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Game Transcripts for "Tocymea"

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 3:43 am    Post subject: Game Transcripts for "Tocymea" Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- Tocymea -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Tocymea in Session'
03[18:30] * Prescot ( has joined #BT05
03[18:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Prescot
[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Marshall> ::attn::
03[18:30] * Prescot is now known as Birkin
[18:30] <@Birkin> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Delgado> ::attn::
01[18:30] <@Savant> guten abend, und wilkommen.
[18:30] <@Caelin> ::attn::
[18:31] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
01[18:31] <@Savant> today is our first day on Utopia Smile Are you excited? I'm excited.
01[18:31] <@Savant> I am going to brief you, and then we will carry on our discussion from before the game.
01[18:31] <@Savant> Tocymea
01[18:31] <@Savant> 9 December UC462 (22 Autumn TN1946), 1100h - Morning
01[18:31] <@Savant> Ithakan Sea, Utopia
01[18:31] <@Savant> 22 degrees C, low radiation (0.5 Rads/hr)
01[18:31] <@Savant> Landfall! After such a long waiting period, it is strange to think of the idea that you are actually arriving at Utopia, and will set feet upon the ground in a matter of hours, if that.
01[18:31] <@Savant> Following the help and advice of Bercthun, you have followed along in the wake of an asteroid shower heading down to Utopia, for a splash landing in the centre of the Ithakan Sea. Upon the fringes of Grenarian territory, it is a (relatively) short hop to Koglund, to the east.
01[18:31] <@Savant> Despite being so close, however, you will not be able to make the trip across easily. The Anwitan Ocean is closely monitored by the Terran-Steelgate Alliance, and simply crossing it is a risk. Instead you are choosing to beach and try to contact someone to help you out...
01[18:31] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:32] <@Delgado> ack
[18:32] <@Birkin> ack
[18:32] <@Detro> ack
[18:32] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:32] <@Marshall> ack
[18:32] <@Caelin> ack
01[18:33] <@Savant> the first minute or so will be an exposition of your descent to Utopia; I encourage you all to roleplay your cahracters' reactions and emotional state for that trip. e will then continue with beaching where you choose to beach.
01[18:33] <@Savant> questions?
[18:33] <@Gabriel> ::raises::
01[18:33] <@Savant> Gabriel?
[18:34] <@Gabriel> We've now been in space for something like 16 weeks. Utopian gravity is...?
01[18:34] <@Savant> aha Smile very clever. I was going to do that right in the beginning of the game, but we may as well do so now. Utopian gravity is 1.05g.
01[18:34] <@Savant> aaaand everyone can make a FIT check, please.
[18:34] <@Gabriel> This is one of the reasons I wasn't excited to have everyone just hop out of the plane and stretch. Wink
01[18:34] <@Savant> +1 if you have been following your workout regimen.
[18:35] <@Delgado> Oh.
01[18:37] <@Savant> okay. The scoop on that.
01[18:38] <@Savant> Delgado, -1 STR. Detro, -1 FIT with regards to calcium loss.
01[18:38] <@Savant> Marshall... Marshall, Marshall, Marshall...
[18:39] <@Delgado> mehehehe
[18:39] <@Detro> That's okay. At least Delgado can fly into Roid Rage and overthrow that -1. Wink
06[18:39] * @Delgado flexes
01[18:40] <@Savant> Marshall, -1 to all attributes due to light-headedness and disorientation, -1 FIT with regards to calcium loss. And the doctor might want to give you a physical, your heart is sure feeling like it is working hard.
[18:40] <@Marshall> That sucks.
[18:40] <@Delgado> :O
01[18:40] <@Savant> it does.
[18:41] <@Marshall> I still got the calcium loss even with a FIT check?
01[18:41] <@Savant> anyways. Thank you for letting us take care of that before the game, Jester.
[18:41] <@Gabriel> ::tips hat::
[18:41] <@Delgado> fffft
01[18:41] <@Savant> yes.
[18:42] <@Marshall> =(
[18:42] <@Gabriel> Hey, you could learn now, or you could learn when you hopped out to take a swim.
01[18:42] <@Savant> the first roll was to see how well the workout applied. Those who didn'tmeet the threshold had to make a second check.
[18:42] <@Gabriel> Oh that's right, none of you know how to swim. Wink
01[18:42] <@Savant> Smile
01[18:42] <@Savant> so!
01[18:42] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Where we goin guys?
[18:43] <@Detro> Somewhere that Jester won't kill us.
01[18:43] <@Savant> I want a decision from the command staff in .. five minutes?
[18:43] <@Gabriel> Let's RP that. We need to know a number of things from Caelin and Scild at this point. Like how obvious they're gonna be in this part of the world.
01[18:43] <@Savant> that's quite fair, sure.
01[18:44] <@Savant> further questions to the OOC channel.
01[18:44] <@Savant> and again, first little bit will be a bit of exposition, and I encourage you to put in your own thoughts on the events.
01[18:44] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:44] <@Savant> For awhile there it seemed like you really were in an uncontrolled descent. The groaning of Pathfinder's hull made it sound like the roar of onrushing atmosphere would split the shuttle like a black egg. The external cameras only showed a blazing yellow-orange glow. This was nothing like the gentle tumble to airless Caprice.
[18:45] <@Gabriel> ::is content to remain in his couch and watch the displays::
[18:45] <@Detro> ::tries to settle even further into his couch::
[18:46] <@Caelin> ::takes controlled breaths as he waits for landing, strapped in the couch::
[18:46] <@Birkin> ::gribs the sides of the couch a bit, controling his breathing while staring straight forward::
01[18:46] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::bizzarely calm:: Seventy three thousand.... Seventy two five hundred.... little too fast, kid.
[18:46] <@Marshall> ::locked in his rack. He was an ashen grey color. He wasn't moving. If you didn't feel for a pulse you could confuse him for dead::
[18:47] <@Delgado> ::is sitting back, her eyes squeezed shut with her fingers digging into her seat to the point where her entire hand is white. She's muttering softly to herself but it's not clear what::
[18:47] <@Gabriel> ::mostly to himself:: I told him not to take that rock thing too literally...
01[18:47] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::through gritted teeth, with restricted breathing, but still in good humour:: This ain't much like flying!
01[18:48] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::A barked laugh:: don't scare me kid. Meso's coming up. Don't bounce.
01[18:48] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> This thing bounces?
01[18:49] <@Savant> The tumbling stopped, slowing into a simple roll and then a lazy descent, all at once. The cameras still glowed ruddy but the stomachs of all involved were able to crawl down from their throats and back into their proper places. Specks of black and a field of distant blue could be discerned behind the glaze of fire.
[18:50] <@Caelin> ::twists his head some to look over at scildfreja::i wouldn't want to do that again any time soon, would you?
01[18:50] <@Savant> There was still pressure, but only one way, finally - a deep, bone-shaking pressure, feeling strong enough to pop bones and choke the breath form you, but it is only one way, and subsiding.
[18:50] <@Gabriel> ::calls out:: Everyone able, slave a gun! Birkin, Marshall, the long lasers. Everyone else, point defense.
01[18:50] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Keeps her head locked in place, but glances at Caelin:: Let's stay on the planet from now on.
[18:51] <@Gabriel> ::follows his own orders and takes the #2 heavy machinegun, portside::
[18:51] <@Marshall> ::quite unconscious, strapped very tightly in a sleeping bunk::
[18:52] <@Birkin> ::grabs the long laser on the port side, having had it slaved into his console:: Marshall was strapped into his bunk last I saw sir.
01[18:52] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> guh? mbuh.. ::twitches awake:: Gun.. gun gun gun... ::fumbles with hands that aren't yet awake to activate gun controls::
[18:52] <@Detro> ::relaxes his grip of the couch enough for his fingers to let go, so he can grab the controls::
[18:53] <@Gabriel> ::grins tightly:: Still out, huh? Sergent Takira, take the other laser.
[18:53] <@Delgado> ::starts to open her eyes but sees the expansive blue rushing up at them and promtly shuts them again, a soft whine escaping her lips as she grips even harder to her seat, a sheen of sweat now gathering on her forehead::
01[18:53] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Here comes the tropo, everyone. A little hot, kid.
01[18:54] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Much easier now:: Ain't it though? Aowwwww
[18:54] <@Detro> ::still a bit shaken up, merely grunts acknowledgement, flipping the appropriate toggle::
01[18:54] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Amused:: I mean the hull. We're glowing. That makes it hard to hide.
01[18:54] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Oh, yeah.
01[18:54] <@Savant> The tumbling stopped, slowing into a simple roll and then a lazy descent, all at once. The cameras still glowed ruddy but the stomachs of all involved were able to crawl down from their throats and back into their proper places. Specks of black and a field of distant blue could be discerned behind the glaze of fire.
01[18:55] <@Savant> And then - pop - the fire blew away and left Pathfinder hurtling into a shallowing dive towards a mirror-flat ocean, pastel blue and trnaslucent. Specks of white broke the pristine surface, bursting into spreading shattered waves, concentric only until their neighbours intervened. Pathfinder levelled off some few dozen meters above the ocean, a black raven skirting the waves.
[18:55] <@Birkin> Thats not something you see everyday. ::Looking out the gun camera port ahead of them::
01[18:56] <@Savant> The dreadful pressure eased up, letting you sit easily in your seats as the engines eased back to the minimum needed to keep the brick aloft. Another pressure remained though, unfamiliar but at the same time welcome - the steady, heavy, weighty pressure of a planet's gravity well.
[18:56] <@Gabriel> ::is not particularly sanguine about this much water, even as someone who lives on the shore of a lake::
[18:57] <@Caelin> ::grins a bit:: well it's not everyday our people bombards the planet with rocks either
[18:57] <@Detro> ::tries to think of the onrushing water as just a very big, treeless, and very deep swamp::
01[18:58] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> There we go. Level us off and keep us at least five hundred from any landmass. Are we good, Cory?
01[18:58] <@Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> We're good. No ping, no heat, no trace. I read all systems clear.
01[18:59] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Welcome to Utopia, ladies and gentlemen. You may remove your harnesses if you so choose.
01[18:59] <@Savant> Utopia, from this vantage point, seemed to be just that. A few picturesque green islands studded the balmy sea to the south, and Heofon hung as a gold disk in a turquoise and white sky. White-winged sea birds circling lazily overhead, squawking at the disturbance that the skies brought. Pathfinder drew behind it a white wake.
[19:00] <@Gabriel> ::still doesn't move, one hand resting gently on the machinegun controls, the other switching from display to display::
[19:00] <@Caelin> ::lifts his arms up to test his strength, giving them a bit of stretch before unstrapping himself and pulling up into a seated position::
01[19:00] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Stretches as well, and can't help but give Caelin an ear-to-ear grin
[19:00] <@Gabriel> +com+ Caelin, Scildfreja, how conspicuous are you going to be in this part of the world? Accents, regional dialect, appearance, things like that?
[19:00] <@Marshall> ::grabs a strap and tugs heavily, then flops out of the bunk onto the deck with a thud::
[19:01] <@Delgado> ::does. not. move.::
[19:02] <@Detro> ::stays put as well, but only as he's on the longer ranged weapon, so needs to be able to react fast::
01[19:03] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::banks, gently, to the right. Anyone not buckled in has to hold on, though the curve is gentle::
[19:03] <@Marshall> ::just lies on the deck, letting his body acclimate to gravity::
[19:04] <@Caelin> ::reaches over and pushes a button on the seat:: +com+i've been in this region numerous times, it's mostly greenarian but it's known as a good vacation spot.
[19:05] <@Birkin> Real pretty. You know anyone in this reigon or a nearby reigon?
[19:05] <@Detro> So they're used to visitors and strangers. Sounds good to me.
[19:05] <@Delgado> ::bites down on her lip as the sounds surrounding her sound damn close to rushing water. She can see the entire ship encircled in water, drowning, disappearing into black water. Soon a small trickle of blood can be seen sliding down the corner of her mouth and her cheek, having broken skin::
[19:06] <@Gabriel> +com+ So you're not going to stand out?
[19:07] <@Caelin> ::makes his first attempt to stand in gravity in months, at first its not bad, but taking a step ends up in him losing his balance, he catches himself on another nearby couch and tries again::
01[19:07] <@Savant> Everyone is suddenly exhausted, as soon as they feel gravity's strenuous pull. Standing is difficult, even breathing takes effort.
[19:09] <@Gabriel> ::forces himself to take deep, regular breaths::
[19:09] <@Caelin> ::takes another breath::+com+the resorts are'd be like ashanti, except a bit less skin showing, freja and i have some clothing we can wear out there, we'll have to find some for your crew
01[19:10] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Captain Tynes, we're going to put down on an island and get out of the air, unless you have a destination.
[19:10] <@Gabriel> +com+ No objections, Lieutenant. Something isolated for now.
[19:11] <@Delgado> ::nods frantically at the mention of an island::
01[19:11] <@Savant> Pathfinder banks again, and a knot of green comes up overhead - a mountainous island, covered in trees and ringed by a pebbly beach.
[19:12] <@Gabriel> ::again, mostly to himself:: You know, it never occured to me to requisition a boat. Not so much as a personal speedboat.
[19:12] <@Detro> ::tired, wonders how the hell the flight crew is even doing half the work they're doing in this situation::
01[19:12] <@Savant> On the screens. Not overhead, that would be crazy.
[19:12] <@Caelin> ::slowly makes his way towards a terminal, every few steps becoming easier as he gets used to gravity again, once at the computer he brings up a few camera views, searching::
01[19:13] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Everyone in your buckets. That island is coming up fast. Kid, slow down.
[19:13] <@Marshall> ::slides around on the deck with every bank. He still has an ashen grey color and still appears quite dead::
01[19:14] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Yes Ma'm!
[19:15] <@Caelin> ::curses and makes his way back to the nearest couch::
01[19:16] <@Savant> Everyone feels their guts surge up into their throats briefly and then down again. There's a loud clatter on the hull and the ship fishtails left and right, but it is decelerating fast.
[19:16] <@Birkin> Good thing I didn't bring my beads then I guess. ::scratches his chin:: We should send someone with Caelen and Scildfreja.
[19:16] <@Detro> ::left... right... left... right.. up.. .down... no, up up up up... Detro has barely enough time to grab a vomit bag::
01[19:17] <@Savant> Pathfinder stops very quickly - it's got about zero aerodynamic lift, and once the shuttle decides it doesn't want to fly anymore there is little to stop it from returning to ground. The crunch and clatter stops, and everything is stationary.
[19:17] <@Marshall> ::reaches up and grips something - anything, and deathgrips it::
01[19:18] <@Savant> Everything *seems* to spin - even for the near-unconscious Marshall - but after a few moments that horrible vertigo subsides into a gentle uneasy stirring.
[19:18] <@Gabriel> ::winces as the return of gravity is then punctuated by fighter-like G-forces::
[19:18] <@Detro> ::tries to get the horrid taste out of his mouth::
[19:18] <@Delgado> ::bites even harder on her lip, trying to tell herself they're landing on land, but it's not quite working....::
[19:19] <@Detro> ::reflectively kicks with the leg::
01[19:20] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Flight attendants will not be by to collect your garbage and puke-sacks. We've hit ground. Cory, give me a five-oh-nine.
[19:20] <@Gabriel> ::NOW is willing to get up, and unstraps to do so::
01[19:20] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::unbuckles, gets up shakily, stretches grandly:: Heofon.
[19:20] <@Marshall> ::releases and just lie there::
[19:21] <@Caelin> ::takes a deep breath to reinflate his lungs and returns to the terminal::
[19:21] <@Delgado> ::her eyes finally open and she winces as she unburies her teeth from her lip. She unstraps herself and sits up, wiping at the blood on her face as she looks around with wider-than-normal eyes::
01[19:21] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> I'm going to check on Sleca and the Ambithera.
[19:22] <@Detro> ::doesn't unstrap... he's just trying to get his breathing back to normal::
01[19:22] <@Savant> Fortunately for Delgado, the viewscreens are showing a leafy green forest pierced through by shafts of golden sunlight; there's no sign of the ocean. So long as she doens't look at the other side of the cabin's screens
[19:23] <@Gabriel> ::eases himself to the deck, then turns around and does a few experimental standing push-ups against the couch::
[19:23] <@Birkin> ::grunts twisting about in his chair:: When we get the time I'm going to need a drink after that landing. ::begins to unstrap himself and pull himself up off of the couch::
01[19:23] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Frowns at Delgado's panic and puts a concerned hand on Xochitl's as she passes by::
[19:23] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja::i'll be out ther shortly freja
01[19:24] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::grins broadly at Caelin as she retreats to the vehicle bay::
[19:24] <@Marshall> ::hopes people are watching where they step. He's going to take a while to get to his feet::
[19:24] <@Caelin> ::opens a locker under the console and pulls out his laptop which he had stowed there when he was searching for bercthun and starts going over maps::
[19:25] <@Gabriel> ::when that goes well, tries a few experimental steps, careful to always have a hand-hold, almost as if he were still in space:: +com+ Cockpit, what's our status.
[19:25] <@Birkin> ::looks over:: Doc. You're leaking ::makes a motion at his cheek on the side that she is bleeding from::
01[19:26] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ A little hot, Captain. I'd like at least a half hour to cool the hull and do an external walkaround.
[19:26] <@Delgado> ::glances up at Freja and smiles weakly before finally struggling to her feet. Funny thing about blood, it's a bitch to get off and she has a bit of a red stain on her cheek which stands out against her very pale and clammy skin. She finally looks around and:: .... There's a Ranger on the floor. ::shoots a deadly glance at Birkin before slowly making her way over to Marshall::
[19:26] <@Detro> ::groans after he finally undoes his straps and sits up::
[19:26] <@Gabriel> +com+ Very well.
[19:28] <@Marshall> ::blinks twice and can see Delgado approaching:: Not you. Anyone but you.
[19:28] <@Gabriel> ::heads toward the two Utopians:: I'd like to get the two of you, plus perhaps one of ours, out and getting some information as soon as possible. Trouble is, I didn't anticipate an island landing and we don't have any boats.
01[19:28] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> You hear the man, Pathfinder. First rotation, on your feet and outside. You're welcome. Jeremi, give me a spec on the landing skis.
[19:29] <@Delgado> Shut up. ::growls out the words as she more drops to one knee than kneels, reaching out to place two fingers on the side of his neck with a bloody hand::
[19:29] <@Marshall> ::fights her off defiantly::
[19:30] <@Detro> ::his egress is blocked by Marshall at his feet, and the bloody doctor tending to him::
[19:31] <@Birkin> ::moves over and helps to calm down Marshall:: Ranger. Ranger! Calm down.
01[19:31] <@Savant> Everyone hears the airlock cycling up ahead as the first few lucky Terranovans head out onto the surface of Utopia.
[19:31] <@Detro> ::looks from Marshall... to his new legs... and back to Marshall:: ::hoarsely:: These legs are more powerful than they told me...
[19:32] <@Delgado> ::snickers loudly:: Congratulations, Ranger. You probably have the skeletal structure of a senior citizen. Have fun breaking something and pissing orange. ::struggles to her feet, giving him his wish and leaving him alone::
[19:33] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Delgado:: Can you give him something for it? To help his recovery?
01[19:34] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Returns from the vehicle bay, rolling her shoulders and stretchign as she moved::
[19:34] <@Marshall> ::groans, his shaky consciousness clearly waning again::
[19:34] <@Detro> ::coughs a bit, getting more of the taste out... he painstakingly crawls into the next couch over and gets out that way. It just takes a while::
01[19:35] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Juno has found a camera control and is shifting a viewscreen this way and that, looking at birds and plants and rocks on the island::
[19:35] <@Caelin> ::frowns a bit as gabriel comes up::i'm sorry i can't say much about this island, as far as i know it's uninhabited, if we can get to polero island ::indicates on the map on his laptop:: we can make our way to Leila
[19:35] <@Delgado> I could give him suppliments, sure. Even something for the hypercalcemia so he doesn't have a heart attack. ... I could do a lot of things. ::leaves it at that as she just watches Marshall wriggle around on the floor::
[19:36] <@Detro> ::finally makes it to his legs, but he's breathing heavily still::
01[19:36] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::curiously:: Will they let us into Leila? I've never been there.
[19:36] <@Birkin> ::shakes Marshall:: Hey. No passing out. You're of no use to me in this state. You're going to get better and that's an order. ::looks over at Delgado:: So do it. Hes useless to me in this state, I need him ready to go.
[19:37] <@Gabriel> ::looks between the two as they talk, trying not to think about how heavy he feels::
[19:38] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja:: i should be fine, i've been there, and with luck Antero will be there as well
01[19:39] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Frowns pensively and looks under Caelin's arm at the map:: It's one of those surface cities, right? Huh.
[19:39] <@Delgado> ::sighs and starts to move over to where she stores her medkit:: He hits me once and he can have fun pissing blood for the next few months.
[19:39] <@Marshall> ::manages to focus enough to pull himself to a sitting position.:: Don't worry. The first one will kill you anyway.
[19:40] <@Birkin> No you still fix him. You can poke him with more needles for excessive tests if you need revenge.
[19:40] <@Detro> ::puts his head between his knees. It feels better. A little::
[19:40] <@Caelin> it's relatively new, so it's very big
01[19:41] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> It's so *pretty* here.
[19:41] <@Birkin> ::looks back at Marshall:: You're going to get better and you're going to like it. You can get revenge on her -after- you are fit and ready for fully active duty.
[19:41] <@Delgado> ::shuffles her feet across the floor rather than picking them up as she breaks out her mediglove and starts loading up medications::
01[19:42] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> Leila. They run the Dardania Project from there. Lots of botanists and engineers. They probably get lots of shipments from Alexandria.
[19:42] <@Marshall> ::scowls:: Sir.
[19:43] <@Gabriel> Armigers would seem to be out of the question to get there. Would a small personal helicopter attract attention, at least as far as Polero Island?
[19:44] <@Detro> ::continues to focus on his breathing, trying to get it under control::
[19:44] <@Delgado> Alright. This should keep you from dying. It'll take about a week for your bones to get stronger so don't do anythig stupid or I'm not fixing it. You'll probably have some good kidney stones going on as well. Have fun with those. ::grabs the crook of his arm and gives Marshall an injection of medication:: Tell me if you get constipated as well. I'll make for a good laugh. ::lets him go and stands up:: Next?
01[19:44] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Gabriel:: No. They'd get flights from Modano all the time.
[19:45] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Detro, having calmed the waters enough to get treatment between the children:: I don't think he faired as well either.
[19:45] <@Caelin> ::to freja:: there's a technical school there as well
[19:45] <@Marshall> ::finally manages to stand and shakily walks to the vehicle bay:: Bitch.
[19:45] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: We can get the two of you to the island, then.
[19:46] <@Gabriel> You should probably take one of our people with you. Who do you think would attract the least attention?
[19:46] <@Caelin> ::back to gabriel::if we take one of your vehicles, you'd have to drop us off a ways from Leila
[19:46] <@Delgado> Yeah, yeah. ::dismisses him as she shuffles over to Detro, feeling like she's walking through mud:: What's wrong, Sous-Sergeant?
[19:46] <@Detro> ::tries to raise his hand in the air at Delgado's question, but he only manages about halfway before he lets his arm fall limp
[19:47] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Caelin:: We can do that.
[19:47] <@Birkin> ::rubs his forehead:: It's like I'm dealing with MILSCIA recruits.
[19:48] <@Detro> Hard to... breathe... So weak...
[19:49] <@Birkin> ::watches Marshall stumble away and begins to hunt for the Captain::
[19:50] <@Delgado> ::gives Detro a once over with the glove and sighs:: Same thing. Space weakness. ::gives Detro the same cocktail she gave Marshall:: Going to take a week for your bones to be back to 'normal'. Watch for kidney stones. The rest you just need to deal with. ::turns around and looks at the rest:: Anyone else?
[19:52] <@Detro> ::winces, goes back to the head-between-the-knees posture::
01[19:55] <@Savant> Someone in the cockpit - Macedon, likely - sets up a slideshow in the cabin. The main screen flips from one picturesque view of Utopia to the next; a tropical retreat.
[19:55] <@Caelin> ::looks about a bit::i think your lieutenant would be most appropriete to accompany us, he and freja have had many discussions about our planet
[19:56] <@Delgado> ::finally tends to herself, finding an alcohol wipe and attacking her face with it, finally removing the blood stain off of her face before cleaning her hand as she mutters to herself
[19:56] <@Delgado> ::
[19:56] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: +com+ Lieutenant Birkin, report to the mid-deck. Lieutenant Lemnos, I need two qualified air pilots. We're going to ferry some passengers one island over.
[19:56] <@Gabriel> +com+ Have the pilots report to the vehicle bay, and break out the Fleas.
01[19:57] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Got it Captain. Half an hour.
[19:58] <@Birkin> ::steps into the mid-deck as the Captain calls out for him:: Yes sir. ::smiles slightly:: I have a brief report on the crew. Ranger Lang seems to have suffered from several problems due to our reaquaintance with gravity. Sous-Sergeant Takira has something similar but to a lesser degree. I have the Doc treating them now.
[19:58] <@Marshall> ::begins unrigging one of the Fleas from it's space in the vehicle bay::
[19:59] <@Birkin> With additional poor bedside manner, even coming from her.
[19:59] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Birkin:: Very well. For now, their time is best suited to resting and recovering. You'll be accompanying Caelin and Scildfreja to the closest settlement. Myself and two others will fly you over in three of our Fleas. Last person to the vehicle bay flies with Jeremi, no doubt.
[20:00] <@Gabriel> ::doesn't doubt in the slightest that the mad Peresalonan will be one of the volunteers::
01[20:00] <@Savant> Peresalona and Macedon join Marshall in the cargo bay, uncrating and setting up the tiny gyrocopter vehicles.
[20:00] <@Birkin> Time to mingle? What should I be wearing to such a place? ::looks to the two Utopians::
[20:01] <@Gabriel> ::leaves Birkin to it and heads aft to pre-flight one of the Fleas for himself::
[20:01] <@Detro> ::makes his way back to the couch, grabbing his dataglove. Though he knows he's not likely to get much, he ties into Pathfinder's passive arrays, looking for signals to intercept::
[20:01] <@Marshall> ::nods to Jeremi and Cory::
01[20:02] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Is pulling a voluminous toga-like robe from her belongings and already putting it on:: Caelin, can Aaron borrow a shirt?
01[20:02] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::He's positively glowing with excitement:: Oh man! Lang, lemme tell you, that was a *ride!*
[20:03] <@Marshall> ::groans:: Tell me about it....
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::looks over a birkin a moment, sizing him up:: my biggest tunic might fit
01[20:03] <@Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::Isn't saying much, just grinning at Jeremi's enthusiasm::
[20:03] <@Marshall> ::immediately regrets this choice of words and prays Jeremi picks up on the sarcasm::
[20:04] <@Birkin> ::grins slightly:: Maybe. I thought you said this place was like Ashanti ::motions at the robe::
[20:04] <@Gabriel> ::enters the vehicle bay:: Any RAM coating left on the underside, Corporal?
[20:04] <@Gabriel> ::looks over at Marshall, judging his condition::
[20:04] <@Caelin> ::grins:: except not as much skin showing
01[20:04] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> This'll be better though. Or even better, if I can get out the Gull and go for a *real* fly. I - ::stops as the Captain enters:: She's a tough bird, Captain! Still, I'm going to be painting awhile.
[20:05] <@Marshall> ::offers a salute and a slight grin::
01[20:05] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Grins, as if it were *totally* worth it.::
[20:05] <@Detro> ::slowly sweeps through the frequencies... until a little blip on the set catches his attention::
[20:06] <@Marshall> I'll give you a hand. It'll help me get my legs.
[20:06] <@Gabriel> ::tries not to laugh:: And the Gull will have to wait for friendlier skies. But at least we'll get a slightly more scenic view of the place. One that isn't... for instance... blurry.
[20:07] <@Gabriel> ::begins pre-flighting the first Flea as soon as it is assembled::
01[20:07] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::hooks her arm around Caelin's:: It's been too long.
[20:07] <@Caelin> ::packs away his laptop and makes his way to the vehicle bay and the ambithera::
[20:07] <@Detro> ::pulls down some low-level encrypted data traffic::
[20:08] <@Caelin> ::gets hooked back and grins to freja::yes it has, come on
01[20:08] <@Savant> The three gyrocopters come together relatively quickly - they're meant to be stored in pieces and put together for their flights after all. It takes a little while but it is not long before their motors are humming quietly::
[20:10] <@Birkin> Do these people here speak a language different from your own?
01[20:10] <@Savant> Pathfinder seems dark and cramped now. The golden sunlight outside has an almost palpable draw to it.
[20:10] <@Gabriel> ::trundles the first one out and settles into the pilot's seat, spinning up the engine::
[20:11] <@Caelin> ::nods a bit::agenspraec will be out of place here, but anglic is common
01[20:11] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> It's called Hevapaus. I don't know it. But they all speak Anglic too. Just .. try to speak with an accent like you're from Koglund and it'll be okay.
[20:12] <@Birkin> Anglic, good. I'll avoid speaking a lot then. Hevapaus.. ::stores that away for future referance::
01[20:12] <@Savant> The sunlight is bright, making the colours pop more than they ought. The green is a vibrant, pulsating wall of forest to one side, the ocean a lush blue expanse to the other. A stripe of white pebbles separate the two.
[20:13] <@Gabriel> ::looks around as he waits for the engine to warm up:: If there were a few more mountains, this could be home.
[20:14] <@Detro> ::examines the data... his first real look at Utopian encryption schemes::
[20:14] <@Birkin> So what's our story?
01[20:14] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::smiles at Gabriel:: There are mountains, too.
