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Game Transcripts for "Tocymea" Continued

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:05 am    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "Tocymea" Continued Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- Tocymea -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Tocymea in Session'
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[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
03[18:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jester
03[18:30] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:30] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Caelin> ::attn::
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01[18:31] <@Savant> Good evening and welcome to yet another episode of the Black Talons! After discussion in the OOC channel it was decided that the Talons were not going to be poking around in the radioactive city ruins. Sad Sad
[18:31] <@Marshall> I like my potential progeny.
[18:32] <@Marshall> Err. ::attn::
01[18:32] <@Savant> all ten hundred million of them?
[18:32] <@Caelin> ::smirks::
01[18:32] <@Savant> don't answer that. I don't want to know.
01[18:33] <@Savant> Anyways! We will be picking up a good distance away in both time and space. Let me monologue a moment here before your briefing.
01[18:33] <@Savant> It will be brief.
[18:33] <@Roland> (quick, someone interrupt his evil monologue and save the day!)
01[18:33] <@Savant> Repairing Pathfinder takes about as much time as you had supposed - a bit over a day and a half later, and you are ready to fly once more. This is just enough time to get the Ambithera loaded and into the Fury's hold. That *is* what you're doing, yes?
01[18:34] <@Savant> that game was last week, Roland Wink
[18:34] <@Roland> Right. Sorry.
[18:34] <@Gabriel> Assuming that Caelin and Scild can guarantee that it's safe and Marshall and Juno are satisfied that it's not gonna leak fusion radiation all over the vehicle bay.
01[18:34] <@Savant> Monologue over. Dialogue beginning. You *are* talking the Ambithera with you, yes? And it fits in the vehicle bay?
01[18:35] <@Savant> Caelin gives it a check-over with a Computers/KNO cpx 2 roll, please.
[18:35] <@Marshall> Worrying about radiation on Utopia is like worrying about water in the rain. Wink
01[18:35] <@Savant> Juno says that it will not leak fusion radiation all over the place, and suggests that its' reactor be powered down to be sure that nothing happens.
[18:36] <@Roland> If it doesn't fit in the vehicle bay, we've got plenty of space in the cargo hold.
[18:36] <@Gabriel> I'd just as soon not have it inside the location we sleep in our skivvies, yes?
01[18:36] <@Savant> Do not like the idea of it watching you as you sleep? o_o
[18:36] <@Roland> Use it's soothing blue radioactive glow as a nightlight.
[18:37] <@Gabriel> The fusion radiation. I'd just as soon not have that inside.
[18:37] <@Detro> ::coughgetonwithitcough::
[18:37] <@Gabriel> And yes, Bonaparte will have to be shifted back to cargo, but once that's done, assuming the Ambithera is smaller than a tank, it will fit in the vehicle bay.
[18:37] <@Marshall> We can run it power from Pathfinder to keep it powered up. In case we want to do some more digging.
01[18:37] <@Savant> Juno shuts down the reactor. Outside of Pathfinder. Then it's loaded in. The Cydh Ambithera is Size 14.
[18:38] <@Gabriel> (Yes, I brought Bonaparte. I'm still not entirely sure why. But the idea of leaving behind a tank made to carry drones, when it could be on Utopia, just struck me as silly.)
01[18:38] <@Savant> i like Bonaparte Smile
[18:38] <@Caelin> we just need the pilot to return:)
[18:38] <@Roland> If we run into a Meganoptera we'll be glad to use it.
01[18:39] <@Savant> I will let you juggle things to get the Cydh in. And it can be powered from Pathfinder, though someone will ahve to do some electrical work to get it to work properly.
[18:39] <@Marshall> Yo.
01[18:39] <@Savant> That's beside the point. Dialogue over. Monologue resuming.
01[18:40] <@Savant> You load back into Pathfinder and resume southwards. The trip is pretty uneventful, but you have a lot of time to scour radio transmissions and do intel work or cryptography, or something else.
01[18:41] <@Savant> Feel free to state what the activities you will be undertaking are in the OOC channel.
01[18:43] <@Savant> There is a brief, panicked "oshitoshitoshit" moment as you pass close to the southern pole, when everyone discovers that the CEF and Steelgate have set up a base down there of some sort. Not big, but you *swear* they saw you.
[18:43] <@Gabriel> Saw us? Or saw something?
[18:44] <@Gabriel> 'cause if they saw us, then I think that deserves a bit of padding. Wink
01[18:44] <@Savant> Jeremi, without orders, almost drops Pathfinder into the ground, hoping to make use of the overcast skyline as cover. It apparently worked, because nothing scrambled and no active radiation found you form the base.
01[18:44] <@Savant> but it was a bit hairy for awhile there.
01[18:45] <@Savant> So you left them behind, continued going northwards, now over ocean and towards Sumer. The trip was very easy going.
[18:45] <@Gabriel> Pause please.
03[18:45] * Itzpapalotl is now known as Delgado
[18:46] <@Gabriel> What, exactly, do we think this base saw?
01[18:46] <@Savant> Macedon has to do some math and some modelling to give you an answer on that. HE says that he would disregard it as an atmospheric artifact, if he wasn't on-the-ball.
01[18:47] <@Savant> which he reassures you that he is.
[18:47] <@Roland> Swamp gas from Venus.
[18:47] <@Gabriel> k, and if he was on the ball?
[18:47] <@Caelin> we'd have taafs following us now?
