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Game Transcripts for "To Move a Mountain"
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:18] <@Roland> Well, if we do, we're doing something wrong. We can't get involved with something like that on Utopia. Wink
[21:18] <@Gabriel> The strategic game will definitely help for those participating in that.
01[21:18] <@Savant> speed speed speed. Yes. I'll try to figure something out in that regard. Breaking it down to leadership rolls and squads instead of initiative rolls helped a bit.
[21:18] <@Gabriel> ::nods::
01[21:18] <@Savant> yeah, that's aprt of hte point. the other point of the strategic game (bryond having fun) is to let you guys see what an *average* pilot and Gear can do.
[21:18] <@Gabriel> Makes one of my specialties useless, and I don't mind a bit. Wink
01[21:19] <@Savant> hee
[21:19] <@LrdVampyre> a time limit on actions might be needed...
06[21:19] * @Mem does a breathalyzer on Colin
[21:19] <@Detro> ::winces::
01[21:20] <@Savant> That's four. The fifth and final point, I will award to you for telling me whatever it is you want about the arc. Something you liked, something you thought sucked, a moment you really enjoyed, wahtever you want.
01[21:20] <@Savant> something that stuck.
[21:20] <@Mem> I really enjoyed getting to see Gomorrah at a higher detail level.
[21:20] <@Detro> The Cutting BIL, for sure.
[21:20] <@Roland> Zombie theatre. Wink
[21:20] <@Detro> And finally meeting the Utopians
[21:20] <@Caelin> craig going out in a blaze of glory
01[21:20] <@Savant> ahaa, zombie madness theartre
[21:21] <@Mem> And Junkman's cinematic cameo was rather nice, also.
[21:21] <@LrdVampyre> stealing drones from the CEF
[21:21] <@LrdVampyre> and then using the Octopus
[21:21] <@Caelin> the little trip to the drop-pod station
[21:21] <@Gabriel> The space battles, including the momentum system and the space race, mostly because it was so different.
[21:22] <@Roland> Nuking the shipyard.
01[21:22] <@Savant> i really enjoyed the Gallot station ambush Smile the near-capture, the drone-snatch by MElissa that turned it around, the desperate fight through the whole thing. *that* was the peak of desperation for the game, I think.
[21:23] <@Caelin> hehe yeah craig picking up one of the mordred's chainguns and using it on them was cool too:)
01[21:23] <@Savant> That's five points. I encourage you all to write a log on your experiences on Caprice, and on what you'll be doing when back on Terra Nova.
01[21:24] <@Savant> I'll be on tomorrow to fight it out with Dimitri in some tactical, and on the weekend to help solidify Tribe 8 characters. Next week is the Tribe 8 Intro game.
[21:24] <@Roland> Posing as CID was fun. Wink
01[21:24] <@Savant> we're looking at late August/early September for a re-opening of the Black Talons. Keep an eye on the wiki for updates to information about Utopia and your new mission.
01[21:25] <@Savant> yeah, that was a hoot
01[21:25] <@Savant> final questions?
01[21:25] <@Savant> no? Well done, everyone. Very well done.
01[21:25] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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