful.
[20:14] <Thierry> No comment
[20:14] <Savant> excellent
[20:14] <Karas> On TN i'm target practise.
[20:14] <Savant> comment, please.
[20:14] <Craig> if roland had his way you'd be target practice now:)
[20:14] <Karas> Although watching Karas try and pilot a gear would be funny.
[20:14] <Thierry> The extreme lack of player knowledge is really limiting my enjoyment right now
[20:14] <Savant> saying "no comment" is basically saying "I don't like this, but i don't want to tell you why"
[20:15] <Detro> Heh. Not really Karas. They had enough fun with that when I played my Earther character.
[20:15] <Karas> Lol...
[20:15] <Savant> that's part of the fun. You don't know. The game is all aobut learning about the setting
[20:15] <Thierry> Actually its quite the opposite for me.
[20:16] <Savant> I'd prefer you know just what Thierry knows, really.
[20:16] <Karas> See I'm totally one sided on that issue, exploring a new world seems cool to me.
[20:16] <Thierry> And thats just it, I don't think I even know what he knows
[20:16] <Mem> We'll get some hardcore info soon. The wiki is slowly being updated with stuff we know about corps.
[20:17] <Savant> anyways. All good reactions and replies. It's very confusing right now, I know that - that's okay. Gomorrah *is* confusing. Embrace the chaos Wink
[20:17] <Karas> Hey I live here!
[20:17] <Savant> five experience points. I do recommend some aftersimming, if not tonight, then some point between now and next week. You all have a lot of new info and need to set a course.
[20:17] <Mem> And Mem loves it.
[20:17] <Mem> I want to explore... fix that damn rig. Wink
[20:17] <Savant> well done!
[20:17] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Man on the Run in Session'
[18:00] <Mem> ::attn::
[18:00] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:00] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:00] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[18:01] <CavScout> attn
[18:01] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:01] <Savant> good evening and welcome to another exciting episode of the Black Talons
[18:01] <Savant> I'll be your host
[18:01] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:01] <Savant> anyways, as you may have noticed, our game has a map tonight. two things about that.
[18:02] <Savant> one, the reason why I provide a map is not neccessarily to have a fight. Feel free to not shoot or kill those you see, if you see anyone Wink
[18:03] <Detro> What? I'm sure "Lord of the Flies" is still around in BT's time Smile
[18:03] <Savant> second, my wifi connection is bad, and if you disconnect, don't freak out too much. We'll try to rectify things as time goes on.
[18:03] <Savant> now, i'm going to brief you, then we'll deal with game specific issues.
[18:03] <Savant> Man On The Run
[18:03] <Savant> 24 Winter 1945 TN, 3300h - Late Night
[18:03] <Savant> Alpha Level, BFT Heights, Gomorrah
[18:03] <Savant> 31 degrees Celcius, 16% humidity, 1030 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:03] <Savant> Alpha level. The seedy, dank pit at the belly of Gomorrah - belly perhaps isn't the appropriate term. Think further along the digestive tract. That certainly matches the smell.
[18:03] <Savant> The problem with living in a trench is that all of the pollution and garbage tends to sink. Alpha level of Gomorrah, the basement, is home to some of the most polluting industrial complexes, some of the heaviest factories, and is mostly known for being the home of those who don't make it up above, for one reason or another.
[18:03] <Savant> You're out looking for a likely spot to smuggle supplies (and people) into and out of the trench - no one wants to go through customs again. This particular area of BFT Heights is quite close to the trench walls, and could potentially offer the drop-off point that you need...
[18:03] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:04] <Detro> ack
[18:04] <Gabriel> ack
[18:04] <CavScout> ack
[18:04] <Mem> ack
[18:04] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:04] <Thierry> ack
[18:04] <Savant> before I ask for questions, I have one of my own. Are you going to go off on your own on this, or do you want Baldren to try to find you a guide?
[18:04] <Craig> ack
[18:05] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:05] <Detro> As it is one about yours.
[18:05] <Savant> what's the question?
[18:05] <Detro> Um, we're flagged for attention, right? And does it really take ALL of us to survey a smuggle point?
[18:05] <Savant> you have no idea how many of you are flagged.
[18:05] <Detro> That's almost like sending in the Navy SEALS to demolish an ant farm. Wink
[18:06] <Ardelmos> Shouldn't we establish that before we go wandering around? ;_
[18:06] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[18:06] <Savant> they deserve it. damn ants.
[18:06] <Detro> ::nods agreeing with Roland::
[18:06] <Savant> Alpha level is the only place you can ander around without worry about being tagged by an rig-reader. They aren't down here.
[18:06] <Detro> That we are aware of, or that we have credible intel telling us Wink
[18:07] <Savant> that's what the liberati around here tell you
[18:07] <Savant> unless you go into a corporate owned area in Alpha, there aren't any readers.
[18:07] <Thierry> Um...uh...::Raises higher::
[18:07] <Detro> Hmm. I still think it's kinda silly for us all to go.
[18:07] <Gabriel> We do need to know how many of us are flagged in case any Corp secs come by here.
[18:07] <Gabriel> That's how we got nailed in the first place.
[18:08] <Savant> not all of you have to, if some of you want to hang out back at the base.
[18:08] <Savant> Detro?
[18:08] <Savant> sorry, Thierry.
[18:08] <Detro> I'd volunteer. Detro would see it as a good opportunity to try to gather intel off the public channels.
[18:08] <Detro> To stay behind that is.
[18:08] <Mem> ::raises::
[18:08] <Thierry> Uh, can someone fill me in one whatever I obviously missed as to why we're here, what we're doing, and how we got here?
[18:09] <CavScout> ::scratches::
[18:09] * Luke has joined #bt05
[18:09] <Savant> Captain Tynes, care to tell your team why you're down here? Wink
[18:09] <Mem> It's in the briefing, Thierry.
[18:09] <Mem> Wouldn't Karas be able to confirm the status of the rigs being "flagged" or not?
[18:09] <Thierry> Yeah, that I got, but there's something between last game and here...
[18:09] <Mem> There is?
[18:10] <Thierry> Apparantly because I'm totaly lost
[18:10] <Mem> We need to decide who's getting the second data rig.
[18:10] <Gabriel> We're down here for one of two purposes. First, find a way to smuggle people into and out of the trench without going through customs. Second, to find places where we can leave equipment in the trench but outside of the city where we could conceivably grab it from within the city.
[18:10] <Savant> if you asked him to, Mem, perhaps
[18:10] <Gabriel> Still, we do need to know how many of us are flagged, please.
[18:10] <Gabriel> Rather important.
[18:10] <Mem> Mem would definitely ask him to.
[18:10] <Savant> so how are you going to find that out?
[18:10] <Mem> I think he did last week.
[18:10] <Mem> Wink
[18:10] <Thierry> Um...k...
[18:11] <Savant> Karas, care to bail them out here?
[18:11] <Gabriel> Our resident Corp sec was going to look it up.
[18:11] <Savant> I want a roll.
[18:11] <Detro> (Hopefully not heads TO roll.)
[18:11] <Savant> Etiquette (Bureaucracy) is best, but i listen to suggestions
[18:12] <Detro> For the flagging? Not a tech skill?
[18:12] <Mem> I'd suggest Investigation to at least check on the status of the rigs, but Bureaucracy to negate any flagging that may have been done?
[18:12] <Savant> nah, it's easy to find out if you're a cop
[18:12] <Savant> and MEm was the only one flagged
[18:12] <Gabriel> Shew. OK, cool. He gets the first clean rig.
[18:12] <Savant> flagged at Customs in fact
[18:13] <Gabriel> We'll hold on to the other without using it.
[18:13] <Mem> So if that's for sure, then Mem's new rig was the only one needed, we have a spare in case something else happens.
[18:13] <Mem> And we should hold on to the Sato rig, sealed up, so we can put it in a bad guy later. Wink
[18:13] <Thierry> k
[18:14] <Detro> That still raises the question of "How many Talons does it take...". Is it really a good idea seeing as how large a group we are to be out and about together?
[18:14] <Savant> okay. That being done. Captain, care to explain to your team why you're here? Wink
[18:14] <Mem> He did.
[18:14] <Savant> okay, then, back to my original question.
[18:14] <Mem> I think a guide would be good.
[18:14] <Savant> there is a guide available. Would you like this guide? OR do you want to keep this solely in-house?
[18:14] <Detro> Colin, SocialScience/Psychology roll: based on crowd observations so far, is it often to see large groups of adults travelling together here?
[18:15] <Detro> (that an ok roll? CPX?)
[18:15] <Savant> sure, sounds good. Per, cpx 1
[18:15] <Ardelmos> In Alpha? I'm betting it's a necessity if you don't want to get mugged. Wink
[18:16] <Karas> Law is to interpretation in Gomorrah
[18:16] <Savant> so - guide? no? yes?
[18:16] <Karas> Can I operate one is this close to my beat?
[18:16] <Karas> *as one
[18:17] <Savant> this is nowhere near your beat. corpserfs don't come down here
[18:17] <Karas> ...yay, did I change clothes?
[18:17] <Savant> if you want to
[18:17] <Karas> Yes, yes I do. Lol. Plain clothes with my rig and badge though.
[18:18] <Savant> guide going once
[18:18] <Thierry> Karas, rolll Smile
[18:18] <Karas> what?
[18:18] <Savant> guide going twice
[18:18] <Thierry> Etiquette (Bureaucracy)
[18:18] <Detro> ::notes the CO is being quite quiet about this::
[18:18] <Thierry> I vote yes on the guide
[18:18] <Savant> he rolled some dice. I said it was good enough. moving on Wink
[18:19] <Karas> I already rolled.
[18:19] <Karas> k, I'm against guides
[18:19] <Thierry> don't see it
[18:19] <Detro> I'll stay neutral on guides.
[18:19] <Savant> auction is closed.
[18:19] <Thierry> nm
[18:19] <Savant> okay! any other questions here?
[18:20] <Karas> No
[18:20] <Detro> So nobody else wanted to stay behind?
[18:20] <Gabriel> Let's get moving already. Wink
[18:21] <Savant> let's Wink
[18:21] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:21] <Ardelmos> ::walks near the front of the group, somewhat comforted by the machine pistol Baldren had found him which was resting in its docker's clutch underneath his jacket -- he would've preferred to have a second to make a matched pair, but felt he was probably lucky enough to just have the one::
[18:21] <Savant> Alpha level is apparently the garbage dump of Gomorrah. Some of you have been here before, though in a very different area of the city. Here it's crowded, filled with the ruins of long forgotten buildings and the shabby huts of those who make their lives here
[18:22] <Gabriel> ::keeps his eye primarily on the people rather than the terrain::
[18:22] <Detro> ::coughs into the gas mask on his face -- admittedly he's glad for it, since the stench and fumes down here are probably... a thought best left ignored.::
[18:22] <Karas> ::Karas looks visibly anxious, like something is bugging him about Alpha::
[18:23] <CavScout> ::glad he has a respirator::
[18:23] <Craig> ::stretches out a bit as he walks down what barely passes for a street in this area::
[18:23] <Savant> The ground is raw stone in places, or gravel in others, and in some places actually clear streets - this was once a city itself, before the city above grew up overtop of it. Gantries and massive supports crisscross everywhere, but all in all it's a broken and worn place. There's barely any light - only that which filters in from above, making an eternal twilight.
[18:23] * CavScout is now known as Knight
[18:24] <Detro> ::it's a testament to the Caprician trait of survival that people are living down here. Determination.::
[18:24] <Thierry> ::Does his best to ignore the smell. Not like he hasn't smelt this before
[18:24] <Ardelmos> ::splits his attention from the roaming groups of other people on the level and the buildings, eyeing for a good place for them to bring in their goods::
[18:26] <Karas> ::Karas glances around, not nervous, but its obvious he wants to get this done quickly. He moves up behind Detro in an effort to reposition the groups firepower a bit::
[18:26] <Savant> There are people down here, it's obvious. There's some sound in the distance, off to the east, of some distant shouting. And there are shadowy figures skulking around or huddling together around sparse fires.
[18:26] <Gabriel> ::frowns slightly and says quietly to Karas:: Aren't the foundations of the buildings above resting on this? Or do most of the buildings rely in the trench walls for support?
