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Game Transcripts for "The Enemy's Camp"

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:09 am    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "The Enemy's Camp" Reply with quote

[18:01] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:01] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:01] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Ghul Circuit in Session'
[18:01] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:01] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:01] <Thierry> :attn:
[18:01] <Savant> someone prod the resident sociopath, would you?
[18:03] <Savant> well, anyways
[18:03] <Savant> good evening and welcome to a Very Special Black Talons.
[18:03] <Detro> A very special 103rd Black Talons. Smile
[18:04] <Savant> i'll be your host through the chamber of horrors. Before we begin, however, please be notified.
[18:04] <Savant> next week we begin our games on Thursdays again.
[18:05] <Detro> Yay!
[18:05] <Savant> that being said, let's have a briefing.
[18:05] <Savant> The Enemy's Camp
[18:05] <Savant> 29 Winter 1945 TN, 2400h - Night
[18:05] <Savant> Beta Level, Paladon Lots, Gomorrah
[18:05] <Savant> 14 degrees Celcius, 02% humidity, 770 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:05] <Savant> It's been a busy few days. the Talons have managed to get their underground railroad of goods from the Highlands, and along with it the first shipment of water and war materials. Primarily is a truck of water, which has sold for over 100 000. Money seems plentiful.
[18:05] <Savant> Now is not the time to be distracted by the flashy lights and services of the Worldcity, however. A group of hte Talons have broken away from the others and is conduction a late-night recon of Paladon Lots, to see what their old nemesis is up to...
[18:05] <Savant> The scene begins in the girders and gantries of the city surrounding the Lots - not too close, else the security cameras spot you. No, these gantries form a second highway, rough but serviceable, and some wide enough to drive a truck down. From here the Talons hsould be able to do their work without being noticed...
[18:05] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
Session Close: Wed Oct 31 18:05:15 2007

Session Start: Wed Oct 31 18:05:30 2007
Session Ident: #BT05
[18:05] * Now talking in #BT05
[18:05] * Topic is '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Ghul Circuit in Session'
[18:05] * Set by Savant on Wed Oct 31 18:01:25
[18:05] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Savant
[18:05] * Detro sets mode: +o Ardelmos
[18:05] <Savant> that was odd.
[18:05] <Savant> everyone get that?
[18:05] <Thierry> ya
[18:05] <Detro> Nothing after the pressure.
[18:06] * Scotty has joined #BT05
[18:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Scotty
[18:06] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[18:06] <Savant> let me try that again.
[18:06] <Savant> The Enemy's Camp
[18:06] <Savant> 29 Winter 1945 TN, 2400h - Night
[18:06] <Savant> Beta Level, Paladon Lots, Gomorrah
[18:06] <Savant> 14 degrees Celcius, 02% humidity, 770 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:06] <Savant> It's been a busy few days. the Talons have managed to get their underground railroad of goods from the Highlands, and along with it the first shipment of water and war materials. Primarily is a truck of water, which has sold for over 100 000. Money seems plentiful.
[18:06] <Savant> Now is not the time to be distracted by the flashy lights and services of the Worldcity, however. A group of hte Talons have broken away from the others and is conduction a late-night recon of Paladon Lots, to see what their old nemesis is up to...
[18:06] <Savant> The scene begins in the girders and gantries of the city surrounding the Lots - not too close, else the security cameras spot you. No, these gantries form a second highway, rough but serviceable, and some wide enough to drive a truck down. From here the Talons hsould be able to do their work without being noticed...
[18:06] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
Session Close: Wed Oct 31 18:06:22 2007

Session Start: Wed Oct 31 18:06:45 2007
Session Ident: #BT05
[18:06] * Now talking in #BT05
[18:06] * Topic is '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Ghul Circuit in Session'
[18:06] * Set by Savant on Wed Oct 31 18:01:25
[18:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Savant
[18:07] <Gabriel> wb
[18:07] <Savant> thanks again
[18:07] <Craig> wb
[18:07] <Savant> nothing after the pressure again?
[18:07] <Gabriel> Apparently, you've got a control character in your briefing.
[18:07] <Gabriel> Somewhere right after pressure, that kicks you out of the channel.
[18:07] <Savant> hm.
[18:07] <Savant> The Enemy's Camp
[18:07] <Savant> It's been a busy few days. the Talons have managed to get their underground railroad of goods from the Highlands, and along with it the first shipment of water and war materials. Primarily is a truck of water, which has sold for over 100 000. Money seems plentiful.
[18:07] <Savant> Now is not the time to be distracted by the flashy lights and services of the Worldcity, however. A group of hte Talons have broken away from the others and is conduction a late-night recon of Paladon Lots, to see what their old nemesis is up to...
[18:07] <Savant> The scene begins in the girders and gantries of the city surrounding the Lots - not too close, else the security cameras spot you. No, these gantries form a second highway, rough but serviceable, and some wide enough to drive a truck down. From here the Talons hsould be able to do their work without being noticed...
[18:07] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
Session Close: Wed Oct 31 18:07:57 2007

Session Start: Wed Oct 31 18:08:13 2007
Session Ident: #BT05
[18:08] * Now talking in #BT05
[18:08] * Topic is '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. Ghul Circuit in Session'
[18:08] * Set by Savant on Wed Oct 31 18:01:25
[18:08] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Savant
[18:08] <Gabriel> Or maybe before. Wink
[18:08] <Gabriel> All we got this time was "The Enemy's Camp".
[18:08] <Savant> i clipped out the other bit of it
[18:08] * Detro plays spooky music
[18:09] <Savant> It's been a busy few days. the Talons have managed to get their underground railroad of goods from the Highlands, and along with it the first shipment of water and war materials. Primarily is a truck of water, which has sold for over $P 100 000. Money seems plentiful.
[18:09] <Savant> Now is not the time to be distracted by the flashy lights and services of the Worldcity, however. A group of hte Talons have broken away from the others and is conduction a late-night recon of Paladon Lots, to see what their old nemesis is up to...
[18:09] <Savant> The scene begins in the girders and gantries of the city surrounding the Lots - not too close, else the security cameras spot you. No, these gantries form a second highway, rough but serviceable, and some wide enough to drive a truck down. From here the Talons hsould be able to do their work without being noticed...
[18:09] <Savant> acknowledge THAT
[18:09] <Gabriel> ack
[18:09] <Craig> ack
[18:09] <Detro> ack
[18:10] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:10] <Thierry> ack
[18:10] <Savant> i'll want a list of what you're bringing.
[18:10] <Savant> also, what you've brought into the city on your first load.
[18:10] <Detro> Ross, allowing stealth suits/BDUs in that first load?
[18:11] <Gabriel> Yep. Gabriel's going as the public face of the recon, in his native wear.
[18:11] <Gabriel> But those who want to go stealth instead are welcome to.
[18:11] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Kinda hard to walk around the upper levels in them I suppose.
[18:12] <Thierry> Well, to determine that I have to be clued in a bit more as to what we're doing
[18:12] <Ardelmos> Roland's stealthed then, obviously.
[18:12] <Savant> care to brief your team, Gabriel? As I understand it you're doing a recon around Paladin Lots
[18:13] <Gabriel> Yes, that's correct. Mission here is light recon of the area around Paladin Lots. Surveillance number and type, patrols number and type, vehicles number and type, and general security layout and troop morale and sharpness. We'll be carrying weapons, but I'd prefer we didn't use them. That's all.
[18:14] <Detro> Does Craig have time to work one of our military communicators into my phone?
[18:15] <Thierry> So this is a...real game?
[18:15] <Detro> Rigged to allow me to use a bluetooth-type headset and to also have a mode where I can just leave the phone in a pocket to transmit but not receive?
[18:15] <Savant> do you have access to good electronics tools?
[18:15] <Savant> this is a real game
[18:15] <Detro> If they're part of the first load, I would say likely.
[18:15] <Gabriel> If we reconnect w/Pathfinder, there's an electronics shop aboard, yes.
[18:15] <Craig> hmm disguise our com units as cell phones, not a bad idea
[18:15] <Savant> do you want to have Craig go visit Pathfinder for a bit to do that?
[18:15] <Detro> Well, not totally disguise. If it's at ALL possible, they still have to appear to be working phones.
[18:16] <Gabriel> I figured we were all going back for a few days, so yes.
[18:16] <Savant> if you're doing that, then yes, sure.
[18:16] <Savant> he can make some rolls to do that.
[18:17] <Craig> Electronics KNO cpx?
[18:17] <Thierry> Okie dokie...let me think here
[18:17] <Detro> Other question: TN data gloves. Will they stick out like a sore thumb here?
[18:17] <Savant> electronics/cre actually. cpx 2.
[18:17] <Savant> no, Detro. There are so many different types of brands of those here, it'll just seem like an esoteric brand.
[18:18] <Savant> Detro, you have two communicaphones.
[18:18] <Savant> or, Craig does at least Wink
[18:19] <Savant> anyways. Questions?
[18:19] <Detro> Heh. Detro gets his back, and I'm assuming Knight gets his, unless someone else wants it for this mission.
[18:19] <Thierry> Still working on my list
[18:19] <Gabriel> Gabriel will carry it for tonight.
[18:19] <Savant> i'll give you guys another 3 minutes for your lists.
[18:20] <Craig> ::hand gabriel one phone and detro the other:: enjoy:)
[18:20] <Thierry> I assume we're going Stealth Suit?
[18:20] <Gabriel> You may, if you wish and you believe you can carry it off. Remember, though, Gommorah is a very crowded place.
[18:21] <Thierry> *Nods* Would we have had time to pick up some naitve clothing?
[18:21] <Detro> Grr. I keep forgetting if Alpha is top level or bottom
[18:21] <Savant> yes, Theirry. you've been given some actually
[18:21] <Gabriel> Yes, easily enough time. You have a $P 500 balance in your data rig.
[18:21] <Savant> and Alpha's on the bottom
[18:21] <Gabriel> Just keep track of what you spend, and ask Savant prices for stuff.
[18:22] <Detro> Oh, bottom? Yeah. Go for the stealth suit if you want, heh. We seemed to have few problems last time we did that on the bottom levels.
[18:22] <Gabriel> Speaking of which, what brand is Gabriel's sword, and how much was it?
[18:22] <Thierry> Okie dokie. Thierry was going to put it...try to accessorize. PRobably with...native weaponry of his own
[18:22] <Gabriel> And this time he's looking for something functional, if that's not obvious.
[18:23] <Thierry> I think Thierry would go more towards a rapier
[18:23] <Savant> heh. it's a $P 220 sword, the brand stamped on it is "Serva Cutlery". The blade isn't metal, it's a ceramic composite. Though it's got a white wavy edge on it that mimics a katana's
[18:23] <Savant> Thierry can have a rapier if he wants to pay for it. How much does he want to spend?
[18:23] <Gabriel> Right-o.
[18:24] <Ardelmos> Caprice have sabres?
[18:24] <Savant> lots and lots of them
[18:24] <Savant> sabres are popular for some reason
[18:24] <Ardelmos> Good. Roland brought his along.
[18:25] <Detro> Okydoke, loadout posted.
[18:25] <Savant> excellent. Let's get started.
[18:26] <Savant> further questions in #LemOS
[18:26] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:27] <Savant> It's a dark night - strange for the World-City, somehow. While the stars are faint reminders of the real things when down int he trench, there's always the glow of neon or halogen to act as a surrogate. Tonight that's a little further away, a the Talons find themselves in a divide between the colourful Gallot hub behind them and the austere, well-lit Paladon Lots ahead.
[18:27] <Gabriel> ::doesn't make any attempt to hide, just one more Caprician citizen, perhaps even a little trendier than most, with his satchel bag and his corpserf salary::
[18:28] <Savant> It's still lived-in, here, even amongst the girders. The Talons have found a spot not far away from the Lots which is approached by a broad supporting buttress. The beam actually continues the half kilometer into the Lot itself, but further along is ahigh wire fence and cameras, and beyond that, security no doubt.
[18:28] <Thierry> ::Walks along casually, feeling rather ...nice in his new duds::
[18:29] <Ardelmos> ::is out in front of the rest of the group, lurking amongst the shadows between smaller beams and girders, eyeing the fence further down the current path::
[18:30] <Savant> On either side, barely visible through the mesh, identical beams travel across the expance. Others cross amongst the broad and heavy spars like a webwork, supporting both above and below. It's dark here, with only a few lights of suspended buildings and homes to show the way.
[18:30] <Gabriel> ::as he walks, says to Detro:: I think we're lost.
[18:31] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Lost, or enjoying the plight of the lower levels.
[18:31] <Craig> ::sticks to the shadows as well as he follows the others, keeping an eye on the rear to make sure their not followed::
[18:31] <Thierry> What makes you say that
[18:33] <Ardelmos> ::continues creeping forward, but notes that hanging from the next level above and hidden amongst some of the meetings of beams there are cameras up ahead which will prevent safe approach in another 100 meters or so -- looked as if there was a small sentry post in the midst of the beam just beyond the wire fence, too::
[18:34] <Gabriel> This is still Beta, I think. ::looks around doubtfully:: But it sure doesn't look like the approach to the Silver Club.
[18:35] <Detro> Want me to call Jack, let him know we'll be late?
[18:35] <Gabriel> ::continues to walk, frowning at the darkness:: Yeah, guess so.
[18:36] <Detro> ::flips the phone open and up to his ear -- he's actually been practicing that move, to make it look natural with this phone:: +com, to Roland+ Hey, Jack. What's news?
[18:36] <Savant> There's movement. Sometimes you hear a small electric motor whining, at other times you hear voices raising and then falling. All in all there's a sense of paranoia and quiet in the air, as if no one wants to get too noisy with such aggressive neighbours.
[18:37] <Gabriel> ::looks around at the nearby buildings, feigning being lost, but really checking out who does have digs this close to enemy lines::
[18:37] <Craig> ::passes several makeshift shelters, noting the residences stop a good distance from the paladin lots boundry:: +com+nothing unusual here, just shacks mostly, looks like they don't dare try to live too close to the lots though, with good reason i imagine
[18:37] <Detro> <<Edit: -"flips the phone open" +"pops the phone out of his pocket"
[18:37] <Ardelmos> ::comes to a halt, hunking down beside an angled girder, his head peeking slightly out around it and forward to both the cameras and the wire fence beyond -- he reached up and placed a hand against his throat to activate the subvocal communicator in response:: +com+ Just hanging in some dive; got some ladies watching me from above, but their boyfriends are right behind them and I don't think they'll be happy if they notice.