[18:47] <@Marshall> An ebil Terra Novan spaceship with those pesky Black Talons. Wink
[18:47] <@Roland> Sounds about right.
01[18:48] <@Savant> if he *was* on the ball he would've done some aggressive scanning to find out what it was, because he wouldn't be sure *what* it was.
01[18:48] <@Savant> and yeah, if he had authority, he'd send a flight up to look.
[18:48] <@Gabriel> k. Just wasn't excited about giving up our element of surprise in a couple of lines of throw-away dialogue. Wink
[18:48] <@Gabriel> Proceed.
01[18:48] <@Savant> Smile
01[18:49] <@Savant> From *there*, you flew over a grasslands that then turned into desert, then into grasslands and foothills. The Utopians explain that this area is more heavily irradiated, and your geiger counter agrees.
01[18:51] <@Savant> During the journey, in fact before you leave southern Etrusca, the Utopians explain that PAthfinder will have to be put down a distance from Troy before making the final ascent. Airspace around Troy is just too sensitive for her. They reassure you that there are several good and prepared hiding spots for aircraft, and that you'll be using one.
[18:51] <@Roland> ...we're using a prepared spot? A spot that people know about?
[18:51] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Quiet acceptable.
[18:52] <@Gabriel> A spot the Trojans know about, I assume, rather than a public spot. Wink
[18:52] <@Marshall> Les' do dis.
[18:52] <@Gabriel> Though it does kinda beg the question on whether or not this selected spot has been made public in the year plus since the Utopians have been off th eplanet.
01[18:52] <@Savant> it is a hidden Trojan airfield, you're told.
01[18:53] <@Savant> we will be picking up as you are doing the post-flight checklist on that airfield.
01[18:54] <@Savant> Aaaand here's a briefing, finally!
01[18:54] <@Savant> Tocymea
01[18:54] <@Savant> 17 December, 462 UC (28AUT46)
01[18:54] <@Savant> Golan Mountains, Central Sumer
01[18:54] <@Savant> -5 degrees C, light snow. Varying radiation levels.
01[18:54] <@Savant> So close, yet so far away. After all of this journey, all of this effort, knowing that Troy itself is only a few hundred kilometers away seems almost unreal. What could this place be like? The Utopians have givven sparse description - "underground" makes one think of a bunker, cold and clammy and austere, but "green" was another word used. It's clear by their actions that they consider it the best place on the planet. Is that just propaganda working on them, or is there something to it?
01[18:54] <@Savant> Pathfinder was not able to go directly to the site of the city, but hadd to put down a few hundred kilometers away - the airspace closer to the city is too hotly contested and an ungainly vessel like Pathfinder would be a dead giveaway. This leaves the Talons to take what gear they can and make the long trek northwest on "foot".
01[18:54] <@Savant> 230 kilometers, through rugged mountain and passing two rivers. Through a silent warzone, dotted with sudden violence. Through bomb craters and alpine meadows. This is the route that will finally take you to Troy.
01[18:54] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:54] <@Detro> ack
[18:54] <@Gabriel> "just propgan"...
[18:54] <@Roland> ack
01[18:54] <@Savant> "Is that just propaganda working on them, or is there something to it?"
[18:54] <@Marshall> ack
[18:55] <@Birkin> ack
01[18:55] <@Savant> and I'm ready for questions.
[18:55] <@Delgado> ack
[18:55] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:55] <@Detro> ::raises:: "On foot" == on mechanized foot, on our own feet, etc?
[18:55] <@Marshall> ::directs Detro to #lemos::
[18:55] <@Caelin> detro would be mechanized either way wouldn't he?Smile
01[18:56] <@Savant> A good question Detro. That's your choice.
[18:56] <@Marshall> ::badum pish::
[18:56] <@Detro> Damn Scotty, you ruined my pun Wink
[18:56] <@Detro> ::pouts::
01[18:58] <@Savant> that question is currently being hashed out in OOC. Any more questions here?
01[19:00] <@Savant> seems no. we'll begin. Other planning may take place in OOC.
01[19:00] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[19:01] <@Savant> The Koglund airfield looks incredibly rugged on first pass. It looks like a sloping and erratic angle, both visually and even to sensors. Only after MAcedon studies the scans for awhile does he realize that the rugged image is a ghost in his screens, and it's a smooth airfield, cleverly camopuflaged to look dangerous.,
01[19:02] <@Savant> Pathfinder puts down without incident, though Jeremi has a moment where he shouts out from the cockpit "woah- Woah - WOAH", the camo is so convincing. But you put down, and after a radio command from Scildfreja, a pair of Autos come out with rolls of camouflage tarp.
[19:03] <@Roland> ::watches the Autos roll out:: Odd that they don't have pattern recognition for things that should be putting down here...did someone know we were coming, or do they just cover up any joe that happens to land here?
01[19:04] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::murmurs:: I told them who we were.
[19:04] <@Caelin> ::smiles lightly::
01[19:04] <@Savant> Pathfinder stops, and her engines cool down as broad swathes of tarapulin roll out over the hull. You can get up, stretch your legs, and get on with the day.
[19:05] <@Gabriel> Gear up, people! ::gives the squads:: First squad, take point.
[19:05] <@Gabriel> ::to Scild:: How, exactly.
[19:05] <@Detro> ::is pretty quiet, having worked late on trying to crack encrypted traffic::
01[19:06] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> I had Ambithera - our Ambithera - broadcast to them.
