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Game Transcript for "Black Talon Five and the Princess.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:02 am    Post subject: Game Transcript for "Black Talon Five and the Princess. Reply with quote

01[18:27] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:27] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:27] * Savant changes topic to '-=- Tocymea -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Tocymea in Session'
[18:27] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:27] <@Detro> ::attn::
03[18:27] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:27] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:27] <@Birkin> ::attn::
[18:27] <@Delgado> ::attn and stuff::
[18:27] <@Caelin> ::attn::
[18:27] <@Roland> ::attn::
01[18:28] <@Savant> in most cases I would greet you. Today, however, I have written that greeting into the briefing. Please pardon me if I simply allow it to do that for me.
01[18:28] <@Savant> Black Talon Five and the Princess of Earth
01[18:28] <@Savant> Space-date 23414.7 in the 23rd Century
01[18:28] <@Savant> The United States of Terranova
01[18:28] <@Savant> 21 degrees C, indoors
01[18:28] <@Savant> Welcome to another exciting episode of Black Talon Five! In our last episode, our heroes had just received a Galactic Radio Transmission from distant and exotic Utopia. Its message was simple and direct - Surrender, Terranova, or the Princess of Earth will kill the daughter of the President of the United States of Terranova! It is up to Black Talon Five to save her - it's her only hope!
01[18:28] <@Savant> From their base in the forbidding Pacifica Mountains, the Black Talons launch Pathfinder, their sleek silver rocket ship. To the great beyond, for freedom and democracy!
01[18:28] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:28] <@Birkin> ack
[18:28] <@Roland> ack
[18:28] <@Detro> ack
[18:28] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:28] <@Delgado> ack
[18:29] <@Marshall> ack
01[18:29] <@Savant> before there are questions, I must announce a change to the rules for this storyline as well.
[18:29] <@Caelin> ack
01[18:29] <@Savant> I am going to give everyone a +2 APPearance and +1 INFluence for the duration of this storyline. However, we won't be using attributes or skills Smile Instead, pick and /msg me with two choices that best describe your character from the following list. They will translate into +1's to dice rolls when they apply:
01[18:31] <@Savant> i have three responces at this point.
[18:31] <@Birkin> winsome?
[18:31] <@Detro> "insert coin to join team play..."
01[18:31] <@Savant> Now, specifics of dice rolling. When rolling, you must equal or beat your opponent - ties favour the most heroic. Everything is rolled as a level 1 skill, though modifiers may change that. You will add a trait to that, if you can describe your actions to include that trait.
01[18:31] <@Savant> Winsome. Charming, influential, charismatic.
01[18:32] <@Savant> I was going to include BEAUTIFUL, but everyone got that one Wink
[18:32] <@Marshall> Ah. No one here.
[18:32] <@Marshall> =P
01[18:32] <@Savant> Roll Modifiers: +1d per enemy opponent, +1-4 per GM fiat for heroic or dramatic actions.
01[18:32] <@Savant> I am also allowing a maximum of 2 people to attempt any action at a time.
01[18:33] <@Savant> there is everyone. NOW I am ready for questions.
01[18:34] <@Savant> i also suggest that you think of an appropriate colour for your skin tight jumpsuit to be, and an appropriate catch-phrase and nickname.
[18:34] <@Detro> ::raises::
06[18:34] * @Marshall decides to keep Trigger. Wink
01[18:35] <@Savant> Detro?
[18:35] <@Detro> Are the normal genre rules also in effect for tonight or has that sidereal universe also been suspended for the duration? Smile
01[18:35] <@Savant> emergency dice do not exist. genre points do not exist. The totality of the rules have been described tonight.
01[18:35] <@Savant> it is a simpler system Wink
[18:35] <@Detro> Aye.
01[18:36] <@Savant> are we ready to roll?
[18:36] <@Detro> So simple it... ::dramatic pose:: Just. Might. Work.
01[18:36] <@Savant> sorry. are ALL SYSTEMS GO?
[18:36] <@Marshall> Go flight.
[18:36] <@Birkin> .... Heavy Gear?!
01[18:36] <@Savant> oh, yes, one other thing.
[18:36] <@Roland> All systems are go....for kickassery.
[18:36] <@Detro> TALONBIRDS... ARE... GO!
01[18:37] <@Savant> Gears, while fun and awesome and cool, would turn this into an anime. that's not what i'm aiming for Wink so you only have your trusty ray-guns
[18:37] <@Marshall> pew pew
[18:37] <@Detro> Zap-o-matics
01[18:37] <@Savant> you may also have a jetpack if you want it, though you will have to forego a ray gun rifle, and only have the pistol.
01[18:37] <@Savant> okay then Smile
[18:37] <@Roland> I will obviously request two pistols. Wink
[18:38] <@Detro> I don't suppose there's muckery with my legs.
01[18:38] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:38] <@Savant> We join our heroes as their silver rocket, Pathfinder, streaks through the inky black of space! With a budget of tens of tens of dollars, it really does feel as if you're there with them as they soar through the great beyond. Our camera pans in, in, through the round porthole-window, to view the spacious crew hold of the mighty space vessel.
[18:40] <@Detro> ::is busy at one of the consoles, his face concealed by a sensor hood that glows blue and green around his chiseled face::
[18:40] <@Roland> ::lays swinging in a hammock of vines, face hidden amongst the high collar of his green duster and matching jumpsuit::
01[18:40] <@Savant> 2Aggie Starhunter, Terranovan Space Captain> Black Talons! We'll be approaching Utopia soon! They haven't spotted us so far, but I don't like the look of those fighters...
[18:41] <@Marshall> You worry about getting us there. We'll worry about the fighters.
01[18:42] <@Savant> The silver rocket glides through the black as smoothly as if it were drawn along by an almost invisible string. Ahead, indistinct blips can be made out on the radar-screens. They are about as indistinct when the camera shows the ungainly fighters.
[18:42] <@Detro> ::his forms stands rock solid in the mottled grey jumpsuit. At the hood, his lantern jaw sets firmly, the blips searing light on his face::
[18:44] <@Delgado> ::stands at a little 'cubby' where there's vials of strange things and beakers of stuff bubbling. She's currently pouring a vial of yellow liquid into another vial with green liquid, the combination making a viscous, black fluid::
[18:44] <@Caelin> ::Caelin Bigbear glances out the porthole, a look of concern on his face, he tugs a bit at his dark brown suit::
01[18:44] <@Savant> 2Aggie Starhunter, Terranovan Space Captain> They've spotted us!
[18:44] <@Detro> ::in a John Wayne-like voice:: Well I'll tell you what it's not out there, it's not an air show.
[18:44] <@Gabriel> ::stands near the front, in black pants and a bright red wife-beater, fists on hips, elbows out:: Roland! Get up here and kill all the fighters!
[18:45] <@Marshall> I'm on it! ::arms the lasers and starts tracking the fighters:: Here they come!
[18:45] <@Birkin> Just another glorious day in the Talons. ::bites down on his cigar, looking around at the team as they relax before the big mission, in his perfectly white jumpsuit::
[18:46] <@Roland> ::there is an eerie silence from the vine hammock, but after a moment he rolls out of it and drops to the ground while going to his knees before slowly rising and putting on an opaque black fishbowl helmet that pressurizes his jumpsuit just as the camera pans up to his neck::
01[18:46] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Wears a tank-top and headband, and has the permanent look of someone just out from the jungles of Da Nang. She murmurs beside Caelin, oblivious to the chaos:: Utopia. Home. Why did it come to this?
[18:46] <@Detro> ::his hand creeps over to the next control panel, ready to deploy the Repulsatronic Radio Jammer if needed::
01[18:47] <@Savant> The fighters zoom closer - black, blocky, ugly things iwth stubby wings and pop-bottle rockets jetting flames out the back - Earther TAAF Fighters. Each one manned by a grotesque monstrosity, a mockery of all that is good and decent in humanity, made only to kill. They scream towards Pathfinder.
[18:47] <@Delgado> ::her head turns sharply with her body soon to follow, her black trenchcoat opening to reveal a silver jumpsuit catching some of the light. Her hair is in a horrifically elaborate hairdo piled on top of her head and she curls her blood-red lips into a frown:: And kill them carefully. I've worked hours on this experiment!
