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Black Talon Intercolonial Forces?

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 6:32 pm    Post subject: Black Talon Intercolonial Forces? Reply with quote

I know that you guys have had little chance to do this, but I was thinking that maybe as BT05 completed its missions on other worlds you could bring back potential candidates for the BT program from the resistance fighters.

It sounds kind of dumb at first I know, but think about the implications. Up until now the BTs have been viewed as a military force from Terranova, on Caprice they are pretty close to being revered. They stand for everything the Liberati fight for and are amazingly skilled and equipped soldiers.

Arrow It would mean a great deal to the Liberati if you brought a few of the most skilled pilots with you, once trained they could return to Caprice and train some of their own to the BTs exacting standards. If you did this on every colony world the BTs would go from being a Terranovan "strike" force to being a colonial force that meant something even more.

Arrow Being a Black Talon could mean that you fight for the colonies and not just Terranova. It would serve as a means to unite the resistance groups on the colonies and increase the size, power and skill of the resources future BT teams can draw upon. These recruits could establish specific BT resistance bases and bring in BT specific supplies and materials.

Arrow These "colonial" BTs would also have pre-established contacts and targets for the BT teams that arrived. Imagine having an intelligence network already established on the world when you come back?

Arrow Lastly it could provide the BT program back on Terranova with the means to explore the other colonies' culture, history, economics and technology. After all who better to give you insight into another world then someone who has lived there all their lives?

Arrow What happens if you recruited scientists from other colonies...ones where technology is superior or divergent from Terranovan tech? It could mean huge jumps in the tech and resources available to future Talon teams.

I'm not talking about turning us into recruiting officers, but taking two or three skilled personnel with us could mean a big difference later on down the road, especially if they return with other BT and begin training new recruits on their specific planets.
Karas Barthelemy
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