[19:06] <@Caelin> ::proceeds to suit up in his armiger::
[19:06] <@Roland> ::grunts and pulls himself out of his chair and heads for the vehicle bay, prepping and getting into Erinyes::
[19:06] <@Marshall> ::tosses his gear bag and a weapon into the cockpit of Castle and climbs in, starting up the V-Engines::
[19:06] <@Birkin> ::feels the slow down and realizes he doesn't have much time left, going over what the team should take with them::
[19:06] <@Detro> ::once in the vehicle bay, clambers into Uchiwa, settling in to the usual startup routines::
01[19:07] <@Savant> Everyone begins to suit up, gather their equipment, prepare for the trip. Pathfinder's crew is active as well, crawling over the ship to ensure that their recent repairs were still holding well.
[19:07] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Very well, but please inform me before taking these unilateral actions, if you would. Though the risk is slight, you did give away our position.
[19:07] <@Birkin> +com+ Birkin to Caelin. About how long will our trek be to Troy?
[19:07] <@Gabriel> Out of curiosity, what do you use for secure communications? Lasers?
[19:07] <@Delgado> ::gets 'comfortable' in her gear, firing it up and getting ready to head out::
[19:07] <@Gabriel> ::tosses his two duffles into the back of the Spider and secures them::
[19:08] <@Roland> ::stands at the edge of the vehicle bay as the ramp lowers, then rolls Erinyes out onto the local ground and heads for the treeline::
[19:08] <@Marshall> ::stops out in walker and takes a look around::
01[19:09] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she nods, her expression halfway between chastized and annoyed. It's hard to tell which, if either, she felt:: Laser, usually. Cities use neutrinoband.
[19:09] <@Caelin> +com+ depends, it's still a good two hundred klicks to go, we'll be taking it slow though make sure all of you stay together, freja and i will scout ahead occasionally
[19:09] <@Delgado> ::heads out after Marshall, following the group::
[19:09] <@Detro> ::waits in the vehicle bay for the rest of first squad to depart::
[19:10] <@Birkin> ::stowes the Captain's gear securely with the rest of the teams personal load plus what he felt was required for the trip:: Alright that should about do it. ::steps out to get suited up::
[19:10] <@Caelin> ::adds::+com+ it'd probably take a good day travel
01[19:11] <@Savant> Pathfinder's bay doors open to admit the egress of the Talon. Everyone is busy as the first vehicles roll out onto what, even at this close perspective, looks like a very, very convincing painting of a rocky outcrop.
[19:11] <@Gabriel> ::nods, giving Scild a half-smile that he hopes takes off a small bit of the sting, then pulls himself overhand into Zealot's cockpit::
[19:11] <@Roland> ::pushes out to a kilometre from the landing site and stops, popping the tool arm above cover and checking the local area for movement::
01[19:12] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::watches Tynes climb to his cockpit before sealing her faceless helmet in place and rising up, gesturing for her smaller Ambithera to follow along behind her.::
[19:12] <@Birkin> +com+ Thank you. ::finishes suiting up and climbs into Hades, having already done the start up::
[19:13] <@Caelin> ::suddenly remembers::+com+ oh and i would like to remind all of you that we are in trojan lands now, i would be gratefull if you would try to not shoot everything that moves please.
[19:13] <@Gabriel> +com+ You heard the man, Talons. Weapons hold unless you have my direct authorization. Evade only, do not fire, do not take any aggressive action. Worst possible ROE until we know the situation.
[19:13] <@Detro> +com+ ::pride wounded:: I have never shown that sort of proclivity.
[19:14] <@Marshall> Hmph ::clicks all the weapons safties back on::
[19:14] <@Roland> +com+ Local area's clear anyway. Not much to shoot.
01[19:15] <@Savant> The Talons egress into the rising sun just as the Autos haul the last of the tarapulin over Pathfinder's hull. They havne't gotten all of it, but most of it is covered. They begin to primp and preen the tarps as the vehicles begin to roll out.
[19:15] <@Roland> +com+ Of course, seeing as this is supposedly a super-secret mystery landing spot, that's pretty much expect.
[19:15] <@Roland> (ed)
[19:15] <@Detro> ::rolls out when the second squad does so::
[19:15] <@Caelin> +com+ there are occasional patrols in this region, of our people, keep that in mind
01[19:17] <@Savant> You begin travelling northwest, deeper into the tall mountain ranges' teeth. Occasional moist winds blow from the west, indicating the ocean not very far off.
[19:18] <@Birkin> +com+ Roland you're on point. Then Delgado and me, Marshall pull up the rear.
01[19:19] <@Savant> East Koglund (Officially the Eastern Koglund Annexed Region) is almost picturesque. The mountains are much like the Southern Alps, jagged and pristine, draped in snowy wreathes and mantled in proud spruce. Trickling glacial streams tumble down the massive rocks, not yet having gouged out gravel for themselves in the few thousands of years since their formation.
[19:19] <@Detro> ::as he rolls out, he has to concentrate a bit on driving, but still gets a look in on his passives::
[19:20] <@Delgado> ::falls into the assigned place::
01[19:21] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Stays in position, defying stereotype and not wandering off in a delerium at every fancy new thing that comes in on sensors::
01[19:21] <@Savant> But I say almost picturesque, not entirely. Along the ground so thinly layered with topsoil, amidst the rocks cracked almost to look like frozen breaking waves, signs of violence both past and present distract from the portrait. Craters are overgrown with tiny red and blue flowers. Trees that are coiled and twisted as much from the intrusion of man as the harsh climate.