[18:27] <Mem> ::walks down the side of the road, whistling a random melody quietly::
[18:27] <Karas> Trench walls mainly. But that doesn't mean anything here is safe. Be careful.
[18:27] <Detro> ::hacks a bit, thumping his chest:: ...clinging tenaciously to life. Survivors of a forgotten city in a forgotten time. ::manages a wry smile:: Bet that would make a good opening line to my next story.
[18:28] <Thierry> I'm more worried about getting out of here personally
[18:29] <Detro> ::splits off towards their left flank, glancing about::
[18:30] <Mem> ::glances over at Detro, sarcastic:: We have a poet in our midst.
[18:30] <Karas> ::Karas points to a building which has a giant support strut going through it:: Some of these building can come down at any minute.
[18:30] * Prescot has joined #BT05
[18:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
[18:30] <Ardelmos> ::glances to his right, looking into what looked to be a small courtyard amongst some other buildings -- a good place to ambush someone if they wandered off, no doubt::
[18:30] <Detro> ::glances around a nearby obstruction:: No, just a realist. ::glances up::
[18:30] <Savant> Detro comes closer to a latt building - impossible to say what. Closer he can see a small annex built on the side of it, with half of the roof collapsed in.
[18:30] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:31] <Savant> Roland, meanwhile, finds something that was once a small courtyard. A few cement benches are here - only present due to their being built into the fused ferrocrete terrace. Junk is piled liberally up in dunes throughout it, like a sea of garbage.
[18:32] <Gabriel> ::looks for the closest people::
[18:32] <Detro> ::moves forward, up next to a moderately-sized support column, trusting it only enough to not want to touch it::
[18:32] <Ardelmos> ::grunts to himself slightly, but he notes the garbage piled up in dunes and checked to make sure that it looked it had naturally accumulated, and hadn't been artificially piled there to cover something::
[18:33] <Thierry> ::Eyes dart around nervously::
[18:33] <Craig> ::looks about at the people and the garbage:: makes you wonder why no one cleans up around here
[18:34] <Gabriel> ::changes course a bit to follow Detro::
[18:34] <Detro> Camoflage, Craig. And protection. ::looks at the collapsed annex:: Keeps others away. Offers hiding.
[18:35] <Detro> ::Steps closer to the annex::
[18:35] <Ardelmos> ::grunts and winds back to the road, moving northwards between the buildings on either side::
[18:35] <Craig> ::mutters::true, but still...
[18:35] <Detro> ::holds his hand out off his left side, palm facing those behind him::
[18:36] <Mem> ::veers along with the road to the left, still whistling::
[18:36] <Karas> ::Karas taps Gabriel on the shoulder:: Here take this its a pee shooter but it might help.
[18:37] <Craig> ::follows roland around the other side of the pillar::
[18:37] <Detro> ::having spotted the flickering firelight, moves around quietly, keeping it in the corner of his eye::
[18:37] <Ardelmos> ::peeks his head around the corner of the building to look down the next stretch of street, checking it before moving out into the next stretch of road::
[18:37] <Knight> ::picks up pace to close distance to detro::
[18:38] <Thierry> ::Thinks he sees something but later catches up
[18:38] <Gabriel> ::waves a negative at the gun:: Thank you, though.
[18:38] <Gabriel> ::follows Detro toward the alcove::
[18:38] <Savant> Roland sees some movement down the short street to an intersection. Pigs. Three of them tusked,, with a small collection of babies, all nosing through the garbage
[18:38] <Karas> ::Karas shrugs and puts it back in his leg holster::
[18:39] <Ardelmos> ::raises an eyebrow::
[18:39] <Detro> ::watches the others catch up, then glances to his left, up the street::
[18:40] <Ardelmos> ::to himself:: Not exactly the first thing I'd expect to see in the bowels of a megastructure city.
[18:40] <Mem> ::smirks at the pigs:: I didn't know your family lived down here, Boomer.
[18:40] <Detro> ::glances at Roland, a "What now" look on his face::
[18:40] <Detro> ::at least, what of his face is visible beyond the gas mask::
[18:40] <Craig> ::looks over:: what is it?
[18:41] <Gabriel> ::blinks:: Now that's not something you expect to see in a city.
[18:41] <Karas> Its a pig and they are mean as hell, watch it guys.
[18:41] <Detro> ::seeing nothing from Roland immediately, he decides to swing to the other side of the shack to see if that direction is clear::
[18:41] <Gabriel> Sous-Sergent, fall back a bit. Don't threaten a mother with young.
[18:42] <Thierry> I've come not to be surprised by much on this planet
[18:42] <Detro> ::quietly:: Just checking the other side of the shack, see if it's clear.
[18:42] <Ardelmos> ::glances back over his shoulder:: Anyone have any food?
[18:42] <Savant> Three little pigs. Well, not little. They're fat, but built like bulldogs - it's easy to see a powerful musculature beneath their tough and bristly hides. One of them looks up from its meal (of rot-fileld tin cans?) and in the Talons' direction
[18:43] <Knight> ::keeps an eye out for anyone giving them unusual attention::
[18:43] <Detro> ::peeks around the corner of the shack::
[18:43] <Craig> ::moves up and looks over, then at roland:: no, but i bet one of those would feed all of us for a day
[18:44] <Ardelmos> So would the food in our fridge.
[18:44] <Savant> Detro squints down a long alleyway, intot he darkness. There's a pair of buildings straddling it - the annex is adoined to one of them. Down that dark depth, and above, there's an audible, slow and steady creaking
[18:44] <Gabriel> You're assuming they aren't someone else's food.
[18:44] <Thierry> Yeah, in my professional opinion, I'd advise against eating one of those. Actually, not just in my professional opinion
[18:45] <Detro> ::turns his head back at Tynes:: Clear this side, if we're quiet. Something doesn't sound right though...
[18:45] <Karas> Don't mess with them. Unless you want a fight.
[18:45] <Detro> ::glances at the annex, wondering if it collapsed on its own or if something *fell* on it::
[18:45] <Ardelmos> ::waves the group to move across the road and around the annex::
[18:45] <Karas> They are genetically modified and would sooner ice you on the spot, then let you pass.
[18:46] <Knight> ::pulls out cell, dials Detro's number::
[18:46] <Thierry> I'm surprised they're not purple then
[18:46] <Ardelmos> ::glances back at Karas:: What? Genetically modified? ::looks back over at the pigs:: You saying those fucking things are GREL Pigs?
[18:47] <Karas> We like to feed Keffs to them sometimes ::Karas grins at the statement:: sometimes alive.
[18:47] <Detro> ::stays put, not seeing if Tynes had any orders... quietly slides the vibrating phone out of his pocket:: Cham, go.
[18:47] <Craig> ::glances at karas before following detro::
[18:47] <Thierry> Now that I like the sound of
[18:47] <Gabriel> Let's leave them alone. Cut around to the left there, and keep the shack between them and us.
[18:48] <Karas> They make people disappear so-to-speak.
[18:48] <Knight> +com+ Southwest, the annex, I have got a camp fire or similar.
[18:48] <Ardelmos> Good to know... ::waves people across the street again::
[18:48] <Mem> ::comes up to Detro and passes him as Tynes tells them to move on::
[18:48] <Knight> ::clicks off cell, points in direction if Detro looks back::
[18:48] <Detro> +com+ Already saw. Let them be. Don't want to stir up the natives.
[18:49] <Detro> ::now looks up of where he was looking further out, trying to pinpoint where the creaking noise is::
[18:50] <Detro> ::moves forward just a bit::
[18:50] <Knight> ::scans the area for anything like a long stick or board, with a sharp end::
[18:50] <Birkin> Man eating pigs. I knew there was a reason I disliked this place.
[18:51] <Birkin> ::looks backwards, making sure nothing is following them up from behind::
[18:51] <Karas> They don't just eat men ::Karas looks at Birkin:: they eat anything that is meat.
[18:51] <Knight> ::picks up a the closest thing he can find to act as a spear::
[18:52] <Gabriel> ::says again:: Let's move on.
[18:52] <Gabriel> ::points to his left, at the street leading away from the pigs::
[18:53] <Gabriel> ::then follows his own advice, stepping gingerly over some debris::
[18:53] <Detro> Darnit, hold up one. Something's creaking up there. How do we know the next level up isn't going to fall on our heads?
[18:53] <Detro> ::For Detro, he sounds pretty... worried, considering his usual attitude::
[18:53] <Ardelmos> If the next level is going to fall on our heads, there's not really much we can do about it.
[18:53] <Ardelmos> Now move.
[18:54] <Birkin> ::moves up and behind the others, taking a bit of shelter behind a semi-fallen wall, looking out over the area he can, and also keeping an eye on the pigs:: Move it doc.
[18:54] <Savant> Not five meters distant, just on the other side of that collased wall, two people huddle silently together, terrified of the pack of strangers that prowl past their home for the night. The Talons pass them by without disturbing them.
[18:54] <Savant> Not until Birkin steps intot eir shelter, at least.
[18:57] <Birkin> ::spies the two people after he steps into their shelter, looking at the fire then them:: Nice fire. ::Steps out of their home as soon as he's able::
[18:59] <Gabriel> ::near Birkin:: Sorry about this. Those your pigs?
[19:01] <Savant> The two stare at Birkin with hard eyes until he takes a step back, and then they both cautiously lean out to look at the others once they realize they aren't about to get beaten
[19:01] <Savant> Man> ::after a heft pause:: no, not ours.
[19:02] <Gabriel> ::waves the others onward:: Wild pigs?
[19:03] <Savant> Man> ::nods:: Yeah.
[19:04] <Savant> These two were obviously corporates, once. Their clothes look like at one point they were fairly nice and well tailored. They've fallen on some poor luck, however, and in Gomorrah there's no net to catch the unlucky.
[19:04] <Detro> ::follows along the wall, still trying to pinpoint the source of the creaking::
[19:05] <Birkin> ::waits for the captain to move on completely before he moves out of the view of the two men::
[19:05] <Mem> ::doesn't wait and continues strolling down the road to the northwest::
[19:05] <Ardelmos> ::crosses the road coming out from the t-intersection and heads for the opposite building, keeping his eyes on the pigs and trying to see if they can make their way past them safely on the opposite side::
[19:06] <Craig> ::moves along nodding apologeticly to the two natives::
[19:06] <Karas> ::Glances back down the road, knowing exactly what Caprician swine are capable of::
[19:06] <Gabriel> ::nods at Birkin, then turns back to the men:: Know anything about this area?
[19:07] <Savant> High above there are a pair of walkways joining the two tall buildings you now travel between. There are also several other sturdy braces between them. Beneath one of these is what can only be described as a large tented hammock, festooned with all manner of oddities salvaged form the rubble below. Crude ropes made of wire and twine serve as a means for whoever is inside to get to the ground below
[19:08] <Detro> ::looks at the odd arrangement with a bit of admiration. Clearly whoever might be up there had found a good way to stay safe from roaming pigs::
[19:09] <Savant> ::one> of them frowns at Gabriel, they remain silent for awhile:: Been here awhile.
[19:09] <Savant> ((bah. One of the guys said that Wink)
[19:09] <Gabriel> So, you're saying that you have knowledge. In my part of the trench, knowledge is an asset.
[19:10] <Savant> Man> ::frowns again, but nods:: Who you work for?
[19:12] <Detro> ::moves forward to under the walkway and glances up::
[19:12] <Thierry> ::Continues to glance about nervously::
[19:12] <Gabriel> A private concern. With an interest in all the new trench security.
[19:13] <Ardelmos> ::works his way along the buildingside, looking carefully to the southeast as he maintains his distance from the pigs::
[19:13] <Karas> ::Moves in to support Mem::
[19:13] <Savant> Detro sees a flap on the side of the tented hammock open sharply, and a head peer out. A middle aged woman with knotty dreadlocked hair tied up in a kerchief stares down at him.
[19:13] <Savant> Woman> Whaddya want!!
[19:13] <Mem> ::yawns and keeps moving, currently unaware if the others are following him, with the exception of Karas to his side::
[19:14] <Savant> Man> ::Frowns and nods::
[19:15] <Detro> Ah, hello. ::gestures down towards the intersection:: Just wanted to let you know there's some pigs nearby. ::turns to go but pauses and looks back up:: I like that hammock of yours. Good idea.
