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Game Transcripts for "Ghul Circuit"

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:04 am    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "Ghul Circuit" Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Ghul Circuit in Session'
[18:00] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[18:00] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:00] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:00] <Thierry> :ATTN::
[18:00] <Savant> Good evening and welcome yet again to a very special episode of The Black Talons
[18:00] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:00] <Savant> Tonight is going to be... a little different.
[18:01] <Detro> And now for something completely different! ::Explodes::
[18:01] <Savant> If you look at your calendar you may notice that Hallowe'en is coming up rather soon. I hope you're all ready for it. I am, and so is BT05.
[18:01] <Karas> ::attn::
[18:02] <Savant> Jester has two traditions in his game that I quite like: A special game for Hallowe'en and another for April Fools' Day. I missed April Fools, so I'm going to mix the two together for this particular storyline.
[18:02] <Knight> aattttnnnn
[18:02] <Detro> So... Rock'em, Sock'em Zombies?
[18:02] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[18:03] <Savant> Pleasse treat this game and the next cinematically. Yes, you may end up with a bullet in your head. Yes, there will be consequences to your actions. Not what you think though.
[18:03] <Ardelmos> So...normally? Wink
[18:03] <Craig> chainsaws and boomsticks? groovy;)
[18:03] <Karas> Karas gets a big gun right? No cricket paddle for Karas.
[18:03] <Savant> The more cinematically appropriate you behave, the better it will come off. Probably Wink So have fun, shoot things in the head if the situation calls for it, and don't worry about losing your character.
[18:04] <Savant> Thierry?
[18:04] <Karas> is dead now.
[18:04] <Karas> April Fools!
[18:04] <Savant> maybe Wink
[18:04] <Thierry> Why do you think killing my character would make a good birthday present?
[18:05] <Savant> oh, jeez. I'm not gunning for you any more than I'm gunning for anyone at all. I just said, have some fun and relax.
[18:06] * Thierry was trying to make a joke actually
[18:06] <Savant> well in that case, happy birthday, and I'll make sure your present is extra good Wink
[18:06] <Karas> ::laughs on the inside...really::
[18:06] <Savant> I'll brief you, then questions.
[18:07] <Karas> You get 1 extra hitpoint.
[18:07] <Savant> Ghul Circuit
[18:07] <Savant> 25 Winter 1945 TN, 0400h - Late Night / Early Morning
[18:07] <Savant> Beta Level, BFT Heights, Gomorrah
[18:07] <Savant> 36 degrees Celcius, 08% humidity, 970 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:07] <Savant> Beta Level is the level of *real* Gomorrah. The level where millions play out their lives, a strata of life and death and struggle framed betwen opulence above and despair below - a purgatory between heaven and hell. Most of the population makes their home here.
[18:07] <Savant> Here too is found the bulk of Caprician commerce - the tangled jungle of competition that sharpens the predators of the baordroom into the vicious creatures they are. Neon light fills the streets, walls made of buildings buttressed by steel gantries and enclosed under a vaulting ceiling of walkways and roads and higher life.
[18:07] <Savant> Heaven above and Hell below. These people are trapped between the anvil of failiure and the crushing hammer of success. They are desparate. Passionate. Angry. Just the tool a clever insurgent could use to tip the tides in an interstellar war.
[18:07] <Savant> They are also just the tool a tyrant could use to crush his foes and cement his rule...
[18:07] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:07] <Gabriel> ack
[18:07] <Detro> ack
[18:07] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:07] <Thierry> ack
[18:07] <Knight> ack
[18:07] <Karas> ack
[18:07] <Savant> questions?
[18:08] <Craig> ack
[18:08] <Savant> say "nay" if you have no questions.
[18:08] <Karas> nyet
[18:08] <Gabriel> nay
[18:08] <Detro> ayayayayayayayayayayanay.
[18:08] <Thierry> nope
[18:08] <Savant> in whatever language you like, i guess Wink points if it's Interlingua or Siberian
[18:09] <Savant> let's rock the house then.
[18:09] <Thierry> Howabout legalese Very Happy
[18:09] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:09] <Karas> I hate that language...I have to pay someone to read it
[18:09] <Savant> You find yourselves in a busy street, suspended between rows of buildings. The road parts around buildings and joins together again like a stream of metal, cluttered with crowds and illuminated from all sides in neon yellow and orange light. Hovercraft flit about the airway above your heads as cars fight for precious roadway. Gomorrah! The World City!
[18:10] * Detro cannot enjoy the view as he is presently attempting to pass a mountain of phlegm through his mouth from his lungs
[18:11] <Gabriel> ::walks along, taking note of the passers-by, and mostly just taking in the scenery::
[18:11] <Savant> Home is relatively far away through the gridlock, but the transit station is just ahead. The Tachyon Station is a smaller branch station serving the B-MF-BFT district, and should get you to where you're going with a minimum of fuss. While it seems dreadfully crowded, there seems greater odds in getting back home quickly there than trying to get a cab.
[18:11] * Detro raises the gas mask just enough so he can spit the ungodly gunk out in a trash bin
[18:12] <Mem> We're gonna buy our own vehicle at some point, yeah?
[18:12] <Thierry> ::Is trtying his best to look calm but isn't doing a good job of it. his eyese are fluttering about nervously::
[18:13] <Ardelmos> So long as we can keep it under the radar, sure. Several plates, at least.
[18:13] <Karas> ::Strolls through like he lives here...cause he does::
[18:13] <Craig> ::walks along looking at the traffic before glancing at mem:: even if we owned a car it's probably be better to take the train
[18:13] <Karas> It would be
[18:13] <Karas> Traffic gets kinda congested.
[18:14] <Mem> ::looks at Karas:: We should see about redeeming that coupon.
[18:14] <Knight> It looks crazy'
[18:14] <Ardelmos> How do the CEF avoid it, then? They ever get bogged down in traffic?
[18:14] <Detro> ::coughs:: If you had that big cannon strapped to your vehicle, would you EVER get bogged down?
[18:14] <Gabriel> Floaters of some kind, most likely. You forget the drop ships we faced out in the Highlands.
[18:15] <Ardelmos> In the trench? ::hmphs:: Helluva set of pilots. And easy to take a missile up the pipes from a building just below you.
[18:15] <Savant> The entrance to the train station is a broad open arch - no doors, just a fifteen-meter-wide portal with the text above "Hakkar Corp" and below it "Getting You Places"
[18:15] <Thierry> ::Looks to Mem:: I'm not going to trust a marketing drone with my vehicle selection
[18:15] <Karas> the Keffs have their own "areas" in the trench.
[18:16] <Gabriel> They can avoid the trench entirely if they want. Great circle route, or thereabouts.
[18:16] <Thierry> ::Looks to Karas:: What the hell are those things anyway, or at least whats their proper name
[18:17] <Detro> ::glances at the text:: And just think, some advertising executive got paid millions of pounds to write that dren.
[18:17] <Savant> Inside, it's all grey and silver and steel, bright and modern. Or was, at least. Constant human habitation and use has stained the walls yellow-green and tarnished the metal to a blackened hue. People move in a herd towards the turnstiles and the trains ahead.
[18:17] <Mem> Yeah, but they don't avoid it entirely. ::walks along, apparently not really interested in this level anymore, wanting to see the top::
[18:17] <Gabriel> ::passes under the arch, near the front of the group::
[18:19] <Savant> A patrol of heavy-set, armoured GREL are screening people going through the turnstiles of the boarding ramp, commanded by a black-jacketed CEF official who has a scar over his strong-jawed teutonic face. He assesses the Capricians and his viewscreen with equal hatred, which practically drips from him.
[18:19] <Ardelmos> ::isn't paying as much attention to the building as he is to the people flocking around inside of it -- he hated crowds, the sightlines got all crowded and it was easy for someone to start shooting without warning and without being seen:
[18:19] <Knight> ::hates GRELS::
[18:19] <Savant> "This one!" He shouts from time to time in heavily accented Anglic, and with a flick of his baton the offending civillian is dragged of, struggling against the Mordred as he's forced into a waiting hovercar. He smirks a cynical lopsided smirk, making the white scar crinkle against his lip. The camera pans in, showing the Talons outside of his view, in the background with the crowd.
[18:19] <Detro> ::has been feeling on edge since the near-chaos with Roland and Mem, and the crowd doesn't help. Place like this, it'd be far too easy to wind up finding tro...::
[18:19] <Gabriel> ::checks the officer or the GREL for insignia or markings indicating their unit::
[18:20] <Detro> :::...uble... whoever this guy is, and whatever they're screening for, Detro doesn't like the looks of it::
[18:21] <Thierry> ::Stops looking about nervously when he sees the GREL
[18:21] <Detro> ::glances at the CEF officer, then at the GREL::
[18:22] <Savant> The "camera focuses in on Gabriels' face as his eyes narrow. A brief cut shows the shoulder of one of the GREL, through the bustling crowds. It's got a yellow diamond on it with the black roman numeral VIII emblazzoned on it.
[18:22] <Craig> ::continues along occasionally glancing in the direction of the the capricians that get hauled away::
[18:23] <Ardelmos> ::does what he can to control his scowl as they approach the patrol of GREL and the CEF...officer, still looking around amongst the rest of the crowd for plants::
[18:23] <Karas> ::Has a lot of trouble disguising his hate as he stares at the Keff official. Karas' fingers actually twitch a bit::
[18:23] <Mem> ::glances at the commotion, hands in his pockets, wondering what was going on::
[18:24] <Detro> ::eyes rolling off the people, he looks glances at the equipment they're scanning with, trying ot discern its purpose from afar::
[18:24] <Savant> At the same time, the Camera shows Detro squinting at the cluster of CEF troops. Detro in specific spots the spread-winged eagle at the throat of the officer.
[18:25] <Gabriel> ::once identifying the keffs as not CID, ignores them as pretty much any other Caprician would do::
[18:25] <Detro> ::growls lowly:: Wellll, looks like we've got ourselves some genuine Cee Eye Dee here...
[18:25] <Gabriel> Oh? ::glances in the direction Detro is looking while trying not to be obvious about it::
[18:26] <Detro> We aren't the only "birds" in town. ::referring to the eagle::
[18:26] <Karas> ::Karas fingers start to move towards his gun as he watches the GREL drag another citizen away...::
[18:26] <Knight> ::keeps an eye on the grels without making it obvious::
[18:26] <Ardelmos> ::mutters:: Greeeaaaaaat...
[18:26] <Gabriel> Well, keep your distance, but don't try to look like you're keeping your distance.
[18:27] <Gabriel> ::walks casually::
[18:27] <Savant> Now that it's pointed out, the camera skips fromt he Talons entirely and shows the brown-haired official fully as he's directing another civillian into the car. His uniform is black leather, black gloves, black military cap, with silver badges and a few blood red and blue emblems. CID dress uniform.
[18:27] <Thierry> YEah, like I'd want to walk right up to them ::Follows Gabe equally casually::
[18:28] <Craig> ::doesn't look, just keeps walking:: charming
[18:28] <Detro> ::moves towards the forward left flank of the group to distance himself a bit and act separate::
[18:30] <Savant> The Talons begin to file through the turnstiles, looking away just as everyone else does, all under the scrutiny of the CID and his bruisers.
[18:31] <Karas> ::Karas moves to the outside of the group, closer to where the official has his back turned. His hand is in his pocket where he hides his gun::
[18:32] <Ardelmos> ::lets the bar on the turnstile swing over as he walks through it and into the track area central, half-satisfied/half-disappointed that the CID didn't make a ruckus over them::
[18:32] <Detro> ::passes through::
[18:32] <Thierry> ::Heasds throguh the turnstyle::
[18:32] <Savant> As Karas gets closer, a small blip on the officers' screen lights up, making a BEEP-BEEP-BEEP sound. He looks up, and back at Karas. Their eyes meet.
[18:32] <Mem> ::goes through the checkpoint, not worrying about anyone else overtly until well through the area::
[18:33] <Craig> ::files through, not making any eye contact, just like most of the other capricians going through::
[18:33] <Savant> Officer> You there! Surrender the weapon!
[18:33] <Karas> ::Karas pulls his gun out and points it at the CID officials head...and pulls the trigger::
[18:33] <Ardelmos> ::snaps his head over his shoulder as he hears the shot, his hand immediately darting inside his jacket for his own weapon::
[18:34] <Gabriel> Gun! ::does the sensible thing and runs away from the man with the weapon::
[18:34] <Knight> ::makes it through the stile just as Karas is noticed::
[18:34] <Thierry> ::Reacts to the shot by doing what most of the other civilians were going to be doing any second now, moving as far away from KAras as possible
[18:34] <Ardelmos> ::rolls right out of the crush of the turnstile line, over towards the edge of the entrance to the track area::
[18:34] <Craig> ::dives to the floor when he hears gabriel::
[18:35] <Detro> ::drops to the ground::
[18:35] <Mem> ::ducks a bit hearing the call and the shot, then begins running away from the area, wondering, literally, "What the fuck is going on?"::
[18:35] <Knight> ::mimicks the panic of the crowd and goes with them::
[18:35] <Detro> ::covers head with hands but keeps his eyes up, following the GREL in his line of sight::
[18:36] <Savant> The shot is over in the briefest second. Karas' bullet blasts through the officers' chest as his Mordred start raising their rifles - the CID man goes spinning in a fountain of blood. But it doesn't stop there. The heavy shell rips right thorugh him and blasts into the man right in front of Knight, slamming him against the wall with a spatter of red.
[18:37] <Craig> ::looks up and realizes it was karas with the gun and curses, what the hell was the man doing? craig wasn't about the do anything about it though, he had no weapon on him whatever good it would do in a crowd like this::
[18:37] <Knight> ::flinches at the near hit::
[18:40] <Gabriel> ::finds some cover and yells:: Get down! Get down! He's got a gun!
[18:41] <Craig> ::crawls his way over to gabriel's cover::has he gone bonkers?
[18:42] <Savant> The crowd is just beginning to lift their heads and look over at the scene. Some of the more clever Capricians have started to scream and run, but the crowd is made of molasses.
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::shakes his head, not knowing what's got into the corpserf::
[18:42] <Ardelmos> ::throws himself up against the wall on the other side of the turnstiles, peeking around the corner and back into the station proper, wondering who the hell is firing at what and whether he needs to let loose on the remaining GREL to buy the group time to get away -- he doubted they were going to be able to make it out by train, now::
[18:42] <Thierry> ::Does as Gabe suggested and dives behind the nearest pillar trying to keep it between him and the now obviously insane Karas::
[18:42] <Detro> ::decides a moving target is more likely to get hit now, and so stays put where he is::
[18:43] <Karas> ::Karas repockets the pistol as he turns and runs into the fleeing crowd. Trying to hide in the mass hysteria::
[18:43] <Knight> ::tries moving towards the nearest structure to put between him and the gunfight::
[18:43] <Karas> ::He knows that the more bodies between him and the GRELs the better::
[18:44] <Savant> The man now slumped on the floor gurgles beside Knight, his arm reaching out pitifully, coated and slick with red and pink
[18:45] <Detro> ::continues to observe the carnage and fallout from where he is on the floor::
[18:45] <Detro> ::is suddenly aware his phone is ringing::
[18:46] <Savant> The GREL, meanwhile, have lost their leader and seem confused for the briefest moment. At least, until their unnatural aggression and training kick in. They roar and bring their rifles up, pointing in the general direction that Karas had disappeared to.
[18:46] <Ardelmos> Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck.
[18:46] <Detro> ::fumbles a bit in fishing it out, and puts it to his ear, shouting to be heard over the carnage:: HEL
[18:46] <Detro> LO?
