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Questions on Utopia/Utopia Mission

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2008 3:13 am    Post subject: Questions on Utopia/Utopia Mission Reply with quote

Posting this as a reminder of things we'd like to know about Utopia/the Utopians, to help in planning the trip and its particulars. This is a refresh of info from the old thread. I'd encourage everyone to add their own questions and observations made.

Questions to ask the Utopians

Arrow Is there a method to get to Utopia that allow us to bring/go in Pathfinder? (Impacts equipment, services, fall-backs/evac options.)

Arrow Will we going in hot, or is there going to be a safe landing ready in advance for us? (Hot landing per Caprice Run #2?)

Arrow What supplies can we expect to be able to draw on while there? (Interoperability of computers, equipment, ammo, parts, etc.)

Arrow What do the Utopians expect us to do, specifically? (Impacts equipment choice and pre-mission training.)

Arrow How long are we planning to stay/expected to stay? (Impacts equipment choice, mission planning, supplies.)

Arrow Who controls the gateships along the way to Utopia? CEF, Utopia Good Guys, or Utopia Bad Guys?

Arrow Can we arrange for a secure way to send and receive messages off Utopia to TN/Caprice. (Vital for preparing future Talon team trips if we don't make it back.)

Arrow Are the Utopians liasing with the Liberati as well, and do they wish to send someone along?

Arrow Are we empowered to make a deal on behalf of Terra Nova/Talon HQ?

What we already know:

Arrow We have BASIC stats for most of the Utopian equipment, and we have some idea of how they maintain it and operate it.

Arrow To get to Utopia requires going through three gates to get to the system. (One from Caprice to waypoint #1, a second to waypoint #2, and a third to Utopia itself.)

Arrow The CEF is firmly in control of the gates here at Caprice, including active patrols and minefields.

Arrow The CEF does thorough inspections of all incoming and outgoing ships to Utopia. The Utopians got around this by using cargo containers that blocked or spoofed CEF sensors; they apparently did not inspect the cargo in person. These containers would be big enough to fit a gear and packing material, but the gear's arms and legs would have to be detached.

Arrow Terra Nova only has two operational gateships at this time, and most of the space facilities are damaged or were destroyed in Operation Icarus. There is very little chance we'll be able to call upon these assets.

Arrow Pathfinder cannot open gates on its own, and the technology is far too bulky and big to fit to her.

Arrow Utopia's spaceyard is still under refurbishment/reconstruction.

Arrow The Utopians were able to get to Caprice, but they were bringing equipment the CEF may have been expecting to see shipped, let alone is smaller than our gears. They also likely came with far fewer supplies and possibly fewer people.

Arrow The CEF is trying to bring skilled "willing" labor to the Utopia system. At the same time, we have a golden ticket from Mariss Milspec for Tynes' cover personality to make the trip.

Arrow There were Utopian shuttles on the ground at the spaceport during the Vega Spaceport raid.
"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." - George Patton
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Joined: 24 Aug 2006
Posts: 125
Location: Portland, ME, USA

PostPosted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:59 am    Post subject: Mission Phase Breakdowns Reply with quote

Musing about how to break down the next campaign into phases for helping planning...

Phase 1: Caprice Transfer
Does the CEF still have the Caprice-side gate to Utopia "locked"?
I'm assuming we'll "run silent, run deep" -- we don't want to tip off the CEF that there's a Talon team operating. That said, perhaps a target of opportunity to distract the CEF...
We've been told Pathfinder is making the trip.

Phase 2: Utopia Transition
Have to operate carefully while en route, within Utopian instructions.
No combat or attacks of opportunity -- we'll do that on the way out I think.

Phase 3: Utopia Arrival and Landing
Fury operations on orbit and landing: Purely defensive at most, try to avoid anything. If the CEF becomes aware of Talons arriving on Utopia, I expect they'd go all out to stop us, given the success we've had with the Liberati on Caprice.

Phase 4: Planetside Operations
Primary Objectives:
Exclamation Secure a hiding location for Pathfinder.
Exclamation Scout appropriate locations for future Talon missions to land/hide.
Exclamation Establish contact with the Koglunds, per Caelin.
Exclamation Build intelligence database on CEF presence on planet and in orbit.
Exclamation Establish relationship with anti-CEF factions on the planet. (Note that this includes anti-CEF factions operating within the CEF's allies on planet.)
Exclamation If possible, avoid revealing Talon presence on Utopia to the CEF.

Secondary Objectives:
Exclamation Determine loyalty of the CEF's allies. Can we cause a break in their relationship?
Exclamation Determine if Utopian technology could be used to enhance Black Talon equipment, in what numbers. Technology exchange?
Exclamation Cultural study: Is there anything we can learn about Utopian methodologies? Is there anything they can learn from us? Will we be able to work with them hand in hand, or just as distant allies? Identify differences in culture that need to be taught to allow for future Talon missions to be more effective in under-cover personas.
Exclamation Investigation into Liberati labor being used: What for? Can we set them free to help our Utopian allies?
Exclamation Tynes: Continue cover in Caprician persona to learn more about what's going on in the CEF-allied industry?
Exclamation Data regarding microgates - maybe there are other routes between here and Caprice or other systems? Ditto for the intermediary systems between Utopia and Caprice.

Phase 5: Return to Caprice
Fury operations for departure. Preferrable to get through this phase without the CEF being wise to our presence in-system. Upon arrival in Caprician space, determine if we should delay return to Terra Nova in favor of supporting in-system operations. At the very least, transmit in full all collected intelligence and reports to in-system commander and to TN.

Possible standing orders:
Arrow At all times, the Talons should endeavor to NOT reveal their presence to the CEF. While the Fury will carry the team's gears, they should be used as a "last resort" only, or in situations where containment of any discovery of the Talons is certain. This also means that Talon personnel should make every attempt to use native equipment when possible, equipment generic in nature, or equipment not known to the CEF.

Things to consider bringing for trade/barter:
Question Gear plans/designs?
Question Personal weapons?
Question Basic supplies (food rations, water, medicines... I suspect food/water would be high on the list.)
Question Training? (Piloting, Talon Ops, etc.)

Things to try bartering for:
Question Armiger Stealth Technology
Question Drone C&C/AI Technology
Question Engineering assistance for TalonWerks? (actuators, miniaturization, training, actual scientists?)
"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." - George Patton
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