[19:15] <Detro> ::nods his head:: Appreciate well! ::heads off northeast with the others::
[19:16] <Savant> Woman> ::points a finger at Detro and replies caustically:: youuuu stay away from mah pigs!
[19:16] <Gabriel> ::glances over his shoulder at the others, then continues talking to the man::
[19:16] <Detro> ::heading away:: Wouldn't think about touching them! ::Grins::
[19:16] <Karas> ::Karas glances back at Detro:: Welcome to Gamorrah friend.
[19:16] <Gabriel> If a private concern wanted to move inventory into the trench, would that concern you?
[19:16] <Knight> ::chuckles::
[19:16] <Karas> ::Karas grins::
[19:17] <Savant> Woman> ::chucks a hefty chunk of metal at Detro, wich crashes noisily into the rubble besie him:: Gerrof! Go!
[19:17] <Mem> ::stops upon hearing the commotion and looks back to Detro::
[19:17] <Savant> Man> ::Frowns:: Maybe. Depends whose side I was on, friend.
[19:17] <Detro> ::chuckles:: Ah, it's not so bad. ::grins, then bowls over in a hacking cough::
[19:17] <Knight> ::whispers:; Man, he has that effect on women.
[19:18] <Savant> The pigs nearby look up at the crashing sound and start wandering towards it
[19:18] <Detro> ::brief mutter:: Take that back. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best and 1 worst, the air gets a -2.
[19:18] <Karas> At least she didn't torque you.
[19:18] <Detro> ::glances back towards the pigs, frowns, and points:: I wouldn't be too sure of THAT.
[19:18] <Craig> ::glances over at detro, then spots the pigs on the move::this ain't good
[19:18] <Savant> Woman> ::makes an obscene gesture at the Talons and disappears back into her hammock tent::
[19:20] <Karas> ::Karas pulls his pistol out of its holster once the women withdraws, then turns to face the pigs::
[19:21] <Karas> I'm going to double back towards Tynes. He might walk right into em.
[19:21] <Detro> ::watching the pigs:: You shoot them, think it'll attract any more of them?
[19:21] <Karas> Yes, it will.
[19:22] <Karas> But you want to lose a finger?
[19:22] <Knight> Prolly attract a different kind of pig as well...
[19:22] <Karas> ::Karas gives Knight a sharp glance:: Oh?
[19:22] <Ardelmos> ::glances back and frowns -- the pigs looked to be moving -- he called back:: Watch your south.
[19:23] <Detro> Remind me why we didn't ALL get cell phones when we showed up? Otherwise I'd just CALL him and warn him...
[19:24] <Gabriel> ::shrugs:: You'll let me know when you pick a side, friend. Opportunity no doubt knocks here every time Loki passes over. In the meantime... ::looks around:: appreciate well.
[19:24] <Mem> ::as he glances behind, he notices that the group has spread out and stops to wait::
[19:24] <Gabriel> ::turns and starts to move off::
[19:25] <Detro> ::tags Knight on the shoulder:: To the rear. See if we can get out through this alley, or get off the ground somehow.
[19:25] * Birkin is now known as Prescot
[19:25] <Savant> Man> ::he almost quivers for a second, in anticipation, or anxiety:: Whatre you moving in here?
[19:25] <Knight> :;scans the area for a route up::
[19:26] <Detro> ::backpedals into the alley, but keeps his eyes up front so Knight won't get surprised from behind::
[19:27] <Karas> ::Karas taps Tynes on the shoulder:: We got pig problems outside, heads up okay.
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::turns around, slowly:: You're the one selling information, friend. A show of good faith would help your bargaining. Who did you work for? Why did you lose that position?
[19:27] <Ardelmos> ::moves west a little further to get a better picture of what was this way before he started falling back towards the alleyway where the rest of the group was going::
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::nods at Karas:: Birkin will watch my back.
[19:27] <Knight> ::quick glance at detro:: ain't lookin good.
[19:27] <Karas> k
[19:28] <Detro> Go down the alley, see where it leads...
[19:28] <Gabriel> ::to Karas:: In the meantime, I think I'll take that offer you made earlier, if it's still open.
[19:28] <Craig> ::gets his back to the wall and follows detro down the alley, keeping an eye on the pigs::
[19:28] <Savant> Man> ::Snorts:: Don't work for no one. Gallot rusted out five hundred positions.
[19:28] <Knight> ::moves down ally::
[19:28] <Mem> ::glances at Detro and Knight:: Why don't we wait for the rest of them? Don't go off alone.
[19:29] <Detro> ::to Mem:: Because A) Karas has a gun. B) We don't. C) The pigs can see us. And D) if we get them coming after US, then Karas can shoot them from behind.
[19:29] <Savant> Knight looks down the alleyway, seeing only ghostly ruins and heaps of junk. Above, the yellowing light of the upper levels fliters down into the haze
[19:29] <Mem> ::stares at Detro:: You're afraid of pigs?
[19:30] <Gabriel> ::to the man:: What did you do there?
[19:30] <Detro> Afraid, no. Cautious -- yes.
[19:30] <Savant> Man> Assistant personnel manager. I had a whole department.
[19:30] <Detro> And where the hell's Roland anyways? Shouldn't he be biting the head off one of those things by now?
[19:32] <Thierry> ::Looks to Karas:: Hope I don't have to come down here again
[19:32] <Mem> ::crosses his arms and glances towards Knight, making sure he doesn't wander too far off::
[19:32] <Karas> I grew up here, but I sure as slag don't want to be here.
[19:33] <Thierry> Well, I'd bet you'd like Toledo
[19:33] <Detro> ::pauses by Mem, waiting to see if the pigs continue to follow
[19:34] <Knight> ::tries to make visual with Detro and give a dead end signal::
[19:34] <Mem> :;waves Craig up:: You're with me. ::assumes Birkin and Roland will stay with the captain::
[19:35] <Karas> ::Karas tosses Gabriel the holdout pistol::
[19:35] <Craig> ::nods to mem and starts making his way over, trying not to give the pigs a reason to pick up their pace::
[19:35] <Karas> Its only a four shot clip, make them count.
[19:36] <Gabriel> ::catches it and quickly tucks it away, half-hoping the man in front of him will see what it was::
[19:36] <Mem> ::lets Birkin know that he's taking a team up around the building::
[19:36] <Mem> Let's go.
[19:36] <Savant> Man> ::shrinks back a bit as the pistol is tossed about::
[19:37] <Gabriel> ::calm:: Well, it would appear that you understand what sort of merchandise is being discussed.
[19:37] <Savant> Man> ::wets his lips:: yeah.
[19:38] <Gabriel> Which would tell an intelligent man what side your information would be assisting.
[19:39] <Savant> Man> Whaddya need to know?
[19:39] <Knight> ::to Detro:: Deadend
[19:39] <Mem> ::with a signal, gestures to Knight to proceed along the building::
[19:39] <Mem> Let's go around this way.
[19:39] <Detro> ::shrug:: Can't be helped.
[19:40] <Karas> They are getting real close boss, we either need to move or attack, before they attack. They are extremely smart.
[19:40] <Gabriel> It doesn't work quite that easily. I have no idea if I can trust you. I'm in a position to improve your station in life, but it wouldn't be good for you to work both sides. No, that wouldn't be good at all.
[19:41] <Thierry> ::Tries to keep an eye on both the pigs and the cap while trying to track the others::
[19:43] <Ardelmos> ::remains at his position, monitoring the southeast while patiently waiting for Tynes to finish his discussion so they can form a second group to check a different direction than those moving to the north::
[19:43] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::sees the pigs taking a little too much interest, and moves out of their path::
[19:44] <Savant> Man> A man can't give anything but promises. I won't tell anyone.
[19:45] <Detro> ::sees the corner of the building up ahead:: Think we can squeeze through there?
[19:45] <Knight> Looks like it
[19:46] <Savant> The two teams creep through the destridus of the city above. It's mostly hard rubble and wreck - anything organic has long since been recycled. But there's enough to give it a stale smell down here, and the smell of soot and ash and oil is strong in the hot air.
[19:46] <Gabriel> Good. I like a man who knows how to negotiate in good faith. Now I give you information. What we're bringing in won't be used to harm Capricians. Just the opposite, in fact. The business climate around here is a little too... structured, wouldn't you say?
[19:47] <Thierry> ::Sticks close to Gabe not entirely trusting this guy::
[19:47] <Savant> Man> ::grunts:: Damned Terrans. Yeah, I follow. You're a Liberati.
[19:48] <Gabriel> Good. You understand perfectly. You've taken your first step back upward on the corporate ladder, friend. Tell me. Is there a rat hole around here? Something we could use to bring our... merchandise into the city?
[19:48] <Karas> ::turns to Birkin we need to cluster:: provide a bigger threat, move back towards the boss man.
[19:49] <Savant> Man> ::Nods:: Plenty of good places to hide, things and people. But if you're gonna do that you'll need someone with it all the time, to protect it.
[19:50] <Detro> ::rounds the corner of the building, looking beyond::
[19:50] <Ardelmos> ::glances north as he notes the other group coming around the corner of the building::
[19:50] <Gabriel> And access outside the city?
[19:51] <Ardelmos> ::moves over to the corner of the nearest building to check out the little courtyard there a little more thoroughly::
[19:51] <Savant> Detro, Knight, come around the side of the apartment building to see what would have once been a broad, long walkway. One can imagine (and in a few cases, see the remains of) kiosks and boothsw along the sidewalks. Now there's just junk. Knight spots a lone cat walking along the top of a ruined car.
[19:52] <Savant> Man> ::frowns, thinking:: You'd need a crane of some kind, or get out onto the beams above. But, yeah.
[19:53] <Gabriel> Show me, if you don't mind. ::glances over at the pigs:: Besides, this looks like a good moment for a bit of a walk.
[19:54] <Savant> Man> ::looks at Gabriel a long time before rising to his feet:: OKay.
[19:55] <Gabriel> ::waves Birkin over and hands the pistol to him, then prepares to follow the former corpserf::
[19:56] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::backs up cautiously, not making any sudden moves::
[19:56] <Savant> The man picks himself from the rubble and starts to walk down the road towards where Roland is cautiously prowling ahead. he doesn't seem very concerned about hiding or being quiet.
[19:57] <Craig> ::squeezes around the corner:: so, do you have any idea where we're going?
[19:57] <Gabriel> ::continues to follow::
[19:58] <Karas> ::holsters gun and follows Gabriel, glancing back every now and then to make sure Birkin is alright::
[19:58] <Ardelmos> ::walks into the courtyard as he notices Tynes and the man approaching, in order to clear it if necessary::
[19:59] <Gabriel> Birkin> ::uses the shack as cover, taking a position where he can see Tynes while keeping an eye on the pigs::
[20:00] <Savant> Roland's the first to notice a big fire in the distance to the east - there are people moving around it, and to the south of that, there are flashing lights - like car headlights, flashing bakc and forth, this way and that. There's also shouting and smoe sort of nasty crunch-crunch
[20:01] <Ardelmos> ::frowns slightly, hoping there isn't a mount amongst the groups in the distance -- he recalled some...interesting contraptions from their last visit to this part of Gommorrah::
[20:01] <Detro> ::moves out to link up with the others::
[20:03] <Ardelmos> ::moves just ahead of the man leading Tynes::
[20:03] <Savant> A bit further north, Mem and his group spot a man with a large cart, picking through the junk, sorting some into his barrrow and the rest he discards back to the pile.
[20:04] <Thierry> ::Looks to the man:: Where exactly are we going
[20:05] <Mem> ::glances at the man ahead of them, but thinks about rejoining the others, who are just to the south::
[20:05] <Gabriel> ::ignores the other people for the moment::
[20:05] <Savant> Man> Up by the pillar. You'll be able to hide your stuff in the pillar.
[20:06] <Thierry> ::Looks at the pillar::
[20:06] <Gabriel> ::also looks at the pillar, looking for the walkways the man was mentioning::
[20:08] <Mem> ::waves knight over::
[20:08] <Thierry> How big is this pillar?
[20:09] <Savant> In the distance is only grey, occasionally punctured by black or some sort of flickering light. This "pillar" is difficult to pick out amongst the tangled scenery
[20:09] <Savant> Man> Oh, about two block.
