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BT05: Xenopsychology IV

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:21 am    Post subject: BT05: Xenopsychology IV Reply with quote

"Hello? Is this thing on?"

"That's what the little green light means, I think."

"Oh, there it is. Right, okay."

"Why do you have to record this again?"

"Captain'll want to hear it, I think, and I don't trust my memory after three cups of that still mud. I gotta tone it back. I could strip the grease off Cerberus with this."

"I still can't believe you drank three cups. I haven't even finished this one and I can't walk straight. Are you sure this is safe?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah. Took it to the doc on station. He said he wasn't gonna drink it, but they sell some Livingstone Screech about as strong."

"Livingstone Screech?"

"Bathtub booze, made in Livingstone. Some Norlight city, fulla churchies. Never been there, but I guess the booze flows like water. Maybe I should make a vacation out of it."

"Er... yeah, okay."

"Anyways, you were telling me about the Steelgaters and - and stuff, right?"

"Yes. I was telling you about... was it the Strika Utengilocht?"

"I think. You're gonna have to speak up Freja, the signal light isn't really turning on when you talk."

"Sorry. Yeah. Utengilocht. It's a support chassis that the Reps use. It's - uh, yeah. It's pretty big. Not blaecstrid at all, so they protect it. Sort of - sort of like your Cerberos chassis. The one you had on Caprice."

"Like a Spitting Cobra? Like a Gear?"

"Oh, no no no. Armigara aren't used on the battlefield, too clumsy. More legs. Terranova's more flat, I guess. Or, or something. No, the Utengilocht, it's got six legs, and it's like Cerberos like it carries weapons. It does the same job as a Cerberos. Artillery, support, werfligtenwar."


"Werflingterwhahaha, stop it. It's not that hard to say. Oh, and your words are any better. Wer-flig-ten-war. It's their fighting style."

"What's the word mean?"

"What's it mean? It means Werfligtenwar. It's how they fight. They call it Lendare strategy. It works very well."

"Oh, okay. What's it like?"

"It's... uh... no, no, thank you. No more, or I'll just pass out. Wouldn't that make a great audio for your Captain. And this is what snoring Utopians sound like. Great intel work, Aaron."

"Ahahaha, I've heard enough of that over the past two flights with you two, thank you."

"I do *not* snore."

"Caelin sure does."

"Oh, heofon, yes. Like a stone saw. Anyways. The Reps like using close artillery when they advance. Their front ranks will be line autos, and autoguard for Lead elements. Behind that they keep Utengilocht units with artillery rockets - a lot like you have on your Cerberos. They use those to break up our lines, and the line autos will clean up after them."

"Sounds a lot like the Norguard."

"Sort of like the - Fire Jaguar? Sort of like that. With the fligterbanrek and the neruhaeleth, en seo drotath of hit fierdwise-"

"Freja! What?"

"Ha ha ha. Sorry. Everyone in Troy speaks both languages, really. We often slip between the two. Sorry. Sort of like your Fire Jaguar in its weapons and how it acts fierdwise- on the field of war. Though the Utengilocht isn't as fast, and I think it hits, uh, harder. From the summary reports I've read from your Interpolar war."

"You've been reading those?"

"Oh, of course! It's important to know, know how you fight. It was offered to us, so I've been reading what I can."

"So when you were reading. Were you cheering for the North? Or for the South? Oh come on. I'm not going to eat you if you say North."


"Ha ha ha, okay, okay. Fine. I guess that was a little tough. Yeah, yeah, I know. Okay. So what are we supposed to do when we get there anyway?"

"To Utopia? Well. First we have to get to New Troy. I don't think that will be very hard. Maybe a week? Depends where we put down. Then you'll have to, ah, talk with the councillors and the sophists. Convince them you aren't crazy or Terran spies. I don't think that'll you'll, that it'll be too hard. They'll probably ask you to do something for the City, prove you're on our side, you know."

"A test, huh? Like, they ask us to go kill some Earthers for'em? Yeah, I don't think there's going to be any problem with that."

"Bring them the head of a company commander or something. Ardelmos would, he'd like that I bet."

"Seriously? No, I mean - What's a shrug mean?"

"I don't know what it's going to be. I'm sure you can handle it. After that - well, I'm not really sure. I bet that the first job is going to be retaking Koglund, but I'm no general. Grand strategy is above me, like, up here above me."

"So war then, big war. You shrug again."

"Yeah, big war. Don't really know. I'm sure we'll have a day or two to just readjust to being home again. Er, you'll be able to adjust to the city."

"So is it, like, a bunch of caves or something?"

"Ha ha ha, no, heofon no. New Troy isn't all that pretty, but it's not a cave. I think you'll like it. It's kind of similar to Ashanti. You know that restaurant we went to, on the beach? Lots like that. Just, well, no beach."

"Sounds nice."

"It is. It's not Troy, but it's okay."

"You ever going to go back there? To Troy. The old city. How long ago was that? Aah, jees, sorry. Recent I guess. I'm a dick."

"It's okay. We won't be going back for a long time. Probably just expand New Troy instead. Troy's a pit."

"Ahh. Sorry."


"How much presence does Earth have in Koglund? Is it just Earth there, or is it all Steelgate, or is it a mix?"

"It's a mix. Mostly Steelgate. Steelgate's got the coastal facilities locked up and runs a few bases inland. The Terrans have one harbour and they keep posts in the Cities. Mostly they'll drop from orbit if they have anything to do in Koglund. Nah, the centre of Koglund is actually pretty empty. It's pretty. We were going to put New Troy there, but, well, figured this'd be a better place for it. Safer. So long as you keep away from Helledor."


"Hell's Gates. We don't know the name of the city that used to be there. It must've been important. Ticker goes off the scale in places there. Well, not really. It's just high. Don't go there."

"So it got nuked?"

"Oh! Sorry. Yes. Great War."

"Huh. Not much of a vacation spot then."

"Ha ha! I don't know. I bet having this booze in you would block all the grays coming at you for hours."

"You want another?"

"No, no. I have to get to bed. If I can make it. I - ferhth!"

"Steady there. Yeah, have to tinker with the still again."

"I don't drink, like, at all. Wooh. No, I can make it. Thank you."

"You're sure? Okay. Try to fall into the zero-grav zone at least. Okay. Good night."

"Good night."
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