[18:47] <@Roland> ::steps over to a round platform amongst a series of four thin rails at the back of the compartment, which slowly begins rising towards the ceiling while his hands rest carefully to his sides, his fingers working as if they were playing a piano::
[18:48] <@Marshall> ::grabs the joystick and flips about a dozen switches and keys and knobs, arming the "lasers"::
01[18:48] <@Savant> 2Computer> ::A mechanical female voice:: Lasers. Armed. For. Firing.
[18:49] <@Marshall> ::monologues:: Lasers.. ::pulls the triggers:: Fire!
[18:49] <@Caelin> ::gives scildfreja and serious glance:: because those damned terrans are greedy and their princess is a spoiled brat
[18:49] <@Delgado> ::turns back to her 'cauldrons' and focuses seriously on what she's doing, like it was life or death::
[18:49] <@Roland> ::somehow the platform manages to rise through the portal in the ceiling of the cabin and out to the surface of the ship without an airlock and depressurizing the whole ship -- he activates his hyper-gravimetric boots and walks forward along the hull::
01[18:50] <@Savant> The set - er, the ship shudders as the first wave of ugly Earther fighters begin opening fire. Their lightning guns let loose bright streaks of light that sear across the footage and ripple across Pathfinders' glossy hull
[18:50] <@Detro> ::starts to tap on the console, in an almost-morse like fashion, pulse-jamming the enemy. In fact, the more eagle-eyed viewers might note the morse pattern would be "BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR WIERD BUT TASTY OVALTHING"::
[18:50] <@Birkin> ::turns on the widescreen-viewscreen of the outside battle, including a little picture in picture of Roland coming onto the hull:: Hot damn they don't stand a chance..
[18:51] <@Gabriel> Aggie! Put me on the comm beam!
[18:51] <@Roland> ::stops just above the windows of the cockpit and watches the Earth fighters bear in, his gaze shifting from one fighter to the other in flicks behind his helmet bowl -- the movement of his fingers reaches a crescendo, and for a brief moment, stop::
01[18:52] <@Savant> 2Aggie Starchaser, Terranovan Ace Captain> Aye aye, Captain! Mister Macedon, charge the comm beams!
[18:52] <@Roland> Mother nature says ::quick draws the pistols at his belt:: fuck you. ZAPZAPZAPZAPZAPZAPZAP
[18:54] <@Detro> ::hastilly turns a valve on his console, and a big round dish with model plastic kit sprues... err, vaneular confinement rods spins to focus its gaze on the enemy, the repelatronic pulses emanating in a bright negative scratchin... err, wave of light::
[18:55] <@Delgado> ::she pours another vial into the black liquid, a thin sheen of sweat breaking out on her forehead as she pours with a steady hand. The contents slowly swirl and the mixute runs through all the colors of the rainbow as it hisses:: C'mon... ::whispers to herself::
01[18:55] <@Savant> Roland's incredible aim and accuracy blasts a hole through a veineer of one of the fat, ugly TAAF fighters, and a jet of fire rushes out. The ship careens to the side and slams into its neighbour, and the both go up a gout of fire. Marshall blasts through the one on the other side of the flight, leaving one desperate TAAF behind to scream through the inferno.
01[18:56] <@Savant> Aggie Starchaser, Terranovan Ace Captain> You have a comm beam, sir!
[18:57] <@Marshall> Got him. Just one left. ::he tugged at the collar of his tight blue jumpsuit::
[18:57] <@Caelin> ::looks at the widescreen:: bah! do i have to get involved here now?
[18:57] <@Gabriel> ::puts on a ferocious expression:: This is Captain Tynes! And we are the Black Talons! And we demand... ::pauses dramatically:: your surrender! ::smiles ferociously::
[18:57] <@Gabriel> Don't make us! ::pauses dramatically again:: Kill you all!
[18:58] <@Marshall> ::tracks the last fighter and grins with anticipation:: There's a reason they call me Trigger.
[18:58] <@Roland> ::holsters one of the pistols and tracks the remaining TAAF with the other one, shifting the gun horizontally::
[18:59] <@Detro> ::reaches up and cranks another handle down, making loud ratcheting noises as it does so. Now the repulsatronic jammer makes a DIFFERENT kind of background hum, the kind that tests the audience's patience::
01[18:59] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Should we get our Armigers, love?
[19:00] <@Delgado> ::turns around in a flare of trenchcoat and silver flash, the camera zooming to the raised vial of now pearlescent liquid over her head as she cackles:: I've done it!
[19:01] <@Birkin> ::looks over at the exclaimation:: Whats up doc?
01[19:01] <@Savant> The grainy image of an ugly, potato-faced GREL appears on the screen. His expression is sour and he bites off every word with pure evil. "You've outnumbered me, Terranovan, but we'll be back. We're always back!"
[19:01] <@Caelin> ::nods:: lets show them how ::tugs at his suit again:: trojans do it
[19:01] <@Marshall> Yeah. Not this time. ::pulls the trigger::
[19:02] <@Gabriel> ::waves vaguely forward:: Continue to the planet! The princess! *pause* Must be saved!
[19:02] <@Gabriel> ::takes a few steps back and sits down in a black leather and plastic chair that's clearly about two sizes two large::
[19:03] <@Roland> ::as the TAAF retreats, he aims at its retreating engines:: The only thing you'll be back your own funeral.
01[19:03] <@Savant> Marshall clips the fleeing fighter, which begins to cockscrew and spew a black smoke form its engine as it dives towards the planet.
[19:04] <@Delgado> ::grins maniacally as she walks over to Birkin, her free hand dramatically presenting the vial. Her voice is hushed, as if speaking of something sacred:: I have just invented.... INVISIBILITY SPRAY! ::thrusts the vial out toward Birkin, her blood-red lips twisting into a grin. ... For a moment. Then she blinks and her voice and posture return to normal:: Or it could cause whoever is sprayed with it to collapse with total nerve degeneration
[19:04] <@Delgado> ...ap their own spine in a seizure. I'm not entirely sure yet.
01[19:05] <@Savant> Roland's shot riccochets off of the ugly, thick hull of the TAAF, spanging off into space, even though it's a laser and would not make that distinctive spanging sound.
[19:05] <@Detro> ::looks up from the sensor hood:: If yer lookin' for volunteers doc, all ya gotta do is ask. ::still speaking ala John Wayne::
[19:06] <@Roland> ::twirls the laser and blows the smoke coming off the end of it away, which is odd, considering the fishbowl helmet, then holsters it and walks back to the elevator to come back down into the cabin::
01[19:06] <@Savant> And then it's gone, descended into the clouds of Utopia. Pathfinder follows behind, unchallenged as she spears into the sky.
[19:06] <@Birkin> Excellent work doc. I knew we could always count on you ::gives her the thumbs up::
[19:06] <@Gabriel> Well done, everyone! *pause* That's why you're the finest crew in the fleet!
[19:07] <@Detro> ::reaches down to yet another control and starts to pump its piston back and forth, then returns to looking through the hood::
[19:07] <@Gabriel> On to the princess!
01[19:07] <@Savant> Fire begins to lick at the silver hull as it streaks down into the planet's atmosphere, revealing dense jungle below the dense clouds. Mystery and adventure surely wait within.
[19:08] <@Roland> ::removes his helmet once back inside the hull and sets it on the ground, replacing it immediately with a stetson::
[19:09] <@Delgado> ::preens then goes back to her cubby, pouring the liquid into a very complicated, very elaborate looking sprayer that's really just an old perfume atomizer with some foil bits glued to it. Once ready, she turns back around and strikes a dramatic pose with Invisibilty Sprayer in one hand and her Ray Gun in the other, the light bouncing off of her silver jumpsuit -just right-:: Let's rock this rock.
01[19:09] <@Savant> And then, the unthinkable. A shudder shakes the set-er, the crew compartment of Pathfinder as she makes her descent. Everyone is knocked about.
01[19:09] <@Savant> 2Aggie Starchaser, Terranovan Ace Captain> Captain! That las pass did more damage than we thought, I can't control'er! We're going down!