[20:10] <Thierry> Definately could get alot of merchandise in there
[20:10] <Craig> ::comes up behind theirry, hearing that part of the conversation:: sounds like a main support structure
[20:11] <Savant> Man> It's mostly infilled. But they missed lots. You'll have to clear out some pidgeon shit, and you'll need protection for it, too.
[20:11] <Detro> ...Wouldn't they have to send someone down to check these things regularly?
[20:11] <Karas> You want to come down regularly?
[20:11] <Savant> Man> We get architects down here sometimes.
[20:12] <Detro> ::shrugs at Karas:: Would be having my home disappear from under my feet suddenly.
[20:12] <Savant> As you get closer, then you realize - the reason you can't see the pillar so well is because it takes up your entire field of view. In the shadows and dark, it looks like a cave-riddled cliff face, with firelight and neon reflecting off of patches of glass and steel.
[20:13] <Thierry> Hmm, should do. Think we could work with that, right boss ::Looks at gabe::
[20:13] <Karas> ::karas turns to Detro:: The corps are regulated, but they are still out to make a buck. Sending somebody down here costs.
[20:13] <Detro> Yeah, and so does supporting the Keffs.
[20:14] <Karas> Couldn't agree with you more...::a tinge of anger becomes evident on Karas' face::
[20:14] <Detro> ::has another major coughing fit::
[20:15] <Savant> Man> ::stops with the pillar just in sight, points up at it:: I know a few places in there that can hide trucks full, if you need it. Above it's just struts, and not too monitored. You could drive a truck out ontot he struts and lower whatever it is you wanted down.
[20:16] <Craig> ::looks at detro then to thierry:: isn't there something he can take for that, a lozenge maybe?
[20:16] <Gabriel> How close to the edge of the trench?
[20:17] <Thierry> ::Looks to Craig and shrugs:: Not that I got
[20:17] <Savant> Man> ::shrugs:: another block, maybe. All truss all the way out.
[20:19] <Savant> To the south, between the pillar and the Talons, is a broad parking lot - it seems that the pillar was once a massive building, now serving only as a support structure for others. But the lot is home to new life. There's a large circular building that's clearly homegrown, half made of junk itself - there are a good number of people inside of it, and some outside as well
[20:19] <Ardelmos> Looks like we're gonna have to...'trespass'.
[20:20] <Savant> Man> Yeah, you'll get that problem anywhere. Best choice you got is to hire some help to keep looters out of your stash.
[20:20] <Detro> ::heads south, stumbling at first from the cough but managing to get upright and get his lungs under control::
[20:21] <Ardelmos> Or we could just kill everybody.
[20:21] <Ardelmos> ::a beat::
[20:21] <Ardelmos> Kidding.
[20:21] <Savant> Man> ::Deadpan:: yeah, you coudl do that too. But more would come back. You'd need a lot of bulets.
[20:22] <Savant> Man> Cheaper to just hire out the toughs.
[20:22] <Thierry> ::Grins at roland:: Plenty of thugs down here we could get I suppose
[20:22] <Gabriel> ::gives Roland a look::
[20:22] <Craig> ::shakes head::could we hire these people maybe?
[20:22] <Gabriel> ::turns back to the man:: So. Know some reliable people?
[20:24] <Detro> ::to Karas:: What the deal with all the boarded up entrances? I mean, nobody's USING those buildings, so who gives a darn if they're secure?
[20:24] <Savant> Man> Not many reliable people down here. Most are either too desperate or don't give a damna bout anyone but themselves. You should talk to the Templars - they're the toughs round here. You're gonna have to keep'em off your backs one way or the other - scare'm off or have'm work for you.
[20:25] <Ardelmos> How much coin are we talkin' about here?
[20:27] <Savant> MAn> ::shrugs:: Dunno. Depends what tehy need right now.
[20:27] <Karas> To try and keep the people out. Its a futile gesture, but most of those houses probably have supports through them and are still very unsafe.
[20:28] <Detro> ::shrugs, glancing around the corner of the nearby building::
[20:28] <Detro> Better off than in ramshackle huts. That woman in the hammock is proof there's more than a few smart people down here. Plenty of raw materials to work with and fix things up...
[20:29] <Detro> ::snort:: Hell, get enough like minded people together, maybe even find a way to run a company down here, work back up into the aboves.
[20:29] <Gabriel> How do we get in touch with these Templars?
[20:30] <Savant> Man> ::points at the circular building due south:: Usually a few down there. They got a fort further along, too, but don't go there.
[20:30] <Craig> ::whispers to detro:: get enough like minded people together and maybe have a small army
[20:31] <Thierry> They, how do I put it, of similar opinions about terrans
[20:31] <Thierry> ?
[20:32] <Karas> ::to Detro:: there are "companies" like that, but the gangs have a tendency to keep them down. There really isn't the kind of laws your used to on Terranova here. Down here there is just about nothing except those of the street.
[20:32] <Savant> Man> They don't give a pound about anyone or anything but themselves.
[20:33] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Not that many differences where I'm from.... ::spots what might be an opening into a building::
[20:34] <Thierry> Gotcha
[20:35] <Detro> Put any of your corporate people in my home or our marked friend there and they'd probably fit right in, given a few days.
[20:35] <Karas> I guess, the main thing to remember here is the Law of Consent. I've been in more then one Fulcon grudge match myself and half of those were on levels above this.
[20:35] <Karas> You forget that anything is legal here. As long as everyone agrees.
[20:36] <Karas> Down here its all about the strongest.
[20:36] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Which is why you corpserfs aren't anything like a true police force.
[20:36] <Thierry> Well, I think we got our spot
[20:37] <Detro> ::moves towards the spot he's looking at:: No worries about grudge matches though. ::firmly:: I don't start fights, I finish them.
[20:37] <Gabriel> Patience. ::turns to Karas:: I'd like this man put on the payroll. Can you arrange that?
[20:37] <Savant> Detro rounds a corner to find the box of a trailer truck, sitting and rusting away. Its' back end is hanging open, and form the looks of it, it's someone's home.
[20:38] <Detro> ::decides to go no closer there, lest they irritate someone else::
[20:38] <Karas> Us Corp-Serfs might not be a police force to you, but we are the only thing that stands between the corps and the workers. We try and keep peace anyway we can, but we don't pretend to micro manage anyones daily lives.
[20:39] <Karas> ::to Gabriel:: If you want to put him on your payroll thats fine, but Baldren is my link to the Jund and anyone "new" in our cell goes through him.
[20:40] <Savant> Man> ::Frowns and listens to the exchange, not betraying his emotions as they discuss him::
[20:40] <Karas> ::Karas looks slightly insulted by Detros earlier comment, he genuinely believes in the laws he has grown up with all his life::
[20:40] <Detro> ::snort:: What you call micro-manage, I call fewer crimes and misdemeanors.
[20:40] <Detro> ::holds up his hands before can respond:: But, your world. Your ways.
[20:40] <Thierry> ::Looks to the Man:: Well, I'm surprised noone's asked, whats your name
[20:41] <Detro> Regardless, both our worlds are still here, so both methods have merits.
[20:41] * Ardelmos is now known as Fraser
[20:41] <Savant> Bors Piedmach> Bors Piedmach.
[20:41] <Karas> ::Karas loosens up a bit:: It appears we have much to learn from each other.
[20:42] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:42] * Fraser has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:42] <Savant> seemed like a nice ending line, and we really don't have the time tonight to get you guys to track down the Templars and do that sort of thing
[20:42] <Gabriel> ::nods::
[20:43] <Savant> a bit slow tonight! But we'll make up for that next time
[20:43] <Karas> agreed...stupid midterm tomorrow. Wanna cram more.
[20:43] <Savant> any questions?
[20:43] <Thierry> I hope not too much making up....
[20:43] <Savant> not at all
[20:43] <Karas> It was slow, but I liked the dialogue at the end.
[20:44] <Savant> no questions, then, huh?
[20:44] <Craig> when exploring, it's best not to rush:)
[20:44] <Savant> experience, then?
[20:44] <Craig> yes please
[20:44] <Savant> guess I could allow that.
[20:45] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. three is for teamwork. Tell me some
[20:45] <Gabriel> Stayed in groups, covered each other, worked different aspects of the area.
[20:45] <Detro> Detro tried to hold things together until Mem woke up and started issuing orders. Wink
[20:46] <Karas> Had some interesting dialogue and the party learned a little more about the local wildlife.
[20:46] <Savant> caprician pigs are mean little buggers. Wild boars.
[20:46] <Craig> genetically engineered wild boars:)
[20:46] <Savant> anyways, i think you guys worked well enough as a group,s o you get that one
[20:46] <Savant> learn anything tonight?
[20:47] <Craig> learned a bit about slum life here
[20:47] <Savant> be more specific if you please Wink
[20:47] <Detro> All future Talon teams intending to operate within the Alpha levels of the Trench should be required to have a structural engineer on their team. Wink
[20:47] <Thierry> Gallott just went through a major downsizing, didn't affect just the rank and file
[20:47] <Gabriel> Lay-offs are just as big in the 62nd century as they are in the 20th/21st. Wink
[20:47] <Savant> heh
[20:47] <Karas> Think I gave Detro an ear ful on Caprician law.
[20:47] <Knight> learne dplace is a sty
[20:47] <Mem> We need funds to kep these guys loyal.
[20:47] <Savant> heh heh, yeah, Knight Wink
[20:48] <Karas> Actually you need 500 per rig too.
[20:48] <Savant> yeah, who's paying for those two rigs?
[20:48] <Detro> Charge it to Mem's old rig. ;D
[20:48] <Gabriel> Major story-line thing tonight was hidden. Whether we use the column or don't use the column (I think it'll be interesting to see if we can dig into it/under it from outside the city), the major thing we learned was the Templars.
[20:48] <Gabriel> We definiteliy need them on our side.
[20:49] <Thierry> Or their enemies
[20:49] <Savant> if you want to operate in this area without trouble, yeah
[20:49] <Gabriel> And we need to handle the water sale so we have a bloc of party money.
[20:49] <Gabriel> The rigs will come out of that.
[20:49] <Savant> okay
[20:49] <Karas> pretty soon too. I can help you guys with contacts and such, but we are going to need to grease the wheels. This is Caprice.
[20:50] <Gabriel> ::grins:: That sounds familiar.
[20:50] <Savant> i'll give you the storyline point. That's 4.
[20:50] <Savant> yeah, too familiar Wink
[20:50] <Craig> refresh my memory please
[20:50] <Savant> point number five will come if you can tell me something you like about the group dynamic, and something you'd like to see change in it.
[20:50] <Gabriel> I tell the players that all the time in GvE. Wink
[20:51] <Detro> Saji does a nice job of that on her own Razz
[20:51] <Karas> Also note: Karas believes very strongly in his home, laws, etc...he will become confrontational if you guys poke too much at it. After all you guys are still foreigners to him.
[20:51] <Gabriel> Everyone's characters have firmed up pretty well, which I like, and everyone relates to each other (mostly) pretty well. But a problem when we had Gotah and a problem now is that you guys look for orders too often.
[20:52] <Thierry> Well, there's only a small group here that actually interacts, mostly the old guard. I want to see more...mentoring so to speak
[20:52] <Gabriel> If this is supposed to be an elite special forces unit, you guys can and should take the initiative, as long as you don't have contravening orders.
[20:52] <Detro> We were looking for orders because our CO went off on his own tangent and didn't tell anyone. Wink
[20:52] <Thierry> Theirry is trying to learn how to be an officer from Gabe for example
[20:52] * Karas is now known as Lykaeon
[20:52] <Knight> I liked the usual smooth operation between Knight and Detro, I think it has brought over a feeling that they did come from the same previous unit.
[20:52] <Gabriel> In battle, Gabriel willd efinitely give orders. Outside of battle, though? He's not going to direct traffic.
[20:52] <Gabriel> *definitely
[20:52] <Detro> And because the LAST time *I* started giving orders, I was out of order as I'm outranked by others. Wink
[20:53] * Kt has left #BT05
[20:53] <Gabriel> Doesn't mean everyone else has to give orders. Just means feel free to break out into teams or into groups and check stuff out.
[20:53] <Detro> ::nods:: Detro and Knight work well together because Detro has no issues bossing Knight around, plus there's the past comraderie there.
[20:54] <Savant> anyone else want to pitch in their comments? good and bad, one of each.