01[20:16] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Fires up a Flea and drops into the seat, gleefully checking over the controls:: Ready when you are
[20:17] <@Caelin> same as everyone that comes to this island, on holiday, i'll ask around for Antero, he should be able to help us
[20:17] <@Gabriel> ::smiles back:: I mean this... ::waves at the nearby scenery:: My place on Terra Nova is on a spot not so very different, including one of the largest lakes on our planet.
[20:17] <@Birkin> ::nods:: Holiday right. Three of us? Are we related?
[20:18] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Jeremi:: Jeremi I'm riding with you. And if I'm not the first person there you're going to be a Soldat by the time this mission is over.
[20:18] <@Gabriel> It was winter my last day there. Part of the lakeshore had frozen over.
[20:18] <@Gabriel> Almost winter again there, now.
01[20:19] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::rolls his eyes scornfully:: psh.
[20:19] <@Marshall> Never liked the lake much myself. Too far north. Too cold for a dog like me.
[20:20] <@Gabriel> ::looks over at Jeremi:: And if he's the first person there by more than 45 seconds, your fate will be the same. You have some precise flying ahead of you, Corporal.
[20:20] <@Caelin> ::grins and looks a freja:: i'm showing my fiance the island as a possible wedding location, you're a good friend who's been working hard lately and needed a vacation, simple
[20:20] <@Gabriel> This is a ferry, not a race. ::makes sure the enthusiastic man gets the message::
01[20:20] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods:: I think you will like Leila. ::glances down at a little digital readout on her belt:: Point five, that's okay.
01[20:21] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::grins at Gabriel, but the expression looses its edge - though he still seems happy::: Yes sir. Fourty five seconds it is.
[20:22] <@Birkin> ::grins:: I could use another vacation. Alright. We using real names or should I come up with something more appropriate for the local?
[20:23] <@Gabriel> ::chuckles despite himself:: Scildfreja, I'd be honored to carry you over. ::indicates the right seat of his Flea::
[20:23] <@Detro> ::sits in the acceleration couch and works on trying to break the encryption, curiousity driving away some of the ill feelings::
[20:24] <@Marshall> ::grabs some netting out of the vehicle bay and starts attaching local flora to it, making a huge Utopian camo net::
01[20:25] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Caelin before letting go of his arm and heading to the Flea::
[20:26] <@Birkin> ::grunts:: Gonna feel naked without my BDU on out here. ::grabs a small talon pistol and hides it in the flows of his Toga:: Anyone gonna search us should I leave this here?
01[20:26] <@Savant> The three are aloft into the Utopian sky, and before long there is nothing beneath the gyrocopters but a broad expanse of water as far as the eye can see.
[20:27] <@Birkin> <<nix that last line>>
01[20:28] <@Savant> Time passes, and the gyrocopters disappear over the horizon. Zucco sets up some chairs on top of Pathfinder's black hull, as "lookout post". The sun continues its crawl across the cloudless sky.
[20:29] <@Gabriel> ::keeps a bearing thanks to the lack of clouds and the bright sun overhead::
[20:29] <@Caelin> ::enjoys the utopian air as it's been over a year since he's last breathed it::
[20:29] <@Marshall> ::still attaching plants and such to the netting::
[20:29] <@Detro> ::feeling a little better, forces himself to help the Pathfinder crew while he waits for the decryption modules to do their work::
01[20:29] <@Savant> It isn't too long before the gyrocopters set down gently in a grove near the shore, surrounded by slim white trees and flanked on either side by sun-baked, rocky mountains.
[20:30] <@Gabriel> ::sets his Flea down, disengaging the blades but keeping the engine turning, and turns to Scildfreja:: How long before we should pick you up?
01[20:32] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Glances at Caelin:: An hour? That should be enough time to find him and talk to him. We will radio in half.
[20:33] <@Caelin> ::steps down from the flea nodding thanks to macedon then to freja::an hour is good
[20:33] <@Detro> ::looks at what Marshall is doing:: Ugh. That looks worse than what I threw up earlier.
[20:33] <@Birkin> ::steps off of his gyrocopter:: Thanks for the lift Jeremi.
01[20:34] <@Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods, opens up the locker on the side of the Flea's body and pulls out a rifle:: Are we staying and waiting?
[20:34] <@Marshall> I couldn't find a good mix of local plants.
01[20:34] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> You bet, sir. Am I demoted?
[20:35] <@Birkin> Nah. We touched down before the others. You're still the best we got in my books.
[20:36] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Macedon:: We'll wait, then. Let's drag the Fleas over to those trees and see if we can't tuck 'em under a bit.
[20:36] <@Detro> That's because you're looking at ground level. First rule of camo in the jungle, you camo from the top down, so air units can't see you. That's how we did so well agai... ::realizes who he's talking to:: Um, never mind.
01[20:36] <@Savant> The island that Pathfinder finds itself on is similar to the mainland - the ground is crumbly white rock, exposed in many places. Slim white trees with thousands of small, waxy and lush green leaves make dense stands. The ground is open in places, bare even, while in other places it is cluttered with tall grass and creeping vines.
[20:37] <@Delgado> ::is wandering outside, using the excuse that she's gathering things for the netting, but not really. She just couldn't stand to be in Pathfinder anymore. She keeps the ship between her and the ocean, staying well away from the beach and keeping more to the jungle that's inland::
[20:37] <@Marshall> ::gets the idea:: Yeah. I know.
01[20:37] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::hops from his vehicle and begins to haul it towards a ravine::
[20:37] <@Gabriel> ::helps Jeremi with his::
01[20:38] <@Savant> On Polero, the Talons begin to hide their aircraft while Scildfreja, Caelin and Birkin hike around the hills to Leila.
[20:38] <@Detro> ::looks up, though it's a bit of a strain to do so. Damn gravity.::
[20:39] <@Detro> ::glances at the treetops, then looks for samples lower down::
[20:39] <@Caelin> ::calls back as they leave:: maybe you can pull up a chair and do some fishing to pass the time ::smiles::
01[20:40] <@Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::Hands a rifle to Jeremi and another to Tynes:: Looks a lot like Sargoassa.
[20:40] <@Birkin> L> So we've talked a lot about your culture, but I don't know some things. Am I going to get challenege to a duel for having.. Oh say a "wandering eye"
01[20:42] <@Savant> Leila is a small community terraced onto the side of a sloping hill. It seems to only be a dock-front, with a few drum-shaped buildings clustered near a set of long piers
[20:42] <@Gabriel> ::takes the rifle and heads for the treeline, nodding:: Let's stay out of sight. No contact.
[20:42] <@Caelin> L>
[20:42] <@Gabriel> <<No contact with the locals.>>
[20:43] <@Delgado> I> ::finds a rock that's just begging to be sat on and does so, enjoying the quiet and solitude. And being out of that goddamn can::
[20:43] <@Detro> P> ::absentmindedly:: Thank Buddha THAT trip is over with.
[20:43] <@Marshall> I> Yeah. Seriously.
[20:44] <@Caelin> L>::chuckles:: i don't think that would be a problem, this is a resort after all
01[20:44] <@Savant> The buildings are grown together like natural things, and behind them is an open-air meting place, a mixture of a bazaar, theatre, workshop and meeting hall. the roadwork and walking places are tile or brick, and there are no ground vehicles at all.
[20:44] <@Marshall> I> ::Walks back into the ship and grabs a few cans of RAM coating and a brush/sponge roller type object::
[20:44] <@Birkin> L> ::looks around, having come close to the city proper, taking in the sights like a good tourist should::
01[20:45] <@Savant> As the travellers get closer, however, they can see into the light forests upon the terraces, and amongst the sparse buildings are doors that lead into the terrace walls themselves; some with tall windows and others small and narrow, but all of them buried deep into the solid rock like warrens. The bulk of the town is all but invisible amongst the unkept undergrowth.
01[20:46] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::shouts from above Pathfinder:: Lang! Get up here.
[20:46] <@Detro> I> ::looks at the what Marshall emerges with, then finally turns an eye to the hull of the ship::
[20:47] <@Gabriel> P> ::has a look around at the local plant life, curious to see if he'd recognize anything::
01[20:47] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at the readout on her hip again, then fishes her arms under her toga, wriggling to open her skinsuit and pull it down to her waist. It's less a show than Caelin or Birkin would like, given that she's still wearing the toga overtop, but the thought is there.
[20:47] <@Marshall> ::climbs up on top of Pathfinder:: What's up?
01[20:48] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::Pushes one of the folding chairs towards himw ith a foot, and holds out a bottle of Fort James whiskey::
[20:48] <@Detro> I> Just wondering how this thing would have held up in the event of a water landing... ::winces at that thought::
[20:48] <@Marshall> I> ::smiles:: Read my mind.
01[20:49] <@Savant> The people of LEila are a colourful bunch - dressed a bit like the arabic Eastern Emirates might dress. Colourful sashes, billowing white scarves and robes. The three travellers are admitted into the sparse crowds of Leila with little incident.
[20:49] <@Caelin> ::glances around for any sign of Antero::
[20:50] <@Birkin> L> ::gives Freja a slight look, since it would be out of place not to, and then contiues to look about at the others around::
01[20:51] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::Lets him take the bottle and leans back in his chair:: Glad that trips' over, huh.
[20:52] <@Marshall> I> ::takes a seat and the bottle:: Yeah. You can say that again. Never been off the dirt back home before.
[20:52] <@Marshall> I> I mean - they try to train you for it but that don't mean shit.
[20:53] <@Detro> I> ::flops down carefully:: At least this time, my ride's intact. ::"And my Talon," he adds mentally.::
[20:53] <@Delgado> I> ::closes her eyes and tilts her head back, letting the filtered sun through the trees shine on her face. After a few minutes she opens a com line:: +com+ Lang, Takira. Get outside in the sun for a while. It'll help speed up your calcium reabsorption and overall health. That's a medical order.
[20:54] <@Marshall> I> ::grabs his com out of his ear and throws it off the side of the ship::
01[20:54] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> Yeah. Training don't mean shit when it comes to the big black. You - aheh - you were pretty hard up on the landing.
[20:55] <@Caelin> ::presses his lips a bit::i don't see Antero out here, he might be at the docks ::points in their general direction:: this way
[20:55] <@Marshall> I've seen worse. My first few gear trips on Vanguard. Or Gunslinger. Hah.
[20:55] <@Marshall> <<I> >>
01[20:56] <@Savant> There aren't realyl *crowds* at Leila, per se, but there are people. Closters of people in their flowing robes and gowns, talking in their musical language, as if it were made of all vowels. The Koglunders and their Talon friend get the occasional glance, but they are politely and cooly ignored for the most part.
[20:56] <@Birkin> L> ::looks at the architecture for a moment before nodding to Caelin and following him, taking in a deep breath in at the fresh air::
01[20:57] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> Yeah, gunslinger's a bitch, I hear. Not the only bitch around, though. ::smirks::
[20:57] <@Detro> I> ::sighs:: +com+ No, I decided to go for a swim instead and have drowned. Of COURSE we're outside, after being cooped up for so long...
[20:58] <@Gabriel> P> ::returns to his position near the Fleas, satisfied for the moment that there doesn't seem to be anyone around::
[20:58] <@Detro> I> ::off-comm to Marshall:: Were the doctors as bitchy there too?
[20:58] <@Marshall> I> ::chuckles:: I remember back in the war, we were on a Gol heading back to William and we ran into a pair of Aspics way way off where we had intel. That.... That was a rough ride.
01[20:59] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ ... Lieutenant Delgado, Pathfinder. I've got a UIO inbound. Surface craft, pretty slow. Hasn't spotted us.
[20:59] <@Caelin> ::leans a bit towards freja smiling:: so what do you think of Leila so far?
01[20:59] <@Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::crouches beside Tynes:: I have to admit it. Though it's great to be away, I'm worried about Pathfinder.
[21:00] <@Marshall> I> Nah. Most of our docs were guys. They had the sense to let sleeping dogs lie cept when it was going ta kill you.
01[21:00] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::grins and hugs his arm again:: We should come here after.
[21:00] <@Birkin> L> I really need to get out more.
01[21:01] <@Savant> The docks of LEila are busy, just as most healthy docks are. Most of the craft are small and, surprisingly, sail craft, though they have motors as well. They are being loaded or unloaded with barrells and cans, and little snesor-eye turrets swivel about on their prows like insectile figureheads.
[21:02] <@Caelin> L>::grins again:: our wedding won't be here, but honeymoon certainly
01[21:02] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> You should stay awhile, do some sailing, and the theatre here is good, I'm told. ::grins at Caelin and squeezes his hand::
[21:04] <@Delgado> I> ::snorts softly to herself and decides Lang and Takira have reached the end of their painkiller privledges before Aggie speaks:: +com+ Pathfinder, I'm headed back. Keep an eye on it. ::switches:: +com+ Lang. .... Lang. ::curses softly. The ass probably unplugged:: +com+ Lang, Delgado. We have incoming. Make sure Lang isn't pissing off the side of Pathfinder in plain sight.
[21:05] <@Caelin> L>::squeezes freja's hand as well as he takes another look around the docks::
01[21:06] <@Savant> It takes a while to become aware of it, but it slowly sets in on Birkin - the drones. No, the Autos. they mingle with the people seamlessly, like pets or draft animals, or friends. Spidery ones, horselike ones, dog-like ones. Even a disturbingly humanoid one, with slick white plastic skin. They're all quietly and efficiently taking care of the labour as their human masters tend to other concerns.
01[21:07] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Got it. Going cold.
[21:07] <@Delgado> I> ::picks her way back toward Pathfinder, making sure to keep to the more leafy areas, trying to stay out of sight::
01[21:07] <@Savant> Near Pathfinder, a little white-sailed boat comes slipping around the horizon at a good clip. It is fairly easy to spot, and is making no effort to hide.
[21:08] <@Birkin> L> ::keeps his suprise hidden as he looks around at the various autos, wondering what the humanoid one was for... Having no idea of what their target looked like he simply went back to looking at the women of the island, as he was a tourist::
[21:09] <@Marshall> I> Shit. Prolly a civvie.
01[21:09] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::Stares blankly at the white ship on the ocean:: ... shit.
[21:09] <@Detro> I> ::Though plugged in, nobody seems to have warned Detro about any UIOs:: Shouldn't they have picked that up on passives a while ago?
[21:09] <@Caelin> L>::picks up the pace a bit:: there's one of Antero's autos....and there's his ship at the dock
[21:09] <@Marshall> I> I'm unplugged. No one said anything?
01[21:10] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::rolls out of his seat, hauling it with him as he scrambles to the far side of PAthfinder to get down the netting:: Not me. Go go, Lang. Enough jabber.
[21:10] <@Detro> I> Not on my comm. ::sigh:: So much for enjoying the open air. Carefully -- and slowly, so his movements don't stick out too much if anyone in the boat is watching -- makes his way back into Pathfinder::
[21:10] <@Marshall> I> Already ahead of ya. ::zips down the line at a good clip::
01[21:12] <@Savant> A few moments more and Caelin can spot movement in the boat - a sleek looking insectile Auto, similar to Sleca, and a man directing traffic.
[21:12] <@Marshall> I> ::gets to the bottom and wraps the camo netting around himself and grabs a pair of binoculars::
01[21:12] <@Savant> Antero Luostarnen is a tall man, noticeably so - he's well past 6 feet tall and well towards the seventh. He's not a slim man, either, making him rather imposing. His clothing is loose and baggy, the white and brown cloth adorned with colourful sashes, making him rather identifiable. His headdress and scarf, however, conceal all but his eyes.
[21:13] <@Caelin> L>::as he gets closer to the boat::Antero!
[21:13] <@Birkin> L> ::spies the man, wondering if thats who they were supposed to meat::
[21:14] <@Marshall> ::brings the boat into view and gets a closer look with the magnified binoculars::
01[21:14] <@Savant> Meanwhile, near Pathfinder, the boat slows down and the sail retracts on its own; a pair of heads peer out from the cabin door. Marshall can see them talk to one another and peer towards the beach.
[21:15] <@Marshall> I> ::curses and flicks the safety off his sidearm::
01[21:15] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> L> ::looks up, surprised:: Calin, my good friend! ::climbs up form the low deck of the boat:: Welcome back!
[21:15] <@Delgado> I> ::finally reaches Pathfinder and slips in, the walk making her sweat. She still wasn't used to the gravity...:: What's going on?
[21:16] <@Detro> I> ::From inside, follows on whatever passive sensor he can see through, zooming in on the boat::
01[21:16] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::points Delgado to a screen:: A boat. A sail-boat. Looks civillian, no weapons I can see.
[21:17] <@Caelin> L::walks up onto the deck and takes antero's arm in greeting:: you have no idea how good it is to be back my friend
01[21:17] <@Savant> The two people on the boat step out onto deck and move to the back, where several crates wait. Some long-bodied, long-limbed thing clambers out from one of the boxes like a horrific daddy-long-legs mutated to enormous size.
[21:17] <@Birkin> L> ::watches a attractive female passer by for a moment:: I could like it here...
[21:18] <@Marshall> I> ::shudders:: Spiders.... I hate spiders.
01[21:18] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
[21:18] <@Delgado> I> ... Damnit, they're staring right at us. And who knows what's civilian and what's not on this pla---, what the hell are they doing?
01[21:19] <@Savant> we can nudge that line up right there Smile that will make a good ending line too.
[21:19] <@Gabriel> Heh. Gotta love a cliff-hanger.
01[21:19] <@Savant> not the best place to break, but we could go on another hour, easily.
01[21:19] <@Savant> the next game will be fun i think Smile
01[21:19] <@Savant> anyways! Comments, thoughts?
01[21:19] <@Savant> what do you think of the Ithakan sea?
[21:20] <@Caelin> good to be back on utopia-ferma:)
[21:20] <@Detro> ::sings:: Not... quite... paradise...
01[21:20] <@Savant> you can think of this area as the newbie area. The rest of Utopia is not as.. utopian.
[21:20] <@Detro> So we're in 0.7 space?
01[21:20] <@Savant> basically, yes.
[21:21] <@Birkin> Northshire Valley
[21:21] <@Caelin> hehe
[21:21] <@Delgado> lol
[21:21] <@Caelin> there are no kobolds or murlocs here though
01[21:21] <@Savant> there are automurlocs and autokobolds, though.
[21:21] <@Delgado> :O
[21:22] <@Detro> <Drone> BABY!
01[21:22] <@Savant> let's get you some expees. one for the teamwork. Any teamwork today? Tell me about it.
[21:22] <@Caelin> autokobold>"you no take LED candle!"
[21:22] <@Marshall> Detro and I made a net, and then drank some whiskey.
[21:22] <@Detro> Marshall didn't rip one of Detro's legs off in fear.
[21:22] <@Marshall> And then decrypted some stuff and drank some more whiskey.
01[21:22] <@Savant> i would call these things being civil, not working in a well-oiled team Wink
[21:23] <@Birkin> Delgado followed orders, and healed the two injured Talons
[21:23] <@Detro> ...and didn't kill either of them
01[21:23] <@Savant> everyone left Marshall flopping on the ground as they stretched their legs and talked about the weather.
[21:23] <@Birkin> Hey I didn't
01[21:23] <@Savant> no one commented on the fact that their doctor was bleeding orally
[21:23] <@Marshall> Birkin did Wink
[21:23] <@Detro> The team split up and got things done.
[21:23] <@Birkin> God dammit I did >Sad
01[21:24] <@Savant> after how long?
[21:24] <@Birkin> She just glared at me
[21:24] <@Birkin> after you said in LemOS
01[21:24] <@Savant> i'm wary of giving that one. took a very long time for action to be taken on events
[21:24] <@Caelin> caelin, freja and birkin are scouting ahead, gabriel, jeremi and macedon are doing some fishing while they wait:)
[21:25] <@Birkin> Yeah I haven't given away that I'm a foreigner yet
01[21:25] <@Savant> that's true, things are going alright so far.
[21:25] <@Detro> I was waiting patiently for the more greviously injured/wounded/psychofucked guy to be taken care of before going bouncing around. Wink
[21:25] <@Detro> Also, Detro corrected what could have been a flaw in our camo of Pathfinder Smile
01[21:25] <@Savant> i will give it to you, this once. from now on I am going to be a dick about the teamwork point. So you know Wink
01[21:26] <@Savant> Storyline! Lots to talk about. Tell me about what you've learned and why it's important.
[21:26] <@Marshall> Jim is awesome.
[21:26] <@Delgado> Fucking drones everywhere.
[21:26] <@Detro> You can ogle the women.
[21:26] <@Detro> ::ducks::
[21:26] <@Delgado> Even sailboaters have drones.
[21:26] <@Birkin> Utopia uses auto's for a lot of things. Even dogs and heavy lifting. That one humanoid one seems really creepy
[21:26] <@Caelin> they have sailboats on utopia!Smile
[21:26] <@Birkin> I-Robot
[21:26] <@Marshall> We're going to have to go Jurassic Park on those guys. They can't be allowed to find us.
[21:26] <@Birkin> AW HELL NAW
01[21:27] <@Savant> and why are these things important?
[21:27] <@Birkin> or you could bluff them away
[21:27] <@Birkin> instead of resorting to violence
[21:27] <@Birkin> First Contact Marcy Razz
[21:27] <@Detro> Because it makes seduction to get information possibly a valid tactic.
[21:28] <@Marshall> Coronado Diplomacy making a comeback Wink
[21:28] <@Delgado> Because we're going to need to be extra careful. Drones see and remember everything. And they're everwhere. Every. Where.
[21:28] <@Gabriel> ^-- that.
01[21:28] <@Savant> Drone> work it harder. do it better. build it faster. makes us stronger. More than ever. Hour after hour. Work is never over Smile
[21:29] <@Birkin> I'm going to guess that it has something do with their society as a whole. Maybe things that drones can do are considered below what a human should do
[21:29] <@Marshall> Probably also helps in areas covered in rads.
01[21:29] <@Savant> that is certainly worth the point that statement there. Anyone want to try to get another point for storyline by wowing me with some amazing insight?
[21:30] <@Marshall> Sugar free candy tastes bad.
[21:30] <@Marshall> Wink
[21:30] <@Detro> That there's smuggling going on in this resort paradise. Smile
01[21:30] <@Savant> -1 Sad
[21:30] <@Birkin> This was supposed to be a Utopian society, perhaps in order to keep it Utopian they used drones to do demeaning labor that would break their utopia if humans were forced to do it
01[21:30] <@Savant> interesting theory! you will ahve to investigate to see if that is so. A little sociology to see what role the Autos play and why.
[21:31] <@Birkin> Kinda like in Brave New World. They had dumbed down humans to do the shitty work. while the A+ did the important stuff
01[21:31] <@Savant> not really wowed though. That's two points. Three points if you can tell me something you'd like to do in Leila/Polero/The Ithakan Sea
[21:31] <@Marshall> The autos may actually have their own caste. Actually part of scoiety on a societal level.
[21:31] <@Caelin> maybe utopians treat their autos like family
01[21:32] <@Savant> cuddly little autos Smile
[21:32] <@Detro> Maybe the autos have a union instead of the workers.
01[21:32] <@Savant> i mean, when you see a giant nightmarish spider with buzzsaw hands and laser eyes, who doens't want to run over and give it a big ole hug?
[21:32] <@Marshall> Boomer> It's not a thing! It's a Cylon. but not like the human ones. Like a fighter. Like a pet.
01[21:32] <@Savant> aw ain't it cute, it wants to kill us Smile that's adorable
[21:33] <@Birkin> I'd like to see the Utopians interact with each other. Not Caelin and Freja. But these ones here. Just being able to watch them and see how they interact with teach other and their drones.
01[21:33] <@Savant> so you want to sit at a cafe and watch them interact. cool.
[21:34] <@Birkin> Also lets have this guy help us get closer to Koglund Wink
01[21:34] <@Savant> so you want to GTFO, okay Wink
01[21:34] <@Savant> anyone else?
06[21:34] * @Birkin nudges everyone else
[21:34] <@Birkin> I could use three points to spend
01[21:34] <@Savant> so far, one comment does not get you the third point Wink
[21:35] <@Caelin> Antero will have to take us out to the bar for drinks, i'm sure birkin's eager to try out the local booze:)
[21:35] <@Marshall> I want to get all our shit fixed, get looking at some utopian stuff soonish and hit the Fort James again =)
[21:35] <@Detro> Huh?
01[21:35] <@Savant> heh
[21:35] <@Detro> I already said something.
[21:35] <@Birkin> Not for this one
01[21:35] <@Savant> where?
01[21:35] <@Savant> <@Savant> not really wowed though. That's two points. Three points if you can tell me something you'd like to do in Leila/Polero/The Ithakan Sea
01[21:36] <@Savant> or was that your oogling the women comment? Wink
[21:36] <@Detro> ::sigh:: Sorry. I've been busy with work the whole game.
01[21:36] <@Savant> s'arright
[21:36] <@Marshall> I might just Autojack these civvies and see how the thing works. Wink
[21:36] <@Detro> I honestly haven't been paying attention to things off the island to have anything I'd like to do off the island.
01[21:36] <@Savant> awesome. I get to attack you with an eight foot tall daddy long legs Wink
[21:36] <@Gabriel> Not really a whole lot to do around here, honestly, at least that's struck me so far. I consider this area a means to an end.
01[21:36] <@Savant> that's valid, Gabriel.
[21:36] <@Marshall> NinjaMarshall> Yoink!
[21:36] <@Birkin> I was under the impression that oogling women was assumed
01[21:37] <@Savant> for most characters, yes.
[21:37] <@Gabriel> Daddy long-legs aside. Wink The only thing that I might be interested in is buying a couple of off-the-street model autos.
[21:37] <@Detro> But I suppose a basic swimming lesson would make sense for everyone.
[21:37] <@Gabriel> Might be interesting to see what the "base model" is around here and how much it costs.
[21:37] <@Detro> Well. Almost everyone.
01[21:37] <@Savant> that can be done, certainly. And yeah, swimming lessons, awesome Wink
01[21:37] <@Savant> send in a trade mission before you go, a good idea.
01[21:37] <@Savant> you could buy a sailboat Wink
[21:37] <@Marshall> Buy a boat instead of our little James Bond style helicopters Wink
01[21:37] <@Savant> heh
[21:37] <@Marshall> That^
01[21:38] <@Savant> okay. Three points, and well done all Smile
01[21:38] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:32] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:32] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:32] * Savant changes topic to '-=- Tocymea -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Tocymea in Session'
[18:32] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:32] <@Birkin> ::attn::
[18:32] <@Roland> ::attn::
[18:32] <@Detro> I> ::attn::
03[18:32] * Kt ( has joined #BT05
[18:32] <@Caelin> ::attn::
[18:32] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
01[18:33] <@Savant> good evening and welcome to another episode of the Black Talons! I will be your host as you explaore the wild underwater world of the sea.
01[18:33] <@Savant> imagine that in a Jaques Cousteau accent.
[18:33] <@Detro> I> ::plays the seaQuest theme::
[18:33] <@Caelin> sorry, all i'm getting in jean cretiene...
01[18:33] <@Savant> i have not changed the briefing as your situation is the same on a gross scale, you have simply been faced with some interesting challenges.
01[18:34] <@Savant> i will however brief you all the same.
01[18:34] <@Savant> as so.
01[18:34] <@Savant> Tocymea
01[18:34] <@Savant> 9 December UC462 (22 Autumn TN1946), 1500h - Early Afternoon
01[18:34] <@Savant> Ithakan Sea, Utopia
01[18:34] <@Savant> 22 degrees C, sunny, low radiation (0.5 Rads/hr)
01[18:34] <@Savant> Landfall! After such a long waiting period, it is strange to think of the idea that you are actually arriving at Utopia, and will set feet upon the ground in a matter of hours, if that.
01[18:34] <@Savant> Following the help and advice of Bercthun, you have followed along in the wake of an asteroid shower heading down to Utopia, for a splash landing in the centre of the Ithakan Sea. Upon the fringes of Grenarian territory, it is a (relatively) short hop to Koglund, to the east.
01[18:34] <@Savant> Despite being so close, however, you will not be able to make the trip across easily. The Anwitan Ocean is closely monitored by the Terran-Steelgate Alliance, and simply crossing it is a risk. Instead you are choosing to beach and try to contact someone to help you...
01[18:34] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:34] <@Marshall> ack
[18:34] <@Detro> I> ack
[18:34] <@Birkin> ack
[18:34] <@Gabriel> That looks -- ack -- familiar.
[18:34] <@Roland> ack
01[18:34] <@Savant> and I am ready for questions.
[18:35] <@Detro> I> ::raises::
[18:35] <@Caelin> ack
01[18:35] <@Savant> Detro?
[18:35] <@Detro> I> Do they need the drone on the boat because the sharks have freakin' laser beams attached to their heads? :F
[18:36] <@Marshall> ::throws a shoe at Detro::
01[18:36] <@Savant> you should go swimming and find that out, it is an excennelt inquiry.
01[18:36] <@Savant> excellent. gfd.
[18:36] <@Detro> I> Hee, I broke the GM!
01[18:37] <@Savant> any other questions?
01[18:37] <@Savant> People on the island, use I> tags. People at Leila, use L> tags. People on Polero, use P> tags.
01[18:37] <@Savant> let's roll, then.
01[18:38] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:38] <@Savant> Endless sea and sun; that's your impression of Utopia so far. It's a pretty world, green and blue in a way that Terranova certainly is not. It's something in the hue of greenery and the colour of the rock, something vivid but inexplicable.
01[18:38] <@Savant> 
01[18:38] <@Savant> It is not an empty world, either. Birkin, Caelin and Scildfreja have been brought to the port of Leila, a small community to the west of Pathfinder's island. There they are meeting with a companion of Caelin's to discuss travel to Koglund and Troy.
01[18:38] <@Savant> At the same time, the Talons back at Pathfinder are finding the residents of Utopia to be an iunquisitive sort, perhaps too much so for their own good.