01[19:22] <@Savant> And always the tick, the snowy sparkle of geiger counters. Wildlife is sparse, and the struggle for survival is a grim thing here. Whitened rib bones jut from the thin black soil as the flesh they once held turn to mulch. The deadwood of struggling trees looks nearly identical in death to the bones of the animals that grazed upon them.
01[19:23] <@Savant> A few hours pass, and the Talons climb up a pass between two mountains, up past the treeline. It's slow going, and at points one of the Spiders looks as if it's going to slide down a steep slope and into oblivion. It has to spit gravel and revv engines to keep from plummeting.
01[19:23] <@Savant> Prettiness is the first impression the land gives, but the hostility between man and nature is a constant and unconscious pressure. What man once made on the surface of Utopia, he can also unmake. Despite how hard nature might struggle.
01[19:24] <@Savant> The talons make the pass and go down the slope on the other side - at points going form a measured descent to a scrambling freefall down the side of the slope as the gravel and screen don't hold the machines' weight.
[19:26] <@Caelin> ::trudges along trying to keep balance as he makes his way along the so-called trail::
01[19:27] <@Savant> Down the valley, into the pines and spruces that make the bowl between mountains. And, before too long, a crevasse with a pair of thin metal rails between them.
[19:28] <@Roland> ::eyes the rails as they come upon the crevasse:: ...convenient. They couldn't build a whole bridge?
[19:28] <@Detro> ::for Detro, the process has been a bit rough. Uchiwa not helping; while both didn't have the proclivity to shoot every thing that moves, they DID have a desire for speed. And this was not speed. Especially now, with this bridge-not-bridge...::
[19:28] <@Marshall> ::starts thinking of a way across::
[19:29] <@Birkin> Maybe they had a budget shortfall? ::looks back towars where the other team was going to come up soon::
[19:30] <@Roland> ::lurches Erinyes over to one of the larger trees he can find, and leans the gear's shoulder up against it while pushing::
01[19:30] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ ::mutters:: Hel. We forgot. Did you bring fascines?
01[19:30] <@Savant> 5Tree> creeEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAA
[19:30] <@Marshall> +com+ What the-?
[19:31] <@Gabriel> +com+ Yes, actually. Back aboard Pathfinder. Forgot what? Are you saying there used to be a bridge here?
[19:31] <@Roland> ::fells the tree and moves on to another -- one surely wouldn't be sufficient for the spider::
01[19:32] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ No. ::She skips forward and leaps over the gorge with a puff of her Armiger's jets, and then waves at the stubby Ambithera. It dutifully walks across the gorge with its feet upon the rails.::
01[19:32] <@Savant> Roland begins amassing a small collection of sturdy trees. Erinyes is coated in pine sap.
[19:32] <@Delgado> ::watches Roland take out his agression against his distant cousins::
[19:32] <@Caelin> ::sighs a bit, a little embarassed about forgetting their current mode of travel:: +com+ this was built to support autos and armigers, if we needed to get something bigger across we'd bring a fascine along
[19:34] <@Marshall> ::starts pushing over more trees. They needed a bridge to support a lot of weight::
[19:34] <@Roland> +com+ You guys want to start moving these trees, or just stand there contemplating the depth and darkness of that hole in the ground?
[19:35] <@Detro> ::eyes the trees:: You really think that'll hold the weight of a Spider?
[19:35] <@Gabriel> +com+ Good thinking, Senior Sergeant. Castle, Uchiwa, Spooks, move to assist.
01[19:36] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Stifles a giggle at the mention of her Gear's name and drives over to begin hauling out trees::
[19:36] <@Detro> ::If Uchiwa could shrug, it might... but there's precious few options for the Spider. Though inwardly, he thinks if he were able to get a good run-up, Uchiwa could leap it...::
[19:37] <@Detro> ::as he muses that thought, he starts helping::
[19:37] <@Birkin> ::Looks around a bit trying to see what was beyond the gap in front of them::
[19:37] <@Gabriel> +com+ Caelin, Scidfreja, is there another way around, out of curiosity?
[19:40] <@Caelin> ::points along the gorge::+com+ it get's narrow further down that way, but we'd have to backtrack a bit
[19:40] <@Roland> ::knocks over another tree, then looks around for something that might be useful in binding the large trunks together but he isn't immediately hopeful::
01[19:40] <@Savant> The Talons have amassed ten solid, sappy, spiny and brnached trees in a pile near the "bridge", if you can call it that.
[19:41] <@Detro> ::looks at the "trees", frowning::
[19:41] <@Roland> ::draws the vibrorapier and begins cleaning off the branches and spines from the logs::
01[19:42] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Waves at Sleca, which leaps from its perch atop the Spider and prances daintily across the gorge on a single rail::
[19:42] <@Gabriel> ::judges the likelihood that this is going to work, based on past WOTA improvisations he's seen::
[19:48] <@Gabriel> +com+ I'm extremely concerned about the trees shifting while we're moving over them. Fascines would be fine for wheeled or tracked vehicles, but I guess you haven't seen too many large walkers around here. ::grins::
[19:49] <@Gabriel> +com+ Much as I hate to say it, I think we're going to have to backtrack to that narrower location you mentioned.
[19:49] <@Marshall> +com+ We could make rope from the tree bark....but.... No. It'll be too weak.
01[19:49] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ ::murmurs:: If we need to have something big cross these we'll bring a portable bridge with us, usually.
[19:49] <@Gabriel> +com+ I've got a climbing pack, but that's only 35 meters of rope. More rope will take more time to make than backtracking would.
