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Ideas for tonight

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 12:01 pm    Post subject: Ideas for tonight Reply with quote

I mentioned to Ross last night that I had some ideas how to go about this whole hospital bit since I've had to plan a similar mission in the past. Now this time I don't anticipate an evil god possessing the doctor nor delivering the child of said evil god, I do have some ideas to how to handle this mission


1) Place Joanna in a secure wing of the hospital. If they don't have one already, create one, preferably in a place with only one way in or out so its more easily secured. If at all possible , if the PAS has a seperate clinic that's more secure, use that instead.

2) Perhaps install addtional cameras if there aren't enough to cover all the entrances, the wing she's in, nearest stairwell and elevator, other critical points. Perhaps add in some other capabilites like IR cameras and motion sensors. I'm sure Craig and Birkin won't have a problem doing this

3) If possible have a PAS Gunship and/or Pathfinder available to aid in pursuit if we need them.

4) Put some kind of tracking device on Joanna just in case they do manage to get to her and get her out.

5) Have at least 2, ideally more, guards between her and anyone else. This seems realistic for the situation we're trying to play. Make sure they're checking IDs and we try and limit access to her to essential personel only.

6) Circulate the description of Heathe and Mason to all appropriate personel.

Character Roles:

Thierry: This one's simple, he'd make a realistic attending physician. He'd probably be keeping a concealed weapon in his lab coat and maybe concealed light flak.

Gabe: As odd as this sounds, since he's the only other person with a medicene better then 1, perhaps he could be a nurse. Now I know, Joanna would love this but...Smile. Roland would be the second choice for this role.

Roland & Birkin: Rotate in amongst the guards.

Mem & Craig: Man our command post watching the cameras. This could either be in the security post in the hospital or in a nearby building/vehicle.

Dave's character (if he's going to be playing): I'm sure we could figure out something for his drones to do Smile
Thierry Trembley
5th Black Talon Medic
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