[19:09] <@Detro> ::goes flying across the set, conveniently stopped from flying out of camera view by a conveniently placed railing that he clutches to::
[19:10] <@Delgado> ::goes flying across the ship in the complete opposite direction of everyone else::
[19:10] <@Detro> Well I guess we're in for a... little more excitement. ::grins, excited::
[19:11] <@Roland> ::reaches up silently and grabs a stantion, remaining otherwise immobile::
[19:11] <@Gabriel> ::hangs onto his black leather and plastic chair for dear life:: Everyone! *pause* Hang on!
[19:13] <@Birkin> ::grabs ahold of the nearby 'oh shit' handle:: Hang on Talons! We'll get through this!
[19:13] <@Detro> ::gets back to his station, ignoring the paper cut he somehow got on his hand (having leafed briefly through the script while off-camera)::
[19:13] <@Marshall> You said that last time. I hate it when you say that!
01[19:14] <@Savant> Pathfinder slides into the jungle, knocking over trees and throwing up metric grams of dirt as it careens through the sandbox. Finally it comes to rest beside a large boulder. Steam hisses from open rents in the silver hull.
[19:14] <@Caelin> ::is in the process if getting into his armiger when the ship starts shuddering, he sways left to right trying to get to something that bolted down::
[19:14] <@Detro> Courage, Talon! Courage is being scared to death but saddlin' up anyways! ::twirls the rhotostat::
[19:15] <@Delgado> ::is thrown against the ground hard, causing her head to strike the floor dramatically. She struggles to her knees, a cut appearing on her forehead, but her hair is still FABULOUS:: Mmmph... ::looks incredibly vunderable and helpless right now::
[19:15] <@Marshall> We're alive! It's all thanks to you Captain Starchaser!
[19:15] <@Gabriel> ::stands up and grabs his raygun and his sword:: Everyone! Abandon ship!
[19:15] <@Gabriel> We must! Save the princess! Everybody out!
[19:15] <@Roland> ::walks over to Delgado as the ship comes to a stop, and extends a hand:: No time to dabble, doc. It's time to shine.
[19:16] <@Gabriel> ::checks his reflection out in a nearby mirror before jumping out of a cracked open portion of the cockpit::
[19:16] <@Marshall> ::grabs a ray gun rifle and kicks open the obviously very precariously sealed hatch::
01[19:16] <@Savant> 2Aggie Starchaser, Terranovan Ace Mechanic> ::Leaps from the pilot's seat and scoops up a crescent wrench:: I'll stay here and fix the ship. You go get those earthers! ::flashes an ace-pilot's smile::
[19:16] <@Delgado> ::looks up at Roland, a faint look of awe on her face as she slips her hand into his and gets up to her feet:: Thank you... ::says in a breathy tone before she recovers herself, a sly smile crossing her face:: Let's do this.
[19:17] <@Detro> ::doesn't have to grab much, his trusty ray pistol at his side already::
[19:17] <@Caelin> ::straps his helmet in place and grabs a ray rifle from the locker and exits back into the main cabin::
[19:18] <@Roland> ::nods, then leaps out the cockpit window and does a double front flip before landing on the ground in another characteristic kneeling pose::
01[19:18] <@Savant> The Talons evacuate into the jungle, leaving Captain Starchaser to repair the damaged atomic reactor pile.
[19:18] <@Detro> ::heads to the exit, pausing with his spine up against the edge of the door, gun up in front of him, looking for anything::
[19:19] <@Delgado> ::slips the precious Invisibility Spray into one of her pockets then follows Roland. She gets out in a no-so dramatic way, but still wonderfully graceful::
01[19:19] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Exits along with Caelin and the other Talons, wearing her super-advanced, highly sophisticated Armiger suit - which looks almost identical to period Roman armour::
[19:19] <@Birkin> ::slings his large ray gun over his shoulder, grabbing his last box of cigars and hopping out with the rest of the talons, his white jumpsuit sitll impecable even after he lands in mud::
[19:20] <@Gabriel> Ensign Smith! ::grabs the last person out of Pathfinder, mysteriously absent until this moment:: Go! See what's behind that tree!
[19:20] <@Gabriel> The rest of you! *pause* Follow me!
[19:20] <@Caelin> ::trots down the ramp, his armor with all it's metal plates, is suprising silent, what amazing technology is this?!?"
[19:21] <@Detro> ::follows the Captain::
[19:21] <@Delgado> ::looks around:: Wait, Captain! ::points to a set of tracks:: Look! I think it's... ::camera zoom and dramatic music:: GREL tracks!
[19:22] <@Marshall> And over there! Smoke! ::points::
[19:22] <@Marshall> Some sort of atomic battery engine, I'd bet.
[19:22] <@Roland> ::follows the Captain, his duster blowing dramatically out around him as if in a constant breeze, but pauses upon Delgado pointing it out -- his ears then perk and his head snaps to the north at the sound of a large roar:: Sounds like our genetically engineered not-friends....just got eaten for dinner.
[19:23] <@Birkin> ::takes out his cigar for a moment and spits down onto the ground before placing it back into his mouth, looking damn good in his perfect white jumpsuit::
[19:23] <@Detro> We should ::kinks his neck sideways a bit:: check out out.
[19:23] <@Caelin> ::smirks a bit:: i bet it was the drillgits
[19:23] <@Delgado> ::walks up to the crew, amazing agile and graceful as she walks in her stilleto heels::
[19:24] <@Gabriel> ::puts fists on hips, strikes a heroic pose:: Very well! The GREL have obviously already been eaten! *pause* We shall investigate the smoke!
[19:24] <@Gabriel> ::turns exactly 180 degrees and heads in that direction:: The rest of you! *pause* Follow me!
01[19:24] <@Savant> Ensign Fred heads behind the tree, as so ordered, and promptly screams the screamed of the agonized and the dying.
[19:24] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Caelin and Freja:: I smell metal and plastic. I love metal and plastic in the morning. Smells like... VICTORY
[19:24] <@Marshall> ::tries to mimic and add to Gabriel's heroic pose so they could put the picture on the box office poster::
[19:25] <@Caelin> there's bound to be more than one drillgit out here, we'd best turn our ray guns to their highest settings
[19:25] <@Gabriel> ::steps over one of the flying body parts, taking a brief moment to lament that he is responsible for 340 lives before realizing that science fiction is never gonna get him an Emmy::
[19:25] <@Delgado> ::stands there and looks smart. And cute. And a touch hardcore and yet vunderable at the same time with the cut of her forehead. And her hair and makeup are STILL perfect::
[19:25] <@Detro> ::in regards to Ensign Fred's screams:: He was a good man. ::to someone off-camera:: Make sure that it says so on the patrol report.
01[19:26] <@Savant> 5Off-Camera> Yes, sir!
01[19:26] <@Savant> The fate of Ensign Fred can be seen as long, segmented, ugly insect creatures come scuttling out form the dark of the jungle. Drillgits, hungry for human blood!
01[19:27] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Drillgits! They're hungry for human blood!
[19:27] <@Delgado> ::gasps dramatically as she points:: Look!
[19:27] <@Marshall> Take this! ::starts shooting his raygun rifle::
[19:27] <@Caelin> i got this one! ::raises his ray rifle and fires::
[19:27] <@Detro> ::turns to face the drillgits:: Well, there are some things a man just can't run away from. ::shoots from the hit with his raygun::
[19:27] <@Birkin> ::draws his raygun and takes revenge for Fred::
[19:28] <@Roland> ::watches Marshall, Caelin, and Birkin start shooting:: Hrm. ::pauses dramatically with his fingers hovering over his pistols again::
[19:28] <@Gabriel> ::takes out his sword and stands near Delgado::
01[19:28] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::brandishes her club menacingly at the photo-op'd centipedes::
[19:29] <@Roland> ::waits patiently as the others begin firing to dramatically shoot one that was missed out of mid-air as it leaps at their face::
[19:30] <@Marshall> There's too many!
[19:31] <@Gabriel> ::strikes a heroic pose that is interrupted briefly by swinging his sword at one of them:: Never give up! Never surrender!