[19:50] <@Detro> +com+ Could strip power cables out of a gear arm or three...
[19:50] <@Marshall> +com+ That'll take a long time. Longer to put back.
01[19:50] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ I'll shadow you with Ambithera and Sleca on this side. If you go that way.
[19:51] <@Roland> ::pauses, then looks around for boulders large enough such that they could be used as brackets for the tree trunks once they were lain down to keep them from sliding around::
[19:51] <@Gabriel> +com+ Move out, Talons. Squad 2's on point.
[19:51] <@Caelin> +subcom+ i'll stay on this side then
[19:52] <@Detro> ::double-clicks in acknowledgement and starts moving out in the direction indicated::
01[19:52] <@Savant> With some amount of reluctance, the Talons head northeast - they seemed to enjoy the challenge of the technical problem, but rgeater issues were at hand. The sun was reaching its zenith at this point. It was a good thing that they were in cover of the forest.
01[19:53] <@Savant> Northwards, a Utopian hour passes. The gorge narrows as promised. There's still no bridge, but it's a short hop for a Gear instead of a leap that would best be done by a stunt double.
01[19:54] <@Savant> The approached involved a good amount of ascent, and at this point the trees as short and stunted, so that the Gears seem giants in the forest of the Lilliputians.
[19:54] <@Gabriel> ::looks to see if there's a place the Spider can cross::
[19:57] <@Detro> ::also scouts for likely crossing locations, knowing the Spider's abilities rather well::
[19:57] <@Detro> ::slows at one spot:: +com+ Don't suppose we packed a winch for this trip?
[19:58] <@Detro> ::gestures with his gear's hand:: If we can get a winch on that side, we could use that to haul the Spider over.
[19:58] <@Gabriel> +com+ Negative. Will Spider One be able to cross, Sergent?
[20:00] <@Caelin> +com+sleca and our ambithera both have winches
[20:00] <@Marshall> +com+ Big winches. Huge tensile strength.
[20:01] <@Caelin> ::shrugs::+com+ both are made of high strength materials
[20:01] <@Gabriel> +com+ How far from here to New Troy?
[20:02] <@Roland> +com+ How about we just jump it? Tri-video style.
[20:02] <@Detro> +com+ Might be a rough landing for the Spider. Do we really want to risk breaking its suspension this far from repair parts?
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::makes some calculations in his onboard conputer::+com+ about a hundred-twenty, hundred-thirty klicks still
[20:03] <@Marshall> +com+ I'm not sure the winches on those autos are cut out to pull this kind of weight, but I think it's the best option.
[20:03] <@Roland> +com+ It's a military vehiclde designed to go over the roughest terrain imagineable. I think it can handle a little airborne fun.
[20:03] <@Gabriel> +com+ Very well. We'll try winching it across.
[20:04] <@Gabriel> +com+ I agree with you, Senior Sergeant, but let's try the less stressful option first.
01[20:04] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::From the other side, Scildfreja waves her hand at the Autos a few times. Both of them brace their legs into the thin dirt and ports open, revealing winch cables. Sleca's is the very same winch cable he used to fly form the roof of a Gomorran building, rescuing orphans in the process::
01[20:05] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She collects the two cables, walks over to the gorge, and tosses them across::
[20:06] <@Marshall> ::catches the two cables and moves to attach them tightly::
01[20:06] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> We ready to go? Can we go now?
[20:07] <@Marshall> ::gives a gear thumb up::
[20:07] <@Caelin> ::to gabriel::+com+ that rope you brought, would it be strong enough to attach to the back of the spider so that we can guide it? it would be bad for it to slam against the wall of the gorge would it not?
[20:07] <@Roland> ::sets up behind the Spider to push in the event it gets a little too low into the crevasse as it dips across....::
[20:08] <@Gabriel> +com+ It's not exactly 5000 kilo test line, if that's what you're asking. I think it would do more harm than good.
01[20:08] <@Savant> The cables tug tight even as CAelin's asking for a bit more caution, and the Spiders' wheels spin wildly, digging ruts int he alpine soil. It leaps forward, alllllmost makes it ot the other side, dips down beneath the lip of the gorge...
[20:09] <@Marshall> ::gawks, then jumps in to help::
[20:09] <@Roland> ::puuuuuuuuuuush::
01[20:09] <@Savant> And then the line snaps taut, and the two Autos haul the front tires over the edge. With another engine revv and a shout of "wooo-hoo-hooo!" over the subvocal, the Spider makes it across
[20:09] <@Gabriel> ::smirks a bit at Jeremi's enthusiasm::
[20:10] <@Birkin> +com+ You alright in there Jeremi?
[20:10] <@Detro> ::grins in his cockpit, but says nothing::
[20:10] <@Gabriel> +com+ ::chuckles:: Any other terrain problems you forgot to mention, Scildfreja? Gorges of molten lava, pools of molten lead, things of that nature?
[20:10] <@Marshall> ::silently mutters his thanks that that worked and wipes the panic sweat from his brow:: +com+ Right. Looks like we're good to go.
01[20:10] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> +subvoc+ ha ha, yeah, yeah! Closest thing I'll get to flying in this brick!
[20:11] <@Roland> ::the Spider having crossed the gap, hops over behind it::
[20:12] <@Caelin> ::just for the heck of it, takes a bit of a running leap, then pops the wings open and puffs the jets to take him the rest of the way::
[20:13] <@Gabriel> ::leaps across the gap waving his arms like a popular Novan comic book hero his son likes::
[20:13] <@Birkin> ::leaps over the gap, skidding to a stop on the other side:: +com+ Good. Hopefully we can find a less exciting way to get back across.
