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Escape from New Yo...err, Gomorrah.

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PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2008 3:01 am    Post subject: Escape from New Yo...err, Gomorrah. Reply with quote

So, while it looks like the "Real" team may be able to pull off their mission, we're in a bit of a bind. What follows is what I've confirmed talking to our GM:

Arrow All of our rigs have been flagged, and Savant has alluded to the strong probability that the rigs on the Real team have been flagged as well based on their past association with ours. (And we know Melissa's rig is more than likely flagged.)

Arrow Rigs are usually checked moving from sector to sector and between levels. This means once we move into the Alpha level, they'll know about where we are down there.

Arrow The only way to remove the data rigs is with the surgery-equivalent skill. That means Delgado's the only one who can do it -- and I asked if she has her own rig, and she does.

Arrow *All* of the supplies we have used in the Trench are with us. That's good in that we should have stealth suits, weapons, grenades, technology, equipment, things... But it also means we need to schlep that stuff around, keep it safe, or find a safe place to put it.

Arrow The data rigs include all our physical and genetic information, which means we may need some strong disguises.

Arrow We aren't anywhere near the territory of the gangs who are our "allies" on Alpha level.

Arrow Unfortunately, the use of the Armiger is probably going to give the CEF/CID all the impetus they need to crack down on gate security to/from Utopia, and probably make their lives harder for a while.

Arrow The CEF/CID/Corpserfs know about the scramblers we tried to use, and can track them, which means only "full-up masks" are going to work.

Arrow Bastille Alpha likely uses data rigs to track prisoners, or at least know when they go from place to place. Thus, it's probably in our best interests to NOT have our data rigs still in our heads when we go in.

I bandied about some ideas in channel tonight, to see if I could think of anything interesting. Here they are, with what I think our best option is listed first:

Arrow Get in touch with BT10. Our latest intel on them says "Black Talon 10 is currently operating within the Cat's Eye Trench, and is gaining allies amongst the denizens of Alpha level. They concentrate mostly on logistics, and have amassed several large stockpiles of munitions and consumables which they have scattered across the trench. They report that Costa Moreia has been surprisingly helpful to their cause, though never officially - always through sympathetic individuals." That means that they'll likely know of people we can trust, places we can hide, and maybe ways to get out of the Trench without being scanned. If need be, we can also leave our supplies with them (the ones we don't need on the surface) and have them cache it for us, if desired.

Arrow Wait for the "Real" team to get out of the Trench, deal with their data rigs, and come back to help us. This assumes we can find a place to hole up long enough to make that possible, but also probably means we can't help out at Bastille Alpha. That said, "there's a lot of 'if' comin' off this plan." The plan itself does allow for deciding if we try to evac with full masks on for our flagged rigs, or if we take them out on the spot.

Arrow Knock out the rigs ourselves, or procure full masks ourselves. Question is, can we do either? I'd much rather not risk putting myself in close proximity to an EMP blast, and getting full masks on the alpha level would be a dangerous and pricey prospect at best, IMO.

Arrow Shoot our way out... in which we wind up filming a remake of "The Chase". (And quoting our GM: "That would be awesome. Doo ittt"
"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." - George Patton
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