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Game Transcripts for "Empire"

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:50 am    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "Empire" Reply with quote

[18:30] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Empire in Session'
[18:30] <Detro> ::Attn::
[18:30] <Craig> ::attn::
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[18:30] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <Karas> ::attn::
[18:31] <Savant> good eveing and welcome once again to another exciting episode of the Black Talons - now 100% Passive-Aggressive-free! Lemon and I will be your hosts.
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[18:32] <Savant> seems that not everyone is here yet, but doesn't that just suck for them. One brief note- sometime tonight I will be gone from the keyboard for about five minutes. Can't be helped.
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[18:33] <Savant> anyways, if there are no statements to make, I'll brief you. New story tonight.
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[18:33] <Savant> Empire
[18:33] <Savant> 8 November 274LC, 2100h - Evening
[18:33] <Savant> Hoert Highlands, Southwest of Gomorrah
[18:33] <Savant> -35 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity, 90 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:33] <Savant> Time to get away for awhile. After an unfortunate (though impeccably executed) disruption operation on the fringes of Paladin Lots, the Talons have decided on the better part of valour and have fled to the Highlands once more, to escape the wrath of the CEF as it is now scouring the Worldcity for perpitrators.
[18:33] <Savant> You have taken escape from Baldren, who has managed to hook you up with the Van Saar as they journey southwards into the Hoert Highlands. This mountain range is typical of the southern hemisphere of Caprice in its forebidding terrain which is nearly impassable to hovertank formations.
[18:33] <Savant> They have promised to help you contact the Helles nation, which lives within this region and is also supportive of Highlands First. Beyond this, the Van Saar have also managed to use their technical skill to capture a signal from the Cat's Eye News Network, keeping you in touch with the trench.
[18:33] <Savant> What's more, Baldren gave you the route out of the city, but for a price - that you take one Weire Cantor with you. Though you havne't spoken to him yet, you know him by reputation - apparently, he's an Atlan.
[18:33] <Savant> Time to lay low, but certainly not time to be idle.
[18:33] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
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[18:34] <Detro> ack
[18:34] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:34] <Melissa> ack
[18:34] <Dimitri> ack
[18:34] <Savant> Please notice that your time is in the Caprician calendar now. I wrote myself a little spreadsheet that translates between the various time systems of Heavy Gear.
[18:34] <Gabriel> ack
[18:34] <Craig> ack
[18:35] <Gabriel> Give both dates when you do this, 'cause I keep track of our food and water usage in TN days. Wink
[18:35] <Karas> ack...I'll be going to.
[18:35] <Savant> heh, okay.
[18:35] <Savant> bah, it's 1945, not 44, right? right.
[18:35] <Gabriel> Yep. Still Winter, I hope.
[18:35] <Craig> right
[18:36] <Savant> it's Winter 35 1945. And the date on Caprice is 9 June 275. My bad.
[18:36] <Detro> June Jund Smile
[18:36] <Savant> anyways. Questions?
[18:36] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:37] <Savant> ((Interesting point of note: It is New Years' Day, 6140 today))
[18:37] <Savant> Detro?
[18:37] <Detro> Do we know any more about our new Adoptee from '07?
[18:37] <Dimitri> I don't know. Do you?
[18:37] <Savant> no. You've actually been very busy and haven't been able to corner him with much more than superficial questions.
[18:37] <Dimitri> Super busy.
[18:37] <Savant> now's a good time to talk to him about it for realz.
[18:38] <Savant> other questions?
[18:38] <Craig> dimitri's probably been feeling ignored all this time:)
[18:38] <Savant> aw Sad
[18:38] <Karas> Okay I'm taking leave of MFS. I assume thats the only way of explaining my absence.
[18:38] <Savant> you have vacation pay
[18:38] <Karas> Okay that'll work I guess. But I have to leave Zoya behind don't I?
[18:39] <Savant> probably, yes
[18:39] <Karas> okay.
[18:39] <Savant> that it?
[18:39] <Savant> let's play.
[18:39] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:39] <Savant> The Hoert Highlands are what people on Terra Nova think of when they think of Caprice (when they aren't thinking of Gomorrah, which is rare). The setting was popularized in a series of classic novels based in the Concordat era, and the colony worlds were enraptured by their jagged knife-edged peaks and the twisting ravines between them.
[18:40] <Savant> The Van Saar have broken off into small groups over the past weeks, and for good reason - it's the only way they can keep out of the CEF's sensors. Some of the small caravans have been captured, but the bulk of the clan remains intact and moving. While their supplies run thin their morale is high, which is what prompted them to break south to Hoert and bring them with you.
[18:40] <Savant> The Van Saar travel to meet the Helles clan, gather what news they can, and then will move across the planet to the Cora desert and the el-Hayar, to find word of their autofactories - they will be the glue holding the Jund together. They have offered to bring you along with them to meet the heads of one of the more prominent Highlands First groups.
[18:41] <Gabriel> ::sits at the back console of Spider One, finishing up an after-action report from the Gomorrah mission, and what the team learned there::
[18:42] <Ardelmos> ::lies in hammock in the back of one of the Spiders, swaying as the vehicle bounded across the landscape. His wide-brimmed hat was pulled low over his face, hiding his eyes::
[18:42] <Detro> ::is driving Spider One, apparently having well earned the post the last time he was at the wheel::
[18:42] <Melissa> ::is currently engrossed with a hypothetical schematic::
[18:43] <Karas> ::Karas watches the stark landscape pass by in the window, he never thought he would ever come this far...was he Muttawah now or Liberati. He couldn't tell...he'd have to leave that up to the Jund::
[18:43] <Birkin> ::as usual, sits in the gunnery seat of spider one, semi relaxed, looking over the incomming sensor data for possible ambush points, but still wondering if that Liberati had his still in this area...::
[18:44] <Craig> ::crawls along with the pack in spider two::
[18:44] <Ardelmos> ::half snorts/half coughs and shifts in the hammock after a particularly large sway, but doesn't appear to be otherwise disturbed::
[18:45] <Detro> S1> ::the silence so far is rather nice... it lets him relax and enjoy the ride::
[18:45] <Dimitri> S2> :: Dimitri has his arms crossed inside as he leans against the side of one of the walls in the back of Spider Two. He watches a recording on his HUI, fairly focused on it.::
[18:45] <Karas> C>::Karas liked the Talons, but for now he wanted to be with his own. He felt more relaxed with the other Liberati, but he kept the comm unit and AGR that detro had given him::
[18:45] <Gabriel> ::concludes the report, "In conclusion, it seems clear that there is a solid opportunity to oppose the CEF on Utopia and I recommend a team be sent there as soon as possible." and files it for transmission to Commandant Gotah::
[18:45] <Gabriel> << S1> >>
[18:45] <Savant> Spider One's a little full. In the back on one of the hammocks is a man that keeps getting second glances. He's *black*, in a world where the skin colour of humanity has averaged out into a mellow tan.
[18:46] <Melissa> S2> ::mutters softly to herself as she makes some modifications to the schematics, a couple of areas glowing soft red on the display::
[18:46] <Craig> S2> ::glances back:: so, dimitri, what were your specialties in oh-seven?
[18:47] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ Spiders, we going to slow down a little here. It's only a little more way to the camp.
[18:47] <Gabriel> S1> ::stands up and heads aft::
[18:47] <Detro> S1> +com+ Spider One, wilco.
[18:48] <Dimitri> S2> ::his hand twitches and his HUI folds up as he stares at Craig for a minute, as if surprised at the conversational piece.:: I'm a combat mechanic primarily.
[18:48] <Birkin> S1> Helluva place to hide out here. Only real way to deal with this area would probably be to inject over a million Mordred here, and expect 75% dead before its over. Or glass it from orbit ::looks at the surrounding hills and jagged mountains::
[18:49] <Detro> S1> ::chuckles:: Don't tempt them Birkin.
[18:49] <Gabriel> S1> ::nods at their visitor:: Are you comfortable? Can I get you anything?
[18:49] <Detro> S1> One volcano was bad enough.
[18:49] <Birkin> S1> Nah. They put that much into the atmopshere they'll screw with the trench and their own bases.
[18:49] <Craig> S2>::turns back and clicks the com:: +com+gotcha kellerton ::throttles down a bit then glances back for dimitri's response:: ahh guess we'll be seeing alot of each other in the vehicle bay then, thats what i do to
[18:50] <Dimitri> S2> ::gives a nod:: Excellent. Four hands are better than two. I imagine its been tough keeping everything maintained by yourself.
[18:50] <Detro> S1> S1> ::monitors and matches the new slower speed::
[18:50] <Karas> ::Karas glances back at Kellerton, he didn't know the man, but he had heard about him. Karas respected the Liberati and their way of life. He just like the Gomorran lifestyle more::
[18:50] <Melissa> S2> Hmm...okay, so...need to drop the shoulder rotation, adjust the thrust/weight ratio a tad...don't want to give up on the heavy least, not yet... ::continues to play with the diagram::
[18:51] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Clears his throat and looks up - he seems drowsy, but he's been taking some sort of antibiotic drug. His accent is thick as well:: Yah, it's okay. I've been living out of the back of trucks for awhile now.
[18:52] <Detro> S1> ::calls up the latest headlines for CM and about the attack on a side monitor::
[18:52] <Ardelmos> S2>::coughs, then tips back his hat and lifts his head up, glancing around in the spider interior::
[18:52] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::Kellerton's a cheerful sort - a young woman with curly hair and a broad smile. She grins at Karas as she drives:: You ever come out of the city before?
[18:53] <Gabriel> S1> ::has a seat near Cantor:: I haven't heard yet why you're here. All we've heard on Terra Nova of Atlantis is that the CEF orbits your planet but can't control the oceans.
[18:53] <Detro> S1> ::while waiting for that to load:: Well, sure. But these were the same people willing to gas the entire trench too.
[18:53] <Karas> C> Nope, first time really.
[18:54] <Savant> News> *crackle* osta Moreia stock went up two points today, signalling the first signs of life from the slumbering giant. Will this be the begining of new growth and prosperity? We're going to turn to Dr. Rodensk *crackle*
[18:54] <Detro> S1> ::eyebrow arch:: Huh. Interesting.
[18:54] <Karas> C> How about you, you come to Gomorrah often?
[18:55] <Birkin> S1> Only if it wasnt them dying. They need the Capricans for now to work their factories and make their warmachine. Otherwise they'd just gut the trench and put in their own people.
[18:55] <Ardelmos> S2> ::rolls out of the hammock and climbs forward into the gunner's seat beside Craig, flicking a couple of switches and checking the local scans -- he catches the news broadcast and flicks a switch to try and stablize the feed::
[18:55] <Craig> ::chuckles:: i don't normally work alone, we got the pathfinder techs there, and detro, melissa and mem are fair mechanics too
[18:55] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::sits up:: They brought me here. I'm a Pelagiokinsestos... had the bad luck to be on a Tel during a raid. They saw I was useful and brought me here.
[18:55] <Detro> S1> ::with a sweep of the hand, tries to pull up anything on the sniper attack on Paladin Lots::
[18:56] <Dimitri> S2> ::gives a nod:: Ah, I got you. Well then it seems your team is pretty well off. I handled the bulk of the repairs for team seven. But they were pretty good about personal maintence.
[18:56] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> :grins: All the time. We Van Saar get people in and out, you know! I love the city. But I love the highland more.
[18:57] <Melissa> S2>::leans back and closes her eyes for a moment, lost in thought before once more going to the schematic she's been working on::
[18:57] <Karas> C> It is different. Are all the Liberati women as cute as you? ::Karas flashes his best smile::
[18:57] <Gabriel> S1> ::smiles:: I'm sorry. A Tel? Is that an Atlan transport of some kind?
[18:58] <Ardelmos> S2> ::leans back after checking the local scans, then hauls himself out of the seat and then back into the rear of the spider::
[18:59] <Craig> S2>::nods::though even with everyone working, we still get strapped for time getting things done, even for maintenance, having another skilled mechanic would help greatly
[18:59] <Detro> S1> ::looks at Birkin:: Nah. They'd hurt short term if everyone was killed off... but they don't even really need to do that. Just kill off enough people to show they mean business.
[18:59] <Savant> News> *crackle* he garrison at Paladin Lots is requiring occupants of outlying residentail districts relocate at least one kilometer further away from the Lots. Furthermore, they are offering a one-hundred pound per unit per month incentive to landlords willing to take the displaced in. IF you're one of these landowners, give us a call and we'll give you all the details f
[18:59] <Savant> *crackle* Wink
[19:00] <Detro> S1> ::chuckles when he hears that and shouts back to Tynes:: Forget about any more sniper sorties on the 'Lots boss.
[19:00] <Ardelmos> S2> ::rolls back into the hammock and lies back, tipping his hat forward again without so much as a word::
[19:00] <Dimitri> S2> ::nods:: well I'm here to help, at least until I get reassigned. I don't think HQ know's I'm alive at this point since communication was cut off when our Fury went MIA.
[19:00] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::she grins and bats her eyes, but doesn't reply immediatley. When she does, it's another topic:: You like the mountains? It's very different. Much more open.
[19:00] <Gabriel> S1> ::looks over his shoulder, smirking a bit:: That's another kilometer that they have to defend and patrol, another kilometer that they are farther from the people of the trench, another kilometer that thins them out. I'm not dissatisfied.
[19:01] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Shakes his head:: No, no, a city. A floating city.
[19:01] <Detro> S1> ::turning back forward and the chat with Birkin:: I mean, think about it. If the CEF killed off, say, a third of the population on the upper levels... then all those people on the lower levels suddenly can get jobs or even promotions. Sure thing they wouldn't fight the CEF.
[19:01] <Craig> S2> so what happened to your team back there anyway?
[19:01] <Gabriel> S1> ::turns back to Cantor, frowning:: You were kidnapped from your city by the CEF, then?
[19:02] <Birkin> S1> They'd lose too much of their technical people. And it would galvanize the Capricans against Earth. Everyone would know someone who died. Everyone would be mad. They'd get fucked by their own action and it would only in the end screw themselves over.
[19:03] <Dimitri> S2> ::Dimitri dosen't respond right away. It was easy to spill it out in a combat situation surprisingly.. but now that he was just sitting around his mind wandered a lot more. The emotions flooding up.:: It was meant to be a simple raid.. but we were ambushed. Hard. Three of our team was killed, the rest.. are MIA. No one showed up at the rendevous. Or any of the safe houses. I've been here two seasons...
[19:03] <Karas> C> Very open I feel a little agoraphobic right now, but its nice to be out of the city for once. I'm just glad I can finally do something for the resistance. ::Karas replies seriously::
[19:03] <Detro> S1> ::shrugs:: Could be. But from what we saw, I think the Earthers wouldn't cry over losing Capricians, not if the Utopians are giving them good tech for good prices.
[19:04] <Craig> S2>::frowns:: thats a long time to be out there
[19:05] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::smirks a bat:: No, no, I don't live in the Tels. I'm from Thera. In the Abyssals.
[19:05] <Dimitri> S2> ::glances away for a moment, staring blankly at the wall.:: It is. Our Fury went MIA too. So I've been on my own. I've managed since I've been able to make myself helpful with the locals. They love people who can play fixit.
[19:06] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::grins and glances at him from her seat at the wheel:: Oh? Have enough of being a Muttawah? You like to try the real thing now?
[19:06] <Gabriel> S1> ::shakes his head in wonder:: Underwater cities. I can't imagine it. I don't think Atlantis and Terra Nova could be more different. So, the CEF brought you here? For what purpose?
[19:06] <Detro> S1> I wonder if the CEF uncovered that planted evidence or not. Doesn't sound like it, unless...
[19:07] <Detro> S1> Wait a minute. Where does the CEF get that kind of money to throw around at landlords on a monthly basis like that?
[19:07] <Karas> C> Hey! I did my part too...::Karas replies smiling, secretly a little hurt::...I just want to do as much as I can.
[19:08] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::grins, almost laughs:: Sandfish. ::then he leans back again with a bit of a frown and nods. The drugs seem to be making him a bit light headed:: They wanted a fish to help them build new subs, something they could move in their lander shuttles. I know my subs, and the cod found that out pretty quick.
[19:08] <Ardelmos> S2> ::tips his hat back slightly:: The Fury went MIA?
[19:08] <Ardelmos> S2> ::lowers his hat back down:: Means it's still out there. They'd be screaming bloody parade if they took it out.
[19:09] <Gabriel> S1> ::frowns and nods:: Same thing is happening on Terra Nova. They're trying to capture or buy our combat walkers and show them to their own and to Caprician technicians. Ditto Utopian technology.
[19:09] <Gabriel> S1> They've been using Utopian combat walkers against us.
[19:10] <Dimitri> S2> ::tilts his head sideways, glancing at Ardel for a moment. :: Maybe. It wasen't at any of the rendevous points, and didn't respond to any code phrases as per protocol. With command of my team..... eliminated. I tried to find the Fury as best I could without attracting attention and it wasen't anywhere.
[19:10] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::she grins, laughing- not making fun of him at all, but just mirthful:: Ha ha, of course. This is just different work, hm? Get you in a suit, get you out where the air is thin. You'll like it.
[19:11] <Detro> S1> ::musing out loud:: Y'know, I can't help but wonder if maybe CM bought up the land around Paladin Lots *expecting* this kind of thing to eventually happen.
[19:11] <Karas> C> You gonna show me around then? Take me under your wing and show me the ropes ::Karas jokes::/
[19:11] <Birkin> S1> ::smirks:: Sounds like a good business deal.
[19:11] <Melissa> S2>::frowns for a moment and then looks up:: The CEF may not hold huge parades for the destruction of a Fury
[19:11] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::He has a hard time saying the "y" sound:: Ootopians? Yeah, I see some of those swimming in the Lots before I got out. Not so many. So, how is Terra Nova doing? You keeping them off the ground?
[19:12] <Ardelmos> S2> ::from beneath his hat:: Well if they didn't, that means they got enough of it to want us not to know they have it.
[19:13] <Detro> S1> Heh. Well, someone had to already own it... and that someone either just had their land seized with no compensation, or made a pretty penny of it.
[19:13] <Detro> S1> (of-off)
[19:13] <Gabriel> S1> We drove a direct invasion off our planet, but now they've changed strategies on us. Small strike teams and bombing from orbit, hitting our orbital facilities, trying to put us on the defensive.
[19:13] <Detro> S1> And there was that guy who Tynes beat up. If he wasn't there to spy on the CEF, it'd make sense that he might have been there to keep an eye on the company land.
[19:15] <Dimitri> S2> It's possible. Luckily they won't get much from it. 07's mainframe on the fury kept only the bare minimum of data. General personnel files, and the location of home. Every time we found new information Commandant Mariposa kept it encrypted and hidden, the rest was send back to HQ, and all the other databases were wiped.
[19:16] <Ardelmos> S2> I'm more worried about them taking it back home...
[19:16] <Melissa> S2> ::nods::
[19:16] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::She cocks an eyebrow at KAras, but she's grinning:: You like to be under my wing, huh? I don't know, you're very new.
[19:16] <Detro> S1> At any rate, 2 kilometers gives us a nice buffer zone. ::chuckles:: Shame we couldn't have planted a bomb in that zone, timed to go off in a few weeks once everyone's out.
[19:17] <Birkin> S1> They would have found it. No way we could have hidden it for a few weeks
[19:17] <Savant> Weire Cantor> Huh! So you fought them off. Good, very good! At least one planet is free. So you're here to do to them what they're doing to you?
[19:17] <Karas> C> Ahh, but I learn pretty quick. ::Karas whips back, hoping to catch her off guard::
[19:17] <Detro> S1> ::chuckle:: So what if I'm an optimist?
[19:18] <Dimitri> S2> I'm not too concerned. We didn't keep any of the codes on the fury either. Security reasons. It dosen't auto broadcast the IFF signal. It has to be manually activated. Our Pilot had only one part of the security code. Each other pilot had their own second part. So it would need at least one other surviving pilot to be used.
[19:18] <Dimitri> S2> Unless they've gotten lax in security protocols back home.
[19:18] <Craig> S2> i'm not so worried about the fury, what can they learn about it that they already don't know, heck it's not much different than one of their sleipnirs, and they have one with fancy new engines on it, it's the crew and the others from seven that i'm worried about, if they're still alive
[19:18] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::she smirks:: Oh, I hope! You have to learn very quick out here.
[19:18] <Birkin> S1> ::hears what Weire just said and grunts:: We gotta get that news out. Might be some positive reinforcement to take up arms against the CEF if they hear that they have been beaten before.
[19:18] <Gabriel> S1> ::grins:: Trying. Sometimes even successfully.
[19:19] <Gabriel> S1> What are your plans now? Becuase I have to tell you... you'd be a valuable member of our team. We're looking for residents of other colonies to work with us... work with our teams as liaisons.
[19:19] <Gabriel> S1> If you'd like to go home, I can arrange transport for you to Terra Nova, and from there, with a Talons team back to Atlantis.
[19:20] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Grins:: Baldren told me about some of the things you fish been doin here. It's good work. ::he pauses as Gabriel talks:: Oh, please. I been wanting the waves over my head ever since I stopped at that forsaken Tel.
[19:20] <Detro> S1> ::Shakes his head:: I have to disagree there. This has to be the Caprician's fight. Getting them behind our banner is nice in theory, but it's not like we can fight FOR them. We're just giving them the time they need to get to that point.
[19:22] <Dimitri> S2> well if thats the only concern, there's three voices that won't be heard...
[19:23] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::he shrugs:: I'll help you, of course I help. Any fish knows that Earth's got to be beaten back. But I want to go back home, too.
[19:23] <Gabriel> S1> ::chuckles:: It wouldn't be a free ride... make sure you understand what you're signing up for. Debriefings with my superiors, whatever information you can provide us about your planet and what the CEF is doing there, training -- if you want it -- on how to fight back.
[19:23] <Detro> S1> I mean, granted, we can provide guidance... but it'd be awfully hard to fit the entire MILICIA through the gate without being noticed. ::wince:: Harder still to convince them it was necessary.
[19:23] <Karas> C> What am I in for then? Is it really that rough out here right now? ::genuine concern for the Liberati evident on his face::
[19:23] <Gabriel> S1> But my planet has dedicated themselves to driving the CEF off the colonies... off all of the colonies and back to Earth. Terra Nova is ours now, and Atlantis is yours.
[19:24] <Savant> Weire Cantor> This fish can swim. ::he grins:: I swam a little with the Antartis when I was younger. Doesn't look like it now, though. I'm no good on land.
[19:25] <Gabriel> S1> ::nods:: I'll talk to my superiors, then. We'll get you a ride back to Terra Nova. Perhaps even with my team, when we return.
[19:25] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::somewhat seriously:: Yes, almost as when the Keffs showed up first. But we know now, so we hide a little better. I hope you know how to hide.
[19:27] * Craig has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[19:27] <Dimitri> S2> I am relieved to have run into another Talon team though. I noticed it when I saw those incidents happening with the Black Talon logo painted on the walls... I was surprised your team was so.. in the keff's face.
[19:28] <Ardelmos> S2> That wasn't us.
[19:28] <Karas> C> ::a slight tinge of anger creeps into Karas' features at the mention of Keffs:: Its not my favorite tactic, but I can handle would seem the slagging Keffs have been more active everywhere then. Well I'm here to help and I want to do my part.
[19:28] <Ardelmos> S2> ::tilts up his hat:: We figured that was you guys.
[19:28] <Dimitri> S2> ::stares at Ardel for a few moments in silence in response:: It wasen't your team?...
[19:28] <Birkin> S1> ::shakes his head:: Nah they'll do it on their own. I just ment that we would be a rally cry.
[19:29] <Detro> S1> Oh, sure.
[19:29] <Karas> ::Karas falls silent after that, and goes back to staring out at the landscape::
[19:29] <Detro> S1> But even then, they've got to rally behind their planet, not ours.
[19:29] <Melissa> S2> ::looks a little puzzled and then plugs her pad into an interface and puts the schematics away and begins looking for something::
[19:29] <Detro> S1> That's why the Highlands First movement worries me.
[19:30] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::nods:: you sandies are all right.
[19:30] <Detro> S1> If they start to really go after CEF-collaborating corps, it could hurt the unity that the rally cry needs.
[19:30] <Ardelmos> S2> Nope. After we heard 07 had dropped off the grid, we figured it was you.
[19:30] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::grins:: You have lots of ways you can help.
[19:31] <Dimitri> S2> Negative. When I couldn't find the Fury or any other surviving team members, I went underground. My gear as well as myself were hidden away by the Liberati. I kept feelers out just to keep track of any signs of other teams.... I wonder if there's another team.. or survivors from seven...
[19:32] <Karas> ::Karas smirks, he continues to stare out the window:: How so?
[19:32] <Detro> S1> ::turns back to the news feed and has it punch through the other big stories::
[19:32] <Ardelmos> S2> We'd know if it were another team. ::lies back down:: Seems you're not the only one who's been stuck for two seasons.
[19:33] <Dimitri> S2> ::reaches up to scratch his chin.:: Perhaps... I wonder why they didn't go to the rendevous points.. or any of the safe houses then..
[19:33] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::smirks:: Oh, you think of something, I bet. - oh, there it is. ::leans forward to look out the window::
[19:33] <Gabriel> S1> ::nods:: In the meantime, if there's anything we can do for you, don't hesitate to ask.
[19:34] <Karas> C> ::Looks at what Kellerton is looking at::
[19:35] * Scotty has joined #BT05
[19:35] <Savant> A few points of weak light beckon through the gloom ahead as the cluster of vehicles pass around a bend. A few work trucks are moving soil, piling it up over a low quonset-hut style building that was newly constructed. Others lay nestled between the ground with tubes connecting them
[19:35] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Scotty
[19:35] <Melissa> S2> ::blinks and frowns at the scrolling display and sighs. Scrolling back to the top of the list, she begins to study the readout, hoping to find something to whittle down the number of records::
[19:35] * Scotty is now known as Craig
[19:35] <Detro> S1> ::smiles:: Dome sweet dome...
[19:35] <Birkin> S1> Be it ever so humble.
[19:36] <Karas> C> is that my home away from home?
[19:36] <Savant> Weire Cantor> Maybe just some water and a wake-up if you got it.
[19:38] <Detro> S1> ::chuckle:: Beats the jungles, at any rate.
[19:38] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> +com+ We're here! I call them and say who we are, before they shoot us.
[19:38] <Detro> S1> ::follows the small flotila of vehicles::
[19:39] <Melissa> S2> ::selects several records and saves them to her datapad:: Hmm...well, KSM has been very naughty
[19:39] <Birkin> S1> To hell with your jungles. I miss Ashanti.
[19:39] <Gabriel> S1> ::nods:: I think we can manage that. ::heads back forward, pulls one of the canteens, fills it, and pulls a pack of two caffeine pills out of one of the medkits::
[19:39] <Detro> S1> ::eyes roll::
[19:40] <Savant> Liberati> +com+ [Highlands] Come on in, Ravens, Van Saar. Use the open garage.
[19:40] <Craig> S2>::throttles down again when he hears kellerton, then goes back to dimitri:: sorry to have to bring this up again, but when you're team was ambush, what was your original goal?
[19:41] <Gabriel> S1> ::takes these supplies back to Cantor and then heads back forward and grins:: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
[19:41] <Detro> S1> ::glances about for the garage mentioned, and seeing it, veers off towards the left side of it, then backs the Spider in::
[19:42] <Detro> S1> ::backs the Spider in knife-first, that is. Everyone in the garage gets to see the unusual sight of a RAM-coated vibroknife sticking out the back of the vehicle::
[19:42] <Savant> A few of the larger domes have large garage doors on their sides - one of them is yawning open just now. The place looks remarkably similar to the base on Hope, Terranova's moon. It's probably almost invisible from orbit.
[19:43] <Dimitri> S2> Overall our mission was raiding against CEF naturally.. but the particular mission we were ambushed on was a raid against a Hakkar installation.
[19:44] <Savant> Kellerton doesn't bring the caravan of Bungalows inside - there's a hatch on the side of the hut that she can dock up to. Looks liek it was once the back end of another Bungalow that's since been chopped off and used for an airlock.
[19:44] <Craig> S2>::did you get a chance to see how the CEF were set up? how did they carry out the ambush?
[19:45] <Detro> S1> ::parks the Spider:: Top floor: dust, ore, crystals, and vehicles bigger than a drone.
[19:45] <Savant> Once the Spiders are inside, the doors of the garage close and the whole place pressurizes. When that's said and done, the lights in the building finally turn on.
[19:46] <Gabriel> S1> Bit like docking a spaceship.
[19:46] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> We're here! Welcome to Liberati Freehold. ::gets out of her seat and pulls off her driving cap, shucking it aside while the caravan automatically mates with the airlock::
[19:46] <Gabriel> S1> ::heads aft toward the hatch::
[19:46] <Ardelmos> ::grunts and rolls out of the hammock, adjusting his hat and duster which had become wrinkled from the hammock:: I'm guessing we're here, Craig?
[19:46] <Dimitri> S2> ::responds dryly:: We didn't get to see how they were set up. We were ambushed. :: his voice returns to a normal tone.:: I was barely able to get a count but they knew we were coming. Two dozen Mordred easily, There were some battle frames, and we had to deal with gunships as well.
[19:47] <Detro> S1> ::puts the Spider on standby in case they need to leave in a hurry, then heads out the aft hatch to join the others::
[19:47] <Karas> ::Karas gets up and grabs his gear, following Kellerton::
[19:47] <Birkin> S1> ::secures the spider and gets up to leave out the back door after the Captain::
[19:48] <Melissa> S2>::gathers up her stuff and prepares to disembark from the Spider::
[19:48] <Gabriel> S1> ::hits the switch to pop the aft hatch and then exits the Spider::
[19:48] <Savant> As people start to empty out into the bay, two Liberati enter from the doors leading into the hold itself. They're both fairly tall and slim, both men, and both seem calmly pleased to see the newcomers.
[19:49] <Detro> S1> I'll have to see just how CM's stock went up, and maybe see who benefited from the CEF's land grab.
[19:49] <Dimitri> S2> ::Grabs his duffel bag he begins to disembark from Spider two, although he catches sight of something unusual sticking out of the back door of Spider one. He moves over to investigate, noticing a vibroknife sticking out of the back of Spider One.
[19:49] <Ardelmos> ::hops out of the aft hatch after throwing his duffel over his shoulder and glances about the interior of the bay before moving over to the group forming from both Spiders::
[19:50] <Gabriel> S1> ::approaches the welcoming committee::
[19:51] <Melissa> ::walks out and looks around at the garage and tries to take everything in::
[19:51] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Takes lead of the two Liberati, heading over to the Talons - his companion heads over to the Van Saar:: Good evening. Welcome to Hoert. I'm Merrick.
