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The Enemy Within: Mission Packet

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:07 am    Post subject: The Enemy Within: Mission Packet Reply with quote

Identity confirmed.
Network secured.


Mission POLAR_BLACKBIRD will commence on 1 Winter TN1946 at a time of your discretion. Following are mission profiles and parameters. As per usual for all BLACK-SEVEN operations, you maintain operational control while in the field. Please be aware that this mission is considered TIME_SENSITIVE by BTSECCOM due to the exponential difficulty in catching the enemy operatives as time passes. Reports to BTSECCOM will be required every three days as per standard schedule. Your briefing packet follows.

Information sources in Northco (see appended file PBB-NC1016BTB) have reported strange accounting discrepancies in internal budgets over the past 3 cycles. UMF business practises normally maintain a small amount of "creative accounting," but BTSECCOM analysts familiar with UMF corporate practises were able to discover that the accounting discrepancies were above and beyond normal UMF daily business. Overall, the company has "lost" 17,000,000M into the Personnel Management Department, Warehousing Division.

A local asset specializing in UMF corporate espionage was assigned to POLAR_BLACKBIRD on 7 Summer 1945. This operative has reason to believe that Lorentz Winchester (Assistant manager, Northco Personnel Management Dpt, Warehousing Div, Rapid City) is personally involved - either as a dupe or a willing conspirator. This operative is relatively certain, however, that Lorentz Winchester is not the main conspirator.

Your team is being assigned to POLAR_BLACKBIRD in order to complete the assignment, as the mission has become too dangerous for our local asset - our operatives' cover could easily be compromised by any overt activity involving her. You are to conduct any investigation or operations you deem necessary to complete this mission as quickly as possible.

Your team may requisition any civilian or military hardware you require from BTSECCOM, Logistics Dept. No BTSECCOM-specific equipment will be issued to you. You will have an overall budget of $100,000 (200,000M) for expenses while on mission, which has been issued to you in 5,000M, and the remainder as a pair of civilian credit cards (Cashcard and Marette). Inter-city travel is being donated to your mission by Peresalona Air Service - they will be maintaining a presence at the Rapid City airport if you need quick transport.

Please be aware that Northco is a major supporter of both the Talon Project and the Westphalia Cabinet, and that it is a major component in the Terranovan wartime economy. Due to this, please use the greatest of caution in proceeding with POLAR_BLACKBIRD. Northco itself must not be injured any more than necessary by your actions. Its public reputation must stay positive for the good of public morale. Its economic health must not be injured for the same reason.

Furthermore, Northco must not be made aware of POLAR_BLACKBIRD or its connection with BTSECCOM. Any action which undermines Northco's participation in the Talon Project must be avoided. Any action which reveals your status as a BTSECCOM operator will be dealt with very harshly by command. This cannot be overstressed.

It is vital to the interests of Terra Nova as a whole that this conspiracy be erased, and that its major players be isolated and interrogated. BTSECCOM analysts are 95% sure that the main conspirator is an Earther, likely with detailed and up to date information on the current espionage campaign against Terra Nova. Other conspirators, especially natives, should be captured alive if possible as well for interrogation. Their lives will be considered secondary to the eradication of the conspiracy, however.

BTSECCOM expects to see progress within 5 days. If this deadline is unrealistic, please report as to why, along with a Timeframe of Action report.


PRIMARY: Neutralization of Northco Conspiracy
PRIMARY: Protection of BTSECCOM and Terranovan Security
SECONDARY: Capture and Interrogation of Foreign Conspirators
TERTIARY: Capture and Interrogation of Native Conspirators.
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