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gomorrah - 14 Lares 276 LC

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 4:25 am    Post subject: gomorrah - 14 Lares 276 LC Reply with quote

Here She Comes,
Queen of Caprice,
See her crown of stars,
See her glowing smile.

All our stock is placed in her,
Our shining queen of Gomorrah's lights.
Ruler of beauty and wisdom and grace,
From Cayonn Gorge to BFT Heights.

May she bring in a shining year
Of hapiness and golden starts;
For all those of beauty and wisdom and grace
Major shareholder of our hearts!

Mem turned away from the vidscreen blithely, advertizing some up and coming Gomorrah-wide beauty pageant. The music was horrible, but the women at least were not. No, they were certainly of a higher caliber than the lounge singer crooning in the background. Though the inclusion of a few men on the stage was more than a little unusual, and not entirely to his liking.

What was he supposed to be doing? oh, yes. Listening to the wire-tap. Tynes was out talking to Saske Orwend and Hadren guilles, the officials from Mariss Milspec. The lieutenant returned his attention to the conversation in his ear, watching his computer screen filtering through the channel for signs of interference or interception.

"So where can we pick them up?" Tynes was straightforward as usual.

"We'll drop them off in a CityCourier account box. 21297, you can get it in their BFT branch location." Saske was equally blunt, and sounded annoyed, as usual. She'd look better if she wasn't always acting like such a bitch.

"We'll get them tomorrow. You said there was something else as well?"

Saske paused a beat before replying. "Two things. One isn't so sure yet. Let's just say that there may be an opportunity for expansion in Mariss in the near future."


Hadren butted in. "The second one's a bit more urgent, and it's a little complicated."

Mem could hear the creak of a chair and could easily imagine Tynes shifting his weight, sitting back into it. Hadren continued after a pause.

"There's a man we need to get out of the city, and we'd like you to do it. His name is Arik Steele."

The silence was oppressive for almost a second.

"Arik Steele?" Tynes sounded dubious. "I've heard that name somewhere."

"He's a performer. Musician." Saske interjected sharply. "Famous. He's also a very important Liberati Muttawah, and in a great deal of danger. We came across some information at work; the CID is actively hunting for him. He's too valuable to allow his capture."

"Alright," Tynes said again, "Do you know where he is?"

"No one does," Hadren admitted, "He keeps himself hidden to avoid the media and his fans."

"So how do you expect us to find him?" Tynes sounded amused, but firm. Mem agreed. They were a precious resource and couldn't be squandered on every little rescue mission. The Liberati had to fend for themselves sometimes.

"I have a plan," Hadren said, followed shortly by Saske's exasperated snort. He continued. "See, one of the prizes of the Miss Caprice pageant this year is a dinner date with Arik Steele. He's a sponsor, and he loves the pageant. It's perfect."

Again, the silence was oppressive. Mem stifled a guffaw.

"So he's going to be at the pageant?"

"Oh, no," Saske butted in, annoyed, "Of course not. He's just going to call the winner and send up the date that way." Mem could image the glare that Saske must have been shooting Hadren, "You can't just be there. You've gotta win."

Mem had to clamp his lips together to keep from laughing. Tynes sounded incredulous. "you want us to do what?"

Hadren sounded soothing. "The judges are impartial, and I'm sure that one out of the three of you entering has a shot at winning. We can arrange it all for you. Think of it as a working vacation."

"Working vacation." Mem barked out a brief laugh at Tynes' flat tone. "Right."
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