[18:39] <@Birkin> L> ::decides its business time, and pays attention to what Caelin and his new companion are talking about::
[18:39] <@Detro> I> ::mutters:: Let's hope they don't run across Roland first... ::straps on a 9mm sidearm::
[18:39] <@Marshall> I> ::still observing through the field goggles, he has his other hand on the grip of his pistol. It was fortunate he was behind a camo net::
01[18:39] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> ::takes a half step back and gestures briefly with an arm:: Come aboard, we'll talk. You must have travelled far to get here.
03[18:40] * Kt ( has left #bt05
[18:40] <@Caelin> ::chuckles then motions to freja and birkin to follow:: very far indeed
[18:40] <@Detro> I> ::pauses at the hatch:: +subvoc+ Anything?
[18:40] <@Delgado> I> ::is in the cockpit with Aggie, staring at the people on the boat and their... squid/spider thing:: That... doesn't look good.
01[18:40] <@Savant> Meanwhile, near Pathfinder, the spidery drone, all long mechanical limbs with strange paddlelike fins sticking out the sides, shakes itself off and holds its head low while the two on the vessel talk to it.
01[18:40] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> I... don't know what that is.
[18:41] <@Detro> I> ::seeing nothing, passes by, and quickly selects a taser as well, holding one in his right arm and tucking the other behind his back::
[18:42] <@Marshall> I> ::swipes his com unit off the ground and shakes it off a bit:: +com+ Pathfinder, Lang. Are you guys reading this?
01[18:42] <@Savant> Captain Tynes, Peresalona, and Macedon are away from all of the commotion on Pathfinder, nor are they at Leila. They are safely nestled into the hills of Polero, isolated but alone
[18:42] <@Gabriel> P> ::waits with Macedon and Jeremi on Polero Island, the squat little Fleas tucked into a stand of trees off the beach::
[18:42] <@Delgado> I> ::rubs her forehead:: Does -everyone- have some kind of goddamn drone? ... That would've been nice to know. +com+ Delgado, Takira: We don't know yet The two on the boat are talking to it.
[18:42] <@Roland> I> ::crouches in the brush a little ways from Pathfinder, a variety of ceramic pots beside him that are becoming increasingly filled with different types of foliage that he can find::
[18:42] <@Birkin> L> ::follows behind Caelin and Freja, looking at the boat and the accomidations on it::
01[18:44] <@Savant> The drone stands on the deck and flops over the side like a jellyfish, disappearing into the smooth surface of the water. The two people aboard sit on a bench built into the deck railing and chat idly, clearly casual about the whole thing.
[18:45] <@Detro> I> ::returns to post just next to the exit from Pathfinder:: +subvoc+ Understood. I'm at the aft hatch. Hope we won't need to find out how well tasers work against drones.
[18:45] <@Delgado> I> Shit. +com+ Team, keep your eyes open. That thing just entered the water. One guess on where it's headed.
[18:45] <@Marshall> I> ::sweeps the brush and trees looking for any sign of Roland::
01[18:45] <@Savant> ”Antero leads the three of them onto his boat. Ship is too grand a word, certainly. ITès a sleek white thing, perhaps extruded plasticÉ Itès hard to tell. Antero ignores the two service drones and leads them down into the cabin.
[18:45] <@Caelin> L>::looks about:: i see you've been keeping yourself busy Antero
[18:47] <@Roland> I> ::muttering quietly as he works:: Trowel goes in, plants come out, that's what gardening on a planet not consisting of a barren wasteland of fucking rock is all about...
[18:47] <@Detro> I> +subvoc+ ::clicks in acknowledgement::
03[18:47] * Kt ( has joined #BT05
01[18:47] <@Savant> The ships cabin looks smooth and sleek, just like the outside of the ship - not one hard edge to the walls or floor. There are a few fasteful accoutrements, enough that the place looks lived in, but it still looks very clean.
01[18:48] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> Very! business is good. The work in Ithaka is going very well, you know. I'm sure you can see it. Dardania suffers, but.. well, Dardania suffers. ::shrugs::
[18:49] <@Delgado> I> ::rubs at the back of her neck as she stares at the water, waiting for the damn thing to surface:: Damned if we do, damned if we don't... ::mutters to herself as she thinks the situation over::
[18:49] <@Detro> I> +subvoc+ Tell me Roland went out with his comms on...
[18:50] <@Marshall> I> +com+ Pathfinder, Lang. Still no contact with Sergeant Ardelmos.
01[18:50] <@Savant> The survey vessel now docked outside of Pathfinder Bay keeps station on its own with sails that trim themselves. The two occupant have broken out lunch, it seems, and are content to watch the shore and the sea as their mechanical companion does its work.
[18:51] <@Roland> I> ::leans back slightly onto his knees and wipes his forhead, then pots the last plant and starts placing the ceramic containers onto the small sled he brought with him::
[18:51] <@Marshall> I> ::continues to sweep the foliage for any sign of Roland using the goggles::
[18:51] <@Delgado> I> ::lets loose a colorful string of Bandlands curses at Marshall's message:: +com+ Team, that drone is going to surface pretty damn soon. I'm open to suggestions on what to do. We blow it up, we're found out. We let it come near, we're found out. ... Suggestions?
01[18:52] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> ::closes the door to the cabin, and talks to the ship itself:: Secure the cabin. ::then turns back to his three guests::
[18:52] <@Detro> I> ::mutter:: The man has plants all over his stuff on the ship and NOW he feels the need to commune with the leaf?
[18:52] <@Marshall> I> +com+ Stand fast.
[18:52] <@Caelin> L>::nods and takes a seat:: terrans been any trouble to you?
[18:52] <@Roland> I> ::loops the harness around his shoulders and begins pulling the sled back through the brush towards Pathfinder::
[18:52] <@Delgado> I> +com+ Delgado, Ardelmos. Roland, you online? ::continues to stare at the water as she waits::
[18:53] <@Roland> I> +com+ Only if it's important. ::trudge, trudge::
01[18:53] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> :sighs:: Always, friend. I've even run supplies to some of their bases at times. Always trouble. How have you fared with them?
[18:54] <@Marshall> I> ::growls:: Oh for the love of the prophet. +com+ We've been screaming about a UIO over the comms and you're still out there collecting plants? ::adds:: Sir.
[18:55] <@Delgado> I> ::resists to urge to reach out and choke the nearest living thing which, at the moment, would be Aggie:: +com+ Ardelmos, we have incoming. Mind assisting or should we just leave you to your plant pornography?
01[18:55] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::raises an eyebrow and leans back from Delgado, as if reading her mind::
[18:55] <@Birkin> L> ::looks around a bit and smirks as the cabin was secured:: Sounds like standard Terran operations.
[18:56] <@Roland> I> +com+ I heard sailboat. Sailboat means civilian. Civilian means I'm pretty sure you're capable of handling yourselves. I'd hope. ::pushes a piece of brush out of the way as he continues::
01[18:56] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> ::Glances at Prescot, then at Caelin:: A friend?
[18:57] <@Caelin> L>::smirks:Surprisedh i've managed. ::glances at birkin:: oh, i should introduce you, Antero, this is Scildfreja and Aaron Birkin
01[18:57] <@Savant> On Polero, the Fleas are hidden and secured away, leaving the three Terranovans with little to do but sit and wait on the picturesque Utopian hillside
[18:57] <@Marshall> I> ::retreats inside of Pathfinder and prepares himself in the event things did not go so well::
[18:58] <@Gabriel> P> ::continues to wait, content to chat with Jeremi and Macedon about inconsequentials while enjoying being under sky and in an open breeze for the first time in many seasons::
[18:58] <@Delgado> I> +com+ A sailboat with a drone incoming. It co-- Fuck it. ::cuts off suddenly, just staring at the screen::
01[18:59] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> ::nods at Prescot with a cautious but not impolite expression, and then grins widely at Scildfreja:: Scildfreja Osbearn, I hear! You're lucky, Caelin.
[19:00] <@Roland> I> ::shifts his course slightly left as he reaches Pathfinder's port side, moving towards the back and the bay entrance::
[19:00] <@Detro> I> +subvoc+ Steady on. For all we know, this is how they catch whatever passes for whales in the water.
[19:00] <@Birkin> L> ::returns the same nod in return, trying to get a feel for the man::
01[19:00] <@Savant> Tynes is the first to hear it - a quiet buzz, something above the range of the insects that swarm about, something throaty and almost electrical.
[19:01] <@Caelin> L>::chuckles:: not yet, but soon, how's your family been?
[19:01] <@Marshall> I> +com+ Yeah, but if they find us, we've gotta kill 'em and make sure they cant tell anyone where we are.
[19:01] <@Detro> I> +subvoc+ Negative. We take them alive. For all we know, they could be potential allies.
[19:02] <@Detro> I> +subvoc+ Not only that, but only they'll be able to stop the drone from attacking us, if I understand them right.
01[19:02] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> ::Smiles, shrugs:: Bertham's got a bit of the flu or he'd be with me now. Well, well. ::glances:: We can't talk long, they'll be done loading soon.
[19:03] <@Marshall> I> +com+ Potential allies and allies are two different things. ::he said, tossing three mags of armor piercing rifle ammo in his pockets and some haywire shotgun shells::
[19:03] <@Gabriel> ::hearing something, pays a bit more attention to his immediate environment, searching for the source of the buzzing::
01[19:03] <@Savant> The still in Pathfinder Bay is interrupted by a splash as a grey-white domed head bobs out from the water's surface, and a set of three glossy white eyes peer at the beach - Pathfinder included. The thing treads water and gets closer still.
[19:03] <@Delgado> I> +com+ Agreed. Lethal force only as a last resort. Tell me if and when the drone makes landfall. Maybe I can talk to it. .... Maybe. Either way, we have a lot of ammo.
01[19:04] <@Savant> 5Sounds> P> grzzznnnnnnznnn grrzzznnn grrzzzzz
[19:05] <@Caelin> L>::nods:: then i'll get right to it, Freja, Aaron and I, as well as a number of other associates, recently returned from some work off-world, our ship came down with the recent meteor shower and landed on an island east of here
[19:05] <@Roland> I> ::pauses at the rear of Pathfinder and unhooks his harness before walking over to a nearby rock and sitting down, putting his back up against it and opening the holster flap of his revolver::
[19:06] <@Delgado> I> ::frowns as the drone bobs off the shore:: This could possibly be the shortest land mission ever.
[19:06] <@Detro> I> ::eyes the motion in the ocean::
[19:06] <@Gabriel> P> ::waves Macedon and Jeremi into deeper cover, still trying to identify the source of the sound::
01[19:06] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> ::blinks, laughs:: Off-world! Well, then! I *thought* you looked out of place, Mr Aaron. Welcome to Utopia. May you be better guests than our last. They have yet to leave.
01[19:06] <@Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::listens, frowns, and follows Tynes' lead::
01[19:07] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Huh? ::blinks, follows along with the other two, not nearly as skillfully::
[19:07] <@Marshall> I> ::returns to his position behind the camo net, heavily armed and armored::
[19:07] <@Birkin> L> Thank you for the welcome. Well I do hate rude guests, maybe we can help them see that such rudeness is out of place here.
01[19:08] <@Savant> The grey-white head bobs under the water again, but reappears, much closer to the beach. it's walking now, striding along on six spindly and flippered legs.
[19:09] <@Caelin> L>::nods again::anyway, we'd like to make our way into koglund, however as you well know, those guests, have quite a few eyes around here, so moving our ship would be rather difficult
01[19:09] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> Hmh. ::nods once:: Of course. How big is it? Perhaps we can get a freighter to smuggle it.
[19:10] <@Roland> ::rummages around inside his duster for a moment before pulling out a stick of gum and popping it in his mouth::
[19:11] <@Detro> I> ::pulls from the hatch, just barely:: Best stay out of sight now. For all we know, it can see in infrared. ::Frowns:: Damn. Which would make Pathfinder a hell of a target.
01[19:12] <@Savant> The drone in Pathfinder Bay drips water along its path from it's small spherical body while its flexible legs undulate their way across the beack towards pathfinder. it stops from time to time, squashing itself flat along the pebbles, probably to look at something or other.
[19:12] <@Roland> I> ::reaches up behind him and feels around on the top of the rock for a moment before grabbing hold of the camo screen he had placed there when he came out and pulling it down overtop of him, chewing::
[19:12] <@Gabriel> P> ::points Peresalona and Macedon to deeper cover, then moves quietly back toward the Fleas, thinking the sound is coming from there::
[19:13] <@Delgado> I> ::holds her breath for a moment as the drone starts walking toward them:: Great. ::shakes her head and leans out of the doorway to speak to Detro:: We'd be a hot coal to that thing if it can.
01[19:13] <@Savant> Tynes, Macedon and Peresalona spot something rustling in the dead leaves near the Flea. It takes awhile before Tynes can see that it's not leaves rustling at all, simply something that blends in so well as to be indistinguishable.
[19:13] <@Detro> I> You know, there's another option. We try to pass ourselves off as tourists on a day hike or something.
[19:13] <@Caelin> L>::thinks a moment, then looks at birkin:: about a hundred and twenty, a hundred and twenty-five meters long?
[19:14] <@Delgado> I> ::chews on her lip then leans back out:: Yeah? And how would we explain this big monstrosity on the beach? 'We were fishing and look what I caught?'
[19:14] <@Birkin> L> ::nods:: Think a Slepnir shuttle.
[19:14] <@Gabriel> P> ::is careful not to point his rifle at it, but wants a look at it all the same::
01[19:14] <@Savant> It's the thickness of a man's arm and twice as long, segmented with armoured plates that look almost like leaves in their own right. Thousands of little legs jut out from its side, working almost as furiously as the vicious mandibles that are gnawing on the Flea's left rear tire.
[19:15] <@Caelin> L>ahh the terran transports
[19:15] <@Marshall> I> ::pushes three haywire shells into the underbarrel shotgun with three soft clicks and closes the action, then pulls back the bolt and assures himself the rifle is also ready to go::
01[19:15] <@Savant> The realization is followed shortly by a BANG as the Flea sags to one side and the thing jerks back a few feet.
[19:15] <@Detro> I> ::shrugs:: Well, your other option is to try to pass ourselves off as the CEF, given this thing was based off the Sleipnir design. Maybe they'll buy it's a CEF shuttle.
01[19:16] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> ::Frowns at the "slepnir" description, until Caelin explains: Ah - big, then! No, can't ferry you across. ::scratches his chin:: That's hard. I'll have to make some calls.
[19:16] <@Gabriel> P> ::blinks at this odd little carnivore, then does bring the rifle up and double-taps the thing::
[19:17] <@Delgado> I> Oh, I'm sure they'd love us then. ::sighs then starts walking back toward the hatch:: Let's try a meet and greet. If it fails, Marshall and Roland can have the honor of the first kill on Utopia.
01[19:17] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::hushed quiet in horror:: What in Mamoud's name is *that?*
01[19:18] <@Savant> BANG, BANG. The thing jerks and starts to writhe, snapping this way and that in a frenetic death frenzy that delivers surprising damage tot he area around it.
[19:19] <@Detro> I> Just you, or....?
[19:19] <@Gabriel> Bother. Sous-Sergent, go watch the beach, make sure that wasn't heard. Corporal, give me a hand here. ::grabs what looks like the safest end of the thing and drags it away from the Flea::
01[19:19] <@Savant> The white-grey man-o-war drone hustles its awkward way towards Pathfinder, which is clearly the destination of its journey. From its behaviour so far, it seems mostly like a crious sea creature quite out of its element.
01[19:20] <@Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::nods, heads for the beach::
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[19:20] <@Marshall> I> +com+ Headed right for us. Orders?
[19:20] <@Roland> I> ::sits there, chewing slowly, waiting for either the drone to wander up or for somebody to do something stupid::
01[19:21] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Ugh. Would you look at the spikes on this thing? ::As he cautiously picks up the other end:: And the armour. Didn't the Utopians engineer everything on htis planet? why would they make one of *these*?
[19:21] <@Birkin> L> ::looks over at Caelin for a moment then back to Antero:: The Terrans and Steelgate search all vessels going to the mainland there?
[19:21] <@Delgado> I> ::steps out of the Pathfinder and motions Detro to follow:: Come with me. Act like we're having fun. ::throws an arm around Detro's shoulders and 'staggers' with him out toward the beach:: +subvoc+ Attempting interception. If it fails... happy hunting.
01[19:22] <@Savant> The Autosurveyor man-o-war arrives at Pathfinder and begins to circle, occasionally skirting forward to holds its head up to the metal hull.
[19:22] <@Gabriel> P> Guess we can ask Caelin and Scildfreja when they get back.
[19:22] <@Detro> I> ::has just enough time to undo the holster and drop the taser before Delgado drags him off... but the taser tucked in at his back is still there.::
[19:22] <@Gabriel> P> Scout around a little. See if there are any more. ::draws his knife and experiments on the first, seeing if a vibroblade will cut the tough flesh::
01[19:23] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> Unless you happen to know the right people. ::grins:: Koglund is captured, not conquered.
[19:23] <@Roland> I> ::rolls his eyes to himself beneath the camo and continues to watch the immediate area outside Pathfinder's rear exit through the fabric::
01[19:23] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Yes Sir. ::unhappily scouts his way up the side of the hill::
[19:24] <@Caelin> L>::smirks:: Antero is quite skilled in getting things under the terran's noses
[19:24] <@Delgado> I> ::leans a bit on Detro as she plasters a cheesy grin on her face, heading toward the drone. She raises her other arm and waves at the drone, almost hitting Detro in the face, looking like they were having a bit too much fun:: God daegred! Hal jae vuuuuu?
01[19:25] <@Savant> The creature's a bit like a very tough lobster- each segment of the armour is knurled and hard, like a thick clam's shell. It's mostly meat inside, though - the thing hasn't got an endoskeleton to speak of.
[19:25] <@Detro> I> ::smiles widely::
01[19:26] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::buzzes in a sound very similar to a dolphin and scrambles back several meters from Delgado and Detro as they appear::
[19:26] <@Gabriel> Hmph. ::puts his knife away and starts checking the side opposite Jeremi::
03[19:27] * Kt ( has joined #BT05
01[19:27] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> Why don't you meet me again tonight. I'm setting off soon. Meet me at the bay two hundred kilometers to the north, by Trespasser's Cove. At the beach, at three in the morning. We can speak more openly there.
[19:28] <@Caelin> L>::nods:: we'll be there
[19:28] <@Delgado> I> ::stops where she is and studies the drone, wondering if it even had vocal capability. She looks up to the people in the sailboat, leaning back dangerously off-balance as she waves, waiting for something to happen::
[19:29] <@Birkin> L> ::nods:: Agreed.
01[19:29] <@Savant> Gabriel wanders off and before too long spots two more of the things. One of them is scuttling along the forest floor, darting between the undergrowth patches. Another, horrifyingly enough, he is just barely able to spot hanging in the trees' branches themselves.
[19:29] <@Marshall> I> ::takes aim at the drone in the event it made a hostile move. He was still hidden behind the camo net::
01[19:29] <@Savant> The people int he sailboat have gotten up and are moving around, clearly reacting to events on shore.
[19:30] <@Detro> I> ::acts to "steady" his "drunken" friend::
01[19:30] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::with a burbling, buzzing voice:: *beep* good-afternoon-who-are-you
[19:31] <@Caelin> L>::glances at a nearby timepiece and stands::we'll let you get back to business then, we need to get in touch with our friends shortly anyway. It was good seeing you again Antero
01[19:32] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> I'm glad you're well, Caelin. Tonight, then.
[19:32] <@Delgado> I> ::places a hand on Detro's chest for a moment as it speaks Angelic and not Agenspraec. Was it a test?::
[19:33] <@Birkin> L> ::bows slightly:: A pleasure meeting you. Till tonight.
01[19:33] <@Savant> 2Antero Luostarnen> ::Mimics Birkin's gesture:: Walk with Gaia.
[19:34] <@Caelin> L>::nods::tonight
[19:34] <@Delgado> I> ::slurs her speech a bit:: We're just having a bit of fun in the sun. Aren't we, dear? ::looks at Detro::
[19:35] <@Detro> I> ::grins:: Yes. ::leans against her, nuzzling her neck with his head -- avoiding any kissing. God knows there are some risks even a trained Talon shouldn't take.::
01[19:35] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> *beep* this-site-may-be-dangerous-please-consider-moving-to-a-new-location *boo-deep*
[19:36] <@Gabriel> P> ::scouts through the trees, shooting the centipedes-from-hell where he finds them::
01[19:37] <@Savant> The first rifle blast blows the head off of the dangling tree-insect, leaving it to flop to the ground like a wet rope. The second one disappears into the underbrush, and there is the sound of more rustling, then stillness.
[19:37] <@Delgado> I> ::giggles for a moment then has a 'sobering' moment, though it's ruined as she hangs off of Detro, leaning toward the drone unsteadily:: Dangerous? Oh, we didn't know. It looked so nice and alone... ::giggles again as she turns and 'rubs' against Detro:: A perfect day getaway.
[19:39] <@Detro> I> Going to last into the night if you keep that up. ::grins at her::
[19:39] <@Gabriel> P> ::heads back for Jeremi and the Flea::
01[19:39] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::The strange walking man-o-war drone seems adamant:: *beep* this-ruin-site-is-uncharted-please-do-not-disturb-this-ruin-site *deepa deepa deepa*
01[19:39] <@Savant> Gabriel hears a BANG, then a BANG, then a BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG
[19:40] <@Roland> I> ::listens quietly as the two try to bluff the drone, idly wondering why the site might be dangerous -- looks down at the ground around him and the rock he's backed up against::
01[19:40] <@Savant> Meanwhile, the three visitors head back out into the open sea air of Leila.
01[19:41] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> AAhhh! Prophet, there's *hundreds*!
[19:41] <@Delgado> I> ::blinks once:: Oh! Oh, I thought this was one of the char--- Did we make a wrong turn? ::looks back to the drone:: We'll start packing up. Oh, I'm so embarassed.
[19:41] <@Gabriel> P> ::arrives, rifle ready for an invasion from the beach, at the very least::
[19:41] <@Detro> I> ::looks disappointed:: But it's so nice here. What could be so wrong?
[19:41] <@Gabriel> P> ::almost laughs when he arrives, and stops himself:: I don't know about hundreds, but they're definitely a number around,.
01[19:42] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::scrambles over the ridgeline and down the other side, gasping:: A nest, there's a nest! Over there! *huff puff*
[19:42] <@Gabriel> P> They don't seem to like loud noises, though.
01[19:43] <@Savant> 5*beep*> thank-you-very-much-for-preserving-our-natural-heritage *badeep*
[19:43] <@Gabriel> P> Go back to the Fleas. Keep them off our rides. ::grins::
[19:43] <@Gabriel> P> ::heads in the direction that Jeremi pointed, rifle ready::
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01[19:44] <@Savant> Jeremi is followed by the sound of aggressive, almost electrical droning whines scuttling through the undergrowth and rocks, following by scent of smell more than anything else.
[19:44] <@Birkin> L> ::steps back out looking around again:: Shall we?
[19:45] <@Gabriel> ::fires a couple of rounds into the air::
[19:45] <@Detro> I> Let's go get our stuff and find another spot...
[19:45] <@Delgado> I> Thank -you-. ::turns back to Detro and nuzzles his neck, giggling:: And -you-. C'mere.. ::continues to giggle as her hands start to roam over Detro, hoping that gives the drone and its owners the clue to leave::
[19:45] <@Gabriel> << P> >>
[19:45] <@Caelin> L>::nods::this way back to the gate::
01[19:46] <@Savant> The octorok-drone flops back over to Pathfinder and continues eyeing it up, turning away from the two lovers and returning to its' auto-surveying.
[19:47] <@Gabriel> P> ::readies the rifle again, stepping forward cautiously, testing and watching the placement of each step::
[19:47] <@Delgado> I> ::curses softly into Detro's neck as she sees from the corner of her eye that the damn drone isn't leaving::
[19:47] <@Detro> I> ::does his best to lead Delgado back to the hatch:: +subvoc+ Going to have to seal her up when we get back in. Can't let that thing in.
01[19:47] <@Savant> Meanwhile, Caelin, Scildfreja and Birkin arrive on an unlikely scene - Tynes, Macedon and Jeremi seated by the fleas, surrounded by snakelinke centipede bodies strewn about them like a battlefield between the lilliputians and gulliver.
[19:48] <@Marshall> ::whispers:: +com+ It's not leaving. What's the plan?
[19:48] <@Birkin> P> ... What the hell are those?
[19:48] <@Caelin> P>::sighs and looks at freja::we should have checked for drillgits when we landed here...
[19:49] <@Gabriel> P> Later. Right now, let's get the Fleas back on the beach.
[19:49] <@Detro> I> +subvoc+ ::nuzzling her neck:: If it's some sort of historical park we've landed in, it could be surveying. We get inside, button up, and it'll eventually go away when done.
01[19:49] <@Savant> Macedon is jabbing one of the things with a knife, making it twitch and dance with each jab. It's a little macabre and a little surreal, at least for Birkin. Scildfreja hides her amused grin behind a hand
[19:49] <@Gabriel> P> ::nods agreement with Caelin's massive understatement, not the first nor the last that will come from his mouth::
[19:49] <@Roland> I> +subvoc+ Somebody ask Freja if there's a military override for civilian drones to get them to bugger off from sensitive areas.
[19:49] <@Delgado> I> ::walks back with Detro, sighing: +subvoc+ I'm out of ideas... That thing is practically glued to the hull.
[19:50] <@Marshall> I> +subvoc+ It's going to be on top of me any minute. I'll try and keep ahead of it, but I'd appreciate it if we can get it to go away.
[19:50] <@Caelin> P>::surveys the area:: looks like you took out half the nest too
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01[19:50] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> ::Seems all too happy to haul the Fleas out and fire them up::
[19:51] <@Gabriel> P> It was that, or swim home. ::points to the damage to the Flea he's helping move::
[19:51] <@Birkin> P> ::helps move the fleas out, before strapping himself into Jeremi's as they get ready to leave::
01[19:51] <@Savant> It isn't long before the sortie party has gotten their aircraft in working order - less a tire, of course - and in the air. It's still about an hour back to Pathfinder though.
01[19:52] <@Savant> When the Fleas get sight of Pathfinder Bay, they can immediately spot the little white sailboat in the cove, and with the help of boniculars they can make out the survey drone near PAthfinder - and the two Talons making out on the beach nearby.
[19:53] <@Roland> I> +subvoc+ Cory, get Caelin or Freja on the line and ask them if Civilian drones have a military override to get them to bugger off.
[19:54] <@Gabriel> Flea> +com+ Let's approach from the south, and a little low.
[19:54] <@Gabriel> Flea> ::follows his own order::
01[19:54] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +subvoc+ Sure, I'll - they're in the air, got'em on visual.
01[19:54] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +subvoc+ Caelin, Pathfinder. Is there a military code we can transmit to a civillian drone to make it go away?
[19:54] <@Birkin> Flea> What the shit. Is that a boat?
01[19:55] <@Savant> the gyrocopters dip low and get a little closer to the coastline.
[19:56] <@Detro> I> +subvoc+ Pathfinder, relay to the Fleas... suspect archeological investigation in progress. Drone at Pathfinder, from sailboat. Were advised not to stay here.
[19:56] <@Caelin> Flea>::looks closely at the boat for any markings::
01[19:57] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +subvoc+ I'll just patch you through directly. Go ahead. ::sighs, and says off-microphone:: Since when am I a switchboard oeprator?
[19:57] <@Caelin> Flea>thats a grenarian suvey ship, probably monitoring the environmental effects of the terraforming being done here
01[19:58] <@Savant> It's definately a boat. It's a little white-sailed ship, just a single mast with two raker sails, a single cabin beneath, and a small aft deck where two people are working away on waterproofed computer equipment
[19:58] <@Detro> I> +subvoc+ Since I'd rather not have any transmissions picked up from us. Sir, we've got a drone doing an archeological survey right on top of us here.
[20:00] <@Roland> I> +subvoc+ Caelin. A code. Or a command. Or something.
[20:00] <@Roland> I> +subvoc+ Or just buzz the damn boat. That'll probably get them to pull it back.
[20:01] <@Delgado> I> +subvoc+ Caelin: The damn thing could be licking the Pathfinder right now. We need something.
[20:01] <@Caelin> Flea>+subvoc+shooting them would do it, but i would advise against that since we'll be leaving shortly anyway, i'll explain when we arrive
01[20:02] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::Is right at this moment bumping its head repeatedly and rhythmically against Pathfinder's hull, thump-thump-thump-thump-thump::
[20:03] <@Gabriel> ::lands his Flea on the south end of the beach, away from the sailboat::
[20:03] <@Delgado> I> ::jumps a bit at the rhythmic thumping rings out inside:: What the hell....?
01[20:04] <@Savant> The Fleas land, and the passengers of same can make their easy way back to Pathfinder; it's almost in view.
01[20:04] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::scuttles over a few feet and repeats the same masochistic procedure to a rock nearby::
[20:05] <@Gabriel> I> ::looks around for someone who appears to be in charge of the situation::
[20:05] <@Marshall> I> ::hiding behind a camo net::
[20:06] <@Gabriel> I> Caelin, if you don't mind, would you contact the boat and let any humans aboard know that their... whatever that is... is damaging our boat?
[20:06] <@Gabriel> I> Scildfreja, if you would be so kind as to find Roland and make sure Pathfinder isn't being eaten by drillgits, I would appreciate it.
[20:06] <@Gabriel> I> You might brief him on what they are while you're at it. ::grins at her::
[20:06] <@Detro> I> ::next to Delgado:: So... what did that drone mean by it not being safe here?
01[20:07] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Hides a huge grin behind her hand and nods, bounding off into the forest to do just that::
[20:08] <@Caelin> ::nods to gabriel and goes off towards the haphazard drone::
01[20:09] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::Holds itself as high as it can and starts making a high pitched, almost inaudible PING PING PING PING PING sound::
[20:09] <@Birkin> I> ::looks at the pathfinder:: Camoflague?
