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Winter 12 1944

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 5:19 pm    Post subject: Winter 12 1944 Reply with quote

Peresalona was a unique place on Terra Nova. The juxtaposition of the peaceful, introspective lives which the citizens lived and the almost frantically busy pace of life they led made the oasis tower perhaps one of the most interesting places on Terra Nova - enough to have earned it a place in the 1941 edition of "Terranovan Explorer." The article was several pages and full of lucsh photography, and striking imagery - for a time, the idea of the freedom of the Badlands was synonomous with the soaring white-winged aircraft of the Peresalona Air Service.

But fame is fleeting and the attention of the polar leagues waned. There was too much work to do rebuilding the tower fromt he disaster of the Interpolar war at that point. Like any other badlanders, the Peresalonans were resilient to injury. Hurting them - nearly to the point of death - only encouraged them to work harder. The factories continued to produce, and the flights kept on coming. The Peresalonans enjoyed great prosperity after the closing cycles of the Interpolar War, securing a dominant position in the economy of the entire equatorial hemisphere - even so far as starting to open commercial flights to the temperate regions of the poles.

Backed by Paxton Arms' money, which still had great weight despite the disaster that befell their city-state, Peresalona was an economic powerhouse for the region. It funneled money into the Rahnguard Region and made it easier for other economic interests to bring their goods, services, and investments in. They would launch the entire region into an economic boom, almost singlehandedly, it was believed.

The bomb that detonated within the primary terminal on the evening of 12 Winter, 1944 put a major stumbling block in the way of Peresalonan prosperity. Killing three dozen people and wounding nearly a hundred more, the explosion caused major damage to the tower and damaged the factory lines. It would be seasons before the damage was completely repaired, and another cycle would pass before the badlands city-state had recovered. Still, the Peresalonnas kept flying throughout the disaster, providing shipping and security service to the Karaq Wastes and Eastern Desert with typical badlander resolve.
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