[20:55] <Lykaeon> Karas is still lost in the party. He has no idea how any of you think (for that matter so do I). He's been given orders to watch you guys, thus he is probably going to stick to you like glue.
[20:55] * Savant nods
[20:55] <Thierry> That's something I think we need to work on
[20:55] <Lykaeon> The game was nice. I learned a lot on how the group acts and reacts to different situations.
[20:56] <Detro> Join Knight and me. We can be the Three Musketeers.
[20:56] <Detro> <Joanna> An ancient candy bar? <Detro> Quiet you!
[20:56] <Lykaeon> Hopefully I can reflect that in Karas. As for learning new things, I think I want to get Karas to start investigating the BT incident on the news.
[20:56] <Savant> that's a good and bad from Gabriel and Lykaeon.
[20:56] <Craig> i'm just thinking of how we used to be in these situations, either running off in all directions alone, or staying too grouped up, sure we still got kinks to work out about we're definetly improving
[20:56] <Lykaeon> Detro was fun to follow. The banter was awesome.
[20:56] <Savant> and Craig. That's good and bad in one Wink
[20:57] <Savant> that it?
[20:57] <Savant> okay. Five for Gabriel, Lykaeon, and Craig. Four otherwise. Well done all!
[20:57] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Man on the Run in Session'
[18:00] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:00] <Brad> ::attn::
[18:00] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:01] <Thierry> ::Attn::
[18:01] <Savant> someone get Fras in here Wink
[18:01] <Savant> anyways. Good evening and welcome yet again to another exciting episode of the Black Talons
[18:01] <Karas> ::Attn::
[18:02] <Savant> smaller group tonight it seems, for some reason. That's okay though. Small games can be very rewarding.
[18:02] <Savant> maybe our Captain will stroll in later Wink
[18:02] <Savant> who wants a briefing?
[18:02] <Savant> i do.
[18:02] <Savant> Man On The Run
[18:02] <Savant> 24 Winter 1945 TN, 3400h - Late Night
[18:02] <Savant> Alpha Level, BFT Heights, Gomorrah
[18:02] <Savant> 31 degrees Celcius, 16% humidity, 1030 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:02] <Savant> Alpha level. The seedy, dank pit at the belly of Gomorrah - belly perhaps isn't the appropriate term. Think further along the digestive tract. That certainly matches the smell.
[18:02] <Savant> You came down here in order to find some place to smuggle goods into and out of the trench, and you seem to have found a bit of luck. A down-on-his-luck Gallot man by the name of Bors Piedmach has directed you to a good jump-off point to the Highlands, and has told you to get in touch with a group called the Templars.
[18:02] <Savant> He's also told you that this group can be found in an establishment called The Penn, and that they likely would not stand up to the honourable and charitable nature of their namesake.
[18:02] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:03] <Detro> ack!
[18:03] <Thierry> ack
[18:03] <Mem> ack
[18:03] <Karas> ack
[18:03] <Savant> I'm going to give our absentees a few minutes to catch up. Until then, questions?
[18:03] <Detro> Does this gas mask make me look fat?
[18:03] <Savant> yes
[18:04] <Detro> ::pout::
[18:04] <Savant> you asked Wink
[18:04] <Karas> Same day still as last game? Same equipment?
[18:04] <Savant> it's one hour after
[18:04] <Savant> so yes, same day, same equipment
[18:04] <Detro> Can I fire my ultra-rotary naval gauss rifle now?
[18:04] <Karas> same bat channel, same bat time?
[18:04] <Karas> Sweet can I get oner?
[18:05] <Savant> if you want to, Detr- oh, wait, you don't have one.
[18:05] * Fraser has joined #bt05
[18:05] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Fraser
[18:05] <Karas> It sounds like its right up Karas' alley.
[18:05] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:05] <Detro> Yes, I do. ::points to where it's written in hand on the record sheet::
[18:05] <Savant> hey Fras. I'm fielding questions right now
[18:05] <Savant> not on my sheet
[18:05] <Savant> oh, look, I don't have a "left leg" written on my record sheet for you, either
[18:05] <Karas> So he fires it at the darkness?
[18:05] <Detro> Fine. I'll just cast Magic Missile then.
[18:05] <Savant> hee Wink
[18:06] <Karas> lol
[18:06] <Savant> that you can do
[18:06] <Savant> still going to give Craig and Gabriel a minute or two more
[18:07] <CavScout> ack
[18:07] <Karas> ::polishes AVR that he doesn't have::
[18:08] <Karas> ::pretends to load it::
[18:08] <Savant> so, shall we?
[18:08] <Detro> ::smirks, drawing his laser pistol::
[18:08] <Savant> we shall.
[18:08] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:08] <Ardelmos> Are we picking up immediately after last week?
[18:09] <Savant> The Penn is alarge building that appears to have been burrowed out from beneath a pile of rubble instead of actually constructed. Massive spars of what was once formerly a building remain, with heavy sheets of metal and concrete joining up the gaps and a roof thatched of wire and cable to protect it from falling debris. Flickering orange electric light blasts out between the gaps.
[18:09] <Detro> ::eyes the building:: Interesting design...
[18:10] <Ardelmos> ::tosses a piece of gum into his mouth and crosses his arms, staring at what the Alpha-level man had said was the home of these 'Templars':: What a dump.
[18:10] <Karas> Looks cozy ::karas mumbles to detro::
[18:10] <Savant> Bors Piedmach> ::nods sullenly:: Yeah. Still, you'll find'em in there.
[18:10] <Detro> ::to Roland:: What a perfect place. Think of how many ways there could be OUT of that place.
[18:11] <Mem> ::glances up at the building, scratching his neck::
[18:11] <Karas> ::Karas fidgets:: We going in or what?
[18:11] <Ardelmos> What the fuck did I just say? Does 'dump' have anything to do with tactical position?
[18:11] <Detro> ::smirks:: Ever fought in a dump before?
[18:12] <Ardelmos> An entire city's worth. For months on end. While you were still shitting your pants. Fuck's sake. ::uncrosses his arms and starts walking towards what he can only assume is the main entrance::
[18:12] <Savant> Bors Piedmach> I'll wait for you out here. Appreciate well.
[18:12] <Thierry> ::Looks around the area nervous:: Lets do what we're going to do and get out of here
[18:12] <Savant> It's a busy place. As you approach, you can pick out clusters of people outside. It's almost impossible to miss the fight going on further in the parking lot - two car-sized Combat Mounts are duking it out for the pleasure of a noisy crowd. Other small clusters congregate around vehicles, or trash fires. Most of the activity is inside, though.
[18:13] <Detro> ::winds up gravitating towards the mount combat... he's interested in seeing the difference in fighting styles versus what he was taught::
[18:14] <Karas> ::looks around...searching for anyone he might have records on::
[18:15] <Savant> The two vehicles look like eggs with legs... they're headless, with stocky limbs and broad, large shoulders. One's got a big axe, the other has a twisted hunk of metal. They're circling one another right now while the crowd jeers them on. In the wings wait a few other vehicles, waiting for their chance to fight
[18:16] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't pay the mounts much mind as they approach -- whomever was up with in these 'Templars' wasn't going to be sitting out betting on the matches, he gathered. Still, he kept an eye out to make sure he didn't stumble into the match if it got ugly::
[18:16] <Savant> A sign is posted just outside of the larger entrance doors. "The Establishment is not responsible for any theft, abuse, injury, displacement, maiming, mutilation, decapitation, defenestration, death or verbal abuse which occurs on these premises. Furthermore, the Establishment shall not be held liable should they be the instigator of said activities."
[18:16] <Mem> ::to the others:: Stick together for now. ::approaches the main entrance::
[18:17] <Mem> ::reads over the sign and smirks::
[18:17] <Detro> ::sizes up the two opponents... after a bit of thinking, he decides the axe-wielding mount will likely win::
[18:17] <Ardelmos> ::grumbles as he walks past the sign:: At least it sounds fun.
[18:18] <Mem> Yeah, you'll fit right in.
[18:18] <Mem> ::continues inside, looking for someone authentic to talk with::
[18:18] <Thierry> Lovely place they got here
[18:18] <Karas> ::Karas follows Mem...he seems to know where he is going::
[18:18] <Detro> ::eyes the ones going inside out the corner of his eye... like at the comic book store, he waits outside, so they draw less attention as a group::
[18:19] <Savant> Inside, the place is pretty much one large room. A few areas to the side are curtained off, but otherwise it's just one great hall, filled with people. The first thing the Talons notice, however, are the two guys at the doors. They're sporting compact submachine guns, and seem like guards, though they don't seem to care much about you one way or the other
[18:19] * Kt has joined #BT05
[18:20] <Savant> A full third of the hall is taken up by a large chain-link caged-off area, currently sectioned into two. Tables and benches are scattered around it loosely, spreading out into an open floor that's occupied by drunken, high dancers
[18:20] <Ardelmos> ::notes the submachine guns as they pass, discreetly checking for straps or anything the guards may be using to keep the weapons secure in their possession::
[18:20] <Savant> There's probably almost a hundred people in here. Not up to any fire codes. If there were any fire codes.
[18:22] <Karas> ::Karas glances at the grudge ring...he smiles, seemingly at a nothing::
[18:22] <Detro> ::watches the combat unfold, and at the same time, observes the crowd... he wonders if it's possible these types of fights could be rigged...
[18:22] <CavScout> ::looks around::
[18:23] <Ardelmos> ::as he follows Mem through the crowd, he tries to gauge just how many people in here were armed -- and with what. It could get real interesting real fast if a brawl developed::
[18:23] <Mem> ::examines a couple of the larger groups in the room, exhaling::
[18:23] <Thierry> ::Watches quietly, trying not to show his nerves
[18:24] <Detro> ::interestingly, the proceedings seem quite legit... Down here, Detro was certainly expecting a little more lawlessness to the fights::
[18:24] <Mem> All right. ::looks back at Roland, saying to him and the other teammates nearby, quietly:: Guess it's time to open talks. Any ideas on how to approach this? We need their help, right?
[18:24] <Savant> There's some gambling going down near some of the tables, close to the bar, where drinks are being distributed liberally. There are a few other clusters as well, and even a few isolated people in the shadows. There's a small crowd around the cage as well. jeering at someone inside of it.
[18:25] <Karas> ::to Mem:: keep to yourself as much as possible in here. The last thing we need is for you guys to be challenged to a grudge match...
[18:25] <Ardelmos> I'm not one for subtlety, but walking up and telling them we're going to be importing through their turf and they're gonna like it probably isn't going to cut it.
[18:26] <Mem> So... 'interested in a business deal with you', maybe? What can we offer them in return?
[18:26] <Thierry> Sounds like from our friend the only thing they're interested in is cold hard cash
[18:26] <Mem> ::scratches his head, trying to put together a last minute trade negotiation in his head::
[18:26] <Ardelmos> What they want. ::thumbs at Thierry::
[18:26] <Karas> ...weapons ::Karas actually cringes at the suggestion::
[18:27] <Ardelmos> ::tilts his head slightly as he notes the people crowded amongst the cage, jeering at the occupant::
[18:27] <Ardelmos> ::glances around the rest of the room::
[18:27] <Mem> Cash, weapons. ::rubs his hands together:: We can come up with that, right? All right. Any last words?
[18:27] <Karas> Be careful
[18:28] <Thierry> What he said
[18:28] <Savant> Roland has spoted a group of five or six Gomorrans, rough looking ones at that, all clustered about the caged ring in the side of the hall. They're prodding at the occupant with a long electrified pole. The occupant, in fact, is purple.
[18:28] <Ardelmos> Yeah. ::mimes quotes:: I have an idea.
[18:28] <Mem> Right. ::glances at Karas, then says:: Don't look like pussies. ::stops and looks at Roland:: Hm?
[18:28] <Ardelmos> ::starts heading for the cage::
[18:28] <Detro> ::leans up against a makeshift rail, watching the mount combat::
[18:28] <Karas> ::Karas follows Ardelmos::
[18:29] <Ardelmos> ::as he makes his way through the crowd, he looks back over his shoulder and speaks to those following him:: If we're gonna deal down here, we need respect. And these guys only respect one thing.