[20:09] <@Roland> ::eyes the drone, tilts his head to the side slightly and snaps his gum::
[20:09] <@Delgado> I> ::sighs as she rubs at her forehead:: I have no idea. Maybe they expect asteroids to rain down on our heads. Maybe a sea creature eating us. What kind of ruins would be here?
[20:09] <@Detro> I> War ruins. Radioactive fallout. Unexploded ordinance.
[20:09] <@Caelin> ::waves to the drone::hail grenarian surveyors, a word please
01[20:09] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ Ardelmos. Where are you?
01[20:10] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::Swivels and lowers itself, scuttling spider-like over to Caelin:: *beep* good-afternoon-who-are-you *badeep*
[20:12] <@Gabriel> I> +com+ Sergent Takira, help is on the way. Sit tight. ::nods at Birkin:: It's a good idea. What did you find out, Lieutenant?
[20:12] <@Roland> I> +subvoc+ About twenty meters from Pathfinder's bay entrance.
[20:12] <@Caelin> ::nods:: caelin of koglund, i'm curious as to why you're pounding on our transport?
[20:13] <@Birkin> I> +com+ This contact of Caelin's is a smuggler if I'd have to hazard a guess. Seems to be friendly enough and patrotic to the cause. He says we can't get across in a ferry, that we're too big. He wants another meeting in a bay north of the town at 3 am tonight.
01[20:13] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::The drone stops and swivels, looking at Pathfinder and considering it a moment before sweeping its ungainly head back towards Caelin:: *beep* Your-submarine-is-landlocked *badeep*
01[20:15] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::In a few moments, she's skulked up near to Roland's hiding spot; she's pretty damn sneaky even when she's not wearing a powered stealth suit.:: Captain Tynes wanted me to brief you. On drillgits.
[20:16] <@Caelin> ::smirks a bit as they refered to the fury as a sub, but decides to roll with it::i apologize, we were bringing passengers to leila and had some technical difficulties, our crew just returned with some parts to make repairs and we shall be leaving shortly
[20:16] <@Roland> Well I know what a git is. What's a drillgit?
01[20:17] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> ::Seems mildly annoyed, for an alien jellyfish-drone:: *beep* Please-hurry-your-presence-is-interfering-with-the-datum *zrrrk deep deep deep*
01[20:19] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> An insect. It's about this long ::holds both her arms out:: and this thick ::makes a circle of both hands::. Armoured carapace, big mandibles. Some are poisonous. Some spit acid. We need to inspect the landing gear and any place they might have gotten.
[20:19] <@Caelin> ::bows a bit:: i will advise the crew to speed things up for you
[20:20] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Birkin:: Same team, then. We'll have to see about getting there a bit more quietly, I think.
[20:20] <@Roland> How intelligent are they?
[20:20] <@Gabriel> Those drillgits will be murder on Fleas in the dark, unless we just drop you off and pick you up the next morning.
01[20:20] <@Savant> 5Autosurveyor> *beep* thank-you-for-preserving-our-natural-heritage *badeep*
[20:21] <@Birkin> ::nods:: Yes sir. We might want to work on camoflauge too ::picks off a branch of foliage hapazardly placed on the Pathfinder::
01[20:21] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Shrugs:: They're bugs. But they eat rubber and some composites.
[20:22] <@Roland> Hrm. What do they taste like?
[20:22] <@Caelin> ::nods and starts to walk off, but turns back:Surprisedh and if possibl, it'd be greatly apreciated if you stopped pounding on the sub
01[20:22] <@Savant> The man-o-war Autosurveyor flops backwards and squirms its way back to the water, like a fish desperately trying to get home.
[20:23] <@Gabriel> Very well, see to it. ::pauses:: Also, I observed a pair of the team not maintaining full alertness. I did not investigate further who the pair might be, but...
[20:23] <@Gabriel> ::continues:: ...but you might remind everyone that we're on a hostile alien shore thousands of light-years from home, not on vacation.
01[20:23] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> A little like a crab. Just more... more of a muddy sort of a taste to it. Don't eat the poisonous ones though.
[20:23] <@Caelin> ::smirks and makes his way to the hatch::
[20:24] <@Birkin> ::clears his throat:: I'll see to it that the men stay focused sir
[20:24] <@Marshall> I> ::steps out of the camo net not far from Gabriel, a commando by all rights armed and covered from head to toe in body armor. He offers a salute:: Welcome back, sir.
[20:24] <@Detro> I> ::waiting at the hatch::
[20:24] <@Roland> Hmph. Alright. ::waits for the drone to wander its way back out from the water, then throws the camo screen back and rises::
01[20:25] <@Savant> The little sailboat starts to move, a few moments after seeing an armoured commando stepping from the brush and saluting one of the people on the beach.
01[20:25] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::stayes crouched in place:: Good survival food if you can find a nest.
[20:26] <@Gabriel> ::nods, reasonably confident that Birkin observed the same thing he did::
[20:26] <@Roland> Might as well collect any we find, then. What's the easiest way to kill them? ::pulls his Talon pistol out::
[20:26] <@Gabriel> ::returns the salute:: Thank you, Ranger. Aside from sailboats and the whatever-it-was, all quiet here, I trust?
01[20:28] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Jabs a pair of fingers at the back of her neck:: knife behind the first spinal carapace. Don't burst the poison sacs in the head or it ruins the meat.
[20:29] <@Detro> I> ::Looks at the Doc out of the corner of his eye:: Quick thinking back there.
[20:29] <@Marshall> ::nods:: All set, sir. It was a little close at times.
[20:30] <@Roland> First spinal carapace. Got it. ::returns the pistol to its holster and pulls out a pair of his throwing knives:: They show up on thermals?
[20:30] <@Birkin> ::frowns slightly, moving into Pathfinder via the hatch, looking for anyone around::
01[20:30] <@Savant> The bay grows quiet as the sailboat leaves, presumably with its drone. The Talons emerge from their hiding places.
[20:30] <@Caelin> ::reaches tynes and the others::we're going to have to get moving soon, we've apparently landed on a heritage site, i've got them off our backs for now but they'll likely return. also, is there any chance this ship can float?
[20:30] <@Delgado> I> ::glances at Detro then actually smiles:: Thanks. And you too, for the support. ... It was either that or blow it up.
[20:31] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Caelin:: You'd have to ask Aggie about that.
01[20:31] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::frowns:: not really well. They've got good camo too. Nasty little bugs. And they thrash when they die. Jump back when you stab it.
[20:31] <@Detro> I> ::shrugs:: Not a hard decision to make. Not after what happened back home.
[20:32] <@Marshall> We have a destination, sir?
[20:32] <@Birkin> ::spies Detro and Degado:: Either of you two see Zucco?
[20:32] <@Delgado> ... I'm sure Tynes'll find something wrong with it. ::mutters softly to herself rather than Detro::
[20:33] <@Gabriel> Not yet. Another meeting on the island late tonight will establish that, I hope.
[20:33] <@Detro> I> ::looks around::
[20:33] <@Marshall> I saw Jim a few minutes ago sir. He cleared off like the rest of us when the civvies showed up.
[20:33] <@Roland> ::grunts:: Alright then. Let's go exterminating then. ::heads towards the closest set of landing gear::
[20:33] <@Caelin> ::nods back::has lieutenant birkin told you of our meeting yet?
[20:33] <@Delgado> ::steps out of Pathfinder and heads over to Birkin:: At the weapons station inside. ::thumbs at the ship::
[20:34] <@Marshall> ::begins pulling his armored suit off:: Damn spiders.
[20:36] <@Detro> I> I'd still like to know what that drone meant by it saying it wasn't saf ehere.
01[20:36] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Gets up and picks up a stick, using it to prod into holes and poke at Pathfinder's hull where an inordinately large insect might be hiding::
[20:36] <@Birkin> Thanks doc. ::moves in deeper into the ship before he spots the weapon station in the cockpit and taps Zucco on the shoulder::
[20:37] <@Delgado> Caelin'll probably know.
01[20:38] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::looks up at Birkin:: Sir?
[20:39] <@Detro> Hmm. I'll go ask. ::as he leaves Delgado, she can probably hear him mutter "If only I wasn't married..."::
02[20:40] * @Roland ( Quit (
02[20:40] * @Birkin ( Quit (
02[20:40] * @Marshall ( Quit (
[20:40] <@Delgado> ::blinks once before shaking her head::
03[20:40] * Marcy ( has joined #BT05
03[20:41] * Detro sets mode: +o Marcy
03[20:41] * Marcy is now known as Marshall
03[20:41] * Roland ( has joined #bt05
03[20:41] * Birkin ( has joined #bt05
03[20:41] * sets mode: +oo Roland Birkin
02[20:41] * @Roland ( Quit (Quit: )
03[20:42] * ChanServ sets mode: -o Marshall
03[20:42] * ChanServ sets mode: -o Caelin
03[20:42] * ChanServ sets mode: -o Itz|Away
03[20:42] * ChanServ sets mode: -o Detro
03[20:42] * Roland ( has joined #bt05
03[20:42] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Roland
03[20:42] * Savant sets mode: +ooo Caelin Detro Itz|Away
03[20:42] * Savant sets mode: +o Marshall
[20:42] <@Gabriel> ::grins at Marshall:: If you didn't like the spiders, you really won't like the centipedes.
[20:43] <@Marshall> Centipedes?.....Sir?
[20:43] <@Caelin> ::grins at marshall::well it depends on how you cook em
[20:43] <@Roland> ::walks by on his way from cleaning the outside of the ship:: I hear they taste like crab.
01[20:44] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[20:44] <@Savant> a little choppy at the last moment there, but I think that went rahter well all in all. Rather unlike our usual sort of a game Smile well done.
01[20:44] <@Savant> comments?
[20:44] <@Gabriel> I liked it. Very cute, with the centipedes. Very very cute. Wink
[20:44] <@Caelin> 1 word, drillgits:P
[20:45] <@Delgado> The eaten Flea was great.
[20:45] <@Roland> We need a Starship Troopers moment. Wink
[20:45] <@Marshall> Morons with drills.
[20:45] <@Gabriel> Yeah, we haven't seen radioactive drillgits yet.
[20:45] <@Detro> We need to find a way to use these against the enemy Wink
[20:45] <@Gabriel> Those were just the normal, non-irradiated ones. Wink
[20:45] <@Gabriel> The non-gamma ray ones. Wink
01[20:45] <@Savant> they will come. oh yes, they will come
01[20:45] <@Savant> there is a little bit of silliness on Utopia. Drillgits are sort of part of that.
[20:45] <@Delgado> GRARGLBLGLARB
[20:46] <@Birkin> wouldn't the radiated ones be... dead?
[20:46] <@Marshall> Drillgit Sex spray. We just aerosolize it and cover Steelgate with it.
[20:46] <@Gabriel> aaaaaaahahahahaha
01[20:46] <@Savant> drillgits have done so well because they are fantastically resilient to mutation
[20:46] <@Gabriel> ::shakes head:: Sorry. Someone forgot he was in a role-playing game for a second.
[20:46] <@Gabriel> ::whacks Birkin on the back of the head::
01[20:46] <@Savant> heeee
[20:46] <@Delgado> "Kill.... me..."
[20:46] <@Caelin> drillgits are like cockroaches:)
01[20:46] <@Savant> humped to death by insects. awesome.
[20:46] <@Roland> If we get bit by one of the radioactive ones, do we get superpowers?
[20:46] <@Birkin> Does this mean if I get radiated I can get PER +4? Very Happy
[20:47] <@Roland> Bit by a git.
01[20:47] <@Savant> if you get git bit? well, shit.
[20:47] <@Marshall> Fallout 3 style.
[20:47] <@Detro> You get zit
01[20:47] <@Savant> guess you'd turn into Gitman.
[20:47] <@Roland> Drillgitman
01[20:47] <@Savant> any takers?
[20:47] <@Marshall> Git: The worst pun since Phfor.
[20:48] <@Marshall> Err. Pfhor
[20:48] <@Detro> Now you've done it. Phfor Git It, will yah?
[20:48] <@Delgado> Have it bite Detro. Maybe he'll turn into the lizards that grow extra limbs.
[20:48] <@Delgado> So he can have his legs back.
[20:48] <@Delgado> And an extra arm.
[20:48] <@Delgado> For a stormy day or something.
[20:48] <@Gabriel> Have it bite Delgado. So she can be purple and radioactive.
01[20:48] <@Savant> hee
[20:48] <@Detro> Give me an extra head, and I'll be president of the galaxy
[20:49] <@Marshall> heh
[20:49] <@Marshall> Douglas Adams FTW.
[20:49] <@Delgado> I'M NOT PURPLE. >Sad
01[20:49] <@Savant> just a little flush, that's all
[20:49] <@Marshall> And she's a bitch. But she always was. That's not new. =P
[20:50] <@Birkin> just, more so now
[20:50] <@Delgado> ... I hate you people.
01[20:50] <@Savant> i'm glad you like the drillgits Smile they are good fun.
01[20:50] <@Savant> bzzzreowwww
[20:50] <@Roland> LOLgits
01[20:50] <@Savant> now, as to next week
01[20:50] <@Savant> I will be in edmonton next week Smile
[20:50] <@Marshall> LOLgits: Morons that other people laugh at histerically.
01[20:51] <@Savant> with any luck i will have the evening for running BT05, but my time in edmonton is now scarce and that evening may be jeaopardized.
[20:51] <@Gabriel> Edmonton? Didn't you just leave that place? Wink
01[20:51] <@Savant> we'll see. I'll keep you informed.
[20:51] <@Detro> Heh. Enjoy your time there, away from Him.
01[20:51] <@Savant> i have visitation rights you know >Sad
[20:51] <@Gabriel> ::grins:: Yeah, remember to take everything you own that is edible back with you.
[20:52] <@Detro> And weld or nail the door to your room closed
[20:52] <@Roland> Or just slowly build up an immunity to iocane powder and then cover all your edible food with it.
01[20:52] <@Savant> all of these ideas are good. I will do all of these things.
[20:52] <@Marshall> Booby traps.
01[20:52] <@Savant> so, I will let you know what is up when it is up
01[20:53] <@Savant> who wants expees?
[20:53] <@Gabriel> Yes please.
[20:53] <@Detro> Only if they're not drillgits in diguise.
[20:53] <@Delgado> Mees
[20:53] <@Detro> Hmm. Sing that to "Lucy in the sky"
[20:53] <@Detro> Drillgits in the skies... with their acid awn...
[20:53] <@Birkin> I would like expees
[20:54] <@Caelin> expees are good things
[20:54] <@Roland> X-Peaz, dawg
01[20:54] <@Savant> one for teamwork. tell me about teamwork. and remember, i said I am going to be a jerk when it comes to the teamwork point from now on
[20:54] <@Delgado> Ex-Peas
01[20:54] <@Savant> so prepare for jerkitude. Impress me >Sad
[20:54] <@Detro> The team at the Pathfinder reacted to the drone with good, on the spot thinking.
[20:54] <@Gabriel> Gabriel and his two NPC buddies did a good job of making sure Jeremi came off looking like a total wuss when flying is not involved. And saved the Fleas.
[20:55] <@Delgado> I cuddled up to Detro and didn't kill him. That's worth a point.
[20:55] <@Detro> Delgado cuddled up to me and I didn't molest her.
[20:55] <@Roland> There was feeling up of teammembers in the name of failed distraction attempts.
01[20:55] <@Savant> hee Smile Jeremi is not a soldier, that is for sure
[20:55] <@Marshall> Yeah. Everyone on Pathfinder managed to protect the ship from the drone and get them to go away.
[20:56] <@Birkin> Yeah. Delgado and Detro worked well together to put on a show for the drone. Caelin was able to interpret for Birkin what he meant by a Slepnir. I would have thought they knew that name
01[20:57] <@Savant> hm.
01[20:57] <@Savant> hmmm.
01[20:57] <@Savant> anything else going on?
[20:57] <@Caelin> caelin would have known from experience on caprice what a slepnir was
[20:57] <@Birkin> Yeah I meant the Utopian's on the ground more or less
01[20:57] <@Savant> oh, all right then. I'll give you the teamwork point this time.
[20:57] <@Detro> Meanwhile, over at Parkview General Hospital, Doctor Timmins is preparing to examine his first patient of the day... unaware that she's really his long-lost daughter from his 3rd marriage..
[20:57] <@Roland> Roland worked to expand the biosphere that Pathfinder for all to enjoy.
01[20:58] <@Savant> storyline point. What have you learned about the story and why is it important?
[20:58] <@Roland> Drillgits
[20:58] <@Delgado> Whatever. You know Roland was inappropriated rubbing up against plants.
[20:58] <@Marshall> We learned what drillgits eat and what they look like.
[20:58] <@Delgado> Geological Society sucks.
[20:58] <@Birkin> Fixing the planet is serious business
[20:58] <@Detro> We learned that despite everything, the Utopians have a National Park Service.
[20:58] <@Roland> And taste like
[20:58] <@Marshall> We learned that we landed in some kind of relic area.
[20:59] <@Birkin> Also there is also some kinda relic we have here.
[20:59] <@Marshall> Though we still don't know what it is or why it's important.
[20:59] <@Delgado> Word.
[20:59] <@Detro> We also learned that Utopians and drones are not put off by public displays of affection.
[20:59] <@Birkin> And also that Steelgate and CEF search and patrol all of the ships that go to Koglund
[20:59] <@Delgado> What is the relic and why is the island a dangerous spot?
[20:59] <@Delgado> dun dun dunnnnn
[21:00] <@Caelin> they said it was a ruin site so probably an old city or something from before the wars
[21:00] <@Gabriel> The smuggler apparently said that Pathfinder is "too big".
[21:00] <@Gabriel> Kinda begs the question of what isn't.
01[21:00] <@Savant> anything else? Anything more strategic?
01[21:00] <@Savant> that's a good direction, Gabriel.
[21:00] <@Gabriel> Important because this might be quite useful later if we have to get something out of this part of the world.
[21:01] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: I was curious if someone else would bring it up first. Wink
[21:01] <@Marshall> Maybe a few gears at a time. In crates, obviously.
[21:01] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: The meeting team should be sure to ask if smuggling goes in both directions, or only "out".
[21:01] <@Detro> Ah, fun. Long supply chains.
[21:02] <@Gabriel> Hey, supply lines and smugglers were why we were able to operate with guns in Gomorrah.
[21:02] <@Marshall> The strategic campaign is all coming back to me Wink
01[21:02] <@Savant> Smile
[21:02] <@Caelin> caelin will tell you that antero smuggles autos both directions
[21:02] <@Marshall> Now get me a Goliath and we'll carpet bomb these suckers. =P
[21:02] <@Gabriel> There you go. Ask the "how big" question. Wink
01[21:02] <@Savant> you can have a storyline point. I'll give you a third point if you can tell me how *you* think you should travel across the Anwitan Ocean to Koglund.
[21:03] <@Gabriel> In an automated cargo vessel with no/few humans aboard.
[21:03] <@Delgado> Cruise line.
01[21:03] <@Savant> if that is how you do it i want to see a Titantic scene with two player characters at the bowsprit.
[21:03] <@Roland> Our landsub
[21:03] <@Marshall> heh.
[21:03] <@Detro> Big cargo ship with Pathfinder underneath, ala "Down Periscope" Wink
[21:04] <@Marshall> Chart the CEF/Steelgate patrols and avoid them.
[21:04] <@Detro> Charter a small touring boat for a 3 hour tour, and then...
[21:05] <@Caelin> antero said he was gonna make some calls about it, either he'll be able to get a bigger freighter or some other way of sneaking the fury through
[21:05] <@Roland> That would have to be a hell of a freighter.
01[21:05] <@Savant> okay, that's three. and well done all Smile
01[21:05] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- Tocymea -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Tocymea in Session'
[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Marshall> ::attn::
03[18:30] * Gabriel ( has joined #BT05
03[18:30] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Gabriel
[18:30] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:31] <@Caelin> ::attn::
[18:31] <@Delgado> ::attnandstuff::
01[18:31] <@Savant> good evening and welcome yet again to another exciting episode of the Black Talons! I will be your host as you travel through the dark lands of Utopia.
01[18:31] <@Savant> how are you all? Is everyonw here?
01[18:32] <@Savant> everyone.
01[18:32] <@Savant> it seems that Prescot cannot attend today
[18:32] <@Caelin> well i'm coming down with a bit of a cold now, but otherwise i'll live
01[18:32] <@Savant> I'm sorry to hear it.
01[18:32] <@Savant> I'm just coming off of a horrible cold now, so I won't be running the game tremendously long, really.
01[18:33] <@Savant> In short, we're skipping forward a little bit. No sense having you stand around while one of you goes to talk, so we skipped right to decision time
[18:33] <@Caelin> i'm blaming my uncle who passed his cold to my mom at the wedding who then passed it to me:)
01[18:33] <@Savant> Talon 05 will be travelling southwards, crossing the south pole to get to southrn Sumer, and then across to Koglund.
01[18:34] <@Savant> It is going to be a rather long trip, because you can only travel in short hops while under the cover of night and under an overcast sky.
01[18:34] <@Savant> something about the Fury's engines being a pair of bottled suns, and all that.
01[18:34] <@Savant> well, let me brief you. That will explain things, I think...
[18:34] <@Roland> Damned fusion bottles
01[18:35] <@Savant> Tocymea
01[18:35] <@Savant> 13 December UC462 (25 Autumn TN1946), 0230h - (Very) Early Morning
01[18:35] <@Savant> Over South Etrusca, Utopia
01[18:35] <@Savant> 6 degrees C, overcast, low radiation (0.5 Rads/hr)
01[18:35] <@Savant> So much for a vacation. Despite the pleasant clime and novelty of a peaceful ocean around you, you have chosen to venture southwards towards Koglund. It is not going to be a quick journey, as each trip must be made in short, cautious hops and entirely at night while under overcast clouds. The intense light of Pathfinder's fusion engines require it.
01[18:35] <@Savant> The course that you will be taking crosses the southern pole, through territory that is for the most part uninhabited. Caelin and Scildfreja claim that nomadic people may be in the area but Utopians and Terrans both give little care of these people. They will keep quiet out of principle and loyalty to their tribes.
01[18:35] <@Savant> This will do nothing to shorten the trip, however. Until you arrive in more populated climes once more, you will be better off listening to your radios and discerning what intelligence you can from them.
01[18:35] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:35] <@Roland> ack
01[18:35] <@Savant> and I am ready for questions.
[18:35] <@Detro> ack
[18:35] <@Roland> Wouldn't flying at night be more noticeable?
[18:35] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:35] <@Delgado> ack
[18:36] <@Detro> Light *and* heat would show up better at night.
[18:36] <@Marshall> ack
[18:36] <@Caelin> ack
01[18:36] <@Savant> it is a toss-up, really. Decided mostly by the fact that most flights on Utopia are daytime when they can be.
01[18:37] <@Savant> you would have a higher chance of being incidentally spotted
[18:37] <@Caelin> more chance of bumping into a terran flight during the day?
01[18:37] <@Savant> yes
01[18:38] <@Savant> but yes, night is risky as well. Both are.
01[18:38] <@Savant> any other questions?
01[18:39] <@Savant> now I have a question for you. What is the status of your food, water and ammunition?
[18:39] <@Detro> ::heads swivel to look at Jester::
[18:39] <@Detro> How many NU do we have left? :Very Happy:
[18:40] <@Gabriel> Ammo's fine, we haven't touched it. Down to 166 person-days of our basic supplies, then we're into field rations, of which we have 600 person-days aboard.
01[18:40] <@Savant> so you're still fairly good in that regard.
[18:41] <@Gabriel> By my numbers, we've got 17 people aboard, so we're down to 10 days of food, in other words.
06[18:41] * @Savant nods
[18:41] <@Caelin> thats a little over a years worth on utopia:)
01[18:41] <@Savant> well, you might want to start foraging for some land-crab.
[18:41] <@Caelin> oh
[18:41] <@Gabriel> Hah. You wish. Utopians probably eat way more than Novans. You and your Athletics 4. Wink
01[18:42] <@Savant> om nom nom nom nom
[18:42] <@Detro> We'll have to resort to cannibalism.
[18:42] <@Gabriel> And yes, the idea of quite literally living off the land was only about 25% humor on my part. Wink
01[18:42] <@Savant> very good. We will start with everyone buttoned in during a late night flight, though don't worry, the game is not going to focus much on the excitenent of the in-flight movie.
[18:43] <@Detro> Aw, but I brought alone Airport 72!
01[18:43] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:43] <@Savant> It has been a few days since you have left the temperate calm of the Ithakan Sea, and your trip has been somewhat boring. Utopia is rather unpopulated, so unless you happen to really like nothing but natural vistas you will find little to gawk at here. Even less to look at still, as your travelling is all done at night.
01[18:43] <@Savant> You've had luck, and it has been overcast every night since you have departed. You've managed to travel far enough south that you've left all traces of civilization behind - all save the ruins of the past. ruins and, more commonly, overgrown craters, are silent signs of Utopia's violent past. And future.
01[18:44] <@Savant> It's a peaceful night. At least, it's starting out that way.
[18:44] <@Detro> ::doing his best not to nod off::
[18:45] <@Roland> ::sits in one of the side chairs in the cockpit, one hand on his comm earpiece and the other on the console in front of him as he flicks through radio bands::
[18:45] <@Marshall> ::looking out a window portside at the landscape going by. He wasn't tired due to strange sleeping habits lately since they arrived planetside::
[18:46] <@Gabriel> ::has become half-vampire the last few days, content to sleep when Pathfinder is hidden for the day, and so is looking over some of the video feed from that day and listening in on a satellite feed::
[18:46] <@Caelin> ::watches the monitors from his couch::first time i've been this far south
01[18:46] <@Savant> 2Sous-Sergent Cory Macedon> ::Is currently displaying a montage of exterior views on the cabin screens. It's a pretty planet outside, though barely visible under the overcast sky. Patches of forest crown grassy fields, though everything seems more than a little scraggly.::
[18:46] <@Detro> ::he's been up longer than most people, sweeping the skies with the passive pickups, seeking signals to ensnare and listen to::
[18:47] <@Detro> ::now he's trying not to nod off watching the landscape fly by::
[18:47] <@Delgado> ::is actually sleeping. She hasn't really settled into a sleeping 'pattern' yet, just catching sleep when she can, though she seems to be slowly adjusting to actual day/night rhythms::
[18:49] <@Roland> ::mutters to himself:: Quiet out there.
[18:50] <@Detro> ::signals tease his ears, but the fragments too short and garbled to be of much use at this range::
[18:52] <@Detro> ::absentmindedly:: Not really. Just not noisy enough.
[18:53] <@Caelin> ::nods::we must be far from any listening posts
[18:54] <@Roland> ::continues flipping through frequencies, slowly rotating the spinner on the console with his index finger::
[18:54] <@Marshall> Not necessarily. Listening posts listen. They don't broadcast.
[18:54] <@Detro> They do if they have to check in on a schedule.
[18:55] <@Delgado> ::starts rousing from sleep, rubbing at her eyes before looking around. She listens to what's going on around her with a frown on her face; something waking her up::
[18:55] <@Marshall> Mmm. But then they would send a direct transmission. Not a broadcast. The odds of us running upon a narrow communication are... less than one in ten-thousand.
[18:56] <@Roland> ::pauses on one particular band for a moment, then punches a record and translate command before continuing::
01[18:56] <@Savant> Pathfinder begins to very gently dip lower as her engines constant hum drops a half octave.
[18:58] <@Delgado> What's going on? ::speaks more to herself than other people as she shifts uncomfortably in her seat::
[18:58] <@Roland> ::scrolls back and pumps it lightly over the interior speakers:: +com+ Caelin, what the heck language is this?
[18:58] <@Gabriel> ::tunes out the satellite feed for a bit:: +com+ Cockpit, any problems?
01[19:00] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Bouncing buddhas, Jeremi, I said back fifteen, not five. +com+ Cockpit, captain. Yes. We've got a hot spot on engine two; it's at five hundred and climbing. Helm is dropping back speed. We may have to land and effect repairs.
[19:01] <@Gabriel> Bother. +com+ Very well. Don't wait for it to be a "have to". Start looking for a good spot now and put us down.
[19:01] <@Caelin> ::listens a bit a shrugs:: not sure, it's possibly a steelgate composition though, ::makes a face:: with terran influences
[19:01] <@Marshall> ::perks up:: I'm on it. ::brings up a damage control monitor::
01[19:02] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Acknowledged, Captain. Cockpit out.
[19:02] <@Detro> ::perks up, forcing his tired state to the back of his mind while he tunes his mind more into what transmissions they can pick up::
[19:02] <@Delgado> ::nods idly to herself, a satisfied look on her face as the problem that woke her up is identified. At least they're not blowing up::
[19:02] <@Roland> +com+ Yeah, caught that part of it....but this isn't a language you recognize?
01[19:02] <@Savant> Marshall pulls up an external diagnostic camera that is showing engine two, a long tube the length of Pathfinder's fuselage. When he flips it to infared, the problem is apparent - there's a white-hot spot gowing on one side of the tube.
[19:03] <@Gabriel> ::switches his communications over to inter-ship:: +com+ All Talons, listen up. Gear training exercise, and live-fire exercise. Everyone start prepping to Gear up. We're setting down somewhere and we're treating it as a hot LZ for purposes of the exercise.
[19:03] <@Marshall> Whoa whoa whoa. That's not good.
[19:04] <@Caelin> ::nods::though i never made it a point to learn steelgate's native tongue, and grenarian is rather complex, too many vowels for my tastes
[19:04] <@Gabriel> +com+ Probably need to start training on the differences between Gears on airless sand and Gears on mud or whatever it is we're landing on anyway. That is all.