[18:38] <Ardelmos> +com+ Lots of flies buzzing about too, circling the bar. Damned packs are thick enough you can swat your hand through up and hit a couple at a time. Probably roaches crawling along as well, but I haven't had to squish any yet.
[18:38] <Detro> +com+ ::laughs:: Well you're having a better time than we are. I think we're lost. Got some directions to the ladies for us?
[18:40] <Ardelmos> +com+ If you're hanging at the corner, they'd be about three blocks to your north.
[18:40] <Craig> <ignore my +com+, whats in :::: sticks though>
[18:40] <Ardelmos> +com+ Flies are certainly native, though. Stupid earthers haven't brought that filth with'm, it seems.
[18:42] <Detro> ::raises his data glove and takes "notes", holding the screen at just the right angle that Tynes can see: "perimeter surveilance 3 blocks north" "forces behind surveilance" "lots of patrols"
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::catches sight of a "for rent" sign and frowns a little::
[18:42] <Detro> <<edit: -patrols +drones>>
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::glances at the notes:: What's Jack say? Are we close to the club?
[18:43] <Ardelmos> +com+ Just a sec, buddy. Looks like a drunk's trying to pick my pocket. Call you back.
[18:43] <Detro> +com+ Arright. Make sure the ladies don't go anywhere, and keep them out of your pockets.
[18:43] <Detro> ::clicks the phone off and stows it in his pocket:: Not too far, but it sounds rather... busy.
[18:44] <Detro> I'm not sure that's really going to be our scene.
[18:44] <Thierry> ::Looks at Gabe as if he had no clue what he should be doing, which wasn't far from the truth::
[18:44] <Ardelmos> ::reaches up and flicks a switch on his helmet, reaching down with his other hand and undoing the button on one of his holsters::
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We'll try the next street over.
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::looks for a side street going to the right or left::
[18:45] <Detro> Heh. I'm not sure the next streets will be much better. 'cept maybe on my creds.
[18:46] <Savant> Roland sees a pair of shining eyes staring back at him on a thin spar just beside his head, almost within arm's reach. A wild cat, like a small lynx, is still and rigid, glossy black hair bristling as it stares Roland down.
[18:46] <Gabriel> Well, we're not going to find the place this way. C'mon.
[18:46] <Detro> ::saunters off with Tynes::
[18:47] <Thierry> ::Follows along with Tynes,clearly looking clueless::
[18:47] <Ardelmos> ::re-buttons the holster and draws the vibroknife with one hand, placing it behind his back while he swats lightly at the small cat::
[18:48] <Savant> The cat rears back and hisses, baring vicious looking teeth. This is one big alley cat. Still, it has yet to attack Roland for daring to settle near it's favourite scratching post.
[18:49] <Ardelmos> ::mutters somewhat to himself and slinks across the 'street' towards the opposite side where a different set of girders meet::
[18:49] <Detro> All those stories I've heard about the last time you guys visited a dive like this, I'm not surprised to hear it's become... populated.
[18:51] <Ardelmos> ::dials back into Detro's communicator:: +com+ Sorry Clarence. Seems I'd taken some bum's spot. Didn't need to make a scene.
[18:51] <Gabriel> Aaron, help us find this club. Look around. It's supposed to be around here somewhere.
[18:52] <Detro> +com+ ::pulls the phone out of his pocket when it rings -- nice touch by Craig -- and holds it to his ear. The buffer transmits Roland's message:: +com+ Oh, no problem. I wouldn't want to piss off the bouncers too.
[18:52] <Detro> +com+ There any other clubs in the area? We're checking over on the other street, see if maybe something better might show itself.
[18:52] <Ardelmos> +com+ Looks like some fool let a big dog in here, too. Flies are buzzing all ove rit.
[18:52] <Savant> The main group of Talons move laterally. They're going to have to drop down onto a meter-wide walkway-spar - at least someone had the good sense to put up guard rails for most of the length. Further back down the street, a door opens and a few people spill out onto the street, talking too loudly for the quiet.
[18:52] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: This looks more promising.
[18:53] <Gabriel> ::glances over the rail to see what's below::
[18:53] <Detro> ::hearing the noise, glances about to look for it:: +com+ Hey, might be something here that might be worth the heads up.
[18:54] <Thierry> ::Looks where Gabe was looking not knowing what he was looking for::
[18:54] <Savant> BElow the spar is a good hundred meter drop down to the rooftop of a crumbling building found on the canyon floor. The expance between is criss-crossed with thinner spars.
[18:54] <Craig> ::comes up to where 2 girders join and pulls out a pair of binoculars, panning across towards the Lots::
[18:56] <Gabriel> ::checks to see if there are more residences in this area, or if it's giving way to businesses, headed for the next street over::
[18:57] * Retrieving #BT05 modes...
[18:57] <Detro> ::listening into what he can hear of the discussion, they sound like locals -- locals who don't seem to be happy with Gallot at the moment::
[18:58] <Gabriel> ::notices that most of the residences in this area seem to be bachelor suites unconnected to Caprice's power grid and wonders why the CEF would allow potential discontents so close to their perimeter::
[18:58] <Gabriel> ::starts looking around for anyone who seems out of place::
[18:59] <Gabriel> I'm starting to think our directions were bad.
[18:59] <Thierry> Hmm...that's interesting. No lights....nothing at all
[18:59] <Craig> ::jots down some notes in his PDA, outer buildings with reletively thin walls though reinforce with plastcrete, windows sparse, cameras abundant, further in looks like factories, then sends that info off to detro's dataglove::
[18:59] <Detro> ::snorts, covers the phone's speaker:: Ah, y'think?
[19:00] <Gabriel> ::to Thierry:: None of these places are connected to the grid.
[19:01] <Ardelmos> ::arches his eyebrow slightly -- the buildings closest to the edge of the Lots itself seemed to be the barracks, based upon what he could tell of their structure, entry points, and individuals near them -- quite vulnerable::
[19:01] <Thierry> No...its more then that...looks like they demolished stuff down tehre...qute od
[19:01] <Thierry> <<Quite Odd>>
[19:01] <Detro> ::uncovers the phone:: +com+ Look, Jack, I know you said this was a great club, but I think you goofed on the directions... This is almost a no-man's land down here on this street.
[19:02] <Gabriel> ::keeps his group moving laterally as far as it's possible to go in that direction::
[19:03] <Savant> Eventually the spar butts up with a broad platform which holds a set of apartment complexes, supported from below by the crown of a tall building. There's a bit of a cement concourse, currently unoccupied, and somewhat well lit. A few of the lights are out though
[19:04] <Ardelmos> ::leans back and cranes his neck down through the girders, then responds:: +com+ No kidding? Well, like I said, this place is a dive anyway. I think those boyfriends might be military types -- their barracks is right next door behind'm. Where're you guys headed?
[19:04] <Gabriel> ::turns down the concourse in the direction of Paladin Lots, sticking to the lit areas::
[19:05] <Thierry> ::Follows along, still quite confused::
[19:05] <Detro> ::walks along with Tynes, talking "nonsense" into the phone so he can go over what Craig beamed to him (hoping that Craig had been discreete in making his notes):: +com+ I dunno, I'm looking at the list of clubs in the area to see what else might be worth a visit. I think the others are getting restless though.
[19:07] <Detro> ::the detective in Detro is working overtime though -- he's also keeping an ear on that loud conversation as they pass it... the ones complaining about Gallot are upset about their jobs there, yet they like the company::
[19:11] <Gabriel> ::checks out this new street, obstensibly looking for businesses, but really getting a look at the security layout::
[19:11] <Detro> +com+ Besides, this place stinks. ::frowns:: I mean, it's like the stink is following us. ::pauses and hefts up a foot to check the sole of his shoe, using the opportunity to spare a quick glance behind them::
[19:11] <Gabriel> ::shrugs at Detro's comment:: Well, at least the lights are back on here.
[19:12] <Craig> ::takes another look through the binoculars and raises an eyebrow, starts taking notes again, "among a group of CEF officers, one person wearing what looked like a blue dress uniform, don't recognize as part of the CEF dress code", and sends that to detro's glove::
[19:12] <Savant> The road ends abruptly ahead, as if it were torn out by a skyhook. It likely was. There's not even a guard rail, just a raw end of metal and crushed rock and plastic.
[19:13] <Ardelmos> ::shifting laterally in response to the comments from Detro about the other team's locations:: +com+ Hey Clarence, I'm outta the bar now and it looks like there's a pack of celebrity big-wigs moving through the streets; big bodyguards and everything. Maybe they know a good club.
[19:15] <Gabriel> ::stops near the edge:: Well, this isn't exactly what I was looking for. You know, I think we must be close to the CEF areas here. ::glances behind to see if their Costa Moreia shadow is still back there somewhere::
[19:16] <Detro> +com+ ::snorts:: Right. And I might as well ask them for fashion tips too. They'd probably try to sell me a grey greatcoat or something.
[19:16] <Savant> the Talons' shadow is still there. He's a tall, relatively thin man in a ballcap and a greatcoat, right now rifling through a garbage pail and placing a few of its contents into the loaded basket of his bike
[19:18] <Craig> ::continues to watch the group move for a while until they are out of sight, looked like a tour for some important figure::
[19:18] <Detro> ::covers the phone:: Maybe we should go back to the train station, retrace our steps?
[19:19] <Ardelmos> +com+ Eh, I don't think they're too hip on fashion -- hot shot real-estate agents maybe, looks like they're either taking a look for good investment properties or making sure the ones they've already bought are in good shape.
[19:19] <Gabriel> You two go ahead. I'm gonna go in here and see if I can find a place to use the can.
[19:20] <Ardelmos> ::continues shifting laterally in the shadows::
[19:20] <Detro> ::chuckle:: Sure it's a can and not just a hole in the ground? Just don't wait too long in catching up.
[19:21] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Appreciate well. ::smirks and slaps Detro on the shoulder::
[19:21] <Gabriel> ::while slapping Detro on the shoulder with one hand, uses that as a distraction to make the "cover me" motion toward the shadows he hopes Roland is hiding in, hiding the gesture so that Roland can see it but the ballcap shadow can't::
[19:22] <Thierry> ::Looks even more confused::
[19:23] <Detro> ::puts the phone back to his ear:: +com+ Jack? Still there? Look, this is getting us nowhere. ::starts walking away from the shadows and Tynes:: No! Look, I appreciate the effort but... ::does his best to fake a very loud and obvious argument with "Jack" on the phone::
[19:23] <Ardelmos> +com+ Whoah! Big-ass spider roamin' this street -- jeez, these streets are a mess. ::pulls out one of the machine pistols and starts screwing on the silencer as he shifts after finding and noting Gabriel's motion::
[19:23] <Gabriel> ::heads just inside one of the better-maintained buildings::
[19:24] <Savant> Man> ::He rubs his neck, which pushes the collar of his jacket up. Otherwise he keeps his head down and continues rummaging, staying where he is.::
[19:24] <Detro> +com+ No, I'm NOT accusing you of keeping the women from us!
[19:24] <Thierry> ::Shakes his head as he listens to Detro. He would be even if he did know what Detro was talking about::
[19:25] <Detro> +com+ Look, just talk with the big guy, alright? I know, he's late, but I'm sure he's going to drop in, and we'll be there as soon as we figure out where the frell you are.
[19:26] <Savant> Inside one of the taller, well-lit buildings, Tynes finds that he can't go too far. There's a small antechamber which is trying desperately to look mid-class - there's a plastic plant int he corner and a wall of call-buttons beside a set of doors leading to the elevators and stairs. It's more than a little run down, though
[19:26] <Detro> ::sighs and holds the phone away from his ear, wincing::
[19:26] <Gabriel> ::nods at the foyer and positions himself near the door so that ballcap will have to come inside the building to see him::
[19:29] <Savant> Man> ::He doesn't sem to notice or care about Gabriel - he *looks* more interested in his trash. He doe slook up at Theirry and Detro once in awhile, though.::
[19:30] <Gabriel> ::waits for Detro and Thierry to build up a little distance::
[19:30] <Detro> ::brings the phone back to his ear and "listens" for a bit:: +com+ Alright. Just keep your ballcap on. You're letting your attitude shadow our fun. Call me if you see anything worthwhile, right? 'ppreciate well. ::click::
[19:30] <Thierry> ::Keeps looking totally confused and somewhat annoyed by Detro
[19:31] <Detro> ::slips the phone in his jacket as his cough finally comes back after talking for so long... he rummages around for his mask and puts it on::
[19:31] <Ardelmos> ::narrows his eyes carefully as the man rubbed his neck -- something in the shadows moved at the same time -- nothing large, maybe the size of a toaster, but something nonetheless -- he flipped his visor to IR again::
[19:31] <Ardelmos> ::frowns, and flips to NV::
[19:32] <Detro> ::shakes his head:: Damn jape. ::looks at Thierry:: I think he's been lying to us Aaron. He's seen nothing worth our time and money.
[19:33] <Thierry> O...k.... ::Looks as if he has no idea what Detro is talking about, mainly because he doesn't::
[19:33] <Craig> ::takes another looks through the binoculars towards the factory building, zooming in a bit to see if there's a company name or some identifying logos on it and to see what might be built there::
[19:36] <Detro> ::to Thierry:: C'mon. Let's head back home.
[19:37] <Gabriel> ::wonders what the hell Detro and Thierry are waiting for and mutters:: Move on, already... ::then flips open his phone:: +com+ Jack, pass on the message that the doorman isn't moving until they do.
[19:37] <Thierry> ::Shrugs and follows along::
[19:37] <Gabriel> ::mutters:: Finally. ::waits to see what ballcap does::
[19:37] <Detro> ::heads towards their tail... if the tail follows them, it'll let Tynes drop in and tail the tail::
[19:38] <Ardelmos> ::frowns inside his helmet -- ballcap guy had a drone with him, alright -- something very sophisticated and obviously built for surveillance::
[19:38] <Savant> Man> ::The man doesn't seem interested in the passing of the two Talons, though he does look up guardedly - as if afraid they'd bully him or take something of his.::
[19:39] <Craig> ::makes another note and sends to detro's glove "visible factory currently occupied by Moscow Heavy Industries, looks like the building has been around longer than the corp though"::
[19:40] <Detro> ::pointedly ignores the man as they pass, too busy talking to Thierry:: I'd love to know where those directions we got were wrong... Maybe we should have taken a left turn at Venarow? ::frowns, coughs again briefly::
[19:40] <Thierry> No idea. I've never been that good at directions
[19:42] <Ardelmos> +com+ Hey Clarence, you'll never believe what I found. Weirdest lookin' metal roach I've ever seen, either from Caprice or anything the Earther's brought in. Some street-guy seemed to have a trained like a dog -- had it taking pictures and everything.
