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Game Transcripts for "The Enemy Within"

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:12 am    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "The Enemy Within" Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
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[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
03[18:30] * Fraser is now known as Roland
[18:30] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Delgado> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Roland> ::attn and stuff::
01[18:31] <@Savant> hello and welcome back to the beginning of an exciting new adventure featuring the Black Talons! I'll be your host.
[18:32] <@Caelin> ::attn::
01[18:32] <@Savant> We are featuring a trim new cast, an exciting, fast-paced storyline, and an escalation of danger and responsibility in this campaign. Buckle yo seatbelts.
[18:32] <@Roland> Where are the hors d'euvres?
01[18:32] <@Savant> you'll find them on the tables in the back. And kudos for typing that properly!
01[18:32] <@Savant> in any case, is everyone ready? I see that we are missing a Lieutenant.
01[18:32] <@Savant> this bodes... poorly.
[18:33] <@Marshall> Eh. The NCOs do allt he work anyways Wink
[18:33] <@Gabriel> We're missing our business expert for the business-themed episode? Color me unsurprised. Wink
[18:33] <@Caelin> well not really a new cast, but we had been put on the jenny craig program during the off season:)
01[18:33] <@Savant> In the meantime. We will be, as you likely know, going to Utopia as one of our missions - after a little mucking about on Terra Nova, naturally.
01[18:34] <@Savant> as I understand it you will be doing things on Utopia! And bringing things with you as well! I expect the plans for your Utopian Vacation to be made as a group this time around.
[18:34] <@Roland> I say we go to shoot stuff.
[18:34] <@Marshall> Seconded.
01[18:34] <@Savant> then I suggest you bring bullets!
01[18:35] <@Savant> in any case, that's all for that right now. Keep thinking on your goals there. I'll feed you info on Utopia as it becomes available.
01[18:35] <@Savant> now, have a briefing.
01[18:35] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:35] <@Savant> 1 Winter TN1946, 1300h - Mid morning
01[18:35] <@Savant> Fossenwood Ave, Rapid City, UMF
01[18:35] <@Savant> +15C, Sunny, Slightly overcast
01[18:35] <@Savant> You can feel every kilometer between you and Caprice, now - how could a place so many millions of kilometers away feel even *more* distant? But it does, and it's strangely unsettling. Even now, after such a long rest, thoughts still wander back to the Liberati and Gomorrans there. You, foreigners that you were, had the opportunity to escape for rest. Your allies there hadn't the chance.
01[18:35] <@Savant> Still, is the war really so far away? Your homes seem under constant threat - there is still a gaping hole in downtown Lyonesse, and radioactive silt is still settling from Newton. The war on Terra Nova is just as real, only hidden beneath a veneer of civility. It has become apparent to the Westphalia Cabinet that organizations exist on TErra Nova which have been subverted to the Earthers' cause. Rooting out these infestations has become one of the Talons' top priorities.
01[18:35] <@Savant> This is what has brought you to Rapid City, together again after a season of rest. Northco, vanguard of Confederate progress and industry, strength of the Guard and armoured fist of the Prophet, weakens from a rot within. Find it - destroy it - and do it quietly.
01[18:35] <@Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:36] <@Gabriel> ack, but middle para goes "become one of..." before quitting. Wink
[18:36] <@Detro> ackitto
[18:36] <@Marshall> ack
[18:36] <@Delgado> ack
[18:36] <@Roland> ack, but...yeah
01[18:36] <@Savant> "become one of the Talons' top priorities."
01[18:36] <@Savant> guess i'm too verbose
01[18:36] <@Savant> everyone has also read the briefing I assume?
[18:36] <@Detro> aff
01[18:37] <@Savant> Now, I'll give you a few minutes to decide what you're bringing with you, and where you're meeting. Fossenwood Ave is a very long avenue, basically runs right down the middle of Rapid City. You could meet anywhere, but the Talon agent who you are meeting suggests renting a room for a business meeting.
01[18:37] <@Savant> even if it's just getting a private room in a restaurant or something. Something inconspicuous.
01[18:38] <@Savant> Let's make it five minutes. And let's start a new Equipment thread in the forums for it!
01[18:38] <@Savant> i'll do so presently.
01[18:39] <@Savant>
01[18:39] <@Savant> post your equipment as replies to that.
01[18:39] <@Savant> we will assume that, when the game starts, you have just been briefed. Questions?
[18:40] <@Gabriel> You mentioned eventually typing a teaser where we get to see a typical Utopian combat described.
[18:40] <@Gabriel> Er, ::raises::
01[18:40] <@Savant> yes, I did, and it currently rests, in pieces, in NoteTab. It is struggling.
[18:41] <@Gabriel> That one being #1. #2: I think the first thing we need to buy with our money is a plane ticket for this operative to a place other than Rapid City so that we can talk to her.
06[18:41] * @Savant grins
[18:41] <@Detro> So is the forum. Getting timed out.
01[18:41] <@Savant> if you'd like to talk to her elsewhere, she'll take the train to Lyonesse and you can meet her there.
01[18:42] <@Savant> and I'm cool with that. You have Peresalona on retainer for this one.
01[18:42] <@Savant> other questions?
[18:43] <@Detro> Yeah. Is the server even working? I'm even getting nothinb back from the wiki now.
[18:43] <@Roland> Works for me.
01[18:44] <@Savant> i just reloaded and it was fine
01[18:44] <@Savant> Roland, you taking the Talon pistol, even though it's a Talon pistol?
[18:44] <@Detro> Great. Well, I guess I have a knife and that's it.
[18:44] <@Marshall> Riley M32 inconspicuous enough?
[18:44] <@Roland> Well, if I have to us it, we're either in deep shit, or nobody's going to see it. So yeah. Wink
[18:44] <@Roland> *use
01[18:45] <@Savant> nah, that's fine, Marshall.
01[18:45] <@Savant> ok Roland.
[18:45] <@Roland> He's bringing the entire arsenal along, he's just wearing the one gun right now, though. Wink
01[18:45] <@Savant> so Roland walks on scene with a hockey bag under each arm
[18:46] <@Roland> "So...who are we supposed to be killing again?"
[18:47] <@Gabriel> More like, "You want me to investigate corporate accounting structures? Just let me know who to point a gun at." "... Fair enough."
06[18:47] * @Savant grins
01[18:47] <@Savant> sucks that your UMF citizen isn't here.
[18:47] <@Gabriel> That said, I know who Roland should point his gun at. Brad.
[18:48] <@Gabriel> Business-focused game, and our one BT05 character that knows his ass from accounting principles ain't here.
[18:48] <@Marshall> Detro has a 2c1 Wink
[18:48] <@Gabriel> Mem's obviously the spy. Shoot him.
[18:48] <@Roland> Blammy blammy
[18:49] <@Detro> Yup. You'll have to make do with me.
01[18:49] <@Savant> everyone ready?
[18:49] <@Birkin> Where is Brad
01[18:49] <@Savant> on the poocan.
[18:50] <@Gabriel> Yep, ready.
[18:50] <@Birkin> Go
[18:50] <@Caelin> it's go time!
01[18:50] <@Savant> we'll start in a quiet board room.
01[18:50] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:51] <@Savant> You've come to Lyonesse to meet with the "talon operative" who is your contact from Rapid City. This is a small board room that was easily rented out under cover of a merger meeting, common in this city.
[18:51] <@Detro> ::has been quiet ever since they had started out on the new mission::
01[18:52] <@Savant> The room is small but cozy, but it's slightly off. You can still smell paint, and the chairs look so new that you doubt anyone has actually sat in them before. The light is a little bit too bright. The place is brand-spanking new.
[18:52] <@Marshall> ::Sits in silence. He was very much the new guy and knew to keep quiet::
01[18:53] <@Savant> This is a common thing in Lyonesse, too - the 'new-car' smell is everywhere. The craters in the heart of the city have been filled in and the city heals, but each new construction and room is like a scab, noticeable until the scar heals and blends once more.
[18:53] <@Roland> ::looks around, sniffing at the 'new room smell' for a minute or two:: needs some greenery.
01[18:54] <@Savant> The Utopians are here, which may seem a little odd. They were difficult enough in discussions when membes of BT05 weren't around, however, that they thought it best to keep them with you. So far, the "agent" has yet to arrive, though she will be along momentarily.
[18:54] <@Delgado> ::glances at Roland sideways before shaking her head slightly::
[18:54] <@Detro> ::tips back in his chair slightly::
[18:54] <@Roland> ::turns his chair around and bends over, unzipping one of his duffel bags and rummaging around for a minute::
01[18:55] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Sits quietly, glancing betwen the sound-dampening ceiling tiles and the too-new carpet::
[18:55] <@Birkin> ::stayed standing in the background:: City is healing well. Good sign really.
[18:55] <@Marshall> ::drums his fingers on the table::
[18:55] <@Roland> ::pulls out a small potted plant with a ventilated acrylic cover over the pot to keep the little fern from being crushed, and sets it in the middle of the table::
01[18:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::leans over and murmurs to Caelin softly::
[18:56] <@Caelin> ::shifts in his seat a bit uncomfortably, he's still not used to the clothing that was supplied to him by the talon quartermaster, he glances at scildfreja from time to time, she probably felt the same way::
[18:56] <@Detro> ::in fact, Detro's been rather subdued since returning from Caprice. Probably rightfully so, given his actions::
[18:57] <@Birkin> Christ old man. Do you go anywhere without a plant?
[18:57] <@Delgado> ::blinks slowly at the sudden plantage then slowly slides her gaze over to Roland:: You packed a plant? For what? Camoflauged bludgeoning device?
[18:57] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja, whispering back::just asking to be bombed again up here...
01[18:57] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods in agreement::
[18:57] <@Roland> The fucking afterlife, I imagine.
[18:58] <@Roland> ::to Birkin::
01[18:58] <@Savant> There's a polite knock on the door.
[18:58] <@Roland> You'd be surprised how little force is required to cave in someone's skull. Teracotta can be an excellent weapon. Much like a pair of binoculars.
[18:58] <@Roland> ::to Delgado::
[18:58] <@Gabriel> ::enters through a side door, looking uncharacteristically annoyed, and trying not to show it::
[18:58] <@Marshall> Ahem.. ::stands and opens the door::
[18:59] <@Detro> :Surprisedf course, Detro's also being quiet in case the room is bugged::
[18:59] <@Delgado> ... You'd know. ::mutters softly before looking to the door::
[18:59] <@Marshall> ::swings it wide and steps away::
01[18:59] <@Savant> Behind the door is a blonde bombshell of a woman, with calculating green eyes and a businesslike expression. She looks extremely sharp in a business suit. All the men notice that, at least.
[19:00] <@Birkin> ::snickers at Roland before the door opens, stopping his response::
01[19:00] <@Savant> 5Woman> Party for the tri-city merger agreement?
[19:00] <@Marshall> ::gulps, then recomposes himself after a moment or two::
[19:00] <@Roland> ::leans back and sets his feet up on the table, tipping his hat back in a form of acknowledgement as the contact enters the room::
[19:01] <@Gabriel> ::nods toward the woman:: Indeed, welcome. Please come in.
[19:01] <@Detro> ::his eyes roam but don't stick, just taking in what is there, before he looks back toward the others::
[19:01] <@Caelin> ::looks up at the newcomer then returns to his discussion with scildfreja::
[19:01] <@Gabriel> ::finishes entering himself, closing the side door behind him and pocketing a satellite phone::
01[19:01] <@Savant> 5Woman> ::tosses her near-perfect head of hair to the side and looks down the hall:: Here you are, Ms Vinchenzo.
[19:02] <@Birkin> ::examines the blonde womans posterior as she turns about::
[19:03] <@Marshall> ::looks about::
01[19:03] <@Savant> Following in behind the secretary is your contact, apparently - and a lot less glamorous. She doesn't look like a spy at all. wtih her ashy brown hair, last-year's-fashion clothes and the way she holds her pda to herself, she looks more like a librarian - an easily overcome one, at that.
[19:03] <@Roland> ::reaches into a pocket of the duster and rummages around for a minute before pulling out a scrambler, activating it, and tossing it onto the table beside the plant::
[19:03] <@Marshall> ::closes the door behind the two and retakes his seat::
01[19:03] <@Savant> She nods to the secretary, who closes the door. "Ms Vinchenzo" locks it.
[19:04] <@Birkin> ::saves his thoughts about the blonde for later, paying attention to their contact, the normal looking woman who probably blends in quite well::
01[19:04] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::She looks about and nods at everyone, flushing a slightly bewildered look out of her expression and casually pressing in a stud on her wrist watch:: Good morning. I'm Cassandra Shar, your contact.
[19:05] <@Delgado> ::watches the various men's reactions from the blonde and then to the mousey looking woman, an expression on her face akin to 'Typical'::
[19:05] <@Detro> ::nods back::
[19:06] <@Birkin> ::smiles ever so slightly at the woman::
01[19:06] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::she nods at everyone and puts her PDA on the table:: You've been briefed?
[19:06] <@Gabriel> ::stands:: Good morning, Miss Shar. I'm Gabriel Tynes. ::introduces the others, then:: And "briefed" describes it quite well actually. Please, sit down.
[19:06] <@Roland> ::tips his hat slightly again::
[19:07] <@Birkin> ::nods as he is introduced:: Hello.
[19:07] <@Gabriel> ::waits for her to sit:: With the emphasis on "brief." ::when she does, sits down himself::
[19:07] <@Delgado> ::nods kindly to the woman::
01[19:07] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::she smiles a funny, compressed little smile at Tynes' quip and sits down:: BTSecCom trusts you to get the information you need. I'm here to help you as best as I can.
[19:08] <@Caelin> ::glances at the woman's watch a moment::
[19:08] <@Roland> ::tilts his head slightly and looks over at Tynes to watch him appraise the woman and judge his response::
[19:09] <@Gabriel> ::nods agreement:: My team has actually had a fair bit of luck ferreting out this sort of activity... no doubt why we were assigned to this. Still, we're going to need a place to start.
[19:09] <@Gabriel> Can't very well do so by interviewing Mister Winchester.
[19:10] <@Birkin> "Interviewing" being the key word. ::stretches his arms out a little bit::
01[19:10] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::She flips her PDA upright and begins tapping on its keyboard surface lightly as she replied:: I don't know your specialties or how you prefer to work - I wasn't briefed at all on your role, just that you're an active team and that you're here for wetwork if needed.
[19:10] <@Roland> ::cough:: Preferably.
[19:11] <@Roland> ::starts digging a piece of gum out of one of his duster's interior pockets::
01[19:12] <@Savant> She finishes typing and a small trideo display flickers to life over the plate. It's Winchester, pictures of his home, personal information, etc, etc. Noticeably, about half of the information is in French.
[19:13] <@Detro> ::being fluent in Universal French, has little trouble following the information::
[19:13] <@Marshall> ::hmphs::
[19:14] <@Roland> ::tosses the piece into his mouth and watches the information start scrolling -- he narrows his eyes slightly at the French as it was something he hadn't used in a while::
[19:14] <@Birkin> ::follows the French with no problem whatsoever, his smile widening a little bit more::
[19:14] <@Delgado> ::follows most, if not all, of the French scrolling by, paying close attention so she can catch as much as she can::
[19:15] <@Marshall> Someone want to translate for the linguistically challenged, here?
01[19:15] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::pauses as she flips through files:: alright. Here he is. I've been working on this target almost solely for about three weeks now. He seems pretty plain, if a bit of an overachiever. Kids go to a boarding school, wife works here in Lyonesse. He's married to his job, really, though he does seem to love his kids. Other than that, not a lot to say. He's trying to climb th
01[19:15] <@Savant> (He's trying to climb the ladder.)
[19:16] <@Roland> So what would be his motivation for betraying Terra Nova?
[19:17] <@Birkin> Lost any family in the Interpolar?
[19:18] <@Birkin> He doesn't need to betray Terra Nova. He could just be out for a little Polar warfare under the table. He may not even realize he's working for Earthers.
01[19:18] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::smiles sadly:: His kids "stayed for the summer" at the boarding school, he hasn't seen them since late spring. His wife has been at a business retreat that started around the same time.
[19:18] <@Roland> ::a beat:: ...oh that's clever.
[19:18] <@Delgado> ::perks up at the information::
[19:18] <@Marshall> So, what do we think? Blackmail?
[19:19] <@Gabriel> Are you suggesting they're being held as hostages?
[19:19] <@Detro> That's pushing it a little, suggesting they took over an entire boarding school to get the kids.
[19:19] <@Marshall> ::cuts his line short as Tynes says the same basic thing::
[19:20] <@Detro> I mean, the kids ARE still there, right?
01[19:20] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> I checked the boarding school. They show the kids as being enrolled out, and not enrolling for the Autumn.
01[19:20] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> It looks like blackmail to me.
[19:20] <@Marshall> ::nods::
[19:21] <@Caelin> ::frowns, again the terrans are using children to get what they want::
[19:21] <@Detro> ::scowls::
[19:21] <@Gabriel> Assuming you're right, why this particular target?
01[19:22] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> He's got an intimate knowledge of how Northco works, and he's close enough to the money flow to affect it; but he's not so big or important that he's noticeable. He's a cog in the wheels. ::she frowns in distaste at the thought.::
[19:23] <@Roland> ::rubs his chin a little:: Seems like a lot to go through for 17 million marks. Especially risky, dealing with family like that.
01[19:24] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::She nods:: I know. There are a half dozen other avenues to get that sort of money cleanly out of Northco. But I think maybe they wanted this to be risky. IF it *is* earth, wouldn't it help them to show to Terra Nova that their second largest arms manufacturer has been compromised?
[19:24] <@Marshall> Does he have clearance to get near to any of Northco's restricted or prototype information?
[19:24] <@Birkin> Have you been keeping tabs on him? If they're blackmailing him they probably didn't tell him they would be atomizing thirty thousand Terra Novans. That might be enough insentive to break silence.
[19:25] <@Roland> ::thinks this over for a minute:: You think they're trying to point this out? Knowing that we'd be sent after them?
01[19:26] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::she gets a briefly bewildered look on her face again from the questions, but it's clearly a practiced routine, because she answeres fluently:: He's a money guy, not a research guy. Different buckets. And yes, i've got him on as close to constant surveillance as I can manage.
[19:26] <@Marshall> Who's he been talking to?
01[19:26] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::raises an eyebrow:: are they that interested in counter-intel to set this whole thing up as a sting for some spooks? Why would they want you that badly?
[19:27] <@Birkin> ::smirks:: Some of us go way back.
[19:27] <@Delgado> ::clears her throat:: What kind of assurances does he have that his family is still... ::pauses for a moment, looking like she just tasted something foul:: alive?
[19:27] <@Gabriel> ::is content to just listen for the moment, frowning -- something about this didn't add up::
[19:27] <@Roland> Farrel, maybe. But that's the implication, if they want to point this out.
01[19:27] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Here, I have a list. ::slides her PDA over to Marshall::
[19:27] <@Caelin> ::shifts in his seat again:: so this could be a trap?
[19:27] <@Marshall> ::copies the list to his own PDA:: Thanks.
01[19:28] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> He gets letters. Handwritten ones, in fact.
[19:28] <@Roland> ::glances at Caelin:: Killing a Talon team on their own turf would certainly send a bigger message than just infiltrating Northco.
[19:28] <@Gabriel> ::speaks up:: No evidence to back that up yet. But we've never seen an Earther plot yet that didn't have multiple objectives. They don't do "simple."
[19:28] <@Roland> ::scowls slightly:: Though you'd think they'd get enough of that on Caprice.
[19:29] <@Detro> ::quietly takes this all in::
[19:29] <@Gabriel> This has been going on for a while. If their objective was just to embarrass Northco, they could have done that a half-season ago.
01[19:29] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::Her eyes briefly go wide::
[19:29] <@Marshall> Well, it can't be the money.
[19:30] <@Marshall> Seventeen million is nothing. Not in the scope of things.
[19:30] <@Roland> Unless they're doing it all over, and this is just the first we've noticed.
[19:30] <@Gabriel> I'm sure the money's part of it. ::thinks of their own machinations for finances on Caprice::
[19:30] <@Birkin> Not for the UMF anyway.
[19:31] <@Gabriel> But yes, there's definitely another goal here. And I don't think just embarrassing Northco is it. What does this man have access to, besides the books?
01[19:32] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::Inhales slightly and settles in on her PDA again, typing quickly. Her personal notes are apparently also in French:: I - yes. He's got access to money and personnel records, for the most part. He doesn't *control* personnel, but he's well trusted, and he's up for promotion. He's got more pull than at first glance.
[19:33] <@Roland> Personnel records. How deep. How detailed.
01[19:35] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::grins slightly:: Fairly deep, fairly detailed. He's no SRID agent, but he's good at his job, and his job is to keep an eye on the company's personnel.
[19:35] <@Birkin> Well. We can't all be perfect can we?
[19:35] <@Gabriel> So, if there were corporate espionage going on, it'd be his job to pinpoint it
[19:35] <@Gabriel> ?
[19:35] <@Caelin> ::sits up:: could he have others feeding him information from other departments?
[19:36] <@Roland> Maybe they want to take out some board members or something...
[19:36] <@Detro> Or perhaps he has access to security checks on potential employees?
[19:36] <@Roland> They already blew up half of Lyonesse -- maybe they want to economically blow up the rest.
01[19:37] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Yes, he could pinpoint that. It's not his job though - he's more of an efficiency man. HE *does* have friends in other departments, though, if - ::pauses and looks at Caelin and Scildfreja curiously::
01[19:38] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::blinks and shakes her head slightly:: Yes, he has access to security checks. He has authority to perform them, too.
[19:38] <@Delgado> ::glances between Cassandrine and the Utopians, watching curiously::
[19:38] <@Marshall> Hmm. Maybe whoever's doing this -is- after something more then. What exactly could he accomplish with one of these checks?
[19:39] <@Detro> So that makes him a viable conduit to getting a CEF agent into the company. Or for that matter, vetting for him for someone else's security procedures.
[19:39] <@Birkin> Perhaps they just blackmailed him to keep his yap shut.
[19:39] <@Caelin> ::makes note of the pause and glances over at freja a moment::
01[19:40] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::Shrugs:: look for previous work history, police records, credit history. That might be the case, yes - he can't make records appear out of thin air, though. He's not the only one involved.
01[19:40] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::presses her lips together and glances at Caelin in return::
[19:42] <@Marshall> ::looks around again::
[19:43] <@Roland> ::holds out a hand for moment:: But we're all in agreement that this ain't about the money, though.
[19:43] <@Marshall> I admit, it's probably not a primary concern.
01[19:43] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::nods:: I'm sure it's involved somehow, but it's probably part of the show, not the main act.
[19:44] <@Birkin> ::looks over at the Captain:: I dunno. Money can be pretty important at times.
[19:44] <@Gabriel> ::nods in agreement and repeats:: Earth doesn't do "simple."
[19:45] <@Gabriel> Who else is involved in this? Have you pin-pointed other possibilities?
[19:45] <@Detro> Even if he can't make records appear out of thin air, I still think it'd be a good idea to go over employees he's been responsible for hiring or such... last few months?
01[19:45] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::looks pensive a moment before asking:: I know it's really bad form in this profession, but can I ask your parent organization? Am I right in thinking you're not just an a wetwork team?
[19:45] <@Marshall> ::looks to Tynes::
[19:46] <@Gabriel> That's an accurate assessment, yes.
[19:47] <@Detro> We're ghostbusters, ma'am. ::smiles::
[19:48] <@Marshall> ::glances at Detro::
[19:48] <@Detro> ::a beat:: That is, ghosts, spooks, spies. ::looks around::
[19:48] <@Caelin> ::raises an eyebrow at detro's comment::
01[19:48] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Ah. ::nods and pauses, then gets back to business:: There are a few other possibilities - the head of the department is one. But he's too closely scrutinized by the board of directors. Mr Arlington. I've got notes on him, but it feels cold to me.
[19:49] <@Delgado> ::just shakes her head::
[19:49] <@Marshall> Eh. It's worth checking out, if nothing else. Arlington, you said?
[19:49] <@Marshall> ::jots that down on the PDA::
[19:50] <@Roland> ::shakes his head:: Unless they've kidnapped his family, Wortherwhatshisnamington is their lead tool.
01[19:50] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Something's certainly "up" with Winchester, though. He talks to a lot of people over the course of the day, any one of them could be feeding him requests from a contact.
[19:51] <@Marshall> Well, Winchester's the best starting point, I'd say.
[19:51] <@Marshall> ::winces as he states the obvious::
[19:52] <@Detro> And the one they'll already be watching closely, if this is a blackmail operation.
01[19:52] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::Smiles gently:: I've got blueprints and layouts for Northco Tower as well as his personal home, and his most frequent routes to and from work. Also, his favourite cawfee shop, store preferences, and all that.
01[19:54] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> He likes to listen to Electric Dream, he owns two cars, though if he's not careful he'll be defaulting on his payments for the Vinge. And he's ten cycles into the mortgage on his house.
[19:55] <@Roland> We need to have a chat with'm. Preferably somewhere he can't be watched.
[19:56] <@Detro> Have to be careful with that too, if they have him bugged.
[19:56] <@Birkin> Do you have lists of the people he has contact with?
[19:56] <@Marshall> Got that already.
01[19:56] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::nods:: HE lives alone, but the house has good security, and the neighbourhood's pretty tight. I didn't want to do it, myself. But his house is the best place.
[19:56] <@Gabriel> ::nods, frowning:: I don't know. If someone has gone to the trouble to kidnap his wife and children, they're almost certainly watching him too closely to act so openly.
[19:57] <@Gabriel> Who has he hired into Northco since Spring?
[19:57] <@Roland> Or his car. Drives back and forth to work, yeah? Take a ride with him.
[19:57] <@Roland> I find it unlikely that Earth's going through the trouble to tail him to and from work everyday.
01[19:58] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::Shrugs:: I haven't actually been to his house, just walk by once in awhile. All my notes are based on the blueprints and vetting his credit for any work he's paid for on the place. He just got a new patio. Looks nice.
[19:58] <@Marshall> Well, y'know those Earthers. They got their heads so far up thier own rear ends... ::smirks::
01[19:59] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::Smiles lightly:: This is the first time I've been touched by SecCom. Never dealt with an Earther before. But, he isn't really the man who hires, he just does checks and keeps tabs on the employees coming in and leaving.
[20:00] <@Marshall> And you said that others do the same job?
01[20:00] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> He does *advise* for important hirings, though. And does a lot of deskwork.
[20:00] <@Roland> if someone comes in and out and isn't supposed to, he'd be the one to look the other way?
01[20:00] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::nods:: He could easily doctor the results of his work to make someone look clean when they aren't, or to give them a fake work and credit history.
[20:01] <@Gabriel> Or potentially... make one candidate look much better than another?
01[20:02] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::nods:: Their history, at least.
[20:02] <@Detro> Or provide references to someone else looking up background on someone who claimed to work at Northco?
01[20:03] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Not in all cases. References are usually provided by whoever was working with the person that left. Their immediate supervisor.
01[20:05] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::reflexively twitches her fingers and looks off at nothing - she's listening, but thinking deeply - perhaps about the problem at hand, perhaps about how best to annoy the Terranovans::
[20:06] <@Gabriel> ::drums fingers, troubled:: If this man is the primary contact for the Earthers into Northco, they're going to be watching him closely. And he's got his fingers in a lot of pies.
[20:06] <@Gabriel> Who is the normal control on this position? Who approves his choices, keeps an eye on him?
01[20:08] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::She nods:: That's why I called for help. His boss is Arlington. Above that is the Director of Personnel.
[20:08] <@Caelin> ::glances at scildfreja breifly, he's seen that look before::
[20:08] <@Marshall> We may want to start with Arlington then. Get him to get in contact with Winchester for us. Discreetly.
[20:09] <@Detro> For all we know, Arlington may be how they got to him.
[20:09] <@Birkin> ::frowns, wondering just what they would tell Arlington::
01[20:09] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> I don't *Think* Arlington is compromised. He seems clean. But it's hard to say. I don't know how the Earthers operate, I don't know their M.O.
[20:10] <@Marshall> I agree. Arlington is a little high up to be involved, at least directly.
01[20:10] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Glances back at Caelin and smiles briefly::
[20:10] <@Roland> If it would piss you off, that's their MO.
[20:12] <@Gabriel> Arlington might be a better choice, yes. But we need an avenue. Something that won't point instantly back to you. ::grins slightly at Shar:: Something he's done, or said, that would draw attention.
01[20:14] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> He's pretty model-employee. Works hard, stays extra hours. He hasn't missed a day in five cycles. His record's really good - not really surprising for a guy who has his hands on the records, really, but it's hard to get ahold of something that he's done that would attract attention.
[20:15] <@Roland> ::looks up:: Hasn't missed a day in five cycles?
[20:15] <@Roland> In other words, there's been nobody who's had to do his work for any length of time to notice that he's been covering something up?
[20:15] <@Caelin> ::looks back at cassandrine:: you said Mr Winchester was up for promotion, where would that place him?
[20:16] <@Marshall> ::smirks:: That alone attracts attention. That's a little... wonky.
01[20:16] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::She rifles through the notes on her PDA, frowning:: Not other than weekends. No sick leave, not a day more than his three weeks of vacation. He takes that during his slow season, so there's not a lot to cover, really.
[20:16] <@Gabriel> When's his slow season?
[20:16] <@Detro> Ah. Interesting proposal: That they've gotten to Winchester, because he could possibly be promoted to Arlington's position, and Arlington is already compromised?
01[20:17] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> It's expected for Arlington to retire in a Cycle. Winchester wants the job.
[20:17] <@Detro> ::nods at Caelin:: He shoots, he scores.
01[20:18] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::Smiles gently:: Winter. I checked, too. He doesn't have any travel arrangements made or vacation booked this cycle. He's planning on banking it.
[20:18] <@Marshall> Aha. So this cycle, he's altered his pattern?
[20:18] <@Caelin> ::glances at detro:: even if Arlington isn't compromised, his retirement puts someone who is in a much better position to mess with the company
[20:18] <@Marshall> Something's gotta be up.
01[20:19] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> He has, yes.
[20:19] <@Marshall> ::looks at Tynes to put it all together::
01[20:19] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::she shrugs:: He's told his co-workers that, with his kids in school and his wife away on business, there's no reason *not* to bank it. Arlington likes that attitude. it's earning him points.
[20:19] <@Birkin> He's retiring. He'll have a ton of free time soon. That doesn't mean much that he has decided to take his vacation time as a check.
[20:20] <@Birkin> <<scratch, wrong guy>>
[20:21] <@Gabriel> ::looks to the others to see if there are any more questions for now::
03[20:22] * Ryco ( has joined #BT05
[20:22] <@Marshall> ::shakes his head::
01[20:22] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::clears her throat and asks quietly:: Where is the school that his children attend?
01[20:23] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Little town outside of Exeter. Pretty quiet, bedroom community. Fairly nice.
01[20:24] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Mm. ::nods once and falls silent again::
[20:24] <@Marshall> Oh. The wife? Anything on her?
01[20:26] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Works for a hotel chain. Regional manager. Nothing really juicy on her. I think she's been cheating on him, to tell the truth. Dont' think he knows.
[20:26] <@Marshall> Harsh, but not really relavent. Was worth a try.
[20:27] <@Marshall> ::looks back to Tynes::
[20:28] <@Caelin> when did you start to suspect that?
01[20:30] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Credit card expenses for hotels. Wine and dinner, desserts for two. He doesn't see her personal card bills.
[20:32] <@Roland> Arright, so, are we going to get Winchester somewhere we can have a private conversation, or are we going to his boss?
[20:32] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: First. ::turns to Shar:: Miss Shar, thank you. Are you able to stay here in Lyonesse tonight? We'd like to look over your information, then we may need to speak with you again to ask a few final questions afterwards.
01[20:33] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> Officially I'm here doing a purchasing run for the warehousing department. I leave tomorrow at around noon. I can meet you before breakfast, if you like.
[20:34] <@Gabriel> That should be fine, thank you. ::stands::
[20:34] <@Marshall> ::also stands::
01[20:34] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::she stands as well, turning off her PDA and picking it up::
[20:34] <@Detro> ::slowly gets out of his seat::
[20:35] <@Gabriel> Oh. Just one more thing.
[20:36] <@Birkin> ::remains leaning against the wall::
[20:36] <@Gabriel> Some of your records appear to be in Universal French? Why is that?
[20:36] <@Delgado> ::stays seated as she watches everyone else, her privilege as a woman at the table::
[20:37] <@Roland> ::rolls his head slightly to look at Cassandrine::
01[20:38] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::she smiles lightly:: My superiors aren't in New Peace River. My superiors are in Port Oasis. At least, that's what they think. ::she pauses a moment:: I've played this game a few cycles too long. I'm tired of seeing blood for money. BTSecCom offered me a chance to do what I do for something greater.
[20:39] <@Birkin> ::smirks::
[20:39] <@Gabriel> Fair enough. Thank you again.
01[20:40] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::she nods and turns to leave, but then pauses in front of the door, turning back to the room:: I *do* have a question. You don't have to answer it.
[20:40] <@Roland> Better not to ask, then.
[20:41] <@Delgado> ::shoots a look at Roland::
01[20:42] <@Savant> 3Cassandrine Shar> ::presses her lips together and nods:: I suppose you're right. I'll talk to you tomorrow. You have my number.
[20:42] <@Roland> ::snaps his gum::
01[20:42] <@Savant> The bookish woman steps out of the room, pressing the stud on her watch as she does so. The door clicks closed behind her.
[20:42] <@Marshall> Hunh. Now I'm curious what she was going to ask.
[20:43] <@Gabriel> She'll ask tomorrow, Roland or no Roland. ::looks amused:: She plays timid, but she's not timid.
[20:46] <@Detro> I suspect what she wanted to know, we couldn't say anyways.
[20:46] <@Caelin> ::frowns:: she seemed uneasy during the whole thing...sure she's in the right career?
[20:46] <@Birkin> ::waves his hand:: A game
[20:47] <@Marshall> A dangerous game. Mister Winchester is playing with the wrong people, and he might get hurt because of it.
[20:47] <@Delgado> ::nods faintly at Birkin's words:: A good one.
01[20:47] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[20:47] <@Savant> that works Wink what did you think? What do you think about the direction this mission seems to be taking?
[20:48] <@Marshall> I want to kidnap this asswipe and get him to spill his guts
[20:48] <@Roland> Espionage. Intrigue. Kidnappings. Secret Agents. We rock.
01[20:48] <@Savant> I was afraid it'd be too close to the Caprician arc with the corporate espionage thing, but... you didn't do a heck of a lot of corporate espionage there. So we can do it now Wink
[20:48] <@Detro> S'cool
[20:48] <@Roland> Roland wants to break into his car and then pop up from the back seat while he's driving to work. Wink
[20:49] <@Marshall> lol, Marshall had the same idea.
06[20:49] * @Delgado snickers
01[20:49] <@Savant> why can i see Roland doing that in the creepiest way possible? With a Burger King mask on or osmething
[20:49] <@Caelin> the whole thing reeks of a setup
[20:49] <@Roland> LOL
[20:49] <@Gabriel> ::agrees with Scotty:: Wink
01[20:49] <@Savant> heh
01[20:49] <@Savant> anyways, expees. You want expees?
[20:49] <@Marshall> Luke> I know you've probably heard this before, but it's a trap.
01[20:49] <@Savant> i have a few here that i'm not using.
[20:50] <@Detro> Yeah. Going after Winchester isn't going to do shit or shinola beyond getting us caught
[20:50] <@Birkin> yeah expees plz
01[20:50] <@Savant> using to buff up the bad guys, that is.
[20:50] <@Detro> You don't go after the egg when you can get the goose that laid it.
[20:50] <@Delgado> Expees
01[20:50] <@Savant> okay. Let's start it out then. Teamwork.. doesn't really apply today. Let's talk about characterization instead. Did any character traits get showcased today? anything interesting?
[20:51] <@Roland> Roland produced foliage.
[20:51] <@Delgado> hah
01[20:51] <@Savant> how many plants does he have in there? as many as thematically appropriate?
01[20:51] <@Savant> is it Schroedinger's Hockey Bag?
[20:51] <@Delgado> Yes, Roland travels with plants. Wink
[20:52] <@Detro> Detro continues to pay his pennance for his crimes against the Talons
[20:52] <@Birkin> Birkin likes Republican's
[20:52] <@Roland> I only imagine there's one or two. Wink
[20:52] <@Marshall> Detro is going to end up like Castus Wink
[20:52] <@Gabriel> Ironically, everyone played in character, including Brad.
[20:52] <@Gabriel> Wink
[20:52] <@Marshall> lol
01[20:52] <@Savant> Detro spends his nights hanging from the ceiling by his toenails, or self-flagellating Wink
[20:52] <@Roland> ::snickers::
[20:52] <@Delgado> The Utopians are coming up with something potentially annoying. Wink
01[20:52] <@Savant> what are they coming up with?
[20:52] <@Caelin> hmm is there a mirc hotkey that makes it so you type from the right side of the screen?
[20:53] <@Marshall> Seriously. If those Utopians pull anything I'm going to sic a Fire Egg with a stink bomb on them =P
[20:53] <@Delgado> I don't know but I'm sure it's going to piss some people off. Wink
[20:53] <@Detro> So what if she does? All she has to do is... ::cough:: Yeah, gonna leave that unsaid.
01[20:54] <@Savant> Have a point for characterization. Now storyline. What did you learn about the storyline tonight? What new depths of understanding do you have about the Terranovan condition?
[20:54] <@Marshall> Earth's really trying to screw us over big time... again.
01[20:54] <@Savant> they never really stopped Wink
[20:55] <@Roland> They're really complicated. Wink
[20:55] <@Birkin> They're targeting the major centers of war goods. Only instead of doing another Icarus they're doing it from within
01[20:55] <@Savant> too complicated? complicated enough? I'm trying to stay away from the "hit big man with stick" storyline here Wink
[20:56] <@Birkin> Its not public knowledge that Northco might have a hand in blowing up the center of future Republican Leadership is it?
[20:56] <@Birkin> Imagine what will happen to the cooperation if it does.
[20:56] <@Delgado> They have grand schemes and little tiny schemes and everything in between. Slowly chiseling away at TN anyway they can.
01[20:56] <@Savant> er, no, not at all public knowledge
01[20:56] <@Savant> that's why you can't reveal anything abd about Northco to the public. one reason, anyways.
01[20:56] <@Savant> it would be *bad*
[20:57] <@Marshall> Northco seems to be making an awefully big deal of this. Youd think someone like Northco could handle this on thier own.
01[20:57] <@Savant> northco doesn't have a clue of what's going on.
[20:57] <@Birkin> its Talon HQ that does
[20:57] <@Gabriel> Something about it bugs me, and I can't put my finger on it. So far, it seems really prosaic. Almost small-time. I want to look through her records in detail, but there's an interesting problem here: what evidence do we have so far that Earth is even involved in this?
02[20:57] * @Caelin ( Quit (Quit: "GNOMAIL, Gnome + Mail = GNOMAIL, We prefer to cater to gnomes because we're horribly, horribly racist." Gnomail courier- The Grind ep 2)
03[20:57] * Scotty ( has joined #BT05
03[20:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Scotty
01[20:57] <@Savant> PaxSec does. As does the SRID somewhat Wink
[20:57] <@Scotty> sorry about that, had to fix mirc
[20:57] <@Gabriel> None whatsoever, unless I'm missing something. It's just as likely -- hell, more likely -- that Shar is an agent from Territorial Arms and this is a TA plot to get into Northco.
[20:57] <@Marshall> Talon HQ said they were 95% sure.
[20:58] <@Roland> 19 times out of 20?
[20:58] <@Roland> Wink
06[20:58] * @Delgado whispers to Marshall
[20:58] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Then I'll want to see the evidence that points to that.
[20:58] <@Delgado> Even God can be wrong. Wink
[20:59] <@Marshall> Hey. I'm cool either way. I don't want anyone screwing with Northco. I want my damn Panda. =P
[20:59] <@Gabriel> Anyway, for the moment, it seems kinda small-time to me. TN's cities are being blasted by anti-matter bombs. Compared to that, 17 million marks and some embarrassment for Northco seems very small-time indeed.
[20:59] <@Scotty> we should at least find out where the 17 mill went to
01[20:59] <@Savant> i'll do my best to post the Utopia log this week, and i *will* post Shar's information this week as well.
[21:00] <@Detro> Keep in mind we also know the CEF is in with the mafia, so this could be a mafia op aided by the CEF.
[21:00] <@Gabriel> Great, thanks. Smile If it's on the level, it's interesting how intertwined TN is getting.
[21:00] <@Gabriel> Paxton Security finds a problem in a Northern conglomerate, and the logical person to send is someone who is almost certainly SRID, who then brings in a Talon team.
01[21:00] <@Savant> it could be TA - and TA usurping Northco would be bad as well. Any destabilization of the wartime economy would be bad.
[21:00] <@Gabriel> Gabriel secretly pines for the good old days of the Interpolar War. Wink
01[21:01] <@Savant> heh heh
[21:01] <@Delgado> heh
[21:01] <@Marshall> heh. With ya there, Cap Wink
01[21:01] <@Savant> anyways, two experience. That's enough for tonight. Next week... final meeting with Shar, and then start your first operation?
01[21:01] <@Savant> sounds good to me.
01[21:01] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:33] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:33] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:33] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
03[18:33] * Savant sets mode: +o Marshall
[18:33] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:33] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:33] <@Roland> ::attn and stuff::
01[18:34] <@Savant> apologies for the late start. Lots to do here. And there too!
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03[18:34] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
03[18:34] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
01[18:35] <@Savant> give me one more moment here. Chat amongst yourselves
[18:36] <@Detro> How about them <insert local sports team here>?
[18:36] <@Detro> I particularly (liked|hated) their last game.
03[18:37] * Scotty is now known as Caelin
01[18:37] <@Savant> there we are. How is everyone?
01[18:38] <@Savant> ready to rock and roll? any last minute questions before I brief you?
[18:38] <@Detro> I am (good|so-so|fine|meh).
[18:38] <@Roland> Let there be rock!
[18:38] <@Gabriel> Ready here.
06[18:38] * @Marshall throws a rock at Roland.
[18:38] <@Caelin> lets roll
01[18:38] <@Savant> lights! drums! GUITAAAH!
[18:38] <@Detro> Autogears, roll out!
01[18:38] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:38] <@Savant> 2 Winter TN1946, 0900h - morning
01[18:38] <@Savant> Saguaro Row, Lyonesse, UMF
01[18:38] <@Savant> +10C, Sunny, Slightly overcast
01[18:38] <@Savant> You can feel every kilometer between you and Caprice, now - how could a place so many millions of kilometers away feel even *more* distant? But it does, and it's strangely unsettling. Even now, after such a long rest, thoughts still wander back to the Liberati and Gomorrans there. You, foreigners that you were, had the opportunity to escape for rest. Your allies there hadn't the chance.
01[18:38] <@Savant> You've had your rest now, and are once again back into the corporate intrigue you left behind on Caprice. Unlike that time, however, you're much more deeply involved. A Northco executive is being blackmailed to assist someone who allegedly works for Earth. Whoever it is, they speak Siberian.
01[18:38] <@Savant> Find out who it is, track them down, and bring them to justice! The security of Terranova is at stake!
01[18:38] <@Savant> Please Acknowledge after reading.
[18:39] <@Detro> ack
[18:39] <@Marshall> ack
[18:39] <@Roland> ::last week ack::
01[18:39] <@Savant> did it sound urgent? I tried to make it sound urgent at the end there. Was it urgent?
[18:39] <@Caelin> ack
[18:39] <@Marshall> Very.
01[18:39] <@Savant> totally wasn't last week's teaser
01[18:39] <@Savant> questions?
[18:39] <@Caelin> the first part is
[18:39] <@Roland> Yes, but it hasn't changed enough to warrant a this week ack. Wink
01[18:40] <@Savant> well, change the situation and I'll change the briefing Razz
[18:40] <@Birkin> ack
03[18:40] * Itzpapalotl is now known as Delgado
01[18:40] <@Savant> start shooting people or something, Roland.
01[18:40] <@Savant> hey, an Itz.
01[18:40] <@Savant> read yo brief, Itz.
[18:41] <@Caelin> <roland>::shoots lorentz:: there, CEF will need to find a new puppet
01[18:41] <@Savant> i'll give Brad a moment to get back and then we can roll out.
[18:41] <@Brad> Nah, go without me. I don't have a clue what's going on.
[18:41] <@Brad> Sorry. Sad
06[18:42] * @Marshall makes a sidenote to crash Lorentz's system hardcore when he finally gets admin access.
01[18:42] <@Savant> you're welcome to come in without knowing what's up. your character is just late to the party, that's all.
[18:42] <@Marshall> You really haven't missed much, and you're probably the most useful character in this situation =P
[18:42] <@Gabriel> Brad, seriously, how is missing the first week AND the second week going to help you catch up, exactly?
[18:43] <@Brad> Maybe I'm not going to?
[18:43] <@Brad> I don't know.
[18:43] <@Gabriel> Oh, spare me from this passive/aggressive crap, please.
01[18:43] <@Savant> you're welcome to play if you want to. You know that.
[18:43] <@Brad> I'm being literal.
01[18:44] <@Savant> let's leave this for after, or at least for the other channel.
01[18:44] <@Savant> No questions?
[18:45] <@Gabriel> None here.
01[18:45] <@Savant> we'll be picking up in a pair of joined hotel rooms? that sound like where you'd be spending the night?
[18:45] <@Caelin> sure
01[18:45] <@Savant> awright. Let's do that.
01[18:45] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:46] <@Detro> ::seated on a half-couch, going over the last of the data he gathered on Arlington, Lorentz' boss::
01[18:46] <@Savant> It was a relatively sleepless night, even though th beds in the Grande 12 chain of econo hotels really are quite comfortable. No, you've been up all night hunting down information.
[18:46] <@Roland> ::stands in front of one of the windows, arms crossed as he looked out through the small slit of blinds that were open and out onto the city scape and his teeth chomp down on a stick of gum::
[18:46] <@Marshall> ::grumbles and closes the laptop::
[18:46] <@Gabriel> ::sits at a laptop looking over some information, having traded the keyboard duty with Delgado for the last couple of hours::
01[18:47] <@Savant> You've spent your time on the hotel's modern and easy-to-use data lines, hunting down anything of use, without having to worry about pesky data loss, thanks to their high-bandwidth business-class option.
[18:48] <@Roland> ::rubs his chin:: What the hell is a cuckoo, anyway? Animal? ::pauses for a minute:: What date was that conversation from, anyway?
[18:48] <@Delgado> ::sits on the corner of a bed, rubbing at her eyes. Words were starting to blur together and they had too little caffeine::
[18:48] <@Birkin> ::sits near the door, exhaling softly as he watches the others working, occassionally throwing out his idea here and there::
[18:48] <@Caelin> ::glances at scildfreja, then back to roland and shrugs:: no clue here either
01[18:49] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Shrugs back::
[18:49] <@Marshall> No luck getting into Lorentz's computer. I think the damn thing logged me, too.
[18:50] <@Roland> ::shrugs:: 'Springer is in the nest' used to be a codeword for a target being at the predetermined location for termination. Maybe they're trying to assassinate someone.
[18:51] <@Detro> ::has no clue about the cuckoo, so ignores that. He writes down a name and address, then puts the laptop aside::
[18:51] <@Gabriel> ::nods, looking over at Roland:: According to the records, it's an animal... a bird.
[18:51] <@Delgado> ::takes a deep breath and drops her hand, any kind of conversation giving her something to focus on and ignore her weariness:: It's Earth slang for a crazy person. That much I know.
01[18:52] <@Savant> There is a polite knock on the door. It must be one of the helpful and efficient staff of the Grand 12 Exeter.
[18:52] <@Marshall> I did manage to hunt down that credit card info on the driver though. ::slides the printouts over to Tynes::
[18:52] <@Gabriel> It's the key reason that someone in Talon intel thinks this is an Earther-plot: who on Terra Nova would know that a cuckoo would be in a nest?
[18:53] <@Caelin> ::is about to speak but stays silent when he hears the knock::
[18:53] <@Roland> Well, you'd think the Siberian would be enough, but it's possible.
01[18:53] <@Savant> knock knock knock.
[18:53] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Marshall:: I think the rental car driver is going to be our best immediate target. He rented the car, he picked up the kids, he drove them... somewhere.
[18:53] <@Gabriel> Then he returned the car.
[18:53] <@Detro> ::seeing no-one else respond, he gets up::
[18:53] <@Gabriel> ::turns to Detro:: Would you g--
[18:53] <@Delgado> Mostly used like "He's gone a little cuckoo." ::opens her mouth to say something else but goes quiet and fixes her eyes on the door::
[18:53] <@Gabriel> ::nods when Detro does it::
[18:53] <@Birkin> ::looks over at the door for a moment, his hand instinctively going for his pistol, standing up and moving to do the door, opening it for Detro as he gets close, staying on the opposite side of the door hidden::
[18:53] <@Detro> ::heads to the door... once next to it:: Who is it?
[18:53] <@Roland> ::has his hand inside his jacket as Detro attendes to the door::\
[18:54] <@Marshall> ::throws his civvie coat over his pistol lying on the table::
[18:54] <@Detro> ::looks out the little fish-eye jigger::
01[18:55] <@Savant> 5Woman> ::cheerily:: Good morning! We hope you slept well. We noticed that you didn't come down for breakfast, so we've brought it up to your room. Compliments of the manager. ::Holds up a large stainless steel tray, filled with fresh baking.::
[18:55] <@Marshall> ::his stomache grumbles on cue::
[18:56] <@Detro> Ah, thank you. I'm afraid I'm not decent, so if you could just leave it there, I'll get it as soon as I'm dressed.
01[18:56] <@Savant> 5Woman> ::pauses one second, two seconds, then her smile resumes:: You bet, sir! I'll, uh, get a stand for the tray. It won't do to put it on the floor.
[18:57] <@Detro> Thank you!
[18:57] <@Roland> ::frowns slightly::
[18:57] <@Delgado> ::mouths to Detro:: 'Tell her we're vegan'.
01[18:59] <@Savant> The woman leaves, returning to drop off your freshly-baked continental breakfast (why they still call it that no one knows) at the door.
[19:00] <@Detro> ::gives her some time to leave::
[19:00] <@Gabriel> ::waits for Detro to close the door, then takes a roll and some jelly:: Anyway, as I said, I think the driver is our best avenue for investigation today.
[19:00] <@Gabriel> We can pick him up and have a conversation with him.
[19:00] <@Roland> ::looks at the others in the room:: Been a while since I've been in a hotel. They normally do that?
[19:01] <@Detro> ::having brought in the meal after she was gone, he sits down in the half-couch again::
[19:01] <@Delgado> ::once the woman leaves, Delgado stands up and moves toward the door, taking a quick peek through the peephole in an attempt to look down the hall before turning toward Tynes and frowning:: I don't like that.
[19:01] <@Marshall> ::grabs a plates and some eggs:: Alright. How do we track him down?
[19:02] <@Detro> ::reaches over and takes a muffin, breaking it in half, then nibbles on it half-heartedly::
[19:03] <@Roland> ::picks up a croissant and sniffs it for a minute before taking a bite and chewing thoughtfully::
[19:04] <@Roland> Does the rental car agency maintain GPS systems in their vehicles?
01[19:04] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::rises, collects a plate and enough food for both herself and Caelin, then sits with him again. She's not got a dataslate on her, but she *is* wearing her headset.::
[19:04] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Roland:: Yes, that kind of breakfast is fairly common, though bringing it up to us... ::shrugs::
[19:05] <@Delgado> Wait. She didn't make a plate for just one or even two people. She brought up a plate for many. And she never returned to do the same for the other room. ::gets a flat look on her face as everyone just jumps into the potentially tainted food:: ... But who cares, right?
[19:05] <@Gabriel> And that's a good point. We can look into that.
[19:06] <@Roland> ::grabs a danish and tosses it to Delgado:: So run something through a bioscanner or something.
[19:06] <@Birkin> That driver ::picking up a bit of breakfast:: Do we know if he's a regular employee of that rental company yet? I might have been napping while you all were doing that
[19:07] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja::thank you ::puts his data slate aside and takes a roll but not eating it right yet::
[19:08] <@Delgado> ::catches the danish then gently places it on the table, leaving it untouched:: Little late for that now. Though if anything starts happening to you then I'll be sure to treat everyone else first. I'm sure that's what you wishes would be. ::mutters darkly to herself as she goes over to the duffelbag and starts digging around for her mediglove::
[19:08] <@Marshall> The company denied it. The car was rented by a Delvan Smidt. Got his credit info there but I haven't had time to get any more on him.
01[19:08] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::smiles briefly::
[19:08] <@Detro> ::dryly:: Why would they poison us? Our enemies have no reason to suspect we are here yet, not to mention it would give this particular hotel chain a rather bad reputation.
[19:09] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: We can do it on the way. I think we need to pay a visit to Mister Smidt today. ::as he eats his roll::
[19:09] <@Roland> If they maintain GPS systems in the cars, we get the data on the rented car and see where it went. Easy and pie.
[19:09] <@Gabriel> What else have we got?
[19:09] <@Roland> ::pauses after saying pie, then grabs a danish::
[19:10] <@Birkin> Think he's worth our time? He might be the missing link. But I heard that he used his own credit card to rent the car. Either he's a plant that blew his cover on purpose for this mission, or he could just be some guy who got paid a lot of Marks to do something
[19:10] <@Delgado> ::slips her glove on and activates it, watching the startup readouts on her wrist as she responds to Detro:: Because even the shittiest hotel chain tries to kill you with courtesy. We have two seperate registered rooms. She should've serviced both. A clueless hospitality manager knowing we'd all be in one room seems a little too much information for her to have.
[19:10] <@Marshall> It
[19:11] <@Marshall> It's possible that Smidt wasn't the driver, though.
[19:11] <@Delgado> And to keep having. You sure she'll keep her mouth shut if someone calls and asks if there is a large singular party staying at this hotel? ::slides her gaze over to Detro:: Hmm?
[19:11] <@Delgado> You going to guarantee that?
[19:11] <@Detro> Because they probably either know we're going back and forth between the room from hallway security cameras, or know the inter-room door is in use.
[19:11] <@Birkin> Didn't we see tapes from the school showing him flashing the papers?
[19:12] <@Marshall> We saw someone. We haven't matched the vids of the driver and Smidt yet... ::starts on that now::
[19:13] <@Roland> ::glances back and forth between the others and polishes off the danish, dusting his hands together to brush off the crumbs:: Do we have any contacts in the Lyonesse PD? I don't think the rental company'll be exactly forthcoming to a random asshole asking for the data from their rental cares for no fucking reason whatsoever.
[19:14] <@Delgado> ::shakes her head, muttering to herself again as she moves over to Detro and scans him with her glove. Paranoia at it's best::
[19:14] <@Gabriel> ::nods agreement at Birkin:: Still, he knows who hired him to do the job, and he probably knows where he drove the kids.
[19:14] <@Gabriel> ::glances at Marshall:: We've got a picture of him in the car.
[19:14] <@Birkin> ::nods at the Captain:: Exactly. Its more information thatn we might have now. Even if we have to use a little force to get it out of him.
[19:15] <@Gabriel> If nobody came up with anything else, I think that's our play.
[19:15] <@Detro> ::his head WHIPS around and fixes on Delgado's, his eyes locked on hers in a steely glare::
[19:16] <@Marshall> ::nods:: Yeah. This is a match. Smidt was the one who drove the kids.
[19:16] <@Caelin> ::glances between delgado and the roll he was holding, suddenly having the urge to wait for the results before eating::
[19:17] <@Detro> ::after a minute, releases the glare, muttering something about how she wouldn't know fear like that unless it bit her in the... and some sort of French word::
[19:17] <@Delgado> ::ignores Detro as she turns around and walks away, absorbed in the medical readout on her wrist::
[19:17] <@Marshall> ::pours himself another cawfee:: So, we need to find him now, and talk to him?
[19:18] <@Birkin> You hacked his credit card, that show his current address?
[19:18] <@Delgado> ::pulls off her glove and tosses it in her duffelbag before sitting back down on the corner of the bed. Apparently the pasteries are perfectly non-lethal::
[19:19] <@Marshall> Yeah. Little apartment down south by the bay.
[19:20] <@Detro> Don't suppose he's been buying things at a bookstore lately...
[19:20] <@Roland> ::grumbles a little and and moves over to another computer, pulling up the website of the rental company and looking for a mention of GPS -- then he cross references the company against their access to the police records to see if the local law enforcement department had ever dealt with the rental company for investigations::
[19:20] <@Caelin> ::seeing as the doctor isn't screaming about poison by now, he finally takes a bite out of his roll::
[19:22] <@Birkin> Yeah. Can you pull up his address?
[19:22] <@Gabriel> ::rolls his eyes very slightly at the paranoia on display::
[19:22] <@Birkin> Might as well get started on this now.
[19:22] <@Gabriel> ::walks over to watch Roland at work::
[19:23] <@Marshall> So, we going to go get this guy?
[19:23] <@Delgado> ::looks down at the carpet, thinking:: What about his actual bank account? Has he had any unusual deposits lately? Or a sudden jump in pay from Northco?
[19:24] <@Roland> ::takes a stylus and circles the mention of GPS systems installed in the vehicles on the website -- though he fails to find any police connection to see if they've been approached in investigations to utilize the data::
[19:24] <@Marshall> He did recently up his credit limit. I don't have anything on the actual bank account though.
[19:24] <@Detro> If this gentleman was a stooge for the CEF, I would imagine they would have eliminated him after kidnapping the kids to get rid of the witness.
[19:25] <@Delgado> ::nods slightly:: Money needs to be accounted for. Especially if it's coming directly from Northco. There's nothing accountants love better than paper trails and pay authorizations.
[19:25] <@Marshall> They still might. We may want to jump on him now, while we still can.
[19:26] <@Roland> Someone run an access test on the rental company and see what shit they've got guarding their servers. If the data in the GPS is stored, we need to pull it down.
[19:27] <@Marshall> Right. Will do. ::gets to work on the laptop again::
[19:27] <@Gabriel> ::quietly, so only Roland can hear:: Mem would be the logical person to do that, but just between you and I, he's AWOL. I've sent the MPs after him. No luck yet.
[19:28] <@Detro> Let me know if you need help. ::looks back down at the computer, looking up more on the bookstore::
[19:29] <@Roland> ::glances sidelong at Tynes and straightens, crossing his arms -- his jaw ceases chewing with the gum squeezing between his teeth::
[19:29] <@Detro> :: a beat, then looks back up:: Against the rental company that is. Not Mem. ::grins::
[19:30] <@Marshall> I'm in. Let me see what I can find.
[19:31] <@Gabriel> ::just as quietly:: Best hope he comes back. You're senior NCO. ::grins slightly::
[19:32] <@Roland> ::grunts with a frown and takes one short chomp on the gum on his mouth before walking over behind Marshall:: See if they store the GPS data from the vehicles; speeds, locations, mileage.
[19:32] <@Delgado> ::sits and listens to the information around her::
[19:32] <@Marshall> Yeah. Here we go. It's all here.
[19:32] <@Caelin> ::picks up the dataslate again and starts reading some more::
[19:33] <@Roland> Find the car. Find the dates. Pull the map data up for the rental period.
[19:33] <@Marshall> After picking up the kids it looks like he went to a field outside of the city. Then he came back, spent the night at a hotel, got the car detailed, and returned it.
[19:34] <@Roland> Get the date and time of the stop at the field and send it to HQ. Have them pull all satellite detail for that area for that time and forward it back to us.
[19:35] <@Caelin> ::looks up::they said the man had the vehical...detailed...before returning it, what does that mean?
[19:35] <@Marshall> Yessir. ::pulls the exact date and time of the stop and forwards them, along with the GPS coordinates, to Talon HQ with a request for satellite intel.::
[19:35] <@Delgado> ::looks at Caelin:: Completely cleaned inside and out.
[19:35] <@Roland> Cleaned. Probably to get all the DNA those kids were shedding in there out.
[19:35] <@Detro> ::seeing that they're doing just fine, he continues looking up information on the bookstore... owner... when it opened... the kinds of books it carries... famous patronages, if any::
01[19:36] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She listened quietly to the description and spoke a few quiet words into her microphone::
[19:37] <@Caelin> ::nods::ahh, makes sense, though whats the chance he did the same to the onboard computer?
[19:38] <@Detro> ::doesn't find much useful. If anything, just a reason for the man to go there. But, that'd also make a good cover for him being there, and would be something that some people might easily dismiss...::
[19:38] <@Roland> Zero, apparently, if they still have the GPS data. ::looks down at Marshall:: Those fancy-pants ass-cars store any data other than the GPS?
[19:39] <@Marshall> Yeah. Tons. I can even tell you he played the kids a movie while he drove out to the field. Didn't speed.
[19:40] <@Roland> Does the car have any optical cameras for backing that shit up?
[19:40] <@Delgado> ::blinks:: That's detailed.
[19:40] <@Marshall> Uhh.. ::checks for a camera feed::
[19:41] <@Detro> ::looks at the kinds of books the store sells, just for the heck of it::
[19:41] <@Marshall> No. No cameras. Some Norlight law.
[19:43] <@Gabriel> ::frowns:: So, he drove out to the field, transferred the kids to another vehicle, and drove back... why did it take him two days to return the car?
[19:43] <@Marshall> ::takes a minute to scarf some eggs while waiting for the intel from Talon HQ.::
[19:43] <@Gabriel> Where else did he go in it?
[19:43] <@Roland> ::crosses his arms:: Did he use the system to make any phone calls or access the 'net?
[19:44] <@Marshall> Picked up the car, got gas, drove to the school, drove to the field, long drive to a hotel, he stayed overnight, got the car detailed and gassed and then brought it back.
[19:44] <@Caelin> how long would it have taken to get the car cleaned?
[19:45] <@Marshall> The field was a long drive out. That's the only reason.
[19:45] <@Marshall> The car was at the cleaners for about an hour.
[19:45] <@Marshall> And no, no use of the internal phone.
[19:46] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: So the car is a dead end, looks like. We'll have to pick up Mister Smidt and ask him who he met out there, unless the satellite data is extraordinarily wonderful.
[19:46] <@Detro> Wonder what he told the kids... about where they were going and whatnot.
[19:47] <@Marshall> Still waiting on that end. Nothing back on the sats yet.
[19:48] <@Birkin> Would our contact be able to help us out with the sat?
[19:49] <@Marshall> Here we go. ::loads the video on the computer and turns it so Tynes and Roland can see::
[19:49] <@Detro> That doesn't seem likely.
[19:49] <@Detro> ::he still half-references the laptop from time to time... magazines. Huh.::
01[19:50] <@Savant> MArshall's gotten back some footage from HQ. It shows the car stopping off in a field and the kids getting off, onto a waiting civillian hopper. It takes off, heading southwards.
[19:50] <@Birkin> Anyone see any marks on that chopper?
[19:50] <@Roland> Forget the marks. Find the flight plan.
[19:51] <@Marshall> ::keeps with the hopper, and fastforwards though the video, trying to see where it lands::
[19:51] <@Roland> Hoppers just don't get to fly willy nilly over the fucking plains.
[19:51] <@Delgado> ::slowly turns her head to stare at Roland:: ... Willy nilly? Seriously?
01[19:52] <@Savant> The video shows it travelling south, flying low. It stops once, refuelling from a buried fuel tank that was pretty much invisible until they uncovered it. then they're off again.
01[19:53] <@Savant> Eventually the video ends with the hopper in the badlands. A quickly typed comment from HQ says that they've passed onto SRID territory and are awaiting footage from their own satelites.
[19:53] <@Roland> ::slowly turns his head back to look at Delgado:: You have something important to contribute to the investigation, Private? Or are you just going to keep standing there looking ::air quotes:: pretty?
[19:53] <@Detro> ::adds some magazine names to his written paper -- ones he thinks he won't be able to get from another store, giving him a reason to show up at the store::
[19:54] <@Delgado> ::slowly breaks into a grin before she turns away and 'sniggers' once softly to herself::
[19:55] <@Marshall> Great. We have to wait for -another- sat video?
[19:55] <@Roland> Now look for those fucking marks on it.
[19:56] <@Marshall> ::tries to find a good view of the hopper, probably while it was still during the loading or the refuel, and looks for identifying marks::
[19:57] <@Marshall> Here. Got a number on the tail. Bravo Zulu Niner One Seven.
[19:57] <@Detro> ::frown:: Those can be easily changed.
[19:58] <@Birkin> Anyone recognize the model?
[19:58] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: True enough, but it's still worth looking up. ::does so, using his own access to the civilian pilot's registry::
[19:58] <@Marshall> ::checks the number:: Yeah, but it's all we've got.
[19:58] <@Marshall> Commercial. Owned by a company in Valeria.
[19:59] <@Detro> You know, this is starting to sound a little too organized, even for the CEF.
[20:00] <@Roland> ::crosses his arms:: I don't understand why they need to take the kids halfway across the damned planet.
[20:01] <@Detro> Yeah, that's fishy too.
[20:01] <@Marshall> ::keeps his inward opinion as to why the kids were kidnapped and taken to the Southern Republic private. he adds just a harrumph::
[20:01] <@Gabriel> It's a Saguaro "Savannah Longrunner". Hm. Pricey. Long range plains and badlands hopper. Often used by long range couriers in the north.
[20:01] <@Gabriel> But easy to keep operating, and easy to get parts for. You see a lot of them in the WFP.
[20:02] <@Detro> I mean, not that the whole thing isn't fishy to begin with. But not the kind of raw stench you get from the Earthers.
[20:02] <@Roland> ::nods:: Looks familiar.
[20:02] <@Roland> ::frowns:: Would cause an awful lot of attention in the South, though.
[20:03] <@Marshall> ::checks again to see if the latest satellite videos were in yet::
[20:03] <@Birkin> Any word on that sat footage from farther south?
[20:03] <@Marshall> Just checking that now.
[20:03] <@Roland> ::a pause:: It also means they either have been training on Terra Novan equipment, or they have a Terra Novan working for them.
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::frowns at the sat footage:: have you dealt with terran insurgents in the southern region before? anywhere that could be likely used a a base?
[20:03] <@Marshall> ::shakes his head:: Better grab a book. This could take a while.
01[20:04] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Sits on the corner of the bed, elbow on knee and chin in her hand, watching the Talons::
[20:05] <@Birkin> ::quietly:: They were in high levels of the military before.
[20:06] <@Detro> Wait... based on the flight time and everything, when would that hopper have gotten down there? Late in the day? Maybe it was dark out, and they didn't need to worry about being seen?
[20:06] <@Roland> Dark doesn't affect RADAR or transponders.
[20:06] <@Roland> ::frowns:: I think we might be dealing with our Earther counterparts..
[20:07] <@Birkin> They were lead to believe they could take control of the government and bring it to glory and honor. ::nods at Roland:: Valkyrie.
[20:07] <@Gabriel> Well, it's not completely unheard of in the South to see these things.
[20:07] <@Marshall> ::impatiently checks for the vids again::
[20:08] <@Gabriel> And don't jump to any conclusions yet. I'm trying to understand why an Earth agent would transport these kids tens of thousands of kilometers.
[20:08] <@Gabriel> Seems completely unnecessary.
[20:08] <@Marshall> ::scoffs:: Damn snakes need to get thier shit sorted. I coulda found that hopper with a compass and a flashlight by now!
[20:09] <@Roland> If it's not Earth, who the hell is talking in Siberian?
[20:09] <@Marshall> Er. Sorry. ::looks around::
[20:09] <@Birkin> The Baldands is where they were based on before. Perhaps they have a base we didn't find before.
01[20:09] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::raises an eyebrow at Marshall:: I thought that the south and the north were allies...?
[20:09] <@Marshall> Yeah. Allies.
[20:09] <@Detro> ::glare at Marshall briefly::
[20:09] <@Marshall> We are. ::not entirely selling it::
[20:10] <@Caelin> ::raises an eyebrow::
01[20:10] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Glances at CAelin with a mostly inscrutable, but slightly dubious expression::
[20:10] <@Marshall> Eh. Old habits. I'm trying.
[20:11] <@Marshall> ::awkwardly goes back to his cawfee::
[20:12] <@Detro> Anyways, I agree. This is going to extremes. Unless Lorenz is convinced that Southerners would eat his kids or something.
[20:12] <@Birkin> Nice impression you're giving us... ::restrains himself from saying Woofpee::
[20:14] <@Detro> So the question then becomes, what other organizations would benefit from pulling this stunt off?
[20:14] <@Gabriel> If it's not Earth, it's someone who wants us to think it's Earth by talking in Siberian.
[20:15] <@Birkin> Someone back home could be stupid enough to think that they would benefit from Northco taking a big hit.
[20:15] <@Marshall> A competing business maybe?
[20:15] <@Roland> Run those voices through the vocal analyzer -- it should be able to identify native speakers.
[20:15] <@Detro> Did the audio analysis say how hi-tech the subvoc was that it picked up? Military grade?
[20:15] <@Gabriel> Maybe. It took a few passes through an analyzer to even come up with the voices.
[20:16] <@Gabriel> And I dunno. Can you think of a company that would want to embarrass Northco and would fly hostages thousands of kilometers south? ::grins slightly at Birkin::
[20:16] <@Gabriel> I think we've exhausted the possibilities of talking about it for now. Let's go have a chat with Mister Smidt. I'd be interested to hear who he met out there in that field.
[20:17] <@Delgado> ::nods idly::
[20:17] <@Marshall> ::nods and transfers all the data on Smidt to his PDA, as well as sets up an alert to notify him when the sat vids came in::
01[20:18] <@Savant> And so our adventurers leave behind their comfortable, spacious Grand 12 rooms, heading out into the Terranovan day to pay a visit to Mr Smidt, down on the south side of Exeter.
[20:18] <@Roland> ::chewing a fresh piece of gum:: Anybody else think this guy is already dead?
[20:18] <@Marshall> Possible. Very possible.
[20:19] <@Gabriel> Let's hope not.
[20:19] <@Caelin> ::frowns:: or just, gone
01[20:19] <@Savant> The apartment building is small and a little old, but it's nice enough, and very clean. Then again, so is everything in Exeter. Bright little flowers line the walkway to the entrance of the building.
[20:22] <@Caelin> ::stays in the vehicle with scildfreja, would seem strange if 8 people walked up the the apartment...though 6 people walking up wouldn't really make much difference he thought::
[20:23] <@Roland> ::glances up at the apartment building and glances at Delgado:: How many toys do you have with you?
01[20:23] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Speaking quietly:: This is a very... open city.
[20:23] <@Detro> ::posts himself at a small little cawfee bistro just down the way... he can observe the front of the building okay::
[20:23] <@Delgado> ::straightens out her appearance:: Enough.
[20:24] <@Marshall> ::walks around to the back of the building, just as much making sure no one came or went without him knowing about it::
[20:24] <@Roland> ::outstretches an arm towards the building:: Cap'n.
[20:25] <@Gabriel> I think we'll do this quiet-like. Caelin, if you don't mind, cover the back exit. I'll take the front.
[20:26] <@Gabriel> Detro, cover the stairway on his floor. Marshall, Roland, Delgado, pay the man a visit. Delgado, if you've got something to make him... quiet... now's a good time.
[20:26] <@Gabriel> Signal us when you're in.
[20:26] <@Marshall> Aye aye.