[19:04] <@Detro> Yokai! ::with a bit of difficulty, gets to his feet and heads back for the gear bay::
[19:05] <@Caelin> so yeah i'd say it's likely steelgate
[19:05] <@Roland> ::grunts to himself then cuts the interior broadcast, pulling off the headset and sticking it back in its cradle before pulling himself up and out of the chair and moving to exit the cockpit:;
01[19:05] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Is waking up quickly, grunting and rolling from her couch::
[19:05] <@Gabriel> ::shuts off the comm, going back to his old Lieutenant's training: any day you can make soldiers grumble a little bit about training is a good day::
01[19:07] <@Savant> Pathfinder begins a slow descent. She flies as gracefully as a cannon-launched minivan, but she has proven to be tougher, at the very least.
[19:07] <@Detro> ::reaching the vehicle bay, clambers into Uchiwa::
[19:07] <@Delgado> Wee. ::gets up and heads for the gear bay, wondering what they're going to find outside::
[19:07] <@Marshall> ::loads Castle up with a technical repair package and a standard MAC:: Lots of work to do. You ready? ::got into a bad habit of talking to his NNet::
[19:08] <@Roland> ::moves back through the common area and towards the bay, using the grips as Pathfinder continues to rock and buffet slowly as she cuts through the air::
01[19:08] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Found a spot near a crater, Captain. We'll be putting down there. There's some rubble and ruin inside the crater, with any luck it will keep us hidden.
[19:09] <@Gabriel> +com+ Very well, thank you, Lieutenant. ::shuts off the monitors and starts heading aft himself, careful of his hand-holds as he does so::
[19:09] <@Detro> ::brings Uchiwa's systems to standby/passive::
[19:10] <@Roland> ::hits the vehicle bay and heads for Erinyes, frowning at Aggie's message:: I sure hope it's not a fucking nuke crater we're landing in.
[19:10] <@Caelin> ::listens to the comms::be sure to check the radiation level of the crater, in case...::nods to roland as he basically finishes his sentence::
01[19:10] <@Savant> Trees draw up awful close to Pathfinder's belly, until you can ear them scraping and snapping against the underside of the hull. You can even hear the argument going on inside the cockpit.
01[19:11] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> Up, up! That's a *forest!*
01[19:11] <@Savant> 2Corporal Jeremi Peresalona> Maaaaah, she's a tough old lizard, it's just trees!
[19:11] <@Marshall> You're getting touchy in your old age, Jim. ::smirks::
01[19:11] <@Savant> snap crack snap break crinkle crunch
[19:12] <@Delgado> ::starts crawling up into Wren, clinging to the side for a moment as she hears the hull getting hammered. She quickly scrambles into the cockpit and secures herself before Pathfinder decides to do a nosedive into the earth:: Good god, people.
[19:12] <@Gabriel> ::reaches the doors to the vehicle bay, then holds on to the frame as whomever is driving does bad things to the paint job::
[19:12] <@Roland> ::hears the thumping of the trees on the hull underneath his feet and considers for a moment whether he should be climbing his Gear at this moment::
01[19:12] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Touchdown in ten, hold on!
[19:12] <@Roland> ::hearing that, grips one of the climbing handholds tightly with both hands::
[19:12] <@Detro> ::straps in tight::
01[19:13] <@Savant> Silence, as the forest drops away. And then the whirr of skiis deploying, and the surprisingly gentle jostle of their touchdown on the ground.
[19:13] <@Gabriel> ::finds a place to wedge himself into for the moment::
[19:13] <@Caelin> ::glances over at freja::looks like you're just time time for the fun
[19:14] <@Marshall> +com+ Pathfinder, Lang. Requesting you shut down Two. I'll go out and check her.
01[19:14] <@Savant> Pathfinder descelerates as if on an elastic as the engines die down and the "tough old lizard" realizes that she's a multi-tonned and wingless brick that has no right at all to be in the sky.
[19:14] <@Gabriel> ::once the movement is over, makes a beeline for Zealot:: +com+ Erinyes, Uchiwa, take point, opposite vectors, sweep out to 10 clicks.
[19:15] <@Detro> +com+ ::single click acknowledgement, as he brings Uchiwa off standby and makes for the exit::
01[19:15] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ No go, Lang. Fifteen minute cool-down.
[19:16] <@Roland> ::the landing complete, scrambles up Erinyes and into the open cockpit, grabbing his helmet off of the acceleration couch and donning it as he begins flipping switches and pressing buttons to get the gear going::
01[19:16] <@Savant> The vehicle bay door sluices down all at once, almost slamming to the ground with force to allow the two scouts passage.
[19:16] <@Gabriel> ::starts climbing up Zealot hand-over-hand, old habits from Grizzlies dying hard::
[19:16] <@Marshall> Great. We're sitting ducks for at least a half an hour.
[19:16] <@Detro> ::motors down the ramp and carefully onto the ground, testing it to see if it's swampy or firm::
01[19:17] <@Savant> The land outside of Pathfinder isn't rocky, airless, or desertified. It's got a bit of give, almost loamy. A Gear could kick up an impressive rooster-tail of dirt if it decided to spin out
[19:17] <@Roland> We're in the middle of fucking nowhere on a sparsely populated planet. The chances we're near anybody who'd bother to come take a look are pretty damned remote. ::closes Erinyes' cockpit::
01[19:18] <@Savant> Patches of trees dot the landscape here and there between the tall grasses. They're scrawny things, mostly leafless, though some have patchy green needles that don't seem very healthy. In all, the trees are barely taller than a Gear.
[19:19] <@Detro> ::frown:: +com+ Watch your speed out here. This ground feels like we could tear it up if we push the throttles too fast, leave trails.
01[19:20] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Captain Tynes, Cockpit. Macedon picked up some good areal photographs before we put down, I'm broadcasting them to you now.
[19:20] <@Gabriel> ::gets Geared up:: +com+ Erinyes, Assumption is the mother of... you know the rest.
[19:20] <@Gabriel> +com+ You operate as if this is a hostile LZ, clear?
[19:20] <@Marshall> ::walks Castle out of the vehicle bay and takes a look around. He gets a vague sense of deja vu from the war::
[19:20] <@Roland> ::rolls out of his bay and down the vehicle ramp onto the ground, coming off the wheels as he hits the ground and begins trudging out on his assigned vector:: +com+ ::clicks his mic in acknowledgement::
[19:21] <@Detro> ::sticks to walker mode as he moves forward for the cover of nearby trees::
[19:21] <@Caelin> ::unstraps himself and makes his way to the vehicle bay::
01[19:22] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Follows alongside Caelin, frowning as she mounts her Armiger. The rear-mounted arms of the Ambithera bind her in place within it:: This is going to be pretty hot.
[19:22] <@Gabriel> ::grabs a MAC off the rack, cocks it, and heads out after Castle, also on primary movement::
[19:23] <@Delgado> ::starts Springer up, though stays in the bay for now until directed:: +com+ Delgado, Caelin. What kind of fauna can we expect out here?
[19:24] <@Detro> ::notices a flashing light on his sensor display:: +com+ Radiation monitor just clicked over to high.
[19:25] <@Gabriel> ::takes the feed from Macedon and spins up the tactical computer:: +com+ What's the reading, Uchiwa?
[19:26] <@Detro> +com+ Ever heard of the saying, "It's a nice place, but don't drink the water?" It's that high.
[19:26] <@Roland> +com+ Someone get the scrub gear ready for when we get back
[19:26] <@Caelin> ::nods to freja as climbs into his armiger:: i'll have sleca take watch on top of the ship, we can get some samples of the radiation levels near the crater, check the ruins nearby ::turns his head a bit as delgados voice comes through:: +com+ not much, alot of small animals, rodents, insects, drillgits
[19:26] <@Roland> Gears are going to need to be contaminated.
[19:26] <@Roland> *decontaminated
01[19:28] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Nods at Caelin and scoops her helment onto her head, the last seals bolting down before she turned towards the door, checking her weapon as she went::
[19:28] <@Gabriel> ::to himself:: Well, that's pleasant. ::looks at the nearby terrain in a new light:: +com+ Very well. Springer, evaluate our safety out here. How long can we stay out?
[19:30] <@Caelin> ::seals his helmet in place and links up with sleca, giving the commands to perch on top of the fury::
[19:31] <@Delgado> ::walks Springer out to the edge of the ramp and rotates the torso back and forth once, getting a good view:: +com+ Reading 0.5 sieverts an hour. I'd say we get out of it in under 2 hours.
01[19:31] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> *beep* ::It does not say anything, having accepted the secrecy banner application. The insectile drone crouches low to the ground and bounds out of the open vehicle bay door, melting into the night shadows
[19:32] <@Caelin> ::trundles out of the vehicle bay and into the wilderness::
[19:32] <@Marshall> +com+ Springer, Castle. We've got to get out of the gears to fix the fusion tube. How's that affect that timeline if we wear rad suits?
[19:33] <@Gabriel> +com+ Very well. ::gets a bit more distance from Pathfinder, watching the feeds from the scouts as they fill in the terrain map Macedon provided::
[19:35] <@Delgado> ::lapses into silence as she studies the readouts she's getting:: +com+ Castle, Springer. You should be fine. Just get a good scrub down before you take your suit off.
[19:35] <@Marshall> +com+ Acknowledged, Springer.
[19:37] <@Marshall> ::turns Castle Southwest to form a perimeter around the Fury::
[19:38] <@Roland> ::catches a flash of something on his sensors -- just briefly, and not fast enough to identify it:: +com+ Got...something. ::frowns as he pulls up the sensor records:: Whatever it is, it's artificial. ::a beat:: Or a bigger version of a drillgit -- something with a carapace.
[19:38] <@Delgado> ::finally steps out onto the ground next to Pathfinder, getting a feel for the ground and it's 'spongyness':: Huh.
01[19:38] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Captain, best guess is we're going to need a few hours here, minimum. Maybe after that we will be good to fly for awhile again, but this isn't an easy problem.
[19:39] <@Caelin> ::takes a couple measurements near the fury of the air quality and radiation levels before heading towards the crater::
[19:39] <@Gabriel> +com+ Coming to you, Erinyes. Springer, proceed 500 meters southeast on slow, take up my position.
01[19:40] <@Savant> Marshall approaches a slightly raised crater, like the ring of dirt around an ancient Roman walled fort. Grass has overrun the fortification, if that's what it was. It's large enough to hold a tightly packed town.
[19:40] <@Gabriel> ::relying on his tactical feed, starts moving north:: +com+ Acknowledged, cockpit. Can you do any better than that? This area's hot, with a two hour limit on patrols.
[19:40] <@Delgado> ::clicks her coms once as she falls into line behind Tynes, carefully making her way across the terrain::
[19:41] <@Caelin> ::comes up alongside marshall::+com+foreboding isn't it?
[19:41] <@Detro> ::completes another passive sensors sweep:: Uchiwa, clear.
[19:41] <@Marshall> +com+ Yes. ::proceeds forward::
[19:42] <@Caelin> +com+i wouldn't go in lang, it's still quite hot in there
[19:43] <@Marshall> +com+ I'll only be a minute.
01[19:43] <@Savant> Erinyes shifts itself and its boom reaches upwards slowly, to get a better perspective, and he spots it - like an ancient, decrepit Sleca, its skin a mottled metal and one of its eye-cameras broken, but the preying-mantis shape is still apparent. It is motionless, cautious, but hasn't apparently spotted Roland yet.
[19:44] <@Gabriel> ::slows as he approaches Erinyes's position, moving from cover to cover::
[19:44] <@Roland> ::snaps with the camera and sends out the image:: +com+ ID, please
[19:44] <@Roland> +com+ Damned thing looks like it's been here since that nuke went off.
01[19:45] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ... don't open the vent, we can't put out that sort of heat. be patient. +com+ If you want us to get to work quicker, Captain, you'll have to let us vent some heat.
[19:45] <@Gabriel> ::looks over the visual image for any signs of light or energy::
[19:45] <@Marshall> ::records both trideo and still motion of the ruins::
[19:46] <@Gabriel> +com+ Acknowledged, Lieutenant. Give me a bit and I can likely clear that. A little excess heat from a nuke zone isn't likely to cause much of a stir. How much heat are we talking about?
[19:48] <@Roland> ::flicks through his various sensor views: visual, infrared white hot, infrared black hot, UV, etc while trying to determine the best setting that shows the drone::
01[19:48] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Ah, as much or as little as you want, Captain. I could dump five hundred thousand joules if you let me, but I don't think that's a good idea.
[19:48] <@Caelin> ::a ping sounds as the image is recieved, his eyes widen::+com+ thats a Ferdsleca, second generation, they haven't been built in ten years
01[19:49] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::whistles quietly:: +subcom+ I've only just seen those in records.
01[19:50] <@Savant> There's more movement, left and right, as more of the things become apparent. Like hunting dogs following a scent, they're tracking down the most violent disturbance to recently pass the area...
[19:50] <@Delgado> ::arches an eyebrow as she listens in on the conversation going on. So there's a really old sleca crawling around. Interesting...::
[19:51] <@Caelin> ::nods as he hears freja and chuckles a bit:: +subcom+ that'd be our sleca's grand daddy there
[19:51] <@Roland> +com+ Do these things just hang around if they lose contact with their bosses, or are these things still under somebody's control?
[19:52] <@Gabriel> ::purses his lips:: +com+ And how many of them are there likely to be?
[19:52] <@Gabriel> +com+ And more to the point, where are they getting their power?
01[19:52] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +com+ Depends how many survived and how many parts they have with them.
[19:53] <@Delgado> ::a shiver goes through her for a moment at the thought of a pack of old drones roaming around, repairing each other, and doing other things totally independantly::
[19:54] <@Detro> ::stays quiet on the comms, keeping a lookout to make sure they don't get surrounded::
01[19:54] <@Savant> The drones continue their approach. The closst one looks directly at Roland with its' tail-camera - which has been smashed in. The machine keeps going.
[19:54] <@Caelin> ::as roland comes back over the come, he does some quick recall to his his early days as an young armiger::+com+ one of our armiger was assigned to come up through this region back in the early days of the war with the terrans and steelgate, we lost contact and assumed they were wiped out, if there were survivors they may have taken to ground
[19:54] <@Caelin> <armiger=armies::
[19:55] <@Gabriel> ::gets Roland's attention and makes a chopping motion with one "hand"::
[19:55] <@Gabriel> ::then points to the one passing between them:: +com+ Pathfinder, you've got a few of the curious on approach. Going to see what we can do about them.
01[19:56] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ weapons are on standby.
[19:56] <@Gabriel> +com+ Repeat query, where are these things getting their power from if they're this old? Or if they're not this old, then who's likely to be controlling them?
[19:56] <@Roland> ::points at the closest drone with his manipulator, then holds up his hand and shows two fingers and points north again::
[19:57] <@Gabriel> ::nods in Roland's direction:: +com+ Erinyes, we can't let these things see Pathfinder. Or us, if possible. But definitely not Pathfinder.
[19:57] <@Roland> ::draws the heavy hand cannon from Erinyes' hip with the right manipulator, and levels it carefully at the drone right beside him::
[19:57] <@Caelin> +com+ captain tynes, perhaps i should send our sleca out to make contact, their visual design is similar enough and koglund's the only nation that produced them, if there are men controlling them i'd like them to know we're friends
[19:57] <@Gabriel> +com+ Hold one, Erinyes. Belay previous instructions. Caelin, make it snappy if you would.
[19:57] <@Gabriel> +com+ I can't allow them to make visual contact with Pathfinder.
[19:59] <@Caelin> ::nods and sends the coordinates and proper commands to sleca to approach with caution but show no hostility:: +com+ as for your question captain, if there's a an intact ambithera out here they can pretty much run forever
[20:00] <@Gabriel> ::blinks and makes a mental note to quiz Caelin at length on what an ambithera is::
01[20:01] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +com+ Sleca, contact mission. Northeast.
01[20:01] <@Savant> The drone, stil keeping its cool and keeping its profile low, scuttles away from Pathfinder at speed and disappears into the forest.
[20:01] <@Detro> ::continues his passive sweeps::
[20:02] <@Gabriel> ::slowly eases his nifty new CEF LPLC out of its mount and trains it in the direction of the southern drone::
01[20:03] <@Savant> The two Autos meet in the middle of the first, some fifteen feet from Tynes and Ardelmos. It's a bit loke watching two dogs meet int he park. They freeze and stare one another down, occasionally shifting position as they size one another up.
[20:03] <@Caelin> ::watches the exchange from the screen in his armiger as he makes his way back to the fury::
[20:04] <@Delgado> ::watches the interaction as best as she can, curious as all hell with what happens::
01[20:04] <@Savant> And then Sleca rears back and a hidden nozzle beneath its head snaps out, shooting a gob of whitish paste into the face of the older, decrepid Auto.
[20:05] <@Gabriel> ::blinks again:: What the-- +com+ Caelin, report.
01[20:05] <@Savant> Its head explodes impressively, and the vehicle scuttles backwards, blinded. Sleca makes an aggressive buzzing sound, very much like a Drillgit as it pulls itself downwards to the ground, in stalk mode.
[20:06] <@Caelin> ::blinks::+com+ one moment :: to sleca:: +com+sleca, report situation!
[20:06] <@Roland> +com+ Someone want to explain to me why Sleca just blew its load on the other drone?
[20:06] <@Gabriel> ::wonders to himself, not for the first time, if there's any man, beast, or machine on the team that doesn't shoot first, chat second::
01[20:06] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ *beep* Contact unsuccessful. We detected hostile intent and neutralized the threat, Lead Armiger.
[20:06] <@Delgado> ::stares at the headlss sleca, wondering what the hell is going on:: Uh...
[20:07] <@Marshall> ::pulls back the action on the MAC and takes off at primary combat speed::
[20:08] <@Roland> So, shooting now, yes? ::re-levels the HHC::
[20:08] <@Caelin> ::to sleca again:: +com+ from the ferdsleca itself or was there an indication that it was being controlled?
01[20:08] <@Savant> The 'hostile' drone scuttles back a few more steps, flops sideways, begins to flail about trying to right itself, but it can no longer broadcast or see. It's effectively neutralized.
01[20:09] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ *beep* No controllers detected, Lead Armiger. Moving Secrecy banner to primary configuration.
[20:10] <@Gabriel> +com+ Patience. Caelin, talk to me, please.
[20:10] <@Roland> ::the drone flopping around nearby, he holsters the HHC and draws the LPLC while switching his targetting to the drone to his west::
[20:10] <@Delgado> +com+ Shouldn't someone stop that thing from thrashing around before it alerts its brothers?
[20:11] <@Roland> ::begins stepping, slowly, towards teh other drone::
[20:11] <@Gabriel> ::points Roland toward the one to the west:: +com+ Be ready, Erinyes.
01[20:11] <@Savant> The two flanking drones, previously having been making a beeline for Pathfinder, have now spread out wide, getting away from the death of their kin. It's poor luck, as the move has made them flank to the Talons as well.
[20:11] <@Caelin> ::sighs and switches coms back to tynes::+com+ captain, it appears these drones have been on their own for some time, their programming may have been corrupted by the radiation
[20:12] <@Gabriel> +com+ Very well. Erinyes, take the western, attempt to disable and capture. ::heads for the southern one::
01[20:13] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ [as] Do we even use the same contact codes as these things?
[20:13] <@Roland> +com+ Roger that
[20:14] <@Detro> ::Whirls his gear about:: +com+ Put those drones down, they're broadcasting!
[20:14] <@Caelin> ::nods at tynes' suggestion::+com+wait!
[20:14] <@Roland> >BLAM<
[20:15] <@Marshall> ::opens up with his medium autocannon::
[20:16] <@Gabriel> ::waits for Roland to shoot, then shoots himself, then winces at the VERY loud noise from Marshall's weapon::
[20:16] <@Gabriel> +com+ Castle, hold your fire.
[20:16] <@Caelin> +coms+ i would like to make one more attempt at contact!
01[20:17] <@Savant> The Talons make short work of the scuttling drones - these scouts haven't got stealth even close to Sleca or the modern Koglunders. After the moment passes the two survivors are torn apart wrecks.
[20:17] <@Marshall> +com+ Roger, Zealot. Castle is no joy.
[20:17] <@Gabriel> +com+ Negative, Caelin, not if they're transmitting. We've got one on the ground for you to look at.
[20:17] <@Roland> ::twirls the LPLC in his manipulator for a moment then drops it back onto its attach point on his hip::
[20:18] <@Gabriel> +com+ Erinyes, remind me to review with you what "disable and capture" means. ::somewhat amused voice::
[20:19] <@Caelin> +subcom+::to freja::[as]thanks for reminding me ::sends some new contact parameters to sleca despite the fact that the others are intent of subdueing the old drone::
[20:19] <@Caelin> ::well old contact parameters as the case would be::
[20:19] <@Gabriel> ::heads back for the one that was beheaded to pick it up:: +com+ But later. For now, continue northeast, see if you can scout out where those came from.
[20:19] <@Roland> +com+ ::clicks his mic::
01[20:19] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Captain, we're going to start prelim work, but we've still got at least two hours out here. If you can let me vent some heat, I can spead that up.
[20:20] <@Detro> ::sighs, turns back to his sweeps::
[20:21] <@Gabriel> +com+ At your discretion, Lieutenant Lemnos. I'd just as soon move on from this particular location.
[20:22] <@Gabriel> ::scoops up the headless drone, limiting its movement as much as he can::
01[20:22] <@Savant> Gabriel is in fact first to see it; Zealot registers movement to the northwest. Roland a few moments later through the trees. Three long-legged, clamshell-bodied Autos clambering out of the closest forest, their metal skin as mottled as the dead Ferdslecas
01[20:23] <@Savant> More movement, discernible only as the turn of artificial legs in the shadows of the trees, registers behind them, alnog with the glint of black cameras against the dark sky.
[20:24] <@Roland> Oh come on.
[20:24] <@Gabriel> +com+ Springer, Castle, move to address northeast. Caelin, Scild, you receiving this? I'd value your input.
[20:24] <@Roland> Middle of fucking nowhere. Of course there's drones. It's Utopia. ::pulls the LPLC out again::
[20:25] <@Gabriel> ::is still keeping his cool, but he can now see the day, sometime very soon, when he's going to forget to be polite when phrasing requests of the Utopians::
[20:25] <@Marshall> +com+ *click*
[20:25] <@Delgado> What the hell is that? ::clicks her coms once as she starts moving to intercept... whatever the hell is coming at them::
[20:25] <@Detro> ::is starting to feel very lonely out on the eastern front::
01[20:25] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ Oh, heofon. They've gone rogue.
[20:27] <@Gabriel> ::sets down the one he's carrying and goes hull down to use it as cover:: +com+ Thank you, Scildfreja, I think we can use your help up here identifying their power source, if you please.
[20:27] <@Caelin> +subcom+it's possible, only way to confirm is to try contact with older codes
01[20:28] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ They've probably still got their company Ambithera, they're charging their batteries from that. I'll come up.
01[20:29] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
[20:29] <@Caelin> +subcom+ i'm on my way too, i want to get a closer look at, and don't want it heavily damaged if possible
01[20:29] <@Savant> well, there we go. Not quiet a zombie army, but it's not far off Wink
[20:29] <@Delgado> ZOMBIE SQUI---- .... ZOMBIE DRONES
[20:30] <@Marshall> zomg
01[20:30] <@Savant> i hope you are prepared to face the shambling hordes
01[20:30] <@Savant> questions?
[20:30] <@Roland> I hate drones.
[20:30] <@Roland> Though that's more of a comment, I guess. Wink
01[20:31] <@Savant> well, didn't you come to the wrong planet?
[20:31] <@Gabriel> Sounds like fun. Too bad they don't give bounties.
01[20:32] <@Savant> tehre are lots and lots of them here Wink
[20:32] <@Caelin> lol
[20:32] <@Detro> Does a tool arm count as a Salvager? Smile
01[20:32] <@Savant> let's see here. one point for teamwork. tell me about your teamwork today.
[20:32] <@Caelin> we could bring the corpses back to new troy for recycling:)
[20:32] <@Detro> Nobody shot at each other.
[20:33] <@Gabriel> I completely failed to buy Scotty a touch typing tutor program. Wink
[20:33] <@Gabriel> Must type faster, must type faster. Wink
01[20:33] <@Savant> meheehee
[20:33] <@Caelin> it wouldn't have worked, i took keyboarding in grade 9 and pretty much failed that
01[20:33] <@Savant> you can do it. we believe in you
[20:34] <@Gabriel> Anyway, nice clean dispersal, nice threat identification, every body moved well as a team.
01[20:34] <@Savant> i think everyone did a fairly good job at the teamwork today, I agree. One point.
01[20:34] <@Savant> Storyline point. learn anything new and important?
[20:35] <@Delgado> Drones are roving around the countryside all crazy-like by themselves?
01[20:35] <@Savant> yes Smile
[20:35] <@Caelin> it probably would have gone better if caelin had remembered that contact coded would have changed several times over the years and that he should have tried an obsolete code first
[20:35] <@Detro> You're never near a garage when your car needs fixing?
[20:36] <@Gabriel> Pathfinder can cross a half-million light-years with no trouble, but a four hour flight through air is apparently a problem.
[20:36] <@Gabriel> Wink
01[20:36] <@Savant> you awlays get a flat at the worst possible time Wink
[20:36] <@Caelin> would have been nice even if these drones were rogue, we could have retaken control of them:)
[20:37] <@Marshall> psh. Shoot first. Questions later. Wink
[20:37] <@Detro> Heh. Just like the TARDIS. Flies through time and space. Through the air... not much so.
[20:37] <@Caelin> in the air it's just a falling police box
01[20:38] <@Savant> good enough for two Smile
01[20:38] <@Savant> i will give you three if you can tell me what you plan on doing to the SHAMBLING HORRORS next week?
[20:39] <@Marshall> shoots them?
[20:39] <@Caelin> hell maybe its still possible to retake control of the drones, if caelin could get to the ambithera he might be able to reset their programming?
[20:39] <@Detro> Retreat to the Nebucanezzar and fire off the EMP.
[20:39] <@Gabriel> Capture their power supply. A power supply that provides power for years? Want.
[20:39] <@Roland> MIRPs. Lots of MIRPs.
[20:40] <@Caelin> jester, how long do you think the fusion bottles of the fury can last?
[20:40] <@Gabriel> Fusion bottles on the Fury = size of a freakin' building.
[20:41] <@Marshall> Lots of things can go wrong in something that size =)
01[20:41] <@Savant> any other plans?
01[20:41] <@Savant> sounds like explosions so far.
[20:41] <@Caelin> well remember, caelin and freja have in their posession a state of the art ambithera:P
[20:41] <@Gabriel> Thanks for mentioning that. Oh wait. You didn't, until this moment. Wink
[20:41] <@Detro> Ever seen what happens to the military guys in a zombie flick? Wink
[20:42] <@Detro> Y'know, the ones that should theoretically kick zombie ass? Wink
[20:42] <@Caelin> you knew we had an ambithera
[20:42] <@Gabriel> So yeah, the chance to capture another Zed-PM? We're takin' that. Wink
01[20:42] <@Savant> I will spill the beans and say that Ambithera just means "servant".
[20:42] <@Marshall> Oh God. Not the SGA referance. Wink
01[20:42] <@Savant> it's the name for an entire class of Autos.
[20:42] <@Caelin> and i'm pretty sure caelin or scilfreja and given some clues about our ambithera
01[20:43] <@Savant> anyways Smile three points, well done and all that, and I will see you next week I hope
[20:43] <@Roland> What are we at now?
[20:43] <@Marshall> 565
[20:43] <@Caelin> how many points did we get for last week's semigame?
[20:43] <@Gabriel> First time I heard ambithera was when we visited the one that was building sized that the miner guy lived in.
[20:44] <@Gabriel> This definitely has the feel of something somewhat smaller. Wink
[20:44] <@Marshall> We have an Ambithera in our vehicle bay. It's a tank sized one =)
01[20:44] <@Savant> i am sure you heard the word Ambithera on Caprice, when Caelin and Scildfreja's Ambithera walked in on you all.
01[20:44] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- Tocymea -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Tocymea in Session'
[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Fraser> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Birkin> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Delgado> ::att::
[18:30] <@Caelin> ::Attn but brb::
03[18:31] * Fraser is now known as Roland
01[18:31] <@Savant> good evening, and welcome to yet another episode of the Black Talons! In this episode we discover what the Talons think of zombie robot bugs.
[18:31] <@Roland> Power maaiiiiiiiiiiiiiins
01[18:31] <@Savant> are you excited? I'm excited.
01[18:31] <@Savant> hide your capacitors D:
[18:32] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:32] <@Caelin> back
01[18:32] <@Savant> any questions before the briefing?
01[18:32] <@Savant> this will be combat... esque.
01[18:32] <@Savant> let's brief you.
01[18:32] <@Savant> Tocymea
01[18:32] <@Savant> 13 December UC462 (25 Autumn TN1946), 0430h - (Very) Early Morning
01[18:32] <@Savant> South Etrusca, Utopia
01[18:32] <@Savant> 6 degrees C, overcast, low radiation (0.5 Rads/hr)
01[18:32] <@Savant> The dead rest uneasily on Utopia. That's certainly what it feels like with a swarm of decrepid and abandoned Autos closing in. You set down to effect repairs on Pathfinder's engines, only to find that your landing zone was already occupied - just not by the living. An old Koglund army wanders these hills still.
01[18:32] <@Savant> They have mistaken you for being hostile and are acting accordingly, though they are old and broken down, clearly without wardens. How exactly could they still be functioning at all? Are Utopian drones so sophisticated that they can operate this long, isolated, by themselves?
01[18:32] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:32] <@Detro> ack
[18:33] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:33] <@Roland> ack
[18:33] <@Birkin> ack
01[18:33] <@Savant> and I am ready for questions.
[18:33] <@Marshall> ack
01[18:33] <@Savant> brown areas are open terrain, green areas are light forest.