[18:46] <Knight> ::Knight begins to move away and stops, grabs the wounded man in a firemans carry and moves him to cover::
[18:47] * Kt has left #bt05
[18:47] * Kt has joined #BT05
[18:47] <Craig> ::pokes his head up a bit then drops back when he sees the grel wielding the rifles::this is not good
[18:48] <Mem> ::continues a bit with the crowd, glancing back to see what was about to happen, from a distance::
[18:48] <Detro> ::listens to the person on the other end of the phone, finger in the other ear:: WHAT?
[18:48] <Gabriel> Oh, that can't be good! ::screams at the crowd:: Run! Run! Get out of their line of fire!
[18:48] <Savant> Knight scoops up the weakly flailing man, picking him up and over his shoulder. The warm wet of the man's blood soon soaks through Knights' shirt...
[18:48] <Savant> ((hm, wrong one Wink ))
[18:49] <Savant> Gabriel's warning comes a millisecond too late. The GREL open fire at full auto, and it's as if these guns don't need ammunition at all - they spray a steady stream of heavy caliber bullets. NOW the screaming and the dying starts in earnest.
[18:50] <Gabriel> Damn it! ::swings around what he's using as cover, looking for a place where he can flank one of the GREL::
[18:50] <Detro> ::into the phone:: WHAT?
[18:50] <Detro> ::blinks unbelievingly, then scream back into the phone:: NO I DON'T WANT TO BUY FIREARMS DAMAGE INSURANCE FOR THIS PHONE!
[18:51] <Savant> Bullets zip through the air, slapping into cement and through people and out into the city at large. The crowd falls like a human wave. Karas feels something white-hot stab through his calf.
[18:51] <Mem> Holy shit. ::turns and runs now, even though the spray of fire seemed to be in a different direction::
[18:51] <Savant> Zing! A bullet slaps into Detro's phone, jaring his hand and sending the device flying in splinters
[18:52] <Mem> ::looks for some cover deeper into the station, towards the BFT link::
[18:52] <Detro> ::blinks, looks at his now empty hand::
[18:52] <Thierry> ::Sees that Knight has the CID and takes off in a weaving sprint to try and help him like a good little caprician should::
[18:52] <Detro> ::looks up and turns his gaze in a rather pissed off manner at the nearest GREL who was most likely responsible for the shot:: Son of a mother...
[18:53] <Craig> ::sees gabriel dart off:: oh crap, i'm probably going to regret this later... ::darts off after him::
[18:54] <Thierry> <<Replace above with>> ::Dashes off towards the nearest downed bystader to pull him/her to cover::
[18:54] <Knight> ::as he gets towards cover, looks around and sees if he can spot Doc::
[18:54] <Savant> Man> ::He shudders limply on Knight's shoulder, trying to speak:: fff...ffhhhh....
[18:55] <Karas> ::Karas lets out a cry of pain but continues on...keeping with the bulk of the crowd as he looks for an escape route::
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::makes a "kill him! kill him!" gesture toward Roland::
[18:55] <Detro> ::then glances about for ANYTHING that could be a useful weapon::
[18:55] <Knight> ::to the man:: Don't talk, I've got you.
[18:55] <Savant> One of the GREL falls to the ground hard, his body jerking. The other four start and realize that they're surrounded.. They turn their backs to each other, still firing in bursts.
[18:56] <Ardelmos> ::leans out around the corner and, with his gun still underneath his coat, fires -- there is a puff of smoke from underneath his jacket, and a slight piece of leather goes bouncing off the wall -- he repeats the motion::
[18:56] <Gabriel> ::notes the location of the fallen machine gun and gets ready for a sprint::
[18:57] <Mem> ::stops a good ways away from the scene, crouching behind a trash bin, thinking to himself as he heard more pistol fire what the protocol was now--he looked for Tynes in the crowd for a moment::
[18:57] <Karas> ::Karas ducks into a building. He ties off the wound with a bandage...pulling up a map on his datarig he heads towards Baldricks::
[18:57] <Ardelmos> ::spins off the wall and vaults over the turnstiles, sprinting as well he can back through the crowd and towards the fallen CID officer::
[18:57] <Savant> Another GREL dies as a fountain of blood gouts from his throat. He collapses, shudddering and twisting, and still firing.
[18:57] <Craig> ::whispers to grabriel:: if you can grab me one....
[18:58] <Detro> ::spotting the one falling, tries to snake along the floor to that GREL without getting shot.... and to stop the gun from emptying its clip further into the crowd. Never mind that he has plans for those bulletsh.::
[18:58] <Thierry> ::Starts bravely trying to pull the wounded to cover::
[18:59] <Savant> Thierry's got a shuddering, twitching woman in behind the cover of a turnstile. She clutches his arm weakly. Dark blood slowly stretches out along her torn chest.
[19:00] <Detro> ::snake... snake... snake::
[19:00] <Gabriel> ::sees an opening and makes a break for one of the machine guns::
[19:01] <Karas> ::Karas stumbles through an alley, but as he goes...he feels a pane of regret. He heads back towards the fight.::
[19:01] <Thierry> ::Starts doing his best to patch up the wounded woman:: I got you, I'm a doctor. ::Starts checking for a pulse::
[19:01] <Detro> ::rolls to one side as a line of bullets stitch their way into the space he just vacated... it puts him against the turnstyles, moving up parallel with the fallen GREL::
[19:02] <Ardelmos> ::bounds over huddled bodies and vaults over benches as he makes his way towards the fallen CID officer....and the second pistol::
[19:02] <Gabriel> ::scoops up one of the assault rifles, then slides-skids toward cover on the opposite end of the entry platform::
[19:02] <Mem> ::looks around to see if anymore GREL are en route::
[19:03] <Detro> ::finally manages to reach over and snag the assault, wrestling it from the meaty, dead palm and stopping the spray of bullets::
[19:03] <Thierry> ::Feels the life leave the woman as a sullen look appears on his face:: Damn! ::Starts looking for any other wounded to pull to safety::
[19:03] <Detro> ::quickly duck-dashes back to cover, using the turnstiles to cover his dash::
[19:03] <Gabriel> ::grabs one of the pistols too, while he's at it::
[19:04] <Karas> ::Karas emerges from the alley his gun is in his hand and makes a be line for the remaining GREL::
[19:04] <Ardelmos> ::throws himself into a baseball slide as he skids past the CID officer, reaching over with his empty hand to grab the officer's pistol, flick the safety off, and chamber the first round by clipping the sights to his belt and snapping his hand downwards along his leg in one smooth motion -- his slide comes to a stop behind a pillar, and he backs up against it::
[19:05] <Karas> ::Karas brings his pistol to bare on one of the GREL and takes aim::
[19:05] <Savant> Theirry feels her grip tighten on his arm, vise like as she shudders in death-throes. At the same time Knight can hear the man on his shoulder wheezing, but he's gotten the man to safety now.
[19:05] <Detro> ::getting back to cover, coughs a bit, then recovers:: Gonna shoot my phone, I'm gonna take your gun. Cause... and effect... ::coughs again::
[19:06] <Knight> ::set the man down, in cover and make him comfortable as possible:: +shout+ I need a doctor!
[19:06] <Savant> Zip! Zip! Zip! Bullets fly as the GREL consider anyone moving to be a threat. Roland feels something hot rip through his bicep, shredding his jacket as the bullet skims by him.
[19:06] <Karas> ::Karas sights down the barrel of his massive pistol sighting the leading GRELs head::
[19:07] <Detro> ::clak-claks the weapon to make sure it's ready to fire once it's cooled down just a bit::
[19:07] <Knight> ::wonders what the hell has gone wrong... all we had to was WALK by them::
[19:07] <Thierry> ::Looks up as he hears Knight and after looking around in front of him decides Knight's guy has the best chance of living and thus takes off in a crouched run in his direction::
[19:07] <Ardelmos> ::brings both hands up, one hand the machine pistol, the other the CID officer's sidearm and glances at his torn jacket and sliced armor beneath it:: ...that was too close.
[19:07] <Savant> The man doesn't let go of his tight grip hung around Knights' throat as the Talon lets him down. Only once he's done so, and is laying hte man down, does he see his terrible injury. Half of the man's skull is blown clean off, pink fleshy matter staining half of his face and pooling beneath him
[19:08] <Gabriel> ::passes the assault rifle to Craig, keeping the pistol for himself::
[19:08] <Craig> ::accepts the rifle and takes a couple glances to see if he has a shot at anything::
[19:08] <Savant> Thierry tries to take off, but he finds he can't. That woman still has his arm in a tight grip, keeping him there.
[19:08] <Ardelmos> ::stands there for a minute listening to the stacatto bursts of gunfire and placing the GREL's natural positions for this sort of area and firefight in his head, and waits for a moment for the spray of bullets to move a foot or two away from his pillar::
[19:09] <Knight> +voice+You're going to be ok buddy, gonna find a doc to patch you right up.
[19:09] <Thierry> ::Sighs as he pries the womans figners from his arm whispering:: Prophet guide her ::Looks around for someone he might be able to save
[19:10] <Savant> Man> ::groans and bares his blood-stained teeth briefly.::
[19:10] <Karas> ::Karas' finger tightens on the trigger the retort of his hand cannon echos in the close confines of the station and can even be heard over the rapid fire bursts of the GREL assualt rifles.::
[19:11] <Savant> BOOM! Another shot from Karas. A GREL actually stands up, making ready to run to new cover, and runs right into the shot. It sends him flying back, twitching as the last nerves fired.
[19:11] <Craig> ::pokes out from cover long enough to draw a bead on one of the grel and pulling the trigger::
[19:12] <Thierry> ::Does a fast triage and dives for a man that looks saveable and starts pulling him to cover::
[19:12] <Savant> Craig's shot slams into his aprtner, catching him in the ribs. he keeps firing a few moments longer as raking coughs overtake him... after a moent he's curled up on the ground, shaking as he bleeds out onto the ground. One left.
[19:12] <Gabriel> Second verse, same as the first! ::makes a roll forward gesture with his free hand toward Craig::
[19:12] <Ardelmos> ::spins out from behind the pillar, landing sideways relative to the GREL -- in a smooth, fast movement he leans towards sideways towards the GREL and arcs both arms over his head, now horizontal -- then both his weapons belch fire::
[19:12] <Karas> ::Karas, lines up on another GREL, anger welling up in him, he stands without cover taking aaim at the next GREL.::
[19:13] <Craig> ::turns slightly and pumps another shot at the remaining grel::
[19:13] <Mem> ::clenches his teeth as he hears more shots ring out, figuring now his team had returned fire--in the chaos, he tried to watch the exit, ready to make a break for it if needed--someone from the team would need to get out alive::
[19:13] <Savant> At the same time, Knight sees his patient groan, and a sharp, brief electrical shock flies out form the bakc of his head, sparking as it contacted with the fragments of his skull. The man immediately changes his grip form around Knights' shoulders to a choking grip aorund his neck.
[19:15] <Savant> One more shot from Craig and the last GREL stumbles forward. The look on his face is one of shock, as if unconvinced that he *could* be killed, before he trips onto his face and expires.
[19:15] <Detro> ::whips around the column, ready to fire... and finds no GREL to shoot at... he looks imminently frustrated:: Dammit, you couldn't have at least left ONE for me? ::stomps over to the fallen GREL and polices two of them for spare clips and a pistol::
[19:15] <Gabriel> ::comes out of cover, holding his pistol in a two-handed grip at the ready:: Let's get out of here. ::points toward the trains::
[19:15] <Ardelmos> ::rushes forward towas the middle of the room and comes to a stop amidst the fallen GREL, making sure they're all dead before looking up at the scene::
[19:15] <Karas> ::Karas stumbles towards the fallen GRELs, reloading his pistol as he goes. Glancing over he notices Knight struggling with...a dead man? Karas moves to help::
[19:16] <Savant> Thierry finds a shaking man who's desperately trying to keep the blood inside of his abdomen with a compress made of his own jacket.
[19:16] <Knight> ::tries to break free from the grp::
[19:16] <Ardelmos> ::blandly:: Well this isn't going to play well in the media...
[19:16] <Detro> ::tucks the pistol into his waistband, clips into his pocket::
[19:17] <Craig> ::turns back under cover expelling the clip from the rifle, smiling as those were the last 2 bullets left when gabriel handed him the gun:: i'm out of ammo
[19:17] <Detro> ::reaches down and grabs two clips, tossing them to Craig::
[19:17] <Savant> The man keeps his choke-hold on Knight. Within seconds he can't breathe.
[19:17] <Gabriel> ::points Craig at the fallen GREL::
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::scoops up a second pistol and a couple of spare clips for himself, more as an afterthought than anything else::
[19:18] <Thierry> ::Pulls the man gingerly to safety and then starts trying to improve the compress by using a bandage from the first aid pack at his hip:: Hold on sir, I'm a doctor, I can help.
[19:18] <Ardelmos> ::quickly slides back over to the CID officer and starts checking him for intelligence, patting down his form after sticking his machine pistol back into his jacket and the CID officer's sidearm into the back of his waistband::
[19:18] <Karas> ::Karas takes aim at the side making sure he isn't going to hit Knight and opens up with the pistol, squeezing off a few rounds at the corpse::
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::repeats:: Let's get out of here!
[19:18] <Mem> ::hears the gunfire stop finally and peers over the trash bin::
[19:18] <Savant> Around the dead GREL is a sea of suffering. Dozens, perhaps over a hundred people are wounded or dead. Maybe more. The sounds of wailing and crying fill the air.
[19:18] <Mem> ::hears this and starts up again towards the exit, scouting it::
[19:19] <Detro> ::casually slips the assault rifle's sling over his shoulder:: Knight, my phone's out. Call in some medical help for these people... ::starts heading towards the exit::
[19:19] <Craig> ::grins at gabriel and pulls a few clips off the dead grel bodies::i'm with you
[19:19] <Thierry> ::Screams back at Gabe:: We can't we have to help them!
[19:19] <Ardelmos> ::collects the officer's clips in the midst of checking him for papers, PDAs, orders or communicators::
[19:19] <Detro> ::whips around violently, gaze leveled on Thierry:: With WHAT Doctor? Bullets?
[19:19] <Gabriel> Doctor, in about 60 seconds, this station is going to be swarming. I'd prefer not to be part of the swarm, yes? Move!
[19:20] <Savant> The camera watches Theirry scream at Gabriel as he's struggling to keep this wounded innocent alive. Behind him, a shadow looms, heralded by the briefest of electrical sparks.
[19:21] <Knight> ::ties to shout for assistance::
[19:21] <Ardelmos> ::stuffs the findings into his various jacket pockets and straightens...then notices that some of the 'dead' don't exactly appear to be 'dead':: Uh....Captain?
[19:21] <Savant> Karas's shots slap into the man strangling Knight. Knight can even watch the bullets enter one side of the man and out the other, through the chest. His grip slackens slightly, but only for a few moments. He lets out a terrible gurgle.
[19:22] <Thierry> ::Thierry ignores Gabe and continues working on the man::
[19:22] <Detro> What... the...
[19:22] <Karas> ::Karas attempts to run and soccer kick the corpse::
[19:22] <Gabriel> ::turns, so far unaware that anything is amiss:: Master Sergeant, let's get out of here.
[19:22] <Karas> Watch out! Something is wrong here!
[19:23] <Ardelmos> No shit! ::starts backing up towards the turnstiles, completing slow circles to clear his sightlines as he does so and re-draws his weaponry::
[19:24] <Savant> Behind Thierry, the woman he so recently tried to save is on her feet, despite the lack of a functional heart. She lets out a terrible gasping hiss, weak fromt he hole in her lungs and leaps onto his back, clawing and biting.
