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Skirmish Scale

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2006 6:39 pm    Post subject: Skirmish Scale Reply with quote

Tactical Scale is the name for the combat scale in which Gear combat normally happens. However, there are situations in which this is inappropriate. Tightly packed Urban terrain, in tunnels, in a dueling arena, etc - all of these situations tend to be determined by split-second decisions and quick reactions. In order to better handle these situations we will sometimes be using the Skirmish scale modification of the Heavy Gear tactical rules.

Scale Basics: the basic units of Turn and Hex are both divided by 5.

Hex = 10 meters
Turn = 6 seconds

Because of this, speed does not change - 1 movement point is still about 6 kph. Weapon ranges, however, do change. Multiply all range bands by 5 to get the Skirmish range bands.

Movement and Terrain

Terrain Movement costs are also slightly different, as in the folllowing:

          Walker  Ground  Hover  Obscurement (Round up)
Clear       1        1        1        -
Rough       1        2        2        -
Sand        2        2        1        -
Woods       2        4        x        1/5
Jungle      3        x        x        1/3
Swamp       3        4        1        1/5
Water       3        4        1        1/3
Uphill      +2       +2       +4       -
Downhill    +1       0        0        -

Using Cover: In Skirmish scale, if a vehicle is in contact with a piece of cover it may claim it as a bonus. When in contact with light cover, that vehicle may gain a +2 bonus to its Armour. If it is heavy cover, it receives a +4.

Stacking is allowable, however, only 15 Size points will be allowed per hex.


Actions are handled normally. However, changing from Combat to Top speed (or back) generally requires the attention of the pilot - this therefore requires an Action on the part of the pilot.

In addition, only one extra action may be declared in any given round - there simply isn't time to do more. A Command point may give an extra action, if they are required. No unit may receive more than one command point in a given turn.


Rate of Fire changes only slightly. When using a non-rocket ROF weapon, each ROF used expends five points of ammunition, not 10. Rocket expenditure remains the same.

Saturation fire deserves special mention. It functions the same as in Tactical, however, the Saturation affects a consecutive 5-hex area.

Areas of Effect are larger. AE0 has a diameter of 3 hexes. AE1 has a diameter of 5 hexes. AE2 has a diameter of 8 hexes. AE3 has a diameter of 10 hexes. In addition, any weapon of x20 damage or greater has an AE of 1 hex if it does not already have the Area of Effect perk.

Grenades can be thrown. A size 6 arm throwing a grenade has ranges of 1/2/4/8, and a size 7 arm has ranges of 1/2/5/10
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