[18:33] <@Caelin> ack
01[18:33] <@Savant> so, walker in the forest, and wheels in the open.
[18:34] <@Gabriel> Light forest = woodland?
01[18:34] <@Savant> yes
01[18:34] <@Savant> no other questions?
01[18:35] <@Savant> seems no. let's go.
01[18:35] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:35] <@Savant> The collection of drones approach, quickly and with ruthless efficiency. They operate with as much organization and skill as any commander would hope his troops to have, though the way some of their age-cracked armour plates clatter or the way rust and dust move about them makes them seem less professional.
01[18:35] <@Savant> It does, however, make them seem all the more terrible. Like metal-bodied monsters clawed up from old graves, complete with moss and mould upon them that has not yet punctured their tough hides, they churn forwards. Smaller groups spread around the flanks, so far as you can tell. Perhaps more are out there, blending in
01[18:35] <@Savant> as much due to their mouldering state as to their stealth systems. Perhaps others lay in wait further out. Perhaps more are on the way - an entire army, abandoned and lost, still clinging to their final orders beyond all reason.
[18:42] <@Gabriel> +com+ Everyone form up on the northeast side of Pathfinder, defensive line! Anything you get a visual on, kill it! Anything that hangs back, let it live. I don't want these things seeing Pathfinder. ::turns to address the threat and starts scanning for their comm channel::
[18:45] <@Caelin> ::frowns a bit as he starts moving out::+com+if possible i'd rather the drones be disabled and not destroyed, freja and i will take sleca and search for the ambithera, you...just keep the auto's busy
[18:46] <@Gabriel> +com+ Very well, Caelin. Got a mark on a transmitter for you. ::sends coordinates:: Detro, got a frequency for you. ::sends him the frequency:: See if you can jam it.
[18:46] <@Birkin> +com+ Acknowledged Lead.
01[18:46] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods at Caelin:: +subcom+ We'll find the Ambithera. Be careful of the ones that will try to flank you.
[18:47] <@Detro> +com+ ::mike click, swinging Uchiwa back around towards the east and powering up the ECM module::
[18:48] <@Caelin> ::accepts the coords and feeds them to sleca::+com+sleca search those coordinates and report, do not engage targets
01[18:49] <@Savant> Right on cue to Scildfreja's warning, a sleca-looking drone, big as a horse, pauses in the firest to look out at the bettlefield before hunkering down low again. It's moving around the outer flank of the battlefield, presumably not alone.
[18:50] <@Roland> +com+ I'll cut their flank easily enough...::flips his fire control circuits to the MIRPs::
[18:50] <@Marshall> +com+ Got another incoming. Zero-Eight-Zero Relative, presume hostile.
01[18:50] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ *beep* Acknowledged Lead Armiger, dropping assault banners. Advancing.
[18:51] <@Gabriel> ::watches it pop up on his tactical computer:: +com+ Got it. Castle, Uchiwa, swing south a bit. Mirror Erinyes and Hades on the north. Don't let anything by you.
[18:52] <@Marshall> +com+ ::click click::
[18:53] <@Detro> ::focuses the jammer on the drone communications frequency provided by Tynes::
[18:53] <@Roland> ::hits a couple of switches and pops open the caps on the MIRP pack, and soon a salvo of rockets are launching across the landscape, the first of which slam into the nearest drone while the rest track behind it and northwards to cut off the drones from flanking the group::
01[18:55] <@Savant> Roland's salvo burns a glowing streak into the green landscape, and soon the forest is alight. The drone is burning as well, though it is still moving beneath the coating of iridescent and flaming gel.
01[18:56] <@Savant> The drones continue their advance, but as Detro's jammer fires up their co-ordination seems a little less precise. Still formidable, but less choreographed.
[18:57] <@Roland> ::as the drones burn, he raises the LPLC and tracks the next drone in the chain -- the range is a little long, but he doesn't have much use to work with right now, and the bazooka was surely overkill::
01[18:59] <@Savant> Roland's shot impacts squarely between two plates of armour, at an articulation. It shears two legs from the body of the machine, and it flops to the ground, sparking and continuing its advance, crawling as best it can. It's a pitiful sight.
[18:59] <@Gabriel> +com+ Erinyes, give me a sweep across that whole area, please. Make it clear to whatever dummy intelligence is back there that they aren't coming through THIS way.
[19:00] <@Roland> ::flicks the wrist of Erinyes slightly to the right to track to the third bug in the chain:: +com+ Blow more stuff up? I dunno...I'm really a pacifist. But if you insist. ::fires the LPLC again::
[19:02] <@Birkin> ::draws up a bead on the three incomming drones, launching his first slavo before turning to the second only to see it as a hulking remains and going onto the third drone:: Damn kill stealers
[19:02] <@Gabriel> +com+ Hades, you missed the one to the east. Take it out, please. I want a devastating alpha strike here. Send a message.
[19:03] <@Birkin> +com+ Aye sir. To the east. ::finds the other wayward drone and locks in on it::
01[19:04] <@Savant> Roland and Birkin unleash hell into the line of Autos.Rocket fire backlights the twisted and still moving wreckage, still vainly trying to crawl forward towards their enemies so long as there is power and a limb that moves.
[19:04] <@Birkin> ::watches it for half a second to gague its movement and then fires off another rocket at it::
[19:05] <@Caelin> ::glances in freja's direction::+subcom+[as]odd that he would think autos can be intimidated
01[19:05] <@Savant> Birkin's shot is clean and the distant machine has little opportunity to avoid the blast. the missile impacts at the thing's feet, not quite hitting it, but the explosion is powerful enough to tear it apart all the same.
01[19:06] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::nods once, sparing Caelin a return glance:: +subcom+ [as] I don't understand.
[19:06] <@Gabriel> +com+ Very good, team. Uchiwa, get up here quick as you can.
[19:07] <@Gabriel> +com+ Erinyes, cut a bit more north and west. Make sure they're not flanking us.
[19:07] <@Marshall> +com+ Multiple bandits. Right where the last ones were.
[19:08] <@Caelin> ::looks at the video feed from sleca and starts to follow::
01[19:08] <@Savant> More things come out from the trees. Two of them -another one of the long-legged spider Autos and what looks to be a massive toaster on treads - a rectangular body with a large rack on its black and a pair of guns on either side.
01[19:08] <@Savant> (on its back)
01[19:10] <@Savant> The rolling drone angles its rack, spreads a pair of fins, and.... and nothing. A few lonesome sparks spray out from its mounting joint.
[19:11] <@Birkin> ::gets a good set of images on the drone that just tried to rocket them::
[19:12] <@Birkin> +com+ ... I think we were supposed to get hit there.
[19:12] <@Caelin> +com+ show me the auto
[19:12] <@Marshall> +com+ Looks like a weps malfuction. We should take it out before it decides to fall back on those cannons.
[19:13] <@Birkin> ::links into Caelin and sends him the images he has of the drone, and the sparks and where they were coming from::
01[19:13] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ *beep* We have encountered the enemy, Lead Armiger. Raising stealth banners. Transmitting.
[19:14] <@Roland> ::mutters quietly to himself:: First wave? Second wave? One of a hundred? ::lets out another pair of sharp ZOTs with the LPLC at the approaching drones::
[19:15] <@Roland> <<scratch that>>
[19:16] <@Detro> ::motors along, pulsing the ECM jamming system to keep the drones suppressed in their electronic world::
01[19:16] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::begins to flat-out run::
[19:16] <@Roland> ::gets Erinyes moving, looping around to the right in a 270 degree turn that ends with him facing north against the flanking group as well as the group approaching from the right, opening up with the MIRP again::
[19:17] <@Gabriel> ::makes sure Erinyes knows about the flanking force, then nods:: +com+ Erinyes, Hades, flankers are yours. Castle, that leaves the eastern guys for us.
[19:17] <@Caelin> ::picks up the pace as well:: +com+ thats an Edwylm, assault and fire support auto, that particular one has a rocketpack and particle weapons
[19:18] <@Marshall> +com+ Castle. Engaging.
[19:18] <@Birkin> +com+ Master Ranger, put the hurt on those three and let me know if you need assistance taking them down I'll focus on the two in front of us.
[19:21] <@Caelin> +com+ keep in mind most of their weapons should be unuseable, like that edwylm's rockets, but i honestly have know idea if their energy based weapons would have degraded as much, one thing's for sure, they'll still be very dangerous if you let them get too close
01[19:23] <@Savant> Roland's rockets arc up into the air, slamming down into the firest some distance away - but he can't make out the aged drones for the trees, as it were, and isn't sure he got anything.
01[19:26] <@Savant> Meanwhile, more movement - Rolands' bombardment is short lived as they quickly evacuate the burning fields around them, heading around the flank as they were before.
[19:28] <@Caelin> ::brings up his rifle as he spots movement in the trees::
[19:28] <@Marshall> ::sweeps Northeast so he's directly south of the enemy autos and brings the autocannon up::
[19:30] <@Gabriel> ::swings out of the treeline long enough to sweep a line of tracers along the two closer drones, then falls back to his previous position to check his tactical computer::
[19:30] <@Birkin> ::moves it over to the West, stopping to the right of Freja as he prepares to launch a slavo against the drones::
[19:31] <@Caelin> ::as birkin come into view::+com+careful what you shoot, sleca's in there
[19:31] <@Birkin> +com+ I see her.
01[19:33] <@Savant> The Autos do well against Gabriel's attack - that spidery one in the lead seems remarkably agile for something that looks as if it might fall apart at any moment.
[19:33] <@Birkin> +com+ Can Sleca relay me information without being caught? Give me the exact coordinates?
01[19:34] <@Savant> Marshall's shot slams square into an armour plate - and pierces through it in a cloud of white corrosion and red rust. The machine continues walking on, stopped only as it thumps into a tree, then begins to press against it as if unaware of it being there.
[19:36] <@Caelin> ::relays the information he's been receiving from sleca to birkin::+com+ i could do this too
[19:37] <@Gabriel> ::watches Marshall destroy one, but miss the other:: +com+ You missed a spot, Castle. Get the other one, please.
[19:38] <@Marshall> +com+ Rocket up.
[19:39] <@Marshall> ::pulls the trigger and the fire control system looses a single rocket at the large drone auto::
[19:40] <@Marshall> +com+ Target hit. Looks like it's still rolling.
01[19:40] <@Savant> Marshall's shot blasts into the side of the drone, blowing its tracks. It begins to swerve as its wheels dig in, but it quickly adjusts its steering.
01[19:43] <@Savant> The beleaguered box-on-half-treads apparently gives up on its ineffectual rockets and levels its two rifle-weapons at MArshall, who has been kind enough to come out into the open for him.
01[19:44] <@Savant> One of them just sparks. The other lets out a coruscating stab of lightning
[19:45] <@Marshall> ::swirves to the side:: +com+ Hunh. Shooting back now. Would you kindly just -die-?
01[19:45] <@Savant> The shot goes wide, but only just - sears a hot line across the loamy earth as the Auto struggles to crawl its way back into cover.
[19:47] <@Caelin> ::sends some commands to sleca and swings it's cameras around to get views and calculate coordinates of the surrounding feldslecas, before sending them to birkin::
[19:49] <@Birkin> ::gets the coordinates:: +com+ Much appreciated Caelin. ::targets the coordinates with great percision and lets fly with the HRP::
[19:50] <@Gabriel> +com+ Keep the pressure on up there, Hades.
01[19:52] <@Savant> Birkin lets the rockets fly, and the camera footage from Sleca is horrific. To its credit the Auto does the right thing and stays entirely still, huddled to the ground as explosions rain down all around. When its tail camera opens its shutters, the three enemy Autos have been reduced to scrap.
[19:52] <@Birkin> +com+ I have video confirmation they're down with the first attack sir.
01[19:53] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ *beep* Threat neutralized. Thank you Support Armigers. Proceeding with mission.
[19:53] <@Gabriel> ::grins a bit at nearly the entirety of BT05 being referred to as "support"::
[19:56] <@Marshall> ::curses:: God damnit. +com+ We've got more of them. I'm getting flanked here. Gonna fall back.
01[19:56] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ [as] Caelin. Should we put to the air?
[19:56] <@Gabriel> +com+ Acknowledged, cut them off. Uchiwa, we could really use your help up here.
[19:57] <@Detro> +com+ Understood. Vectoring new heading, 105.
[19:58] <@Caelin> ::thinks for a moment then nods::+subcom+alright, lets get above the trees
01[19:59] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ *beep* Enemy autos sighted. Transmitting positions. ::sends the data to Caelin and Scildfreja::
[19:59] <@Roland> ::picks up some additional drones on his sensors and gets Erinyes moving, trouncing through the forest towards the targets in the hopes of getting a better shot::
01[19:59] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ Sleca, broadcast targetting information to all friendlies.
01[19:59] <@Savant> 5Sleca Recon Drone> +subcom+ *beep* Yes, Lead Armiger. Transmitting.
[20:00] <@Birkin> +com+ Uchiwa you call out if you need help taking care of those flankers, I'll stay cool until the last minute to aid you if needed.
01[20:01] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Scildfreja nods, crouches, and then leaps up into the air, p[ushed aloft with a sudden burst from the thrusters on the back of her suit.::
[20:02] <@Marshall> +com+ I've got an airborne.. ::turns and looks:: Never mind. So jealous.
[20:02] <@Roland> ::picks up the information and feeds it into his fire control computer -- it's enough that he can get a reasonable lock on one or two of the drones, so he lets half of his remaining four rockets go, the smoke trails wisping out over the treetops::
[20:03] <@Detro> ::flies past Pathfinder, bringing his sights on one drone... then slightly past it, splitting the difference and hoping the concussion wave will hit both drones... he lets fly a precious ABM::
01[20:05] <@Savant> Rolands' rockets leave thin black whisps across the black sky and slam down against the drones - he can't see, but he can see Sleca's footage, which shows both of the targets still moving, but alight with fire.
[20:06] <@Detro> ::and watches it sear its way across the field, guided by the sniper system::
01[20:06] <@Savant> Detro's shot makes a much more impressive fireball, one that consumens the drones entirely as well as lighting the field aflame. The two vehicles inside keep advancing, like ghosts inside of the fire.
[20:06] <@Caelin> ::makes a not so dramatic jump as his thrusters light up and take him into the air::
[20:09] <@Gabriel> +com+ Request coordinates of inbounds, Erinyes and Uchiwa.
01[20:11] <@Savant> More - *more* of them show up around Roland, as if drawn by his rocket fire. Each is one of the rolling pillboxes, outfitted with heavier fire. It looks like at least one of them has an intact rocketpack, too.
[20:11] <@Detro> ::with the drones lit up by the explosion, it's not too hard for Detro to tag their coordinates for the rest of the Talon::
[20:12] <@Roland> +com+ Jussa sec. ::blasts the drone closing on him with the LPLC, while nonchalantly relaying the coordinates of the other drones popping out of the woodwork -- highlighting the one of them that looks like still might be packing some serious weaponry::
01[20:15] <@Savant> Roland's shot is inerringly precise. He puts the shot squarely through one of the central sensor eyes of the machine, blasting through its core and out the other side. The machine stops, frozen still.
01[20:16] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> :Surprisedn her way over, Scildfreja targets one of the larger rolling drones and broadcasts' its co-ordinates to the others::
[20:17] <@Caelin> ::also spots one of the edwylm autos and transmits coords to the others::
[20:21] <@Marshall> ::gets the firing coordinates for a group of targets north of him and unleashes a rocket barrage, then switfy turns and moves back to cover::
[20:21] <@Gabriel> ::spins up the forearm-mounted, CEF-supplied ABM launcher and waits for the results of Marshall's fire::
01[20:23] <@Savant> The multiple camera angles and various footage feeds show a withering arc of smoke and fire raise up from MArshall's position and sweep serenely down into he light forest. Explosions echo in the hills and the forest burns as the Autos within are torn apart.
[20:23] <@Marshall> +com+ Splash a buncha bad guys. Yeehaw!
[20:23] <@Gabriel> ::sees that Marshall has done a fine job to the north so turns his attention to the east and looses an ABM::
[20:25] <@Gabriel> +com+ Pathfinder, how you doing? Any activity to the south or west?
01[20:25] <@Savant> What Detro's ABM started, Gabriel's finishes. This one blasts into the already upset Autos, sending hot metal across the plains.
01[20:26] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ No activity out there. We've got the engines open. I took the liberty of venting the heat. Prophet knows you're doing enough of it already out there.
[20:27] <@Gabriel> +com+ ::laughs despite himself:: Understood. How long until we can lift?
01[20:27] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ I think I'm picking up a broadcast. It must be the Ambithera.
[20:28] <@Caelin> ::looks over the field of destruct and sighs::+subcom+what's it saying?
[20:28] <@Gabriel> ::grins even more when the last few blips on the tactical computer wink out:: +com+ Acknowledged, Scildfreja. Erinyes, provide escort, please.
01[20:28] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Two hours to actually fix it, or twenty minutes to get in the air for a few hours and get out of this hot zone.
[20:29] <@Detro> ::winces, looking at the ECM readout:: Damn that thing is loud...
01[20:29] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ It's calling for help. I don't think it has much of an Autoguard left.
[20:29] <@Roland> +com+ ::clicks his mic in acknoledgement and starts moving over towards Freja::
[20:29] <@Birkin> +com+ Even old broken down drones seem to have quite the bite in them.
[20:30] <@Gabriel> +com+ Actually fix it, please, Lieutenant. This is turning out to be quite an acceptable little training exercise.
01[20:30] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> :hops again, and pops out broad paraglider wings from the back of her armiger. She glances wordlessly towards Erinyes before gliding towards the source of the broadcast.::
[20:31] <@Roland> ::shakes his head inside the cockpit:: Any other tricks those fucking things have up their sleeves?
01[20:31] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ Yes, sir. ::quieter, as Aggie is facing away from the microphone:: You heard the man, get on the roof!
[20:32] <@Birkin> +com+ Roland didn't you disable one? Perhaps we should have a look at it up closer.
[20:32] <@Roland> +com+ I did. Shortly afterwards you turned it into slag.
[20:33] <@Caelin> +subcom+i'm gonna try to send an acknowledgment to quiet it down ::attempts to send a signal in the direction of the noise remembering that he'd need to use an old encryption for this ambithera::
[20:33] <@Marshall> +com+ I think I found it... ::kicks some dirt onto it to put it out::
[20:33] <@Detro> ::doesn't go haring off into the wild like the others -- Pathfinder may have weapons, but she's immobile, and having a mobile defense could be key if more drones show up. He takes up station, opposite of Delgado, but within position to support either her or the rest of the Talon if needed::
[20:33] <@Birkin> +com+ That was another one. Look into your first fire spot there.
[20:34] <@Birkin> +com+ Careful Lang, don't get so close that it can blow up on you.
01[20:34] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Swoops upwards dramatically, and then as the glider stalls out in its ascent she folds her wings back in and gives a short puff of rocket to control her descent.::
[20:34] <@Roland> ::glances back over Erinyes' shoulder as he moves into formation with Freja:: Oh, hey, what do you know? Auto flambee.
[20:34] <@Marshall> ::pulls it out of the fire and continues to try to put the thing out::
01[20:37] <@Savant> 5Drone> ::glares at Marshall with its multiple glassy, inhuman eyes from inside the fire::
[20:37] <@Caelin> ::follows freja landing a few meters from her::
[20:37] <@Birkin> +com+ Lang! Put the damn thing down now!
[20:38] <@Marshall> +com+ Put it down? I ain't touchin that thing!
01[20:38] <@Savant> The Utopians and Roland come upon a short rise, choosing to creep up to the edge instead of parading across it. The broadcasts are coming from the other side of the hill.
[20:38] <@Gabriel> ::keeps his attention on the main scouting mission, confident that Birkin can handle Marshall::
[20:39] <@Detro> +com+ What's he trying to do, mate it with his gear?
[20:40] <@Caelin> ::smiles as his signal gets through::+com+[AS] ambithera, report
[20:40] <@Marshall> ::continues kicking dirt on the auto::
[20:40] <@Roland> ::gets Erinyes low, and lets Freja move ahead first -- at least he thinks that's what he's doing, considering the active camo on the armiger makes it near impossible to spot her outside of the tactical grid::
[20:40] <@Birkin> +com+ You -were- Keep a fair distance from it. ::to Detro:: No put it out. Can you go see if we have any more of the fire fighting foam in Pathfinder Sous-Sergant.
01[20:40] <@Savant> Marshall moves Castle close as he circles the Auto in its bonfire. It moves, all at once - it swivels one of its' two weapons, flopping the thing upside down. It repeats the process, flopping itself right-side up and a few meters to its side-mostly out of the fire. As if learning to walk again.
[20:41] <@Detro> +com+ Sure thing. Just a tic. Think I saw that stuff buried in the way back... ::motors Uchiwa over to Pathfinder and into the cargo bay::
[20:41] <@Marshall> ::brings up a vibroblade, specifically aiming for the weapons, and brings the blade across, just to make sure that it was done shooting::
01[20:41] <@Savant> Caelin speaks to the disembodied voice, and it surprisingly answeres, in a surprisingly pleasant, rich female voice.
[20:42] <@Gabriel> ::moves carefully through the trees to keep the scouting party in support distance::
[20:42] <@Detro> ::after a few minutes of rummaging around, he locates it and the water supply for it::
01[20:42] <@Savant> 5Ambithera Service Drone> +subcom+ Unknown citizen, please report with your name and position. You are not on my authority lists.
01[20:43] <@Savant> 5Drone> ::The flopping drone swivels again, its weapons angling with painful slowness towards Castle::
[20:44] <@Caelin> +subcom+ [AS] Caelin Osbearn, Lead Armiger for the deep city of Troy, of course when you were deployed i would have been a rookie
[20:44] <@Detro> ::once outside Pathfinder, Detro trundles across the battlefield to Marshall::
[20:45] <@Birkin> +com+ I can trust you to keep ahead of that turret right Ranger?
01[20:46] <@Savant> 5Ambithera Service Drone> +subcom+ [AS] Please report your combat theatre sir.
[20:46] <@Marshall> +com+ I appreciate the concern, sir.. ::hack hack hack:: But I can take care ::hack hack:: of myself.
[20:47] <@Caelin> +subcom+[AS]Seven Hills, and Seven Cities Sit Below
01[20:47] <@Savant> Castle reaches forward and almost casually shears off the barrel off of the drone with a few good sawing cuts. The drone flops about, trying to use the ruined thing as a bludgeon.
[20:47] <@Birkin> ::preforms his first of probably many Gear Facepalsm in Hades:: +com+ Lang you're in charge of repairing that thing if we can convert it to our side.
[20:47] <@Detro> ::motors up next to Marshall:: +com+ Which is why you nearly set yourself on fire I take it? ::triggers the water "Flamer"::
[20:47] <@Marshall> +com+ I would be in charge of that anyway, sir.
01[20:48] <@Savant> 5Ambithera Service Drone> +subcom+ [AS] I have added you to my authority roster, sir. I am damanged. I have lost my Autoguard. I have not been given orders in eleven years, three months. I have lost contact with the City.
[20:48] <@Roland> ::waits patiently on the other side of the rise from the Ambithera, listening to Caelin's discussion with it...though not understanding much::
01[20:49] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::notes Rolands' silence and dutifully whispers into her mic, translating the conversation so that the others would understand::
01[20:50] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ It's friendly. Any Autoguard shouldn't be a problem, now.
[20:50] <@Roland> +com+ Good thing it can't hold a grudge...
[20:50] <@Birkin> +com+ Any change in that drones demenor Sous-Sergant.
01[20:51] <@Savant> After the course of a good few moments of spraying, the drone is smouldering and smoking, and still twitching pathetically. so are a few others, still dragging themselves across the burning fields like trauma victims.
[20:51] <@Detro> ::as he sprays water over the burning drone:: I just hope to hell this thing doesn't short circuit...
[20:52] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Roland's statment:: +com+ Caelin, is that typical for an ambithera to just accept the word of anyone it encounters, or are you using some form of authorization?
01[20:53] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::activates her active camo and creeps overtop the ridgeline of the hill - at least presumably that's what she does. it's hard to make her out against the black-on-black of the forest and hills.::
[20:53] <@Birkin> ::moves up to some of the other drones:: +com+ They're still moving, you should probably get them to stop moving so they don't break more parts on themselves.
[20:53] <@Detro> ::upon saying that, figures he'd better drop ECM anyways::
[20:54] <@Roland> ::stays put, not wanting to startle the support drone::
[20:54] <@Detro> ::continues spraying until the drone bonfire is out::
01[20:54] <@Savant> As soon as the ECM drops, the wriggling parts stop trying to crawl away from one another, towards their enemies. Some stop moving entirely, others start to pull towards one another.
[20:55] <@Caelin> ::frowns a bit::+subcom+[AS]acknowledge, alot has changed in that time, i'd like to take you home ::switches::+com+ it's a series of passcodes and frequencies used for authorization, luckily i in active duty when this unit was deployed so i remembered some of the old codes
[20:55] <@Caelin> <<i was in active duty>>
01[20:56] <@Savant> Scildfreja's still broadcasting from her Armiger to the rest of the Talons. It takes awhile to make out the black shape of the Ambithera, as not only is it camouflaged by age and paint, but it seems as if the Autos that were its escort used brush and foliage to hide it further. Once she switches to infared, though, it's ahrd to not spot the hulking brute.
[20:56] <@Roland> +com+ Do we even have room for that thing?
[20:57] <@Gabriel> +com+ Remember all that food you ate, Senior Sergeant?
01[20:57] <@Savant> It's as tall as a double decker bus, yet wider and longer, and supported by several bulky treads beneath. Omnicams stud the long body, and various ports open gently along its sides. Batteries can be seen hidden within them.
[20:58] <@Roland> +com+ I didn't eat this much.
01[20:59] <@Savant> Hidden amongst the trees are more crates and piles - the largest pile is a tidily organized stack of Auto parts salvaged from wrecks. A few crates of field rations, tanks of water - all the things a Company on the march would need.
[21:00] <@Gabriel> ::frowns, wondering what a Trojan force was doing all the way out here, but not voicing the question::
01[21:00] <@Savant> 5Ambithera Service Drone> +subcom+ The camp is prepared, sirs. I am incapable of movement, but my fusion cell is still functioning. Tents are also available.
[21:01] <@Gabriel> ::nods, suspicions confirmed, and notes in his Gear's memory core for later download the size and shape of the ambithera::
[21:01] <@Detro> ::job done, he brings the water flamer back to Pathfinder::
01[21:02] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::stops by a stack of mossy crates, putting her hand upon one before replying, almost sounding emotional.:: +subvoc+ [AS] Thank you, Ambithera. You have done very well.
01[21:03] <@Savant> 5Ambithera Service Drone> +subcom+ [AS] Thank you, sir. Do you have access to repair facilities? I do not function. My autoguards do not function.
[21:04] <@Detro> +com+ I'd worry more about how heavy it is. I mean, couldn't we rig up our gears in tandem to haul it to the ship?
[21:04] <@Caelin> +subcom+[AS] we have an aircraft nearby it has limited facilities for repair but we may be able to transport you back
01[21:05] <@Savant> A pair of thick-legged, bulky spider-Autos come forward from the shadows, their backs studded with tool racks and their arms slung low - many of the tools are missing,a nd one of them is missing both of its hands, but they approach like eager puppies.
[21:05] <@Marshall> +com+ I think it'd be easier to get the motor functions working again, then drive it back to Pathfinder.
[21:05] <@Detro> +com+ Or we fix Pathfinder, and take Pathfinder to the Ambithingy.
[21:06] <@Detro> ::resumes patrol near Pathfinder::
01[21:06] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::puts her hand on the "heads" of the two Autofacturers and pats them like puppies:: +subcom+ [AS] We'll fix you.
[21:06] <@Gabriel> +com+ Caelin, I'd like some kind of confirmation that the ambithera is safe before I'll agree to take it aboard. But yes, if I can be convinced of that, I have no problem with transporting it.
[21:08] <@Detro> ::something jogs his memory as he retraces his first steps from when they landed:: +com+ Um, how much longer do we have before radiation become a problem again?
[21:08] <@Roland> +com+ ::eyes the eery blue glow from the auto, caused by its fusion power:: Note to Pathfinder: Don't get shot wherever we stick this thing.
[21:09] <@Caelin> +com+ it's safe, i'm sure of it, we'll get to work making it mobile again then when we get to the ship i can link it to our ambithera for further diagnostics and to update it's database
01[21:09] <@Savant> Scildfreja gestures to the two Autofacturers, which scuttle off towards their "mother". The wan light of the rising sun is offset by the smudge of black smoke in the sky.
01[21:09] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[21:09] <@Savant> there we have it Smile what do you think?
[21:10] <@Marshall> Awesome. First real combat. Wink
03[21:10] * Ryco ( has joined #BT05
[21:10] <@Gabriel> Nice. Smile I enjoyed it.
[21:10] <@Detro> Sweet.
[21:10] <@Roland> Well, we now know we can take 11 year old bust-ass drones, at least. Wink
01[21:10] <@Savant> welol done on kicking geriatric ass, by the way Wink
01[21:11] <@Savant> any questions?
[21:11] <@Marshall> ::raises::
01[21:11] <@Savant> Marshall?
[21:11] <@Marshall> What kind of rolls are needed to get the drones we recover back to working condition?
01[21:11] <@Savant> uhm, you destroyed most of them.
[21:11] <@Marshall> Particularly Ambithera
01[21:11] <@Savant> no, wait, you destroyed *all* of them.
01[21:12] <@Savant> Ambithera will need a lot of Mechanics and Electronics, or osme good jury rigging rolls.
01[21:12] <@Savant> same with its two attendant Autofacturers.
[21:12] <@Marshall> ::nods:: I can take care of that.