[19:51] <Detro> ::snags his duffel and Tynes' (knowing he'd likely want it) and falls in with the group::
[19:51] <Craig> ::pulls spider 2 up alongside spider 1 and stands to go to the hatch, giving roland a nod and looking back at dimitri::they must have figured someone would go after that installation, or others like it, i wonder if they had set up other ambushes like that in gommorah, we ran into a nasty one when raiding an KSM refinery out in the belt, we managed to slip through their fingers but it certainly could have been worse
[19:51] <Gabriel> And I am Captain Gabriel Tynes, of the 5th Black Talons. Thank you for agreeing to house us.
[19:52] <Dimitri> S2> ::thumbs the knife sticking out of Spider one after they disembark, glancing at craig:: What is with that vibro knife sticking out of the back?
[19:52] <Savant> The garage is pretty much like any other, with a curious exception. Everything of value, anything with electronics or moving parts, is stored in heavy duty zip-closed bags. The Liberati greet their Helles brethren exhuberantly, with hugging and chatter.
[19:53] <Savant> Merrick Helles> The ravens are always welcome here. Is there anything you need? We have rooms for you if you like - they're not very private, but they're comfortable.
[19:53] <Craig> ::glances at the knife and grins:: every heard of the legend of excalibur?
[19:53] <Gabriel> That would be very welcome, thank you.
[19:54] <Detro> ::glances around, for Kellerton, both hands full::
[19:54] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Then come in. ::he gestures and turns back to the doors::
[19:55] <Birkin> ::likes the idea of a bed where he doesnt have to watch the door every night::
[19:55] <Dimitri> ::smirks at Craig:: Ahh.. So who's going to be King of the spider?
[19:55] <Detro> ::grins as he sees Kellerton eagerly greeting her fellow Liberati::
[19:56] <Dimitri> ::stares around at the sealed electronics.. finding the locals here to be very... strange people. Neat freaks he supposes.::
[19:56] <Ardelmos> ::mutters to himself:: Think they've got a mural of Baja here too?
[19:56] <Detro> Hey Kellerton! ::lifts his duffel up and tries to wave at her with it::
[19:57] <Gabriel> ::has a look around:: How long have you been here?
[19:57] <Savant> The Liberati leads the group into a corridor that's painted a vibrant ultramarine blue. Faint, whispy thin white clouds dapple the colour, and someone has gone through and painted tiny, perfect insects along the cement.
[19:58] <Craig> ::shakes head::nah not quite like that
[19:58] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Four months. But the hold has been here for almost ten years now. We're adding more domes and garages.
[19:59] <Ardelmos> ::narrows his eyes slightly at the insect forms painted into the cement as they pass through the corridor::
[19:59] <Dimitri> ::scans the corridor as they move through it. He points at the painted insects glancing at Craig:: Whats the deal with the bugs?
[19:59] <Melissa> ::moves along with the others, still slightly lost in thought::
[19:59] <Detro> ::waits up so he can walk with Kellerton::
[19:59] * Lykaeon has joined #bt05
[19:59] <Birkin> Told Juno if she kept her mouth open so much she'd have flies in her mouth ::points at the bugs:: Told her so
[19:59] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::grins a great big grin at Detro and scampers over:: It's a good drive?
[19:59] * Savant sets mode: +o Lykaeon
[20:00] <Gabriel> ::nods:: The setup is wonderful, and I don't think the location could be better. ::walks down the hallway, content to take it in for now::
[20:00] * Karas has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:00] <Melissa> Captain? When you have a moment, I've got something you might find interesting
[20:00] <Detro> I'd say so. Plenty of time to chat and learn what results our attack had.
[20:00] * Lykaeon is now known as Karas
[20:00] <Detro> ::smiles warmly at her:: I'm glad you're safe.
[20:01] <Craig> ::shrugs:: the liberati are a very colorful people, i haven't quite grasped what alot of the images mean, guess we'll have to ask sometime
[20:01] <Dimitri> ::gives a nod, making a mental note to do so at his first opportunity. Interested in seeing some of the mechanical devices as well...::
[20:02] <Karas> ::Karas walks up to Gabriel:: I don't really fall under any chain of command here, so I guess I'm with you guys for now. Can I bunk with you guys?
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::drops back a bit and nods at Melissa:: What have you got, Dekarch?
[20:02] <Savant> The tunnel opens (after a set of equally blue doors) to a tall, golden dome. It's decorated with white and blue designs - abstract, but pretty. Three other doors run off from this room, but it seems that it's used as a central meeting place. There are tables and chairs, as well as a kitchen and pantry right there on one side of the room.
[20:02] <Gabriel> ::nods at Karas:: Of course.
[20:03] <Detro> ::Detro gets glimpses of the artwork and murals, but his eyes are mostly on Kellerton::
[20:03] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::grins at Detro, but doesn't say much; she just lingers close::
[20:03] <Melissa> ::holds up the datapad:: I did some looking at Corps and stuff, and I know KSM is dirty, but this is interesting. Almost all of the CEF's local money is coming from KSM branches
[20:04] <Gabriel> ::frowns:: You'll have to pardon me, Dekarch. I'm not a businessman. What does that mean?
[20:04] <Savant> Merrick Helles> We can talk here. ::He wanders to the kitchenette, opening a cabinet and taking cups from inside::
[20:05] <Ardelmos> ::tosses his duffel down beside one of the tables and takes a seat, cracking his knuckles::
[20:06] <Dimitri> ::ear perks up at the mention of the word "Dekarch" he glances Melissa's way for a few moments before setting his duffel down beside another seat, sitting down, his HUI blinking with random bits of data as it analyzes various things he looks at with small commands from his datapad.::
[20:06] <Gabriel> ::looks around in appreciation, then finds a place to sit::
[20:06] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::somewhat quietly:: I- I use a little of the water. I hope it's okay.
[20:06] <Melissa> My best guess, sir, is that the money is coming from loans from KSM branches...they're some kind of investment corporation. Business isn't my strong suit, but put the hurt on KSM and they might need to be calling on those loans
[20:07] <Detro> ::puts Tynes' duffle bag down, then his own. He reaches out and holds her hands:: It kept you safe. Of course it's okay.
[20:07] <Melissa> Which would in turn strain some of the CEF's immediate capital for doing could also make other corporations less likely to work with CEF if the CEF cannot repay its loans
[20:08] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> I saw on the news that they say they caught some ravens; I was worried.
[20:09] <Gabriel> Huh, that's an interesting idea. How do we go about doing that, though? It's just data, isn't it?
[20:09] <Detro> You'll have to show us those news pieces.... ::smiles:: But they couldn't catch me. Not when I have you to fight for.
[20:09] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> aha ha ha, stop it! Come on, it's dinner. Or something. ::pulls him to the table::
[20:11] <Melissa> ::pauses for a moment:: Yes...though I would expect as a financial institution, they would have very good defenses against hacker attacks, but if we could attack the data, manipulate it...or affect KSM's stocks, they might need to recall the loans to avoid losing branches to the other corporations
[20:11] <Detro> ::chuckles and lets himself be pulled to the table::
[20:11] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Takes out a rather large bottle - clearly something's been brewed in there. He sets out the cups and fills each one up with a thick brown-red drink that's clearly alcoholic:: I think it would be good to toast to our successes. The Jund thanks you, Terra Nova.
[20:11] <Dimitri> ::fiddles his thumb as he eyes various bits of information on his HUI, as if occupying himself idly. He is still uncomfortable with the Talon team, he was relieved one the one hand. However he felt slightly out of place, as is the case whenever a unknown element is introduced to a new team. He sits idly otherwise, picking up on pieces of information as he half listens, awaiting the newest event for them coming to this table.::
[20:12] <Ardelmos> ::accepts one of the cups and waves it underneath his nose, sniffing it a couple of times:: And the Talons thank the Jund, Merrick.
[20:12] <Karas> ::Karas spots Dimitri sitting by himself and walks over:: Appreciate Well friend. Your the new guy huh?
[20:12] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::he raises his glass and drinks::
[20:13] <Detro> ::hands Kellerton a cup and then raises his own::
[20:13] <Gabriel> ::takes one of the glasses and drinks::
[20:13] <Ardelmos> ::drinks from the cup, tilting his head back as he does so::
[20:13] <Melissa> ::takes an offered glass and drinks::
[20:13] <Birkin> ::takes one of the cups and smiles at the drink, sniffing it slightly before taking a drink:: Mmmm
[20:13] <Dimitri> ::His HUI pauses the video it was playing against his eye. He glances over at Dimitri. :: Appreciate Well. Technically. Although I've been planet side longer than the rest of the team.
[20:14] <Detro> ::sips gingerly, wanting to savor the rare treat::
[20:14] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::grins at Detro and drinks with her eyes staying on his::
[20:14] <Gabriel> And our thanks back to you, Merrick. All of Terra Nova thanks the Jund.
[20:14] <Dimitri> ::takes a cup, taking a small sip of the liquid.::
[20:15] <Birkin> ::Swirls the liquid around in his mouth for a minute before drinking it down::
[20:15] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::nods, and sits at the head of one of the round tables:: You will always be welcome here, as our allies. The message I received said you wanted to speak with Highlands First, yes?
[20:15] <Karas> How long? Did you lose your whole team? ::Karas passes on the alcohol::
[20:15] <Gabriel> Among others, yes.
[20:15] <Craig> ::sits down at the table and accept a glass of the beverage::
[20:16] <Dimitri> ::stares at Karas for a moment:: Yes. I lost my team. And I have been around for two seasons.
[20:16] <Gabriel> We also seek those that you are aware of that have a knowledge of the interior of Paladin Lots.
[20:16] <Detro> ::finally hearing the conversation going on:: Kellerton said there'd been reports of captured Ravens?
[20:17] <Savant> Merrick Helles> mm. ::nods:: I myself an an Amir, my ghazis are quarters. I try to act as the sword whereas the rest of the Jund is the shield. I hope to help you in your tasks here, ravens.
[20:17] <Ardelmos> ::watches Merrick's response to Tynes' question carefully over the rim of his cup::
[20:17] <Karas> Well friend, I know what its like to work alone. ::Karas is a little put off by Dimitri's nature, but right now he just feels a little bit out of his element and kind of alone::
[20:17] <Melissa> ::looks over at Detro:: could be a attempt to get us to react? Or it might be true....
[20:18] <Melissa> ::bites her lower lip while lost in thought::
[20:18] <Dimitri> ::sets his glass down, finding the drink not to his taste. :: It was difficult. But we Talons are trained for such situations. :: He acted a bit stiffer towards the nonTalon. He warmed up to some of the Liberati he was used to working with.. but he didn't know this fellow.. ::
[20:19] <Gabriel> ::nods slowly:: Can you put us in contact with representatives of both groups?
[20:19] <Detro> ::to Melissa: Any news we get can be viewed in that light, really.
[20:20] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Yes, of course. But, remember, Highlands First is not a whole. It's just a belief. There are leaders, but it's not organized like that, really.
[20:21] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Finding someone who's gotten into the Lots will be harder. I can think of only one, but he knows the tunnels below like he knows his own hands.
[20:21] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Excellent.
[20:21] <Ardelmos> ::a pause:: What's his name?
[20:22] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Sidheras. Razor.
[20:23] <Birkin> Razor?
[20:23] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::nods:: He's in the Bastille right now.
[20:23] <Ardelmos> ::purses his lips and nods, taking another sip from his cup:: Has there been any news of Amir Falcon from within Bastile Alpha?
[20:24] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Snorts at the coincidence:: Yes. You know Falcon?
[20:24] <Karas> Trained to be alone, far away from home, by yourself? I don't think anyone can train for that.
[20:25] <Ardelmos> ::smirks slightly:: I had the utmost honor of pistol whipping her back into unconciousness after inadverdently springing her from her capture while we were escaping our own.
[20:25] <Detro> ::snuggles against Kellerton, the canteen between them::
[20:26] <Dimitri> ::turns his head fully towards Kara's a rather cold look on his face. :: You'd be surprised what we Terranovan's can train for. We've bled a lot. Worked together, and fought against each other. If anyone can be trained to work solo far away from the planet. It's a Terranovan.
[20:26] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::laughs:: That was *you*. I see. She does well. They've found the Normardiss Slip and are beginning to dig now. Which brings me to a favour I must ask you and the Van Saar.
[20:27] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Please send a message to the el-Hayar. We have need of their autofacs at the Bastille. Trucks, suits, weapons. Enough for ten thousand.
[20:27] <Ardelmos> ::almost spits out mid drink:: Ten thousand?
[20:27] <Gabriel> ::raises eyebrows:: Ten thousand?
[20:27] <Gabriel> It is time for your raid on Bastille Alpha, then?
[20:28] <Detro> ::eyebrow arch:: You don't ask for small things, do you? ::Smile::
[20:28] <Savant> Kellerton Van Saar> ::stifles a giggle and pulls close to Detro, whispering and entirely ignoring the serious goings-on::
[20:29] <Karas> ::the Hair on Karas' neck bristles a little at the response:: I see. That may be true, but humans were never meant to feel that kind of loneliness. We all have faced hardships. Don't think that you are the only one.
[20:29] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::grins a thin grin:: IT's what she expects will be able to escape throuh the slip. Falcon is our very best. She's going to get *everyone* out.
[20:30] <Detro> ::impressed:: Well... given what Roland said, I think BT05 has a debt to repay to her. ::snuggles against Kellerton, enjoying what she has to say::
[20:30] <Ardelmos> If you don't mind our asking; just how exactly are you going to hide that many people? That's a huge influx into your numbers awfully fast.
[20:30] <Gabriel> We will deliver your message, of course, but is there any way that we can help with this?
[20:31] <Gabriel> There is a small group likely in Bastille Alpha that I would also like to smuggle out, if it can be done at the same time.
[20:31] <Dimitri> ::smiles coldly:: It's humankind's lot to deal with hardship. I am just saying, that we are here to prevent the same thing the CEF did to our planet. I am just saying that we've dealt with this sort of thing before. We are accustomed to fighting. Whoever, however, alone, or together.
[20:32] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Help? Of course. They will need help at the Slip, getting out safely. We're building sites nearby to hide them, and every Hold is building a new dome to spread them out. ::A beat:: who is there that you want to free?
[20:32] <Melissa> ::frowns slightly at Dimitri's words, but says nothing, leaning back a bit, listening to the conversations::
[20:32] <Gabriel> The family of Mariko Sanvit.
[20:32] <Gabriel> She was good enough to defect to Terra Nova, and has provided a great deal of help to us. It is likely her family has paid the price.
[20:33] <Craig> ::thinks a moment:: equipment and supplies for ten thousand...and last i heard the el-hayar only had 1 autofac going and could be 6 months to get a second one, it might be a stretch
[20:33] <Karas> I fight for a reason friend. I have a goal. Caprice may never have been divided, but we have held our own.
[20:33] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::rubs his chin:: We can't get word in - she can only get word out. When the mountain falls there will be chaos - maybe in that, you can break in and free them yourselves. I will get you her plans.
[20:35] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We would be honored to help with this. I know it has long been a goal of the Jund. When do you expect to need these supplies?
[20:35] <Dimitri> ::shrugs his shoulders for a moment.:: I never denied that. I am just saying, we are trained for this. Alone or not. You may not be able to handle such a conditions.. but your are not terranovan. I never called into question the ability of your folks to fight back. I've seen brave men fighting this war. I wouldn't presume to dishonor their sacrifice. Just don't assume we're the same.
[20:36] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Three or four months. She doesn't know exactly when, yet. They dig slowly - they don't want to attract attention to the Slip.
[20:36] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We will send your timeline to the El Hayar.
[20:36] <Karas> So what makes a Terranovan then?
[20:37] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Thank you. Now, what can I tell you of the movement?
[20:37] <Birkin> ::clears his throat:: Are the Al-Bensen in the mountain as well? ::probably a moment too late::
[20:38] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Al-Bansen? ::pauses to think a moment:: I don't know. Did they do something to get themselves captured?
[20:39] <Gabriel> ::frowns:: I regret to tell you that some of the Al Bansen and some of the Maribold were taken and imprisoned by the keffs.
[20:39] <Dimitri> ::leans forward:: Terranovan's are the only ones jape enough. To treat their planet like a giant Grudge Ring, when the enemy is at our door. And still manage take the fight whereever it needs to go.
[20:40] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Oh! yes, the Al-Bansen. Spacers. No, they wouldn't be in the mountain. Spacer criminals.. well, they've been just disappearing. We think they take them to Earth, or through one of the other gates.
[20:41] <Birkin> ::makes a slight frown at that::
[20:41] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Raises a hand at the back:: They go to Botany Bay, like the olden days. S'what the cod told me, at least.
[20:41] <Gabriel> ::nods:: That is... unfortunate. And as to the movement, anything that you can tell us would be helpful.
[20:41] <Karas> I wouldn't call that a quality. Your argument seems flawed. I doubt that Terranovans can be defined as self-destructive warriors. Thats a rather cynical point to take of your own culture.
[20:42] <Detro> ::quietly listens to the chatter going on around the table::
[20:42] <Melissa> We fight so that the people do not have to fight... ::shrugs slightly::
[20:43] * Ardelmos is now known as Fraser
[20:43] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Raises an eyebrow at the Atlan, but replies to the Captain:: My quarters and I are going to be hitting the Vega spaceport soon, to help the Maribold. We're also going to try to destroy as much as we can of the facilities there, but our goal is the Maribold.
[20:43] * Fraser has quit IRC (Quit: )
[20:43] <Birkin> ::looks over at Weire:: The CEF are in control of Booty Bay?
[20:44] <Melissa> ::blinks a couple of times and smirks::
[20:44] <Detro> Hmm. Given what Melissa mentioned about the CEF's financial status, hitting the spaceport sounds like a good thing to do in conjunction with hitting KSM.
[20:44] <Dimitri> That is a matter of your opinion. My nation, my home was torn apart, and is still being torn apart right now over this sort of nonsense, even with the very real danger of CEF even to our planet. But there are those of us who know better than to kill eachother senselessly. If we were self-destructive, we would have just nuked ourselves. Terranovan's are survivors. Regardless of the Grudge ring like attitude with our planet.
[20:45] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::laughs:: hah! Yeah, so they say. They swim all the way through the gate-web, didn't you know? Nothin but rocks and radiation over there, so they took it up and opened it again.
[20:45] <Dimitri> We can tear ourself apart, and still kick the CEF's off our planet. To be able to things such as that, is Terranovan. But to be a Jape, is also Terranovan.
[20:46] <Craig> ::glances at karas:: from what i understand about human history, we're not the first to turn our planet into the grudge ring, earth has been one for millenia and from what we heard when we took out those keffs in the lots, utopia could very much be one as well
[20:46] <Melissa> ::shakes her head at Dimitri's bravado::
[20:47] <Detro> ::glances at the others around the table, but apparently nobody was minding him much attention, so he returned the bulk of his attention to Kellerton, quietly sharing with her what they'd seen and done in the Trench::
[20:48] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::shrugs at Craig:: They didn't say nothin about Ootopia.
[20:48] <Karas> The Grudge Ring was designed to eliminate the need for excessive violence. It implies that both parties are giving their full consent. From the sound of it friend you did not give consent. Your war is not too different from mine, but I find myself asking which war are you fighting? How can you expect to fight a battle on Caprice when you let your conflict at home erode your morale here.
[20:49] <Karas> Your ghosts seem to have followed you here.
[20:50] <Dimitri> You make things too complex. I fight the battle here because in the long run. It will help Terranova. Even if they don't know it. I could have stayed in my broken Humanist Alliance home, and fought a rebel, and died a footnote in history. But I chose to fight for something greater. Ghosts or not, I know my Duty as a Protector. And it extends to more than only my home.
[20:50] <Gabriel> Merrick, earlier, you said you plan to hit the Vega Starport. May I ask when?
[20:50] <Gabriel> It might be to our advantage to coordinate our activities, if it is possible.
[20:51] <Savant> Merrick Helles> We leave in a week. What do you plan to do in a weeks' time?
[20:51] <Melissa> ::raises an eyebrow:: Your duty as a Protector is to the people and the Preceptors of the Alliance, not to Terranova. Your Duty as a Black Talon is to Terranova
[20:52] <Karas> True. You are that Raven, I wish you luck, maybe we can be friends after all...::Karas extends his hand::
[20:53] <Gabriel> When you hit the starport, no doubt the keffs will throw reinforcements at you, perhaps from the trench, perhaps from the nearby hills and mountains. We could place ourselves to intercept those reinforcements.
[20:54] <Savant> Merrick Helles> If you do this, we will choose our next mission at your discretion, to help your goals.
[20:54] <Dimitri> ::takes Kara's hand after a moments hesitation. Giving it a firm shake. He glances over at Melissa.:: Perhaps I take my duty of Protector as more than a title given to me by home. And take the word, Protector, more seriously, than I do my ghost rank.
[20:54] <Detro> Even better if we can lend a hand in the opening attack with some indirect fire.
[20:54] <Craig> ::glances at the atlan:: we overheard them mention a republic, that must be a single country or maybe an alliance of countries, not the whole planet, right?
[20:55] <Melissa> It is not a Ghost rank, Protector
[20:55] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Shrugs:: Don't know. Sounds right, but don't know. I didn't talk with them so much.
[20:56] <Craig> ::blinks a moment:: but you did talk with them? about what?
[20:56] <Melissa> ::standing up, smirking slightly:: It is only a ghost rank if you truly believe the Alliance to be dead.
[20:57] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::laughs:: Fish. They wanted to know what sort of fish we have. They eat a lot of fish, I think. They know their squiddies.
[20:58] <Dimitri> It is a ghost rank for me. When the Alliance was crumbled I fought. As a rebel. I am no longer a Protector in the typical sense. I hold the rank, wear the pins. It is a Ghost rank because I work as a Protector for not only the alliance, but Terranova.
[20:58] <Savant> ((Sorry, that was CAntor that said that, not Merrick))
[20:59] <Gabriel> ::shakes his head:: No, you misunderstand me. I do not wish for us to interfere with your attack, but merely to assist it, perhaps to prevent losses to your personnel.
[20:59] <Detro> ::sighs:: We're how far away from home and you want to obsess about ranks? ::smirks:: Titles and ranks are great on paper, but not worth much in the field.
[21:00] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Grins:: And you misunderstand me, raven. If you do this - if you help us - then the next time you need help, call for us and we'll be there.
[21:00] <Melissa> ::looks at Detro for a moment:: Ranks are of no worth in the field? ::smirks:: That would be most amusing. Perhaps you are right, let us do away with the entire concept of rank and authority.
[21:01] <Birkin> ::looks at Merrik then at the Captain::
[21:01] <Melissa> ::chuckles and shakes her head:: I think I will just go nap now...
[21:01] <Dimitri> ::gives a nod to Detro:: You are right.. I do take it a bit too seriously.... but that is the chip on my own shoulder if anything.
[21:01] <Detro> ::he shrugs... there's been more than a few times in the field he shouted what amounted to an order to someone else:: As Talons, we don't always have the luxury of having an intact chain of command in the field. ::gestures at the Adoptee::
[21:01] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Of course, where are my manners. If you're tired, your rooms are through that tunnel. The whole dome is yours. ::He gestures to a set of round doors::
[21:03] <Dimitri> ::turns his head to glance away the adoptee comment. He goes silent, standing up quietly, and grabbing his duffle bag. He turns to Merrick Helles, giving a small stiff bow:: I personally thank you for your hospitality Sir. ::he turns with a stiff turn and makes way for the round doors, without any further word.::
[21:03] <Karas> ::Turns to Helles:: Where is the armory?
[21:04] <Craig> ::shakes his head a bit, put off that his attempt at gathering information ended up with fish and goes back to drinking that brownish booze::
[21:04] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Then that is how it shall be. Tell us where you expect these reinforcements to come from, and we will destroy them, or stand ready to protect your flank. And thank you, I believe some of us can use some rest, yes.
[21:04] <Savant> Merrick Helles> We have none. Keep your weapons with you, they're yours. We're Liberati, Muttawah. We don't take what's not ours.
[21:04] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Stands as well:: then good night. We will talk at breakfast in the morning.
[21:04] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:05] <Savant> so is Dimitri's callsign "Adoptee"?
[21:05] <Savant> maybe Orphan
[21:05] <Detro> Not insulting enough.
[21:05] <Gabriel> Heh.
[21:05] <Detro> If you go by our other callsigns. Wink
[21:05] * Kt has joined #BT05
[21:05] <Dimitri> joy. Adoptee Wink
[21:05] <Detro> I was just capitalizing it because Detro was giving it emphasis.
[21:05] <Karas> Better then me...that guy who is here, but not part of the team.
[21:06] <Craig> could call his "Stray"
[21:06] <Craig> his=him
[21:06] <Savant> so! What do you think? I think that went quite well.
[21:06] <Birkin> found out some information about Botany Bay
[21:06] <Dimitri> It went pretty good, I liked the bits of social banter. I was able to develop Dimitri's personality a bit more.
[21:06] <Detro> Heh. Nah. You can't pin a callsign on him for being alone or wandering or orphaned because he survived two seasons that way. That's pretty admirable.
[21:06] <Savant> great roleplaying session if you ask me
[21:07] * Kt has left #BT05
[21:07] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Lots of little pieces to add to the puzzle, but yeah, great from a role-playing aspect. Smile
[21:07] <Karas> Ya I got to mack on Detros girl...and get belittled by the new crazy guy.
[21:07] <Savant> heh heh
[21:07] <Karas> I feel fullfilled
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:07] <Karas> I feel fullfilled
[21:07] <Savant> who wants experience points?
[21:07] <Dimitri> I'm not Crazy Wink
[21:07] <Detro> We all do!
[21:07] <Savant> do *you* want experience points?
[21:07] <Craig> i do, i do!
[21:07] <Dimitri> I just.. don't like people as much as machines Very Happy
[21:07] <Dimitri> I want experience points Very Happy
[21:07] <Melissa> you are crazy
[21:07] <Gabriel> Yes, please. Wink
[21:07] <Melissa> i want xp please
[21:08] <Dimitri> Give them Santa Colin Very Happy
[21:08] <Savant> Dimitri and Melissa should make up and make out. They're perfect for one another
[21:08] <Melissa> XP....nom, nom, nom
[21:08] <Dimitri> Whoa what?
[21:08] <Craig> lol
[21:08] <Detro> Agreed
[21:08] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork? Can you show me any today?
[21:08] <Dimitri> I'm in love with my gear. There is no other woman out there for me.
[21:08] <Melissa> hehe
[21:08] <Dimitri> ::cleans some stains on his gear::
[21:08] <Melissa> I'm master of all things automated...err...drones.
[21:08] <Detro> Melissa is the master of "toys"
[21:08] <Melissa> i can make your gear into a big drone...
[21:08] <Dimitri> Oh god. We're both technophiles.
[21:09] <Craig> this was a social gathering, teamwork.....well......
[21:09] <Dimitri> But then who will love me. You'll just become a gear lesbian then Sad
[21:09] <Savant> like I said. You're both compatible Wink
[21:09] <Detro> ::nods:: We split up and got a lot of information gained in a short amount of time
[21:09] <Gabriel> Chit-chatting, meeting the new guy, meeting the guy from Atlantis. Those are the only real examples.
[21:09] <Gabriel> That I can think of, anyway.
[21:09] * Savant nods
[21:09] <Craig> meeting merrick
[21:09] <Savant> not really teamwork, just characters socializing. That's okay.
[21:10] <Karas> I didn't really play off of teamwork, but I did learn a lot from Dimitri.
[21:10] <Dimitri> We got to see many of the ideals of a lot of the characters personalities in a non combat situation.
[21:10] <Dimitri> Like, my guy isn't the nicest to nonterranovans Very Happy
[21:10] <Savant> Here's the easy question. Tell me what you've learned today, and why it's important.
[21:10] <Dimitri> because they're pussies. :<
[21:10] <Melissa> wait till you meet Bonaparte
[21:10] <Savant> If you don't leave anything out I'll give you 2 experience points.
[21:10] <Craig> the utopians on caprice love fish?Smile
[21:10] <Karas> I now know more about whats going on in Terranovan society and thats a big thing for Caprice. Sociology is his hobby.
[21:10] <Dimitri> Well I can only say what I learned personally , not everything since my character wasen't paying that much attention...
[21:10] <Savant> heh heh
[21:11] <Savant> why's that important, though, Scotty? Wink
[21:11] <Savant> i can tell you why, myself.
[21:11] <Detro> Atlanteans appear to be unable to pronounce the letter "Y" and kinda muck up "U" as well. That means we'll have to work hard to fit in under cover on Atlantis.
[21:11] <Gabriel> Further confirmation that the CEF is trying to pull together tech from all the colonies and turn it against other colonies. Imagine an Atlantean sub in Lake Esperance. ::shivers:: Bad.
[21:11] <Craig> maybe they continued to have contact with atlantis after earth pulled out?
[21:11] <Savant> oo'l have to work really' hard, 'es.
[21:12] <Karas> "Karas" I mean not Caprice...that was a serious goofup.
[21:12] <Savant> heh. That'd make for an awesome Terran movie, Gabriel. I should write that in
[21:12] <Detro> Ross, congrats. You just placed "Das Boot" on Terra Novas
[21:12] <Savant> Take a look at your gate webs. Atlantis is pretty far from Utopia
[21:12] <Gabriel> The most important thing we learned tonight from Gabriel's perspective is that the Jund took his warnings to heart. They're going on the offensive. That ought to be quite fun.
[21:12] <Dimitri> Dimitri learned more about his teammates personality traits, he finds Craig to be a fairly friendly fellow who may have some of the similar interests. Kara's seems to be mildly interesting, if a shit disturber. He has a better idea of the dynamics with Craig and Adel, with his brief conversations. He finds the fact that they liberati hide all the electronics in bags rather silly, and needs to ask someone about it.
[21:12] <Melissa> Learned that the CEF has extensive loans with KMS...and if we can squeeze the corp, we might be able to put a hurt on the CEF operations
[21:12] <Gabriel> An attack on Vega Starport? An escape from Bastille Alpha? And Melissa thinks Gabriel is too aggressive? Wink
[21:12] <Detro> Oh, and of course, the massive breakout from Bastille Alpha planned
[21:13] <Dimitri> He's learned more about this new team he's forced to work with. Which is important for them to work together at all, and he's gotten to know Karas a little.
[21:13] <Craig> yeah but would atlantis or utopia have been able to create their own gates to each other?
[21:13] <Melissa> they've been at these plans for a long time...
[21:13] <Birkin> Yeah that massive breakout means the Jund is growing a pair.