[19:31] <@Roland> There's never too many. Go. I'll ::turns and draws both weapons:: slow them down.
[19:31] <@Caelin> bah i should have asked for a gatling ray gun when i left troy!
[19:31] <@Birkin> Talons! Tactical retreat. Too many for us to handle now. But I think we avenged Ensign Fred
01[19:31] <@Savant> The enlarged centipedes scuttle here and there, climbing vines and making a horrible chittering sound all around the Talons, but knowing better than to get too close... for now.
[19:31] <@Marshall> Aye, sir! ::keeps shooting:: Raaaaahhhh!
[19:32] <@Gabriel> See! See! Do not show fear! That's what got! Ensign Bob eaten!
[19:32] <@Caelin> alright lets go, we do have bigger fish to fry anyway
01[19:32] <@Savant> The GREL tracks are obviously apparent, now - a legion of them must have passed through here. They're headed towards the trickle of smoke up ahead.
[19:32] <@Detro> ::sprints along:: You do, and it'll be the biggest mistake you ever made, you Mekong springer
[19:32] <@Delgado> Let's keep moving before more come!
[19:33] <@Birkin> The docs right. Let's move out. Follow these tracks
[19:33] <@Marshall> You heard the captain! This is where we fight!
[19:33] <@Delgado> We can't hold this position forever!
[19:34] <@Caelin> fine, you guys stay, i'll go rescue the president's daughter!
[19:34] <@Gabriel> We must! *dramatic pause*
[19:34] <@Roland> Go. And don't worry about me. I'm ::twirls his weapons:: Natural selection at work.
[19:34] <@Gabriel> *not so dramatic pause* Why were we here again?
[19:34] <@Gabriel> Oh! Of course! The princess! On to the princess!
01[19:34] <@Savant> And then, all at once, the trees burst with Drillgits - whole buckets of them, it seems, like foam-rubber assailants thrown from the darkness!
[19:35] <@Caelin> ::his broad shoulders drop slightly::right, whatever
[19:35] <@Detro> ::To Roland:: Somebody oughta belt you in the mouth... ::and then there's the attack and he has to FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE:: But I won't... I won't...
[19:35] <@Delgado> ::gasps again as she points with one hand, her other hand curled under her mouth:: We're surrounded!
01[19:36] <@Savant> Marshall is swarmed by a cluster of the angry insects, and he grabs at two of them. It only *looks* like he's holding their limp bodies to him - really, he's fighting for his life!
01[19:36] <@Savant> Delgado finds one crawling up her leg, chittering angrily.
[19:37] <@Marshall> Oh no! They've got me!
[19:37] <@Roland> ::spins and expertly shoots the one crawling up Delgado's leg, then spins again and shoots both the ones Marshall is struggling with::
[19:38] <@Detro> ::drops to one knee and brings up the gun in dramatic poses... in fact, he's got Delgado behind him, and Tynes over on the other side, and it almost looks like a Charlie's Angels pose::
[19:38] <@Delgado> ::instead of shrieking, Delgado balls up her fist and gets ready to strike at the foa-- drillgit before it's shot off by Roland:: Hey! He was mine!
[19:39] <@Gabriel> ::now looks somewhat bored:: Come on! On to the princess!
[19:39] <@Detro> ::snaps off two quick shots::
[19:39] <@Birkin> The Captain is right! On to the princess!
[19:39] <@Gabriel> ::walks through the rest of the drillgits, punching one that gets in his way, and cutting another one with his sword::
01[19:39] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Bats off the drillgit from Caelin's gleaming armour with a swipe of her electro-club::
[19:39] <@Marshall> ::grabs his raygun rifle and bravely pushes onward::
[19:40] <@Roland> Quickly! I'll hold them off -- get out of here before we're all ::tips the brim of his hat with the front of one of his laser pistols:: bug food.
[19:40] <@Delgado> ::expertly steps through the carnage with her heels::
01[19:40] <@Savant> The Talons press on through the jungle, leaving Roland behind to keep the squirming mass of Drillgits at bay.
[19:40] <@Detro> ::starts falling back, following the others::
[19:41] <@Caelin> ::gets attacked by one of the beast but with the help of freja it is taken care off:: thanks love
[19:41] <@Gabriel> ::laments again, briefly, that he's responsible for 339 lives::
[19:41] <@Marshall> I've got an idea for when those bugs come back. I'll be ready for them.. ::turns to the camera to finish his exterior monologue and then begins to fiddle with his weapon to increase it's effectiveness and some technobabble that's not at all cool::
01[19:41] <@Savant> Soon, for the Talons, the jungle thins out, and they come to the edge of a clearing. Despite the heavy clouds that were there a short time ago, now the sky is blue and right, and the sunlight is golden. The sunlight lights a field of carnage.
01[19:43] <@Savant> Ruined boxes, wrecks of cars, and piles of rubble are all that remains of the noble Utopian army that was here once. The bodies of countless GREL litter the field, piled up in heaps in places where the heroic Utopian soldiers gave their last.
[19:43] <@Caelin> ::looks at the field:: damn terrans messing up my planet
[19:43] <@Delgado> Oh... my... god... ::breathes softly::
[19:44] <@Gabriel> ::hugs Delgado to his chest:: There there. You don't have to look.
01[19:44] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::almost bursts into tears upon seeing the destroyed autoguard and the many, many Utopian dead:: Oh, Caelin! ::weeps::
[19:44] <@Detro> ::furious look, eyes wide open:: Murderers, the stinkin' lot of them Keffies. ::raises his ray gun dramatically:: Well, out here, due process is a ray gun. Judgement Day is here, fellas. Let's find some Keffies.
[19:45] <@Delgado> ::poses dramatically, leaning against Gabriel's chest, her hair gently wisping in the wind::
01[19:45] <@Savant> But what's this? On the very crest of the hill, a shadowed form - a machine? It's still running? An Ambithera!
[19:45] <@Marshall> Look! Over there!
01[19:45] <@Savant> Even the Terranovans know that the Ambitheras are the heartstone of a Utopian army, powerhouses in their own right and beacons of justice. If this one still lives, perhaps it could tell them what happened!
[19:46] <@Delgado> ::gasps again:: Captain! Look! ::points to the Ambithera::
[19:46] <@Caelin> ::glances over the scene while he holds freja::wait, is that? and ambithera is still here!
[19:46] <@Birkin> ::squints:: Where?
[19:46] <@Gabriel> Where!
01[19:46] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::gasps:: An Ambithera survived?
[19:46] <@Gabriel> Oh that. ::mutters sotto vocce:: It's only a model.
[19:46] <@Delgado> ::turns her head:: What?
[19:46] <@Detro> ::turns and looks in the "direction", but it's plainly obvious he's not looking in the same direction as everyone else::
[19:47] <@Caelin> ::starts running toward it, the first real symbol of home that he hasn't seen in so long::
[19:48] <@Marshall> ::jogs over to the Ambithera, which appears to be hundreds of meters off but is only on the next set over::
01[19:48] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Begins to climb the steep hill, past the burning car wrecks and the piles of motionless actors:: Ambithera! Wake up! Come here!
01[19:48] <@Savant> The Ambithera creaks, its spidery legs lift it a few feeble feet from the ground, before it slumps back down again, exhausted
[19:49] <@Delgado> ::heads for it with everyone else:: Aww... poor thing.
[19:49] <@Marshall> No no no. This won't work at all. ::begins his mad scientist repairs::
01[19:49] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::throws her arms around the Ambithera's hull:: What did they do to you?!
[19:50] <@Birkin> ::steps up on to the hill where the Ambithera is, looking around as he chomps on his cigar, looking for where the army went, the sunlight almost reflecting off of his jumpsuit::
[19:50] <@Detro> ::in the background of the shot, holds the gun a bit TOO tightly and breaks a piece off the prop... he jiggles the prop a bit to keep from dropping the piece, but covers it up well enough::
[19:50] <@Gabriel> Well, Mr Spock? Can it be repaired?
[19:51] <@Marshall> I think... Yes Captain. It should be working again.... Now.
01[19:51] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> ::It's voice sounds very tired, and not very robotic, more like an actor trying to sound robotic and tired at the same time. Not a very good actor, either.:: There were ... so many ...