[19:42] <Detro> ::Brings up his data glove, walking beyond the ballcap, heading for where a train station likely is:: That's why I wrote them down here... ::scrolls through the glove, catching Craig's comment about the dress code...:: Unless I messed up in writing them down.
[19:42] <Savant> The two Talons pass beside the ball-cap man, who keeps away fromt hem and does his level best to ignore then as he roots about for scraps in the trash bin. If he's a spy he's a method actor, or he rolled a homeless guy, because with all the junk on that bike he's been at it awhile.
[19:43] <Detro> ::his "phone" rings, and Detro pulls it out of his pocket:: Go for Cham. ::listens to the buffer:: +com+ No shit, really?
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::waits to see what the guy does next::
[19:44] <Ardelmos> +com+ Yeah, really. I swear, the guy the thing was dancing with looked like that bastard Tinny, too.
[19:44] <Detro> +com+ Lemme see if I've got anything on that. Hold one. ::puts the "phone" on "hold"::
[19:44] <Savant> Man> ::True to suspicions, the man packs up and moves a few minutes after the Talons pass him - he heads in roughly the same direction.::
[19:45] <Detro> ::to Thierry:: Sorry, work call. Patent search -- won't take me more than a second. ::works the data glove, doing a quick search for any wireless signals coming from behind them::
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::quietly slips out of the building and falls in behind the man, attempting to close the distance without being heard::
[19:45] <Detro> ::keeps walking though::
[19:46] <Thierry> ::Walks on, occasionally shooting glances behind him, not trying to watch the tail, but definately is trying to keep track of him::
[19:47] <Savant> Man> ::Rubs his head and mutters to himself, pedalling slowly. He doesn't stop at the next trash can.::
[19:47] <Ardelmos> ::notes Gabriel slipping out and brings up his weapon, taking a bead on the drone as it remains in its place despite the ballcap individual moving off::
[19:48] <Detro> Ah, there it is. +com+ Yeah, Jerry? Nothing to report yet, but I've got a system keeping a sharp eye out for any movement on the other party's half. They move, we'll counter-sue.
[19:48] <Gabriel> ::grabs ballcap by the collar of his jacket and pushes him roughly against the closest dark patch of building wall:: We don't like being mugged, friend.
[19:50] <Ardelmos> ::as Gabriel grabs the ballcap, Roland pulls the trigger twice on the silenced pistol, a pair of short zips and two non-noticeable puffs of smoke exiting the darkness::
[19:50] <Savant> Man> ::As Gabriel comes up swiftly, the man sweeps his bike down and out across the Captain's legs::
[19:51] <Detro> ::pulls Thierry into a nearby alcove::
[19:52] <Gabriel> ::jumps aside from the interesting choice of melee weapon, then slams the palm of his hand toward the man's chest::
[19:52] <Savant> In the darkness there's a brief slapping sound, followed shortly by another. then nothing.
[19:52] <Detro> +com+ Tell me that's you, cupcake.
[19:53] <Ardelmos> ::moves quickly towards what he hopes is the remnant of the drone, slipping between girders and through shadows:: +com+ Bug on my shoe.
[19:54] <Savant> The man reels back from the slam, nearly tossed onto the gorund with the bike as it is. However, he's still got a hold on the handlebars and is starting to run and leap onto it::
[19:55] <Gabriel> Big mistake. ::draws his sword and thrusts it between the spokes of the rear wheel and the rear sprocket bar, then releases it::
[19:55] <Ardelmos> ::checks the drone to make sure it's down then peeks out around the corner of the girder with his pistol up again, taking aim at the hub of the front wheel::
[19:57] <Detro> ::stays put -- if this is a CEF tail, last thing they need is to get involved.
[19:57] <Ardelmos> ::fires, immediately ducking behind the girder and beginning to unscrew the silencer::
[19:57] <Savant> The front tire blows out, and the bike begins to collapse forwards
[19:58] <Thierry> ::Pulls a hand near the gun in his cloak, but stays put::
[19:58] <Ardelmos> ::replaces the silencer and the pistol into their respective holders, then grabs the shell of the drone that's dead, but still mounted on the girder beside him::
[19:59] <Savant> A milisecond later the bike goes flying into the air, and he goes up with it. He ploughs down onto the hard ashphalt, wise enough to tumble with it - to keep himself protected, and to get distance from the Talons
[19:59] <Ardelmos> ::sticks a jammer on it, just in case:: +com+ Weird looking bug, I tell you. You ought to see it; you like bugs, right?
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::jogs over and retrieves his sword from the unlucky man's bicycle wheel, then walks over and puts one foot on his back, sword in hand:: A bicycle mugger! Who knew?
[20:00] <Ardelmos> ::begins moving parallel to the direction of the man's escape::
[20:00] <Savant> Man> ::Angry:: What the fuck you want? I mind my own business!
[20:01] <Gabriel> Seems like you've been minding my friends and my business for the last three blocks. Or is it coincidence you skipped a few trash cans to keep up with us?
[20:01] <Detro> +com+ Only when they're not pissing me off. Sometimes y'just gotta wag the tail to get rid of them though.
[20:01] <Gabriel> Why are you following us?
[20:02] <Savant> Man> ::Snarls: You're strangers! No one visits here without a reason.
[20:02] <Ardelmos> ::as he moves, he latches the drone onto his chest -- it was covered in RAM coating, so it wasn't like it was going to disrupt his stealth signature, and it freed up his hand::
[20:03] <Gabriel> And that's minding your own business... how, exactly? You mug every corp that gets lost down here?
[20:03] <Detro> +com+ Won't recommend this place for its clubs, tell you that. Too many bugs and mugs. Whaddya say we collect our things and go elsewhere?
[20:03] <Ardelmos> +com+ Fine by me. Getting a little bored, to be honest.
[20:04] <Gabriel> ::makes his argument a little more pointed by poking the small of the guy's back with the tip of the katana::
[20:05] <Gabriel> ::while he's at it, checks the guy's clothes for bulges or weird proportions::
[20:05] <Savant> Man> I didn't mug nobody! What? WHAT!
[20:05] <Thierry> ::Shrugs and waits for Detro to make his move::
[20:05] <Ardelmos> +com+ Make sure tinny knows that this roach is exotic, eh? He'll love it.
[20:05] <Gabriel> You've been following us for three blocks. If you're not a slagging mugger, what are you?
[20:06] <Savant> Man> What it look like? I pick *trash*.
[20:06] <Detro> ::chuckle:: +com+ Great, a new breed. Wait a few, need to check on our friend.
[20:07] <Detro> ::moves out from the alcove just enough that he can observe Tynes and anyone else around him::
[20:07] <Detro> ::To Thierry:: The worst part about this is if I call him, I might distract him and our friend there could get away...
[20:07] <Gabriel> And follow strangers, apparently. You can get up when you answer my question, friend. Why were you following us?
[20:07] <Craig> ::still watching the Lots, notices the group from earlier coming back across, sends another note to detro "looks like tour is finished, saw three in unusual dress, definetly not earther or caprician, maybe that atlantean envoy like whatshisname back at the safehouse said?"::
[20:08] <Thierry> ::Shrugs:: We could always go say hi
[20:08] <Savant> Man> ::he grumbles and remains silent a moment before outbursting:: Fine, yes. A man has to eat, you know? What?
[20:09] <Gabriel> Or maybe you'd just like to explain why you were following us to Gallot security. ::makes it sound as if he's sure he's still in Gallot's zone, then watches the man's reaction and body language carefully::
[20:09] <Detro> Eh, let's not draw attention back to ourselves just yet.
[20:10] <Savant> Man> ::snorts:: Like they care of this rusted-up place. Look, fine, I leave you alone. You go, I don't bother you anymore.
[20:12] <Detro> For now, let's just keep a better eye on things. ::steps out of the alcove, phone at the ear:: +com+ I think that's going to be a little while. Would you believe he's chatting up this tramp? I mean, I thought he had better standards than that...
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::takes his foot off the man's back and takes two steps back, sword two-handed and at the ready:: Go on. Get out of here. Sorry about your bike, but I thought you were looking to mug us.
[20:13] <Ardelmos> ::is in the shadows, not too far from Gabriel, and is watching the conversation:: +com+ Well you might want to let him know before his conversation ends -- it'll excite him.
[20:14] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::watches Gabriel start to wave the man off:: Like. Now.
[20:14] <Savant> Man> ::he grunts, dusts himself off, and then - with a final parting glare - he stalks off down the road, away from the Talons - even those he can't see.::
[20:16] <Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself silently::
[20:16] <Gabriel> ::waits for a five count, then sheathes the sword, shaking his head::
[20:16] <Gabriel> ::moves to catch up with the others, looking around to see if anyone took extraordinary interest in the encounter::
[20:17] <Detro> ::as Tynes finally lets the man go:: Phew.
[20:17] <Savant> A few people were looking out their windows, but have since shut them again. The street's quiet.
[20:17] <Detro> ::gestures at Tynes as he approaches:: C'mon. I think I figured out where we got lost.
[20:17] <Gabriel> Good. The neighbors were starting to annoy me.
[20:19] <Detro> Neighbors? Pah. The bugs are far worse.
[20:20] <Detro> Whole stinking part of this level needs exterminating.
[20:20] <Gabriel> Bugs? Really? Interesting, but not surprising.
[20:20] <Craig> ::decides it's time to pack it in for now and makes his way back to the rendevous to meet up with the others::
[20:21] <Thierry> Bugs usually come in swarms, we should make sure we're prepared
[20:21] <Detro> ::smiles:: I've been told someone we know has that already well in hand.
[20:22] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:22] <Savant> that works well Wink
[20:22] <Savant> we'll call it there. Next week will be a thursday game, and I want to know your objectives before the game starts
[20:22] <Savant> please use your forums for planning.
[20:23] <Savant> any questions?
[20:23] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Lot of possible directions from here.
[20:23] <Gabriel> And no, none here.
[20:23] <Savant> a great many
[20:23] <Savant> interesting game, I liked it.
[20:23] <Gabriel> Yep, I had a great time with this one.
[20:23] <Detro> And Roland caught himself a baby Cylon!
[20:23] <Gabriel> I feel very strongly we need to hit the CEF before we do anything corp-related. We have to show the corps that sooner or later, the CEF is probably gonna lose.
[20:24] <Craig> i hope roland made sure that little toaster wasn't hot anymore so that we could take it back to have a look at:P
[20:24] <Gabriel> That gives them reason to negotiate with us.
[20:24] <Gabriel> So it's probably gonna be something terrorism-related next week. Wink
[20:24] <Detro> Hmm. Should we involve the Highlands First? Maybe also use this as an opportunity to remind them who the REAL enemy is?
[20:24] <Savant> cool Wink
[20:24] <Gabriel> Maybe snipering...
[20:24] <Thierry> Joy
[20:25] <Savant> anyways, discuss on the forums please. Maybe everyone should post what they'd like to do next.
[20:25] <Savant> then you can talk about what's actually gonna happen.
[20:25] <Thierry> (That wasn't a genuine "joy btw)
[20:26] <Savant> yeah, I know that. That's why I followed with the comment that I did.
[20:26] <Savant> be pro-active.
[20:26] <Savant> anyone want experience points?
[20:26] <Gabriel> Yes, please. Wink
[20:26] <Craig> yes please
[20:26] <Craig> jinx
[20:26] <Thierry> I guess
[20:26] <Ardelmos> I would appreciate ventilating someone's skull from long-range, yes.
[20:26] <Detro> Sure Smile
[20:26] <Gabriel> I seem to have expended a few. Wink
[20:27] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Tell me about it.
[20:28] <Detro> Good exchanging of information tonight.
[20:28] <Ardelmos> Code-talkin'
[20:28] <Gabriel> Shared objectives, different methods, multiple supporting teams, good communications, good separation of duties. I feel like we got a really good picture of Paladin Lots external security. There's probably a whole other layer of hard stuff we couldn't see from the street, so we'll have to come back.
[20:28] <Detro> Craig and Roland were keeping Detro pretty well informed of what those on the ground couldn't spend lots of time staring at without being obvious to their task.
[20:30] <Savant> i agree with all of this. You did a great job of recon
[20:30] <Craig> roland even had gabriel's back when it came to that stranger
[20:30] <Savant> how far you've come, i have to say Wink
[20:30] <Savant> definately point for teamwork. Next for storyline advancement. What did you find out today?
[20:31] <Gabriel> There's a damned good chance that ballcap and a couple dozen like him make a few pounds a week to watch out for unusual events and people. How the drone fits in, we don't know yet. We're gonna have to check that part.
[20:31] <Detro> Unidentified uniform touring CEF facilities == possible other colonial representative?
[20:31] <Craig> what detro said
[20:32] <Ardelmos> The drone's not caprician or earther. Probably atlantean or utopian.
[20:32] <Gabriel> Aside from that, the run-down nature of the territory surrounding Paladin Lots is exactly opposite of what I would expect.
[20:32] <Thierry> Alpha level by lots = totally demolished. Guess too many people were sneaking around down there
[20:32] <Detro> Heh. Actually, it almost makes sense to me.
[20:32] <Gabriel> That points to some very interesting cultural aspects of Gomorrah. Nobody wants to get too close to the plague, apparently. Wink
[20:32] <Gabriel> It also begs the question of what was in this region before. Gonna have to check that out.
[20:32] <Ardelmos> The fact that the barracks are so close to the edge of the Lots is interesting.
[20:32] <Detro> It's the Berlin Wall, just without the wall.
[20:33] <Gabriel> ie, did the region degrade after the CEF moved in, or was it already like this?
[20:33] <Savant> that I can answer for you
[20:33] <Detro> I was going to say, didn't BT05's infiltration mission here last time come in on Alpha level?