[21:13] <Savant> they've been planning that breakout for longer than there have been Talons on Caprice, i'll have you know Wink
[21:13] <Gabriel> And the information that Melissa gave to Gabriel is certainly interesting, and important.
[21:14] <Gabriel> Not sure how we exploit it, but it's definitely worth knowing.
[21:14] <Savant> something to work towards.
[21:14] <Gabriel> ::nods::
[21:14] <Dimitri> And Gabriel has a video recording he can try decipher to see what went wrong with the octobots
[21:14] <Savant> anything else?
[21:14] <Birkin> we learned that the Al-Bensen were porobably taken to Botany Bay. And Birkin feels a bit more sorry for doing that to them. Even if he cant or wont do anything about it
[21:15] <Savant> you'll just have to bust them out on your eay to Utopia.
[21:15] <Karas> Karas learned that Kellerton is taken, Dimitri is a disturbed dick, that he is not going to have an easy time with the Liberati (Gomorrans and Liberati are not exactly "friends"). He is finding that he will have to rework a lot of his views and beliefs if he is going to work with the Talons. But he also finds himself defending Caprician society alot. His defensive nature might cause problems.
[21:15] <Savant> very well said, Karas.
[21:15] <Savant> anything else?
[21:15] <Detro> I think that sums it up
[21:15] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[21:15] * Dimitri is now known as Ryco
[21:16] <Savant> that's worth a point. A little's missing, but you've got the most of it.
[21:16] <Karas> Ya he believes that Detro is using Kellerton and that she has the hots for him.
[21:16] <Savant> heh
[21:16] <Detro> Aheh
[21:16] <Detro> Using her. I'd love to know how I was doing that.
[21:16] <LrdVampyre> oh, that news about the CEF having captured some Talons
[21:16] <Karas> Sorry man the dice...the god dang dice.
[21:16] <LrdVampyre> that could be a ruse (which I think is more likely) in an effort to get a talon team to react and blunder into another trap
[21:17] <Karas> Nothing personal.
[21:17] <Detro> heheh
[21:17] <Savant> that's three points. I'll make it four if you can tell me whether you'd prefer to next go to Atlantis or Utopia after Caprice, and why.
[21:17] <Karas> UTOPIA!
[21:17] <Savant> true, Dave. One thing missing from that picture, though.
[21:17] <Savant> not that in specific, but the info I dropped on you.
[21:17] <Detro> I'd love Atlantis, but Utopia's clearly the bigger threat. But, that said, Botany Bay could be useful.
[21:17] <Gabriel> Utopia. We can definitely do some good there, particularly with the info we picked up last week. We find out how many countries are there, and we see if some of the ones that the CEF isn't negotiating with might want an ally.
[21:17] <Karas> Totally Utopia.
[21:18] <Gabriel> And yeah, Utopia's more important from the technical angle.
[21:18] <Savant> Karas, I need a "why" for it to count Wink
[21:18] <Detro> Technical *and* tactical, given the tech is changing our tactics.
[21:18] <Birkin> Utopia. If Terranova can work together we should work to help them unite even if it is just for the sake of throwing off Earth.
[21:18] <Birkin> That and Utopia has awesome equipement and we should use it against earth
[21:18] <Birkin> not vice versa
[21:18] <Ryco> Like the Utopian death stars.
[21:18] <LrdVampyre> Atlantis, cause it sounds like Earth is having a similar problem there as they did with Terranova, and with a little extra help, the Altanteans might be able to push the Earthers back
[21:19] <Craig> both destinations are intriguing, utopia because of the exoskeletons and the negotiations with the CEF, and atlantis..cus of what dave said:)
[21:20] <Detro> Saving Atlantis means nothing if hte CEF solidifies their hold on Utopian tech
[21:20] <Savant> is that everyone?
[21:20] <Detro> yup
[21:20] <Savant> Birkin, Detro, Gabriel, Melissa, Dimitri, Karas, Craig. Four points.
[21:21] <Savant> Well done, guys. Great game today. Next week we'll settle in with the Liberati a little, and i'll let you *really* dig.
[21:21] <Craig> to the tunnel!
[21:21] <Savant> I'll award each of you a point next week if you give me your characters' plans for the next day or two in the forums.
[21:21] <Savant> I want a point form list, along with specifics.
[21:21] <Savant> Let's gather some info, guys.
[21:21] <Birkin> dig?
[21:22] <Savant> Dig for information Wink
[21:22] <Birkin> oh you mean birkin cant look for the still?
[21:22] <Birkin> damn.
[21:22] <Savant> anyways, four points. Well done guys.
[21:22] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:30] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Empire in Session'
[18:30] * Gabriel has joined #bt05
[18:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gabriel
[18:30] <Detro> ::Attn::
[18:30] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <Savant> good evening and welcome to another exciting half-isode of the Black Talons!
[18:30] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:31] * Detro hands Colin a bottle of scotch for his troubles
[18:31] <Savant> This is gonna be a nice easy little game. I'm going to surround you with NPCs and you can do what you like with them. LEarn what you want, do what you want. You have the GMs unmitidated attention and very little competition for it. Make use of it Wink
[18:31] <Savant> unmitigated. I can spell, honest.
[18:32] <Savant> let me brief you, then I'll answer questions.
[18:32] <Savant> Empire
[18:32] <Savant> 11 June 275LC, 1800h - Early Evening - (37W TN1945)
[18:32] <Savant> Hoert Highlands, Southwest of Gomorrah
[18:32] <Savant> -35 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity, 90 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:32] <Savant> Time to get away for awhile. After an unfortunate (though impeccably executed) disruption operation on the fringes of Paladin Lots, the Talons have decided on the better part of valour and have fled to the Highlands once more, to escape the wrath of the CEF as it is now scouring the Worldcity for perpitrators.
[18:32] <Savant> You have taken escape from Baldren, who has managed to hook you up with the Van Saar as they journey southwards into the Hoert Highlands. This mountain range is typical of the southern hemisphere of Caprice in its forebidding terrain which is nearly impassable to hovertank formations.
[18:32] <Savant> They have promised to help you contact the Helles nation, which lives within this region and is also supportive of Highlands First. Beyond this, the Van Saar have also managed to use their technical skill to capture a signal from the Cat's Eye News Network, keeping you in touch with the trench.
[18:32] <Savant> What's more, Baldren gave you the route out of the city, but for a price - that you take one Weire Cantor with you. Though you havne't spoken to him yet, you know him by reputation - apparently, he's an Atlan.
[18:32] <Savant> Time to lay low, but certainly not time to be idle.
[18:32] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:32] <Gabriel> ack
[18:32] <Detro> ack
[18:33] <Savant> same briefing as before. It's a day later, just after dinner. There's probably 300+ Liberati here, and by your guesses a good half of them are actively involved in the resistance - the others provide for them.
[18:33] <Savant> do you have any questions?
[18:33] * LrdVampyre has joined #BT05
[18:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[18:34] <Gabriel> None here.
[18:34] <Detro> Nope
[18:34] <Savant> do we have a Prescot?
[18:34] <Savant> well, let's be off then. Jake, change nicks when you're ready to come in Wink
[18:34] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:35] <Savant> Your time with the Helles liberati has been pleasasnt. They're friendly if a bit reserved around strangers, the food is great, and they're very intelligent and worldly. The place has the air of a research station as much as it does a nomadic camp.
[18:36] <Detro> ::stretches, pleased with the food -- far better than MREs::
[18:36] <Gabriel> ::sits in the main gathering area, working on his notes and waiting to be contacted about his Highlands First meeting::
[18:37] <Savant> The reason for this is apparent once you ask a few questions - theis clan of the Liberati are renowned amongst the clans as the leaders in medicine and biology. A good half of them are scientists of some pedigree.
[18:38] <Savant> The central hall is half-empty right now - people are off doing evening chores. Some loiter, one playing on a guitar-like instrument while the others chatter amongst themselves. After a good fifteen minute span after dinner, your guide and leader of this family, Merrick Helles, enters the room.
[18:39] <Detro> ::reaches forward to go over the notes he's made of the day's reports... someone had mentioned finding the CEF's source of funding, and he'd taken to the task like a dawg to the desert.::
[18:39] <Detro> ::pauses as he sees Merrick enter -- this was the person who he'd been told would be their best intel on the corps::
[18:40] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::glances about, pausing at the door a moment before stepping in and approaching the Talons::
[18:40] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:41] <Detro> <<Cancel that. IT was Mashell, not Merrick>>
[18:41] <Detro> ::politely nods at Merrick::
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::glances up as Helles approaches::
[18:42] <Melissa> ::looks at the data she pulled up earlier about the monies and tried to figure out what could be done to hurt the CEF's in-system funding::
[18:42] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::sits down at the table where Detro and Tynes are seated:: You wanted to speak of the movement?
[18:43] <Craig> ::sits just across from detro, yawning a bit::
[18:43] <Detro> ::defers to the CO on this, leaning his head ever-so-slightly in Tynes direction::
[18:43] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:46] <Gabriel> ::stands up and smiles:: Yes, as I said, I have a limited understanding of the goals of Highlands First.
[18:48] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Sit, Captain, please. Let us talk. Are you thirsty?
[18:48] <Gabriel> ::sits and indicates Merrick should do the same:: No, thank you, I am well.
[18:48] <Detro> ::forwards his notes on the CEF's funding to Melissa via his data glove... surprisingly, 70% of the financial venture funding was coming from Caprician corporations tied to KSM...::
[18:49] <Birkin> ::pokes his head into a few rooms before he finally sees what he was looking for... Captured explosives and other such yummy items littered the walls as the Republican slowly moved into the doorway to take it all in::
[18:50] <Detro> ::puts the glove on standby and re-joins listening to the conversation fully::
[18:50] <Savant> Birkin has found a supply room in an outer dome of the complex. Lots of mining supples, for some very high-impact strip mining. Probably a lot more explosives than what they'd need.
[18:51] <Birkin> mining supplies
[18:51] <Melissa> ::looks at Detro's info along with the bit she managed to pull up and it all pointed back to the chairmen...get them to lose faith in the CEF, but to do that she would need to know who they were::
[18:51] <Birkin> Makes sense... ::looks around at a few of the differant boxes, checking the strength and volume of the explosives as he moves around, looking for detonators or anything else::
[18:51] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Mm. ::He nods a patient nod:: You want to know why I call myself part of this movement, and not just a soldier in the Jund - what makes us different. It's not so much, really. Only a matter of viewpoint.
[18:52] <Detro> ...which as I understand it, is that it's not just the CEF but the people in the Trench who are the problem?
[18:53] <Craig> ::looks up at merrick:: your side is more...proactive when it comes to fighting the CEF
[18:53] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::pauses to think this over:: somewhat. In the Jund, it is believed that the slow war is the best to win. We in the movmeent belive that the soul of Caprice dies every day the Terrans are here.
[18:53] <Gabriel> ::nods agreement:: I have grown somewhat concerned about the propoganda here.
[18:55] <Birkin> Anyone here? ::Calls out to the outer dome, not having seen anyone around here:: Hmmm ::picks up a detonator and begins to inspect it, getting himself used to the local technology::
[18:55] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::nods:: The propaganda is an infection. The Jund doesn't pay it enough credence, I feel. So we fight in a manner which will send them out faster. There may be more loss of life, but in the end we will prevail. That's what matters.
[18:55] <Savant> Birkin's voice echoes in the empty room. He can spot a few motion detectors and sophisticated sensors, but beyond that, nothing.
[18:56] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Has the gathering of the Jund changed its overall strategy?
[18:57] <Detro> And doesn't the loss of life of innocent bystanders worry you? That you might drive them to support the CEF to stop the death?
[18:57] <Craig> ::listens to merrick, the highlands first group thinks alot like the talons, though maybe a bit more extreme in some cases, and not quite as organized::
[18:58] <Birkin> ::grins rather slightly, since it would seem he had the run of the explosives room... and began to look deeper into the room itself, waving at the sensors in the room before picking a box at random and begining to look through it carefully::
[18:59] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::He presses his lips together and pauses a good few seconds before replying:: The Jund is waking. What you see here now is the end of a five year culmination of rousing. The Jund was nearly dead, but now it wakes, and it won't be stopped. ::then another pause before answering detro:: It's a worry, but we're being very careful. And to be hones, the trenchers bring it on
[19:00] <Melissa> ::notes down a few names and begins another search::
[19:00] <Savant> ((bring it on themselves))
[19:01] <Detro> For example?
[19:02] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::shrugs:: They encourage the Earthers. They drink it up. Many of them *want* to be a colony again. They want to lose their pride and their freedom. It's the nature of the trenchers.
[19:02] <Birkin> ::looks at the explosives for a moment:: Hmm. Ball bearings. Thats what I need. ::sets down the things he was looking at before he realized just what he was setting them on:: ... Oh you're kidding me. Is it my birthday back home? ::removes the explosives on the box he had just put them on to reveal the Angelic words RADIATION and a giant radioactivty symbol::
[19:03] <Detro> ::frowns:: Are you sure of that? I've seen signs all over the place that Trenchers still hate the CEF...
[19:04] <Birkin> ::lets out a giggle for a moment before he composes himself and begins to very carefully open up the box::
[19:05] <Craig> ::hmms and nods to detro:: yeah when we were down there we heard alot of them were hoping for someone to drive the CEF out, i imagine most of them are too scared to do anything themselves
[19:05] <Gabriel> ::watches Merrick carefully, as this was a rather critical point::
[19:06] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::he nods:: We're careful. We do our best to keep away from innocents. But in the end, this is a war. If the goal of our mission is greater than the loss of support we might enjoy, then we carry on ahead. It's cold, but war is not a friendly thing.
[19:08] <Birkin> ::sets the box top aside, and stares down at the little warhead, trying to get a feel for it, what it looked like and how much differant it was from the stuff he was learning with back home::
[19:08] <Detro> ::nods:: I agree... but too many deaths carried forward because of a perceived lack of support for the cause... it risks turning them against you. Which is worse: The goal being a few months longer in achievement, or the citizens of the Trench uniting with the Keffs to fight you?
[19:09] <Gabriel> ::smiles slightly... Detro having missed the real problem:: In addition, most of the attacks in the trench currently are being blamed on Terranovans.
[19:10] <Savant> Merrick Helles> We agree, raven. We are careful to not tip the scales so far that we alienate the trench. ::He nods at Gabriel, and smiles a small smile:: The Earthers really do hate you, don't they?
[19:11] <Gabriel> ::nods agreeably:: They do not take defeat gracefully.
[19:11] <Detro> ::lets Tynes resume steering the conversation... his worries are assuaged a bit at least::
[19:11] <Gabriel> Even within the trench, we have found evidence that they will poison and destroy the trench before they allow it to become free, if they are allowed to.
[19:13] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Frowns a little:: So the rumours *are* true. Do you have the formula for this poison?
[19:13] <Melissa> ::contemplates the information she has gotten thus far...not very useful, but there is potential::
[19:14] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Even more than that, EGL is secretly working on an antidote and are apparently quite far along.
[19:14] <Gabriel> But it is something to consider if you are too successful.
[19:15] <Savant> Merrick Helles> It's good you said this. I'll make sure Mashell is informed. Can we take the formula from you? DEspite any allies you might have there, we don't ... trust.. EGL. They're Earthers, evne if their hearts are in the right place.
[19:16] <Craig> ::nods:: right now we need to be nothing more than a thorn in their side, if they start to feel like they're losing hold of everything, they'll freak
[19:17] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Where are they storing the toxins? They'd need to have tonnes upon tonnes of it to poison the entire trench.
[19:19] <Birkin> Hmm. Don't worry little fellow we'll put you someplace more useful than in space next to a meteor. ::gently patting the nuclear device before he covered it back up with the box cover and pausing for a moment to remember what he was going to to next:: Oh right. Ball bearings. ::takes off out of the little dome he had found and walks at a sprited pace towards where he had seen vehicles before::
[19:20] <Detro> ::glances at Tynes:: The briefing I think I read on it said the bottom level, right?
[19:21] <Gabriel> ::nods:: In a matter of speaking. The Talons have isolated the storage to three mesas.
[19:21] <Savant> Birkin takes a jaunty stroll down one of the tunnels, into a small red barn-like dome.. then through another door and another tunnel, back to the garages. The lights are reen, the garage is pressurized.
[19:22] <Savant> Merrick Helles> If you can tell us where, we'll investigate and try to find them. I'm sure we can neutralize the toxin one we know where it is.
[19:22] <Detro> ::glances sidelong at Tynes... can they trust the Highlands First to not just steal the formula for their own use in the same manner?::
[19:23] <Birkin> ::steps inside the garage and looks around, seeing if there was anyone here, and if more than one who seemed to be in charge::
[19:24] <Gabriel> ::nods:: I will see to it that you receive this information. Keep in mind, however, that the poison is effective against the Caprician genome drift. Just Capricians, presumably including yourselves.
[19:24] <Savant> Birkin finds that the garage is occupied. Three Liberati are working on the back end of one of the Bungalows that the Van Saar brought along with them. The back end has been partially disassembled to expose the engine, which is also starting to come apart
[19:25] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::nods:: It will be enlightening to see what they've done. For all their evil, the Earthers are certainly crafty.
[19:25] <Detro> Too crafty, now that they're getting outside tech.
[19:25] <Detro> Know anything about the Utopians and how they're figuring in this?
[19:26] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Shrugs:: I heard that there are some on planet, in the trench. That's all.
[19:27] <Detro> Hmm.
[19:27] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Move that from rumor to fact. The keffs are negotiating with representatives of a "Republic" on Utopia.
[19:28] <Gabriel> The proposed exchange is information on a manifold, I believed used in a suit of advanced Utopian armor, in exchange for raw materials to complete a spaceport in Utopia.
[19:29] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Frowns:: I see. I worried how the other colonies fared in their wars. It's sad that not all of them have had Terra Nova's mettle.
[19:29] <Craig> speaking of that, where's the atlan we brought with us now? after what he said yesterday, i think he knows more about the utopians than i originally gave credit for
[19:29] <Detro> ::nods towards Craig:: Or Atlantis' mettle, if what I overheard is right.
[19:30] <Birkin> ::strolls on over to the least busy Liberati and taps him on the shoulder, hoping his highland will do:: Hello sorry to bother you. Could I ask you a few questions?
[19:30] <Savant> Man> Eh? Oh, raven. What you like?
[19:30] <Gabriel> ::smiles slightly:: There is a Republic on Utopia, which implies very strongly that there are other nations. I believe that Utopia is very much like my own world, with many nations on a single world. The keffs are negotiating with only one of them.
[19:31] <Gabriel> One of my men has theorized that these nations may even be at war, prompting this Republic to seek a military alliance.
[19:31] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Is over with a small cluster of Liberati, seated cross legged and just finishing a story of some sort. The Liberati are thoroughly engaged in the story::
[19:32] <Birkin> Ball bearings. Do you have many of them? Spares?
[19:32] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::rubs his chin:: This is the wisest way to go about their business. Make puppets of one to subjugate the others. Something like what has happened here.
[19:32] <Gabriel> ::blinks::
[19:32] <Gabriel> I hadn't thought of it in that way, but of course, you are correct.
[19:32] <Detro> ::shrugs:: The old saying goes, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
[19:33] <Savant> Man> Bayl bayring? ::scratches head:: Bayl bayring? ::looks at the others - they exchange a few words:: Oh, Timicantli! Yes, yes. ::wipes his hands on an oily rag and wanders over to the counters::
[19:33] <Gabriel> Which brings us back to the topic at hand. Will Highlands First follow the orders of the Amir al-Juyush?
[19:34] <Savant> Merrick Helles> So long as they are wise, Helles will follow. The others? I can't speak for them. They aren't of my clan.
[19:34] <Birkin> ::chuckles:: Sorry. My highlands is not very good. ::follows the man over, looking at the various items they have there::
[19:36] <Craig> ::scans the crowd and spots the darker skinned atlan, then turns to gabriel and merrick::if you'll excuse me ::stands and heads over to the other group::
[19:36] <Savant> Man> Hah! Okay. Mine anglic is bad. Here is them. ::pulls out a drawer and takes out a few pastic boxes filled with an assortment of bearings:: Your trucks break? We has cranes.
[19:38] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::finishes his story:: And well, yes, that's how we got out from Port Atlantea in one piece. Bit of luck, too!
[19:38] <Gabriel> And if the orders are not wise?
[19:39] <Craig> ::enters the crowd just as the story is finished:: tales of battle against the keffs on your planet?
[19:39] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Only a fool follows a fool out of an airlock.
[19:40] <Birkin> Oh no no no! I am demolitions man ::slight smile on his face:: Take Trimicantli ::picking up the box and placing it next to his first:: Small explosive here? ::makes a soft explosion noise:: Timicantli go everywhere very very fast. Many many dead Keff and GREL. ::picks up one of the ball bearings and inspects it to see if it is heat treated:
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: How do you decide?
[19:40] <Gabriel> ::remembers any number of conversations with his Uncle Charlie and smiles to himself::
[19:41] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::grins at Craig:: Aye, Novan. When I was a lad, I swam with the Antartis. Similar to what these good people do, I think.
[19:41] <Savant> Merrick Helles> With patience and a willingness to listen and watch. We don't make geadstrong decisions if this is what you ask, Captain.
[19:43] <Savant> Man> ::laughs:: Ha ha, You find a store room! Here. ::He digs about and, after a few moments, the man pulls out a tin can filled with what looks like broken pieces and slivers of ultrahard ceramic composite::
[19:44] <Craig> ::nods::as do we ::pauses a moment:: if you don't mind my asking, when we talked before about the utopians, what exactly did you mean by them knowing their squiddies?
[19:45] <Gabriel> ::nods, reasonably satisfied:: Some of the Liberati talked of sacrificing a portion of their fighters to put the keffs at their ease. While this will not -- I hope -- happen, still, there are times that such a sacrifice is tactically or strategically sound.
[19:45] <Birkin> ::grins:: I like your style ::claps the man on the back once:: Where is this store room ::setting the ball bearings down::
[19:47] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::He scratches his head and thinks a moment, then laughs:: I guess they have a lot of squiddies there. Half the fish we talked about were squiddies. I guess they like their fish.
[19:48] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::He nods:: And I know that we in the movement would be the first to be sacrificed. We are the first line in the war, as it were. We fight in your Baja.
[19:48] <Detro> ::quietly takes in the conversation::
[19:48] <Savant> Man> ::points:: Two left then straight, then left again.
[19:49] <Birkin> ::waves at the man, taking the can with him as he leaves, following the directions::
[19:50] <Birkin> <<er scratch that>>
[19:50] <Birkin> What about these hm? Have more of this someplace hidden? Scrap yard?
[19:51] <Craig> ::frowns:Surprisedh, i had assume maybe the utopians was using atlanean engineering for drone development
[19:51] <Savant> ::stops> as he's about to bend back down to the engine:: More? Oh! ::points at a collection of bins in the corner:: Small. The small.
[19:51] <Detro> ::thinks about all the Black Talons have lost just operating on the front lines and thinks that makes a far better example for Merrick to use::
[19:51] <Gabriel> Well, let us hope that this is not the plan. So. Tell me of your plan to attack Vega Starport. You have earned my admiration with this plan. I have told my own commanding officer we wish to strike a target of this magnitude ourselves.
[19:52] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::laughs:: No, no! Squiddies! Fish! You know, food? No water on Terra Nova either, huh? They like to eat squiddies. All sorts of kinds.
[19:53] <Birkin> ::nods and walks over to the bins and begins to rummage through it carefully, looking for the small stuff::
[19:54] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Smirks a bit and gets out of the chair, walking the several feet to the kitchen cabinets. He talks as he does so:: We have satelite photos and footage of the starport from the shuttle clans - we've figured the Earther's guard rotations. They're bored, the pattern is regular. We plan to sneak in a small group with explosives and then set them off.
[19:54] <Detro> ::frowns:: Are you sure they're bored, or are they just looking that way to lure someone in to a major trap?
[19:54] <Birkin> Man. Junkman would love you guys. No wonder he stuck around...
[19:55] <Detro> ::glancing at Tynes:: Given our latest experience, we've seen how the Earthers can pull off that kind of tactic.
[19:55] <Craig> ::shakes head:: sorry, just our encounters with most keff drones gave us the impression of squids, we've called them squiddies too even, i had thought there was a connection, that the keff were combining technologies from utopia and atlantis....
[19:55] <Gabriel> True. But we have also seen how poor the keffs often are on defense.
[19:55] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::returns with a flask and a few cups:: We watched them try to change up their routines - they do so once in awhile. But it doesn't take long before the new patterns become predictable again. But that's a worry we have, yes. If the infiltration group is captured, we call the operation off.
[19:56] <Savant> Man> ::surprised, he looks over:: Junkman? Kariyah? You know Kariyah?
[19:56] <Detro> ::nods, in agreement to Tynes' statement, and that the Liberati are being cautious::
[19:57] <Birkin> ::stops what he was doing:: I was with Junkman when we first touched down here a while ago. He was here?
[19:57] <Gabriel> ::smiles tightly:: What are you using for explosive?
[19:57] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Snorts:: They try, Novan. Oh, they try! Every new sub they launch into the blue is some new try. But they just can't seem to ge the hang of deep hulls. They still think like groundies.
[19:58] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::grins:: We're still planning this. We have a lot, right up to nuclear options. I'm hoping to keep a lower profile than that. But it's an option.
[19:59] <Gabriel> We have some very high quality liquid binary explosive... provided to us by a keff infiltration team.
[19:59] <Savant> Man> ha ha! ::laughs and punches the woman beside him in the shoulder - mention of Junkman has gotten their attention:: Kariyah! He comes with Van Saar. Fix a truck.
[19:59] <Gabriel> I would be pleased to make a gift of it to you, if you like. We even have a completed bomb of these materials... that plays the keff anthem to attract attention before it explodes.
[20:00] <Detro> ::wry chuckle:: And we would all be VERY pleased to give their bomb back to them in a most appropriately deadly manner.
[20:00] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::blinks a moment, then laughs:: Really? That's *very* creative. It was their bomb?
[20:01] <Gabriel> It was. I prevented it from exploding on our world.
[20:01] <Gabriel> We have two. I would be pleased to give you one of them, for this use.
[20:01] <Birkin> Yeah that sounds like him alright. Where is he at now. We heard from another Van Saar that he was off riding around causing trouble?
[20:02] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::laughs again:: I could never turn that down. Of course. We'll gladly send it back to them for you.
[20:03] <Gabriel> It is yours, then. How will your team escape?
[20:04] <Savant> Man> ::putting down his wrench:: He is north, kill Keff. with his Dragon. Whole army!
[20:05] <Birkin> ::raises an eyebrow:: Dragon? Didn't he break it down and add its parts to the bikes?
[20:05] <Savant> Merrick Helles> We will have rock trucks waiting, and we've built hiding places in the highlands around the starport. There's a lot of ground to get lost in. We'll get out as many Maribold as we can
[20:06] <Savant> Man> Oh, no no! Mount, now.
[20:07] <Gabriel> ::smiles and nods:: I see two possibilities. I presume your escape route is to the south of the starport?
[20:07] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Yes.
[20:08] <Birkin> You say he killed a whole army? of Keff?
[20:08] <Detro> ::pokes at his data glove, bringing it off standby. While he waits, he works on looking into KSM more::
[20:09] <Gabriel> Then I can place my people in one of two places... to the south, to cover your retreat and destroy anything which pursues your team. Or to the west, to create a distraction that the keffs will not be able to ignore. ::smiles slyly:: Paladin Lots is not far from the south end of the trench. Perhaps I will bomb it.
[20:09] <Savant> Man> It's what they say. ::Sherugs, but is grinning::
[20:09] <Craig> ::nods to cantor::my only other assumption about the squid would be that maybe utopian and atlantis have had a trade route for food and such, though i imagine that had been cut off after earth first abandoned the colonies
[20:11] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::smirks:: I envy you, Captain. You have a world willing to help you fight.
[20:12] <Savant> Weire Cantor> Oh, we used to trade with Caprice, all the time! Maybe they once sold it to Utopia, until they closed their gate? I don't know. But we traded with Caprice up until the TErrans came.
[20:12] <Birkin> I wouldn't put it past him. He uses a mount now huh? Where did he put the rest of Dragon at?
[20:12] <Savant> Man> Eh? ::confused:: Dragon *is* mount.
[20:12] <Gabriel> Which of the two would be more useful to your team?
[20:13] <Birkin> Have you seen it? Can you draw it?
[20:14] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::grins thinly:: I like the thought of bombing the Lots. But I will have to review our escape plans in detail again. We may need your cover in the escape - if you do this, we would likely be able to get out more of the Maribold.
[20:15] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Decide. In the meantime, I will arrange for space reconaissance of the area... perhaps there are other defenses that you have not yet seen.
[20:15] <Savant> Woman> ::One of the other Liberati mechanics goes over to a PDA on the counter and draws a taller combat mount, egg shaped as they all are, but this one's sporting all sorts of unusual bulges and things. And of course is carrying an arsenal.::
[20:15] <Detro> ::looks up to see if Tynes is finished with Merrick yet::
[20:15] <Gabriel> This reconaissance will be useful to our team as well, to determine if our weapons have the range needed to strike inside the trench.
[20:15] <Savant> Merrick Helles> That would be excellent, Captain. I will get you all of the data we have already.
[20:16] <Gabriel> ::glances at Detro:: You had questions, Sous-Sergent?
[20:18] <Detro> ::nods:: I'm working with Melissa on the problem of cutting the CEF's funding options. Most of what I found traces back to corporations owned by KSM. ::looks at Merrick:: Any good information you can give on them, or suggestions for targets to consider that would hurt them?
[20:19] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Frowns a little:: KSM, the worst of them. They're practically Earthers themselves. Deal with them as you would with any Judas.
[20:19] <Craig> ::sits down next to the man, he had heard that it was only reletively recently that the gate to atlantis had been closed up:: forgive me if my questioning seems silly, information gathering isn't one of my strong skills, i had assumed you knew more about the utopians
[20:20] <Detro> ::nods:: That's a given, but we need something that's going to hurt them where it counts -- their finances.
[20:20] <Birkin> ::smirks:: Dragon Mark II. Easier to blend in like that then with a gear I assume. ::nods at the woman and the three mechanics:: Thank you. I should be off.
[20:20] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::he shrugs:: Fine. I know a little. What do you like to know?
[20:21] <Savant> The mechanics grin at Birkin as they head back to their work.
[20:21] <Savant> Merrick Helles> There's a man, working for Gallot - his name is Raballo. Ask the Muttawah about him. He can help you.