[19:51] <@Delgado> ::keeps her eyes on the Ambithera as she subtly hits Gabriel::
[19:52] <@Caelin> ::puts his hands on the ambithera::tell us.... what happened....
01[19:52] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> We fought... proudly... for you, Armigers, but... there were... too many... The Terrans came... they... ambushed us. As we... bodyguarded the... princess.
[19:53] <@Marshall> The princess!
01[19:53] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> They took her... to... their base.. in the... Black Mountains. ::Its voice drips with foreboding as it mentions those dread peaks::
[19:53] <@Detro> The princess!
[19:54] <@Caelin> ::looks up and out into the distance, with a sound of dread:: the black mountains......
01[19:54] <@Savant> The camera pans up - it turns out that the Black Mountains are right over there.
[19:54] <@Caelin> ::that was exactly where caelin was looking too::
01[19:55] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> Go, Armigers.... go, Black Talons... leave me here. I have done my duty.
[19:55] <@Gabriel> Onward! ::puts fists on hips:: On to the Black Mountains!
[19:55] <@Gabriel> Roland! Put the machine out of its misery! ::starts walking::
01[19:55] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::wails, clinging to the great metal frame of the Ambithera:: No, we can't leave you!
[19:55] <@Delgado> ::is bumped out of frame by Gabriel's sudden striking pose::
[19:56] <@Caelin> ::back to the ambither:: we'll take you with us, so you may serve your people again
[19:56] <@Birkin> ::frowns as Delgado ruins the shot of him looking good scanning the countryside:: You alright doc?
01[19:56] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> I will only... slow you down... go.. come back for me.. if you can.
[19:57] <@Delgado> ::stomps back in frame, a slightly annoyed look on her face before it suddenly flashes to one of wounded innocence:: I'm just fine, but... that poor Amibithera...
[19:57] <@Detro> ::cut to Detro -- who has now been replaced by a completely new actor, who looks kinda alike, but kinda not, like Dick York and Dick Sergeant:: Uh, sir. He's back that-away. ::gestures with his gun towards the forest::
01[19:58] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Weeping, Scildfreja and Caelin leave the wounded Armiger behind, because that's what the script tells them to do.::
[19:58] <@Detro> ::shrugs and follows::
[19:58] <@Marshall> It's all right doctor. I'll take good care of my patient.
01[19:59] <@Savant> The Talons descend into the jungle again - the dark, mysterious, not-at-all-fake Utopian jungles.
[19:59] <@Delgado> Aww... ::gives Marshall a smile before following the Captain::
[19:59] <@Birkin> War is hell. ::stern unyeilding look on his face as the script calls for:: If we can we'll come back for it when we return. You have my word on that doctor.
01[20:00] <@Savant> The trail is still clear - a bunch of GREL bootprints in the sand. They lead down a valley into an especially dense area of trees.
[20:01] <@Marshall> What.... what is that? Sounds animal.
[20:02] <@Delgado> ::pauses in her step, whipping around:: What is that? It's... it's....
[20:02] <@Gabriel> ::soldiers on through the forest, his sword still in his hand:: It's just an animal! A! Noble creature of the forest!
01[20:02] <@Savant> A Few of the Talons can hear the movement and bellowing of a great animal moving through the jungle here.
[20:02] <@Gabriel> It shall not bother us! We must save! The princess!
[20:02] <@Caelin> ::trudges along, pausing when the others do:: what is is lassie?
[20:02] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Caelin:: What in the name of god is that?
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::listens a moment:: i think it's a hydra-like creatur
01[20:03] <@Savant> There is a cliff face ahead. It's impossible to see, but it's sure that there's a cave entrance there.
[20:03] <@Detro> ::didn't get the script rewrites this morning and doesn't react to the animals::
01[20:04] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::whispers falsetto under her breath, choked with emotion:: Sweet heaven. . . It's a Meganoptera!
[20:04] <@Delgado> ::jumps on the line right after Caelin, like she'd forgotten her words and rushes them out at the end:: IT'SAHYDRA-LIKECREATURE!
[20:04] <@Birkin> A whatisis?
01[20:05] <@Savant> The Talons come to the edge of the forest and see the yawning cave entrance. In fornt of it is a mammoth beast, one that perhaps dwarves Pathfinder herself - a giant armour-plated ant-like creature that looks just like an ant magnified many, many times.
[20:05] <@Caelin> ::nods and looks back at birkin:: she's the one that comes up with the names when i don't know em
[20:05] <@Gabriel> ::to Delgado:: It looks nothing like a hydra. Analysis, Mr Spock!
[20:05] <@Detro> Vermin!
01[20:05] <@Savant> The thing roars threateningly and rears up, kicking its front legs menacingly, but of course doesn't interrupt the Talons in their analysis.
[20:06] <@Marshall> The creature has an impressive exoskeleton.
[20:06] <@Delgado> I think it's a savanger.
[20:06] <@Detro> What about the insides? Are its insides squishy?
[20:06] <@Delgado> <<scavanger>>
[20:06] <@Caelin> ::looks up at it::hmm looks alot like a creature from a game i once played
[20:07] <@Detro> ::snorts:: C'mon you apes, y'wanna live forever? ::moves forward to combat the creature, ray gun at the ready::
[20:07] <@Marshall> ::doubles over, holding his head:: Pain!
[20:08] <@Detro> ::FFFZZZAP! FZZZZAP!::
[20:08] <@Caelin> ::raises his hand to detro::umm....
01[20:08] <@Savant> Detro's shot riccochets off of the massive creatures' armoured exoskeleton with the same SPANG sound as the shots against the Earther fighters earlier in the episode, and the ricchochet nearly kills him as it zips right close to his head.
01[20:08] <@Savant> The Meganopteran roars threateningly
[20:09] <@Gabriel> Do not! Make it angry!
[20:09] <@Marshall> It's already angry. We should offer it something. Perhaps.. ::pauses a moment:: Juno?
[20:09] <@Delgado> ::rushes over to Marshall's side:: What is it?!
[20:09] <@Detro> ::lowers the gun, a worried look on his face. He looks around for something to make rudimentary weapons with::
[20:10] <@Gabriel> ::repeats something he overheard somewhere:: Juno's not in this episode. This is episode 26.
[20:10] <@Birkin> Too bad. That girls a class act to work with.
[20:10] <@Gabriel> Mr Spock, make a hologram as a distraction. The rest of us will get a bery- burry- berry- the princess!
[20:11] <@Detro> ::reaches over and grabs a branch from the ground -- conveniently there, conveniently straight, and conveniently pointy... he throws it at the beast::
[20:11] <@Marshall> Oh.. ::throws out his boot copy script:: Yes sir.
01[20:11] <@Savant> It crouches low and swings its thorax back and forth, its' tail flicking like a scorpions. Lightning blasts out from the tip, striking at the ground around the Talons. It kicks up a lot of dirt and surrounds them in smoke.
[20:11] <@Caelin> ::holds onto his line of thought for the moment::
[20:11] <@Gabriel> Oh bother. ::swings his sword at the tail::
[20:12] <@Marshall> ::sets his ray gun to maximum power and fires::
[20:12] <@Detro> ::as he is pulled back through the air by the blast, somewhere from outside the TV, someone can be heard saying "They rented a pneumatic catapult, and danged if they aren't going to use it!" // "That's what this show is good at, throwing Canadians around." // "He's Canadian?"::
01[20:13] <@Savant> Marshall's shot blasts into the Meganopteran's thick armour and reflects as if off of a mirror, blasting over several trees and starting a small fire.
01[20:13] <@Savant> The creature roars again, invulnerable, it seems.
[20:13] <@Gabriel> ::checks his sword to make sure it's not made out of black leather and plastic::
[20:13] <@Detro> ::is quick to get back to his feet, singed, stirred, but still stable:: "Bad move, bub." ::reaches down and throws a styro---err, rock::
[20:14] <@Delgado> ::disappears into the smoke and dirt for a moment with a scream, then comes stumbling out. Her uniform is torn and there's strategic dirt smudges on her face, but her hair and lipstick are still PERFECT:: Oh my! ::collapses into the arms of the nearest male::
01[20:14] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Cries out:: Guns are useless! It's armour is too thick!