[18:30] <Mem> Stick together in here. ::reluctantly follows Roland::
[18:30] <Savant> Outside, the axe-wielding Mount lunges forward suddenly in a hiss of hydraulics, and moves a bit faster than his opponent. The axe comes crashing down into a glancing blow on the opposites' armour, shearing off part of a retraining bracket and a hunk of patched armour. The crowd cheers and boos
[18:30] <Mem> If this doesn't work, I'm going with plan A. ::quiets down as they reach the beating::
[18:31] <Thierry> ::Sticks with the beefier Roland::
[18:31] <Detro> ::grins at the damage, wondering just how cosmetic it was::
[18:31] <Ardelmos> ::as he approaches the cage:: Oi! What's the matter with you lot? The best you can do is just poke that fucking purple piece of shit, safely behind a cage?
[18:32] <Savant> The GREL, a Mordred, isn't really getting beaten - though it looks like he has been. A heavy metal collar and lead chains him to the ceiling of the cage, combined with metal shackles around his wrists - they aren't chained together at the moment. He's covered in dark red bruises and circular burn marks.
[18:32] <Mem> ::stands back with arms crossed, letting Roland do his thing for now::
[18:33] <Thierry> ::Stands back with Mem, slightly horrified at the sight of the tortured GREL though a slight smirk is on his face
[18:33] <Savant> Outside, the Mount leaks a puff of steam and bashes the steel club against the others' shell, but to no effect. They dance away from one another and circle, again to the jeering and insults of the crowd.
[18:33] <Karas> ::Fans out from Roland watching for any sudden moves::
[18:34] <Detro> ::smirks at the club's ineffectiveness. Go for a blade any time versus a blunt weapon, at least against metal armor. Focus the energy on a sharp edge...::
[18:34] <Savant> Man> ::Snorts:: This vathead's our meal ticket boyo! You want a chance to test yourself against the big man from the sky?
[18:35] <Ardelmos> ::crosses his arms:: You need him alive? Fuck, fine. I was gonna slit his damn throat for you and put him out of his goddamn misery but I guess I'll just have to beat him senseless then. Got a bat? A pipe?
[18:36] <CavScout> ::big man he thibnks::
[18:36] <Savant> Gambler> ::nudges Detro:: What's yer pick! It's three to one on Little Man.
[18:36] <Mem> ::watches the exchange with Roland and scrunches his nose in bewilderment::
[18:36] <Detro> MC> ::grins:: An axe isn't a bet, it's a sure thing.
[18:37] <Savant> Man> Yeah, sure. You want it to be sporting? ::reaches under the table and pulls out a length of steel pipe::
[18:37] <Mem> ::glances around to get a feel for the place...larger groups must've been anchored around a leader or local favorite, or troublemaker, and the gang would revolve around those points::
[18:37] <Karas> ::Karas is oviously distasted...this wasn't a real wasn't Fulcon at all. He hated Keffs, but not GRELs...they were just tools::
[18:38] <Savant> Gambler> ::Smirks:: So yer money's on Hatchet, then, sure thing. What's yer bet?
[18:38] <Ardelmos> Isn't much fun in beating down nothing more than a sack of meat, now is there? Give'm one. ::takes off his jacket and tosses it to Mem, rolling up his sleeves::
[18:38] <Mem> ::catches the jacket and glances at Thierry::
[18:39] <Mem> ::whispers, while smirking:: He's a barbarian.
[18:39] <Thierry> Huh?
[18:39] <Savant> Woman> ::Grabs the chain link cage and rattles it, shouting at the Mordred:: Hey, purple! you ready to get the shit beat out of you again?
[18:39] <CavScout> Oh, oh... what's he doing.
[18:39] <Savant> Man> ::Smirks and tosses a length of pipe into the ring::
[18:40] <Mem> He's gonna try to beat the snot out of the GREL, but ... ::turns to Knight and Thierry, quietly:: if he ends up geting his face smashed in, I'm not responsible. ::rolls his eyes::
[18:41] <Ardelmos> ::snatches his own pipe from one of the men and pulls himself up onto the stage, waiting to be let into the cage::
[18:41] <Savant> The man opens the door to the cage, and a few bright halogen lights turn on inside, illuminating the ring. Several of the groups nearby take notice.
[18:41] <Savant> Man> This fullcon?
[18:41] <Thierry> Should be fun, knowing him.
[18:41] <Ardelmos> ::steps in and twirls the length of pipe around in his hand, gauging the weight and balance of the weapon as he does so such that he can properly use it::
[18:42] <Detro> MC> ::shrugs:: Had seepage cards earlier. Cleaned me out. ::winces::
[18:43] <Ardelmos> Yeah. Get on with it.
[18:43] <Savant> Gambler> ::Scowls and stalks off::
[18:43] <Savant> Man> ::points at the GREL:: Fullcon, purple! Earn me my money!
[18:43] <Ardelmos> How's that skull of yours, vatfreak? Nice and soft?
[18:43] <Detro> MC> ::makes mental note to figure out how to get their hands on some of the paper money being passed around... certainly operating down here, it's probably more valued than data rigs.
[18:44] <Savant> Mordred> ::snorts and snarls at Roland, curling a lip up and barring jagged, broken teeth.:: Killed bigger men than you.
[18:45] <CavScout> Man, I hate them GRELS but hand to had? Doc needs to see what he is addicted to
[18:45] <Mem> ::mutters:: Fuck me. ::stands on his tip-toes to look around the crowd, wondering if anyone worth talking to had come over to watch::
[18:45] <Savant> A few others cluster in around the cage. Gambling appears to have started, and the GREL's "owner" seems to be taking his cut from it all::
[18:45] <Ardelmos> ::grins right back as he drops into a combat stance:: If it makes you feel better.
[18:45] <Detro> MC> ::returns to watching the fight::
[18:46] <Thierry> ::Grins at Knight's comment::
[18:46] <Savant> Outside, the fight is heating up between the two Mounts. They're no longer skirting around each other, but instead exchanging a battering of blows. The sound of metal clashing against metal and engines roaring fills the cavernous space beneath the higher levels, echoing off the valley walls nearby
[18:47] <Savant> Mordred> ::growls and brandishes the pipe like a truncheon, lunging forward with surprising speed.
[18:47] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't waste much time, in a blur of movement charging forward and getting inside the GREL's swinging arc while simultaneously snapping his arm, held low, upwards with the pipe in a snapping motion::
[18:49] <Mem> ::starts very slowly and casually drift towards a woman he'd spotted, attention oscillating between not stepping on feet, and the fight::
[18:49] <Savant> The two pipes resound against one another with a loud clatter, a minor echo of the louder sounds from outside.
[18:50] <Detro> MC> ::grins, then reminds himself he needs to keep an eye on the goings on around him, not just the fight... the bet-taker would have just been a middle man, so who was he working for here?::
[18:50] <Savant> Mordred> ::He snaps the pipe down just as quickly, letting out a savage and pained roar as the weapon comes down for Rolands' head::
[18:51] <Ardelmos> ::steps sideways, presenting a narrow target as he takes a step back and lets the pipe fall in front of him::
[18:52] <Savant> Mem saunters over to a cluster of several people around a pair of jammed-together round tables. Thick clouds of smoke, cannabis and tobacco and other things, make a heavy perfume for the woman he's moving over to. She's not quite visible beneath the military cap and dusty long coat.
[18:52] <Thierry> ::Wanders along behind mem
[18:53] <CavScout> ::is glued to the fight; finds himself whispering a prayer for Aedelmos::
[18:53] <Mem> ::smirks at the cap, but settles in nearby, listening for information about her::
[18:54] <Savant> Mordred> The GREL sweeps the pipe up as he comes forward, a mountain of muscle that almost seems to dwarf the lanky Terranovan.::
[18:54] <Ardelmos> ::again sidesteps, ducking low this time under the Mordred's next strike and using his dodging momentum to bring about a strike of his own::
[18:54] <Detro> ::finally spots the head people present... one of them sporting a gun Detro is quite sure would be very illegal on the upper levels::
[18:55] <Savant> Roland connects, and the crowd around the cage goes wild. Half of them are cheering for Roland, the other half are cheering for Big Purple
[18:55] <Karas> ::Karas watches the fight, mesmerized by how quickly Ardelmos moves::
[18:56] <Detro> MC> 3 people also means they're not going to be easily distracted... so much for a quick snag of cash...
[18:58] <Detro> MC> << :: :: that>>
[18:58] <Ardelmos> ::continues to size the GREL up, but it wasn't much different than all the other Mordreds he'd encountered -- he decides to spice up the match a little and feints a move to the left to throw the purple form off, quickly throwing himself to the right, bouncing off the cage wall and slipping in behind the Mordred for a strike::
[18:59] <Savant> Outside, the two Mounts are quickly coming to the end of their struggle. The one with themakeshift weapon has several heavy chips gouged out of it, and is leaking black smoke form its back. One hard chop to a knee and the thing collapses with whining servoes. People cheer or voice their anger, and money changes hands.
[18:59] * CavScout is now known as Knight
[18:59] <Mem> ::listens in on the adjacent sounds and conversations as he watches the fight::
[19:00] <Detro> MC> ::grunts in satisfaction that his estimate was right. So to be sure, tactics didn't change too much going from gear to mount, just knowing how to use it::
[19:00] <Savant> Mordred> ::He moves to follow Roland, but isn't fast enough - he gets a pipe smashed solidly into his side, and staggers back. He rolls with the impact, but is obviously reeling::
[19:00] <Thierry> ::Moves to a good place to watch Roland beat the heck out of the vathead::
[19:00] <Karas> ::Karas feels a bit of regret at the fight. The GRELs seemed to get used no matter where they went::
[19:01] <Knight> ::as casually as possible scans from MG position to MG position::
[19:03] <Detro> MC> ::The fight over, he wanders over towards where mounts going into combat are held, staying well enough away to not be a threat or stand out::
[19:04] <Knight> ::makes his way through the crowd toward Detro::
[19:04] <Savant> There are three mounts waiting for a fight. All of them look similar, all of them seem endlessly patched and battered, and all of them are surrounded by two or three hardened mechanics, looking them over while their wild-eyed pilots psyche themselves up for the fight.
[19:04] <Ardelmos> ::disengages slightly, grinning to himself as he watches the GREL do what he can to stay up, monitoring this particular one's form while preparing for the GREL's next attack against him::
[19:05] <Detro> MC> ::glances over towards the building in time to see Knight emerge::
[19:05] <Savant> Mordred> ::He regains his feet quickly and doesn't waste time in lashing out at Roland - he snaps the bar out in a quick blur towards him::
[19:06] <Ardelmos> ::to Roland, the bar is clear and decidedly unblurry as he 'limbos' slightly to avoid getting smacked in the face, then goes back on the offensive::
[19:09] <Ardelmos> ::takes one or two steps forward towards the GREL and then launches himself into the air as if the cage floor was a springboard -- he twists in mid air and brings a strike down from above onto the Mordred as his momentum carries him over and behind the purple form again::
[19:09] <Savant> The crowd cheers at ROlands' display, though a few throw empty cans against the cage and jeer
[19:11] <Mem> ::smirks and glances at the woman again... who appears to actually be quite young, no more than a teenager::
[19:11] <Savant> The Mordred shudders like a tree struck with an axe as Rolands' steel pipe slams against his shoulder - it's ahrd enough to bend a curve into the pipe. The injured GREL bellows and staggers, but is still on his feet.
[19:12] <Thierry> ::To noone in particular:: He's good
[19:12] <Mem> Ouch. Even if you're purple, that has to hurt.
[19:12] <Detro> MC> ::as Knight trots up:: Was wondering where you were. Missed an interesting fight.
[19:12] <Savant> Girl> ::puffs on a gicar and makes some comment to a companion that's lost in the noise of the crowds::
[19:13] <Savant> ((gicar, even))
[19:13] <Savant> ((bah! cigar.))
[19:14] <Detro> MC> ::waves smoke away from his face as someone smoking a cigar with the brand "GICAR" emblazoned on its side walks by::
[19:14] <Savant> Mordred> ::he swings, but it's too feeble an attempt - a reactionary jab to just get him some room::
[19:14] <Knight> ::quitly to Detro:: Man, I got a bad feeling on those MG guards ::quick indication in direction:: They seem real intersted in something in the crowsd
[19:15] <Detro> MC> ::casually turns his head while waving the smoke, allowing him to look towards the guards Knight mentions::
[19:15] <Knight> Karas is getting some extra looks as well.
