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The Enemy Within: Mission Files

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:32 pm    Post subject: The Enemy Within: Mission Files Reply with quote

Video. Audio. Text. Words, sounds and pictures. No trideo, but a great mass of data. Some is easy to grasp, some is not.

The notes are in Universal French; Birkin translates. They're pretty straightforward, and are appended to (and interspersed with) audio. There is a transcription of the audio files included, as well as returned reports from an unknown person - a woman, likely Shar's contact to the Talons.


CASSANDRINE SHAR: [UFrench] Transmission. Peregrine; I have a recording of the target speaking with someone. I don't know who it is, I was unable to get any photos and the vocal records don't match with anything. Northco's security files don't show anything unusual for that day, and the conversation seems pretty normal other than the fact that the speaker isn't a Northco employee, nor is it anyone from an agency I recognize. It doesn't match any criminals either. I've appended them in case you can find something, but I can't see it. I've included the entire conversation. Can you get a match?

CASSANDRINE SHAR: [UFrench] Personal notes. Unknown's accent and voice makes him out to be from the Irrian plains - little bit of Indoarabic to it. He's got to be in his 30's to 50's, which isn't very helpful since there are so many of those thirtysomethings running around here. I've run him through a voice filter. Doesn't match any other voice samples I have, but I'm running a second pass. Hopefully I come up with someone. This guy got into the office without security spotting him, so I'm prone to believe he's more than just a spook. I'll have to hit the cameras again, too. I hope Peregrine can help me with this one.

UNKNOWN: Here, I brought you a cawfee.
LORENTZ WINCHESTER: Th-thank you. [PAUSE] What can I do for you?
U: Do you remember the file I asked you to look into?
LW: Yes, of course, of course [PAUSE] I didn't see anything unusual.
U: May I see it, please?
LW: Uh, right.
LW: Do you want me to send it?
U: No. Just let me see it. [PAUSE] Thank you.
LW: [PAUSE] Is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?
U: All in good time. Well done.
LW: When?
U: Later. Thank you, Lorentz. I'll show myself out.

TALON CONTACT "NR": [UFrench] Reply. Our unknown was wearing a pretty sophisticated subvoc wire. I've run a deep decryption of the background noise and managed to filter out something; I've sent it to you. Don't show or tell. I'm sending a team from the top. When you get the touch from Westphalia, give the package to the contact personally. Don't trust it to anything but shortwave. Well done, Cee-Cee. Hold tight. The cavalry is coming.

[The above conversation is played out again with the main audio volume dialled down and the background dialled up. Further, there is a strange electronic, synthetic sound. Juno explains that this sound is artifacting from a degaussing filter.]
[After UNKNOWN says "Just let me see it"]:
UNKNOWN: [Siberian] Cuckoo is in the nest.
WIRE REPLY: [Siberian] Acknowledged.

CASSANDRINE SHAR: [UFrench] Personal notes. I don't know this code. It's not Anglic, not French, not Indoarabic or Spanish. I'm going to have to hit the books - is it Mandanese? Sounds similar. I'm sure it's encrypted beyond the language too. I'm sure whoever Peregrine sends will be able to crack it, but I have some homework to do, first.

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