[20:26] <@Caelin> ::nods and steps out of the vehicle, taking a look around before heading around back::
01[20:26] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Caelin, then gets up with the others to go along with him::
[20:27] <@Roland> ::shrugs and walks towards the apartment entrance, vaguely wondering whether they need to be buzzed in::
[20:27] <@Detro> <<cancel last>>
[20:27] <@Delgado> ::slips her hand into her pocket to double-check her quick-inject of sedative is easily removable then nods to Tynes before falling in step beside Roland::
[20:27] <@Detro> ::nods quietly::
[20:28] <@Marshall> ::takes a bit of a lead and tried to make sure he could reach both his pistol and his knife easily if he needed to::
[20:28] <@Roland> ::as he is approaching the vestibule entrance, he glances for the buzzer pad; or whether someone happens to be exiting at about the same time::
[20:28] <@Detro> ::moves up the stairwell, casually taking his time as to not make much noise::
01[20:29] <@Savant> Those few Talons meaning to head inside the building stop at the entryway. They can't get in without a key. There is a convenient screen on the wall, though, with a list of ocupants::
[20:29] <@Roland> ::punches Smidt's name ont he wall::
[20:30] <@Detro> ::backs off slightly, hopefully out of the range of any video pickups::
01[20:30] <@Savant> There is an intermittant buzzing sound as Roland pages the apartment above
[20:31] <@Marshall> ::scopes the lock and pulls out his picks::
[20:31] <@Gabriel> ::finds a place to hang out where he can keep the front door under surveillance::
[20:31] <@Roland> ::holds up a hand to Marshall for a minute::
[20:32] <@Marshall> ::stops, still glancing at the lock::
01[20:32] <@Savant> Smidt (Probably)> Hnhh... yeah? hello?
[20:32] <@Caelin> ::looks up the back of the building, noting just 1 door for someone to try to escape through::
[20:32] <@Birkin> ::decides to go with the Utopians, scoping out the backdoor with Caelin::
[20:32] <@Roland> ::shortly:: We have another job for you. Do you have a minute?
01[20:33] <@Savant> Smidt> Job? ::pause:: Who is this?
[20:33] <@Marshall> ::looks at Roland::
[20:33] <@Roland> You want the money or not?
[20:34] <@Detro> ::inwardly winces, but it's not like Roland is their group's best face-to-face person::
[20:34] <@Delgado> ::takes a slow, deep breath::
01[20:34] <@Savant> Smidt> ::pause:: What kinda money we talkin, here?
[20:34] <@Roland> Half again the last.
01[20:35] <@Savant> Smidt> Hey, dude, sure. Come on up, we can talk, you can give me the story.
01[20:35] <@Savant> The door buzzes and, probably, unlocks.
[20:35] <@Marshall> ::quietly sighs::
[20:36] <@Roland> ::opens the door and motions for the others to enter::
[20:36] <@Caelin> ::glances at birkin:: is this how things usually go around here?
[20:36] <@Marshall> ::takes the lead again, walking up the stairs::
[20:36] <@Delgado> ::steps through the open door, thinking 'greedy asshole'::
[20:37] <@Detro> ::enters along with the others, and heads up the stairs... on the way up, checking for security systems::
[20:37] <@Birkin> ::shrugs:: Sometimes. Sometimes its even worse ::winks:: Hey where did you guys end up going on your trips around Terra Nova? Did they let you out at all?
01[20:37] <@Savant> Pretty straightforward. Stairs go up. He's on the top floor, room 405.
[20:37] <@Roland> ::as he ascends the stairs behind Marshall he checks to make sure noboby is coming down from the opposite direction as he pulls his firearm out of his jacket and checks the slide before returning the weapon to its holster::
[20:38] <@Detro> ::casually posts himself at the floor's door into the stairwell, knife within hand's reach where it's concealed::
01[20:39] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she looks about warily, critical of almost every detail:: Fortin Gisele, a little bit of Ashanti, Port OAsis. Port Aurora. The headquarters flew us around a lot, wanted us to see the planet.
[20:39] <@Delgado> ::brings up the rear, slipping her hand into her pockets casually::
02[20:39] * @Marshall ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:39] <@Caelin> ::shrugs a bit:: your superiors always had someone to keep an eye on us, but they let us breath
[20:39] <@Birkin> Ashanti? Really? I love that place. You get in a good tour?
[20:40] <@Caelin> ::nods::they don't...wear much...compared to the rest of your world
01[20:40] <@Savant> It only takes a moment for the group to end up on the 4th floor. the carpet's old but the walls have recent paint, and it's clean here. There's a ladder that leads up to the roof, though there's a padlock on the hatch.
[20:40] <@Birkin> Nah its good though. ::waves his hand:: You'll learn to love it if you go back. I definately recommend going back too. You get some good sunscreen when you went there?
01[20:41] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> A lot warmer than home, too. I can understand why they don't wear much. ::glances at Caelin and smirks slightly:: We have good rad creme.
[20:41] <@Roland> ::ducks into the hallway quickly enough to check the side that 405 is on and what the nearest apartment is, then checks the stairwell quickly and shoots the padlock with the Talon pistol, pulling the damaged lock out of the loop:: I'll meet you two in there.
[20:42] <@Birkin> Good! You guys get a lot of questions? I imagine you drew a bit of attention with your pale skin there eh?
03[20:42] * Marcy ( has joined #BT05
[20:42] <@Roland> ::pushes the hatch open and climbs out onto the roof, closing it behind him while dropping the lock into a pocket::
[20:42] <@Caelin> ::grins back at freja, then to birkin::we tried to get help blend in here better
[20:42] <@Delgado> ::nods then waits a minute or two after Roland disappears before knocking on the door::
03[20:42] * Detro sets mode: +o Marcy
[20:43] <@Gabriel> ::keeps watch for anyone taking unusual interest in the building::
[20:44] <@Roland> ::makes his way along the roof, counting off to 405's balcony and checking to see how easily it'll be to drop onto it::
01[20:44] <@Savant> A moment passes before the door opens - it apparently wasn't evne locked - and inside is Delvan Smidt?
[20:44] <@Birkin> Ahh too bad. You coulda gotten a lot of attention. Both of you probably.
01[20:44] <@Savant> Doesn't look like the guy from the videos, the licence, or the car rental place. He's short, tanned, with curly black hair, and a big smile.
01[20:45] <@Savant> Smidt> Hey, come in, come in! You want a beer?
[20:45] <@Detro> ::watches Roland blast his way onto the roof as the other go into the hallway like normal people... he shakes his head. Shooting a lock seemed to go counter to "don't leave any trace of our presence".
01[20:45] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> We got a lot of attention. We just told them we weren't from around there. They didn't ask any questions. They were very friendly.
[20:46] <@Birkin> I'm glad you had a good time. What about the Port? That's my hometown
02[20:48] * @Marcy ( Quit (Ping timeout)
[20:48] <@Caelin> ::nods::very nice place, almost like we had returned home
[20:49] <@Delgado> ::flashes a friendly yet professional smile as she steps on:: That would be wonderful.
[20:49] <@Detro> ::patiently waits... not much of a view, as opposed to the last view he had while waiting for an inside team to do their work. He hoped the TalonWerks personal gear division was having luck with their little Caprician phone-like communicator::
[20:50] <@Birkin> Oh yeah? Your cities are a lot like Port Oasis?
01[20:50] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Caelin briefly:: Big, very big. The architecture reminded me of Troy.
01[20:50] <@Savant> Smidt> ::waves Delgado in, leaving her to her own devices as he cracked open his fridge and took out a pair of cans::
[20:51] <@Roland> +subvoc+ Delgado, Marshall, open your mics up. ::eyeing the balcony::
01[20:51] <@Savant> Smidt's apartment is a two room studio, with most o fit taken up by the loft. It's dark, because there are heavy blinds over the windows and the patio doors. What light there is is shed from soft ambient yellow lighting.
[20:51] <@Caelin> ::nods::Troy is similar, other cities vary according to nation
[20:52] <@Birkin> Troy one of your major cities very home?
[20:52] <@Delgado> ::opens her mic and lets Marshall in before closing the door behind her::
01[20:52] <@Savant> The man is clearly an artist. He's got a large easel to one side with a larger canvas on it, and several more incomplete paintings leaning against the wall. Some sculpture sits on sort tables. He doesn't look very wealthy, but he does look very busy.
[20:53] <@Gabriel> ::wonders how things are going upstairs::
01[20:54] <@Savant> Smidt> ::hands the beers over:: So, we talking a big job here, right? Like, big-big? or just small big? We talkin uptown or we talkin the projects, here?
[20:54] <@Caelin> ::nods to birkin::hometown
[20:55] <@Birkin> My parents still live there. It's a good little city provided you can stay out of the politics
[20:56] <@Detro> ::leans against the wall::
[20:56] <@Caelin> ::raises an eyebrow::politics?
03[20:56] * Marcy ( has joined #BT05
[20:56] <@Birkin> ::nods:: You know. Politics.
01[20:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> A lot of people do politics in the Southern Republic?
03[20:56] * Marcy ( has left #BT05
03[20:57] * Marshall ( has joined #BT05
[20:57] <@Birkin> ::smiles slightly:: It's the only way one can get really ahead in some areas.
03[20:57] * Detro sets mode: +o Marshall
[20:57] <@Birkin> Take me for instance. I'm here because of Politics.
[20:57] <@Delgado> ::takes the beer but just holds it as she smiles politely at him:: It depends on your willingness, Mr. Smidt. This next job requires you take a few more risks.
01[20:58] <@Savant> Smidt> ::grins and leans back against the wall, crossing his arms:: Oh yeah? You want me to make some people upset? Who's it for?
03[20:59] * Marcy ( has joined #BT05
03[20:59] * Detro sets mode: +o Marcy
[20:59] <@Delgado> ::chuckles softly as she gives him a sly look:: Does it really matter?
01[20:59] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::raises an eyebrow:: *you're* a politican?
03[20:59] * @Marcy ( has left #BT05
02[21:00] * @Marshall ( Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Marcy)))
03[21:00] * Marshall ( has joined #BT05
[21:01] <@Detro> ::procures a circular device from his pocket and begins twirling it in a regular pattern, up and down... up and down...
01[21:01] <@Savant> Smidt> ::laughs:: Guess not. Prophet protects the innocent, right? Shit. So what do you need from me? I'm kinda backed up, ya know? But I can make room if it's right.
[21:02] <@Birkin> ::stifles a laugh:: No no no. Back home there is a amazing special operations group called the Leigon Noire. Like our version of the Talons only a bit less well trained and focused on the ground.
[21:02] <@Birkin> Well I tried to join it but someone who's father knew politics better, got his kid into the Noire. Instead of outright reject me which would have caused a problem. I was sent off to the Talons instead.
[21:04] <@Gabriel> +subvoc+ Detro, talk to me. What are they doing up there?
[21:05] <@Detro> +subvoc+ If I had to guess, they barter the price of the painting Delgado is commissioning. ::snaps the yo-yo back up into his hand, catching it:: As for what Roland's doing, he shot his way out onto the roof. God knows what he's going to do up there. Hope it doesn't involve breaking windows.
[21:05] <@Caelin> ::nods trying to understand::would you have rather been in this legion noire?
[21:06] <@Gabriel> ::decides, not for the first time, that Earthers aren't the only ones who can't do simple::
[21:06] <@Delgado> Well, I wouldn't want to impose. ::glances around the room slowly then looks back to him:: How would you prefer payment? We could set up a direct deposit. That is, if you're not worried that we'll steal your identity. ::smirks, hoping that sparks something::
[21:06] <@Detro> ::wonders why Tynes isn't listening to the subvoc feed himself, for that matter::
03[21:07] * Detro sets mode: +o Marshall
[21:07] <@Marshall> ::makes it up the stairs and nods to Detro::
01[21:08] <@Savant> Smidt> ::laughs again and wanders out towards the main room where his paintings are:: Why'd I be worried about that, dude? It's nothin but numbers, man, nothin but numbers. Check's fine. Whatever.
[21:09] <@Marshall> ::pops back into the room with Delgado:: How's things in here?
[21:09] <@Delgado> Well, in your line of work I would think safeguarding yourself would be key. Don't need anyone slandering your name or screwing your credit by doing stuff you can't take the glory for, right?
[21:09] <@Delgado> Just working something out. ::as Smidt has his back turned she shakes her head, telling Marshall this isn't the guy::
[21:10] <@Marshall> ::nods::
01[21:10] <@Savant> Smidt> Hey, man. ::tosses Marshall a can of beer:: I'll worry about that when I'm uptown. Or, shit, hire someone to worry about it. I don't care about that stuff. I'm in it for the *art*.
[21:11] <@Marshall> ::a little surprised:: No thanks.
[21:11] <@Birkin> ::smiles slightly:: If you had asked me a few cycles ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you. But now? No. Not on your life
[21:12] <@Marshall> ::checks his PDA for the sat vids::
01[21:13] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods slightly, looks around:: So the Talons really *are* outside of cities. They defend the planet as a whole.
[21:13] <@Delgado> ::grins:: A true artist. Well, Mr. Smidt, tell you what. Sounds like you have a few things on your plate already and I really would like your focus all to myself. ::smiles playfully:: So, I'll come back when you're not so busy and we'll discuss things from there.
[21:14] <@Marshall> ::frowns and replaces the PDA::
[21:14] <@Caelin> ::nods:: i've seen some the the recruiting posters the militaries here use, some saying "See the World" and all that, i guess the ability to see much more would be appealing as well
[21:14] <@Detro> ::releases the yo-yo, just playing with it casually while watching the stairwell::
[21:15] <@Marshall> ::while his attention was on Delgado, Marshall snapped a quick photo of Smidt::
01[21:15] <@Savant> Smidt> Sure, dude. I'll be ready to go with a new contract in three weeks. Call me. ::flashes the hawaiian five-o sign, or the Terranovan equivalent::
[21:15] <@Birkin> Oh yeah? What do the recruitment posters say for you back home?
[21:16] <@Delgado> Will do. ::turns to Marshall and smiles in an annoyingly perky way as she gestures to the door:: Shall we?
[21:17] <@Marshall> ::nods:: We'll be off.
[21:18] <@Roland> ::frowns slightly to himself, but from what he could tell from the conversation this obviously wasn't the Smidt they were looking for -- he went back over to the hatch and climbed back down the ladder, closing it above him::
[21:18] <@Marshall> ::turns for the door, he was already trying to match Smidt's face to any of the vids they already had::
01[21:18] <@Savant> Smidt> Peace! ::goes back to his painting::
[21:19] <@Detro> ::waits for the others to enter the stairwell before he falls in behind them... looking at the destroyed lock and giving Roland a mild glance::
[21:20] <@Delgado> ::opens the door and holds it for Marshall:: Keep the good work coming! ::once Marshall leaves she steps out after him and closes the door, starting down the stairs:: Stupid...
[21:20] <@Marshall> Annoying.
[21:21] <@Marshall> Back to square one, and we still don't have those sat vids.
[21:21] <@Gabriel> +subvoc+ Well, what's the story?
[21:21] <@Birkin> +subvoc+ Yeah we done in the back?
[21:21] <@Detro> ::snaps the yo-yo back into his hand, and slides it into his pocket::
[21:22] <@Marshall> +subvoc+ It's not him. Some airhead painter. I got a photo so we can try to match him.
[21:22] <@Roland> ::frowns slightly, though it was probably better he wasn't the one who knocked on the door as he probably would have bashed Smidt's nose in with the butt of his pistol as soon as he answered the door::
[21:22] <@Delgado> ::thrusts her hands into her pockets as she heads out:: +subvoc+ Dead end. Identity theft.
[21:23] <@Caelin> ::shakes head::we're selected and trained for our duties when we're very young, so ::hears the subvoc:: we're done then?
01[21:23] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at the way back to the car::
[21:23] <@Birkin> Really? Do you choose your job when you're young?
[21:24] <@Marshall> +subvoc+ Whaddya want us to do?
[21:25] <@Caelin> ::shakes head again and thinks:: i guess you can compare it to your...humanist alliance here
[21:25] <@Gabriel> +subvoc+ ::frowns:: OK, come on down, we'll see if we can match this guy, and if he seems legit, I guess he's gonna get a call from Mister Tynes from his credit bureau.
01[21:25] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[21:26] <@Savant> seems an excellent ending line to me Smile
[21:26] <@Caelin> nice
01[21:26] <@Savant> questions?
01[21:26] <@Savant> a little later than I like to run, but it took awhile to get going. You did a lot of stuff today, though - lots of investigation, lots of leads to follow.
[21:27] <@Birkin> Do we ever hear word about SRID sat coverage?
[21:27] <@Delgado> Lots of ins, lots of outs.
[21:27] <@Delgado> Wink
01[21:27] <@Savant> you will. later. after the paperwork is signed, in triplicate.
01[21:28] <@Savant> who wants expees?
[21:28] <@Detro> ::
[21:28] <@Birkin> yo
01[21:28] <@Savant> teamwork. tell me teamwork. I want some funny anecdotes here, people.
01[21:28] <@Savant> sell it to me
[21:28] <@Marshall> Can I trade an xp for the vids? Wink
[21:28] <@Delgado> And it gets lost. Then found. Then lost again. Then gnawed on by a rat. Then signed again.
[21:28] <@Gabriel> ::smirks:: Delgado testing the continental breakfast for poison at the behest of her ultra-paranoid accomplices.
[21:29] <@Delgado> Roland worked in a team without shooting anyone!
[21:29] <@Gabriel> Either that, or Roland looking to backstab the artist for Marshall's benefit.
[21:29] <@Detro> I've started a new Detro plot arc.
[21:29] <@Marshall> hunh? I must have missed that Wink
[21:29] <@Detro> Oh, something with the team.
[21:29] <@Detro> Um. I followed orders for the first time since Caprice. Smile
[21:29] <@Caelin> did some brainstorming as a team
[21:29] <@Gabriel> Birkin and Caelin are getting along. Two sides of the same coin. Wink
[21:30] <@Gabriel> ie, I [do/do not] want you to see what kills you.
06[21:31] * @Savant grins
01[21:31] <@Savant> i like those. okay. one point. Now let's do storyline.
01[21:31] <@Savant> give me some storyline. tell me what you learned, and why it's important.
01[21:31] <@Savant> extrapolate. make inferences.
01[21:31] <@Savant> do smart things.
[21:32] <@Marshall> Smidt himself is not the superspy, but the driver that stole his identity probably is at this point.
[21:32] <@Roland> This thing is far more complicated than we originally anticipated.
[21:32] <@Delgado> Smidt is a dumbass.
[21:32] <@Marshall> My inferance is that the CEF could have killed the real Smidt and replaced him with this guy.
[21:32] <@Roland> Overly so. I don't think we've scratched the surface of what the hell is actually going on yet.
[21:32] <@Detro> I learned lots of stuff about no-one that probably has no bearing on anything going on.
[21:33] <@Caelin> we learned that smidt isn't smidt, i'm thinking since the guy is soo laid back it made it easy for the spy or spy's contact to get himself hired to take care of the books and took advantage of him
[21:33] <@Marshall> We're doing a good job of tracking down the hopper. We'll get there. Eventually. After they have a chance to move the kids thirty more times.
[21:33] <@Detro> Oh, and that Smidt may be proof that Pauly Shore's DNA somehow survived the next ice age.
[21:34] <@Gabriel> The thing that bugs me most is flying the guy's kids thousands of kilometers over the North and the Badlands to the South. I think we're going to eventually discover that was the most significant thing we discovered today.
[21:34] <@Delgado> I'm still thinking this might turn out to be a 'Let your enemies fight your war for you' by getting TN pissed at itself (poles, companies, etc) which leads to fighting> Then they come in when we're busy killing each other.
[21:34] <@Gabriel> I'm thinking more and more that this is a South thing, cleverly disguised as a CEF thing.
[21:34] <@Gabriel> Of course, could be a CEF thing cleverly disguised as a South thing cleverly disguised as a CEF thing.
[21:34] <@Gabriel> That'd fit the overall "overly complex" motif we're seeing. Wink
[21:34] <@Roland> oooWwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaaa?
[21:34] <@Detro> I sincerely doubt the MD is involved in this in any way.
01[21:34] <@Savant> it could be a South thing cleverly disguised as a CEF thing, cleverly disguised as a South thing, cleverly dis- yeahno.
[21:35] <@Delgado> Especially easy/desirable since they don't have enough to start an outright war anyways. Good to let TN deplete it's own resources/kill each other off as much as we c--- What Tynes said.
[21:35] <@Gabriel> Yep. Good extrapolation, if it IS a CEF thing.
[21:35] <@Delgado> "This is come complicated shit, man. Some new shit has come to light!"
[21:35] <@Delgado> some
[21:35] <@Gabriel> ROFL!
[21:35] <@Gabriel> Very nice, Itz. Wink
[21:35] <@Delgado> "And... shit, man... she kidnapped herself."
[21:35] <@Delgado> Wink
[21:36] <@Birkin> You threw out a ringer for a ringer man
[21:36] <@Marshall> What is that?
[21:36] <@Delgado> The Big Lebowski
[21:36] <@Caelin> ...i think delgado found smidt's stash while he was looking away:)
[21:36] <@Birkin> go watch it Marcy
[21:36] <@Birkin> you need to
01[21:37] <@Savant> i think this is all enough to get the second point. That's 2 points total. I'll give you three if you can tell me what you're planning on investigating next.
[21:37] <@Marshall> The hopper. Wink
[21:37] <@Delgado> Sat feeds. >Sad
[21:38] <@Roland> One and the same, yeah.
[21:38] <@Roland> And flight plans.
[21:38] <@Birkin> Work those yeah.
[21:38] <@Detro> ::shrugs, goes along with that::
[21:38] <@Roland> I don't buy this thing could fly across the damned planet without a flight plan or being picked up for being outside a flight plan.
[21:38] <@Delgado> Maybe even keep an eye on that secret refueling site in the plains. See if anyone else uses it and where they go and what they're doing, etc.
[21:39] <@Roland> That's also a good idea.
[21:39] <@Roland> They'll have to use it on the way back. Wink
[21:39] <@Gabriel> We also may as well follow the wife's path.
06[21:39] * @Delgado nods
[21:39] <@Gabriel> See if it's as overly complicated as the kids, and if the same people are involved, or if there are different ones.
01[21:40] <@Savant> awesome. I'll have things ready for next week, then. That's three points
01[21:40] <@Savant> Well done, guys!
01[21:40] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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01[18:43] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:43] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:43] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
[18:43] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:43] <@Detro> ::yawn::
[18:43] <@Detro> ::attn::
01[18:43] <@Savant> what is up yo. Are you ready? are you ready to rock and roll?
[18:45] <@Detro> ...apparently not. ::nudges the others::
[18:45] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
01[18:45] <@Savant> that is not a reassuring answer >Sad
[18:45] <@Detro> ::And bitch-smacks Brad::
[18:45] <@Caelin> i'm ready
01[18:45] <@Savant> a modicum of civility please
[18:46] <@Roland> Have you met us?
01[18:46] <@Savant> apparently not
01[18:46] <@Savant> shall i brief you, briefly?
[18:46] <@Birkin> better to be brief
[18:46] <@Detro> Civility, says the man who has killed me how many times now? Wink
03[18:46] * Itzpapalotl ( has joined #bt05
03[18:46] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Itzpapalotl
01[18:47] <@Savant> I have always killed you politely Smile
[18:47] <@Marshall> Itz, who is not late at all Wink
01[18:47] <@Savant> hi Itz. Just in time.
03[18:47] * Itzpapalotl is now known as Delgado
03[18:47] * Brad is now known as Mem
01[18:47] <@Savant> woo, full house.
01[18:47] <@Savant> Have a briefing.
[18:47] <@Caelin> jackpot!
01[18:47] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:47] <@Savant> 3 Winter TN1946, 0800h - early morning
01[18:47] <@Savant> Exeter area, UMF
01[18:47] <@Savant> -5C, Overcast, Light Snow
01[18:47] <@Savant> It is hard playing the detective. With your unique expertise on all things Earth related, and your self-sufficient training, you were the ideal pick to look into the possibility of Earth interfering with Northco. It may even lead to the bombing of Newton.
01[18:47] <@Savant> Lorentz Winchester is now clearly being manipulated by the interlopers, willingly or not. His children are missing, kidnapped and brought south. His wife is missing. Perhaps from these broken pieces you can put together what exactly is going on...
[18:48] <@Roland> Lead to the bombing of Newton? That's new.
[18:48] <@Caelin> this is most definetly a new briefing
01[18:48] <@Savant> welll, that's something the Earthers did lately
01[18:49] <@Savant> questions?
[18:49] <@Birkin> ::raises::
01[18:49] <@Savant> Birkin?
[18:49] <@Birkin> Do we have to wait to potentially get Sats of where that taxi went? Or can we see that now off game
01[18:50] <@Savant> you got the sats.
[18:50] <@Marshall> They wern't that helpful. Wink
01[18:51] <@Savant> Mem is going to be flown in at the beginning of the game. You'll start on the side of a gravel road
[18:51] <@Detro> AirMem to the rescue!
01[18:51] <@Savant> anything else?
01[18:52] <@Savant> seems like a no. let's roll.
01[18:52] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:52] <@Savant> It's a cold morning, much colder than the day before. The sun is only just starting to creep over the horizon, and night clouds still hang purple overhead.
01[18:53] <@Savant> You're beside a wide truck turnabout on a road surrounded by tall needled trees, watching snow trickle silently down from the leaden sky. Your breath hangs alongside it in the air.
[18:54] <@Detro> ::peers at the snowflakes, shivering a bit::
[18:54] <@Roland> ::tosses a piece of gum into his mouth and begins chewing, right leg inside the car as he stands on his left with arms on the roof -- he checks his watch:: They're fucking late.
[18:55] <@Delgado> ::stares at the snow like a child seeing it for the first time. ... She probably is. Either way, her attention is fixated on the scene, not the people::
01[18:56] <@Savant> The group of you have rented a pair of rugged SUVs, who look quite at home in the monstrous mountain forests of the North. This terrain is typical of postcards of the region - mountains skirted by green, deep valleys, ice blue lakes.
[18:56] <@Marshall> ::Sips from a small cup. Something warm - probably cawfee::
[18:57] <@Detro> ::the shiver was just a reaction to seeing the snow. Detro's actually still *in* one of the SUVs, ready to drive off in case something bad happens. Not that it would, necessarily::
01[18:57] <@Savant> The quiet, light wind is beaten by a steady thup-thup-thup from the southwest.
[18:57] <@Gabriel> ::is currently a few kilometers off, waiting for his appointment in the lobby of the UMF Credit Reporting Bureau::
[18:57] <@Roland> ::turns his head southeast and looks upwards, narrowing his eyes somewhat at the sky::
[18:58] <@Roland> <<west. Southwest>>
[18:58] <@Caelin> ::looks up at the sky, watching the snow fall, he pulls his coat collar up around his neck::
[18:58] <@Birkin> We go visit his home, and he can't even be bothered to get off of vacation on time.
[18:58] <@Delgado> ::reaches out and starts catching snowflakes on her fingertips, watching them dissolve on her skin into water. Water. Floating water from the sky::
01[18:59] <@Savant> Lobby> Secretary> It won't be long, Mr... ?
[18:59] <@Marshall> ::sniffs the air, adjusting the compact pistol underneath his parka::
01[19:00] <@Savant> A grey-white helicopter appears suddenly, and the noise fills the clearing - the chopper's coming in way too quickly, and lower than it ought. Wind makes the snow skirl about in pirouettes.
[19:00] <@Detro> ::rolls down the window:: You know, we probably look damned suspicious just sitting here like th...
[19:00] <@Roland> ::extends his arm out of the sleeve of his duster far enough to expose the PDA strapped to his wrist -- he taps a few buttons and alters his comm channel:: +subvoc+ Stop showboating and just fucking land. We're late enough as it is.
[19:00] <@Detro> ::the rest of what he has to say -- and it's quite lengthy -- is cut off by the chopper's noise::
01[19:01] <@Savant> The helicopter pinwheels, touching down with its tail wheel first, then the skis. Jeremi Peresalona is at the sticks, looking over his shoulder at the passenger inside. There's an MP officer int he copilot's seat.
[19:02] <@Detro> ::opens the door and gets out of the SUV, hands in his pockets::
[19:03] <@Birkin> Well. That doesn't suprise me ::smirks:: No wonder he was hot dogging it
[19:03] <@Mem> ::hits Jeremi's helmet from behind with an open hand, then opens the hatch and climbs out with a backpack and suitcase::
[19:04] <@Roland> ::yells over the noise of the helicopter blades:: You don't get to walk, asshole! Move those skinny-ass legs of yours!
[19:04] <@Delgado> ::is momentarily captured by the flowing snow, but the charm quick shatters as her face is pelted with stinging flakes before the copter drops down, the vehicle now gaining her attention::
01[19:04] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::grins at Mem and holds out a big paper bag for Mem to take to the others as he leaves::
[19:04] <@Marshall> That's what I love about ya sarge. The small acts of kindness.
[19:05] <@Mem> ::he's wearing a longcoat a la Gotah, but underneath is some sort of high powered business suit, though dressed down and collar unbuttoned, and sunglasses of course::
[19:05] <@Mem> ::waves at Jeremi and shoos him off, then makes his way to the SUV::
[19:05] <@Mem> ::taking the bag::
[19:06] <@Detro> ::as Mem approaches:: 'bout time you showed up for the party, Ell-tee.
[19:06] <@Mem> ::he hands the brown bag to Birkin without word, and climbs into the SUV, not wanting to delay any longer::
01[19:07] <@Savant> Peresalona gives everyone a thumbs up and then the helicopter fires up. It picks itself from the ground without the slightest jerk, then zips out overtop the treeline. The racket of the blades disappears into the horizon.
[19:07] <@Marshall> ::climbs into one of the SUVs, just as ready to get rolling::
[19:07] <@Gabriel> ::smiles up at the secretary:: Vandenberg. Mikhail Vandenberg. And it's really no trouble, thank you.
[19:07] <@Roland> ::snaps his gum:: Bundle of smiles, I am, Marshall. ::sticks a finger up and rotates it in a circle before climbing back into the passenger seat of the vehicle::
[19:07] <@Birkin> The fuck is this shit Lt? ::sits down in an SUV and peers if:: I swear if this is his barf bag hes gonna find it in his sack.
[19:07] <@Delgado> Yeah, it's great to have you back. ::mutters as Mem just strolls in and sits down like some kind of retarded rockstar::
[19:08] <@Detro> ::and watches the Lt push past and into one of the two SUVs... he shrugs and slides behind the driver's seat of the other one -- perhaps he was still sore over Bastille Alpha::
01[19:08] <@Savant> 5Secretary> Lobby> ::smiles and nods:: There's cawfee if you'd like some.
[19:08] <@Mem> ::closes the door and sighs, running his hand back through his hair, looking quite a bit worn out and, for a change, not terribly interested in talking for the moment::
01[19:09] <@Savant> The Talons saddle up, driving off into the cold Norlight morning.
[19:09] <@Caelin> ::shakes his head a bit then turns to scildfreya::they certainly are an odd bunch, nice planet though ::climbs back into the SUV::
[19:09] <@Mem> ::after a few moments, he smirks across at Delgado:: Enjoying the weather?
01[19:10] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::murmurs quietly in her foreign language in reply, a bit more subdued than normal::
[19:10] <@Delgado> ::puts a hand over his heart and takes sudden deep breath:: It speaks. And to me, no less. ::scrubs at a few droplets of water on her face that were snowflakes moments ago:: It's... interesting, yes.
[19:10] <@Gabriel> Lobby> Yes, thank you, that would be nice.
[19:11] <@Mem> How's everyone?
01[19:11] <@Savant> The road climbs steadily in switchbacks, left then right, back and forth, to the saddle between two mountains. Once this was a heavily logged area. It will soon be again, now that the trees are starting to grow thick and mighty once more.
[19:12] <@Delgado> ::shrugs:: Nothing exciting or unusual has happened. ::pauses for a moment before frowing:: Except Roland travels with foliage.
[19:12] <@Birkin> So where are we headed? ::frowns looking around::
[19:12] <@Mem> ::looks back to Birkin:: Look in.
[19:12] <@Roland> ::eyeing the PDA on his wrist:: +com+ Coming up on the position they stopped at.
01[19:12] <@Savant> 5Secretary> Lobby> ::She pours two, one for herself and one for Mr. Vandenberg. The lobby is in fact fairly quiet at the moment. there are a few magazines, and a trideo screen is showing the news.::
[19:13] <@Marshall> Cold. ::pause:: Sir. ::tosses a hand forward:: Marshall Lang.
[19:13] <@Detro> ::slows up a bit, as to allow for everyone to keep their eyes peeled::
[19:13] <@Mem> ::shakes Marshall's hand:: Mem. Welcome aboard.
[19:13] <@Birkin> ::looks down into the bag, tilting his head slightly as he pulls the bottle out:: Hey now.
[19:14] <@Roland> ::smacks Detro's shoulder with the back of his hand from the passenger seat:: Stop here.
[19:14] <@Gabriel> Lobby> ::watches the news::
[19:14] <@Mem> ::peeks over at Birkin and looks at the bottle with him:: Mmhmm.
[19:14] <@Detro> ::slows to a stop::
[19:14] <@Birkin> When did this start up?
[19:14] <@Detro> ::mutters something about backseat lunatics::
[19:15] <@Birkin> I haven't even heard of this.
[19:15] <@Mem> Recently. Jeremi is going crazy about it.
01[19:15] <@Savant> 5Secretary> ::serves Mr. Vandenberg his cawfee with a little tab of cream and another of sugar, leaving him to his waiting::
[19:15] <@Mem> We'll have some later.
[19:15] <@Caelin> ::gives scildfreja a glance, then what he had said hits him and he looks back out the window:: yes, could
[19:15] <@Mem> Protect it with your life.
[19:16] <@Roland> ::opens the door and grabs the roof, pulling himself up and out of the SUV and onto its roof to give him a 360 degree view of the terrain -- he looks around at the terrain immediately alongside the road to see if there's any sign that someone walked off into the forest::
[19:16] <@Roland> +com+ Lang, how long did they stop here?
[19:16] <@Birkin> HE's had some? Damn no wonder he was all over the place.
[19:16] <@Marshall> ::pulls open his laptop and looks::
[19:16] <@Detro> ::secures the vehicle with the parking brake, then exits, moving around in front of it to look around::
01[19:17] <@Savant> MArshall spots it first - what looks like a pair of tire tracks in the dirt, coming off the road, into the ditch, and into the trees. The tire tracks are narrow, like a city car's
[19:17] <@Mem> ::feels the vehicle stop and glances out the window::
[19:18] <@Marshall> +com+ Can't tell from the GPS. You see those tracks?
[19:18] <@Detro> Tracks? ::re-scans the area, then spots them::
[19:18] <@Roland> +com+ Yeah, I see them. ::a few moments:: They can't have gone far into the woods with a car on those tires. Everybody out.
01[19:18] <@Savant> Detro spots them next. After that, they seem obvious.
[19:19] <@Marshall> ::Opens the car door and steps out. He grabs for and draws the pistol::
[19:19] <@Mem> ::fumbles through his backpack and finds his sidearm and also his suit tie, but only takes the sidearm::
[19:19] <@Caelin> ::climbs out of the SUV and walks over to the tracks::
[19:19] <@Delgado> ::steps out and wraps her coat tighter around her as her eyes follow the tracks::
[19:20] <@Detro> Hmm. ::heads around to the trunk of the SUV and opens it... he emerges, a coil of rope over one shoulder and a crowbar in hand::
[19:21] <@Roland> ::hops down from the roof of the SUV and starts slowly following the tracks of the vehicle; though he doesn't seem to be paying much attention to the terrain, he begins moving from tree to tree and blocking himself from any long sightlines amongst the forest::
[19:22] <@Birkin> ::hides the booze in the SUV, stepping out with the rest of them and taking a peek at the tracks and where they might lead to::
01[19:22] <@Savant> Lobby> The news this morning is a mixture of grim and hopeful, as it has been on Terranova for the past few weeks. Economies are wavering, and the tickers on the bottom of the screen have "Earth" in nearly every piece. The overall tone is one of defiance.
[19:22] <@Mem> ::climbs out of the SUV and removes as much of the formal business clothing as he can before putting his sidearm and longcoat back on--he tosses the unused crap back into the SUV and closes the door::
[19:23] <@Detro> ::glances at everyone arming themselves, while he's sporting the rope and crowbar:: Uh, you do realize this car's been here for over 2 weeks. I really doubt anyone's going to be anywhere near here, much less packing heat.
[19:24] <@Mem> Makes me feel manly.
[19:25] <@Mem> ::walks rather casually alongside the tracks that were pointed out and listens ahead into the woods::
[19:25] <@Gabriel> Lobby> ::nods as he watches the news, still waiting::
01[19:26] <@Savant> Roland and Marshall follow the trail easily enough. It gets rather difficult as the tracks lead deeper in - there's little to no undergrowth here. The floor is a spongy carpet of needles and shells of pine cones, or at least the Terranovan equivalent.
01[19:26] <@Savant> Marshall is the first to notice that there is a second, smaller set of tracks, dug in deeper. It's inset into the tracks of the car.
[19:27] <@Caelin> ::follows roland through the bush::
[19:27] <@Detro> ::follows behind Roland and Marshall::
[19:27] <@Marshall> Here. ::points with his pistol::
01[19:27] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Lobby> ::Enters:: Mr Vandenberg?
[19:27] <@Delgado> ::follows the follower of the follower::
[19:28] <@Mem> ::alongside Delgado:: So how's the craziness going? Recede any? ::smirks::
[19:28] <@Caelin> ::looks down at where marshall's pointing:: two vehicles? or towing something?
[19:28] <@Delgado> ::shrugs:: Well, isn't that the point of a vacation? Lower the crazy level for a while?
[19:28] <@Roland> ::crouches down beside the smaller set of tracks, frowning:: Trailer.
[19:29] <@Roland> That didn't show up on the sat. ::glances back towards the road::
[19:29] <@Gabriel> Lobby> ::stands and nods, picking up his briefcase:: That's right.
[19:30] <@Detro> Dug in deeper too, it looks like. Whatever it is... was heavier than the taxi?
01[19:30] <@Savant> A nesting dak crows at the Talons approach, offended as they get closer to its nest.
[19:30] <@Birkin> Trailer huh. Carrying something maybe?
[19:30] <@Roland> Probably not heavier, but the wheels were narrow enough that the weight wasn't as spread out. ::rises and continues forward::
[19:31] <@Caelin> ::looks back as well::maybe it was left here for the car, supplies for a long trip
01[19:31] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Lobby> ::shakes Gabriel's hand:: Come in. What can we do for you? ::guides Gabriel into a small glassed-in office::
[19:32] <@Detro> ::dryly:: This taxi stopped once, probably to let the wife off, and an operative in. I'd wager the operative either forced the driver to drive out here, or killed the driver back at the dropoff point, and drove the taxi out here. Either way... why would they need a trailer if they were just doing a body dump?
[19:33] <@Mem> Only for a while? Well, if you return to the previous level of crazy, give me some advance warning. ::smirking the whole time, ignoring the birds, his typical nonchalant self as he takes a leisurely stroll through the woods with friends::
[19:33] <@Gabriel> Office> ::sets the briefcase on the desk, opens it, and pulls out a small number of flimsies, setting them on the desk:: As I told you over the pone, I represent Exeter Car Services, and we have a bit of a discrepancy in our records.
[19:34] <@Delgado> Aren't we already there or damn near? ::gestures to the surroundings:: We're walking in frozen water following muddy tracks that could possibly uncover a plot to throw the poles into chaos. ... Nope, not crazy at all.
[19:34] <@Gabriel> Office> ::sets down two pictures, one of each "Mr. Smidt":: For obvious reasons, we take visual records of all of our customers. This is a previous visual record of Delvan Smidt. This is our most recent visual record. Same credit card number.
[19:34] <@Detro> ::frown:: Unless there was something ELSE they were dumping out here...
[19:35] <@Gabriel> Office> You can see why this perked my office's interests.
[19:35] <@Mem> ::feigning horror:: Oh no! Frozen water!
[19:35] <@Roland> ::grumbles to himself:: None of this makes any fucking sense. You grab the woman, you stuff her in a trunk, you drive to a warehouse and swap cars.
01[19:35] <@Savant> The Talons pass by the dak's nest and continue following the trail, which rises up a slope and then goes down the other side. It's dark down here, dark and too open. Even though the sun has risen, it still seems like night here under the canopy.
[19:35] <@Mem> ::nods at Roland:: And then what did you do next?
[19:36] <@Delgado> ::glares at Mem then continues walking, shut down and shut up::
[19:36] <@Roland> Didn't drive out to the middle of buttfuck nowhere to get a trailer, I'll tell you that.
01[19:37] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Office> ::frowns and looks at the files, then turns to his terminal, pulling up records of his own:: I see. That *is* worrying... ::after a pause:: He's made some purchases over the past while, too. We'll have to look into it.
01[19:37] <@Savant> The undergrowth gets thick ahead. You can see the spot where the car broke through the foliage like a well lit doorway in a darkened room.
[19:38] <@Roland> Covert refueling stations in the middle of nowhere...flying from one pole to another nap-of-the-earth in a civilian hopper...using rental cars with GPS...this is either the biggest combination of excessively complicated and amateurish work I've ever seen, or the most brilliantly convoluted.
[19:39] <@Detro> Well, whoever these guys are, I'll give them credit for picking a totally east-of-bumblefuck location to hide in, but no points for concealing their tracks.
[19:39] <@Gabriel> Office> ::nods:: Unfortunately, due to the value of the asset-- er, the cars involved, I'm required by my office to take it a step further, and interview Mister Smidt on the discrepancy. It would be best if one of your field agents could accompany me. I would hate for a matter such as this to damage his credit rating.
[19:39] <@Gabriel> Office> ::grins, very slightly:: Or his ability to rent vehicles from us using your cards in the future, of course...
[19:40] <@Caelin> ::frowns a bit:: one would wonder why a person would try to hide here using a vehicle that would create such obvious tracks...::thinks for a moment:: if we kept following the road, where would it take us?
01[19:40] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Office> That's very understandable. It *looks* like ID theft to me, just looking at his accounts. But the interview is the next step for us, too.
[19:40] <@Delgado> ::mutters darkly:: Into a minefield. Or another horrible death trap.
[19:41] <@Detro> ::spots something in the tracks:: Waaaait a minute.
[19:41] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Detro:: What do you see now?
[19:43] <@Detro> Well, let's just say it's nice to know they're a pain in the ass in the Northern forests as they were in our jungles.
[19:43] <@Gabriel> Office> Then perhaps we could save a step here, if there is someone available to accompany me?
[19:43] <@Roland> Stop talking in fucking code.
01[19:44] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Lobby> That's a good idea. I have a free hour or so this afternoon. How is your 2100?
[19:44] <@Delgado> ::grins as Roland has to think::
[19:44] <@Caelin> ::raises an eyebrow::
[19:44] <@Detro> ::looks at Roland:: I shouldn't need to talk in code. It should be rather obvious why the sats didn't pick up this trailer.
[19:44] <@Detro> It's no trailer at all. It's a Sneak Wallaby.
[19:45] <@Caelin> ::keeps the eyebrow up::a what?
[19:45] <@Gabriel> Office> That would be fine, thank you. Perhaps your office could call Mister Smidt and make the appointment?
[19:45] <@Marshall> A Sneak Wallaby. Stealthed reconassaince vehicle.
[19:45] <@Roland> Then the car's still there. Go grab one of the SUVs and warm up the winch.
[19:45] <@Mem> Was it trailing the car?
[19:45] <@Detro> Stealth all-terrain vehicle. ::jerks a thumb towards Roland, Marshall, and Mem respectively:: Northies used 'em against us in the Interpolars. They were a damn plague in the Mekong. Sats had problems spotting them in the undergrowth.
01[19:46] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Office> I will. Is there anything else about this problem we need to know? I'd like everything you can give me, for our records.
01[19:46] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::frowns and glances at Caelin::
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01[19:47] <@Savant> <@Savant> Scildfreja> ::frowns and glances at Caelin::
[19:48] <@Roland> Torched car still means evidence. We ship it down to HQ or HQ sends a forensic's team up here; whatever.
[19:48] <@Roland> ::continues walking forward, ducking through the outline of the car in the brush::
[19:49] <@Detro> All the more reason not to move the car. Otherwise we might destroy evidence around it.
01[19:49] <@Savant> A sickly sweet smell greets Roland as he ducks into the copse of small, young trees.
[19:49] <@Mem> Wallabies aren't very big. So what was it for?
[19:49] <@Detro> Well, my guess? Someone didn't want to be spotted on the satellite abandoning the car.
[19:50] <@Marshall> I bet the Wallaby left with the girl.
[19:50] <@Detro> It'd explain why they did their best to follow the tracks of the car itself.
[19:50] <@Roland> ::sniff sniff::
01[19:50] <@Savant> The car's there, pretty much ready to drive away again. It's pointed towards a stand of deciduous trees, denuded from the cold. The doors are open, like metal arms outstretched.
[19:51] <@Roland> Well that's a familiar smell.
[19:51] <@Birkin> ::hears Roland:: What?
[19:51] <@Roland> Who likes decomp? ::continues forwards slowly::
01[19:51] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Office> I will. Is there anything else about this problem we need to know? I'd like everything you can give me, for our records.
[19:51] <@Marshall> ::looks for anyone or anything in the car::
[19:52] <@Caelin> ::frowns as he moves in::
[19:52] <@Mem> ::grimaces:: Fucksake. ::pulls up his coat and shirt to make a makeshift mask::
[19:52] <@Gabriel> Office> No, no. You're welcome to keep the data we've gathered so far, including the "new" Delvan Smidt's picture. Perhaps he appears elsewhere in your records.
01[19:52] <@Savant> Roland, in the lead, spots it first. In the trees. A dark shape hung from a heavy branch by the car's jumper cables.
[19:52] <@Detro> ::turns up the collar of his winter jacket over his mouth and nose::
[19:52] <@Delgado> ::her nose twitches once at the familiar smell, but seems to be immune to it:: Bet it'll take a pretty picture.
[19:52] <@Marshall> ::puts the pistol back in the holster and grabs the knife::
[19:52] <@Roland> ::walks up to the tree and crosses his arms, looking up:: Now that's something I haven't seen in a while.
01[19:53] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Office> We have a file of ID thieves and others on the blacklist. If he matches, we'll let you know.
[19:53] <@Gabriel> Office> That would be fine. Let me leave you a card with my Hermes phone number. ::does so::
[19:53] <@Detro> ::moves so he can see the entire scene, his mind sifting through his memories as a detective::
[19:53] <@Marshall> ::starts snapping photos with his PDA Camera::
[19:54] <@Detro> Nobody touches anything unless they're wearing gloves.
[19:54] <@Delgado> ::steps up next to Roland and examines the body from afar with that familiar medical detatchment:: ... Huh. Jumper cables. That's new.
[19:54] <@Caelin> ::looks up into the tree and shakes his head::such cruelty...
01[19:54] <@Savant> Two bodies, one male and the other female, the man hung high and behind, the woman hung low and in front. Animals have come, and the bodies have bloated yellow and purple, but they're still recognizeable. The cold has preserved them longer than they ought.
[19:54] <@Roland> ::glances back at Lang:: This the car owner? I assume that's the wife.
[19:54] <@Detro> ::shudders at the image, but it's not something he hasn't seen before.... well, aside from the evidence of animal dining...::
01[19:55] <@Savant> Both have stockings stretched over their heads. The man, behind, has his arms tied around her, with a knife strapped into his hand. She is hung limp, with her hands tied cradling a chunky bit of black electronics.
[19:55] <@Detro> ::looks around underneath the two people to see if there's any sign of a stool or something that they could have stood on and kicked away::
01[19:56] <@Savant> The bodies are disfigured only slightly. Both have slit throats, the blood drained from them. He has a circle with a cross in it cut into his chest. She, a circle with a jagged line through it.
[19:56] <@Marshall> Dunno. Let me try and find some pictures of them. Whats that? ::points to the whatever in her arms::
[19:56] <@Delgado> ::frowns as she walks a wide circle, trying to make sure to not disturb any evidence:: This was set up like a damn trideo scene. Someone wanted them found like this.
[19:56] <@Gabriel> Office> If there's no other information you require, I'll return at 2100, then.
[19:57] <@Birkin> Anyone got a camera? We need to take this all in
01[19:57] <@Savant> 5Clerk> Office> Thank you, here's mine - Oh, I'm Danel Scot. I'll see you then.
[19:57] <@Marshall> Yeah. Pollack and Winchester.
[19:57] <@Mem> ::gets a little closer to the bodies, then turns back to Birkin:: Mmmhmmhmmmmhmmhmmmhm. ::You think it might be "check for traps", but he doesn't seem willing to drop his "mask"::
[19:57] <@Roland> ::nods slowly:: You don't do this unless you expect the bodies to be found. Unless you're batshiat crazy.
[19:57] <@Detro> ::shakes himself back to reality:: Good man, Birkin. Don't. move. anything. unless you've got a photo of it.
[19:57] <@Gabriel> Office> ::nods and gathers up his briefcase, leaving the office::
[19:57] <@Marshall> ::shakes his PDA:: Getting photos of everything.
[19:58] <@Detro> ::frowns:: If this were in the Dominion, I'd be calling in the Peacekeepers on this one... But we sure as hell can't let THIS get out into the public domain.
[19:58] <@Delgado> ::bites her tongue at Roland's comment::
[19:58] <@Delgado> ::continues to look at the bodies and the surrounding enviroment, circling slowly, her frown growing:: They weren't kill here.
[19:58] <@Caelin> ::shakes his head again, another disturbing though::if this is winchester's wife....can we be sure his children are still alive?
[19:59] <@Birkin> Yeah. The SRID'd have a field day with this place.
[19:59] <@Roland> Odd that they'd would provide handwritten notes from the children...but nothing from the wife.
[19:59] <@Gabriel> Lobby> ::passes through the lobby and leaves the building::
[20:00] <@Caelin> ::glances at roland::could this have been a message for winchester?
01[20:00] <@Savant> Gabriel passes into the blustery winter day in Exeter. It's pretty, in a manner that only northerners really appreciate.
[20:00] <@Delgado> ::points at the ground then back at the bodies:: Their clothes are clean and the ground isn't crawling with biologics. They were drained of blood and other fluids. To help preserve them. Professionally too. Not perfect; done in haste. But well done.
[20:00] <@Mem> ::points at the thing the woman is holding, mumbling more from under his coat::
[20:00] <@Detro> ::frowns at the word "message":: I suppose someone better tell Tynes.
[20:00] <@Roland> No. ::points at the circle cut into the woman with the jagged line in it:: It's a message for us. That's our symbol.
[20:01] <@Roland> ::Points at the circle with the plus sign in it:: theirs.
[20:01] <@Delgado> ::points at some small ragged holes at their chests:: See? They jabbed a large bore needle into the subclavian vein. Probably on in the femoral as well.
[20:01] <@Delgado> <<one>>
[20:01] <@Birkin> ::nods at Roland:: I just thought of that. Whats that in her hands there ::points at the small electronics thing::
[20:02] <@Mem> ::takes off his sunglasses and gestures again that someone should get the thing the woman is holding, as apparently he wasn't going to go any closer::
[20:02] <@Roland> ::sighs slightly:: Well...I guess we're just going to have to ruthlessly kill them all then. Someone grab that tape recorder in her hands. I assume it's a message.
[20:02] <@Detro> ::doesn't hesitate at Mem's gesture... he pulls a pair of gloves out of his jacket's pocket and slips them on... then carefully reaches up to undo the bindings holding it in her hand::
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::frowns::then they knew someone from your talons would be looking into this...
[20:03] <@Delgado> ::frowns at Caelin's comment:: That's the thing I hate the most.
[20:04] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::pulls out his military phone, turns on the scrambler, and places a call to the NGB Exeter duty officer number::
01[20:05] <@Savant> The bit of plastic falls from her limp, lifeless fingers. The thing has a few wires that were cut from it - it was broken out of its holding place, apparently.
[20:05] <@Detro> ::reaches down and picks up the the wire-spewing thing, then backs off a few paces to examine it more closely::
[20:06] <@Mem> ::gestures with his sunglasses and muffled words to give the thing to Marshall, then goes over to the car::
01[20:07] <@Savant> 5Officer> Base> NGB Exeter Duty desk.
[20:07] <@Detro> Huh. Strange thing to have in one's dead hands in the middle of nowhere.
[20:07] <@Marshall> Looks like a memory module. ::looks to Detro to confirm that::
[20:08] <@Roland> ::walks around the body and examines the knife that's been tied to the man's hands::
[20:08] <@Detro> Though actually, that said, this DOES remind me of the time that we once found a dead smuggler in the jungles of An Ting -- or what was left of him. And in his hands, was a music box...
[20:08] <@Delgado> ::glances at the electronics briefly then looks back to the bodies. They were the electronic experts. She was the biological expert:: This doesn't give me much hope for the children.
[20:08] <@Mem> ::circles the car and peers inside without touching anything::
[20:08] <@Roland> Huh.
[20:08] <@Detro> ::looks at Marshall:: Oh, yes. It's a memory module from a small security system.
[20:08] <@Caelin> ::gives detro a odd look::
[20:09] <@Roland> ::tilts his head slightly and straightens:: At least one of these bastards is native. This is an officer's knife from the War of the Alliance.
[20:09] <@Gabriel> Exeter> This is Captain Tynes, clearance code Talon 2-0-3, slash 5. I'd like to order a remote observation mission. Drone will be fine, something quiet and long-duration, right here in Exeter.
[20:09] <@Marshall> Could be something one of the Earthers could have.
[20:09] <@Mem> ::pulls the mask down to yell over at Roland:: Or it was a trophy.
[20:10] <@Marshall> ::nods:: Trophy.
[20:10] <@Birkin> This could have been a warning to our guy. Something to warn him not to fuck around or else his children will suffer the same fate.
[20:10] <@Mem> ::yanks the mask back up and stares at the car's trunk::
[20:10] <@Gabriel> Exeter> I need it to begin surveillance on an address in Exeter until 2200. ::gives Smidt's address::
[20:10] <@Roland> ::snorts:: I doubt they'd expect him to be able to find this place.
[20:10] <@Delgado> ::curses darkly:: There's still some native or maybe even some ex-pat sympathizers left willing to help these bastards. ::spits on the ground by her feet::
[20:10] <@Caelin> ::looks at the object again:: i can;t claim to know what that is from, but it looks like it could have been mounted to a vehicle
[20:10] <@Birkin> Images then.
[20:11] <@Detro> ::looks up at the scene again and frowns:: Something doesn't jive here.
01[20:11] <@Savant> 5Officer> Base> One moment, Captain. Let me clear you. :: a few moments' pause:: You're clear. I'm releasing a Halo Witch to you on mission QT4-32.
[20:11] <@Roland> That's also possible...but the Talon symbol wouldn't mean anything to him.
[20:11] <@Detro> Whoever did this, I think they wanted us to look at the contents of this thing. She was holding it, and whoever set this up put her in the role of a Talon.
[20:11] <@Roland> Make sure you get a picture of that other symbol; who knows if it's shown up before.
[20:11] <@Marshall> ::looks at it o see if he could interface his PDA with it::
[20:11] <@Delgado> ::glances at Birkin:: Why blatently show that they know Talons are involved to some guy in Northco?
[20:12] <@Roland> ::glances at Detro, then at the item:: Like I said. Message.]
[20:12] <@Detro> Well, not necessarily Talons, Delgado. I got a little too specific.
[20:13] <@Detro> Both symbols apply to our worlds in general as well.
[20:13] <@Mem> ::looks down on the floorboard of the car, looks for anything out of the ordinary::
[20:13] <@Detro> ::spots Marshall glancing over the memory module and hands it to him::
[20:13] <@Mem> ::calls over:: That thing was ripped from here.
[20:14] <@Delgado> ::shrugs slightly:: Still.... if Lorentz knew his wife was killed, he might be as pliable anymore. What faith does he have that his children aren't swinging from some tree like this?
[20:14] <@Delgado> <<might not be, even>>
[20:14] <@Detro> ::moves over to the opposite side of the car that Mem is looking in from::
[20:14] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Mem:: What was it?
[20:14] <@Roland> He's getting those handwritten notes.
[20:14] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::notes the mission number down in his phone's data storage:: Thank you. That'll be all. ::still walking, turns down a side road toward here he put his own rented car, hanging up the phone::
[20:14] <@Delgado> ::stares flately at Roland:: I know a dozen guys that can forge a letter.
[20:14] <@Mem> ::points at the security system area and then backs away for someone else to look more closely::
[20:15] <@Mem> Nice car, by the way.
[20:15] <@Marshall> ::starts trying to plug the PDA into the module::
[20:15] <@Detro> ::looks at where Mem is pointing::
[20:15] <@Caelin> ::thinks:: so why would a man thats marked with earth's crest, be hanging with his arms around a woman with terranova's crest?
[20:15] <@Roland> ::glances at Delgado blithely:: I don't think they took the kids all the way to the Southern Republic to kill them.
[20:16] <@Detro> ::his voice is muffled as he replies to Caelin while in the car:: Because he's holding her at knifepoint, essentially.
[20:16] <@Delgado> ::points:: He's holding her with a knife. A knife at her back.
[20:16] <@Mem> ::keeping his distance from the bodies, he looks at Delgado:: Can you discreetly get a sample from those two so we can try to line up a match on who they are?
[20:17] <@Delgado> Or a knife -in- her back. ::mutters:: Goddamn post-mortem symbolism.
[20:18] <@Detro> ::while he's poking around in the car, he also keeps an eye out for any other clues -- blood, hair, signs of a struggle...::
[20:18] <@Mem> And then do a quick check of the driver's seat. See if you can find out who was driving.
[20:19] <@Mem> ::looks over at Roland:: Did the Wallaby tracks continue?
[20:19] <@Delgado> Hmm? Oh. Yeah. ::looks around then snaps two long sticks off the nearby trees. She takes one branch and pokes at one of the open wounds from the male with it, then takes the other branch and pokes at the woman's wounds with it before stepping back and pulling out her Mediglove:: It wasn't either of these guys, I can tell you that. ::starts to input information:: ... That's just damn weird. Killing and draining them somewhere else,
[20:19] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::walks up to his car, unlocking it and setting the briefcase inside before getting inside himself::
[20:19] <@Detro> ::voice still a bit muffled moving about in the car:: Delgado... there any way to tell the Earthers apart from us? Genetic tests or some such stuff?
[20:20] <@Caelin> ::thinks a moment before realizing what message this was trying to convey:: so the terrans are trying to say they have your world at knifepoint so-to-speak...
[20:20] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::digs under the passenger seat for his dataglove and with the phone in his left hand, programs the dataglove to receive the output of mission QT4-32 with his right::
[20:20] <@Mem> ::watches Delgado poke both bodies with a stick:: Wow. Quite the doctor you are.
[20:21] <@Delgado> Ah... I could try. Might be some significant differen--- ::glares at Mem:: Fine. You walk right up in a staged scene and get their DNA. Go on.
[20:21] <@Mem> Please, never do my autopsy. ::looks around the area for other footprints::
[20:21] <@Roland> ::taps his foot for a moment, then looks around for the spot that the stealth ATV was stored::
[20:21] <@Detro> ::Backs out of the car:: Nothing obvious so far. ::glances over at Delgado:: You might want to check the car for DNA. Maybe we'll get lucky.
[20:21] <@Delgado> There probably won't be much to do one on.
[20:22] <@Detro> 'course, this being a taxi... Buddha knows how many people have been in this thing.
01[20:22] <@Savant> Gabriel gets a beep after a few moments as QT4-32 becomes active. He gets a view of inside the Exeter drone staging hangar.
[20:23] <@Delgado> ::walks around to the car and steps up to the driver's side, trying to scan and differentiate any DNA samples off the seat:: Bet they wiped their asses clean...
[20:23] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::wirelessly links the video screen for the car's navigation system to the dataglove so he can keep an eye on the mission, then gets the car moving::
[20:24] <@Marshall> ::pulls out his knife again:: Can I borrow that rope, Detro?
[20:25] <@Marshall> Actually. Never mind.
[20:25] <@Marshall> ::goes to get something from under the car's hood::
01[20:25] <@Savant> Delgado's mediglove screen fills with data. There's all sorts of genetic residue in the car. the glove is having a hard time differentiating them
[20:26] <@Detro> ::goes back to where the tracks were still united, and looks to see where the Wallaby tracks led to::
[20:26] <@Birkin> Why aren't we trying to get genetic information from the bodies? ::looks back at Delgado:: Or have we done that already
[20:26] <@Delgado> ::wrinkles her nose at the swarm of DNA:: Ye-ah. This is a dead end. My glove is choking on all the left over samples.
[20:27] <@Delgado> ::nods at Birkin:: Got 'em both.
[20:27] <@Roland> It's a fucking taxi. Colour me surprised.
01[20:27] <@Savant> Exeter traffic is calm and orderly, though it's a busy morning. Everyone here is a polite driver, it seems.
[20:27] <@Marshall> ::grabs some gloves, pops the hood, checks for traps, then grabs some wires and finally gets the module running::
[20:28] <@Mem> ::crosses his arms and looks at the scene again::
[20:28] <@Mem> So the Wallaby.
[20:28] <@Detro> ::kneels down, eyeing hte tracks::
[20:28] <@Delgado> ::drops her gloved arm and gives Roland a look:: And what the hell are you doing other than fantasizing about the various ways they tortured these people?
[20:28] <@Mem> Where'd it go?
[20:28] <@Detro> What if you focus the scan to just the driver's seat?
[20:28] <@Detro> ::kneel-walks along the tracks, but they get shallower and are soon swallowed up by nature:: Damn. Lost the Wallaby.
[20:29] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::drives back to the hotel, glancing from time to time at the display::
[20:29] <@Roland> ::without a beat:: Fantasizing about the various ways I'm going to torture the poor souls that did this? ::as he continues to look for the Wallaby parking spot::
[20:29] <@Mem> Can you tell if the Wallaby tracks from the little path here are heading in or out?
[20:29] <@Marshall> ::punches a few buttons on the PDA::
[20:30] <@Delgado> So you're doing nothing because there's nothing to kill. Colour me surprised. ::snorts then goes back to the information readouts::
[20:30] <@Detro> ::moves to the end of the track and sights along their general direction to see if he can say if they were coming or going::
01[20:30] <@Savant> The Halo Witch drone footage is plain enough - it shoots skywards abruptly, then once it's high enough it orients down to the city and focuses in on the correct address. not much going on.
01[20:31] <@Savant> Marshall finds the footage wiped. For about thirty seconds. Then it's sunset in the back seat, and trees frame the rear window in the video feed.
[20:32] <@Detro> ::shakes his head:: Could have gone either way, really.
[20:32] <@Mem> Wallabies can't hold much. If it was here already, then the driver drove it, and whoever we haven't accounted for was in the little cargo hold.
[20:32] <@Detro> But really, considering how staged this whole scene is, I'd bet it was out here to begin with, and drove out following the car's path up to the road.
[20:32] <@Mem> ::nods::
[20:32] <@Marshall> Well, if they wanted us to find this, they sure didn't make it easy for us to find anything useful. It's wiped.
[20:33] <@Delgado> It was them in the hold. ::gestures:: They weren't killed here.
01[20:33] <@Savant> He's about to turn it off when there's the sound of the car door opening, and a man sits down on the rear bench of the taxi.
[20:33] <@Roland> S'why I'm looking for the parking spot ::kicks aside a few leaves and twigs::
[20:33] <@Marshall> ::pauses, watching::
[20:33] <@Mem> ::comes over and looks over Marshall's shoulder::
[20:34] <@Detro> Parking spot coulda been klicks away.
[20:34] <@Roland> ::crouches alongside a rocky outrcopping, frowning::
01[20:34] <@Savant> The man is tall, dark haired, tanned. He's got a barnaby leather duster on, and seems - smug is the wrong word. Confident. Calm. As if he had just finished another successful day at the office.
[20:34] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::inserts a data disk into his dataglove and sets it recording the output, wondering what time Danel Scot will call Smidt::
[20:35] <@Birkin> ::looks down at the screen with Marshall:: Who do we have here hm?
[20:35] <@Mem> Cowboy.
[20:35] <@Marshall> No clue.
[20:35] <@Caelin> ::glances at mem::maybe it was just one person involved, he kills the man and woman, brings them here in the taxi where he's got another vehicle waiting, sets this up and leaves...
[20:36] <@Detro> If it was one person, I'd love to know how he managed to get both bodies suspended with no help.
01[20:36] <@Savant> 5Man> ::He speaks calmly, in unaccented anglic:: You think this is a trap. That I'm drawing you in, and that I'm doing all this to get at you. It's a big show to get you where *I* can get at you.
[20:36] <@Mem> Check to see if you can see where this is happening. Sunset? Trees?
[20:36] <@Mem> ::shuts up as the dialogue begins::
[20:36] <@Delgado> ::turns around and looks at the people fiddling with the recorder:: We have a visual ID on someone?
[20:37] <@Caelin> ::looks back at marshall and the video being played::
01[20:38] <@Savant> 5Man> You're worried that maybe I've booby-trapped the bodies, or the car, or the area, or maybe I'm hiding on that other mountain over there with a sniper rifle, or a detonator. Well, you're right.
[20:38] <@Mem> ::blinks and looks at the orientation of the car to where the sun would be setti9ng::: Is this from last night? Right here?
[20:38] <@Marshall> ::instinctively looks around:: Everyone. Freeze.
[20:39] <@Delgado> .... Well isn't that a son-of-a-bitch .... ::mutters darkly at the recording::
[20:39] <@Roland> ::rubs his chin and glances upwards at the tree from the rocky outrcopping he's crouched on, trying to determine if whomever strung upon the bodies had to climb up or simply tossed the cables over the upper branches::
[20:39] <@Mem> I said to check for traps. ::glances at Birkin::
01[20:39] <@Savant> 5Man> ::There's a long pause, and a large grin splits across the man's face.:: You're right about me drawing you out. About this being a trap. Oh, don't worry, you're safe *now*.
[20:39] <@Marshall> ::sighs:: Asshole.
[20:39] <@Detro> ::Glances at the knot of people crowded, watching something... he continues to focus on the crime scene. No obvious murder weapon beyond the knife. The two bodies, arranged to send a non-verbal message. And the presence of a Northern stealth unit...::
[20:40] <@Mem> ::looks at the man's clothing... was there any sign of gore? is this being recorded after the scene was set?::
01[20:40] <@Savant> 5Man> Keep digging. Keep hunting for me. I'm out here, and you know I'm up to no good. Maybe I'm the one who got the bomb into Newton. Or maybe I'm the one that got it into Peace River.
[20:41] <@Delgado> ::her face darkens and she fixes her gaze on the bodies at the mention of Peace River::
01[20:42] <@Savant> 5Man> Or you can leave me to it. It'd be nice if you just stayed out of my hair. Lord knows I have enough work to do without having to worry about you.
[20:42] <@Mem> Please. This guy wants us to chase him soooo bad.
[20:43] <@Birkin> No doubt about that. But if he's watching us then he knows who we are, and we lost a lot of our ability to hide.
01[20:43] <@Savant> 5Man> ::Grins and looks away form the camera, towards something outside of the windshield. Probably a grizzly diorama hung from a tree:: It's good work, too, isn't it?
[20:43] <@Mem> He's long gone, I think. What's the range on the Wallaby?
[20:43] <@Marshall> Two hundred... three hundred kilometers..
[20:44] <@Birkin> ::looks around for half a moment:: +subvoc+ we should probably stop talking outloud here.
[20:44] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::reaches the hotel, parks the car and locks it, blanking the screens for the moment, but still recording::
[20:45] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::goes into his hotel room to retrieve his mission duffel::
01[20:45] <@Savant> 5Man> ::he smirks slightly:: You can hunt me down just like I want you to. Or you can let me go and I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. I win either way. ::smiles more openly:: Looks like it's time to go. See you soon.
01[20:45] <@Savant> The recording winks out, showing the black end-of-file screen
[20:45] <@Mem> Save this, and then save it again. We'll do some video analysis on it.
[20:45] <@Marshall> ::nods::
[20:45] <@Delgado> ::grunts:: Fanfuckingtastic.
[20:46] <@Mem> ::looks around again:: All right. What else can we do here?
[20:46] <@Mem> Let's assume the Wallaby headed out from here. Can we track it at all on the road?
[20:46] <@Detro> ::approaches the others:: Well, let's see Ell-tee. It's an all terrain stealth vehicle...
[20:46] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::returns to the car, stowing his duffel in the trunk, then checks the recording::
[20:47] <@Roland> ::takes a deep breath and rises from his crouched position, moving back towards the group:: Pull a frame of this guy for me?
[20:48] <@Marshall> Yep. Got it.
[20:48] <@Delgado> ::nods slightly:: Compare his voice to the voice we picked up at Northco. Or anything else we got.
[20:49] <@Marshall> ::starts on that. It would take some time::
[20:49] <@Detro> ::looks at Roland:: Okay, NOW I'd say it's time to bring the SUV down with the winch.
[20:49] <@Roland> ::crosses his arms and looks at the freezeframe of the person in question; wondering how many people might be working under him in order to pull this off::
[20:52] <@Detro> Hmm. I have to wonder if it could be driven out of here under its own power.
[20:53] <@Roland> ::shakes his head ever so slowly as he eyes the picture:: Just when you think those freaks of fucking nature can't get any more screwed up they go and make one of these.
[20:53] <@Birkin> Well well. A SLEDGE maybe?
[20:53] <@Birkin> At the very least, a vat head
[20:53] <@Roland> ::nods:: Jan base.
[20:53] <@Mem> Hmm. Yeah, I noticed that, too. I think that man's blood might run purple.
[20:53] <@Delgado> ::arches an eyebrow as she turns toward the group:: What?
[20:54] <@Birkin> Aren't Jans supposed to be female?
[20:54] <@Birkin> <<strike>>
[20:55] <@Birkin> Everytime he talked, he mentioned being alone.
[20:55] <@Caelin> ::looks again, raising an eyebrow::sledge? another form of grel?
[20:55] <@Delgado> ::starts walking over to the group to get a look at the guy:: Another test tube freak?
01[20:55] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::frowns deeply at the conversation::
[20:55] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Caelin:: Fuck, you wouldn't know. Yeah. GREL made and designed to look more human, better infiltrators.
[20:55] <@Roland> ::nods:: Vatfucks v2.0, if you would.
01[20:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Caelin and mouths quizzically, "Vatfuck?"::
[20:56] <@Mem> All right. Let's wrap it up here. They can send in another team to do all of the proper processing, but meanwhile this guy's trail is getting colder.
[20:56] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::drives back to a position near Smidt's apartment to have lunch and wait for 2100::
[20:56] <@Birkin> Something, your people back home might want to know sooner rather than later.
[20:57] <@Caelin> ::looks at freja and shrugs::
01[20:57] <@Savant> Gabriel waits a good while. A half hour before the meeting he gets a phone call from Scot, and twenty seven after that the two of them are ascending the stairs of Smidt's apartment building.
[20:58] <@Gabriel> Exeter> ::has left the recording running in the dataglove, tucked back under the passenger seat of the car::
[20:59] <@Mem> ::starts heading back to the car and makes a phone call as he walks::
01[20:59] <@Savant> Meanwhile, the rest of the group has headed back to Exeter and are sitting around a too-small table with a pair of pizzas on them.
[21:00] <@Gabriel> Smidt> ::nods at Scot, then rings the bell::
01[21:00] <@Savant> *> Scot> This shouldn't take long. By my conversation on the phone, he isn't sure what's going on. It's ID theft.
[21:01] <@Caelin> "
[21:01] <@Gabriel> *> ::nods agreement:: Probably.
01[21:01] <@Savant> After a moment or two, Mr Smidt appears at the door. Unlike before he's cleanly dressed and has shaved, and the expression on his face is a little.. concerned.
[21:02] <@Roland> ::arms crossed, looking out the window, chewing a piece of gum::
01[21:02] <@Savant> Smidt> Hey, come on in, come in. Can I get you something to drink? I've got cawfee.
[21:02] <@Delgado> ::has a PDA with the clip of the mystery man. She's been watching it over and over, studying it like a scientist would study a new species from afar. She even has a faint look of facisnation on her face::
[21:02] <@Gabriel> *> ::nods:: Good morning, Mr Smidt. I'm Mr Vandenberg, from Exeter Car Services, ECS. This is Mr Scot, from the WFP Credit Reporting Bureau.
[21:03] <@Detro> ::frowns:: Well, I'd say this is a good reason for Lorentz to be letting this go on. I'll bet this guy told him his wife is dead, just to make the threat against the kids credible.
