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Something to consider

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PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2007 10:17 pm    Post subject: Something to consider Reply with quote

First, I just want to quote a passage from a book I picked up on the discusses the use of allies during a time of war:

Use them, because they are using you. It will not do to always maneuver your allies into the most dangerous positions and yourself into positions of safety, because your allies will abandon you. Do not allow them to abuse your trust, because then they will conquer you. Be fair to your allies and make sure your allies are fair to you. Ensure that success in the war benefits both you and your ally. Then neither will have a reason to betray the other, and both will prosper.
Likewise, deny your enemy the opportunity to make allies. Where possible, sabotage the enemy's negotiations for treaties. Do not threaten potential allies, because it will make them more resolute to guard against you. Instead, appear strong and unassailable without looking at your enemy's allies. The ally will fear earning your wrath without thinking it is too late to avoid. Your spies should be placed to disrupt negotiations. Failing that, your spies should tell you whom the enemy courts so you know where to appear strong.

The line that stands out the most for me is Do not threaten potential allies, because it will make them more resolute to guard against you.

Now, why am I bringing this up? Simple. For every action there is going to be an equal and opposite reaction; with our attacks on "corporate resources" without knowing the exact situation of things is likely going to push the corporates more towards Earth and away from them. The power of Caprice lies in the hands of the Corporate powers, not the Liberatie. If Terra Nova is going to weather another assualt, we need allies with power and we need the Corporates to side with us. If we do not have a position of power within Caprice, whatever we do here is for naught.

Here is what we know about Caprice: they are a society based upon Corporate culture. You work for the corporation and the corporation in turn provides for you. We know that the average Caprician views themselves as being self-made...they work for a living and earn their dues based upon what they put in. They also approach life with business mentality..."What can I get out of this venture". They'll take risks, but they also calculate every risk they take. We need to take this into consideration when we do anything.

Also, the whole attitude of "If they are not fighting Earth, they're in bed with Earth" needs to go...we can't and will not win any allies with that mentality. We are dealing with prideful corporates here. They are not a military force and in order to survive, they had to surrender. Realize that they faced the full force of all 8 CEF fleets. It wasn't a case of 1 fleet showing up and then being reinforced. All 8 showed up. With Guns. With GRELS. With the intent of using the entire force to retake the system. A smart individual picks their battles and that was not a day to go to war. Also, the lack of a standing military on Caprice likely figured into that decision...and even if they had had a military force, they would have not stood a chance against 8 fleets. Terra Nova barely fought off one fleet. Right now, we have no idea of the actual political climate of Caprice and making blind assumptions will hurt us. We need intelligence and that is something we are failing to acquire at the moment. We had the chance to take an Earth Intelligence agent on one of our first ship boardings, but instead we killed him. Why? And the argument of "we don't have space" is not a good one...we make space for the short time we need the agent. We squeeze him and the dump him...but we didn't even attempt that.

Also, we could have gone to the one space station the Liberati told us about...sure, we couldn't go in the Fury, but we sure as heck could have sat on one of the Liberati's ships, flown in, dressed as a Liberati and walked about and getting a feel for what is going on in the system, but we didn't. Maybe it wasn't a loss, but it was an option that we did not give any real consideration to.

Another thing...I am glad the UMF is not sponsoring us cause we'd be paying them back something awful. The amount of ammunition and resources we have expended for the results we have achieved has been...wasteful. I understand why we love our ACs...ROF is apparently king of the battlefield. However, that means we are in a very dangerous position of running out of ammo. Earth does not use ACs...they use energy weapons for a reason. No ammo. No moving parts. There is an energy source that can be recharged and lenses take up very little space. When we run out of ammo, what are we going to do? We do not have the facilities to fabricate our own munitions. I know that there is also the dedragation of damage with energy weapons...however, they have better range that ACs and still achieve better damage and are more accurate than ACs. On Terra Nova, the AC is nice cause they are everywhere. Here on Caprice...not so much. But that is just my opinion. We should have equipped the gears with more energy weapons...the majority of us are skilled enough techs that the extra maintenance is not a concern really.

The Talons are a commando force. As such, we need to pick and choose our targets for the best impact. Attacking mining ships is not doing anything except making our lives more difficult with both the Liberati and the rest of Caprice. Now Earth is actively hunting us...this is not a situation that a commando team should be in. We have been way too active and now we are in a closing net. I hope we get out of it cause spending time in Bastille Alpha is not high on my priorities. Examples of what we could be doing instead are things like, getting intelligence, listening to broadcasts and making percision strikes against individual targets. For example, learning that a Major or even a Colonel is making an inspection at a fire base; we could then setup a single Gear in a sniper's position and wait. The moment the officer shows up, take the shot and then pull out. That would be a serious blow to Earth

Anyway, that is my little rant for the moment. Just figured I might want to put out what I've been thinking about for a long time.
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