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Arclight hack

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:59 am    Post subject: Arclight hack Reply with quote

Arrow We go in via Whipsnake cargo hold, including Caelin and a Spider drone, the latter with a big rock
Arrow The Spider is released toward the Arclight station attachment first, carrying its rock
Arrow It finds an exterior sensor, and bashes it with the rock (simulating a micrometeoroid hit)
Arrow We then launch from the Whipsnake, all of us in spacesuits, Gabriel and Delgado in the CID spacesuits we captured last season
Arrow We clamber on to the outside hull of the station in the cone provided by the blind spot of the smashed sensor
Arrow All of the above might be unnecessary, incidentally: these stations are quick-builds, which means they might be relying on Arclight for sensors. If so, we just come in on the cone where the actual Arclight station is blind to us because of the bulk of the add-on station.
Arrow Once we're clamped on, we hide in case something comes out to check the micrometeoroid hit
Arrow Whomever it is will probably leave an airlock half-cycled, in which case the next part is easy: we just use the open access port to hack the airlock and get inside

Arrow Before we actually go inside, we'll probably want to bypass interior cameras and the like, assuming the hacking team can do that. Give them blank views until we're safely inside.
Arrow Once inside, we look for any interior terminal with access to drop pod launch programming
Arrow Hopefully, this is in a room somewhere, in which case, Mem, Detro, Melissa, Dimitri, Birkin and Roland go in.
Arrow The first four are the hacking team. Roland and Birkin are there to watch their backs.
Arrow Gabriel and Delgado will stand outside the room, wearing the CID spacesuits, and attempt to bluff anyone who comes inside. Hopefully, the station will only be very lightly populated. This is an add-on station to Arclight, not the "real thing."
Arrow If possible, Gabriel and Delgado will be inside the room too, and we can hopefully maybe just watch the outside on video, and only go out if it seems needful
Arrow Mem and Detro break in (with Dimitri providing a physical tap if needed)
Arrow Melissa programs the drones: six drop pods (or whatever the standard launch pattern is) into Paladin Lots
Arrow Big drones in the drop pods should attack medium size vehicles and small buildings
Arrow Smaller TD drones in the drop pods should TD large vehicles, large buildings, and troop concentrations
Arrow Either program the smaller TD drones to recognize our guided mortar frequency, or download their frequency and we'll update the mortars
Arrow Set the launch to take place in 18 hours
Arrow Leave no trace of our presence in the network

Arrow Once the programming is done, we leave the same way we came in
Arrow Again, cameras in the hallways set to blank hallway images
Arrow On the way out, remove the tap on the hallway cameras to return them to normal
Arrow Leave the external airlock in the condition that we found it
Arrow Again, these are interim quick-build stations. It's entirely possible we might find everything we need to program the drones on the outside of the station, a maintenance panel, or maybe a fiber-optic line from the main Arclight station
Arrow If that's the case, we use that instead and never even enter the station
Arrow Once our mission's done, the Spider blocks another camera with its body while we push away from the station
Arrow Once we're a good distance away, the Spider uncovers the camera and pushes off itself

Jester aka Capt. Gabriel Tynes, Commanding Officer of the 5th
GM of Good v. Evil
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