[21:03] <@Gabriel> *> Thank you. ::steps inside, getting a sense of the man::
[21:03] <@Mem> ::wolfs down a piece of pizza::
[21:04] <@Birkin> ::nods at Detro:: That's my thought. He probably took a picture of the wife before she died. Showed it to him to make him think twice about double crossing him
[21:04] <@Roland> ::snaps his gum:: This guy obviously isn't working alone. So is he the Jan of a bunch of Mordreds? Or is he using patsies. I don't see a bunch of Earthers taking an order from one of those things.
01[21:05] <@Savant> Smidt> ::gestures the two in and then gets some cawfee. It's a little bit weak, but he's clearly apprehensive.:: So, what's going on?
[21:05] <@Gabriel> *> ::finds a clear space to set his briefcase down, opens it, and pulls out the picture of "Smidt" and hands it to Smidt::
[21:06] <@Gabriel> *> Do you know this man, Mr Smidt?
[21:06] <@Caelin> ::shrugs::i've never heard of grel behaving in this fashion before
[21:06] <@Detro> ::shakes head:: Patsies for sure. Given the attitude the Earthers have towards us Colonials, they'd just see them as disposable patsies.
[21:07] <@Birkin> These aren't normal GREL. They're giving different training and programing. They're GREL, but they don't act like GREL a lot.
[21:08] <@Mem> ::looks at Roland, swallowing the pizza:: I'm afraid you probably won't get to kill this one. Not right away. ::wipes his mouth with a napkin::
[21:08] <@Delgado> ::taps at the PDA's image of the guy as she muses outloud to herself:: They're not GREL. He's art.
01[21:08] <@Savant> Smidt> ::sits and leans close to the picture:: No, dude. Uh, no, I've never seen this guy, that I can recall.
[21:08] <@Roland> ::grunts at Mem::
[21:08] <@Mem> If we get our hands on this one, we get to pick his brain apart and do all sorts of fun tests.
[21:09] <@Delgado> Something new. Something natural, yet spliced together. Carefully crafted natural. Had a few hints of previous 'models' though. Maybe some Mordred genes or at least the build of one. Muscular, yet still highly normal. Very unnoticable.
[21:09] <@Gabriel> *> ::grins:: You should. He's Delvan Smidt.
[21:09] <@Gabriel> *> He used your credit card to rent a car from us a few days ago.
01[21:10] <@Savant> *> Smidt> ::blinks:: Uh, what? I - oh, prophet. Dude's got my card?
[21:11] <@Roland> ::still looking out the window:: If he's got patsies, that's the way too him. He's so fucking happy with himself; thinks he's covered all his bases, covered all his tracks. Probably has too. The patsies? One of them will screw up somewhere.
[21:11] <@Mem> ::grins at Delgado, taking a drink from a bottle:: Mating prospect?
[21:11] <@Caelin> ::frowns::it's hard to believe the terrans would make a game of killing people like the video seemed to enjoy what he did
[21:11] <@Detro> ::frowns:: Yeah, but that's just it. He's isolated himself from his patsies. Either they wind up dead, or they're already just about brain dead like Art boy.
[21:12] <@Gabriel> *> ::waits, watching Smidt and not saying anything::
01[21:12] <@Savant> *> Scot> Now, Mr Smidt, we understand that this is not you. We will do what we can to erase the... sizeable debt ont he card We'd like an independant record of your transactions over the past week, however.
[21:13] <@Delgado> ::continues to muse out loud:: Maybe they realized making cookie-cutter clones wasn't working for infiltration. They were all missing... that something. That spark of individuality. This... this their next step. Not a completely controlled process, but more of a gentle, guiding hand. Letting them develop their own nuances while controlling what matters.... ::goes back to an internal dialogue::
01[21:13] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::grumbles:: This man is a monster.
[21:13] <@Birkin> ::points at Scilfreja:: Give the lady a prize.
[21:13] <@Roland> ::snaps his gum:: They're all monsters.
01[21:14] <@Savant> *> Smidt> Uh, yeah, sure. ::gets up and goes to get a PDA::
[21:14] <@Detro> The prisoners running the prison, so to speak.
[21:14] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja::
01[21:14] <@Savant> *> Smidt> ::returns and taps a few keys, transmitting the data to Scot. Then he pauses:: Hey, I *have* seen that guy.
01[21:15] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Roland with something of an agreeing look on her face, but she doesn't reply::
[21:15] <@Delgado> ::snaps out of it and looks up:: Oh, no doubt. He still has to die. Interesting, but still has to die. ::nods::
[21:15] <@Gabriel> *> Oh?
01[21:16] <@Savant> *> Smidt> He drives a taxi. I think. I mean, my memory's a bit fuzzy, but yeah, dude drives a car.
[21:16] <@Detro> You're going to play right into his hands if you go for his throat.
[21:16] <@Gabriel> *> ::also, looks at Scot with a "may I?" expression toward Scot's PDA""
[21:16] <@Gabriel> <<::>>
01[21:16] <@Savant> *> ::Scot nods and transmits the files to Gabriel::
[21:16] <@Mem> Not until we dissect him completely. Do not kill this man unless you absolutely have to.
[21:17] <@Mem> Getting our hands on a living, breathing 2.0 is more valuable than just about anything.
[21:17] <@Gabriel> *> ::accepts the files into his own PDA for review later:: If he drives a taxi in town, that would explain a great deal, starting with how he got your card number.
[21:17] <@Delgado> ::nods slowly, looking out at nothing:: I'd give anything to examine his corpse...
[21:17] <@Birkin> If we can then sure. I doubt this guy will let himself get taken easily
[21:17] <@Caelin> ::frowns::if this is true, that the terrans made new grel with more individuality...they could have just sent him here with an order as simple as "cause trouble" and he'd do whatever he wanted...
01[21:18] <@Savant> *> Smidt> Yeah, yeah, it was that big winter's-coming bash down at Donovan's. Was totally smashed. Got the tickets out of nowhere in the mailbox. Oh man, what a party that was.
[21:19] <@Gabriel> *> ::smiles:: Would you happen to know the date of that party?
01[21:19] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Scowls at the picture of the man over Delgado's shoulder:: This isn't a GREL. It's a man. GREL are machines. This... this is...
[21:19] <@Detro> ::looks lost in thought::
[21:19] <@Marshall> So, now we know for sure that Earth is involved...?
[21:19] <@Delgado> ::nods as she gestures to the picture:: Is a work of art.
01[21:20] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::grumbles:: So is the bellflower arch.
[21:20] <@Marshall> We're sure he's not just some crazy wacko out for some kicks?
[21:20] <@Roland> It's not human.
[21:20] <@Roland> ::eyes narrow slightly:: Trust me.
[21:20] <@Detro> ::looks at Marshall:: How many crazy wackos do you know who own stealth ATVs?
01[21:21] <@Savant> *> Smidt> ::gets up and returns with a bit of paper - ticket stubs. They're dated for Autumn 12th::
[21:21] <@Delgado> ::snickers softly to herself::
[21:21] <@Marshall> ::can only count that number on one hand, but still tilts his head admittedly::
01[21:21] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She narrows her eyes at the image:: No, it's a man. Only men can be monsters like this.
[21:21] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Scildfreja:: Whats that?
[21:22] <@Gabriel> *> And this man was... what? Your driver? Or he was at the party?
[21:22] <@Delgado> ::shakes her head:: No. I'm sure. This... this is a well-crafted man. No GREL, but no home-bred Human either.
01[21:23] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Lets out a huffed breath:: Long time ago. A plague, decimated a lot of Koglund and Landau. It's a memorial of ten thousand of those who died.
01[21:23] <@Savant> *> Smidt> Totally drove me home. Nice guy, I thought. Let me take the party home, hey.
[21:24] <@Caelin> ::shakes head::whatever it is though, it needs to be stopped...before it can do more damage
[21:24] <@Detro> The only way we're going to win against this guy is to be several steps ahead of him.
01[21:24] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Nods at Caelin:: Time to hunt.
[21:25] <@Birkin> ::looks around a bit:: A plague?
[21:25] <@Birkin> Li
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:25] <@Birkin> ::looks around a bit:: A plague?
[21:25] <@Birkin> Like from a ship maybe?
01[21:25] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::raises an eyebrow::
[21:26] <@Delgado> ::glances at Freja:: ... It didn't kill just children, did it?
01[21:26] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> It killed *everyone*.
[21:27] <@Birkin> But it was from a ship?
[21:27] <@Roland> ::glances between Birkin and Delgado::
[21:27] <@Delgado> ::grunts softly to herself::
[21:27] <@Caelin> ::shakes head::no by insects
[21:27] <@Roland> ::shakes his head and goes back to looking out the window::
01[21:27] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> From bellflowers... Bellflower ticks.
[21:27] <@Gabriel> *> ::looks to Scot, then back to Smidt:: Then I'm a bit confused. He was a taxi driver?
[21:27] <@Birkin> Ah.
[21:28] <@Gabriel> *> ::pulls up Smidt's records on the PDA, and looks for him using a taxi on Autumn 12 or 13::
01[21:28] <@Savant> *> Smidt> ::nods::
[21:28] <@Roland> Have we sent that image of our friend to HQ yet?
01[21:28] <@Savant> *> Scot> ::frowns:: Not one of our cars.
[21:28] <@Marshall> Yeah, sent them yesterday when we thought he was Smidt.
[21:30] <@Caelin> ::goes back to the subect at hand::anyway, this man, is hoping that we look for him, or else he wouldn't have left his message, i wouldn't be suprised if he leaves any kind of trail for us to follow...
[21:31] <@Roland> And they've got nothing?
[21:31] <@Marshall> Nothing I've heard.
[21:31] <@Detro> ::leans back in his chair, blowing air out past his lips:: Most places, it takes a coordinated effort by several highly-trained police officers to catch madmen like this.
[21:33] <@Caelin> ::glances at detro:: you have your talon command assist right?
[21:33] <@Detro> ::shakes his head:: If this is really supposed to be so hush-hush, I doubt they want us calling in all that much help, even from our own people.
[21:33] <@Gabriel> *> ::nods at Smidt:: OK, thank you, Mr Smidt, I believe this takes care of it from my end. I'm sure Mr Scot will want to talk to you about clearing these fraudulent charges.
01[21:34] <@Savant> *> Smidt> Thank you. I hope you get the guy. ::nods a small nod at Gabriel::
[21:35] <@Gabriel> *> ::gets out of Scot's way, looking over the data he's gathered and frowning... this was getting complicated::
01[21:35] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[21:35] <@Savant> that works Wink
01[21:36] <@Savant> there we go! what do you think?
[21:36] <@Delgado> Weeeeeeeeee! New test tube babies!
01[21:36] <@Savant> I had a good ole fashioned Tree of Woe in this one. Woo hoo
[21:36] <@Marshall> Just a few loose ends.
[21:36] <@Marshall> Unless BTSECCOM wants us to catch this guy. Wink
[21:36] <@Mem> Delgado's new bf
[21:37] <@Birkin> a hallucionation of a stygian coming to rescue you?
01[21:37] <@Savant> hee
01[21:37] <@Savant> questions?
01[21:37] <@Savant> no? expees?
[21:38] <@Delgado> Expeeees
01[21:38] <@Savant> teamwork. Tell me about it, yo.
[21:38] <@Detro> Dude. We was ON.
[21:38] <@Delgado> We worked together to figure out wtf was going on with that death scene.
[21:38] <@Caelin> some CSI work, kinda:)
01[21:38] <@Savant> kinda, yeah.
01[21:38] <@Savant> I have given you a clue today.
[21:39] <@Delgado> Tynes doesn't get any teamwork points. >Sad
[21:39] <@Delgado> Wink
[21:39] <@Marshall> heh
[21:39] <@Caelin> i mean dude, mem was really channeling horatio caine with those sunglasses:)
[21:39] <@Detro> Heh.
[21:39] <@Mem> rofl
[21:39] <@Detro> The fact that Mem is back is teamwork alone. Wink
[21:39] <@Marshall> Tynes did some great work with Scot and that dude at Exeter Base.
01[21:39] <@Savant> Anyways. I totally agree, so one point. Two is storyline. Tell me what you think about that, what you've learned.
[21:40] <@Roland> We have an arch-villain.
[21:40] <@Marshall> Fuckin' Earth. Seriously. =D
[21:40] <@Delgado> New clones yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
[21:40] <@Caelin> we're up against a megalomaniacle sledge:)
01[21:40] <@Savant> Smile
[21:40] <@Caelin> did i even spell that right?
[21:40] <@Delgado> And I'm sure they're planning some kind of big fuck up where we try to help and end up looking bad publicly.
01[21:40] <@Savant> megalomaniacal
[21:40] <@Delgado> So they can blame us for something and get our stock to fall or whatever.
[21:40] <@Delgado> The ass.
[21:40] <@Caelin> right, thanks
01[21:41] <@Savant> anything else?
01[21:41] <@Savant> also, I love this bad guy Wink
[21:41] <@Detro> See, now why can't Wall Street be run by THIS megalomaniac? I know he wouldn't take risks. Wink
01[21:41] <@Savant> hee
[21:41] <@Caelin> i'm sure this beats mason by a longshot:)
01[21:42] <@Savant> Mason has morals.
[21:42] <@Gabriel> He's also insanely over-complicated. I started this by mentioning Earth never does anything simple, but damn.
[21:43] <@Detro> Heh. NOW who's giving the GM ideas? Wink
[21:43] <@Caelin> for one mason uses bombs that plays music before blowing up, this guy strings people up in trees like deer:)
01[21:43] <@Savant> That's two points. Three if you tell me what you like more and why: the CSI style investigation, the goget'em chase of hte bad guy, or the more talk-to-people investigation?
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Unless we dig something up, this guy just picked Smidt at random for his credit info and it was 30 days ago, which means he's probably got dozens of identities.
01[21:43] <@Savant> This guy loves complexity. He gets off on it.
01[21:43] <@Savant> obviously
[21:44] <@Delgado> I like pie.
[21:44] <@Marshall> The CSI style was nice. I'm getting down into the niche where I was some good old action though Wink
[21:44] <@Caelin> i'd thing this has CSI and every Law and Order spinoffs writen all over it:)
[21:44] <@Gabriel> I like 'em all, but chase scenes work the best for the HG genre.
01[21:44] <@Savant> CSI: Terranova
01[21:44] <@Savant> yeah, that's coming shortly, don't worry Wink
[21:44] <@Detro> :Very Happy: I like that I finally got to put Detro's police background to heavy use. Wink
[21:45] <@Caelin> i'm sure we'll have chases, and shoot-outs and all sorts of goodies:)
[21:45] <@Detro> "Dammit, Detro's a good cop!"
[21:45] <@Marshall> I got to fail epically at my tinker rolls. ::glares at Lemon::
01[21:45] <@Savant> was good enough
[21:45] <@Birkin> Good cop, bad cop, and then theres Batman
[21:46] <@Marshall> "Wanna see a magic trick?"
[21:46] <@Detro> <Roland> I'm Batman
[21:46] <@Roland> No no
[21:46] <@Roland> "I'm the God-damned Batman"
01[21:46] <@Savant> that's better
[21:47] <@Roland>
[21:47] <@Marshall> hah!
01[21:47] <@Savant> that's three points Wink well done.
[21:47] <@Caelin> lol
01[21:47] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:35] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:35] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:35] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
[18:35] <@Mem> attn
[18:35] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:35] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:35] <@Roland> rar
01[18:35] <@Savant> what is it up yo. It is time to get your Gear on.
[18:35] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:35] <@Gabriel> I wish. Wink
01[18:36] <@Savant> Brieficus Maximus.
01[18:36] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:36] <@Savant> 3 Winter TN1946, 1800h - noon
01[18:36] <@Savant> Exeter area, UMF
01[18:36] <@Savant> -12C, Overcast, Light Snow
01[18:36] <@Savant> It is hard playing the detective. With your unique expertise on all things Earth related, and your self-sufficient training, you were the ideal pick to look into the possibility of Earth interfering with Northco. It may even lead to the bombing of Newton.
01[18:36] <@Savant> Lorentz Winchester is now clearly being manipulated by the interlopers, willingly or not. His children are missing, kidnapped and brought south. His wife is dead, part of a macabre murder that sent a very clear message to whoever was following the trail. He's central to this, whatever it is.
01[18:36] <@Savant> Your options seem slim, but if you're willing to risk it, there is a lot of room to crack this thing open. Hunt him down. Find out what he's up to. And get him out of the picture.
01[18:36] <@Savant> huh. Please ack. What happened to that last line? Hm.
01[18:36] <@Savant> that's the briefing Wink
[18:36] <@Mem> ack
[18:36] <@Marshall> ack
[18:36] <@Detro> ack
[18:36] <@Roland> yar
[18:36] <@Birkin> ack
[18:37] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:37] <@Caelin> ack
01[18:37] <@Savant> questions? Again, starting at noon in a new hotel, getting ready to do some things.
01[18:37] <@Savant> awesome. Go time
[18:37] <@Caelin> i assume we'll have gone down to breakfast first this time?Smile
01[18:38] <@Savant> yes Wink
01[18:38] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:38] <@Gabriel> ::sits in front of a laptop at the hotel, studying the face and mannerisms of the enemy::
[18:38] <@Roland> ::gum snap::
01[18:38] <@Savant> It is noontime in Exeter, and it's a cold lunch. The heaters are on, warding off the chill of the winter outside. Frost crystals spider across the windows.
[18:40] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Gabriel seeing what he was looking at:: Ugly little bastard isnt he?
[18:42] <@Mem> ::enters the room with a disposable cup of cawfee, and goes over to his corner, pulling up his laptop::
[18:42] <@Detro> ::leaning back in a chair, head back, eyes closed::
[18:43] <@Roland> ::another gum snap, arms crossed, looking out the window::
01[18:43] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She's seated on the edge of a bed and looking over a satelite photo of suburban Rapid City, frowning::
[18:44] <@Marshall> Hey LT. You think you can hack into Lorent'z computers? I tried, but I only managed to get some superficial access to complete junk and got myself logged trying to get admin.
[18:44] <@Gabriel> ::as he watches:: Not exactly a movie star, no.
[18:46] <@Mem> ::looks over at Marshall:: Hm? Sure.
[18:47] <@Birkin> Don't think I could have caught that before I joined the Talons. You think you could have sir? Just on your War experience?
[18:47] <@Gabriel> ::closes the video and puts it aside:: I think we need to take another pass at trying to find Lorentz's kids. They're the key to this. Without them, short of just killing him, there's nothing we can do about Lorentz.
01[18:47] <@Savant> There is a case of juice and soda on the side table along with a bag of Weird but Tasty. No one seems to have paid it much attention; the scene from this morning was a little unsettling.
[18:48] <@Mem> ::glances at his laptop's screen as it filters through various images with the Northco logo in the upper left corner, sipping at his hot drink carefully::
[18:48] <@Detro> ::dryly, not opening his eyes:: The kids are likely dead already.
[18:48] <@Gabriel> ::turns to look at Detro and says flatly:: Prove it.
[18:48] <@Gabriel> Even that information would at least be useful.
[18:48] <@Marshall> I don't think they are. They're bargaining chips, I'd bet.
[18:49] <@Marshall> Leverage.
[18:49] <@Gabriel> ::nods agreement with Marshall:
[18:49] <@Birkin> ::looks between the CO and the Mekong guy:: It would ::motions at Marshall:: They'd lose their leverage at Northco, and on Lorentz.
[18:49] <@Roland> ::growls from the window:: Wife was the warning. Kids are the hole card.
[18:49] <@Detro> Children make lousy hostages. And note we say "kids", as in multiple. Keeping two children under lock and key is much harder than watching one wife. And as for leverage, he could have taped trivids and gotten letters made before killing them.
[18:50] <@Detro> Besides, if I were a parent and my children were hostages? I'd move the whole damn planet to save them, not let them languish in captivity.
[18:50] <@Birkin> Children make perfect hostages. Parent's will do just about anything to get them back. ::looks at Gabriel:: Right?
[18:51] <@Detro> ::finally leans forward and opens his eyes:: Besides, this guy's confident. Means he's less likely to need to hang onto them.
01[18:51] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::puts the slip of paper in her lap and watches over Caelin's shoulder instead::
[18:51] <@Gabriel> ::shudders a bit at the implication:: You're not far wrong.
[18:52] <@Birkin> Lorentz isn't a Talon and he doesn't have the training or the know-how to do any heroic world moving.
[18:52] <@Roland> ::turns from the window:: So stop fucking arguing about it and find the kids.
[18:52] <@Detro> Trust me, I hope I'm wrong. I hope those kids are still alive. But I suspect somewhere down south, there's just as gruesome a scene as we saw up here, so this bastard could thumb his nose at both polar law and intelligence agencies.
[18:53] <@Birkin> We found out that others have been using that supply depot right? Maybe we can see if they know anything about our chopper
[18:54] <@Mem> ::opens up a window on his computer and types in some info, then starts to navigate towards Lorentz's known address::
[18:55] <@Caelin> ::does some searches on the courier that delivered lorentz's mail::
[18:55] <@Mem> ::smirks as he encounters the first security measure, and then scribbles something on a piece of paper::
[18:56] <@Detro> ::sighs inwardly and closes his eyes, leaning back again:: 17 mil, right? Just enough to probably buy that little stealth ATV of his.
01[18:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Puts her chin on Caelin's shoulder and watches absently::
[18:56] <@Detro> Sure as hell didn't bring it in a gate coffin, if he's really an Earther.
[18:56] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Birkin:: Good idea. We'll break up again. I'll take Roland and Birkin, check out that depot. Lieutenant, take Caelin, Detro, and Marshall, track us some couriers.
[18:56] <@Roland> ...those things cost fifteen k marks.
[18:56] <@Roland> Slightly less than 17 million.
[18:57] <@Mem> Yessir.
[18:57] <@Mem> ::forwards the bundle of Lorentz's e-mail to a datapad for Marshall to look through::
[18:57] <@Detro> Black market prices. And what's left probably funding other little things. A safe house or two. Local attire for sure.
[18:58] <@Marshall> ::grabs his PDA, knife, pistol, and omni-tool, places them into concealable spots in his clothing, and stands::
[18:58] <@Mem> ::takes a sip of cawfee as another download occurs, then continues to filter through the info::
[18:59] <@Roland> Riiiight. Whatever. ::glances at Tynes:: Are we abandoning any pretense of civilian representation out there?
[18:59] <@Detro> ::sits back up, already dressed to go::
[18:59] <@Mem> ::goes in to edit the log for Lorentz's computer, tidies up, then logs out::
[18:59] <@Detro> Courier's gonna be tough to track. Multiple packages, multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, and all not necessarily in sequential order.
01[18:59] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::looks up as Roland mentions being able to go out there military-style::
[18:59] <@Mem> Marshall. ::tosses a PDA to him:: E-mails.
[19:00] <@Marshall> ::catches it and sends the daya to his own PDA:: Thanks.
[19:00] <@Gabriel> ::smiles tightly:: We have some money. I think we'll use some. We'll rent a Springer, and I'll arrange for an Orca to carry us fairly close. We are still operating on a 5-day deadline, after all.
[19:01] <@Mem> ::also loads some more info to his own PDA to browse as they move::
[19:01] <@Gabriel> "Civilian" attire, but feel free to bring whatever weapons or armor you feel inclined to. We'll see if we can... ::grins again:: refuel.
[19:02] <@Marshall> Well then. ::pulls out the concelable Riley C55 and replaces it with the less than stealthy M32::
[19:03] <@Roland> ::nods and goes to grab one of his duffel bags::
[19:03] <@Caelin> ::flips through waybill numbers and courier routes, frowning::so far i've managed to locate which courier delievered lorentz's children's letters, but he's never left the city, so the letters would have to have been dropped off at a point at the edge of his routes
[19:04] <@Gabriel> ::picks up his phone to arrange for an aeriel drop-off and pick-up::
01[19:05] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::gets up to her bag by Rolands' and does similar; she pulls out a stubby, dense-looking machine pistol and gives it a once-over::
[19:05] <@Detro> Uh, I wouldn't assume that. The edge of the city thing.
[19:06] <@Caelin> ::looks over at detro:: the final courier is named Mikhel Henday if that helps, maybe he can tell us where he recieved the letters
[19:06] <@Detro> For that matter, there could be a courier that takes the letter to where that courier picks it up.
01[19:07] <@Savant> Phone> Your flight will be waiting for you at the municipal airfield in half an hour. PX-219.
[19:07] <@Caelin> ::nods:: i wouldn't be surprised if the letters passed through a good number of hands before reaching lorentz
[19:07] <@Mem> ::looks at Caelin:: You sure that's who delivered the letter?
[19:08] <@Gabriel> Thank you. ::hangs up, and places a second call to arrange the rental of a desert-fitted Springer::
[19:08] <@Detro> So, how do we convince this courier to tell us everything he knows about the letters?
[19:08] <@Caelin> ::nods and points to his laptop screen:: he makes regular deliveries between northco and several other points in the city
[19:09] <@Birkin> Hm. ::gathers up his things, including his pistols and gets himself a machine gun, placing it into a large bag::
[19:09] <@Roland> ::rummages through the duffels for a moment and transfers some items from one into another, eventually slinging it over his shoulder and adjusting his hat::
01[19:09] <@Savant> Phone> We'll do our best. There may be a bit of a wait; it depends on how quickly we can get one out of the Knee.
[19:10] <@Mem> All right. Guess that's a good place to start.
[19:10] <@Mem> ::puts his laptop into a backpack and takes another sip of cawfee::
01[19:12] <@Savant> The Talons begin to pack their bags and get ready to leave for the next stage of their investigations. One group is going considerably further than the other...
[19:13] <@Gabriel> ::finishes his call and starts packing his own gear::
[19:13] <@Caelin> ::saves the info on the delivery routes and packs his laptop away::
01[19:15] <@Savant> A half hour or so passes. Gabriel and his team find themselves pulling up to a small grassy airfield where a white-winged six-seater taxis idly. Mem's group is boarding the rail to Rapid City.
01[19:16] <@Savant> A few hours later and the Peresalona Air Service has dropped Gabriel's team off int he middle of the desert where a dusty Springer jeep waits. Mem's team is getting off the train. Add a bit more time and both are in their new evhicles, heading towards their final destinations...
[19:18] <@Detro> C:\> Alright, so what's the first destination?
[19:19] <@Birkin> G-Unit> ::looks out at the Badlands as they pass on through it in the Springer:: You know, for all the blood that has been spilled in this area, its a downright horrible place to live in.
[19:20] <@Roland> G-Unit> ::fans his head with his hat for a few moments:: Better than Caprice.
[19:20] <@Gabriel> G> Birkin, you're driving. Roland, may as well take shotgun. ::settles into the back and lounges a bit::
03[19:21] <@Gabriel> G> And yeah, it's not a pleasant place. I've spent half my life out here, though to be fair, not out in the bush like this. The Badlands has cities and towns too. They just hide them better than most of Terranova.
[19:21] <@Roland> ::grunts and hauls himself up into the front passenger seat:: Just needs a couple of trees here and there.
03[19:21] <@Roland> <<G> >>
01[19:21] <@Savant> G> It's sunny and dusty and dry, and there's no road at all - you're driving between two massive berms of sand. The BArrington Basin is a sandy desert, of this there is no doubt. A nice change from the cold of Exeter.
02[19:22] <@Mem> M> So.
[19:22] <@Detro> M:\> ::glances at Mem, Caelin, and Marshall after there's no response to his question::
02[19:22] <@Mem> M> Do we have a picture of our target?
02[19:22] <@Marshall> M> ::looks at Caelin::
03[19:22] <@Birkin> G> ::grunts:: Yeah. ::sits down in the drivers seat waiting for everyone to sit their asses down before took off down between the two sand berms::
01[19:23] <@Savant> M> It's no sunny or warm up north, however. Rapid City is enjoying a pause between flurries. Everything is covered in a fresh white layer of snow. The boring grey warehouse-block that the courier company uses as its dispatch is no exception.
02[19:24] <@Caelin> <M>::opens up his laptop and brings up the info on Mikhel Henday:: this is him
02[19:24] <@Mem> M> ::to Detro:: Do we know where this guy works from?
03[19:24] <@Roland> G> ::keeps his eyes on the top of the two sand berms on either side, watching for sillhouettes::
[19:25] <@Detro> M:\> ::sitting in the driver's seat, the only weapon visible is the knife in the scabbard off his belt::
[19:25] <@Detro> M:\> ::in fact, it's the only thing Detro seems to have carried with him on this entire mission::
[19:26] <@Detro> M:\> ::dryly:: Just give me a second. Maybe I can get a wireless signal with my knife and find out.
02[19:26] <@Marshall> M> ::pulls up his laptop and starts checking on the guy::
01[19:27] <@Savant> G> The desert here is, well, boring. The KAraq Wastes are craggy, chaotic, lively. This is just sand, sand and more sand. Your springer kicks up a rooster-tail of the stuff as you drive.
03[19:27] <@Gabriel> G> ::watches the desert go by, looking for anything that might jump out at him::
03[19:28] <@Roland> G> ::reaches under his seat and pulls out a canteen, taking a long drink from it before tossing it back on the floor:: So who're we visiting first?
01[19:28] <@Savant> G> The desert is also pretty barren. It won't be for much longer, though - the satelite footage shows that water-root fields are ahead.
02[19:29] <@Caelin> <M>::runs through the info gathered:: he has several routes within the city, 10 of them going to northco, and many to the lesser populated areas
03[19:29] <@Birkin> G> Figure the people that own the land. They might be pissed off enough to let us know who they think did it. Or else they lease it out and we might be able to get another lead and get out of this sandtrap. ::keeps his eyes on the 'road' and ahead of them::
01[19:30] <@Savant> M> A few flakes of snow drift downwards through the quiet air. With the direction you've travelled it's nearing night in Rapid City, what with time zones and all that. The courier business seems to be in operation still, though.
02[19:31] <@Mem> M> OK. What's he drive? We have any way to ID him and see if we can talk to him?
03[19:32] <@Gabriel> G> The homestead's public, so we'll start there. Go in open, ask to buy fuel, see what they say.
03[19:33] <@Gabriel> G> If they're friendly, we'll take it a step further. If they say there's no fuel, we'll thank them kindly, then check out the depot on our lonesome.
01[19:33] <@Savant> G> The signs of water-root farms become apparent - rows of tidy yellow-green things between the berms of sand, eking out a living as best as they are able. It seems propserous enough for a few families, but nothing serious.
03[19:33] <@Roland> G> Wasn't this thing hidden? What if they ask us how the fuck we know about it?
[19:34] <@Detro> M:\> ...and ask him what? "Hi, I'd like to know about these packages you keep delivering to this guy at NorthCo?"
03[19:34] <@Birkin> G> We could always lie.
03[19:35] <@Gabriel> G> ::nods:: We don't know about it.
01[19:35] <@Savant> G> Birkin turns around a corner and the sand dunes get a little lower. It's apparent that trucks have cleared out a good deal of sand to widen the fields.
03[19:35] <@Gabriel> G> We just ask if they'll sell us a refill for our tanks. ::points to the spare fuel tanks in back::
03[19:36] <@Gabriel> G> Where they choose to do it from will be constructive.
03[19:36] <@Roland> G> And what're we ::air quotes:: doing out here ::end air quotes:Confused
03[19:37] <@Gabriel> G> I brought two weapons-explosives experts, and we're in the middle of the largest former battlefield on the planet. ::grins, showing a lot of teeth:: What do you think we're doing out here?
02[19:37] <@Caelin> <M>::glances at mem:: the company must be able to track their couriers, any way you can get in and find out where Mikhel Henday is?
02[19:37] <@Detro> M> ::mutters, and tucks the knife away so it's hidden in his pocket:: Fine. ::gets out of the car and heads over to the building::
03[19:37] <@Gabriel> G> Who knows, we might very well find something salvageable out here.
03[19:37] <@Birkin> G> ::keeps his eyes on the road, noticing the widening roads:: Pushing the sand around.
01[19:38] <@Savant> M> A truck in the wide parking lot turns on its lights and rumbles out onto the road.
02[19:38] <@Detro> M> ::trudges towards the building, the idea forming in his mind on how to get the info they need without exposing themselves::
03[19:39] <@Roland> G> :::grunts and tilts his head to the side:: Fair enough.
02[19:40] <@Mem> M> ::follows Detro to the courier office::
01[19:40] <@Savant> M> Detro trudges through the fresh white snow and to the office of the company. It's grimy and dusty, but serviceable inside; certainly a lot warmer.
01[19:40] <@Savant> 5Clerk> M> Good evening. What can I help you with?
02[19:40] <@Marshall> M> ::follows the gang in::
01[19:41] <@Savant> G> The desert begins to shrink back, save one spot - a ring of sand. Or, it used to be sand. The surface has been heat-glassed into a durable but fractured facade, a little wall around the homestead proper. Fields surround the place, as do several chunky condernsing units.
02[19:41] <@Detro> M> ::rubs his hands briefly on entering, walking up to the clerk:: Hi. Need some help. My boss was expecting a delivery, only it never showed up. Sent me here to find out personally -- they're very important to him.
[19:42] <@Caelin> ::stays in the vehicle, still not comfortable to be walking around in public on a foreign world::
03[19:42] <@Gabriel> G> ::sits up and looks closely over the settlement, assessing its defenses::
03[19:42] <@Roland> G> Might want to honk.
03[19:42] <@Birkin> G> ::starts to look for a place to enter where he might not get shot::
01[19:43] <@Savant> 5Clerk> M> You got a pickup number?
02[19:43] <@Detro> M> It would have been delivered to Lorentz, at NorthCo. No idea on the number -- the old man kicked me out of his office and damn near slammed the door in my face.
02[19:44] <@Marshall> M> ::checks his PDA to see if they had the number::
02[19:45] <@Detro> M> Unless one of you guys...? ::looks at Mem and Marshall, then back at the clerk:: Maybe it's a good thing I brought his secretary and the desk clerk with me, eh? ::looks back:: Number? C'mon, I haven't got all day, and I'd like to go back and still have a job y'know...
03[19:46] <@Birkin> G> So who wants to wave at that guy up there?
01[19:46] <@Savant> G> All three Talons note a figure rise up on the ridge, and note the glint of a scope as the shape lowers itself down again.
02[19:46] <@Mem> M> No number. Just the scheduled time and place of destination.
03[19:46] <@Roland> G> ::unclasps the flap on his revolver:: My definition of waving might be different than yours.
[19:46] <@Caelin> <Mout>::glances at scildfreja shaking his head a bit:: they certainly do things differently around here
01[19:47] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::Nods:: Why haven't they just picked up Lorentz yet?
03[19:47] <@Gabriel> G> Patience.
01[19:47] <@Savant> 5Clerk> M> ::Smiles thinly:: I can't really do much wiuthout the number I'm afraid.
03[19:47] <@Birkin> G> ::gives the guy a little mock salute:: You want me to stop Captain or should we keep on going up.
02[19:48] <@Marshall> M> ::shakes his head::
01[19:49] <@Savant> M> There's the sound of a powerful rifles' retort and a loud CRACK is the shot slams into the windshield of the jeep. Red paint spreads from the impact site, but other than a few spidery cracks it's fine. There's a shout from the ridge, "Next one's real! Whaddya want?!"
02[19:49] <@Detro> M> ::shakes his head:: Man. He's gonna eat me for breakfast, coming back empty handed.
02[19:49] <@Caelin> <M>::shrugs:: my guess? it might alert the man resposible.
01[19:49] <@Savant> 5Clerk> M> ::huffs and looks through his screen for a few moments:: ... Don't show a phone log today. What's your boss's name? When was the pickup supposed to be?
03[19:50] <@Gabriel> G> Keep going until they make it clear we should stop. Courtyard, if they don't.
01[19:50] <@Savant> ((That was supposed to be GAbriel's team. Caelin and Scildfreja are not under attack. Smile ))
[19:50] <@Gabriel> <<delete>>
03[19:50] <@Gabriel> G> Here's good. Brakes.
03[19:50] <@Roland> G>::glances at the paint on the windshield, and the cracks spreading from the glass, then looks back at Tynes:: Want to grab my rifle out of the back?
03[19:51] <@Gabriel> G> ::pulls Roland's rifle off the rack and passes it forward, then his own as well:: Don't do anything rash. They're just saying hello.
02[19:51] <@Detro> M> Lorentz, over at NorthCo. The drop-off should have been... ::rattles off the date the last letters were sent to Lorentz::
03[19:51] <@Birkin> G> ::jumps a bit before he stops the truck, reaching in the back and pulling out his duffle::
03[19:51] <@Roland> G> Hmph. I was just going to shoot out his scope and tell him the next one goes in his brainpan.
01[19:52] <@Savant> 5Clerk> M> That's Henday's route. He'll be back any second, if you want to hang around.
02[19:52] <@Detro> M> ::smiles:: Sure. Anything to keep my job.
02[19:52] <@Mem> M> ::looks relieved, and down at his shoes, playing the subordinate::
01[19:52] <@Savant> G> A few more silhouettes appear on the ridge, then disapepar as they crouch down
02[19:53] <@Marshall> M> ::takes Mem's cues and acts like a desk clerk::
01[19:54] <@Savant> M> Meanwhile, Caelin and Scildfreja note a black pickup truck, loaded with boxes, pull up the street and into the parking lot. The plate matches the one on the waybills that Caelin has dug up.
03[19:54] <@Gabriel> G> ::once the truck pulls to a stop, climbs out, holding his hands up with his rifle well in the air in his left:: Glad I bought the rental insurance.
03[19:54] <@Gabriel> G> ::calls out:: Morning!
[19:54] <@Birkin> ::stretches out a little bit, getting the kinks out but staying near the truck::
01[19:55] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::barely carried over the wind:: Morning! What you want?
03[19:55] <@Roland> G> ::grunts and pulls himself out of the truck as well, keeping the rifle baced on his hip and pointing up into the sky::
02[19:55] <@Caelin> <M>::nods at the truck pulling in::+subvoc+he's here
03[19:55] <@Gabriel> G> ::calls out:: Gas, if you've got some to sell! I've got marks on the barrel if you do.
01[19:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Checks her pistol under her coat::
02[19:56] <@Marshall> M> ::clicks his subvoc once in acknowledgement::
03[19:57] <@Roland> G> ::mutters:: And a windshield.
02[19:57] <@Mem> M> ::rubs his hands together to keep them warm::
02[19:57] <@Marshall> M> ::looks to Detro, as he was supposed to be the leader::
01[19:57] <@Savant> M> ::The truck pulls into a bay right beside the entrance office; the sound of the engine idling can be heard through an open door between, behind the clerk's desk. The sound of a door opening can also be heard.
02[19:58] <@Detro> M> ::leans against the counter:: Crazy, huh? He's like an addict for these letters. ::laughs:: Probably some secret affair, his lover sending him old fashioned love letters or something.
01[19:58] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::There s a long pause:: That all you want? What you payin?
02[19:59] <@Caelin> <M>::gets an idea::+subvoc+when you talk to henday, mention there was supposed to have been another package that came with the last delivery to lorentz, try to find out where he pickup the letter
03[19:59] <@Gabriel> G> ::lowers the rifle slowly, now cradling it in both arms, pointing it at nothing in particular, and calls out:: Well, we can negotiate a fair price... if I don't have to shout. ::grins:: But I need a fair bit.
01[20:00] <@Savant> 5Clerk> M> ::leans back:: Hey, Mikhel, some guys here want to talk to you about the Northco run. Somethin about Lorentz. You got something for Lorentz?
02[20:00] <@Mem> M> ::pulls out his cell phone to continue to play the part::
01[20:00] <@Savant> M> After a moment's pause, there's a door smalling and an engine revving. The courier truck squeals out from its' bay door and back into the fresh snow.
02[20:01] <@Detro> M> ::blinks:: Whathu...?
02[20:01] <@Caelin> <M>::blinks:: +subvoc+ someone just took off in the truck
01[20:02] <@Savant> G> The man waves and tells the Talons to wait. After a few minutes of the hot sun, a jeep comes bounding out form the opening at the side of the berm. A crusty, grizzled looking Mad Dog comes in behind it, churning up the sand in its gnarled treads.
02[20:02] <@Mem> M> ::looks up::
02[20:02] <@Marshall> M> ::looks at Mem this time::
02[20:02] <@Mem> M> ::smiles at the clerk:: Bye.
02[20:02] <@Mem> M> ::heads out::
01[20:02] <@Savant> 5Clerk> M> ::Gets out of his chair and looks back through the door into the bay:: Mik?
03[20:03] <@Roland> G> Oh that's just great. ::begins eyeing the older Mad Dog for any missing armor plates or weak spots::
02[20:03] <@Marshall> M> ::follows Mem out::
02[20:03] <@Mem> M> ::runs accross to the car once outside::
03[20:03] <@Gabriel> G> ::looks over the Gear, not an expert on the Mad Dog, but he's certainly been around a number of them::
02[20:03] <@Caelin> <M>::hops into the drivers seat and turns on the engine::damn, i'm starting to regret leaving the spidras behind....
02[20:04] <@Detro> M> ::as the others dart out:: Great. Just what I needed. ::follows the others::
02[20:04] <@Marshall> M> ::hops in the front passenger seat and draws his pistol::
02[20:04] <@Mem> M> ::gets inside the car at the closest door:: Let's go.
03[20:05] <@Birkin> G> Probably just wants to make sure we aren't going to hold the owner hostage.
02[20:05] <@Detro> M> ::about to get int he driver's seat, but Caelin beat him there, so he piles in the back::
02[20:05] <@Caelin> <M>::shifts into gear and squeals out of the parking lot after the truck::
03[20:06] <@Gabriel> G> ::nods agreement with Birkin and waits for someone to get out of the jeep::
01[20:06] <@Savant> G> The big GEar and the small jeep come out. The jeep holds a grizzled older man with a rifle on the passenger's seat. The Gear just leers.
02[20:06] <@Mem> M> ::looks at the others while Caelin drives and turns the windows defroster way up:: What's this mean? The courier knows something.
01[20:06] <@Savant> 5Man> G> Morning. You need gas.
02[20:07] <@Marshall> M> Probably. What do you want to do?
[20:07] <@Caelin> <M>i'm for catching him
01[20:07] <@Savant> Caelin smals the vehicle into gear and goes chasing after him, skidding throught he freshly piled snow. He seems to know how to drive in snow without any problem at all.
02[20:08] <@Mem> M> See if we can tail him. If not, we can find out where he lives, find his friends. I'll mine the hell out of that delivery company and find it out the hard way.
03[20:08] <@Gabriel> G> ::grins:: Nice Gear. ::indicating the Mad Dog:: I'm Vandenberg. And yeah. Thousand liters or so, or up to. Depends a bit.
02[20:08] <@Detro> M> M> Great idea. Except, can I point out we are not in an official police vehicle, nor does the local constabulatory know that we are operating here. If we get in a high speed chase...
02[20:09] <@Detro> M> ::a turn throws Detro off balance, planting his face against hte window and cutting off any further comment::
01[20:09] <@Savant> M> The truck is up ahead, but the guy's a professional courier and knows how to drive. Caelin is catching, but not as quickly as he'd like to. A freeway is up ahead, after all.
01[20:10] <@Savant> 5Man> G> Alright, Vandenberg. I'm Merston. Y'got liths?
02[20:10] <@Mem> M> Take it easy. But he knows this area.
02[20:10] <@Mem> M> We may need to let him go, but his need to run from us is a big clue.
02[20:10] <@Detro> M> M> ::pushes himself off and buckles in:: I was going to say, why can't we call in air support and have a helo follow him?
02[20:11] <@Caelin> <M>::is reletively lucky traffic here isn't anything like it was during the race through gommorah but the snow does make it a little tricky::
03[20:11] <@Roland> G> ::isn't looking at the negotiating, but the other men watching guard over their group::
01[20:11] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::cocks her machine pistol and cranks open her window:: [AS] Geft me ent opensigt.
02[20:11] <@Marshall> M> Or at the very least inform local PD/
02[20:11] <@Detro> M> M> And tell them what? Black Talons are in town?
02[20:12] <@Marshall> M> Or Northen Guard. ::motions to himself and Mem::
02[20:12] <@Caelin> <M>::nods once and attempts to oblige::
02[20:12] <@Mem> M> I'm not sure how public we should make this just yet.
02[20:12] <@Detro> M> ::nods:: Hence why I suggested using air support we supposedly can call upon, provided by our own people.
03[20:13] <@Gabriel> G> ::shakes:: 'fraid not. Marks. They good out here? Might be able to pay out in trade, if not.
01[20:13] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Holds her pistol between her thighs and screws on a fat silencer::
02[20:13] <@Mem> M> ::opens up his cell phone again and tries to contact BT central::
03[20:13] <@Roland> G> ::counts five men, plus the Mad Dog. One bullet each from his clip::
01[20:14] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::makes a bit of a face at the mention of Marks, but shrugs:: Two marks a litre.
02[20:14] <@Marshall> M> ::starts screwing on a silencer himself from his backpack::
01[20:15] <@Savant> M> The courier truck hits the on-ramp and goes right through - right over the divider and into the opposite flow of traffic
03[20:15] <@Gabriel> G> ::cradles his rifle in his left hand and rubs his chin with his right:: That much, huh? Can you do a thousand liters?
01[20:15] <@Savant> 5Officer> M> *phone* Pacifica.
02[20:16] <@Detro> M> ::frowns, seeing the courier hit the oncoming lanes:: Whoever he is... he's damn sure of his ability to drive.
02[20:17] <@Mem> M> Pacifica, Lt Gage BT05, need aerial or orbital coverage of the following vehicle in Rapid City... ::describes their position, the vehicles involved::
02[20:18] <@Caelin> <M>::follows up the ramp but doesn't expect the sudden direction change, he attempts to do the same::
01[20:18] <@Savant> M> Caelin caroms the van into the side of a city bus as he bounds over the island, in hot pursuit. The truck ahead is doing about as well, though he's starting to accelerate well past the posted speed limit.
02[20:18] <@Marshall> M> ::finishes screwing on the silencer, then opens his window and tries to judge distance::
01[20:19] <@Savant> 5Man> G> Sure, sure. Y'can use bio-diesel I assume.
03[20:19] <@Gabriel> G> ::nods:: It's mostly for V-engines, so that'll be fine.
01[20:20] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::squints:: Why y'need it for V-engines?
03[20:20] <@Birkin> G> ::wonders why this guy cares if hes going to take them to the cleaners for it
03[20:21] <@Gabriel> G> Let's just say we... found something. ::grins::
01[20:22] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::scowls:: We don'want no rovers in these parts. These are good quiet parts here.
02[20:23] <@Caelin> <M>::winces a bit as their vehicle skims against another but continues his pursuit::
02[20:23] <@Marshall> M> I think I can get the tires, LT. Want to?
03[20:23] <@Gabriel> G> ::laughs:: No, no, nothing like that, I assure you.
03[20:24] <@Gabriel> G> Hell, I might bring 'em here and sell 'em to you. ::indicates the Mad Dog:: You seem to be in the market.
02[20:24] <@Mem> M> ::looks at the traffic:: No
03[20:24] <@Birkin> G> ::smirks at the idea of them making a band of rovers::
02[20:24] <@Mem> M> ::listens on the phone:: Back off just a tad, give him some room, but don't lose him.
03[20:25] <@Roland> G> ::slowly reaches into his jacket pocket with his free hand and pulls out a stick of gum::
02[20:25] <@Detro> M> ::looks at the gun:: You realize if you take out a tire at this speed, he's going to crash?
02[20:26] <@Marshall> M> Absolutely.
01[20:26] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::Seems dubious, but he spits ont he ground and shrugs:: Two mark a litre. We got enough. You want it, you follow us.
02[20:26] <@Detro> M> Crash like that on a major highway means cops and news vans.
02[20:26] <@Detro> M> Assuming the guy even survives.
01[20:27] <@Savant> M> Caelin gently nudges the courier truck's back bumper. He's caught up - now what?
02[20:27] <@Marshall> M> There's going to be cops and news vans anyway. Look at how fast we're going.
03[20:27] <@Gabriel> G> Lead on.
03[20:27] <@Gabriel> G> ::to Birkin:: Get a couple of cans.
02[20:27] <@Caelin> <M>::frowns and shrugs a bit before easing up on the gas for a moment to give the truck a bit of space after tapping it::
03[20:28] <@Roland> G> ::pops the piece of gum into his mouth and begins chewing::
01[20:28] <@Savant> M> The man gets into his jeep, and he drives off. The Gear waits for you to get going before it to follows.
03[20:28] <@Roland> G>::hauls himself back into the truck and lays the rifle across his lap::
01[20:28] <@Savant> That was Gabriel's group, even.
02[20:28] <@Mem> M> Pull up alongside.
02[20:28] <@Mem> M> ::shrugs at Detro...he clearly doesn't know what to do, either::
03[20:29] <@Gabriel> G> ::looks surprised when the man walks away and gets in his jeep, and says to Birkin, dryly:: Apparently, we're going somewhere.
02[20:29] <@Mem> M> :Surprisedn phone:: Got that tracking yet?
03[20:29] <@Gabriel> G> ::waggles his eyebrows::
03[20:29] <@Gabriel> G> ::heads back for the Springer::
03[20:29] <@Birkin> G> ::Gets into the car, waiting for the others to get in before he takes off after the Jeep::
02[20:29] <@Marshall> M> ::sarcastically:: Maybe if we ask really nicely, he'll pull over.
02[20:29] <@Caelin> <M>::nods and attempts to change lanes and pull up along side::
02[20:29] <@Detro> M> Alongside? Fuck that. Just get on his bumper and stay there.
03[20:29] <@Roland> G> Well I don't think they expected us to haul a thousand litres around by hand...
02[20:29] <@Detro> M> ::rolls down the window and starts to work his way out, onto the roof of their vehicle::
02[20:30] <@Mem> M> ::does a double take at Detro::
02[20:30] <@Caelin> <M>::frowns as the current flow of traffic prevents it:: ...staying on the bumper then...
01[20:31] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Sees Detro climb out, then begins to do the same, after stuffing her pistol into her belt:: Keep it as steady as you can!
03[20:31] <@Gabriel> G> Well, let's see where we're going before you decide that.
03[20:32] <@Gabriel> G> ::looks around, interested, as the Springer gets going::
02[20:32] <@Caelin> <M>::can only nod, this is starting to get crazy::
02[20:32] <@Detro> M> ::once he's out, makes sure his knife is still there... on the roof of the car, carefully moves forward::
01[20:32] <@Savant> G> The badlanders lead the Talons out for some time - about an hour out. The sun is high and merciless. It's good that the local garrison loaded this springer down with a week's worth of supplies, or you'd be withered to dry husks by now.
02[20:33] <@Marshall> M> ::holsters the pistol securely and moves to follow Detro out onto the hood of the car, once it's vacated::
02[20:33] <@Mem> M> Uhhhhh. ::looks up at Detro as he tries to be heroic::
01[20:33] <@Savant> M> Detro gets on the roof as Scildfreja clambers onto the hood of the van. It's impossibly slippery and hard to hold on with the icy sheen on everything.
03[20:34] <@Roland> G> Can anyone think of a reason to store your so far away it takes half a tank to just to get to it?
02[20:34] <@Detro> M> ::keeps his yap firmly shut, squinting against the wind in his face, and continues to carefully slide forward, onto the hood::
02[20:34] <@Caelin> <M>::gets the vehicle right back onto the truck's bumper::
02[20:35] <@Marshall> M> ::watches::
03[20:35] <@Birkin> G> Their clients appreciate discresion?
02[20:35] <@Detro> M> ::once on the hood, he eyes the distance to the van, preparing to jump onto the van's roof::
01[20:36] <@Savant> G> Eventually the group of vehicles stops in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. It's fairly open between the dunes, wide enough for a plane to land certainly.
02[20:36] <@Detro> M> <<Scratch that>>
02[20:36] <@Detro> M> ::once on the hood, he eyes the distance to the truck, preparing to jump onto the bed of the pickup truck::
03[20:39] <@Gabriel> G> ::looks around for anything that the satellite views might have missed::
02[20:39] <@Detro> M> ::grabs the back rail, and after a scary moment dangling there, rolls into the bed of the truck::
03[20:39] <@Gabriel> G> ::hops out of the Springer, leaving his rifle behind and carrying a pair of 20L jerrycans instead::
03[20:39] <@Birkin> G> ::stop as well, looking around putting his hand on the door handle to get out::
03[20:39] <@Roland> G> ::opens the door and half exits the vehicle, keeping his feet inside the Spring so that he's hanging out the side and looking down on the area from the more elevated position::
01[20:39] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::Gets out:: Right there's good. Y'park'er and turn off yer engine, now.
03[20:40] <@Birkin> G> ::looks back at the Captain before cutting the engine::
03[20:40] <@Gabriel> G> ::nods agreement::
01[20:41] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::leaps over alongside Detro, clambering intot he bakc of the truck with little grace but a great deal of efficiency. Once there she pulls a studded club out form under her jacket and flicks a switch on the handle::
03[20:41] <@Birkin> G> ::spots the little rock:: Nice.
02[20:42] <@Detro> M> ::draws his knife and looks about to hammer the rear window with its pommel, but pauses on seeing Scilly's weapon:: Oh, my apologies. Ladies first. ::grins::
02[20:42] <@Marshall> M> I feel so totally uncool now for being the one stuck in the van.
01[20:43] <@Savant> 5Man> G> C'mon over here. You wanna fill those first? ::he pulls out a data pad and taps a few things into it::
03[20:43] <@Birkin> G> ::takes out a few tanks like the Captain had asked him earlier::
01[20:43] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::smirks at Detro as she climbs forward, keeping low as the truck begins to swerve left and right::
03[20:44] <@Gabriel> G> ::looks around for any defenses, appearing to be looking around at the terrain:: Strange place to put your fuel.
01[20:44] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::slams the studded head of her mace into the back window of the courier truck, shattering it handily::
02[20:44] <@Caelin> <M>::relaxes his driving a bit once the two have made it across::
03[20:44] <@Gabriel> G> And yeah, we've got ten 20s today. We'll come back for the rest tomorrow with our bigger truck.
02[20:44] <@Detro> M> ::gives a thumbs up to Caelin and the others in the car, then follows::
02[20:45] <@Mem> M> OK, back off a little.
03[20:45] <@Roland> G> ::pulls himself up onto the roof of the springer and again sets the rifle on his hip, pointing into the sky -- he continues to survey the area and tries to pick out where the hopper had landed::
01[20:46] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::bends down and begins to torque off the lid, then pulls a hose out from the hole beneath:: s'too far to the Knee for our big run, so we gotta have a stop-off. Ain't no one lives out here but us, and we like it that way.
03[20:46] <@Gabriel> G> Fair enough.
01[20:47] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::draws her pistol in her off hand::
03[20:47] <@Gabriel> G> I guess that explains our windshield. Don't get any visitors.
01[20:47] <@Savant> Mikhel Henday> M> Ahhh! AAAAH! AAAHHHH!
01[20:48] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::lights a cigarette, then begins filling up the jerry cans::
[20:49] <@Roland> ::arches an eyebrow at the lit cigarette while the man is handling fuel::
03[20:49] <@Gabriel> G> ::takes a half-step back at the cigarette, grinning slightly::
01[20:49] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::points the gun at him, shouting:: ANWEHR! PULL OVER! PULL OVER NOW!
02[20:51] <@Detro> M> ::shouts to the driver:: I'd do what she says. You pull over, you live. You keep this up, your brains get splattered on the windshield, either by her gun or your driving!
01[20:51] <@Savant> 5Man> G> ::blows out a billowing cloud of smoke::
01[20:51] <@Savant> Mikhel Henday> M> Don't shoot! Don't shoot! I'm pulling over!
02[20:51] <@Detro> M> +subvoc+ Suspect is pulling over. Stay on us -- he might try to bolt or throw us off.
01[20:52] <@Savant> M> The truck slows to a reaosnable speed and pulls off into a suburban sprawl. The street lights are starting to come on.
02[20:52] <@Detro> M> ::sighs in relief::
02[20:53] <@Caelin> <M>::follows the truck and slows as well::
02[20:53] <@Mem> M> :Surprisedn phone:: OK, I think we've got him. Might need you to contact local authorities about any reports of ... freeway disturbances, but no one was hurt, no collisions.
01[20:53] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::leans in through the window and hisses at him,:: *twitch* wrong and you're a dead man.
02[20:53] <@Detro> M> ::once they're stopped, he pops off the truck and waits for the door to open. He glances at Scilly:: Not bad. You a traffic cop in a past life?
02[20:53] <@Marshall> M> ::as soon as the cars stop, he opens the door, runs up to the driver's side door of the truck, grabs Henday and ju jitsu tosses him onto the ground, pounceing on him afterward::
03[20:53] <@Birkin> G> ::takes one of the full gas cans and carries it back over to the jeep::
02[20:54] <@Mem> M> ::hops out of the truck and goes over to the driver's door:: Evening, Mr. Henday. Need to have a word with you about a package. ::smiles::
01[20:54] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::raises an eyebrow:: You have officers for *cars*?
01[20:54] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:54] <@Roland> :;attn::
01[20:54] <@Savant> I like Mem's line. We'll call it there.
[20:55] <@Mem> owned.
[20:55] <@Caelin> ::Attn::
01[20:55] <@Savant> I would like to apologize to Roland for not being present when there was the chance to leap from one speeding car to another :\
01[20:55] <@Savant> please forgive my betrayal
[20:55] <@Roland> ::grins::
[20:55] <@Caelin> lol
01[20:55] <@Savant> comments, questions?
[20:55] <@Detro> ::shrugs:: You wanted cowboy. I gave you x 2. Wink
[20:55] <@Roland> I'm sure you'll come up with something better for next time. Wink
01[20:56] <@Savant> oh yes. Oh yes.
[20:56] <@Roland> Leap from gear to gear. Wink
01[20:56] <@Savant> mahaahaa
[20:56] <@Detro> No. Gear leaping from landship to landship.
[20:56] <@Marshall> Leap from aircraft to aircraft.
01[20:56] <@Savant> deal.
01[20:56] <@Savant> anyways, who wants expees?
[20:56] <@Caelin> i do i do!
[20:56] <@Birkin> meeee
01[20:57] <@Savant> one is for teamwork. What sort of teamwork did you have tonight?
[20:57] <@Detro> aye
[20:57] <@Detro> I acted. They followed. Wink
[20:57] <@Roland> Car hopping teamwork.
01[20:57] <@Savant> that went well. but it was with an NPC Wink
[20:57] <@Detro> Marshall was going to follow. But three people sliding around on an icy roof, not a good idea.
[20:57] <@Birkin> Your two biggest killers restrained themselves not to kill people
[20:57] <@Birkin> we deserve recognition dammit
[20:58] <@Caelin> caelin driving, detro jumping
[20:58] <@Marshall> And the third biggest killer only got to throw someone =)
[20:58] <@Caelin> i knew freja would make it:)
01[20:58] <@Savant> ahaahaa, well done team sociopath
[20:58] <@Detro> I was pretty sure Detro would make it too. I don't think Colin would want to put up with my whining about having to make yet another character Wink
[20:58] <@Marshall> lol
01[20:59] <@Savant> i was fully prepared to put you under the bumper >Sad
[20:59] <@Marshall> kathump kathump
[20:59] <@Detro> ...and front wheel. And rear wheel. And rear bumper. Multiplied by the rest of the traffic. Wink
[20:59] <@Caelin> wait, marshall's the third biggest killer, i beg to differ, i'm sure scildfreja has a higher kill score:)
01[20:59] <@Savant> She's killed a *lot* of people.
[20:59] <@Detro> Anyways, lots of teamwork, yes?
01[20:59] <@Savant> with her bare hands at points Smile
01[21:00] <@Savant> teamwork, one points. Two is storyline. Tell me what you've learned
[21:00] <@Marshall> I can kill people with my bare hands. =P
[21:00] <@Detro> Couriers are excellent offensive drivers.
01[21:00] <@Savant> they are, in fact. It's how they make money
01[21:00] <@Savant> hotshots are paid by speed.
[21:00] <@Birkin> Badlanders are paranoid
01[21:01] <@Savant> true that!
[21:01] <@Marshall> You can get into a high speed chase and not get even a signle cop called. =)
01[21:01] <@Savant> did you learn anything interesting about the storyline?
01[21:01] <@Savant> the chase only lasted a minute or two.
[21:01] <@Birkin> This one has a ton of oil that he will sell to anyone who has money
[21:01] <@Birkin> specifically NuCoalition money
01[21:01] <@Savant> you're paying two marks a litre. He'll sell for that Wink
[21:01] <@Caelin> storywise, we've started down the paper trail to locate the kids by finding the last person to handle the letters before lorentz
[21:01] <@Detro> Not really. For our side, we won't learn anything about plotline until we talk to the driver.
[21:01] <@Birkin> Are we near Port Arthur?
01[21:02] <@Savant> yes. This place is on the edge of the New Coalition
01[21:02] <@Savant> anyone have anything new about the storyline? Haven't really seen enough yet.
[21:03] <@Birkin> Nothing on our end I don't think. We might discover something real soon once we start next week
[21:03] <@Birkin> but not so much now
01[21:04] <@Savant> okay. I'll give you a second point if you can tell me what you plan on doing next week Wink
[21:04] <@Caelin> as for why henday was running, either he's involved in this whole thing, or maybe he thought he was being chased for another reason (he could have done numerous shady deals with other companies) either way all we really need is to know where he picked up the letters then we can move on
[21:04] <@Detro> Well, we did learn the courier knows Lorentz by name
[21:04] <@Roland> Gunfight at the OK Corral!
01[21:04] <@Savant> ahaa, awesome
[21:04] <@Marshall> Hopefully Gabriel and crew are the Earps, not the Clantons. Wink
[21:05] <@Detro> We take the courier to a nice local restaurant and question him over salad and the entree.
[21:05] <@Caelin> colin told me henday delivered all of the letters to lorentz, but he had routes there anyway so he could have known him for a while
[21:05] <@Detro> And for desert, perhaps a shot of Fort James Whiskey and lead.
[21:05] <@Detro> Or if he plays nice, we leave him alone with some cawfee.
[21:06] <@Marshall> Well, Henday knows someone. We find out who, and talk to them next.
01[21:06] <@Savant> okay. Sounds good to me. That's two points tonight. Well done!
01[21:06] <@Savant> we'll do the interrogation next week.
01[21:06] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:33] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:33] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:33] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
[18:33] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:33] <@Delgado> ::attn::
01[18:33] <@Savant> we'll give people a moment to get settled in here
[18:33] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:34] <@Caelin> ::attn::
03[18:34] * Fraser is now known as Roland
[18:34] <@Roland> ::attn::
03[18:34] * Brad is now known as Mem
[18:34] <@Mem> attn
01[18:35] <@Savant> good evening and welcome to yet another episode of the Black Talons. I'm your host.
03[18:35] * Jester ( has joined #BT05
03[18:35] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jester
03[18:35] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
01[18:36] <@Savant> Last episode we saw some pretty significant progress. Tonight we will see if you can consolidate your gains and turn them into new capital towards the goal of your primary aquisition.
[18:36] <@Roland> Penis.
[18:36] <@Gabriel> ::watches the stock market plunge another 675 points on that speech::
01[18:36] <@Savant> We still ahve two groups. One is in Rapid City, the other is in - what?
01[18:36] <@Savant> anyways Wink
01[18:36] <@Savant> the other is in the Barrington Basin. Everyone remember where they were?
01[18:37] <@Savant> please remember to use M> and G> to designate which team you are in; Mem's team or Gabriel's team.
01[18:37] <@Savant> aaaand have a briefing.
01[18:37] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:37] <@Savant> 3 Winter TN1946, 2900h - night
01[18:37] <@Savant> Rapid City area, UMF / The Barrington Basin
01[18:37] <@Savant> -22C, Overcast, Light Snow / +15, Clear skies
01[18:37] <@Savant> It is hard playing the detective. With your unique expertise on all things Earth related, and your self-sufficient training, you were the ideal pick to look into the possibility of Earth interfering with Northco. It may even lead to the bombing of Newton.
01[18:37] <@Savant> Lorentz Winchester is now clearly being manipulated by the interlopers, willingly or not. His children are missing, kidnapped and brought south. His wife is dead, part of a macabre murder that sent a very clear message to whoever was following the trail. He's central to this, whatever it is.
01[18:37] <@Savant> Your work has paid off. Not only have you a lead, you in fact have two of them - one of them a courier in Rapid City and another in a badlander community not too far from Wounded Knee. With these leads firmly in hand, certainly you will be able to track down the culprit, right?
01[18:37] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:38] <@Caelin> ack
[18:38] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:38] <@Marshall> ack
[18:38] <@Roland> ack
01[18:38] <@Savant> aaand we're ready for questions
[18:38] <@Delgado> ack
[18:38] <@Birkin> ack
[18:38] <@Detro> ack
[18:39] <@Caelin> who's delgado with?
01[18:39] <@Savant> Team Mem - where you interrogating the prisoner?
01[18:39] <@Savant> Team Captain Fancypants - how you planning on doing what you plan on doing to the badlanders?
01[18:40] <@Savant> mm. Good choices.
[18:41] <@Mem> uh
[18:41] <@Detro> Well, what's around for places?
[18:41] <@Gabriel> Borrow a fuel truck, and Gabriel will arrange for a nearby Northern combat group to loan him a fire team of reasonably stealthy Gears. Night Hunters led by a Night Jaguar should be sufficient. Go to the settlement in the fuel truck, they'll probably escort us to the tanks same as before, when the Mad Dog and Co comes to a halt, the hidden Gears pop out.
[18:41] <@Mem> In our vehicle, I guess.
[18:41] <@Caelin> we need to take the guy somewhere out of the way, either a low profile motel or back alley
01[18:41] <@Savant> A large industrialized city state with a broad and sparsely populated hinterland, Detro.
[18:41] <@Mem> That or we grab a hotel room or something.
[18:41] <@Detro> Our vehicle has been publicly witnessed in a high speed pursuit and carjacking.
[18:41] <@Gabriel> Roland and the Gears surround the Mad Dog and the truck while Marshall and I deal with anyone not in the truck. Simple. Oh, and we'll need something to transport our prisoners to someplace safe for a few hours.
[18:41] <@Mem> Yeah, but this is our turf. It can be handled.
[18:42] <@Mem> Mem asked BT to contact law enforcement to address the issue.
[18:42] <@Detro> I plead the 5th.
01[18:42] <@Savant> it will be night time before you return to the settlement, Gabriel. That cool?
[18:42] <@Gabriel> Gabriel's got 7 points of contact perks with the Northern Guard. About time he used them. Wink
[18:42] <@Roland> I'm surrounding a gear on foot? ::grins::
[18:42] <@Mem> Unless BT has some sort of property in Rapid City.
[18:42] <@Mem> BRB
[18:42] <@Gabriel> As long as that's when our appointment for the second truck is.
01[18:43] <@Savant> No property in Rapid City, but you do have a big fat charge card, Mem. Also, yes, tehy're taking care of local law enforcement.
[18:43] <@Detro> Heh. And the news coverage?
01[18:43] <@Savant> Gabriel, the settlement wants nothing to dow ith you at night. They say to come back during the day.
[18:43] <@Gabriel> Next day it is. And I want to add a little bit of glitter. Gabriel needs a fake, but convincing-looking ID for a secret intelligence organization with a plausible-sounding name.
01[18:43] <@Savant> Detro, it's covered as a frat party gone bad.
[18:44] <@Gabriel> Westphalia Planetary Security or something.
[18:44] <@Caelin> the car chase can easily be dismissed as something not related to our investigation
[18:44] <@Marshall> We going in with Night Hunters, you said?
[18:44] <@Roland> CONTROL
[18:44] <@Roland> We work for CONTROL
01[18:44] <@Savant> Gabriel, you get it. The Garrison is given instructions on producing a fake but real looking id card .
[18:44] <@Gabriel> I've got a vague thought in my head that our boy might have the same primary job Talons do: gather intel.
[18:44] <@Detro> Screw that, I'm a KAOS guy through and through.
[18:44] <@Gabriel> And what better thing to gather intel on than a previously-unknown planetary security group?
[18:45] <@Caelin> i demand the cone of silence for this interrogation!
[18:46] <@Gabriel> No, we go in in the fuel truck. We borrow the Night Hunters and their pilots from either a nearby garrison, or one of the carriers the NG keeps in the Badlands.
01[18:46] <@Savant> okay. We will start the Badlands group with the approach to the gas tanks.
[18:46] <@Gabriel> They're just back-up for this: something to convince the Mad Dog that he dies if he starts a fight.
[18:46] <@Marshall> ah
[18:46] <@Detro> So someplace quiet, presumably, where we won't raise suspicions
[18:46] <@Detro> I guess.
01[18:46] <@Savant> Team CONTROL? What about you guys? Shall I choose for you?
[18:47] <@Caelin> dark alley and interrogate in the SUV
01[18:47] <@Savant> okay. he's not conscious for a few hours, though, mind you.
01[18:48] <@Savant> oh, wait, he was never knocked out
01[18:48] <@Savant> so right afterwards then
[18:48] <@Detro> I was gonna say, that would have been a fiery ending last week then
[18:48] <@Marshall> Was about to say.. I didn't hit him -that- hard Wink
01[18:48] <@Savant> so. Are we settled? Anything else?
03[18:48] * Detro sets mode: +o Itzpapalotl
[18:49] <@Detro> Just in case Smile
01[18:49] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:50] <@Savant> Terranova is a big place; it has more habitable land than any other world in the Gateweb. Sometimes it doesn't seem it, though. The blistering deserts of the Badlands certainly don't seem very hospitable. And for those who aren't used to Northern winters, it's not very pleasant either.
[18:50] <@Gabriel> ::sits in the passenger seat of the tanker, watching the desert go by::
01[18:51] <@Savant> Still, Talons aren't supposed to care about these things, so they're at work in the inclmeent weather. One group of them are huddled in an SUV, hidden in a dirty RApid City back alley. The other is in a tanker truck deep in the Badlands.
01[18:51] <@Savant> At least they both have air conditioning. And heating.
03[18:53] <@Roland> G>
03[18:53] <@Roland> G> ::quietly chews his gum in the cramped back seat of the tanker cab::
02[18:53] <@Caelin> <M>::shuts off the engine after pulling into the alley and nods to the others::
02[18:54] <@Detro> M> ::pops out of the truck, taking the keys with him after parking behind the SUV::
01[18:54] <@Savant> Snow settles in lazy dunes on the SUV's hood and windshield, almost entirely blocking out the view outside. It's really started to come down over the past drive. It makes the vehicle a cubicle, feeling much smaller than it ought.
02[18:55] <@Delgado> M> ::sits in the back of the SUV with the carrier, quietly going through her medical bag. Once in a while she flashes something metallic and sharp looking, sorting and picking various tools::
01[18:55] <@Savant> Sand settles in lazy dunes in the Badlands, only to be skirled up in broad arcs by the tanker truck. A jeep leads them on, and behind them a large Mad Dog gear watches for trouble.
02[18:55] <@Detro> M> ::gets in the SUV, cramming himself in with the others, brushing snow off his shoulders::
01[18:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::sits opposite HEnday in the back of the van, her baton in one hand and pistol in the other. She's been silent since the man was hauled into the van.
03[18:56] <@Birkin> G> ::drives along in the Badlands route he preformed yesterday::
01[18:57] <@Savant> G> subvoc> ::clicks once, signalling that the capture team is in position.
02[18:57] <@Marshall> M> ::sits on the other side of Henday with his knife, more for show than anything::
02[18:57] <@Detro> M> ::gives Scilly a respectful nod -- doing crazy things was so much better when someone else joined you. Then it didn't seem quite as stupid:: So, any explanation yet?
01[18:58] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::presses his lips together, aggrieved::
02[18:58] <@Mem> M> ::watches as Detro begins::
02[18:59] <@Delgado> M> ::finally pulls out her mediglove and slips it on, loading a medication into it as she starts to hum to herself::
03[18:59] <@Gabriel> G> ::watches for anything that the escort group is doing that's different from the previous day::
01[19:00] <@Savant> G> The depot point comes up on the close-up GPS, it's right around the bend. The positions of the Night Hunter team isn't marked, but the team ought to be there and ready.