[20:33] <Savant> the CEF apparently demolished all the linking roads but a few to and from the Lots, and as a result, the once-prime real estate became hinterlands.
[20:33] <Gabriel> We've never been this close to Paladin Lots. We never got anywhere near it our last sortie.
[20:34] <Detro> I thought that infiltration job we did to the reactors using the backup reactor maintenance team to the main CM team was in PL.
[20:34] <Savant> it was.
[20:34] <Gabriel> Was it? Wow. I totally missed that.
[20:34] <Savant> hee
[20:34] <Savant> AGLs main facilities are in Paladin Lots
[20:34] <Savant> EGL
[20:35] <Detro> ::chuckle:: I've been waiting for Tynes to ask Mem if he's seen anything familiar or noted specific changes since he last saw the Lots here.
[20:35] <Detro> Or Craig too.
[20:35] <Gabriel> If and when we come back here, Gabriel's gonna look through the debriefings on the layer of security inside this one.
[20:35] <Detro> Assuming his memories are intact after teh water. ;D
[20:35] <Gabriel> I don't remember any of that being mentioned in-game at that time.
[20:35] <Savant> sure
[20:36] <Gabriel> I would have, had I known/remembered that.
[20:36] <Gabriel> ^-- Detro.
[20:36] <Savant> anything else?
[20:36] <Detro> Heh. JM first mentions then on 1/29/2005
[20:37] <Savant> seems like no. That's 4.
[20:37] <Detro> Check the logs for 6/9 - 6/30 2005.
[20:37] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Will do.
[20:37] <Savant> I'l give you an extra one if you post a mission objective on the forums by this weekend
[20:37] <Gabriel> I'm thinking more and more that my vote's gonna be for a snipering. Two separated snipers, a spotter for each, plus additional spotters at ground level.
[20:38] <Savant> sounds fun
[20:38] <Thierry> something I'd prefer to sit out
[20:38] <Savant> that's 4 for now, 5 for those who post a mission plan by the weekend.
[20:38] <Gabriel> Then put up an alternative and I'll consider it.
[20:38] <Savant> I'll post those points in the forums
[20:38] <Thierry> I just did
[20:38] <Savant> well done all!
[20:38] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:09] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:09] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:09] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2000 EST. The Enemy's Camp in Session'
[18:09] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:09] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:09] <Thierry> ::ATTN::
[18:09] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[18:09] * Jester has joined #BT05
[18:09] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jester
[18:09] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:09] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:09] * Farrell is now known as Detro
[18:10] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:10] * Craig has joined #BT05
[18:10] <Birkin> ::attn::
[18:10] <Savant> okay! Hi! hello! How are you?
[18:10] <Detro> Can you tell me your name?
[18:10] <Birkin> greetings
[18:10] * Savant sets mode: +oo Craig Dimitri
[18:10] <Dimitri> ::Attn::
[18:10] <Savant> two things before we roll off on this very special edition of the Black Talons.
[18:11] <Savant> one is new arrivals. Sort of, anyways. Hi Jake! Welcome to the real deal! Prescot, AKA Birkin, will be joining us full time after .. what, five thousand years of working a night job?
[18:11] <Detro> WOOT!
[18:11] <Birkin> Seems that way
[18:12] <Savant> so, welcome back, finally. Also say hi to Nik, AKA Ryco, AKA Dimitri, the greekiest greek you ever did meet.
[18:12] <Dimitri> OUZO.
[18:12] <Savant> that means "hello" in greek
[18:12] <Dimitri> It really does.
[18:13] <Gabriel> Heh. Hello, Ryco, welcome. And welcome Dimitri, later, maybe, assuming our job isn't to shoot him. Wink
[18:13] <Dimitri> That and "May I spend the night with your daughter." It's a great exchange system.
[18:13] <Savant> second news is slightly more serious. It seems to me that Eecol, the mother of my paycheques, likes to have Thursday meetings, now that our fall promotional period is over.
[18:13] <Savant> so, it may be wise to bump the game back half an hour. Any objections?
[18:13] <Detro> Tell them no, and that they need to fix that typo in their name.
[18:13] <Ardelmos> In Soviet Russia, paycheck mothers you.
[18:13] <Ardelmos> I mean no.
[18:14] <Birkin> so we'd start 30 mins from now/
[18:14] <Detro> j/k. So Eastern Time Zone would be an 8:30 start instead of 8:00?
[18:14] <Birkin> 530 PST
[18:14] <Savant> yes.
[18:14] <Dimitri> Well, technically 28 minutes.
[18:14] <Thierry> No objections here
[18:14] <Detro> No problem here.
[18:14] <Craig> 8:30 is fine
[18:14] <Birkin> None from me either.
[18:14] <Dimitri> I really have no problem. I'm easy going.
[18:15] <Gabriel> No objections.
[18:15] <Savant> let's brief you briefly.
[18:15] <Birkin> we could go back to 6 start up time if you so desire, since I think I wsa the one that asked for the 5 start up time
[18:15] * Brad has joined #bt05
[18:15] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Brad
[18:15] <Savant> The Enemy's Camp
[18:15] <Savant> 31 Winter 1945 TN, 2100h - Early Afternoon
[18:15] <Savant> Beta Level, Paladin Lots, Gomorrah
[18:15] <Savant> 13 degrees Celcius, 02% humidity, 770 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:15] <Savant> Time to stir up the yellowjacket nest. The Talons have decided to cause some havoc by sniping key figures within Paladin Lots. After scouting out the surrounding areas for a good sniper nest (they found seeveral) they have spent tow days in preparation.
[18:15] <Savant> Now it's time to begin the operation. Two operating teams, plus a support team. Should be easy.
[18:15] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:15] <Gabriel> ack
[18:15] <Detro> ack
[18:15] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:15] <Thierry> ack
[18:15] <Dimitri> acknowledged.
[18:15] <Birkin> ack
[18:15] <Savant> questions? Commentary?
[18:15] <Detro> Detro's going to doctor up a PDA to make it look like massive file damage, but leave enough encrypted data for them to trace it back to C.M... What rolls if any are required for this?
[18:16] <Savant> are you guys doing this in the same area you were scouting out earlier?
[18:16] <Savant> Detro, give me a computers/kno roll, and a forgery/cre roll, both cpx 1
[18:16] <Gabriel> Yes, except a level down for the ground team, and a level up for the snipers, assuming we can find good vantage points in some of those abandoned buildings.
[18:17] <Savant> a full level, or just snipers on rooftops and support on the ground?
[18:17] <Savant> also, a quick note - didn't have time to update Lemon lately.
[18:18] <Gabriel> If we can find rooftops on Beta, rooftops on Beta is fine.
[18:18] <Savant> rooftops on Beta are very much available.
[18:18] <Craig> ok so i still gotta add a +1 to all my PER based rolls?
[18:19] <Gabriel> Either rooftops or some kind of good vantage point. I honestly figured we'd be rolling to find good spots. Jester is not a professionally trained sniper. Roland is. Wink
[18:19] <Savant> oh, you will be
[18:19] <Savant> i just wanted to know the basics.
[18:20] <Gabriel> But the drones stay on Alpha level or whatever ground level is. Wherever Paladin Lots has gates and walls instead of cut roads.
[18:20] <Savant> each team should make one CombatSense/per cpx 2 now
[18:20] <Savant> there are gates and walls all over the Lots - all the entrances are gated and guarded. But there are beams and spars that can't be so well guarded.
[18:23] <Gabriel> The drones can and should be programmed to go in pretty randomly. Their goal is to cause chaos, not damage.
[18:23] <Gabriel> Still, try to target the SDG ones on support beams.
[18:24] <Savant> Jester, please give me a brief one paragraph overview of your plan in #BT05. For me and for your teams
[18:24] <Gabriel> The strategic goal is to prove to any Utopian ambassadors visiting PL that things are not as puppies and rainbows as the CEF says. (more)
[18:25] <Gabriel> The tactical goal is to do this by ventilating the skulls of three to four (if possible) CEF ambassadors escorting Utopians around. Utopians themselves are not to be harmed. Can't stress that enough. Snipers from two positions we scouted on Beta level near PL will take shots, preferably no more than two shots each. Then we boogie. (more)
[18:26] <Gabriel> One sniper, one spotter, and one guard for each team. Plus a ground team baby-sitting some Fire Eggs. If the sniper teams come under fire, the guards shoot back, plus we release the Fire Eggs to cause chaos for the PL external security. If we can leave via the buildings with ropes and rappelling down to Alpha level, we'll do that. (more)
[18:27] <Gabriel> If we can't, then we jet pack out of the trench to our Spiders, which are parked on the north side of the trench and we drive away, hopefully without eight or ten hovertanks on our trail. Expect counter-snipers, VTOL, frames, or Prophet forbid, some of those exos. That's all.
[18:28] <Savant> awesome.
[18:28] <Savant> shall we have a party?
[18:28] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:28] <Savant> It's relatively busy - strange, to be setting up such an operation in the middle of a busy city. The two teams are making their way up exposed ladderways, climbing up steel girders, or skirting up stairwells on their approach to their sniping nests.
[18:29] <Savant> Outside, the streets are surprisingly busy as well. It seems that some of the dark buildings around here are in fact warehouses and low-cost offices that were simply unpowered during their down cycles. Apparently in some places Gomorrah *does* have night-time.
[18:31] <Detro> ::carefully makes his way up towards the spot they'd designated as one of their sniping positions... unlike some of the others on the team, Detro's loadout reflects this mission -- he's got enough surveilance equipment to easily pick out the right targets, plus a few surprises::
[18:31] <Birkin> ::sneaks up the stairwell as best he can, keeping his excessively large gun quiet and in the shadow so as not to give away their position::
[18:32] <Gabriel> ::moves up slowly and carefully, encouraging the others on his team to do the same:: +com+ Everyone take it nice and easy. No bonuses for speed here.
[18:32] <Thierry> ::Carefully makes his way towards the position Gabe had picked out. He was a tad nervous to be the one with the big gun
[18:32] <Detro> ::he's moving steadily, but with slow, practiced movements, born from plenty of practice in his BDU back home... every move is fluid::
[18:33] <Ardelmos> ::is more or less invisible in his sniping position -- he had been there for several hours now, observing the general layout of the sightlines, the movement of the winds and air currents, and the shifting groups of people -- any trained sniper knew that such extensive preparation was necessary::
[18:33] <Craig> ::climbs up the ladder to the rooftop, lugging a pack holding an AG rifle and his R23 rifle with him, once on the roof he unloads the pack and assembles the AG rifle::
[18:33] <Savant> Gabriel's team has managed to find itself a good location - it's an abandoned penthouse suite with a balcony on the opposite side of Paladin Lots and nice big bay windows facing the CEF. Only a short distance away. Roland, meanwhile, has secured a fantastic spot. A rooftop with high ledges and a good deal of silhouette clutter from air processors.
[18:34] <Craig> <<change rooftop with penthouse then>>
[18:35] <Savant> Down on the ground, the Talons watching out are contending with some heavy truck traffic miving about the dirty streets. IT's noisy and chaotic, with smaller cars fighting with the larger freight haulers for street space.
[18:35] <Detro> ::carefuly makes his way towards the balcony... he pulls out the optics from his pack and pushes it out just enough so he can see around the door, to make sure it's clear::
[18:35] <Thierry> ::Eventually settles into his vantage point, setting in by the window::
[18:35] <Gabriel> ::reaches the location first, setting his pack out of the way between two of the windows, then points Thierry to his spot, and Craig to a good supporting spot for the monster AG rifle::
[18:36] <Gabriel> << S2> >>
[18:36] <Detro> <<Grr. Brain dead. -balcony -door +roof edge>>
[18:36] <Craig> <S2>::nods to gabriel and moves to the indicated position ::
[18:36] <Birkin> S1> ::finds his spot behind a few boxes and various structures , setting up a light of sight directly towards Paladin lots, where the reinforcements were bound to come from, getting his tripod up silently and begining to scan the area relentlessly for anyone possibly looking at them::
[18:37] <Thierry> S2> ::Sets up the Liberati gun, trainging the scope in the direction of the keffs::
[18:37] <Detro> S1> ::sets the optic sensor up on top of a nearby unit and jacks into the data glove::
[18:37] <Ardelmos> ::is lying on top of one of the air processors -- the prone position was much more suited to the job that if he were standing or kneeling in front of a ledge -- he peered through a set of binoculars, tracking various positions as his rifle lay propped on its bipod in front of him::
[18:37] <Gabriel> S2> ::unrolls some of the camoflage netting he brought along and starts laying it down over and around Thierry's position::
[18:38] <Detro> S1> ::pulls out the mike and readies it as well::
[18:40] <Thierry> S2> ::Fidgets a bit as the camo netting is draped over him::
[18:40] <Gabriel> S2> ::pulls his vibroknife from his thigh sheath, cuts the netting a little ragged, then tucks the edge under the window ledge::
[18:40] <Gabriel> S2> ::quietly:: Try not to move around. The human -- and the GREL eye -- are drawn to movement. The less you move, the more likely you'll survive.
[18:40] <Birkin> S1> ::spies a few openings here and there, not seeing much around except a lot of GREL and drones in front of him::
[18:42] <Detro> S1> ::carefully eases onto a ledge on the processor next to Roland and pushes the optical sensor forward, easing forward with the mike... he's soon concealed nicely with a good, clear view::
[18:42] <Thierry> S2>::Gives the slightest possible nod and continues peering through the scope::
[18:42] <Gabriel> S2> Cut a hole in that glass. A vibroblade will do it if you've got one. ::leaves Thierry to his scan and heads over to Craig's position to use all but a couple of square meters of the netting at Craig's position::
[18:43] <Ardelmos> S1> ::slowly and fluidly reaches under his chin and presses the subvocal communicator on his neck:: +subvoc+ No targets yet. Patrols are regular and follow the same paths noted last time we scouted, changeovers every six point five hours. Air currents predominantly flow at 20 degrees relative to trench centerline with fluctuations to 340 at two hundred meter intervals.
[18:43] <Detro> ::starts scanning the potential field of targets and establishing the major orienting objects::
[18:43] <Detro> <<S1 that>>
[18:44] <Gabriel> S2> ::clicks his comm in response to Roland and finishes laying netting around Craig and the massive AG rifle:: Stay off this thing unless you have to. Chances are if you have to fire this thing, we'll have to leave it here.