[19:25] <Gabriel> ::reacts:: Prophet's name... for the fourth time, let's get out of here! Doctor, move it!
[19:25] <Mem> ::comes up to the train platform, looking both ways, then checking the signs to make sure the appropriate train is found::
[19:25] <Ardelmos> ::starts firing again, taking carefully aimed head-shots with both weapons as he carefully performs his circling retreat towards the turnnstiles::
[19:26] <Thierry> ::Finally decides to listen to Gabe but before he gets up he has someone on his back...someone that should be dead::
[19:26] <Craig> ::turns to glance at theirry then back to gab:: you want him to bring his new girlfriend too captain?
[19:26] <Knight> ::BREAKS FROM THE DEATH GRASP:: Oh, what in the name of....
[19:26] <Knight> ::breaks into a run towards Detro::
[19:26] <Gabriel> ::shoots at the creature behind Thierry twice, over the doctor's shoulder::
[19:27] <Karas> ::Karas watches Knight run away...looking at the living corpse he decides he discretion is the better part of valor and hobbles after him::
[19:27] <Savant> Rolands' gundfire seems to shock the man at Knight's throat - he shudders, buying Knight just enough time to scuttle away wide-eyed. The woman on Thierry's back jerks but keeps tearing at him.
[19:28] <Mem> ::locates the appropriate train platform and waits for the next train, glancing behind to see if anyone from his team was coming::
[19:28] <Ardelmos> Run, you fuckers! Run! ::vaults over the turnstile and checks the platform for more of the...whatever they were. He refused to call them zombies::
[19:29] <Detro> ::blinks, looking around... and what he sees boggles his mind. Rather than draw the assault rifle, he puts his fingers in his mouth and emits a very sharp whistle...:: STOP. SHOOTING. ::Quietly:: It's waking up the dead people.
[19:29] <Mem> ::hears more shots:: What the fuck?
[19:29] <Craig> ::quickly puts a fresh clip into the rifle and raises it::for the love of...
[19:29] <Gabriel> Detro, shut up and run! ::falls back behind Roland::
[19:29] <Detro> ::snort:: Well I knew that too, it's just I had to make this point very clear and... ::looks around:: Oh for frak's sake, WAIT FOR ME! ::tears off::
[19:29] <Karas> ::Karas moves up towards Gabriel, his leg slowing him down::
[19:30] <Savant> Detro was right. All around the ruined entryway. The inert bodies were stirring. An acrid ozone smell filled the air, mixing with the blood.
[19:30] <Ardelmos> ::as Karas passes him, leg soaking with blood:: You've got red on you.
[19:30] <Thierry> ::As the others try to shoot it off, Thierry tries to slam the...thing on his back against a pillar and then take off::
[19:31] <Detro> ::finally catches up with the others::
[19:31] <Gabriel> ::grabs Karas's arm and starts hustling him toward the train, giving him a hard shake at every third or fourth word for emphasis::
[19:31] <Knight> ::breathing hard:: Someone tell me what just happened back there?!?!
[19:31] <Mem> ::spots the team coming, and a train approaching, and risks a yell:: ALL ABOARD! HURRY UP.
[19:31] <Savant> A pair of shots rip through the woman on Theirry's back, and she jerks, but somehow, she doesn't let go! She's torn red couts form his shoulders and throat, and bitten a bloody gout into his shoulder, too.
[19:31] <Gabriel> What in the ::shake:: Prophet's name ::shake:: were you THINKING ::shake::, you idiot!
[19:32] <Karas> Fuck Thierry! ::Karas shakes off Gabriel and heads back:
[19:32] <Ardelmos> ::continues backing up:: Where the fuck is the train?
[19:33] <Savant> DING.... Now Approaching... Morgan Freidmann Central, B19-225.
[19:33] <Karas> ::Karas stumbles towards Thierry a puts the barrel of his handgun to the bitches temple and squeezes::
[19:33] <Mem> ::to Roland as he sees them all finally coming up:: Unless you want to walk.
[19:33] <Craig> ::runs with them, looking at knight:: as soon as i know, i'll tell you
[19:33] <Gabriel> Mamoud defend. ::releases Karas and follows him back toward Thierry:: Mem, get everyone on a train! Any train!
[19:33] <Savant> Theirry slams the woman on his back against a pillar and she loses the grip of one hand, slippery with Thierry's blood, and her own.
[19:33] <Knight> ::shouting:: Any spare 'arms?
[19:35] <Savant> They *all* get up, and start spreading out. A goodly number follow the Talons, but some others swarm out into the crowded Gomorran streets.
[19:35] <Thierry> ::Feels the thing slip off his back and as he sprints towards the train:: Prophet...thank you::
[19:36] <Gabriel> ::runs after Thierry toward the train platforms::
[19:36] <Detro> ::waiting for the train::
[19:36] <Ardelmos> ::watches as groups of the...'things' start swelling out onto the streets:: Well...on the bright side, I don't think we're going to have to worry about the CEF in Gomorrah shortly.
[19:36] <Craig> ::watches in shock as the dead rise and start fanning out::what the heck is this? some cheesed out horror trid?
[19:37] <Gabriel> This is the bright side?
[19:37] <Savant> They're fast too! No sense of self preservation, no sense of pain. They pounce on the civillians hiding in the shadows of the station, while a cluster more chase after the Talons as they rush to the train. The doors still aren't opening, waiting for the vehicle to come to a complete stop.
[19:37] <Detro> ::hums along to the muzak... then starts half-singing the lyrics:: Girl... from Kallam-Sollers-Makhan...
[19:37] <Thierry> I hope you beleive in ghost stories Mister Craig...we're in one
[19:38] <Ardelmos> ::fires at the approaching zombies, again taking carefully aimed headshots as he does so in an attempt to put them down permanently:: Well, there's got to be one, right?
[19:39] <Savant> Roland's shots are true; his bullets smash into temples, foreheads, faces. Of the cluster he hits, maybe two fall down and stay there? The rest only stagger and pick themselves up
[19:39] <Mem> All right. ::watches the train pass him and start to slow down, and finally stop:: All aboard the soul train. Then someone tells me what the fuck just happened. ::gets on the train::
[19:39] <Savant> The train slides to a stop, but again, the doors don't open.
[19:39] <Mem> <<when it finally stops>>
[19:39] <Mem> ::knocks on the door to the train::
[19:39] <Mem> Roland, use that key of yours.
[19:40] <Mem> ::steps to the side::
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::turns and follows Roland's lead in shooting at anything that comes too close::
[19:40] <Knight> ::looks for anyting that could be used to bust in a window of the train::
[19:40] <Ardelmos> Well...that's not good ::flicks his machine pistol to full auto and drops low to the ground, emptying the clip at knee level at the pack approaching them::
[19:40] <Detro> BACK UP! ::backs up two steps then directs his assault rifle at the nearest window on the train::
[19:40] <Mem> Do it. ::turns his eyes::
[19:40] <Mem> <<head>>
[19:41] <Detro> ::shoots the window::
[19:41] <Savant> Detro blasts the window to splinters of plastic. The door slides open and a mellow male voice intones, "Welcome aboard."
[19:41] <Mem> ::steps onto the train::
[19:41] <Detro> ::doesn't see the door and dives into the train instead. He rolls up along the floor, finding himself next to a boy and his mother:: Pardon me boy, is this the Costa Moreia Choo Choo?
[19:42] <Thierry> ::Finds a nice chunk of concrete to hurl at the nearest...whatever as he sprints aboard the train::
[19:42] <Savant> Roland's machine pistol buzzsaws into the crowd at the knees, sending gouts of blood flying. There are a few screams and a few angry roars. Some stumble, a few fall over, but they all keep running ro hobbling or crawling towards the Talons
[19:42] <Craig> ::pushes into the train car when the doors open finding a window to put his rifle through::
[19:42] <Knight> ::jumps in::
[19:43] <Karas> ::Karas follows Thierry as he gets on the train he offers Theirry his derringer.:: Here take it.
[19:43] <Detro> ::Recovers his senses and gets back up, snapping the assault rifle to point out the window he needlessly shot out::
[19:43] <Ardelmos> ::hits the magazine release on his machine pistol and lets it drop to the ground, slapping a fresh clip in -- then he steps onto the train, stating to the train car...:: What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening.
[19:43] <Detro> ::to Roland:: A drunk horse of course.
[19:43] <Thierry> Not in the mood for riddles now!
[19:43] <Savant> ALL the doors to the trian open, actually. The passengers inside recoil in horror as the Talons press in, blood stained and bearing arms.
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::empties one clip into approaching zombies concentrates on the closest ones, ejects it, and pops in a new one::
[19:44] <Mem> Shut the fuck up and get in.
[19:44] <Mem> ::looks around at the passengers::
[19:44] <Ardelmos> ::loud enough for all in the car to hear:: Might want to stay away from the windows!
[19:44] <Thierry> ::Accepts the gun from Karas::
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::looks at the passengers:: Anyone who wishes to become the undead may disembark here!
[19:44] <Gabriel> Craig, get this train moving! Now!
[19:44] <Mem> ::looks at Tynes, not registering:: The what?
[19:44] <Detro> In other words, good ladies and gentlemen of the Trench.... Appreciate well what we are about to say -- if you set foot outside this train, you are well and truly FUCKED since you'll be zombie food
[19:45] <Savant> Woman> ::She starts crawling in through the window, screaming. She would have been pretty once, maybe. Now, with the broken face and bloody arms, she's anything but. She starts clawing at the passengert immediately closest, who screams on his own and throws his arms up to protect himself::
[19:45] <Ardelmos> Fuck. Don't say that! The zed-word!
[19:45] <Detro> ::casually levels the assault rifle and shoots her in the head::
[19:45] <Detro> Let that be a lesson.
[19:46] <Savant> The doors to the train slide closed and momentum starts to carry it forward - plus a few occupants outside thr train tryintg to scramble inside through any opening.
[19:46] <Gabriel> ::looks around for anything that might work as a club::
[19:46] <Mem> ::looks at the woman zombie trying to climb into the train:: Sorry, babe, but for you, I'm not single. ::pushes her out after Tynes shoots her, with his foot::
[19:46] <Ardelmos> ::yells out the window as they pull away:: Come and get it! It's a running buffet, all you can eat!
[19:46] <Detro> ::pauses long enough to unwillingly indulge himself in a very sick and phlegmatic-sounding series of coughs::
[19:46] <Knight> ::scans for any of those things making it in::
[19:47] <Thierry> You know Detro, you really need a cough drop or something
[19:47] <Mem> Can't keep the chicks off me. ::turns pale as he sees the team finally, bloody and then realizes what the undead comment was about::
[19:47] <Karas> Soo...ummm what happens when we get to the next station?
[19:47] <Savant> Woman> Detro's shot blasts the woman right through the forehead.. she shudders, but then grabs onto his gun, and the arm attached::
[19:48] <Savant> The train starts to rumble up to speed. The woman hasn't let go, even after Mem shoves her away with his foot. She's got a death grip.
[19:48] <Detro> Sorry lady, no free rides! ::with his free hand, draws the pistol from his waistband and empties the clip into her arm::
[19:49] <Thierry> ::While DEtro is shooting, tries to land a solid boot stomp to the "woman's" neck
[19:49] <Mem> ::pulls away:: Don't fucking shoot me, jackass!
[19:49] <Gabriel> ::notices one of the still-human passengers has a curved sword belted to his waist and tucks a pistol into his waistband::
[19:50] <Gabriel> Can I borrow this?
[19:50] <Gabriel> ::undoes the sword belt and belts it to his own waist:: Thanks.
[19:50] <Savant> The train speeds up and the outside goes from bright to black as the train enters a tight tunnel. The woman is slammed against the side of the wall at the tunnel entrance, torn in half at the waist. She's *STILL* holding on.
[19:50] <Gabriel> ::draws the sword, aims carefully, and chops the "woman's" arms off::
[19:51] <Ardelmos> ::tilts his head slightly at the woman:: Just look at that face. It's vacant...with a hint of sadness. Like a drunk that's lost a bet.
[19:51] <Mem> ::glances over at Roland:: Your type of girl?
[19:51] <Karas> Ya drunk
[19:51] <Detro> ::updates his mental inventory to read one empty pistol with spare clips, one assault rifle, two shots fired, and two zombie arms, severed::
[19:51] <Knight> Hell, this one's trying to get him, that has to be new for himQ
[19:52] <Savant> With a clip full of rounds and a sword chop, there's just not enough left of her arm to hold on.... the woman flies out form the window screaming, her remians thumping aginast the side of the train. Ther'es a ruined forearm on the chair oin front of the Talons.
[19:52] <Thierry> So, did someone have a trid camera for that, I want to market this flick
[19:52] <Gabriel> ::grabs the forearm and quickly tosses it out the window::
[19:52] <Karas> ::Karas glances around the train looking for Thierry:: A little help with this bullet in my leg?
[19:52] <Detro> Aw, I was gonna cook that.
[19:53] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow at detro::
[19:53] <Karas> What are we going to do guys? Seriously we need a plan this train will stop again real soon.
[19:53] <Detro> ::shrugs at Craig:: Shooting doesn't stop them, maybe fire does.
[19:53] <Savant> Most of the passengers of this car have fled into the other cars, leaving the Talons alone with their carnage.
[19:53] <Thierry> ::Nods to Karas:: Take a seat, let me try and patch that up unless you'd rather me get you a new one?
[19:53] <Ardelmos> ::looks up at the train map:: Where does this go, anyway?
[19:54] <Craig> ::grins wrily:: and i forgot to pack my flame thrower attachments
[19:54] <Ardelmos> ::pauses, then looks back down and turns back around to the group:: ...didn't we find out a couple of months back about some sort of gas or neurotoxin that the CEF was developing to release upon the native population?
[19:54] <Gabriel> I'm pretty sure there isn't a neurotoxin out there that will make dead people get back up.
[19:55] <Savant> Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump. The lights flicker. Metal squeals under the car.
[19:55] <Ardelmos> Well fucking something is making them get back up.
[19:55] <Karas> Ya and what about the sparks?
[19:56] <Karas> Something in their head?
[19:56] <Mem> That's fucking crazy. ::sits down and then realizes something's wrong with the train::
[19:56] <Craig> ::hears the squeal:: is the train slowing down?
[19:56] <Detro> NOW what the fuck?
[19:56] <Ardelmos> ::narrows his eyes, looking upwards as the train squeals:: They can't have possibly gotten this far already.
[19:57] <Savant> Lights are on, smooth sailing. Flicker.
[19:57] <Ardelmos> Karas! Where the fuck does this train go?
[19:57] <Craig> ::takes a deep breath letting it out slowly::
[19:57] <Gabriel> What, you think this is a virus caused by rage-infected monkeys or something?
[19:57] <Mem> BFT Heights. Don't worry.
[19:57] <Karas> Like I know I was following you!
[19:57] <Thierry> ::As he works on Karas' leg:: Well, medically speaking this is all pretty much impossible from any science I've ever seen
[19:58] <Detro> So let's get the fuck out of here, out to Pathfinder, and out of this system!
[19:58] <Karas> BFT hieghts train? ::thinks for a bit:: this goes close to the safehouse.
[19:59] <Thierry> ::Looks to Gabe:: Not a virus that I can even dream up sir and I can dream pretty dark
[19:59] <Savant> Creak creak, squeal.
[19:59] <Gabriel> I think it's pretty likely that this train isn't going to BFT Heights.
[19:59] <Knight> ::looks for the source of the sound::
[20:00] <Ardelmos> We might want to hack the system and make sure it....can stop.
[20:00] <Karas> We need to get out of this Gomorrah. The CEF are going to come in here guns blazing.