03[19:00] <@Roland> G> So we're shooting everybody if they don't cooperate, right?
02[19:00] <@Detro> M> ::fixes a level glare on the man:: Or would you like to wait for Double Jeopardy, where the stakes get REALLY high?
01[19:01] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M>:: Snaps back:: What? You ain't even asked me fucking anything yet.
02[19:01] <@Mem> M> Shouldn't have to. ::grins at the man::
03[19:01] <@Birkin> G> Isn't that what we always do?
02[19:01] <@Detro> M> ::nods:: Indeed. I think the question is rather obvious. You find out someone is looking for you, and you run. Why?
03[19:01] <@Gabriel> G> Try to leave one alive. It's hard to have a meaningful conversation with a corpse.
01[19:02] <@Savant> G> The jeep turns the bend and begins to slow down close to their depot. The tanker and their Gear escort follow suit.
03[19:02] <@Gabriel> G> ::as an afterthought, draws his own sidearm, checks it, then reholsters it::
01[19:02] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> This is entrapment. Fuck you.
03[19:02] <@Roland> G> ::snorts:: I'm sure the one in the Mad Dog'll live through getting pounded.
02[19:02] <@Mem> M> Global treason on your part. You know how treason is punished, right?
01[19:03] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> I want a fucking lawyer. What is this, Port Oasis?
03[19:04] <@Gabriel> G> ::nods:: My preference would be that none of them die. That said, you're both free to defend yourself as you see fit.
02[19:04] <@Mem> M> Doc, check his blood, will you?
03[19:04] <@Gabriel> G> If they decide to be stupid, don't hesitate.
03[19:04] <@Roland> G> 'cause we do that a lot.
02[19:04] <@Delgado> M> ::chuckles softly to herself as she listens to the exchange between Henday and the others. She finally speaks up, turning to Henday with a very pleasant smile on her face:: Entrapment means we turn you over to law enforcement. ... What makes you think you're ever going to leave this vehicle?
01[19:04] <@Savant> G> The jeep stops and the driver hops out, tugging his hat on a little tighter as the sun crests the dunes and threatens to blind everyone. He has a rifle, but it's just being held at his side right now.
02[19:05] <@Caelin> <M>::frowns a bit then opens the door:: i'm going to search the truck
03[19:05] <@Gabriel> G> ::waits for the tanker to stop then dismounts, leaving his own rifle in the rack behind the seats, as close quarters weapons were going to be much more useful here::
02[19:05] <@Mem> M> ::looks at Caelin:: Be thorough.
01[19:05] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> A'ight now, c'mon down here and we'll gas y'up. Yer money's good.
02[19:06] <@Caelin> <M>::nods and glances at detro:: may i have the keys?
03[19:06] <@Roland> G> ::waits for Tynes and Birkin to exit before he does, slinging his rifle over his back and walking forwards; mindful of the pair of machine pistols strapped to his torso underneath his duster::
02[19:06] <@Detro> M> Sure. ::tosses them to Caelin::
01[19:06] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::smirks and sits back defiantly:: Thought so. Fucking mobsters.
03[19:06] <@Birkin> G> ::steps out with the Captain, looking around a little bit, his pistols inside his coat::
02[19:07] <@Mem> M> ::looks at Mikhel:: Why'd you run?
01[19:07] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::Rolls his eyes at Mem:: Because you smell funny.
02[19:07] <@Mem> M> I smell wonderful.
02[19:07] <@Detro> M> Minty fresh.
02[19:07] <@Mem> M> Why'd you run?
01[19:08] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Like dew-fresh dawgshit.
02[19:08] <@Marshall> M> ::punches Henday in the floating ribs, just enough to let him know this was quite serious::
02[19:08] <@Caelin> <M>::catches them and slips out of the SUV, brushing some snow off himself before trudging through to the truck::
03[19:08] <@Gabriel> G> ::nods Birkin toward Malkem:: Help him. I'll get the fuel line. ::starts toward the back of the tanker::
02[19:08] <@Mem> M> Whoa, easy tiger.
02[19:08] <@Mem> M> ::looks at Delgado:: Check his blood, please. And check it well.
03[19:08] <@Gabriel> G> ::trusts Roland to find his own best cover against the Mad Dog::
03[19:09] <@Birkin> G> ::nods and heads over towards the badlander to give him a hand::
02[19:09] <@Delgado> M> ::as he's distracted, she reaches over and grab's Henday where his neck and shoulders meet. Her glove gives off the faintest of hisses as she pumps a muscle relaxant into the guy::
03[19:09] <@Roland> G> ::hooks his thumbs into his belt and begins walking slowly around the tanker as if inspecting it, putting the vehicle between him and the gear::
01[19:10] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::Marshall winds Henday, who lets out a wheezing gasp and leaves him defenseless against Delgado's injection. He recoils, but it's too late. Then he laughs a coughing laugh:: This is where it gets fun for you, huh?
03[19:10] <@Gabriel> G> ::uncouples the fuel line from the tanker and swings it around the back of the vehicle, touching his earpiece as he does so:: +com+ Scramble.
02[19:10] <@Mem> M> Now, let's everyone calm down.
03[19:10] <@Gabriel> G> ::walks the fuel line and its nozzle toward Malkem, dragging the hose behind him::
02[19:10] <@Mem> M> ::grins at Mikhel:: C'mon, it's just some questions. He jumped the gun a bit, but this doesn't have to be such a process.
01[19:11] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> ::spits chewing tobacco out onto the cracked desert turf.:: Y'boys stayin in these parts long?
03[19:11] <@Gabriel> G> ::holds the nozzle of the fuel line level with his right hip, just outside of hissidearm holster, nodding at Malkem:: Long as our find holds out. Who knows how long that'll be.
02[19:13] <@Delgado> M> ::gives the medication time to work before reaching into her bag and pulling out an old-style needle, then another, then another:: Let's start from the beginning. ::turns to face Henday, that smile still on her face as she sorts out the needles:: What is your name?
01[19:13] <@Savant> G> DArk shapes rise on the ridge, as if out of nowhere. The Badlanders don't notice it until the grey-black Hunters are leaned over the crown of the surrounding dunes and one of them is shouting over a loudspeaker:: Hands in the air! You in the gear! Out! Now!
03[19:13] <@Gabriel> G> ::drops the fuel nozzle and draws his sidearm, leveling it at Malkem's head:: Move and you're dead.
03[19:13] <@Roland> G> ::midway through the sentence belting out of the loudspeaker, Roland's arms are up and trained upon his targets with the machine pistols. He snaps his gum::
01[19:14] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::quite deliberately chews and spits out another brown wad of chewing tobacco::
[19:14] <@Caelin> <M>takes a look at the boxes first, taking note of the shipping labels before beginning his search of the cab::
01[19:15] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> You're the ones askin for me at work. You tell me. What's my name?
01[19:16] <@Savant> The Mad Dog raises its manipulators, but the hatch doesn't open.
01[19:16] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> Y'onna c'mon outta there like these nice boys asked ya, Tyler.
03[19:17] <@Gabriel> G> ::to Malkem, fiercely:: Better tell him to get out, or he's a dead man. I only need one of you. I'm serious.
02[19:17] <@Delgado> M> ::nods once then takes Henday's hand that's closest to her and raises it so he can see it. She then takes one of her needles and slowly slides it right underneath his fingernail on his pointer finger about an inch:: What is your name?
01[19:18] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::Chews belligerently, spits again. It's rather clear that the spit is more commentary.::
03[19:18] <@Birkin> G> ::places his hands on his pistols, waiting for the reaction of the Mad Dogg pilot::
01[19:19] <@Savant> G> The Gear splits open and the pilot climbs down. It's a young man, looking about as aggrivated as his old man.
02[19:19] <@Detro> M> ::is quiet, watching the affair with a mild bitterness -- as glib as he was, having to restort to these methods...::
03[19:20] <@Gabriel> G> ::to Birkin, indicating Tyler:: Get him. Line him up with this one.
01[19:20] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::His resolve quickly dissolves as his held breath melts into a gasping sort of a cry. Scildfreja grabs his wrist tight to keep him from pulling away.:: Hnnh! aggh, fuck! Henday! Mikhel Henday!
02[19:20] <@Mem> M> ::sighs and sits back into the passenger seat:: Let me know when you're ready to answer some questions.
03[19:21] <@Birkin> G> ::draws his pistols, pointing them at the young man getting down off of the Mad Dogg:: Come on. This way.
03[19:21] <@Roland> G> ::slowly begins transitioning towards the jeep that Malkem had driven out here in::
01[19:22] <@Savant> G> The two Badlanders line up side by side under the dawning sun. Three of the five Hunters rise and stalk down the dunes, securing the perimeter.
01[19:23] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::Mutters:: They always do this. They never just talk.
03[19:23] <@Roland> G> ::glances into the jeep's cabin through the window briefly to make there's nobody in it::
02[19:23] <@Delgado> M> Very good. ::keeps his hand up so he can watch as she slowly withdraws the needle. Answer a question wrong: Pain. Answer correctly: Stay intact. She hoped he got the message::
03[19:23] <@Gabriel> G> ::holsters his sidearm, takes out his two pairs of handcuffs, and hands them to Birkin:: You two are under arrest. Accessory to the murder of 30,214. Accessory to assault on 93,824. Conspiracy. Terrorism. Kidnapping. The whole gamut.
02[19:24] <@Mem> M> ::turns back to look at Mikhel again:: Ready this time? I told you, it's just some questions.
03[19:24] <@Gabriel> G> The lucky one of you -- the one that talks, and cuts a deal -- will probably just get beheaded. I pray to the PROPHET for the other.\
03[19:24] <@Roland> G> ::tilts his head slightly at the crate of mining explosives in the cabin::
02[19:24] <@Caelin> <M>::finds a what looks like a list of locations on his route plus a firearm, he takes them and returns to the SUV::
01[19:25] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::Juts his chin out:: Whut's this all 'bout then? Y'onta start talkin sense, y'daft northern rifle-jock?
03[19:25] <@Birkin> G> ::puts his guns int he holster and begins to handcuff the two men::
03[19:25] <@Gabriel> G> ::spits himself, expressing contempt for the human scum he has:: Conspiring with Earthers. I know us Northies are fair game, but what the FUCK!? ::starts ranting in Malkem's face::
03[19:26] <@Roland> G> ::opens the door to the jeep and climbs in, opening the explosives crate and rummaging around for a few sticks of explosive and a pair of detonators with a remote::
01[19:26] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Prophet, fine, what? Mahmoud.
02[19:26] <@Mem> M> Why'd you run?
03[19:26] <@Gabriel> G> ::screams in Malkem's face:: NEWTON, you PROPHET-cursed scum! We know HOW you were involved, EXACTLY how you were involved. Oh my yes, what the Southies are gonna do to you... ::draws it out::
03[19:27] <@Gabriel> G> And I'm gonna enjoy it, by Mamoud, I am. Sergent, get this scumbag out of my face.
01[19:27] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> ::doesn't seem at all offput by Gabriel's belligerence:: Y'don get outta my face and I'm gonna have ta take a swing, hear? Don't care *what* kinda nonsense y'talk 'bout.
01[19:28] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Cause I knew that if anyone came askin about the Lorentz run it'd be trouble. I mean, what the fuck?
02[19:28] <@Mem> M> So you knew what you had delivered?
03[19:29] <@Birkin> G> ::finishes putting the handcuffs on the two men, before grabbing them both by the collar and hauling them towards the tanker::
[19:29] <@Roland> ::walks back towards Malkem and the younger man -- he hands Birkin two sticks of the explosives and a pair of detonator receivers:: Rig these for me real quick.
02[19:29] <@Mem> M> Or knew who was asking you to deliver it. This is where you tell us everything about the run you made. From the start.
03[19:29] <@Birkin> G> ::motions at the two guys:: Take them away ::grabs the stick and the detonator:: You want a time?
03[19:30] <@Gabriel> G> ::to Roland, reading his intent:: We need one.
02[19:30] <@Caelin> <M>::climbs back into the SUV and hands the gun and keys to detro::not much in there, got his route list though ::glances back at henday briefly, frowning::
01[19:30] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Blackmail shit. I got asked to deliver some packages, sorta off books. I knew it wasn't legit, but I needed the money, hey?
03[19:30] <@Roland> G> No need. ::shakes the remote at Birkin, before looking over at Tynes:: Oh, no worries. He's got plenty in the truck.
02[19:30] <@Mem> M> Mmhmm. Cash?
01[19:31] <@Savant> G> The younger man is about to open his mouth, but a glare from the old man is enough to make him shut it again. The Gears sweep the area, and the Talons get a voice on their radios. "Secure. Nothing out here but us and gas."
01[19:32] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Yeah. Good cash.
03[19:32] <@Birkin> G> ::rigs up the two sticks and detonators easily then passes them back to Roland:: No sweat. ::grabs the two Badlanders and shoves them towards the tanker:: Come on boys. Some of my good friends back home are gonna have some fun with you two I tell you what ::laying on the natural accent he'd been learning how to supress all these years::
02[19:32] <@Mem> M> What'd he tell you about the job?
03[19:32] <@Gabriel> G> ::turns toward the Gears, touching his earpiece:: +com+ Acknowledged. Hold position for the moment. Who knows how many MORE Earthers and kidnappers these scum were refueling out here. Maybe we'll get lucky and some more of them will be along.
02[19:32] <@Delgado> M> ::without saying a word, she gives Henday's hand the faintest of squeezes to bring his attention back to it then slowly inserts the needle again, this time a bit farther::
01[19:34] <@Savant> G> Radio> These dumb dirt-eaters are Earthers? Sir, you say the word and they're smears.
02[19:35] <@Detro> M> ::looks at the gun Caelin gave him, then towards the interrogation:: Lemme know if you need something that'll make a bigger hole.
03[19:35] <@Gabriel> G> ::tells the Gears the same thing he told Roland:: +com+ Patience. We need one of them.
02[19:35] <@Detro> M> ::waves the gun menacingly::
03[19:35] <@Roland> G> Thanks mate. ::reads the two different detonation frequencies on the sticks and sets the remote detonator to one of them, then begins tossing them back and forth between his hands without paying attention to which is which::
01[19:35] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> nnnaaAAGH! Fuck! What? WHAT?
02[19:36] <@Delgado> M> ::smiles cutely at Henday:: Try answering the question again.
02[19:36] <@Mem> M> What'd he tell you about the job? You knew it was more than just shady. You ran like someone who knew he was involved in something pretty bad.
03[19:36] <@Roland> G> ::walks over to the younger man and flips up his front shirt pocket, dropping the stick of mining explosives into it and closing it back up before giving him a smile and patting him on the cheek::
01[19:37] <@Savant> G> One of the Night Hunters revs its engine into a threatening growl, leering at the two badlanders. Gabriel toys with explosives right above a large gas tank. The young man has gone ashen pale under his badlanders tan, but the old man's as leathery and ornery as before.
01[19:38] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> He didn't say much, just that it was best no one knew about it. Fucking snakes!
03[19:38] <@Roland> G> ::repeats the process with Malkem::
02[19:38] <@Mem> M> Where'd you meet him?
02[19:38] <@Detro> M> ::pauses::
[19:38] <@Caelin> ::glances at mem:: maybe he knows what happened to the kids mother?
02[19:39] <@Delgado> M> ::leaves the needle in for now as the questioning continues. She didn't hear anything she liked yet::
01[19:39] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> A bar, it was a bar! fuck, get this thing out of me!
03[19:39] <@Gabriel> G> ::turns back to the prisoners:: Now then, introductions. My name is Mikhail Vandenberg, Westphalia Cabinet Planetary Security. You are, as I mentioned, under arrest as conspirators who directly assisted the destruction of Newton, and further conspiracy with Earth regarding the kidnapping of the children of high-level Terranovan personnel.
02[19:40] <@Mem> M> Which bar? Full disclosure, my friend.
02[19:40] <@Detro> M> ::casually turns around... he can't help but wonder if it's either a cover up... or if someone was truly stupid enough in the Dominion to do this...::
02[19:40] <@Mem> M> You were right to be afraid. You took the wrong job.
03[19:41] <@Gabriel> G> However, do not regard the pleasant position of being "under arrest" fool you into thinking you have rights. You have none. My job is to extract what you know about this Earth conspiracy, and SINCE you decided that civilians and children were acceptable military targets, I am going to ENJOY going about it.
01[19:41] <@Savant> 3Tyler Ord> What? What? We don't have nothin to do with that down there! Tell'em, gramp, we ain't done -:: Stopped by a withering glare from Malkem::
02[19:41] <@Delgado> M> ::backs the needle out about halfway, still leaving it in. A little progress for a little progress::
02[19:41] <@Marshall> M> ::still listening, still holding a knife, still quite agitated by Henday::
[19:41] <@Roland> ::shakes the detonator:: I don't know which one this is set to, by the way.
01[19:42] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> Don'bother lad. These Polar goons don't give a shit what you say.
03[19:42] <@Gabriel> G> ::pulls out the ID card and holds it 4" in front of the face of Tyler for 10 seconds, then Malkem for 10 seconds:: It doesn't matter.
03[19:42] <@Gabriel> G> ::to Tyler:: Sounds like your boss here knows EXACTLY what he's been doing.
03[19:42] <@Birkin> G> And it sounds like he's just out to get you killed. Maybe you do know something that he doesn't want us to know.
01[19:43] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Last Place. Down on Saguaro Row. It's pretty quiet.
02[19:43] <@Mem> M> How'd he find you? Do you have a reputation of running shady deals?
01[19:44] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> Tyler Ord> Gramp, no! We ain't done nothin *wrong* here! They're norlights, they're crazy! They'll do it!
02[19:45] <@Detro> M> ::*No, there's no way they'd pull an op like this. Has to be Earthers. Has to.* His attention returns to the interrogation::
01[19:45] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> ::His voice raised a little more:: Son, I been dealin with polar pukes like this since the Judas syndrome, an IF they's one thing that's true, it's that only mad dawgs and norlights go out inna midday sun. Ain't no reasonin with'em. They believe what they *want*.
03[19:45] <@Gabriel> G> ::slows down his pace somewhat:: We know for a fact that these children have been right where you're standing. We know for a fact that some of these children, and their parents, are held hostage. Others, murdered. You're part of that. The mission to destroy Newton. Refueled right here we're we're STANDING.
[19:45] <@Gabriel> You're part of THAT, too.
03[19:45] <@Gabriel> G> ::puts the card away:: And you KNOW it, too... because you weren't surprised that you were missing fuel.
01[19:46] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> How'd he find me? Fuck, I don't know. Guy's a fucking shadow. I coudln't find nothing out on him if I wanted to, and I know better than to.
02[19:46] <@Mem> M> So when did you first hear about the job? C'mon, you know what I'm after here.
01[19:46] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> T'aint a crime t'sell gas. I don' ask no questions. Y'live longer that way.
02[19:46] <@Mem> M> Point of contact. Before you meet him at the bar, how does he find you to do the job?
03[19:46] <@Gabriel> G> Wanna bet?
02[19:47] <@Delgado> M> ::pulls the needle out all the way after the last answer::
01[19:47] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Prophet, I just told you, I DON'T KNOW!
02[19:47] <@Mem> M> Then who told you to meet at the bar?
01[19:47] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> No one did; I was there, he came up to me. He already knew who I was.
03[19:48] <@Birkin> G> Aiding an enemy in a time of war? Funny. I think that is against the law.
02[19:48] <@Mem> M> ... ::looks at the others:: Is this how the real world works? Guy walks up to me in the bar and knows everything about me, and I do what he wants?
01[19:48] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::Spits again:: Yeah, leave it to a Norlight t'make sellin gas a crime.
02[19:48] <@Caelin> <M>::sighs a bit::where did you pick up the letters to lorentz?
02[19:48] <@Detro> M> Only if she's good looking.
03[19:49] <@Gabriel> G> This is how Badlanders think, Sergent. Anything farther away than a rock they can throw is an enemy. ::pulls out a picture of Lorentz's kids and holds it up in front of Tyler's face::
01[19:49] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> He dropped'em off at my house.
03[19:49] <@Gabriel> G> ::to Tyler:: Only the most recent victims flown through on YOUR gas, Tyler.
02[19:49] <@Mem> M> ::sighs:: This sounds like bullshit to me.
02[19:49] <@Mem> M> ::waves Delgado off::
02[19:50] <@Mem> M> Date and time of the bar meeting. Quickly.
01[19:50] <@Savant> Tyler Ord> ::looks at the photos, then at his grandfather:: Did we get these kids hurt, gramp? Oh prophet, mister, we ain't mean no one any harm out here, we don't want no trouble.
02[19:51] <@Delgado> M> ::actually pouts as she drops Henday's hand onto his lap at Mem's request::
01[19:52] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::sweats over the question a moment before replying:: About five weeks ago. It was the evening, he came over early evening.
03[19:52] <@Gabriel> G> ::still holding the picture in front of Tyler's face:: PAULIE and SARAH Winchester. Hostages. By Earthers. Their mother? MURDERED! By Earthers. To make a point to their father. Your gas. Your responsibility. Your soul.
03[19:52] <@Roland> G> ::shakes the remote again:: Your explosives too.
03[19:52] <@Gabriel> G> That's just two. Want to see more? I HAVE THEM. WANT TO SEE THEM?!
02[19:52] <@Mem> M> ::stares at Mikhel:: Really? ::points at Mikhel's hand:: That your final answer?
02[19:53] <@Caelin> <M>::thinks a moment then looks at henday::do you know if there are more letters?
01[19:53] <@Savant> 3Tyler Ord> We ain't never mean'em no harm; we don'ask people where they're comin from or where they're goin when they show up, we just give'm their gas and wish'em well. Y'don't ask things like that out here, it's just not done.
03[19:53] <@Birkin> G> Don't make him show you the pictures of the mother. He gets even more mad when he has to look at those.
01[19:54] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Yeah, fuck! You guys like torturing people as a hobby?
02[19:54] <@Mem> M> No, just her. I like people to answer questions.
03[19:54] <@Gabriel> G> Tell that to Paule. Tell that to Sarah. TELL THAT TO NEWTON. ::holds the picture in Malkem's face::
02[19:55] <@Mem> M> Don't go anywhere. ::looks at Marshall and gets out of the car::
01[19:55] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> I don't know, He doesnt' tell me when he's gonna show up or what he's gonna have me do.
03[19:55] <@Gabriel> G> ::to Malkem:: PAULE and SARAH. Just two of your victims. Paule. Sarah.
[19:55] <@Mem> ::and Detro, too, gestures for them to get out::
02[19:55] <@Detro> M> How about you tell us what he looks like then.
01[19:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::remains, glowering at their captive::
02[19:56] <@Detro> M> ::waits for the answer before getting out::
02[19:57] <@Delgado> M> ::leans against Henday and gently strokes the back of his head as she whispers in his ear, sound like a caring lover:: I know you haven't told us everything you know. You do want to tell me everything... ::reaches out and touches his hand, caressing it then gently squeezing the finger she was torturing:: ... don't you?
01[19:57] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Sorta tall, brown hair. Looks kinda.. plain. Like anyone you'd meet on the street.
02[19:57] <@Marshall> M> ::smirks at Henday:: You're in trouble now. ::hops out::
01[19:57] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::shudders:: nnaAAGHH! Nhh! fuck!
02[19:58] <@Detro> M> ::grunts, gets out::
02[19:58] <@Mem> M> ::to Detro and Marshall, after they all shut the doors again and move to the back of the car:: OK, so if we let this guy go, we can track every single fucking step he takes, right?
03[19:58] <@Gabriel> G> ::toward Malkem:: This one ain't gonna talk. Sergent, he goes South with you. Tell the Commandant this is a first down payment for Newton. Tell 'em to have fun.
02[19:58] <@Marshall> M> Yeah. I'd say we can do that easy 'nuff.
01[19:58] <@Savant> G> The two badlanders seem appropriately pliant now - even Malkem, who sin't the most talkative or evocative of sorts.
02[19:58] <@Mem> M> Or we can keep him. But if we let him go, I get the feeling he's going to contact our man, or do something else retarded.
02[19:59] <@Mem> M> What do you think?
03[19:59] <@Gabriel> G> The other one comes with us. He might see reason. Take their jeep 14 klicks back toward the settlement and blow it up. I'll arrange to have this depot and the rest of the settlement glassed.
02[19:59] <@Detro> M> You honestly think this guy knows how to get in touch with his controller?
02[20:00] <@Mem> M> ::shrugs:: I wouldn't say it's impossible. Do we gain more by keeping him or letting him loose?
02[20:00] <@Delgado> M> ::giggles softly in his ear then gives it a playful nip before lowering her head to nuzzle at his neck, enjoying the moment:: Fuck is not an answer. I promise, I'll leave you alone if you tell me everything.
01[20:00] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> They showed up, they asked for gas, they said they'd be by later fer s'more, and paid good money. We gave'm a code for what they bought and let'em be. If y'gonna Rahnguard us fer that, then yer the one goin ta hell, not me.
02[20:01] <@Marshall> M> Bout the same, I'd say. He's not talking to us right now, but like you said, we let'm go and he'll do somethin' stupid.
02[20:01] <@Detro> M> He said the last letters were five weeks ago. ::frowns:: Either means there might be a drop coming up... or that no more drops are needed.
02[20:01] <@Detro> M> Not to mention we're on something of a timeline to get this resolved, right?
03[20:01] <@Gabriel> G> ::starts to turn away, then turns back:: You haven't figured out the stakes yet? You Badlanders ARE stupid. This is war... planetary war. You gave 'em gas to bomb Newton because we and ours gave Earth a black eye on Caprice. Rahnguard was a tragedy. What's gonna be done to you is justice. Justice for Paule. Justice for Sarah. Justice for Newton.
03[20:02] <@Gabriel> G> You're either on Terra Nova's side, or Earth's. You picked your side. Earther.
02[20:02] <@Mem> M> My inclination is to let him go and we see if Scil can track him. Bug everything of his.
01[20:02] <@Savant> 3Tyler Ord> Hey, hey! Y'can't just do that! We ain't done nothin WRONG here. Y'cxan't expect us t'start askin every person what comes to our door their life story, people don't stand for it!
01[20:02] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::lets out a long breath:: ... prophet...
02[20:04] <@Caelin> <M>::grabs the PDA marshall left in the SUV and brings up the video from the murder scene, pausing it on the man responsible:: recognize this man?
02[20:04] <@Mem> M> If there's nothing left to do with him, we know where he is and we can pick him up when we've got what we want.
02[20:04] <@Marshall> M> Hell. Bugs are easy enough. We can bug his phones, his car. His house. Even him.
02[20:04] <@Mem> M> But if there is something more for him to do... then letting him go lets us see this.
01[20:05] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Ngh. Just ask. I'm tryin to be co-operative here.
03[20:05] <@Gabriel> G> ::to Tyler:: Planetary war. Those that won't stand with Terra Nova are Earthers. I learned that from Peace River and Lyonesse. Newton was the graduate course.
01[20:05] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::blinks at Caelin:: Yeah, that's him.
02[20:05] <@Detro> M> Provided he does anything. ::Shrugs::
03[20:06] <@Roland> G> I think you're wasting your time, Mikhael. These guys seem to be talking a lot without actually saying anything. Useful, anyways. ::inspects the detonator remote::
01[20:06] <@Savant> 3Tyler Ord> ::sets his jaw:: Well, if yer gonna kill us fer that, then ye'll kill us fer anything. Gramps' right.
02[20:06] <@Delgado> M> ::continues to nuzzle his neck, breathing her answer against his skin:: Is there a way to contact him?
02[20:07] <@Mem> M> OK. Let's get his vehicle cleaned up, we'll set up some bugs.
02[20:07] <@Marshall> M> ::nods::
01[20:07] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::Doesn't seem to recognize Caelin as being present anymore:: He just shows up. He said if I got in trouble, there was a safehouse I could go to. A warehouse outside of the city.
02[20:08] <@Mem> M> ::gets back in the car and listens::
02[20:08] <@Delgado> M> And where is this warehouse?
01[20:08] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::Raises an eyebrow at Delgado's interrogation techniques::
03[20:08] <@Gabriel> G> You just don't. Get it. You've already said you'll do anything for money, and don't care who it hurts.
01[20:09] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Mmabout fifteen minutes past city limits on Zhil.
02[20:10] <@Delgado> M> How does he let you know you're needed for a dropoff?
01[20:10] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> Yeah, an so'll any badlander y'talk to. Y'dont ask questions. Just ain't done.
01[20:10] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::glances dubiously at Caelin::
03[20:10] <@Gabriel> G> That makes you just as bad as your city-murdering, child-snatching Earther buddy in my book. Worse, because he's at least doing it for a cause. You just want liths.
02[20:11] <@Detro> M> ::waits out in the snow for a bit, letting out a foggy breath before he gets back in::
01[20:11] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> He doesn't, he just.. shows up.
02[20:11] <@Marshall> M> ::gets back into the car::
02[20:12] <@Caelin> <M>::glances back at scildfreja with the same look::
01[20:12] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::crosses his arms:: Y'done flappin yer jaw bout justice an'holy righteousness? Y'gonna ask us some questions on these earthers or y'gonna blow us up? Sun's comin up.
02[20:12] <@Mem> M> ::looks at Delgado:: A word.
[20:13] <@Roland> ...Yes?
02[20:13] <@Mem> M> ::looks at Mikhel:: Before that, though. How many jobs have you done for this guy, anyway?
01[20:14] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::He's too engrossed in Delgado's current interrogation technique to notice Mem's question::
02[20:15] <@Delgado> M> ::looks at Mem and smirks briefly before turning back to Henday and whispering against his ear again, her lips brushing against his lobe as her fingers lightly tickle the back of his neck:: Are your jobs for him scheduled or does he show up spontaneously?
02[20:16] <@Detro> M> ::keeps his eyes front, listening only::
01[20:16] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::He looks up at the ceiling:: He just drops off the packages. That's it. No schedule.
01[20:16] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::Murmurs:: Well, this is no fun.
02[20:16] <@Delgado> M> How many jobs have you done so far?
03[20:17] <@Gabriel> G> ::considers the prisoners for a few minutes, frowning::
01[20:19] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Just - just three. No, four, that second one. A pickup, from Lorentz. I left it in the alley behond Last Place.
02[20:19] <@Mem> M> ::blinks and looks at Detro::
02[20:20] <@Detro> M> ::looks at the map::
02[20:20] <@Delgado> M> ::glances over at Mem to see if he wants anything else::
02[20:20] <@Mem> M> ::looks at Delgado, mouthing "from?"
02[20:21] <@Caelin> <M>::raises an eyebrow at that response::
02[20:21] <@Delgado> M> ::turns back to Henday, her fingers still working his neck:: A pickup from where?
03[20:22] <@Gabriel> G> ::after a long pause, digs out the picture of the arrogant Earther and holds it in front of Tyler's, then Malkem's faces:: How many cities do the Earthers have to blow up before you start to care? How many children do they have to kidnap and hold for ransom so their parents will betray their planet? And you do it for money.
01[20:25] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> From Northco, from Lorentz.
02[20:26] <@Mem> M> ::gestures with his hands, how big of a package?::
[20:26] <@Caelin> <M>any idea what was in it?
02[20:26] <@Delgado> M> Do you know what it could have been? How big was it?
01[20:27] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::crosses his arms and spts:: 'Course we care. You ain't never lived through the Earther war out here, son, not so close to the Port. I hate them purple-lovin sons'a'bitches more'n you ever could. But they's a rule out here. When a man shows at yer door and needs water, or gas, or whatever, y'don't ask him 'bout it.
03[20:27] <@Gabriel> G> This one ain't a man. He's the new breed of purple.
03[20:27] <@Gabriel> G> They look like us now. Except for the eyes.
01[20:27] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Just an envelope, just a letter.
03[20:28] <@Birkin> G> Welcome to the new war old man.
02[20:28] <@Mem> M> ::smirks and reaches back and slaps Mikhel on the knee hard:: See? This kid just needs to get laid. Then maybe he wouldn't need to be the shady dealer.
01[20:29] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> G> ::Gabriel doesn't see much of a change. But the old man's jaw sets in distaste and he spits again:: You sayin' they makin their vatheads like *people* now?
03[20:29] <@Gabriel> G> Yes. You sold gas to one of them.
01[20:29] <@Savant> 3Tyler Ord> G> That guy was a GREL?
03[20:29] <@Gabriel> G> Maybe more. But this one, we know is a purple.
01[20:29] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> G> Shaddap, son.
02[20:30] <@Delgado> M> ::laughs softly at Mem as she grabs Henday's hand she was hurting and raises to her lips, giving his hurt finger a kiss:: Is that all?
01[20:30] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> G> Well, y'got my word if I sees him again, I'll call you up right quick, and if you're quick it might even be you that puts the bullet in his skull instead'a me.
01[20:30] <@Savant> ((woops!))
01[20:31] <@Savant> ((The last two Mikhel actions are in fact Malkem actions))
[20:32] <@Gabriel> <<The last two? Or the last three? Wink>>
01[20:32] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::looks briefly terrified as Delgado grabs his hand, but relaxes after the brief second passes:: Yeah, yeah.
01[20:32] <@Savant> ((make that three, gosh darn it))
02[20:33] <@Delgado> M> ::glances at Mem for anything else as she continues to 'play' with Henday's finger with her lips::
02[20:33] <@Mem> M> ::gestures that Delgado should step out a moment::
02[20:33] <@Mem> M> ::gets out of the car::
02[20:35] <@Delgado> M> ::gives Henday a quick kiss on the neck before pulling away:: I'll be right back. Be good. ::slips out of the car and faces Mem:: Yes?
02[20:36] <@Mem> M> Blood sample. Call me paranoid, but anyone could be a sledge. Second, can you plant a tracker on him somewhere?
02[20:37] <@Delgado> M> Depending on the size, sure. Have to knock him out first, but that won't be a problem.
03[20:38] <@Gabriel> G> ::puts his hands together and holds them to his face:: You assume I'm going to let you go. That's a damned big assumption. You're still a party to murder, conspiracy, and kidnapping.
02[20:38] <@Delgado> M> Also, I still think he's not telling us everything, but I can't think of anything else to ask him.
03[20:38] <@Gabriel> G> I don't even know yet how many hostages and terror teams they've refueled here. That's how big it is.
02[20:39] <@Mem> M> ::nods:: I think we're going to let him go, see if he resumes his business.
02[20:39] <@Mem> M> Keep some eyes and ears on him at all times, see if we can catch this guy. I assume he'll know we've caught up with Mikhel here, though.
01[20:39] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::grunts:: S'yer right. As the man with the gun. If y'want the record of who's come to to buy, we got it. Got their pictures, got the other things on'em. Don't get many planes here.
02[20:39] <@Delgado> M> ::nods once:: I think so. I also think that warehouse 'safehouse' is one big death trap.
01[20:40] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::Glares at Henday::
02[20:41] <@Mem> M> ::nods:: Worth checking out, though. We've got a lot of bases to cover now.
01[20:41] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> I'm not as friendly as she is. ::flicks the trigger of her baton. The head of the thing sparks once::
02[20:41] <@Mem> M> All right. Do what you need to do with him, and we'll deposit him back at his work in his truck, after a little snooze.
01[20:42] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::blanches and goes quite still::
02[20:42] <@Caelin> <M>::turns to face the wheel grinning at scildfreja's comment::
03[20:43] <@Gabriel> G> You've had at least one. We've got it on the satellite. Paule and Sarah were on it, along with their kidnappers. Sagauro hopper, a Savannah Longrunner.
01[20:43] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::turns off her sparker as the others enter again::
02[20:43] <@Detro> M> ::can't help but smirk:: Talk about the carrot and the stick.
02[20:43] <@Delgado> M> Alright. ::heads back into the SUV and sits next to Henday again as she pulls her mediglove on:: I want to thank you for talking to us. ::smiles playfully at him:: So much better than the alternative, don't you think?
02[20:44] <@Mem> M> ::gets back in the car and grins at Mikhel:: Thank you for your service to Terranova.
01[20:44] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::grunts, a sour look on his face::
03[20:44] * Fras ( has joined #bt05
02[20:44] <@Marshall> M> ::looks at Mem, mouthing "Now, can I hit him?"
[20:44] <@Marshall> ::
01[20:45] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> [as] Did he just call me a stick?
02[20:45] <@Mem> M> ::looks at Marshall:: Not yet. ::pulls out his cell phone to arrange for the next phase of their plan::
02[20:45] * @Roland ( Quit (Write Error: Broken pipe)
01[20:45] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> Aheh, yeah, yeah...
03[20:45] * Savant sets mode: +o Fras
03[20:46] * Fras is now known as Roland
02[20:46] <@Delgado> M> ::quickly places a sedative into her glove before grabbing Henday by the chin with her free hand and pulls his head around, laying a strong kiss on him. At the same time she places the glove against his neck, knocking him out. The last thing he'd remember when he woke up is a happy moment::
01[20:46] <@Savant> 3Mikhel Henday> M> ::Collapses quite happily::
02[20:47] <@Marshall> M> ::grabs a tracer and a bug out of his bag, handing them to Delgado::
01[20:47] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> M> ::presses her lips together and puts her weapons away::
02[20:47] <@Mem> M> ::while on hold:: OK. Break out everything. Clean up his truck, double check those packages. We'll even have to come up with some way to maybe make a delivery on behalf of Lorentz.
02[20:47] <@Mem> M> We've got a little bit more of the puzzle.
02[20:48] <@Detro> M> And he's got a lot of 'splaining to do to his boss.
03[20:49] <@Gabriel> G> Nothing else? Just a grunt? Let's go see these records of yours. I'd at least like to know if the pilot was another purple.
02[20:49] <@Delgado> M> ::once he's out she starts rifling through her bag, collecting the tools she needs before taking the tracer and bug:: Thanks. ::starts to push him over but it's hard in the SUV:: Someone help me expose his butt.
02[20:49] <@Marshall> M>> ::gawks, but helps Delgado pull down his trousers and underpants::
01[20:50] <@Savant> 3Malkem Ord> G> ::shrugs once:: Ain't got nothin more to say. You knows the story now.
02[20:51] <@Delgado> M> ::mutters a thanks as she gets him 'into position' then sighs again as she tries to hold the trace and the scalpel and Henday:: Someone keep his cheeks spread.
02[20:52] <@Marshall> M> Not it.
01[20:52] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[20:52] <@Savant> That's the best ending line ever.
[20:53] <@Marshall> Woo! I got one! Wink
[20:53] <@Caelin> lol
02[20:53] <@Detro> M> Give the man a ceee-gar.
[20:53] <@Gabriel> Are you really inserting a tracer up this guy's butt? That's just wrong. Wink
[20:53] <@Detro> Austin Powers II.
[20:54] <@Roland> ::grins::
[20:54] <@Delgado> Hey, it's a nice fleshy spot that hides stuff well. Wink
01[20:54] <@Savant> well done everyone! Two, two, two interrogations!
[20:54] <@Roland> Won't he feel it when he sits down? Wink
[20:54] <@Delgado> Nope.
01[20:54] <@Savant> any questions?
[20:54] <@Delgado> Because his butt his cushiony. =D
[20:55] <@Gabriel> No. I am too depressed for Terra Nova to ask questions at this time.
06[20:55] * @Delgado snickers
01[20:55] <@Savant> aw.
[20:55] <@Birkin> We are kinda boned here aren't we?
[20:55] <@Gabriel> I totally get the chick that betrayed TN for principles. She rocked. She was a hard-core scary bitch and Gabriel did TN a favor by putting her down, but she rocked all the same.
[20:55] <@Gabriel> This guy just makes me sad for the planet.
01[20:55] <@Savant> badlanders are the quintessential westerners. In the hard areas like the Barrington Basin, people don't ask questions.
01[20:56] <@Savant> Heh, she was great. Micheline Benawir.
[20:56] <@Gabriel> Yeah, that was her.
[20:56] <@Gabriel> Put this guy next to her in the rogue's gallery of all-time great NPCs. Wink
01[20:56] <@Savant> modeled after a friend of mine. She would kick you ass Wink
01[20:56] <@Savant> heh heh
01[20:57] <@Savant> anyways! Expees?
[20:57] <@Delgado> Expeeeeeez
[20:57] <@Detro> plz
01[20:57] <@Savant> one is for teamwork. Tell me how you operated as a team
[20:57] <@Delgado> Interrogatioooon.
[20:57] <@Roland> Ass surgery
[20:57] <@Detro> Delgado discarded her standards for the team.
[20:58] <@Delgado> lol
01[20:58] <@Savant> yes, you interrogated some dudes Wink
01[20:58] <@Savant> heh heh
[20:58] <@Mem> Lies.
[20:58] <@Birkin> I made a bomb
[20:58] <@Caelin> delgado had standards?
[20:58] <@Mem> That was not a faade.
[20:58] <@Mem> *facade
[20:58] <@Mem> Delgado is really like that
[20:58] <@Mem> Wink
06[20:58] * @Delgado grins
[20:58] <@Mem> Worse than Roland, because she has boobs.
[20:58] <@Delgado> Badlanders get it done right the first time.
06[20:58] * @Delgado nods
[20:59] <@Gabriel> Roland and Gabriel are still a one-two punch of doom when they work some guy over together. Birkin needed to join in the fun a bit more. Wink
[20:59] <@Marshall> Boobs without standards is a bad combo =)
01[20:59] <@Savant> yeah, I agree. Birkin and Roland need to work together more. They are the Doom of Men.
[20:59] <@Gabriel> 'cept instead of past good-cop-bad-cop, this was bad-cop-worse-cop. Gabriel doesn't like people who screw over kids.
[21:00] <@Marshall> Marshall wants in on the apocalypse mongering.
01[21:00] <@Savant> one for the money. Two is for storyline. tell me what you learned about the storyline and why it's important.
[21:01] <@Delgado> We have another potential lead but I think it's just a big death trap. I bet once you step into that warehouse it blows up.
[21:01] <@Roland> Dark Knight style
06[21:02] * @Marshall volunteers a Danson to investigate the inside Wink
[21:02] <@Gabriel> Even today, there are Badlanders that just don't care. They get slightly bothered if they sell the planet directly out to GREL, but anything else, they take the money and shrug, even today. This is -- far and away -- TN's greatest weakness in this war. The fact that Earth can land and have any number of people who will help them 'cause they've got no better options.
[21:02] <@Detro> <Lys> Hey! <Farrell> Danson, not Dosem you little brat.
01[21:02] <@Savant> what fun would it be fore him if you're dead?
[21:02] <@Detro> He would have fun attending our funerals
01[21:03] <@Savant> the problem wasn't that the badlanders knew they were earthers but wanted their money anyways. They just didn't ask who they were or where they were from. And yes, it's a horrible weakness, but it's a big part of badlander culture.
[21:03] <@Detro> 5 weeks since the last dropoff. Yeah, those kids are goners.
01[21:03] <@Savant> Detro, five weeks since he started making dropoffs.
[21:03] <@Detro> ah
[21:04] <@Detro> ::uncomfortable silence::
01[21:05] <@Savant> anyways, anything else?
[21:05] <@Marshall> We know the earther is sending stuff to Lorentz, and Lorentz is sending stuff back.
01[21:05] <@Savant> that's one for the money and two for the show. Three will be yours if you can tell me what you like about this campaign's NPCs.
[21:05] <@Roland> I want to kill them all.
[21:06] <@Roland> Except our mole-lady. She was cool.
[21:06] <@Delgado> Men are so easily taken advantage of. =D
01[21:06] <@Savant> Shar is still a resource. You can contact her and have her do things for you.
[21:06] <@Detro> ::cough::
01[21:06] <@Savant> This guy was, Delgado. He wasn't expecting that sort of an interrogation Wink
[21:06] <@Gabriel> Malkem is a great NPC because he has believable motivations and he follows them, even if they don't serve his own best interests. Just like people.
[21:06] <@Marshall> ::coughcough::
[21:07] <@Detro> Wouldn't have worked on Detro. You *did* notice he was keeping his eyes front once you started getting all touchy-feely, right? Wink
01[21:07] <@Savant> I really like Malkem. He's a grizzled old cowboy who hates everyone what dun come from his turf.
[21:07] <@Detro> I like the spy we're hunting.
[21:07] <@Delgado> "D'ey took 'er jeywbs!"
[21:08] <@Caelin> this sledge is turning out to be more elusive that previous
[21:08] <@Detro> Not his "art", mind you, but his attitude
[21:08] <@Caelin> previous villains that is
[21:08] <@Marshall> Yeah. The spy is awesome. Badass and cavalier.
01[21:08] <@Savant> Our villain is great Smile
01[21:08] <@Savant> any other comments on the npcs?
[21:09] <@Marshall> It'll make killing him and pulling out his entrails all the more entertaining =)
[21:09] <@Caelin> it's obvious he prefers to do alot of his work himself
[21:09] <@Detro> Killing him?
[21:09] <@Detro> Nah.
01[21:09] <@Savant> you make interesting assumptions, Marshall Wink
[21:09] <@Marshall> And he's pretty good a tying up loose ends.
[21:09] <@Detro> He'll be like Murdoch on MacGyver Wink
[21:09] <@Delgado> And yet he has a knack for finding willing disenchanted people for his stuff.
[21:10] <@Caelin> you mean disenfranchised right?
01[21:10] <@Savant> that's three points. Well done everyone!
01[21:10] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:39] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:39] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:39] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
[18:40] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:40] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:40] <@Delgado> ::attn::
[18:40] <@Mem> attn
01[18:40] <@Savant> everyone have maptool rollin? Also, the microwave was running for the past ten minutes. So it's a hopeful sign.
[18:40] <@Scotty> ::attn::
[18:40] <@Detro> So we do need the Maptool tonight then?
[18:41] <@Detro> It'll be a few. ::boots laptop::
01[18:41] <@Savant> I have no idea if you need it or not. However, it is getting up to the time when it wil be needed, so I thought it best to get it out of the way now.
[18:42] <@Scotty> hmm i wonder if you can load maptool onto you wacom tablet and be able to draw stuff on the fly?Smile
01[18:42] <@Savant> i can Smile
[18:42] <@Marshall> hax
[18:42] <@Scotty> oooh nice
01[18:42] <@Savant> do we want to give Fraser and Prescot a few minutes more? Maybe you should be telling me what it is that you're doing while we do that.
01[18:42] <@Savant> oop, door, brb
[18:43] <@Detro> What version?
[18:43] <@Marshall> 1.3b30
[18:43] <@Scotty> 1.3b30
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[18:44] <@Detro> Ah. Right. The one of six versions I don't have on this thing.
01[18:46] <@Savant> there we are. sorry for the delay, guys
01[18:46] <@Savant> have a briefing.
01[18:46] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:46] <@Savant> 4 Winter TN1946, 0700h - morning
01[18:46] <@Savant> Rapid City area, UMF / The Barrington Basin
01[18:46] <@Savant> -18C, Overcast, Light Snow / +12, Clear skies
01[18:46] <@Savant> The hardest part is knowing when to quit. You've been warned by your target that his operation is a trap designed to ensnare you. Is he being honest? Should you be worried about bombs at every corner?
01[18:46] <@Savant> You have a few leads now - Gabriel and his little community of Badlander dupes in the Barrington Basin, Mem with his courier dupe and the address of an abandoned warehouse-turned-safehouse. There's more work to do, but it's clear that your target is very careful about the evidence he leaves behind.
01[18:46] <@Savant> Lorentz himself seems to have almost faded into the background at this point. His children, and the connections that lead to him, seem more paramount. The question remains - is this what *he* wants you to think?
01[18:46] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:47] <@Detro> ack
[18:47] <@Delgado> ack
01[18:47] <@Savant> questions?
[18:47] <@Marshall> ack
[18:48] <@Caelin> ack
01[18:50] <@Savant> we must have people off elsewhere right now Wink
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01[18:50] <@Savant> welcome back.
03[18:50] * Savant sets mode: +oo Itz Itzpapalot
[18:50] <@Itz> Thanks
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01[18:51] <@Savant> no questions? I'm waiting for Jester and Mem here.
[18:52] <@Jester> I'm gonna obs until at least one of my team shows up. Wink That'll let you concentrate on the other team.
02[18:52] * @Itz|Away ( Quit (Ping timeout)
01[18:52] <@Savant> awright. Mem.. sorta needs to be here Wink
[18:52] <@Detro> Why, he sleeping with the enemy again? Wink
01[18:52] <@Savant> unless someone else wants to fill his shoes.
01[18:52] <@Savant> that can be arranged
06[18:53] * @Delgado grumbles
[18:53] <@Marshall> Detro is the next highest ranking Wink
[18:53] <@Mem> I'm here
01[18:53] <@Savant> did you read the briefing?
[18:53] <@Mem> ac
01[18:53] <@Savant> any questions?
[18:54] <@Mem> nope
01[18:54] <@Savant> are we running with the assumption that you are going to be checking out the warehouse in the morning?
[18:55] <@Marshall> Wink
[18:55] <@Mem> Yeah, but
[18:55] <@Mem> Probably want to do the clone stuff
[18:55] <@Mem> drone even
01[18:56] <@Savant> we will pick the game up after the Sleca has finished its sweep.
01[18:56] <@Savant> good enough?
[18:57] <@Mem> sounds good
01[18:57] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:57] <@Savant>  The sun has not yet risen, and the snow is still falling. It's now laid a thick white blanket, and out here outside of the city limits there's little trace of life. Some tracks in the snow, a dusting of fallen dry leaves piled up beside the only building - a squat warehouse, with a single road leading up to it.
01[18:57] <@Savant> It's not condemned, but for sale - too far from Rapid City to be a worthwhile location. That's made it a great location for a temporary safehouse, but perhaps a little too obvious to be often used. The Utopians have gotten their drones air-freighted in to investigate the place, in case it *is* a trap.
01[18:59] <@Savant> Sleca is a ghost- almost. The drone proves to be as stealthy in the wilds of Terranova as it is in the steel jungle of Gomorrah, but it can't help but leave big three-toed footprints everywhere it goes.
[18:59] <@Marshall> ::Pops a magazine into the Cunningham-21 and pulls back the bolt, looking around::
[19:00] <@Mem> ::grumbles and looks at the time::
[19:00] <@Detro> ::shivers a bit::
01[19:00] <@Savant> The rest of the Black Talons and their allies loiter around their rented SUV, which is lifting up puffs of steam as it idles.
[19:01] <@Mem> ::looks at Caelin:: Got anything?
[19:02] <@Delgado> ::rubs her arms briskly as she mutters darkly about frozen water, hypothermia, and toeprints::
[19:02] <@Detro> ::has taken a turn at the wheel so Caelin can focus on the drones::
01[19:03] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ Lead Armigers. Identifying. One heat source. 30 degrees. Nineteen degrees from zero, seventy three meters. Maintaining banners.
[19:03] <@Mem> ::looks towards where the heat source might be::
[19:04] <@Mem> What's the position of our courier friend? He didn't come here first, did he?
[19:04] <@Detro> ::scans the frigid world outside the car, snorting:: All the stealth in the world, and it still leaves tracks.
01[19:05] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Has disappeared into the trees, encircling the building perimeter::
[19:05] <@Marshall> ::looks at his PDA, which displayed Henday's position, both currently and a record::
[19:05] <@Caelin> ::checks his pistol and mace, feeling a bit more...whole, though would be better if he was in armiger, he glances at mem, frowning a bit at sleca's report::i would have felt better if there was no one in there
[19:07] <@Delgado> ::licks her lips then curses as the mindless gesture just dries them out more:: How big is the heat source? Could be just an animal trying to get warm.
[19:07] <@Detro> Or a heater.
01[19:07] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ Lead Armigers. Entering complex. Identifying fifteen sources of power, low yield. Identifying possible drillgit infestation. Designating high-intensity heat source as primary target. Maintaining banners.
01[19:09] <@Savant> Sleca's eyes resolve out to a set of video feeds, letting the Talons see what it sees. Inside, the warehouse i very poorly lit - only by the wan moonlight coming through the windows. The drone has crepty through one.
01[19:10] <@Savant> Its infared sight is more interesting. a few low-intensity heat sources, what looks like some hibernating animal nests. The jumble of heat on the floor must be leaves and destridus. But through the wall there's a more intense heat.
[19:10] <@Caelin> ::has his laptop open to let the others see, and occasionally enters commands to tell sleca where to go::
[19:11] <@Marshall> ::pulls and straps on his helmet, then attaches night vision goggles to it::
[19:11] <@Detro> Or even a recently-killed body.
01[19:11] <@Savant> The screens are all in the Utopian's language, so it's difficult to know what the third screen is. There are a few bright, immobile spots on an entirely black field there.
[19:11] <@Delgado> ::shakes her head:: In this cold, body heat would dissapate quickly.
[19:13] <@Mem> ::squints at the display::
01[19:13] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subvoc+ [AS] No footprints on the other side of the building. I'm setting up Spidhra.
[19:13] <@Detro> A just-killed body would still be pretty warm.
[19:13] <@Mem> Maybe it's an alive body?
[19:13] <@Marshall> Not for long.
[19:14] <@Caelin> ::points to the third screen:: electrical source, some sort of generators maybe?
01[19:15] <@Savant> The drone avoids the room with the obvious heat source in it, instead moving through the buildings' other rooms - a large warehouse area and a few offices. It doesn't take long, and during the whole thing it keeps a camera fixed on that heat source.
[19:15] <@Detro> ::sighs at Marshall's comment, but continues keeping an eye on the view out hte front of the car::
[19:15] <@Mem> ::looks at Caelin:: How much can your drones do before we have to go in? Can we get them inside?
[19:15] <@Mem> I'd like to see what that is.
[19:16] <@Caelin> ::looks at mem:: sleca is inside, you want to get closer to that? ::points to the heat source::
01[19:16] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ Lead Armigers. Sweep complete. No explosives identified. Fourteen modulating power sources identified. One static power source identified. One major heat source identified. Maintaining position and banners.
[19:17] <@Delgado> ::starts shifting from foot to foot, wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to live in this frozen environment:: Eh? ::tries to get a better look at the screens with everyone else huddled around and squints her eyes:: Doesn't that look like a body?
[19:17] <@Mem> ::nods:: Carefully. I just want to get a visual
[19:18] <@Detro> Modulating power source?
[19:18] <@Caelin> ::enters a couple commands telling sleca to investigate heat source carefully::
01[19:18] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ Confirmed lead armiger. Approaching target. Maintaining banners.
[19:19] <@Delgado> ::mutters darkly then points to the screen again:: That's a body that's holding temperature. Hurry up, that could still be a live body, but not for long in this cold.
[19:19] <@Marshall> ::finally, pulls on a vest, shoving his spare magazines and his technician's kits into the pockets::
01[19:19] <@Savant> The drone moves quickly and silently through the building. Not that you could tell anything was going on at all from outside.
[19:19] <@Detro> ::avoids saying "I told you so" and chooses something more constructive:: I'll stay with the car. Radio if you need any help.
01[19:20] <@Savant> It approaches a door, and you can see it extend a manipulator to the handle, scanning the thing thoroughly - you even get a view of the latch mecahnism as it ensures the thing will work quietly. The hinges get a check as well before the drone opens the portal.
01[19:21] <@Savant> It's a person all right. A man bundled up in several coats, huddled in a corner of the dark room. His breath is a pale whisper of vapour above his blue lips.
[19:21] <@Marshall> Right. It's a guy. Lets go in and get him.
[19:21] <@Marshall> ::makes sure to grab a pair of cuffs, attacking them to his belt::
[19:22] <@Mem> And this is the exact spot, right?
[19:23] <@Caelin> ::tells sleca to hold position for a moment::do you want to go in, or have sleca bring him out?
[19:23] <@Delgado> ::grabs her medical bag and already starts feeling around inside for items she'll need:: He's almost dead. We need to get to him now.
[19:23] <@Mem> Doc, you go with Marshall and Caelin.
[19:24] <@Marshall> ::nods, pulling the NVG down over his eyes::
[19:24] <@Delgado> ::nods then looks to Marshall and Caelin, giving them a "now would be good" look::
[19:25] <@Caelin> alright ::puts the laptop aside and pulls the collar up on his coat before opening the door and stepping out into the snow::
[19:25] <@Marshall> ::hurries ahead to the door, flicking the NVG on and opening it, raising the Cunningham-21 on the other side of the frame::
01[19:25] <@Savant> The door opens, and Marshall sees the moonlight flood out onto a cement floor covered in dry leaves and spoor.
[19:26] <@Caelin> +subvoc+[AS]freja, we're going in. be ready in case there's trouble
[19:26] <@Mem> ::takes the laptop from Caelin ashe gets out and watches through the drone's eyes::
01[19:26] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subvoc+ [AS] I'll have the Sleca cover.
[19:26] <@Delgado> ::follows close behind Marshall and Caelin, resisting the urge to burst threw them::
[19:26] <@Marshall> ::sweeps left to right as he enters, looking for the open door the Sleca went through::
01[19:27] <@Savant> There's a rustling sound through the leaves as the Talons enter.
[19:27] <@Caelin> ::pulls out his 11mm pistol eventhough sleca had already given the all clear::
[19:28] <@Marshall> ::double checks, looking for any dangerous animals::
01[19:29] <@Savant> The Talons almost miss it - in amongst a jumbled pile of ritting shipping crates is a nest of snowdawgs. This must be the "drillgit infestation" that the Sleca noticed. They also don't appear to like company.
01[19:29] <@Savant> Several of them, about the size of a medium terran dog, are glaring at the humans with their multi-fasceted eyes.
[19:30] <@Marshall> +subvoc+ Animals. Let's move past them. Slowly.
[19:30] <@Mem> ::blinks at the screen:: +com+ Uhh... where'd those come from?
[19:31] <@Caelin> +com+::whispering:: the drillgits sleca reported earlier
[19:31] <@Mem> +com+ What the fuck is a drillgit?
[19:31] <@Marshall> ::starts walking past the drillgits, keeping his eyes (and weapon) trained on them::
[19:31] <@Delgado> ::frowns but starts inching past them, wondering what the fuck is a drillgit::
01[19:31] <@Savant> One of them, one of the larger ones in particular, is beginning to prowl around behind the Talons.
01[19:31] <@Savant> The others growl a throaty, rumbly growl as the Talons keep walking.
[19:33] <@Caelin> ::tries to wave the animal away while continuing to move::
01[19:33] <@Savant> One of them barks out loud, a sharp snapping sound that's more like a screech.
[19:33] <@Detro> Could probably wait until later to ask THAT, ell-tee. ::scans the quiet streets::
01[19:33] <@Savant> Three of them circle around staring at Caelin as if he looks positively delicious.
[19:35] <@Caelin> ::sighs a bit as he pulls out his mace and presses a button to bring it to life::
[19:36] <@Delgado> ::wonders where the drones are and why they aren't stomping all over these things::
[19:39] <@Caelin> ::takes a jab at the closest animal with his mace hoping to zap some fear into it::
01[19:39] <@Savant> The dawgs pounce, almost at once, onto the Talons.
01[19:40] <@Savant> Caelin does more than zap some fear into the creature - his truncheon slams into the things' skull and sends it flying back into the leaves.
[19:40] <@Detro> SUV> ::glances at Mem:: Can you order that thing to help them out?
[19:40] <@Mem> +com+ Why didn't they eat that guy...
[19:40] <@Mem> ::looks at Detro:: +com+ Drones, get in there and help!
[19:41] <@Marshall> Whoa! ::drops the submachine gun to his side and grabs the knife out of it's holster::
01[19:41] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ Confirmed Foot Captain. Reassigning banners. ::is already quickly in movement as it replies::
[19:42] <@Detro> My guess? The guy's probably trained the dawgs to protect him. Or he's been rigged to look like he's still alive as a trap.
[19:43] <@Marshall> ::quickly moves aside as one of the drillgits snaps at him, the blade comes up...::
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01[19:44] <@Savant> the dawgs leap forward with snapping jaws, trying to get mouthfuls of the Talons. Only Caelin seems to have a hard time keeping them at bay, and he's still got two left on him.
03[19:44] * Savant sets mode: +o Itz
[19:44] <@Detro> Every now and then, we'd run across a Badlands bandit, using them to protect stashes, supplies, you name it.
02[19:44] * @Delgado ( Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Itz)))
03[19:44] * Itz is now known as Delgado
[19:44] <@Delgado> ::pulls out her sidearm and takes aim at a dawg, letting out her breath before pulling the trigger:: Damn dawgs!
[19:44] <@Mem> Mmhmm. But if Henday is sent here for safety, how would he handle the dogs?
[19:44] <@Mem> Or is he even meant to?
01[19:46] <@Savant> Delgado wings the dawg she's shooting at, which recoils and lets out a pained screech, like fingernails on a chalkboard.
[19:46] <@Detro> ::nods at the Lt:: My guess, the dawgs were left to get Henday after we got on his trail. The old man in there? Probably about to die. Dawgs trained to just get Handey.
[19:46] <@Caelin> ::dodges 2 of the animals but one grazes his thigh, tearing his pants and drawing blood::ngh! these things mean business
[19:46] <@Detro> Anyone investigates, they find a dead homeless man, a pack of wild dawgs, presumably trained by the homeless guy, and the knawed-on corpse of an intruder.
01[19:47] <@Savant> Then a black shadow slams in amongst the leaves, a six-limbed praying mantis the size of a subcompact.
01[19:47] <@Savant> The dawgs scatter into the shadows.
[19:47] <@Detro> Or at least that's one way to look at it.
[19:48] <@Marshall> What the? ::grabs the Cunningham-21 back and brings it up::
01[19:48] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> *beep* Threat neutralized.
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03[19:48] * Detro sets mode: +o Itz
02[19:48] * @Delgado ( Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Itz)))
[19:48] <@Caelin> ::puts a hand up to marshal:: hold, just sleca
03[19:48] * Itz is now known as Delgado
[19:48] <@Marshall> Jeez.. ::drops the weapon back to his waist:: Scared the shit outta me.
01[19:49] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::turns to look at Marshall with its five matte black eyes::
[19:50] <@Marshall> ::turns back toward the way the Sleca came from and finds the open door::
[19:50] <@Delgado> ::suddenly pivots on her feet, drawing on the Sleca before dropping her arms, cursing loudly:: Damn it! ::lets out a frustrated breath and glares at Caelin:: And damn you. Drillgit? You could've told us what the fuck a drillgit is!
[19:51] <@Delgado> ::holsters her sidearm and rubs at her stunned arm before starting to move toward the probably now dead hypothermic body::
[19:51] <@Mem> +com+ OK, back to quiet times.
01[19:51] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::The drone barely reacts to the weapons being drawn on it - though its' tail camera does swivel madly to try and keep it all in.::
[19:51] <@Mem> ::watches the monitor::
[19:51] <@Marshall> Damnit. Just had to say the "Q" word didn't he?
01[19:52] <@Savant> Delgado peers inside - it's almost pitch black in there, save for a window that seems to have been covered up by a jacket. Apparently he wanted curtains more than he wanted another layer of insulation.
01[19:52] <@Savant> And it *is* a man, though it's hard to tell if he's breathing or not.
[19:53] <@Marshall> ::walks up to the man and crouches, checking for a pulse::
[19:54] <@Delgado> ::waits for Marshall to semi-clear the room then runs over to the man and kneels down. She slips on her mediglove and takes a quick set of vitals::
[19:54] <@Caelin> ::looks at delgado::my aplogies, but if i did, i'd apparently be wrong
[19:54] <@Marshall> ::motions for Delgado to stay back until he makes sure this guy has no weapons::
01[19:55] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ Confirmed Lead Armiger. Reassigning banners. Maintaining targets. Applying perimeter.
[19:55] <@Delgado> ::shoots Marshall a look:: He's near death with hypothermia. I don't think he's about to jump up and waste the room.
[19:56] <@Marshall> Fine. But let's get him to the car.
[19:56] <@Delgado> ::reaches into her bag and starts pulling out chemical heating pads. She cracks three of them open and shoves one under each armpit and the other in the groin area before loading up medications in her mediglove::
[19:58] <@Caelin> ::as he looks on::+subvoc+[AS]freja hows it going outside, we had an encounter with some of the local animal life but have dealt with it and are bringing a man who's near death out to the vehicle
01[19:58] <@Savant> Delgado does a little emergency medicine to stabilize the man for transport to the car.
[19:59] <@Delgado> Ok, let's move him.
01[19:59] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subvoc+ [AS] Quiet. I've tasked the Sleca to do more investigating.
[20:00] <@Marshall> +subvoc+ This is Marshall. All clear. We're coming out with a casualty.
[20:01] <@Marshall> ::reaches up under the man's arm, around his head, and lifts::
01[20:02] <@Savant> The Talons lift the man up and begin to carefully get him out of the building. MEanwhile, the Sleca's begin to move again, hunting through the various rooms more thoroughly.
[20:03] <@Detro> ::drums fingers on the car's interior:: So now we're some glorified ambulance service? ::sigh:: I wish I felt more like we were really on the trail of this guy as opposed to just cleaning up after him.
[20:04] <@Mem> I just hope this isn't some homeless dude.
01[20:04] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::Is staring at a little plastic brick the size of a cellphone. It's one of the power sources in the building, the static one. It's on an abandoned desk on the top floor of the offices.::
01[20:05] <@Savant> It certainly smells like he's some homeless dude. Hasn't bathed in awhile.
01[20:05] <@Savant> The Talons get him outside and to the SUV.
[20:05] <@Detro> Seeing how sure this guy is of himself... I suspect so.
[20:05] <@Caelin> ::turns off the mace and helps the others move the man to the SUV::
[20:06] <@Marshall> ::grabs the soap out of his hygiene kit:: Damn... ::scrubs his arms and hands::
01[20:06] <@Savant> Within a moment the man is sprawled on the back bench of the SUV.
[20:06] <@Caelin> ::climbs back into his seat and takes a look at the laptop::hmm what have you found sleca?
[20:07] <@Detro> ::waves his hand in front of his nose:: Ugh! You sure he's alive? He certainly smells dead.
[20:07] <@Delgado> ::gets in with the guy and continues to work on him, getting a couple more heating packs on him and monitoring his vital signs::
01[20:07] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ Attempting active scan.
[20:07] <@Detro> And I'll have you know, he throws up or defacates in here, I am NOT cleaning it up...
01[20:08] <@Savant> The screen comes back with an x-ray snapshot of the circuitry inside the device. Anyone who's ever been at all in touch with the world knows a plain old cellphone when they see one.
[20:09] <@Marshall> Right. I'll go grab it.
[20:10] <@Caelin> ::hmms as he looks at the readouts:: doesn't look like an explosive device
[20:11] <@Marshall> ::walks back into the building and up the stairs to find the cell phone::
01[20:11] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subvoc+ [as] Sleca. Maintain a defensive posture targeting our operative in your area.
01[20:12] <@Savant> Dawgs glare at Marshall from the shadows, their bulbous eyes gleaming in his night vision goggles. He finds the cellphone easily enough, with a great big insect-drone half climbed on top of the desk it's resting on.
[20:13] <@Marshall> +subvoc+ I've got it. Coming out.
[20:16] <@Detro> ::lets his comments trail off... he can't help but feel frustrated and vocalize it, but he does hope the guy will be okay... he turns his gaze back to the outside world, on watch::
[20:16] <@Marshall> +subvoc+ Hang on. Going to look around a bit. ::does just that::
01[20:17] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::shadows Marshall like a wraith::
[20:17] <@Marshall> What'd Caelin call you? Sleca?
01[20:18] <@Savant> Back in the SUV, the unconscious victim begins to mumble. He slurs as if drunk
[20:18] <@Caelin> ::turns back to look at the doctor::do you require assistance?
01[20:19] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::IT speaks in a deep baritone, as if an electronic Michael Dorn voiced for the thing:: *beep* Lead Armiger Caelin is available.
[20:19] <@Marshall> What.. ::looks around a corner:: exactly.. ::turns around:: are you? Some kinda Utopian drone, right?
[20:20] <@Delgado> ::shrugs slightly:: Somone having a gun aimed at his head just in case would be nice. ::continues to try to revive him:: Wake up. Tell me your name. ::gives him a wonderfully brisk sternal rub to wake his butt up::
[20:21] <@Mem> ::looks back at the man::
01[20:21] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> *beep* This unit is a Blaecsleca II, Nigtwraith pattern.
[20:22] <@Caelin> ::presses the button on his mace and it sparks again:: this is probably less messy for in here, and preferably not kill
01[20:22] <@Savant> 5Man> ::His eyes begin to flutter and his speech becomes a bit more coherent, though it still doesn't make much sense. It takes a few minutes for his eyes to actually open.
[20:22] <@Marshall> Right. There's nothing up here. Let's jet.
[20:23] <@Detro> ::keeps an ear on the somewhat-conversation in back::
01[20:23] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> *beep* Summoning air transport. ::follows::
[20:23] <@Marshall> Whoa whoa whoa. Cancel that. We can -walk- out.
[20:24] <@Delgado> ::gives his pupils a quick check then just stares at him:: Wakey wakey.
01[20:24] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> *beep* Cancelling air assignment. ::follows::
[20:24] <@Mem> ::smirks at the drone's response::
[20:24] <@Marshall> ::walks down the stairs and out the door with the cell phone::
01[20:25] <@Savant> 5Man> nuhh... ::blinks heavily, and then his eyes focus on Delgado. He begins too struggle, but it's more like the struggle of a kitten than a man.::
[20:25] <@Marshall> ::tosses the cell phone to Scildfreja:: Your smart-ass toaster has quite the sens of humor.
01[20:26] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::is returning with the Spidhra drone - like a walking egg, really. She catches the phone and holds it away from herself, as if it perhaps *was* a bomb.:: Toaster?
[20:27] <@Delgado> Ah, ah. ::puts a hand on his chest to 'hold him down':: I spent all this time trying to revive you. Don't make one of these nice men have to shoot you after all my hard work. Now, what's your name?
01[20:27] <@Savant> The group recollects around, and in, the SUV.
[20:27] <@Marshall> Eh.. Yeah. The.. "Sleca". I checked the phone. It's clean.
01[20:28] <@Savant> 5Man> ::he quickly loses his energy, and lies limp:: Who are you?
[20:28] <@Caelin> ::to the man:: we asked you first
[20:28] <@Delgado> Your savior. Who are you?
01[20:29] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::approaches the truck and opens Caelin's door, reaching over him to put the phone on the pedestal in the middle of the vehicle::
01[20:29] <@Savant> 5Man> ::mumbles:: the gentle spirit's come to save me, oh, praise the prophet.
01[20:30] <@Savant> 5Man> Jacob, I'm jacob
[20:30] <@Mem> ::looks at the man:: Who are you? ::looks at Delgado:: Check him for ... unsightlies.
[20:31] <@Delgado> ::nods and lets Mem take over the questioning for the moment as she gives him a pat down for weapons or anything else::
[20:31] <@Detro> Better watch it, he might like that.
[20:31] <@Caelin> ::looks back at freja and shifts in his seat a bit to let her over, wincing a bit as the movement causes some stinging in his scratched leg::
01[20:32] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She takes in a breath as she sses that Caelin's been injured:: [as] One of them got you! Oh, that looks like it hurts. Here, hold still.
[20:33] <@Mem> And what were you doing in that building?
[20:33] <@Delgado> ::nods once to Mem to say he's clean, then looks back to the man::
01[20:34] <@Savant> 5Man> ::blinks at Mem:: Sleeping... It's cold out.
[20:34] <@Caelin> ::takes a sharp breath as freja starts fussing::[as]it's not as bad as it looks, i've certainly had worse
01[20:34] <@Savant> 5Man> s'the first snow, always cold on th'first snow.
[20:34] <@Delgado> Sleeping in a building where it's just as cold inside as outside. And let's not forget the dawgs. That makes for a cozy hideaway for sure.
[20:35] <@Mem> And how'd you avoid the dawgs?
01[20:36] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::takes out an antiseptic wipe from a first aid kit on her belt and daubs at the wound:: You don't need another scar, you have enough. It could be poisonous or something!
01[20:36] <@Savant> 5Man> I jes' come in through th'window, keep th'door closed. Th'dawgs can't get at me none there, an it's outta th'wind.