[18:44] <Craig> ::keeps still as gabriel covers him with camo netting::
[18:45] <Thierry> S2> ::Whispers:: Don't got a good cutting tool, and nothing yet
[18:45] <Savant> The teams settle in. Downstairs, Karas reports in over the sub-vocal, "All quiet. Lots of traffic, noisy. Perfect."
[18:46] <Craig> <S2 that previous and this one> ::nods again, then hearing thierry, he slowly pulls out his vibroknife and hands it to gabriel to give him::
[18:46] <Ardelmos> ::reaches forward and slowly picks up silencer set beside his rifle, screwing it onto the barrel::
[18:46] <Ardelmos> <<S1>>
[18:47] <Gabriel> S2> ::lays the last of the camo netting near his own position, mostly crumpling it up against the window pane, then heads back to Thierry's position to cut a hole in the glass for him::
[18:47] <Detro> S1> ::does another sweep of the area, confirming the objects and buildings there he'll use to guide Roland to his next shot::
[18:47] <Savant> The target area was chosen by Roland, by far the most experienced sniper in the group. He's chosen an area that's curiously open. Thick power lines run in through a broad gap in the buildings, going to a squat transformer and then spreading out like a spider to the other buildings in the area. The rest of the space is a bit of a promenade, and due to its location it's been used as a VTOL approach pad. It's guarded, but not against snipers.
[18:48] <Detro> S1> ::settles on the transformer and two buildings as his key orienting marks, then starts to look more closely at the people in the target area::
[18:49] <Savant> Right now there are some GREL and two fat VTOLs that look a bit like a Scorpion attack helicopter ate a whale. Not a lot of activity right now, save the pilots and the cluster of guards in their positions.
[18:49] <Gabriel> S2> ::cuts a small hole in his own window as well, then shuts down his vibroblade and sheathes it, then heads back to his own position, drawing datapad, binoculars, night vision optics, and his remote mic from his pack::
[18:50] <Birkin> S1> ::studies that fat VTOL closely, trying to see where he might be able to find a weak point, a lack of armor, or a feul line too close to the skin of the beast::
[18:50] <Gabriel> S2> ::sets up his own remote mic first, pointing the antenna out the small hole he cut with his vibroblade::
[18:51] <Craig> <S2> sheaths his vibroblade after gabriel refuses it and goes back to looking out the window::
[18:51] <Thierry> ::Settles the barrell of the rifle in the new hole and starts trying to calm his breathing::
[18:51] <Thierry> ^ S2>
[18:52] <Gabriel> S2> ::goes prone, resets his own camo netting a bit to block possible lens glare, then goes to work with his binoculars, sweeping slowly back and forth::
[18:53] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ VTOLs, Hakkar logo in the target area.
[18:53] <Gabriel> S2> ::mutters to himself:: 'twas the night before Prophet's Blessing, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...
[18:53] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ The kind corp offs would ride.
[18:54] <Thierry> S2>::Whispers in reply to Gabe:: Not even the sand mouse
[18:54] <Detro> S1> ::settles in to a broader view of the area and tries the mike out -- LASER OFF.
[18:56] <Detro> S1> ::sweeps slowly across the target area::
[18:56] <Gabriel> S2> ::nods and pulls the earpiece from the remote mic and puts it in, telling the microphone to start a slow sweep over the target area::
[18:58] <Dimitri> +subvoc+ Orphened Dawg to Mother Springer. Orphened Dawg to Mother Springer.
[18:58] <Ardelmos> S1> ::remains completely motionless, eyes tracking the area through the binoculars -- he had zeroed his scope and his weapon earlier to the center of the large landing pad area, so hopefully he would only have to adjust for windage and temperature when the time came::
[18:58] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Spotter one, concentrate your sweeps to the left of those VTOLs. I'll take the right side.
[18:59] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ ::clicks in acknowledgement::
[18:59] <Gabriel> S2> ::stops the remote mic's sweep for a moment, adjusts range slightly, and listens again::
[18:59] <Thierry> ::Keeps trying to breathe shallowly as he'd been taught::
[19:00] <Birkin> S1> +scom+ Weak ass peice of Earther shit. VTOL's are weak on the fans and exaust ports. I wouldn't ride that thing into a bar fight.
[19:00] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Voices in the target area. Accents, Caprician, Terran... and one I don't recognize. Anglic. Zeroing.
[19:00] <Craig> <S2>::blinks a bit as an unrecognized voice comes over the comms, whispers to tynes:: someone else is on the line?
[19:00] <Gabriel> S2> ::tunes his remote mic into the Talon frequency so that everyone can hear what he's hearing::
[19:01] <Detro> S1> ::restricts his mike sweep to his half of the target area, adjusting his visuals as well::
[19:01] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Mother Springer here. I don't recognize your breed, so make it fast, Dawg, go.
[19:02] <Gabriel> S2> ::drags his pack a little closer, tips the dataglove where he can see the screen, and starts a search of the database he's got with him for the "Orphaned Dawg" code word::
[19:02] <Savant> Someone comes jogging intot he target area - a young man in Gomorran attire, black tunic and loose pants, and a half-cloak. He ducks into one of the VTOLs.
[19:02] <Dimitri> +subcom+ Dawg from litter seven. Orphened recently.
[19:03] <Gabriel> <<data glove inside, even>>
[19:03] <Ardelmos> S1> +subvoc+ VTOLs have pilots
[19:03] <Gabriel> S2> ::refines the search for BT07::
[19:03] <Gabriel> S2> ::pulls up, in particular, roster names and a recognition code-word unique to this team::
[19:04] <Birkin> S1> ::keeps a very close eye on the VTOL there, wondering if it is a pilot or something else::
[19:05] <Detro> S1> ::does another pass across his zone on visual:: +subvoc+ How do you want me to call targets for you, Roland?
[19:05] <Thierry> ::Keeps his eye to the Liberati scope::
[19:05] <Gabriel> +com+ Acknowledged, Dawg. Your code word is Sargasso, say again, Sargasso, respond. ::mutes comm for a second and glances over at Craig:: Looks like BT07's might have had an accident or been split up.
[19:06] <Savant> After about a minute, the man leaves his VTOL gain, carrying a hardened briefcase. He jogs off to the left.
[19:06] <Dimitri> +vcom+ Response is Margatte Mother Springer. Over.
[19:06] <Craig> ::frowns a bit then nods::
[19:06] <Ardelmos> S1> +subvoccom+ Minutes of angle from the midpoint between VTOLs.
[19:07] <Thierry> ::Ears perk up slightly but his body stays still::
[19:08] <Gabriel> +com+ Acknoweldge ID, Dawg. Beta level, two blocks south of Gallot rotunda, right where the lights go out. Can you be there in 20 minutes?
[19:08] <Gabriel> << S2> >>
[19:08] <Birkin> S1> ::wonders if he offered a month of his pay if that collaborator would offer up that briefcase. Figures not and tries to see if there is anything else inside that VTOL::
[19:09] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Rog.
[19:09] * Ardelmos has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:09] <Dimitri> +vcom+ Acknoweldged. On Route.
[19:09] <Savant> Tick. Tick. Tick. Time passes. A group of three Issac class GREL come sauntering around the right corner, then stop and straighten as they continue on their way through the path. they can't help but stare at the VTOLs.
[19:09] <Gabriel> ::stand-bys the dataglove and pushes it back into his pack for the moment::
[19:10] * Ardelmos has joined #bt05
[19:10] * Birkin sets mode: +o Ardelmos
[19:10] <Craig> ::takes a deep breath and continues to be patient::
[19:11] <Savant> Mic> *snap pop* - his is the issue, Viceroy. With your assistance, we'll be able to almost double output. This will certainly be enough to pleace Earth, and at the same time put a pretty pound in your pocket. All for the Concordat.
[19:11] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Microphone locked in. ::locks the mic to that conversation and orders it to track::
[19:12] <Detro> S1> ::pushes back the mild irritation it wasn't something picked up on his side... he continues to watch the target area::
[19:12] <Gabriel> S2> ::scans under the right side of the VTOL with his binoculars for feet::
[19:13] <Savant> Mic2> (Terran) -"Let me be blunt, viceroy. The Terranovans are a great headache, and it would do both our planets best if they were neutralized. You've never met them, and you've never fough them, but you can see what they're doing here. It isn't pretty."-
[19:13] * Ardelmos has quit IRC (Quit: )
[19:14] <Gabriel> S2> Well. Someone's not happy. Viceroy...
[19:15] <Savant> Mic1> (terran) -"What do you think? Ever seen one like it?"- (Issac) - "No, sir! It's impressive. I've never seen a manifold quite like that. We'll ahve to take it to the lab and tear it down to tell if it's really what they say it is."-
[19:16] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Movement under the VTOL, 4MOA. Feet, combat boots... looks male.
[19:16] <Gabriel> S2> ::can see the probable location for Detro's conversation, and keeps scanning for his:: +com+ How big are the feet? GREL?
[19:17] * Fraser has joined #bt05
[19:17] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Fraser
[19:17] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Small GREL or large person.
[19:17] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[19:17] <Birkin> S1> ::gives that manifold another look over, trying to see if he could determine what was::
[19:18] <Birkin> ::... so special about it::
[19:18] <Thierry> ::Twitches the rifle slightly to get a look at the VTOL
[19:18] <Savant> Mic2> (Caprician) -"We can offer you two hundred seventy five million for exclusive rights, plus a fifteen per cent royalty over the next twenty Caprician years."
[19:20] <Ardelmos> ::lowers his binoculars and pulls his rifle back slightly, jamming the butt hard into his shoulder and peering down the scope, reaching up to adjust the sights minutely based upon the current conditions, then eyes where Detro has indicated::
[19:20] * Retrieving #BT05 modes...
[19:20] <Gabriel> ::frowns at the strange topic change on his microphone and hopes it's still locked in::
[19:21] <Dimitri> +vcom+ Dawg in position.
[19:21] <Savant> Mic1> (Terran) -"Hmph. Well, get on with it then. We only have three of these, and you've been *honoured* to inspect this one. Don't screw it up or it'll be you in the mountain next, I promise you that!"-
[19:22] <Gabriel> ::waits for the viceroy to respond:: +com+ Acknowledged, Dawg. Here's the situation. You're currently four blocks north, two blocks east of the hotel our very old friends are staying at here on Gomorrah. We're going to be delivering a package. I want you to get into position to observe the delivery. Stay out of sight. Can you do that?
[19:23] <Gabriel> S2> ::swings the dataglove back over and pulls up the records and specialties of this Dimitri Theophilus::
[19:23] <Ardelmos> S1> ::without much of a pause after inspecting the boots:: +subvoc+ Boots are Morgana.
[19:24] <Savant> Mic2> (foreign) -"The Republic is only interested in Caprician money only so long as it benefits us at home. What will your millions of pounds get us materially?"
[19:25] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Don't suppose we have a snowball's chance in the Badlands of managing to, say, steal one of those manifolds?
[19:25] <Dimitri> +vcom+ Consider it done.
[19:25] <Savant> Mic1> (Issac) -"Yes sir! You heard him, boys, move it on out! Seal it up and get it on the truck!" - ::background noise, engines, impact drills, etc::
[19:25] <Thierry> ::Keeps his shallow rhytmic breathing and now knows what is meant by an itchy trigger finger::
[19:26] <Gabriel> S2> Hello, Viceroy... and who would it be making a deal with you... +com+ Acknowledge the Morgana. And doesn't seem likely unless you can invent a teleporter, spotter one.
[19:26] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Then how 'bout we ding it up?
[19:27] <Craig> <S2>+subvoc+ i'm more interested in what the manifolds attached to
[19:27] <Dimitri> ::makes his way towards the hotel, remaining fairly calm and casual as if just taking a daily stroll. He stops a few times to take a look at things that may 'interest' him. ::
[19:27] <Savant> Mic2> (Caprician) -"What do you *want*? We're the gate world. If you want it, we can get it. In particular, we can get you enough metals to finish Praxiteles. Perhaps the Earthers will provide labour, for a fair cost. They seem to have a wealth of it."-
[19:28] <Gabriel> S2> ::frowns:: Praxiteles? ::taps it into the database and asks for a search::
[19:28] <Detro> S1> :Surprisedn his dataglove, hilights the ongoing recording at that spot for further review::
[19:29] <Savant> The street is fairly busy and clear - few stores, mostly industrial work areas, warehouses, and the like. Busy, but not a lot of foot traffic - mostly vehicles. Workers stay indoors, or in their various work yards.
[19:31] <Detro> S1> ::goes back to listening in::
[19:31] <Savant> Mic> 1 ::more noise, engines sounding, sounds of Mordred lifting things:: (terran) Do it right, or it's your head! ::door closing::
[19:31] <Dimitri> ::continues on towards the hotel, until it is in view, then looks for a suitable spot to be able to keep an eye on the hotel entrance without having to just stand across the street.
[19:32] <Detro> S1> ::looks to see if they can take a shot on the people loading things -- perhaps drop the only one they have and damage it::
[19:32] <Savant> In Paladin Lots, a mustachio'd man saunters across into the yard and waits there, standing beside one of the VTOLs with his hands on his hips
[19:34] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Sounds like whatever this is, it's rare and something they shouldn't drop.
[19:34] <Ardelmos> S1> ::quietly, to himself:: Hello there, who might you be?
[19:35] <Gabriel> S2> ::frowns even more:: +com+ Let's hope they don't close this deal. According to TN historical records, Utopia was half-way through completing something called the Praxiletes Shipyards when communications between the colonies broke down.
[19:35] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Let me reinforce this, snipers. The Viceroy is not to be harmed, and if we ID other Utopians, they are not to be harmed either. The Caprician and all Terrans are fair game once we have visibility.
[19:36] <Birkin> S1> ::watches the VTOL machine a bit, wondering just what is going with that thing::
[19:36] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ This presents a problem. They've used us as the reason they need to make this deal, that we're the threat.
[19:36] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ We attack now, we risk STRENGTHENING that bond.
[19:36] <Savant> Mic2> (another terran) ::annoyed:: The Concordat does not pay Hakkar Incorporated to conduct its colonial operations, Mr Vice Director.
[19:36] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Or alternately, the Viceroy dives into cover with the full knowledge we could have ended him... and didnt'.