[20:24] <Detro> ::nods, noting the name in his data glove::
[20:24] <Birkin> ::steps on out of the pod and walks down towards where he thought he saw the Captain and Detro heading to before he split off to find explosives::
[20:25] <Gabriel> ::nods:: We will do this. ::glances at Detro:: Anything else?
[20:25] <Detro> ::shakes head::
[20:25] <Detro> It's about all I can think of.
[20:26] <Gabriel> ::nods and turns back to Merrick:: I thank you for your time, Merrick Helles. When I have my recon data, we will speak again. I will also have the bomb brought here so that your people can become familiar with it. Our data on the keff toxin and its location will also be provided to you.
[20:27] <Gabriel> Is there any other assistance that we can provide?
[20:27] <Craig> ::thinks a moment then frowns again::thats what i have trouble with, i don't have the slightest clue about what to ask other than i want to know everything you know, i can't get very specific
[20:27] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Nods and gets up:: Very good. Thank you for all of your help, Captain - this will be more than we could ask. We're glad to know that Terra Nova stands by us so firmly. If you need to talk to me, I'll be in the culture tanks.
[20:28] <Gabriel> ::raises eyebrows:: Culture tanks?
[20:29] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Shrugs:: I met them up at Heaven - that space station. Two of'em, tall, pale, had moustaches. Not really very friendly, sort of withdrawn. Funny fish. Something just seemed ... off, about them.
[20:30] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::grins:: Do you know what we do here, Captain? Other than blowing up Earthers?
[20:30] <Gabriel> I had assumed it was a safe shelter? Is it more?
[20:31] <Savant> Merrick Helles> A little more, yes. ::He's grinning, he seems rather amused - it's the first time a smile has lit his face in more than irony or sarcasm::
[20:32] <Gabriel> So? May I see these culture tanks? You have piqued my interest.
[20:33] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Come with me, then.
[20:33] <Detro> :Smile: I think I'll pass.
[20:34] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::nods at Detro and heads off to the doors::
[20:34] <Melissa> ::is lost in thought, digesting all that she's heard::
[20:35] <Gabriel> ::stands and follows Merrick::
[20:36] <Birkin> ::spots the captain coming out of the room with the leader of the liberati here and stops:: Found some interesting stuff here captain..
[20:36] <Savant> Merrick Helles leads Captain Tynes through a set of doors, through tunnels - it's clear that they're movin gto the distant end of the safe house. It's a large facility, its age hidden by fresh paint. As they travel, they pass by rooms bursting with greenery, and others with chugging, dusty machines.
[20:36] <Gabriel> ::waves Birkin to follow:: What have you got, Sergent?
[20:38] <Detro> ::stays seated, working on noting the intel gathered::
[20:39] <Birkin> Lots of mining explosives. I think I can act a lot more like these guys here if we start using mining explosives for our bombs. Not immediately give off who we are. Be nice to lure the CEF into a trap thinking they're just going against freedom fighters. When they find themselves against several gears.
[20:40] <Gabriel> Hm... that's an interesting notion, Sergent. Very interesting, in fact.
[20:41] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::Opens a door and enters a rather white room. He doesn't pause, but goes over to a locker where white overalls wait for him::
[20:42] <Savant> Merrick Helles> If you could, please.
[20:42] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow:: those weren't the ones you had talked to about squid?
[20:43] <Gabriel> ::enters the white room, finds a locker, and pulls on some of the overalls::
[20:43] <Birkin> I also discovered. I think they make nukes here. ::steps in as well, looking over at Merrik:: I found one in the same room as the rest of the explosives:: Not a megaton device but still...
[20:43] <Savant> Weire Cantor> No, they were. They didn't tlak so much, but they'd talk about food. Said they were happy to be on Caprice, but they missed the food at home. We tried trading recipes, but .. well, I didn't know some of the things they use! ::he laughs::
[20:44] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::grins at Birkin, but says nothing. Instead he goes through a turnstyle-sort of airlock door into the adjoining room::
[20:45] <Gabriel> ::shrugs at Birkin:: It's not like they don't have a use for them, Sergent. Still, there's nothing on this planet that I want to toss a nuclear weapon at quite yet.
[20:45] <Craig> ::nod:: ahh so they were probably the ones we saw getting a tour of paladin lots
[20:45] <Gabriel> ::follows Merrick through the airlock, indicating that Birkin should get a set of overalls for himself::
[20:45] <Detro> ::glances at Melissa:: Any thoughts yet?
[20:46] <Savant> Weire Cantor> Yes, they said they were here for business, too. But I guess not the same as me, huh?
[20:46] <Birkin> ::sets his cup down and gets himself into a set of overalls, getting himself situated before moving in behind the captain:: Even so sir. I might want to talk to their man who does it. I could put that to good use someday.
[20:47] <Gabriel> ::just before entering, grins at Birkin:: Thinking about becoming a nuclear explosives expert, Sergent?
[20:47] <Gabriel> ::goes through::
[20:47] <Melissa> ::glances at Detro:: Nothing specific yet
[20:47] <Melissa> But, a couple of vague ideas
[20:47] <Craig> ::nods again:: yeah we overheard them talking to the keffs about a deal, they would supply weapons in exchange for materials to finish a spaceyard
[20:48] <Craig> <<shipyard>>
[20:48] <Savant> Through the airlock turnstyle is a medical lab of sorts. It's dominanted by several large glass vats to the side, filled with a murky oily fluid completely saturated with brown-black flecks. They swirl slowly under bright halogen light beside similar tanks, half full of Caprician regolith. The rest of the lab is taken over with the usual botanical paraphenalia
[20:48] <Melissa> Namely figuring out more about Eleni Cohl, the CEO of KSM, and some of the stable boardmembers...they have some nasty politicking going on as the board fluctuates alot, except for Cohl and a few others
[20:50] <Gabriel> ::looks over the equipment, not even making an attempt to figure out what it's about:: Master Sergeant Craig should be in here. What is all this, Merrick?
[20:50] <Detro> Hmm. Yeah, focus on the constant people there. That they're still there means they've got some sort of power bloc set up that nobody's managed to crack -- yet.
[20:50] <Birkin> ::shrugs his shoulders:: Why not? ::steps in after Gabriel and looks around blinking:: whoa..
[20:51] <Melissa> ::nods:: I figure if we can learn enough about them, know how they think, we might be able to find a way to weaken their resolve towards Earth.
[20:51] <Savant> Merrick Helles> Take a look in the Caprice jars. The juars with the soil in them are at the same pressure and temperature as the midlands of Caprice.
[20:52] <Detro> ::shakes head:: Weaken their resolve? You might as well ask a child to give up his favorite toy.
[20:52] <Gabriel> ::approaches the indicated jars and peers inside::
[20:53] <Savant> It's just dirt inside the soil, dead dirt. But, not entirely. Some of those brown-black flecks from the larger swirling tanks are interspersed amongst the pebbles and dust, stretching out thin spidery roots across the waste.
[20:53] <Detro> We might be better served by forcing those permanent people out. ::hrms:: Which might mean we need to find someone to ally with in the company.
[20:54] <Birkin> ::peers inside:: Growing?
[20:54] <Gabriel> ::leans back, smiling a little:: You have long term plans, I see.
[20:54] <Birkin> Long long term plans.
[20:54] <Gabriel> I am not an expert, but wouldn't some kind of algae or lichen work more rapidly?
[20:55] <Melissa> Too risky. The politics are too unstable....we shouldn't look at removing them, rather making them believe Earth is a losing cause to support
[20:56] <Detro> ::snort:: Haven't spent much time with a Muffie or someone from the Dominion, have you? To those people, the Earth represents money and power.
[20:57] <Detro> What we represent are a small band of freedom fighters trying to overthrow an entire oppressive regime with help from Caprice's equivalent to our Badlanders -- and I don't mean that as an insult.
[20:57] <Detro> We have no real money or power to offer them.
[20:57] <Savant> Merrick Helles> It is a lichen. Or, that's one of its closest relatives. It's practically a new species entirely - we've spent two generations perfecting it.
[20:57] <Detro> We deal with them, they turn us right over to the CEF. Gets them more money and power.
[20:57] <Melissa> Yes, but if you show that you are losing capital in an investment, the logical choice is to pull out of the cause...or throw everything into it...which might open the door for another corporation, hopefully one that isn't as friendly with Earth to start buying out KSM
[20:58] <Savant> Merrick Helles> We and a few other Clans have been working on this for a long time. A hundred years ago, we started slipping a few asteroids in through the satelite network. We've been bombing the surface with nitrates and water. The Corporates wouldn't hear it - they like to keep the people of Caprice trapped in there trench, slaves. But we slip one or two in when we can. The air's thi
[20:58] <Melissa> And I never said deal with least not directly
[20:58] <Savant> ((the air's thicker, the planet is warmer.))
[21:00] <Detro> ::nods:: Add dealing with shadows to the list of problems. These are corporations here. The closest they ever get to dealing with shadows is to say "Have my lawyer call your lawyer" or "Do it, but make sure it can't be traced back to us."
[21:00] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: How long?
[21:01] <Birkin> Incredible. How-- ::stops as the captain asks the obvious question::
[21:01] <Melissa> That is the cost of doing business when you're a wanted man.
[21:01] <Melissa> And that is the thing, we need to be approaching this with a sense of business in mind
[21:02] <Craig> ::thinks again then turns back to cantor:: is there anything else you could tell me about utopia or those two people you met?
[21:02] <Detro> ::crosses his arms:: That's what I've been saying all along. Hit KSM's subsidiaries and their investment firms and make them lose money. Make it so the CEF can't get as much money from them, and that forces the CEF to cut back on their spending.
[21:02] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::he smiles - clearly content with his work here:: If the earthers leave, and the spacer clans are behind our efforts? Maybe two hundred years?
[21:03] <Gabriel> The merest blink in the life age of a world. You are to be commended. Do not let the keffs know of this... no matter what. Above all, they seek living space for their people.
[21:04] <Gabriel> I have spoken to one of them at length about this... this is the promise the keffs have made to their own people: worlds to conquer and live upon, the mere colonists pushed aside to make room.
[21:04] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::shrugs:: They were very serious. Didn't really like Heaven much - didn't like to gamble or do any of the things there. They liked their food, and they liked their music. Good singers, them. But very serious.
[21:04] <Melissa> That is one way of doing it, yes
[21:05] <Detro> ::nods:: And if you hurt KSM enough financially, then yes -- someone else COULD probably buy them out.
[21:05] <Birkin> ::grunts:: They will be all over this if they hear about it.
[21:06] <Savant> Merrick Helles> We know. When the Keffs are gone form Caprice and the war is won, perhaps we will help them rebuild their world. But not until they learn humility.
[21:06] <Detro> They're 11th on the CMEC right now. Pretty strong place to be, considering that Gallot Caprice in 4th probably couldn't manage to buy them out. And you know Costa Moreia is going to have to suffer at our hands too.
[21:06] <Gabriel> ::smiles:: Then, we must do what we can to teach them. But they are very difficult students. Is this whole room devoted to this?
[21:07] <Birkin> Is there other places like this?
[21:07] <Craig> ::nods slowly, they seemed to be rather cultured but knew the difference between business and pleasure:: and you said you weren't sure wether utopia was a united or divided planet, the two didn't mention anything about who they represented?
[21:08] <Savant> Weire Cantor> Yes. This is the best strain. We have a few other strains here, and others in other labs across the Hoert. ::He grins and says with more than a little pride:: We have models of Caprice on every step of the process, and life for every step. Trees, ravens! Caprician tress!
[21:08] <Savant> ((trees, even Wink))
[21:08] <Detro> At the very least, we hurt them enough, they'll have to shed all their other subsidiaries just to hang on to bankrolling the CEF. Makes it hard to come up with operating capital when you don't have any revenue generating subsidiaries.
[21:08] <Craig> <<merrick helles even!>>
[21:09] <Gabriel> ::laughs:: I would like to see these trees. What are you using to pollinate the plants?
[21:09] <Melissa> ::nods::
[21:09] <Detro> It'd be nice to even knock out KSM completely, at least to the point where the company breaks up. That would just leave Hakkar, Gallot, Venarow, and Costa Moreia as the big CEF collaborators.
[21:10] <Detro> THEN I'd agree. If we killed KSM, we could easily walk up to the other corporate boards and say "We can do to you what we did to them."
[21:10] <Savant> Merrick Helles> We were hoping, when the war is over, to speak to the other colonies to get genetic samples from insects. We want a diversity of life here - we need it. We're building a biosphere from the ground up.
[21:10] <Melissa> ::shakes head:: That isn't the way to deal with them, Detro
[21:11] <Melissa> We need allies with the Corporations, and you get more done with honey than with vinegar
[21:11] <Gabriel> ::nods:: It is a problem for another time, but of course Terra Nova will do all we can to help.
[21:11] <Melissa> Threaten them, and they may likely close ranks, but help them eliminate unwanted competition like KSM, and we have a friend...maybe
[21:11] <Detro> ::Shrugs:: We aren't going to get their respect or attention any other way. It's their planet, their laws, and we need to show we can fight on their turf and win. That means winning battles in the boardroom.
[21:11] <Savant> Weire Cantor> ::Scratches his chin:: They said they were from Steelgate. Had some pins on their uniforms with a sunburst logo on it. Didn't know the language the text under it was written in though.
[21:13] <Melissa> No...we need to bring something to the table that they want. An upstart like KSM is going to have enemies amongst the larger corporations, people who would like to see them suffer. It may be mercenary, but we make KSM suffer in return for friendship or favours
[21:13] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::he nods:: Of course. We have our own pests to deal with first, don't we? ::smirks::
[21:14] <Gabriel> Indeed we do, indeed we do. Thank you, Merrick Helles. I will leave you to your work.
[21:15] <Savant> Merrick Helles> ::he nods:: Please show yourselves out. I will be awhile.
[21:15] <Detro> ::shrugs:: I've suggested that path before. But their biggest enemies are all the other corps trying to get in on the CEF action.
[21:16] <Detro> Helping other companies overthrow KSM could just strengthen THEIR ties with the CEF.
[21:16] <Gabriel> ::nods and heads back to the airlock:: Sergent, while you're looking at making our weapons look more like Liberati weapons, I'd like you to see what you can do to make their weapons look like ours.
[21:17] <Melissa> ::almost facepalms:: This is why we need information...and we still need the corporations, I think. They are the power here on Caprice
[21:18] <Melissa> Why do you think they would be trying to get in on the action? They are businesses. Businesses need to make money to stay alive. If there's a contract that will pay them well, they are going to go for it, irregardless of the source
[21:18] <Detro> Oh, to be certain, more information. And definitely the help of some corporation. Just one that won't roll over for the CEF after we're done. ::Smile:: It's a tricky game we play against KSM. Or Gallot. Or Costa Moreia.
[21:18] <Melissa> And, that said, I still do not believe that all of the corporations are fully behind the CEF
[21:18] <Birkin> ::nods at the Captain:: Right. I'll see what I can do.
[21:18] <Melissa> Pick one corp to hurt else the effectiveness will be lost.
[21:19] <Detro> ::nods:: Which is why it's our job to find out where to put the bomb that'll collapse the building in on itself, not fall over and wreck everything else in the area.
[21:19] <Craig> ::nods:: sounds like it could be a separate nation on the planet, i'll have to check with my collegue detro, he may be able to dig up something based on that ::stand:: thanks for your time...and patience ::smiles slightly::
[21:19] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:19] <Detro> Speaking figuratively, of course. :Smile: Though I suspect Tynes would say otherwise
[21:19] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[21:19] <Savant> well done, guys!
[21:20] <Savant> you figured out a lot, I think. Got exposed to a lot as well.
[21:20] <Savant> any questions?
[21:21] <Gabriel> Nope. Went very well, I thought.
[21:21] <Birkin> how many nukes do they have
[21:21] <Savant> seems like no questions. A nice quiet game, I agree.
[21:21] <Savant> here? just the one.
[21:22] <Savant> so, experience points.
[21:22] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Any of note?
[21:23] <Birkin> you guys coordinating your talking points a bit maybe?
[21:23] <Gabriel> Again, we split up and made sure we covered a lot of ground.
[21:23] <Detro> We managed to keep the intel gathering pretty steady all night
[21:23] <Gabriel> Looks like we all had the same thought. Wink
[21:23] <Birkin> Birkin got to see a nuke and that could kill a lot of people. Does this help?
[21:23] <Savant> heh heh. You certainly did do that. Okay, i'll give you teamwork.
[21:24] <Savant> now, tell me what you learned, and why it is important.
[21:25] <Gabriel> Highlands First is the IRA to the Jund's Sein Fein... with all that implies.
[21:25] <Gabriel> They might or might not toe the party line. Their goals are the same for now... but let's hope there isn't a conflict.
[21:25] <Detro> Sein Fein who?
[21:25] <Gabriel> Sein Fein is the public political party that seeks/sought to unify Ireland.
[21:25] <Birkin> the more militant version
[21:25] <Detro> ahy
[21:26] * Savant grins
[21:26] <Savant> anything else you learn?
[21:26] <Birkin> Junkman almost killed an army
[21:26] <Birkin> or did some killing in the north
[21:26] <Detro> We have GOT to stay in the Trench long enough so we can get some meaningful corporate intel
[21:27] <Gabriel> Helles is working to terraform the surface, and they have long-range plans in that direction. They've got explosives and nukes and a lot of moxie, which is refreshing, but also kinda dangerous.
[21:27] <Detro> And that at least the more reasonable side of the Highlands First is much easier to deal with
[21:27] <Gabriel> Yeah, come to think of it, you're right. They are a bit easier to deal with than the average Liberati.
[21:27] <LrdVampyre> or rather, we've got Liberati claiming Junkman killed an Army
[21:27] <Birkin> they showed a lot of interest in that bio weapon
[21:27] <Craig> craig learned the the utopians are businessmen and thats probably why the CEF didn't waltz in and conquer them, they'd rather make a deal instead, but there's still that suspicion that the CEF may be just dealing with one of the corps or nations
[21:27] <Detro> And far more easier to deal with than the more radical Highlands First people
[21:28] <LrdVampyre> which is scaring me...the fact that they're interested in bio weaponry
[21:28] <Detro> And we know that if we want to bankrupt the CEF on Caprice, we need to do it via KSM's financial investment subsidiaries
[21:28] <Detro> Wonder if we can Robin Hood them to death.
[21:29] <Detro> ::looks at Tynes:: No green tights for you though.
[21:29] <Gabriel> Yeah, that's more long-range than we can do or think about in this trip. We need to take that info home and let the financial geniuses there take a crack at it.
[21:29] <Birkin> Mem's dad
[21:29] <Birkin> or grandad whatever
[21:29] <Gabriel> Oh! Which reminds me. There's a to-do list on the forums that everyone should read and respond to.
[21:30] <Gabriel>
[21:30] <Gabriel> I think we've covered it.
[21:31] <Savant> Very good. You'll get the storyline point, making it 4. I'll give you five if you can *collectively* tell me what your plans are going to be after hanging out with the Helles.
[21:32] <Detro> How can we collectively tell you this when the entire Talon isn't here and isn't aware of what happened tonight? Wink
[21:32] <Savant> colectively as in eve3ryone here contributes.
[21:32] <Detro> That sounds suspiciously like something we should *all* plan, not half. Smile
[21:33] <Gabriel> Next on the agenda is blowing some stuff up real good.
[21:33] <Detro> Vega Spaceport?
[21:33] <Savant> after the Vega Spaceport.
[21:33] <Savant> as in, once you're ready to move on from what you're doing currently - helping out the Helles.
[21:33] <Birkin> Either help them with the big raid on the mountain, or do some raids against the CEF positions nearby. And then after that we need to get back into the trench
[21:33] <Birkin> do some more recon attack the lots
[21:33] <Birkin> etc
[21:33] <Craig> basteille alpha is still months off right?
[21:34] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Little bit of recon on that area of the trench, then we see if we can sneak close enough to use some mortars on PL right before or right during the Helles attack. Take some heat off them.
[21:34] <Gabriel> Yeah. Bastille Alpha is a goodly time in the future.
[21:34] <Detro> Recon's good.
[21:34] <Gabriel> Back to the trench is indeed after that.
[21:34] <Detro> Trench is better
[21:34] <Savant> back to the trench then, okay. Going to get in contact with any of the people the Liberati have told you about?
[21:34] <Craig> yeah recon
[21:35] <Detro> I'd hope so, before they die of old age Razz
[21:35] <Craig> maybe find that raballo guy
[21:35] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Time to talk to Ruballo. I think we've heard that name before.
[21:35] <Savant> Raballo? yes.
[21:35] <Savant> okay. Anything else?
[21:36] <Birkin> claymore mines someplace
[21:36] <LrdVampyre> i'm not sure right now
[21:36] <Gabriel> That covers the next three weeks or so.
[21:36] <Savant> it ought, yes.
[21:36] <Gabriel> Depending on how long the battle goes. I can easily see that taking two weeks.
[21:36] <Savant> anyways. That sounds like five experience. Well done all!
[21:36] <Savant> next week might be that fight.
[21:37] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:33] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:33] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:33] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Empire in Session'
[18:33] * Gabriel has joined #BT05
[18:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gabriel
[18:33] <Savant> huh! a little late tonight.
[18:33] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:33] * Savant sets mode: +oo Dimitri Karas
[18:33] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:33] * Fraser has joined #bt05
[18:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Fraser
[18:33] <Karas> ::attn::
[18:34] * Fraser is now known as Ardelmos
[18:34] <Savant> good evening and welcome to another exciting episode of the Black Talons. I'll be your host on a whirlwind tour of the CEF arsenal.
[18:34] <Savant> we are gonna have a bit of a fight tonight, though we wont' dive directly into initiative when the game starts.
[18:34] <Savant> any questions?
[18:35] <Savant> no? no. okay. Briefing, then.
[18:35] <Savant> Empire
[18:35] <Savant> 14 June 275LC, 0230h - Night - (39W TN1945)
[18:35] <Savant> Southwest of Vega Spaceport, East of Gomorrah
[18:35] <Savant> -62 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity, 56 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:35] <Savant> Sometimes you just can't leave work behind you. Even out here in the wastes there are things for Talons to do.. and enemies to fight. A great number of them in fact, especially when they are intentionally goaded by the Helles faction of the Liberati. These Liberati have made a bid to attack the Vega Spaceport and free who they can of the Maribold clan, a gutsy move for such a small rebellion.
[18:35] <Savant> You have decided to leave the attack to them, instead playing 'backstop' - you'll cover their retreat as they disappear into the wastes surrounding the Starport. Undoubtably, they will have an angry swarm of Earthers following them.
[18:35] <Savant> Recon has noticed new technology in the CEF barracks, and a fairly competent reaction response team. The only question now is - will the Earthers play the same game as they always have, or has the overzealous paranoia of Commandant Krynn Rasuul forced the pendulum of CEF aggression to swing in the opposite direction?
[18:35] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:35] <Detro> ack
[18:36] <Gabriel> ack
[18:36] <Ardelmos> ack
[18:36] <Dimitri> Acknowledged.
[18:36] <Karas> Ack
[18:36] <Savant> the map is up, as you know by now. This shall be your theartre of war for the night.
[18:37] <Savant> i'll give you some time to get in and a little more time after that to set up. Any questions?
[18:38] <Karas> Why is my load bar going backwards...
[18:43] * Birkin has joined #BT05
[18:46] * Karas has quit IRC (Quit: <Berawler> Is there any sanity or light left in this shrivelled husk of a world? <SingingDancingMoose> There was, but we had to trade it in for the internet. <Berawler> That is quite possibly the best response to any question ever.)
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[18:57] * Savant sets mode: +oo Birkin Lykaeon
[19:02] * Lykaeon is now known as Karas
[19:32] <Savant> aheh. Well, that rather sucked.
[19:33] <Savant> Everyone is now in the maptool. You have five minutes to talk strategy, and then we're off.
[19:33] <Savant> Go.
[19:34] <Ardelmos> Sooooo....wait until they pass on the flank and shoot stuff?
[19:35] <Gabriel> ::sits in Deacon checking the telemetry for the mine field:: +com+ Receiving good telemetry. Minefield is deactivated. Still, it's our kill zone, people. Remember how fast keff tanks are.
[19:35] <Birkin> what are we expecting? Tanks? Frames? Exos?
[19:35] <Gabriel> Oh, OOC? Wink
[19:35] <Gabriel> And yeah, the primary bad guy is a new vehicle, a CEF light tank. From what we can see, two HGLCs, two machine guns, ABM launcher.
[19:35] <Gabriel> Hopefully lighter armor than a full HT, but might carry a small number of troops.
[19:35] <Birkin> always with the ABMS...
[19:36] <Gabriel> What else could we see in the rapid response teams, Savant?
[19:36] <Gabriel> I know we saw frames and HTs in the patrols.
[19:36] <Savant> there was another sort of light tank as well.
[19:36] <Karas> Do I have a target priority?
[19:36] <Gabriel> Oh, right! There's another light tank with a light rail gun.
[19:36] <Ardelmos> Tanks first
[19:36] <Savant> expect to see a few battle frames, though it's debatable how many.
[19:36] <Savant> HT72's
[19:36] <Birkin> what is considered rough ground on this map?
[19:37] <Savant> the darkest elevation is considered deep sand.
[19:37] <Ardelmos> Darkest terrain
[19:37] <Savant> it's not rough, it's sand.
[19:37] <Birkin> sucks for us probably doesnt do much against hover systems though
[19:37] <Gabriel> Dark dark is lowest, and sand. Everything else is one level up from the previous, and clear terrain.
[19:37] <Karas> How is ground on sand Savant.
[19:37] <Craig> hovertanks would through up alot of dust moving over that though
[19:37] <Savant> er..poor Wink 1/3 I believe
[19:38] <Ardelmos> Don't go in the sand. Wink
[19:38] <Savant> quite a bit, yes.
[19:38] <Gabriel> Yeah, stay out of the sand unless you like death.
[19:38] <Gabriel> The other areas are fine.
[19:38] <Craig> can we use that to our advantage, like antilaser?
[19:38] <Savant> 2 minutes to start
[19:38] <Gabriel> I thought about it, but we've got a buttload of incendiary rockets. We'll use those instead.
[19:39] <Gabriel> Anti-laser aerosol would disperse too quickly in the Caprician highlands.
[19:39] <Birkin> who do you want to go last here? me or karas?
[19:39] <Detro> Where are we placing incendiary fire lines?
[19:39] <Gabriel> We'll shoot in squads. You'll be shooting last in Gold.
[19:39] <Detro> And *when* are we placing them
[19:39] <Gabriel> Karas will shoot last in Blue. Roland will shoot last in Red.
[19:40] <Savant> it's go time. Conversations on tactics move to the other channel.
[19:40] <Ardelmos> Woosh
[19:40] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[19:40] <Savant> You've been out here for maybe twenty minutes? The escape route you're gaurding, the only way that the spaceport can be approached by trucks in this region, is an old basalt spillway long since hardened to rock. Plains to the east are ancient cratered wastelands buried meters deep in thick beds of silt and fines.
[19:41] <Savant> The Liberati plan to drive their trucks full of Maribold southwards until the spillway empties out into the northern fringes of the Hoert highlands, which will be easier to hide in. You're setting up a defense - sort of. It's more of an ambush, really. You don't plan on sticking around any longer than you need to.
[19:41] <Gabriel> ::sits in Deacon checking the telemetry for the mine field:: +com+ Receiving good telemetry. Minefield is deactivated. Still, it's our kill zone, people. Remember how fast keff tanks are.
[19:41] <Ardelmos> Anytime, you purple sons of bitches, anytime... ::keeps a sharp eye on his sensors::
[19:41] <Detro> ::has JJ up against a rise in the elevation, the sensor boom up and watching in the general direction of where they expect the CEF to come from::
[19:41] <Craig> ::makes some last minute checks on swifty's systems:: bet you were getting restless in the vehicle bay, it's certainly been a while since you've seen some action
[19:41] <Dimitri> ::watches his sensors whilst confirming with Talaria that the stealth is indeed in place with no errors. He runs diagnostics quickly whilst waiting, and checks his weapons.::
[19:42] <Birkin> ::humms the Republican Anthem to himself in his gear, staying perfectly still hidden behind the rocks as he awaits orders::
[19:42] <Savant> You can't see them from behind your covering ridges, but plumes of dust from the Reubeni are obvious. The tough little trikes might be rugged and quick, but stealthy they are not.
[19:42] <Karas> ::Looks around nervously...a little put out being in a slow moving vehicle with no cover...He cranks up his tunes playing on his musi-clip player::
[19:43] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::peering through the optics on his tool arm, over the ridge he's behind:: Dust plumes to the north.
[19:43] <Detro> ::continues to sweep on the passives, including the ol' "Mark 1 Model 1" eyeballs::
[19:43] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> +com+ Looks like we have some heat on the horizon... something just launched. Some *things*.
[19:44] <Detro> +com+ Fair creds those are TAAFs.
[19:44] <Gabriel> +com+ Patience. If that's what they are, it will just be an overflight to start.
[19:44] <Karas> ::Karas mumbles a bit and glances off the direction with a pair of binoculars::
[19:45] <Savant> Mem feeds everyone the footage of the growing specks as they approach. He includes a refining grainy image in the corner of some burst on the horizon.
[19:45] <Savant> After a moment the image resolves into what looks to be the muzzle flare of artillery cannons.
[19:45] <Ardelmos> Ohhhhhhhhhh crap.
[19:46] <Karas> ::Karas ducks back into Boneparte:: Fuck.
[19:46] <Ardelmos> +com+ I don't suppose anybody's got telemetry on the incoming? ::scrambles to try and pick out the incoming shells::
[19:46] <Gabriel> ::retunes his radio to listen in on Liberati frequencies::
[19:47] <Craig> ::mutters:: well, we got our work cut out for us
[19:47] <Detro> +com+ Keep clear of the minefield. Last thing we need is an incoming round setting the whole thing off at once.
[19:47] <Savant> Radio> >Fizzy through static< [H]-they're getting closer! How much fur-" "-ep going! How are the Maribo-"
[19:48] <Gabriel> ::quietly:: Give us some tactical data. Helles...
[19:48] <Savant> There's no thundering explosion, no burst of dust or fire. The shells never seem to land.
[19:49] <Ardelmos> ::frowns:: +com+ What the hell? Were those cannon-launched drones or something?
[19:49] <Craig> ::hmms a bit:: +com+ so where's the caprice shattering kabooms?
[19:49] <Gabriel> +com+ Seems a good bet. Everyone keep an eye on the skies, but don't shoot anything down until the Liberati are in sight.
[19:49] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> +com+ woah! I've got some movement. Some *recon drones* just came bombing out of the sky.