[20:13] <@Detro> ::revs the engine and jumps::
[20:14] <@Gabriel> +com+ We'll make them bring that portable bridge Scildfreja was mentioning earlier, Lieutenant. So, Scildfreja, pools of molten lead ahead, or is that it?
01[20:15] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Caelin:: +subcom+ We should scout the pass ahead. We're getting close. And there's not a lot of cover. MAybe they've put in those pools of molten lead.
[20:15] <@Roland> +com+ Radioactive goo, perhaps?
[20:15] <@Detro> +com+ Do you people always complain like this when you've been invited over to someone's house for the first time?
[20:16] <@Caelin> ::in response to birkin::+com+ we'll have some people come back for your ship with suitable fascines. ::pauses a moment as he looks around and hearing freja, chuckling a bit:: alright we'll go ahead a bit, you make surethe spider is fit for travel, we won't be long
[20:17] <@Gabriel> +com+ Sergent Detro, if you please, confirm the Spider is unharmed.
[20:17] <@Caelin> ::follows freja further into the forest::
[20:17] <@Marshall> ::gives the Spider a quick glance over himself::
01[20:17] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods and heads off with the Ambithera and Sleca, with Caelin close behind::
01[20:18] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::revs the engine cheerily::
[20:19] <@Detro> +com+ Check. Hold still Jeremi, this won't hurt a bit. ::grins as he lowers Uchiwa near to the ground where the spider is, inspecting the underside with his gear's tool-arm camera::
[20:20] <@Detro> ::hrms, moving the camera about:: So far, so... whoop, no, wait a minute.
[20:21] <@Detro> +com+ Marshall, you've got an eye for this. Think the auxilliary support axle will be okay with that dent in it?
[20:21] <@Marshall> ::grimaces slightly:: +com+ Yeah. I see it too. It'll wait though.
[20:21] <@Marshall> +com+ It'll have to anyway. We didn't bring any replacements.
[20:21] <@Birkin> +com+ Good. Just means more work for you two later.
01[20:22] <@Savant> The Utopians get out of sight as they scout up ahead. The pass isn't too far off, now.
[20:23] <@Roland> ::continues forward, returning to the scouting role as he follows the Utopians::
[20:24] <@Birkin> ::motions for Delgado and Marshall to follow with Roland::
[20:24] <@Marshall> ::takes up the rearguard of the scouting group. The last of the first::
[20:24] <@Detro> ::as apparently team one was taking the lead, hangs back, waiting for their group to leapfrog forward::
01[20:24] <@Savant> The Utopians leave little sign of their passing, far less than the heavy-footed Gears, though their trace is slight. Scildfreja transmits back a map of cleared areas and their route as it ascends the pass.
01[20:27] <@Savant> The terrain gets steep, the trees are left behind in exchange for bare rock and gravel. - this pass is not as arduous as the last, but it is longer. You are forced to travel slowly and cautiously to avoid sending up clouds of dust.
01[20:29] <@Savant> You slip down into the next valley, back into trees. It is a young forest, and there are signs of a fire once passing through here.
[20:29] <@Gabriel> ::looks around for the pit of molten lava, actually enjoying the scenery::
[20:30] <@Gabriel> +com+ Except for the radiation, this is even more like home.
[20:30] <@Birkin> ::grunts slightly, getting a little bit tired at the trek, trying his best to enjoy the area around him::
01[20:30] <@Savant> It is in this more heavily undergrown forest ringed with white mountains, with the Utopians further ahead and the group strung out in a line, that your Gears light up red warnings of ECM jamming.
[20:30] <@Detro> ::wonders what set off the fire -- stray hit of lightning... or worse...::
02[20:32] * @Roland ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
03[20:33] * Roland ( has joined #bt05
03[20:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Roland
[20:34] <@Marshall> +com+ I'm being jammed.. ::tries to get a clear comm freq::
01[20:35] <@Savant> Points within the forest twist and shudder as a dozen black-carapaced hulls drop their active camouflage and raise up from behind their dirt foxholes. Spidery, angry things with six eyes and the unmistakeable round barrells of particle accelerators.
[20:35] <@Detro> ::per ROE, keeps his weapons safed, MAC tipped ground-ward::
[20:36] <@Roland> +com+ Man, I fucking hate that stuff. And love it. At the same time. So conflicted. ::tightens the grip on the LPLC as he draws it and points it skywards::
[20:36] <@Gabriel> ::holds up one hand, palm forward, signaling the team to stop, then changes the gesture to waving the hand palm down toward the ground, signaling they should go to cover:: +com+ Scildfreja, Caelin, friends of yours?