[20:37] <@Marshall> Have you seen anybody come or go in the last month or so?
[20:37] <@Mem> ::looks over at Detro::
[20:38] <@Detro> ::shrugs:: I only said I *could* be right.
[20:38] <@Delgado> ::stares blankly at the man for a moment:: You're very casual about almost dying in there.
01[20:38] <@Savant> 5Man> ::thinks a few long moments, to the point it almost seems as if he'll go under again. But he mumbles:: yeah, a guy come an'gimme a whole box'a hot eats, a good guy, came buy once in awhile. Hasn't been last while.
[20:38] <@Marshall> What'd he look like?
01[20:39] <@Savant> 5Man> ::blinks heavily at Delgado, not quite following what she was saying. He replied to Marshall after a few moments more:: b'out.. so high.. black hair... sorta plain face.
[20:40] <@Caelin> ::sighs a bit::you"re freja thank you ::looks back at the man:: is that your phone?
[20:40] <@Caelin> <<er that should say "you"re right freja"
03[20:40] * @Caelin ( has left #BT05
[20:40] <@Marshall> ::flashes a picture of the SLEDGE to him on his PDA:: Like this?
03[20:40] * Caelin ( has joined #BT05
01[20:41] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::tapes on some instant sutures after duabing an ointment into Caelin's wounds::
03[20:41] * Savant sets mode: +o Caelin
01[20:41] <@Savant> 5Man> Phone? Nah, ain't got no phone... ::blinks at the picture, having a hard time focusing on it:: yeah, yeah, him.
[20:41] <@Marshall> ::nods::
[20:42] <@Mem> What was he doing there? Did you ask him?
[20:42] <@Detro> And bite the hand that fed him?
01[20:42] <@Savant> 5Man> Said'e likes lookin at old places. Brought me some good eats, too, nice guy.
[20:46] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja then picks up the phone:: maybe he left the phone there by accident ::doesn't actually mean it literally, just best the homeless man not know this place was being used by a terran terrorist::
01[20:46] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> I don't think he does anything by accident.
[20:47] <@Marshall> Hey. ::points to the phone:: Can I see that for a second?
[20:47] <@Caelin> ::hands marshall the phone::
[20:47] <@Delgado> ::looks down at the man:: Why did he bring you food? Did he want something of you?
[20:48] <@Marshall> ::checks the address book, the date book, any pictures on the hard drive, and a list of recent calls::
01[20:49] <@Savant> 5Man> Nah, we jes' talked bout politics. Bout th'old war, bout the league, bout the Interpolar. bout everything. I used to watch it all, huh? Not no more, though. Ever since th'Interpolar.
01[20:49] <@Savant> Marshall opens the phone and it auto-dials a number.
[20:50] <@Marshall> Hunh.. ::puts it up to his ear and waves Mem over::
01[20:50] <@Savant> 6Voice> ::There's the sound of a phone connecting:: Hello?
01[20:50] <@Savant> 6Voice> Oh. I was wondering if you were going to find that. Well done.
[20:51] <@Marshall> ::plugs the phone into his laptop and starts a trace::
[20:51] <@Marshall> Who am I peaking to?
[20:51] <@Delgado> What did he say about the war?
[20:51] <@Marshall> <<speaking>>
01[20:51] <@Savant> The voice is the same from the video captured up in the hills, where Mrs Winchester was found.
[20:52] <@Caelin> ::frowns as he recognizes the voice::
01[20:52] <@Savant> 5Man> Not much, he's a young'un. He just let me talk, I guess. ::seems to be getting more coherent:: Friendly guy.
[20:52] <@Mem> ::goes over to Marshall::
[20:53] <@Delgado> Did he say what he was doing other than scouting the place? Where he was going?
01[20:53] <@Savant> 6Voice> ::there's a brief laugh:: You haven't come up for a name with me? some sort of a code word? I don't know "scorpion" or "mad dawg" or something?
[20:53] <@Marshall> Sorry. We haven't had time on that one. You've been keeping us pretty busy.
[20:53] <@Delgado> ::speaks up to the phone:: "Prick" works for me.
01[20:54] <@Savant> 5Man> Naw, he jes' come by an look around. I tol'him not to go in there cuz'a the dawgs, but he gone in anyways, came out jes'fine.
[20:55] <@Delgado> ::nods idly:: Anyone else ever stop by the warehouse?
01[20:55] <@Savant> 6Voice> Ah, that's true. I don't suppose you've killed poor Mr Henday, have you? Poor lad. Just an idealistic guy, too easiy to sway over. He's completely innocent.
[20:55] <@Marshall> You'll of course understand if I don't implicitly trust that you're telling the truth. Why are you doing this?
01[20:56] <@Savant> 5Man> Nah, s'quiet out here, I like that. But he's a nice guy. S'okay if he visits. Ain't got no family that visits no more.
[20:56] <@Marshall> ::checks the trace, willing it to move faster::
01[20:56] <@Savant> 6Voice> Honestly? I dropped the phone off down there on a lark. Thought it'd be amusing. Thought it might give you a little hope, and I don't want you to lose hope.
[20:57] <@Delgado> ::sighs softly then digs around in her med bag and pulls out a high calorie foodbar and gives it to the man::
01[20:57] <@Savant> The trace has gone to a local router in the city, then up to the Hermes network. It's come down again somewhere in the Barrington Basin.
01[20:58] <@Savant> 5Man> Aheh... ::takes the food bar, still weak as a kitten. He looks down with more than a little humiliation, but he's famished and eats ravenously::
[20:58] <@Marshall> I meant Henday. Why are you using him? Why did you kill his wife? Kidnap his children? Why steal money from Northco? Even such a small amount of money?
01[20:58] <@Savant> You've got a trace lock. It's a location in the Barrington Basin, not correspoding with any noteworthy settlement.
[20:59] <@Marshall> ::copies off the location and hands the printout to Mem::
[20:59] <@Caelin> ::adds::why the games?
01[21:00] <@Savant> 6Voice> ::laughs:: Lorentz is useful in *so* many ways, if I have to tell you that, then I'm really disappointed in you. And the games? This is all a great big game, isn't it? one great big chessboard. You terranovans still have chess, right?
[21:01] <@Marshall> One of my favorites. And yes, I can appreciate how useful Mister Winchester is.
01[21:01] <@Savant> 6Voice> So, are you guys Talons, or are you cops, or what? Maybe MPs?
[21:02] <@Marshall> Hmm. Well since you're so good with the games, why don't you tell me?
01[21:02] <@Savant> 6Voice> ::There's the sound of movement, and a bit of wind - he's outside:: Okay. Let's see here. I'm going to say Talons.
[21:03] <@Marshall> Sorry. Wrong. A good guess though.
[21:04] <@Delgado> ::watches the man just about swallow the bar whole then gives him another. He didn't know anything, he was just another pawn in this asshole's game:: Try to find a better place to sleep. You almost died in there.
01[21:06] <@Savant> 5Man> ::While chewing:: Ain't no better place to sleep
01[21:06] <@Savant> 6Voice> Well, wherever they train you at, they should train you to lie a little better.
[21:07] <@Marshall> Mmm. You got me with my hand in the cookie jar. Since you're so fond of code names, what should I call you?
[21:07] <@Delgado> ::rolls her eyes as Marshall is caught in a lie and called on it::
[21:08] <@Delgado> ::calls out again:: I still vote for "Prick".
01[21:09] <@Savant> 6Voice> You can call me Set 17, if you like. It's my real name. That'll be our little secret. But hey, if you want to listen to the lady, that's fine too. And don't you sound like a cutie.
[21:09] <@Marshall> Alright Seventeen. How far do we take this game?
01[21:11] <@Savant> 6Voice> Oh, come on now, mister Talon. You know what the stakes are. I'll keep playing until I've won. You cna keep playing until you give up, or until there's a '72 in your face.
01[21:12] <@Savant> 6Voice> Anyways. Is there anything else, or shall we trade a few more insults? I'd like to go before you get a trace on this signal.
[21:12] <@Marshall> ::also messages the location to Captain Tynes in the Basin, and BT HQ:: What, am I getting boring already?
[21:12] <@Delgado> ::gives a bluff:: We know about the other accounts. We're going to keep chistling away at your mediocre funding. Give it up.
01[21:13] <@Savant> 6Voice> ::laughs: Oh, you *are* cute! God, I'm going to love meeting *you*.
[21:14] <@Delgado> ::mutters darkly as he keeps calling her 'cute'::
01[21:14] <@Savant> 6Voice> Alright, I think i'm hearing a pinging from my glove. I'll let you go. If you need to get ahold of me, you have my number. Sleep tight, sweethearts.
01[21:14] <@Savant> The line goes dead as he hangs up.
[21:15] <@Marshall> Asshole.
[21:15] <@Detro> Cocksure, for sure.
01[21:16] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:16] <@Delgado> I like the dumber clones better.
01[21:16] <@Savant> okay. A little drawn out at points, but I thought the ending was worth it Wink
01[21:16] <@Savant> heh heh, add Delgado's line there.
[21:17] <@Caelin> this guy certainly has some Jan qualities though
01[21:17] <@Savant> overconfident much?
[21:17] <@Marshall> Especially cause we had a trace on him -minutes- before he even mentioned it.
[21:17] <@Marshall> Well. Maybe seconds Wink
01[21:17] <@Savant> questions? or shall we move right to expees?
[21:18] <@Caelin> my guess is he'll be moving to another location anyway
[21:18] <@Caelin> and XP yes:P
01[21:18] <@Savant> one for teamwork. Any teamwork happen today?
[21:19] <@Delgado> We shot dawgs.
[21:19] <@Marshall> We saved some homeless dude.
[21:19] <@Delgado> And that too.
[21:19] <@Marshall> We found the bad guy.
01[21:19] <@Savant> the former was teamwork. the latter was the doctor
[21:19] <@Marshall> I got a medicine roll in Wink
01[21:19] <@Savant> heh
01[21:19] <@Savant> i'll give it to you, because you all seemed to work together pretty well.
01[21:20] <@Savant> two is for storyline. What did you learn about your bad guy and what he's doing today?
[21:20] <@Marshall> He's somewhere quite far south of us, in the windy desert, and he's quite busy still.
[21:21] <@Caelin> first off, how far was the signal from the fuel depot?
[21:21] <@Detro> He knows when we've been sleeping. He knows when we're awake. He knows when we've been bad or goo... no, wait, wrong guy.
01[21:21] <@Savant> rather far, Caelin.
[21:21] <@Caelin> ahh
01[21:21] <@Savant> heee
[21:22] <@Caelin> guess that means the basin is rather large
01[21:22] <@Savant> no he is not santa claus
[21:22] <@Delgado> We know that he knows that we know that he's a prick.
01[21:22] <@Savant> but does he know that you know that he knows that - ehh.
[21:22] <@Marshall> The Basin is rather large, yes Wink
01[21:22] <@Savant> the basin is quite large, yes.
01[21:22] <@Savant> learn anything else?
01[21:22] <@Savant> about Henday or about Lorentz?
[21:23] <@Marshall> Henday is innocent, or so the bad guy says.
[21:24] <@Caelin> i'm still with the belief that lorentz and northco was all about getting the talon's attention, nothing more
01[21:24] <@Savant> he could, in fact, have been lying to you :O
[21:24] <@Delgado> That this guy really doesn't give a shit. He uses people with breathtaking ease and no remorse.
01[21:24] <@Savant> hee, ding ding ding.
[21:24] <@Delgado> And he apparently has people skillz.
[21:24] <@Marshall> I'm distinctly aware of that possibility Wink
[21:24] <@Delgado> Gift of gab.
01[21:24] <@Savant> he was born that way Smile
01[21:25] <@Savant> that's two points. I'll give you 3 if you can tell me what the team is doing next week.
01[21:25] <@Savant> you have executive control.
[21:25] <@Caelin> also from the aside stuff, there's a very good possibility that there's 2 or more him working in this
01[21:25] <@Savant> exactly true.
01[21:25] <@Savant> Set 16 maybe? Smile
[21:25] <@Marshall> If it were up to me, I think it's time to talk to Lorentz. But I've been saying that for a month Wink
[21:26] <@Detro> I'm not making any suggestions.
[21:26] <@Jester> Yeah, we're getting close to that point, I think.
[21:26] <@Delgado> Half talk to Lorentz, half follow the trace?
[21:26] <@Caelin> hell Set 1-20 could be on the planet for all i know
[21:26] <@Delgado> It's like those fucking drones from Dragonball Z. >Sad
01[21:27] <@Savant> their hair glows yellow when they get ready to fight, and then they kame-hame-ha your ass.
01[21:28] <@Savant> so, going to talk with Lorentz, and folowing the trace to the badlands community that you just found today?
[21:28] <@Detro> No, more like the episode is 5 minutes of review, 5 minutes of something happening, and 5 minutes of what'll happen in the next episode
[21:28] <@Caelin> question is, how long would he have been on the planet? i'm thinking they might have been planted during operation icarus
[21:28] <@Marshall> HRG > Kamehameha Wink
01[21:28] <@Savant> good thinking Caelin.
01[21:28] <@Savant> but his power level. It's over nine thousaaaaaaand!
06[21:28] * @Delgado snickers
[21:29] <@Detro> Boot to the head.
[21:29] <@Delgado> THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!
[21:29] <@Marshall> An Aller has a pretty good power level too Wink
01[21:29] <@Savant> aahaahaa. Every anime needs that phrase.
[21:29] <@Jester> Yeah, Savant, think so.
01[21:29] <@Savant> anyways. We'll do that. Yay, I have something to plan for next week.
01[21:29] <@Savant> that's three points, well done all. Well done for such a small turnout.
[21:29] <@Marshall> Can I shoot somebody?
01[21:29] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
03[18:30] * Scotty is now known as Caelin
[18:30] <@Caelin> ::attn::
01[18:30] <@Savant> guten abend
[18:31] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:31] <@Mem> attn
03[18:31] * Jester ( has joined #bt05
03[18:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Jester
03[18:31] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
01[18:32] <@Savant> I notice a few people missing. Jake, Itz, Fraser.
[18:32] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
01[18:32] <@Savant> Jake I know about; not sure what's up with the former two.
[18:32] <@Marshall> Latter two? Wink
01[18:32] <@Savant> no, the latter are itz and fras.
[18:32] <@Gabriel> ::whispers:: Fraser you know about.
01[18:32] <@Savant> woops. yeah. derr.
01[18:33] <@Savant> i am out of sorts today. i will blame the overtime Wink
01[18:33] <@Savant> Let me brief you and then we will do questions.
01[18:33] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:33] <@Savant> 4 Winter TN1946, 1700h - late morning
01[18:33] <@Savant> Rapid City area, UMF
01[18:33] <@Savant> -12C, Overcast.
01[18:33] <@Savant> The hardest part is knowing when to quit. You've been warned by your target that his operation is a trap designed to ensnare you. Is he being honest? Should you be worried about bombs at every corner?
01[18:33] <@Savant> You have a few leads now - Gabriel and his little community of Badlander dupes in the Barrington Basin, Mem with his courier dupe and the address of an abandoned warehouse-turned-safehouse. There's more work to do, but it's clear that your target is very careful about the evidence he leaves behind.
01[18:33] <@Savant> Very careful, in fact. He left a cellphone behind so that you could contact him - he goes by the name of Set 17, apparently. He also appears to be in the Badlands somewhere, according to the satelite telemetry...
01[18:33] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:33] <@Detro> ack
[18:33] <@Marshall> ack
[18:34] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:34] <@Caelin> ack
[18:35] <@Mem> ack
01[18:35] <@Savant> so, how are you getting the dude?
[18:35] <@Marshall> Which dude?
[18:35] <@Gabriel> Have to get a sense of his routine first. How does he get to work and back?
01[18:35] <@Savant> he has a little car.
[18:36] <@Marshall> I like Fras's idea. Break into the car and talk to him en route.
[18:36] <@Gabriel> Parked in a garage?
[18:37] <@Detro> Instead of breaking in and hiding in the car, we could just leave an A/V pickup or something
[18:37] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: It's a good idea. I was gonna vary it slightly. He's gonna have a little minor mechanical breakdown and presumably call a cab.
01[18:37] <@Savant> yeah, parked in an enclosed garage.
[18:37] <@Marshall> That wouldn't be too hard to do, I don't think.
[18:37] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Slip into the garage, wait for him to show up, then one of our mechanics pulls his spark plugs or something else that can't be fixed in a hurry.
[18:38] <@Gabriel> Just in case fun boy already tapped his car, we can put him in a clean one that we provide.
01[18:38] <@Savant> mechanics or electronice then, cpx 1, kno. Also stealth, agi, cpx 2.
[18:38] <@Marshall> Oooh. Can I do this one?
[18:38] <@Detro> All yours if you want it
01[18:40] <@Savant> successful.
[18:41] <@Gabriel> Since NGIS has been watching this guy, I presume they have some means of monitoring his communications. Wait for him to make alternate travel arrangements and we replace them.
01[18:41] <@Savant> ::cough:: NGIS. yeah.
01[18:41] <@Savant> Shar will let you know.
[18:42] <@Gabriel> Who wants to drive him? A/V feed to the car, scrambled communications.
01[18:42] <@Savant> you going to roll the cabbie that shows up, or are you going to pay him off?
[18:42] <@Gabriel> Detro, want to drive him?
[18:42] <@Detro> Will do
[18:43] <@Detro> I'll even avoid the "Cash Cab" jokes. Wink
01[18:43] <@Savant> I'll need a theatrics/inf cpx 1 from the driver.
01[18:43] <@Savant> successful. He doesn't suspect a thing.
[18:43] <@Gabriel> We're gonna show up before the real cabbie arrives. Since Itz isn't here, Delgado will be waiting for the real cabbie, who will ask him to drive her somewhere near the guy's workplace.
01[18:44] <@Savant> that sounds reasonable.
[18:44] <@Gabriel> The cab company's records will show the pick up and drop off, again, in case fun boy is checking such things.
[18:44] <@Gabriel> Should be totally transparent even if they've got him under 24x7 surveillance.
01[18:45] <@Savant> it seems pretty reasonable. How's she paying?
[18:45] <@Gabriel> With some cash drawn from one of our credit accounts.
01[18:46] <@Savant> cash cash?
[18:46] <@Gabriel> Yeah.
01[18:46] <@Savant> ok
01[18:46] <@Savant> where are you taking him?
[18:46] <@Gabriel> To work. Just by a slightly longer route.
[18:46] <@Gabriel> Long enough to have a reasonably decent convo with him.
01[18:46] <@Savant> okay. chat in the car on the way to work. Deal.
01[18:47] <@Savant> not many people here right now, so that will be functional.
01[18:47] <@Savant> who's where? then we can start.
[18:48] <@Gabriel> Gabriel and Caelin at the communication point with the car, Caelin can run a drone to keep an eye on it. Detro's driving. Marshall, Mem? Where you want to be?
[18:48] <@Mem> one sec
[18:48] <@Detro> Why, I'm... ::breaks into song:: Here in my car, I feel safest of all...
[18:48] <@Marshall> Wherever. Close to the action, preferably =)
[18:48] <@Gabriel> Probably be a good idea to have a trailing car. See if we can spot 24x7 surveillance.
01[18:48] <@Savant> Scildfreja's hanging out with Caelin.
[18:48] <@Detro> Heh. Or I suppose that's really "cabs". "In caa-aabs."
[18:49] <@Gabriel> Can Marshall drive well?
[18:49] <@Marshall> heh. Not really.
01[18:49] <@Savant> Sleca is hiding behind the shrubbery at Lorentz's house.
[18:49] <@Marshall> I'll follow him in a Jaguar, but that'd be a dead giveaway =)
[18:50] <@Gabriel> Ironically, there ARE people that drive Gears day-to-day.
[18:50] <@Gabriel> Not a lot, I guess, but they exist.
[18:50] <@Mem> Anyway, not sure where to be tonight
01[18:50] <@Savant> in a military town like Rapid City, there are Gear cops.
[18:51] <@Marshall> You at least have 1c1 in Pilot/Ground Mem. You could drive.
[18:51] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Not tempting. You guys will have to do your best. Marshall and Mem in a trailing car, listening in and connected to Gabriel via A/V.
[18:51] <@Mem> sounds good.
[18:51] <@Gabriel> Mem can decide who's driving. Drop some dice if you have to.
[18:51] <@Gabriel> It's just too good an opportunity to see if we can spot 24x7 surveillance, if it exists.
[18:51] <@Mem> I'll drive if I have to, hehe
[18:52] <@Marshall> I'll ride shotgun and shoot anything that causes trouble =P
[18:53] <@Mem> What's Marshall's skill?
01[18:53] <@Savant> seems like weve gotten it all shaken down. We'll start with Lorentz closing the door and Detro starting to drive off.
[18:53] <@Marshall> In Pilot/Gro? 0 =)
01[18:54] <@Savant> other discussion to #LemOS.
01[18:54] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:55] <@Savant> It has been a fine morning for the North. Far colder than the Southerner in the group would like it to be, but the blanket of snow over everything is still too new to be disturbed or dirtied. Lorentz is dressed in heavy clothing, an overcoat and fedora style hat. Old school business.
[18:56] <@Detro> ::pulls into traffic, having picked up Lorentz. He glances at the rear view mirror at his passenger, trying to gauge his emotional state::
01[18:56] <@Savant> He's blonde, somewhat tan, well built. A man around his 40th cycle, just really getting into his stride. Dark rings around his eyes tell another story, though
[18:57] <@Gabriel> ::watches Lorentz through the video feed in the car, judging the man and his temperament:: +com+ Detro, start a little conversation with him.
[18:58] <@Marshall> ::taps a few keys on his computer and pulls on the wireless headset, starting to listen in::
[18:58] <@Detro> ::Well, THAT was rather obvious, to do that. Best to make sure this guy wasn't going to fly off the handle on him first.:: So, rough day?
01[18:59] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::Shrugs, looking out the window at the snow and frost:: So far. Car's broke down.
[19:00] <@Marshall> Kay ell tee. We're wired for sound here. ::taps a few more keys, trying to pull up a camera feed inside the cab::
01[19:00] <@Savant> The chase car is just behind Detro's fake cab. It's a rental, as bland as can be. The heater's having to work overtime to keep out the cold.
[19:00] <@Detro> Eh. Crummy to have that happen. Put a hard day's work in to keep the thing running, and it goes and does that. A guy shouldn't have to put up with that kind of interference, y'know?
01[19:02] <@Savant> Meanwhile, from a seedy two-bed one-room motel room, Gabriel and Caelin and Scildfreja watch over the car's installed AV system.
[19:02] <@Gabriel> +com+ Family, Detro. Ask him if his wife needs a ride, too.
01[19:02] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty terrible.
[19:02] <@Detro> You need me to swing around and pick up anyone else on the way home? Wife, kids? ::glances in the mirror to see the reaction::
[19:03] <@Marshall> There. ::brings up the camera, too, then looks around outside his vehicle::
01[19:03] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::His jaw sets, and his reply is quieter than before:: No, thanks.
[19:04] <@Caelin> ::has his laptop open along with the other equipment brought with them, one screen has a view from sleca who is staking out lorentz's house, another has notes and maps with info thats been obtained so far::
[19:05] <@Mem> ::nods and drives along::
[19:05] <@Detro> Eh. Lucky, I guess. My wife, I gotta keep picking her up all the time. Y'should have SEEN the last place I had to pick her up from.
[19:06] <@Gabriel> ::opens communications with the back of the car:: Hello, Mister Lorentz. ::covers the mic for a moment and goes subvoc:: +com+ Follow team, any sign of surveillance?
[19:06] <@Caelin> ::looks up at freja and frown:: he either doesn't know about his wife, or is hiding it very well
[19:06] <@Marshall> You see anything L-T?
[19:06] <@Gabriel> <<MOVE my greeting to Lorentz AFTER he responds to Detro...>>
01[19:08] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::He is bottling up when the speakers project Gabriel's voice into the cab. He immediately gets a little wide eyed and he grabs the seat tight in his hands:: Wh-what?
[19:08] <@Gabriel> <<or not... Wink>>
01[19:08] <@Savant> (His reply was going to be ... so it works Wink ))
[19:08] <@Marshall> ::looks around again:: +subvoc+ Looks clear, skipper.
01[19:09] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> He's hiding it. Of course he's hiding it. ::holds a bowl of soup inher hands as she watches the screen::
[19:10] <@Gabriel> ::to the car, amused, watching Lorentz's face:: Hello. Good morning, if you prefer. ::pauses:: Do not panic. Your driver is an associate of mine.
[19:11] <@Detro> ::over his shoulder:: Our apologies for the deception. ::returns his attention to the slick roads... not a bad car, in terms of handling in this stuff. And it's not like driving in snow is something that he gets to do often::
01[19:11] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::Tucks a hand into the lapel of his jacket in a guarded fashion. He's clearly starting to panic despite the warning.:: What do you want.
[19:12] <@Gabriel> Just to talk. We arranged your mechanical failure this morning. You'll find it's miraculously repaired itself by the time you get home. I just wanted a chance to talk with you.
[19:12] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja and takes a drink of cawfee making a strange face::the stuff at the first hotel was much better, this tastes like it was leftover from yesterday and reheated
[19:12] <@Gabriel> I know of your problem. Let's say that I'm... sympathetic to it. I'm also an enemy of your most recent friend.
[19:13] <@Detro> ::catches the movement of the hand and his hands tense on the wheel -- just a little bit. He reminds himself of what this guy's probably been going through -- last thing he needs is jumpy reactions from up front. Or a hastily-fired gun::
01[19:13] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::He presses his lips together tightly; it's hard to tell how happy he is. He's good at guarding his reactions to things:: I see.
[19:14] <@Mem> ::drives along carefully, eyes glued to the road, to the feel of the tires, hoping they don't need to do anything wild::
[19:14] <@Gabriel> ::continues:: I do not yet know, however, which side YOU are on. If you're on the wrong side, you can be assured that on a snowy day like today, people have... accidents. Minor fender-benders.
[19:14] <@Marshall> ::does another look around for other chasers::
[19:14] <@Gabriel> So, during your commute this morning, I'd like to discuss what side you're on.
01[19:15] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Grimaces at the cawfee:: Ugh. Can't stand that stuff.
01[19:16] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::He replies in a guarded fashion, and his hand slips from his lapel:: You're NGIS, aren't you? Or one of those.
[19:17] <@Marshall> ::smiles, slightly amused by Winchester's panic::
[19:18] <@Gabriel> ::covers the microphone to Lorentz and informs Detro of the gun, then uncovers the mic::
[19:19] <@Gabriel> Let's just say that's close enough for government work. You can call me Mister Westphalia.
[19:19] <@Detro> ::half-expected this guy to be packing heat anyways, so it doesn't come as a surprise::
[19:19] <@Marshall> ::clicks the safety off on his M32, holstered on his waist at the mention of a gun::
01[19:20] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::nods once. His hands remain in his lap, with his gun still in relatively quick reach.:: Alright, Mister Westphalia.
[19:20] <@Detro> ::that said, Detro's knife is reachable... though the throw would be awkward::
[19:20] <@Gabriel> So. We know about your children. We know about your wife. We know a good bit of what you've been up to. And we know about your new friend. He doesn't look like a GREL, but he's a GREL.
01[19:20] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Gestures in the air in front of the laptop slate she's using.:: Don't see any surveillance at the house.
[19:21] <@Gabriel> Whose side are you on, Mister Lorentz?
[19:21] <@Detro> ::his eyes drift to the mirror as Tynes asks the big question::
[19:22] <@Caelin> ::glances down at his screen and checks in with sleca at the lorentz home then looks back at freja::either it's moving with him, or there was none to begin with
01[19:22] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::calmly:: I grew up on War of the Alliance stories. Nova Redriders and Cat's Paws stories, and Gold Dawn. Was going to go into the Guard, but I was offered a position here at Northco. I'm a patriot, Mr Westphalia.
[19:23] <@Marshall> ::smiles at the mention of his old unit, the 9th Northern Guard::
[19:24] <@Gabriel> So. We have some time. How did they ID you?
01[19:25] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> I don't know. He told me that they've been watching me for a long time now. ::After a pause, he supplies:: It's my guess they came down with Icarus.
[19:25] <@Marshall> What? What's Icarus?
[19:26] <@Gabriel> +com+ CEF plan. They dropped a lot of covert teams on the planet. It's a good guess.
[19:26] <@Mem> ::to Marshall:: It's my guess they're watching him even now.
[19:26] <@Gabriel> ::repeats for Winchester:: That's probably a good guess. But it doesn't explain why you, in particular. What do they want with you, from your perspective?
[19:26] <@Marshall> ::just to be sure, he looks around again::
01[19:28] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::Inhales and then releases his breath, drawn out and shaky:: I work for the biggest arms manufacturer in Confederation. I'm in a place that's not too sensitive to be heavily watched, but I can get access to a lot of information. Probably information about other employees.
[19:28] <@Gabriel> Like what? You have to have some guesses.
[19:29] <@Caelin> ::not too loudly::and in position to go higher in the company...
[19:29] <@Detro> ::had been about to ask something similar, but Tynes beat him to it::
01[19:30] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> They've asked about a few others in the company. I've had to pass on a few files. Some of the line foremen, some of the janitorial staff. Some that feel like they were picked at random.
[19:32] <@Detro> ::frowns... not exactly high end targets... which could lend further credence to it all having been staged to bring the Talons in. Another suspect was added to Detro's list of them...::
[19:32] <@Gabriel> How are you being watched? Do you know? Who is your contact?
[19:33] <@Caelin> ::listens in and starts to wonder::how many of these...sledges, could have been put on the planet?
01[19:33] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> Don't know. Haven't got one. He sometimes says when he'll be by again, but... I don't think he works that way. He's an opportunist. He checks in when he's around.
01[19:35] <@Savant> The cars pull onto the freeway; it's the same freeway in which they had their high speed chase some days ago.
[19:35] <@Gabriel> Always the same guy? ::covers the mic:: +com+ Opinions. Quickly.
[19:36] <@Marshall> +subvoc+ Sounds like this whole thing was bait to get us to nibble, cap'n.
[19:36] <@Detro> +subvoc+ If he's that loyal, he'd have reported this to someone.
01[19:37] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> No. Sometimes he has a courier drop off things. Sometimes he has someone else show up. I don't have any pictures of them.
[19:37] <@Mem> ::drives onto the freeway and checks the condition of the roads::
[19:39] <@Detro> So, when did you find out where they came from? What tipped you off?
01[19:39] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::His responce is terse, but polite:: I guessed. I'm paid to read people.
[19:42] <@Gabriel> ::tries to decide whether to tell him about his wife:: You have access to someone who can help, Mister Winchester. You don't seem very relieved, or very eager to offer information.
01[19:42] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::mops up her microwaved soup with dinner rolls, as interested as if she were watching a favourite soap opera::
01[19:43] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::Also tersely:: You may not be the only one listening. I have more than myself to think about here.
[19:44] <@Caelin> ::looks at gabriel::would it be possible to get the names of those people he gave files on, find out if anything has "changed" about them?
[19:45] <@Marshall> ::decides to check and see if anyone was hijacking the A/V feed from the cab::
[19:45] <@Detro> ::firmly:: So do we.
[19:46] <@Gabriel> Indeed. You're busily assisting and funding terrorists, Mister Winchester. Some men would risk death rather than knowingly do such a thing.
[19:47] <@Gabriel> You call yourself a patriot, but you seem to have chosen a side.
01[19:47] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> I know. And I really hope you win. ::lets out a breath that is almost an attempt at a humourless laugh:: If it were just *my* death, I wouldn't be doing this.
[19:49] <@Caelin> ::blinks and looks at freja::he still believes his children are alive
[19:49] <@Gabriel> ::to Caelin, with the mic covered:: So far as we know right now, they are.
[19:49] <@Marshall> ::scoffs:: I'll kill him myself if he doesn't start talking.
[19:49] <@Gabriel> ::to the mic:: And how do you know your family is still alive, Mister Winchester? How long are you supposed to provide this assistance?
01[19:49] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods:: If I were him I'd be hunting down the terrans myself.
[19:50] <@Gabriel> We've secured the car as well as we know how. I suggest you start talking.
01[19:51] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::He sighs and puts a hand to his forehead, strain starting to wear through:: I've had to provide him with money. It was transferred to a badlands bank account. I can give the code to you, but I imagine it's been changed and the money moved by now.
[19:52] <@Gabriel> You haven't answered the question.
01[19:53] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> I don't *know* how long. He hasn't exactly provided terms.
[19:53] <@Gabriel> Your wife has family, Mister Winchester. You wife has friends. She's disappeared, with only your word on why. I'm surprised you haven't been picked up by Rapid City PD already on suspicion of murdering her.
01[19:54] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::bluntly:: I'm surprised too. He did his homework.
01[19:56] <@Savant> The slow traffic speeds up, starting to move a steady clip across the city.
[19:57] <@Gabriel> You have assistance now, Mister Winchester. Tomorrow morning, you'll find your car still won't start. Call a tow truck and have it taken to a garage. Hide the account numbers you know about and the people whose files you've modified in the car somewhere. We'll find it.
[19:58] <@Gabriel> We know where your wife is. We're working on your children. They were taken south, into the AST somewhere. Do you have any clues where that might be?
01[19:59] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> Alright. It's in the jungle. somewhere hot. Lots of redjackets.
[20:01] <@Gabriel> Leave copies of the messages you've recieved from them. It might give us some clues.
[20:02] <@Mem> ::drives along carefully, but the roads were in slightly better condition::
01[20:02] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> I've got copies of the currency marks that I sent to him as well. It might help you trace them.
[20:03] <@Gabriel> Good. When we find the place where you hid the information, we'll leave further instructions there. You have a friend now, Mister Winchester. For now, we won't move until we can secure your family.
[20:04] <@Gabriel> When your car won't start tomorrow morning, chances are we'll talk again.
01[20:04] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> ::HE breathes out heavily again. He doesn't *say* thank you, but it's obvious that he means it::
01[20:04] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> Alright.
01[20:05] <@Savant> Northco's massive walled compound approaches quickly ahead. The road proceeds through the first set of gates.
[20:05] <@Gabriel> Have an enjoyable day at work, Mister Winchester.
01[20:06] <@Savant> 3Lorentz Winchester> Thank you, Mister Westphalia.
01[20:06] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[20:06] <@Savant> no need to draw it out, I think. Do you know where you're going next? What you're doing next?
[20:07] <@Gabriel> Look into the wife's family and friends. Why HASN'T this guy been picked up for murder? That's one thing, at least.
[20:07] <@Gabriel> Southie sat intel.
01[20:07] <@Savant> how are you going to look into the PD on it?
[20:07] <@Detro> As I recall, the cover story was that the wife went on a vacation
[20:08] <@Gabriel> By herself? For months? Without talking to anyone? No postcards?
[20:08] <@Detro> Her husband still seems to think she's alive.
[20:08] <@Detro> No reason this guy couldn't have gotten enough out of her to make her friends think so too.
[20:08] <@Caelin> i think we should check out those employees that lorentz gave the files on, my paranoia is telling me they may have been replaced by sledges
01[20:09] <@Savant> Southie sat intel gets bogged down in the jungles of the mekong. SRID informs you that they've put a team onto the case in that region to try and track down the targets.
[20:09] <@Marshall> What about our tracking on Set 17?
01[20:10] <@Savant> he went into a building at that badlands compuound and hasnt' yet come out.
01[20:10] <@Savant> compound, even
[20:10] <@Caelin> any way of telling if that was just a relay station?
[20:11] <@Caelin> other than by actually going there
01[20:11] <@Savant> that sounds like some sort of a mechanics/per cpx 3 roll
[20:12] <@Mem> :O
[20:12] <@Detro> Only 3?
[20:12] <@Mem> What was Delgado up to again?
[20:12] <@Detro> Would Acute Vision help out in any of that?
01[20:13] <@Savant> no. It's not your eyes, it's the resolution of the camera
01[20:14] <@Savant> It looks like the top end of an oasis tower, but it's smaller.
01[20:16] <@Savant> other people move around and do stuff. There are even some Gears there.
01[20:16] <@Savant> cement pillbox-like building with several big squat towers sticking out the top and a few cement cisterns.
[20:17] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Interesting.
[20:17] <@Detro> ::snicker:: Tokyo-3.
01[20:17] <@Savant> I think we can do the PD investigation outside of the regular gameplay. We'll do that sometime this week, or before the game next week.
01[20:18] <@Savant> any questions? or do we want expees?
[20:19] <@Detro> FedExpees please.
01[20:19] <@Savant> one for teamwork. Any commentary on that?
[20:20] <@Detro> Once again, I was able to drive a car on TN and NOT wind up in a horrible wreck that killed civilians. Smile
[20:20] <@Caelin> i'd say this was mostly gabriel's show, and the rest of us mostly played in the background
[20:20] <@Mem> RNG kept Mem from crashing
[20:20] <@Mem> Smile
[20:20] <@Gabriel> ::grins::
[20:20] <@Detro> Detro said a few things that seemed to help Gabriel in one or two spots.
01[20:20] <@Savant> hooray ABS brakes
[20:21] <@Gabriel> And yeah, this is why I hate courtroom kinda scenes. It's hard to get and keep everyone involved. But everyone stayed involved and provided some good input in several places.
06[20:21] * @Savant nods
01[20:21] <@Savant> I allmost did this out of scene. But I thought there was enough leadup to it to warrant it.
01[20:22] <@Savant> anyways, one expee there. two is storyline. what have you learned about that?
[20:23] <@Caelin> it appears that lorentz doesn't know that his wife is dead
[20:24] <@Gabriel> Lots! Winchester claims to still be on the side of the angels, he doesn't know his wife's dead, he's not real executive material, and he's going to help us out, or claims that he will.
01[20:24] <@Savant> dude's very much a family man
[20:25] <@Gabriel> Also, he appears to be a very small cog in what must be a larger plan.
06[20:25] * @Savant nods
[20:25] <@Detro> And that there's potential for some substitution of people into low-key roles, though not sure how possible that really is.
[20:25] <@Gabriel> Fun boy doesn't check in with Winchester on a regular schedule. That's the key piece of info that came out of tonight.
[20:26] <@Detro> Not really. Previous to tonight, we've seen twice that he lets things happen when they happen.
[20:26] <@Gabriel> So, we've got to dig a little broader. Maybe try to follow the money, once we have the account numbers.
[20:26] <@Detro> First with the murder scene, second with the cell phone.
[20:26] <@Gabriel> See what it's being spent on.
01[20:26] <@Savant> i've given you enough that you guys should be able to piece together Set 17's M.O. by now.
[20:28] <@Caelin> he works on impulse, he has a set plan, but he'll deviate slightly if he happens to think it'll make things more interesting
01[20:28] <@Savant> that's two points. Now, the third question is "How do you feel about gettin into a fight?"
[20:29] <@Detro> I only have a knife. Would it be a knife fight?
[20:29] <@Detro> Or will I be bringing a knife to a gun fight? Smile
[20:30] <@Caelin> i'd rather bring a gun to a knife fight
[20:30] <@Marshall> I'm good. I've got a few guns with me.
[20:30] <@Mem> Can Mem win the chick?
[20:30] <@Mem> after the fight?
01[20:30] <@Savant> sure can.
[20:30] <@Gabriel> Definitely need some kind of action here, I think. Don't think I've kept my opinion on that a secret. Wink
01[20:30] <@Savant> heh
01[20:31] <@Savant> awesome.
01[20:31] <@Savant> three points. Get outta here Wink
01[20:31] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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01[18:31] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:31] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:31] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
03[18:31] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
[18:31] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:31] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:32] <@Roland> ::attn::
01[18:32] <@Savant> goo-hoo-hood eevening to you all, and welcome to a Black Talon Spooktacular Special
03[18:32] * Savant sets mode: +o Marshall
[18:32] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:32] <@Detro> ::huddled at danger-close to the camera, nose running:: I'm so scared!
01[18:33] <@Savant> I have been disappointed in the lack of attendance and interest lately. So i have decided to kill you all >Sad
[18:33] <@Roland> Muahahahah?
01[18:33] <@Savant> before that, though, I understand you wanted to go talk to the cops after the events of the last game
01[18:33] <@Savant> that has taken up the rest of Winter 4.
01[18:34] <@Savant> Mrs Winchester hasn't turned up as missing, for whatever reason.
01[18:35] <@Savant> They will happily look into it now that you've brought it to their attention, though
01[18:35] <@Savant> any questions on that?
01[18:35] <@Savant> didn't think so.
[18:35] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: We were gonna follow up with relatives/friends if we could find some.
01[18:35] <@Savant> aha! you'll ahve time for a bit.
[18:36] <@Mem> :O
01[18:36] <@Savant> you talk with one of her work associates. Work thinks she's on a vacation. They show you a card that she sent to the office
01[18:36] <@Savant> the secretary notes that it's unlike Ms Winchester to send a card. But there it is.
01[18:36] <@Savant> they let you see the card.
01[18:37] <@Savant> nothing immediately unusual, but you get some pictures and the signatures don't quite match.
01[18:37] <@Savant> good enough to pass a visual inspection, unless you're a computer.
03[18:37] * Itz ( has joined #bt05
01[18:37] <@Savant> hey, an itz Smile
03[18:37] * Detro sets mode: +oo Itz Itzpapalotl
03[18:37] * Itz is now known as Delgado
[18:37] <@Caelin> ::attn::
01[18:37] <@Savant> all we'd need is a Jake and it'd be a full house.
[18:38] <@Delgado> Hey
[18:38] <@Detro> Don't you mean "full grave"?
01[18:38] <@Savant> Itz, maptool. build 30.
01[18:38] <@Savant> house of the dead
[18:38] <@Caelin> hopefully he's not caught up in the scourge invasion
01[18:38] <@Savant> any more questions on things done during the day?
[18:39] <@Marshall> ::cough:: WoW sucks. ::coughcough::
01[18:39] <@Savant> yes, yes it does.
01[18:39] <@Savant> no? Okay. So then you go to your cheap motel, plot a bit, and then get some rest.
01[18:40] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:40] <@Savant> 4 Winter TN1946, 3530h - night
01[18:40] <@Savant> Rapid City area, UMF
01[18:40] <@Savant> -18C, Overcast.
01[18:40] <@Savant> Ring. Ring. Click.
01[18:40] <@Savant> Mem answers his cellphone, groggy with sleep. "Hello?"
01[18:40] <@Savant> A half second later, he realizes that it's not his cellphone that he's holding onto. The voice on the other side is calm and clear and maybe a little smug.
01[18:40] <@Savant> "Boom."
01[18:40] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:40] <@Detro> ack ::Dies, choking on a waffle::
[18:40] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:40] <@Marshall> ack
[18:40] <@Caelin> ack
[18:40] <@Roland> ack ::dies from poisoned delivered continental breakfast food::
[18:40] <@Delgado> ack
[18:40] <@Mem> ack
01[18:41] <@Savant> hit up that maptool.
[18:41] <@Caelin> this is a cheap motel we're at, the food doesn't have to be poisoned to kill us:)
[18:41] <@Detro> ::hits that::
[18:41] <@Detro> Ow! My monitor's broken now!
[18:41] <@Marshall> What are we looking at?
[18:41] <@Detro> Zoom out
01[18:41] <@Savant> floor plan of your motel.
[18:41] <@Gabriel> This is sci-fi. Sci-fi isn't supposed to have bathrooms. Razz
[18:41] <@Marshall> Yeah. I see the rooms. Where do you want us?
[18:42] <@Marshall> Anywhere inside the red?
01[18:42] <@Savant> in the rooms in the red box.
[18:42] <@Mem> What is it if not his cellphone?
[18:42] <@Delgado> What's the password again? It's not working
[18:42] <@Marshall> No password
01[18:42] <@Savant> it's not *his* cellphone.
01[18:42] <@Savant> it's the one you found week before last.
[18:42] <@Roland> Who's hotel is this? And why are there communal washrooms? Wink
[18:42] <@Detro> I call Psycho scene in the shower
01[18:43] <@Savant> why is the sky blue? what are rainbows made of?
[18:43] <@Gabriel> Gabriel is an evolved human, as befitting his sci-fi nature, and doesn't require your primitive "washroom".
01[18:43] <@Savant> there is a second map.
01[18:43] <@Savant> it's obviously there for Southerners, Gabriel.
[18:43] <@Detro> ::reads:: "Landship Vigilance...?"
[18:44] <@Marshall> I think that's a google map of my house Wink
[18:44] <@Gabriel> Hee. Of course we get the crappy budget hotel right across from the distribution center.
[18:44] <@Mem> hmm, I can't find the token I normally use for mem
01[18:44] <@Savant> you have a big house Wink
[18:44] <@Detro> Right next to the main line through town.
[18:44] <@Detro> I'm thinking the El from Blues Brothers.
02[18:44] * @Marshall ( Quit (Quit: )
03[18:45] * Marcy ( has joined #BT05
01[18:45] <@Savant> so, who's awake?
[18:45] <@Detro> ::plays dead::
01[18:45] <@Savant> Detro's on the pot, huh?
[18:45] <@Caelin> i'm looking for tokens
03[18:46] * Savant sets mode: +o Marcy
[18:46] <@Detro> In the shower.
01[18:46] <@Savant> awesome.
03[18:46] * Marcy is now known as Marshall
[18:47] <@Detro> "He wants to get killed? Let the Prophet make it so." <Sisko> Huh?
[18:47] <@Marshall> "He tries to end the game."
[18:48] <@Detro> So, anything else we need to know?
01[18:49] <@Savant> Nope. No one's awake but Detro, then
[18:49] <@Detro> Oh, do we have to be asleep?
01[18:49] <@Savant> Detro, give me a FIT roll.
01[18:49] <@Savant> no, that's fine.
[18:49] <@Detro> Makes sense, given his insomnia
01[18:49] <@Savant> ah, yes it does.
01[18:49] <@Savant> you're at -1 to all actions, because you're exhausted.
[18:49] <@Delgado> Buuuurn.
[18:49] <@Roland> I think he needs another FIT roll to avoid slipping and falling in the shower.
01[18:50] <@Savant> questions?
01[18:50] <@Savant> I will be the one to write the first line of the game. So, wait for it.
01[18:50] <@Savant> Though feel free to roleplay sleeping or showering until I do Wink
01[18:51] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:51] <@Mem> ::blinks:: Who's this?
[18:52] <@Detro> ::scrubbing himself in the shower... having not gotten much sleep, writing a letter to Kellerton::
01[18:52] <@Savant> 6Phone> *click*
01[18:52] <@Savant> The windows shatter, almost in unison, as something blasts through them.
[18:53] <@Marshall> ::inhales sharply, rolls off the bed::
[18:53] <@Roland> ::snorts, and sits upright off of the couch, his hand already bringing up his revolver out of the holster in a lightning fast motion::
01[18:54] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::wakes with a gasp and flops from bed, choking and winded from something impacting into her ribs::
01[18:54] <@Savant> Thick, cloying smoke begins to fill the rooms.
[18:54] <@Delgado> ::some people say they can sleep anywhere in any position. Fortuately, Delgado is one of those people as she sleeps on the floor with her legs up on a chair. She fell aslep sitting in it at some point...::
[18:55] <@Detro> ::hears a loud noise:: What the...
[18:55] <@Roland> ::as smoke begins filling the room, he rolls off the couch and onto the floor, scrambling quickly on hands and knees towards the door::
[18:55] <@Marshall> ::claws around on the floor, he crawls to the door behind Roland::
[18:56] <@Detro> ::steps out of the shower, wrapping a towel around him::
[18:56] <@Mem> ::glances at the cell phone, then cringes as the windows break::
[18:56] <@Roland> ::grabs his duffel and slings it over his shoulder, then reaches up and grabs the doorknob, pulling the door inwards::
[18:56] <@Marshall> Caelin, Scildfreja! Are you alright?
01[18:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> >cough cough cough<
[18:57] <@Detro> ::goes over to the door and opens it a bit to look outside, see what's going on::
[18:57] <@Caelin> ::was just in the process of waking up when the blast came, he instinctively rolls back against the wall, then starts feeling dizzy::*cough*freja?!*cough*
[18:57] <@Roland> ::crawls out into the hallway to see if the entire floor has been hit, or just their rooms::
[18:57] <@Delgado> ::her eyes snap open and inhales sharply; goddamn startle instinct. She rolls over onto her stomach in a coughing fit and looks around. She starts to belly crawl toward her medbag she left at the foot of the bed, her movements now motivated by the starting tingling in her body:: Damnit!
[18:57] <@Marshall> ::pulls his holster belt on:: I'm going back for them, sarge.
[18:58] <@Gabriel> ::rolls out of bed and onto the floor, digging into the nightstand's lower drawer for his sidearm::
[18:58] <@Roland> ::sets the bag back down and pulls out his rifle, giving Marshall the thumbs up without a word::
01[18:59] <@Savant> Roland and Marshall find their doors are locked shut tightly from the outside
[18:59] <@Mem> ::starts to swoon as the gas begins to take effect::
[18:59] <@Delgado> ::only after a few crawls she starts slowing down, her vision starting to split into to. Her limbs aren't working as well as they used to a moment ago either which isn't helping her overall anxiety and coughing fit:: *coughcough*TY*coughscough*NES! M-My*coughcough*BAG!
[19:00] <@Delgado> <<to=two>>
01[19:00] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Pulls her night shirt up over her mouth and starts to fumble for her bag::
[19:00] <@Roland> ::finds the ddoor isn't opening -- he pushes himself away from the door and lays down on his back, hands grasping the revolver while he takes aim at the doorknob::
[19:00] <@Mem> ::calls out:: What's happening? Fuck... it's this gas.
[19:00] <@Detro> ::seeing black smoke, he immediately closes the door -- his mind is screaming something about "fire"::
[19:00] <@Caelin> ::covers his mouth and nose with a pillow case and stumbles off the bed to get to freja::
[19:01] <@Roland> ::the room is punctuated with the loud retort of his firearm::
[19:01] <@Mem> ::coughs and grabs a shirt and tries to cover his face::
[19:01] <@Gabriel> ::recalls 20-cycles old military training and stays on the ground, worm-walking to the closet to get Delgado's bag and his own duffel, sidearm ready::
01[19:01] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::fumbles out a small respirator and jams it over her mouth, then shoves the other one at Caelin::
[19:01] <@Delgado> ::between her lack of air and increasing tingling weakness, she lays down on her stomach, every move becoming a struggle. She starts to claw her way toward her bag and trying to reach out for it, looking like a demented baby::
[19:01] <@Detro> ::hesitates long enough to grab a nearby hand towel and soak it with water from the sink, and to grab his knife from the holster with his clothing::
01[19:01] <@Savant> Roland blows the lock off of the door.
[19:01] <@Marshall> ::turns around, drawing his pistol and aiming at the door joining Mem and Detro's room to thiers. He fires twice::
[19:02] <@Gabriel> ::attempts to stay under the gas, or failing that, keep his mouth and nose covered with his t-shirt::
[19:02] <@Roland> ::swings around and tries again::
[19:02] <@Roland> >yank<
[19:02] <@Marshall> <<doorknob, that is>>
[19:02] <@Caelin> ::takes the respiration and puts it on, taking in a few breaths of cleaner air::
[19:02] <@Detro> ::making sure the towel is damp, he holds it over his mouth and nose, then opens the door again, moving into the room and closing it behind him::
01[19:02] <@Savant> The door gives way to Roland this time.
[19:03] <@Roland> ::holsters his revolver, draws his machine pistols, and rolls out into the hallway with one gun pointed in either direction::
[19:04] <@Gabriel> ::grabs Delgado's duffel and drags it over to her, then heads back for the door::
[19:04] <@Marshall> ::fumbles around and finds the gas mask in his backpack and pulls it on::
[19:04] <@Mem> ::jumps as he hears gunshots and fumbles around for his weapon::
01[19:05] <@Savant> Gunshots appear out of nowhere as Roland rolls out of the hallway.
[19:05] <@Detro> ::enters the room and glances around for the others... taking in the sight more clearly, knows this is NOT good::
[19:05] <@Marshall> ::heads into Mem's room:: Detro? LT?
[19:06] <@Mem> ::muffled:: What the FUCK?
[19:06] <@Caelin> ::helps freja to the door, then goes and grabs his 11mm pistol when he hears the shots::
01[19:06] <@Savant> The room is full of grey smoke now' it's impossible to see past the length of your arm.
[19:06] <@Delgado> ::grabs the bag and hugs it to her like it was a long lost family member before rapidly pulling the top open and thrashing through it, finding her Mediglove and pulling that on:: *coughcough*Damn*coughcough*it!
[19:06] <@Detro> ::muffled by the towel:: Obver hrrre. ::makes his way to the connecting door::
01[19:06] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Still coughing, she crawls to the door with Caelin, getting her own pistol meanwhile::
[19:07] <@Marshall> ::shines the flashlight at Mem and gets down close to him. The huge mask on his face made the next word redundant:: Gas, sir.
[19:07] <@Gabriel> ::tries the door, finds it locked, and digs into his duffel for his grenade belt::
[19:08] <@Roland> ::as he comes out of his roll in the middle of the hallway, arms akimbo, he rotates in his crouch as bullets ricochet around him while he presents the smallest profile to the targets at the end of the hallway and at the same time brings both pistols to bear down the southern hallway::
[19:08] <@Mem> ::muffled:: No SHIT. ::grabs his gun and backpack and tries to find Marshall::
[19:08] <@Marshall> ::grabs Mem by the arm and leads him back into thier room and out into the hallway::
01[19:08] <@Savant> The guns that these guys are firing are automatic, and they're filling the hall with lead.
[19:09] <@Detro> ::continues to carefully pick his way to the door between the rooms, having to be cautious of debris on the floor::
[19:09] <@Caelin> ::tries to open the door but it's locked, he steps back a bit and motions freja to do the same as he levels the gun at the doorknob::
[19:10] <@Caelin> <<nix>>
[19:10] <@Marshall> ::hears more gunshots. A lot more, and runs back into his room and grabs his machine pistol::
[19:10] <@Gabriel> ::pulls an AV grenade from the belt, his R23C from the duffel, and loads the grenade:: Delgado! Back off and get down!
[19:11] <@Gabriel> ::follows his own advice, worm-walking to the wall opposite the door::
01[19:11] <@Savant> ::There is a reply from outside the wall to Tynes' shout:: Oh, shit!
[19:11] <@Marshall> ::damn near trips over Caelin, then runs over to the door and peeks out at Roland:: What the hell's going on sarge?
[19:11] <@Mem> ::crouches down as he hears more gunfire::
[19:11] <@Delgado> ::runs her glove over herself, looks at the readout, then loads up a medication and 'chokes' herself, slamming the drug into her neck for rapid distribution. Just in time too as she looks over, blinks her vision clear, and sees Tynes with a handful of boom:: Oh great... ::grabs her bag and starts crawling toward the back of the room and hopefully behind some sturdy furniture back there::
[19:12] <@Detro> ::stumbles into the other room finally, still breathing through the damp towel::
[19:12] <@Roland> ::Roland doesn't respond -- the machine pistol in his left hand opens up at automatic and sprays the two men hunched together down the hallway. As his finger comes off the trigger he is already moving, his body twisting and his feet shifting forward as the other pistol lets off one retort a the lone man::
[19:13] <@Caelin> ::waits for roland and marshall form up a clear some room, before going out himself::
[19:13] <@Marshall> ::sees the baddies down the hallway and brings the Cunningham-21 up, lining up a shot::
01[19:14] <@Savant> Thup! thup! One of the men in the hall goes down. There's a red spray of blood as another is grazed - he staggers back behind the wall. The third avoids the cranial perforation, ducking behind a cement piling at the right moment.
[19:14] <@Detro> ::barely sees Roland -- or a shape like him -- scoot and shoot his way into the hall::
[19:14] <@Mem> ::fishes for his real cellphone in his backpack and then tries to make a call::
[19:15] <@Detro> ::frowns, knowing there's not much cover in that hall... not much he can do to help... glances at the knife... and grins::
[19:15] <@Delgado> ::gets her bag back together and pulls out her own firearm. It just feels good in her hand, like a lethal security blanket as the world goes to hell around her::
[19:15] <@Detro> ::moves to the door, just enough that he can get a glimpse of the hall and its opposite wall::
[19:16] <@Marshall> ::pulls out his sidearm and hands it to Detro::
[19:16] <@Gabriel> ::can hear automatic fire in the hallway and grimaces:: Hang back, doctor, but get ready to move on my command. ::levels his rifle at the door::
01[19:17] <@Savant> The man behind the piling leans out and sprays from his assault rifle liberally. The hallway fills with lead again. A shot zips into the meat of Roland's shoulder, and another shatters the door frame right beside Marshall's head.
[19:17] <@Marshall> ::as he is ducking back into cover from the spray of bullets Wink ::
[19:17] <@Detro> ::waves it off with his knife, cocking his arm back to throw instead::
[19:17] <@Detro> ::aims for the call button for the elevator and throws the knife::
[19:17] <@Delgado> Roger that. ::her voice is still very hoarse from the gas and the almost coughing up of her lungs::
01[19:19] <@Savant> 5Phone> *click* 911. What's the issue, sir?
01[19:19] <@Savant> ((nix that))
01[19:20] <@Savant> 5Phone> *click* Pacifica Research Station.
[19:20] <@Roland> ::is still moving forward as a round punches through his duster, clothing and into his armour -- he grunts and changes his movements to compensate, heading for the elevator's wall::
01[19:22] <@Savant> Detro's knife sticks into the faux-metal frame around the elevator buttons.
[19:22] <@Mem> +com+ BT oh-five requesting immediate assistance in Rapid City, we are being pinned down here. Coordinates are ::lists the rough coordinates:; automatic weapons, noxious gas... ::coughs and covers his mouth::
[19:24] <@Gabriel> Fire in the hole! ::fires the grenade::
01[19:24] <@Savant> 6Phone> ::type type:: Calling local authorities. Calling for local evac. What support do you need?
[19:24] <@Detro> ::mutters at the miss behind the towel, he moves back into cover... his next words are muffled by the towel:: Now I fnk awl nid tha gun.
[19:25] <@Marshall> ::distracted by a fireball moving down the hallway::
01[19:26] <@Savant> The southern door explodes dramatically, showering himself and Delgado with wood and plastic shrapnel. A grey metal box that was sitting just on the opposite side of the door falls backwards and explodes upwards, into the ceiling, with tremendous force.
[19:26] <@Mem> +com+ Unknown number of intruders, but I'm thinkingwe need the hotel surrounded, and I need to know who just called the following number... ::lists the other cell phone number that had woken him up earlier::
[19:26] <@Gabriel> ::fires a number of "get your ass out of the doorway and get down" shots through the gap for good measure::
[19:27] <@Delgado> ::being a well trained, tough, desert-bred Talon, Delgado still lets out a girlish squeal as the door blows to hell and back::
01[19:27] <@Savant> 5Phone> On it. Local SWAT is on the way. I'll send this phone trace to the tank. Stay on the line, Sir.
01[19:28] <@Savant> The shape of a body goes flying out from the explosion that Tynes used as a door-knocker. The man behind that wall isn't have a good day at all.
[19:28] <@Detro> ::Backs away from the door to stay out of the line of fire::
[19:29] <@Gabriel> ::gets up into a moving crouch and heads for the doorjamb, rifle at the ready:: Delgado, get ready!
[19:30] <@Delgado> ::slings her bag over her shoulder and gets a better grip on her gun as she stays low:: Ready!
[19:30] <@Gabriel> ::using the doorjamb for cover, sweeps the hall in the direction he saw the body explode::
01[19:31] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she seems better - she calms her coughing and starts talking quick and quiet into the mic in her respirator::
[19:33] <@Gabriel> ::spots a guy around the corner and gets his head down with a burst from his rifle::
[19:33] <@Caelin> ::glances at freja and motions that he'll go out first::
[19:33] <@Gabriel> ::calls out:: Gunner on the west corner!
[19:34] <@Mem> ::calls out:: Help's coming!
[19:34] <@Marshall> How long!?
[19:34] <@Roland> ::as the man is pinned down by Tynes's flanking fire, he continues forward towards the end of the hallway, snakelike. He fires each gun in his hand once before throwing himself up against the wall around the corner from the man::
[19:35] <@Detro> ::looks around for any kind of weapon::
01[19:35] <@Savant> The man's behind some good solid cement cover, and it's keeping him alive. He 's wearing a long duster that's seen some serious wind and sand in its day, but his face is obscured by a weathered civillian gas mask.
[19:38] <@Gabriel> ::to Delgado:: Get ready to take my place. I'm gonna cross the hallway.
[19:39] <@Delgado> Got it. ::gets ready to scuttle quickly::
[19:41] <@Marshall> ::walks down the hall after Caelin and Roland, spots the guy hiding behind a corner and unloads into him::
01[19:43] <@Savant> Marshall sees a shot connect, knocking him back. There's armour beneath the duster, though, which turns the shot aside.
[19:48] <@Detro> ::finally spots Mem's bag after searching and roots through it for a gun::
[19:50] <@Detro> <<EDIT: -Mem +someone's
01[19:50] <@Savant> The man in the mask sticks the muzzle of his gun out two spray down the hallway
[19:50] <@Gabriel> ::watches the guy pop out from behind cover:: Watch out! He's firing directly down the hall, left side! <<preparing to spend some CPs::
[19:50] <@Gabriel> >>
[19:51] <@Marshall> ::throws himself out of the way of the bullets as fast as he can::
[19:51] <@Caelin> ::immediately fires off a shot from his 11mm when the hostile makes his move::
[19:55] <@Detro> ::finds a pistol and, armed, prays his towel stays on his waist as his other hand is busy keeping the towel on his face to breathe through::
01[19:55] <@Savant> He's a quick bastard. He lets out a sharp burst almost in Roland's face, then a pair of hissing, smoking cans roll out from his feet. The guns gone' and you hear hurried footsteps.
[19:56] <@Marshall> kuggh.. Bastard!
[19:56] <@Gabriel> ::brings his rifle up and sights through his thermal scope, looking downrange::
[19:57] <@Marshall> ::clicks the thermal imaging on his combo scope on::
[19:58] <@Gabriel> ::sees a fleeing hotspot and fires on it::
01[19:59] <@Savant> Gabriel hears a sharp cry , though it's outside of his field of vision by the time it registers.
[20:03] <@Gabriel> ::calls out, seeing Caelin move through the smoke:: Careful! Watch for traps!
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::moves ahead, through the smoke and looks for the runner and/or more hostiles::
01[20:04] <@Savant> He only spots one hostile - the man's running like mad now, towards the lounge and the exit.
[20:04] <@Mem> ::carefully moves to the door and listens into the hallway::
[20:05] <@Caelin> ::sees the man running and levels off another shot at him::
[20:06] <@Gabriel> ::doesn't hear any shots or explosions as Roland follows Caelin and prepares to follow both of them, dropping his rifle::
[20:07] <@Roland> ::follows Caelin through the smoke, putting himself up against the wall on the other side of the hallway -- his machine pistols belch simultaneously::
[20:08] <@Marshall> ::runs his finger over the whole in his clothing and the dent in his armor checking checking for a breech::
01[20:08] <@Savant> This man's on fire, and knows what he's doing. He leaves a red smear against the wall from Gabriel's parting shot a moment before, but he's still running.
[20:09] <@Gabriel> ::to Delgado, indicating the rifle:: Move up, get out of this smoke, cover us.
02[20:10] * @Marshall ( Quit (Quit: )
03[20:10] * Marcy ( has joined #BT05
03[20:11] * Detro sets mode: +o Marcy
03[20:11] * Marcy is now known as Marshall
[20:11] <@Gabriel> ::these instructions given, sprints out into the hallway after the fleeing man::
01[20:12] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::doubles over with coughs, staggering briefly; she shoves her shoulder against the wall and keeps herself tight there, staying out of the line of fire::
[20:12] <@Delgado> ::skuttles up to Tynes by the door, firearm in hand::
03[20:12] * Prescot ( has joined #BT05
03[20:12] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
03[20:12] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[20:13] <@Gabriel> ::catches the fleeing man and demonstrates Terranovan Rugby, body-checking him into a wall and then tackling what bounces off::
[20:16] <@Mem> ::peeks into the hallway, still on the phone::
01[20:16] <@Savant> He's a squirmy bastard, and apparently knows his rugby - he goes up as Gabriel tackles low. But he doesn't go high enough, and Gabriel gets him around the ankles. Tynes' greater weight brings him down like a hammer on a nail, ploughing him face-first into the floor
[20:16] <@Gabriel> ::pins him down until his personal Angel of Death can catch up::
[20:17] <@Detro> ::moves up next to Mem:: If this is what they consider a wake-up call, they are NOT getting a good recommendation from me. ::manages a wry grimace behind the towel::
[20:17] <@Roland> ::walks up behind Tynes and summarily puts a pair of pullets into the tackled man's kneecaps::
[20:17] <@Roland> Want to hold out his arms for me?
01[20:18] <@Savant> The man jerks, but he's unconscious from the face-plant. His nose is a bloody, smashed mess.
[20:18] <@Gabriel> ::flips the man over:: That's enough, Senior Sergent. Establish a perimeter! ::calls back down the hallway:: Medic!
[20:18] <@Delgado> ::with Tynes and Roland playing and well-secured at the moment, Delgado sticks her head out and tries to look around the corner at the other two occupied rooms, calling out:: Anyone down?
[20:18] <@Marshall> ::calls out to Delgado:: Medic up!
[20:19] <@Mem> ::looks at Detro, himself mostly undressed and unprotected, still covering his mouth with a shirt:: It's fucked is what it is.
01[20:19] <@Savant> There are a few terrified shrieks from the rooms, you now realize. This wasn't an empty inn.
[20:19] <@Roland> ::shrugs and holsters his sidearms, then rolls his duffel off of his back and digs through it to get out his rifle::
[20:19] <@Marshall> ::runs down the hallway and points his machine pistol in the direction the man was running::
[20:19] <@Delgado> ::goes a quick scan/check of the hallway then hurries down to Tynes, back hugging the wall as she moves::
[20:20] <@Detro> ::hears noises from the other rooms:: Yeah, you're right. Fucked is what we're going to be, trying to explain THIS to the manager of this inn.
[20:20] <@Gabriel> ::hears this:: Detro, you're elected. Delgado, get over here.
[20:21] <@Delgado> ::drops down to a knee next to Gabriel and opens her bag, starting to rifle through it as she stares at the now down and mutilated man:: That was a bit overkill...
[20:21] <@Roland> ::throws the duffel back over his shoulder, walks over to the nearest room door, and knocks on it:: Housekeeping.
[20:22] <@Gabriel> The Sergeant specializes in it. ::works on clearing the man's airway of blood with something from Delgado's bag::
[20:22] <@Caelin> ::runs back to see if scildfreja is ok::
[20:22] <@Detro> ::the towel fortunately muffles the curse::
01[20:23] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She's still coughing spasmically, her hands on her respirator mask - there must be a little bit of lung damage::
[20:23] <@Detro> ::still muttering, makes his way back to the bathroom -- and his clothing -- to change::
[20:24] <@Roland> ::thump thump thump:: Okay, so not housekeeping, but I really need to use your room to make sure there aren't any more bad guys outside.
01[20:24] <@Savant> Flashing blue and red can be seen through what windows are visible.
[20:24] <@Marshall> Cap. PD.
[20:25] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Get a perimeter established. Find the Lieutenant, tell him to concentrate on getting us jurisdiction on this mess. Then tell Detro to talk to the innkeep, get this place cleared.
01[20:25] <@Savant> Roland is met with the shriek of a woman and the grunt of a man. "Go away!" is the man's shout.
[20:25] <@Gabriel> We just bought a lead. Bought it with some blood, but a lead's a lead.
[20:25] <@Caelin> ::goes back into the room and grabs their bags then helps freja regroup with the others to be treated::[AS]it's over freja
[20:25] <@Mem> Watch the glass. ::to Detro::
[20:26] <@Gabriel> ::notes Marshall's injury while saying this::
[20:26] <@Delgado> ::helps Tynes intubate the guy then pulls out a chemical cauterizer to stop the bleeding from his knees so he won't bleed out on the floor::
[20:26] <@Roland> Well will you at least tell me what you see out your window then, for fuck's sake? ::mutters:: Wankers.
01[20:26] <@Savant> 5Man> Cops! the cops are here!
[20:26] <@Detro> ::waves his hand dismissively as he goes back through the shard-like minefield::
[20:27] <@Roland> Tax dollars hard at work then. Good. ::harrumphs and walks over to secure the entranceway::
01[20:27] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::pulls off her mask and wipes her tearing eyes, foring herself to breathe deep, ragged breaths::
[20:28] <@Marshall> Sir. ::goes to find Mem::
01[20:28] <@Savant> 5Phone> ::Finally, a reply from Mem's phone:: They think you're NGIS, sir. They'll be there any second.
[20:28] <@Detro> ::Reaching the bathroom, gets through the door quickly to keep the gas out... looks at himself in the mirror, dragging his palms down his cheeks.
[20:29] <@Mem> ::conveys some more info on the phone to Pacifica and gets up to check on the others::
[20:29] <@Mem> +com+ Thanks, might need some medical attention here.
[20:29] <@Gabriel> ::goes back to concentrating on assisting Delgado::
[20:29] <@Mem> ::calls out down the hall:: If anyone asks, we're NGIS.
[20:29] <@Roland> ::sets up at the end of the hallway, his rifle up against his shoulder as he covers the door and lounge::
01[20:29] <@Savant> 5Phone> Ambulances on the way.
[20:29] <@Marshall> ::nods:: Cap wants to see you.
[20:30] <@Delgado> ::stabilizes the guy the best she can in the middle of ground zero and having Roland give his 'personal touch':: He's good to go.
[20:30] <@Mem> ::nods at Marshall:: Double check the rooms for bad shit.
[20:30] <@Mem> ::goes down the hallway carefully::
[20:30] <@Marshall> Sir. ::starts checking door to door::
01[20:30] <@Savant> The doors burst open down the hall, and a team of eight black-clad, armoured SWAT operatives burst in at once, weapons leveling on everyone there::
[20:31] <@Detro> ::sighs and gets dressed, tucking the gun into the waistband of his pants, then emerges from the bathroom::
01[20:31] <@Savant> 5SWAT> POLICE! FREEZE! ON THE GROUND, NOW!
[20:32] <@Roland> ::is pretty much yelling the same thing at the SWAT members as they barge in, but identifying himself as NGIS::
[20:32] <@Gabriel> ::ignores the late arrivals, easy because he's already on the ground, assisting Delgado::
[20:32] <@Mem> ::comes down the hall and sees the SWAT:: NGIS! We have injured!
[20:32] <@Detro> ::returns to the door::
[20:32] <@Mem> ::gets down on the ground, though::
[20:33] <@Caelin> ::comes up to tynes and the others with freja's arm around him for support, he gives a puzzled look to the supposed reinforcements::
[20:34] <@Detro> ::hears yelling as he approaches the door:: Management, already?
[20:34] <@Delgado> ::does neither but calls out before a testosterone pumping trigger happy SWAT puts a bullet through her head:: I'm giving medical aid to a man down!
01[20:35] <@Savant> The SWAT team streams around the NGIS team after giving them a cursory sweep. They're kicking in doors, wrecking shit, and causing general havoc. They apparently believe what they're being told about the group, though.
[20:35] <@Detro> ::stays in the door, seeing as nobody's yelled at him yet::
01[20:37] <@Savant> A few hours pass - the group is left remarkably unquestionhed. Someone in a grey suit can be seen taling to the officers in charge of the scene, and the "NGIS" team is let go without question
01[20:38] <@Savant> After a few hours more, the hospital patient that the group made is released to their care without question as well.
01[20:39] <@Savant> By the time the group is holed up in what can only be described as an underground sanctuary - an *actual* NGIS safehouse, under the city, in amongst the sewers. It's an apartment buried in rock.
01[20:40] <@Savant> Aaand, go.