[19:37] <Dimitri> :: makes way towards one of the outbuildings situating himself inside of it, with the front of the hotel in view.:: +vcom+ "In position." he pulls out a datapad, looking up through his HUI, and begins recording. ::
[19:38] <Ardelmos> S1> +subvoc+ Possible target. Mustache. Yard. Beside VTOL1 looking smug. ID please.
[19:38] <Gabriel> S2> ::suddenly grins at this new voice:: +com+ Two targets IDed. Hakkar Vice Director... ::pulls up his PDA and checks to see if he has that information::
[19:38] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ I'll assume you're ri...
[19:38] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Detro, that one's yours.
[19:38] <Savant> Mic2> (Caprician 2) -"Yes, yes, of course. My apologies Lord Viceroy, Mr Director. I think that Mr Blaine is just a little eager. This is a fantastic opportunity. But, I think that's enough of a tour, and we've had the chance ot say our piece. Shall we adjourn for now, and perhaps meet tomorrow to finish the negotiations?"
[19:38] <Craig> <S2>::curses at the though of a new shipyard being put into operation::
[19:38] <Gabriel> S2> ::refines his search to include the name "Blaine"::
[19:39] <Detro> S1> +Subvoc+ Right.
[19:39] <Thierry> ::Wants to look back at Gabe, but knows he can't, so keeps his scope trained on the corps
[19:39] * Kt has joined #BT05
[19:40] <Detro> S1> ::works to ID the target::
[19:40] <Detro> S1> +Subvoc+ One Master Sergeant Rochevsky. Attached to the 214th Support Regiment.
[19:41] <Gabriel> S2> ::enters "Vice Director" and "Hakkar" and "Blaine" into his PDA, but doesn't come up with anything:: +com+ Apparently, Vice Director Blaine isn't important enough to be on our list of possible targets. But he definitely doesn't sound like a friend of Terra Nova.
[19:41] <Birkin> S1> ::grins ever so slightly at the idea of killing a Vice Director of Hakkar::
[19:42] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ The 214th works in hovertank support. Recent duties include materials testing for Caprician and "other" designs...
[19:42] <Thierry> ::Whispers:: What's the call
[19:42] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Snipers, get ready. Sounds like they're breaking up for the day. Sniper one, you've got the Terran. Sniper two, either Caprician. Sniper one, second shot, the other Caprician. Do not shoot the Viceroy.
[19:43] <Thierry> S2>Understood ::Locks in on the capricians::
[19:43] <Gabriel> S2> ::trains his binocs in:: +com+ Spotter one, let's get them good detail on who's who as soon as they appear, probably at the VTOL hatches. ::trains his binocs on the right VTOL::
[19:43] <Savant> Mic2> (foregin) -"Yes, yes. That will be fine." ::walking, background talk:: (caprician) "you still haven't told me what you think of Gomorrah, Viceroy."
[19:43] <Ardelmos> S1> +com+ ::clicks his mic in acknowledgement::
[19:43] <Detro> S1> ::trains his eye over the scene:: +subvoc+ One, your second target will be 3.3MOA west of your first target...
[19:44] <Savant> Mic1> ::Garage door opening, engine sounding, talking::
[19:44] <Gabriel> S2> ::lets his eyes drift a bit, watching mostly for movement to lock in on::
[19:44] <Ardelmos> S1> ::bears left with the rifle slightly, looking down the scope for movement and sign of the terran target::
[19:45] <Savant> GREL start to come out intot he target zone. About twenty of them - a mixture of Morganas and Modred. They take up positions around the VTOLs, like clockwork
[19:45] <Detro> <<Edit: Delete last line>>
[19:46] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Problem Lead, we've got a convention of GREL out here...
[19:47] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Guards one and two, be ready. I hope we don't need you, but be ready in case we do. Understood, spotter one. They're not our problem. Snipers wait for a clean shot. If you can't get a clean shot, we'll come back tomorrow. Don't take a chance with a poor shot.
[19:47] <Savant> Mic2> ::A pause, more background chatter, footsteps:: (foreign) -"It reminds me a little of Harlicarnassus, to be honest. A little too much colour, a little too garish, but it has its own beauty."
[19:47] <Detro> S1> ::inwardly, he's also concerned about the VTOLs... team 2 is nicely concealed, but team 1 is more or less in the open on the rooftop::
[19:47] <Birkin> S1> +com+ Understood
[19:48] <Ardelmos> There's a ledge on that rooftop.
[19:48] <Ardelmos> <<ignore>>
[19:49] <Detro> S1> ::focuses instead on tracking their targets through the crowd of GREL::
[19:49] <Gabriel> S2> ::waits to see who the GREL are guarding::
[19:50] <Savant> A cluster of pinks enter the purple zone - looks like a pack of several CEF officials, four black-garbed Capricians, and two men in blue uniforms that aren't anything like the Talons have really seen before. They both have moustaches, both have sidearms and metal batons, and they both seem to wear an expression of permanent displeasure.
[19:51] <Gabriel> S2> ::gets a count and then starts naming anyone he can name out of this group from what he memorized on the PDA of important targets::
[19:51] <Detro> S1> ::Grins:: Hellooooo dollies...
[19:51] <Ardelmos> S1> ::ignores the unfamiliars, as they're obviously the Utopians -- instead, he bears in on the earther officers and takes a steady aim at the first's head::
[19:52] <Detro> S1> ::re-centers the microphone on the new group, then goes back to watching the flock so he could guide Roland's second shot::
[19:52] <Thierry> ::Scowls as he lines up the Caprician in front:: Some of those purps have funny looking guns, looks like the ones from that exo we found back hime::
[19:52] <Savant> And then one of THOSE things enters view. One of those exoskeletons that the TAlons scuffled with back on Terra Nova. It's slick black, almost oily in appearance, and has a mottled grey camouflage cloak draped around its sides and back. It's carrying what looks like a stubby, heavy shot gun in its mitts.
[19:52] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Team one, we've got railguns on the GRELs. Be extra careful up there.
[19:52] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Merde...
[19:54] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Guess we know what the manifold is attached to. Guards, if you have to shoot, that's your first target. Among the keffs, we've got...
[19:55] <Craig> <S2>::takes a peek out the window and catches sight of the exoskeleton:: right
[19:55] <Ardelmos> S1> +subvoc+ Guard1, please don't fire unless you have too. I will be out of sight before the two shots land on their targets due to range.
[19:55] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Second CEF to the left is a Colonel. Second from the right is a Captain. Sniper one, first one is your target.
[19:55] <Birkin> S1> ::begins to track the Exoskeleton with his rifle, ready to fire at a moments notice:: +com+ Then move your old ass fast. I havent been lifting enough to shoot on the fly with this thing. I have one or two shots before it finds me and lays into me
[19:56] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Got two corporals and a sergeant as well. Rank pins on the blue guys, but can't tell what they'd mean.
[19:57] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Stay off them. They've gotta be our Utopians. Sniper two, your target is the second Caprician on the right. The one with the long cloak.
[19:57] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Wait for your shot... weapons free.
[19:57] <Thierry> ::Lines up the Caprician Gabe indicated and waited, clicking off the safety::
[19:57] <Gabriel> S2> ::dials down his microphone a bit and keeps recording and watching::
[19:57] <Birkin> S1> +com+ I have no rank on the exoskeleton.
[19:58] <Savant> The group starts to wander off towards the waiting VTOLs - the Capricians separate from the group of CEF and others, still talking, but louder as the engines of the veihcles start to sound off
[19:58] <Ardelmos> S1> ::his shot now lined up on the Earther for some time now, he eyes the second Caprician at the edge of the scope, mimicking the movement to the next target after the first round has been fired::
[19:58] <Ardelmos> S1> +subvoc+ Firing within ten.
[19:58] <Craig> ::slowly brings up the AG rifle and trains it on the exoskeleton being hauled away::
[19:59] <Ardelmos> S1> ::takes in a moderate breath, tightening his grip on the rifle and settling it hard into the butt of his shoulder::
[19:59] <Birkin> S1> +com+ -nothing- not even a unit patch. My guess this is a Valkyrie...
[19:59] <Dimitri> ::catches the exoskeleton on his HUI as it records, staring at it with facination only born of one who loves to tinker with such things. He maintains radio silence, checking around the hotel every few moments with a sweep of his vision. Not intending to interrupt anyones concentration.::
[19:59] <Ardelmos> S1> ::lets out the breath slowly, firing in the midst of breathing out as his body stabilizes::
[19:59] <Savant> A truck drives off, deeper into the lots, from the right. Its contents are hidden within the box of the vehicle - a civillian vehicle quite obviously, nearly identical to those that troll the streets below.
[20:00] <Gabriel> S2> ::zooms his binocs in on the license plate of the truck::
[20:00] <Ardelmos> S1> ::as the rifle zips and kicks back, he beads down on the second target, fires again, and rolls off the air processor and behind the ledge of the building before the first round lands::
[20:00] <Detro> S1> ::slides off the side and down, the cord on the optical sensor long enough to still record what's going on::
[20:02] <Detro> S1> ::"knocks" the PDA loose from his belt, it landing on the ground as intended -- "by accident"::
[20:02] <Savant> BOOM! BOOM! Rifle rounds sound out across the expance separating Paladin Lots fromt he worldcity. Through their binoculars, the Talons can see three figures sprout blood blossoms and collapse, headless or with massive, fatal wounds. The living panic
[20:02] <Thierry> ::TAkes one more breath and then pulls the trigger, loosing the round::
[20:02] <Savant> The Earthers remaining drop down and the GREL immediately start scouring for signs of activity, and a few shots sound off in return.
[20:03] * Lykaeon has joined #bt05
[20:03] <Ardelmos> S1> ::stays low and behind the ledge, moving back towards the exit and away from the direction of the targets as he shiffled::
[20:03] <Savant> The Capricians are far less disciplined and just drop, or stand as if in headlights. The two blue suited officials crouch, immediatrely moving to cover like well-trained soldiers. One of them raises his baton, which lights on one end. He flicks it towards the city at large.
[20:04] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Confirm kill, Colonel. Confirm kill, Director. Confirm kill, Vice Director. Sniper one, Captain. Sniper two, any GREL with a railgun. Then cease fire.
[20:04] <Dimitri> ::head snaps to the direction the shots are fired, keeping his HUI locked onto the action recording every moment.::
[20:04] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ I think you took the right arm off of that one. He'll never make it. Nothing left of the back of the head on the other guy. ::pulls the optical sensor down and quickly stows the mess in his pack::
[20:04] <Thierry> Acknowledged ::Lines up one such GREL::
[20:05] <Ardelmos> S1> ::shuffles back awfully quickly and peers ever so slowly over the edge of the building, drawing bead on the second requested target from Gabriel before firing again and disappearing out of sight a second time::
[20:05] <Savant> Out of the mass of Paladin Lots, a collection of four beetle-shaped drones descend on massive direct-thrust engines, all on their own. Tey have clusters of eyes that scour out through the city - then they zip off into the expance.
[20:05] <Detro> S1> ::falls back with the rest of the team, focusing on making their way out::
[20:05] <Savant> Pop! Pop! two more hits. Two Morganas die suddenyl and violently.
[20:05] <Birkin> S1> ::trains his rifle on the exoskeleton ready to fire if it even begins to move suddenly::
[20:05] <Gabriel> S2> ::after the bullets reach the crowd:: +com+ Close it up, pack it in. Down through the buildings to start. Stay under cover.
[20:06] <Savant> And then the wall collapses inwards onto Team Two as a hulking grey mass of metal and arms and guns smashes through it.
[20:06] <Ardelmos> S1> ::zips back, following the exit plan strategy as he removes the silencer off his rifle and places it within the designated pouch on his stealth suit to eliminate its heat signature::
[20:06] <Gabriel> S2> ::starts to grab his remote mic and changes his mind, going for his R23 instead::
[20:06] <Thierry> ::Shoulders the Long Rifle and prepares to move out::
[20:06] <Dimitri> +vcom+ I heard shots Mother Springer. I'm in position eyes peeled.
[20:07] <Savant> At the same time, Birkin can see the many-armed silhouette of an Octopus soaring towards his rooftop
[20:07] <Detro> S1> ::the sack tucks neatly behind the PFD after plucking the "yo-yo" and mine from it::
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[20:09] * Lykaeon has joined #bt05
[20:09] <Savant> The Octopus drone smashes down onto the floor, almost smashing *through* it in places. THe floor sags benweath its impact. Thierry finds four massive claws neatly pinning him there, and a broad gear-driven palm pressing him flat
[20:09] <Gabriel> ::as he tries to scramble away from the collapsing wall:: +com+ Team one, bug out, do not engage on our position, do not engage. Team three, release your eggs. ::then concentrates on surviving the next few seconds:: Craig, blast that bastard!
[20:10] <Craig> ::rolls away from the gunfire and trains his AGR onto the drone pulling the trigger::
[20:11] <Dimitri> ::curses, watching the action from his hidey hole. Wishing he had Talaria with him. He didn't expect to run into Talons, much less in the middle of an Op. He keeps his HUI trained on the action, listening to the banter of the team over his comm.
[20:11] * Lykaeon has left #bt05
[20:12] <Ardelmos> ::continues on the move, slipping down the stairwell silently and quietly as he makes for the cross-beam path that would take him on a winding path back to the rendezvous point::
[20:12] <Gabriel> ::looks to see if his team is still alive, bringing up his assault rifle and firing a burst of armor-piercing rounds toward the octopus::
[20:14] <Savant> Bullets spatter off of the drones' carapace, and smashes apart one of the omnicams on the things bulky body.
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::backs toward some cover in the rubble of what remains between two windows, near Thierry's position::
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::shifts the rifle to full auto and cocks the grenade launcher::
[20:14] <Detro> S1> ::Falls in behind Roland, going down the stairs::
[20:16] <Gabriel> Master Sergeant, kill it, kill it!
[20:17] <Savant> Craig's shot smashes into one of the things arms, and tears open some of he more delecate electronics. It's a gun-arm. The massive fragmentation cannon makes an uncomfortable whirring sound. Fortunately, it has more where that come from.