01[21:12] <@Savant> it has not gotten very much maintenance over the past few years Wink
[21:13] <@Caelin> i'm sure juno would love to work on these:)
01[21:13] <@Savant> she demands to D:<
01[21:13] <@Savant> one point for teamwork! tell me about teamwork here!
01[21:13] <@Savant> i demand it D:<
[21:13] <@Birkin> we worked well to defeat our first Drone attack
[21:13] <@Roland> ForObs Wink
[21:13] <@Caelin> yeah forobs
[21:13] <@Detro> Coordination across all fronts was good.
[21:13] <@Roland> "Here, shoot this" "Okay" >BLAM<
[21:14] <@Marshall> Epic Crossfire between Birkin, Gabriel, Marshall, and Roland.
01[21:14] <@Savant> i'd say the use of forward observing was spectacular. Once you figured that out, when there were, like, six forobs'd targets on the map? yeah, that was cool Wink
[21:14] <@Caelin> as for the rest, caelin isn't too happy that his suggestion of disabling the drones didn't get heeded too well:)
[21:14] <@Gabriel> Yeah, that series of explosions was visible from space, likely. Wink
[21:14] <@Birkin> I really liked using Slcea for that
01[21:15] <@Savant> Sleca's primary use is to forward observe. it's what it was built for.
[21:15] <@Gabriel> You realize we were outnumbered here 3-1 right, Scotty? Wink
[21:15] <@Birkin> Yeah they weren't gonna stop
[21:15] <@Birkin> Well, were they Colin? Wink
[21:15] <@Caelin> you including the drones that couldn't fire worth beans?Smile
01[21:15] <@Savant> every time they were going to fire, i had to roll to see if it would work. These guys had random shutdown (weapons) 3
01[21:16] <@Savant> hey were defending Ambithera. They weren't going to stop. They would have regrouped, though.
[21:16] <@Birkin> they were getting too close to Pathfinder
01[21:16] <@Savant> they also had some serious penalties to.. well, every roll they took Smile
[21:16] <@Birkin> and like Freja and Caelin said. How were we gonna intimidate them?
[21:17] <@Birkin> especially if they were guarding mama
01[21:17] <@Savant> average armour: 15. Average MPs: 4.
[21:17] <@Caelin> you guys could have run around making then focus on you while caelin and freja went to the ambithera:)
[21:17] <@Detro> ::snort:: I *thought* I coulda killed those 2 southern ones with my MAC.
[21:18] <@Birkin> don't we have a few of them still operational?
[21:18] <@Birkin> those ones that were still moving along?
[21:18] <@Marshall> I killed one with a MAC
01[21:18] <@Savant> anyways. the forobs thing is what i was looking for. One point. Two points for storyline. tell me what you've learned storyline-wise and why it's important.
01[21:18] <@Savant> the ones that were moving along were destroyed, but still had enough power to sort of flop about Wink you know, zombies. they sort of wriggle Wink
[21:18] <@Detro> You *can* ECM-jam drones to an extent.
[21:18] <@Roland> Autos are built like brick shithouses when it comes to reliability.
[21:18] <@Marshall> This Auto Company has been out here, alone, with no orders or support for 11+ years
[21:19] <@Caelin> ::frowns a bit as he starts moving out::+com+if possible i'd rather the drones be disabled and not destroyed, freja and i will take sleca and search for the ambithera, you...just keep the auto's busy <--that last bit should have been enough to say "don't kill em!"
[21:19] <@Detro> At least, those that are this old, and only if there aren't any ECCM drones.
01[21:19] <@Savant> they did have an ECCM pod, but it stopped working. they didn't have any delicate electronics like that left.
[21:19] <@Marshall> Marshall doesn't take orders from Caelin. He takes them from Gabriel. Wink
[21:19] <@Birkin> It would be nice to find out what Kougland was doing down here 11 years ago
[21:20] <@Birkin> were they the ones on the offensive against Steelgate?
01[21:20] <@Savant> Kogland was never quite this far south. it's a good question. You should ask the Ambithera what happened Wink
01[21:20] <@Savant> yes, they were part of the Steelgate offensive. Caelin can tell you that one.
[21:20] <@Detro> Ambitheras are likely to be a heavily defended target, but for good reason, given that you could knock it out and somewhat cripple the drones it controls.
[21:20] <@Caelin> you weren't here last week, but caelin did mention that koglund sent a force out here to attack steelgate
01[21:21] <@Savant> next week you guys can ask the Ambithera what the hell it's doing out here Smile
01[21:21] <@Savant> anything else to mention?
[21:21] <@Marshall> And fix that SoB Wink
[21:21] <@Birkin> What about the drone that Marshall pulled out of the fire
[21:21] <@Detro> Also, that it may be possible to take over an ambithera through codes, if we can get the right ones.
[21:21] <@Birkin> can we repair that? D:
01[21:21] <@Savant> you might be able to fix one by gutting some of the others.
01[21:22] <@Savant> two points. Three because you had things shooting at you... sort of.
[21:22] <@Roland> Three points for ammo expenditure.
[21:22] <@Gabriel> From a storyline perspective, it's both interesting and scary that Utopia has fusion reactors this small. Submarines went from an annoyance to a major menace to the life of the human population when they didn't have to come up for air or refuel every few hours.
[21:22] <@Marshall> I vote we put Juno to work salvaging the auto parts and building new ones =)
[21:22] <@Birkin> Is New Troy gonna want this thing back?
01[21:22] <@Savant> i will make it four if you tell me what's got you interested about the next, oh, four weeks of game play.
01[21:22] <@Savant> I'm sure they wouldn't turn down a free Ambithera. These things are obviously very expensive.
[21:23] <@Birkin> miniturized fusion cells? Yeah we're gonna get a few pictures of that Wink
[21:23] <@Gabriel> Yeah, after the Terranovan safety inspection.
[21:23] <@Detro> Hopefully finally getting to meet more of our allies here and perhaps one or two higher ups.
[21:23] <@Birkin> and a metalurgy test
[21:23] <@Birkin> to make sure its safe to give back to them
[21:23] <@Birkin> Wink
[21:23] <@Marshall> I'm interested in seeing what we can salvage from this fight in the way of parts and ammunition, as well as getting to know Ambithera up close a little better Wink
01[21:23] <@Savant> next game you can pry apart the Ambithera, ask it questions, fix things, steal things, and generally act like scavengers.
01[21:24] <@Savant> allies and higher ups. good, good.
[21:24] <@Gabriel> Anyway, I'm primarily interested in getting to New Troy and seeing how close Caelin/Scild track with the people they left behind back here. Wink
01[21:24] <@Savant> you want to see if they're going to be ostracized for having dealth with dirty dirty foreigners?
[21:24] <@Roland> I look forward to the accomplishment of many cultural sensitivities and taboos.
[21:24] <@Birkin> I would like to know more about Kougland as a whole... See if they are as noble and honorable as jester is now impllying
01[21:25] <@Savant> Kog, not Koug Smile
[21:25] <@Birkin> Koglund
[21:25] <@Birkin> k
[21:25] <@Detro> I look forward to Detro managing to piss everyone off on this planet from seemingly minor social infractions.
01[21:25] <@Savant> ::puts it on the list::
01[21:25] <@Savant> Roland? anything?
[21:25] <@Birkin> Birkin likes the exotic white women.
01[21:25] <@Savant> ::writes down that birkin needs to get laid::
[21:26] <@Marshall> "Where the white women at?"
01[21:26] <@Savant> if Roland don't answer you don't get the point >Sad
[21:26] <@Caelin> caelin's definitly intent on bringing this ambithera back to new troy
01[21:26] <@Savant> oh, wait, there it is
01[21:26] <@Savant> ::writes... Roland wants to get into a duel::
[21:26] <@Detro> ::nod:: His inspired mine.
01[21:26] <@Savant> okay. Well done. four points all.
01[21:26] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

01[18:30] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Attention --------=-
03[18:30] * Savant sets mode: +m
03[18:30] * Savant changes topic to '-=- Tocymea -=- Defending Terra Nova from imperialist aggression, almost every Thursday at 2030 EST. Tocymea in Session'
[18:30] <@Caelin> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Marshall> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Gabriel> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Detro> ::attn::
03[18:30] * Fraser is now known as Roland
[18:30] <@Roland> ::attn::
[18:30] <@Birkin> ::attn::
01[18:31] <@Savant> good evening and welcome yet again to another exciting episode of the Black Talons! Tonight we pick up pretty much where we left off.
[18:32] <@Detro> ...irradiating our asses?
01[18:32] <@Savant> as I had said earlier in the other channel, tonight is fairly open. there is a lot to do, but I am not going to tell you what to do. You just go on out and do what you will do. Maybe you will stumble across the easter eggs that lie in wait for you, maybe not.
01[18:33] <@Savant> some are chocolate and delicious. others are... neither cholocate nor delicious.
01[18:33] <@Savant> in any case, let me brief you
01[18:33] <@Savant> Tocymea
01[18:33] <@Savant> 13 December UC462 (25 Autumn TN1946), 0645h - Early Morning
01[18:33] <@Savant> South Etrusca, Utopia
01[18:33] <@Savant> 4 degrees C, overcast, low radiation (0.5 Rads/hr)
01[18:33] <@Savant> Utopia seems to be full of surprises. Not only have you stumbled upon (and effectively neutralized) a rogue army of shambling horror-drones, you have captured their willing "army commander". The Cydh Ambithera - spoken as a Kye Ambithera - is an old Allied Koglund Auto which, somehow, is still operating. Your best guess is that it is fusion powered and has been running on water.
01[18:33] <@Savant> Nevermind the wealth of information it must hold about its nine years of operation; nevermind the sheer miracle that it is still functioning; the Cydh Ambithera is a fusion reactor half the size of anything built on Terra Nova. Secrets in its memory cores aside, the secrets in its construction could prove to be ten times more valuable.
01[18:33] <@Savant> But that requires getting to Koglund. You have a few tasks ahead of you as Pathfinder is repaired - secure the area, repair the Ambithera and any other Autos you are able to, and keep hidden from orbit during the Utopian day. Simple work for a Talon.
01[18:33] <@Savant> Please acknowledge after reading.
[18:33] <@Detro> ack
[18:33] <@Gabriel> ack
[18:33] <@Caelin> ::ack::
[18:33] <@Birkin> ack
[18:33] <@Roland> ack
[18:34] <@Delgado> ack
01[18:34] <@Savant> and I am totally ready for questions.
[18:34] <@Marshall> ack
01[18:34] <@Savant> have you any questions? lovely questions. Steal of a deal at twice the price.
[18:35] <@Gabriel> None here.
01[18:35] <@Savant> how sad. You are missing a bargain opportunity here.
01[18:35] <@Savant> very well, let's start.
[18:35] <@Caelin> "all items are garanteed for life! and come with a 2 day warranty"
01[18:35] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Game Start --------=-
01[18:36] <@Savant> Heofon rises upon a horizon too clouded to reveal the sunburst. Despite the sunrise, the temperature has dipped down low enough for a light patter of rain to start falling. It begins slowly as an occasional blurry spot on video and trideo cameras. No one can feel the cool breeze against the skin of their Gears or the gentle tap of pointilist raindrops.
[18:36] <@Roland> ::a miniature wiper blade whisks across the eye of his tool arm with a squeak::
[18:37] <@Marshall> Hmph. ::pulls on a radiation suit and a tech rig and grabs some other miscelaneous tools and equipment before heading back out to the vehicle bay doors to make the few hundred meter walk to the Ambithera.::
[18:37] <@Gabriel> +com+ Erinyes, Uchiwa, give me a 10 kilometer sweep, make sure there are no other surprises.
01[18:37] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +subvoc+ Zealot, Pathfinder. ... I have a story for you. Do you want me to skip to the plot twist or do you want the whole sordid story?
[18:37] <@Detro> +com+ Understood. ::starts picking his way back out, away from Pathfinder, sticking to tree cover where possible::
[18:38] <@Gabriel> ::heads on walker toward the ambithera:: +com+ Either version is fine, Lieutenant.
[18:38] <@Birkin> ::comes up on the Ambithera and gets his first good look at it:: +com+ Juno, report your position.
[18:38] <@Gabriel> +com+ Lieutenant Birkin, secure the immediate perimeter around Pathfinder. I want to have a look around the immediate area.
[18:38] <@Roland> +com+ Roger that. ::remains still for a couple of moments longer, the tool arm poking up above the treeline, before retracting the sensor pod and starting to trudge slowly further out from Pathfinder::
01[18:39] <@Savant> The Ambithera and its camp is situated in a small valley, well covered by the thin white-limbed trees that seem to be everywhere on this continent. It looks like a very serviceable camp that had been abandoned some time ago.
[18:40] <@Caelin> ::has come back to the front end of the ambithera after having done a circle check of it's condition, he decides to start at the beginning::+subcom+[AS] Kye, what is your place of manufacture?
[18:40] <@Birkin> +com+ Aye sir. ::makes his way back towards the Pathfinder, begining to sweep the immediate area around the Pathfinder for anything else that might be out here::
01[18:40] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ ::cheerily:: Hip deep in fusion reactor! Have you ever been in one of these? I mean, it's really not much to look at, but just to think about what goes on in here!
[18:41] <@Gabriel> ::approaches the Ambithera mounted, but pops the cockpit as he approaches, detaching the IK-5 rifle from the cockpit clip as he does so::
[18:41] <@Gabriel> ::climbs down on foot, slinging the rifle over one shoulder::
[18:41] <@Marshall> ::taps Juno on the shoulder twice:: Hey Juno. How are things going here?
[18:42] <@Birkin> +com+ When you get that one done Juno we had a old drone controller out here that we're going to bring back in. That has a fusion reactor inside of it, and it maybe the size of a bus.
01[18:42] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> +subcom+ [AS] ::pleasantly:: I was manufactured in Koglund by Autofactury Warden Alstan.
01[18:43] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ ::the sound of a helmet hitting something hard:: Ow! A what? As big as a what?!
[18:43] <@Marshall> ::finally reaches the Ambithera after quite a walk, and takes a look around::
01[18:43] <@Savant> The Ambithera is not chatty, but when it does speak it has a surreal quality to its voice. It's hard to place what exactly is wrong - it sounds like that painfully pleasant secretary who cares not one jot for the troublesome news she has to give you. Even stranger still if you are looking at it - it is like a bloated locomotive. A bloated, talking locomotive.
[18:43] <@Roland> ::there was only so much one could do to reduce the sound of a gigantic robot walking through the forest, but Erinyes slipped between trees, around shrub, and over fallen trunks as nimbly as if it were Roland himself::
[18:43] <@Marshall> +com+ Lang on site. Beginning primary survey.
[18:44] <@Birkin> +com+ A locomotive. ::does another scan of the area::
[18:44] <@Gabriel> ::to Caelin:: It didn't get here alone. Can you ask it what happened to the troops that came here with it?
01[18:45] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Is beside the Ambithera beside the last two functioning and mobile Autos in the camp - a pair of industrial looking spiders with tool racks perched upon their backs. Most of the racking is empty.::
[18:46] <@Caelin> ::smirks a bit at the name::+subcom+[AS]he'll be eager to see you in new troy i bet. ::nods as gabriel's voice comes over the com:: [AS] can you tell me what happened to this company 11 years ago? why were you left here?
01[18:46] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Ooh, Lieutenant, you know just how to get a girl fired up. Serious? Small as a train? You're kidding, right?
[18:47] <@Detro> ::rumbles along quietly, the soft ground helping to muffle his movement::
[18:47] <@Delgado> ::moves up to the Ambithera and looks it over, thinking it looks like a fat metallic grub nesting in the forest::
[18:47] <@Marshall> [AS] Ambithera, give me a damage report.
[18:47] <@Birkin> +com+ I know what the ladies like Ranger. Yup. Small as a train. I got a image of it if you can find a station for me to send it to.
01[18:48] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> +subvoc+ [AS] The vanguard detached from my depot to engage enemy forces. They have yet to return. As per orders we have retreated south behind friendly lines.
[18:48] <@Birkin> ::stops his patrol and does another scan::
[18:49] <@Roland> ::brings Erinyes to a halt and extends the tool arm, the telescopic rod moving upwards through the canopy and above the treetops::
[18:49] <@Gabriel> ::to Caelin:: And can you ask it to speak Anglic? ::grins:: I didn't begin to follow all of that. Something about south?
01[18:49] <@Savant> The scouts start to enter deeper forest; the trees get a little taller and thicker, the white bark more grey and knurled with age as the Gears stop at the entrance to the next valley.
01[18:51] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> +subcom+ [AS] I have suffered unknown damage to my drive train. I have suffered general systems damage due to lack of repair supplies.
[18:51] <@Detro> ::pauses, then cranks up the mic inputs for Uchiwa to maximum, listening to the ambient noise of the forest::
01[18:51] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ It doesn't know Anglic. ::without being urged, she begins to translate for the Ambithera::
[18:51] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: I see. +com+ Erinyes, Uchiwa, concentrate your search to the north.
[18:52] <@Marshall> ::nods:: [AS] We'll start on the drive train then. ::moves forward and begins examining the drive train for physical damage::
[18:53] <@Caelin> ::frowns at the report::+subcom+[AS] i'm afraid they weren't victorious. we just came from the north and saw no other signs of the company, what can you tell us about the area, there was a city nearby once by the look of it
01[18:53] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> +com+ .. okay. Well short story. We've got a - Jim! In the clean tent, not here! - We've got a hole. It's good we put down when we did, because we've got an ulcer, i gues you could say. Going tohave to strip out the whole section and replace it.
[18:53] <@Delgado> ::snickers softly:: +com+ The Tinman has rusted.
[18:53] <@Roland> +com+ ::pauses long enough to double-check his position versus Pathfinder and the arcs he's covered, then retracts the tool arm and adjusts his course northwards::
01[18:55] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::glances at Delgado, her expression unreadable behind the strange helmet of her Armiger. She pats the thick hull of the Ambithera and coos something supportive in Agenspraec::
[18:56] <@Birkin> ::grunts and continues along on his securing of the area around pathfinder::
01[18:57] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ ::coos:: [AS] poor little thing.
[18:58] <@Gabriel> +com+ Go on, Lieutenant.
01[18:58] <@Savant> The scouts continue on their sweep, more northwards, down into the valley. The trees remain, and the undergrowth is thick but somehow a little rotten. The leaves almost fall apart upon being touched, as if they were as bloated with age and water as the Ambithera was.
[18:58] <@Marshall> +com+ Poor little thing indeed. I'd say this auto has been alone for about nine years. Significant damage here, which appears to be well maintained up until some time recently. Last year, I'd say.
[18:59] <@Gabriel> ::turns to look at Marshall:: Really.
[18:59] <@Delgado> +com+ [AS] Little? Looks like a grub. ::turns her gear to 'look at' Marshall:: Think you can get it running again?
[19:00] <@Birkin> ::hears the conversation going on and pays attention, giving another sweep around the pathfinder::
[19:00] <@Roland> ::keeps as high-up on the valley slope as he can, given the assigned sweep radius, and continues to stop and pop the tool arm at regular intervals both to take in his exact position in the valley and also to check for any signs of distant movement::
01[19:00] <@Savant> A little light filters through the canopy overhead. A little grey light, even less silvery white light; enough so that it makes the scouting party feel as if they're travelling under moonlight.
[19:00] <@Marshall> +com+ Oh yeah. Assuming Caelin and Scildfreja brought replacement parts. I need some new treads and axles. Complete replacements.
03[19:00] * Delgado is now known as Itz|Away
[19:00] <@Detro> ::hearing and spotting nothing, he moves on. It's almost like going home. Just replace the thousands of deadly animals and encounters in the jungle with radiation...::
[19:00] <@Gabriel> Can we refit the ones we brought for our Spiders, or perhaps the ones for Bonaparte?
01[19:00] <@Savant> After a few minutes, Roland is the first to notice that the light is coming from the canopy itself, like floating incandescent lamps amongst the leaves.
[19:01] <@Caelin> +com+ the manufactur autos have been able to keep it maintained, but it looks like some of their tools have been worn out or gone missing, that would explain the recent lack of maintenance
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01[19:02] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::The pats each of the spidery repair-Autos on the head with a fat Armiger fingertip, still cooing as if they were puppies:: +subcom+ [as] You did a *good* job.
[19:02] <@Gabriel> You're certain of that, Caelin?
[19:02] <@Roland> +com+ Base, Patrol. Someone ask our resident experts whether the foliage down in this part of the planet is normally...uh...phosphoresent.
[19:03] <@Detro> ::frowns at Roland's comm... and looks more closely...::
[19:03] <@Marshall> ::hesitant:: Well, this thing is way, way bigger than our little Hun. I might be able to do it.
01[19:03] <@Savant> As the group of scouts slow down, Detro notices that there is a little bit of shifting movement in his infared display further ahead, in the undergrowth, perhaps the size of a car.
[19:03] <@Detro> *Okay, TWO things different from here versus home...*
[19:04] <@Gabriel> ::relays Roland's question to Scildfreja::
[19:04] <@Detro> ::blinks:: No, make that three. +com+ Possible IR contact, bearing 230 off base.
[19:04] <@Caelin> ::point over to some of the crates nearby, several empty:: might be enough left to make sufficient repairs, might be able to get some of your tank parts to fit as well, we should at least focus of getting her moving again, the rest can be taken care of in new troy
[19:05] <@Birkin> ::looks up at the plants themselves:: Thats... weird. ::making his scan when he hears the call come out for a contact:: +com+ Size? Master Ranger are you you close enough to see what he's talking about?
01[19:05] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Looks up from her new pets:: +com+ I think those are called Orcidaceae Romantica. They're very pretty.
[19:06] <@Roland> ::draws his attention down from the treetops and the globules that seemed to be providing the unusual light, and directs his attention further out to Detro's location::
[19:06] <@Marshall> ::begins searching the supply crates for suitable replacement parts::
[19:06] <@Delgado> ::watches Scildfreja interact with the drones and wonders if there are such things as 'drone pets'. If there weren't, Scildfreja was sure making some::
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01[19:09] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ [AS] Autofacturers, inspection, all goods.
[19:09] <@Detro> ::waits for Roland to get a bit closer before he starts to move in to investigate::
[19:09] <@Roland> ::slows Erinyes way down and begins moving more slowly towards the contact than he had been while patrolling -- at the same time, he began paying somewhat more attention to the directions other than that of the contact to ensure that there wasn't anything else out there::
[19:09] <@Marshall> ::comes back to Gabriel with a glum look:: There aren't any replacement parts for the Ambithera. I've got two options for you. We can try to fit the parts for the Hun on here. It'll be difficult. Alternately we can rig the auto up and tow it. It'd take everybody.
01[19:10] <@Savant> 5Drone> ::The two drones scuttle off to the crates and boxes and begin to open them all for inspection::
[19:11] <@Birkin> +com+ Sous-Sergeant Takira. What is the size of your contact?
01[19:11] <@Savant> Roland creeps closer and then spots the heat signature Detro did - it's about as big as a car, or perhaps an Armadillo beast is a better description. By the fluid way it moves and the distribution of heat, it's a living thing.
01[19:12] <@Savant> 5Cydh Ambithera "Aewielm"> ::uploads a map to Caelin's Armiger, with data points for hte local area. Apparently they've been here for about two years, all told.::
[19:12] <@Gabriel> The idea of dragging this thing through the mud is not particularly appealing.
[19:13] <@Delgado> +com+ Not to mention to sheer noise draw.
[19:13] <@Marshall> ::nods once:: I'll get to work on the spares from Bonaparte, then.
[19:13] <@Roland> +com+ ::pauses and watches the infrared image as it shifts and moves:: Whatever it is, it's indiginous.
[19:13] <@Detro> +com+ Uh, big. Car-sized.
01[19:13] <@Savant> The rain is slowly thickening into heavier drops, big fat drops that is giving the ground and trees a glossy wet sheen. Only the Gears seem unaffected, dull and charcoal black as always.
[19:14] <@Gabriel> We can also look for a third option. ::to Scild:: How was the Ambithera dropped here? A transport aircraft of some kind, or by ship?
[19:14] <@Marshall> ::nods, beginning to look back into the Ambithera::
[19:15] <@Birkin> +com+ Indiginous? Maybe it too tastes like crab. ::switches over to address the others:: +com+ We have something living to the north, about the size of a car. Anyone have any ideas what it might be?
01[19:15] <@Savant> The creature is a lumbering beast that is slowly pushing through the overgrowth, eating the thick, swollen foliage as it goes. It's a tall creature, with a buffalo's frame, save for a thick lizardlike tail.
01[19:16] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::pauses thoughtfully: +subcom+ I think the Third Army was sent by ship.
03[19:16] * Kt ( has joined #BT05
[19:16] <@Roland> ::continues forward slowly, taking several seconds to make single steps forward, until he can get a visual which he can begin transmitting back:: +com+ Snacking on the trees.
01[19:17] <@Savant> When it comes into view of Rolands' boom camera, it seems even larger than the heat makes it out to be. It's beetley, somewhat, with three eyes inset into a bulbous head. Mandibles rip into the overgrowth and make way for its' lumbering body.
[19:17] <@Detro> ::pauses in his approach::
[19:18] <@Gabriel> ::looks around the immediate area around the Ambithera, judging whether there's enough space for Pathfinder to land::
01[19:18] <@Savant> It is .. shaggy? IT has a carapace, but the carapace seems to be in a state of moulting, or falling apart. Almost like hair.
[19:18] <@Caelin> ::relays the map to gabriel::the ambithera and her autoguard arrived at this location about 2 years ago, this area was scouted at that time
[19:19] <@Detro> +com+ Well whatever it is, don't pull a Harris.
[19:19] <@Gabriel> ::nods to Caelin:: Any chance there's more repair parts around here somewhere? And if so, where would they be?
[19:19] <@Marshall> Two years.. Ohh no. I'm positive it's been here longer than that.
01[19:20] <@Savant> The autofacturers finish layoing out all of the supplies of the camp for inspection - there is a lot, but most of it is junk. The mechanical wardens don't seem to care, though, and treat each item with caution and reverence as if it were brand new.
[19:20] <@Caelin> ::continues::the crater near pathfinder was a small city, destroyed in one of our older wars i imagine, there's apparently a larger set of ruins nearby that the ambithera sent scouts to but they haven't returned
[19:20] <@Delgado> +com+ We've been out here for two hours now, Captain. Decontamination is slowly going to become more of a bitch.
01[19:21] <@Savant> The great animal stops suddenly, raises its head, snuffs loudly - it breathes, so it's not an insect. It smells something.
[19:22] <@Roland> ::watches the animal carefully, and as it begins sniffing, interfaces back with Pathfinder and it's library computer::
[19:22] <@Gabriel> +com+ Thank you, Doctor. As soon as we've settled the problem of the talking bus, we'll be back aboard.
[19:22] <@Gabriel> ::to Caelin:: Larger set of ruins? Irradiated, I presume?
01[19:22] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Begins picking through the goods, gesturing to the two autofacturers as she goes. With each gesture, the Autos move the item in question back into storage or off to a refuse pile. Most things end up in the refuse pile.::
[19:23] <@Delgado> +com+ Rodger.
[19:23] <@Caelin> ::to marshall:: when the company went through they were able to get further north than this, then the troops went ahead and engaged the enemy, when contact was lost the ambithera's retreat orders went into effent and she started making her way back to the rendevous, she only made it this far
[19:23] <@Detro> ::keeps an eye on the animal, but also on the longer range sensor readings, making sure nobody would sneak up on them::
[19:24] <@Caelin> <<effect>>
[19:24] <@Delgado> ::goes back to watching Scildfreja with her new 'army', facisnated at the non-verbal communcation that's going on so effertlessly with the drones she just met::
[19:26] <@Caelin> ::back to gabriel shrugging::possible, obviously a report on it's condition was never completed, the ruins are withing the perimeter you set though
01[19:26] <@Savant> The animal chuffs again, paws at the muddy ground with its hoof. Its club-tail swings back and forth, though it hasn't semeed to focus on anyone or anything. With it having three eyes, though, who can tell?
[19:27] <@Detro> +com+ I say we back off, let it be.
[19:28] <@Marshall> +com+ Tyrelle from Lang. I'm sending you some pictures. Can you work on making some of our spare axles and treads for the Hun fit on this thing, then run 'em out here?
[19:28] <@Roland> +com+ Feel freel, but I'm too close. Moving now means I'm sure he sees me; right now, I think he just smells me. ::pulls up a certain sound from the Pathfinder library computer and queues it up for Erinyes' speakers if he needs it::
[19:29] <@Delgado> ::gestures to the little autos following Scildfreja:: +com+ [AS] Think they can scavange anything from the Scelas we destroyed?
[19:29] <@Gabriel> Very well. Let's fall back to Pathfinder. Tell it we'll return shortly.
[19:29] <@Detro> +com+ Right. Well, maybe if it gets more interested, you two can talk plants or something. ::eases Uchiwa back carefully::
01[19:29] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> +com+ Sure thing sweet-cheeks, I'll - ew. What a mess. I'll get someone to send you out something. I'm sort of buried alive right now.
[19:30] <@Marshall> ::grumbles, not having the luctury of being in a gear to get back to Pathfinder quickly, he began jogging::
01[19:31] <@Savant> The creature chuffs again and bows its head, returning to gnawing at the plant life, though much more slowly. It stops every few moments to look around and make a menacing clicking sound.
[19:31] <@Gabriel> ::grins at Marshall as he trots off:: I could carry you.
[19:31] <@Gabriel> ::falls back to Zealot and remounts::
[19:32] <@Marshall> ::scoffs at the idea:: Carry? I'd sooner take off my skivvies.
[19:32] <@Detro> ::falls back to what he feels is a safe distance, and resumes the patrol::
[19:33] <@Gabriel> ::reclips the rifle, closes up the cockpit and gets moving back toward Pathfinder:: +com+ Lieutenant Birkin, what's the word from our scouts? We alone out here?