[20:00] <Ardelmos> What good will that do if the shit they shoot gets right back up?
[20:00] <Craig> ::looks at karas:: i don't think guns are enough for a situation like this...
[20:00] <Knight> So, what were the CEF looking for? Did they know about this?
[20:00] <Savant> A flash of light fomr outside as the train comes out form its tunnel. The magesty of Gomorrah is layed out before you through the bloody windows.
[20:00] <Karas> They will use bigger guns.
[20:01] <Thierry> OK, screw a mefical reason, lets just live
[20:01] <Craig> that will likely consider this area a loss and nuke it!
[20:01] <Karas> Exactly...
[20:01] <Knight> From orbit, likely.
[20:01] <Detro> Best avoid the lower levels. It'll be zombie mania down there.
[20:01] <Knight> Only way to know for sure.
[20:01] <Detro> Knight?
[20:02] <Mem> So don't shoot them anymore.
[20:02] <Knight> Yeah..
[20:02] <Detro> Phone. ::Gestures for him to hand it over::
[20:02] <Mem> Do something else to them.
[20:02] <Karas> We need weapons and an escape plan we can wait outside the city for this to blow over...
[20:02] <Gabriel> Look. We ride this train as close to the safehouse as we can, go over there, hole up, have a cup of tea, and wait for this whole thing to blow over.
[20:02] <Knight> ::diggs it out hands it over::
[20:02] <Detro> ::takes the phone and dials Information::
[20:02] <Mem> ::looks at the others, adrenaline pumping:: Change your clothes at least.
[20:02] <Savant> Creak. Creak. Flicker.
[20:02] <Savant> Bang. Thump.
[20:02] <Detro> ::once in, checks for news on the net::
[20:03] <Ardelmos> If we hole up, I want to be somewhere familiar. I want to know where the exits are, and I want to be allowed to chew gum.
[20:03] <Craig> ::blinks and the noise:: what the hell?
[20:03] <Savant> Scream. Thump-Thump. Flicker.
[20:03] <Thierry> Well I need a friggin shower
[20:03] <Mem> And grow plants. Yeah, we know, cowboy.
[20:03] <Ardelmos> ::glances forward through window in the door to the next car::
[20:03] <Detro> ::drums fingers nervously while waiting for any news reports to start playing::
[20:03] <Savant> The door at the rear of the car opens and a flood of three or four bloodied Capricians rushes towards the Talons.
[20:03] <Karas> Fuck!
[20:04] <Ardelmos> Oh for the love of ::fires::
[20:04] <Craig> ::points his rifle in the direstion of the screams::
[20:04] <Thierry> Hell no!
[20:04] <Gabriel> ::starts to fire, realizes he's still holding the sword, and gets it ready for anything that gets past Roland's and Craig's shooting::
[20:04] <Mem> ::turns to look:: Fuck. ::moves away, to the other end of the car::
[20:04] <Detro> ::phone in his left hand at his ear, raises his right hand with the assault rifle towards the others while getting up to move away from them::
[20:04] <Ardelmos> Mem! Get to the next car, and get ready to disconnect this one!
[20:05] <Craig> ::squeezes the trigger hoping to take off anything to would allow those beasts to keep moving::
[20:05] <Savant> Rolands' shot clips a man in the chest and he goes flying back into the chairs, lying still. The others shriek and dive into the cover of the chairs. BEhind them, several bloody and maimed civillians clamber into the car.
[20:05] <Knight> ::move forward::
[20:05] <Mem> Um... um... fucking point the guns at the door. Don't let anything through. ::wonders how the other cars behind them were assaulted, but doesn't solve the puzzle, peeking into the next car::
[20:05] <Karas> ::Karas understands Ardelmos' plan and moves up to the next car. Pistol drawn::
[20:05] <Ardelmos> ::watches the zombies take cover and begins walking backwards towards the next car forward:: What. The. FUCK?
[20:06] <Gabriel> Ah. Those appear to be people running from the zo-- ::coughs, doesn't say it:: undead.
[20:06] <Savant> Phone> This just in.... CID officials report a Black Talon attack in the BFT Heights hub area on B-level. casualty reports are still coming in, but tehy are estimated at over two hundred dead and wounded...
[20:06] <Detro> ::backs up with the rest of them, lowering the phone just long enough for a shouted "SORRY!" towards the un-undead
[20:06] <Detro> Hey, guess what guys? We made the news. Apparently we killed and wounded over 200 people.
[20:06] <Detro> ::puts the phone on speaker::
[20:07] <Mem> ::walks into the next car, offering a weak smile to the passengers::
[20:07] <Ardelmos> My bad. ::calls towards the back of the car:: How many of them back there?
[20:07] <Thierry> They always have to blame us
[20:07] <Mem> Morning, folks. ::looks back into the car:: Come on already.
[20:07] <Savant> Roland's victim doesn't stay down too long. There's a brief spark and he's hauling himself up again, joining his new allies as they begin to tear anything moving.
[20:07] <Savant> The next car is fairly civil and quiet. People reading PDA's and books, watching the scenery.
[20:07] <Detro> ::follows the group::
[20:08] <Ardelmos> Oh. Nevermind. ::fires a couple of times again and continues backpedaling:: Get ready to disconnect!
[20:08] <Craig> ::shakes his head:: aww jeeze!
[20:08] <Karas> ::Karas moves in and covers the other entering the car::
[20:08] <Craig> ::falls back into the next car::
[20:08] <Thierry> ::Tries to move back, saving his shots::
[20:08] <Savant> DING.... Next stop, MF-BFT Beta Level 19. Please stay clear of the doors until the train has made a complete stop.
[20:08] <Mem> Our stop, boys. What do you want to do?
[20:09] <Karas> This is the safehouse guys...we getting off?
[20:09] <Gabriel> If there are fewer zom-- ::coughs:: damn it! If there are fewer undead in that direction than are getting on this train? Yes!
[20:09] <Detro> ::hangs up the cell phone and pockets it:: I vote in favor of getting off.
[20:09] <Savant> The crowd shrieks as guns start firing.. they do the sensible thing and run away fromt he gunfire, and the living dead. The first of them arrive in the tAlons' faces, leaping through the hail of bullets towards them.
[20:09] <Detro> And we all know Mem is all in favor of that too.
[20:09] <Craig> anywhere is better than here!
[20:09] <Mem> Yeah, but the train is defensible. ::looks at the doors:: At least take off your fucking bloodstained clothes first, so you don't look like complete jerk-offs.
[20:10] <Ardelmos> We have any explosives at the safehouse? We should destroy the stairs once we're up. ::blam blam blam::
[20:10] <Gabriel> The train is defensible, you say? I count 181 windows and 14 doors.
[20:10] <Karas> Can these things climb?
[20:11] <Karas> I told you what will happen if we stay in infected areas.
[20:11] <Mem> windows? Yeah, but they don't have weapons.
[20:11] <Ardelmos> ::over his shoulder as he continues backing up:: Could use some vibroknives or something back here!
[20:11] <Mem> Piece of shit Gomorran craftmanship. ::kicks at the seat::
[20:11] <Thierry> ::Takes a shot as soon as he ahd one::
[20:11] <Detro> Look, it's a simple vote. Just make up your minds.
[20:11] <Gabriel> ::still holding the sword, chops at anything dead nearby:: We're here to protect democracy, not practice it! We get off!
[20:11] <Savant> The closest, a middle aged man in a dressy tunic, bares his teeth at Craig - getting a bullet in the mouth form both of the Talons. He staggers back and leaps for Craig, trying to grab onto him.
[20:11] <Karas> I vote safehouse and then out of the city.
[20:11] <Craig> ::jumps back pushing away one of the zombies that got a little too close for comfort::
[20:11] <Mem> If this is widespread, we need a fucking place to defend. One way in and out.
[20:12] <Gabriel> ::chops at the one going for Craig::
[20:12] <Mem> Fine. When the doors open, we go. Fast. Everyone remember the way back?
[20:12] <Mem> Cuz they're gonna be coming off at every door behind us.
[20:12] <Mem> ::looks back and cringes as he sees the carnage:: Fuck me.
[20:13] <Savant> Gabriel 's sword bites deep into the man's throat, enough to set his head lolling back, held on only by a strip of flesh by theside. The body jerks once and, with an electrical jolt, falls still and doesn't rise.
[20:13] <Gabriel> Electricity again.
[20:13] <Detro> ::is ready to bolt:: C'mon, c'mon...
[20:13] <Karas> Removing the head works obviously...
[20:13] <Gabriel> Chop their heads off! It appears to put them down for good.
[20:13] <Savant> Mem's right. He can also see them bunching up behind Roland and Craig's weapon fire, climbing over the bodies to get at the TAlons, a whole horde of them. The train slows and stops.
[20:13] <Ardelmos> Cybernetic science fiction shit. ::blam blam blam, aiming for the spinal cords in the neck, now::
[20:13] <Mem> Get ready! ::stands at the door::
[20:14] <Craig> ::looks at gabriel, you want us to make a stop and sorensmiths first? it'd be nice if i got a nice sword too
[20:14] <Savant> Before the doors open: Thank you for riding Tachyon Rail. If you've enjoyed your ride, why not enjoy it daily with Tachyon's line of classic hover and ground cars?
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We can try, but I don't want to get pinned there. ::rushes for the door::
[20:15] <Detro> :Surprisedn his way out of the train, riddles the speaker with bullets::
[20:15] <Ardelmos> ::backpedals to gain enough distance then turns and runs for it, firing one or two last shots at some kneecaps as he does so::
[20:15] <Karas> ::runs after Ardelmos::
[20:15] <Gabriel> :Surprisedn his way out, takes one of the pistols out of his waistband and passes it to Mem, keeping the other::
[20:15] <Mem> Sure, babe. ::pats the train's hull next to the door, then jumps out of the train:: RUN AWAY! ::screams at anyone who might be standing in the way of the station, taking the pistol from Tynes in a swift motion::
[20:15] <Thierry> ::Follows the group::
[20:16] <Detro> ::darts through the crowds as fast as he can::
[20:16] <Craig> ::pushes through the door the same manner that he did when entering the car:: i promise i won't browse!
[20:16] <Savant> The doors open and the TAlons flee as if a sluicegate was opened. Hot on their heels are the.. whatever-they-are.
[20:16] <Mem> ::calls ahead:: LOOK OUT! ::runs with the others, making sure he can hear them behind::
[20:17] <Gabriel> ::gets out the train, finds a semi-defensible portion of the platform and waits for the others to pass him::
[20:17] <Savant> The Talons slip into the waiting crowd of passengers. The walking dead attack it, with vigor.
[20:17] <Mem> ::screams his head off at the people just standing around:: FUCKING RUN!
[20:17] <Gabriel> We only have to run faster than the bear... people, move it!
[20:17] <Karas> Don't stop! Move move move! ::Karas fires a shot above the peoples heads::
[20:17] <Thierry> Right behind you!
[20:17] <Mem> ::checks the pistol he was handed as he runs for the station exit, making sure it's ready to fire::
[20:18] <Ardelmos> ::a couple of heads separate from their bodies as his bullets slice through the undead's spinal cords -- and then he's off::
[20:18] <Savant> Shrieking. Dying. The splash of blodo agianst the walls ande ground. And through it all, the subtle flash of static arcing through the gore.
[20:18] <Savant> ((blood against. Damn Wink ))
[20:18] <Craig> ::turns and fires off several shots, aiming for the thing's heads then turning back running for soren's::
[20:19] <Thierry> Allright, someone try and get me a head!
[20:21] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:21] <Savant> ehehhehheh
[20:21] <Savant> thanks for giving it a kick start Karas Wink
[20:21] <Savant> questions? Comments?
[20:21] <Savant> you guys should do this every week Wink
[20:21] <Mem> Can't wait to see how you integrate this into the actual story.
[20:22] <Ardelmos> It was all a dreeeeaaaaaammmm
[20:22] <Knight> lol
[20:22] <Ardelmos> Also, they're coming to get you, Barbara.
[20:22] <Knight> braiiiiiiiinnnnns
[20:22] <Savant> heee
[20:22] <Detro> Oh, easy. You pull a Doctor Who. It was all hallucenogenic drugs terrorists slipped into the water supply.
[20:22] <Savant> i hope you guys had fun. Next week we'll tie it all up
[20:22] <Detro> Works better here since the CEF gets to blame the Talons for it Wink
[20:22] <Ardelmos> Are any of them vegetarian zombies looking for graiiiiiiiiiiiins? Or power workers looking for maiiiiiiiiiins?
[20:22] <Mem> Want anything from the shop? Cornetto.
[20:22] <Savant> maaaains.. i'll have to remember that one for work Wink
[20:23] <Savant> anyways, let's do some experience points
[20:23] <Detro> Is Miche
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:06 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[20:23] <Detro> Is Micheal Jordan in the crowd hawking Haaaaaines?
[20:23] <Thierry> yes lets
[20:23] <Mem>
[20:23] <Mem> The only zombie-fighting delicacy.
[20:23] <Ardelmos> Want anything from the shop?
[20:23] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for carnage. Tell me what you liked and did not like about the action scenes, such as they were.
[20:24] <Detro> Personally... I *hate* zombies and zombie movies.
[20:24] <Savant> hee
[20:24] <Mem> I didn't like our brief slip into "over the top" land, as I told you, but otherwise it's fun. I love zombie stuff. Wink
[20:24] <Craig> i honestly can't think of anything to dislike about it
[20:24] <Karas> The super fast and hard to kill zombie thing annoys me in movies. THink about it how can ANYONE survive if the run as faster then you do.
[20:24] <Ardelmos> Zombies = win. I look forward to our 'holed up behind boarded up windows' phase.
[20:25] <Savant> that'll be next game
[20:25] <Craig> the over the stop stuff was our fault not colins
[20:25] <Thierry> Eh,well, wasn't alot of chance for dramatic medical stuff, but overall it was interesting.
[20:25] <Ardelmos> Also, the best gametype in Halo multiplayer is Zombies. Wink
[20:25] <Karas> However it seems to fit here. Since we would walk through them otherwise.
[20:25] <Mem> You die, turn into a zombie, last man standing?
[20:25] <Detro> We DID walk through them. The "them" was just GREL.
[20:25] <Savant> Karas has Teh Sekrit Wepin.
[20:26] <Mem> That is, zombie in Continuum was all vs. 1 zombie... and as the zombie kills the others, they turn into the zombie team until the last one is alive.
[20:26] <Ardelmos> Yeah, Mem.
[20:26] <Detro> "It's the new ZK-6000 Plasma Gun"
[20:26] <Savant> there are reasons why they aren't the slow shambling zombies
[20:26] <Ardelmos> They're infected with raaaaaaage
[20:26] <Karas> Incidently this is pretty common for my fumbles especially in Colin's game.
[20:26] <Mem> nanites, imo.
[20:26] <Thierry> Hence why Theirry wants a head Smile
[20:26] <Mem> :FD
[20:26] <Craig> quick where's the BFG-9000?
[20:26] <Mem> We'll work on that, Thierry. Wink
[20:26] <Savant> okay. That's that. Four is for drama. What did you think about the points int he game when you weren't fighting?
[20:27] <Detro> I'm thinking this is the start of a trend that Detro just CANNOT have local tech.
[20:27] <Ardelmos> You mean...the first five minutes? Wink
[20:27] <Craig> hehe
[20:27] <Savant> and the time in the train, too Wink
[20:27] <Karas> I thought the drama was good. I know its all carnage and blood shed, but who hasn't seen a zombie movie. Plus we are all hardened vets whats blood and death to us?
[20:27] <Detro> Miners crush his first cell phone for his cover story, his second is shot out of his hand...