[19:16] <Mem> ::cups his hands together, calling out to Roland:: Die standing, farmboy!
[19:16] <Detro> MC> What, guards inside?
[19:17] <Savant> Girl> ::raises an eyebrow and replies to Mem, as if he was talking to her:: Farmboy? He doesn't look like a pigger.
[19:17] <Ardelmos> ::as the GREL stumbles backwards, Roland charges him -- at the last second, he plants his left foot and twists in that direction to spin beside and to behind the Mordred, using the end of the now-curved pipe as a slashing edge::
[19:18] <Mem> ::smirks and looks at the girl:: Hi, comrade. ::intentionally glances up at her cap, then back at her, grinning::
[19:18] <Savant> Mordred> ::he isn't able top pull away from Roland fast enough - he's starting ot predict these twisting, flipping attacks, but he just isn't quick enough. The GREL bellows again, like a wounded lion, as his bright red blood splatters in a long arc into the crowd.::
[19:19] <Savant> ::snorts::> [Sib.] Salute, comrade! Power to the Party!
[19:19] <Thierry> ::Moves to get closer to Mem so he could keep an eye on him::
[19:21] <Savant> Mordred> ::The GREL snaps forward with the butt of the pipe as Roland twists around him, letting out a throaty roar as the weapon crashes into Roland. The crowd cheers, again.::
[19:21] <Mem> ::rolls his eyes, but doesn't stop grinning or looking less friendly:: Are you fluent?
[19:22] <Mem> ::cringes a bit as he looks at Roland take a hit::
[19:23] <Detro> MC> Better get in there then. Maybe these are those people we're trying to find.
[19:23] <Ardelmos> ::rolls backwards, frowning to himself slightly as he comes back to his feet -- this pipe wasn't doing what he needed, and he was growing tired of just walloping the thing. Its curvature gave him an idea, though...::
[19:23] <Savant> Girl> ::Puffs on the cigar:: Shit no, stranger. Just what they teach in corpschool.
[19:26] <Savant> Outside, another Mount stomps out into the open area of the parking lot - this one with a wicked looking metal spike, like a short spear. They revv their engines,a nd the men there start calling out odds.
[19:27] <Detro> MC> ::doesn't wait for Knight's response, but heads towards the interior -- casting an eye back at the soon-to-occur fight, perhaps a bit wistfully::
[19:28] <Mem> What else have they taught you in corpschool?
[19:28] <Savant> Mordred> ::the GREL grins hugely, blood dripping from his teeth, as he stalks closer:: Good fight, puny! Ha ha ha! I haven't hurt in a long time!
[19:29] <Savant> ::raises> an eyebrow at Mem:: Who the slag are you, some rusted jape stickin' his shares in my business?
[19:29] <Thierry> ::Walks to Mem:: Not trying to pick up another one are ya man?
[19:30] <Savant> ((That was the Girl, obviously))
[19:30] <Knight> ::casually follow Detro out::
[19:31] <Detro> ::takes a few moments to glance over the layout of the interior of the hodge-podged building when he enters::
[19:32] <Mem> ::holds his hands up, obviously pressing a button he didn't intend to:: No, not rusted. Well-oiled, actually, but since you asked... I'm looking for someone who is someone down here, thought it might be you.
[19:32] <Savant> Detro and Knight come into the Penn to see most of the crowds clustered around the fight cage. The guards don't seem to be focusing too tightly on anyone, but the observant scout can tell that they aren't entirely indiscriminate
[19:34] <Savant> Girl> ::Smirks:: Well-oiled, huh? ::taps her friend beside her on the shoulder:: Big man's all greased up for me. Shit. So whaddya want, Grease?
[19:34] <Detro> ::in his scan, manages to quickly survey where the guards' attentions are being directed more often::
[19:35] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't run towards the GREL this time, but approaches cautiously and slowly -- only when he closes to almost weapon's distance does he launch himself forward and a flashing upwards lunge. He extends one arm out with the curved pipe, it's edge lodging against the GREL's throat -- in mid air he twists and with his other arm tries to grab the opposite end of the pipe::
[19:35] <Savant> Oh,> and you got friends. You oiled up for me too, stranger?
[19:36] <Savant> Mordred> ::the GREL twists, ducking his head - the pipe mashes agianst his nose instead of sealing around his neck - he snaps his elbow back hard to Rolands' ribs to try to keep him away::
[19:38] <Mem> ::turns off any expression of forward seduction, and while still hoping his native charm can come through, he gets more serious:: Might be interested in doing business with you in the near future, and I came to see what was doin'.
[19:38] <Thierry> ::Grins and shakes his head:: Oh know, I'll leave all the oiling to him
[19:39] <Ardelmos> ::growls and bounces off the cage wall with a push of force from his legs, flying behind the GREL as it's still turning from its elbow shot:: Don't worry, you won't hurt much longer! ::uses the momentum of his dash to throw as much weight behind his swing as possible::
[19:39] <Detro> ::low, to Knight:: Unless you're packing heat, no worries about the guards. ::grins::
[19:40] <Savant> Mordred> ::He turns to face Roland, but isn't prepared for the swing - not as well as he'd like to be at least. The bar socks into the Mordreds gut, winding him and doubling him over.::
[19:40] <Karas> ::Karas looks up from the fight, feels a bit like he's being he scans the crowd he notices nothing out of the ordinary and goes back to watching the fight::
[19:40] <Detro> ::turning his gaze towards the center of attention, he frowns... Roland, locked in a fight with a GREL...:: Now THAT I would worry about. Darnit, why isn't anyone helping him?
[19:40] <Knight> Fool got himself into it, he gets himself out,
[19:41] <Savant> ::Grins> and waggles her eyebrows mischeviously:: What sorta business? I like business. I bet you two like business too.
[19:41] <Detro> Yeah, and how many times have you gotten into trouble that I've bailed you out of? ::starts to make his way through the crowd::
[19:41] <Savant> ((need to make a proper macro for her...))
[19:42] <Knight> ::shakes head:: Waaaayyyy different man, way different.
[19:44] <Mem> Something worth investing in, I imagine. So are you the right girl to talk to around here?
[19:44] <Detro> ::mutters more as he sees Mem chatting up a woman, which just torques him off more. There had better be a damned good explanation behind why someone's at death's doorstep while Mem happens to be flirting with the female of the species...::
[19:45] <Detro> ::finally drops down next to Karas:: Y'wanna explain this?
[19:45] <Ardelmos> ::as the GREL attempts to get up from his doubled-over position, Roland brings up the pipe and, then crashing down using the open end of the weapon in a thrusting motion::
[19:45] <Mem> ::glances at the fight, seeing Roland about to deliver a coup de grace:: Shame your local purple gladiator didn't last.
[19:46] <Savant> Roland clearly has the upper hand. the Mordred staggers as it makes a hollow yelping sound, backing up and clearing distance between himself and his attacker. Blood leaves a slick pool between them, smeared with footprints
[19:46] <Thierry> ::Looks to Roland and grins widely:: Noone stays undefeated forever
[19:47] <Ardelmos> ::flicks his weapon to clear it of blood so he doesn't lose his grip::
[19:47] <Detro> ::looks almost ready to leap in and help Roland, but holds back::
[19:47] <Savant> Girl> ::Snorts:: Who the fuck cares. Let the boys have their toys. Yeah, if you wanna talk, talk, Grease.
[19:48] * Karas has quit IRC (Quit: <Berawler> Is there any sanity or light left in this shrivelled husk of a world? <SingingDancingMoose> There was, but we had to trade it in for the internet. <Berawler> That is quite possibly the best response to any question ever.)
[19:49] <Detro> ::quietly, to Knight:: How the hell have these people survived without KILLING themselves... and why did we have to wind up with them? ::he has a pained look in his face::
[19:50] <Savant> Mordred> ::He breathes hard and heavy, his free hand holding his gouged side, which still leaks blood through his fingers. He's almost gasping for breath, but he's still hard and wanting to fight
[19:50] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't let the Mordred get far as it attempts to back up, weaving and sidestepping as he comes in with his feet doing an odd sort of shuffle. When he gets close he again launches himself forward, this time to the Mordred's gouged side::
[19:51] <Savant> Mordred> ::The GREL staggers, this time just not fast enough to keep Roland away::
[19:52] <Ardelmos> ::manages to get the pipe around the Mordred's neck as he passes by, twisting as he uses his momentum to swing around to the GREL's opposite side -- he hears a satifsying wet pop as he completes his maneuver::
[19:52] <Thierry> ::Keeps one eye on the fight and sees the smash to the vateheads throat:: Nice shot
[19:53] <Mem> ::looks back at the girl:: We're interested in moving some merchandise into this area, and we could use not only your services to protect it, but also permission to store it in this area, should we find an appropriate site. ::waits for her reaction to his vague proposition::
[19:54] <Savant> Mordred> ::The GREL slumps, shuddering and suddenly gasping for air. Blood gurgles form his open mouth as he swings the club behind him, trying to swat Roland away. Roland earns a few solid bruises for his trouble, and the jagged end of the thing rips a thin line up one of his arms. But it's no use. After what seems a lifetime, the supersoldier weakens, sinking down until Roland
[19:54] <Savant> --is supporting his weight::
[19:55] <Savant> Girl> ::Sits up, puts her chin in her hand and her elbow on the table:: Real business, huh? So you *aren't* just hitting on me. Well, shit. What'cha moving in?
[19:55] <Ardelmos> ::lets one hand go off the pipe and rises, kicking the Mordred's away across the cage:: Fucking purple sack 'o shit.
[19:55] <Savant> The crowd goes nuts. More than half are violently angry, shouting and screaming as they're asked to hand over their money. A few are screaming wildly, joyously. A few fights break out amongst the crowd
[19:55] <Detro> ::sighs in relief::
[19:56] <Thierry> ::Nods to Mem as he goes to meet Roland when he leaves the cage::
[19:56] <Savant> Guard> ::lets out a burst of machine gun fire into the roof::
[19:57] <Detro> ::massages the bridge of his nose with one hand... this sort of thing had never happened in those old pulp stories he'd read::
[19:57] <Ardelmos> ::is content to stand in the cage and watch the crow as the place explodes, patiently awaiting for someone to open the door and let him out -- he eyed the 'owner' of the GREL carefully::
[19:57] <Knight> ::cant believe this fight::
[19:57] <Savant> Man> ::the man who suggested Roland fight the GREL is howling with laughter::
[19:57] <Mem> ::grins:: Not just, no. ::leans in slightly as the crowd rises up around him:: Stuff not from around here. Let's just say it's better off not going through customs, or being anywhere near the corps.
[19:58] <Savant> Girl> No shit, detective Defoe. What is it, guns, drugs, water? Tech? What you don't want the Big Man taking from you?
[19:59] <Savant> After a few moments, one of the machinegun-toting guards comes to open the cage door for Roland
[19:59] <Ardelmos> ::is let out of the cage and drops the weapon on the ground beside the man he took it from:: Sorry. Broke your pipe.
[19:59] <Detro> ::to Knight:: Better find th' Doc. He might need fixings.
[19:59] <Mem> The simple answer would be "all of the above".
[20:00] <Savant> Man> ::still laughing:: Slag, keep it!
[20:00] <Thierry> ::Steps over to Roland as he makes his way out looking him over.::
[20:00] <Savant> Girl> ::grins a big, lopsided grin:: You a Liberati?
[20:01] <Mem> ::smirks:: We share some interests.
[20:01] <Savant> Roland is pushed from behind as he steps into the crowd, and some guy is shouting into his ear about "you owe me money you bitch!"
[20:02] <Savant> Girl> ::squints at Mem, then leans forward, mouth open:: Oh, no way. No way. You're a Terranovan, aren't you?
[20:02] <Detro> ::mutters and moves up to support Roland, get him clear of the crowd::
[20:02] <Ardelmos> ::rolls with the push, bending over as he does to pick the pipe back up -- he then turns around::
[20:03] <Ardelmos> How about I pay you with this? I'll get back in the ring if you want, you stupid fuck.
[20:03] <Thierry> ::Decides to let Roland deal with his own problems::
[20:03] <Savant> Man> ::Angry:: Shit! Fucking purple was a sure thing! You cheated!