[19:49] <Dimitri> ::silently whispers to his gear, listening to the comm chatter, but not adding anything, watching his sensors passively as he waits..::
[19:50] <Gabriel> +com+ Red team, watch the skies.
[19:50] <Karas> +com+ I hope not...::memories of Thierry still fresh in Karas' mind::
[19:50] <Gabriel> +com+ Stay in cover, everyone.
[19:50] <Gabriel> ::checks Deacon's hiding place::
[19:50] <Craig> ::crouches swifty down further:: we're just rocks out here...
[19:51] <Savant> Liberati> [H] "-'ve got a lot of wounded but everyone's o-" "-e've got pursuit at the end of our column! Hover, closing fast! Get ready to break up if we ha-"
[19:51] <Detro> ::mutter:: Easy for you to say, you don't have greased lightning under your feet here. Just hang in there JJ. Plenty of time to run about in a little bit here.
[19:51] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::grumbles:: Can't shoot'm down; they'll know we're here.
[19:52] <Savant> The drones, now visible - they're moving quick, as rocket-powered as their launcher - begin to fan out, scanning aggressively
[19:54] <Detro> ::stays glued to the rise he's on::
[19:55] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> +com+ there's our flyby, too. I guess the Earthers figured out they don't own the wastes out here, heh.
[19:56] <Detro> ::wonders why Mem is broadcasting, possibly giving away his position::
[19:57] <Savant> One of them - the closest - fires a shot striahgt up. It zips up into the sky like an Interannum day firework and explodes, colourfully.
[19:57] <Karas> +com+ Incoming drones guys ::Karas takes aim, but doesn't fire::
[19:57] <Gabriel> +com+ Patience...
[19:57] <Craig> ::looks up:: +com+ flares....
[19:57] * Luke has joined #bt05
[19:57] <Gabriel> +com+ Star shell.
[19:58] <Savant> The drones begin to spread out, moving fast. Once they've spread out to good locations they drop to the ground, still watching from behind cover.
[19:58] <Dimitri> ::watches the flares , continuing to wait::
[19:59] <Detro> ::observes their movement, frowns:: +com+ Ah. They're artillery spotters.
[19:59] <Ardelmos> +com+ Anybody hit with a ping?
[19:59] <Savant> Moments pass tensely. Melissa's sensor board lights up with an ugly orange blinking light.
[19:59] <Dimitri> +clicks his comm once for negative.+
[19:59] <Craig> +com+ not me, though i'd be worried about bonaparte
[20:00] <Gabriel> +com+ Bonaparte's the vehicle we have that looks most like a Liberati support vehicle.
[20:00] <Karas> M>+com+ I got incoming, I've been pinged.
[20:01] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> +com+ More heat in the sky.
[20:01] <Ardelmos> +com+ Back off, back off.
[20:01] <Savant> Tiny constellations of stars swell in the night sky, growing larger with a rapid pace as the CEF fighter craft approach. The leader craft is flying high, while three that trail stay low. Each of the three bear massive canisters under their stubby wings.
[20:01] <Gabriel> +com+ Bonaparte, get ready to move out in escort with the Reubenis.
[20:01] <Karas> M> +com+ Copy that Gold leader.
[20:02] <Ardelmos> +com+ Oh man, this is gonna suck.
[20:02] <Karas> K> ::closes the hatch and pulls up exterior cameras::
[20:03] <Savant> Your sensors begin to fill with noise and static as they approach.
[20:03] <Gabriel> +com+ We're about to lose communications, people. You know what to do. Gage, don't activate counter until we're in it.
[20:04] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> +com+ got it.
[20:05] <Craig> +comclicks+
[20:05] <Detro> ::holds his breath as he waits for the action to really begin::
[20:05] <Savant> The first one passes in a flurry, then begins to bank up and to one side. The other three, lower and more aggressive, begin to disgorge their cargo...
[20:07] <Savant> Clusters of fat plum-shaped missiles plummet downwards, impacting with tiny blasts, sending dust everywhere. The strip of ground is cratered and pitted, but still navigable.
[20:09] <Detro> ::watches the bomblets blast the ground, ever advancing closer and closer, until stopping just short of him... JJ is pelted with some of the blasted ground, but otherwise fine::
[20:09] <Karas> K> ::opens the hatch and takes position at the gun. Looks for the nearby recon drone::
[20:10] <Detro> +com+ New problem folks. FASCAM in play, immediately east of my position. I might be on the edge of it... or in it.
[20:10] <Gabriel> +com+ JJ, cut south. Bonaparte, get on the Liberati frequency and tell them to cut left.
[20:11] * Ardelmos has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:11] <Craig> ::winces as several of the object are planted in front of him::well this is springer dung
[20:11] * Ardelmos has joined #bt05
[20:12] <Gabriel> +com+ JJ, cut south when you move. Don't move yet.
[20:12] <Detro> +com+ Understood, holding position.
[20:14] <Detro> +com+ Sir, we should just use saturated fire on the area affected. Plow a path for the Liberati to go through the minefield, rather than around.
[20:14] <Karas> M> ::Takes aim at the nearest recon drone with the LPLC and lets loose::
[20:14] <Gabriel> +com+ Yep, incendiaries will set off everything they dropped there. But hold until the Liberati are through.
[20:15] <Detro> +com+ ::confused:: Say again -- hold until they are through?
[20:15] <Detro> ::can't quite figure out why they'd destroy the minefield AFTER what needs to pass through it has gone around::
[20:16] <Detro> ::eying the terrain, is also worried that he's sending the Liberati into the deep sand, instead of over the ridge and around to where Detro and the others can provide cover::
[20:16] * Detro sets mode: +o Ardelmos
[20:16] <Ardelmos> ::reaches up and flips up a switch cover to the MIRP activation controls, preparing to set off the minefield if required::
[20:17] <Savant> The tank lances out with quick blasts, leaving the little drone a smouldering wreck. It barely had time to move.
[20:17] <Gabriel> +com+ Prophet wept! Childs, hold your fire! You just told anyone in 5 clicks with half a brain that there are Talons out here! Liberati don't use lasers! ::closes communications:: IDIOT!
[20:18] <Karas> M> +com+ They knew I was here anyways I'm not exactly small and I got lit up like a bloody Christmas tree!
[20:18] <Dimitri> :: Watches the action through the optics of his helmet. Seeing Kara's take the shot, he smirked as the drone became a smoldering wreck. Holding his fire while he waits for a better target.. ::
[20:18] <Ardelmos> +com+ So I take it this is the part where we start shooting, yeah? I can't decide whether to shoot them or the tank.
[20:18] <Savant> Meanwhile, the column of Liberati start to pile into the minefield strip, with terrible results. The stretch of deadly ground begins to go off, mines launching up a meter or two before exploding. Others zip off at sharp angles to hit underbellies.
[20:19] <Gabriel> +com+ There's nothing to shoot yet. Bonaparte, TELL the Lberati to avoid that minefield and HOLD your fire.
[20:19] <Gabriel> +com+ THEN join them in escort. Do it now!
[20:19] <Savant> The Liberati, panicking over the radio, begin to swerve sharply, left or right.
[20:20] <Craig> ::curses off com::things are certainly going south now
[20:21] <Savant> However, they keep coming. The stream of Liberati abates. In the distance behind them you can see a cluster of dust plumes; they're tall pillars that you recognize well.
[20:22] <Craig> here come the hovertanks
[20:22] <Savant> Melissa> +com+ Minefield, minefield ahead! Swerve right!
[20:23] <Gabriel> +com+ Everyone, be patience, hold your fire, hold your positions. If we have any luck on our side at all, that happened too fast for the keffs to see how that drone died.
[20:23] <Gabriel> <<*patient>>
[20:24] <Ardelmos> ::grinds his teeth inside his helmet, the optics in his tool arm now picking up the larger dust plumes behind the Liberati::
[20:25] <Savant> One of the Reubeni - a crafty one, apaprently, and the one in the rear of the column - has swiveled its sensors and is getting a good look at its pursuers, and broadcasting the footage. You can all see them - a pair of flaoting Frames and a pair of sleek lozenge-shaped light tanks. Other shapes are there, but obscured by dust.
[20:25] <Detro> ::hopes to hell the Liberati don't try to run over his gear::
[20:27] <Savant> Then the image is lost as the slopes to either side obscure the Reubeni's view.
[20:28] <Gabriel> +com+ Very nice. Everyone get ready. JJ, when we move, I want you to clear that minefield. Be ready.
[20:28] <Birkin> ::exhales, hoping to hell that things still run smoothly from here on out::
[20:29] <Detro> +com+ ::clicks in acknowledgement::
[20:29] <Savant> One of the large trike-trucks roars right past JJ, Erinyes and Swifty without even noticing it. It makes a hard leaning left as if using Detro as the curb.
[20:30] <Craig> +com+ you want me to stay put still captain?
[20:30] <Detro> ::hand on JJ's throttle, the other ready to bring the targeting pips on the minefield::
[20:30] <Savant> One of the CEF's artillery drones hops with a short rocket-burst onto an adjoining crest.
[20:30] <Gabriel> +com+ Affirm. All Talons save Bonaparte, hold your positions. Bonaparte, continue escort, use your turret field gun. Stay off your laser.
[20:31] <Karas> M> ::takes aim at the nearest drone and opens up with the field gun::
[20:32] <Gabriel> Melissa> ::orders the loading of a frag round::
[20:32] <Savant> The dust plumes come out of the valley, and the bodies of several Battle Frames are visible - two carrying long laser rifle,s the others carrying short gatling lasers. They're all zipping along at good speed with their sleek jet-tanks behind them.
[20:34] <Ardelmos> +com+ I count twelve, repeat, twelve incoming.
[20:34] <Detro> ::concentrates on determining his fire pattern on the minefield::
[20:34] <Savant> Bonapartes' main gun opens up with a loud retort, then again. The little trickle of basalt spilling out onto the plains explodes in a puff of smoke, fire and dust.
[20:34] <Craig> ::nods:: alright swifty, you know what to do
[20:37] <Gabriel> ::spins up his combat computer and starts feeding it data from the scouts::
[20:40] <Dimitri> :: scans the area of the minefield, analyzing it with his sensors to determine a safer pathway through the minefield..::
[20:43] * LrdVampyre has joined #BT05
[20:43] * ChanServ sets mode: +o LrdVampyre
[20:43] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[20:43] * Melissa has quit IRC (Quit: Careful of what you wish for cause you just might get it.)
[20:45] <Detro> ::frowns:: +com+ Lead, this is no good. Minefield's too wide. It'd take all my ammo and some time just to clear a path.
[20:45] <Karas> M> ::continues at combat speeds towards the Reubs::
[20:46] <Detro> +com+ By the time I'd clear that path, they'd be able to go around it.
[20:46] <Ardelmos> +com+ Oh for fuck's sake...Captain, it'll almost empty my magazine but I can blow a hole in that field wide enough for Detro's mother to walk through.
[20:47] <Detro> +com+ ::ignores Roland's harsh opinion:: Recommend we go that route. We can better use the incendiaries to stall the CEF or obscure their vision.
[20:47] <Detro> ::carefully backs his hand away from JJ's throttle::
[20:47] <Gabriel> +com+ We don't need that. Just a path that we can use if we need it, Senior Sergeant, but sure. JJ, ignore previous tasking. Erinyes, it's your mission when the time comes. I'll let you know when.
[20:48] <Savant> The Earthers continue their advance, pouring on the speed as they enter threatening range of the Liberati. A few of the panicked Helles begin firing their pintile mounted machine guns rearwards into the cloud of dust.
[20:48] <Gabriel> +com+ Bonaparte, continue advising Liberati to avoid the field.
[20:48] * Melissa has joined #BT05
[20:49] * Dimitri sets mode: +o Melissa
[20:53] <Karas> ::Karas' fingers tighten on the grip of the AGR aiming at the last drone in the distance::
[20:54] <Melissa> ::continues to monitor both the Liberati and the approaching Earthers, letting Bonaparte calculate the best trajectory for the cannon::
[20:55] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> +com+ That artillery cannon just fired again! Twi - three times!
[20:55] <Gabriel> +com+ Understood, Shepherd. Talons, stay under cover.
[20:56] <Melissa> +com+ Can you give me roughly where the cannon's firing from?
[20:56] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> +come+ sure. It's far. ::feeds Melissa telemetry::
[20:57] <Gabriel> +com+ Bonaparte, weapons free on that last drone.
[20:57] <Melissa> +com+ Roger that sir
[20:57] <Gabriel> +com+ Have your passenger do it, if he can. Save your ammo for the big stuff.
[20:58] <Karas> ::Karas pulls the trigger on the massive cannon, letting the air from his lungs escape as he pulls it::
[20:58] <Melissa> ::over her shoulder:: me a wonderful favour and kill me that drone, please? Thanks.
[21:00] <Savant> Clang! Clang! The round slap intot he drone. It doesn't blow up or smoulder, but it isnt' moving. Is it dead, or just watching?
[21:01] <Dimitri> ::Holds his fire, waiting for a target worth considering, watching the various liberati vehicles move into sight. ::
[21:01] <Savant> Meanwhile, the Earthers rebuke the attack with some of their own - they begin blasting into the rear of the Liberati column.
[21:01] <Gabriel> +com+ All Talons... listen up. The first wave of frames is coming in. They're not gonna go through their own minefield. That means they move up the slope... or down. Either way, that's gonna slow them down. Prepare to uncover.
[21:02] <Karas> ::Karas pops back into the tank for a sec:: No prob babe.
[21:02] <Melissa> ::smirks:: Is it dead yet? Or do I need to remove it from the face of this rock?
[21:02] <Craig> ::watches the horizon where the frames are coming in from and continues to wait, clicking the com to acknowledge the captain::
[21:03] <Detro> +com+ Lead, be advised we have two bravo foxtrots inbound on our left flank. They'll be here in about thirty.
[21:03] <Karas> If you like I can try and put another round in it...just for you.
[21:04] <Melissa> ::chuckles:: You'd do that just for little ole me? Aww, shucks
[21:04] <Birkin> ::responds with one click of his communicator::
[21:05] <Savant> It's been awhile since any of you have heard the chatter of a light railgun. It's disturbing - like a thousand Yellowjackets coming out of their nest in an angry swarm, intermixed with the sound of a high powered buzzsaw. The rear Liberati swereve left and right, but their tires are torn out and the vehicles go tumbling into the rocks.
[21:05] <Melissa> ::notices the incoming vehicles::
[21:06] <Savant> For their part, at least, the Liberati dont' panic... too much. They know their Terranovan allies are nearby.
[21:07] <Karas> ::Karas digs through the duffel bag of clips hanging just inside the turret...why the hell hadn't he organized these better...::
[21:09] <Karas> ::Karas pulls out a clip with the AP rounds Gabriel gave him...:: Hey Melissa I'm gonna bag you a frame with this pee shooter...maybe you can mount its head on the front of boneparte.
[21:10] <Detro> +com+ ::staring at the oncoming horde on his passive sensors:: ...Please advise?
[21:10] <Savant> Lt Lieutenant Akamemnon Gage> +com+ Tanks in behind the, uh, tanks.
[21:11] <Melissa> ::whistles to herself as she moves the tank up onto firmer ground::
[21:11] <Gabriel> +com+ They
[21:11] <Gabriel> +com+ They'll be in the kill box in under a minute. Everyone get ready.
[21:11] <Savant> Mem shares a feed from one of his drones - a cluster of larger, heavier lozenges slipping through the rarified air towards the fray. Hovertanks, moving in quick, with other shapes in the spray of silt.
[21:12] <Dimitri> ::Watches the various enemy icons on his Hud, giving a deep breath. It would be tough he had to admit.. ::
[21:12] <Melissa> ::clicks an affirmative::
[21:12] <Dimitri> :: Double clicks his comm ::
[21:12] <Craig> ::flips off the safety on his autocannon and rocketpack::
[21:12] <Karas> ::Karas' musi-clip player can be heard over the din of Boneparte's engines..."born to be wiiiild..."::
[21:12] <Melissa> practice ::she mutters, looking at the feed::
[21:12] <Detro> ::moves his hand back to hovering over JJ's throttle::
[21:13] <Savant> The Liberati are fish-tailing and spinning up dust in the sandy bowl of the valley; others scramble up the rocky precipices to get around the CEF-laid minefield. The TAAF overhead are quickly about ot make another pass. Artillery is on the way.
[21:13] <Savant> Could it get any worse?
[21:13] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:14] <Craig> find out next week, same BT time, same BT channel!
[21:14] <Savant> there we go! rocky start, but not a bad little game I think. What do you think?
[21:14] <Craig> any game is better than no game:)
[21:14] <Melissa> should be fun...i believe bonaparte is doomed though
[21:15] <Dimitri> I'm glad I'm not in Bonaparte
[21:15] <Gabriel> Nah. Just keep moving. You've got the long gun. The rest of us will be in front of you.
[21:15] <Gabriel> Bonaparte's least likely to die.
[21:15] <Gabriel> "In front" meaning "between the vast bulk of the bad guys and you."
[21:15] <Melissa> I loves me the armor
[21:16] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[21:17] <Karas> Hey your okay. You got Karas...he's well complicated...but it'll be good.
[21:17] <Savant> who wants experience?
[21:17] * Itzpapalotl has joined #BT05
[21:17] <Savant> anyone?
[21:17] <Gabriel> Yes, please. Wink
[21:17] <Karas> I do, I do.
[21:17] <Detro> I do. I also want sleep please.
[21:17] <Savant> thought at least one of you might
[21:17] <LrdVampyre> yummy xp
[21:17] <Birkin> please?
[21:17] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Tell me how you guys operated as a team.
[21:18] <Ardelmos> Only the people who were supposed to shoot stuff shot stuff. Wink
[21:18] <Savant> hee
[21:18] <Karas> Well Melissa and Karas were awesome together its like we were one person or something.
[21:18] <Dimitri> I was standing far off in full stealth reading to feed coordinates to team members, and even Detro. although that turned to be a poor plan :<
[21:18] <Birkin> we didnt all fire as soon as the enemies came in range?
[21:18] <Detro> They're not in range yet.
[21:19] <Gabriel> Actually, they are.
[21:19] <Karas> Hey balls first has worked for me so my second character I might change.
[21:19] <Gabriel> Extreme range for our MACs, but they're in range.
[21:19] <Detro> Teamwork == not strangling each other when the Maptool b0rks again... again... again... again...
[21:19] <Gabriel> I'd like them closer than that, though. Next round, they'll be right under our guns.
[21:19] <Craig> lol
[21:19] <Gabriel> Hee.
[21:20] <Savant> that's three. Four is for what you've learned. What did you learn today? How did the story develop?
[21:20] <Karas> I'm surprised at Karas' shot. That cannon does wonders, but we will have to see how I do against hardened units.
[21:20] <Detro> The CEF has super-fast-firing-drone-cannons
[21:20] <Ardelmos> We learned about artillery fired recon drones.
[21:20] <Gabriel> How in the Prophet's name did the Liberati run 20 of their trucks into Vega Spaceport without getting blown at the first checkpoint?
[21:20] <Gabriel> Wow. We really need to find that out. Wink
[21:20] <Detro> Beer.
[21:20] <Karas> Hey near the end I got some RP in with Melissa, that was cool.
[21:20] <Gabriel> And yeah, the big introduction tonight was the drone-firing cannons. Cute idea.
[21:20] <Karas> I would think women.
[21:21] <Detro> I would think the g-forces of launching them out of the cannon would crush them
[21:21] <Gabriel> Explains some of how and why the CEF were able to unload drones on us around PL so fast.
[21:21] <Gabriel> ::nods:: It should, yeah.
[21:21] <Craig> we learn some of the opening strategies the CEF shoots out recon drones with artillary cannons, then sends taafs to set up minefields in the path of retreating/or advancing enemies while giving chase with frames and light hovertanks
[21:21] <Savant> drone cannons, bullet cannons, rocket cannons, pillow cannons.. if it's in the CEF, it goes fast.
[21:22] <Birkin> the CEF are being more careful with their TAAF's. I fully expected them to strafe us
[21:22] <Savant> their canteen is a marvel to behold. But a little messy.
[21:22] <Savant> they didn't see much to strafe in the first pass. Pass two is on the way Wink
[21:23] <Savant> anything else? What does all of this newfound data tell you?
[21:23] <Dimitri> The CEF are all about quick strike attacks and controlling the battlefield.
[21:23] <Ardelmos> That the CEF has too many toys. Wink
[21:23] <Karas> Its actually proven that you can launch things like satellites and drones into space now. We have the tech, just no one does it.
[21:23] <Dimitri> I'm willing to bet the CEF commanders have all read Art of War
[21:23] <Detro> Uh, that in a few more months there's no way in hell we'll be able to liberate Caprice, even with the Liberati's new plants?
[21:23] <Savant> there are literally hundreds of Gear designes. Just for Gears. It's silly for the CEF to only have two tanks Wink
[21:23] <Karas> That and you need a mile long gun built on the side of a mountain.
[21:23] <Craig> the CEF aren't about to send their big toys out before getting a veiw of what their up against first
[21:24] <Karas> They will if its just a variant.
[21:24] <Gabriel> Which 72 has the LRG? The L or the S?
[21:24] <Gabriel> And are those Blitz vehicles?
[21:25] <Karas> Like saying I'm not going to use the Rabid Grizzley for close up stuff, cause the GRELs don't know about it yet.
[21:25] <Savant> LST72 has a light railgun
[21:25] <Savant> they're my vehicles. Sucks to Blitz.
[21:25] <Gabriel> 'cause if so, I have to smack Nick. I suggested an HGLC fast-attack tank for the CEF almost a year ago, and Nick said it was a stupid idea.
[21:25] <Gabriel> OK, good. Wink
[21:25] <Savant> er, HST, even
[21:25] <Detro> What I'd like to know is why the CEF just doesn't sit back and watch where the Liberati go via arclight.
[21:25] <Savant> why did he say it was stupid?
[21:25] <Savant> cause Arclight would lose them in the rough terrain of the Hoert highlands
[21:25] <Gabriel> Because he didn't think of it.
[21:25] <Gabriel> Wink
[21:25] <Savant> heh, right Wink
[21:26] <Karas> That would be prettier. Maybe somebody that escaped knew something and they want to be sure they're dead?
[21:26] <Detro> ::points to clock:: Moving along please? ::yawns::
[21:26] <Savant> yeah, yeah Wink four for learning things. Five for being in a combat. Rigth now, hasn't been too bad, but that's it.
[21:26] <Savant> I'll make it six if you can tell me something you learned about another character tonight.
[21:26] <LrdVampyre> i pass as i came in too late
[21:27] <Karas> I learned Melissa doesn't care if I call her babe.
[21:27] <Detro> Roland is quick to find others guilty of negligence in the line of duty?
[21:27] <Ardelmos> I learned that Roland can make fun of Detro's mother without taking lip back.
[21:27] <Dimitri> Kara's is rather quick to make action, although I support his tactical decision. And our leader is a little hot headed when it comes to things not working with his plans.
[21:27] <Karas> And she won't shoot me in the head if I joke around.
[21:27] <Gabriel> Karas wasn't just bragging about that rifle. He really does know how to use it. And Detro, happily, won't follow Gabriel's orders right over a cliff.
[21:27] <Karas> Or hit me with a coffee mug.
[21:27] <Detro> ::snort:: That's only because all my smart-mouth characters die.
[21:28] <Karas> Karas is so doomed.
[21:28] <LrdVampyre> nah, Mel's perky and mostly fun-loving
[21:28] <Savant> anyone else? Birkin?
[21:28] <Birkin> everyone's already said what I was planning on saying Wink These liberati are pretty cool under fire. They know their stuff. Only once they hit the minefield did they start to get scatter brained. One even had the foresight to send back information on the enemy, rather nice
[21:28] <Karas> Next Ardel...::funeral music plays in the background::
[21:29] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Detro benefits from a player who has experience. That means I'm now realizing BEFORE rolling that "Gee, it can't be THAT easy to clear the minefield, can it?" instead of after. Smile
[21:29] <Savant> well done all. Looks like six all around? Sure.
[21:29] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:30] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Empire in Session'
[18:30] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:30] <Detro> ::attn::
[18:30] <Dimitri> ::attention!::
[18:30] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:31] <Savant> good evening and welcome once again to another exciting episode of the Black Talons. Let's wrap this one up tonight, folks. I'm gonna be going quick, so keep up
[18:31] <LrdVampyre> ::attn::
[18:31] <Karas> ::attn::
[18:31] * LrdVampyre is now known as Melissa
[18:31] <Savant> I will brief you and then there shall be cake.
[18:31] <Savant> Empire
[18:31] <Savant> 14 June 275LC, 0230h - Night - (39W TN1945)
[18:31] <Savant> Southwest of Vega Spaceport, East of Gomorrah
[18:31] <Savant> -62 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity, 56 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:31] <Savant> Sometimes you just can't leave work behind you. Even out here in the wastes there are things for Talons to do.. and enemies to fight. A great number of them in fact, especially when they are intentionally goaded by the Helles faction of the Liberati. These Liberati have made a bid to attack the Vega Spaceport and free who they can of the Maribold clan, a gutsy move for such a small rebellion.
[18:31] <Savant> You have decided to leave the attack to them, instead playing 'backstop' - you'll cover their retreat as they disappear into the wastes surrounding the Starport. Undoubtably, they will have an angry swarm of Earthers following them.
[18:31] <Savant> Recon has noticed new technology in the CEF barracks, and a fairly competent reaction response team. The only question now is - will the Earthers play the same game as they always have, or has the overzealous paranoia of Commandant Krynn Rasuul forced the pendulum of CEF aggression to swing in the opposite direction?
[18:31] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:31] <Dimitri> LIES.
[18:32] <Dimitri> Ack
[18:32] <Gabriel> ack
[18:32] <Melissa> ack
[18:32] <Detro> ack
[18:32] <Karas> ack
[18:32] <Savant> and I am prepared to answer your questions with as much gleeful irony as I can muster.
[18:33] <Savant> questions? no? That's a pleasant change of pace.
[18:33] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:34] <Savant> Detro?
[18:34] <Detro> Would you like me to come up with a silly, pointless question then? Wink
[18:34] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[18:34] <Savant> minus one experience point for all. Gabriel?
[18:34] <Gabriel> Mind if we wait 10 minutes before we start? I'd like to see if Fraser or Brad or Prescot are going to show.
[18:34] <Savant> i'm amenable to this.
[18:34] <Craig> jake's been kidnapped by family or friends IRL
[18:35] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:35] <Savant> Detro?
[18:35] <Detro> What's the status of reubini 13? Do we know?
[18:35] <Savant> ten minutes. 6.45 by my clock.
[18:36] <Savant> blown tire, fishtailing.
[18:36] <Detro> But still moving forward?
[18:36] <Savant> though a caprician wouldn't call it a fishtail. They'd call it a burn-out or something.
[18:36] <Savant> yes
[18:36] <Detro> Check. (That's the question I was trying to remember I first wanted to ask Wink )
[18:37] <Savant> cool Wink
[18:37] <Craig> ::jots down on his list of things to do::design 6 wheeled reubenis for liberati based on the sandspiders...
[18:38] <Savant> im'a go put away my dinner dishes
[18:38] <Craig> k
[18:41] <Detro> Nah. Just have to teach the Liberati how to drive like H.B. Halicki.
[18:42] <Detro> Well, except for the "hitting the light pole at 100mph" bit.
[18:42] <Detro> Fortunately, the Highlands are not particularly dotted with those Smile
[18:45] <Savant> okay. The hour approacheth.
[18:46] <Savant> need someone to control Erinyes, and someone to control Shepherd.
[18:47] <Savant> unless I need to call down some battlefield technical difficulties or something Wink
[18:49] <Savant> okay. Erinyes will be controlled by Dimitri, and Cerberus/Shepherd will be run by Gabriel.
[18:49] <Savant> let's be on it then.
[18:50] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:50] <Savant> The Earthers have started to roar down the valley in force, fanning out as the claustrophobic ravines open to let them do so. The Liberati are hard-pressed to keep the distance between them.
[18:51] <Detro> ::tightens his grip on the controls as he watches the incoming forces::
[18:52] <Melissa> ::watches her read-outs and radio::
[18:52] <Dimitri> :: Roland grips the controllers, eagerly awaiting for a chance to wound a bewildered target. ::
[18:53] <Karas> ::Karas finishes shoving the fresh clip into the Talon AGR:: Lets do this ::...highwaaaaaay to the danger zone...can be heard blaring from the small musi-clip player at his side::
[18:53] <Craig> ::shifts a bit in his seat as swifty hums away::
Session Close: Thu Dec 13 18:56:41 2007

Session Start: Thu Dec 13 18:56:41 2007
Session Ident: #BT05
[18:56] * Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Dec 13 18:56:50 2007

Session Start: Thu Dec 13 18:57:42 2007
Session Ident: #BT05
[18:57] * Now talking in #BT05
[18:57] * Topic is '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Empire in Session'
[18:57] * Set by Savant on Thu Dec 13 18:30:03
[18:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Savant
[18:59] <Dimitri> ::scans the horizon.. still waiting for the appearance of the enemy.. his autocannon readied.. although at the thought of that.. a bit of bile rises at the back of his throat...::
[19:00] <Savant> The Liberati continue their desperate flight southwards, churning up gravel and fines liberally, making a dust cloud that still manages to hang in the thin, cold air.
[19:00] <Gabriel> Mem> ::gives the go command through the fiber-optic line to the two ECM pods::
[19:01] <Melissa> ::steps on the peddle and swirves the tank along the rocky ground, avoiding the minefield::
[19:01] <Detro> ::watches the Liberati skirt right by him, greatful they didn't accidentally drive *on* him::
[19:02] <Savant> The Earthers flood southwards behind them, eager for the kill.
[19:03] <Karas> +com+ Melissa I think we should hold here for a bit, I don't want to get caught seperated from the group
[19:05] <Melissa> +com+ Roger that, I'm just moving into escort them
[19:06] * Brad has joined #bt05
[19:06] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Brad
[19:06] <Karas> ::clicks twice for acknowledgement and gets himself into his "zone"...quieting everything but the sound of his musi-clip player...the slag was really going to hit the fan now::
[19:08] <Savant> The leading light tanks open up with a surprising amount of clatter - these railguns are tiny and fire hideously quickly. The Reubeni and trucks near Bonaparte are doused in a hail of supersonic shrapnel.
[19:08] <Melissa> ::sees the incoming fire and tries to jink to avoid it:: Hold on!
[19:09] <Savant> Bonaparte avoids the brunt of the damage - its heavier armour shrugs off shells but those puncturing the weaker gaps in its treads. The Liberati fare far worse, however.