[20:41] <@Gabriel> ::is busy in one of the side rooms, going over the possessions and IDs of the two dead men::
[20:41] <@Detro> ::has found a seat and is in his usual position in it -- tilted back, eyes closed, but listening and awake::
[20:41] <@Delgado> ::is more watching the shot up guy than anything now that he's stable::
[20:41] <@Roland> ::sits in a chair alongside the shit-wrecked man's bed, feet up on the sheets and hands laced behind his head::
[20:42] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Roland:: You're downright inconsiderate old man. You could have at least let me shoot one of his kneecaps.
[20:42] <@Mem> ::continues to type up intel reports on his laptop, his left foot bandaged from earlier encounters with glass, looking as though he hadn't really stopped to dress or tidy up the entire day--this thing was coming to a head::
[20:43] <@Marshall> ::rubs his chest:: Asshole.
[20:43] <@Caelin> ::walks over to scildfreja and hands her a mug::some herbal tea i found in the cupboards, should be better than that cawfee, feeling better?
[20:43] <@Delgado> How about we not shoot people in the kneecaps, especially when they're already down? Huh? ::stares at Roland flately:: Think that could be possible? ... You're wasting my medical supplies.
[20:43] <@Mem> ::to Delgado:: You'll get more.
[20:43] <@Detro> ::listens to Roland and Birkin's banter, not particularly amused... more going over his chat with the inn's manager and trying to figure out how their enemy knew they were there::
[20:44] <@Roland> ::shrugs without moving his hands:: Captain was holding him down as if he was gonna run off again.
[20:44] <@Mem> ::glances over at the "special" phone, the one that had awakened him::
[20:44] <@Roland> And he certainly ain't running off now.
[20:44] <@Birkin> I suppose we could shoot them in the ankles
[20:44] <@Roland> Oooh, I like that idea.
[20:45] <@Delgado> Then hit him in the head. Grab his legs. Bind him. Do something that doesn't involve a gun. ::looks between Birkin and Roland, a disgusted look on her face before she turns back to the 'patient'::
[20:45] <@Roland> ::has a look on his face as if Delgado had just started talking in moon language::
01[20:45] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::puts down the steroid inhaler that Delgado gave her, and takes the cup. Her voice is rough and raspy:: Much. Thank you.
[20:45] <@Marshall> Yeh. Bet you'd jump at the chance to grab his legs and bind 'im, eh doc?
[20:47] <@Marshall> ::gives Roland a "That'll shut her up" look::
[20:47] <@Detro> ::finally speaks up:: Moot point, I think. Bet these guys were just local professionals. Mercenaries paid to do a task.
[20:47] <@Birkin> But we hit him in the knees
[20:47] <@Birkin> Just with jacketed hallow points
[20:47] <@Gabriel> ::stands up, stretching, after spending the last several hours going over the records::
[20:47] <@Roland> Ba-dum psh. ::unlaces his hands and lifts his feet off the bed, returning to a normal sitting position::
[20:48] <@Delgado> Opposed to shooting both his kneecaps and risk death by exsanguination or shock or sepsis or something else of our only living witness... Yes.
[20:48] <@Marshall> ::goes back to ignoring Delgado and her crazy medical speak Wink::
[20:48] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Roland:: I caught the second thing that could go wrong with him. What was the first and last?
[20:48] <@Roland> How about we focus less on what I do and what I always will do, and more on who the fuck this guy is and what he can tell us that we probably can't figure out by ourselves.
[20:49] <@Gabriel> ::stops by the closest cawfee and refills his cup, then heads for the prisoner's room::
[20:49] <@Detro> ::sighs and falls silent again, eyes still closed. Somewhere, someone had to be leaking information. Or Set had found some way to track them, even while on the move himself::
[20:50] <@Gabriel> ::enters the room, tossing one of the files on a table:: Well, there's a few threads to hunt down, but overall, isn't much there. Badlanders, obviously, from NuCoal region. They worked as miners for a while, then dropped off the map.
[20:50] <@Delgado> It means stop shooting our goddamn... ::hears Roland then gives up:: Fine. Whatever. You think you know best then he's yours. Have at him ::gives the guy a stimulant to wake him up then stands up and walks away:: What the fuck do I know? I'm only a doctor.
01[20:50] <@Savant> He's unconscious, sleeping soundly. Despite his wounds he's doing pretty well - no injury to any organs, and only a mashed face - likely a nasty concussion and he won't be feeling his nose for awhile, but otherwise he'll be fine.
[20:50] <@Gabriel> Their weapons and other gear are typical Badlander stuff, except for the claymores, which are brand new Paxton.
[20:50] <@Marshall> Mercenaries?
01[20:51] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::looks up at Delgado as she stalks away from the others::
[20:51] <@Mem> ::takes the top file and starts looking through it::
[20:51] <@Roland> Does the hotel have security cam footage? Whoever blew the fucking windows in did it from outside after these guys were already set up.
[20:51] <@Gabriel> Hard to say. I'm having a hard time establishing a link between "miner" and "setting bombs in hotels".
[20:51] <@Roland> Anyone else disappear from the mining camps at the same time as these guys?
01[20:52] <@Savant> 5Man> ::groans quietly::
[20:52] <@Roland> Oh stop whining.
[20:52] <@Detro> Here's a link: Don't miners work with explosives?
[20:52] <@Gabriel> ::to Roland:: The guy I blew up collected newspaper editorials. Editorials praising Terranovan solidarity, from both poles, plus one from the Westphalia Cabinet.
[20:52] <@Caelin> ::sits down next to freja and takes a breath::[AS]they're a team, yet they fight amongst themselves...
[20:53] <@Delgado> ::stesp into the other room and collapses in a chair. She's obviously tired, though it's a combination of physical and mental weariness as well as building frustration at her 'shoot first and shoot again and if he lives, maybe shoot him again before we ask a question' team::
[20:53] <@Gabriel> ::to Detro:: Explosives, yes. Brand new Paxton claymore mines, no.
[20:53] <@Roland> ...praising solidarity.
01[20:53] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> [AS] ::murmurs in reply, still ragged-voiced:: I don't get it.
[20:53] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Roland:: Yeah. ::points at the prisoner:: This one's name is Darwin Michelan.
[20:53] <@Roland> ::snorts:: Means these guys were fooled into thinking we were the bad guys?
[20:54] <@Gabriel> That's certainly one possible place to start, yes. Though if that's the case, we're dealing with dumber than the usual fare here.
01[20:54] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Delgado and murmurs - her voice is barely discernable over the roughness:: Thank you.
[20:54] <@Marshall> Nah. I still don't buy it.
[20:54] <@Detro> ::shrugs:: Nah mei guan shee. ::gets up and leaves the room, heading for the kitchen::
[20:55] <@Roland> Either that, or Set is very, very good at lying.
[20:55] <@Marshall> These guys had some idea of what they were doing, and we well equipped. And where is the connection between them and the SLEDGE?
[20:55] <@Gabriel> Maybe. I don't get the phone call.
[20:55] <@Roland> <<scratch>>
[20:55] <@Delgado> ::nods slowly:: You're going to be a little sore and raspy for the next couple of days. Sorry about that.
[20:55] <@Roland> Either that, or the fucking vathead is very, very good at lying.
[20:55] <@Gabriel> Maybe. But I don't get the phone call.
[20:55] <@Mem> Deception is what they're all about, after all.
[20:55] <@Gabriel> Why call Mem to wake us up?
[20:56] <@Mem> Ego? Arrogance?
[20:56] <@Mem> Wanted me to know it was him.
[20:56] <@Gabriel> *Was* it him?
[20:56] <@Marshall> Well he seems to want to play a game with us. Cat and mouse. He's showing us the mouse can hit back.
[20:56] <@Roland> ::nods:: Fits the profile.
[20:56] <@Mem> ... uh.
[20:56] <@Mem> All it said was "boom". I mean, it was a man, it could've been him, but it's not enough to know 100%. The phone couldn't be traced, either.
01[20:57] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::replies cheerily enough:: I've had worse. I should know better than to sleep by a window.
[20:57] <@Marshall> ::nods:: Makes sense that it would be him though.
[20:57] <@Gabriel> If it *was* our boy, we'll need to track how he got your number, Lieutenant.
[20:58] <@Mem> ::holds up the phone:: Not mine. This was the one we picked up.
[20:58] <@Detro> <Kitchen> ::pours himself some juice, shaking his head:: Should have had a watch on. Someone watching the windows.
01[20:58] <@Savant> 5Man> ::mumbles fitfully, stirring::
[20:59] <@Delgado> ::blinks once at Scildfreja then chuckles at the ever-present Utopian paranoia and battle-ready mentality:: Good idea. I should remember that.
[20:59] <@Detro> ::returns to the room, bearing the mug in his hands::
[21:00] <@Gabriel> ::leans against the wall, sipping his cawfee:: How long until we can expect something meaningful out of Darwin here, doctor?
[21:00] <@Roland> ::drums his fingers on his thigh, then rises and makes his way to the head of the bed; he leans over closer to 'Darwin':: PSSSSSSSSSSTT
01[21:00] <@Savant> 5Man> ::Starts to come around, and his eyes open with heavy blinks. Then his breatching gets noisy and quick - he has to breathe through his mouth::
[21:00] <@Gabriel> Never mind.
[21:01] <@Caelin> ::looks up at delgado::have you talked to your captain about your concern with the behavior of your team members?
[21:01] <@Mem> ::glances over at their prisoner::
01[21:01] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Glances at Caelin, then at the group, as Caelin speaks::
[21:02] <@Delgado> ::idly waves her hand then turns away from the man once Roland moves forward, passing 'guardianship' silently to Roland and the others; she's done::
[21:02] <@Detro> ::resumes his old seat again::
01[21:02] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> ::Speaks, but it comes out as a weak sputtering cough instead::
[21:03] <@Delgado> ::turns to Caelin and takes a deep breath as she stares down at the floor:: Yes. Multiple times. Doesn't matter. We all have a role. Roland kills, maims, and mutilates. I'm supposed to fix it and be happy.
[21:03] <@Roland> Might want to take it easy for a minute there, Darwin. Your face is a little busted up, Darwin. Don't want you choking on your own blood, Darwin.
[21:03] <@Marshall> Didn't hurt ya too bad did we? ::pats him right on one of the entrance wounds on his chest::
01[21:03] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::murmurs:: esclipa.
01[21:04] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> ::Marshall pats his fresh wound and he does, indeed, choke on his own blood a bit. It comes up sputtering from his mouth::
[21:04] <@Delgado> ::looks up at Scildfrieja, wondering what she said::
[21:05] <@Mem> Fucksake, look at him. Don't fucking kill him.
[21:05] <@Mem> ::to Marshall::
[21:05] <@Marshall> He's fine. See? All smiles.
[21:05] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja::
[21:06] <@Roland> ::puts one forearm over the other on the side railing of the man's bed and rests his chin on them:: So, welcome back. You're still alive. The rest of your buddies are quite dead. You don't want to join them, so you're going to start at the beginning.
01[21:06] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> ::She notes Delgado's glance, and supplies.:: Foot Armigers move with an Esclipa. The battle-doctor. It's a hard job, carries its own banners. There's no post more honoured.
01[21:06] <@Savant> ((woops! let's fix that))
01[21:06] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She notes Delgado's glance, and supplies.:: Foot Armigers move with an Esclipa. The battle-doctor. It's a hard job, carries its own banners. There's no post more honoured.
01[21:07] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> ::coughs more, but his eyebrows set definatly.::
[21:08] <@Delgado> ::raises both eyebrows then slowly smiles in a wistful way at Scild's description::
[21:09] <@Roland> ::rises and sticks his hands out, manipulating the man's eyebrows into a less defiant position:: You're alive for a reason, now. Let's not remove that reason, eh fucker?
[21:09] <@Detro> ::eyes the man as he sipps at the mug::
01[21:10] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Murmurs even more quietly, if it's possible:: It's sad that isn't the way, here.
[21:10] <@Gabriel> ::watches from his position, leaning against the wall, assessing the man::
01[21:10] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> Do your worst, I'm not talking.
[21:11] <@Roland> ::clasps his hands together:: How ironic that you had to speak to say that. Retard. It's the first step, opening that purty mouth of yours.
[21:11] <@Detro> Your mouth isn't, but the rest of you is.
[21:12] <@Delgado> ::shrugs as she looks back down:: I knew it wasn't a glorious job from the beginning. It's just been... ::goes quiet for a moment, shifting in her chair:: hard. Hard adjusting to this new team. It's completely different from my old one. I'm still an outsider. Perhaps more so, not being a Poler.
[21:12] <@Gabriel> ::conversationally, still leaning against the wall, almost casual:: You and your boys did pretty well, for attacking Black Talons.
01[21:13] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::pauses as if considering that - she drinks her tea as she thinks - then replies:: I forget that you aren't all from the same City.
[21:13] <@Roland> ::crosses his arms:: Oh, right, good point. Did your boss not mention that point?
01[21:13] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> ::blinks his swollen, blackened eyes up at Gabriel. He whispers:: wh-what?
[21:14] <@Roland> That you were ambushing the baddest motherfuckers on the goddamned planet?
[21:14] <@Gabriel> ::to Roland:: Did I tell you, Senior Sergeant? Dumber than the usual fare.
[21:14] <@Delgado> ::smirks:: Same planet, but very different cities. ::glances over at the men then back to Scildfreja:: ... Being a woman doesn't help either, I think.
[21:14] <@Roland> Guess you were right, Captain. Gave Darwin here more credit than his sorry ass was due.
[21:14] <@Gabriel> ::shakes his head and leaves the room::
01[21:14] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> you - you're Talons?
[21:15] <@Gabriel> ::moves to where he can monitor from a nearby room::
[21:15] <@Birkin> Have been for some time. ::leans over a bit at Darwin:: Now why would you want to attack us.
[21:15] <@Detro> Actually, he didn't ambush ALL of the Talons... ::manages a little smile, considering he wasn't actually affected by the ambush, directly at least.::
[21:15] <@Mem> ::glances across at the man after the revelation, and just shakes his head::
01[21:16] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She actually *asks* a question, which is a rare thing indeed:: How young were you when your training started?
[21:16] <@Roland> C'mon, now, Birkin. It's clear this asshole suffers from some form of mental retardation and didn't realize that. Despite wanting Terra Nova to stand solidly against the maurauding forces of Earth. Which, you know...we tend to do.
01[21:17] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> Oh prophet. He said he was from the Westphalia Cabinet.
[21:17] <@Marshall> He lied. Earthers tend to do that.
[21:17] <@Roland> Here's a tip: When the Westphalia Cabinet needs something done, they send us. They don't pick up random jobbers off the street.
[21:18] <@Caelin> ::decides to excuse himself from the conversation and check on how the interrogation is going::
01[21:18] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> ::Chokes at tears - for his dead friends and his own horrible mistake:: He was so convincing. He had the papers and he acted like it...
[21:19] <@Roland> ::whiney mocking voice:: He had the papers -- shut the fuck up and start at the beginning. And I mean the beginning.
[21:19] <@Delgado> ::smiles slightly at Scild's curiosity. She takes it as a sign of opening up:: Depends on which training you're talking about. Since I was born I was training to survive. When I was an adolescent I was taken in by a doctor. A few years after that I was a part of Peace River. Then Talons. Gradual progression, I guess.
[21:20] <@Detro> ::drains the rest of his mug and resumes his lean'd back, eyes closed stance::
01[21:20] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> He - he showed up at the mine site half a cycle ago. Maybe a bit more - Prophet, for real? Oh, Mahmoud.
[21:20] <@Roland> Less whining. More explaining.
[21:21] <@Birkin> ::looks over at the man then takes himself to watch duty, moving over toward the door and looking outside at the ways in::
01[21:21] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> He watched for awhile; after a week or so he came up to me and Clem and started talkin about the Alliance war, and Icarus, and all that. How we were all gonna have to stand together. We all felt hat way.
01[21:22] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> So after awhile he says he's with the Cabinet, and that he wants our help - we were in the militia at home and he says he has our records, and that he needs some guns. Says the Talons need people on planet, too, good people.
[21:22] <@Detro> ::bits of a plan start to float around in his mind::
01[21:23] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> So we go off with him - oh, he was so convincing. Gave us papers, we got a vid from Lang herself, too! I still got it at home. All seemed so real.
[21:24] <@Caelin> ::enters the interrogation room and stands at the wall::
01[21:24] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> We went out north, said he wanted us to train and get ready. We did that almost a season, till two days ago he says we might got a mission. Says he found some Earthers, and once he's got'em pinned down we're gonna go in and take'm down.
01[21:25] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she nods, sipping on her tea as Delgado talks:: Mm. A lot of experiences, it's good. The wastrel's life is hard. Makes you hard.
[21:26] <@Gabriel> ::shakes his head in the adjoining room, muttering to himself:: Liberati.
01[21:26] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> Gave us a layout, came with us. Fucker was on the roof with Josep and Lawren, with the smokers.
[21:27] <@Gabriel> ::sits down at the computer and starts crafting a very eloquent missive back to base explaining why three or four days isn't QUITE gonna be enough here::
[21:27] <@Roland> Everything. Everything he ever gave you; ever told you; ever said to you. We need it. And who are Josep and Lawren?
[21:28] <@Roland> ::looks over at the window Tynes is behind and taps the glass:: We better get a press release or something out saying this asshole died -- he might still use those other two if he doesn't think we caught someone alive.
01[21:28] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> The rest of the guys. Came with me an'Clem. Good shots, they are, but young, so we decided they'd stay out of the firing. Howard came with me an'clem.. in the hall...
[21:28] <@Delgado> ::frowns slightly as a memory stirs. She shakes her head, like she was trying to shake it away before glancing at her teammates:: I guess.
01[21:30] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> ::grits his teeth and cries angrily:: Fucker'll probably kill the kids. Fuckin Earther.
[21:32] <@Roland> Where are they now.
01[21:32] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::looks down at her mug, stifles a short cough:: It was like that in Koglund sometimes. The Cities don't always get along. It's the common enemy that brings you together, sometimes.
01[21:33] <@Savant> 5Darwin Michelan> He brought us to a little abandoned house in the suburbs when we showed up, before coming here. I don't remember the address, but i know where it is.
[21:34] <@Caelin> ::frowns at what the man is saying::
[21:34] <@Delgado> ::a corner of her mouth twitches in a faint smile:: That is as true here as it is where you are from. ::glances into the room where the interrogation is taking place:: The common enemy...
01[21:35] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Terrans. ::she's as quiet as ever, but the word's filled with venom. She scowls at her cup a moment:: What was your Alliance War like?
[21:35] <@Mem> ::sits solemnly at the laptop for a moment::
[21:38] <@Gabriel> ::struggles to keep the report brief, but can't help but dropping in one Liberati reference, keeps it at that, and fires it off::
[21:38] <@Delgado> ::frowns again as she shifts in her chair, her eyebrows knitted together:: It would probably be easier to ask one of the Polers that question. It was more... complicated in the Badlands. Different.
[21:39] <@Detro> ::everything falling into place... if they were to want to catch him, it would take a high value target -- perhaps one of BT01's members...::
[21:40] <@Caelin> ::slips into the next room where gabriel is::if i may be blunt captain tynes, wouldn't it be better if your people knew about this...creature? so they can keep watch and not let him manipulate them like this?
01[21:40] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::frowns and nods once:: Ours is being complicated, too.
[21:41] <@Gabriel> ::grins at the irony of Caelin -- Caelin! -- lecturing him about publicly broadcasting information::
[21:41] <@Mem> ::glances at Roland, clearly disturbed by the entire situation:: Leave him be for now. And make sure he can't hurt himself. ::to Delgado:: Make sure he's taken care of and completely secure.
[21:41] <@Gabriel> ::after he composes himself:: As a matter of fact, what we know about the CEF gets disseminated pretty broadly. But you're right -- sounds like we need to expand it a bit more.
[21:42] <@Delgado> ::opens her mouth to say something else but gets an 'order' from Mem and sets her jaw, her lips pressed into a tight line as she just nods slightly once::
01[21:42] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:42] <@Gabriel> ::after a beat:: You might follow your own advice a bit.
[21:42] <@Gabriel> Aw. Was hoping to slip that one in. Wink
01[21:42] <@Savant> shift that up one beat Wink
01[21:43] <@Savant> questions?
01[21:43] <@Savant> i am sad. No one died Sad
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Nope, great game.
[21:43] <@Marshall> The bad guys did
[21:43] <@Delgado> =(
01[21:43] <@Savant> Sad
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Someone might have, if they'd had a pair of fire teams, instead of just one.
01[21:43] <@Savant> they were not bad guys. they were good guys.
[21:43] <@Mem> I am sad because that's a fucking sad story.
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Set obviously didn't teach them about mutually supporting teams.
[21:43] <@Marshall> The bad-good guys
[21:43] <@Mem> Yeah. I'm sad.
01[21:43] <@Savant> it's almost like these guys were set up to lose :O
01[21:44] <@Savant> i will give you guys a good brief on what he says, give you more info in a teaser.
[21:44] <@Gabriel> Anyway, no questions. Great game. Smile
01[21:44] <@Savant> good little fight, good interrogation, good chat between Scildfreja and Delgado. Good job.
01[21:44] <@Savant> expees plees
01[21:44] <@Savant> 1 for teamwork. give me some.
[21:45] <@Caelin> plees!
[21:45] <@Marshall> Working as a team to flush Darwin
[21:45] <@Roland> Nobody died.
[21:45] <@Detro> I tried to open the elevator to give those in the hall a place to take cover. Or to retreat.
[21:45] <@Detro> Stupid knife.
[21:45] <@Roland> So we are still a team.
[21:45] <@Mem> I called for help. (Someone has to.)
01[21:45] <@Savant> heh
[21:45] <@Marshall> Yeah. Blame the knife. =P
[21:45] <@Gabriel> Where wasn't there teamwork? I'll only give two examples, both relating to my own character: Gabriel flanking the bad guys so Roland could nail 'em. Gabriel just jumping in to assist Delgado.
01[21:46] <@Savant> all in all sensible reactions to everything. Very natural teamwork. I need to make this point something other than teamwork I think Wink it's a gimme.
[21:46] <@Delgado> Word.
[21:46] <@Roland> Up.
[21:46] <@Marshall> Yo.
[21:46] <@Detro> Yours. (j/k)
01[21:46] <@Savant> one for teamwork. Two for story. What have you learned, and why is it important?
[21:46] <@Gabriel> Set's training Liberati. He's in this for the LONG haul.
[21:46] <@Marshall> Set is sending our own people after us like a douche.
[21:46] <@Roland> Terra Nova has some dumb people on it.
[21:47] <@Roland> And they are named 'Clem'
[21:47] <@Gabriel> LOL
[21:47] <@Marshall> ::smirk::
01[21:47] <@Savant> kinda like anywhere Smile dumb people breed faster than smart people
[21:47] <@Delgado> Set is not only a good killer/planner, but he's also got some good fucking PR training.
[21:47] <@Mem> ::looks around for Aggie::
[21:47] <@Gabriel> The Lang video/whatever needs to be looked into, too.
[21:47] <@Caelin> yeah
01[21:47] <@Savant> you've never seen or heard of Set doing anything violent. Dude could be a frickin war amp.
[21:47] <@Detro> We also learned it's important to not miss pre-game questions
01[21:48] <@Savant> Smile
[21:48] <@Gabriel> He could be a computer program in a box, for all we know so far.
[21:48] <@Detro> Like "Who is awake?"
[21:48] <@Detro> Also, that one really SHOULD take the time to dress before entering a gun fight.
01[21:48] <@Savant> nah. do it saxon style. towel to the winds baby!
01[21:48] <@Savant> two for story.
[21:49] <@Gabriel> ::grins:: "Can you fight naked?" is a topic we spent a lecture on when I was in ROTC.
01[21:49] <@Savant> Third point will be for me asking whether you want to continue chasing Set, or if you want to bomb it back to counter-intel at this point.
[21:49] <@Gabriel> Apparently, it's one of the things that designates a true soldier, though I never quite followed the logic.
[21:49] <@Marshall> I can. I know taekwondo. Nothing to get in the way Wink
[21:49] <@Delgado> Naked and greasy, always works. Wink
01[21:50] <@Savant> and with that, we get a picture window into Itz's mind.
[21:50] <@Roland> As much as I want to kill the fool, that's just playing right into his hands.
[21:50] <@Gabriel> Good question. Ask me again after the weekend. I want to kick it around some. There are benefits to both possibilities.
[21:50] <@Roland> Let someone else deal with him.
[21:50] <@Delgado> =D
[21:50] <@Caelin> delgado must be speaking from experience:)
01[21:50] <@Savant> then tell me the benefits to both sides for the point, Gabriel
[21:50] <@Roland> "You mean I put all that effort into getting the Talons to chase me, and they blow me off like a bad date? Assholes.....I need a hug."
01[21:50] <@Savant> heee
[21:50] <@Gabriel> On the one hand, yeah, I totally agree with Roland: we're all about taking the initiative, not letting the other side drive our actions. It's a bad way to fight, and we're not really set up for it. I keep saying that the CEF is bad at defense. What I hardly ever say is that we're not great at it, either, but it's true nonetheless.
[21:50] <@Marshall> Personally? I want to turf this one. Move on to something else.
[21:51] <@Detro> We don't have the manpower to take this guy down. Not when he's able to stay one step ahead all the time.
01[21:51] <@Savant> i love Set 17 Smile
[21:51] <@Delgado> Yeah. We could chase this guy for daaays. We need a wider scale for him.
[21:51] <@Gabriel> On the other hand, though, I could have a blast trying to pin down and kill someone who's our equal. I've been wanting to do that for many months. Hell, I practically goaded Savant into stopping with throwing thirty grunts at us and instead throw at us three anti-Chuck Norrises. Wink
[21:51] <@Gabriel> So there's advantages to both sides.
01[21:52] <@Savant> how does this sound - you bomb it back to counter-intel, who then does a lot of the leg work for you before handing it back with specific things they need you to do.
[21:52] <@Gabriel> I could totally go for that, sure.
01[21:53] <@Savant> t
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[21:42] <@Savant> shift that up one beat Wink
01[21:43] <@Savant> questions?
01[21:43] <@Savant> i am sad. No one died Sad
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Nope, great game.
[21:43] <@Marshall> The bad guys did
[21:43] <@Delgado> =(
01[21:43] <@Savant> Sad
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Someone might have, if they'd had a pair of fire teams, instead of just one.
01[21:43] <@Savant> they were not bad guys. they were good guys.
[21:43] <@Mem> I am sad because that's a fucking sad story.
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Set obviously didn't teach them about mutually supporting teams.
[21:43] <@Marshall> The bad-good guys
[21:43] <@Mem> Yeah. I'm sad.
01[21:43] <@Savant> it's almost like these guys were set up to lose :O
01[21:44] <@Savant> i will give you guys a good brief on what he says, give you more info in a teaser.
[21:44] <@Gabriel> Anyway, no questions. Great game. Smile
01[21:44] <@Savant> good little fight, good interrogation, good chat between Scildfreja and Delgado. Good job.
01[21:44] <@Savant> expees plees
01[21:44] <@Savant> 1 for teamwork. give me some.
[21:45] <@Caelin> plees!
[21:45] <@Marshall> Working as a team to flush Darwin
[21:45] <@Roland> Nobody died.
[21:45] <@Detro> I tried to open the elevator to give those in the hall a place to take cover. Or to retreat.
[21:45] <@Detro> Stupid knife.
[21:45] <@Roland> So we are still a team.
[21:45] <@Mem> I called for help. (Someone has to.)
01[21:45] <@Savant> heh
[21:45] <@Marshall> Yeah. Blame the knife. =P
[21:45] <@Gabriel> Where wasn't there teamwork? I'll only give two examples, both relating to my own character: Gabriel flanking the bad guys so Roland could nail 'em. Gabriel just jumping in to assist Delgado.
01[21:46] <@Savant> all in all sensible reactions to everything. Very natural teamwork. I need to make this point something other than teamwork I think Wink it's a gimme.
[21:46] <@Delgado> Word.
[21:46] <@Roland> Up.
[21:46] <@Marshall> Yo.
[21:46] <@Detro> Yours. (j/k)
01[21:46] <@Savant> one for teamwork. Two for story. What have you learned, and why is it important?
[21:46] <@Gabriel> Set's training Liberati. He's in this for the LONG haul.
[21:46] <@Marshall> Set is sending our own people after us like a douche.
[21:46] <@Roland> Terra Nova has some dumb people on it.
[21:47] <@Roland> And they are named 'Clem'
[21:47] <@Gabriel> LOL
[21:47] <@Marshall> ::smirk::
01[21:47] <@Savant> kinda like anywhere Smile dumb people breed faster than smart people
[21:47] <@Delgado> Set is not only a good killer/planner, but he's also got some good fucking PR training.
[21:47] <@Mem> ::looks around for Aggie::
[21:47] <@Gabriel> The Lang video/whatever needs to be looked into, too.
[21:47] <@Caelin> yeah
01[21:47] <@Savant> you've never seen or heard of Set doing anything violent. Dude could be a frickin war amp.
[21:47] <@Detro> We also learned it's important to not miss pre-game questions
01[21:48] <@Savant> Smile
[21:48] <@Gabriel> He could be a computer program in a box, for all we know so far.
[21:48] <@Detro> Like "Who is awake?"
[21:48] <@Detro> Also, that one really SHOULD take the time to dress before entering a gun fight.
01[21:48] <@Savant> nah. do it saxon style. towel to the winds baby!
01[21:48] <@Savant> two for story.
[21:49] <@Gabriel> ::grins:: "Can you fight naked?" is a topic we spent a lecture on when I was in ROTC.
01[21:49] <@Savant> Third point will be for me asking whether you want to continue chasing Set, or if you want to bomb it back to counter-intel at this point.
[21:49] <@Gabriel> Apparently, it's one of the things that designates a true soldier, though I never quite followed the logic.
[21:49] <@Marshall> I can. I know taekwondo. Nothing to get in the way Wink
[21:49] <@Delgado> Naked and greasy, always works. Wink
01[21:50] <@Savant> and with that, we get a picture window into Itz's mind.
[21:50] <@Roland> As much as I want to kill the fool, that's just playing right into his hands.
[21:50] <@Gabriel> Good question. Ask me again after the weekend. I want to kick it around some. There are benefits to both possibilities.
[21:50] <@Roland> Let someone else deal with him.
[21:50] <@Delgado> =D
[21:50] <@Caelin> delgado must be speaking from experience:)
01[21:50] <@Savant> then tell me the benefits to both sides for the point, Gabriel
[21:50] <@Roland> "You mean I put all that effort into getting the Talons to chase me, and they blow me off like a bad date? Assholes.....I need a hug."
01[21:50] <@Savant> heee
[21:50] <@Gabriel> On the one hand, yeah, I totally agree with Roland: we're all about taking the initiative, not letting the other side drive our actions. It's a bad way to fight, and we're not really set up for it. I keep saying that the CEF is bad at defense. What I hardly ever say is that we're not great at it, either, but it's true nonetheless.
[21:50] <@Marshall> Personally? I want to turf this one. Move on to something else.
[21:51] <@Detro> We don't have the manpower to take this guy down. Not when he's able to stay one step ahead all the time.
01[21:51] <@Savant> i love Set 17 Smile
[21:51] <@Delgado> Yeah. We could chase this guy for daaays. We need a wider scale for him.
[21:51] <@Gabriel> On the other hand, though, I could have a blast trying to pin down and kill someone who's our equal. I've been wanting to do that for many months. Hell, I practically goaded Savant into stopping with throwing thirty grunts at us and instead throw at us three anti-Chuck Norrises. Wink
[21:51] <@Gabriel> So there's advantages to both sides.
01[21:52] <@Savant> how does this sound - you bomb it back to counter-intel, who then does a lot of the leg work for you before handing it back with specific things they need you to do.
[21:52] <@Gabriel> I could totally go for that, sure.
01[21:53] <@Savant> that way you get a little resolution without having to slog through a lot of the tedious interrogations and beatings and the like.
[21:53] <@Roland> Then we throw it back at counter intel saying "This is exactly what he wants us to do, come up with something else", and then do what they come back with. Wink
[21:53] <@Mem> what
01[21:53] <@Savant> i need to start up a Black Talon CSI game, focused on Terra Nova.
[21:53] <@Mem> Yeah, interrogations and beatings lately make me sad
[21:54] <@Roland> The beatings will continue until morale improves
01[21:54] <@Savant> Smile
01[21:54] <@Savant> any other comments on what you guys want to do?
01[21:54] <@Savant> no? okay. Three expees. Well done guys. Good job not being dead.
01[21:54] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Delgado> ::attnandstuff::
[18:30] <@Mem> attn
[18:31] <@Roland> ::harumph::
01[18:31] <@Savant> good evening and welcome to another episode of the Black Talons.
03[18:32] * Caelin ( has joined #BT05
01[18:32] <@Savant> While this is still in the "Enemy Within" story arc, you've handed off the mission. So i'm putting this game a few days later, giving you the session to prep for Utopia and do anything else you'd like. Then chances are high that Counter-Intel wil need your help in wrapping up what the do with your info.
[18:32] <@Detro> ::gets the bows and ribbons::
01[18:33] <@Savant> there has been a Teaser posted
01[18:33] <@Savant> we will start the game a short time after Delgado has given the information she has learned to Tynes.
01[18:33] <@Savant> because I imagine the Captain will have follow-up questions.
01[18:34] <@Savant> now, have a briefing Smile and I suggest reading the teaser.
01[18:34] <@Savant> there is an important question in it that has gone unanswered
01[18:34] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:34] <@Savant> 6 Winter TN1946, 0900h - Morning
01[18:34] <@Savant> Black Talon Whitetop Base, NLC
01[18:34] <@Savant> -27C, Overcast.
01[18:34] <@Savant> You have handed your mission back to BTHQ, allowing their counter-intel resources to deal with the issue. They are somewhat disappointed, but they understand that the scope of the issue is large and have assigned several teams to pursue. You have been kept on the mission profile, however, in case firepower is required in its resolution.
01[18:34] <@Savant> This leaves you with a new billet - at a new base. Whitetop Base, situated high in the Confederate arctic, amongst the mountains and glaciers. The cold, bitter environment is proving useful for Caprician training and you are being sent there to observe the recruits and technicians there, lending what experience you may have. That's the official line, but nothing is expected of you beyond preparation for your own up-and-coming mission.
01[18:34] <@Savant> At least the Utopians seem to be opening up a little bit more, now that the deadline is starting to approach. Strap up and get ready, because it's coming.
01[18:34] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:35] <@Gabriel> acj
[18:35] <@Mem> ack
[18:35] <@Gabriel> ack, even.
[18:35] <@Detro> ack
[18:35] <@Delgado> ack
[18:35] <@Roland> ack
[18:35] <@Marshall> ack
03[18:35] * Savant sets mode: +o Caelin
01[18:35] <@Savant> questions?
[18:36] <@Detro> Nein, herr Kommandant!
01[18:36] <@Savant> you've got a small barracks to yourself here, and you've likely just goten up, gotten breakfast, etc. You aren't on leave but you have no specific duties.
[18:37] <@Gabriel> Nope, seems simple enough.
01[18:37] <@Savant> unless an officer assigns you some duties. Anyways.
01[18:37] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:38] <@Marshall> ::had been up for two hours already. He sipped cawfee and was working on his laptop::
01[18:38] <@Savant> Whitetop Base is very new. It smells new - the cement seems green still, the lights are intensely bright, all of the carpeting is sharp and fresh. Brand new, and quite busy.
[18:38] <@Detro> ::didn't sleep much at all the night previous, having been working on the list of things he wanted to bring to Utopia::
[18:38] <@Roland> ::spins the cylinder on his revolver, gun cleaning kit laid out on the table in front of him right beside his corn flakes::
01[18:39] <@Savant> There are at least three regiments here - two Norguard, one MILICIA. They are all involved somehow, either in constructing the base, or guarding it, or preparing for the trip to Utopia itself. Fortunately the walls are soundproof, otehrwise you would have been kept up all night.
01[18:40] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Enters the common area of the barracks, dressed in her hardsuit with a white and blue cloak draped overtop of it. Archetypically Utopian, apparently.::
[18:41] <@Roland> ::takes a moment to eat a portion of his breakfast and begins inserting new cartridges into the cylinder one by one::
[18:41] <@Detro> ::looks haggard, worn. But he's still going. If he's not studying reports, he's working on little projects here and there. Otherwise, he's writing or composing messages to Kellerton, his mother, or working on that dataglove file::
[18:42] <@Delgado> ::sits at the mess table, hunched over her cup of cawfee. trying to leech every bit of heat coming off of it. Even though they were inside and she was thoroughly layered, she was just never warm enough. It was almost like she was one of the cold-blooded creatures from home; without hot sun and sand, she just wasn't moving::
01[18:43] <@Savant> Talon HQ has expanded its operations to two bases, and soon three - Pacifica being central, with satelites in the northern and southern hemispheres. This bitterly cold place was the first satelite to be operational, there was another in the deep jungles of the South that was still pouring cement.
[18:43] <@Birkin> ::Exhales into the cold air, staying off to the corner of the group, watching the others as they go about their business, still wrapped in a large thermal blanket, this cold weather still not his cup of tea::
[18:44] <@Caelin> ::also enters the common area dressed in a similar outfit, he tugs a bit at it making sure it's fit properly::
[18:44] <@Roland> ::spins the cylinder again and flips his wrist to close it before spinning the weapon around and dropping it into its holster and finishing his breakfast::
01[18:44] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Seems well-suited to the cold. She glances back at Caelin briefly as she sits down amongst the Terranovans::
[18:44] <@Detro> ::Right now, however, he is working on a crossword puzzle::
[18:46] <@Delgado> ::looks up at Scildfreja and Caelin, smiling weakly as she nods:: God d-daegred, Armigers. ::grabs her cawfee with both hands and almost hugs it before taking a long sip, now trying to suck the heat internally::
[18:46] <@Detro> What's a five letter word for "incredibly thick"?
[18:47] <@Roland> ::without skipping a beat:: Detro.
[18:48] <@Roland> ::starts collecting his cleaning equipment and putting it back in its pouch::
[18:48] <@Detro> ::a beat:: Hmm. The D and E fit, but not the rest... ::a beat:: Oh. ::looks up at Roland, scowls:: Very funny, he who fornicates with plants.
01[18:49] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she smiles sympathetically, and before she sits she takes off her cloak and tucks it around Delgado's shoulders:: God daegred, cinceldu.
[18:50] <@Caelin> ::nods to delgado:: god deagred delgado
[18:50] <@Roland> Floraphilia. 11 letters. I'm betting that's not in there. ::tosses the cleaning pouch over his shoulder and into his duffel that's sitting along the wall::11
[18:51] <@Detro> ::snort:: You *would* know.
[18:52] <@Delgado> ::her cheeks flush with color as Scildfreja 'tucks her in':: Thank you very much. ::draws her legs up to her chest and 'curls up' within the cloak as she cocks her head at Freja:: Cinceldu?
[18:52] <@Gabriel> ::walks down the stairs from the upper level, a mug in one hand, a large tablet PDA in the other, dressed in a set of the new lighter BDUs::
01[18:52] <@Savant> The base is kept cool - not cold, but cool. It would not be wise to have too much heat leaking out of the glacier or mountains. So it's cold. Shitsleeve, but as if there was really good air conditioning.
[18:53] <@Roland> That would the implication of your accusation, yes. Now go back to your puzzle.
01[18:53] <@Savant> (Shirtsleeve, shit.)
[18:53] <@Gabriel> <<Knew I needed to do laundry tonight.>>
[18:54] <@Birkin> ::spots the captain as he comes down the stairs:: Captain.
01[18:55] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::smirks lightly and keeps her hand on Delgado's shoulder a moment, leaning closer as if it were a secret:: icicle.
[18:55] <@Detro> ::lays down the data glove... there's dark spots under his eyes as he looks at Roland:: No, taunting you is far more entertaining.
[18:56] <@Roland> ::takes a bite out of an apple:: Well, I could always order you to shut your fucking mouth, but we know how well you do following orders.]
[18:56] <@Roland> ::another bite:: How's your Caprician bitch doing, by the way?
[18:56] <@Detro> Wasn't the first time I disobeyed a prick.
[18:56] <@Detro> ::smiles condescendingly::
[18:57] <@Roland> ::smirks:: No doubt. Probably why you end up with so many in your mouth.
[18:57] <@Roland> ::nods to Tynes as he walks in:: Captain.
[18:57] <@Birkin> For christs sake. Just drop your pants and see who is bigger ::gets up and looks for some food in one of the cabinets::
[18:57] <@Marshall> ::snorts, still working on the laptop::
01[18:57] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Sits, watching Roland and Detro blankly::
[18:57] <@Gabriel> Morning, people. ::tosses the tablet on the table and heads for the dispenser to charge his mug:: As of 0700 this morning, Talon 05 is now detached to be first sortie to Utopia. Got the first draft of our mission orders right there.
[18:57] <@Delgado> ::laughs:: I like that. Cinceldu. ::takes another long sip of her cawfee, savoring the taste and warmth:: Yes, I would fail at climate training easily.
[18:58] <@Detro> Oh, that was you waiting in line for that?... ::is interrupted by Tynes::
[18:58] <@Roland> Primary and secondaries?
[18:58] <@Birkin> We have any idea how we're supposed to get to Utopia sir? Or are we going to improvise that as we go?
[18:58] <@Gabriel> ::slips the mug under the dispenser and hits the button:: Yep. Talon 05 plus support crew. Current draft orders specify two mission specialists. The orders give me very broad discretion to set tactical objectives.
01[18:58] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she glances back at Delgado with a warm that doesn't escape past her eyes; her facade has returned. She watches the Captain as he announces the obvious::
[18:59] <@Caelin> ::glances over at the two who are about to bash heads together and raises an eyebrow, then turns his attention to the captain::
[18:59] <@Delgado> ::just shrugs faintly at the verbal dick waving before focusing on Tynes::
[18:59] <@Gabriel> ::catches Scild's and Caelin's eye as he drops the phrase "broad discretion", but continues casually:: As a result, I can set our objectives around simple observation... or more direct action. It's my call.
[19:00] <@Roland> ::finishes the apple and tosses it into the garbage, picking up his cawfee mug:: First thoughts? Or will that be an on the ground decision?
[19:02] <@Detro> ::snorts:: So it's "Operation: Fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants"? ::smirks::
[19:03] <@Gabriel> ::shrugs:: A lot of decisions have to be made right now, with the load-out. I've got a draft of a Caprice-style load-out, but there about 500 unanswered questions. We presumably won't need things like the space-suits and the water condensers, but what about outdoor gear? I don't even know if our standard issue Guard field tents will be appropriate on Utopia.
[19:03] <@Gabriel> After all, they assume the availability of local wood for tent stakes. ::looks at Caelin::
[19:03] <@Gabriel> ::finishes filling the mug and sips it casually::
[19:04] <@Roland> ::sips out of his mug:: I dunno. Wood's an awfully classified material.
[19:04] <@Caelin> ::smirks a bit::actually we use bivouac bags
[19:04] <@Detro> ::mutters something sotto voce along the lines of "not that it's stopped you" in Roland's direction::
[19:05] <@Marshall> What? We cant just pack some tent stakes?
[19:05] <@Gabriel> ::grins at Marshall:: Want me to give you the full list? It's not just tent stakes, though those cost us 30 or 40 kilos. It's 500 other items that we take, or not take, based on the local environment. All cost space, all cost weight.
[19:06] <@Delgado> ::looks between Tynes and Caelin/Freja, her expression blank at the moment::
01[19:06] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::sits back in her chair and murmurs soundlessly for a moment. It's a difficult gesture to catch, unless you're very sharp::
[19:06] <@Marshall> ::nods::
[19:06] <@Roland> ::still looking at Caelin and Freja, but speaking to Tynes:: Don't we have any pre-Earth-pullback data on the planetary environment?
[19:07] <@Gabriel> I was hoping to get more recent information. ::takes a seat in front of his tablet::
01[19:08] <@Savant> 5Spidhra Recon Drone> ::The spherical drone manages - somehow - to open the door from the Utopian's quarters. It even manages to close it behind itself. All silently. Then it squats in the corner of the room::
[19:09] <@Detro> Not to mention other things we take for granted. Weapons need ammunition, for instance. It'd help if we could resupply on Utopia, since we could bring other stuff with us.
[19:09] <@Gabriel> Anyway, draft mission orders call for two mission specialists. Science specialist, to help determine where our tech is compatible with Koglund tech. And a diplo specialist, to keep me from insulting the entire planet.
[19:09] <@Gabriel> Or, at least, the half of the planet we don't want to insult. ::grins over at their guests::
[19:10] <@Delgado> ::grins slowly at Gabriel's last comment::
[19:10] <@Gabriel> The second's gonna be a non-combatant, but I pulled some strings to get us a combatant for the first role. An old friend. Senior Ranger Juno Tyrelle.
01[19:10] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::sits forward again, elbows on the table::
[19:10] <@Marshall> ::hmms with interest::
[19:10] <@Roland> ::does a spit-take in the midst of drinking::
[19:10] <@Birkin> ... Juno?
[19:10] <@Birkin> You sure we're gonna have the stims to handle that?
[19:10] <@Detro> ::arches eyebrow::
[19:11] <@Roland> ::coughs for a moment then wipes his mouth, grinning:: Well this trip just got more fun.
[19:11] <@Marshall> She's a little weird but she ain't that bad.
[19:11] <@Delgado> ::raises her eyebrows, wondering what was the big deal about this Juno with everyone::
[19:12] <@Gabriel> ::looks over at Birkin:: Is there a problem, Sous-Adjdant? She's got the highest rate we've got in field engineering and field science. I understand from her fitreps that she's... a handful. But she's also sharp and steady in a fight.
[19:12] <@Gabriel> ::grins:: We could have ended up with an egghead.
01[19:12] <@Savant> The main door slams open all at once, and crashing in comes the chreubim Juno Tyrelle, arms full of duffels and boxes and data pads. Her hair is unkept and there are black rings around her eyes, but she's as wide awake as - as half the time.
01[19:12] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Hey, the gang's all here!
[19:12] <@Roland> ::raises his mug in greeting at the incoming Juno::
[19:12] <@Marshall> Hey Juno. Good to see you again. Need a hand there?
[19:13] <@Detro> ::chuckles... and the chuckle turns into a deep yawn::
[19:13] <@Birkin> ::manages a wave at Juno:: No trouble at all sir.
[19:13] <@Delgado> ::turns around and looks at the newcomer, giving her a quick lookover, but then her gaze slides to the left at the familiar bump that was Sphidra::
01[19:14] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> HEy everybody! OH heck yeah, MArshall, here. ::unloads her armload onto Marshalls' lap, then fishes a mug form the pile:: Oh, man, feels like I been up a week, you guys have any cawfee going?
[19:15] <@Roland> ::points at the carafe in the middle of the table::
[19:15] <@Marshall> ::mumbles a bit, unloading the cargo onto the floor carefully::
[19:15] <@Gabriel> 'morning, Senior Ranger. Welcome aboard. ::raises his mug in the direction of the new arrival::
[19:15] <@Delgado> ::turns back to stare at Juno and makes a mental note to lock up her stimulants and do a daily count::
[19:16] <@Gabriel> ::turns back to their guests:: So. I appreciate that you've been as open as you could with us to date... but I'm going to have to ask you to take it a bit further.
[19:16] <@Detro> ::feels like his energy is just being sucked out of him, as if something else were drawing upon it... he forces himself to shake a bit to stay awake::
01[19:16] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> :Surprisedn the cawfee like white on rice. She only salutes once she's gotten a sip, which sends a shudder down her back:: Prophet, it's cold up here. ::salutes the Captain and sits with her things::
[19:16] <@Gabriel> Pathfinder carries 670 tons of supplies, and 81 tons of vehicles. Now, within my orders, I could fit out for simple recon, but I greatly sympathize with the situation your nation is in... I want to help.
01[19:17] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She doesn't nod, but says quietly:: You'll need to bring stakes for your tents. East Koglund is mountains, there's not a lot more than rocks.
[19:17] <@Gabriel> But you've got to tell us more. HOW can we help. You've seen what we have to offer. I have to ask the two of you to start thinking like tacticians.
[19:18] <@Delgado> ::once again looks between Tynes and Freja/Caelin as she quietly sips her cawfee::
[19:19] <@Gabriel> ::nods and taps at the tablet:: OK, good. Terrain we're working in going to be mostly mountainous? Tell me about cover, if any.
[19:19] <@Roland> ::sips::
[19:20] <@Marshall> I think we can adapt the pitons from the climbing gear as tent stakes cap. We have to pack one anyway. We might as well not have to pack both.
01[19:20] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she takes a breath lightly and glances at the drone in the corner, gesturing at it with a small move of her hand. It doesn't seem to do anything. But she seems to be put at a bit more ease by it.:: East Koglund is mountains - all of central Sumer is mountains, really. As of when we left, we were raiding across the straights between Etrusca and Sumer, striking at Steelg
01[19:21] <@Savant> ((striking at Steelgate naval bases.))
[19:22] <@Delgado> ::glances at Sphidra after Freja does the gesture, puzzling it over before going back to paying attention to the conversation::
[19:24] <@Caelin> ::hmphs a bit amusingly as juno makes a bit of a scene, then turns back to gabriel::the mountains make good cover, your use of the highlands on caprice should be good enough, i think i should point out now though, that when we left utopia, all that was left of the koglund...resistance as you would call it, was that of the city of new troy
01[19:25] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::presses her lips together, less at Caelin' admission than at the truth of the fact::
[19:25] <@Gabriel> Tell me about the terrain surrounding New Troy, within three or four hundred clicks of the city.
01[19:27] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> New Troy is on the Teutogen Bay - it's a long bay with a narrow inlet to the ocean, several thousand kilometers west. We're surrounded by mountains. Southeast is open territory. Northeast are the Independant Cities.
[19:27] <@Birkin> ::wanders over near Juno for a moment and gives her a nudge:: Hey you. Long time no see.
[19:27] <@Roland> ::rubs his chin briefly, wondering whether it would be feasible to get rugged movement systems put on all of the gears::
[19:27] <@Detro> How openly are you able to move about on the surface?
01[19:28] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Hey. Hey! ::pounces on Birkin and squeezes:: We have to drink after this.
[19:28] <@Caelin> ::nods:: it's rough, armigers can get around easily enough, larger vehicles will find it a challenging
[19:29] <@Delgado> ::shifts uncomfortably at the mention of large bodies of water::
01[19:29] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Shrugs:: Your Gears will be fine. Tanks have a harder time.
[19:29] <@Birkin> ::chuckles a little, giving Juno a hug:: Alright we can do that. Something professionally made or do I get to use you as a test subject?
[19:29] <@Detro> Any risks of, say, nuclear or biological attack? Would we want to stay buttoned up in our gears or in contamination suits?
01[19:29] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> We dont' move about in the day, or when we could be spotted, unless we can't help it.
01[19:30] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::answers Detro:: You should keep a ticker around at the very least.
[19:30] <@Roland> What the hell is a 'ticker'?
[19:30] <@Detro> Ticker? You mean a geiger counter?
01[19:31] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods once, and fishes a small pendant from her uniform. It's got a small digital readout, and displays temperature, humidity.. and RADs.
[19:32] <@Roland> What good would a geiger counter be? The nuclear fireball wouldn't be bright enough to notice? Or have yourmilitaries already been lobbing nukes around like candy?
[19:33] <@Delgado> ::looks at Roland flatly::
[19:33] <@Gabriel> ::gives Roland a "be careful" look::
[19:33] <@Caelin> ::stiffens a bit at rolands comment::
[19:33] <@Detro> ::shrugs:: Or low impact, contained explosions. Or antimatter devices. We *are* talking about Earthers, after all.
01[19:34] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She again presses her lips together and then glances once at Caelin before answering just as bluntly:: Yes.
[19:34] <@Gabriel> ::jumps in:: What the Senior Sergeant meant to say is, can an unprotected person walk outside in the environs of New Troy?
[19:35] <@Gabriel> ::to the others, indicating his BDUs:: The new BDUs, incidentally, offer very good rad shielding, almost as good as a dedicated rad suit.
01[19:36] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::seems to ponder the question a moment:: That should be fine. Not much more south.
[19:37] <@Birkin> ::overhearing things going on at the table next to Juno and himself, wondering if they could get a look at a true unaltered history book::
[19:37] <@Gabriel> OK. How much cover in the areas we'll be operating. Trees?
[19:38] <@Caelin> ::nods at freja's answer::the advantage is the radiation can be used to conceal autoguards, disadvantage is..well it can conceal enemy autos
[19:38] <@Detro> ::covers up a yawn with his mouth... it's hard... the lack of sleep is starting to catch up with him::
[19:38] <@Gabriel> Huh! That's a good point. ::glances over at Juno and Detro:: I'll need the two of you to run a series of simulations. Determine how well our Gear sensors will operate in that environment.
[19:38] <@Marshall> ::takes notes onto his laptop::
[19:39] <@Detro> ::mid-yawn, waves his hand and nods his head in affirmative... as his yawn finishes:: Sure.
[19:39] <@Delgado> How are you mobile decontamination efforts?
[19:40] <@Roland> ::finishes his coffee and leans forward, grabbing the carafe and pouring himself another cup -- he rises and walks over to Sphidra, staring down at the hunched drown::
01[19:40] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::salutes absently. She's listening, but she's *watching* the Spidhra::
[19:41] <@Marshall> What's the level of ambiant radiation we're taking about? A few dozen rads?
01[19:41] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She smiles briefly at Delgado:: We haven't had the time to work on that for awhile.
[19:41] <@Caelin> ::nods::there are trees around new troy
01[19:42] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::shrugs and glances at Caelin for confirmation:: Really depends where you are. The valleys confine the radiation a lot.
[19:42] <@Marshall> Can you give me a minimum and a maximum?
[19:43] <@Delgado> ::twitches a corner of her mouth into a smile then looks down, pulling something out and making a note under her layers of cloth::
01[19:44] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> One to five ticks an hour? Somewhere in there.
[19:44] <@Roland> ::squats down beside the drone and cocks his head at it -- he leans a little closer and puts a hand up against his mouth, whispering to the drone:: <w> We can still see you.
[19:44] <@Detro> ::murmurs as he raises his data glove, clears the crossword puzzle, and makes notes to not only check sensor reliabilty in radioactive environments described, but also communications::
01[19:45] <@Savant> 5Spidhra Recon Drone> ::just as quietly:: *beep* Should this unit engage secrecy banners, Footman?
[19:46] <@Gabriel> Next. These Independent Cities. Why hasn't Steelgate conquered them?
[19:47] <@Roland> ::blinks, wondering if the drone was addressing him -- and figured it was, as he hadn't heard 'footman' before:: <w> No, I think you're okay. We're all friends here. ::a pause:: ...though that'd be cool to see, for a minute.
[19:47] <@Detro> ::blink... blink... then snaps his fingers, blurting out:: EMP shielding? Anything?
01[19:48] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> They're hard to get at. Not much manufacturing capacity. They've been focusing on taking out one nation at a time. They'll soon look to cleaning up the Independants.
[19:49] <@Delgado> ::slides her gaze to the left as she hears something in the background and finds Roland with Sphidra. She watches for a second to two before calling out:: Sphidra, geslit!
[19:49] <@Gabriel> Any of them particularly friendly to your side? ::pulls up a map of the relevant location of Utopia on the tablet and slides it over:: Where does most of the fighting take place? Where are these naval bases?
[19:50] <@Caelin> ::looks at detro:: we have safeguards around key systems, most of our computing and communication is optical though so it's not affected much
01[19:50] <@Savant> 5Spidhra Recon Drone> ::The six-legged basketball jumps forwards, directly at Roland, making a loud croaking woooooooooo::
[19:51] <@Birkin> ::Waves his hand in front of Juno's eyes for a moment before he goes back to observing the conversation going on::
[19:51] <@Detro> Hmm. ::frowns::
01[19:53] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::blinks and looks up at Birkin::
[19:53] <@Caelin> ::add:: you might find your countermeasures equipment not very effective for this reason as well
[19:54] <@Birkin> You should blink more. Bad for your eyes when you don't.
[19:54] <@Detro> ::makes note that they'll need to have a ready supply of fiberop cable for use in ambush/monitoring situations in the field, or risk lasercoms::
[19:54] <@Roland> ::springs backwards from his crouched position; his hand moving automatically as the robot launches itself at him to his revolver; which comes up and discharges in a blur while he hangs in mid-air::
01[19:55] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she leans over to the map and begins pointing out the bases, but stops at the sudden action behind her::
[19:55] <@Delgado> ::blinks slowly at the action and reaction going on::
[19:56] <@Gabriel> ::turns suddenly at the noise and activity:: What in the Prophet's name--?
[19:58] <@Detro> ::jumps a mile::
01[19:58] <@Savant> Everyone swivels, and the Utopians are up out of their chairs, as the loud gunshot echoes through the cement room. The blast tears through the metal carapace of the drone, which hits the ground and rolls until its immobile legs draw it to a clattering halt.
[19:59] <@Roland> ::lands, skidding backwards by his momentum but fully in control::
[19:59] <@Caelin> ::jumps to feet, hand pulling his mace from the belt, the head already sparking to life::
[20:00] <@Marshall> ::draws his own weapon::
[20:00] <@Delgado> ::jumps to her feet as she throws her hand out, pale as a sheet:: STEPPA! STOP!
01[20:00] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She's on her feet with a sparking mace in her hand before the drone has hit the ground::
01[20:01] <@Savant> Then there's a deafening THUMP and the drone tears itself apart as its superconducting batteries expand far too rapidly
[20:01] <@Marshall> ::eyes widen::
[20:02] <@Birkin> ::Grabs ahold of Juno and helps her out of the way as he moves himself away from the small drone::
01[20:02] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> What the heUAAH! ::tossed!!::
[20:03] <@Gabriel> ::ducks under the table at the noise::
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::takes one quick glance at the drone, then dives behind the furniture for cover))
[20:03] <@Detro> ::tired, doesn't react quite as swiftly as the others, but tries to dive for cover anyways::
01[20:03] <@Savant> Bits of sharpnel ping off the cement walls and dig into the furniture, but everyone saw it coming and gets out of the way in time.
[20:04] <@Delgado> ::ducks under the table a second before Sphidra blows::
[20:04] <@Gabriel> ::comes back up:: What in the name of the Prophet-- I heard a gunshot. ::looks over at Roland and his still-smoking revolver:: Senior Sergeant, what...?
[20:05] <@Roland> ::trains one weapon on Freja and draws his other one to train on Caelin:: It fucking attacked me! No fucking warning!
[20:05] <@Birkin> Where were you hit?
[20:05] <@Detro> ::as he comes back up, glances at the Utopians... and it's not good::
[20:06] <@Marshall> ::trains a bead on Caelin's head::
[20:06] <@Detro> ::And Detro knows from experience just what they look like when they're PISSED.::
01[20:06] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::takes two steps sideways, putting space between herself and Caelin, forcing Roland to choose his targets if he presses the issue. She doesn't say anything out loud, but she's murmuring silently::
[20:07] <@Marshall> What's going on?
[20:07] <@Gabriel> Attacked you? How? Delgado, you said something to it. Ges-something.
[20:08] <@Roland> What the hell else would you call a three hundred hunk of metal throwing itself at your face while screaming?
[20:08] <@Roland> <<*three hundred pound>>
[20:08] <@Delgado> ::comes out from under the table but stays on the ground on one knee as she takes off Scildfreja's cloak and holds it out to her, a look of complete shock on her face as her eyes start to turn glassy:: Je bemurnan, je bemurnan....
[20:08] <@Caelin> ::glances at freja, roland and then tynes, he's still holding his mace but just plain confuse at the situation::
01[20:09] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::peers out form behind the couch::
[20:09] <@Detro> I'd call it a hell of a lot less of threat than a GREL or hovertank, you moron.
[20:10] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Juno:: Sorry about that Juno. You ok?
01[20:10] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Yeah. What's going on?
[20:10] <@Gabriel> ::looks from Roland to the Utopians, then back to Roland, the revolver still in his hand:: Settle down. Senior Sergeant, safe your weapon and put it on the table.
[20:10] <@Marshall> ::eases his grip on his weapon, looking around::
[20:12] <@Roland> ::stands there breathing for a moment, considering Tynes' order and the two Utopians...and loosens his grip on both his weapons, pulling his fingers out of the trigger guard and placing them along the side of the weapon before taking two slow steps forward towards the table and setting them down::
01[20:12] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She exhales and turns off the spark on her mace, putting her hand on the cloak that Delgado's holding out to her:: ongeifan.
[20:14] <@Gabriel> Good. Now what just happened? Delgado? ::turns to the Utopians and nods when Scild puts away her weapon:: Caelin, Scildfreja, you have my deepest apologies for the Senior Sergeant's actions. I will consider strongly any disciplinary action you would feel is appropriate, or would be appropriate on your world.
[20:14] <@Detro> ::stops glancing at both sides, turning his gaze to Tynes. His weariness has been shocked away by a good bit of adrenaline now::
[20:14] <@Delgado> ::nods slowly then stands up. Whatever she had between Freja is gone and replaced with a look of disgust and rage as she focuses her gaze on Roland::
[20:15] <@Caelin> ::looks at delgado and freja, and soon has his mace turned off and reattached to his belt, he glances up at tynes::i think your doctor had intended to..pull a prank on the sergeant
[20:15] <@Marshall> ::sarcasm:: Yeah. Hilarious.
[20:16] <@Birkin> A prank? How?
[20:16] <@Detro> ::smells a bit of smoke and sees a spot where the carpeting was smouldering a bit... he quietly steps over a bit and stamps it out with his foot::
01[20:17] <@Savant> The door to the hallway opens, though no one's there. After a brief second you can see the shifting chameleon mottle of the Utopian camouflage - on the ceiling. Sleca to the rescue, climbing from ceiling truss to ceiling truss
[20:18] <@Delgado> ::keeps her heated gaze on Roland and she speaks, her voice straining with control:: I told it to bite him. Sphidra doesn't even have any weapons! It was meant to be a -joke-.
[20:19] <@Gabriel> ::raises a hand and squeezes the bridge of his nose:: Disciplinary action for two, then.
[20:19] <@Caelin> ::spots sleca and gives it a quick handsign for it to stand down::
[20:19] <@Roland> ::opens his mouth to say something, but closes it at Tynes speaks::
01[20:19] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Sleca, Cumbor unstulor. Afeormian la.
[20:19] <@Delgado> ::finally looks at Gabriel and hisses as she jabs a finger at Roland:: He just blew up a drone and almost caused a war in here and all you want to do is 'discipline' him?!
[20:20] <@Detro> ::a shiver goes up his back -- if Roland did that to an ally, how long until he'd start shooting his fellow Talons::
01[20:20] <@Savant> The big drone appears, its camouflage melting off to leave grey black panels in its wake. It drops to the floor and begins picking up the larget bits of the wreckage::
[20:20] <@Gabriel> As I've already said, doctor, I will strongly consider whatever actions our two guests feel is appropriate to their culture. But you share a measure of responsibility for what happened.
[20:22] <@Delgado> So now I'm responsible for an insane sociopath?? He shouldn't even -be- here! ::it's apparent whatever happened was right at the edge of opening a flood gate in her::
[20:22] <@Detro> ::tries to catch Marshall's eye, gesturing that perhaps this would be a good time to beat an exit from the room and things they're not involved in::
[20:23] <@Gabriel> Stand down, doctor. You have an advanced degree in Psychology, and yet you decided to play a prank with a 75 kilo tool of warfare on a member of this team with loaded firearms. ::repeats:: You share a measure of responsibility for what happened.
[20:24] <@Detro> ::edges towards the room's exit::
[20:24] <@Gabriel> To that end... ::looks at Caelin and Scildfreja expectantly::
01[20:25] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::presses her lips together, looking annoyed and stone-faced::
[20:25] <@Roland> ::remains silent, letting Tynes deal with things; this wasn't the first time the Captain had needed to defuse a situation such as this and Roland had learned to just wait it out at least::
[20:25] <@Delgado> And that's it? Are you honestly going to stand there and tell me every single person in this room would've acted the same way as that fucking psycho?! ::jabs a finger at Roland:: And what's going to be his reprimand? A dock in pay? WHAT?! ::her arms start to shake as her last thread she's hanging onto his starting to fray::
[20:26] <@Gabriel> ::starts to look extremely annoyed:: Scildfreja, you're the expert on the Spidhra. Without weapons, how would the drone have "bitten" the Senior Sergeant?
[20:26] <@Marshall> Easy doc. ::walks towards her with his palms out passively::
[20:27] <@Delgado> ::almost growls at Marshall as she turns on him and bares her teeth:: Shut up, Ranger. You don't know anything.
[20:27] <@Detro> ::pauses in his "escape" as it takes him near the deceased drone's big brother::
01[20:28] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She gives Delgado a somewhat strained look, holding a hand up to gesture that she calm down:: Any auto can ram or strike. A spidhra will do so until it can escape. It intimidates.
[20:29] <@Gabriel> ::nods, frowning:: In other words, it was going to ram the Senior Sergeant. ::turns to Delgado:: Yes, doctor, as a matter of fact, I very well might have taken the exact same actions. The Senior Sergeant could have been seriously injured.
[20:29] <@Caelin> ::with an almost serious look on his face::from what i understand of the sergeant, i believe an "eye for an eye" approach involving one of his plants would be rather fitting....however considering the doctor provoked the reaction...::lets that part of the thought drop then adds::just so you know, those aren't cheap so it'd be appreciated if nothing like that happens again
[20:30] <@Roland> ::one of his eyes narrows slightly at Caelin's suggestion, but he otherwise doesn't say or do anything; even as Tynes begins vindicating him....again, as he normally does::
[20:30] <@Delgado> ::looks at Scildfreja then takes a deep breath, actually looking like she's trying to 'swallow' what's going on. ... Until Tynes speaks. Still, she still has enough to hang onto to not start screaming:: And it'd just break everyone's heart if that happened, I'm sure.
[20:31] <@Gabriel> Enough.
01[20:32] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Caelin, murmurs quietly for a moment before she speaks up:: We didn't come here for this. ::Sits at the table::
[20:32] <@Gabriel> Senior Sergeant, your disciplinary actions will be as follows: you will ::waves a hand around the room:: personally clean up the mess you made in here. Get yourself some paint, get yourself a steam cleaner, get yourself some tweezers. You will return this room to its previous state and you have 36 hours to do it in.
[20:33] <@Gabriel> After that, you will submit yourself to a one-week training period on etiquette and diplomacy with our new mission specialist.
[20:33] <@Roland> ::his cheeck twitches once, then he nods curtly::
[20:33] <@Gabriel> Doctor, your disciplinary actions will be as follows. You will submit to combat training from the Senior Sergeant here. He will hurl a medicine ball at you until you can dodge it or deflect it ten times in a row without injury.
[20:34] <@Delgado> ::makes a choking noise at both the 'sentences' and her face flushes an angry red:: I will -not-.
[20:34] <@Roland> ::doesn't need to have a degree in psychology to know how well that's going to go over::
01[20:34] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::murmurs:: Sleca. Unafeormian-la. Encamf oncnawest.
[20:35] <@Gabriel> You will. Or I'll come up with something even more fitting. Care to give me some time to think it over?
01[20:35] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::Immediately stops cleaning up the room, dumps the bits where it stands, and backs itself into a corner, crouching low to watch::
[20:36] <@Delgado> This is insane. INSANE! ::though she kept her rage focused only on Roland at this point, it suddenly shifts as she points at Tynes:: Do whatever the fuck you want. -I'm- writing the both of you up and sending it to HQ immediately. I'm -sick- of this shit.
[20:36] <@Gabriel> Maybe in the process you'll learn something about each other. Or maybe -- if I am VERY fortunate -- maybe you'll just kill each other. ::shakes his head, again pinching the bridge of his nose::
[20:37] <@Detro> ::as the drone moves aside, he carefully makes his way past the carnage and out of the room... after which he leans against the wall and sighs in relief::
01[20:37] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she exhales and puts a hand on Delgado's wrist, leaning close to her ear and murmuring::
[20:37] <@Caelin> ::smirks as a thought enters his mind and he makes several hand gestures to sleca, giving it new orders::
[20:37] <@Gabriel> ::suddenly turns toward the doctor at her direct insubordination::
[20:38] <@Marshall> ::reaches for the irons in his BDU pocket::
[20:38] <@Gabriel> ::waits until Scild can presumably calm her down a little, and says very slowly:: Perhaps, you'd like to rephrase that.
[20:40] <@Detro> Outside> ::sighs in relief... he half-wonders if he should have tried to gather Birkin and Juno up on his way out::
[20:42] <@Delgado> ::turns her head sharply at Scildfreja then pauses as she looks searchingly in her eyes before lowering her head and closing her eyes, taking a deep breath:: Jes. ::after a long moment Delgado looks up and stares at Tynes. She seems lucid and under control, moreso than she's been in a few minutes:: I'd rephrase it using more tactful language, but the implications still stand. I will be sending a full report to HQ
[20:42] <@Delgado> about you and Ardelmos.
[20:43] <@Caelin> ::after hearing delgado and tynes, he sighs, and makes another gesture cancelling the order
[20:43] <@Caelin> ::
01[20:44] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::rises and begins to move across the room, but stops as Caelin cancels its order. It takes a new perch elsewhere and hunkers down.::
[20:44] <@Detro> Outside> ::leaning up against the wall, he raises his data glove and gets back to work::
[20:47] <@Gabriel> ::smirks, very slightly, imagining Commandant Gotah's reaction to such a report:: As you wish, doctor. Given that your in effect confess you attempted, by proxy, to kill another Talon, I'll be happy to testify as a character witness at your court-martial.
[20:47] <@Gabriel> <<gah, ignore>>
[20:47] <@Gabriel> ::smirks, very slightly, imagining Commandant Gotah's reaction to such a report:: As you wish, doctor. Given that your report will, in effect, confess you attempted, by proxy, to kill another Talon, I'll be happy to testify as a character witness at your court-martial.
[20:48] <@Delgado> Do whatever the hell you want. You have been so far. ::slides her acidic gaze to Roland:: As has he.
[20:49] <@Detro> Outside> ::frowns... EM interference would be screwing with comms and sensors... and in mountain or hilly terrain, lasercom would be spotty, never mind being picked up by laser detection...::
[20:49] <@Gabriel> ::wonders what it is about Talon 05 that it seems to require such a succession of field medics and makes a note to check their water supply::
[20:49] <@Roland> ::vaguely wonders whether Delgado thinks she's the only one with such a gaze he's seen over the past twenty five cycles in the same position::
[20:49] <@Caelin> ::steps in::if it must come down to trial, i may have to testify that the doctors actions had been in retaliation to the treatment she has been recieving from members of your team recently
[20:50] <@Marshall> Whaddya mean? She's been treated the same as anyone.
[20:50] <@Gabriel> ::looks at Caelin as if the man had suddenly grown a third eye before he can quickly hide the expression::
01[20:51] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::sits back at the table and clears her throat once::
[20:51] <@Detro> Outside> ::pauses... opens the door and peeks in::
01[20:52] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Stares at Detro with its five - no, six- eyes as he opens the door::
01[20:52] <@Savant> ((make that Sleca- fo sho))
[20:52] <@Delgado> ::looks at Caelin and her mouth drops open for a moment before she 'snaps to' and steps forward and a bit in front of Caelin:: You know as well I do Tynes that their views and values are different than ours and he is just expression is opinion and not fact. Once properly counseled, the Armigers would not interfere with internal Talon affairs. ::gives a quick glance over her shoulder at Caelin and Freja, trying to
[20:52] <@Delgado> protect them::
01[20:52] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::Stares at Detro with its five - no, six- eyes as he opens the door::
[20:53] <@Caelin> ::to marshall::that seems to be the problem, i've witnessed on numerous occasions the doctors open concerns about how the rest of you act somewhat recklessly, the most recent being sergent roland's use of violence when the threat had already been neutralized, and noone seems to...::searchs for the words:: give a damn
[20:53] <@Delgado> <<expressing his - geez, I can't type right now Wink >>
[20:53] <@Detro> Aheh. ::glances away from the drone nervously, but sees that things still don't appear to be settled, so he slips his head back out and closes the door::
[20:54] <@Gabriel> Ah ha. I see the issue. You're misinterpreting the doctor's position in the hierarchy here.