[20:17] <Birkin> S1> ::draws himself back retreating with his gun, drawing back and into the shadows, creeping down the escape route that had been set up::
[20:17] <Craig> ::squeezes the trigger again, emptying the clip on the rifle::
[20:17] <Thierry> ::Shrieks a bit as the 'pus lands on him:: Yes that would be nice! ::Tries to struggle out of its grip::
[20:18] <Savant> Craig dumps a spray of brass on the floor, which spill out down through a hole in the crumbling floor. He punches neat holes into the beasts' carapace, and the fans inside of it make a nasty whirring sound.
[20:19] <Detro> S1> ::does his best to blend in as they escape anything following them... still, stealth encouraged slow movement... tarry too long, bad things would happen. He smiled though -- certainly not with the mine in his hands.
[20:20] <Gabriel> ::grabs his pack and the precious jetpack:: Doctor, can you move?!
[20:22] <Savant> The thing grips Thierry more tightly, ripping the floor up beneath him - it actually picks up the Doctor, pinning him between that grating mechanical palm and a slab of plastic flooring, nearly crushing him.
[20:22] <Thierry> ::Tries to get free:: No!
[20:23] <Savant> The levels' floor starts to crumble away entirely.
[20:23] <Dimitri> ::scans his eyes towards the rather hot zone, trying to pick out any details he can from the carnage, unsure where the Talons are in the fray::
[20:24] <Savant> The other sniping team seems to have evaded its own problems. The massive machine lands heavily on top of the roof and starts to search with stabbing hands, smashing in behind barricades and air conditioners while the Talons make their quiet escape down a spar
[20:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Talon three, release your eggs, then bug out, Gallot rotunda. Orphaned Dawg, rendezvous with them there. Get moving.
[20:25] <Gabriel> ::jumps for any part of the floor that seems to be willing to remain stable for the next few seconds::
[20:25] <Craig> ::backpedals as the floor starts giving way::
[20:25] <Savant> Mem replies down below, "Acknowledged. Eggs laid. Moving to rotunda."
[20:26] <Dimitri> +vcom+ Acknowledged. ::stops his recording folding away his HUI before moving from his position fading out from the back, making way towards the Gallot rotunda. Stopping just short so he can observe the rendezvous point before making a personal appearance. ::
[20:26] <Gabriel> ::starts pulling on the straps of the jetpack:: Master Sergeant, jetpack on! Doctor, grab that rifle and hold on! ::looks for his rope and his grapple::
[20:26] <Craig> ::grabs the control handle for his jetpak and presses the ingnition::
[20:26] <Savant> Out in the base of Gomorrah, near the Lots, explosions go off. Their light is visible even from the Talons' party, where two multi-armed drones are tearing apart the skyline.
[20:27] <Thierry> ::Does what Gabe says figuring they have a better chance at getting the thing off him than he does
[20:28] <Savant> Thierry can hear and feel rather than see the two ducted fans directly above him start to sound off louder - one a little choppy sounding. A breeze of hot, polluted air turns into a torrent.
[20:30] <Gabriel> ::examines Thierry's situation grimly, then decides, raising his rifle and setting it to single shot::
[20:30] <Birkin> S1> ::continues out and away keeping to the shadows and moving slowly trying to put distance between him and that acursed octopus::
[20:30] <Gabriel> ::aims carefully for each of the two working arms, then puts one bullet into each::
[20:30] <Gabriel> <<delete, actually>>
[20:31] <Gabriel> ::aims carefully for each of the two working arms, then puts a three round burst into each::
[20:31] <Detro> S1> ::is just in front of Birkin, not for the first time questioning why he didn't at least bring a pistol -- oh, right. Heavy guns and all the equipment he was dragging along...::
[20:32] <Savant> Gabriels' rounds hit home - that second frag cannon sparks and fizzles, and the drone makes a very loud wailing klaxxon sound, like a warrior yellowjacket calling back to the hive.
[20:33] <Gabriel> S2> That's not good. Master Sergeant, use that gun like a lever, see if you can get this thing off him! Hurry! ::moves to tie the rope to Thierry's shoulder and the sniper rifle if Craig succeeds::
[20:35] <Thierry> ::Starts muttering the first prayer that comes to mind:: Our father, who art in heaven...
[20:35] <Craig> ::nods and goes over to the octo and wedges the AGR under it, attempting to pry it up::
[20:38] <Savant> All Craig manages to do is did his gun into Theirry's gut, nearly cracking a rib or two in the process
[20:40] <Craig> ::pulls the rifle away:: no good, can't get proper leverage without hurting him
[20:40] <Savant> The things ducted fans start to howl - one of them spitting out metal filings down onto the doctor. It sweeps its malfunctioning weapon arm in front of itself to push the squishy pink things away, then blasts at them with its (somewhat) working fragmentary cannon.
[20:40] <Gabriel> ::nods grimly and shoulders his assault rifle, pulling his knife with his right hand, rope on the left::
[20:40] <Savant> It picks up into the air, filling the room with dust and smoke.
[20:41] <Craig> ::dodges out of the way again then pulls out the vibroblade::
[20:41] <Gabriel> S2> Definitely not good!
[20:42] <Thierry> ....hallowed be thy name....on earth as it is in heaven...
[20:42] <Gabriel> S2> Try again!
[20:42] <Craig> ::takes a couple hacks at the claw holding thierry::
[20:44] <Savant> Craig hacks manically at the claw holding the doctor, and he gouches the metal deep, but the grip isn't letting go. It starts to pull back viciously, floating off into the open air and almost tearing Craig's knife along with it.
[20:44] <Craig> ::grabs the claw and starts pulling it away::
[20:48] <Birkin> S1> ::damn near steps on a Caprican cat, but stops just as it was about to crush its tail and backs out and away::
[20:49] <Gabriel> ::helps Craig attack the hand with his own vibroblade, trying to watch both the floor and the drone for signs of immiment collapse::
[20:51] <Gabriel> ::stumbles as the floor under him starts to give way and looks for a place to pull back some::
[20:51] <Savant> The drone's just too big, and it's got a small stretch of gaping pit between itself and the Talons now. It raises its cannon as it pulls back with remarkable quickness, out into open air again - maybe fifteen, twenty feet from its self-made doorway
[20:53] <Gabriel> S2> Watch out left, Master Sergeant!
[20:54] <Thierry> Cap! Save yourselves, leave me if you have to!
[20:55] <Craig> S2>::flies himself out of the way just in time, he then resheaths the vibroblade and unslings the R23::
[20:55] <Savant> Its cannon fires off, scouring the room in flechettes and destroying what remains of the floor.
[20:56] <Gabriel> S2> ::stumbles again, back toward the doorway, activating his jetpack and dropping his vibroblade:: I can't let them capture you!
[21:01] <Gabriel> S2> ::is a little late activating his jetpack, and slams down on the floor below much harder than he would have liked, wincing but not injured from the fall::
[21:01] <Craig> ::feels the floor give away but manages to slow his fall with the jetpack::
[21:01] <Birkin> S1> ::keeps on going, really hoping that the other team is doing well enough::
[21:03] <Savant> The octopus drone looms like a mechanical Lovecraftian horror in the black steel sky, rocking this way and that to dodge anything that gets shot at it. It's still wailing for others, dark blots father off that quicky approach.
[21:03] <Gabriel> S2> ::gets airborne a bit over the ruins of the lower floor, looking around for options, swinging his R23 and its attached grenade launcher down off his shoulder:: Doctor, I can't let it capture you. Can you get free?
[21:05] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Team One at RP...
[21:05] <Detro> S1> ::glancing carefully about for the other teams::
[21:07] <Ardelmos> S1> ::slinks into the shadows as they arrive, watching the few approaches to the area carefull -- they had chosen the area for just that reason::
[21:08] <Craig> ::follows gabriel back out after the drone, R23 rifle ready::
[21:08] <Dimitri> ::watches the RP from his hidden position for a few moments. Watching the arriving members. He taps his vcom. "Dawg at RP. Awaiting confirmation of identiy." he watches the assembled members, having sent the comm on the general talon comm line. ::
[21:09] <Detro> ::frowns... normally in this case, the new friendly would approach the RP popping a certain color smoke::
[21:09] <Thierry> ::Struggles a bit and gets the sniper rifle to a place where he can put a shot into its stomach and pulls the trigger:: Prophet deliver me!
[21:09] <Detro> ::decides that this is beyond his pay grade and lets Roland handle it::
[21:09] <Savant> >TNK!< >chup chup chup chup chup.< The drone starts to list off to one side, and slide backwards throuygh the air as it struggles to maintain altitude.
[21:10] <Ardelmos> S1> ::eyes the individual from his own hiding spot for a moment, deciding to let the man stew for a moment and gauge his reaction::
[21:11] <Savant> Team One has chosen a nice gloomy spot for its rendezvous point. Lots of shadows, quiet, but not so quiet for activity to be conspicuous. Great spot to meet up and head to some club in the MF commercial district.
[21:12] <Detro> S1> ::seeing his nominal CO say nothing, he gets a tad worried:: +subvoc+ Uh, sir? Gonna let him and Team 3 in?
[21:12] <Ardelmos> S1> +subvoc+ In a minute.
[21:13] <Birkin> S1> ::grunts, wondering what is going on here that they havent heard from the captain yet::
[21:13] <Gabriel> S2> ::takes careful aim at the shoulder of the arm holding Thierry:: Master Sergeant, try to grab him if he falls. Nathani, speak my name to Mamoud and let him bless me. ::fires::
[21:14] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ In a minute we could be surrounded. We've must get moving.
[21:14] <Dimitri> ::taps his vcom once again.:: +vcom+ Dawg at RP. Awaiting identifcation. ::He unholsters his rather unique pistol. Watching the two figures he can see at the moment. He know's procedure, this isn't anything like he expected, another team, not this long after everything thats happened..::
[21:14] <Savant> Two darker black points in the black sky get bigger, and the glint of metal is visible. Then, suddenly - the wall smokes and seems to melt inwards as a saucer-sized hole boils through it and through the floor, not far from the Talons
[21:15] <Craig> ::nods and prepares to take off for thierry::
[21:15] <Savant> Bullets hail out from GAbriel's gun, and the arm goes limp beneath the drone - it's now more just a flying box than a combat vehicle. But the grip is locked in place - a mechanical interlock, likely - and the arm is still firmly attached, if non-functional
[21:16] <Gabriel> ::exhales as his final gambit fails:: Whatever you have to do, Master Sergeant. That drone cannot escape.
[21:16] <Ardelmos> S1> ::after a minute or two he dials in the appropriate response frequency:: Dawg, come on in.
[21:17] <Dimitri> ::grunts a moment, deciding that with all the chaos what the hell. He steps from his place, his weapon holstered once more hands visible. Glancing between the two members. :: Then lets get out of here.
[21:17] <Gabriel> ::cocks the grenade launcher::
[21:17] <Ardelmos> S1> +subvoc+ Team 3, state position and ETA.
[21:18] <Craig> ::sighs and brings his rifle to bear, trying to aim for the same spot in the hopes to sever the claw completely::i hope this works
[21:18] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Welcome to the Yee Yan Dawg.
[21:19] <Savant> Mem> +subvoc+ En route, ETA 10 minutes. Traffic jam, trying to be cool, y'know?
[21:19] <Dimitri> :: Is dressed in fairly common workers garb, utilitarian. Thick tough boots as well as dirty safety gloves. His jawline well defined and his hair a dark brown. He gives a informal salute with the tips of his fingers. +subvoc+ Good to see some Ravens again.
[21:21] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Since we're here waiting, don't suppose you could fill us in on where the REST of '07 is?
[21:21] <Savant> Pak!pak!pak!pak!pak! Craigs' shots clatter off of steel and tear open armour plating. He can see the shiny metal ball joint beneath, with the servicing pistons and ruined cords.
[21:21] <Ardelmos> +subvoc+ Acknowledged.
[21:21] <Birkin> +subvoc+ Where is the rest of Seven.
[21:21] <Savant> The drone slips backwards faster, smoke churning out of its belly. Two others slide up to take its place.
[21:21] <Ardelmos> ::sniffs slightly inside his helmet:: Again? What team did you see before?
[21:22] <Gabriel> S2> ::even more grim:: Try again, then evacuate, Master Sergeant.
[21:22] <Craig> ::takes one more shot, still trying to sever that claw::
[21:23] <Savant> Fire starts to sprout form the falling Octopus, and the thing starts tumbling as it descends in a twisting mass of metal and trapped flesh. The thing is still trying to stay aloft, but it disappears behind the layer's edge as it slips down into Alpha.
[21:24] <Dimitri> +subvoc+ Three KIA's, the rest of my team is MIA. We were ambushed something fierce. I made it back to the rendevous. I waited the alloted time for my team before making it to the safehouse. I haven't heard anything from my teams fury either. I've been here for almost two seasons now.
[21:24] <Gabriel> S2> Prophet! ::climbs:: +com+ Team one or three, do you have a visual of aircraft, our location?
[21:24] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Checking lead.
[21:24] <Dimitri> ::glances over towards Ardelmos:: "Again meaning since I saw my own team. "
[21:25] <Savant> Mem> +subvoc+ I see you, Team Two. Two aircraft incoming, four APCs en route, ETA .. thirty seconds?
[21:26] <Craig> ::kicks up the throttle on the jetpack and takes off::
[21:26] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Anything crashing?
[21:26] <Savant> The remainder of Talon 5.2 lifts into the sky in a streak of smoke and fire
[21:27] <Savant> Mem> . . . +subvoc+ One. Can't see it anymore.
[21:27] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ No line of sight from here sir.
[21:28] <Gabriel> ::tries to estimate the course of the thing based on the last vector he saw it have, and guns his jetpack in that direction, trying to dive into the buildings and lose himself in the clutter::
[21:29] <Gabriel> ::hopes Craig is following him, and once he thinks he's pretty close, looks for a place to put down::
[21:29] <Dimitri> ::looks at each of the members, his relief obvious on his face and quickly stopped as he continues to listen to the comm traffic.:: +vcom+ otherwise I've basically been working with the liberati mainly maintencing their equipment. Thats what I was doing before I heard your traffic.
[21:30] <Ardelmos> +subvoc+ Serindipidous, that. ::blandly::
[21:30] <Birkin> S1> +subvoc+ Any idea who ambushed you.
[21:30] <Craig> ::makes his way in the same direction as tynes, making similar evasion manuevers before setting down::
[21:30] <Savant> The remainder of Team Two gets itself lost in the buildings of Gomorrah. They've got to flee quickly, to escape the spreading net of drones and GREL and tanks.
