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Personal Journal of Veda Winthrop

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PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2007 1:53 am    Post subject: Personal Journal of Veda Winthrop Reply with quote

Pride. It is a warriors' weapon and his weakness. It is what drives his sword into his foes and pushes him to acts of greatness and glory. It also pushes him to madness and to his own doom.

Terranovans are consummate warriors. I have seen them fighting for half of my life now - first in videos captured from Caprice, then from trideos from the Eighth, and then from our spies and saboteurs. While I have never personally been engaged in a combat with them, I have seen enough to have gained something of an understanding of them. They are strong, prideful, powerful, independent. They are the ancient vikings and templars and cowboys - savage, merciless to those not of their own group.

They are also arrogant, boastful, vain, and stubborn. The curse of hubris has bitten them deeply, and it will be their undoing. As I dictate this, the trap is being sprung. Their raiding teams are predictable - once I saw what they were doing it was relatively easy to piece the rest together. Their commander is clever! Their teams are undoubtedly operating independent of one another, but all with similar goals. However, each one is a Terranovan, and each one can be goaded into action.

With the fleets moving in, they knew they would only have one shot left until the noose tightened. We knew their general positions, and we knew that they would want to expend most of their space-combat arsenal before making their way to the planet, or back to Terranova. Hardly sensible to carry about all that extra weight for nothing, after all. So they'd pick a nice, fat target.

It was easy to get the station. We offered Gallot some money and a lush contract for tank parts and hulls, and they were looking to replace their aging refinery anyway. A small subsidy on that new construction and the deal was sealed. Of course, we weren't able to get the crew off in time - this was all done in a hurry after all - so we had to pay danger pay wages as well. No worry. A drop in the bucket in comparison with what the CID spends on their damned inquisition teams.

Don't get me wrong - the CID does an excellent job. The corporates despise us, I know, but the CID is slowly convincing them that co-operating with us is their only option for survival and progress. And these Gommorans, they do love their progress.

I look forward to hearing how well my trap has fared. It's nice to get the Third some actual combat experience - they need it. So far all the GREL have been good for is eating and labour camps. That provides us with a healthy income, at least. Hopefully they haven't forgotten how to fire a gun. The Talons are slippery enough that they may escape, but no matter - we'll have them on their heels then, and with a bit more pressure they'll crack, and we'll have them.

Perhaps then Inquisitor Rasuul will get off my back. She apparently has something very special planned for them.
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