[20:14] <@Marshall> ::alters his ray gun to project a hologram, just like Gabriel suggested::
[20:14] <@Caelin> ::after the smoke clears::god dammnit, my suit is ripped, thats it! ::grabs a sharp looking stick off the ground and dives under the beast then processed to stab at it's belly::
[20:14] <@Birkin> Guns are never useless. ::aims for an eye on the monster and fires his raygun::
[20:15] <@Gabriel> ::catches Delgado with one hand, still swinging his sword at the tail with his other::
[20:15] <@Gabriel> ::glances at the sky, hoping someone will notice the vigorous sword-swinging::
[20:16] <@Marshall> ::alters the holo-ray gun and tries again::
[20:16] <@Delgado> ::once again poses dramatically in Gabriel's arm, looking like some kind of romance novel cover with him being strong, weapon in hand and her needing rescuing with her torn uniform, one of the tears flapping open in the breeze to show ample cleavage::
[20:17] <@Detro> ::as nothing seems to work... he finally settles on a largish log, and hefts it, intending to use it as a battering ram:: ONWARD! ::charges the beast::
[20:18] <@Marshall> I need more power. Give my your ray guns!
[20:18] <@Caelin> ::continues stabbing::why... won't... you... die!?
01[20:18] <@Savant> The Beast rears back with a screech as it is attacked form all sides. Its' front legs wheel like a horses' and it kicks at the Talons as tehy charge it with sticks, spears, and swords. A blast to the eye knocks its' head to one side and it screeches in insectile pain, but keeps fighting.
[20:19] <@Delgado> ::cries out:: Go for the joints! Get under it's armor!
[20:19] <@Birkin> Blessed is the Lord that brings my hands to war, and teaches my fingers to fight.
[20:19] <@Birkin> ::aims at the other eye, and fires with his raygun::
[20:19] <@Marshall> ::snatches up as many ray guns as he can find on the ground and sets them up in an elaborate projector field:: I hope this works.. ::turns the field on::
[20:20] <@Birkin> My shiled, my high tower.
[20:20] <@Gabriel> Go for the throat! Vulnerable spots! Like in episode 21! ::hacks at the creature with his sword, still clutching Delgado::
[20:20] <@Marshall> It doesn't HAVE any vulnerable spots!
01[20:20] <@Savant> Smash! Detro goes flying into the bushes! Slam! Caelin crashes into the trees! Whang! Marshall skids along the ground! Bash! Gabriel stumbles backwards and his perfect lantern jaw is muddied by a swipe of dirt!
[20:21] <@Roland> ::in a booming voice from above and in the distance, approaching with a jetpack amongst a swarm of unusual looking Utopian armigers:: with Onward my brave Hawkigers! Let this be known forever as Black Talon's Day!
[20:21] <@Delgado> ::is thrown to the ground as Gabriel stumbles, but gets back to her feet:: Don't give up!
01[20:22] <@Savant> A host of armoured and winged Armigers arrives, with Roland leading them on. They sweep downwards towards the fray, gleaming silver in the sunlight.
[20:22] <@Roland> Do you want to live forever? DIIIIIIVVE! ::rolls over and rockets in on the gigantic robot, wielding what can only be described as a futuristic warhammer::
[20:23] <@Detro> ::scrambles out of the bush, a twig sticking out of his hair, just in time to see the impossible possible::
[20:23] <@Gabriel> ::wipes off the dirt with the back of his hand and stands up, charging in:: Auuuuuuuuuuugh!
[20:23] <@Caelin> ::looks up from his position against a tree::here come the cavalry!
01[20:23] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> The hawkigers! They're alive!
[20:24] <@Detro> ::pumps his fist in the air in celebration and encouragement::
[20:25] <@Delgado> ::starts jumping up and down, her cleavage threatening to burst forth from the tear in her uniform as she does a lame cheer:: Go Roland, go! Go Roland, go!
01[20:25] <@Savant> The Talons charge in and, with ray blasts and sword strikes, batter the Meganopteran down into submission. It screeches and writhes, kicking everywhere, but the heroic heroes have their day.
[20:26] <@Roland> ::brings the warhammer down smack dab in the center of the creature's forehead -- the weapon explodes in a shower of metal as it connects, and he slams into the ground in front of the collapsing auto, again in a trademarked crouching pose as the jetpack sputters to a halt::
[20:26] <@Caelin> ::wipes the sweat of his brow and survey's the damage to his suit::well... we've had our day here, but we still need to finish our mission!
[20:26] <@Marshall> The princess!
[20:26] <@Gabriel> The princess!
01[20:27] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> The princess!
[20:27] <@Birkin> Who?
[20:27] <@Detro> ::determined:: The Princess!
01[20:27] <@Savant> The cave looms like a wide gaping maw into the next sound stage.
[20:27] <@Caelin> the president's daughter!
[20:27] <@Delgado> The Ambas--- ::quietly mutters:: wrong episode. ::starts again:: The princess!
[20:28] <@Caelin> ::sighs:: fine, the princess...
[20:29] <@Marshall> ::runs onward to the cave entrance::
[20:29] <@Detro> ::recovers his wits and runs past the downed creature towards the cave::
[20:29] <@Roland> And so we enter ::draws his laser pistols again:: End game.
01[20:30] <@Savant> The Talons rush towards the cave, which looks so bleak and grey it could be painted styrofoam. No time to waste! who knows what those nefarious villains might be doing to that innocent girl in there!
[20:30] <@Caelin> ::walks up to the cave entrance and pauses a bit, glancing at scildfreja:: you remember what the commander said about Black Mountain right?
[20:30] <@Delgado> ::follows the crowd::
[20:30] <@Gabriel> ::leads the way, looking heroically slightly smudged::
01[20:30] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::pauses with Caelin, introspective:: No one who comes to the Black Mountains... ever returns.
[20:31] <@Caelin> ::nods then smile::feel like proving him wrong then?
01[20:31] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::grins:: Let's go.
[20:32] <@Marshall> Listen! Machines.
[20:32] <@Birkin> What kinda machines?
[20:32] <@Detro> ::reaches down and puts a hand to the cave wall... a beat:: Not far off either.
01[20:33] <@Savant> They enter the inky blackness, lit only by a single red filtered floodlamp. Shadows flicker menacingly, and everyone slows down.
[20:33] <@Roland> ::narrows his eyes as he proceeds:: Unnatural machines.
[20:34] <@Gabriel> ::gives a 30 second expository speech about exactly what type of machines they are and a past mission where he was a Lieutenant where he encountered this exact type of machine::
[20:35] <@Caelin> ::glances at roland as he slowly makes his way through the cave::most man made machines aren't natural really
[20:35] <@Detro> ::gasp:: You mean ::duin dun dun:: Octopods?
[20:35] <@Marshall> In case we don't make it out of here. I've just got to tell you. I love you. ::a flash of light reveals he was in fact talking to Detro, he turns on his heel and faces Delgado before starting over:: In case we don't make it out of here...
[20:36] <@Roland> I hate Octopoids.
01[20:36] <@Savant> Suddenly, the Octopoids are everywhere! Metal tentacles snapping out, grabbing, wrestling, restraining! Even the strength-enhacing Armiger suits are no help against these Terran Terrors!
[20:37] <@Detro> ::snorts:: I don't like cheap dates. But I like Octopoids even less! ::starts snapping off shots::
[20:37] <@Marshall> ::locates the power source with his amazing brain and shoots right at it::
[20:37] <@Delgado> ::opens her mouth to say something in response to Marshall, but a scream comes out instead as she points at the Octopoids::
[20:37] <@Roland> ::weapons akimbo, starts halfheartedly shooting stuff while muttering about how it was not in his character to lose::
01[20:38] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Shrieks! and bashes at the closest Octopid, but tentacles wrap around her waist and hoist her off the ground::
[20:38] <@Detro> ::from out of nowhere, a metal arm (slinky with tin-foil wrapped around it) bapfs him:: <POW!> ::he's knocked back::
[20:38] <@Gabriel> ::draws his ray gun with one hand and fires, while swinging his sword with the other::
01[20:39] <@Savant> Marshall blows one in half! Roland blasts the arms from three of them with a single shot! Half of the movie budget is blown in a two minute battle extravaganza! But alas, it is for naught. The Talons are bound by the twisting metal arms and carried off through the dark.