[20:27] <Craig> we were busy hacking at a dead woman's arms on the train
[20:28] <Karas> Most of our charcters make wise cracks to release stress right. So why not joke.
[20:28] <Thierry> WAsn't particularly pleased with it to be honest. Noone was rolling with Thierry's lines and I was trying so hard...
[20:28] <Savant> i think joking is fine, but only after they've adsorbed the "holy shit he's dead" phase.
[20:29] <Savant> anyone else?
[20:29] <Karas> Sorry it got messed up in there. I think I shot like 4 guys, but never got to roll cause my lines got lost in the storm.
[20:29] <Detro> Yeah, things got a bit messy even out of the fights.
[20:29] <Savant> taht's fine. The dice are secondary in this game, if you haven't noticed Wink
[20:29] <Gabriel> I thought it was great. Little unstructured, but that worked fine for this.
[20:29] <Craig> the descriptives and effects were a good addition
[20:29] <Savant> the chaos helped the mood, i think Wink
[20:30] <Knight> it is just crazy
[20:30] <Karas> It was pretty crazy.
[20:30] <Savant> fifth point will be awarded by telling me what would be cool about your character if he was a zombie.
[20:30] <Knight> I mean, kind of unexpecterd for me
[20:30] <Karas> I want grenades so badly.
[20:30] <Savant> heh, it was awesome, Knight. I'm so glad you tried to help that guy out Wink
[20:30] <Thierry> "Braaaains! Must study Braaaaains!"
[20:30] <Thierry> That Smile
[20:31] <Savant> hee
[20:31] <Knight> I am not anymore!
[20:31] <Detro> Dude. Ambidextrous Zombie Rules Lawyer. "No, you're DEAD. I bit you, and you failed your HEA check! So zombie already!"
[20:31] <Karas> Karas as a zombie? Well he umm...would kill Keffs over Capricians in 9 out of 10 bloody murders.
[20:31] <Savant> no, now you shoot anyone who gets close to you. Awesome Wink
[20:31] <Gabriel> Gabriel-Zombie would be telling the other zombies what to do, except none of them would be listening. Wink
[20:31] <Ardelmos> Roland as a zombie? Um...
[20:31] <Savant> hee heee
[20:31] <Mem> Mem would be the only zombie interested in sex and not brains.
[20:31] <Savant> Rolazombie would be terrifying
[20:31] <Detro> Roland Zombie would be calmly sipping tea while reading Dickens in a leather chair by the fireplace.
[20:31] <Ardelmos> He could use guns, you couldn't hit him, he'd kill everybody else, and he'd still be chewing gum. Wink
[20:31] <Mem> Necrophilia, baby.
[20:31] <Craig> LMAO
[20:32] <Savant> is it necrophilia if they're both dead?
[20:32] <Mem> Hmm. ::scratches his chin:: Wink
[20:32] <Karas> I got it Karas...would walk around with an Assualt rifle like the black zombie in the Romoero movie. Mayhaps even an AVR.
[20:32] <Ardelmos> Or he'd try to keep chewing gum. It might just keep falling out of the holes in his mouth onto the ground and he'd become pre-occupied with repeatedly putting it in his mouth only to have it fall out again. Wink
[20:32] <Craig> i dunno, would living mem hit on an undead chick if she still looked good?Smile
[20:33] <Savant> anyways. Very fun Wink Five for all.
[20:33] <Savant> Well done!
[20:33] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:00] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:00] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:00] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Ghul Circuit in Session'
[18:00] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:00] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[18:00] <Thierry> ::Attn::
[18:00] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:00] <Karas> ::attn::
[18:00] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:01] <Savant> good evening and welcome to the thrilling conclusion to Black Talons: The Deadening
[18:01] <Savant> before we get going, an ooc thing to deal with.
[18:01] <Savant> next week is the last week of my class, thank goodness. So we can go back to thursdays at that point, or we can stay on wednesdays if you like. Opinions?
[18:01] <Ardelmos> Thursdays
[18:02] <Thierry> Personally I like Wednsdays better
[18:02] <Detro> Thusdays. I miss my Mythbusters
[18:02] <Karas> Doesn't matter to me, plus Nik can do Wednesdays now.
[18:02] * Thierry is watching Mythbusters as we type
[18:02] <Detro> I hate you
[18:02] <Gabriel> No strong feelings either way.
[18:03] <Gabriel> Multi-task while role-playing = bad role-playing.
[18:03] <Ardelmos> Staying on Wednesdays means that Roland takes a vacation for 16 weeks while LOST is on. Wink
[18:03] <Savant> sounds like some strong antipathy towards keeping it on wednesday from a few.
[18:03] <Thierry> Doesn't really matter to me
[18:03] <Karas> They came to my school and presented. They kicked ass.
[18:04] <Karas> Serious
[18:04] <Detro> Who, LOST?
[18:04] <Savant> okay, after next week, back to thursday. The next game will still be wednesday, though
[18:04] <Karas> Mythbusters
[18:04] <Craig> going back to thursdays would be ok
[18:04] <Karas> k
[18:04] <Savant> let's give you all a briefing.
[18:04] <Savant> Ghul Circuit Part Two
[18:04] <Savant> 25 Winter 1945 TN, 0500h - Late Night / Early Morning
[18:04] <Savant> Beta Level, BFT Heights, Gomorrah
[18:04] <Savant> 38 degrees Celcius, 06% humidity, 970 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:04] <Savant> Prophet save us! The Talons find themselves holed up in their safehouse, hiding from the unthinkable - the walking dead. What would have normally been relegated to bad science fiction is now very, very real - some malfunction in the data rigs of the Capricians makes them keep going after a fatal injury, propelling them on like puppets long after they have expired.
[18:04] <Savant> There's only one thing to do clearly - get out of the world-city, dust off, and nuke the site from orbit.
[18:04] <Savant> It's the only way to be sure.
[18:04] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:05] <Detro> ack
[18:05] <Karas> ack
[18:05] <Savant> and i'm ready for questions
[18:05] <Ardelmos> yack
[18:05] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:05] <Savant> detro?
[18:05] <Craig> ack
[18:05] <Thierry> Ack
[18:05] <Detro> ::holds up a borrowed fancy sword:: Does this sword clash with my gas mask?
[18:05] <Thierry> ::Raises::
[18:05] <Savant> horribly.
[18:05] <Savant> Thierry?
[18:05] * CavScout has joined #BT05
[18:05] <Savant> hey, look, it's a Knight.
[18:05] <Karas> I got it.
[18:06] * Savant sets mode: +o CavScout
[18:06] <Thierry> Do we now have access to standard zombie fighthing weaponry...specifically shotguns?
[18:06] * Gabriel has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[18:06] <Karas> ::trys to not make Hellgate London reference::
[18:06] <Savant> hee hee, that's a good one Wink
[18:06] <Karas> I do, I do. Mines at the safehouse I presume. Its a two barrel.
[18:06] <Craig> any chainsaws?
[18:06] <Karas> GM?
[18:07] <Savant> yours is there, Karas
[18:07] <Karas> Sweeet.
[18:07] <Savant> the Talons' weapons aren't at the safehouse, though
[18:07] * CavScout is now known as Knight
[18:07] <Savant> sorry Craig Wink
[18:07] <Detro> Why are we going to the safehouse?
[18:07] <Karas> Totally sawing off the barrel right now Colin. Drop my range to three on it.
[18:07] <Craig> i at least have that rifle from the grel
[18:07] <Thierry> Well can I at least get a proper gun please?
[18:07] <Thierry> Very Happy
[18:07] <Karas> we dere
[18:07] <Detro> Can I point out that zombies are the ULTIMATE beseigers?
[18:07] <Detro> Zombies do not need to eat, sleep, piss, or shit.
[18:07] <Savant> kill someone with a gun and take theirs Wink
[18:07] <Karas> hehehe
[18:07] <Detro> Ergo, they can easily outlast us if we hole up Razz
[18:08] <Thierry> ...
[18:08] <Karas> Hey don't look a gift horse in the mouth!
[18:08] <Ardelmos> Dennis obviously hasn't read the Zombie Survival Guide.
[18:08] <Thierry> I think I'm gonna need more then 6 shots Razz
[18:08] * Jester has joined #bt05
[18:08] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jester
[18:08] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:08] <Karas> Now that I got my shotty you can have the heavy pistol. I think you might like.
[18:08] <Thierry> That'll do
[18:09] <Detro> So apparently the fact that zombies are the ultimate besiegers means nothing t'y'all then. OK. Smile
[18:09] <Savant> any further questions?
[18:10] <Detro> I'll also point out there are likely more people in the trench than there are bullets in the entire trench. Have fun. Wink
[18:10] <Gabriel> No questions here.
[18:10] <Savant> seems like no. Let's roll.
[18:10] <Craig> did we ever go to sorensmith's?
[18:10] <Karas> Anyone have an assualt rifle? Its actually my specialty. K...remember this...its a heavy pistol so ACC 0, ROF 0, DMG x22, RNG 5, Clip 8. Have fun I got 2 clips left.
[18:10] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:10] <Karas> Theirry you get that?
[18:10] <Ardelmos> ::rifles through various dufflebags and crates, looking for explosives:: We need to destroy the stairs to this level.
[18:10] <Savant> You're in your safehouse - the camera watches the main room from the corner of the ceiling, watching in a bird's eye view that lends a dizzying air. Outside, sirens wail and screams fill the air. Inside it's strangely calm.
[18:11] <Detro> ::mutter:: What, you think the zombies can't just pile up on top of each other until they get to us?
[18:11] <Thierry> ::Cocks the pistol Karas lent him:: We need another solution, soon
[18:11] <Detro> I got one. It's called "Get the fuck out."
[18:11] <Ardelmos> Don't say that fucking word. And no, I don't think so, unless you want to keep shooting them until there's a pile of dead bodies for them to climb on.
[18:12] <Gabriel> ::shakes his head at Roland:: I'm not interested in locking ourselves into an immobile position. It smells like a mistake.
[18:12] <Karas> ::Busy cutting down the barrel on the ugliest shotgun you guys have every seen::
[18:12] <Detro> ::glares at Roland:: Sure. I won't shoot them. And in a few weeks, we're out of food. THEN what?
[18:12] <Gabriel> We might need the stairs to get out of here. Prophet, we might need the roof to get out of here.
[18:12] <Ardelmos> ::shrugs:: Pretty damned easy to jump down a level, Captain. Lot harder to climb up.
[18:12] <Craig> ::looks at the two clips left that he picked off the grell and pops one into the rifle::we'll need more ammo
[18:12] <Gabriel> ::looks at Detro, amused:: I'd be happy with a plan that keeps us alive for the next 72 hours.
[18:12] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:12] <Gabriel> ::turns to Karas:: Are there blueprints for this building somewhere?
[18:13] <Ardelmos> ::snaps his fingers and points at a couple of people's necks:: Data rigs. Off.
[18:13] <Thierry> Well, if someone can get me something to analyze I might be able to figure out what the hell is going on
[18:13] <Karas> Ya there are, I can pull them up on my rig.
[18:13] <Gabriel> ::nods at Thierry:: Though so far, this looks more like Master Sergeant Craig's specialty than yours, doctor. We're hearing electricity every time we kill one of these things.
[18:14] <Detro> I vote for whatever plan keeps us away from commerce areas and mass transit.
[18:14] <Gabriel> Though how something electrical can affect something biological... other than killing it... I don't know.
[18:14] <Karas> I agree could haywire weapons make a dent in them?
[18:14] <Gabriel> ::nods at Karas:: Do that. We need to know at least three exits from this place, to start.
[18:14] <Ardelmos> ::removes his own rig and sets it aside then moves to the window, peeking ever so slightly through the curtains down to the street below::
[18:15] <Karas> ::Karas uploads the blueprints from a hidden folder on his rig and sends it to Gabriels rig::
[18:15] <Thierry> Yeah, well, we still need something to analyze. And might I remind you your body generates electricity
[18:15] <Karas> Anyone thinking that maybe these things can climb? They can run and jump...why not climb?
[18:15] <Savant> Roland tries to struggle with the data rig - a little metal pin on the back of his head. It's firmly embedded into the skull.
[18:15] <Detro> ::nods with Thierry::
[18:16] <Knight> This is crazy, we need some serious hardware...
[18:16] <Gabriel> ::receives the data and starts looking it over and replies to Thierry without looking up:: Not an amount sufficient to generate an audible electrical arc, doctor.
[18:16] <Ardelmos> How the fuck do these things come out? I'd rather not end up killing every one of you if I go down.
[18:16] <Karas> I might know of a place, to get some weapons.
[18:16] <Mem> Surgery.
[18:16] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Knight, Roland, Karas, Detro, work on that.
[18:17] <Gabriel> Mem, Craig, look for ways to lock down this building's security... things you can unlock if we need to get out of here.
[18:17] <Detro> Weapons. Right. They're banned, so the only place we're going to probably be able to get them is down in the lower levels, which by now are probably more akin to a crypt than a polluted wasteland.
[18:17] <Karas> Simple...::uploads the map with directions to the MFS building in the area:: Thats where I work.
[18:17] <Mem> ::shudders a bit as he hears the screams outside:: There's no way they'll come up here. And stop fucking looking out the window.
[18:17] <Thierry> Fien then, we'll just run
[18:18] <Gabriel> ::sharply:: Lieutenant, focus. Get on a computer, start locking this building down.
[18:18] <Karas> ::sends the map to the teams rigs::
[18:18] <Gabriel> Nothing you can't undo in a hurry, mind.
[18:18] <Craig> ::nods to gabriel and moves to the terminal::
[18:18] <Gabriel> ::pulls up the blueprints and starts looking at them from the perspective of a building under siege::
[18:19] <Ardelmos> ::glances at Karas:: How far, round trip?
[18:19] <Mem> ::goes over to one of the apartment's computers::
[18:19] <Savant> Some of the screaming seems close. Not on this floor, but as if they come from directly downwards, on ground level. Or "ground" level.
[18:19] <Detro> ::looks at Karas:: Okay, a map. Now how do we get there without becoming part of the screaming meanies?
[18:20] <Karas> Okay the building is three blocks. But I'm not sure what to expecet when we get there.
[18:20] <Thierry> I can guess...more of them
[18:21] <Ardelmos> Well if your pals are doing what they're supposed to be doing, they're probably out trying to keep some semblance of order, failing miserably, and being eaten alive.
[18:21] <Mem> ::loads the map onto the computer, and tries to access more detailed systems, such as security::
[18:21] <Gabriel> ::as he works:: We also need a sense of how smart these things are once they're undead.
[18:21] <Detro> ::keels over in a booming, wracking cough::
[18:21] <Gabriel> If they're quick but stupid, that opens up a lot of tactical options.
[18:22] <Karas> I say we don't leave anything to chance.
[18:22] <Detro> ::straightens up finally:: ... That said, if being one of those things meant getting rid of this gorram cough...
[18:22] <Thierry> ::Stares out the window waiting for a plan to be formulated::
[18:22] <Karas> But the MFS building will be carrying some serious firepower. At the same time we really need to get out of gomorrah.
[18:23] <Karas> My advice is go up. Not the easiest but might be the safest way.
[18:23] <Ardelmos> Well the longer we wait, the more of those things are going to be roaming the streets. And the more likely the MFS survivors return home and turn that place into a fortress.
[18:23] <Gabriel> Are there vehicles at the MFS building?
[18:23] <Thierry> And leave the city to be devoured by these...things? Hell no
[18:23] <Karas> Yes
[18:23] <Gabriel> Big, enclosed vehicles?
[18:23] <Ardelmos> ::glances at Karas:: APCs?
[18:23] <Detro> So let's get a move on already.