[19:10] <Karas> ::Karas watches the round thud into the side of the tank and dives back into the vehicle:: We okay Melissa?
[19:10] <Detro> ::monitors the one-sided exchange of fire via his sensor boom::
[19:10] <Detro> :Surprisedn passives, of course::
[19:10] <Melissa> ::glances at the damage read-out:: Umm, we're good ::grimaces as one of the wheels shows yellow::
[19:11] <Melissa> ::pats the console and mutters:: You're doing good...we'll show 'em what a real tank can do...
[19:11] <Detro> ::also spots two frames and one of the newer tanks as they emerge from the cover of a small hillock::
[19:11] <Karas> Slag those bastards babe...those Keffs won't know what hit them.
[19:15] <Savant> The sky opens up with fire and light, a piercing white light that fills the sky with a second sun. The Talons' Gears are neatly outlined in the harsh white-on-black of the sharp shadows.
[19:16] <Melissa> Hmm, figures they'd need to bring a second sun to this fight...not that it'll save 'em
[19:16] * Prescot has joined #BT05
[19:16] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
[19:16] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[19:16] <Dimitri> :: Roland stares icly at his displays, hearing the sensor's pick up various firearms over the sounds... he waited for an opportunity.::
[19:19] <Gabriel> ::gives another hand motion to the Gears who can see him: wait... wait::
[19:20] <Birkin> ::Continues to wait, paying attention to the incoming formation, whispering inside his cockpit to the Liberati to hurry up and stop dying::
[19:20] <Melissa> ::shifts throttles and spins in place, swiveling the turret to face the incoming Earthers:: Time to go escort...
[19:20] <Karas> ::Tightens his hands on the AGRs grips::
[19:20] <Craig> ::holds steady, though wanting to get this overwith asap as it sounds like bonaparte is in a bit of trouble::
[19:21] <Karas> ::Karas knows the shot will be a miracle but he takes it anyways, breathing out slowly as he squeezes the trigger::
[19:22] <Karas> ::the AGR bucks in its mount as he realigns his sights on the first frame::
[19:23] <Savant> Karas's shell goes wide, skipping off the rocks close to the speeding Battle Frame
[19:25] <Dimitri> ::Dimitri watches the flash from the Bonapartes Cannon easily on his sensor screen, unable to see any of the enemy units on visual.. but easily on his hud.. he waited calmly::
[19:27] <Melissa> ::spins the treads and depressed the trigger::
[19:29] <Savant> In dodging the larger swath of Liberati machineguns chattering away, the Frame makes a fatal error - getting in front of the tank. It takes Melissa's shell squarely in the torso, in one side just beneath the arm. The war machine explodes into spinning fragments.
[19:29] <Detro> ::views the results of Melissa's shot... and she couldn't have asked for a better result. Detro grinned -- there would surely be a new kill marker added SOMEWHERE on Bonaparte for that one::
[19:30] <Melissa> ::clapped giddly and patted the fire control system:: See, we should them
[19:30] <Karas> ::Karas watches the shot impact the frame, a resounding "whoop!" can be heard from the open hatch:: Beautiful shot babe, slagging beautiful...ya wrecked the Keff bastard. Iced him cold!
[19:30] <Craig> ::grins as the horizon near bonaparte lights up:: 1 down
[19:33] <Karas> Ah slag! Incoming! ::Karas ducks back into the hatch:: Holy mother of Hakkar they are pissed Melissa!
[19:34] <Gabriel> ::catches sight of Bonaparte over the ridge and waves her to his left, away from the bulk of the CEF incomming::
[19:34] <Melissa> ::calmly, while throwing everything into dodging:: Really, I hadn't noticed
[19:35] <Karas> ::Karas smiles::...if we live through us your drinks are on me babe!
[19:40] <Detro> ::watches the frames begin to slide by in front of him... they haven't gotten far enough for him to slide in behind them yet... and Bonaparte disappears under a withering hail of fire::
[19:44] <Melissa> ::tries to spin the tank out of firing solutions, but watches as another couple of wheels go orange::
[19:47] <Gabriel> ::watches the display through one of the ECM pods, the data relayed from Shepherd, grim, but unable to help for a few more moments::
[19:47] <Gabriel> ::glances over at Shepherd again and nods the Kodiak's head, once::
[19:47] <Savant> The Earthers open fire, and Bonaparte is caught int he middle of it all. Lasers and raingun rounds clatter about throught he rocks and in the dust. There's not a single Liberati vehicle that escapes the destruction, and Bonaparte is a smoking hulk of metal. It's a moving one, though, and if a tank could look angry, it did.
[19:48] <Dimitri> ::Dimitri grimaces... as each blip of the Liberati's caravan dissapears off his hud. He readjusts his rifle.. with a sort of calm anger..::
[19:49] <Karas> ::Karas looks out sheepishly from the turret hatch::...I'm not dead?
[19:49] <Karas> ::as he surveys the carnage that was once the Liberati caravan, his joy quickly turns to anger...burning anger::
[19:50] <Melissa> ::looks at the radar and grimaces:: You might want to close that hatch...I think we're going to become...i believe the phrase is, their bitches, in a few moments here
[19:50] <Savant> Mem's sensors cleary shows the report of another artillery shell blasting out from the CEF starport, far distant.
[19:51] <Gabriel> Mem> ::activates Shepherd's electronic systems under the cover of the remote pods::
[19:54] <Gabriel> ::smiles as smooth silence reemerges over the comm channel:: +com+ Talons, time to have some fun. Red team, give us some forobs for our rockets back here.
[19:55] <Gabriel> +com+ Bonaparte, recommend you either use the ridge for cover or get the hell out of there!
[19:56] <Dimitri> ::Dimitri grits his teeth at the sound of "fun" after having watched dozens of liberati get slaughtered.. but holds his tongue.::
[19:57] <Melissa> ::grits her teeth as she opens up to full throttle:: +com+ Roger sir
[19:57] <Detro> ::frowns as passive picks up more tanks on the way::
[20:01] <Karas> ::Karas' blood boils...first at the Keff slaggers...and second at himself for his inability to save them...::
[20:02] <Karas> ::how could he let so many of his brothers and sisters get iced...he knew it wasn't really his fault, but in some sense he had failed them::
[20:11] <Craig> ::spots two of the hovertanks coming into range::+com+ sir i have a shot at the group crossing their minefield, shall i take it or keep holding?
[20:13] <Craig> ::turns to see the other group right in front of them:: heh heh, well swifty, time to punch in
[20:14] <Gabriel> ::grins into his helmet, a little savagely, as a squad of Earthers appears in his remote display, silhouetted, starshell light behind them, right in front of his two combat squads:: +com+ Red team, blue team, open fire!
[20:16] <Craig> ::twists swifty's torso and sprays MAC fire across the closer group::
[20:22] <Gabriel> ::watches, still grinning, as the bullets from Craig's MAC shred the cockpit of the farther frame:: +com+ Concentrate fire on the remaining three! Fire! Fire!
[20:22] <Savant> The autocannon shells clatter across the Earther's hulls. The hovertank doesn't seem to much care - it's smaller than the large HT72's swooping in behind - but it's still tank enough to shrug off the shells
[20:24] <Craig> ::pats the cockpit frame:: good boy, now lets get ready to move ::revs up the engine::
[20:25] <Melissa> ::briefly glances at the battle display as she fights the controls to keep the tank moving as fast as it can and not in anything that resembles a straight line::
[20:25] <Dimitri> ::Dimitri opens concentrated bursts of fire, moving from the frame, then to each of the hover tanks, from his concealed position. ::
[20:27] <Savant> The sniper shots are wellplaced, but those tanks are just moving too quickly. They bob and weave just as their larger cousins do, gliding along a cushion of forced air
[20:29] <Detro> ::thumbs his warhead selector off the MIRP warheads to the MRPs, then drops his wheels. Skirting to the left, he sights and fires on the remaining targets::
[20:32] <Dimitri> ::Roland calmly shifts his position, confident in his abilities as he holds his ground, unloading his bazooka into each of the hovertanks, one after the other::
[20:33] <Savant> The Talons' assault is withering on the patrol hovertanks and their escort. Detro squeals up around them as they approach down the side of the slop, and their inertia pulls them past him even as he turns to face them. One of the hovertanks bites intot he ground and tears itself apart. The other bounces off the ground, careening wildly.
[20:34] <Savant> Their escort, the battle frame, is shot through the back, and goes pinwheeling off into the rocks.
[20:34] <Detro> +com+ ::calmly:: Splash two.
[20:35] <Detro> ::knowing Roland will mop up and that the southeast group will be dealt with, turns his attention to the quartet of 72's off to the northeast::
[20:36] <Craig> +com+ nice job detro, should think about turning around and heading back before their big brother's reach us
[20:43] <Dimitri> ::Roland's gear kicks it, making way south east to open fire on the neastest hovertank, opening fire two times on the swift moving tank.::
[20:45] <Gabriel> ::smirks a bit as the squad on the top of the ridge is blasted to spare parts, a smirk that turns to a bit of a grimace when Roland starts being Roland::
[20:45] <Savant> Roland is nothing sort of fantastic. He easily clears the table to the west of the combat zone, even as he's accelerating at high speed eastwards. The bazooka on his shoulder recoils repeatedly as he lets go of shell after shell into the Earthers
[20:50] <Savant> The shells that are returned are entirely ineffective. The Talons have neatly cleared their field of battle for the moment, leaving only Bonaparte exposed to the East and more Earthers on the way.
[20:51] <Gabriel> ::uploads this new data into his tactical computer, and gets Deacon moving a bit closer to the ridge, waving Cerberus to follow him::
[20:52] <Melissa> ::frowns as her treads spin wildly, not having the same traction they normally did::
[20:53] <Gabriel> Mem> ::follows the other two, preparing a sensor-homing missile::
[20:54] <Birkin> ::trudges forward slowly::
[20:54] <Karas> ::Karas watches Melissa work as he sits back in his seat...they were kind of comfy...he wondered if Melissa had had the seats switched out::
[20:56] <Detro> ::resumes his previous position - staying close to the cover, sensor boom up:: +com+ Lead, this is JJ. I spotted two Hotel Charlies in the rear of the enemy formation. Are we sticking around long enough to bag them?
[20:58] <Craig> ::swings swifty around and starts towards the next nearest targets::
[21:00] <Dimitri> :: Dimitri opens fire from his concealed position, opening pinpoint burst fire at some of the targets just coming around the ridge... ::
[21:02] <Savant> the Earthers don't seem to much care - though the hovertank swerves jaggedly as a shell bursts through a delicate control vane.
[21:03] <Craig> ::presses the trigger as he closes in, sending a spray of metal at the tank and frame::
[21:04] <Savant> Craig is not quite as lucky; the battle frame easily skirts by the shells, while the hovertnak doesn't seem to care about the metal rain dancing upon its rooftop
[21:04] <Gabriel> +com+ Talaria, Swifty, give me exact distance and bearing to those two hovertanks. ::hits the warmer switch on his HRPs:: +com+ Cerberus, stand by for firing solution.
[21:05] <Dimitri> :: Calmly observes the tanks, and with a few quick movements sends the firing data back to Gabriel without delay. ::
[21:07] <Craig> ::nods and turns his attention to the other tanks, sending tactical data back to deacon::
[21:07] <Birkin> ::smiles slightly:: +com+ Cerberus on Stand By
[21:07] <Gabriel> ::relays the data from the scouts to Birkin::
[21:09] <Karas> ::listens to some blistering ancient rock these seats were awesome, the tank swerved from side to side, but he felt really snug and Terranovans really knew how to build military vehicles::
[21:09] <Savant> The Earthers ocntinue their speedy assault - and then swivel, quickly, sharply, as if pivoting around a single point. They're backing off to get a better view of the valley of death so close before them.
[21:11] <Gabriel> +com+ Bonaparte, you're being flanked! Watch yourself!
[21:11] <Karas> ::Just then Karas spots a frame move in behind the tank in his view screen:: We got problems Melissa!
[21:11] <Melissa> +com+ I see it ::pulls a few tight moves::
[21:12] <Savant> The Battle frame zipping so close by scores a black stripe in the rock beside Bonaparte - the thing is moving too quickly to get a proper bead on the tank.
[21:18] <Savant> Hovertanks churn up the dust behind it - a whole two sqaudrons of them, grouping together and getting ready. Their shots blast left and right, those that do fire at least. Many seem interested in conserving their ammunition for the obvious threat behind the hill.
[21:18] <Gabriel> +com+ Bonaparte, they're ganging up! Four sleds, plus three of those new light HTs! Watch your back!
[21:20] <Gabriel> +com+ Karas! Get inside! They're using electrical weapons on the hull!
[21:20] <Gabriel> <<delete that>>
[21:21] <Melissa> ::grits and pulls hard on the controls as lightning envelopes the tank::
[21:21] <Detro> ::listens to the carnage down range, but keeps his eyes glued on that last part of the formation::
[21:21] <Dimitri> ::Roland crusies southward.. keeping his gun trained on the eastern area.. just waiting for something to try pop out..::
[21:22] <Savant> The thunder ends as quickly as it began as the tanks roar past Bonaparte on high speed.
[21:23] <Gabriel> +com+ Red team, Blue team, begin falling back by squads escorting the Liberati. Bonparte! Get out of there!
[21:24] <Melissa> Working on it...::muttered under her breath::
[21:24] <Detro> +com+ Sir, I may have a shot on the command craft in the rear of their formation...
[21:25] <Gabriel> +com+ JJ, do not break formation. They want us to come into the trap. Remember the mission. The mission is escort the Liberati out.
[21:26] <Karas> Hey matter what did an awesome job.
[21:26] <Melissa> ::smirks:: We're not quite done yet...
[21:26] <Detro> +com+ Understood, moving out.
[21:27] <Karas> ::smiles back, but says nothing as he goes back to watching the monitors::
[21:27] <Craig> i think karas' wants to get some nookie with chick from another planet before he dies:)
[21:27] <Craig> <<oops wrong channel;)>>
[21:28] <Detro> ::drives off south, giving up the kills -- for now::
[21:29] <Gabriel> Mem> ::reestablishes the strangulation field on the CEF's communications, then yawns::
[21:32] <Savant> There's a terrible explosion - tremendous, enough to fill an entire horizon - as one of Mem's ECM pods vapourizes beneath the Earthers' artillery barrage.
[21:33] <Savant> The explosion is so large that everyones' sensors are momentarily blind in that direction, and Mem almost misses the flash of another artillery shot a few moments later.
[21:33] <Gabriel> ::mutters:: Someone remind me to bill the Earthers for that. Those are expensive.
[21:34] <Karas> ::looks aroung the cockpit and finds a survival kit, openning it up he finds an emergency ration...taking a bite he is surprised at the even their emergency rations taste better, he glances over to see Melissa give him a wierd look and then go back to jinking the tank...Karas looks back to his screen and continues munching contendly::
[21:35] <Melissa> ::curses the sand as it billows behind Bonaparte:: This is not good sand...
[21:35] <Melissa> At least it isn't white sand...
[21:37] * Lykaeon has joined #bt05
[21:37] <Gabriel> ::watches the Liberati on his tactical computer, wishing those old trucks were faster::
[21:37] * Lykaeon has left #bt05
[21:37] * Lykaeon has joined #bt05
[21:37] * Savant sets mode: +o Lykaeon
[21:37] * Karas has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[21:37] <Dimitri> ::Dimitri's gear unfurls its camo cloak, as his gear's tires begin to spin, smoke emerging as the wheels burn out on the rocky surface before Talaria begins to move away
[21:38] <Melissa> ::leans into the controls, trying to coax as much power from the twin turbines:: Come on, come on. We're better than those hovering contraptions...
[21:38] <Craig> ::nudges swifty to the south more:: looks like we're going to be done here soon
[21:39] * Lykaeon is now known as Karas
[21:39] <Gabriel> +com+ Keep coming, Red and Blue. Watch your facings. ::closes comm and looks at the collection of CEF vehicles on the horizon:: Your move.
[21:39] <Detro> +com+ ::clicks acknowledgement::
[21:40] <Birkin> Come on you Earther fucks. I haven't gotten to kill any of you yet today. And I'm getting irritated..
[21:40] <Dimitri> ::scans the horizon as he makes his way, sending all the data back to his team mates::
[21:40] <Gabriel> +com+ And keep sending the coordinates of those tanks. You've got two very hungry heavies back here waiting for something to do.
[21:40] <Craig> ::as he moves, he keeps watching the tanks and sending their locations to deacon::
[21:41] <Detro> ::though he can't actually hit the enemy units at this range, he dutifully targets them, letting the commo suite transfer coordinates::
[21:41] <Melissa> ::is definitely struggling against the controls, trying to jink the tank through the soft sand:: Almost there
[21:44] <Karas> ::watched the rear view cameras intently, knowing that if he died today it would probably be from one of these Keff bastards::
[21:44] <Craig> ::sidesteps as he suddenly comes under fire::
[21:45] <Melissa> ::whispers to the control panel:: when we get back, only the finest oils...just hold together a bit longer, please?
[21:48] <Savant> the CEF begins to slash into the closests Talons - poor strung-out Bonaparte. The tank is enveloped in a swathe of dust as shells bite and lasers explode into the sand around the tank as it flees.
[21:48] <Karas> ::chuckles a bit as Melissa talks to the battered tank and continues munching on his ration bar...these Terranovans were tenacious bastards::
[21:50] <Savant> The rest of the tanks, the big ones, the real punch of the CEF, scoots around into a dense formation out int he sand, preparing to hit the Talons and Liberati while they're strung out.
[21:51] <Gabriel> +com+ Talons, recommend going to full military power on engines. We have to regroup back here.
[21:52] <Craig> +com+ roger that captain.
[21:52] <Dimitri> :: Dimitri clicks his comm once in acknowledgement. ::
[21:52] <Detro> +com+ ::click::
[21:53] <Gabriel> Mem> +com+ Captain, reading CEF fighter-bombers inbound.
[21:53] <Gabriel> +com+ Acknowledged. Talons, watch the skies, but get back here, pronto. Cerberus, stand by on anti-air.
[21:53] <Birkin> ::switches over to the MAAC, getting the gun spinning behind the rocks:: +com+ On it sir.
[21:54] <Gabriel> Mem> ::gets moving to avoid getting plastered by a sensor-homing artillery shell::
[21:55] <Craig> ::shifts up on the throttle::
[21:56] <Detro> ::grins as JJ seems to surge as it shifts over to full speed, briefly pushing Detro back in his seat::
[21:56] <Dimitri> ::Dimitri kicks up the throttle, the camo cloak flaring in the wind as he starts speeding away::
[21:57] <Savant> Another shell slams down itno the ground, blowing a new crater into the rock and sending up a monstrous dust cloud. One more ECM pod gone.
[22:00] <Detro> ::motors away at top speed to the south... though he'll still wind up towards the tail end of the pack. Worse, he'll soon be passing Liberati...
[22:00] <Birkin> ::moves up a bit, getting into a better position for TAEF shooting and rocket fire::
[22:01] <Gabriel> ::gets Deacon moving after the Liberati:: +com+ Cerberus, Shepherd, escort formation.
[22:01] <Melissa> ::keeps steering wildly, leaning into the controls as the tank fishtails through the soft sand, firm terrain closing up fast::
[22:01] <Birkin> ::pulls himself back:: Yes sir.
[22:02] <Gabriel> +com+ Blue, Red, keep forward observations going.
[22:02] <Craig> +com+ right, sending latest data. ::transmits locations of the tanks once more::
[22:05] <Detro> ::keeps the lock as best he can through the obscuring smoke::
[22:05] <Dimitri> ::Continues to relay data back to his commander ::
[22:06] <Savant> The CEF doesn't fire. At least, not at the Talons. The command cars and HPCs in the rear do act, however. tHE command cars shoot colourful flares up into the dark sky, and a set of doors open ont he tops of the carriers - bulbous, beetly flying drones lift out from them.
[22:06] <Melissa> ::blinks at the sensor readout:: What the fuck?
[22:08] <Gabriel> +com+ Cerberus, Shepherd, let's get moving.
[22:08] <Gabriel> ::follows his own orders and moves in to escort position on the left flank of the surviving Liberati::
[22:09] <Birkin> ::kcicks the Gear into well, gear and takes off down to escort the liberati out::
[22:13] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[22:13] <Savant> -=-------- Continue --------=-
[22:15] <Detro> +com+ Heads up Bonaparte, I'm going to lay down some fire and smoke right behind you for cover.
[22:16] <Melissa> +com+ ::clicks acknowledgement::
[22:16] <Savant> Detro lights up a string of rockets through the air, which slam down in hot jelly that immediately starts to smoke and smoulder as it burns through the dust and rock, sending up a blackening wall of heat and smoke.
[22:16] <Savant> -=-------- Pause --------=-
[22:17] <Savant> *there* we go Wink Comments? Questions? Critiques? what did you think of the fight?
[22:17] <Savant> apologies for the length of the game
[22:17] <Birkin> Birkin needs to get Tetris in Cerberus
[22:17] <Birkin> is that a perk?
[22:17] * Melissa is now known as LrdVampyre
[22:17] <Craig> lol
[22:17] <Savant> entertainment centre? sure Wink
[22:17] <Gabriel> Heh.
[22:18] <Savant> sorry, dude. It's sort of the support role. You sit int he back and occasionally kill two dozen things at once
[22:18] <Gabriel> Yeah, I kinda expected the CEF to be this numerous, but not this cautious.
[22:18] <Savant> you should ask to be put up front next time Wink
[22:18] <Karas> Karas had a good time...he got to compare a lot of Terranovan tech...mmmmm...ration bars.
[22:18] <Savant> they are being a bit smarter now.
[22:18] <Craig> next time we go into the trench you can pick up a gameboy 6000:)
[22:18] <Savant> they have come to the conclusion that they do *not* own the wastes of Caprice, as much as they'd like to think so
[22:18] <Gabriel> ::nods:: It's a totally different offensive doctrine than what we've seen from them.
[22:18] * Dimitri is now known as Ryco
[22:19] <Savant> less brute force, for sure.
[22:19] <Savant> Who wants experience points?
[22:19] <Gabriel> Yes, please.
[22:19] <Karas> I do I do1
[22:19] <Ryco> I do I do Surprised
[22:19] <Detro> Yes, I would.
[22:19] <Birkin> me too
[22:19] <Craig> XP? yes please:)
[22:19] <Savant> one for the money, two for the show. Three is for teamwork. Tell me about it. I want specific examples.
[22:19] <Detro> You set 'em up, I'll knock 'em down.
[22:19] <Karas> Even thought I only shot once during the entire game I got some wicked dialogue with Dave.
[22:20] <Ryco> Well, we had some pretty good teamwork going with Dimitri and such building up MAP and then Roland knocking them down.
[22:20] <Gabriel> On the plus side, Red and Blue supported each other perfectly.
[22:20] <Ryco> IF thats not team work, I don't know what is
[22:20] <Craig> the usual combat teamwork:)
[22:21] <Karas> Karas also learned a lot about the BT05 tactics...on the down side we've lost far more Liberati then we gained. What was the count again Colin?
[22:21] <Karas> We need to protect the remaining rock trucks or else this job will be a complete rightr off.
[22:22] <Savant> Man (woman) of the match goes to Melissa. Holy crap, you took a lot of hits.
[22:22] <LrdVampyre> Very Happy
[22:22] <Savant> 60-80 Maribold, and maybe 30-40 Helles.
[22:22] <Karas> Good jorb
[22:22] <Gabriel> Might want to move that reinforced armor to the back, heh.
[22:22] <Savant> injured, dead, or otherwise unable to escape quickly.
[22:23] <Savant> i'll give you that point. Now tell me what you've learned today.
[22:23] <Gabriel> It's a total miracle that any of them got out alive. Any who escape are a total bonus.
[22:23] <Detro> Guess there was a Sacrifice, whether we wanted to have one or not.
[22:23] <Karas> Thats a any odds.
[22:23] <Gabriel> ::points above to the combat doctrine changes:: That's gonna require some serious thinking on my part.
[22:24] <Craig> hey when we get back, can craig reinforce the back during repair, like can we add perks?
[22:24] <LrdVampyre> I learned my tank can actually do wonders on its own...either that or it's touched by a Higher Being...
[22:24] <Detro> I learned if Detro is going to make ANY use of JJ's fast-speed bonuses, he needs SERIOUS points in piloting and MAJOR points in Dueling.
[22:24] <Karas> Karas learned that he wants a seperate vehicle soon as possible, not because he is good with it, but because he can help more.
[22:24] <Detro> Otherwise Detro's just going to plant his face in the ground any time he even THINKS about those rules
[22:24] <Gabriel> We've also learned that the HLTs aren't particularly tough, nowhere near as tough as full HTs.
[22:24] <Savant> you did very well. There were points Bonaparte could heave easily died, but you were lucky.
[22:24] <Savant> HLT's are kinda like flying Huns
[22:25] <Detro> heh
[22:25] <Detro> ::misread that as "flying Nuns"
[22:25] <Craig> lol
[22:25] <Savant> that too Wink
[22:25] <Savant> anything else?
[22:25] <Craig> well that settles it, we need to capture an HLT for melissa:)
[22:25] <Karas> Melissa's tank is awesome, had she had more support...not dissing anyone just point of observation. We could have ripped the middle out of the CEF.
[22:25] <Savant> let's give you that one. We're at 4. Five for combat. Figure this was a dangerous combat?
[22:26] * Kt has left #BT05
[22:26] <Ryco> Yes. This was a dangerous combat Surprised
[22:26] <Gabriel> I'm totally stunned that you guys went through the sand instead of straight west.
[22:26] <Detro> For Melissa and Karas it sure was.
[22:26] <Karas> Nah, I had faith.
[22:26] <LrdVampyre> rule #1 with tanks: they need support
[22:26] <Gabriel> Yeah. We could have very easily been overwhelmed today.
[22:26] <Savant> i agree Wink
[22:26] <Savant> that's six.
[22:26] <Gabriel> I'm curious, Vampyre: would you have ordered the rest of the team forward to support Bonaparte?
[22:26] <Detro> If we hadn't cold-cocked that group over my way, it would have been.
[22:26] <Karas> Our left flank was beautifully held I mus admit. It crushed the CEF>
[22:26] <Gabriel> This is an OOC question, not an IC one.
[22:26] <Craig> that first round of combat could have gone bad if we didn't take out that one group as fast as we did
[22:27] <LrdVampyre> no, but i would never had moved into that position with a tank to begin with
[22:27] <Craig> well first round for red/blue teams
[22:27] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Unfortunately, you can blame your partner there for that one. Wink
[22:27] <Gabriel> I told him last week to escort the Liberati.
[22:27] <Savant> the bonus point will be for you to look at the player above you in the name list on the side, and give them a suggestion on somethign else they could have done during the combat - or something interesting they could do during a combat in general.
[22:28] <Birkin> who do I pick up? Wink
[22:28] <Gabriel> Detro: get a personal style. It's time. Everyone who has Gunnery 3/Pilot 3 has developed a personal style.
[22:28] <Savant> Ryco
[22:28] <Gabriel> You've been content, so far, to stick with standard shoot-move without a lot of creativity attached.
[22:28] <Savant> i think Detro likes getting in close for the kills.
[22:29] <Detro> Hmm
[22:29] <Gabriel> Maybe, but that's not a signature move.
[22:29] <Savant> agreed
[22:29] <Karas> Gabriel > Be more aggressive...I know your defensive style works for you, but I think we could have helped more Liberati. As for my moving the Boneparte...I was lit up like a christmas tree, if you didn't want me to move then order me not to do so. I will follow you to hell and back dude, thats Karas' style. =)
[22:29] <Gabriel> ::grins:: Karas, you're the first person to pick up on that.
[22:30] <Detro> Craig: Um...
[22:30] <LrdVampyre> Karas: unfortunately, I'm not sure what your vehicle combat skills are, but the first thing about Bonaparte, it doesn't have large sensor profile, and does in fact have stealth.
[22:30] <Gabriel> All of Gabriel's past fights have been defensive, so he does indeed tend to fall back to that approach.
[22:30] <LrdVampyre> Take the stealth roll next time
[22:30] <Craig> ::looks up::brad you could have been here;) ::looks up further:: birkin, well... can't say much, you were in the same position i was in back in the bloody twelve fight, stuck in the back with everyone killing stuff before they can get in range:)
[22:30] <Ryco> Vampy> WEll, really you did an amazing job this session.. hum.. I don't know really what to recommend.
[22:30] <Karas> I failed it Dave. I wasn't sure what to do really this is my first RPed HG tactical game. I was like a deer in the headlights.
[22:31] <LrdVampyre> no worries
[22:31] <Ryco> Get smoke launchers. Thats my recomendation
[22:31] <Birkin> Hrm. Ryco
[22:31] <Detro> Craig, you more or less left Detro unsupported up north when the order came to fall back. It could have gotten Detro killed.
[22:31] <LrdVampyre> But, when offered the roll, always take it Wink
[22:31] <Detro> You could have slowed down juuuust a touch to close up the lines a bit more.
[22:31] <Detro> ::shrug::
[22:31] <Karas> I did dude...I buried my head as far as I could. =)
[22:31] <Detro> And what do you mean by "Style"?
[22:31] <Karas> No worries, next time I'll be following you into battle.
[22:31] <Savant> Craig, give him a suggestion on something to do while he's just standing around Wink
[22:31] <Birkin> You need better skills. I'd suggest pumping those skills more. Even if you stick as a rifleman with 2 skill in gunnery gear get Pilot gear to 3 asap, so you don't end up a big target for the GREL
[22:32] <Gabriel> Was that directed at me, Detro?
[22:32] <Savant> hah! awesome, Ryco. Beautiful.
[22:32] <Detro> Yup
[22:32] <Karas> Gabe > No matter what this was a good session and we have a strong team, happy to be under your command.
[22:32] <Gabriel> Just what I said, some kind of signature move or signature style in how you fight in a vehicle.
[22:32] <Birkin> other than that, I'd say you did pretty damn well. You seem to be kicking ass and taking names pretty well.
[22:33] <Detro> Personally, he's got the ideal recon style. He's cautious, takes advantage of cover when he has it, and doesn't expose himself for the shot unless he can't help it or is reasonably assured of the kill.
[22:33] <LrdVampyre> i'm thinking i've blown all the xp this session on edie
[22:33] <Gabriel> Like Roland with his called shots or Junkman with his totally-in-your-face or Birkin with his stationary long rockets or Craig with his "say hello to my leeetle friend!" Wink
[22:33] <Gabriel> I don't think Craig's ever fired one single bullet out of that MAC. Wink
[22:33] <Karas> Heh, I'm saving up for Pilot (gear) Spec: I can do an Endzone Victory Dance.