[20:55] <@Detro> Outside> ::sighs, to no-one in the corridor:: Why do I have a feeling that my upcoming nap has been irrevocably postponed? ::wry grimace::
[20:55] <@Birkin> ::leans over at Juno:: This is better than the Hermes network.
[20:56] <@Gabriel> I listen to all opinions -- including the doctor's. But as the military commander of this group, I have to make the best decisions possible given the tactical situation we face. In your example, were the Senior Sergeant's actions excessive? Perhaps. But tactically, we had to quickly ensure that particular prisoner didn't go anywhere.
01[20:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::calmly, and very evenly:: We will sit down at the table again.
01[20:57] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::whispers back to Birkin:: Flight out to Utopia is gonna be innnnterestiiing
[20:57] <@Marshall> ::nods at Juno:: You can say that again.
[20:58] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Scild:: I agree. ::to Delgado:: You may take this action if you wish, doctor, but I advise against it for the reasons I've already stated.
[20:58] <@Caelin> ::shakes head::i understand that you have the final say, but thats not what i meant exactly, you're supposed to be a team, and yet there's still hostility among the members ::sighs:: this won't be acceptable in troy
[20:58] <@Gabriel> ::leaves it at that, and sits::
[20:58] <@Marshall> ::slowly returns to the table::
[20:58] <@Birkin> ::nudges Juno:: Did you ever say if I get to use you as a test subject for my latest concotion?
01[20:59] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> What is it? Oh, heck, that doesn't matter, I'll say yes anyways. Is it poison?
[20:59] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Caelin, chuckling a bit:: We are not a single people. Just in this room, not including yourselves, six nations are represented, all with wildly differing upbringings. Working together is... sometimes an issue. You saw that last week.
[20:59] <@Delgado> You do what you think is best. I'll do what -I- think is best. ::without another word, look, gesture, and sure as hell not waiting for what anyone has to say, she promptly walks out of the nearest exit::
[21:00] <@Gabriel> If the CEF is ever ejected from your world, one day, your descendants might find themselves working together with descendants of your enemies in the Steelgate Republic to free the rest of the gate web.
[21:00] <@Gabriel> ::frowns as Delgado leaves::
[21:00] <@Birkin> Of course not, a poison. I do good work I'll have you know. ::sniffs a bit as if hurt at her implication:: I've leared from some of the best in the Liberati ::grins:: You'd be amazed at what a bottle of Fort James will open offworld.
[21:00] <@Gabriel> ::but continues:: I assure you if that day comes, those descendants will have just as much trouble. ::glances over at Birkin, the one visible Southerner with Detro in hiding::
[21:01] <@Detro> ::jumps as the door swings open next to him, and Delgado storms out::
[21:01] <@Roland> ::watches Delgado leave, shrugs, and picks his weapons up off the table -- by the barrels as opposed to the grips -- and returns them to their holsters, moving over towards one of the closets along the room's wall::
[21:01] <@Birkin> ::catchs the Captain's glance and smirks ever so slightly:: Prophet save us.
[21:02] <@Detro> Outside> ::decides he'd best follow Delgado, for now. Just in case.::
01[21:03] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Watches Delgado go, and frowns:: There won't be time for this on Utopia. It will have to be stopped before we get there.
[21:04] <@Marshall> ::To Scildfreja:: You can say that again, too.
01[21:04] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Her eyes go big:: YOU make Fort James? You, a southie? What happened to the fruity wines and stuff?
[21:04] <@Detro> Outside> ::calls out:: Hey, Doc -- wait up a bit.
[21:04] <@Delgado> ::heads toward the actual barracks part of the building. As she walks, she calls out:: You either do something productive or you stop following me, Sous-Sergeant. Final warning.
[21:05] <@Roland> ::pulls a broom out of one of the closets and holds it in front of him, examining it for a moment as if trying to remember how it worked before moving towards the remnants of Spidhra::
[21:05] <@Caelin> ::sits and takes a breath::thats entirely possible, for while the people of koglund would not think to ask or take help from anyone, but....::frowns::things change, and here we are, i understand it won't be easy, but we have to set aside our pride and make this work, i would like to know that your people can do the same while in my home
[21:06] <@Detro> ::holds up his hands:: Hey, I'm just staying out of it. I'm not a big fan of Roland myself, most of the time, and I'm the one who has to stay on his ass in battle. I just wanted to let you know, if you need to vent or something... ::Shrugs::
[21:08] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: One way or another, it will get settled. ::is not eager to discuss personnel problems in this venue:: Now then, to continue. Are any of the Independent Cities particularly friendly to your side? ::pulls up a map of the relevant location of Utopia on the tablet and slides it over:: Where does most of the fighting take place? Where are these naval bases?
[21:09] <@Roland> ::silently begins sweeping up the smaller pieces of the poor robot, thinking to himself "We can still see you now, too"::
01[21:09] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:09] <@Delgado> ::stops walking for a moment, just standing there staring forward:: If I need to vent, I'll go kill something. ::starts walking again, leaving it at that::
[21:09] <@Birkin> ::snorts:: No I don't make Fort James but I use it to open up opertunities and what not back home. I do make a lot of vodka and some whiskey, but getting it to mellow is hard.
01[21:10] <@Savant> aheh. Awesome. I don't really have to make stories at all. You guys do it for me.
[21:10] <@Caelin> yay us!
01[21:10] <@Savant> comments?
[21:10] <@Gabriel> ::grins:: I love that Fraser never ever gets to bring up Aggie again. That alone makes tonight a winner. Wink
01[21:11] <@Savant> ehee
[21:11] <@Roland> Oh please. Wink
[21:11] <@Delgado> lol
[21:11] <@Marshall> ::raises::
[21:11] <@Detro> And like I said, I think Marcy's been relieved of Coronado Diplomacy. Hell, this beats Water Boy. Smile
01[21:11] <@Savant> Marshall?
[21:11] <@Marshall> ::facepalm::
01[21:11] <@Savant> ehee
[21:11] <@Roland> It's not like I dodged the drone and shot Delgado. That'd be an Aggie move. Wink
[21:11] <@Marshall> lol, yeah
01[21:12] <@Savant> I like how Roland was doing the mexican standoff with the Utopians
01[21:12] <@Savant> cause *they* sure did something wrong Wink
[21:12] <@Marshall> He'd have shot the drone, then Delgado, then Caelin and Freja.
[21:12] <@Delgado> Yeah, that was cute. Wink
[21:12] <@Gabriel> So, Itz, what is the plan here? Wink
06[21:12] * @Savant grins
01[21:12] <@Savant> Do you want to do an aftersim with Gotah, Itz?
01[21:14] <@Savant> you think on that. Anyways
01[21:14] <@Savant> expees plees
01[21:14] <@Savant> 1 is for.. aheh... teamwork.
01[21:14] <@Savant> anyone?
03[21:14] * Ryco ( has joined #BT05
[21:14] <@Gabriel> ::prepares to laugh at--:: Hee, yeah, that.
[21:14] <@Delgado> She's going to send a very long, very detailed report about how Roland needs to be put down. Wink
06[21:14] * @Savant grins
01[21:15] <@Savant> hey Nik
[21:15] <@Roland> Does Delgado know that Roland served directly under Gotah? Wink
[21:15] <@Gabriel> And I think Savant is offering to RP the meeting that takes place after Gotah reads it.
[21:15] <@Birkin> Birkin helped push Juno out of the way of the explosion
[21:15] <@Birkin> that's teamwork!
[21:15] <@Gabriel> Particularly since Gotah's walking around alive 'cause Roland saved his life at least once. Wink
[21:15] <@Detro> Actually, I'd count Detro deciding to keep an eye on Delgado after she stormed out a bit of teamwork.
01[21:15] <@Savant> Birkin's pullin for the team
[21:15] <@Detro> He's not going to let her go off and do anything stupid.
[21:15] <@Detro> If he lives through it, that is.
[21:15] <@Birkin> That's really all I can think of.
[21:16] <@Birkin> Wink
01[21:16] <@Savant> i'm gona have to hold off on the teamwork point today, I'm afraid. WAsn't so good on that front.
[21:16] <@Gabriel> Anyway, yeah, I think we kicked our chances of getting the teamwork point this week in the nads.
01[21:16] <@Savant> I'll give you one for Storyline if you give me a compelling reason, though
[21:16] <@Delgado> Yeah, I'll aftersim if Savant wants. Wink
01[21:16] <@Savant> yeah, nadkick.
[21:16] <@Marshall> We've learned a lot about Utopia.
[21:16] <@Caelin> mutually sabotaging the teamwork point seems like teamwork to me:)
01[21:16] <@Savant> ahee
[21:16] <@Roland> Utopian militaries aren't afraid of having fun with nukes.
[21:17] <@Delgado> Delgado and the Utopians seem to have a bit of teamwork going on. ;0
[21:17] <@Gabriel> We actually learned a good bit about the Utopians this week. The fact that they were willing to admit that they're fully defensive was an important admission, both from a storyline point and from a trust point.
[21:17] <@Detro> Utopians (heart) doctors
[21:17] <@Detro> And you don't ever destroy a Utopian's pet drone
01[21:17] <@Savant> they took it pretty well, all in all. Considering how expensive and rare a Blaecspidhra is.
[21:18] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Gabriel was looking to learn how they deal with set-backs. Turns out: very, very well.
[21:18] <@Gabriel> They're stoic and recognize reality when it's staring 'em in the face. That'll be useful to know.
[21:19] <@Caelin> the fact that caelin and scildfreja brought 4 with them means troy went all out for this mission
[21:19] <@Marshall> Is there anything left of Spidhra at all for Juno and I too pick apart? Even alloys and composites?
[21:19] <@Caelin> though, just so you know, that was the last one:)
01[21:19] <@Savant> the Utopians want all the bits back >Sad
01[21:19] <@Savant> thieves.
02[21:19] * @Delgado ( Quit (Quit: I'm a PC and I sell fish.)
[21:20] <@Caelin> need to give it a proper burial
06[21:20] * @Savant nods sagely
[21:20] <@Marshall> <--graverobber Wink
01[21:20] <@Savant> i'll give you the storyline point. That's one.
[21:20] <@Marshall> Yeah. Forget it. Got tons to do without worrying about it =)
01[21:20] <@Savant> I'll make it two if you tell me how eager you are to get going to Utopia already, and why
[21:21] <@Roland> It's not Caprice. Wink
03[21:21] * Itz|Away is now known as Delgado
[21:21] <@Marshall> One more planet to turn against the CEF. And Utopia is right in Earth's metaphorical back door.
[21:21] <@Delgado> Epic battles.
[21:21] <@Detro> I'm quite eager, since it's something new
01[21:21] <@Savant> Epic battles for sure.
[21:21] <@Delgado> Kick ass stealth technology.
[21:22] <@Roland> Not needing atmospheric suits when 'outside'...
01[21:22] <@Savant> just RAD suits Wink
[21:22] <@Roland> Sounds like Fallout 3 to me. Wink
01[21:23] <@Savant> Smile
01[21:23] <@Savant> anyone else want to sound off?
01[21:23] <@Savant> two points. Congratulations. The Admiral of the Eighth Fleet is gonna *love* hearing about this one Wink
01[21:23] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
[18:30] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Roland> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Delgado> ::attn::
01[18:30] <@Savant> goodness me. Everyone was in channel even before I called attention. Haven't seen that for months now - oh, wait. Prescot.
01[18:31] <@Savant> anyways. Welcome one and all to another dramatic episode of the Black Talons. These are the Days of Your Lives.
01[18:32] <@Savant> As you may have heard, I haven't had a chance to polish the blade of your demise to its prerequisite mirror-finish. Instead, I'm going to let you guys try to finish one another off like last game.
01[18:32] <@Savant> If you would like a preview of your destruction, you will have to go download the lastest Maptool. So that I can frickin standardize. It's build 45.
[18:33] <@Detro> Ah, the Billy Dee Williams version.
01[18:33] <@Savant>
[18:33] <@Gabriel> I'll check it out post-game, if that's OK.
01[18:33] <@Savant> That's fine by me.
01[18:33] <@Savant> Also, I would like to see completed Utopian inventories before next game. Because I am demanding.
01[18:33] <@Savant> If that's all cool, gimme a brief.
01[18:33] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:33] <@Savant> 6 Winter TN1946, 1200h - Morning
01[18:33] <@Savant> Black Talon Whitetop Base, NLC
01[18:33] <@Savant> -22C, Overcast.
01[18:33] <@Savant> You have handed your mission back to BTHQ, allowing their counter-intel resources to deal with the issue. They are somewhat disappointed, but they understand that the scope of the issue is large and have assigned several teams to pursue. You have been kept on the mission profile, however, in case firepower is required in its resolution.
01[18:33] <@Savant> This leaves you with a new billet - at a new base. Whitetop Base, situated high in the Confederate arctic, amongst the mountains and glaciers. The cold, bitter environment is proving useful for Caprician training and you are being sent there to observe the recruits and technicians there, lending what experience you may have. That's the official line, but nothing is expected of you beyond preparation for your own up-and-coming mission.
01[18:33] <@Savant> At least the Utopians seem to be opening up a little bit more, now that the deadline is starting to approach. Strap up and get ready, because it's coming.
01[18:33] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:33] <@Detro> Mine is done! ^_^ </suckup>
01[18:34] <@Savant> might be familiar.
[18:34] <@Detro> ack
[18:34] <@Gabriel> ack
01[18:34] <@Savant> Detro didn't have a lot to pack. Just a big-ass DVD case.
[18:34] <@Roland> ack
[18:34] <@Mem> ack
[18:34] <@Detro> :Very Happy:
[18:34] <@Caelin> ack
[18:34] <@Marshall> ack
01[18:34] <@Savant> We will be picking up two hours after last game. Delgado's had a chance to go off for a fume, and the Captain's had a chance to talk with the Utopians a bit.
01[18:35] <@Savant> questions?
03[18:35] * Kt ( has joined #BT05
01[18:35] <@Savant> As a theme for the game, I would like everyone to consider the fact that you will shortly be sharing a very confined space with all of these people, so you had better iron out any problems now, before you're trapped with them.
03[18:35] * Itz ( has joined #bt05
02[18:36] * @Delgado ( Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Itz)))
03[18:36] * Savant sets mode: +o Itz
03[18:36] * Itz is now known as Delgado
01[18:36] <@Savant> no questions? No questions.
01[18:36] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:37] <@Savant> It has been a relatively quiet few hours. After the drama of the earlier morning the doctor has been absent and everyone else has tried to ignore the violence. Even the Utopians seem to be willing to leave it behind them.
[18:38] <@Detro> ::having decided that his life (and genitalia) were more precious than trying to help Delgado, he let the Badlander storm off, and returned to the room BT05 had set up in... he's been napping the last 2 hours, but got woken up by the call of nature, and seems to aim to stay awake::
01[18:38] <@Savant> The rest of the base doesn't seem to care one way or the other. Engineering teams are finishing construction, putting paint on walls and laying down ductwork in unfinished areas, even while the rest of the base is already being occupied. Life goes on.
[18:38] <@Roland> ::turns a piece of slag over in one hand trying to figure out what portion of the robot it once was, while the empty dustpan and broom hang from his other::
[18:39] <@Gabriel> ::has spent the last couple of hours practically grilling Scild and Caelin, and is now transcribing his notes and adding a lot of lines to his requisition::
01[18:40] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Is still in the briefing room, seated with a cup of hot tea in both hands - it's chilly, as if the base weren't entirely insulated from the cold outside::
[18:40] <@Detro> ::working on his data glove, finishes up his packing list for Utopia, opting to supplement the team's undercover supplies::
[18:41] <@Marshall> ::still busily working on his laptop. He had a lot to do before they left for Utopia::
[18:42] <@Detro> ::sends for the various items on the list, then flips back to the crossword he'd been working on earlier::
[18:42] <@Roland> ::shrugs and tosses it into the trash receptacle, returning the dustpan and broom to the closet::
[18:43] <@Detro> Hmm. Six letter word. "When someone screws up". Starts with "F U".
01[18:43] <@Savant> There's a quiet rumbling from deeper in the base. It's been intermitant pretty much the entire time you've been here - grinding of machinery, roar of engines, blast of cutters into rock. The place was expanding as quickly as workers and machines could be found, and filling as soon as it could be expanded.
[18:43] <@Detro> ::glances around the room:: Anyone?
[18:44] <@Caelin> ::returns to the breifing room having taken a short walk to stretch his and get some fresh air::
[18:45] <@Roland> ::closes the closet and dusts his hands, moving over and opening his duffel to rummage around a little::
[18:45] <@Gabriel> ::from where he's working, refusing to take the bait:: Fumble.
01[18:46] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::reaches over and plucks a bit of glass and metal from the trash, frowning and turning it over in her hands::
[18:47] <@Roland> ::pulls out a single round out of the duffel and zips it back closed, drawing his revolver and swinging out the cylinder to remove the spent casing::
[18:47] <@Detro> ::inputs that:: Ah, thanks. ::smiles::
[18:49] <@Detro> ::glances around the now suddenly quiet room... probably not a good sign::
[18:49] <@Gabriel> ::pushes the computer away for a moment, figuring with a grin that he can get back to it if he doesn't get fired in the next hour, and stands up::
02[18:50] * @Delgado ( Quit (Ping timeout)
01[18:50] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::turns the piece over in her hands a few times before setting it on the tabletop. She glances at the Captain as he rises::
[18:51] <@Roland> ::sets the empty casing down on the table and replaces it, closing the cylinder and re-holstering::
03[18:51] * Delgado ( has joined #bt05
03[18:51] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Delgado
[18:52] <@Detro> So... anyone know of anyplace decent to eat around here that has a menu that doesn't include the abbreviation "MRE" or "TKL"?
[18:52] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Scild and heads back for the cawfee dispenser:: So, I never asked. What did you and Caelin talk about for 13 weeks in a shipping container?
01[18:53] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances over at Caelin with the briefest of smiles, deciding that he could field that question::
[18:53] <@Delgado> ::stalks the halls like a minotaur wandering a maze in search for it's prey. The time away from the mess hall didn't quell her anger, only made it change from hot to cold. Anyone she crossed would get a barked question and she'd get a finger point, leading her closer to her goal::
[18:54] <@Mem> ::passes Delgado:: Ready for a swim? ::continues to the briefing room::
[18:55] <@Roland> ::finger-flicks the casing into the trash and picks a PDA up off of the table::
[18:56] <@Delgado> ::just passes Mem, briefly wondering how much each of his internal organs would weigh in her hands before focusing back on the task at hand::
[18:57] <@Caelin> ::returns the look to freja and thinks for a moment::the mission, wondering what we'd find on caprice, family ::smiles at her again::what we'd do when we return home
[18:58] <@Gabriel> ::snaps his fingers:: Reminds me. The space-borne Capricians have a little concoction that helps prevent bone loss from long periods in zero G.
01[18:58] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::raises an eyebrow at the statement::
[18:58] <@Marshall> Ugh. Zero G.
[18:58] <@Gabriel> ::refills his mug:: Most of this team flew to Caprice and back together, but this trip will be quite a bit longer. Probably more stressful, too, owing to the bother of not being detected and murdered.
[18:59] <@Roland> ::pulls up the internal security camera footage on the PDA of what just happened and highlights where exactly he shot the drone in the event he needs to do something similar on Utopia::
[18:59] <@Marshall> ::The word makes him visably grimace::
01[18:59] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Zero gravity isn't so bad.
[19:00] <@Detro> I'm not worried about zero gee. I'm a little more worried about the psychological impact of the trip.
04[19:01] -> [Delgado] PING
[19:01] <@Gabriel> That, and muscle loss. I've got the feeling we'll need to hit the ground running when we get there. Which reminds me: what's local gravity on Utopia? Heavier or lighter than ours?
[19:01] <@Delgado> ::shoots out a few more questions to people she passes then finally comes to a door she hopes is right. She doesn't quite knock but doesn't quite pound on it, more like a forceful rapping that won't be easily dismissed::
01[19:03] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::As if out of nowhere, Gotah is behind Delgado, as if he were behind her and heading to his office. He's got a mug of cawfee in hand and unlit cigarette on his lip:: Looking for someone, doctor?
[19:03] <@Mem> ::grabs a bottle of water and looks around::
01[19:03] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::reaches over and opens the door::
[19:04] <@Caelin> ::recalls a moment:: about point nine seven gees, so not too light
[19:04] <@Delgado> ::turns around quickly and looks Gotah up and down as her right hand flexes and relaxes:: Is it so obvious? ::her voice was barely able to cover the bitter sarcasm::
01[19:06] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> Kind of, yeah. ::grins a humoured grin as he enters his office, expecting her to follow:: Whoever set up this office here didn't read my notes. Cawfee machine's all the way down the hall.
[19:06] <@Detro> We'll need to adjust our targeting systems for that.
[19:06] <@Marshall> No sweat.
[19:07] <@Delgado> ::she doesn't seem to hear what said as she steps inside and starts pacing back a forth, almost like a caged animal:: Something needs to be done. I can't take it anymore.
[19:07] <@Gabriel> That should be fine. ::pauses:: I'd like to apologize again for what the Senior Sergeant did to your Spidhra.
01[19:08] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::sits down, sets the cigarette on a clean ashtray at the corner of his desk, and takes a drink of cawfee:: Do you need a little time off? Stress leave?
[19:08] <@Roland> ::is in the midst of popping a piece of gum into his mouth as Tynes apologizes again -- he pauses briefly before biting down::
01[19:09] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods once and replies, humourless:: You have very good reaction time, Senior Sergeant.
[19:09] <@Delgado> ::shoots a look at Gotah, now staring at him as she paces:: For what? When I come back he'll still be there.
[19:09] <@Roland> Muscle memory.
[19:10] <@Roland> ::gum snaps::
[19:10] <@Detro> ::remembers that Tynes asked him to run testing on their comms and sensors in the potential radiation environment, so he taps his data glove into the nearest Talon mainframe::
01[19:10] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::he sits back and taps at the terminal screen on his desk, waking it up:: mm-hmm. Care to start at the beginning?
[19:12] <@Gabriel> ::grins crookedly in Roland's direction:: That, however, is a bit of false modesty.
[19:12] <@Delgado> I don't know exactly when that is. You think Roland was born a sociopath or was snubbed by the girl next door and shot her in the head?
[19:13] <@Caelin> ::takes a breath::we feel partially responsible for the incident as well, we should have been more careful with spidhra
01[19:13] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::without skipping a beat:: I think it has to do with the time his family was butchered by GREL in front of him.
[19:13] <@Detro> ::looks up the manufacturer specs for their various gear sensor systems first, to look for radiation tolerances and impact::
[19:14] <@Roland> ::shrugs:: Wasn't you who gave it the order.
01[19:14] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::leans to look at his screen:: At least, that's what I recall of his file. Haven't read it in awhile. ::drink of cawfee:: Not great nightstand reading.
[19:15] <@Caelin> she learned the words from us though ::frowns:: we didn't expect it to result in this
[19:16] <@Delgado> Like he's the only person in the entire universe who's lost people? And that gives him leave to do whatever the fuck he wants? ::grits her teeth::
01[19:17] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::mutters:: Spidhras are unarmed. It shouldn't ever have happened.
01[19:17] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::His casual tone disappears for a moment:: Close the door please, doctor.
[19:17] <@Roland> ::continues chewing contemplatively for a moment:: I bet Juno could put it back together if you let her.
01[19:18] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::raises an eyebrow dubiously::
[19:18] <@Marshall> There's not enough there to put anything back together.
[19:18] <@Roland> You obviously don't know Juno.
[19:18] <@Detro> ::stores what information he gathers::
[19:19] <@Roland> Though it'd probably end up running off of steam or some crazy shit like that...
[19:19] <@Marshall> It's not a matter of talent. It's a simple fact.
[19:20] <@Delgado> ::her hand begins to flex and relax again as she turns around and closes the door. Yes, she actually closed it instead of slamming it off its hinges. She stood there with her back to Gotah and her hand still on the door, the feeling of something solid helping her:: I didn't sign up for this.
[19:20] <@Caelin> ::raises an eyebrow as well::she seems rather.....::tries to think of the word he had heard among other terranovans during their time off::...bubbly
[19:20] <@Gabriel> ::sips his cawfee, content to let the people involved hash out the matter naturally::
01[19:21] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::his tone returns to its more casual, less boss-and-supervisor manner as soon as the door is closed:: I know, Doctor. Talon Five, buddha bless them, has always been trouble. Even when they were mine.
[19:22] <@Roland> Yeah. It's the drugs.
[19:23] <@Gabriel> I've never known Senior Ranger Juno to ever be in a bad mood.
[19:24] <@Marshall> ::nods:: She's been incredibly helpful to me so far.
[19:25] <@Gabriel> Occasionally, here on Terra Nova, we have a person that seems to just spring right out of the very soil. Irreverant, creative, and enthusiastic almost to a fault.
[19:25] <@Delgado> ::closes her eyes and lowers her head, letting her hair fall in front of her face as she continues to hold her hand to the door, pressing against it like a counterweight:: It was hard losing my family. I adapted. It was hard rediscovering Blia only to watch her slowly go insane. I adapted. It was hard being thrust into the middle of a new team that is the complete opposite of what Seven was. I've tried to adapt. ...
[19:25] <@Delgado> But I will -not- let this continue. ::turns her body enough to look at Gotah over her shoulder, her dark eyes glittering behind her hair:: I will not let -him- continue unchecked. Not after today.
01[19:26] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::from the side room, sing-song:: foot-bone's connected to the .. shin bone! shin bone's connected to the... knee-bone! knee bone's connected to the .. hydraulic gate! hydraulic gate's connected to ...
[19:26] <@Gabriel> ::draws the word out, grinning:: Almost.
[19:26] <@Roland> ::does a pill popping motion::
[19:26] <@Marshall> ::chuckles::
[19:27] <@Detro> ::saves the data to the external storage drive and pulls the chip out... he gets up and heads to where Juno is, to liase with her as ordered on the sensor/comm vulnerability problem::
[19:27] <@Mem> ::passes by the others:: Who, Sunshine?
01[19:27] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::He smiles very slightly:: I was hoping you were going to say that, Doctor. That's just what I wanted to hear.
[19:28] <@Roland> ::smirks slightly at Mem:: You know someone else who fits that description?
[19:28] <@Delgado> ::narrows her eyes skeptically as she finally turns away from the door, facing him fully:: What?
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01[19:30] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::He's not looking at her, instead he's looking at his screen, writing something on it with a stylus:: Roland is a loose cannon, but he's too useful to the Talon project to just let him go. He's what command calls a Flexible Asset. But you're right, he's uncontrolled. I knew you wouldn't like that, and I figured you might have the spine to stand up against him. It's why
01[19:31] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> It's why I had you kept in five, actually.
[19:31] <@Caelin> ::glances at the ranger taking a deep breath before turning back to tynes:: i'm sure you understand that we're not used to being in such a.....mixed group, and forgive my earlier outburst about the way you lead them, just there's alot at stake with our mission
01[19:32] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Juno is sitting cross-legged on the floor of her barracks room with a pile of molecular modelling tools - balls and sticks, basically. She's assembling what looks like a Gears' leg out of the pieces::
[19:34] <@Gabriel> ::sips his cawfee and nods:: The situation was stressful, and what we are facing is stressful. You are doing a fine balancing act between what you've been ordered to tell us and what I'm asking you to tell us.
[19:34] <@Marshall> Speaking of the mission, is there anything else that we need to get done before we head out, technically speaking?
01[19:34] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Upper gymbal's connected to the - interstitial assembly! interstitial assembly's connected to the... PDM! PDM's connected to the ...
[19:34] <@Gabriel> It can't be easy, and I understand that.
[19:34] <@Detro> So, I got the equipment specs and manufacturer tests on them for the comms and sen...sors... ::looks at what Juno is putting together:: Um... ::pauses, questioningly::
[19:35] <@Roland> ::calls into the other room:: ...the seven point six two millimeter chain gun with freon cooling system and electrically driven autoloader!
01[19:35] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Thank you. We don't want you to feel like you're travelling blind.
[19:35] <@Birkin> ::knocks on the door of Juno's barracks room before peeking inside:: I come bearing chemicals.
[19:36] <@Delgado> ::just stands there for a moment with a blank expression on her face before she takes a step forward, her features now a mixture of emotion:: And when were you going to tell me this? Or do anything?! How many injured patients did he need to shoot in the head or how many knees shot out or planatary wars started before you said something? And are you even going to -do- anything? Tynes just wants him to sweep a floor!
[19:36] <@Delgado> And that's the first and only thing I've seen him do against that animal!
01[19:36] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Stops mid-song, frowns at the model she's building, then shouts out to Roland through the open door:: There? You want a chain gun sticking out your greaves? That's just sill- oooh.
01[19:37] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::begins tearing apart her model of sticks and sponge-balls::
[19:37] <@Mem> ::rolls his eyes:: You're waking a monster.
[19:38] <@Roland> But it's our monster.
[19:38] <@Detro> Um, Juno... I think this is a little more important right now. We need to know before we leave what the effect of radiation will be on our sensors and comms. And what we could do to help combat that.
[19:38] <@Birkin> ::moves into the room seeing that Juno is busy and that there is company:: Whats that ::motioning at the thing shes tearing apart::
01[19:39] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::He frowns:: He's gone a lot more wild than I thought he would - a lot more than when he was with me. For that, I *do* apologize. But I couldn't tell you, or him about it, until I knew you were ready to step up to the challenge.
[19:39] <@Caelin> ::nods:: and i should apologize for our....i guess your superiors would say stubborness with our quoting of the banners, i should probably clarify that they are more of a set of guidelines for us when interacting with non-utopians, and to give responsibility if something... bad should result during such interaction
01[19:40] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Oh, just grease the box up in noalox and we'll train the nets to see through a bit of haze, it's no big deal. ::jabs a spoke through a sponge ball far too gleefully::
[19:41] <@Caelin> ::looks at freja briefly:: we wanted to make sure your people wouldn't betray us with the information we would give
[19:42] <@Marshall> Captain Tynes, do you know if the gunsmithing workshop's been set up here yet?
[19:42] <@Gabriel> ::shrugs:: Also perfectly understandable, though I have to admit I found it a bit amusing when you said we weren't making Set and his actions public enough. ::grins::
[19:42] <@Marshall> I should go see about getting our new weapons systems built.
01[19:43] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nurses her tea cup in both hands:: Banners are different from your flags. Your cities and your leagues have flags. Banners for places. We have banners for the things we do, instead. Banners for war, banners for peace, banners for trade. A symbol of what we do instead of who we are.
[19:43] <@Delgado> ::closes her eyes and tilts her head back as she takes a long, steadying breath. She counts backward from 10 then looks back at Gotah as she sweeps her hair back out of her face and behind her, trying to look more 'professional' for the moment:: I think I've proved my ability in that regard then. Now what's to be done about it?
[19:44] <@Detro> You're sure that'll work? That we'll have adequate supplies, in case we have to reapply for some reason?
[19:45] <@Caelin> ::gets a puzzled look:: i've been wondering how that applied when you first mentioned it, if someone in new troy had found out there was a spy, or traitor, everyone would be alerted and it would be dealt with
01[19:46] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::turns the screen he's been writing on towards Delgado - it looks like a big contract:: I'm going to discuss giving you a commission with Captain Tynes. It'll give you the ability to do what you need to do, as a doctor, and it'll allow you to reign in Roland as you and I both know he needs. A counterweight to Captain Tynes, if you want to think of it that way.
[19:46] <@Marshall> ::excuses himself and heads for Gotah's office::
01[19:47] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::waves a hand:: psh, logistics. Yeah, we'll want to bring more of it I bet. Get the good stuff, too! not that cheap Timmins stuff they heap on Norguard.
[19:49] <@Marshall> ::finds Gotah's office quickly enough and folds his paperwork under his left arm and brings the right arm up. Knock knock::
[19:49] <@Delgado> ::her eyes roam over the screen then she flicks her eyes up to Gotah, studying his face for a moment before letting out a breath:: Goddamnit, Gotah. You know I hate this bureaucratic crap. ... Is this really the only thing you can come up with? And what makes you so sure either Tynes or Roland will listen to me? They haven't so far.
[19:49] <@Detro> ::makes notes on the dataglove:: Anything else?
[19:49] <@Gabriel> As you're learning, Terra Nova is made up of many different cultures. Not all of them would disseminate this information so widely.
[19:50] <@Gabriel> There are whole swaths of the planet with an only barely viable news organization of any kind.
[19:50] <@Mem> ::peeks in at Juno:: What about you? Any fun acquisitions lately?
[19:50] <@Roland> ::wanders into the other room and toes around the various parts Juno has splayed out across the floor; he bends over and picks one up::
[19:50] <@Gabriel> ::thinks of one particular Badlander:: There are many in the Badlands who would see anything we "Polars" said as a trick.
[19:50] <@Birkin> ::thinks for half a moment:: Hm. I haven't thought of the rad problem. I wonder if the explosives we take with us are going to need shielding.
01[19:50] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::He smiles slightly again:: The bureaucracy isn't as bad as it seems, especially when you're out on mission. And especially since you won't be the acting second in command. It's the same job, though there *will* be a few correspondence courses you will have to study and pass. Tynes and Gage will be able to help you with those. And don't worry about them. I'll talk to th
01[19:51] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> I'll talk tot hem myself.
01[19:51] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::cheerfully holds up a red sponge ball on a stick towards Mem:: I got a model kit.
[19:52] <@Roland> ::bends the joint on...whatever it is he has in his hands a couple of times and listens to it squeak::
[19:52] <@Mem> ::blinks at Juno::
[19:52] <@Mem> The hell is that supposed to be?
[19:53] <@Delgado> Great. Take a learning annex course on how to tame a sociopath. ::takes a deep breath then throws her hands up:: Alright, fine. I'll do it. ::points her finger at him:: But hear me, if he starts a war while we're on Utopia then I'm telling everyone to forward everything to -you-.
01[19:53] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> I don't know a lot about the Grenarians or the Republicans, to be honest. I've never been to one of their cities.
01[19:54] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> That's the power distribution module - er, no, wait. It *was* a power distribution module. Now it's a rubber ball.
[19:54] <@Caelin> ::nods::we're trying to understand that, your people haven't gone through what we have, that both your blessing...and curse, but we will try to bare with it
01[19:55] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::smiles again:: They do anyway. You'll do just fine, doctor. You've always been a do-it-yourself sort. I just want to give you the tools to do that.
[19:55] <@Roland> ::puts the piece back on the ground and picks up another one:: Just how long did you spend in Khir-Ayd Din getting all those stuff?
[19:55] <@Mem> Rubber balls are the best thing in gear technology, I hear.
[19:56] <@Caelin> ::thinks about what he just said for a moment::i guess in some way...if our people had been more like yours though, we might have been able to fight the terrans better when they came too
01[19:56] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Oh, this? This thing was down in the Cogs and Frogs store down in Pioneer. They make sciencey stuff. Ooh, I must've unloaded a thousand marks in there. ::pauses:: three weeks, though. I got a good haul this time. Filled mah boots!
[19:57] <@Delgado> ::finally smirks:: I will curse you with paperwork if this doesn't work. Mark my words! Paperwork! ::finally turns to the door and opens it, looking out at Marshall as she calls back to Gotah:: It's another stray from the herd.
[19:58] <@Gabriel> You've done well enough. Your city is still free. That's more than many of ours could say when the CEF came to our world.
[19:58] <@Detro> ::blink blinks, giving up... he rubs his forehead as he leaves the side room::
[19:59] <@Gabriel> It took time for us to drive them off. It will take you time as well, particularly as you have traitors in your midst.
01[19:59] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::sits back and lights his cigarette, checking off a checkmark on his mental checklist. Everything according to plan.::
01[20:00] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::blinks, surprised enough to raise her voice:: Traitors? in Troy?
[20:00] <@Caelin> ::shakes head at freja:: i think he means steelgate
[20:00] <@Marshall> ::frowns at Delgado, but steps into Gotah's office anyway:: Commandant, I have this request from Talon 5. We need some weapons for the trip to Utopia.
01[20:00] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Oh, -them-.
01[20:01] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::smirks a little:: Talon five needs weapons? What a novelty. What do you need, Mr Marshall?
[20:02] <@Marshall> Sir, Senior Ranger Tyrelle and myself put together this little special for Utopia. Captain Tynes would like at least six, but a few spares couldn't hurt.
[20:02] <@Delgado> ::steps aside for Marshall to enter and lingers for a moment, smirking at the 'more weapons!' request:: I'll let you two talk. Thank you for your time, Gotah. ::nods at Marshall:: Ranger. ::steps out and closes the door behind her before heading back for the main rooms::
[20:02] <@Caelin> ::nods:: none of the nations on terranova were eager to join the terrans when they came, thats why they've had to use their recent tactics with Set
[20:02] <@Marshall> ::lays the schematic on the desk::
[20:03] <@Roland> ::hmphs and sets the piece back down on the floor:: Wonder if we can pack Junkman a care package to drop off on our way to Utopia.
[20:03] <@Detro> ::sits down near Tynes and the Utopians::
01[20:03] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::looks down at the schematics once:: You'll ahve to forgive me, I'm not Juno. I'm not much with schematics. What do you need?
[20:04] <@Gabriel> Yes, that's correct. ::is pleased::
01[20:04] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Ooh, that's a good idea. He's probably all out of smart glue, and their gaskets are terrible out there! I wonder if we could shoot him something, maybe drop a crate off with the al-Bansens? ::grins:: aren't you thoughtful, Roland!
[20:04] <@Marshall> Well, sir. Just a facility to constuct these with, really. I wasn't sure if there was such a facility here, or if we would need to forward the schematics somewhere else.
[20:05] <@Caelin> ::turns to tynes again:: thats why i felt that Set should have been public knowledge, the people wouldn't willingly help a terran, or terran creation
[20:05] <@Roland> We owe him. A little.
[20:05] <@Roland> ::does the pinched fingers motion::
[20:05] <@Gabriel> ::overhears:: We left enough arms and ammunition to keep them stocked for a while. Besides, I don't want to have to try to slip that close to Caprice.
[20:06] <@Gabriel> I suspect the CEF will have reinforced around Monolith by now. Which, happily, might give us just the hole we need to slip through to Utopia.
01[20:06] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::takes a drag of his cigarette and sits back again:: They're unpacking the machine shop now, I think.
[20:06] <@Roland> I don't suppose we have time to nuke it again. ::flatly::
[20:06] <@Marshall> ::nods:: Where's that, sir?
01[20:07] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Petulant:: Awh. I wanted to send him a "we miss you" card. You know, the sorts made out of paste and macaroni and sparkles.
[20:08] <@Marshall> ::ahems:: I mean, yes sir. I'll take care of it.
01[20:08] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> Adjoining the repair shops, next to the launch bay. Oh, could you send for Captain Tynes when he's got a minute?
[20:08] <@Marshall> ::nods:: Aye aye, sir.
01[20:09] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::smirks a bit and nods::
[20:09] <@Delgado> ::comes to a 'fork in the road' and looks down each hall. She could go back to the bunks or back to the hall. If she went back to the bunks then she'd be alone with her thoughts and that might not be such a good idea. However, the hall might have Roland still there. ... But Caelin and Scildfreja would be there and she wanted to apologize. Damn dilemmas::
[20:09] <@Marshall> ::salutes, then turns for the door::
[20:09] <@Marshall> ::makes the walk back to the briefing room::
[20:10] <@Birkin> Hmm. ::opens up the bottle he had brought with him into the barracks:: Anyone wanna test something with me?
[20:10] <@Caelin> ::looks up a bit::about that, any idea how we will be returning to utopia yet, or when?
[20:10] <@Roland> ::kneels down beside Tank-Chair(tm) and tilts his head at it:: Soooooo....who's this for, anyway? Someone get paralyzed while we were gone?
01[20:11] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::without looking:: I like testing things!
[20:11] <@Delgado> ::finally decides and heads for the hall. Besides, she was a doctor after all and she could feel her caffeine reserves starting to fail::
01[20:11] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Naw. I just got bored yesterday.
[20:12] <@Detro> You know... ::regards the Utopians:: I envy you in a ways.
[20:12] <@Roland> ::pauses for a moment, then climbs up into the chair::
01[20:12] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::raises an eyebrow at Detro::
[20:12] <@Marshall> ::opens up the door tot he breifing room:: Captain Tynes. The Commandant asked for you when you get a moment, sir.
01[20:13] <@Savant> Roland climbs into the shiny new lawn-tractor chair.
[20:13] <@Roland> ::shifts slightly:: ...needs an ass groove.
[20:13] <@Delgado> ::walks calmly into the room everyone is in and heads straight for the cawfee machine, pouring herself a good amount and leaving it black as she turns around and takes a sip, surveying the mood in the room::
[20:13] <@Detro> Well, when the Earthers came here... we didn't have anyone to ask for help, but ourselves...
[20:14] <@Birkin> ::pours a clear liquid into a glass then one for himself, passing the glass to Juno:: Bottoms up.
[20:14] <@Detro> ::quietly:: A lot of good people died before we managed to rid Terra Nova of the Earther luh suh. ::frowns, remembering his father::
01[20:14] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> You need an ass first, bony! ::cackles once and grabs the glass she's offered, squinting at it::
[20:15] <@Gabriel> ::turns to Marshall and nods:: Thank you, Ranger. ::to Caelin:: Duty calls. But yes, we should talk about that in some detail. We have a preliminary plan, but we're not sure how viable it is yet.
[20:15] <@Roland> Had one once. Got shot off. ::shifts again and moves his hands to what appear to be the controls::
[20:15] <@Gabriel> I'll be back. ::turns and exits the room::
[20:15] <@Caelin> ::nods to tynes::
01[20:15] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::adopting a Humanist accent:: Ve vill bilt ju a new hwon!
[20:16] <@Birkin> Don't worry it wont kill you or make you go blind. ::hits Juno's glas with his:: Cheers.
01[20:16] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::frowns visibly, and says nothing::
[20:17] <@Marshall> ::walks into Juno's room:: What's going on in here? Havin' a party without me? ::grins::
01[20:17] <@Savant> The chair-tank turns left, turns right. It's slow, but it'd be handy if you didn't want to get up off your chair but still needed to go to the fridge for a beer::
[20:18] <@Roland> Hrm...needs more power.
[20:18] <@Delgado> ::takes her cawfee and walks over to Freja and Caelin and sits 'near' them but not 'with' them. She takes a sip of her drink then looks down at the black liquid, not exactly sure how to procede::
[20:18] <@Mem> Looks fun.
[20:19] <@Mem> ::sniffs Birkin's glass:: Fuck.
[20:20] <@Caelin> ::looks over at delgado, then whispers to freja::[AS]shall i leave you to talk to her?
01[20:20] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::knocks back the drink, giving him the benefit of the doubt and actually tasting it instead of just tossing the drink back.:: Oh yeah, gonna put on another battery bank and some bigger motughcough cough cough gag
[20:20] <@Detro> The Earth invasion united Terra Nova in no way it ever was before...
[20:20] <@Gabriel> ::raps twice on Gotah's door::
[20:20] <@Birkin> ::takes the drink as well, thinking it was amazing stuff::
[20:21] <@Detro> ::looks at the Utopians:: So I have to ask, if one day the CEF gets kicked off of your world... what then?
[20:21] <@Roland> ::frowns:: You'd never be able to run a minigun with this thing. Rocket launcher, maybe.
01[20:21] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::murmurs:: [as] Sure
[20:22] <@Marshall> Y'okay Juno?
01[20:22] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> Come in, Captain.
[20:23] <@Delgado> ::shifts uncomfortably in her chair as she hears them whisper. Now she wasn't sure how she felt about them. They were whispering to each other in their language which usually means they don't want the person to understand what they're saying, but she could now pick out a few words so it was almost like 'spying'. How would this translate on Utopia?::
01[20:23] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::waves her hand in front of her face, eyes watering and cheeks red:: guh! Prophet, what you make this with, Aaron? Boiled down Livingstone itself?
[20:24] <@Gabriel> ::opens the door, steps through, closes it, stands in front of the Commandant's desk, salutes::
01[20:24] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::she inhales a deep breath and lets it go, a mild exasperation. She smiled at the doctor briefly, though, so it wasn't really exasperation at her.::
[20:24] <@Birkin> ... Wow. Ok dawing board with this one. ::clears his throat and considers standing up for a second::
[20:25] <@Roland> Well don't throw it out; it'll probably make good Molotovs.
[20:25] <@Detro> I mean, if that's a bit personal or whatnot, forget I asked. Just wondering what your people would do...
01[20:25] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::Stands and salutes as well before sitting down again:: Few things to deal with. Do you want big to small, or small to big?
[20:26] <@Gabriel> Big to small, I think, Commandant.
[20:26] <@Birkin> Degrease V engines too maybe.
01[20:27] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::steadies herself on the arm of her latest contraption:: I could probably use that as a de-greaser. Oh, man. ::grins widely:: Hoo-eeee, gonna be high as a kite todaaaay. Surprisedh, hey, Roland, whaddya think of the Battle-Recliner?
[20:27] <@Delgado> ::looks up at Scildfreja then back down at her cawfee, once again unsure of how to start:: If I had known he would have reacted like he did, I never would've done what I did. ... But it happened and I can't take it back.
[20:27] <@Caelin> ::frowns at detro's comment::that would depend on how far we go, your people, though united against the terrans, still seem to have issues with each other, because steelgate chose to ally with the terrans, we will have to deal with them as if they are also terrans, it might mean we have to re-conquer utopia
[20:27] <@Marshall> Battle Recliner? ::turns:: What. The hell. Is that?
[20:28] <@Roland> Needs a holo-helmet interface.
[20:28] <@Roland> And more guns.
01[20:28] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::nods, punches up some data on his screen:: First things first, your ticket. We got a letter in along with Talon 11. It looks like they were contacted by the Hakkar Social Welfare Agency, with information from Mariss Milspec.
[20:29] <@Detro> ::nods:: I understand that. Though really, I think Terra Nova will come out of this a little less likely to fight in the future. But the thing is... if the Earth leaves Utopia, there's still Caprice and the other colonies...
01[20:29] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Pchhh, guns are comin. I mean, c'mon, I only built it in an afternoon.
01[20:30] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She loosk down at her own cup and nods once, understanding::
[20:30] <@Roland> ::sniffs:: Should've been the first thing you added, Sunshine.
[20:30] <@Birkin> Hmm this might work. ::stares at the bottle a little bit:: I Got some more. You want some LT?
[20:31] <@Detro> ...and of course, some day, Earth itself. ::looks at Caelin:: So, you see why I ask what your people would likely do when that day comes. We had to learn to put aside our rivalries to fight the common evil... ::trails off there::
01[20:31] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::giggles:: You want a robot made of *guns*
[20:32] <@Detro> ::is skirting the outright question: Once the Earth no longer threatens your world, will you still fight with us against the Earth, or will you stop to destroy your rivals?
[20:32] <@Roland> ::pauses, a slight look of glee crossing across his face:: That...would...fucking...rockk.
[20:32] <@Gabriel> Good news, or bad, sir?
[20:32] <@Marshall> Sounds feasable. We should get to work right away. ::gives Juno a grin::
[20:32] <@Detro> ::and at the same time, isn't trying to imply they WOULD::
[20:33] <@Delgado> ::shakes her head:: I can only say sorry once. It starts to lose it's meaning after the first. ::looks up at Scildfreja:: But I mean what I say. And from today on I will do whatever I can to repay my debt to you and Caelin. Ask anything and I will do it, within reason.
01[20:33] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::points at Roland, jaw open wide:: Oh my prophet. oh my prophet. Did you see that? Was that a smile? Whas that a real honest-to-mamoud smile?
01[20:34] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> It looks good. It's coded, but it looks like they've given us their shipping shedule to and from the Heofon system from Loki. Down to the ships that they'll be using.
[20:34] <@Caelin> ::nods::i can't think that far ahead at the moment, i'm certain my superiors haven't thought about it either, right now it's about utopia ::snorts a bit:: up until recently the thought about getting help was out of the question, so anything could change, it's hard to say what would happen
[20:34] <@Roland> You must build me this robot, Sunshine.
01[20:36] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She nods and looks up from her cup:: You only need to say it once. It was just a drone. We have all of the important data backed up on the Ambithera.
01[20:36] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> OH, I *have* to, now. Who knew that the cold hearted Ardelmos would have a smile like an *angel*? ::her sentence ends with a positive *squeee*!::
[20:36] <@Gabriel> ::raises eyebrows:: I'd call that excellent news, sir. Enemy shipping schedules? We can definitely put that information to work.
[20:38] <@Roland> ::looks at Birkin:: How much of that stuff did you give her?
[20:38] <@Delgado> ::shakes her head:: It wasn't just a drone. And even if it was "just a drone", I used it and I used the gift of the language you've given me unjustly.
[20:39] <@Birkin> Only a little bit. Ok maybe I need a warning label. I need a nickname for it. ::shakes his head to clear his thoughts::
01[20:40] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::nods:: it looks like you made some good friends on Caprice, and it's paying off big dividents. Twelve is sending you their thanks as well, Mariss is helping them out quite a bit.
[20:40] <@Roland> ::grabs the bottle and sniffs it:: Smells like ass.
[20:40] <@Birkin> Remind me not to hire you as my PR man.
01[20:41] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> :She takes a breath and smiles a reassuring smile, puts a hand on the back of Delgado's shoulder:: Would you feel better if I beat you up a bit? There is a training room here, isn't there?
01[20:41] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::puts her hand to her belly: ooh, my poor liver isn't gonna like me at *all*
[20:41] <@Mem> ::looks between the two of them:: You two need to be separated.
[20:41] <@Gabriel> Ask them to carve a "5" in something for us, and we'll call it square.
[20:42] <@Roland> No no, that's what I'm telling you to call it.
[20:42] <@Gabriel> I'll take a look at that data as soon as it's decrypted. What's next down from that?
[20:42] <@Detro> ::nods:: I understand. Just... consider it. I don't think the NEC is going to stop being a threat until we tear down their entire government to the bedrock.
01[20:43] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::Smirks:: Alright. Next is under the table. I got to sit in on a Westphalia cabinet meeting, and they were talking about Utopia, and your mission.
[20:43] <@Delgado> ::blinks then chuckles softly:: I actually think it would make me feel better if you did slap me around. ::suddenly holds up a hand:: But it's unnecessary. ::grins slowly:: Let sleeping dawgs lie.
[20:43] <@Birkin> Which one of us two are you talking to LT?
[20:44] <@Mem> Uhhh. ::points at Juno and Roland::
01[20:44] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> In specific, what we can give them. They talked a long time about what we're willing to release to them, if we find them worthy allies. The logistics of an alliegence across this distance is... well, it's staggering. It was a long talk.
[20:44] <@Mem> But... you make a good point.
[20:44] <@Roland> "Smells like ass! Brewed by those that keep you safe from Earth. They don't have time to waste drinking to get drunk, so why should you?" ::sniff sniff:: Fuck that's strong.
[20:45] <@Birkin> Exactly. Lt take a drink. Be a man
01[20:45] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> :Sits on the floor:: Strong like - ! Like some big southern thing... that's really.. strong. Aw, fuck. What happens to my vocabularies.
[20:45] <@Birkin> Biiig southern thing. I like the sound of that.
[20:46] <@Marshall> ::laughs:: You would.
01[20:47] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Just be careful with the Sleca. It was a mistake, that's all. It's behind us.
[20:47] <@Gabriel> Understandable. Any conclusions?
01[20:48] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> We're going to be giving you the specs for the Hunter, Jaguar, Grizzly, Jager, Iguana and Cobra. We're also giving you a fairly sizeable catalogue of engineering specs and scientific data, which you'll be albe to release to the Utopians peacemeal or together if you deem it worthwhile.
[20:49] <@Caelin> ::nods to detro:: i'll pass it along to my superiors, though it may be years....decades, before we're able to...move on to the next step
[20:49] <@Delgado> I won't even look at the thing. Besides, it's scary. ::shudders once before taking a sip of her cooling cawfee::
01[20:49] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> We will *also* be sending a collection of trained Neural Nets and a library of more advanced engineering data. This you may release to them only if you're certain it won't fall into enemy hands. That's at your discretion, but be cautious.
02[20:49] * @Roland ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
01[20:50] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::grins and holds out a hand, gesturing towards the drone:: It's cute.
01[20:50] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> ::prowls out of the corner and towards Scildfreja::
01[20:51] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::polishes the drones' eye-cameras idly with a soft cloth::
[20:51] <@Delgado> ::blinks slowly:: You think it's -cute-? ... We're going to land planetside and some big slobbering terror is going to leap out from the forest and it's going to be 'cuddly', isn't it?
03[20:52] * Roland ( has joined #bt05
03[20:52] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Roland
[20:52] <@Detro> ::nods, falls silent::
01[20:52] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> You're going to be our contacts with the Utopians, and it's going to have to be you that ultimately descides whether an alliance is beneficial to Terra Nova, or even if it's viable. At the distance we're in we can only share information, at least until we start moving on a strategic level. And until we can get that information flowing more easily, the Terranovan diplomat
01[20:53] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::smirks, almost laughs:: Maybe. We'll have to be careful where we land.
01[20:54] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> , the Terranovan Diplomats are going to be whoever happens to be on planet at the time. You.
[20:55] <@Delgado> You don't have any ship or gear eating creatures on Utopia, do you? Nothing that big? Hopefully?
[20:55] <@Birkin> Big Southern Thing.
01[20:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::shrugs:: Some big animals in the ocean.
[20:56] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: That's a sizeable investment on our part, Commandant. There's... some question whether they Koglunders will ever be willing to repay us in turn.
[20:56] <@Birkin> Named by Juno Tyrelle.
[20:56] <@Birkin> Yeah I like that
[20:56] <@Delgado> ::winces:: Why does it always have to be water?
01[20:56] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::from where she's plopped down with her back to the wall, she sweeps her arms up wide:: Biiiig Southern Thing
01[20:58] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> We'll need to see that they come part way in this as well. You know that, though. Be courteous, be giving, but don't be too generous. We aren't going there to be their knights in shining armour, nor are we going there to drop care packages.We fight there if it helps us. But, you know that.
[20:58] <@Detro> ::reaches over and picks up a pack of cards from one of the other tables, and starts flipping them, one by one, into a pile next to the wall::
[20:58] <@Roland> So what's the slogan?
[20:58] <@Roland> ::pulls himself up out of the chair-tank and sets the bottle down beside it::
01[20:58] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::frowns sympathetically:: It's not so bad. You must not've ever seen an ocean before.
01[20:59] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Chirps:: Big Southern Thing! Liver Failiure In a Bottle!
[20:59] <@Birkin> Liquid Panty Remover.
01[21:00] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Gives Birkin a great-big-wide-open-mouth-and-eyes shocked look::
[21:00] <@Delgado> ::shakes her head:: The largest body of water I've... ::winces again:: been in... was a water holding tank in the Badlands.
01[21:01] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> You beast! You didn't even buy me dinner and a movie!
[21:01] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Understood, sir. We won't let you down. That all, or is there something else?
01[21:02] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods once:: Some people are that way with being outside, back in Troy. They don't feel right unless there's a ceiling over their heads.
[21:02] <@Caelin> ::raises an eyebrow at the loud voices from the next room::
01[21:02] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> One, yes. About this morning. There was a bit of a boom, you see.
[21:02] <@Birkin> ::looks at Juno:: Huh? Oh no not you. You were just a great test subject.
[21:02] <@Delgado> ::nods slightly then smirks:: You can't really drown in a forest though.
01[21:03] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Mock offense rising to ludicrous levels:: I'm not good enough for you or something?
[21:04] <@Roland> <w> He's uppity. Testify, girl.
[21:04] <@Birkin> ... Wow. I should have seen that one coming huh? ::clears his throat:: No not at all. I'm no good for you. Yeah. That's it
[21:04] <@Detro> ::flip... flip... flip... flip::
01[21:05] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> No, not really. We'll help you when we get to that. If we have to get to that.
[21:05] <@Detro> ::then grins, and changes his destination of the cards. He angles them with a curved flight and starts aiming for the door into the side room where the other are at::
[21:05] <@Delgado> ::pales a bit but nods:: Ah... yeah. If. I like if.
01[21:05] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> I understand there was a bit of an altercation with the Utopians. I also understand that you've dealt with it, though, so I'm content to let it go if they are.
01[21:06] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> You're just lucky I don't sic Roland on you ::squint-glares::
[21:07] <@Roland> ::points at Birkin:: Watch yourself, yeah?
[21:07] <@Birkin> ... I need another drink.
[21:07] <@Birkin> Who's with me?
[21:07] <@Gabriel> They were understandably annoyed, but the diplomatic situation seems to be under control for now.
[21:07] <@Marshall> Count me in, Birkin.
01[21:08] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods, sips her tea, sets down the cup:: I need to go for a run. I've been sitting for too long.
[21:09] <@Birkin> Alright we have one brave soul
[21:09] <@Birkin> anyone else? Juno? Refill of Big Southern Thing?
[21:09] <@Detro> ::flip... flip... flip...:
01[21:09] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> Quite. Good. Roland has been under control lately? I've read some disturbing reports.
[21:09] <@Delgado> I think there's a fully outfitted gym in here. ::wrinkles her nose:: Running in frozen water is... not my cup of cawfee.
01[21:10] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Ooh, yes please. ::holds out the cup::
[21:10] <@Roland> ::holds up a hand:: I'll keep my brain cells intact for shooting stuff, if you don't mind. ::snaps his gum::
[21:10] <@Detro> ::watches the cards sail into the side room::
01[21:10] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods, rises:: That'll do. Coming?
[21:11] <@Birkin> Lets see if I can find more back in the lab.
[21:11] <@Gabriel> ::smiles crookedly:: I'll bet. But you know the Senior Sergeant. He's not truly happy except at that moment he has a GREL in the crosshairs. This information-gathering mission is... stressful for him. When we did finally enter some action, he was a bit overzealous in the immobilization of a potential information source.
[21:12] <@Gabriel> I suspect once 05 goes back into action, he'll settle back down.
[21:12] <@Marshall> ::sees cards fly by and responds by tossing one of Juno's small rubber balls back at Detro::
[21:12] <@Delgado> ::smiles as she stands up:: Sounds like fun.
01[21:12] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::nods once:: I know. That's him. And Delgado? She's still got a lot of badlands in her.
01[21:13] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::plucks a now-soggy card out of her cup, braces herself as if about to do something incredibly stupid, and takes another shot::
[21:13] <@Mem> ::watches Juno and her excitement over the drink:: Something wrong? Or just thirsty?
01[21:14] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Wrong? Oh, nothin's wrong, I'm just a sucker for punishuaghcoughc cough cough
[21:14] <@Detro> ::a ball bounces off his shoulder, landing behind him:: Oh, nice shot.
[21:14] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Too much, sometimes.
[21:15] <@Gabriel> Far be it from me to question the wisdom of the Cabinet, but recruiting Badlands civilians for a special forces military unit has caused some... interesting command challenges.
[21:15] <@Gabriel> This will be three Badlander doctors in a row for 05, and all three have had this issue.
[21:15] <@Mem> You sure?
[21:15] <@Marshall> Why don't you join us Detro? We got booze. ::smirks::
[21:15] <@Birkin> ::wanders back, with a little bit more of the good stuff:: Here. You guys divide it up first.
[21:16] <@Detro> ::towards the side room:: Because some of us are technically on duty. And I happen to like my liver just fine the way it is. ::smirk::
01[21:16] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::he nods:: I think she's going to make an extremely strong asset if we can tamp down some of that rebellion. I'd like her to be your side project, Captain. ::pulls up a second file, in the same folder as the file he showed Delgado earlier::
01[21:18] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> I'm setting her up for the PRDF Officer Training Course, via correspondence. I'd like you to ensure she completes every course to your satisfaction. That'll give her the training she needs to work well in the mil.itary machine, and it'll keep her too busy to cause any more drama while she's doing it.
01[21:19] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::rises and pulls off her toga and cloak - she's wearing her armoured skinsuit underneath. She tosses the cloth to Sleca, which catches it:: Let's see if we can find it.
[21:20] <@Marshall> Suit yerself. ::slams down a glass of Big Southern Thing::
01[21:20] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::sets down her cup and picks up her model pieces again, plugging them together in almost a random fashion:: dee dee dee, de da da da...
[21:21] <@Delgado> ::smirks to herself as she's not surpised to see Scildfreja ready for anything at anytime:: I think it's in the south section. I'm sure someone around here knows. ::heads out of the room and down the hall:: ... I hope.
[21:21] <@Caelin> ::glances at detro:: what are they doing in there?
[21:21] <@Marshall> Thats....woowee.... ::thud::
[21:21] <@Mem> You guys are insane.
[21:21] <@Gabriel> ::nods, grinning crookedly:: I think chapter 1 will be the most challenging: chain of command.
[21:21] <@Birkin> Hey don't gulp it
[21:21] <@Detro> ::shrugs:: Drinking, from the sounds of it. Among other things.
[21:21] <@Birkin> That's the good stuff
[21:21] <@Gabriel> If she gets past that, then yes, I think she could do fine, sir.
[21:22] <@Detro> And knowing BT05 now as well as I do, probably some of Birkin's rotgut.
[21:22] <@Detro> ::wry chuckle::
01[21:22] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Stares as Marshall collapses, apparently not able to process 1 + 1 at the moment::
[21:22] <@Roland> ::leans over Marshall and toes him with his foot:: Lang?
[21:22] <@Roland> ::cups his hands around his mouth:: Wake uuuuuuup dumbass!
[21:23] <@Birkin> God dammit. I can't sell this stuff if someone dies because of it
[21:23] <@Birkin> The liability will be insane.
[21:23] <@Roland> S'what insurance is for. Medic!
[21:23] <@Roland> ::grabs the bottle out of birkin's hands and sniffs it again::
01[21:23] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::smirks a bit:: She's very sharp, and I think she'll bring a fresh perspective to your team. Once she's got the skills to properly bring that viewpoint in. I'll send the paperwork and course load over. I think that's it Captain, anything else?
[21:24] <@Roland> Is this, like, methanol? What the hell?
[21:24] <@Birkin> No its the same shit as before! He's just a wuss.
01[21:24] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Oh jees, wowie. Maybe that tingly feeling isn't the booze fairies, then, huh?
[21:25] <@Gabriel> Not at this time. Thank you, sir. ::salutes::
[21:25] <@Mem> ::looks at Marshall:: The hell? ::looks at Birkin:: This is on you.
[21:25] <@Mem> Might want to look into it.
[21:25] <@Detro> ::grunts:: And as I said, I'm on duty. ::gets up and heads to the door:: Alright, what do you need a medic for?
[21:25] <@Caelin> ::hears roland and glances at detro, shaking his head a bit::
[21:26] <@Marshall> No no.. ::sits up:: I'm okay..
[21:26] <@Birkin> In the words of a much better man than me. Time to cheese it.
01[21:26] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::smiles at Delgado and pushes open the door to the hall::
[21:26] <@Marshall> ::vomits in his mouth:: bbrrugh....
[21:27] <@Roland> ::crouches down beside Marshall and flips him the bird:: How many fingers am I holding up?
01[21:27] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[21:27] <@Savant> that's an *awesome* ending
[21:27] <@Caelin> lol
[21:27] <@Gabriel> LOL
01[21:27] <@Savant> surprisingly productive game. Well done everyone
[21:27] <@Marshall> yay for horrible rolls Wink
[21:28] <@Marshall> Fraser dice =P
[21:28] <@Roland> Woo
01[21:28] <@Savant> end result: Juno and Marshall end up in the medical ward for alcohol poisoning, and Birkin pours his current batch down the sink.
[21:28] <@Mem> hehe
01[21:29] <@Savant> comments? or do you want expees?
[21:29] <@Birkin> expees
[21:29] <@Caelin> and birkin dismantles that particular still cus it's now cursed
[21:29] <@Birkin> Fuck that
[21:29] <@Roland> Can we bring the chair-tank?
01[21:29] <@Savant> maybe Wink
[21:30] <@Birkin> the entire Westphilla Cabinet couldn't order him to dismantle that still >Sad
01[21:30] <@Savant> wait until she makes the gun-bot instead.
[21:30] <@Roland> It needs a Neural Net and a personality
[21:30] <@Marshall> lol. let me put an APGL and some LRFs on it, then we can =)
01[21:30] <@Savant> one for teamwork. What sort of teamwork did we see today?
[21:30] <@Caelin> damage control
[21:30] <@Birkin> The team that gets alcohol poisoning together, stays together.
[21:31] <@Roland> People got shit-faced as a team
[21:31] <@Caelin> well between gabriel and the utopians at least
06[21:31] * @Savant grins
[21:31] <@Mem> That will only lead to orgies with this team
[21:31] <@Birkin> serious sausage fest.
[21:32] <@Gabriel> Gabriel, as a married man, will be skipping the orgies. Wink
01[21:32] <@Savant> people actively tried to heal wounds made last game, and I think that's worth a point.
01[21:32] <@Savant> you guys can aftersim that Razz
01[21:32] <@Savant> two point is for storyline. Learn any storyline stuff here?
[21:32] <@Detro> Detro tried to find out what the Utopians are thinking about long-term.
[21:33] <@Marshall> We've got the list of enemy shipping.
[21:33] <@Roland> We're taking along an awful lot of sensitive information.
01[21:33] <@Savant> i want to hear "and why that is important"
06[21:33] * @Delgado wanders back
[21:33] <@Birkin> If we know what and how the enemy is shipping we can offer that to the Utopians as information, to say nothing of us
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

[21:33] <@Marshall> We've got the list of enemy shipping.
[21:33] <@Roland> We're taking along an awful lot of sensitive information.
01[21:33] <@Savant> i want to hear "and why that is important"
06[21:33] * @Delgado wanders back
[21:33] <@Birkin> If we know what and how the enemy is shipping we can offer that to the Utopians as information, to say nothing of using it to our advantage when trying to get to Utopia
[21:34] <@Marshall> In particular, the shipping list is important because it allows us to avoid, hijack, raid, or pose as an enemy ship to get to Utopia.
[21:34] <@Delgado> We learned that Gotah is kind of sneaky, but his sneaky plans kind of suck. Wink
[21:34] <@Birkin> Gotah's plans kick ass
[21:34] <@Detro> Well, if we spend resources to kick the CEF off of Utopia, and Utopia just turns around and wastes their time on revenge against Steelgate, how does that help us?
[21:34] <@Birkin> he just pawned off a major pain in the as onto Gabriel
[21:34] <@Birkin> *ass
[21:34] <@Caelin> caelin hopefully gave some good insight into what him and freja are doing and how important this mission is to them
[21:34] <@Delgado> "Have her study to stop the drama"? Yeah, like that's really going to work. Wink
01[21:35] <@Savant> do you doubt that Gabriel's going to keep Delgado completely and utterly busy with as much of that shit as he can dredge up?
[21:35] <@Birkin> If she doesn't stop then its her own fault that she can't take the initative and learn how to behave like an officer Wink
[21:35] <@Delgado> When they're in the tin cap, sure. But once they're in the field on Utopia? Pssh. Wink
01[21:36] <@Savant> two points. Third point is if you tell me what awesome things you think Juno needs to bring with her to Utopia.
[21:36] <@Detro> Third Lieutenant Delgado. ::snicker::
[21:36] <@Delgado> Behave like an officer. Uh huh. "I shot someone in the head." "Mop up the floor and we'll call it settled. Dismissed." Wink
[21:36] <@Gabriel> Ice cream. Her ice cream alone will heal the Steelgate/Troy divide.
[21:36] <@Mem> Naked pictures.
[21:36] <@Roland> Aheheheheh
[21:36] <@Marshall> Battle Chair.
[21:36] <@Detro> Juno needs to bring something to bottle up her sunshine, to hand out and make people all happy and feel good.
[21:36] <@Birkin> Help Birkin make a better still
[21:37] <@Roland> Juno needs to bring the materials to built a steambot.
[21:37] <@Delgado> Double-sided sticky tape.
[21:37] <@Birkin> she can be motivated to be not poisoned again Very Happy
[21:37] <@Caelin> double sided sticky tape?
[21:37] <@Gabriel> I seem to remember Juno being or becoming somewhat of an on-air personality on the Caprice nets.
[21:37] <@Gabriel> Is that before, or after 1946? Wink
01[21:37] <@Savant> little bit, yeah. She circulated a bunch of propaganda tapes. That's before, yes.
[21:38] <@Marshall> So that's what we do. We circulate Detro's porn to half of Utopia. Wink
[21:38] <@Birkin> the other half gets ice cream?
[21:38] <@Marshall> Exactly.
[21:39] <@Detro> Circulate? Dude, I'm trading.
01[21:39] <@Savant> see, the ice cream itself doesn't do anything.
[21:39] <@Delgado> Oh good god.
01[21:39] <@Savant> Except make you suceptible to the Mind Lasers
[21:39] <@Detro> I'm going to come back to TN with the best of Utopian Amateur Porn.
[21:39] <@Birkin> this will force the two warring factions to get together to have a big ice cream and porn party
[21:39] <@Birkin> MIND LASERS
[21:39] <@Detro> "Utopians Gone Wild"
[21:39] <@Birkin> Isn't tha New Jerusalem with the mind lasers?
[21:39] <@Delgado> If there is ONE free floating drop of jizz on Pathfinder then you all get shot in the head.
[21:40] <@Birkin> Well I for one was worried about that before now.
[21:40] <@Caelin> Eden's got he mind tanhauser gates:)
01[21:40] <@Savant> three points Wink Well done. Download build 45 of maptool.
01[21:40] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:47] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:47] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:47] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
[18:47] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:47] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
01[18:48] <@Savant> good evening and welcome to another exciting episode of the Black Talons
[18:48] <@Marshall> ::attn::
01[18:48] <@Savant> nice easy little wading pool of a mission here. No sweat. In and out in an hour, tops. Easy pickins
[18:48] <@Detro> Mmm. Roy Rogers Pickins Bar.
01[18:49] <@Savant> let me brief you. I promise, it's brief.
01[18:49] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:49] <@Savant> 9 Winter TN1946, 0215h - Night
01[18:49] <@Savant> 500k S of Hsi Tsang
01[18:49] <@Savant> 36C, Light Rain.
01[18:49] <@Savant> Some things don't go away on their own. Earth insurgents, for example, don't know when to give up. However, the counter-intel resources on Terra Nova have been practicing very hard for a very long time, especially in the southern hemisphere. Maybe the Tenth Fleet operatives ought to have picked somewhere other than the AST to do their dirty work.
01[18:49] <@Savant> SRID agents seem to have uncovered an Earther base in the midst of the Mekong, and have passed the information off to you. It is up to Talon 05 to do what they do best - root out evil with a little brute force. Do try to avoid destroying the crops along with your weeding, though.
01[18:49] <@Savant> There's one more thing to be aware of - the SRID agents may have sent word to the AST about this insurgent base before you. There may be Republican or MILICIA agents in the area. Do not let them know that the Black Talons are involved in this operation unless absolutely neccessary. The fewer who know about your actions within Polar territory, the better.
01[18:49] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:49] <@Fraser> ack
03[18:49] * Fraser is now known as Roland
[18:49] <@Detro> ack
[18:50] <@Gabriel> ack
01[18:50] <@Savant> aand we're ready.
[18:50] <@Marshall> ack
01[18:51] <@Savant> questions?
01[18:51] <@Savant> I will want everyone who is playing to be in the maptool, and to place a token in the enclosed zone.
[18:51] <@Gabriel> ::raises::
01[18:51] <@Savant> I suggest quite heartily that you co-ordinate your placements
[18:51] <@Detro> ::deployes in the red zone, hidden on the river bank::
01[18:51] <@Savant> Gabriel?
[18:51] <@Gabriel> That's a pretty freakin' big red area. You intend it to be that large?
01[18:51] <@Savant> yes I do.
01[18:52] <@Savant> also, Juno will set up wherever you like. I just dropped her on the map as an example. A display of how one might go about putting themselves ont he map, if you please.