[18:24] <Karas> Like I said, I have no idea, most likely a lot of them have been dispatched for crowd control.
[18:24] <Craig> ::grumbles a few curse words:: they call this a safe house...the only thing keeping us safe are basic locks
[18:24] <Karas> But ya theoretically there will be armored vehicles.
[18:24] <Karas> Including mine
[18:24] <Detro> If there's mounts there, I call dibs.
[18:25] <Gabriel> ::thinks about what he's seen of zombie behavior so far: has it been smart or stupid?::
[18:25] <Detro> And if there's mounts there, the faster we get there, the better I'll feel.
[18:27] <Karas> Look we need a plan now. Gabriel make a slagging call. Before we all get Iced.
[18:27] <Ardelmos> ::pulls out the half-empty magazine from his machine pistol and replaces it with the last fresh one, replacing the half-empty one into his pocket, frowning as he moves back towards the door::
[18:27] <Mem> ::drones away on the computer, pictures flashing up with floorplans and schematics::
[18:27] <Gabriel> Patience, Karas. I haven't forgotten that it was your actions that got us into this.
[18:27] <Knight> No kiddin'.
[18:28] <Gabriel> At the moment, my working theory is that we're dealing with a bioweapon launched from CEF weapons. CEF weapons that you caused to be fired.
[18:28] <Craig> ::looks over at mem::well looks like you got a bit more than i did, but still not much we can do here
[18:28] <Karas> ::Karas searches his footlocker and produces a box of shotgun rounds, pocketing them he pulls out two rounds and loads the shotgun::
[18:29] <Thierry> We don't know that sir, that's what we need to find out to see if there's a cure, or are you just going to let Gomorrah get devoured by these things!
[18:29] <Savant> Outside and directly below, there is the sound of battering, and screeching, and scraping of metal.
[18:29] <Karas> Like I had a slagging clue this would happen. I wasn't going to sit around and watch my people get tortured and murdered.
[18:29] * Luke has joined #bt05
[18:29] <Gabriel> From what I've seen of the affected personnel so far, they seem to be operating in a pure fight-or-flight mode. Not stupid, per se, but hurried. Ragged. Rushed. Keep that in mind.
[18:31] <Ardelmos> ::pushes himself up against the door to the safehouse and listens through it for anybody moving on their floor:: Quiet; everybody.
[18:31] <Detro> ::clack-clacks the assault rifle in his hands and stocks up on whatever ammo he can find for it::
[18:31] <Mem> ::glances at Craig:: The less electronic security here, the safer we normally are.
[18:31] <Mem> In this case, though, we'll have to bar the doors ourselves. With things.
[18:31] <Mem> ::looks back at Tynes as he says this::
[18:32] <Karas> ::whispers to Gabriel:: We need to get to the MFS right now. Before all the weapons and vehicles are gone.
[18:32] <Detro> ::moves to the door, ready to move out or shoot things::
[18:32] <Ardelmos> ::quietly:: They're trying to force their way in from the main doors on the ground floor. People are scrambling.
[18:32] * Gabriel has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[18:33] <Craig> the couch and beds can be moved, just need to know which doors to block
[18:34] <Detro> ::quietly, urgently:: Then. lets. GO.
[18:34] <Thierry> ::Sighs and prepares to leave::
[18:34] <Ardelmos> ::brings a finger to his lips::
[18:35] <Mem> ::downloads the info into a datapad, still typing:: Start securing the halls. Prep our exit.
[18:35] <Savant> There's a bit of a crashing sound below, and some sharp and loud screams. The sound of a door being flung open violently shakes out into the street.
[18:35] <Mem> ::looks up:: Now.
[18:35] <Ardelmos> <w> If we're going out, we're not going out the front door.
[18:35] <Detro> ::rubs a hand on his face, getting quite antsy::
[18:37] <Karas> ::Karas looks out the window quickly::
[18:38] <Savant> Thump! Crash! Scream! There's the sound of a rush of five or ten thumping feet rushing up the stairwell leading into the building.
[18:38] <Mem> ::looks back to Karas:: Can we get to those vehicles through the pedways?
[18:38] <Mem> Secure the hallway. I think we need to go up
[18:39] <Craig> ::moves over to a couch and starts pushing it to the hall door::
[18:39] <Mem> ::stands up and checks the gun::
[18:39] <Ardelmos> ::mutters:: Going out into the hallway is only going to let them know we're here; and things are going to be anything but secure. ::quietly opens the door out into the hallway and exits, drawing both weapons -- he slinks along the walls silently::
[18:39] <Detro> ::eyerolls, waiting with those detailed to get to the MFS building::
[18:40] <Savant> Outside, the street is in chaos. An overturned car burns down the road, where a cluster of the walking dead scratch and claw at the broken window fragments, trying to get at the terrified occupant inside. Roving packs of them stalk down the roads, breathing hard and scanning around the block for signs of movement.
[18:40] * mdld has joined #BT05
[18:41] <Craig> ::calls out:: someone want to help me move this into the hall to block the stairwell door?
[18:41] <Karas> ::Glances at the map of the area:: Okay we can't get to the MFS building directly through the pedways, but its better then waiting here. I vote we go for it.
[18:41] <Savant> Inside, the hallway is quiet. At least immediately close it is. The door to the stairs has noise coming up from the street level - ragged breathin, smashing feet. A freight train's coming...
[18:42] <Ardelmos> ::glances back at Craig, wondering what the fuck part of 'be quiet' he doesn't understand::
[18:42] <Karas> Lets move to the pedways. Come on Mem. Lead on!
[18:42] <Detro> ::follows Roland and Karas, being as quiet as he can::
[18:43] <Craig> ::motions to the door:: they're coming up anyway
[18:43] <Thierry> ::Follows, gun ready::
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[18:43] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jester
[18:43] <Thierry> ::Bringing up the rear::
[18:44] <Ardelmos> <w> But they don't know we're here.
[18:44] <Mem> Yeah, let's go. Pedway is on this level. ::taps a key on the computer to start the fire suppression on floors one through four, hoping it may slow them down a bit::
[18:44] <Karas> ::Follows Mem::
[18:44] <Mem> ::treads quietly down the carpeted hall, gun level at the other end::
[18:45] <Craig> ::sighs and whispers:: we should still block the door to delay them
[18:45] <Savant> The Talons beign to file out single file into the dingy hallway. All the while, the sound of that cluster of whatever-they-ares approaches up the stairs, hell shortly behind them.
[18:46] <Mem> ::passes Roland a moment, gets his bearings, then points him down towards the pedway::
[18:46] <Ardelmos> ::begins moving, quickly and silently in the direction Mem's indicated::
[18:47] <Karas> ::continues to follow Mem. Covering him with the shotgun::
[18:47] <Savant> They head down the hall in a silent rush, what few weapons they have are raised.. ahead of them is a pair of solid glass doors, and from there, an open pedway
[18:47] * Jester has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[18:48] <Craig> ::shakes head, mutters an "ahh fuck it" then follows out onto the pedway::
[18:48] <Thierry> ::Waves the team on, gun trained down the hall::
[18:48] <Savant> And then, all at once - there's a roar up the stairs as the closest of the walking dead leaps - leaps! - out of the stairwell and slams into Captain Tynes at the end of the line.
[18:48] <Detro> ::creep... creep... creep... creep::
[18:48] * Knight has quit IRC (Quit: )
[18:50] <Savant> Tynes brings his borrowed sword up, but it's too late. The thing bites down hard on his neck, and Tynes screams as he crumples beneath the thing.
[18:50] <Mem> ::hears the zombies fill the hall behind them:: Gogogo.
[18:51] <Detro> ::does as Mem orders, putting a spring in his step::
[18:51] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't bother with stealth anymore, breaking into a paced jog forward into the pedway::
[18:51] <Karas> ::Follows Mem and Ardel covering the theirry in the rear.
[18:52] <Savant> They leave the Captain behind. Another choked cry echoes down the hall as two more of the things pile onto Tynes. The rest follow, but the heavy pedway doors seal them in for the moment.
[18:53] <Thierry> ::Follows the team, reluctant to leave Tynes behind::
[18:53] <Craig> ::looks back at gabriel, then mem, but decides to follow mem down the pedway::
[18:53] <Mem> ::sprints onto the pedway, shoving through the doors::
[18:53] <Detro> ::doesn't have to be encouraged to keep up::
[18:53] <Savant> Beyond is a mini-mall... going down the five levels of the mall and heading through it ought to get you to the MF Security depot, according to the map.
[18:54] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't sprint as he moves at the head of the pack, moving instead at a steady jog that he could maintain not indefinitely, but probably for as long as would be necessary::
[18:55] <Mem> ::glances down at the PDA as he jogs alongside Roland::
[18:55] <Thierry> ::Continues to hold up the rear::
[18:55] <Savant> They burst in through a set of double doors, and the entrance is wide, low-ceilinged, and strangely quiet. Though there are terrible soundsw coming from within, the only person in the area is a whimpering woman curled up beneath a bench.
[18:55] <Karas> ::Follows Mem::
[18:55] <Detro> ::his eyes are out and alert for anything::
[18:56] <Craig> ::waits for everyone ot get through the doors then slamms them shut and locking them hoping to buy a little more time::
[18:56] <Thierry> ::Rushes over to the woman, but stops in mid stride deciding it would be a good idea to make sure she's...alive first::
[18:57] <Mem> ::turns to the others, holding his finger to his lips to say "quiet"::
[18:57] <Detro> ::finds the nearest directory and looks to see what stores are in the mall::
[18:57] <Mem> ::waves them along the mezzanine, pointing all the way to the end of the level::
[18:57] <Savant> Woman> ::looks up from under the bench, pulling in behind it as Thierry approaches. She's got some nasty scratch marks on her face and her clothing is torn, but she doesn't look otherwise hurt::
[18:57] <Karas> ::points Mem in the direction of the MFS building:: that way ::he whispers::
[18:58] <Ardelmos> ::heads for the stairwell on the other end of the mini-mall, close to the security depot -- he didn't want to leave this level until they needed to, given its wide open spacing and general quiet (at the moment)::
[18:58] <Karas> Keep moving guys, we can't stop long.
[18:58] <Mem> ::shoots Karas a look that has "stfu" all over it::
[18:58] <Thierry> ::Goes to the woman:: <W>Are you ok?
[18:59] <Karas> ::shoots one back::
[18:59] <Karas> ::moves up to cover Theirry::
[18:59] <Savant> Roland heads into the mall itself, past the entrance, and he slows down a little as he watches the scene unfold. It is a busy mall, and now it's chaos. He watches a group of three mall-rat girls tearing into a businessman trying to protect himself with his suitcase. A young couple, one with a missing arm, are herding a cluster of screaming teenagers.
[19:01] <Ardelmos> ::waves people forward, jogging and hoping that the rest of the undead in the mile are too pre-occupied with their current targets to note the string of military officers winding their way down the mall::
[19:01] <Savant> All around, people are running, screaming, hiding. It's surreal, moreso by the fact that Roland himself, as well as the other talons, are so far being ignored in the midst of it all.
[19:01] <Mem> ::glances back at Thierry and Karas, using the best body language he can muster to get them to keep moving::
[19:01] <Savant> Woman> ::whimpers:: what's going on?
[19:01] <Craig> ::after securing the door, he follows roland out into the mall:: oh jeez, this is bad
[19:02] <Detro> ::glances at the locations of the stores -- armor, weapons, sporting goods, restaurants, but too far away to get to them::
[19:02] <Detro> ::mutters:: Gotta go, gotta go... must go faster, must go faster...
[19:02] <Thierry> <W> Don't know yet, can you move? ::Puts up a single finger back to mem as if to tell him to wait a second::
[19:02] <Karas> ::Karas frustrated and angry, grabs the woman by the arm and hefts her up:: We go now!
[19:02] <Savant> The group strings out, separating into small clumps as some slow down or stop, and others press onwards.
[19:03] <Karas> Theirry help me...check her out on the way.
[19:03] <Savant> Woman> ::she is about to reply to Theirry, but shrieks as Karas hauls her out - she resists, but isn't very strong.::
[19:03] <Detro> ::moves to catch up with the bulk of the group as quickly as he can w/o being oblivious::
[19:03] <Mem> ::shakes his head at Thierry, pointing a finger to the ground as if to say "now"::
[19:03] <Thierry> ::Glares at Karas and then follows::
[19:04] <Karas> ::Karas takes no note, he is more worried about his current friends, and a little bit about his friends at the MFS building as well::
[19:04] <Mem> ::watches Thierry and Karas as they come up finally:: Find a shady spot to stow your new cargo.
[19:04] <Mem> No more stopping.
[19:04] <Mem> ::turns and jogs to catch up with the others::
[19:05] <Karas> Understood.
[19:05] <Savant> A garbage can - the sort that are made of wroght iron and normally bolted to the floor - crashes onto the ground right in front of Roland. A group of three bloody, horribly mutilated people scream at him and the onrushing Talons, shambling forwards.
[19:05] <Savant> Woman> ::she shrieks again but follows along, stumbling in her heeled shoes and trying to keep up::
[19:05] <Thierry> Prophet! I thought we were here to help these people
[19:06] <Karas> ::Karas dashes forward to cover Ardelmos, ignoring Thierry as he runs::
[19:06] <Craig> ::steps back from the can and points his rifle at the 3::permission to return fire?
[19:06] <Mem> No, we're here to stay alive. Find a bathroom she can lock herself into. ::slows as he sees the zombies jump in front of Roland::
[19:06] <Ardelmos> ::holsters his weapons and pulls out a dual pair of vibroblades, not stopping as he continues to rush the trio of undead -- he didn't want to fire a sidearm if he didn't have to::
[19:07] <Karas> ::Karas understands, and slows...unable to get a bead and nowing the gesture is fruitless he covers the ones behind his as they move up::
[19:07] <Craig> ::watches roland rush off toward the 3 zombie:: you've got to be fucking kidding me!
[19:07] <Mem> No shooting. Not until we have to. ::glances around while Roland attempts to remove the zombies from their path, looking for a way around them::
[19:07] <Thierry> So you'd just let them die!
[19:08] <Ardelmos> ::throws himself into the air over the zombie in the centre, using the pair of vibroblades in a crossed position to sever the head from the neck of the undead he vaults over::
[19:09] <Karas> ::thoughts of friends and family dying fill Karas' head...but he shakes them away trying to maintain focus. He had to help the BTs escape. Even if it meant his own death.::
[19:10] <Savant> Roland leaps into the air - the camera following him all the way in slow motion, watching him tumble, watchign the deadly arc of his blades close and open like a pair of shears, slashing through the leading man's neck and tearing it open. Blood gushes out, and it makes a horrible gasping sound
[19:10] <Mem> ::ignores Thierry and looks for a way around the zombies that doesn't involve touching them::
[19:10] <Savant> One thing it does not do, however, is die.
[19:11] <Savant> The *thing* opens its mouth far wider than it ought to be able, the jawbone broken in the middle, as it tries to latch its teeth around Roland's arm
[19:12] <Mem> Fuck. Throw them over or something, we gotta get through.
[19:12] <Savant> Woman> ::she shrieks again on seeing Rolnd rip out the gorges of the leading dead man.::
[19:12] <Thierry> ::Sighs and looks at the woman and then points to the couple with the teenagers:: Go with them, find someplace safe and stay there, We'll do what we can to protect you
[19:12] <Ardelmos> ::rotates out of the way as the zombie stumbles backwards towards him and goes halfway to one knee as he continues to rotate, using his momentum to slash the zombie across the back of the undead's tendons in its legs::
[19:13] <Savant> The thing stumbles and falls over, flopping as it tries to claw at the Talons en passant.