[20:40] <@Caelin> ::tries to fight off the multiple arms but is eventually wrapped up in them::i hope to god these things aren't programmed with HENTAI's
01[20:40] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Stares at Caelin, agape with horror, and then begins to scream again::
[20:40] <@Gabriel> We demand! ::struggle:: Your surrender! ::struggle::
[20:40] <@Gabriel> Don't make us! ::struggle:: Kill you all!
[20:41] <@Detro> Murders! Maniacs! Maurauders! ::Tries to think of another M-word to say:: Megalomaniacs!
01[20:41] <@Savant> Gabriel's demands are met with a bodiless laugh, one of those evil femme fatale laughs, a brooding, looming laugh as the Talons are carried into a wide, bright chamber.
[20:41] <@Roland> You'll never get away with this, Earthers! Terra Nova will never give up.
[20:41] <@Marshall> The.. princess?
[20:42] <@Delgado> ::just continues to scream these bloodcurtling screams as she thrashes about in a grip, breasts -so close- to popping out of her uniform tear::
01[20:42] <@Savant> There are a few tables ont he flat cavern floor, filled with all manner of bunsen burners, pipettes, computer-machines, tesla coils, and other apparati. Computer-closets beep and whir agains the wall. The heart of the Earther operation on Utopia.
01[20:43] <@Savant> Chained to the wall is the Princess, blonde and beautiful, and shivering in terror.
03[20:43] * Ryco ( has joined #BT05
[20:45] <@Caelin> ::looks around for the source of the laughter:: utopia won't stay yours forever terran!
[20:45] <@Delgado> Let me go!
[20:45] <@Marshall> ::takes a few steps over tow his x on stage, making sure to keep the tenticle suit around him and not upstage anyone::
01[20:45] <@Savant> And then there is that laugh, that self-assured, overconfident chuckle of the Admiral of the Fleet. She comes into view, tall, dressed in a black SS uniform, her beautiful face marred by a black eyepatch.
[20:46] <@Delgado> -YOU-!
[20:46] <@Roland> Youuuuuuuuuuuu bitch
[20:46] <@Marshall> ::gasp::
[20:46] <@Gabriel> We demand! *pause* Your unconditional surrender! Or your panties!
[20:47] <@Detro> ::shouts:: You'll never get away with this!
[20:47] <@Delgado> ::stops struggling with her foil-covered slinky and look at Gabriel flately:: What?
[20:47] <@Birkin> ::still somehow has his cigar in his mouth, chews a little bit on it:: Nice to see you again.
[20:48] <@Gabriel> ::to Delgado:: What? She's hot. ::turns back to the babe:: Have you ever looked up at the night sky, sat under the stars?
[20:48] <@Caelin> ::blinks and looks at gabriel::not going to comment....
[20:48] <@Detro> ::growls:: I'll bet she's never even danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.
01[20:48] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> ::luahgs again, heartily amused:: Oh, Captain Gabriel. You were always a sweet talker, even when we were cadets together at Rigel Seven.
[20:49] <@Caelin> ::blinks again and looks at the andmiral::what?!? there's a Rigel Seven in the gate web!?
01[20:51] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> ::laughs again, approaches the Captain, places her hands on his chest, though he's still captured in the metal arms of the Octopoids:: I'm not about to surrender to the likes of you, you know.
[20:52] <@Roland> then?
[20:53] <@Birkin> On behalf of Terra Nova I would also accept your surrender.
[20:53] <@Delgado> ::makes an exhausperated sound:: Pigs.
[20:53] <@Gabriel> You've obviously forgotten what happened underneath the bleachers our junior year. Release me and I'll... remind you.
[20:54] <@Detro> ::smirks at Delgado:: Best you wish you hadn't turned me down then, hmm?
01[20:54] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> ::smirks, and looks at the Octopoid:: Release him! ::waves a hand at the others:: And kill these ones. They are unneccesary.
[20:54] <@Marshall> I meant what I said. ::to Detro:: Not to you.
[20:54] <@Caelin> how about we have a trade, you give us the princess, and you can take the doctor
[20:55] <@Delgado> Wait, what? ::looks at Caelin::
[20:55] <@Roland> Waaaaaait, wait wait wait.
[20:55] <@Roland> You haven't told us your ultimate plan yet.
01[20:55] <@Savant> Gabriel is released from the grip of the menacing robot.
[20:55] <@Roland> Do that first. Then we'll go peacefully.
01[20:56] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> Psh. Peacefully? I *want* to hear your screams.
[20:56] <@Caelin> ::shrugs at delgado:: it seems fair right?
01[20:56] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> ::smirks at Roland:: I'm an evil overlord. I'm not stupid.
[20:56] <@Gabriel> ::steps next to the Admiral, wraps one arm around her, bends her over double, and kisses her passionately in mid-monologue::
[20:57] <@Roland> Well....we'll scream louder if we know your evil plan, since we'll know we can't stop it?
[20:57] <@Detro> ::gasps... a beat:: TRAITOR!
01[20:57] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> ::smirks at Roland:: I'm an evil overlord. I'm not stupimmmmphh.
[20:57] <@Detro> ::And those voices from outside the TV come back:: "That's right, just lie back and think of Britain."
[20:58] <@Birkin> ::smiles:: Way to be Captain.
[20:58] <@Caelin> ::raises an eyebrow::wow, thats gonna leave a mark
[20:58] <@Gabriel> ::comes up for air after about 45 seconds, then grins at Birkin:: Cap'n always gets the girls. It's in the script.
[20:59] <@Roland> Well while you have her in the manly grasp of yours, do you mind breaking her neck or something?
[20:59] <@Gabriel> ::drops Mubatu on the floor, then stomps on her head:: Too bad this one tastes bad.
01[20:59] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> ::looks vaguely annoyed at being held the way she was while the Captain hobnobbed with his soon-to-be-dead-crew:: Ahem?
01[20:59] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> ::Shrieks and rolls away, diving for cover behind a table:: Get them!
01[21:00] <@Savant> All of a sudden, everyone is able to squirm free from the grip of the murderous Octopoids and can fist-fight for their lives in a brutal melee
[21:00] <@Marshall> ::dives to the floor and works his way out of the octopoid holding him::
[21:00] <@Detro> ::kicks back with his foot, shoving the octodroidypoidyroidy away from him::
[21:00] <@Gabriel> ::grabs his sword out of the grasp of one of the octopoids and runs after Mubatu:: Save the princess!
[21:00] <@Delgado> ::starts attacking the foil-slinky with her nails::
[21:00] <@Roland> BAM! BIFF! POW! SHA-ZAM! KERPLOWIE!
[21:01] <@Marshall> ::searches for a ray gun::
[21:01] <@Birkin> ::grabs ahold of the rifle that the octo had stored on its back for him and shoots the flailing octo in he head, taking aim and firing at the others while his slowly sinks to the ground::
01[21:01] <@Savant> 5Admiral Edith Mubatu> ::stops at the corner of hte hallway ahead of the Talons, looking panic stricken briefly before shaking her fist at the usurping Terranovans. Then she flees to her escape pod::
02[21:01] * @Delgado ( Quit (Quit: [22:00] <Savant> i'm like a magnet for fucktards. I emit an electroretardation field. Attracts stupid.)
[21:01] <@Marshall> ::finds a few, tossing one to Delgado and Detro, the two closest to him, before opening fire himself::
[21:01] <@Gabriel> Surrender! And I'll spare your lif-- oh bother!
[21:02] <@Gabriel> Roland! ::dramatic pause:: Kill the escape pod!
01[21:02] <@Savant> 2Princess Juno> Ahem! Over here! Over here, on the wall!
[21:02] <@Caelin> ::grabs onto one of the arms of the octopoid and swings it around hammerthrow-style, letting it go and carreen into a group of henchmen::
[21:03] <@Roland> Right. ::picks up an incredibly oversized rifle meant for one of the octopoids and aims it down the hallway at the escape pod::
[21:03] <@Marshall> Juno? I.. ::leans in close:: I thought you wern't in this episode?