[18:53] <@Gabriel> Looks like we've only got five. Two teams. Juno, Detro, Marshall, blue circle. Marshall and Gabriel, green circle.
[18:54] <@Detro> You don't want me posted stealthed up at the river? Good field of view there, it looks like.
01[18:54] <@Savant> no Roland?
[18:54] <@Marshall> You said Marshall twice =P
[18:55] <@Gabriel> Sorry, Roland with the blue group.
[18:55] <@Roland> I'm trying to find my damned tokens. They're not showing up in the new maptool.
[18:55] <@Gabriel> Actually, scratch that. Don't want Roland killing Juno quite yet.
[18:55] <@Gabriel> Marshall with the blue group, Roland with Gabriel.
[18:55] <@Detro> heh
[18:56] <@Detro> Just kinda wondering at the tactical reasoning, is all.
06[18:56] * @Marshall grumbles and moves his token BACK to Blue group =P
01[18:56] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> :O Roland! how could you even consider it? After we've all been through!
[18:56] <@Roland> Why would Roland kill Sunshine?
[18:57] <@Detro> Wait a frakking minute, I'm in an ECM/ECCM gear. I shouldn't *be* in the front of this group.
01[18:58] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> buk buk buk buk buk
[18:58] <@Marshall> You wern't. I'd say Juno was in "front"
[18:58] <@Gabriel> ::grins:: Yes, Juno's the scout in that group.
[18:58] <@Detro> I was in the 2nd ranks. Too close Wink
[18:58] <@Marshall> ::high fives Juno::
01[18:58] <@Savant> She's taking camo tarps and a silenced MRF along with her panic gun.
01[18:58] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::high fives::
[18:59] <@Detro> Is her panic gun one of those guns that levels skyscrapers?
[18:59] <@Marshall> sniper FGC
01[18:59] <@Savant> no no, that's her main gun. Her panic gun is for if someone sneaks up on her as she's using her main gun
01[19:00] <@Savant> everyone set up?
[19:00] <@Detro> Roland, gonna green halo up your token?
[19:00] <@Detro> A little too easy to blend in on this map, heh.
01[19:00] <@Savant> Roland doens't play with your *teams*
01[19:01] <@Savant> questions? going once
01[19:01] <@Savant> going twice
01[19:01] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[19:01] <@Savant> It is a typical Southern summer night - hot, humid, and thick with insects. Thick with vegetation too - fat leafy undergrowth and massive trees blot out the sky and mar visibility to the point where it's hard to see far at all. Care to turn on your headlights?
[19:02] <@Detro> ::is navigating under EMCON... coming back to the jungles of the Dominion was almost like slipping into an old glove::
[19:02] <@Gabriel> +com+ Keep it slow, everyone. Blue group, move east, no more than 15 klicks an hour, cover each other. We'll hold here for a bit. Advise when you reach the river.
[19:03] <@Roland> ::cruuuuunch, cruuuuunch -- Roland's Mamba slowly moves through the jungle foliage as he inches forwards::
01[19:03] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Hot to trot, pappa bear.
[19:04] <@Gabriel> ::keeps contact with the other team members as best he can in this primitive Southern Gear, wishing for a real battle management computer::
01[19:06] <@Savant> It is dark, almost unnaturally dark. The heavy tree cover and the light drizzle blots out what light is coming from the sky. Infared and twilight cameras are of much greater use than anything else right now.
[19:06] <@Gabriel> ::gives Roland the hand sign for "prepare to move out", then points south::
[19:06] <@Roland> ::gear thumbs up::
[19:07] <@Detro> ::funny thing was, the last time he'd fought in a jungle, it had been against the CEF as well...::
01[19:08] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Juno presses her Gear forward, unused to its size but unperturbed:: +com+ I think i've got contacts, down south.
[19:09] <@Marshall> ::sweeps his gear torso right, looking::
01[19:10] <@Savant> Juno's data feed spreads the news within milliseconds - a cluster of five dark forms, spewing a bit of heat into the sky. They've been sprayed with night camo paint and have bolt-on baffles on their engines, but still glow a dull orange under infared.
[19:12] <@Gabriel> ::nods at the images on the display:: +com+ Likely the SRA or MILICIA. Continue advancing to the river. Keep an eye on them, see if you can ID.
01[19:12] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ ::instad of clicking her comm button:: clicky-dicky.
[19:14] <@Marshall> +com+ ID Jager. Unknown IFF.
01[19:14] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::patiently waits for someone to cover her before she crosses the river::
[19:14] <@Detro> +com+ They're MILICIA. Stay north.
01[19:16] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Her gear's head swivels back to see where her backup us - and it seems to be startled as Marshall appears right behind her::
[19:17] <@Detro> ::backstops the blue team's line when it reaches the river... he hunches down in the Mamba, staying low::
[19:17] <@Marshall> ::waves his gear hand at Juno::
[19:18] <@Roland> ::mutters to himself as he trudges slowly through the jungle -- he had driven southern gears before but had never really been a fan::
01[19:18] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Returns a thumbs-up and turns to slide carefully into the water- trying to avoid any splashing or disturbance. The current is sluggish enough that the vehicle slips in without a fuss::
[19:18] <@Detro> ::monitors his passive sensor returns, and that being fed through from the rest of the gears::
01[19:19] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ More doughboys. ::pause, then to hear Gear:: There there baby, the mud won't hurt you.
[19:19] <@Marshall> ::seeing Juno on the other side, he moved his own gear across the river::
[19:19] <@Gabriel> ::notes that Blue team has reached the river and gives Roland the "move out" signal:: +com+ Green moving south to flank. Hold station on the river. Keep an eye on our buddies. Detro, Juno, it'd be helpful if you could tap their comms or sensors.
[19:20] <@Roland> +com+ Who the hell do these guys think they're going to catch out here, anyway? They're blind as bats.
[19:20] <@Marshall> ::stops short of the river and instead turns as faces south::
[19:20] <@Gabriel> ::follows Roland south, picking his way carefully through the foliage::
[19:21] <@Gabriel> ::tries his own hand at finding the local MILICIA frequency in use::
01[19:24] <@Savant> Captain Tynes tunes holographic dials, visible in the panoramic view of the jungle that his pilot's helmet provides. He seeks up and down until one frequency stops and glows gold.
[19:25] <@Detro> ::plays with the comms but is more concerned with monitoring the movement near his location::
01[19:26] <@Savant> 5RadioK> [fr.] tkkkkkk-vering your advance, squad one.
[19:26] <@Gabriel> ::ties the frequency in as a secondary audio channel for the team, and keeps heading south::
[19:27] <@Roland> +com+ Eyes open. There's another pack of them out there.
01[19:28] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Out of sight of the doughboys. I'm - woah. Something else out there I think.
[19:30] <@Detro> ::angles his gear towards what looks like some nicely obscuring terrain to the northeast... for the time being, not fording the river::
[19:30] <@Gabriel> ::gives Roland a hand signal and then points a bit more east::
01[19:32] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Raises a hand as Detro comes across the river, pausing him before he heads too deep into the jungle::
01[19:33] <@Savant> ((Marshall, even. Marshall))
[19:33] <@Gabriel> ::raises his eyebrows at the extent of the MILICIA component:: +com+ Well. We could hardly make more noise than the locals. Blue, Green, be prepared to back 'em up if they find something. More likely, be prepared to spot something moving to stay out of their way.
[19:34] <@Gabriel> ::internally curses the SRA for sending a bunch of amateurs to spook a Talon collar::
[19:34] <@Detro> +com+ Understood. Respectfully, they could be making this much noise to flush their quarry out.
01[19:35] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Creeps forward a few meters more, slowly, cautiously:: +com+ ohoho. I spy with my little eye something that is black.
[19:35] <@Roland> +com+ Never took you for a bigot, Sunshine.
01[19:36] <@Savant> Juno's camera footage doesn't show much in the way of heat. IT does show the rounded shoulders and sloped body of an Iguana in the jungle dead ahead, however. Tiny spots of heat show that it's running on battery power for the moment.
01[19:37] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Black. It's the new white. Isn't that how it goes?
[19:37] <@Gabriel> ::whistles:: +com+ Nice eye, Juno. Watch out for that one.
[19:39] <@Detro> ::frowns, and continues his path along the north bank of the water -- no need to get as close as the others to the Iguana::
01[19:39] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::tiny voice, quiet, sing-song, like a mantra:: +com+ i am singing the qui-et song....
[19:40] <@Marshall> ::Wishes Juno would sing the quiet song quietly::
[19:43] <@Detro> ::picks his way through the jungle, moving at a constant rate... as such, he's slinging around north of Marshall and Juno::
[19:45] <@Gabriel> +com+ How much noise are they making out here, Senior Sergeant? That big group seems to be... just waiting.
[19:46] <@Roland> +com+ I don't think they're waiting so much as they're just bored lazy fucks who are sloowwwwwww.
[19:47] <@Roland> +com+ But given the shit our friend seems to be able to pull off right under the noses of the most extensive intelligence network on the entire planet, they could just be waiting for us to get into that fancy position to try and kill us 'unexpectedly'.
[19:47] <@Gabriel> +com+ Striking Cobras are a serious commitment. Those monsters are heavy-duty firepower.
[19:49] <@Marshall> +com+ Looks like a pretty standard platoon to me.
03[19:58] * Sajioshi ( has joined #BT05
03[19:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Sajioshi
[20:01] <@Sajioshi> And then all at once - fire! Rockets scream from the jungle and smash into the beach-head that the MILICIA is creating. the lines scatter in chaos, diving for cover.
[20:01] <@Roland> +com+ ...seriously. What the fuck.
[20:02] <@Gabriel> +com+ Senior sergeant, we've got to reach the river. Let's pick it up a bit. Blue, I need to know where or what that came from.
[20:02] <@Marshall> +com+ Incoming fire. Someone's shooting at the Southies I think.
[20:03] <@Marshall> ::looks around, trying to find out where it originated::
[20:03] <@Roland> +com+ Well, at least we know we're in the right place... ::picks up his rather sedate pace -- branches now start snapping at the passing of his gear as opposed to bending and washing over it, and fallen trunks split beneath the Mamba's feet::
[20:05] <@Detro> ::frowns, but stays the course on his trek along the gank::
[20:05] <@Detro> <<bank, not gank>>
[20:05] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> +com+ We've got your hotspots. I see trees moving back there. They're displacing.
[20:07] <@Gabriel> +com+ What's your friend Mister Black up to, Juno?
[20:08] <@Detro> +com+ Of course they're displacing. They're not going to sit there while the MILICIA tracks down where their recent mail got delivered from.
[20:08] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> +com+ Sittin on his cherry butt counting the stars. Waiting for someone to flank his buddies I think. aheh heh heh.
[20:09] <@Sajioshi> the MILICIA returns fire as best as they are able, but they simply don't know where the enemy *is*
[20:09] <@Roland> +com+ I'm going to 'displace' their 'position' myself.
[20:10] <@Gabriel> +com+ Remember people, we're not here. All the same, it'd be nice to know who's shooting up the friendlies!
[20:11] <@Roland> +com+ We letting the MILICIA get in front of us Captain, or are we getting into the water before they get here, 'cause they're about to cross right in front of us.
[20:11] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> +com+ Did you just say you're gonna shoot them up the butt, Erinyes?
[20:11] <@Gabriel> +com+ ... You know, I can't recall ever seeing a Jager cross running water. What are those boys to the south up to?
[20:12] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> Aw heck, blackie's gone and turned his head.
[20:13] <@Sajioshi> As Marshall crosses right past the clearing, the Iguana hidden in the jungle swivels its head sharply to look at him
[20:13] <@Gabriel> ::reaches the river and has a look both north and south::
[20:14] <@Roland> ::not receiving a response, but gauging the speed of the MILICIA, continues forward at the same speed and crosses in front of them before they breach the northern cover, slipping in and out of the river with as minimum of splashing he can manage::
[20:14] <@Marshall> ::hurredly gets out of view of the Iguana and then hides himself as best as he can::
[20:16] <@Sajioshi> From what Gabriel and Roland can see, the rest of the MILICIA is trying to cross the river and rebuild some sort of order, but it's impossible to tell exactly what's going on - no one has a good view of other than the ford itself.
[20:16] <@Gabriel> +com+ Looks like they're using the shallow to ford. We're the last thing they're gonna see. ::shuts off comm and mutters to himself:: Idiots.
[20:17] <@Sajioshi> Gunfire rattles through the jungle, deeper inside.
[20:17] <@Gabriel> ::turns his attention to Juno's feed, looking at whatever she's getting from the Iguana::
[20:17] <@Sajioshi> 5Iguana> Turns slowly to face where Marshall passed by, clearly trying to discern something in the gloom
[20:18] <@Marshall> ::doesn't move at all::
[20:20] <@Gabriel> ::watches the MILICIA struggle to cross, surprised they're not being annihilated right now, then crosses the river himself, slowly::
[20:21] <@Sajioshi> the Talons can see signs of the other side of the fight - large Gears crash through the jungle, backing away. Their smoking rocket packs are a clear sign of the source of the salvo.
[20:21] <@Marshall> ::turns and looks at a nearby fire support gear:: +com+ Hostile. Permission to engage?
[20:21] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno
[20:22] <@Gabriel> +com+ Negative, negative. Do not engage. ::releases the MILICIA frequency for a moment and goes hunting for the frequency these new Southern Gears are using::
[20:22] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> +com+ Don't be trigger-happy! Let'im go.
[20:24] <@Detro> ::with the new unit, scans to see if it's broadcasting::
[20:25] <@Sajioshi> Tynes tunes out the beleaguered MILICIA and tunes in to an active channel. It's remarkably sparse.
[20:25] <@Marshall> Damnit. Thought we were here to kill these guys. ::observes::
[20:26] <@Sajioshi> 5adio> tkkkkkkkk-move to second tier. *click* *click* click* *click*
[20:26] <@Gabriel> ::thinks about all the misdirection Set has put them through:: +com+ Senior sergent, disable -- repeat, disable, do not kill -- this Cobra. Take his legs out or something.
[20:26] <@Gabriel> ::prepares to back Roland up::
[20:26] <@Detro> ::frowns, not seeing any broadcasting:: +com+ Wonder if this guy's broadcasting lasercom.
[20:26] <@Roland> ::frowns:: +com+ Oh very well...
[20:34] <@Roland> ::draws the Mamba's vibroblade and sneaks up behind the spitting cobra right in front of him, flipping it around in the gear's manipulator arm and bringing it down into the gear's V-engine::
[20:35] <@Sajioshi> The vibroblade slides down between the connecting bolts of the V-Engine and shears into the transmission manifold - the engine shudders and clatters and goes silent. The vehicle has a few seconds of battery power before it dies.
[20:36] <@Gabriel> +com+ Nicely done. The antenna next, please. I believe you know where they are on a Cobra.
[20:36] <@Sajioshi> It spends those few seconds twisting uselessly. The last thing the cameras show to the pilot before they die is the pitch black face and single eye of a Dark Mamba glaring at it balefully
[20:36] <@Roland> ::plink! -- Roland pulls it off like a cheap car aerial::
[20:38] <@Sajioshi> The Gear is deaf and dumb, its communication range shorn down to bare meters in the dense jungle. Weapons fire lights flashes deeper in, but here, silence between the two metal giants.
[20:40] <@Gabriel> +com+ Blue, we're gonna have a chat with someone real quick. Hook south, see if you can see where these guys are going.
[20:40] <@Roland> +com+ Sidewinders.
[20:41] <@Marshall> +com+ *click*
[20:41] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> +com+ You got it pappa bear!
[20:42] <@Detro> +com+ Mei wen ti.
[20:42] <@Gabriel> ::moves up to cover the disabled Gear, MAC still at the ready and taking position to cover Roland's move::
[20:43] <@Gabriel> +com+ We need a leader, Senior Sergeant. It'd be nice if it was this guy, but if it's not... you know what to watch for. Catch me the leader. Other than that, stay out of it.
[20:43] <@Roland> +com+ Of the MILICIA? 'cause hero boy is right in front of me.
[20:44] <@Sajioshi> Roland has drawn to the edge of a firefight. He can't really make out who's who, but he can make out the glowing forms of Sidewinders and Jagers firing at one another. The Sidewinders are in slow retreat, making the Jagers purchase every meter in blood and oil.
[20:44] <@Gabriel> +com+ Of whomever is killing the MILICIA.
[20:45] <@Detro> ::moves forward on the hook order, making his fording of the river::
[20:45] <@Roland> +com+ ::clicks his mic and slowly begins circling the sidewinders -- he only sees three in this pack, and they all look the same::
[20:46] <@Sajioshi> As Detro slinks into the black water, dimpled by raindrops, he catches a glint of something on the bank behind him. Maybe two hundred meters north. An unnatural glint.
[20:47] <@Detro> ::spotting it, lets his gear slink further down to the ground, letting the water swirl higher around him as he turns around slowly::
[20:50] <@Detro> ::turning back towards the bank, he sights in on the glint::
[20:51] <@Detro> +com+ Possible target of interest...
[20:51] <@Roland> +com+ Don't think there's a leader in this group, boss.
[20:51] <@Gabriel> +com+ There's a leader, all right. Maybe behind the troopers.
[20:52] <@Gabriel> +com+ What have you got for me, Blue?
[20:52] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> +com+ Don't think we have a winner, pappa.
[20:55] <@Detro> ::edges carefully closer to the glint -- a mine? Concealed unit? Or even just simply river debris? Hard to tell unless he got closer::
[20:55] <@Roland> ::swings around the back of the retreating Sidewinder group, having seen more rockets come out of the jungle from the other side::
[20:57] <@Gabriel> ::checks in with Detro's view:: +com+ Got anything, Detro?
[20:59] <@Sajioshi> The jungle east of the river's bend is alight with muzzle flash and rocket fire. There's a battle in the trees, and the Milicia isn't winning. the defenders have managed to stall their precarious advance entirely.
[21:00] <@Sajioshi> Detro barely catches another glimpse of some unnatural, slick surface, this time *behind* him. A black Gear springing out of the foliage and into the water, vibro sword in one hand and suppressed MAC in the other.
[21:00] <@Detro> +com+ Ta mah duh!
[21:01] <@Gabriel> ::fortunately, was watching:: +com+ Detro, watch out! Marshall, Juno, north, to the river!
[21:01] <@Marshall> +com+ *click*
[21:01] <@Roland> +com+ Gonna take these two Sidewinders out. Third one's down, and there ain't nobody else out here.
[21:02] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> +com+ poop! Hang on, Detro!
[21:02] <@Gabriel> +com+ Roger that, Senior Sergeant. Disable only.
[21:03] <@Detro> ::does his best to dodge, but having one pop up in his rear doesn't help::
[21:04] <@Marshall> ::turns his gear north and takes off towards Takira and his assailants::
[21:05] <@Sajioshi> A pair of MAC shells slice out of the woods and burst open one of Detro's V-engine heads. The closing assailant shoves its vibro-blade into the engine block much like Roland did a short time ago, and then shoves Detro's Gear to its knees with its MAC held execution style to the back of its' head.
[21:07] <@Gabriel> ::makes a mental note to have the intelligence officer on this mission shot::
[21:07] <@Detro> ::in the now darkened cockpit, grinding his teeth together:: Lio coh jwei ji neong hur ho deh YUNG duh buhn jab j'whon!
[21:09] <@Sajioshi> 5Snakeye> ::Grabs Detro's Gear by the shoulder from behind, and the pilot's voice can be heard through the connection between the two:: [Fr.] Open your cockpit. Now.
[21:10] <@Roland> ::completes the V-engine shot and the removal of the gear's comm with one smooth motion of the knife this time rather than as two separate actions -- he immediately turns his attention to the other Sidewinder:: +com+ Sidewinder down.
[21:10] <@Detro> ::disconnects from the Mamba's comms, falling back on the usual Talon dismounted comms::
[21:12] <@Sajioshi> 5>Snakeye> Now.
[21:13] <@Sajioshi> Roland dissects the Snakeye - the other two react quickly and efficiently, like skilled soldiers ought. They pull back and regroup from the invisible threat.
[21:14] <@Detro> ::opens the comm so the others can hear what's going on, and manually opens the cockpit::
[21:14] <@Sajioshi> ((Sidewinder, even))
[21:16] <@Roland> +com+ Coming, Captain? ::eyes the west, where the other gears are retreating to::
[21:17] <@Gabriel> +com+ Negative. Let the others go. Something here isn't right. Marshall, Juno, report. Senior sergeant, get your prisoner back here.
[21:18] <@Sajioshi> 5Snakeye> ::withdraws a coated wire net and scoops Detro up in it unceremoniously, the retreats back into the jungle::
[21:18] <@Detro> ::goes for a tumble and tangle:: OOf.
[21:18] <@Roland> ::grunts and moves his gear around to the front of the Sidewinder, and promptly taps cockpit of the gear with the barrel of the MAC::
[21:19] <@Sajioshi> 5Snakeye> ::looks down as it shrinks back, its bleak single eye uncompassionate to Detro's plight. A speaker in the Gear's cuff says quietly:: [Fr.] Turn off your communicator.
[21:20] <@Detro> [Fr.] Or what? I'm not doing anything until you tell me who the hell you are.
[21:21] <@Roland> ::repeats the motion, his two taps slower and more forceful::
[21:21] <@Sajioshi> 5Snakeye>[Fr.] Now.
[21:21] <@Gabriel> +com+ Detro, report. Marshall, Juno, report. Blue, somebody talk to me.
[21:21] <@Gabriel> ::all he has to work on at this moment is that Detro's gone dark::
[21:22] <@Marshall> ::pops out of the forest onto the river and aims the autocannon at the Snakeye Mamba:: [Ang] Freeze. Don't move.
[21:22] <@Sajioshi> 5Sidewinder> ::the hatch pops and a helmeted figure sits out of the gap::
[21:23] <@Detro> [Fr.] And I'm asking who the hell you are, so I know what name I'm going to put on the report that's going to can your sorry ass. Or your burial urn. Take your pick.
[21:24] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> +com+ Trigger happy! Prophet, wait for backup!
[21:24] <@Gabriel> ::sees the Snakeye's weapon come up on Marshall's feed:: +com+ Watch it! Lethal force! Kill it!
[21:25] <@Roland> ::eyes the guy in the sidewinder briefly to see if he's carrying anything that looked dangerous::
[21:26] <@Marshall> Shit. ::can see that he stumbled into a clusterfuck of a firefight:: +com+ Roger. Engaging.
[21:26] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> ::hurries to the jungle edge and sprays liberally with her panic gun, careful to avoid the gap that's holding Detro:: +com+ Careful, Detro's unhorsed!
[21:27] <@Sajioshi> 5Sidewinder> ::has his hands up in the air, and he's got a pistol at his hip but it's secured::
[21:27] <@Detro> ::stares into the gear's eye, with a resolute glare::
[21:28] <@Roland> ::checks his rad gauges to see if the pilot is outputting any comm signals, then sheathes the vibroblade and uncerimoniously grabs the pilot and pulls him out of the gear::
[21:33] <@Roland> ::begins tromping slowly back towards Tynes, moving backwards as to watch the line of retreat that the other gears took::
[21:33] <@Sajioshi> The Gears at the river exchange shots, and the Snakeye holding Detro retreats behind a soil berm as best as it can - any bit of cover helps. He leaves Detro visible and points his Gear's large rifle at Detro's head, holding him upside down like a caught fish.
[21:33] <@Sajioshi> 5Snakeye> [Ang.] Hold your fire! Identify Yourselves.
[21:34] <@Marshall> +com+ Cap. We've got a... situation.
[21:34] <@Detro> ::swinging upside down, tangled as he is in the net:: Oh, that's it. You're just pulling a Harris now.
[21:35] <@Sajioshi> 2Juno> ::takes the moment to dig into a good hollow::
[21:35] <@Sajioshi> The sounds of weapon fire begin to taper off - looks like the MILICIA is retreating. With the amount of fire in the woods, likely with heavy losses.
[21:36] <@Sajioshi> -===================Game Pause==================-
[21:36] <@Sajioshi> Well! There you go. there's a bit of a cliffhanger for you.
[21:37] <@Sajioshi> questions, comments?
[21:37] <@Gabriel> I have a limit of one really bad pun per game ending.
[21:37] <@Gabriel> Comment: Gabriel will have the S-2 for this mission shot.
[21:37] <@Sajioshi> Smile
[21:38] <@Gabriel> Not kidding. Wink We seem to have been dumped into a charlie-foxtrot with at least three sides. Wink
[21:38] <@Marshall> Can I do the shooting? Volunteerism, this one.
[21:38] <@Sajioshi> What did you guys think of that mission? In specific, the stealth aspects, and the lack of initiative unless it counts.
[21:39] <@Gabriel> The lack of init impaired us. Gabriel was sitting idle because he was supposed to be directing the team. The lack of init meant that I couldn't do much of that.
[21:39] <@Marshall> Did you plan on this happening or was this just a development? Wink
[21:39] <@Sajioshi> i intend on using the lighting features of the game to handle visibility in the future.
[21:39] <@Sajioshi> I planned on this actually Smile
[21:39] <@Marshall> Ah. Okay. Wink
[21:40] <@Sajioshi> okay. I'll figure out some way to let that still impact. Howabout tactical command points to force me to pause when you want to do something?
[21:40] <@Gabriel> Or something. Wink There were at least five rounds there where Gabriel wasn't moving.
[21:40] <@Sajioshi> or smoething.
[21:41] <@Sajioshi> well, leadership is long terms of waiting while your team does its' thing. I think the idle time is appropriate for a commander
[21:41] <@Gabriel> When something did start happening, despite being in contact with everybody, I couldn't act. I didn't make a big deal of it at the time, but I invite you to consider what Brad would have said about the same situation. Wink
[21:41] <@Sajioshi> ogod
[21:41] <@Sajioshi> ogodno
[21:41] <@Sajioshi> i'll fix it i promise
[21:41] <@Gabriel> Thanks. Wink
[21:42] <@Sajioshi> who wants expees?
[21:42] <@Sajioshi> ooh i do i do
[21:42] <@Gabriel> Yes, please. Smile
[21:42] <@Sajioshi> one is for teamwork. tell me how you guys operated as a team. and how you can improve that teamwork.
[21:42] <@Marshall> Does teamwork between myself and an NPC count? Wink
[21:43] <@Sajioshi> sure, if you can specify how Marshall contributed and how you can improve it
[21:43] <@Gabriel> The two teams covered each other, but probably could have done a better job covering themselves within the same team ::coughsbluecoughs::
[21:43] <@Roland> Tynes + Roland = pilot catchers
[21:43] <@Sajioshi> Smile
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Roland and I were moving in sync, but you guys let yourselves split up too much.
[21:43] <@Detro> Uh, excuse me?
[21:43] <@Sajioshi> personally, I knew it was gonna be trouble when Detro kept by himself.
[21:43] <@Detro> You ordered them to swing south suddenly
[21:43] <@Gabriel> Yes, everybody.
[21:44] <@Detro> Kinda left me out to dry since I had to ford a river to catch up.
[21:44] <@Sajioshi> Tynes and Roland were a good team, as always
[21:44] <@Gabriel> [22:40:21] <Gabriel> +com+ Blue, we're gonna have a chat with someone real quick. Hook south, see if you can see where these guys are going.
[21:44] <@Detro> ::nods:: And I hooked south on that turn.
[21:44] <@Detro> Water kinda slows things up
[21:44] <@Gabriel> k. For next time, remember. If you're not within M weapon range of your team-mates, your separation is too much.
[21:45] <@Marshall> And then turned back north to go investigate the shiney Wink
[21:45] <@Gabriel> What Marshall said.
[21:45] <@Detro> Then I had something showing up behind me. So I should have completely ignored that. I would have gone down just the same way
[21:45] <@Sajioshi> heck, in the tight confines of a jungle, short range might be smarter.
[21:45] <@Sajioshi> anyways. one point for teamwork. it was a little rough, but i think all in all went well.
[21:45] <@Gabriel> Next time, report it in.
[21:45] <@Sajioshi> Second point is storyline. Any comments?
[21:46] <@Roland> WTF? Wink
[21:46] <@Sajioshi> Smile
[21:46] <@Gabriel> ::grins:: What he said.
[21:46] <@Marshall> I'm going to kill someone for this. Intel -re-he-heally- dropped the ball on this one.
[21:46] <@Sajioshi> i'm very glad that that's the reaction you get. On my screen everything seemed obvious, but from your perspective it must've been crazy.
[21:47] <@Gabriel> Like I keep saying, the S-2 on this CF is getting shot.
[21:47] <@Gabriel> Only in the ass if he has a good excuse.
[21:47] <@Gabriel> If he doesn't, somewhere more important.
[21:47] <@Sajioshi> you want to prevent him from procreating.
[21:47] <@Sajioshi> anything else?
[21:48] <@Marshall> I'm going to blame this on Set, whether it's his fault or not. Wink
[21:48] <@Gabriel> Nope, other than the major, major devotion of equipment to this deal.
[21:48] <@Sajioshi> Smile
[21:48] <@Sajioshi> good. two points. Three is for being in a life threatening situation.
[21:49] <@Roland> This was life threatening?
[21:49] <@Roland> Well...for most people. Wink
[21:49] <@Sajioshi> Four is for you telling me the pros and cons of hwo I ran the tactical tonight vs how I normally do it, if anything.
[21:49] <@Marshall> Well. I don't really know how you "normally" do it =)
[21:49] <@Sajioshi> fair Smile
[21:49] <@Gabriel> Already covered the con. The pro was the visibility. I think dead things should be visible regardless of visibility. But the rest was good.
[21:49] <@Sajioshi> why do you think that, Gabriel?
[21:50] <@Gabriel> 'cause something on fire and exploding puts off a lot of heat, smoke, light, etc.
[21:50] <@Marshall> If you see it die, you can assume it's not going to move much =)
[21:50] <@Roland> Depends on how they die. Roland's kills would be invisible. Wink
[21:50] <@Sajioshi> fair enough. I will instead shift deadites to the object layer, i think.
[21:51] <@Sajioshi> anything else?
[21:51] <@Sajioshi> guess not. that's four points. Well done!
[21:51] <@Sajioshi> -======================End!====================-
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- The Enemy Within -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. The Enemy Within in Session'
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03[18:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Scotty
03[18:30] * Scotty is now known as Caelin
[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
03[18:30] * Jester is now known as Gabriel
03[18:30] * Prescot ( has joined #BT05
03[18:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
[18:30] <@Caelin> ::attn::
03[18:30] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:30] <@Birkin> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
01[18:30] <@Savant> Hello and good evening to you all; welcome to another exciting episode of the Black Talons
01[18:35] <@Savant> there we go. Let's try that again.
01[18:35] <@Savant> Hello and good evening to you all; welcome to another exciting episode of the Black Talons
01[18:35] <@Savant> I have a pair of people gabbing beside me, which is a little distracting, but I think I'll survive.
01[18:35] <@Savant> Before we start, a few little things here.
[18:35] <@Detro> Hello people gabbing beside Colin! ::sott-voce:: Get the ice pick.
01[18:36] <@Savant> First thing is that I am moving.. to Ft McMurray. On the 5th of January. This may interfere with the game for a week or two, but otherwise should not pose any issues.
01[18:36] <@Savant> i shall keep you posted of any and all developments.
[18:36] <@Gabriel> Remember to take a nude picture of yourself so you know where to reattach the bits that freeze and break off.
01[18:37] <@Savant> so long as I don't confuse that photo with the picasso painting, i'll be fine.
[18:37] <@Detro> Oh, on that same note... I will be out of town on the 18th and restricted to the laptop at my parent's place, and driving back on the 25th.
06[18:37] * @Savant nods
[18:38] <@Detro> Taking my vacation time before I step through the gates of server migration hell Smile
01[18:38] <@Savant> second thing: I struck upon an idea a few nights ago. The next combat sequence we run, i'd like to try using Skype or some other voice chat program. I would like to think that it would speed things up a little bit.
01[18:38] <@Savant> thoughts?
[18:39] <@Detro> Hmm. I'd have to mute the porn I play in the background...
01[18:39] <@Savant> yes, you would.
[18:39] <@Gabriel> It's worth a try, yeah.
[18:39] <@Detro> You just want to hear Fraser scream in frustration again, don't you? Wink
[18:40] <@Birkin> I wouldn't mind it, but this computer has a ton of problems with mics.
01[18:40] <@Savant> yes i do Wink
01[18:40] <@Savant> speaker's probably more important than microphone.
01[18:40] <@Savant> but do look into getting a headset or similar, if you don't have one.
[18:40] <@Detro> Yeah, I don't need a mike. I'll just pipe in my combat tunes.
01[18:41] <@Savant> okay. I'll give you a briefing; it's the same as last time. Then I'd like someone to recap what happened during the first half of the encounter.
01[18:42] <@Savant> The Enemy Within
01[18:42] <@Savant> 9 Winter TN1946, 0215h - Night
01[18:42] <@Savant> 500k S of Hsi Tsang
01[18:42] <@Savant> 36C, Light Rain.
01[18:42] <@Savant> Some things don't go away on their own. Earth insurgents, for example, don't know when to give up. However, the counter-intel resources on Terra Nova have been practicing very hard for a very long time, especially in the southern hemisphere. Maybe the Tenth Fleet operatives ought to have picked somewhere other than the AST to do their dirty work.
01[18:42] <@Savant> SRID agents seem to have uncovered an Earther base in the midst of the Mekong, and have passed the information off to you. It is up to Talon 05 to do what they do best - root out evil with a little brute force. Do try to avoid destroying the crops along with your weeding, though.
01[18:42] <@Savant> There's one more thing to be aware of - the SRID agents may have sent word to the AST about this insurgent base before you. There may be Republican or MILICIA agents in the area. Do not let them know that the Black Talons are involved in this operation unless absolutely neccessary. The fewer who know about your actions within Polar territory, the better.
01[18:42] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:42] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:42] <@Detro> ack
[18:42] <@Birkin> ack
[18:42] <@Detro> "In short, we're all about to be destroyed by the Death Star, and it's all Princess Leia's fault."
[18:43] <@Detro> ::points at the S4::
01[18:44] <@Savant> newly arriving players may deploy in the area that says "deploy"
01[18:45] <@Savant> who wants to give a brief synopsis of what happened last time?
[18:45] <@Caelin> ack
[18:45] <@Gabriel> ::raises Detro's hand for him::
[18:45] <@Birkin> Please?
[18:45] <@Detro> ...?
[18:45] <@Caelin> i would like have one
[18:45] <@Detro> I gave my synopsis.
01[18:46] <@Savant> i am being serious, in fact.
[18:46] <@Detro> Or I could go for something more historical. For the blue squad, we came, we saw, we got our asses ambushed by unknown forces.
[18:46] <@Birkin> I would seriously like one.
[18:46] <@Gabriel> We were informed there was an Earth base in this area. We were further informed that there might be some SRA assets in the area looking for it. That turned out to be a bit of a minor understatement.
[18:46] <@Caelin> is this in any way tied to Set17(or whatever his number was)?
[18:47] <@Gabriel> This jungle has more Jagers, Spitting Cobras, and Black Mambas in it than bugs and trees.
[18:47] <@Detro> Detro has been dismounted at gunpoint and is currently in a net dangling in a live fire zone, with some crazed jerk telling him to do things or suffer the ocnsequences.
[18:47] <@Detro> Marshall and Juno were about to engage to rescue him, but the numbers are against them.
[18:48] <@Gabriel> We detected two groups of said Southern Gears shooting at and killing each other. It is fairly clear that one group of the Southern Gears is MILICIA. It is unknown who the other group is. Probably, given Set's proclivities, also MILICIA. But it's for-real: many of the MILICIA Jagers were blown to scrap.
01[18:48] <@Savant> huh. No Marshall today. That is a sad thing.
[18:48] <@Detro> My assumption is he'll be ordered to pull out with Juno rather than risk Detro getting killed.
[18:48] <@Gabriel> We were staying out of it, trying to find a couple of stragglers to pick off and interrogate, but Detro spotted something in the northern river. He moved to investigate it, only to be surprised by the three Snakeyes there.
[18:48] <@Gabriel> His Gear was disabled and he was captured. Meanwhile, Gabriel and Roland have picked off and disabled a couple of stragglers from the "enemy" group.
03[18:49] * Roland ( has joined #bt05
03[18:49] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Roland
01[18:49] <@Savant> very good, thank you
[18:49] <@Gabriel> Marshall and Juno moved north to try to rescue Detro, but arrived too late. He dismounted and now resides in a wire mesh bag. Yes. A wire mesh bag. Wink
01[18:49] <@Savant> Any questions?
[18:49] <@Detro> ::brightly:: I have a knife!
[18:50] <@Detro> ::60 years later:: I'm free!
01[18:50] <@Savant> seems like no questions.
[18:51] <@Caelin> i guess the question is, where are caelin and birking at this point?
[18:51] <@Birkin> ::Raises::
[18:51] <@Caelin> er birkin
01[18:51] <@Savant> Birkin?
[18:51] <@Detro> Well, there's that nice big yellow DEPLOY zone in the maptool...
[18:51] <@Birkin> I hear we are all in Dark Mamba's now for prep work in Utopia?
01[18:51] <@Savant> Caelin and Birkin may deploy within the area marked Deploy. Birkin's in a Dark Mamba. Caelin's in his Armiger.
[18:51] <@Gabriel> That's the plan, yes.
[18:52] <@Birkin> With a weapons load change?
[18:52] <@Birkin> please god...
01[18:52] <@Savant> had you arrived earlier, sure. now is not the time for that
[18:52] <@Gabriel> Right now, MRPs and MACs. We weren't expecting heavy combat for this.
06[18:52] * @Birkin nods
[18:52] <@Birkin> Gotcha
01[18:53] <@Savant> happy with deployment, Caelin and Birkin?
[18:53] <@Birkin> yes
[18:53] <@Caelin> yep
01[18:54] <@Savant> then if there are no further questions, we will begin.
01[18:54] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
[18:55] <@Roland> ::continues to trudge back towards Tynes and the first disabled gear, trying to avoid (barely) smacking the pilot of the second gear that's in his manipulator into a tree trunk::
[18:55] <@Detro> ::grumbles, not happy about being upside down, nevermind what he knows he has to say next:: +com+ Marshall, Juno, return to mission. Crossfire isn't going to help me. ::a beat:: +com+ Detro, off-air. ::with some difficulty, reaches for the milcomm and switches it off::
01[18:55] <@Savant> The weapons fire has come to a halt at the northern banks of the river; Detro swings in the grip of a mesh bag, threatened at gunpoint by a Sourthern Gear. The rest of the group is scattered across the jungle
01[18:56] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Poppa bear, should we let them go? They're gonna bug on us.
01[18:57] <@Savant> Meanwhile, the fight between the MILICIA and whoever-it-is has wound down; both sides are pulling back to lick their wounds.
[18:57] <@Gabriel> ::considers the situation for a moment:: +com+ Let them go, but only if they leave his Gear where it is. They'll be pissed when they learn who he is, but at least we can take one variable out of this equation.
01[18:59] <@Savant> 5Snakeye> ::pulls back into the murky jungle, the barrel of its autocannon still held up to Detro's trapped form::
[18:59] <@Detro> ::speaks up to the Snakeeye pilot:: Comm's off you bastard. But you're still going to regret this.
01[18:59] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Got it.
[19:00] <@Roland> ::trudge, trudge:: +com+ You could always just relay a video message of my vibroknife to this guy's neck.
[19:01] <@Birkin> ::trains his eyes and sights through the jungle canopy on the Spitting Cobra, his MRP and MAC aimed right at the beast:: +com+ Birkin reporting in. I have the Cobra in sights Captain. Will you be making contact or should we fire now.
[19:01] <@Gabriel> +com+ You assume they're on the same side, Senior Sergeant.
[19:01] <@Roland> +com+ Well, we have one of each side. Show them both.
[19:02] <@Gabriel> ::reveals himself to Birkin, in his position keeping the Cobra and his pilot from going anywhere:: +com+ Welcome to the party, Sous-Adjudant. Help me dismount this fellow.
01[19:02] <@Savant> The MILICIA, from the movement of smoke, seems to be making a temporry camp in the clearing by the river ford. The other group leaves no trace of their movements.
[19:02] <@Caelin> ::slinks through the jungle following birking, his armiger not as fast as the terranovan gears though::
[19:02] <@Roland> ::slips between trees and into view beside the Cobra that he had previously disabled, waving at Birking with the manipulator holding the pilot; shaking him around like a rag doll::
01[19:03] <@Savant> 5Pilot> ::is about as limp as a rag doll, though he's still conscious::
03[19:04] * Brad is now known as Mem
[19:04] <@Detro> *> ::falls into silence for the rest of the trip::
[19:04] <@Birkin> +com+ I always enjoy being fashionably late sir. Roger. Will help you dismount him. ::moves up with his large MAC pointed at the pilots compartment:: [UF] ::letting full Port Oasis accent come through:: Get out. Come on, you won't be hurt so long as you don't resist.
01[19:06] <@Savant> 5Cobra> ::The pilot's compartment opens up slowly, as if the hydraulics were reluctant. The man inside still has a helmet on, but his hands are up::
[19:07] <@Birkin> ::trains the MAC on the man as he becomes visable:: [UF] Name and what unit are you from soldier.
[19:07] <@Caelin> ::comes up near the cobra but decides to stay among some of the brush to watch for unexpected visitors::
01[19:08] <@Savant> The jungle grows still. Other than the occasional flicker of fire, the patter of rain wipes away all signs that there was a combat here.
01[19:09] <@Savant> 5Cobra> [UF] Marcos. Southern Unity Front.
[19:09] <@Gabriel> +com+ Marshall, Juno, any chance of pulling Detro's Gear out of the river? I don't want to leave it behind.
[19:10] <@Birkin> [UF] Can't say I've ever heard of that unit before. Who's your CO and what was your last unit?
01[19:11] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ On it, chief! ::whistles while she works::
01[19:12] <@Savant> 5Cobra> [UF] ::grunts, says nothing::
[19:14] <@Roland> ::jostles the pilot in his manipulator:: What about you, asshole? Care to join the conversation?
[19:14] <@Gabriel> +com+ What's he saying, Sous-Adjudant?
01[19:15] <@Savant> 5Pilot> ::cries out at the sudden jostle:: uwah!
[19:16] <@Roland> We need a little more than your whiney bitchings.
[19:16] <@Birkin> [UF] Oh see that wasn't all that good of an idea. I here want to work with you here, and you aren't letting me do that. I like you. Central part of the Republic right? Where are you from originally?
[19:16] <@Caelin> ::looks around a bit::+subvoc+[AS]what do you think freja?
01[19:18] <@Savant> 5Cobra> [UF] Port Oasis.
[19:19] <@Birkin> [UF] Good town to come from. Where'd you get this nice gear here? You know I used to drive one of those too? Great little things.
01[19:19] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subvoc+ [AS] Don't know. There could be more out here, and no one's on overwatch.
[19:19] <@Gabriel> ::watches the guy for any tell-tale twitches::
[19:20] <@Roland> Okay, look ::to the guy in his manipulator:: If you're not going to talk, I'm going to have to ask you to stick out your hand so I can start cutting stuff off. ::buzzes the vibroknife::
01[19:22] <@Savant> 5Pilot> wails::[UF] My leg, my leg's broke! ahh! ahh!
[19:22] <@Caelin> ::subconciously nods::+subvoc+[AS] the one side has settled down just north, i'm tempted to try to get closer to see what they're up to
[19:22] <@Roland> Are you saying you want that cut off first, or what?
[19:22] <@Roland> 'cause I can do that if you want. I take requests.
[19:23] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Roland and his patient:: [UF] You want to talk my friend? We can get you treatment and safety. But I need something from you... You see how much he like's to play with you.
01[19:24] <@Savant> 5Cobra> [UF] I don't negotiate with terrorists.
01[19:25] <@Savant> ((why was that underlined? good grief))
01[19:25] <@Savant> ((I guess he's really serious.))
[19:26] <@Birkin> +com+ You caught that didn't you Captain? ::switches back to the man in the cobra:: [UF] Terrorists? Look pal I should squash you under my boot for being accused of that. What in the name of the Republic gave you the idea that we're terrorists?
[19:27] <@Gabriel> +com+ ::grinning:: I don't speak French, Sous-Adjutant. But from his body language, he thinks he's the hero of this trideo and we're the bad guys. What's he saying?
[19:27] <@Birkin> +com+ Apparently he doesn't negotiate with terrorists. And he's implying that's us.
01[19:27] <@Savant> 5Pilot> ::whimpers:: [UF] What do you *want*? You people, you aren't even human!
[19:28] <@Birkin> ::looks over at the other one, hoping Roland didn't pick that up:: +com+ The other one things we aren't human.
[19:28] <@Gabriel> +com+ What's his unit?
[19:29] <@Birkin> +com+ He says his name is Marcos. Southern Unity Front is what he claims his unit is. These guys smell like patsies from our friend the SLEDGE again.
01[19:29] <@Savant> 5Cobra> [UF] I don't expect to be able to reason with you
[19:30] <@Birkin> ::to the pilot:: [UF] The name of the man who sent you on this operation, and where he was. Got any video of him?
[19:30] <@Birkin> ::to the cobra:: [UF] You expect us to be GREL. Or else GREL that are designed to look like humans, right?
01[19:31] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods once at Caelin and slinks into the shadows, disappearing there::
01[19:32] <@Savant> 5Cobra> [UF] I don't negotiate with terrorists. I don't have anything to give you.
[19:33] <@Gabriel> ::while waiting for the conversation to be over:: +com+ Marshall, Tyrelle, what's the status on Detro's Gear?
01[19:35] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Covered in muck. I'm gonna be in this thing with a toothbrush for a week, I can just tell it.
[19:35] <@Roland> ::sheathes his vibroknife and draws the MAC, aiming it towards the Cobra pilot:: [UF] Okay, this is how it's going to work then. I'm going to start shooting you with very big bullets in your extremeties until you pull your sorry, deluded head out of your ass and stop thinking like you're the hero.
[19:35] <@Gabriel> +com+ Does that mean you can pull it back to our extraction zone? If so, do so.
[19:35] <@Caelin> ::::watches freja take overwatch duty then turns his attention to the 2 wrecked gears ahead of him::
01[19:38] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Got it, poppa bear.
[19:38] <@Birkin> [UF] Alright job is to fight and clearly it I need to brush up on my social skills. May you live to regret not dealing with my superiors.
[19:38] <@Birkin> <<not dealing with me and with my superiors>>
[19:39] <@Gabriel> ::closes comms and hopes that the Southies won't hurt Detro too much before learning who he is::
01[19:40] <@Savant> 5Cobra> ::visibly wilts and recoils at Rolands' threat::
[19:40] <@Birkin> [UF] See? I want to help you get through this. He doesn't care in how many peices you are when he's done with you.
[19:42] <@Gabriel> +com+ Caelin, if you would, please take charge of the Senior Sergeant's prisoner, and see what you can salvage from the nearby Gears. Sous-Adjudant, feel free to continue your conversation.
01[19:42] <@Savant> Caelin inspects the downed Gears - they look in every way to be wrecked Jagers. Not that he's much at discerning what is what in the wreckage.
[19:42] <@Gabriel> +com+ Roland, let's do some scouting, see if this supposed base is here. I doubt it, but our duty isn't done here until we look.
[19:44] <@Birkin> [UF] ::motions over at Roland as he up and gets to do some scouting:: He'll be back you know. Do you want to give me something to help you out to make sure he isn't the one to ask you questions first?
[19:45] <@Roland> +com+ ::grumbles and drops the pilot to the ground uncerimoniously before moving to go out and spend the next couple of hours walking in muck::
[19:45] <@Caelin> ::trudges up to the jagers a pokes around a bit figuring out where the terranovan's keep their AI's::+com+ alright
03[19:45] * Marcy ( has joined #BT05
01[19:46] <@Savant> 5Cobra> ::swallows:: [UF] All Terranova's swarming with Earthers. In the government, everywhere. The republic's not *free* anymore.
[19:46] <@Caelin> ::pulls out what he believes to be the AI case and heads back to take the prisoner::
[19:47] <@Birkin> [UF] Why did you come here then if the Earthers where in the government?
01[19:47] <@Savant> 6Cobra> Cause we're free out here. And we're gonna take it back from them.
01[19:47] <@Savant> ((bah, that was universal french))
[19:48] <@Birkin> [UF] This is your place then? You live here?
[19:48] <@Gabriel> ::follows Roland out, letting him take point::
01[19:48] <@Savant> Roland and Gabriel go off, and over the course of an hour they scour the hills. There are a few crags hidden in the jungle, well hidden, and rather well defended. All of the sentry posts are held with surplus or salvaged Gears and weapons, but they're well maintained. Paramlitary. The Talons keep out of sight.
[19:50] <@Caelin> ::comes up to birkin, actually hoping his presence brings a reaction from the prisoner::what's he saying?
03[19:51] * Caelin sets mode: +o Marcy
03[19:51] * Marcy is now known as Marshall
[19:51] <@Birkin> +com+ He's saying that our governments have been infiltrated with Earthers. This smells like what we had before. Good Terranovan's duped into beliving they were fighting against Earth, when they were really softening the planet up for them.
01[19:52] <@Savant> They withdraw with their captives and salvage, though Detro is still missing. Before long they're in a squat metal can, soaring over the mountains. Two hours after that they're disembarking in the noonday Badlands sun in New Peace River.
[19:53] <@Gabriel> ::once dismounted, sends a terse, borderline-angry preliminary after-action report, along with a request that Detro be released through SRA channels::
01[19:53] <@Savant> Moments after sending the report - too early for it to be anything but coincidence, his phone rings
[19:54] <@Gabriel> ::picks up the phone::
01[19:54] <@Savant> 5Officer> Captain. I just got off the phone with, of all people, the Commandant of the Legion Noire. Says you were operating inside his jurisdiction.
[19:55] <@Birkin> ::sits down in front of the Cobra pilot, looking at him in the eyes now:: How long have you been with the Unity Front?
01[19:56] <@Savant> ORderlies are taking baggage and equipment, and the team is being led into cool, air conditioned PRDF station. There's a private interrogation room and a few rooms adjoining
[19:56] <@Gabriel> ::in an amused tone:: That man believes the entire planet to be his jurisdiction. ::more seriously:: But yes, he's essentially correct. Did he say anything else?
[19:57] <@Roland> ::walks in an dumps a couple of images of Set as well as the planet-wide alert onto the table in front of the Cobra pilot.
[19:57] <@Roland> ::
01[19:57] <@Savant> 5Cobra Pilot> ::He's young, fit, bright eyed - full of idealism and vigor. The perfect dupe:: [UF] A bit over a cycle.
[19:58] <@Birkin> [UF] Take a look at those will you? Know that guy on the front?
01[19:58] <@Savant> 5Officer> That his team picked up one of yours. He's being sent back to you right now. I told him that time was important, so they're using a suborbital.
[19:59] <@Caelin> ::stands nearby watching over the interrogation::
01[19:59] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::looks over the pictures:: Never seen him. You hunt Earthers too, don't you?
[20:00] <@Gabriel> Very good, thank you. I'll be sending him an apology and an explanation through channels, but right now it looks like our new best friend has played both the Talons and the Legion for fools. Again.
01[20:00] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Is seated in the lounge further back from the interrogation room, essentially uninterested in what was going on there::
[20:00] <@Roland> ::looks over at the mirrored wall behind which the technicians sat:: Run it. ::waits for the recording of Set to play over the loudspeakers to see if the man recognizes the voice::
[20:00] <@Roland> Yes, we hunt Earthers. We also hunt fucking traitors.
01[20:01] <@Savant> 5Officer> ::nods:: As soon as I heard about what happened, I pulled up inquiry papers on the agents who set this mission up. Being the Souther Republic, I don't know if anything will get done. But we're going to take that particular column out of our assets.
[20:01] <@Roland> Like your sorry ass. ::leans down, bracing his arms on the table:: You might not recognize him, but tell me, do we look familiar? Hrm? Me and my friend here?
[20:01] <@Roland> Take a goooood look.
[20:01] <@Birkin> Yeah we do. All kinds of different people in all kinds of different places. Even places you've never heard of.
03[20:02] * Ryco ( has joined #BT05
01[20:02] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::frowns, looks from the pictures to Roland then back again:: No similarity. Why, is he family?
[20:02] <@Gabriel> ::wryly:: My personal preference is to take the S-4 out and shoot him. This mission was a charlie-foxtrot with at least four sides and NO Earther base. Everything that could have been wrong about the briefing, was wrong.
[20:02] <@Roland> ::uncerimoniously punches Marcos square in the nose with a sharp jab::
[20:02] <@Birkin> ::rubs his forehead:: Oh that was good.
[20:03] <@Birkin> Don't compare him to GREL please. He has a hatred of them.
[20:03] <@Marshall> ::walks into the interrogation room:: Ah. I can see the fun is just getting started.
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::exhales and puts his hand over his face::
01[20:03] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::Unceremoniously careens onto the flor; blood spaltters across the one way glass wall behind him:: Uagh!
[20:04] <@Roland> ::walks around the table, grabs Marcos by the collar and hauls him back onto his chair::
[20:05] <@Birkin> Seriously. ::shakes his head stands up to look down at the man:: [UF] See. You should start talking more with me, instead of with him.
01[20:05] <@Savant> 5Officer> ::smirks:: You have my sympathy, Captain. I'll keep tabs on him, and I'll make sure he gets what's coming to him. Your man should be there soon. Pacifica out.
01[20:05] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::rubs his face and holds his bleeding nose:: [UF] Augh! That's no GREL, he's not purple!
[20:06] <@Birkin> [UF] So then you do know him?
[20:06] <@Gabriel> ::puts the phone down and rubs his temples::
01[20:06] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::doesn't struggle against Roland, apparently he knows better now:: [UF] No! I already said so, no
[20:06] <@Caelin> ::mutters::the earther's have managed to take the colour out of them...
[20:07] <@Caelin> <<er terrans hehe>>
01[20:07] <@Savant> Before too long, another suborbital jet lands in New Peace River's busy airport. A covered jeep brings Detro to the PRDF station
[20:07] <@Birkin> [UF] Then let me clue you in on something. They brew up GREL's to look like us.
01[20:07] <@Savant> He comes into the station in a wheelchair, looking rahter displeased.
01[20:08] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::pauses, then leans towards Birkin, asking softly:: [UF] They do?
[20:09] <@Detro> ::fumbles with moving the wheelchair around, frowning::
[20:09] <@Gabriel> ::slowly contemplates all of the rebellion the Southern Republic has on its hands when Earther agents AREN'T down there stirring the pot::
[20:10] <@Birkin> [UF] Yeah. They do. Used to help make infiltration that much easier. Sometimes they even use them to stir up trouble in planets they can't conquer...
03[20:11] * Itzpapalotl is now known as Delgado
[20:11] <@Roland> ::crosses his arms and stands at the end of the table now, displeased look on his face as he had already been through this conversation before; he imagined intelligence, if they managed to get their act together, would be having many similar ones as well::
01[20:11] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::You can practically *see* the cogs turning in his head:: [UF] ... they could be *anyone*. We might have been too late setting up the Front!
[20:11] <@Detro> ::saying nothing to the rest of the Talon as he wheels himself up to a table::
[20:11] <@Gabriel> ::looks up as Detro wheels himself in and grimaces:: I take it the Legion wasn't happy to see you, Sergent?
[20:12] <@Roland> The Front was set up by them, you fucking retard.
[20:12] <@Roland> You're working for the enemy.
01[20:12] <@Savant> Both of Detro's legs are in splints and foam casts, fromt he mid-thigh to ankle
[20:12] <@Birkin> Yeah. That's the problem. You were set up.
[20:13] <@Roland> Idiots crédules. Tout le vous.
01[20:13] <@Savant> 5Marcos> [UF] Set up by Earthers? No way, we were set up by Gilles and Marcival. There's no one more loyal on the planet.
[20:14] <@Roland> Full names.
[20:14] <@Marshall> ::starts taking notes::
[20:14] <@Detro> Just get me a line to the jing chai chewn who doesn't have a way for us to cheong bao ho tze identify ourselves to our own hu li jing people. And that intelligence officer's head. On a plate. And the heads of his ancestors, may they burn in a thousand suns!
[20:15] <@Gabriel> ::nods in sympathy:: The latter is being taken care of. I'll take the former under advisement. For the time being, get down to the infirmary, let Delgado take a look at you.
[20:15] <@Gabriel> ::makes a mental note that perhaps he should at least study the basics of the South's many languages::
01[20:16] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::Frowns, dubious. Then his broken nose throbs and he complies:: Gilles Ille-de-Sante, Marcival Devereaux.
[20:16] <@Detro> ::grumbles as he pushes himself away from the table and, following the signs, to the infirmary::
[20:16] <@Delgado> ::is in the medical part of the PRDF, talking and actually laughing with a few members, talking about old times and good memories. She actually looks at ease and friendly here, moreso than she ever has with the Talons::
[20:16] <@Roland> ::looks at Marshall:: Run those.
[20:17] <@Marshall> ::single nod and pulls up the laptop::
01[20:17] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::taps away on a small data slate, not even looking at the thing::
[20:18] <@Delgado> ::hears someone comes in and turns around, mid-laugh from a joke from one of the nurses. Once she sees Detro the laugh dies in her throat as her eyes roam over his legs:: Holy shit.
[20:18] <@Detro> ::glowers:: How w'rin bu lai whai w'rin bu jwo.
[20:19] <@Marshall> Both MILICIA. Well, used to be. They went AWOL.
01[20:20] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::nods gingerly, cupping his bleeding nose::
[20:21] <@Gabriel> ::listens in on what's going on in the interrogation room for a few minutes, and hearing no surprises, turns off the monitors and instead requests a comm line back to Baja::
[20:22] <@Roland> ::nods:: AWOL. ::looks at Marcos:: No doubt because this guy ::fingers Set in the pictures:: deluded them just like they deluded you.
[20:22] <@Birkin> How many people are in the Unity Front?
[20:22] <@Delgado> Uh huh. ::motions to the other people in the room and they all decend on Detro like well organized flies, helping him out of his wheelchair and onto a exam table before removing his casts, takings vitals, all that good stuff with Delgado in the mix:: You're one lucky man. I've seen injuries like this kill other people.
[20:22] <@Detro> ::turns his glare on Delgado:: Nee yow wuo kai chiung? Do you have ANY idea how much it fucking hurts?
01[20:22] <@Savant> 5Marcos> ::looks down at the pictures, crestfallen. He stammers out:: [UF] Fourty, fifty.
[20:23] <@Roland> Where.
[20:23] <@Birkin> Did you have any operations planned for recently? Any orders coming "straight from the top" or some other stupid crap
01[20:23] <@Savant> 5Marcos> What? You were there. You were right at our front door.
[20:24] <@Caelin> ::walks over to the other side of the room and sits down next to scildfreja::[as]was it a mistake coming here, freja?
[20:24] <@Roland> You're localized entirely in that area? Where are your logistics contacts? You can't be solely sitting in the middle of the fucking jungle.
01[20:25] <@Savant> After a few minutes, Gabriel is connected with Baja base.
01[20:25] <@Savant> 5Officer> Operator.
[20:26] <@Detro> ::finally slumps back, exhausted from the pain:: Just... look at it and give me the bad news already.
[20:26] <@Gabriel> I'd like to speak directly with Commandant Gotah, if he's available. This is Captain Tynes, 5th.
01[20:26] <@Savant> 5Marcos> We've been using the river and trucks downstream for transport. It works.
01[20:27] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Instead of saying anything in reply, she sighs and puts her head on Caelin's shoulder::
[20:27] <@Delgado> ::nods to herself then further examines his legs, attempting to be gentle about it:: They really screwed you up. ::does a little more prodding, clicking her tongue now and then before looking at him:: I can fix this, however you won't be the same. Ever. I'm talking about artificial recovery. Bionics. ::looks him in the eyes:: Some people aren't comfortable with that kind of thing. Are you? Because it's either that or having your callsign ch
[20:27] <@Delgado> 'Stumpy'.
01[20:27] <@Savant> 5Officer> ::Checks:: I'll let him know, Captain. Hold please.
[20:29] <@Detro> Funny doc. ::glowers tiredly:: I suppose I'm expected to ask if I'll ever play football again or dance with my wife as well?
01[20:29] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::After a few moments, Gotah appears on Tynes' screen. It loks like he's in an open vehicle bay, because his breath is visible and he's wearing a parka. He's also got a lit cigarette in hand:: Captain.
[20:31] <@Birkin> How many gears do you have? Any missions coming up?
[20:31] <@Delgado> It's bionics, not peg legs. Of course you will. ::pauses:: Your pay rate might not be high enough for the advanced bionics though. I may just have to get you the basic setup. It'll have grease nipples in the back of your knees to lubricate them. We can then change your callsign to "Nipples". Maybe call you Nips for short. ::grins slowly, obviously bullshitting with him::
[20:31] <@Gabriel> 'morning, Commandant. You'll find the prelim after-action report in your mail, but Hsi Tsang was a charlie-foxtrot. There's nothing there but yet another group that Set has convinced of their own morally-justified heroism. And as a bonus, one of my team landed in the hands of the Legion, who were apparently also fooled.
01[20:32] <@Savant> 5Marcos> We've got eighteen Gears. There wasn't any plans but to grow, for now...
[20:32] <@Detro> ::glower, angrilly:: Cut the bravo sierra and just get the damn bionic crap done.
01[20:34] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::doesn't frown, but he glances a meaningful glance at Tynes before taking another drag. It was his only reaction:: Is he okay? La legion est plus generaux.
[20:35] <@Delgado> Alrighty then. Don't worry. You'll be as good as new when you wake up. Even better! ::starts whistling the Tinman song from Wizard of Oz as she grabs some medication and thoroughly knocks Detro out::
[20:35] <@Gabriel> Yes, he's fine. Once I realized what happened, I ordered the rest of the team to give the Legion lots of space, and they used it to pull back. I'll probably have to perform some sort of ritual apology, but that is balanced by the happy knowledge that the Legion turns out to be just as fallible as we are.
[20:36] <@Gabriel> This Set is making fools of us. All of us.
01[20:37] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::exhales a long stream of smoke:: I know. It's hard to fight this sort of thing. I'm putting Talon 03 on it right now. If anyone can take care of this, they can.
[20:37] <@Delgado> ::looks up at her friends and team and nods to them:: We have our work cut out for us. Let's get him rolling and set up. We're pulling an all nighter. ::looks back down at the unconscious Detro:: Start the coffee.
[20:37] <@Birkin> Do those two you talked about before. Whatever there names were. Do they ever leave the base? Or do they stay there at all times?
[20:38] <@Gabriel> He seems to be putting virtually all of his time into making Novans fight each other. Ironically, it's a lesson that might serve us fairly well on Utopia, if we can find unhappy soldiers in the Steelgate army.
01[20:38] <@Savant> 5Marcos> No, they leave all the time. Just like the rest of us. Recruiting, you know.
[20:39] <@Birkin> Where do you normally recruit from.
01[20:39] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> ::nods:: Lots to learn from this. Lots to learn. Do you have your inventory drawn up for review, Captain?
[20:40] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: The basics, yes. I haven't specified Gear weapons or repair parts yet, quite frankly because I haven't decided on our specific tactics on Utopia. I have decided on one thing, though: BT05 is going with an all-Mamba force. It's the only force I can project as being viable against the most likely enemies we'll face.
01[20:40] <@Savant> 5Marcos> Eh, Hsi Tsang quite a bit. They're closest.
[20:41] <@Caelin> ::puts his arm around her and and rubs her shoulder a bit and sighs::[as]i want to believe these people can help us, and i think captain tynes genuinely wants to as well, but it seems selfish to have him and his team leave while the terrans are turning his own people against themselves
[20:42] <@Gabriel> We're also attempting to develop a modified anti-air cannon to attack large numbers of small drones. I'm having a hard time simulating the Utopian order of battle. The battle computers can't keep up: often dozens of combatants per side, even in a minor skirmish. A Gear in that environment dies fast and nasty.
[20:42] <@Gabriel> Our home-grown drones aren't even close to a match. We can't hope to simulate their OOB, at least not with local tech.
[20:43] <@Gabriel> Maybe if we could capture a dozen or so squiddies, but in more than a cycle on Caprice, we only caught three.
01[20:43] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> We'll have to look at neutralizing their advantage. Taking out their control networks, confusing their drones. Drones can't replace a live set of eyes and hands.
[20:44] <@Gabriel> Agreed. Until then, I'm not sure yet how much support we can provide them in a real battle. We might be confined to a support and reconnaissance role. Thus, the Mambas.
[20:45] <@Birkin> Well. Lets hope that your friends are as cooperative as you are. Less they end up being killed by our compainons in the fray.
[20:45] <@Gabriel> I'll make some final decisions in the next day or two. In the meantime, I'll send you the preliminary list.
01[20:46] <@Savant> 2Commandant Gotah> Great, Captain. Keep me up to speed on how your downed man does.
[20:47] <@Gabriel> Aye aye, sir.
01[20:47] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:47] <@Roland> ::attn::
01[20:47] <@Savant> well done everyone Smile almost as well as coudl be hoped.
[20:47] <@Detro> ::sedated::
01[20:47] <@Savant> a few more bullet holes than I figured, but what can you do Wink
[20:47] <@Roland> Twenty twenty twenty four hours to goooooo
[20:48] <@Caelin> i wanna be sedated!
[20:48] <@Mem> So Detro will become Detron?
[20:48] <@Detro> A few, because for once Detro frakking followed orders to the letter.
01[20:48] <@Savant> Detron! heee
[20:48] <@Gabriel> You earned their respect, I'm sure. Smile
01[20:49] <@Savant> questions?
[20:49] <@Detro> Tons.
[20:49] <@Mem> I always suspected Roland would be the first with cybernetics.
01[20:49] <@Savant> game related questions?
[20:49] <@Detro> Cybernetics related questions
[20:49] <@Roland> He could have a cybernetic crotch...
[20:50] <@Gabriel> There's a whole section in the tech manual. I can scan it this weekend.
01[20:50] <@Savant> they will not rebuiild you stronger/better/faster
[20:50] <@Detro> But nothing that needs answerse tonight.
[20:50] <@Birkin> ::raises::
[20:50] <@Caelin> kellerton>"does it have a vibrate setting? just curious"
[20:50] <@Gabriel> Actually, they will -- IF you spend many hard-earned points on them. Wink
[20:50] <@Birkin> Are we going to leave this Set to Talon 03? Or will we finish him off ourselves?
01[20:51] <@Savant> you don't know where he is. You gave up on him >Sad
[20:51] <@Gabriel> At this point, I doubt the guy even has a vehicle on the planet.
[20:51] <@Gabriel> He's taking planes, trains, and autos to every corner of TN, giving every idiot with a gun the idea that he can free his people!
01[20:51] <@Savant> Smile
[20:52] <@Delgado> Let my people go!
[20:52] <@Gabriel> And since Terra Nova's population includes about 15% who match that description, he's very, very busy.
01[20:52] <@Savant> expees. One is for teamwork. Tell me about the sorts of teamwork that happened today.
[20:52] <@Roland> Face punching and interrogating
[20:53] <@Birkin> yeah Interrogating
[20:53] <@Birkin> good cop bad cop
01[20:53] <@Savant> Birkin and Roland had some good teamwork today. Anyone else?
[20:54] <@Detro> Nobody was here for Detro to team off of.
[20:54] <@Gabriel> Delgado/Detro was fun, but kind of short.
[20:54] <@Caelin> the rest of us were mostly socializing/observing/reporting
[20:54] <@Detro> Well, yeah. Aside from Delgago Smile
06[20:55] * @Delgado grins
06[20:55] * @Savant nods
01[20:55] <@Savant> no teamwork problems today, so I give it to you.
[20:55] <@Marshall> Fun, but short. Story of Detro's life? Wink
01[20:55] <@Savant> Point Two is storyline. what did you learn today, and why was it important?
[20:55] <@Roland> Terra Novans are dumb.
[20:55] <@Gabriel> Hee.
[20:55] <@Gabriel> [22:51:23] <Gabriel> At this point, I doubt the guy even has a vehicle on the planet.
[20:55] <@Gabriel> [22:51:47] <Gabriel> He's taking planes, trains, and autos to every corner of TN, giving every idiot with a gun the idea that he can free his people!
[20:56] <@Marshall> Set is a cunt bomb. But we already knew that. Wink
[20:56] <@Gabriel> But yeah, a) Terra Novans are dumb, and b) this guy really only has one tactic. It's just a damnably effective tactic.
[20:56] <@Detro> That there's no $^!@#$^@!^ing way to identify ourselves to our own people in a way that will actually be believed.
[20:56] <@Detro> Which *will* get more people killed in the future.
[20:56] <@Gabriel> It shows that the planet isn't as ready for a war as the Westphalia Cabinet thinks it is.
[20:57] <@Caelin> especially since the legion noire was fooled
01[20:57] <@Savant> Smile
[20:57] <@Gabriel> That 15% number I quoted was probably conservative. There are tens of thousands of people on the planet that hate other large portions of the planet, starting with the entire populations of the MD and HA.
01[20:57] <@Savant> nah, they weren't fooled. They were there to observe, and then saw that some *other* intel agency was in their turf with high tech shit. So they pounced.
[20:57] <@Gabriel> If Set gets an HA independence group on his side, then the SR is really in trouble.
01[20:58] <@Savant> Smile
01[20:58] <@Savant> i smile a lot when discussion is on Set
[20:59] <@Gabriel> Gabriel gives Delgado permission to write a Set-specific virus, as long as said virus involves PAINFUL DICK FALLING OFF DEATH.
01[20:59] <@Savant> anything else?
[20:59] <@Delgado> Yes!
[20:59] <@Gabriel> Smile
06[20:59] * @Delgado parties
[20:59] <@Marshall> Airborne Syphallis =)
[21:00] <@Gabriel> Anyway, that was the key lesson out of these two weeks, I think. This guy makes the Viet Cong look like rank amateurs.
01[21:00] <@Savant> that's what they have in Ft Mac, Marcy
01[21:00] <@Savant> an excellent thing to learn.
01[21:01] <@Savant> that's two points. Three is because it was a somewhat dangerous mission, at least for someon f you.
01[21:01] <@Savant> some of you, even
01[21:01] <@Savant> Four points is for you telling me whether Detro's new bionic legs should be steam powered or nuclear powered, or something else
[21:01] <@Roland> Steampunk
[21:01] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: Could have easily turned nasty. I simply couldn't think of any better options, once Detro was in that net. And I spent two weeks trying.
[21:02] <@Detro> For 16 points, I want fusion bottles.
[21:02] <@Roland> It must have grease nipples.
[21:02] <@Detro> Rocket feet, even.
[21:02] <@Gabriel> Batteries. Must use batteries. That way, if Gabriel wants him to stay put, he can remove them.
[21:02] <@Delgado> mehehe.
[21:02] <@Delgado> He needs to plug his legs in at night.
[21:02] <@Detro> No thanks. I've already lived in fear of what happens to one character if she got hit with EMP weapons.
[21:03] <@Birkin> Steampunk.
01[21:03] <@Savant> AS-tro boy, AS-tro boy!
[21:04] <@Gabriel> Rocket legs.
01[21:04] <@Savant> rocket legggsss
[21:04] <@Gabriel> Perk: Jump Jets
01[21:04] <@Savant> Marshall, get on it.
[21:04] <@Marshall> No. Just no.
[21:04] <@Marshall> Now, tank treads? That I can do =)
[21:04] <@Delgado> Get Juno to come up with something.
01[21:05] <@Savant> ehee. you don't want that
[21:05] <@Delgado> Yes, yes I do. Wink
01[21:05] <@Savant> anyways, that's four. Next week we will be going up the beanstalk, I tink, and getting in orbit. Getting ready to go for Utopia. New story, I believe.
[21:06] <@Detro> Hmm. That's 17 backstocked points then. What can I get for that?
01[21:07] <@Savant> uhm, skills and perks and specializations?
01[21:07] <@Savant> there you go, anyways Smile
01[21:07] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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