[19:14] <Mem> Go. Get by them.
[19:16] <Mem> ::makes a running jump over the zombies, trying to pass them before they can recover from Roland's assault::
[19:16] <Detro> ::gets a bit of a lead up and jumps over as best he can, not going for any fancy moves -- not yet. That would spoil the climax of the movie and get the fans too excited::
[19:16] <Thierry> ::Nods with a glare in his eye and then takes off running to get past the things::
[19:17] <Karas> ::follows Thierry and jumps over the not so walking dead as well::
[19:18] <Savant> The Talons blaze past the zombies, who are a hair too slow to snatch them as the Talons rush by. They follow, however, giving chase and hot on their heels.
[19:18] <Ardelmos> ::flicks the vibroblades to rid them of any remnants of the undead's bodily fluids and then continues his jog, pushing past the others to take the lead again::
[19:19] <Savant> More of the waking dead give chase as well, and before too long the Talons are leading a veritable horde fanning out behind them.
[19:19] <Detro> ::tries to keep up with Roland::
[19:20] <Craig> ::grabs one of the undead as he runs by and throws him over the rail::
[19:20] <Karas> ::runs as slagging fast as he can, appreciating his athletics training::
[19:20] <Ardelmos> ::glances back over his shoulder at the expanding horde behind them:: Would sure be nice if we had grenades, don't you think?
[19:20] <Detro> And why do you think I was looking for a supermarket?
[19:21] <Mem> Or our gears.
[19:21] <Savant> The undead staggers back and flips over the rail, letting out a gutteral sort of roar before hitting the floor five stories down. Though the Talons can't hear it, there's a wet slap of meat hitting tile.
[19:21] <Mem> ::gestures over towards the corner of the mall after glancing at his PDA:: That way.
[19:21] <Karas> ::follows Mem::
[19:21] <Craig> ::continues along with the others::
[19:22] <Karas> ::unconciously places himself in the centre of the group::
[19:22] <Mem> So... what do we do when we get to these vehicles?
[19:23] <Savant> The Talons can see a big set of double doors as they turn the corner, with the lit sign "Morgan Freidmann Security Inc." above it. The doors are solid and currently closed.
[19:23] <Mem> ::rushes up to the doors and looks for a panel to hack into::
[19:23] <Thierry> ::Looks to Karas:: Can you call your friends?
[19:23] <Detro> ::seeing the doors closed, looks up to see if they can leverage themselves up and perhaps get in on a higher level::
[19:24] <Karas> ::Karas keys up the command to open the doors with his rig and activates it::
[19:24] <Ardelmos> ::backs up from the doors and faces the horde approaching them, casting a glance over his shoulder as they try to work through the door:: Anytime now.
[19:25] <Craig> ::makes it to the security doors and puts his back to the wall, unslinging the rifle for good measure and waits for mem to crack the lock::
[19:25] <Savant> The group stalls at the door and the horde presses in startlingly fast.
[19:25] <Mem> ::glances at Karas:: Did it work?
[19:26] <Savant> Computer> *beep* Good afternoon, Constable. The station is currently locked down. Please contact your supervisor to gain entry into the station.
[19:26] <Mem> ::doesn't flinch, shorting out the door::
[19:26] <Karas> SLAG!!
[19:27] <Savant> A second later, the voice shorts out and the door slides open
[19:27] <Karas> ::Karas turns to face the oncoming horde, then thinks better and covers the entrance to the building::
[19:27] <Thierry> GO! I'll cover you!
[19:27] <Ardelmos> You're going to be able to re-lock that door....right?
[19:27] <Mem> Fucking move. ::gets through the door as quickly as he can, looking around the area for something to throw in front of the door::
[19:27] <Detro> ::drags his eyes back down to see the open door and rushes in::
[19:27] <Karas> ::runs inside looking for targets.
[19:28] <Craig> ::looks at roland:: you've wanted to avoid shooting so that would wouldn't attract all the undead. seeing as it hasn't worked...::sees the doors open::well guess there's hope after all
[19:28] <Thierry> ::Waits until everyone else is in and then scrambles inside
[19:28] <Savant> The talons rush into a small entry-room with a desk - it's vacant. The dead rush in behind them, bare footsteps beyond.
[19:28] <Karas> ::Karas attempts the close command::
[19:28] <Ardelmos> ::backs through the door and into the security complex, immediately going for the desk and shoving it towards the door::
[19:28] <Mem> Stairs. This way. ::tears down the hall::
[19:29] <Craig> ::reslings the rifle and enter, heading for the stairs after mem::
[19:29] <Mem> ::as he runs, he looks for further security panels that he might be able to seal off the route behind them::
[19:29] <Detro> Karas, vehicles! Which way?
[19:29] <Karas> ::Follows mem trying to get beside him:: Watch for zombies!
[19:29] <Karas> ::points in the direction of the vehicle bay::
[19:29] <Mem> I see them. They're all behind us.
[19:30] <Detro> ::goes in that direction::
[19:30] <Savant> There's no one inside the security complex, no one but you. And now a horde of the waling dead that are giving furious chase. You have to dash as fast as you can to stay ahead now.
[19:30] <Mem> ::yells out:: Don't fucking stop!
[19:30] <Thierry> ::Occasionally glances back as he runs, ready to take a shot if need be::
[19:31] <Ardelmos> ::pushes off from the desk now that it's up against the door and moves as fast as he can now after the group::
[19:31] <Karas> ::heads down stairs to the vehicle bay::
[19:33] <Savant> The Talons rush onwards, and the dead give chase, scrambling to catch their living prey. A pair of two spry teenagers -t ehy were, once - catch onto Detro and dig their sharp nails and teeth into his shoulder and arm
[19:33] <Mem> ::enters the stairwell, leaping over the rails when he can::
[19:34] <Detro> AAAAAAH! ::clamps down on the assault rifle's trigger, whirling about to level it at his attacker and all the other zombies following them:: GO!
[19:34] <Savant> As Mem turns the corner towards the stairwell, something comes flying up from it and slams into him, sending him reeling backwards and killing his momentum
[19:34] <Karas> ::Karas is with him tracking the target::
[19:35] <Thierry> ::Sees Mem get jumped and then instincitvely brings his pistol up to shoot the...thing::
[19:35] <Savant> Detro's bullets rip through the bodies of both of the teenagers, slowing and staggering them, and sending fly a few stray sparks. They let go, but come to in a brief second.
[19:35] <Mem> ::falls back, hard into the wall, but scrambles around and tries to get to his feet::
[19:36] <Detro> ::struggles to get moving and catch back up::
[19:36] <Detro> ::while NOT becoming food::
[19:36] <Ardelmos> ...FUCK. Karas! You know this guy?
[19:36] <Craig> ::helps mem up and pulls him away from whatever hit him::
[19:36] <Karas> Not anymore!
[19:36] <Savant> Officer Gregor Micharin> ::grins a bloody grin at Mem, then leaps forward to clamp his teeth downh on the Talon's neck.::
[19:37] <Karas> ::Karas unleashes both barrels as he is in mid air::
[19:37] <Karas> So much for going to see a movie next week...
[19:37] <Mem> ::is splattered with blood as Micharin's head explodes in front of him::
[19:37] <Thierry> ::Pulls the trigger of his borrowed Pistol and tries to pump a shot into Mem's new friend but sees Karas has had much more luck
[19:38] <Mem> ::continues into the stairwell::
[19:38] <Savant> Micharin doesn't last - he's sent flying backwards fromt he heavy shotgun blast clean to the face and the high caliber pistol round through the chest. The body fizzles electrically as it thumps back down the stairs.
[19:38] <Karas> ::Karas cracks the breach and reloads::
[19:38] <Thierry> ::Keeps heading towards their destination::
[19:38] <Mem> ::keeps his gun ready now as he continues down the stairs, not wasting any time::
[19:38] <Ardelmos> ::leaps over the railing and lands behind Mem, cutting in line towards the front now that the Lieutenant is bleeding::
[19:38] <Savant> The Talons pile down the stairs, a waterfall of the living dead coursing behind. Down several flights of stairs and the Talons burst out into a broad garage.
[19:39] <Karas> ::follows Ardel::
[19:39] <Craig> ::unslings the rifles once more, now that the shooting's started, he'll need it::
[19:39] <Detro> ::clamps one hand over the bloody gash in his shoulder, thoughts of Kellerton driving him forward::
[19:39] <Karas> ::Karas waits until everyone is inside and then slams the door:: Help me!
[19:39] <Savant> Many vehicles are missing. Some are not - a few little patrol cars, the likes of which are littering the streets right now. Two stand out. One, a massive vectored-thrust VTOL personell carrier. The other, Karas' trusty Combat Mount.
[19:40] <Thierry> ::Looks at the vehicles and eyes the VTOL:: That'll doo
[19:40] <Craig> ::helps kara's secure the door::
[19:40] <Ardelmos> ...can anybody fly that?
[19:40] <Detro> ::looks at the VTOL and the lone mount::
[19:41] <Karas> ::Karas moves to the mount. Looking over it he slots the keystick into the panel and opens the hatch::
[19:41] <Mem> ::gets to the bottom of the stairs and takes a moment to catch his breath after having the wind knocked out of him, but there wasn't time:: Talons in the VTOL, Karas in the mount. We'll blow some shit up.
[19:41] <Detro> ::boards the VTOL, grimacing in pain::
[19:41] <Savant> The mount splits in half, yawning open to let KAras climb in::
[19:41] <Thierry> Understood. ::HEads for the VTOL, looking for something to open her up::
[19:41] <Mem> ::accelerates towards the VTOL, gun ready::
[19:41] <Ardelmos> ::grumbles:: I guess it doesn't matter ::heads for the VTOL::
[19:41] <Savant> Craig can't hold the door by himself. He's bowled over as fourty of the waking dead spill out into the garage.
[19:42] <Karas> Honey I'm home ::Karas muses as he climbs inside Zoya his trusty mount and no probably dead girlfriend::
[19:42] <Craig> gah!
[19:42] <Karas> Slag Craig move!
[19:42] <Karas> ::Karas turn the mount as the hatch closes::
[19:43] <Mem> ::at the VTOL hatch:: Come on! ::watches Craig::
[19:43] <Thierry> ::Shrugs:: I'll drive...I hope.
[19:43] <Craig> ::backpeddles away from the mob as best he can and tries to make his way to the VTOL::
[19:44] <Savant> They spill out *onto* Craig. He's bitten and torn at with ragged fingernails as they overrun him
[19:44] <Mem> Don't need to drive, just need to get in and turn the engines on. We can figure the rest out later.
[19:44] <Mem> ::gags as he watches Craig get overrun:: Closing the hatch.
[19:44] <Ardelmos> ::sheathes one of his vibroblades and then draws the machine pistol and levels it at the crowd while Craig is on the ground trying to scramble away, then opens up::
[19:44] <Thierry> Understood ::Makes his way into the cockpit and tries to fire the thing up::
[19:45] <Detro> ::using his assault rifle in his off-hand, adds to Roland's fire, aiming high::
[19:46] <Ardelmos> ::fires a couple of more single shots past Craig as he scrambles back towards the VTOL, then scrambles in through the hatch::
[19:46] <Craig> ::looses the hold from the zombie as roland shoot's him free and he high tails it back to his feet and towards the VTOL::
[19:46] <Detro> ::falls back with the others into the VTOL::
[19:46] <Mem> ::helps pull Roland up, though he seems to be fine on his own::
[19:46] <Karas> ::Karas waits until Craig is free then launches a blast from the MFL at the door::
[19:46] <Mem> Come on! ::reaches out for Craig::
[19:46] <Savant> Pop! pop! pop! Rolands' rifle rips intot he crowd and lets Craig get free. The other Talons pile into the VTOL.
[19:47] <Craig> ::grabs mems arm and hauls himself up into the cabin::
[19:47] <Detro> ::slumps down on a passenger seat on the side, not looking very good::
[19:47] <Mem> ::pulls Craig in as hard as he can, then closes the hatch::
[19:47] <Thierry> ::Fires the engines up::
[19:48] <Mem> ::coughs a bit and lays down on the floor of the VTOL a moment, out of breath::
[19:48] <Karas> ::The flames fill the doorway and the hall behind it, the heat so intense that skin melts from the zombies::
[19:48] <Savant> VTOL> VVvvvvwwwwww-unk-tunk-tunk-tunk-TUNK - TUNK - - TUNK. Thump.
[19:49] <Thierry> I didn't like the sound of that ::Tries again::
[19:49] <Detro> ::groans loudly behind his gask mask, gripping his shredded shoulder::
[19:49] <Thierry> ::Checks the fuel gauge::
[19:49] <Savant> FWOOOSH! A gout of flame tears into the stairwell, roaring up into the upper floors and immolating the dead. But they're - still - moving.
[19:50] <Savant> THUMP. A loud sound against the garage door entryway.
[19:50] <Ardelmos> ::peeks into the cockpit, hearing the thunking sounds, then reaches up and smacks an overhead console which is blinking with power::
[19:50] <Craig> ::enters the cockpit:: you've got to be kidding me, even in real life we have the cliche engine trouble?
[19:50] <Karas> ::Karas switches tactics and sends an APGL round into the stairwell right after::
[19:50] <Thierry> ::Yells back:: Um...guys...its broke!
[19:50] <Mem> ::picks himself up, and goes up to the cockpit, and reaches for the comm panel::
[19:51] <Savant> He fires, and a can goes ripping into the stairwell, sending out fragments and a blast of smoke and vibration. That slows the tide, but doesn't do a thing abou thte burning, raging dead around Karas, which leap onto his vehicle and start to tear at it.
[19:51] <Mem> We're okay for now. Stay away from the windows, and make sure the doors are locked.
[19:52] <Detro> ::pants into his gas mask, his right side locked in a rictus of pain::
[19:52] <Craig> ::attempts to start it again and listens to the sound it's making:: dammit, rotor's fucked!
[19:52] <Thierry> Let me guess, gotta go outside to fix it
[19:52] <Mem> what does that mean?
[19:52] <Ardelmos> It means the blades aren't gonna fucking twirl.
[19:52] <Karas> Guys you got to go! I can't use my heavy stuff until your out of here!
[19:53] <Mem> Can you just point the thrusters at the bad guys?
[19:54] <Thierry> ::Looks at Craig:: Can you fix it?
[19:54] <Savant> THUMP! Another bang on the door.
[19:54] <Karas> ::Karas desperate to get the horde away from the vital parts of suit begins to scrape them off, like bugs off a windshield::
[19:54] <Detro> ::screaming in what sounds like Mandanese through gritted teeth as he continues to apply pressure to the heavy wound to try to stop the bleeding::
[19:54] <Craig> ::looks at mem:: this thing's got 4 rotars only 1 is busted ::thinks:: should still be able to fly on 3 but it'll take some fancy manuevering
[19:54] <Ardelmos> What the hell is on the on the other side of that door?
[19:55] <Craig> just fire up the other engines
[19:55] <Thierry> I'll try ::Tries to fire up only the three working engines::
[19:56] <Savant> More of them come pouring in all at once, throught he fire and the bodies, rushing at the VTOL and the combat mount all at once.
[19:56] <Karas> ::After a little bit Karas gets angry and begins to move towards the doorway::
[19:56] <Savant> THUMP! The garage door buckles inwards.
[19:57] <Karas> ::Seeing the door on the ground Karas picks up the door and uses it to try and stop the flow of Undead::
[19:57] <Detro> ::finally, the pain receptors in his body begin to numb from the frequent firing. He's still in incredible agony, but is able to open his eyes widely::
[19:57] * mdld has left #BT05
[19:58] <Savant> VTOL> VVVVvvvvvvvvvvvv-tump-tump-tump-TUNK-TONK-TONK-Whump.
