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Intel Report, 7S TN 1945

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Joined: 24 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:53 am    Post subject: Intel Report, 7S TN 1945 Reply with quote

In an anonymous drop box run by Baldren, addressed to the Efficiency Consultant for Mariss Milspec:

M. Vandenberg and Party,

We hope this letter finds you well, and once again we apologize for not being able to offer you the contract for which you had applied. We are pleased, however, to offer you work on a freelance and unofficial level. You have demonstrated a level of independance and resolve which is applaudable - if only the current situation would allow a more binding relationship between us. As per our discussion on the evening of the 24th, we would like to extend this package to you as a down payment for the contract agreed upon. Please find it enclosed.

As you are no doubt aware, Mariss Milspec enjoys a close relationship with the CID, CEF and other Terran organizations. Because of this there are several unique opportunities now available to you. We shall be sure to further any interesting information to your party, as we feel you would be an asset to any Colonial ventures our company embarks upon. Be warned however that opportunities come and go quickly, and are often time sensitive. When possible, we shall include such information with our correspondences.

Again, we are pleased to have your aquaintance and the opportunity to work with you. Together we see a shining future for us all.

For the Commonwealth,
- H. Guilles

(Attachments Follow)
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Joined: 24 Aug 2006
Posts: 355
Location: Rangstadt, Allied Europe, Earth, NEC

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 6:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The first file is a video - its timestamp places it to a day ago. The image is slightly askew, as if the camera were not entirely straight. however, the video footage is clear enough - it depicts a small, functional but ornate board room. The walls appear to be wood panelling (but are likely plastic veineer) with heavy gable arches along them, making the room seem more like a medieval hall. One end is constructed of caprician rock, a nearly jet black brickwork that's overlaid with one broad screen and two smaller Mariss Milspec tapestries to either side. The table that runs down the centre of the room in a strip is modern with a wooden trim and trideo projectors studded along the centre.

There is a large collection of people here, all in business attire - you recognize Hadren Guilles near the middle of the table, and by a strand of hair and the height of the camera you can guess that the camera is inset into a necklace worn by Saske Orwend. The rest you don't recognize.

Everyone stands as the door on one side opens and a collection of black and grey and blue uniformed people walk in. Leading the group is a CID official with jet black hair and a positively vicious scar across her otherwise innocent looking face - Mem, Roland and Craig immediately recognize her as Krynn Rasuul. She doesn't say much, instead moving to the side of the room and watching with crossed arms.

The other Terrans don't come up in anyones' memory, there are two uniformed men who show up at the tail end of the procession however - these two stand out, being the only blue-uniformed people in the group. The Utopians. Both wear identical uniforms - military caps and embroidered jackets that would seem to be most comfortable on a Napoleonic era cavalryman. Both have moustaches, and both carry batons at their hips. They bow politely and speak greetings in accented Anglic before sitting down at the table.

A bearded man in a CID Colonel's uniform addresses the crowd as everyone sits. He speaks Anglic well, with little of the Siberian rasp to his voice. "Good afternoon, everyone. We would like to introduce you to Lieutenant General Uthres Vars and his aide, First Commander Jondrens of Ephesus. They've released to us some of the footage which we are about to show you, but first I think the Lieutenant General wants to say a few things about what you're going to see."

The CID man sits down and the taller of the two Utopians stands up, raising a hand as he did so. You can only think of his behaviour in terms of the spacer Liberati - conservative in movement and contemplative in gesturing. His speech is a little slow and he has an unusual accent which none of you can place - perhaps something like a bastard child between Siberian and Equatorial Hispanic, but neither at the same time. "Appreciate well. The footage is a lesson that you should learn. We feel it represents the requests of our Terran friends, as it displays our own weapon systems in use. While the Colonial Expeditionary Force wishes different weapon systems than our own, it will be a guide for you to follow on the path to better plans. Mister Jondrens, if you please." He sits down, and his aide takes out a PDA, links it to the projector overhead, and activates the footage.


The display is only video, and is of poor quality - Mem identifies that the capturing camera is using a wide variety of passive sensing techniques to assemble what must be a composite image. It shows the interior of a half-demolished factory floor, where a firefight is being conducted. The camera moves from time to time - the first time it does, Melissa notes cheerfully that the camera is a drone, likely a surveillance or monitoring drone.

At the centre of the image are a pair of vehicles. One is immediately recognizeable as the ungulate-legged exoskeletons which your Talon encountered on Terra Nova. It carries a large carbine weapon with an underslung flamethrower - the weapon is larger than those captured by Talon 05's efforts at Peresalona, and clearly not of Terran or Caprician make. In the other hand it carries what can only be described as a pike - it's a long metal bar with a small hammer and spike on one end, and a weighted ball on the other. Craig points out after a moment of chin-scratching that the ball is in fact a battery pack, holding a pair of superconducting batteries.

Beside this vehicle is a larger one, an almost round body perched upon six utilitarian legs - similar to the Moab that the Capricians use, but smaller. Masswize it likely would approach the weight of a Hunter. Its weapons are mounted in a turret beneath its belly, and in behind its shell-like carapace is a rocket pack. Both vehicles hunker close in behind what appears to be a massive generator, waiting for some signal.

The Utopians pause the playback, and the Lieutenant General speaks. He does not point at the screen as he calls out certain features. "The Armoured Personal Environmental Suit has a good range of motion, and is designed for close-quarter fighting. In particular, note that the weapons stay in shadow and do not weigh down Armsman Clovis."

Hadren raises his hand and asks, plainly, "Pardon me for interrupting. Is that some sort of a spear? Should we be designing something similar?"

The Lieutenant General replies unfased, "It's a sword. As I understand, our Terran friends have no wish for it as a weapon. They prefer their knives. Ignore it." And with no further interruptions, the Utopians continue their video.

Apparently whatever signal that the Armsman was waiting for was sent because the group is now moving. The Armsman gestures with his "sword" to the "spider", motioning that it rush out around the generator and into the fray. It does so while the Armsman waits a moment before leaping up overtop of the machinery, aided with a brief burst from its back mounted jets. The camera itself moves at the same time, a steady side-to-side motion as it advanced accompanied by a few bright laser blasts from overhead.

The video goes into slow motion and zooms in as the Armsman leaps over the generator and opens fire. The rifle weapon is likely an 11 or 13 mil autofiring cannon with a large canister magazine. Illuminated angles overlay the image, showing lines of force and velocities as the weapon kicks. The Utopian's voice can be heard as he explains the operating ranges of the device at hand - the footage slows but never stops as he does so.

The soldiers seem to be pressing hard, and their enemy is fighting back but retreating. They operate as a very tightly knit group, leapfrogging and sweeping areas of the room in concert as they advance to their next cover. Roland points out that the Armsman seems to be in charge, and the suits might be reserved for officers. As he's mentioning this, Armsman Clovis is letting out a gout of fire around a corner from his underslung flame thrower, and once again, charts and graphs clutter the footage. They are joined by more as the small battle group breaks out into a run and the supplimentary diagrams show the field limitations of the vehicle.

The lights come up, and the CID official stands up again, beginning what turns out to be a very long and boring discussion on cost analyses of the various production stages. The meeting adjourns, and they agree to meet again in one week's time, when Mariss promises to have updated a set of design proposals which the Utopians can inspect.
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