[21:30] <Gabriel> S2> +com+ Team one and three, sniper two is down. Pick up orphaned dawg, return to safehouse. Guard two and I will rejoin you shortly, if possible.
[21:31] <Detro> S1> ::blink::
[21:31] <Ardelmos> +subvoc+ Roger that. ::cuts of the channel:: You heard the man. Safehouse. Let's go.
[21:31] <Savant> ... Meanwhile, down in Alpha Level, a plummeting drone flips onto its back at the last minute, leaving a Terranovan in its grasp on top of the grille of whirring fanns, choking on hot polluted air, dust, smoke and flame. He's burned by the metal, and still locked in the iron grip of the thing.
[21:31] <Gabriel> S2> ::starts jogging in the direction he's thinks the drone would have crashed, hoping he can spot it before it goes down entirely::
[21:31] <Savant> It crashes to the ground and skids to a halt , propped up thirty degrees or so in a pile of refuse
[21:32] <Craig> ::shuts off the pack and heads over to gabriel:: whats our plan now?
[21:32] <Savant> Gabriel and Craig can see it ahead of them. Tehy can also see the headlight of a small pack of APCs headed towards the same place.
[21:32] <Savant> ((headlights)
[21:32] <Gabriel> S2> We find the doctor, or what's left of him. If he's dead, hero's burial. ::pulls an incendiary grenade from his web belt and hands it to Craig::
[21:33] <Detro> S1> ::follows along, helpless to do otherwise at themoment::
[21:33] <Dimitri> +svoc+ Keffs. In full force. It was supposed to be a raid on a Hakkar installation. Instead we ran into a couple handfuls of Mordreds, some frames and a handful of gunships. They knew we were coming. " ::he makes to follow Ardel.::
[21:33] <Gabriel> S2> ::breaks into a full run, desperate to beat the APCs at least into the vicinity::
[21:33] <Thierry> Great..just what I had in mind for today..::Tries to pull himself free::
[21:33] <Craig> ::pulls out his vibroknife again and runs towards the wreck::
[21:33] <Thierry> ::Coughs::
[21:34] <Craig> ::takes the grenade, hoping he doesn't have to use it::
[21:34] <Thierry> ::Tries to struggle free, but realizes its futile as he has some broken ribs. It would probably kill him::
[21:35] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ Judging by how quiet Tynes was, I wonder if the same thing happened to him up there.
[21:35] <Gabriel> ::judges that he and Craig will arrive simultaneously with the APC and breaks off a bit, looking for a place to snipe from and skids to a halt::
[21:36] <Gabriel> <<APCs>>
[21:36] <Savant> The Talons break off their dead run, and the APCs drop into a rouch circle around the downed drone, their rear ramps pointed to the drone itself.
[21:37] <Craig> ::sees gabe stop running and he decides to do the same, parking himself where tynes goes::what now?
[21:37] <Savant> GREL pour out as the doors open.
[21:37] <Gabriel> ::crouches, sights in on the downed drone, takes ten seconds to aim, then launches an anti-vehicle grenade at it::
[21:38] <Savant> Jan> ::Shouts:: Round it up, people! Get this sand lizard trussed up and on a spit, I know a little lady who's looking to have a barbeque!
[21:39] <Savant> Mordred start to spread out in a perimeter as others approach Thierry. Two Issacs come up with angle grinders as big as their torsos. They make a horrible whining sound as they spin to life::
[21:40] <Thierry> ::Sighs as he consigns himself to his fate::
[21:41] <Gabriel> S2> Master Sergeant, displace! ::falls back rapidly::
[21:41] <Savant> The grenade pops up and slams down in a puff of smoke. The Mordred at the perimeter spot it, but a second too late - it goes off in the centre of their formation, sending up a gout of fire::
[21:42] <Craig
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:42] <Craig> ::turns and buggers off away from the explosion::
[21:42] <Savant> The grin of the Jan and the whine of industrial cutters are the last things that Theirry experience, beyond the white flash.
[21:42] <Detro> S1> +subvoc+ 07 broken for two seasons, then this cluster flop... what next?
[21:44] <Craig> +subvoc+::after managing to slip into the darkness:: we've lost the doctor....
[21:44] <Gabriel> S2> ::as he moves off quietly toward Gallot territory, sticking to the shadows and reloading his grenade launcher, whispers:: I'm sorry, doctor. Prophet watch over you.
[21:44] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:44] <Savant> well done folks. Very well done.
[21:44] * Thierry is now known as Mike145
[21:44] <Savant> sorry for it taking so long, though
[21:44] * Dimitri is now known as Ryco
[21:44] <Detro> heh
[21:44] <Ryco> I participated Very Happy
[21:44] * Craig is now known as Scotty
[21:45] * Savant gives Ryco a blue ribbon for participation
[21:45] <Savant> comments, critiques?
[21:45] <Detro> Best job of setting up for a mission we've EVER done.
[21:45] <Mike145> Surprisngly, I actually rather enjoyed that one.
[21:45] <Savant> fantastically planned, guys.
[21:45] <Savant> heh, taht's amusing.
[21:46] <Mike145> Well, I mean the whole getting pinned by an angry drone and being blown up was kind of a bummer, but other then that it was awesome Smile
[21:46] <Savant> any other commentary, other than OMG TOO LONG ?
[21:46] <Ryco> Well I found the game good, even if it was a very support roll, which is something I'll have to be used to with this character.
[21:46] <Gabriel> Yeah, rather depressing. We learned something of note about the CEF tonight on that drone's actions.
[21:47] <Detro> And we know a little more about BT07's fate.
[21:47] <Scotty> just want to say this first mike, think of thierry as a practice run, use what you've learned about what skills we use and what we've lacked and make up a new character based on that
[21:47] <Ryco> Well about as much as I know.
[21:47] <Savant> save what you learned for the experience phase of things
[21:47] <Gabriel> Yeah, unfortunately, we couldn't bring you in directly on this. You'll be directly involved in the next one, I'll wager.
[21:47] <Ardelmos> We also know that in order to do something clean, we need to not be in the area when it happens.
[21:47] <Detro> Better than what we knew before, which was nothing Smile
[21:47] <Savant> nah, Roland, that was a little bit of the hand of fate there, really.
[21:47] <Birkin> They spotted us right way didn't they?
[21:47] <Savant> this was clean, very well planned, and excellently executed
[21:48] <Savant> before mving on to experience, though, there's one last bit of bookwork.
[21:48] <Detro> Oh?
[21:49] <Scotty> i still want to now how they pinpointed us that fast, it's like the drone was already outside out window the snipers pulled the trigger
[21:49] <Savant> Thierryt - Mike. I can't do this anymore. I just can't. I've tried. But during the past two months it's been an incessant stream of issues, aggrivations, and problems. You give me chest pains, man. I can't deal with it.
[21:49] <Mike145> *Nods* Yeah, I figured this was coming
[21:49] <Savant> I've bee going through two months of hell with this class; haven't been able to take a day off edgerwise, and my planning's suffered, but still i've tried to present a good game. Everyone else seems pleased, but you haven't been.
[21:50] <Savant> I can't meet your expectations for a game, and I can't change my game for one when the majority likes it as it is.
[21:50] <Savant> I've tried, man. I did try to give Thierry a cool end, I figured I owed you htat much.
[21:51] <Savant> so I'm just gonna have to cut you loose, man. You're looking for a game other than this one.
[21:51] <Mike145> Well, personally, I think I could do better with a different character but if that's how you feel, so be it.
[21:51] <Mike145> And, no, I'm not.
[21:51] <Savant> It's got nothing to do with the character.
[21:52] <Mike145> Yeah, yeah it does
[21:52] <Mike145> But whatever.
[21:52] <Savant> It's got to do with the nature of the game. Not even the setting, but the nature of online dice games.
[21:53] <Savant> But that's sophistry, and that's that. Very sorry, but it isn't working.
[21:53] <Savant> Let's move on.
[21:53] <Savant> I have experience to dole out!
[21:53] * Mike145 has left #bt05
[21:54] <Savant> can I say Hooray now?
[21:54] <Brad> That seemed unnecessarily public, but oh well.
[21:54] <Brad> What else did I miss? Smile
[21:54] <Birkin> private wouldn't have been better.
[21:54] <Savant> he's been tormenting and belittling me publically for the past, how long now?
[21:54] <Birkin> and yes you ahve experaince to dole out
[21:54] <Birkin> so
[21:54] <Detro> That stuff had to be said, or Mike would have been twisting it around whining about it to me Razz
[21:54] <Birkin> act like the fruit company.
[21:55] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Tell me some
[21:55] <Ardelmos> Simultaneous quadruple assassination? Wink
[21:55] <Birkin> I restrained myself and -didn't- kill anything
[21:55] <Birkin> even if I wanted to
[21:55] <Gabriel> ::grins:: That's the best example of all today, I think.
[21:56] <Birkin> and thank you Mouse
[21:56] <Detro> I survived a possible encounter with a drone without anything other than a mine and two grenades and I lived. THAT'S teamwork, being able to count on the others.
[21:56] <Birkin> that was the best suprise ever Wink
[21:56] <Detro> And yeah, Birkin coming back full time and NOT having to kill or blow up something, let alone restrain himself in doing so...
[21:56] <Savant> heh, Happy Welcome Back Birkin Wink
[21:57] <Savant> totally getting the Teamwork point. Howabout story development? anything?
[21:57] <Scotty> i guess gabe and craig taking down that drone and....yeah, was teamwork
[21:57] <Savant> what did you learn today?
[21:57] <Birkin> The Viceroy wasn't all together pleased to be there
[21:57] <Detro> BT07's fragmented, their Fury possibly gone.
[21:58] <Birkin> they're exchanging tech with a Caprican company
[21:58] <Detro> The Utopians have some sort of engine manifold they're trying to sell to Earth/Caprice
[21:58] <Scotty> earth is/was still in the process of making a deal with utopia for more exoskeletons
[21:58] <Gabriel> Confirmed the rumors. Utopians are on Caprice... also... there was something really really interesting about something the Viceroy said.
[21:58] <Gabriel> Let me find it...
[21:58] <Detro> Possibly in exchange for materials to finish a Utopian shiyard
[21:58] <Scotty> yeah and praxiteles shipyard
[21:58] <Gabriel> [21:22:03] <Savant> Mic2> (foreign) -"The Republic is only interested in Caprician money only so long as it benefits us at home. What will your millions of pounds get us materially?"
[21:58] <Gabriel> The Republic.
[21:59] * Savant grins
[21:59] <Birkin> someone needs to tell Birkin that
[21:59] <Birkin> like now Wink
[21:59] <Gabriel> That implies... very strongly... that Utopia is just like Terra Nova.
[21:59] <Gabriel> There's more than one country there.
[21:59] <Gabriel> And the CEF is picking one side to negotiate with.
[21:59] <Birkin> Possibly at war with someone else
[21:59] <Gabriel> Yep.
[21:59] <Birkin> I think what Jester said before. What they -should- have done with TN
[22:00] <Savant> TWO points for storyline. Not only did you get every lead I threw at you, you even construed things I barely even hinted at.
[22:00] <Birkin> They're doing on Utopia. Pick a side, support it. Possibly even betray it later but for now they're going to use one half of Utopia to get it on their side.
[22:00] <Scotty> btw what of the datapad detro left behind?
[22:01] <Savant> That's five. Six for a scuffle. I'll give you seven for telling me how you want to act on the information you've learned today.
[22:01] <Savant> Scotty, you'll have to wait and see.
[22:01] <Detro> Heh, hopefully not destroyed when that drone started tearing up the building
[22:01] <Birkin> What that Jan said didn't sound too hopefuly for ou delusion.
[22:01] <Birkin> *your
[22:01] <Gabriel> We get a full report on this out to the Liberati. This proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Liberati's sacrifice wouldn't have done dick.
[22:01] <Detro> ::nods:: We also warn the Highlands First movement that any real attack on the CEF is going to go down poorly
[22:01] <Gabriel> They would have gotten themselves eaten alive in very short order.
[22:02] <Gabriel> Yep. I think it's time to go back out to the Highlands for a few days.
[22:02] <Gabriel> We need a confab with the Jund.
[22:02] <Savant> what do you want to do out there?
[22:02] <Savant> and everyone should be sounding off here, if you want that bonus point.
[22:02] <Detro> We might also want to warn them BT07 might --- MIGHT -- be captured or compromised. See if they can find out anything.
[22:03] <Detro> I mean, I could see the CEF using captured BT07 gear and personnel as elements of a trap
[22:03] <Birkin> out of the confab?
[22:04] <Scotty> yeah we made alot of noise tonight, best to lay low, get out of the trench, regroup, not too long i hope
[22:04] <Savant> anything you want to do about the Utopians? Clearly, you need to learn more.
[22:04] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We don't need long, but we need to coordinate our efforts a bit better. We definitely have to hit Paladin Lots again, but we're gonna need some help to do it properly.
[22:05] <Detro> And before we do that, find out how they got onto us so fast.
[22:05] <Ardelmos> Musical truck. Wink
[22:05] <Gabriel> Contacts on the inside, to start. Horrible as it feels to say this, I think it's time for us to sneak back in there. We need to find out exactly what the CEF knows about Utopia.
[22:05] <Savant> hee
[22:05] <Scotty> try to see what happens next, for any sign that the CEF got our note and what happens to CM and maybe how the utopians react
[22:05] <Gabriel> So yeah, talk to the Jund. Highlands First. Get them some data, get some information back, and plan a sortie into PL proper.
[22:05] <Birkin> they found us so fast because of uh, the railroad was nearby Wink
[22:05] <Gabriel> And who knows, maybe hit something out there, just to stay in practice and give us a clean win.
[22:06] <Gabriel> Gabriel will feel the team needs that after losing Thierry.
[22:06] <Birkin> a good gear battle
[22:06] * Savant nods, for sure
[22:06] <Gabriel> Yep.
[22:06] <Birkin> I need to destroy a convoy or two
[22:06] <Detro> heh
[22:06] * Scotty grins
[22:06] <Savant> excellent
[22:07] <Savant> That's six points for everyone, seven for Roland and Birkin. Eight for Gabriel, Craig and Detro for last week.
[22:07] <Savant> are we done?
[22:07] <Savant> we are done.
[22:07] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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