[21:03] <@Detro> ::grabs two octos and slams their heads together, knocking them "out", then letting them fall to the floor while he dusts his hands::
[21:03] <@Roland> Looks like your Utopia ::a beat:: is actually your grave ::fires::
[21:03] <@Birkin> Oh hey. ::shoots off Juno's bindings after getting close:: Blonde looks good on you Juno. As does that prisoner outfit of yours
[21:04] <@Marshall> ::leans back out, aims his ray gun at the restraints and blasts them off::
01[21:04] <@Savant> 2Princess Juno> ::grins at Marshall:: Surprise! I - Uh, Boomer, I've always *been* blonde!
[21:04] <@Gabriel> Ohhhh! Right! The princess! ::runs back toward the octopoid room, practically salivating::
[21:05] <@Marshall> Captain. Get the admiral! We're all set here!
[21:05] <@Gabriel> ::knocks Marshall out of the way:: Princesshaveyoueverlookedupatthenightskyandseenthestars?
[21:05] <@Marshall> yoohurk! ::flies::
[21:05] <@Birkin> ::tilts his head:: Huh. I need to pay more attention ::offers Juno a hand up::
[21:06] <@Gabriel> ::wraps her up in both arms and kisses her passionately before she can get too far away::
[21:06] <@Caelin> ::dusts himself off and looks at scildfreja::all in a days work eh?
01[21:06] <@Savant> 2Princess Juno> Can we go now, my arms are *killing* me, and this tin bra is pinchy. I - why hellO there, you're a little out of breammmpphh
[21:07] <@Detro> Let's get ready to go! ::shouts:: STAND BACK! ::aims a ray-gun (when did he find THAT again?) at the wall and blows a huge improbably hole through it that should technically bring the building down on them but doesn't::
01[21:07] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::puts her armsa round Caelin and kisses him passionately enough to almost be competition for Gabriel
[21:07] <@Caelin> mmmph!! mmmmmm
[21:07] <@Roland> ::huffs and puffs, dragging the gigantic Octopoid rifle with him as he continues chasing the Admiral::
[21:07] <@Detro> ::turns to motion the others out, then looks disappointed:: Damn I wish I weren't married sometimes...
[21:07] <@Gabriel> ::comes up for air, sees Scild and Caelin, then looks at the others:: Feel free to join in amongst yourselves if you like.
[21:07] <@Caelin> ::reaches around and gives freja a little goose::
01[21:09] <@Savant> Aboard Pathfinder, between repair shifts, Juno lolls unconsciously in her bunk, laying on her belly with her chin on the back of the chair and a little drool coming from her mouth. She's been entirely out of it in that awkward position for a good three hours.
01[21:09] <@Savant> Occasional a mumble, occasionally a murmur, occasionally a "oh no! Meganopterans!", sometimes a "I need to have dreams like this more often. Who knows what crazy caffiene-fuelled things are going through her head right now?
01[21:09] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:10] <@Marshall> LOL
[21:10] <@Roland> Heh
[21:10] <@Caelin> hehe
01[21:10] <@Savant> there you have it. I considered running it for two nights instead of one, but I think that's sufficient insanity for the time being Wink
[21:10] <@Gabriel> LOL Should have made it ice cream fueled. Wink
01[21:11] <@Savant> comments?
[21:11] <@Birkin> that was awesome Very Happy
01[21:11] <@Savant> cawfee flavoured ice cream
[21:11] <@Gabriel> You know that's what Juno spent her personal storage allocation on. Wink
01[21:11] <@Savant> heee
[21:11] <@Gabriel> And nope, great fun. Smile
[21:11] <@Marshall> Defenders of the Universe!
[21:11] <@Detro> Woo
[21:11] <@Caelin> nice and twisted
01[21:11] <@Savant> i found it very amusing to rewrite the current eents of the Utopian arc into Flash Gordon-ese Wink
01[21:12] <@Savant> events.
[21:12] <@Marshall> And most of them are spot on. =P
[21:12] <@Marshall> Except. Crazy.
01[21:12] <@Savant> anyways. experience! I can't obviously give you experience based on the usual criteria. Teamwork and plotline just don't seem to fit.
01[21:12] <@Savant> So let's start by telling me what your favourite moment of the game was.
[21:13] <@Marshall> Roland and the Hawkagers.
[21:13] <@Birkin&
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:13] <@Marshall> Roland and the Hawkagers.
[21:13] <@Birkin> I think Roland shooting the TAAFs out of space with his pistols
[21:13] <@Detro> Ensign Smith/Fred
[21:13] <@Gabriel> In case we don't make it out of here, my favorite moment of the game was... Wink
[21:13] <@Roland> I like both those. Wink
01[21:13] <@Savant> poor Smth/Fred/Bob Sad
01[21:14] <@Savant> heee
[21:14] <@Caelin> caelin trying to stab the meganoptera with a stick:)
[21:14] <@Marshall> Yeah. I like that one too Gabriel. Wink
[21:14] <@Gabriel> Very Airplane! Wink
01[21:14] <@Savant> any other moments you enjoyed?
[21:14] <@Marshall> Intentional
[21:14] <@Gabriel> Bet they would have done that joke, had they thought of it.
[21:14] <@Marshall> Gabriel knocking Marshall out of the way to get to the girl.
[21:15] <@Gabriel> My other favorite was OOC: Marshall fumbling every time he tried to be SMART. Wink
[21:15] <@Caelin> lol
[21:15] <@Marshall> I got it the first few times.
[21:15] <@Marshall> I seem to either roll 1s or 6s today
[21:15] <@Roland> I also enjoyed getting regular 6s on 1 dice rolls.
01[21:15] <@Savant> next one is interesting. Pick one element, if any, that you saw from this game which you would be amused to see in some *reasonable* form in the actual storyline.
[21:15] <@Gabriel> Also, Scotty's HENTAI joke. Wink
01[21:15] <@Savant> hee
[21:15] <@Birkin> yeah that was good Wink
01[21:15] <@Savant> that one was amusing
01[21:15] <@Savant> Scildfreja> :O aiieeeeeeee
[21:15] <@Roland> Roland shooting stuff from the top of a vehicle.
[21:16] <@Caelin> ::bows::
01[21:16] <@Savant> i'll let you ride Sleca into the fray like a cowboy sometime.
[21:16] <@Roland> Heheheh
[21:16] <@Marshall> Awesome.
[21:16] <@Birkin> discovering that whats her face that we should have killed in Bastile is here
[21:16] <@Gabriel> A rescue-the-girl mission. I still say Delgado should be kidnapped. She is the perfect weapon on Utopia, after all. Wink
01[21:16] <@Savant> you will need a cowboy hat and duster
01[21:16] <@Savant> heee.. i will talk to Itz about that Wink
[21:16] <@Roland> I always have those. Wink
[21:17] <@Caelin> i'm sure roland has a duster in his personal storage
01[21:17] <@Savant> sure thing John
[21:17] <@Marshall> We -do- need some regular appearances of Mubatu =)
01[21:17] <@Savant> Don't worry. I havne't forgotten about Edith or Krynn.
[21:17] <@Marshall> She's like Darth Vader =)
01[21:17] <@Savant> The TAg Team of Disaster is still causing trouble
01[21:18] <@Savant> incidentally, Michelle told me that i had to blow up Newton when she found out that you guys dared strike Paladin Lots.
01[21:18] <@Savant> i was just the messenger Sad
01[21:18] <@Savant> anyways, anything else you'd like to see?
01[21:18] <@Savant> no? okay. That's 2 experience points.
[21:18] <@Birkin> We need our own modern Ambithera
[21:19] <@Marshall> We... have one... Birkin. Wink
01[21:19] <@Savant> Tune in next week for more exciting adventures of....
[21:19] <@Caelin> we have a modern ambithera
[21:19] <@Birkin> that thing ain't modern
01[21:19] <@Savant> the Black Talons!
[21:19] <@Roland> I want weaponry like the stuff we had tonight? Wink
01[21:19] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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