[20:38] <@Birkin> ::moves behind cover, mimicing the signal that Gabriel gave to those farther down the line::
01[20:38] <@Savant> The only reply to Gabriel is static. Two beetle-black Armigers are springing forward, oen o them announcing in a synthetic monotone, "Drop your Weapons. Drop your Weapons"
[20:38] <@Marshall> ::settles his gear behind a tree::
[20:39] <@Marshall> ::his comm lines were still dead. He worked on those priority one::
[20:40] <@Gabriel> ::obeys the order, setting his MAC down and signaling the others with hand signals that they should do the same::
[20:40] <@Birkin> Can't really drop everything we have... ::watches as the captain drops his MAC and does the same after a few moments::
[20:41] <@Detro> ::lets his gun arm drop, then safely puts the MAC on the ground... his hand tenses over the ECCM switch, but doesn't engage::
[20:41] <@Roland> ::grinds his teeth within his helmet -- he was getting real, real tired of this disarmament crap -- and lowers the weapon::
[20:41] <@Marshall> ::drops all the weapons that wern't specifically attached to the hull of his gear and raised both hands up in the air, leaving them there::
[20:41] <@Gabriel> ::toggles one of his rear-facing cameras to have a look at what Caelin or Scildfreja are doing::
[20:42] <@Marshall> +com+ Can anyone hear me? ::tries more comms work, finally getting through::
[20:42] <@Caelin> +com+ .......just......down.......::static::
01[20:43] <@Savant> The Autopatrol fans out , the legs walking sideways while their turreted bodies keep facing the Gears. The group is quite tidily surrounded.
[20:43] <@Gabriel> +com+ I can hear you, Castle. No hostile actions of any kind. Take it easy.
[20:43] <@Marshall> +com+ Rog, Cap.
01[20:43] <@Savant> 2Armiger> ::In that same electric monotone, clearly artificial:: Identify Yourselves. Identify Yourselves.
[20:44] <@Gabriel> ::transmits in the clear:: +com+ We are friendlies, escorting two Armigers of New Troy. Caelin, Scildfreja, come forward.
[20:45] <@Gabriel> ::is not about to tell a robot who he really is::
[20:45] <@Marshall> ::translates into AS as best he can in case Caelin and Scildfreja still had comms down::
[20:45] <@Caelin> +com+::mostly static with a few choice curse words in Agensprech thrown in::
01[20:46] <@Savant> Too quickly, the Armigers lower their weapons and step backwards into the undergrowth again, their Autopatrol swivelling away from the Talons and assuming a formation around them.
01[20:46] <@Savant> The ECM disappears a brief moment later.
[20:47] <@Roland> +com+ ::as the ECM dies down:: Someone want to tell me what the fuck exactly we are supposed to do here against those things?
[20:47] <@Gabriel> ::picks up his MAC and stows it:: +com+ Talon 5, on your feet. Belay that, Senior Sergeant. Squad one, hold position here. Squad two has the point. Caelin, Scildfreja, your city, please take the lead.
[20:48] <@Marshall> ::rearms and gets set to roll out::
[20:48] <@Birkin> ::grabs his MAC, moving into the underbrush as best he can::
[20:48] <@Detro> ::picks up his MAC and follows orders::
01[20:48] <@Savant> The Utopians approach from the head of the road with a cluster of spidery Autos around them - and now there are *three* armigers, not two. Scildfreja is reaffixing her helmet.
[20:48] <@Caelin> +com+::still in AS:: dammit kenwaerd, you're luckily i told them to keep their dicks down in this region!
01[20:49] <@Savant> 2Kenweard> +subcom+ ::Laughing - a male voice:: [AS] Heofon, they're tall.
01[20:50] <@Savant> The Gears begin moving out, and the patrol moves to join them, dispersing into the forest like ghosts - a frightening thing for machines the size that they are.
01[20:51] <@Savant> 2Kenweard> +subcom+ ::in rough, accented Anglic:: So you're the aliens?
[20:51] <@Caelin> ::starts chuckling as well::+com+[AS] you haven't seen anything yet, they left their ship at the landing strip a hundred klicks south we'll need a team with the heavy fascines to bring it across the gorge
[20:53] <@Marshall> [AS] We'll need the fascines to get back. Pathfinder can fly here.
[20:53] <@Birkin> ::looks at the captain to field this question:: +com+ Horrible brown aliens. That's us.
01[20:53] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[20:53] <@Savant> there we are! Interesting that what was apparently one of your greatest barriers was.. a hole in the ground Wink
[20:54] <@Caelin> hehe
[20:54] <@Marshall> A million light years and change and we get stopped by a gorge.
[20:54] <@Roland> "What d'we need a fuckin' rope fer?"
01[20:54] <@Savant> what kind of adventurers don't bring a rope and a ten foot pole?
01[20:55] <@Savant> Next week we will be getting into Troy, and you'll be meeting a whole bunch of people, and learning a whole lot of things. And a new story will be starting Smile
[20:55] <@Marshall> All my GvE characters had one, up until we NEEDED it then I didn't have it =)
[20:55] <@Birkin> you mean your quill ink and parchment?
[20:55] <@Marshall> Right. That too
[20:55] <@Caelin> and even then he forgot to bring some:)
01[20:55] <@Savant> any questions?
[20:55] <@Detro> Nope
[20:55] <@Birkin> When do we get the active camo
[20:55] <@Gabriel> None here. Nice little game.
[20:55] <@Birkin> seriously.
01[20:56] <@Savant> Caelin knows a dude that can do that for you.
[20:56] <@Marshall> Marshall volunteers to learn everything there is about Utopian tech =)
[20:56] <@Roland> Roland is going to absolutely snap on this planet. I can tell already. Wink
01[20:56] <@Savant> heh heh. Because of things sneaking up on him and going "boo"? Wink
[20:56] <@Gabriel> Heh.