[22:33] <Ryco> Thanks Birk
[22:33] <Detro> ::shrugs:: Detro's not a very expressive person in battle. It's one reason I'm strongly suggesting we adopt "Steel" as his nickname.
[22:33] <Detro> All of my expressive and aggressive characters died stupid and pointless deaths.
[22:34] <Karas> Lol...
[22:34] <Craig> i honestly don't know what birkin could have done anything else, from his position, without disobeying orders
[22:34] <Detro> Not to mention got on the bad side of YOUR characters all the time. Wink
[22:34] <Birkin> I hesitate to even do +com+ systems to avoid having mouse suddenly triangulating onto me
[22:34] <Birkin> I do need more to do though, I admit that
[22:34] <Savant> eh, Birkin, don't worry too much about that. I dont' want to make your roleplaying experience suck.
[22:34] <Savant> I'll normally let you *talk*. Just use +subvoc+
[22:35] <Gabriel> Yeah, your combat position is partially built on the fact that you weren't here for a year.
[22:35] <Craig> ross, if i only have 1 target, then i'll probably shoot one bullet:)
[22:35] <Karas> A 2/2 pilot skill that is sufficient for basics right? I only just got Karas to 2/1 pilot and gunnery.
[22:35] <Savant> quite, KAras.
[22:35] <Gabriel> Nah, you'll shoot 10 and ask for the +1 damage. I know you. Wink
[22:35] <Gabriel> You almost did it today. Wink
[22:36] <Savant> I think that was a pretty good bonus question.
[22:36] <Savant> seven experience, and well done all. Great little game.
[22:36] <Karas> I did. It was informative.
[22:36] <Savant> -=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[18:30] <Savant> -=-------- Attention --------=-
[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Black Talons -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Empire in Session'
[18:30] <Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <Detro> ::sneezes::
[18:30] <Melissa> ::attn::
[18:30] <Delgado> ::attn::
[18:30] <Birkin> ::attn::
[18:30] <Karas> ::attn::
[18:30] <Mem> ::attn::
[18:31] <Savant> good evening and welcome to yet another excellent adventure of the Black Talons
[18:31] <Dimitri> :Very Happya plane boss!::
[18:31] * Detro sets mode: +o Ardelmos
[18:31] * Detro sets mode: +o Craig
[18:31] <Ardelmos> ::attn::
[18:31] <Craig> ::attn::
[18:32] <Savant> i'm your host. Before we begin I should like to introduce Itz, who will be playing Xochitl Delgado. I'm sure that she chose that name out of love for you all.
[18:32] <Detro> Hiya Chi!
[18:32] * Delgado snickers
[18:32] <Dimitri> A name that sounds like a sneeze Very Happy
[18:32] <Savant> how is it pronounced Itz?
[18:32] <Delgado> Zo-Shee
[18:32] <Karas> Last name it is
[18:32] <Karas> Yoshi?
[18:32] <Birkin> "Hey you"
[18:32] <Savant> Zo-shee. See? That's not so hard.
[18:33] <Delgado> Jesus Christ, she has an easy last name. Wink
[18:33] <Ardelmos> I'm just gonna call her Susan.
[18:33] <Dimitri> My Greek lips can't pronounce it Sad
[18:33] <Gabriel> She pronounced a name that's easy to say, but difficult to type on purpose. Wink
[18:33] <Dimitri> I'm going to call her Sheela.
[18:33] <Karas> Typing it will be, especially at my speed.
[18:33] <Birkin> Doc
[18:33] <Birkin> that shall be her new name
[18:33] <Savant> So. I will brief you and then I will field questions. And then the slaughter can comm-er, the game can begin.
[18:33] <Gabriel> From here on out, Gabriel is gonna use his Revisionist name. Qdlrllylvp.
[18:33] <Mem> "Oh shit" Delgado
[18:33] <Gabriel> LOL!
[18:33] <Delgado> ... I hate you guys.
[18:33] <Gabriel> She just got a call sign.
[18:33] <Delgado> Neuterings for you all.
[18:33] <Savant> Empire
[18:33] <Savant> 16 June 275LC, 0230h - (very) Early Morning - (40W TN1945)
[18:33] <Savant> Hoert Highlands, Caprice
[18:33] <Savant> -65 degrees Celcius, 0% humidity, 56 millibars atmospheric pressure
[18:33] <Savant> Home is Too Far Away. The Talons have rescued a significant portion of the Liberati rescue effort / raid on Vega Spaceport. The Maribold clan and the Helles both owe their success to the timely intervention of the Black Talons some several hours ago.
[18:33] <Savant> The victory was not without cost, though, and a terrible one at that. Many of the trucks were damaged or destroyed in their flight from the spaceport, leaving the survivors and their allies with a lot of wounded on their hands.
[18:33] <Savant> The Liberati have arrived at an area of the Hoert highlands called the Flat Expanse. It's anything but. This churned, broken, bombarded twisted stretch of land is especially difficult to navigate, but riddled with small holes. An excellent place to hole up awhile.
[18:33] <Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:33] <Mem> Yeah, I decided this last week Wink
[18:34] <Gabriel> ack
[18:34] <Detro> I am now the Talon Formerly Known as Detro. My new name is =##> and a squiggly line that looks like a caveman defacating on a dinosaur corps... ack
[18:34] <Ardelmos> hack hack hack
[18:34] <Mem> ack
[18:34] <Dimitri> ::Achew::
[18:34] <Birkin> ack
[18:34] <Karas> ack
[18:34] <Craig> ack
[18:34] <Ardelmos> I'm just glad her name doesn't have an ! in it.
[18:34] <Melissa> ack
[18:35] <Delgado> ack
[18:35] <Birkin> would a ¿ be acceptable?
[18:35] <Savant> ::makes an important zulu NPC::
[18:35] <Dimitri> I think it would be awesome to have a click in my name.
[18:35] <Savant> drop one in there Ni!k
[18:35] <Karas> Lol
[18:35] <Dimitri> Awesome
[18:35] <Savant> questions?
[18:36] <Gabriel> None here.
[18:36] <Savant> please note the time of day
[18:36] <Karas> Are we in a foxhole or system of caves...holes is kind of vague.
[18:36] <Savant> several foxholes.
[18:36] <Savant> foxholes, overhangs, small craters. Be creative.
[18:36] <Gabriel> Presumably with the remaining trucks linked together in one?
[18:36] <Birkin> Did we meet up with the Fury yet or will that happen soon enough
[18:36] <Gabriel> Or are they big enough for that?
[18:36] <Karas> as long as the giant laser beams of death don't rain from the skies we are okay....wait...
[18:37] <Dimitri> Dimitri will elicit jury rigging repairs for anything that requires it.
[18:37] <Detro> ::raises::
[18:37] <Savant> There is no one spot of cover big enough to host all the trucks while staying hidden, so they've separated into a few groups with the big trucks.
[18:37] <Savant> Detro?
[18:37] <Detro> Kellerton's stayed safe with the other Liberati away from the Trench, right?
[18:37] <Karas> Ya, we'll just "jury-rig" Boneparte...
[18:37] <Gabriel> Gotcha.
[18:37] <Savant> Correct.
[18:37] <Birkin> Do we have our gears still I take it?
[18:38] <Savant> Yes
[18:38] <Karas> So who has the carb-saw to cut us out of the thing?
[18:38] <Craig> craig will be banging some of the dents out of bonaparte, someone get the scotchbrite scrubbies:)
[18:38] <Melissa> if i wasn't glowing with intense radiation, i'd slap someone for trying to jury-rig my baby Wink
[18:38] <Detro> I shall employ the Scrubbing Bubbles.
[18:38] <Savant> deploying scrubbing bubbles!
[18:38] <Savant> other questions?
[18:38] <Gabriel> ::raises::
[18:39] <Savant> Gabriel?
[18:39] <Karas> Ya is gun okay?
[18:39] <Gabriel> Do we have Spider One, and how long ago, if so?
[18:39] <Karas> The AGR?
[18:39] <Savant> You have had Spider One for about two hours now.
[18:39] <Savant> Karas, make a luck check
[18:39] <Melissa> i'd also like to point out that Mel is quite capable at mechanics and stuff
[18:39] <Gabriel> k And our new character? Was she in it?
[18:39] <Savant> no.
[18:40] <Karas> Ya we have like 4 mechanics and one doctor...sounds about right.
[18:40] <Savant> had to blow up Talon 19 for her. Shucks.
[18:40] <Gabriel> Boo. Razz Wink
[18:40] <Savant> hee
[18:40] <Savant> Talon 05 can be The Orphans.
[18:40] <Karas> Yay...more random loose ends.
[18:40] <Savant> anyways. Move it to #LemOS.
[18:40] <Savant> and a one and a two and a...
[18:40] <Savant> -=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:41] <Savant> The Liberati trucks have just stopped and set in; that's when the measured chaos starts to ooze out into widespread disorder. The Liberati seemt o thrive in it, but it's impossible to tell what's going on. It seems a mess.
[18:42] <Gabriel> ::finds a place to hide Deacon under a ridge somewhere, and then depressurizes:: +com+ Captain's dismounting. Lieutenant Gage, see to disposition of the troops and damage assessment.
[18:42] <Mem> ::grumbles:: A nap sounds better. +com+ Aye.
[18:43] <Melissa> ::parks Bonaparte in shelter and calls up the damage diagnostics system and performs routine scans::
[18:43] <Savant> The doors of the trucks open up and some Liberati head out into safe spots, draping out what look like broad, heavy camouflaged tarps. They're moving quickly, and two of the eight or so seem to be limping.
[18:43] <Craig> ::instinctively parks swifty near boneparte and dismounts to assess the damage to the tank::
[18:43] <Gabriel> ::pops the hatch and starts to rapidly dismount, hand over hand:: +com+ Dekarch, you and Karas get out of that thing and over to Spider One, now.
[18:43] <Dimitri> ::Eases Talaria under an overhang, and as soon as he disembarks, begins a routine examination of all damages to his gear::
[18:44] <Karas> ::Karas scrambles from the twisted hatch...:: I think next time I'll walk...
[18:44] <Detro> ::Detro dismounts from JJ and finding the disorder, sets about doing what he can within it with his first aid knowledge... the first time he'd be putting what he'd learned to use::
[18:44] <Savant> Merrick Helles> +com+ :Surprisedn a local channel, low powered:: Talons, we're going to stay here awhile for repairs and for wounded. There are some stores nearby, too.
[18:44] <Melissa> +com+ Aye sir. I am going to feed the diagnostics from the damage control to Craig
[18:44] <Birkin> ::pops the hatch on Cerberus, giving the gear a good look over on the diagnostic he just ran before dismounting out of it, and begining to do an eyeball inspection::
[18:44] <Karas> ::proceeds to puke again on to the red dusty soil::
[18:44] <Ardelmos> ::hunkers down amongst some craggy rocks and extends his tool arm, setting up an optical sweep pattern as it seems the Liberati want to take a break:: +com+ We can't stay here too long. I don't feel like being vaporized in a massive laser blast thank you very much.
[18:45] <Savant> Merrick Helles> +com+ We've made good distance, and we've got some friendlies in the sky watching for pursuit. We'll be okay for awhile, raven.
[18:45] <Delgado> ::nods slightly at the person riding shotgun with her:: I think we're getting close. Picking up anything?
[18:45] <Melissa> ::pops the hatch and slowly pulls herself out of the driver's chair. Taking a look at the melted armor plates and ruined paint job, she sighed then patted the long barrel:: You did good. Real good.
[18:46] <Ardelmos> ::mouths to himself:: Friendlies in the sky?
[18:46] <Melissa> ::sliding of the front of the tank, she made her way over to the Spider, focused on walking a straight line::
[18:46] <Gabriel> +com+ [H] Merrick, the truck that we picked up a couple of hours ago is our field hospital. You're welcome to send wounded if you have a medic to spare, or a runner for supplies if you don't.
[18:47] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::driving a Reubeni through the wastes:: Hnh. Out here? Raven, this planet, she is not like yours. The deserts are dead of li- ::pause:: Lady luck.
[18:47] <Detro> ::spots one Liberati who is helping put camo up who collapses:: Whoa there... ::trots over to the fallen form::
[18:47] <Gabriel> ::heads for Spider One himself::
[18:48] <Delgado> ::heads for some known caves and hide-holes, driving the little vehicle carefully and quietly:: If I'd just been blasted to hell, I think I'd hole up over there.
[18:48] <Savant> The Liberati attach small machines with tanks on them to the tarps they've layed out, and the draped cloth quickly baloons up into tents. They busy themself with staking the structure down as it inflates
[18:49] <Gabriel> ::trips the crew cabin airlock for the Spider, then enters, closing it behind him::
[18:49] <Detro> ::reaches the downed Liberati and touches his arm gently, to let him know he's there:: +com+ [H] Hey, are you alright?
[18:49] <Savant> Merrick Helles> +com+ We are setting up space in two of our trucks, but if you have a set up theartre, please. We will send some over.
[18:50] <Dimitri> ::Satisfied with the conditon of his Gear, he steps in to the cockpit once more, to have his gear once again unfurl his camo netting, and stepping his gear closer to the rock wall. :
[18:50] <Birkin> ::satisfied that his gear was in good shape he powered Cerberus down, and spotted the Liberati preforming some ritual about a tent::
[18:50] <Savant> Man> ::The Liberati grabs Detro's arm as if trying to get a hand up:: +com+ ngh. Owch! ::laughs a strained laugh::
[18:51] <Ardelmos> ::rotates the tool arm in a 360 degree arc, expanding the field of vision on the optics themselves to 180 degrees, and begins monitoring as much terrain and sky as he can::
[18:51] <Melissa> ::enters the Spider:: One possibly irradiated Dekarch reporting as requested, sir!
[18:51] <Detro> ::helps the man up:: +com+ [H] You injured anywhere?
[18:51] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::frowns and nods:: Take us just to the ridge, Raven. We will see first with our eyes. And drive slow - the dust, it is heavy.
[18:52] <Dimitri> ::Makes his way over towards Craig after finishing up with his own gear, he takes a long look at Bonaparte before turning to Craig. "So other than how it looks, how bad is it really?"
[18:53] <Savant> Man> ::he shrugs, still limping heavily, but still going:: +com+ much better than some! Don't worry of me. Help for the tent, or if you know to fix a dead tire...
[18:53] <Gabriel> ::nods at Melissa, already pulling up records on the Spider's computer for radiation sickness:: Have a seat, Dekarch.
[18:54] <Delgado> ::purses her lips for a moment in thought as she picks her way through the terrain toward the ridge:: As you say.
[18:54] <Birkin> ::takes a stake or two and begins to help the Liberati secure their tent, watching them do it for a few moments before lending a hand::
[18:54] <Melissa> ::sits down, trying to remain calm::
[18:54] <Ardelmos> ::frowns slightly:: +com+ Two more Reubeni coming in from the west.
[18:55] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::glances at Delgado as she drives, until they arrive at a likely spot not too far off:: Here. It's good here. Put on your helmet. ::He does so as well::
[18:55] <Gabriel> ::notes that the word "purge" seems to come up a lot in the meager records available, and points to the water bottles:: Let's start with the basics. Out of those clothes and into the airlock with them. Then wash down, with water, twice. And drink as much as you can stand of it, too.
[18:55] <Detro> +com+ [H] Take it easy on that leg. I'll look at the tire. Where to?
[18:56] <Craig> ::turns to dimitri:: it's banged up pretty bad, gonna have to replace sections of that track ::points:: front and rear plating need patching, and i can imagine we'll need to rebuild some of the electronics systems
[18:56] <Savant> The inflatable tents are up and heating a little bit, just in time - some of the mildly wounded Liberati are starting to make their way from the trucks, picking through the rocks to get there. Clearly just a place to get out of the way while surgery or worse is going on in the vehicles.
[18:56] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::lifts his bazooka slightly:: Helles, are these guys yours?
[18:56] <Gabriel> ::removes his helmet and stows it, keeping the communicator lines on him:: +com+ Lieutenant, Karas hasn't reported in here.
[18:56] <Delgado> ::brings the vehicle to a halt then reaches over, grabbing her helmet and putting it on, making sure it's secure, then grabs a case and nods to Everes:: Ready.
[18:57] <Savant> Man> ::points at one of the leading rock trucks - heavy, beetly things that look like mobile boulders more than vehicles.::
[18:57] <Mem> ::dismounts and scowls at the exterior of his gear:: +com+ Who? Oh, him. Yeah, I'll check.
[18:57] <Dimitri> ::Grimaces as Craig lists of the damage report. "Hrm.. well thats ... I'm amazed it made it. Melissa is a excellent pilot, I have to say.... to keep Bonaparte running.." ::Dimitri circles the vehicle, coming around towards the vehicle hatch, and seeing Karas wretching through his helmet steps up without hesitation :: "Are you alright?"
[18:57] <Melissa> ::nods, standing up and removes the jumpsuit and hemlet, placing them in airlock before going to wash down:: Hmm, water. I love water, but I have a feeling I'm going to be sick of it in a while...
[18:57] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> +com+ Who? ::Pauses as he checks the sensor feed:: No. They... I haven't seen that sort of Reubeni before.
[18:57] <Detro> +com+ [H] Thanks. And be careful with that leg. ::quietly:: No need to rack up more injuries. ::trots off::
[18:57] <Karas> +com+ Not really...feel ill.
[18:58] <Karas> +com+ can barely see and now my helmet is full of vomit...I need to get it off can you get me to a pressurized environment?
[18:58] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::pumps the air from the cockpit and opens a side hatch, before pulling himself up and out, standing on the side of the vehicle. He pulls out some binoculars and spies over the ridge::
[18:58] <Mem> +com+ Karas, report. ::looks around for the tank::
[18:58] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::growls:: We have company ::gets Erinyes moving to flank the two Reubeni::
[18:59] <Craig> ::comes around with dimitri:: you better help him over to the spider ::points in the direction it's in::
[18:59] <Dimitri> ::Nods to Craig, and takes Karas arm to help him walk. :: Follow me. ::He begins to lead the way to the Spider's hatch.::
[18:59] <Delgado> ::opens her side of the vehicle and climbs out, peering out over the land for signs of anything:: +com+ Signs?
[19:00] <Dimitri> +Com+ I have Karas he's real sick. Bringing him to the Spider.
[19:00] <Detro> ::arrives at the parked trucks and starts looking over the vehicles... he's got a feeling the injured but mobile Liberati would just refuse any treatment, so he might as well do something about seeing to what their vehicles needed::
[19:01] <Karas> +com+ [D] Thanks friend...I think I might be a little out of my league this time...never been in this kind of combat.
[19:01] <Gabriel> ::heads back to the airlock and cycles it, ejecting Melissa's former clothes out into the waste::
[19:01] <Ardelmos> ::creeps over rocks and through crevasses as he moves up alongside the unnanounced vehicles and closes in on them from the north::
[19:01] <Mem> +com+ All right. Is there a medic around here?
[19:01] <Birkin> ::watches as the tent is secure and idly watches the Liberati moving around, moving over and helping out those who need it to get to the tent::
[19:01] <Savant> Roland, in Erinyes, can see two people climb out from the leading Reubeni as the second one slows to a stop behind it. One gets out a pair of binoculars. They, in turn, do not see him.
[19:02] <Mem> ::turns and heads to the spider, scowling again at the scuffs on his gear's armor::
[19:02] <Gabriel> ::returns to the computer and starts pulling what few treatments it recommends that the Spider is actually carrying from stores::
[19:02] <Ardelmos> +com+ If something explodes shortly, don't worry. It's just me.
[19:02] <Melissa> ::washes down once then a second time before grabbing a bottle of water and drinking it down::
[19:02] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> +com+ Hnh! Raven, you are in luck, I think. Here. These are your friends? ::He passes over the binoculars::
[19:03] <Gabriel> +com+ Lieutenant, contact Pathfinder and tell them we need a Whipsnake cargo drop. We need 100 grams of whatever androstenediols are in anti-rad medical supplies. And while they're at it, have them drop us a full dismounted combat kit: armor, assault rifles, the works. Just in case.
[19:03] <Dimitri> +Com+ All in a days work for a Talon. ::Opens the hatch to Spider:: Get in there. It's the airlock. It's a sealed enviorment. ::Begins to head back to his Gear post haste. :: +Com+ I'm suiting up to assist you Ardel.
[19:04] <Delgado> ::nods once in thanks as she takes the binoculars then raises them, peering through at the floor below:: +com+ Yes. They are friendly. ::lowers the binoculars and gestures below:: Gears are there.
[19:04] <Gabriel> ::turns as the interior Spider airlock opens, then pulls Karas in and immediately removes his helmet::
[19:04] <Detro> ::sqirms about, levering himself down to one side so he can peer under the truck... what he sees makes him whistle:: Damn. +com+ Craig, you should look at this.
[19:05] <Mem> +com+ Got it. ::mutters something and arrives at the spider::
[19:05] <Karas> ::vomit comes pouring out of the helmet::...sorry.
[19:05] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::waves a few hand signs at the trailing Reubeni:: +com+ We will say hello. They will stay, in case of trouble.
[19:05] <Craig> ::raises an eyebrow at detro:: what is it?
[19:05] <Craig> ::kneels down for a look::
[19:05] <Ardelmos> +com+ No worries. ::reaches up with a manipulator and grabs the edge of the outcropping beside him, then bends Erinyes' legs and launches the gear over the berm between him and the Reubeni, landing with a loud thud and puff of dust as the bazooka trains on the rearmost, still occupied Reubeni::
[19:05] <Gabriel> ::shakes his head:: Not your fault. Strip down. ::tosses the helmet into the airlock and helps him out of his jumpsuit::
[19:05] <Ardelmos> ::turns on his loudspeaker:: Unwise. Identify yourselves.
[19:06] <Detro> +com+ Right there. ::points at the trans-axle, which is absolutely torn up. Ragged bits of metal poking out everywhere, and what looks like lubricant dripping to the ground::
[19:06] <Melissa> ::finishes the bottle of water and waves at Karas::
[19:06] <Delgado> ::nods:: +com+ Good. Keep a line op---.... ::cuts off as she sees a gear come hurdeling toward them::
[19:06] <Savant> The Liberati reply is immediate and instinctual - the Reubeni both roar to life and squeal backwards, spitting rock and dust at Erinyes as the tall Gear vaults up in fromt of them. They stop thereafter, however.
[19:07] <Karas> ::strips of his remaining clothes...not at all bothered about being he is used to the Co-Ed showers in his apartment building...waves back::
[19:07] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::snorts:: Your friends are good, Raven. Now, you would like to tell him to not shoot us?
[19:07] <Craig> ::winces a bit::damn, melissa must have been really pushing it like that, we'll have to replace the whole trans-axle
[19:07] <Gabriel> ::tosses the clothes into the airlock after the helmet, closes it, and cycles it, ejecting them out into the waste::
[19:07] <Mem> ::peeks in the spider's window:: +com+ How are things going in there?
[19:08] <Gabriel> ::points Karas at the water bottles Melissa is using:: Wash down, twice, with that water. Don't worry about wasting it. And drink as much as you can stand.
[19:08] <Gabriel> Dekarch, any of your used bathwater goes outside as soon as you're done with it.
[19:08] <Dimitri> ::Hoists himself into his Gear rather effortlessly, starting it up rather quickly since he left it hot. Knowing Ardel can pretty much wipe out anything on his own generally.. Before starting his gear up and making his way towards Ardel, coming up beside him in a moment later his gear staying just out of sight as Ardel addresses the Reubeni::
[19:08] <Karas> Thank you friend...follows the he scrubs.
[19:09] <Craig> <<scratch that, rewriting>>
[19:09] <Gabriel> ::heads back to the medical supplies and starts preparing three syringes for each of them, vitamins in one, anti-inflammatory in one, and anti-nausea in a third::
[19:09] <Craig> ::winces a bit::damn, the liberati must have been really pushing it like that, they'll have to replace the whole trans-axle
[19:10] <Detro> +com+ The good news is the rest of the damage on these vehicles isn't too bad. Bullet holes they've already patched up, and a few blown out tires - might be able to salvage some of those with tire patches from the Spider. But this one, I'm guessing it shouldn't be moved until that's fixed. ::looks away from the carnage to Craig:: How's the tank?
[19:10] <Delgado> ::shoots a glance at Everes then turns to Erinyes, holding her hands up and showing she's just holding binoculars:: Private Xochitl Delgado, former Combat Surgeon for Talon Seven. I am suited up and ready for assistance.
[19:11] <Savant> Delgado seems honest enough. She's wearing Talon BDUs and has a Gear helmet on her head. It's impossible to see what she looks like, though.
[19:11] <Ardelmos> +com+ Captain, I need confirmation clearance on a 'Private Delgado', Seventh Talon -- forwarding vocal record for verification.
[19:11] <Mem> +com+ Captain, Karas is in the Spider. He's gonna get medical treatment.
[19:11] <Melissa> Aye Sir ::proceeds to flush the water through the system and out of the Spider::
[19:12] <Ardelmos> ::as he forwards the recording, he checks it for signs of the identification being pre-recorded::
[19:12] <Dimitri> ::Steps his gear from cover, so it's fully in view of the vehicles, with a flick of a switch his loudspeakers come on. "Xochitl? Is that really you?"
[19:12] <Craig> ::hears roland on the com:: the seventh, thats dimitri's old unit, another survivor?
[19:12] <Gabriel> +com+ Lieutenant, at the moment, I'm the one providing the treatment, so I'm aware. Senior Sergeant, code-word ID for Talon 7 is Sargasso. The Private will know the proper response.
[19:12] <Delgado> ::her voice comes again, this time a little harder:: Since you have the advantage on us, may I lower my arms without fear of being blown up? I may need to use them in the near future.
[19:13] <Savant> Xochitl immediately recognizes the smaller Gear that seems to appear out of nothing beside Roland. It's the first time she's seen a vehicle from her own squadron since their fateful separation.
[19:13] <Birkin> ::hears all of the commotion going on and stops helping the liberati breifly, wondering if they had a new member of the Talon
[19:13] <Craig> ::turns back to detro:: the tank needs alot of work to make it battle ready again, though right now i guess my priority will be to make it more travel worthy
[19:14] <Ardelmos> ::activates his loudspeaker again:: Now that wouldn't leave me with as much of an advantage, would it?
[19:14] <Detro> Hmm. Sounds like you're going to have your hands full then. You want me to work with the Liberati, see if we can fix this while you deal with the tank?
[19:14] <Mem> +com+ All right. I'm gonna call up those supplies. ::wanders back to Shepherd::
[19:14] <Detro> ((+com+ that))
[19:14] <Gabriel> ::finishes up with the syringes, satisfied with his work, then turns to Melissa and Karas, somewhat amused:: Three more bullets for both of you.
[19:14] <Ardelmos> Private Delgado, code-in. Challenge Sargasso.
[19:15] <Delgado> ::turns her head and cocks it to the side as she looks the new gear over:: ... Theo? Is that really y--- ::turns her head back to Ardelmos:: Because people die regularly from binoculars. I saw it on a Trideo once.
[19:15] <Ardelmos> Probably was a Trideo of me. Sargasso.
[19:15] <Melissa> ::shrugs and steps forward:: at while?...captain?
[19:16] <Melissa> *will*
[19:16] <Delgado> ::shakes her head then speaks frankly:: Margatte.
[19:16] <Dimitri> ::Gear watchs impassively as he waits for the response to the challenge, inside though Dimitri is watching Xochit carefully, trying not to let his excitement go too over the top and finding another survivor from his previous team.::
[19:16] <Ardelmos> +com+ Dmitri?
[19:18] <Gabriel> ::works efficiently on Melissa, delivering the three shots in unison::
[19:18] <Detro> +com+ Craig? Quit eying the new flesh and answer me? You want me to work with the Liberati on this, or do you want my help with the tank?
[19:18] <Gabriel> Karas? Your turn.
[19:18] <Savant> The doors to one of the Liberati trucks open, and a small knot of Liberati carry out a pair of long wrapped forms. People who didn't survive long enough to hit surgery. They get brought over to one of the Reubeni and placed into the storage box on the back.
[19:18] <Dimitri> ::The head of Talaria turns to Ardel. :: It's her. She was from my old team. ::His gear begins to walk towards Xochit before stopping several meters away, looking down at her , his weapon lowered. :: +speaker+ I didn' tthink anyone else has survived. I've been trying to find anybody from the old team...
[19:18] <Gabriel> <<*in sequence, rather, heh. In unison? That'd be good.>>
[19:18] <Mem> ::climbs into Shepherd to make a couple of logistics calls::
[19:18] <Karas> I hate needles...::injects himself::
[19:19] <Melissa> ::shivers slightly after the three shots:: That's always fun...
[19:19] <Ardelmos> You have fucking comms; next time use them. ::begins rolling backwards towards the group:: Come on; we've got wounded.
[19:19] <Gabriel> ::grins and leaves Karas to it:: The third one goes in a muscle group. Any muscle group will do.
[19:19] <Detro> ::whistles over the comm and waves his hand in front of Craig's helmet::
[19:19] <Gabriel> ::nods at Melissa:: Not a lot in the way of clothes here, but feel free to grab yourself some towels or something.
[19:20] <Gabriel> ::heads over to the mid-deck console on the Spider to pull up the records on Talon 07::
[19:20] <Delgado> I guess I'm just like a bad credit. Keep turning up everywhere. ::lowers her arms then almost throws her binoculars at Ardelmos before turning to Everes:: We're clear.
[19:21] <Melissa> ::pulls out a towel and wraps it around her before finding a seat::
[19:21] <Craig> ::thinks a moment on how to best handle damage control:: you help the liberati, i'm sure once melissa feels up to it, she'll want to work on her baby, i'll give her a hand with that
[19:21] <Karas> ::grabs a towel and covers up::...starting to feel a draft...::as he smiles at Melissa::
[19:22] <Detro> ::nods:: Sure thing. Good luck -- the amount of fire that tank took, you'll need it, I'm sure.
[19:23] <Melissa> ::smiles back, though a little absently, her eyes on the airlock as she rocks slightly in her chair::
[19:23] <Detro> ::gets up and looks around for any Liberati doing repairs... he snags the first person he sees::
[19:23] <Savant> The Liberati on the other side of the slick black Reubeni from Xochitl pulls himsefl up to sit on the hood. His "ribbon" is a broad scarf wrapped about his neck and shoulders a few times, baby blue and white and grey
[19:23] <Karas> I'm sure Boneparte will be fine got us this far.