[19:58] <Ardelmos> ::peers through the cockpit canopy at the buckling garage door::
[19:58] <Thierry> Craig, get out there, before whatever that big thing is gets in here
[19:59] <Karas> ::Karas holds the door with one hand and continues to scrap the undead off himself with the other. Then using his loud speaker he tries to draw the attention of the zombies clambering on the VTOL::
[19:59] <Savant> As Zora blocks the door, squashing one of the bodies as it does so, the garage door buckles inwards and a good thrity or fourty more begin to scramble in beneath it. Another THUMP - some sort of battering ram? and the door begins to split
[19:59] <Craig> i ain't going out there
[20:00] <Detro> ::finally having more of his brain at work, grabs at his mauled shoulder and tugs down on the sleeve, hard... it tears off, sending a brief agony of pain into him, but gives him a bandage of sort to work with::
[20:00] <Savant> ((Zoya even))
[20:00] <Thierry> Then we die
[20:00] <Ardelmos> ::frowns slightly:: There another way out of here, Mem?
[20:01] <Mem> ::checks his PDA::
[20:01] <Craig> ::sighs:: roland, give me one of your knives
[20:01] <Savant> The creatures start to pile onto Zoya - Karas's cameras go black as they start smashing fragile sensors, or block them with their bodies.
[20:01] <Detro> ::yanks the clip from his assault rifle and thumbs out a bullet::
[20:02] <Ardelmos> ::unsheathes one and hands it backwards towards Craig::
[20:02] <Detro> ::puts the bullet between his teeth and replaces the clip in the assault rifle::
[20:02] <Thierry> ::Waits impaitently for the repairs::
[20:03] <Karas> ::Karas sits down in front of the door and uses both hands now to defend his mech::
[20:03] <Detro> ::biting down on the bullet in his mouth, Detro gathers the ends of the sleeve around the wounded shoulder... then cinches it tight. His back arches in pain, his body barely responding to commands to tighten the tourniquet as best he can::
[20:03] <Savant> CRASH! The door rips in half, wide enough that they can start prying the doors open on their own, and start pouring in. A tattered man in a black curiass, bleeding form the throat and several face wounds, stands behind, grinning thinly as his zombies rush inwards.
[20:03] <Craig> ::exchanges his rifle for the knife then moves to the door:: cover me
[20:03] <Ardelmos> Oh you've got to be shitting me.
[20:03] <Thierry> ::Gasps outside:: ITs...its the captain...
[20:03] <Mem> ::looks out the cockpit window::
[20:04] <Ardelmos> ::moves back to the door with Craig's rifle and adjusts the sights, bringing it to his shoulder::
[20:04] <Savant> Tynes> ::raises his fist and gargles out a bloody order, and groups of the dead outside begin prying the doors open wider::
[20:05] <Mem> Take him out.
[20:05] <Karas> Slag this ::Karas stands up and hurls a HWG outside the door::
[20:05] <Mem> ::moves away from the cockpit window:: He's somehow leading them.
[20:05] <Craig> ::takes the handholds and climbs up onto the VTOL and crawls long toward the problem engine::
[20:07] <Savant> The grenade makes a loud BANG against the frame of the torn door and scatters off into the corner of the room before setting off, sending lightning bolts throughout the room.
[20:07] <Detro> ::panting, but better, he works the sleeve off his other arm and makes a makeshift sling with it, putting the injured arm into it::
[20:07] <Thierry> ::Has one finger hovering over the start button quivering nervously::
[20:07] <Ardelmos> ::as he steps briefly outside the VTOL to cover Craig, he brings the rifle to his shoulder and takes a bead on the base of Tynes' skull where the data rig should still be::
[20:07] <Karas> ::Karas curses and takes around aiming, he does it again::
[20:08] <Craig> ::reaches the engine and uses the vibroknife to cut into the access panel then beings cutting through the rotor axel::
[20:08] <Detro> ::he shuffles to his feet, assault rifle gripped one-handed::
[20:09] <Savant> BANG! Tynes drops in a spray of blood and bone and brain. But the damage is done, and his horde courses into the garage. There has to be hundreds of them, all of the downtown commercial zone it seems
[20:09] <Mem> ::waits at the hatch, gun ready, for Craig::
[20:10] <Karas> ::Karas unable to control his rage any longer fires his APGL at his feet, then opening the hatch he hurls the grenade into the garage, praying for deliverance from whatever God exists::
[20:11] <Craig> ::slices through the rotor axel then starts crawling back along the top of the VTOL to the hatch::
[20:11] <Detro> ::grunts as he gets into a position that covers the hatches Craig and Roland went through::
[20:11] <Ardelmos> ::hauls himself back into the hatch and turns around to cover the approach:: Let's go, rotor-boy!
[20:12] <Savant> The hatch opens and KAras can see through the yawning door of his combat mount; he's suddenly aware of how desperate the situation has gotten out there.
[20:12] <Thierry> ::Gets ready to push the start button as soon as Craig is back inside::
[20:12] <Mem> ::sees Craig heading back, clear of the rotors, looks at Thierry:: Start em up!
[20:12] <Craig> ::reaches the hatch and swings himself through into the cabin:: let's get out of here!
[20:12] <Mem> ::glances over and sees Karas::
[20:13] <Thierry> ::Flicks the engine start up switches:: Prophet deliver us....
[20:13] <Ardelmos> ::closes the hatch behind Craig::
[20:14] <Savant> The vehicle chucks its grenade and it goes off in a splendid explosion of thunder, sending a cluster of the dead flying. Many more fall to the ground, twitching, lifeless as they ought to be - they don't get up.
[20:14] <Savant> As he's doing this, the three that have climbed onto the shoulders and top of the Mount scramble in through the hatch, leaping and tearing at the strapped-in Karas.
[20:14] <Detro> ::and immediately has to sit back down, from the blood loss making him woozy and the VTOL preparing to take off::
[20:14] <Karas> ::Karas uses a the MFL to clear a path to the VTOL and makes a mad dash for its hatch::
[20:15] <Thierry> ::Punches the engine start button::
[20:16] <Savant> VTOL> VvvvrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
[20:16] <Savant> The VTOL lifts up into the air a few inches, sending the vehicle rocking side to side
[20:16] <Detro> ::the assault rifle falls to the seat as Detro holds on with his good hang::
[20:16] <Detro> <<hand>>
[20:17] <Thierry> That's the sound I was going for! ::Struggles to control the chopper::
[20:17] <Karas> ::Karas gets pulled down by a pair of zombies inches from the door, thinking quickly he grabs his sawed off and swallows the barrel, pulling both trigger::
[20:18] <Savant> The VTOL careens forward, almost slamming into the garage door - it *does* bowl over a dozen or so of the dead - and then screeching out into the sky.
[20:19] <Thierry> Thank the Prophet ::Steers the VTOL for somewhere...other then here::
[20:19] <Ardelmos> Someone get Pathfinder on the line. And tell her to get out the plutonium.
[20:19] <Savant> Karas dies under his own hand, at least, and really dies.
[20:20] <Detro> ::feeling quite woozy from the blood loss now, and the VTOL flying out into the "light" of day kinda mimics that bright light they say you see...::
[20:20] <Mem> ::reaches for the comm panel and begins checking encryptions::
[20:20] <Thierry> ::To noone in particular:: Nuke em...nuke the bastards
[20:22] <Craig> ::grabs a med kit and goes over to detro and starts bandaging him up::
[20:22] <Savant> Director> CUT! Cut, cut cut. That was TERRIBLE. ::Steps out onto the bluescreen stage, which melts away, leaving hte VTOL on its armature::
[20:22] <Detro> Ah... light... ::smiles:: It was... painful. ::blessedly falls unconscious::
[20:24] <Karas> ::you see Karas walk on set eating a sandwich from buffet table behind the cameras:: ya you guys suck!
[20:24] <Savant> Director> Look, people. You were as stiff as the zombies. Let's take it from where you burst into the garage. And for the prophet's sake, try to FEEL it.
[20:24] <Craig> ::drops the medkit steps off the prop VTOL pointing to a stage hand:: get me some zima!
[20:24] <Mem> ::pops up out of the "cockpit", glaring at the director::
[20:24] <Thierry> ::Glares at the Director:: Hell no! Someone get me my Perrier!
[20:25] <Savant> This> is for the Westphalia cabinet, take it seriously! Real Terranovan heroes here!
[20:25] <Detro> ::sits up:: Uh, hello? Motivation? Who leaves some guy wounded this badly for so long?
[20:25] <Savant> ((That was the director, obviously))
[20:25] <Mem> ::climbs out and glances at Roland:: You know, actors get paid a lot more back where I come from than we do.
[20:25] <Karas> ::Karas chuckles a bit:: Ya come on guys! Where's that Black Talon Teamwork?
[20:26] <Craig> what were you expecting from me, i climbed out to save everyone's ass here?
[20:26] <Detro> Teamwork? Their leader gets subverted by the CEF! :gestures at "Zombie Tynes": What kind of example is THAT setting?
[20:26] <Ardelmos> I really have to fire my agent.
[20:26] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:26] <Savant> nice ending line there Wink
[20:26] <Mem> lol
[20:26] <Karas> awesome
[20:26] <Thierry> Razz
[20:26] <Craig> roland wins
[20:27] <Savant> any comments or questions?
[20:27] <Thierry> Tons actually
[20:27] <Mem> so is that arc over?
[20:27] <Thierry> But they can wait
[20:27] <Karas> Ya you figures the one time I roll awesome is blowing my own friends head off.
[20:27] <Detro> "Who's WRITING this thing?!?!?" <Juno> ::smirks::
[20:27] <Savant> that's it for Ghul Circuit, yes.
[20:28] <Craig> hehe
[20:28] <Savant> you guys were filming a movie being made right now back home Wink
[20:28] <Karas> Like to note that the Ghul Circuits are still experimental. And not mass marketed Wink
[20:28] <Karas> Hey speaking of which does that make me Terranovan?
[20:28] <Savant> well, the actor, sure Wink
[20:28] <Karas> Lol.
[20:29] <Savant> if it weren't a movie, the Gomorrans would have gone down fighting a lot harder Wink
[20:29] <Savant> anyways. XP?
[20:29] <Craig> yes yes yes
[20:29] <Detro> So ED expenditures were real even if not spend on our actual characters?
[20:29] <Karas> Ues please.
[20:29] <Thierry> I guess
[20:29] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for action. How'd you like the action sequence?
[20:29] <Savant> your spends are for your characters, as is the experience you've earned.
[20:29] <Craig> action packed bonanza
[20:30] <Detro> "No offense, but zombies have been done to death."
[20:30] <Karas> Cluster Slagged
[20:30] <Thierry> Action was fine I guess, too much emphasis on that part of it though.
[20:30] <Karas> I thought GREL vampires or werewolves would have been fun too.
[20:30] <Craig> bah most horror movies today are overthetop action:)
[20:30] <Savant> i was gona throw in a pack of GREL mordreds, but it didn't really need to happen
[20:30] <Ardelmos> Slicing, dicing and shooting things in the head is good.
[20:31] <Savant> i'll save those for the real ghul circuits Wink
[20:31] <Karas> Whatever happened to Thierry's girlfriend?
[20:31] <Ardelmos> That....would be uncool. Wink
[20:31] <Ardelmos> Though do GREL have data rigs?
[20:31] <Savant> not factory default.
[20:31] <Karas> You know the one with no face.
[20:32] <Savant> that's three. four is for the plot. What did you think overall?
[20:32] <Detro> I gotta be honest. I hate zombie movies. I hate zombie stories. I'm just not a fan of zombies.
[20:32] <Karas> I had fun, but admittedly I would have liked the location to be different.
[20:32] <Detro> Hence Detro's over-the-top-acting-like-he's-in-a-WWII-action-movie.
[20:33] <Savant> different location?
[20:33] <Thierry> Well, here was my one little beef, every other character got to use their special skills in a dramatic way, but I didn't really see one for Thierry. Otherwise the plot was pretty good, a little overdone, more then a little cliche, but that's not all bad
[20:34] <Craig> as far as terranovan movies go, this is probably par for the course:P
[20:34] <Karas> I love zombie flicks, but not the ones where they move faster and hit harder then a human. I think a good zombie movie is about character development and surviving under extreme condition, but waves of killer zombies just makes it feel over from the start.
[20:34] <Karas> Like there is no hope.
[20:35] <Savant> Detro was bleeding all over the place, KAras had his leg blown out, Craig was wounded, Mem was wounded. I can't force you to use your skills.
[20:35] <Karas> Ditching Tynes was really fun though. I laughed so hard.
[20:35] <Savant> i like shambley zombies, but then you'd just blow them all up and it'd be done Wink
[20:35] <Thierry> And we were running like crazy with no place to breath, no chance to stop and heal someone
[20:36] <Savant> you're the one who jumped to the stick of the VTOL instead of moving to be a doctor. Your choice.
[20:36] <Thierry> That's not what I meant though
[20:36] <Savant> what else do you mean, if not that?
[20:36] <Karas> I know Colin, but they weren't just aggressive and fast. They were damn near unbeatable. No breathing room agreed.
[20:36] <Ardelmos> Bah, they were fine.
[20:36] <Savant> i didn't want to give you any breathing room Wink
[20:36] <Thierry> I mean there was 0 chance to try and figure out what the hell was causing the problem
[20:36] <Craig> i was wounded?
[20:37] <Mem> lalalala
[20:37] <Savant> in only two games, i really couldn't explore that. Had this been a one month arc, it totally would have gone into that. but a month of zombies is a bit much Wink
[20:37] <Mem> Who cares
[20:37] <Ardelmos> They were weak enough to blow you off yourself if you needed to, and then start running again. Wink
[20:37] <Detro> That's stereotypical zombie-ism #47 Mike. You aren't allowed to discover why people are becoming zombies, other than with words "Strange" and "disease" or "astral phenomenon"
[20:37] <Karas> I'm not dissing this though. It was fun. Its just you were GMing one my favorite genre of movies, my absolute favorite is still post-apocolyptic though. (take note). Wink
[20:38] <Savant> anyways. That's four. Five is for a fight. I'll give you six if you tell me what you think the april fools' day game should entail.
[20:38] <Ardelmos> A caberet.
[20:38] <Karas> Ardel you eat them for fun, we actually struggled.
[20:38] <Detro> Tynes having to turn tricks in a bad part of down on the lower levels.
[20:38] <Detro> down-town
[20:38] <Thierry> Honestly...I'd rather not do one
[20:39] <Detro> AFD: BT05 spends a day on Thistledown.
[20:39] <Savant> hee
[20:39] <Ardelmos> Bwahahah
[20:39] <Craig> hehe
[20:39] <Detro> "Lost Colony"
[20:39] <Savant> have them visit Thistledown GvE style, huh?
[20:39] <Savant> that'd be fun Wink
[20:39] <Thierry> As long as Thierry gets to pick up where Ber left off...
[20:40] <Karas> April Fools? I have really no clue, but I'm excited to get on with the story. For an April Fools game having us play our CEF counterparts would be amusing. A CEF raiding team on Terranova with a Terranovan spy would be ironic.
[20:40] <Savant> that might end up being a whole game, actually, Karas Wink
[20:40] <Ardelmos> BT05 as Terran. That's cool too.
[20:40] <Thierry> Yeah, its been discussed
[20:40] <Karas> It would be cool
[20:41] <Karas> Having us blow up Paxton per chance?
[20:41] <Savant> okay. That's six points. Well done everyone. Good death, Karas. You went down like a man Wink
[20:41] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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