[20:57] <@Gabriel> It hasn't occured to him until now that other things than him get to hide, too. Wink
01[20:57] <@Savant> incidentally, part of the chatter between the Utopians will be Caelin commenting that he's glad that the active camo has made it to the Autopatrols. It's very new apparently
01[20:57] <@Savant> heh heh
[20:57] <@Roland> Yeah, but those other things are cheating. Wink
[20:57] <@Gabriel> You might actually have to put points into using sensors. Aw. Wink
[20:57] <@Roland> He just appears to turn invisible. These things actually do turn invisible. Wink
01[20:57] <@Savant> eheehee
01[20:58] <@Savant> okay. expees. One for teamwork. Tell me about the teamwork that happened today.
[20:58] <@Detro> Gorging out on gorge brainstorming
[20:58] <@Marshall> Building a bridge
[20:59] <@Roland> What he said.
[20:59] <@Marshall> Winching
[20:59] <@Marshall> Which was mainly me and the NPCs, in retrospect.
[20:59] <@Birkin> moved as a team in formation really really well
01[20:59] <@Savant> i think that was the best example of it today, yes. Everyone instinctively ganging up on the trees.
01[21:00] <@Savant> and no one shooting at the Autos when you were ambushed.
01[21:00] <@Savant> which would have been dumb Smile
[21:00] <@Marshall> ohnoes powpowpowpowpow
[21:00] <@Roland> You mean 'pewpewpewpewpew'
[21:00] <@Marshall> I would mail a facepalm in a bow to whoever did that, but in all likelyhood it would be me =)
01[21:00] <@Savant> that's one point. Two points is for storyline. Learn anything storywise?
[21:00] <@Marshall> err. in a box
[21:01] <@Detro> Utopians paint GREAT murals. Wink
[21:01] <@Roland> Caelin has a friend!\
01[21:01] <@Savant> :O
[21:01] <@Marshall> Utopian terrain sucks butt.
[21:01] <@Caelin> caelin's got many friends, not all of them are koglunders:)
01[21:01] <@Savant> New Troy surives because invading this place sucks.
[21:01] <@Gabriel> Troy's stealth--
[21:01] <@Gabriel> Yeah, what Savant just said. Wink
01[21:01] <@Savant> heh heh
[21:02] <@Gabriel> I was gonna phrase it "doesn't just extend to its vehicles, but to everything."
[21:02] <@Marshall> woooo Operation Barbarossa GO!
[21:02] <@Gabriel> Suprised they use radios.
01[21:02] <@Savant> Koglund is mountainous, though this area is more forested than Koglund proper.
01[21:03] <@Savant> Scildfreja would have preferred to just wave at the Autos at the airfield, but had no choice.
01[21:03] <@Savant> no line of sight.
01[21:03] <@Savant> anyways. That's pretty good all in all. Two points. I will give you a third point if you can tell me something you enjoy about Utopia in general.
[21:04] <@Roland> Air
[21:04] <@Marshall> Advanced Technology =P
[21:04] <@Caelin> the talon's reactions to it:)
[21:04] <@Birkin> The fact that we have found some (hopefully) new allies against the Terrans.
[21:04] <@Detro> No endless airless stretches of rocky land. Now we have some scenery Smile
[21:05] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: That's going to be the nice thing: actual differing terrain types. No more, this is clear, that's rough, and that's impassible, and that's it.
[21:05] <@Gabriel> There might actually have to be some minor strategy involved in our fights here. Wink
06[21:06] * @Savant nods. I look forward to the fighting immensely
01[21:06] <@Savant> Smile
[21:06] <@Marshall> So do I >=)
01[21:06] <@Savant> I will give you a fourth point if you tell me what you look forward to doing in the next story arc.
[21:06] <@Caelin> only cus you want to try out your new superweapon right marshal?Smile
[21:07] <@Marshall> Pub. Meet the locals.
[21:07] <@Gabriel> ::grins:: I've got something I'm looking forward to as much as I was "Gabriel in a suit", but I want to keep it secret for now. ::/msgs Savant::
[21:07] <@Caelin> gabriel in an armiger:)
01[21:08] <@Savant> mehee hee heee
[21:08] <@Birkin> A new culture that's totally new. I want to see how these Koglunders work as a society etc. And I want to learn more about the Steelgate too.
[21:09] <@Caelin> lets see, there's definetly something that caelin and freja would like to do:)
[21:09] <@Marshall> spoooooon
01[21:09] <@Savant> more than likely
01[21:10] <@Savant> I will give you *five* points if you can tell me something you've like developing in one of the other characters in the game
[21:11] <@Caelin> itz turning purple:)
[21:11] <@Caelin> er delgado
[21:11] <@Gabriel> Birkin turning into an officer. I almost said something when he got his squad moving without orders, but hey, he took charge and I like that.
[21:11] <@Roland> Birkin acting like he's in charge. Wink
[21:12] <@Detro> Roland actually finding it within himself to actually *kill* plants.
[21:12] <@Gabriel> ROFL
[21:12] <@Marshall> hahaha
[21:12] <@Detro> The first one to go for those trees as I recall. Wink
01[21:12] <@Savant> heeheehee
[21:12] <@Roland> Everything on this damned planet is genetically engineered. I don't think he's very fond of it. Wink
[21:12] <@Marshall> Caelin is still seething about those autos we took out. I think that's amusing.
01[21:13] <@Savant> I wonder if Roland realizes that this planet was a barren lifeless rock before humans showed up. they made everything here Wink
[21:14] <@Caelin> it's more of an extension of when roland blew up the spidhra:)
01[21:14] <@Savant> okay. Five points. Well done. Story over. New next week Smile
01[21:14] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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