[19:24] <Dimitri> +Loudspeaker+ And who is this with you? ::He gestures with the manipulator arm towards the other Liberati::
[19:24] <Gabriel> +com+ Senior Sergenat, Delgado, Private. Westerner name, but it says here she's a NuCoal native. Combat medic-trained. ::gives a description:: What response did she give you?
[19:24] <Melissa> Yeah, but I need to be working on him...::let's out a sigh:: I like tinkering with my toys and I can't sit still knowing Bonaparte needs me right now
[19:25] <Ardelmos> ::doesn't turn Erinyes' back on the Reubeni, but continues rolling backwards towards the scattered grouping of survivor:: +com+ Response Margarette. Dmitri confirms.
[19:25] <Delgado> ::gestures toward Everes and actually blows slightly to him as she speaks:: Everes Hattenai el-Hayar. They have my life.
[19:25] <Gabriel> +com+ That's correct. Very well. Have her report to Spider One ASAP.
[19:25] <Detro> +com+ [H] Has anyone been assigned to take care of this damage? ::pulls the person aside, points out the nasty damage::
[19:26] <Karas> Well you certainly can't go out like that ::pointing to her towel:: I'm sure everything will be fine, why don't you try the com and see if you can't get in touch with Craig and Dimitri? last I heard they were working on him.
[19:27] <Ardelmos> ::flips back to his loudspeaker as the Reubeni don't seem to be moving:: Are you folks fucking deaf? I said come on; Delgado, you're needed in Spider One.
[19:27] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::nods briefly at Delgado and speaks over the open comm line:: +com+ We found her in the world-city, and brought her to the desert as Keff hunted.
[19:27] <Karas> Maybe you can assist them over the com channel.
[19:27] <Dimitri> ::The head of Talaria turns slightly again to regard Everes. Before the entire gear gives a stiffer bow towards him. :: +Loudspeaker+ Then I thank you for my comrades life as well. ::His gear stands straight up once more as he changes to a comm channel for a moment. Glancing back as Ardel gives a crude response. +loudspeaker+ We should move. He's not one you want to upset.
[19:27] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::snorts and looks at Delgado - he doesn't seem to be interested in moving until Delgado seems so inclined::
[19:28] <Savant> Man> ::Glances at Detro:: [H] +com+ No, our best fixers are inside, fixing people right now! We'll get there, we know it.
[19:28] <Delgado> ::watches Ardelmos move off and if looks could kill... her voice could vaporize in it's chilling flatness:: Let's be off.
[19:28] <Melissa> ::shakes her head:: I only work with drones remotely...repairs are strictly personal and hands on. Only if it's absolutely necessary would I think of trying to do a repair remotely. Be like doing open heart surgery blind-folded and with one hand tied behind your back
[19:29] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::Shrugs and hops into the Reubeni::
[19:29] <Dimitri> ::Waits for the Rebueni to start up once more, standing by to escort them back to the spider with his gear::
[19:29] <Gabriel> You're not going to be able to leave Spider One without new BDUs in any case. I've got Mem ordering a supply run from Pathfinder.
[19:29] <Savant> After a few moments the two Gears and the two Reubeni are rolling up along with the scattered group
[19:30] <Gabriel> So until then, neither of you are going to be available for repairs on anything but yourselves.
[19:30] <Delgado> ::mutters to herself quietly as she climbs back into the Reubeni and closes the hatch, driving down to the group::
[19:30] <Melissa> I know sir, wasn't planning on working on Bonaparte in the buff in low atmosphere...
[19:30] <Karas> Would be interesting to watch
[19:30] <Detro> ::off-comm, curses:: +com+ [H] Okay. In the meantime, I can get started here. Do you have any replacement parts for this on hand?
[19:31] <Savant> Man> +com+ [H] Sure! I'll see what I can dig out for you.
[19:31] <Ardelmos> ::pulls up alongside Spider One and lowers the Bazooka, indicating the ATV with Erinyes free manipulator. Then he popped the tool arm up again and went back to his visual sweep::
[19:31] <Birkin> ::continues to listen in on conversation, leaning back against Cerberus until he decides to be a bit more productive with his time. Catching the look of a poor looking gun on one of the mounts and frowning ever so slightly before walking over and begining to climb up onto the truck itself::
[19:32] <Detro> +com+ Don't go running off just yet, take me with you. I'm going to need tools too, after all. Four hands carry better than two.
[19:33] <Delgado> ::pulls up to the climated tents and stops, climbing out of the vehicle and gesturing to the tents:: +com+ All wounded present?
[19:33] <Gabriel> ::nods:: For now, this is your new tank. Tell me if you still feel sick, and if you can, eat something small. Other than a steroid treatment, the only thing the medical records recommend is a lot of purging of the rads from your systems.
[19:33] <Gabriel> ::grins, then adds:: With all that implies.
[19:33] <Savant> Birkin does a little rock climbing. These "rock trucks" aren't Bungalows at all. They look for the world to be boulders, jagged and rough, linked together with a flexible joint in the middle and with six wheels beneath. Even thermally they don't seem to be vehicles. He gets to the top and grabs onto a ball-joint mounted machinegun with an armoured ammo sleeve leading into the body itself.
[19:34] <Dimitri> ::Rolls his gear towards one of the tarps, stopping it, and stepping out of the cockpit, making a run towards Spider one to meet up with Xochit once again.:::
[19:34] <Detro> ::follows the Liberati::
[19:34] <Melissa> I've always wanted to go on a diet before...::sighs and sits back:: Stomach still feels a little queasy, but I guess a little bit of gruel shouldn't hurt...much
[19:35] <Birkin> ::Rattles the assembly a little bit, blowing a bit of the dust out of the gun itself, quite used to that back home. Frowning slightly, giving it a once over::
[19:36] <Savant> Man> ::Leads Detro to the bakc of one of the Reubeni and cracks it open. Inside is a tremendous collection of tools and parts, all catalogued and ordered tidily, though jumbled in the escape:: [H] here.
[19:36] <Karas> Can't be any worse then the stuff they fed us in MSF basic training...never knew food could be so tasty until Dimitri cooked for us.
[19:36] <Craig> ::comes up with detro and looks over at the liberati::[H]if it's no trouble i'd could use some spare parts to fix up a couple of our vehicles, i'll be sure to repay with anything we have when we get back to base
[19:36] <Melissa> Oh, the food is good...but food on a stomach that doesn't want any...not good
[19:37] <Savant> Man> ::grins at Craig::[H] Go ahead, we know you're good for it.
[19:37] <Delgado> ::looks around at the various trucks, tents, and gears and shakes her head before heading to what looks like Spider One:: +com+ Who leads here?
[19:38] <Gabriel> +com+ Airlock's open, Delgado. Enter and cycle.
[19:38] <Craig> ::nods:: [H] thank you ::takes a look over the inventory of parts and tools, selecting which ones would work best for a tank and gear::
[19:38] <Ardelmos> ::pauses the tool arm rotation every once in a while as certain things catch his eye, causing him to look a little bit closer, before resuming the sweep::
[19:39] <Delgado> ::goes quiet as that doesn't quite answer her question, but does as she's told and steps inside the airlock::
[19:39] <Detro> +com+ [H] Just don't take anything for this axle -- unless the tank absolutely needs it, I guess. Then I guess we just figure another way to fix this axle. ::loads up on tools for starters, just to get under the vehicle, then loops two wheel chocks over his shoulder:: Grab both those jacks. ::heads back to the scene of the damage, chocking the wheels to keep the vehicle stable so they can jack it safely::
[19:39] <Gabriel> +com+ Lieutenant Gage, Pathfinder give you any estimate on our supply drop?
[19:39] <Mem> ::climbs back out of Shepherd and grumbles again::
[19:40] <Savant> Roland doesn't catch much of anything. It's quiet out there. Once in awhile he spots movement in the skies, but all he's spotted so far is asteroids burning up on their way in.
[19:40] <Mem> +com+ Ten minutes, captain.
[19:40] <Karas> Ya, I know what you mean...but at least I'm not dead...which thanks to your driving, that lovely piece of machinery and a bit of divine providence...makes me a very happy individual.
[19:41] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well. Have them do the drop no closer than six or seven clicks away, then assign a two Gear team to do the pick-up.
[19:41] <Gabriel> ::turns as Delgado enters:: Welcome, Private Delgado. I'm Captain Gabriel Tynes, CO of the 5th. Guess you've been spending some time with the Liberati?
[19:41] <Savant> The airlock cycles and both Xochitl and Dimitri appear in Spider One
[19:42] <Melissa> ::smiles and waves at the two new comers::
[19:43] <Karas> Hey Dimitri...::waves...a little puzzled at the newcomer::
[19:43] <Detro> ::glances under the vehicle again:: +com+ Damn, what a mess.
[19:43] <Delgado> ::waits for the airlock to close behind her and pressurize before stepping into Spider One proper, setting her case down next to her and removing her helmet before looking to Gabriel:: That is correct. With all due respect, getting aquainted can wait. I hear there are injured.
[19:43] <Mem> +com+ All right. ::switches frequencies::\
[19:43] <Dimitri> ::gives both Dimitri and Melissa a small wave. Glancing over at Xochitl and giving a smirk. She didn't change a single bit it seemed.::
[19:44] <Craig> ::takes a satchel of tools and places a crate of parts on a small cart and wheels it over to boneparte::
[19:44] <Detro> ::waits for the truck to get jacked up enough so that the wheels are juuust barely touching the ground... the wheels are the first thing they work to take off, to take weight off the axle::
[19:44] <Gabriel> ::nods:: All business. I approve, and by all means. ::identifies the two patients:: Dekarch Melissa Childs of Talon 07, Detective Karas Barthelemy of the Liberati. Light radiation poisoning, we believe, from orbital artillery.
[19:44] <Melissa> Not wounded...just filled with irritating rads from an orbital laser that wanted to make friends with me and my tank
[19:45] <Karas> I was just along for the ride, thought I'd take in some scenery.
[19:45] <Gabriel> I've ordered them to wash, drink water, and administered vitamins, anti-inflammatories, and an anti-nausea. We have no steroids aboard, but I've requested 100 grams of an Androstenediol dropped from our Fury. Should arrive in 15 minutes.
[19:45] <Mem> ::looks at some of the other gears parked nearby and does an once over on how badly they were scratched up, while he talks with Pathfinder::
[19:45] <Birkin> ::makes a face:: Couldn't hurt a Frame if they tried... ::gives the gun a closer look, wondering if it was old construction or something newer::
[19:45] <Gabriel> <<Bah, Childs of Talon 05, rather.>>
[19:45] <Delgado> ::nods and picks her case up, setting it on a nearby table and opening it, shifting through it's contents in a methodical way:: What, if any, treatment hav-- ::goes quiet but continues to look as Gabriel gives a report, nodding slightly to herself as she listens::
[19:46] <Gabriel> ::grins, amused:: Their clothes are outside. You probably had to step over them. Fresh BDUs should be part of the drop. And they're all yours.
[19:47] <Mem> +com+ Captain, the skies overhead are definitely not friendly. Some traffic, and Arclight, both up.
[19:47] <Dimitri> ::Gives Gabriel a salute:: I'll go assist Craig with the repairs ::He gives Xochitl a nod before steping out of the airlock. Making his way to find Craig ::
[19:47] <Detro> ::getting the wheels off themselves is an adventure, given the axle damage, not to mention these are large trucks built to take lots of weight::
[19:48] <Karas> Hey Doc...give it to me straight...can I still make babies...will junior be alright? ::Karas remarks jokingly::
[19:48] <Gabriel> ::nods at Dimitri and offers him a smile:: Very well, Protector, thank you. Good of your team's medic to find us, I believe you'll agree.
[19:48] <Dimitri> ::gives Gabriel a small smile, and a salute just before he heads out the airlock :: <retcon slightly. Spiderman now has cat powers>
[19:49] <Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Lieutenant, please be sure the drop team is aware and takes all precautions. If they can't accomplish the drop safely in our region, anywhere with 100 clicks will do.
[19:49] <Gabriel> <<within>>
[19:50] <Birkin> New enough... Hmmm. We should stop them in their auto-facs though. I might hunt dawgs with this thing, but not the CEF... ::flags down a nearby Liberati:: where did you guys get these? ::motions at the truck and at the gun itself::
[19:50] <Delgado> ::smirks faintly as she pulls out her mediglove and slips it on before walking over to Melissa first and running her hands above her:: Detective, I can only hope the best for any offspring you spawn. ::spoken casually, like she was reporting the weather::
[19:50] <Mem> ::climbs back into Shepherd and mounts up:: +com+ Roland and Dmitri, get ready to intercept our incoming supplies.
[19:50] <Craig> ::takes another look at the tank, then goes to swifty and climbs in:: you should be able to tip the tank up a bit ::positions swifty beside bonaparte and takes hold on the crossbraces withing the damaged track assembly and lifts so that it's just off the ground::
[19:50] <Mem> +com+ Stay low and quiet, I'll feed you the coordinates when they're final.
[19:51] <Ardelmos> +com+ ::clicks an acknowledgement and retracts his tool arm, rolling forward slightly away from Spider 1::
[19:51] <Gabriel> ::heads back to the Spider mid-deck to check the sensor readings from Shepherd::
[19:51] <Detro> ::gets the tires safely off the truck, and starts working on the next layer of mechanical systems that need to come off -- brakes, sensors...::
[19:51] <Delgado> ::looks at the readouts on her arm before looking at Melissa herself:: How are you feeling now, Dekarch?
[19:52] <Savant> Woman> ::looks up on her trip form the tent to a truck:: huh? ::pauses:: Oh, is Securei Rockrunner 1500. Trench gun, but good for the dirt, yes?
[19:52] <Dimitri> ::Stops mid step, and then makes his way to his Gear:: +Com+ Aknowledged. ::Hoofing it double time, and stepping up into his gear, closing his hatch. After a few minutes he makes his way towards Roland the gears cameras catching all the movement of the camp easily.::
[19:52] <Karas> Spawn? ::Karas raises his eyebrow at the response::
[19:52] <Melissa> ::looks at the doctor ruefully:: Not sick, but feeling like I've got butterflies in my stomach. The thought of food makes me a little green
[19:53] <Craig> ::locks the manipulator arms in place and hops back out of swifty and starts getting to work on the tank::
[19:54] <Birkin> Corp made? Hm. That poses some problems now doesn't it... ::frowns slightly:: Thank you ::smiles at the woman and hops down, moving over to the other truck nearby::
[19:55] <Detro> ::muttering to himself:: ...the brake drum's connected to the... link arm... link arm connected to the... pivot point... which is... wow. I didn't know that part could fracture like THAT.
[19:55] <Gabriel> ::evaluates the danger posed by anything overhead::
[19:56] <Savant> Woman> ::she waves a hand:: We can't make the big ones you have. It's okay.
[19:56] <Detro> ::after a bit of fussing, gets the first damaged part out of the way. He tosses it behind him, out from under the truck -- a sturdy piece that now looks like it belongs in some Mekong art gallery::
[19:57] <Birkin> ::stops:: Why not. Have you tried yet and had some problems?
[19:57] <Delgado> You have been exposed to radiation over a stretch of time, it seems. As of right now, you seem to be stable and out of immediate threat. I will run futher tests on you in a moment so do not leave. ::moves over to Karas and runs her hand over him in turn::
[19:57] <Savant> Everes Hattenai el-Hayar> ::Shrugs:: The Hattenai give us big gun to try, but it jams so much in the dust.
[19:58] <Savant> ((oops, that's the Liberati woman))
[19:58] <Melissa> Err, I think it was a rather short period of a couple of seconds. But it was big, and bright, and melted parts of my tank ::sighs::
[19:59] <Karas> Ya and it roasted my new toy...maaaaaan...that AGR was strong! I could have wrecked some serious slag with that weapon.
[19:59] <Delgado> ::speaks casually as she monitors Karas' readouts:: You received a high dose of radiation within a matter of minutes, but you have been irradiated at low levels over months.
[19:59] <Gabriel> ::keeps an eye on the patrol pattern and the clock until the projected drop time approaches, curious to see if Shepherd's sensors will be able to detect the drop::
[20:00] <Karas> Wait...what?
[20:00] <Detro> ::all business, quickly removes the rest of the brakes on one side of the vehicle, then switches to the other... soon there's nothing left on the axle but the suspension and the differential, which is what's leaking most of the fluid::
[20:00] <Savant> Detro manages to get the armoured casing off of the transaxke gears, and they seem to be a mess. There's the problem - the transaxle gear is fuzed into a messy lump, and it at one point welded to the main gear, then broke apart again. It's interfering with pretty much everything.
[20:00] <Delgado> ::lowers her hand and looks to Karas:: And you, Detective? How do you feel?
[20:00] <Melissa> ::leans over to Karas:: Means that there is no atmosphere where I've been
[20:00] <Birkin> How long ago was that? Most of our wars are fought in the desert, bit sand storms sand all over the place. Maybe we know something we should share with you ::looks over the gun again from on the ground::
[20:00] <Dimitri> +Com+ Ready to go. Where are these supplies we're supposed to recieve?
[20:01] <Karas> Despite the sickness...awesome...that was my first major skirmish...I feel tempered.
[20:01] <Savant> Woman> ::thinks:: Two month? It's back home if you like to see it there.
[20:02] <Delgado> ::her nose starts to twitch at the smell of something sour on the air and turns to spot a puddle of vomit by a door. Her nose wrinkles slightly as she turns to look at Karas closely:: Yours?
[20:02] <Craig> ::takes the damaged track segments off, as well as a couple of the wheel units, then takes a look through the parts he brought over and picks out those that were the right size to put in::
[20:03] <Savant> Craig manages to pry off most of one track from Bonaparte - there'a stretch of about fifteen of them that have almost fused solid - to get to the wheels. Three of them are twisted and broken, one of which is actually only half a wheel at all. The rest of it is blackened and welded solidly to the hull of the tank.
[20:03] <Birkin> ::smiles:: I would very much like to see it. Thank you again.
[20:03] <Karas> Ya...that would be the sickness part...but hey, who better to nurse me back to health then our newest and hottest doctor yet, and my fellow patient ain't bad either. ::Karas counters jokingly::
[20:04] <Savant> Woman> ::nods and waves:: We'll bring water later.
[20:04] <Detro> ::whistles at the damage:: Must have taken a direct laser hit. ::tries to figure out how the CEF even got the angle to it, but gives up and starts working at the transaxle gear::
[20:04] <Karas> You think thats bad, you should have been in the helmet.
[20:05] <Delgado> To nurse you back to health would be a nurse's job. I just keep you alive. My obligation ends there ::takes her glove off and moves over to one of the various cabnets and starts pulling out medical supplies:: I will need blood and tissue samples from you both.
[20:05] <Detro> +com+ [H] This thing is iced. I think I can fix it enough to get rolling again, but you're going to need to replace the bulk of this stuff soon.
[20:06] <Savant> Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::Macedon's cool, calm voice over the radio:: +com+ Talon 05, beginning descent. HALO drop point twelve kilometers from your location at two-one-niner-four-seven.
[20:06] <Detro> ::frowns:: +com+ [H] Best pass that along to whoever's making the decisions for you guys. Might be better off to just abandon this truck if we have to move on soon.
[20:07] <Savant> Man> ::leans over to where Detro is working:: [H] Sheesh. Well, as long as it's not grinding the axle, it'll be enough. We've got more wheels.
[20:07] <Ardelmos> ::gets rolling, but relatively slowly in order to maintain his stealth profile as me begins weaving amongst the valleys, gulleys and rock filled quarries between them and the drop point, eyes on the sky::
[20:08] <Delgado> ::heads over to Melissa first and holds out very advanced looking medi--- Ok, they're basically q-tips:: Open your mouth please.
[20:08] <Melissa> Hmm, blood and tissue...::opens mouth::
[20:08] <Karas> Hey haven't I lost enough cells?
[20:08] <Dimitri> ::Rolls with Roland, keeping optimium formation movement distance from Roland, no stranger in navigating the terrain stealthfully with his own gear, eyes on his sensor readouts..::
[20:09] <Mem> +com+ Coordinates forwarded to you. Careful out there.
[20:09] <Delgado> ::takes a quick swab of the inside of her cheek then grabs another and scrubs the top of her hand lightly before breaking out the needle:: Just a small amount of blood will be sufficient.
[20:09] <Melissa> ::smiles brightly::
[20:09] <Mem> ::stays in Shepherd in case something goes awry::
[20:09] <Detro> [H] Nah, the axle's fine. I'm more worried about the engine. See this? ::points to the half-welded gear:: That starts turning at a high enough speed, it's going to throw metal everywhere.
[20:10] <Mem> ::also stays in contact with Pathfinder just in case::
[20:10] <Birkin> ::takes a look at another one of the guns, trying to seeif the gun was easily removable or not::
[20:10] <Savant> Man> ::leans in closer and whistles:: [H] Can't we just cut the gears apart and cut out the bad one so they aren't touching? Let it roll loose? We don't want to lose any trucks, we can't afford it.
[20:11] <Craig> ::tosses the tracks that are too far gone to the side and pops the hatch of bonaparte's storage to retrieve some spares::
[20:11] <Delgado> ::exposes Melissa's arm and quickly 'jabs' her with the needle, filling a small vial quickly with dark blood before withdrawing:: Thank you, Dekarch. Please remain here until I can verify your state of health. ::takes her samples and places them over by the cabinet then heads over to Karas:: And now you.
[20:11] <Detro> ::thinks for a bit:: [H] We could. Hell, if you can tow this thing at any decent speed, we could just disconnect the main gear completely and let the axle roll freely.
[20:12] <Melissa> No problem...nowhere to go at the moment
[20:12] <Savant> Man> ::nods:: [H] If we gotta. She's still moving on her own, but hasn't been sounding so good. If we can free this up maybe she'll get rolling again... we've got drive on all six tires.
[20:13] <Karas> Man...I REALLY hate needles...holds out his arm.
[20:14] <Savant> Craig stands with several treads in hand in time to see the flat turret of Bonapartes' sensor eye staring directly at him, tracking his movement
[20:15] <Mem> +com+ Craig, how bad does all of it look?
[20:15] <Gabriel> ::returns from the mid-deck, satisfied that the cargo drop is going routinely::
[20:15] <Gabriel> How are they, doctor?
[20:16] <Detro> [H] Hmm. Well, if we pull the damaged gear completely and hope the transaxle gear holds up, it'd make for an interesting ride. Whoever's driving is going to have to get creative on how to switch gears.
[20:16] <Ardelmos> ::re-attenuates his attention on the ground as they continue to close on the drop point -- it was more likely they'd run into unexpected trouble there as apposed to in the air, as Pathfinder would spot airborne threats::
[20:17] <Savant> Dimitri and Ardelmos ghost out into the wastes, leaving the spread-out cluster of trucks and Gears and people as they begin tracking out to the drop zone.
[20:17] <Delgado> Then may I suggest you keep yourself remarkably healthy from here on out. ::jabs him with the needle just a -little- more slowly than Melissa then does his skin scrapings before going to analyize the information::
[20:17] <Detro> [H] Hmm. Maybe we can turn back the clock, so to speak. If we can reheat the metal enough, you think we could get rid of most of this slag? Even if the teeth are pretty rough, it's better than nothing.
[20:18] <Karas> ::grumbles to himself a bit...something about bed side manner needing work::
[20:18] <Mem> ::watches the recovery team head out, listening to Craig's report::
[20:19] <Savant> Man> [H] Egh. I don't know. I don't really have anything here that's gonna be able to do that.
[20:19] <Craig> ::notices the sensor eye following him and smiles:: i'm just working on getting you moving again, i'm gonna let melissa give you a new paint job and such ::hears mem:: +com+ the track was badly damaged, have to replace most of us, the rest of the damage can be taken care of back in pathfinder, took a quick look at deacon earlier and it could use some work on a movement assembly as well, but that should be no problem
[20:19] <Gabriel> Doctor Delgado? How are they?
[20:20] <Mem> +com+ SHepherd has some bumps, too, but mostly just a damaged ego.
[20:20] <Savant> The sensor eye swivels left and right, apparently freaking out a little bit when Craig crouches down out of view.
[20:20] <Mem> +com+ How dare they try to blow me up.
[20:20] <Birkin> +com+ Happens to the best of us Lt.
[20:20] <Craig> ::to mem still::+com+detro's working with the liberati as well to get their trucks road worthy again
[20:21] <Mem> +com+ They're getting smart to my electronics.
[20:21] <Melissa> ::leans back in the chair, twiddling her thumbs and humming softly::
[20:21] <Detro> [H] Alright then. I guess we yank the bad gear, mix up some smart glue to cover the hole, and hope for the best.
[20:21] <Delgado> ::finishes looking over the data readouts and turns to Gabriel, giving him a report as she looks him over slowly, doing a visual eval in her mind:: They will live. They have minor complications from their radiation exposure, but nothing uncommon.
[20:22] <Savant> Woman> ::nods:: [H] How can I help?
[20:22] <Craig> ::again to mem::+com+ if it's movement related i'll take a look at it, anything else can be dealt with on pathfinder or in a more secure position
[20:22] <Mem> +com+ No, the movement was fine. Tat's ho I escaped.
[20:23] <Karas> ::Karas found an extra towel and begins working on cleaning up the vomit at the airlock sheepishly::
[20:23] <Mem> ::takes a swig from a canteen inside his gear, eyeing the sensors::
[20:23] <Savant> ((Blah. MAn, not woman. No sudden sex change))
[20:25] <Detro> [H] Well, the axle's going to have to come off completely for this. ::scrambles to the other side of the transaxle:: Ah, good. Designed to be removed without the rest of everything coming out. You get the suspension, I'll unbolt the transaxle from the input.
[20:25] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Very good. Done with them for now?
[20:25] <Savant> Man> [H] Okay. ::gets to it::
[20:26] <Ardelmos> +com+ Got the drop zone. Looks clean, but...well, if something explodes it's just me.
[20:26] <Delgado> I am. ::looks to the two and nods slightly:: You are free to go. Report any additional changes in condition or worsening of nausea immediately.
[20:26] <Birkin> ::seems to have figured out how to remove the gun from the truck itself, jumping back down before he gives all of the trucks a look over to see if they have the same type of gun and mounting style::
[20:26] <Karas> And where are we going to go in the nude?
[20:26] <Gabriel> ::turns to Melissa:: I understand that Master Sergeant Craig is working on Bonaparte. You might check in.
[20:27] <Dimitri> ::Approaches the drop zone from a slightly different angle, keeping an eye on his sensors for any other blips::
[20:27] <Craig> ::sets the replacment track segments on the assembly and attaches them to the rest of the track, then takes a plasma torch and makes some quick repairs to the lesser damaged segments before placing them back on as well, then after making one more check of his work he looks over at swifty:: alright swifty, let her down, slowly
[20:27] <Melissa> Right..::turns to a com panel:: +com+ Master Sergeant, how's he behaving?
[20:28] <Savant> A camera-eye leans out from behind the back hatch of Bonaparte, followed by a breadbox-sized body on a set of three tracks. A Gargoyle observation drone is watching Craig.
[20:28] <Detro> [H] ::in the tight space, it's hard to get good leverage, but Detro does his best to unbolt the two halves::
[20:28] <Craig> <<replace her with he for refering to bonaparte>>
[20:29] <Gabriel> ::turns back to Delgado:: So, Doctor, you've been with the Liberati... almost a season now?
[20:30] <Delgado> ::looks back to Gabriel and speaks stoicly, everything about her hard to read:: Little over a month. ::she speaks short and to the point most of the time, it seems::
[20:30] <Craig> +com+ hey melissa, i just finished rebuilding the track, the rest i'll leave for you, i think, he's not quite used to me working on him yet ::waves to the drone:: i think your drone misses you as well
[20:31] <Detro> There we go! [H] I'm set here.
[20:31] <Melissa> ::chuckles:: +com+ You need to talk to him, let him know what you're doing to him.
[20:32] <Savant> Several minutes pass, and the two Gears approach the drop zone. The crate is about a cubic meter, though long and slim, a bit like a little coffin. It's coated in radar adsorbtive material, and seems like the sort of case that can be attached to a Gears' hardpoint easily. Dispoeasble descent rockets and impact balloons litter the hills, discarded.
[20:33] <Savant> Man> [H] I think I'm almost done here.
[20:33] <Craig> ::chuckles back::+com+ yeah i know, it's understandable though, the gears are like that too sometimes
[20:33] <Gabriel> ::nods:: Happy there? I can report you as found to the Commandant and where you're located. On the other hand, I'd be pleased to have you as part of Talon 05, if you like.
[20:33] <Detro> [H] Alright, let's lower this axle. Should be able to get into the guts of this thing then.
[20:33] <Ardelmos> ::hunkers down as the crate comes into sight, popping up his tool arm again to survey the area before moving in::
[20:34] <Melissa> +com+ I haven't seen him use a drone on his own before...that's something new
[20:34] <Mem> ::watches the gears arrive at the drop zone and watches the skies very carefully::
[20:34] <Mem> +com+ So did someone say there was a medic team here?
[20:35] <Dimitri> ::Scans the area, keeping an eye as Ardel moves towards the crate, standing by on overwatch::
[20:35] <Craig> +com+ it's possible, his sensor dome was damaged some, so it's not suprising that he'd use the drone to get a better look
[20:35] <Savant> Man> [H] Come out from under it, I'll bring it down a span.
[20:36] <Delgado> ::briefly glances at an airlock door before looking back to Gabriel, her face softening:: I owe much to the Liberati people. However, I signed up for service and returning to such would be welcome. ::smiles ever-so faintly:: And it seems I'm already at work for you here, so....
[20:36] <Birkin> +com+ A survivor from TAlon 07 apparently.
[20:36] <Ardelmos> ::begins rolling forward, bazooka at the ready, as he moves for the crate::
[20:37] <Detro> [H] Right. ::slides out from under the vehicle::
[20:37] <Savant> Erinyes does not explode as the Gear moves for the crate.
[20:38] <Ardelmos> ::rolls over and squats beside the crate -- checking it for a moment to make sure it looks undisturbed::
[20:38] <Savant> Man> ::lowers the truck's chassis a bit, low enough that it will be easier to work on::
[20:39] <Melissa> +com+ Thanks for putting on the track, Master Sergeant
[20:40] <Detro> [H] Perfect. ::grabs two wrenches and a crowbar and slides back under the truck::
[20:40] <Dimitri> +Com+ Hold Roland, I got movement.
[20:40] <Gabriel> ::nods, smiling:: Welcome aboard, Private. Good to have you as part of the team. I'm truly sorry about your losses. It seems 05's fate to rescue orphans from other teams.
[20:40] <Ardelmos> ::pulls the cap off of the hardpoint attachment lock and grabes the crate, locking it against the hardpoint on his shoulder:: +com+ Distance, ve
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