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Placing the Blame

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 4:51 am    Post subject: Placing the Blame Reply with quote

The trouble with engineering a revolution or revolt is that someone -- or a group of someones -- has to be visibly in front leading it.

We need that visible person now more than ever to distract Rassul. I'm proposing we make that someone a person who will not only grab the CEF's interest, but also be someone who can always be one step ahead of them, virtually Untouchable.

Someone like Joanna Farrell. Yeah. The dead woman.

Here's the logic:

Arrow Joanna is certainly known to be a deserter on Caprice, which means they'll want to make an example out of her. Joanna could be known as a traitor, if any intel from Mason on TN made it back to Caprice. If the CEF knows she's defected to the Talons, that makes her a significant threat. If not, she's certainly a suitable example for use in quelling any further CEF defections.

Arrow She's someone from within the CEF who is speaking and acting out against them. This makes her a significant target, which certainly explains why so few have met her -- and explains why she can't show up in person for major rallies...

Arrow ...and makes her PERFECT bait to snare Rassul in a trap of our own. If she becomes enough of a threat, and information leaked out on her whereabouts, at the very least we get to observe Rassul's reaction, if not take down some valuable troops.

Arrow At the same time, she can't be killed. She'd always be there to taunt the CEF. At the same time, she's disposable, which means we can cut our losses if the Highlands First "steals" her, or martyr her to inspire people to act against the CEF.

Arrow All the Talons in the Trench can use her. If Rassul looks at the big picture and sees Joanna's hand at work everywhere, she's going to push her efforts at capturing the elusive traitor, which lets us "work around" them. And if there are no Talon teams on Caprice? She defaults to the control of Junkman and any long-term Talon members on the planet to do raids against the CEF in the Highlands.

Arrow She's reproducable: We should still have her CEF ID card, so can pull relevant information from that. Even use it to lure the CEF, perhaps even to their own musical doom. Can she be faked? I asked Colin:

*Farrell* Can Mem create virtual footage of Joanna if he had a powerful enough computer?
*Savant* sure, easy.
*Savant* his laptop could
*Savant* a 3PP Visual Arts Module would give him a.. hmm, level 3 Visual arts Wink yeah, he could make something convincing with that
*Savant* getting a 3PP Module wouldn't be easy though

Still waiting for word on faking her voice, but a few trideo clips should help.

"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." - George Patton
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 6:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well I myself think it could work as bait, but I don't think it will work for the purposes of morale. Resistance leaders can lead from the sidelines (Osama Bin Laden for example) even come back to haunt invading forces from the grave from the grave. But it can also crush morale if its discovered that it is a fake.

We could end up doing more harm then good if we use a dead comrade as a "figure head".

Besides, rebel leaders only get noticed if they are recieving media attention. And the CID will just try and cover it up or twist it to meet their own ends. Propaganda is a powerful weapon, but its still a tool and I think the CEF/CID are more then capable of turning it around on us.

We need someone who is actively attacking, someone who will lead from the front if at all possible a rogue Corp official. Especially since the only way Caprice will stand a chance is if its backed by the Corps and the Trenchers in the first place. Most of them are still "plotting" a way TO fight back. Trenchers and Corps are very passive aggressive, the Liberati are the ones who will rally first.

Talons make an awesome roll model, but not rebel leaders, so I agree that we need someone from Earth or Caprice. However, we need somebody alive.
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