[20:03] <Detro> ::pauses behind the man threatening Roland::
[20:04] <Detro> ::in the man's ear from behind:: If you don't want to find out other ways he knows how to use that pipe to cause extreme pain, I suggest you cut your losses and move on friend...
[20:04] <Mem> ::coy:: Now, I didn't say that. ::leans in again, maybe turning the charm up just a little:: So are you the right girl to talk to about this kind of business?
[20:04] <Ardelmos> Cheated? Are you fucking blind and stupid? You come to a fucking house of gambling thinking 'sure things' exist? Fine. ::points at the cage with the pipe:: Get in.
[20:04] <Thierry> ::Steps up with Detro and Roland::
[20:06] <Savant> Man> ::Sees the three Talons step up and takes an involuntary step back. He spits out at them:: fucking cheater! ::before stalking back into the crowd::
[20:06] <Savant> Girl> ::remains with her chin in her hand, looking amused:: I could see that happen, sure, for the right price.
[20:06] <Ardelmos> Asshole. ::glances to the Talons beside him:: I don't suppose any of you were smart enough to be on me, were you?
[20:07] <Ardelmos> <<*bet>>
[20:07] <Thierry> Would of, I swear
[20:07] <Detro> ::eyes the man as he stalks off, just to make sure he's not getting friends, then turns to Roland:: With what, wishes? 'case you haven't noticed, they're using HARD currency.
[20:07] <Mem> ::nods slowly, focused on the girl now completely:: Got an idea how much?
[20:08] <Ardelmos> I was a little busy beating the shit out of a bio-engineered superweapon freak of nature, sorry.
[20:08] <Ardelmos> ::turns back to the laughing man:: Hope you're not too sore over losing your pet, by the way.
[20:09] <Savant> Girl> ::Shrugs:: Ten percent to keep us off of your yard. Provided it's small. Another ten for us to keep anyone *else* off. Any people you move in or out are engotiable based on their worth. Sounds fair?
[20:09] <Savant> Man> ::Has since collected himself:: Oh, shit, whatever, man. I'll get another. Priceless, man, *PRICELESS*!
[20:09] <Mem> Sounds fair to me. My boss will have to sign off on it, though. Can we meet up a little bit later to discuss those details?
[20:10] <Detro> ::sighs, deflating. He looks almost pleadingly at Thierry:: Tell me he's insane.
[20:10] <Thierry> ::Grins:: Probably is, but a good insane
[20:10] <Savant> Girl> ::grins:: Don't sign your own cheques yet? That's adorable.
[20:11] <Mem> ::smirks:: You're good. So if I come back later, how can I get a hold of you directly?
[20:11] <Savant> Girl> Ask for Sandrine. Once they're done beating the shit out of you for asking about me, they'll come get me.
[20:11] <Detro> Good? ::snort:: Just make sure he didn't bump his head and make himself any crazier. ::backs off from the others::
[20:12] <Ardelmos> ::nods to the man:: Good. Glad you enjoyed. ::starts making his way through the crowd towards Mem::
[20:12] <Mem> Think you or your boys made any money off that fight just now?
[20:13] <Savant> Sandrine> :Snorts:: -
[20:13] <Savant> Sandrine> ::Snorts:: You probably cost the boys a pretty pound.
[20:13] <Thierry> ::Follows Roland grinning all the way::
[20:14] <Ardelmos> ::from an aisle:: Hey! Cueball! Done waving your dick around yet?
[20:14] <Mem> Shame. Seems like the whole planet is betting on the wrong guys these days. ::glances up at Roland:: Feel better?
[20:14] <Detro> ::shakes his head in amazement again... what part of 'not being noticed'... he sighed. Shrugged it off, as he noticed the others regrouping, which meant it was time for him to turn into their shadow again and watch their backs::
[20:15] <Knight> ::knows what Detro is thinking::
[20:15] <Savant> Sandrine> ::Glances back at the cage, where the Modred's body is still laying, inert:: Fucker's like two hundred kilos. It's a smart bet. And you gona *start* waving your dick around yet?
[20:15] <Thierry> ::Decides to hang with Detro since Roland seemed to be off taking care of Mem::
[20:17] <Mem> There's plenty of time for that yet. ::stands upright and nods to Sandrine, smiling slightly:: Pleasure meeting you, "Sandrine". I hope we can finalize something a little later. ::smirks at the innuendo he didn't original intend, waiting to see if there was anything else for her to say::
[20:18] <Thierry> I wonder if Mem is going to try and negotiate a bit more
[20:18] <Savant> Sandrine> ::smirks:: I look forward to "finalizing" your "contract".
[20:18] <Detro> ::starts making his way to higher ground to cover their exit::
[20:18] <Mem> ::nods, smirking, then turns away--his grin fades and he joins Roland, walking away from the table finally:: She's all yours.
[20:19] <Savant> The fight over, the crowds resume their chaotic pell-mell mingling. It's noisy, but at least there aren't any fights.
[20:19] <Thierry> GREL and Girls...interesting place
[20:19] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:19] <Savant> that works Wink questions?
[20:19] <Detro> ::snort:: I'll be sure to tell all our friends about it.
[20:20] <Savant> nudge that up. There you go.
[20:20] <Thierry> What, nooooo!
[20:20] <Savant> I'll ask Jester if he wants Tynes to agree to the deal given. If so, the next game will be back on the surface, I imagine. You guys need to set some goals.
[20:20] <Mem> I should've made that clearer. Mem turned away from the girl annoyed, and told Roland he could have her. Wink Then you get the credits down at the bottom briefly as Mem and Roland head offscreen.
[20:20] <Ardelmos> Hee
[20:20] <Mem> hehe
[20:21] <Savant> heh heh
[20:21] <Savant> so, no questions? What are your goals for the next few games?
[20:21] <Mem> Get our gear.
[20:21] <Mem> Then start doing some serious infiltrating
[20:21] <Mem> Sheesh, innuendo everywhere
[20:21] <Thierry> Blow something clearly CEF up
[20:21] <Savant> you'll have about a two week lag before you get your gear, all things being equal
[20:22] <Thierry> Knock some sense into Roland
[20:22] <Mem> Assuming a deal is finalized
[20:22] <Savant> Mem makes everything innuendo
[20:22] <Detro> Need hard currency.
[20:22] <Savant> you can get your eleectronic money change dinto bills if you want
[20:22] <Savant> changed into, even
[20:22] <Ardelmos> What do you mean, 'sense'? You think anybody's going to fuck with us, now? Wink
[20:22] <Mem> at the atiem
[20:22] <Detro> Roland: Yes.
[20:23] <Ardelmos> Well, that'd be opposite what my 7 on my Streetwise roll said. Wink
[20:23] <Savant> okay. These are all good goals. I suggest you talk about hardening them into plans on the forums.
[20:23] <Savant> now, who wants experience points?
[20:23] <Detro> ::shrugs:: You may have just prevented a druggie from getting his fix because he's broke. Wink
[20:23] <Mem> Once we get our gear, we can go into our traditional special ops mode. Mem can be hacking things up, which we can do mid-week, and that can lead us to our first targets.
[20:24] <Savant> sound good to me
[20:24] <Savant> no one wants experience points? huh. that's a first Wink
[20:24] <Thierry> Well, guess Thierry will continue his thumb twiddling
[20:24] <Ardelmos> XPeeeeeeee
[20:24] <Detro> meh
[20:24] <Mem> Go save the mordred. Wink
[20:24] <Mem> It's only a flesh wound
[20:24] <Detro> Save the Mordred, Save the World
[20:25] <Savant> Thierry. God damn it. I had something around four NPC's in the wings, waiting for someone to talk to them. The guards, the bartenders, the guy who owned the GREL, and several random people around the place. All planned out
[20:25] <Thierry>
[20:25] <Savant> Don't bitch if you don't actually go out and get your roleplaying.
[20:25] <Thierry> And I was trying dammit
[20:25] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show! Tell me about teamwork. That's three.
[20:25] <Thierry> But that's not what I was talking about
[20:25] <Detro> Uh, nope
[20:26] <Detro> On teamwork that is.
[20:26] <Thierry> Yeah, didn't see much teamwork myself
[20:27] <Savant> no teamwork today? I can buy that.
[20:27] <Ardelmos> Roland worked the crowd while Mem worked the Templars. Wink
[20:27] <Savant> So, storyline. Tell me a bit about how you explored the storyline
[20:27] <Detro> Axes rock.
[20:27] <Detro> Clubs suck.
[20:27] <Thierry> Well, we learned the local toughs aren't fans of the keffs either
[20:28] <Detro> Wrong. We learned they're willing to take our business until a better offer from the CEF comes along.
[20:28] <Detro> Remember, they're working on in-roads with the mafia on TN after all.
[20:28] <Thierry> And we're doing the same on Caprice, all fair I think Smile
[20:29] <Mem> sounds like the authority structure is a bit fubar for the Templars. a teenage girl is running shit? locally, at least.
[20:29] <Thierry> Or at least she's the front man
[20:29] <Thierry> woman
[20:30] <Mem> she was also aware of Terranovans, Liberati, and seemed unconcerned with the politics as long as there was a price to set for their services.
[20:30] <Savant> good points, Mem. All true.
[20:30] <Mem> but I would like to find out more about her, what her actual political ideas are.
[20:30] <Thierry> Can do that in the sack Smile
[20:30] <Ardelmos> "political ideas"
[20:31] <Savant> go chat her up again, Grease Wink
[20:31] <Mem> Who does she support in the fight?
[20:31] * Kt has left #BT05
[20:31] <Mem> etc
[20:31] <Mem> Maybe if we fight on the right side of the Templar political outlook, we get some other benefits.
[20:31] <Savant> psychology rolls would be appropriate here
[20:32] <Detro> From who?
[20:33] <Savant> whoever has interacted with Sandrine to any extent
[20:33] <Detro> I mean, Detro's not sleeping with her.
[20:33] <Ardelmos> That'd be just Mem
[20:33] <Mem> Psychology, eh?
[20:33] <Thierry> MAybe Thierry, but he doesn't have it
[20:33] <Knight> lol
[20:34] <Mem> Mem doesn't have it either. Trying to think if he'd have a reason to have it.
[20:34] <Detro> Just roll it at default.
[20:34] <Mem> I can throw an ED into it, easy enough.
[20:35] <Savant> psychology/per cpx 1
[20:36] <Savant> that's three, anyways. four, because it was a dangerous game tonight.
[20:36] <Savant> it'll be five if you can tell me what you like or don't like about alpha level
[20:37] <Mem> Aside from the Mad Max stuff...
[20:37] <Mem> Wink
[20:37] <Detro> I like it altogether.
[20:37] <Ardelmos> I like the fact we don't have to worry (much) about being pinched by the CEF.
[20:37] <Thierry> They chained that poor GREL up in the cage and poked it with cattle prods. Barbarians!
[20:37] <Detro> I like the ambience.
[20:38] <Mem> I like it. It's gritty, hardcore.
[20:38] <Mem> Maybe a bit cliche for an underground culture, but I think it works.
[20:38] <Savant> and then they let some sociopath kill it by beating it to death with a pipe and then breaking its windpipe Wink
[20:38] <Mem> Also reminiscent of Total Recall
[20:38] <Detro> I like melee weapon mecha combat
[20:38] <Detro> AXE SMASH!
[20:38] <Thierry> True, but he's our sociopath Very Happy
[20:39] <Savant> yeah, mecha with swords is cool
[20:39] <Savant> anything else?
[20:39] <Savant> and yeah,a bit cliche. But I had to do this somewhere. and this is still very much Gomorrah. Just a lot rougher Wink
[20:40] <Savant> there are bars up in high class Gomorrah with grudge rings like this one, too.
[20:40] <Detro> ::Shrugs:: I can't pin down anything specific.
[20:40] <Mem> Seems to me seeds could be planted down in alpha for revolt, just another finger in the hand of liberation that will eventually come Wink
[20:40] <Mem> *on
[20:40] <Ardelmos> It'll be an uprising in Metropolis fashion.
[20:40] <Savant> word
[20:40] <Detro> Superman?
[20:40] <Savant> biker gangs FTW
[20:41] <Savant> these guys can apparently get guns, too.
[20:41] <Thierry> nice ones too
[20:41] <Ardelmos> Guns are good.
[20:41] <Detro> "We need guns. Lots of guns."
[20:41] <Savant> that's five points. Well done, guys.
[20:42] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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