[19:33] <@Roland> ::waits for several more moments, then lefts Erinyes' left leg and takes a single slow step back before pausing again::
[19:34] <@Caelin> ::nods and looks back at the ambithera::+subcom+[AS]we're going back to our aircraft to see about what we can use to get you moving again, we will be back ::pats the nose of the ambithera gently before heading off into the trees::
01[19:34] <@Savant> The patrol resumes, moving carefully around the herbivore before picking up speed again. The creature freezes as they begin to move off, but otherwise lets them flee before its' obvious might.
01[19:35] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::It doesn't seem at all disappointed by the fact that its' saviours are about to abandon it again:: +subcom+ [AS] I shall secure the camp and maintain the banners, sir.
[19:35] <@Roland> ::as he retreats, he eyes the...'molting' pieces of the creature's shell as it occasionally flecks and falls off. It was odd -- it looking both as if it were a result of the radiation as well as a natural process::
[19:37] <@Roland> ::as he's retreating he looks closer at the results of his scans of the creature and his face begins to grow darker::
01[19:38] <@Savant> Meanwhile, the Talons and Utopians return to Pathfinder. There they find the ship to be a flurry of activity. The vehicle bay door is open and catches are also open on the roof as the crew dismantle a goodly portion of the hull.
[19:38] <@Delgado> ::doesn't wait for the others as she makes her way back to Pathfinder, already thinking of the ever-so pleasant duty of deconning everyone and their things::
[19:38] <@Roland> +com+ Someone's fucking tampered with that thing. It may be indiginous, but it's as freaked and grown as a vathead.
01[19:38] <@Savant> ((that should have been the Ambithera, yes Smile ))
[19:38] <@Detro> +com+ Huh?
[19:39] <@Marshall> ::gets working on the replacement axles and treads right away::
[19:39] <@Caelin> ::comes up alongside gabriel::you'll be interested to know that this ambithera was in fact built in Troy
01[19:39] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::There is a long pause before clearly, over the radio and in anglic:: +com+ Roland, you do know that Utopia was a barren rock when we terraformed it, right?
[19:39] <@Roland> +com+ That stuff it's shedding? Inorganic. It's shedding concetrated irradiated shit that's going to take centuries to decompose.
[19:40] <@Roland> +com+ But it's all in one place. It's walking around and absorbing all the radiation from the nukes, then dropping it off in nicely packaged little chunks.
[19:40] <@Roland> +com+ That shit ain't natural.
01[19:41] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Waves Peresalona out of the bay ramp as the Gears approach, clearing the way for them to get inside::
[19:41] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: That's good to know, Caelin. How would these troops have been supplied? They could hardly expect a new ship every few weeks.
01[19:42] <@Savant> The scouting team continues over a few more ridges, making a few more turns, exploring. The trees remain thick for most of the trip, but they begin to get smaller and thinner, all at once, as if a border had been reached. The raised lip of a half-buried city wall is visible just beyond. It's broken in many places.
[19:42] <@Delgado> ::perks up at Roland's information:: +com+ That's one hell of an evolutionary step.
[19:43] <@Roland> +com+ Evolutionary my ass. That thing was born from a tube.
[19:43] <@Gabriel> +com+ How concentrated?
[19:43] <@Delgado> +com+ Think you can get a sample for me?
01[19:43] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::sounds a little irritable:: +com+ I'm sure the grenarians made it. It's probably a Meganopteran.
[19:43] <@Detro> +com+ Hello, ::waves Uchiwa's hand at the clearing trees:: Something more important to worry about here, I think.
[19:43] <@Caelin> they would have had smaller cargo ambitheras to haul supplies with them, this one would have been like a mini headquarters, taking care of power generation and it's battlefield computer
[19:44] <@Roland> +com+ Later. ::stops, looking over the broken wall::
[19:44] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: But eventually, those supplies run out. And...?
[19:45] <@Delgado> ::looks over at Scildfreja, wondering why she seems so terse lately::
01[19:46] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Is waving her own Ambithera outside. The drone, the size of a minivan perhaps, looks pathetically small after seeing the gargantuan one::
[19:46] <@Caelin> they would have used whatever was taken from the enemy, if it was neccessary a submarine would have brought in some supplies too
[19:46] <@Roland> ::pops the tool arm to get as high a vantage point over the wall and the area beyond as he can::
[19:47] <@Detro> ::takes the more direct route, motoring along the wall to see if there's an opening at ground-level::
[19:47] <@Birkin> +com+ What do you see Sous-Sergant.
[19:47] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: What would their method of contacting your people have been?
01[19:48] <@Savant> Beyond the ruined wall is a ruined city. It is overgrown with thin weeds and vines, and dotted with small patches of trees, but it is mostly ruin. Large buildings, which must have been pathetically fragile by Terranovan standards, once stood here.
[19:48] <@Roland> ::begins relaying imagery back to Pathfinder::
[19:49] <@Birkin> +com+ Got any geiger readings from there Master Ranger.
[19:50] <@Roland> +com+ It's hot. Two and a half sieverts an hour. Could go in, but not for long.
[19:50] <@Roland> +com+ Place looks desolate, anyway, obviously. Some animal tracks, but that's it.
[19:50] <@Detro> ::grumbles, not seeing much but wall at this point, unless he puts the tool arm up... but he doesn't want to get too far out of tree cover::
[19:51] <@Roland> +com+ And speaking of, we're going to have to trade off on this patrol -- it's already going to take a hell of a lot of decon to get us clean at this point. And I'd rather not be stuck in here until we have to leave.
01[19:52] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::once outside with her Ambithera, she opens a panel and takes out a hose; a compressor starts up automatically. She begins to spray herself down with a high pressure jet of water and cleaner, getting off any radioactive particles::
[19:52] <@Caelin> encrypted communications mostly, we had some satelites in orbit back then, other times we used high speed autoheralds, messenger drones
01[19:53] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::She then takes Caelin by the arm and pulls him over to the Ambithera so that she can spray him down as well::
[19:53] <@Gabriel> ::nods:: I see, thank you.
[19:53] <@Caelin> ::gets yanked::
[19:54] <@Detro> ::turns in preparation for the order to head back::
[19:54] <@Birkin> +com+ Captain. Roland has visual on a dead city to the north that's pretty hot. Recommend we withdraw the scouts for now at least from that area.
01[19:54] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> +subcom+ ::to Gabriel, adding:: We use pidgeons, they're the most secure. Autoheralds.
[19:54] <@Gabriel> +com+ Understood, Lietuenant. If they're comfortable we're alone out here, pull them back to Pathfinder for now. The doctor will want to make sure they're not taking in too much radiation.
[19:55] <@Gabriel> ::nods at Scild::
03[19:55] * Gabriel is now known as Jester
[19:56] <@Birkin> +com+ Hades to Scout Team. Confirm that we are alone out here. Only things I have heard about is that we are alone on this island except for our new locomotive sized friend and the car sized bug.
[19:56] <@Delgado> ::wanders over to Scildfreja and waits quietly for her to spray Caelin down befor speaking softly:: [AS] You've been quiet lately.
[19:57] <@Birkin> <<nix the world island>>
[19:58] <@Roland> +com+ If there was something else out here, I have no idea why locofusionbot and its army of developmentally challenged children wouldn't have killed or driven it off already.
01[19:58] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Scildreja swivels to look at Delgado, and it's impossible to tell her expression; she's wearing her helmet still. It makes her look more like an Auto herself. Her tone is as soft as always, but amused:: [AS] lately?
[19:58] <@Detro> +com+ A simple "Come back" would have sufficed for both you two. ::starts making his way back to Pathfinder::
[19:58] <@Birkin> +com+ Roger that. Scout team return to pathfinder. Keep your eyes peeled on the way back.
[19:59] <@Roland> ::clicks his mic and lowers the tool arm, turning and heading back for Pathfinder on a slightly drunken course just so he can check behind him as he breaks left and right::
01[20:00] <@Savant> The scouts start making their way back to Pathfinder, going directly into the thicker forest again. The glowing globe-plants return, hanging low like luminescent silver fruit.
[20:03] <@Roland> +com+ Pathfinder, what's the decon set-up we have going?
[20:03] <@Delgado> ::nods:: [AS] You've been... different since the confrontation with you, Caelin, and Birkin. ::frowns:: You hate me? Like Roland? Want to shoot me because I'm different now?
[20:04] <@Birkin> ::Frowns slightly as he sees his scout team begin to return:: +com+ We're looking at detonation of about 15 years ago if it was a tactical weapon. Or a few centuries ago if it was a larger bomb.
01[20:05] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::It would be a thousand times easier if Delgado could just see Scildfreja's face, because her expression is utterly unreadable. She pauses a long moment:: [AS] No. If anything, it makes you more like me. ::puts away the sprayer::
01[20:06] <@Savant> The scouts return, their journey through the surreal forests of the southlands uneventful, if scenic. It is a little like driving through a dream.
[20:06] <@Marshall> ::perks his eyebrows at this, but behind the radiation suit it's also unreadable:: More like you? What's that supposed to mean?
[20:07] <@Caelin> ::discretely moves around to the other side of the ambithera to finish cleaning up, he overhears the communication from birkin and the scouts::+com+ most likely centuries ago, during the last nuclear war
[20:07] <@Delgado> ::blinks, not understanding the meaning:: [AS] In what sense? ::shoots Marshall a look, this suposed to be a private conversation::
[20:08] <@Roland> ::raps on the side of Pathfinder's hull:: +com+ So are we just supposed to hang out here until we're glowing, or what? What are we doing for decon?
[20:08] <@Marshall> ::forgot to mention to Delgado he learned agenspraec, given that they really didn't get along::
01[20:08] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::It's cler that Scildfreja is uncomfortable with the conversation, but stubbornly continuing:: [AS] I don't know if you really understand this place. We had to terraform this planet from a rock.
[20:09] <@Detro> +com+ ::cough:: Some of us would still like to father children some day...
[20:09] <@Birkin> +com+ Again, what are you going to do with children old man? Doctor Delgado, do we have decontamination set up?
01[20:09] <@Savant> The scouts find the vehicle bay of Pathfinder to be open and waiting for them, and a broad area of it tented off with white tarapulin, a Gear-sized pressurized tent
[20:09] <@Birkin> +com+ You certainly fight dirty the if this was a few centuries ago and its this hot. Although its probably coming down in tempature if it was from a few centuries ago.
[20:10] <@Delgado> [AS] Well, yes but--- ::is cut off:: +com+ Yes Birkin. The sooner you all come back, the better.
[20:10] <@Roland> ::hits the ramp and switches to wheels, rolling up the ramp and into the tented area::
[20:11] <@Caelin> ::nods::+com+ there's been 2 such wars that i know of, the first was what drove us underground, the second...well we were lucky we were already underground...
[20:11] <@Birkin> +com+ Ranger Lang. How long to set up the axels to bring the Ambithera into Pathfinder.
[20:12] <@Delgado> ::shakes her head then looks between Scildfreja and Marshall, shaking her head:: [AS] We'll talk later. In private. ::shoots another look at Marshall before setting up decon::
01[20:12] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::pulls off her helmet and sets it atop the small Ambithera, shaking her head to loose her matted, sweaty hair. She immediately seems to regret it as it's now loose and messy, and her Armiger's hands are too big to fuss with it.::
[20:12] <@Detro> ::before hitting the ramp, scuffles his gear feet a bit to clean them off::
[20:12] <@Marshall> +com+ Could take a while. We're talking square peg round hole here ell tee. The size difference is huge.
[20:13] <@Birkin> +com+ Unless you can convince the Doc to let you stay out here longer, get inside and get decommed. We'll grab some water afterwords and eat. An hour after you can come out and finish the job.
01[20:13] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::Is stood ontop of a tall rolling ladder in the clean tent, suited up in an NBC suit with a hose. He gives Roland an inscrutable nod before hosing him down::
[20:14] <@Roland> ::lifts Erinyes' arms out to the sides and widens the gear's stance as he begins getting hit with the decon solution::
01[20:15] <@Savant> One by one, the Gears are hosed down. The slightly radioactive wash is sucked into a drum for disposal later.
[20:15] <@Delgado> ::walks to the clean tent and crosses her arms, watching Zucco spray down the Gears:: Make sure to get the 'underarm' area good.
[20:16] <@Marshall> ::gets himself scrubbed off, then gets back to work in the vehicle bay trying to fashion replacements for the Ambithera. It was his number one priority, as they couldn't leave until it was done.::
01[20:16] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> Yes Ma'm. ::Blasts Erinyes in the face with an almost viciously comical grin behind the visor::
[20:17] <@Caelin> ::comes up to birkin::the autofacturers back at the Kye would have schematics if it would be of any help making parts
[20:17] <@Detro> ::A hot shower would be nice in person - but better shower to remove the hot::
01[20:18] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Comes walking in from the living compartment with a clipboard, thumbing through the screens idly and frowning::
[20:18] <@Roland> ::Erinyes manipulator comes around with one finger raised as its face is sprayed::
01[20:19] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::Crows with laughter:: Never raised springers before? You gotta get behind the ears. Turn around.
[20:19] <@Birkin> ::looks at Caelin:: You have those on you here or could get them?
[20:20] <@Roland> ::thump thump thump, as Erinyes steps, turning around::
[20:20] <@Marshall> ::looks around the vehicle bay:: Juno!? JUNO!? Where the hell are you?
[20:20] <@Delgado> ::grins as she watches Zucco and Erinyes exchange jabs::
[20:20] <@Caelin> i can get them, i should be able to create a communication link with the kye from our ambithera and have it send one of the autofacturers over
01[20:20] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::FWOOSH, as Jim sprays the radioactive off of Erinyes with tidy efficiency::
01[20:21] <@Savant> It isn't long before Erinyes is finished and clear to leave the enclosure. the vacuum pump sucks up the toxic spray
[20:22] <@Detro> ::waits patiently for his turn::
01[20:22] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::After a few moments of searching, Marshall finds a short pair of legs sticking out of a wall. Juno wasn't kidding about being literally waist deep.::
[20:22] <@Caelin> ::makes his way back to the smaller ambithera and starts making a connection::
01[20:23] <@Savant> 5Ambithera Service Drone> ::In its too-cute voice:: *beep* Connection established, Lead Armiger.
03[20:23] * Kt ( has left #bt05
[20:23] <@Marshall> You look busy. Could I distract you with a virtually inexaustable gear power supply? ::he waved the pictures he took of the mini-Fusion power supply like a bribe::
[20:24] <@Birkin> Do it then. Anything to help Marshall get that thing in here faster.
01[20:24] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::The legs start to kick, there's a banging sound, and Juno flops out of the access port and onto the floor:: Mister Fusion? what?
[20:25] <@Caelin> ::punches in the commands and coordinates to have the autofacturer come over::
[20:25] <@Marshall> We have to get that thing in here. I showed you the drive train. What do you think?
[20:25] <@Roland> ::rolls into the vehicle bay and finds his spot, backing in and going through shut-down procedures::
[20:25] <@Delgado> ::nods, satisfied with Zucco's work and idly walks around the bay, supervising decon and other things. She feels a little 'between' right now, her mind wandering to Scildfreja and exactly what the hell was going on::
01[20:25] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Grabs the pictures and pulls them almost too close to her face, and her eyes go big as saucers:: oooh. I want one.
[20:26] <@Marshall> ::had been hoping to keep the pictures from her until he got what he needed, but accepted the fact he no longer had that as leverage::
01[20:27] <@Savant> 5Autofacturer> +subcom+ *beep* [AS] We acknowledge, Armiger.
01[20:28] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> Maybe we can just build a dolly under it and slave the drive train it's got to it? That might work.
03[20:29] * @Delgado ( has left #bt05
[20:29] <@Detro> ::seeing Roland make his way out, he rolls in::
03[20:29] * Delgado ( has joined #bt05
03[20:29] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Delgado
01[20:29] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::from inside the tent:: Hey, ching-chong! You coming or what? You tryin to grow a third nut out there?
[20:30] <@Roland> ::shuts down the engine and pops the cockpit, climbing out and down the gear::
[20:30] <@Detro> ::over the loudspeaker:: A simple "NEXT" would have sufficed.
03[20:31] * @Delgado ( has left #bt05
[20:31] <@Caelin> ::turns to birkin:: i hope you still have some of that Fort James brew with you, the man that built that ambithera out there, Urthred Alstan, will incidently be your procurer ::thinks of a better word::quartermaster, in New Troy. not only would he be grateful for the return of Kye, but he also like to have a drink now and then
01[20:31] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::Laughs and blasts Takira's gear down with his hose::
03[20:31] * Delgado ( has joined #bt05
03[20:31] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Delgado
03[20:31] * Kt ( has joined #BT05
[20:32] <@Detro> ::follows decon proceedures by the book, making sure to move his gear so that the water jets can get everywhere::
[20:32] <@Delgado> ::turns around and faces the decon tent, yelling:: Keep it moving! One after the other! You're too old for me to hold your damn hand.
01[20:33] <@Savant> 2Scildfreja> ::Remains in her Armiger for the moment, seated off to the side. She is still save for brief flurries of activity, where a nervous tic turns into a frantic brushing at her ahir with too-thick mechanical fingers that she finally quells, at least for a few moments before it starts again::
[20:33] <@Birkin> ::folds Hades arms over his chest:: That Fort is premo stuff. I hope he enjoys this new/old toy we're giving him.
01[20:34] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::Glances towards Delgado's shout, then grins at Takira's omnicam in a conspiratorial "what a bitch" sort of expression that's hidden from anyone else::
01[20:34] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> Okay, you're done.
[20:35] <@Caelin> ::nods:: when i left new troy on this mission, we had 5 company ambitheras, this one may be old and out dated, but it's NAI and fusion reactor is still very valuable, it won't take much for Urthred to get it back into shap
[20:35] <@Detro> ::does a fair imitation of shaking his gear to get the water off, then gives Zucco a thumbs up as he heads into the bay proper::
[20:36] <@Roland> ::tosses his helmet back up into Erinyes cockpit and heads to the crew deck -- Erinyes may have been deconned, but he felt as if he was glowing::
01[20:38] <@Savant> Before too much longer there are a pair of rust and black coloured spiders waiting outside of PAthfinder, under one of its' "wings" as if trying to keep their bedraggled selves out of the rain. They are waiting to be admitted inside.
[20:38] <@Delgado> ::glances over at Scildfreja as she 'twitches', then fishes out her mediglove, slowly making her rounds in the bay, checking everyone out::
[20:38] <@Detro> ::racks up and safes Uchiwa's systems before opening the hatch::
01[20:38] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::Has grabbed MArshall by the arm and dragged him to the vehicle bay and the parts shed:: C'mon, let's see what we got.
01[20:39] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::turns to walk with Roland as he passes by:: Sergeant, anything out there? We're going to be down awhile.
[20:40] <@Marshall> ::didn't have to be told twice:: Yes, ma'am.
[20:40] <@Delgado> ::sees Juno drag Marshall back in the bay and moves over to him, scanning him as she walks behind him::
[20:40] <@Roland> Nothing but the local genetically engineered wildlife. ::grumbles::
[20:40] <@Caelin> ::spots the autofacturers:: there they are
[20:40] <@Roland> But if there was anything else, locofusionbot would've been on it. It certainly was on us fast enough.
01[20:41] <@Savant> 2Ranger Zucco Jim> ::calls out:: Hey Lieutenant, you waiting till your nutsack falls off? I'm swimmin in sweat here.
[20:41] <@Detro> ::drops to the deck from the cockpit hatch, a bit unbalanced on his mostly-untested legs, but he's able to put a hand out to Uchiwa to stay upright::
01[20:42] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::nods, frowns:: Does Locofusionbot have any more bugs with it? We might need a day or two.
[20:43] <@Delgado> ::grunts softly as she reads what's shown to her:: Ranger, you're up to 0.5 sieverts. You've been outside too long.
01[20:43] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ::begins tearing apart the parts bins while Marshall is taken off by Delgado::
[20:43] <@Birkin> +com+ Birkin to Ranger Lang. I have Caelin potentnially giving me the specs for the Ambithera parts we need
[20:43] <@Roland> Not that Detro and I found. Unless they came out of the woodwork while our folks were dealing with the Ambithera, what we've got is what we've got.
[20:44] <@Marshall> ::is being pulled in three different directions:: Y'know what, find someone who can do what I can do and I'll stay inside doc. ::continues on the the vehicle bay::
[20:45] <@Marshall> +com+ Roger that, LT. You want me to set up the mini-fac lab and see if we can make a few spares? It'll be easier than trying to use our Hun spares on the thing.
[20:45] <@Delgado> ::blinks once then shrugs:: Refusal of medical advice and treatment is noted. Once you start experiencing the physical effects of radiation poisoning, don't come to me. ::walks off to scan the others::
01[20:46] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::scowls at her clipboard:: Well, okay. Heads up then, but we're guessing a day and a half on the repairs. Sounds like more patrols.
[20:46] <@Detro> ::after regaining his feet, heads towards the crew cabin as well::
[20:46] <@Roland> ::frowns:: What about using Dansons?
[20:47] <@Marshall> ::mutes the com and grabs onto Delgado's shoulder for a minute:: Look, I'm up to my balls in work here. Fix this problem and get me back to work.
[20:47] <@Caelin> ::brings the autofactures up to his ambithera and goes through a check to see what tools they are missing, maybe the fury has something similar that would work as a substitute::
01[20:48] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::Glances over to Detro as he enters:: That's including a pair of Dansons. Captain wanted this fixed up right, we're going to need some time.
[20:49] <@Detro> ::overhearing that as he enters:: So I take it a speedy liftoff is not in the schedule?
01[20:50] <@Savant> 5Autofacturers> ::The two drones scuttle inside, their broad, heavy legs looking like backhoe arms with little rubber feet on the ends of them. They huddle close to Caelin and his Ambithera, looking sad and broken around all the shiny new equipment::
[20:50] <@Roland> ::rubs his chin:: We don't have enough people to keep a constant patrol up, if we're limited to two hours out. How many Wasps do we have?
01[20:51] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Enough, I think. If we want to stretch it to two days I'll keep MAcedon at his post to keep an eye out.
[20:53] <@Delgado> ::closes her eyes and rubs at the bridge of her nose:: I can speed up the natural decon process, but that'll take over an hour in Sickbay. It's either be strapped to a table for an hour or not go back outside for a long time. Your choice.
01[20:53] <@Savant> The Gears are cleaned up and Jim begins to collapse the inflatable clean tent. The large vehicle bay is a flurry of activity and noise.
[20:53] <@Birkin> ::looks over at Delgado:: How long is a long time? Long enough to go back out on patrol again in another rotation?
[20:54] <@Detro> ::squeezes his way past the two and draws a packet of juice from the kitchenette::
[20:54] <@Marshall> ::frowns:: Let's get this over and done with. And doc? I realize I've been an ass lately. I..uhh.. I'm sorry 'bout that. Things 've been crazy.
[20:55] <@Roland> Alright; we'll do two Wasp patrols followed by a gear patrol and repeat the process till we're out, then. But I don't want Macedon up longer than he has to be; as soon as we're moving again he's going to need to have his eyes fresh.
01[20:56] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> ::presses tight to Roland as Detro squeezes by them, still talking:: Do you trust any of yours with PAthfinder's sensors? He could use help.
[20:56] <@Delgado> ::looks over at Birkin:: Medically, I can help speed up the processes in over an hour. Naturally, it'd take over a week. ::looks back at Marshall, staying quiet as she watches him for a moment before nodding:: Let's go.
[20:57] <@Roland> We're all decent enough. Not fantastic, but decent. Detro?
[20:58] <@Detro> ::finishes the sip:: I can spell him, do a few rotations at sensor ops.
01[20:59] <@Savant> 2Lieutenant Agnes 'Aggie' Lemnos> Alright, then. I'll figure out a schedule and let you know.
[21:00] <@Birkin> Alright Doctor, see to it that we can get done in over an hour. I'll make sure you get the cooperation you need.
[21:00] <@Marshall> ::follows Delgado to sickbay:: +com+ Juno, can you grab a few guys to set up one of the mobile labs with the mini-fac so we can get to work on these parts? I'll be in sickbay with the doc.
[21:01] <@Detro> Sounds good.
01[21:01] <@Savant> 2Sr. Ranger Juno Tyrelle> ehehee, have fun, you two. ::whistles as she heads off to get the parts of the mobile autofac::
[21:02] <@Detro> Let's just hope that our animal friends out there keep their distance.
[21:02] <@Caelin> ::goes up to marshall as him and the doc head towards the medbay, autofacturers following close behind::mister lang? when you get done with the doctor ::hands him a list and points to the drones:: those will be your assistants for working on Kye, these are the tools they'll need
[21:02] <@Detro> And by that, I don't mean that shedding thing. :Very Happy:
[21:02] <@Delgado> I'm not going to lie. This is going to be very, very unpleasant. ... I'll sedate you for the time being. ::smiles cheerily:: I promise not to replace anything on you.
01[21:02] <@Savant> 2-=-------- Pause --------=-
01[21:02] <@Savant> that is a cheery point to end it Smile
01[21:03] <@Savant> questions or comments?
[21:03] <@Marshall> Yeah. Awesome. =O
[21:03] <@Caelin> good game
01[21:03] <@Savant> you did not find my rails, but that is fine, you seemed to have enough to do.
[21:03] <@Caelin> damn
01[21:03] <@Savant> they are still out there.
[21:03] <@Caelin> you wanted us to search the ruins didn't you?
[21:03] <@Marshall> Marshall's going to be cloning himself next week.
01[21:04] <@Savant> now if i answered that question it would be giving thins away
01[21:04] <@Savant> he can't do that the traditional way. his little man doesn't work.
[21:04] <@Marshall> Too much damn work for one body =P
01[21:04] <@Savant> let me experience you, because i have to get going right after the game.
01[21:05] <@Savant> one point for teamwork. care to tell me what sort of teamwork you had today?
[21:05] <@Detro> ::shrugs:: I'm a pretty good Electronic/Mechanic person, but you guys keep putting me on recon or sensors Wink
01[21:05] <@Savant> be specific.
[21:05] <@Caelin> you should clone yourself anyway in case you get podded:)
01[21:05] <@Savant> it si true Smile
[21:05] <@Detro> Roland gets teamwork points for NOT flying into a frenzy and killing the armadillo thing.
01[21:05] <@Savant> he was seeing purple
02[21:05] * @Delgado ( Quit (Quit: [22:00] <Savant> i'm like a magnet for fucktards. I emit an electroretardation field. Attracts stupid.)
[21:06] <@Roland> Go me
[21:06] <@Marshall> Delgado stopped Marshall before he killed himself. Wink
01[21:06] <@Savant> suicide by raediation. isn't that nice.
[21:06] <@Caelin> we had scouts, and yeah roland didn't shoot first ask later, also had caelin answering gabriel's questions:)
01[21:06] <@Savant> radiation, even
[21:07] <@Birkin> the scouts reported in and came back when ordered
[21:07] <@Birkin> reported in the giant whatever it was
[21:07] <@Caelin> answered a couple of other people's questions too
[21:07] <@Detro> And we didn't turn into walking nuclear repositories doing it
01[21:07] <@Savant> it was a meganoptera.
01[21:08] <@Savant> you saw meganopteras and orchidiacea romantica.
01[21:08] <@Savant> one for teamwork. two is for storyline, learn anything?
[21:08] <@Roland> Utopians are as bad as Earth
[21:08] <@Birkin> there was a massive nuclear strike here a few centuries ago
01[21:08] <@Savant> with regards to what?
[21:08] <@Roland> Messing with nature, the bastards.
01[21:08] <@Savant> oh, no, they're much, much worse than Earth with regards to that
[21:08] <@Marshall> We did learn a lot about the history of this autogaurd company
01[21:09] <@Savant> Earth makes disposable people, considers them throwaways. Utopians apparently consider genetically engineered things to be normal and as acceptable as something that's natural.
[21:09] <@Detro> Storyline: Fire the idiots who did the final inspection on Pathfinder's engines before leaving TN.
[21:09] <@Marshall> Yeah. That.
01[21:10] <@Savant> anything else?
[21:10] <@Marshall> Oh. The Grens are trying to clean up the radiation. That seems important.
[21:10] <@Birkin> we learned that the ambithera has only been here for 2 or so years
01[21:11] <@Savant> that is very true. There is a reason that the Ithakan region is relatively clean. They made it that way.
01[21:11] <@Savant> by genetically engineering monstrosities to clean it Smile
[21:11] <@Caelin> grenarians are the terraformers, they're using whatever means to do it
[21:11] <@Marshall> I don't believe it's only been 2 years. 8 or 9. =P
01[21:11] <@Savant> anyways, two points. Three if you can tell me your favourite April Fools' Day memories.
01[21:12] <@Savant> gamewise, of course.
[21:12] <@Marshall> Dread Kiwi
[21:12] <@Marshall> Wink
[21:12] <@Detro> Viking Maiko
[21:12] <@Detro> You didn't say which game Wink
01[21:12] <@Savant> i didn't, no.
[21:12] <@Marshall> Oh. Defenders of the Universe =P
[21:12] <@Roland> Kiss the Cook At Your Own Risk
[21:13] <@Detro> Zombie Tynes, heh.
[21:13] <@Marshall> DotU> Dread Kiwi
01[21:13] <@Savant> hee
[21:13] <@Caelin> well last week it was 11 years since the ambithera lost contact with the rest of the army, and it's slowly tried to make it's way back into friendly territory, and it got to it's current position 2 years ago
01[21:14] <@Savant> anything else? Haven't heard from Caelin yet with regards to the AFD memories
[21:14] <@Marshall> This is my first BT AFD. I can only pull from Coro and GvE Wink
01[21:15] <@Savant> that's fine.
01[21:15] <@Savant> anyways. that's three, and well done Smile
01[21:15] <@Savant> 2-=-------- To Be Continued --------=-
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