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War on Utopia

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 11:21 pm    Post subject: War on Utopia Reply with quote

From the very beginning, my conception of the games we would play on Utopia would be war. Not the little skirmishes you've been doing up to this point, but massive conflagrations. When it comes down to it, no one does war like the Utopians; and you're about to see why. I hope that you're ready for a rough ride.

There are some aspects of this sort of conflict that I feel are not well portrayed in the rules, so I am bringing in some house rules. Primarily, I don't want to have to fill the map with goons that don't affect you - they slow down an already slow process. War also takes a long time, and we're really only interested in the action.

To this end, I will be implementing these engagements in a series of scenes - each one hopefully interesting, each one hopefully resolvable in a single evening, and each one able to stand alone pretty much on its own. Some of these will be on maps, some of these will be purely roleplayed, depending on whether you are charging the enemy line or whether you are trying to hurry along the rebuilding of defenses during a lull in the fighting. If there is no map, it means that I don't care about the tactics and am more concerned about the intercharacter actions. Assume I won't kill you outright - but it's still war, so keep your head down.

Following this up, it is important to say that War isn't fair. Attacks can come from all angles, angles you didn't suspect them to come from. To this end, there will be a special rule in place. Between scenes, when the fighting is generic but still quite threatening, I will have everyone roll Combat Sense/PER cpx 1 to determine their overall effectiveness in battle. You will set your own thresholds for this - somewhere between 5 and 12 for this fight - and the sum total of the thresholds of your succeeding rolls will be used to determine whom the war favours. The enemy will do the same; please be aware that there are more of them than there are of you. Many more. So make your thresholds high. Don't fail, though, because failing this roll will carry consequences - an MOF of 1-2 will garner you a light damage, and a larger margin will garner you a heavy damage. I will not overkill you with these rolls, but there has to be a price for risk. This will be it.

Juno Tyrelle in engaged in the Battle of Genethon along with the rest of the Black Talons. the combat begins in the early morning. She decides that she will take a support role for the first half hour of combat, staying behind cover and providing supporting fire when needed - safer than being out in the front, but given the number of enemies it's still quite risky. She decides that she is going to roll vs a threshold of 7 - close to the action, but still well protected.

Juno rolls Combat Sense/PER cpx 1 and gets a 9 on the roll - good for her! She adds her 7, the threshold she chose, to the combat total of her side. She spends the first half hour of the battle ducking from cover to cover, providing support fire for the other Talons.

During the next half hour, Juno is pulled forward by Captain Tynes to fill a gap in the front lines. She's got to choose a higher threshold to represent this - she needs to contribute more. Much more risky. She chooses a threshold of 11 - she goes all-out with Roland and surfs on Hovertanks.

Juno rolls Combat Sense/PER cpx 1 and gets an 8 on the roll - owch! Her threshold of 11 is not added to her sides' total for that phase of the battle, and she suffers damage. Given that she failed by an MOS of 3, she suffers a heavy damage. She rolls her damage to be a Movement hit - thank goodness for reinforced movement! The next one might hurt a bit more, though...
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